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10m North Star Challenge FAQ by kimkallstrom19

Version: 1.03 | Updated: 10/19/2006

Katamari Damacy North Star Challenge FAQ
Version 1.03
Last Updated: March 17 2005

E-mail: kimkallstrom19[at]hotmail[dot]com

Version Updates

1.03 - 17/03/05 - Added a new section.

1.02 - 16/03/05 - Rearranged Items List. Made several corrections.

1.01 - 16/03/05 - Added Tips/How to Use section.

1.00 - 15/03/05 - Begun work on Katamari Damacy North Star Challenge FAQ.

Table of Contents

   I. Introduction
  II. Tips/How to Use
 III. Items List
  IV. Why Eternal Stage #3?
   V. Trivia
  VI. Credits
 VII. Disclaimer

I. Introduction

Completed the game? Collected all countries? 

Well, here's one challenge to try: get the exact size required by the King 
for the North Star challenge.

What do you get when you complete the challenge? Well, the King's comments 
once you acquire a 10m katamari... is reward itself. Also, the fact that 
you have completed one of the toughest challenges in the game (besides 
collecting all the items). Of course, using this list will take a bit of 
shine off that, but I'm not going to tell anyone...

You will find this list useful as the figures were extracted from having 
a katamari the size of 10m00cm0mm in stage "Eternal #3", and alphabetically 
ordered as well to simplify your search.

Granted, it's not a complete list (that would be quite difficult to achieve) 
but it is as comprehensive of a list as I can come up with, and hopefully 
you'll be able to find some use from it.

I am fairly certain that the numbers found on this list is pretty accurate, 
seeing as it's done by me. (heh)

You can also use this list to estimate how far off your katamari is from the 
magical 10m.

Using the measurement from the objects list won't help as that doesn't 
actually reflect the mass of your katamari at the size of 10m.

With the list, you can actually complete the North Star Challenge with a 
perfect 10m even on your first try! (tested and proven, of course)

II. Tips/How to Use

Use the elephant or tree trick in the North Star Challenge to get a katamari 
that's about the size of 10m (once you are able to roll up an elephant or 
tree you should be very close to 10m).

Press START to pause the game. You should see the following text at the top 
of the pause screen. 

(Item Name) Your katamari is as big as (Count) of these

Compare the katamari description with the item name in the list. If it's not 
in the list, unpause and pause again until you get an item in the list. 
Compare the size, and if it's very close to the number, then your katamari 
size should be about 10m. Preferably use small items for comparison as you 
will get a more accurate reading (e.g. Roast on Bone or Canned Curry)

And yes, there is a little leeway given by the King when it comes to the size 
of the katamari. You don't have to get the exact number of Canned Curries or 
any of the extremely small items to complete the stage with a perfect 10m 
(which, by the way, is near impossible unless you're extremely lucky).

III. Items List

(Item Name) Your katamari is as big as (Count) of these

---------            -----
Item Name            Count
---------            -----
AC Condenser          3666
Advertising Balloon      6
Algae Ball            7728
American Guy           750
Arcade Machine         478
Balance Beam           544
Bale of Rice          7304
Balloon Shop             4
Ball Race              155
Bamboo Sword        134387
Banana Bunch        148910
Barbell               2105
Barber's Pole         1945
Barrel                2404
Barrier                 78
Bathhouse Curtain    12123
Beach Ball           34082
Beach Umbrella          56
Bicycle               1485
Big Bear               130
Big Pylon              370
Big Turnip               1
Black Sheep           2346
Blue Oil Drum         1443
Bonsai                9992
Briefcase            57569
Bungalow                 1
Burglar                922
Butcher Shop             4
Butcher Sign           699
Bus                      5
Businessman           1689
Busker                 897
Bus Stop                 5
Bus Stop              2842
Cage                    14
Calf                  5131
Camp Fire             4661
Camping Tent            63
Candy Store              4
Candy Store Sign      1479
Canned Curry        825989
Chief Driller         1352
Chinese Cabbages     13779
Chopper 1              347
Chopper 3              365
Clock Pedestal           8
Combine Harvester       95
Connecting Bridge        2
Convenience Store        2
Convenience Store     1465
Cowshed                  2
Crocodile              143
Crow                 30694
Daikon Radish        21972
Dairy Cow              305
Dangling Boy          2657
Daruma               15713
Delivery Guy          2440
Dogfood Bowl        355928
Double Punk            911
Drawbridge               4
Driller                  3
Drink Crate          10509
Duct                   396
Elephant                13
Farmhouse                2
Fat Schoolboy         1579
Fence                  309
Firewood             19642
Fishing Boat             3
Flag Buoy              605
Flower Bed             258
Flower Clock "3"     12247
Flower Clock "6"     12833
Flower Clock "9"     12833
Flower Clock "12"     6092
Flower Girl           2318
Flower Pot            6460
Fried Rice           23009
Froggy Car            3394
Funny Hammer         67762
Gangster Car            60
Garbage               4987
Gardening Fence        384
Gas Station              1
Giant Peach           9847
Giant Watermelon        92
Giraffe                 34
Globe Jungle Gym        58
Gong                196889
Grand Opening          318
Green Balloon        13854
Green Oil Drum        1443
Guardrail (5m)         628
Guardrail (Left)       901
Guardrail (Right)      901
Gull 'n Kelp             8
Half Watermelon      86492
Hara Residence           2
Hatchback               51
Hose Reel            16127
Hotel Parking          327
Hour Hand             4517
Hydrangea             3988
Hyodo Residence          2
Huge Falling Rock       10
Huge Tree                1
Ice-Cream Freezer      675
Japanese Car            45
Judo Wrestler         1075
Jumbo Umbrella         419
Kato Residence           4
Kettle               25768
Kiddie Car            2978
Killer Move            568
Kimono                 652
Ladder                1318
Lamp Post             1095
Laundry Deck          2961
Laundry Pole          4551
Lion Dance             797
Lion Fountain           13
Lion Paw               582
Log                   4302
Log Cabin               15
Log Fence              233
Lotto Store             25
Lotus Leaf            5636
Loud Momma            1245
Mailbox               3317
Majima Residence         2
Mammoth                  3
Man                   2208
Matsuo Residence         2
Metal Bucket          4969
Mikoshi                 88
Minute Hand           4177
Monster Melon        44624
Mortar               12174
Mushroom (L)             6
Nerdy Guy             2231
New Hotel Sign          21
Nikaido Residence        3
Niwata Residence         2
Noguchi Residence        2
"No Parking" Sign     6094
"No Stealing Cows"    3251
Old Hotel Sign          17
Onishi Residence         4
"Over 12m" Sign          5
"Over 3m" Sign         370
Ox                      60
Palmistry Sign       29375
Palmistry Table       1194
Panda Balloon            2
Paper Fan Man          527
Park Entrance           16
Park Fence            4156
Parking Lot            203
Parking Lot Sign        25
Parking Turntable       15
Park Lamp Post         318
Pay Phone             3278
Pedestrian Signal      495
Phone Booth            270
Photo Booth            241
Pickle Tub            7735
Pineapple            36402
Pink Balloon         13854
Plastic Bench         1740
Playful Punk          2659
Police Bike           1246
Policeman             1634
Pool Ring            14188
Potty                13312
Pressure Cooker      11978
Principal             2408
Propane Tank          2805
Prop Plane               1
Punk                  2659
Radio Tower              1
RC Boy                7279
Recycling Bin         4053
Red Ball               156
Red Oil Drum          1443
Relaxing Dude         2184
Roast On Bone        79621
Rocking Horse         2634
Russian Doll (L)      1257
Russian Doll (XL)      772
Ryokan Sign             46
Safe                  2963
Saito Residence          2
Salmon               30048
Sandpile               821
Scale                 3043
School Chair          4792
School Clocktower        1
School Desk           2437
School Gate             34
School Sign           2672
Shabu-Shabu Pot      14220
Shachihoko            5280
Shimizu Residence        4
Shopper               3850
Shopping Cart         3234
Short Fence           1151
Short Schoolboy       5112
Skinny                2191
Small Fishing Boat       6
Smokestack               3
Snapper             120358
Snowman               3226
Soccer Goal             16
Sperm Whale              1
Spirit of Fun          221
Squared Shrubbery      885
Stilts                2377
Straw Hat           110846
Street Stall            46
Strongman             1849
Summer Skinny         2731
Sunflower             5785
Supermarket Sign         4
Swan Boat               68
Swordfish                3
Tall Businessman      1324
Tall Schoolgirl       2193
Tall Totem Pole          3
Telephone            67659
Telephone Pole          38
Tire                  6586
Towel Guy             2135
Tractor                 43
Traffic Mirror         826
Traffic Signal          39
Train                   19
Trash Can             4526
Treasure Chest        1211
Tree                     6
Tricycle               911
Truck                    9
Tuna                  2114
Umbrella              4032
Utility Worker        1253
Van                     31
Vanilla Cone          4282
Vending Machine        496
Ventilation Fan      76111
Wall (Long)             21
Washtub              68559
Watermelon           23739
Watermelon Boy        4544
White Sheep           2142
White Wall             410
Wild Pylon               5
Winner's Podium        881
Wooden Bench          1604

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx

IV. Why Eternal Stage #3?

Why is the list based on items found in Eternal Stage #3?

The list was done on Eternal Stage #3 using a katamari of the exact size 
10m00cm0m. Items found in the North Star Challenge will be different to those 
found in Eternal Stage #3, so when you do pause, you might not be able to find 
some items from the list.

I could have used the same method to create another list but there are several 
reasons as to why I'm sticking with an items list from Eternal Stage #3.

(This will be a tad confusing, so you can skip it if you don't need a proper 
explanation of the method used)

- The numbers are actually medians of the range in which the King is allowing 
  room for difference to the katamari size (you will still get a perfect 10m 
  even if your katamari is off by a few millimeters).

- You can aim for a number that's on the list and not worry about the katamari 
  size if it's off by a few in count, since the list allows for margins both 
  less and more. (only true for small to medium items)

- Since it's a median of the range of values that the King will accept as 
  a perfect 10m katamari, there is an equal number of values both below and 
  above the number of items that is actually accepted as completing the 
  challenge successfully.

- To get another list prepared for items found in the North Star Stage with 
  an accurate median to the range of values allowable by the King to 
  complete the challenge, I would have to get a katamari size that's equal 
  to the smallest item in the list (which would be Canned Curry).

- And even after that there is still the chance that the item count from the 
  new list might be slightly off the actual median (especially if the item 
  is extremely small in size).

- Even having a katamari size that's equal to the exact number of Canned 
  Curries as stated in the list does not mean that the katamari is exactly 

- After much consideration, between a list of values for a katamari that is 
  presumed to be 10m00cm0m and an accurate list of items obtained from 
  Eternal Stage #3, I have gone for the latter.

- It will be near impossible to come up with the accepted range for each 
  item, so let's move swiftly on to the next topic...

V. Trivia

(things I've noticed while compiling the insane list above, as well as 
random thoughts during the breaks in between)

- According to the game, twice the number of half watermelons does not 
  equate to the total number of watermelons (86492 and 23739 respectively).

- Guardrail (Left) and Guardrail (Right) measures the same (obviously).

- Amazingly, when you're viewing the Traffic Mirror object, you can 
  actually see a view in it's reflection instead of just the mirror 
  itself. (another nice touch).

- Surprisingly, the Flower Clock "6" and Flower Clock "9" has the 
  same exact measurements, leading me to believe that it's really 
  the figure "6" reversed and renamed as Flower Clock "9".

- The Red Oil Drum, Blue Oil Drum and the Green Oil Drum measures exactly 
  the same, only differently painted colors on it's surface.

- The smallest item in the list is Canned Curry, in case you're wondering. 
  (racking up the figure of 825989)

- Yes, it's not a typo. There are two types of Convenience Store in the list. 
  One's a sign and the other one's the store itself.

- Press START at the beginning of the stage, before you collect a single 
  item. Your katamari will always be described as equal to the size of one 
  Scattered Cloud. 

- (In the North Star stage) Fujio, one of the cousins, can be found sitting 
  on the roof of the building next to the Giant Watermelon farm.

- The King will say this as soon as you collect your bluish cousin: 
  "Oh, Fujio! You have lava dripping from the top of your head. How 

- I struggle to remember the prince saying anything throughout the entire 
  game. (except for "Huff!" and "See you again soon!")

- The list is missing a few items (e.g. Chopper 2). I will not be updating 
  it even if I received submissions, since only a small number of objects 
  were left out. 

- An insane amount of snack and soft drinks were consumed during the 
  compilation of this list.

- You must be as crazy about Katamari Damacy as I am to read all this 
  trivia. (hehe)

VI. Credits

- Feel free to send all your comments to the address stated at the 
  beginning of the FAQ.

- Thanks to GameFAQs for hosting this guide, and the many forum members 
  over at GameFAQs.

- Thanks to Myst Erik Ery for the trivia corrections!

- Thank you for reading! Hope you find the FAQ helpful!

VII. Disclaimer

Katamari Damacy is a trademark of NAMCO Ltd. All trademarks and copyrights 
contained in this document are owned by their respective trademark and 
copyright holders.

FAQ Copyright: 
This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, 
private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed 
publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other 
web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a 
violation of copyright.


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