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Reviewed: 12/03/07

WARNING: We are not responsible if a family member becomes a star-literally!

Wow. This is quite possibly the most simple yet addicting game ever devised. Published by Namco, it has spawned several sequels on various systems. Really, what more is there to say about such a simple game?

If you were expecting an incredibly deep and immense game with a diverse blend of characters, you will be sorely disappointed. Indeed, the story is merely lighthearted and charming. The thing is that the King of all Cosmos "accidentally" destroyed all of the stars in the galaxy, as well as the Moon. His kingly solution is to recreate every star that he destroyed. He assigns his son, the Prince of all Cosmos to the task of rectifying his little accident and restoring the constellations and starstuff that make up the night sky. Problem is- if you've not figured it out yet- that there are lotsa stars in the sky and that, well, the dignified prince is only about three inches tall. Guess who you are playing as? I am sorry to say it isn't the prestigious King of all Cosmos. Instead, the honor will go to his minute son.

You roll stuff. Plain and simple. You roll a ball called a Katamari and random crap will somehow stick to it. You keep doing this until your Katamari gets really big or the timer runs out. That's all there is to it, actually. Oh yes, a 5 inch Katamari can't pick up a gargantuan elephant, rather, you have to roll up the small fry (both figuratively and literally) first before becoming big enough to roll up the bigger obstacles. I almost forgot to mention, your playground is conveniently located on Earth! Your goal is simple. The great King sets a minimum of how big your Katamari has to be, you must then try to surpass that amount before the timer runs out. If you fail, the illustrious king will be there to offer his paternal support, right? Wrong. He'll belittle you and you'll be forced to redo the level. What a regal father the Prince has!

The developers over at Namco HQ are focusing at creating somewhat cartoony graphics that complement the game's lighthearted atmosphere. The only characters you actually have any interaction with is the King. Namco does a wonderful job making the King seem majestic but unfortunately, he looks somewhat like an overambitious male swimsuit model. The character design on the Prince is simple but the color scheme is great as well. My only qualm with the camera is that in the way it is positioned, you can't see behind the prince as you can only see in the direction you are charging. No complaints other than the camera in this category.

This is a refreshing and addicting game that will appeal to those who are weary of the violence that is overabundant in today's video games. I rather liked the gameplay and story. The graphics are a-okay as well. Kudos, Namco, on creating such a game that combines creative and nonviolent gameplay with a humorous story that makes for a unique experience that will appeal to almost any age group. Once again, kudos!


Rating:   4.0 - Great

Product Release: Katamari Damacy (US, 09/21/04)

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