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Names List FAQ by SuperHappy

Version: 1 | Updated: 01/04/2005

v. 1

Guten tag!

Today, we are going to talk about the named objects in Katamary Damacy.

There are 240 items in the game that have proper names. Can you find them all?
When you do find named items, and finish the level with them, they are added to
your "Names" list, which can be found in the "Collection" menu on your planet.
A lot of the named items are right out in the open, but some are pretty well
Like all FAQs, the purpose of this one is to totally spoil everything and tell
you where to find each and every name.
It is recommended for people who still have one or two blank spaces in their
Names list, are going crazy trying to find them, and have nowhere else to turn.
Finding the names can be fun to do, and we suggest doing it on your own if you
can, but we do not want you to go crazy.

Things to know:

-You will get most of the names without trying.

-In order to add a name to the list, you must roll the object into your
  Katamari, and keep it there until you pass the stage.  If you leave the stage
  without making a star, or create a Stardust because you were just short of
  the goal, the name won't get added, even if it was in your katamari.
  However, if you pass the stage, then choose to make a Stardust, the name will
  still be added.

-The reward you get for finding all the names is... nothing!

-The translation job on Katamari Damacy is pretty good, on the whole, but I'm
  afraid they got a little lazy with some of the names.  Most of them had to
  be changed simply because they wouldn't fit into the columns in the list
  otherwise.  But for some of these items, they didn't even bother giving them
  a distinct name in the English version.  There is a Pigeon named "Pigeon", a
  Garbage named "Garbage", and so on.  This sometimes made it
  really hard to tell which objects would actually add to the Names list.  For
  most of these, I didn't bother trying to single the object out.

First of all, I will list all the names in alphabetical order, grouped by their
chart positions in the Names list.  Along with the names I will list the type
of object it is, along with the level it can be found in.
After that, there will be complete descriptions on where the items are.

The List

-Page 1, Column 1-
10 Yen			10 Yen Coin		Make a Star 3
1st Prize		Melon			Make a Star 8
2nd Prize		Tulip Bouqet		Make a Star 8
3rd Prize		Toilet Paper		Make a Star 8
Afro-mania        	Busker			Make a Star 8
Ai Yamada         	Summer Schoolgirl	Make a Star 5
Airport           	Airport			Make the Moon
Akira Suga        	Alpinist		Make a Star 6
Ancient Tree      	Tree			Make the Moon
Anko Abe          	Blue Girl		Make Virgo
Ayako Noda        	Schoolgirl		Make a Star 5
Azuki Abe         	Pink Girl		Make Virgo
Baseball Bat      	Baseball Bat		Make a Star 6
Bearman           	Bear-Man		Make a Star 7
Ben Soejima       	Chief Driller		Make the Moon
Big Panda         	Panda Mascot		Make a Star 8

-Page 1, Column 2-
Biker Akiba          	Punk			Make a Star 5
Biker Flag           	Biker Flag		Make a Star 7
Billy Bon Bon        	Masked Wrestler		Make a Star 7
Binta Endo           	Dangling Boy		Make a Star 9
Bo-Bo                	Toy Dog			Make a Star 5
Buon Buon            	Mammoth			Make the Moon
Butch                	Doggy			Make a Star 4
Candy Sign           	Candy Store Sign	Make a Star 5
Chako Nomura         	Summer Skinny		Make a Star 7
Champion Belt        	Champion's Belt		Make Virgo
Chihiro Fuse         	Precious		Make a Star 9
Chocolate            	Chocolate		Make a Star 2
Cleared Data         	Memory Card		Make a Star 2
Coach Kami           	Benchwarmer		Make a Star 8
Cowman Baba          	Cow-Man			Make a Star 9
Cute Present         	Cubby			Make a Star 4

-Page 1, Column 3-
Dai Kitajima		Busy Momma		Make a Star 9
Dai Yabuki		Diver			Make Ursa Major
Daizo Saeki		Great X3 Grandpa	Make a Star 8
Dan Kuruma		Storekeeper		Make a Star 9
Double Trouble		Killer Move		Make a Star 6
Dr. Segawa		Grandpa			Make a Star 6
Eisuke Otsuru		Relaxing Dude	`	Make a Star 9
Elizabeth		Siamese Cat		Make a Star 3
Eriko Shimizu		Summer Skinny		Make Virgo
Fake Picture		Watercolor		Make a Star 8
Farmer Henmi		Farmer			Make Gemini
Flash Horie		Towel Guy		Make Taurus
Foreman Koji		Construction Guy	Make a Star 5
Friendly Ball		Soccer Ball		Make a Star 9
Fumei the 6th		Fortune-teller		Make the Moon
Futoshi			Boy			Make a Star 8

-Page 2, Column 1-
Garbage           	Garbage			Make the Moon
George Smith      	Skinny			Make a Star 7
Gerald            	Mouse			Make a Star 2
Goro Numata       	Alpinist		Make a Star 8
Grandpa Akiba     	Great X2 Grandpa	Make a Star 5
Hanako Tsuno      	Loud Momma		Make the Moon
Harry Sagawa      	DIY Dad			Make the North Star
Haru Yamada       	Busy Momma		Make the North Star
Heiseimaru        	Trawler			Make a Star 9
Hideto Nema       	Rollerboy		Make a Star 5
Hiro Majima       	Nerdy Guy		Make a Star 5
Honoka Hara       	Girl			Make a Star 5
Ichiro Azuma      	Delivery Guy		Make a Star 8
Ine Suzuki        	Grandma			Make a Star 8
Isao Hara         	Strongman		Make a Star 8
Jaro              	Bulldog			Make a Star 5

-Page 2, Column 2-
Jin Higashi          	Lion Dance		Make the Moon
Jiro Tendo           	Paper Fan Man		Make the Moon
Jun Hara             	Floating Boy		Make Ursa Major
Junpei Seki         	Delivery Guy		Make a Star 7 	
Juro Royama          	PE Boy			Make a Star 7
Kai Mozumi           	Watermelon Boy		Make the North Star
Kazuya Inari         	Surfer			Make a Star 6
Kei Obayashi         	Girl			Make Virgo
Keiko Soma           	Mama-San		Make Taurus
Ken Katsura          	Pogostick Guy		Make Gemini
Kenji Uno            	Relaxing Dude		Make a Star 6
Kenta Azuma          	Boy			Make a Star 8
Kenta Hara           	Boy			Make Corona Borealis
Kevin Highstar       	Man			Make the Moon
Kinako Abe           	Yellow Girl		Make Virgo
Kiyo Tamao           	Grandma			Make a Star 5

-Page 2, Column 3-
Ko Katsura		Pogostick Guy		Make Gemini
Kohei Sugiura		Punk			Make a Star 5
Koichi Hayase		Boy			Make a Star 5
Kokeshi			Big Kokeshi		Make a Star 5
Kuriko Hibiya		Abalone Diver		Make Pisces
Kuro Rikiya		Chief Driller		Make a Star 5
Kyoko Konishi		Tall Girl		Make Virgo
Kyu Nakayama		Relaxing Dude		Make a Star 6
Large Ramen		Ramen			Make a Star 8
Larry Nogami		Kickboard Boy		Make Gemini
Latest Model		Gang Bike		Virgo
Li Chang		Dangling Boy		Make a Star 6
Lily			Black Cat		Make a Star 8
Lin Lin			Dog With Fleas		Make a Star 5
Lionel Koeda		Clown			Make a Star 6
Look Out! Boy		"Don't Rush Out!"	Make a Star 9

-Page 3, Column 1-
Lost Umbrella     	Kid's Umbrella		Make a Star 6
Lotto Shop        	Lotto Store		Make a Star 7
Lovely Chie       	Summer Skinny		Make Virgo
Lovely Yui        	Summer Schoolgirl	Make Virgo
Lulu              	Black Cat		Make a Star 6
Machiko Beppu     	Momma			Make Taurus
Maito Kitajima    	Soccer Player		Make a Star 9
Majime Tejima     	Businessman		Make a Star 6
Makoto Sato       	Towel Guy		Make a Star 7
Mamao Nogami      	Kickboard Boy		Make Gemini
Mariko Sonoda     	Bikini Girl		Make a Star 9
Maro              	Bulldog			Make a Star 5
Maruo Kokawa      	Relaxing Dude		Make the Moon
Masa Kaneda       	Paper Fan Man		Make a Star 8
Masato Renga      	Watermelon Boy		Make a Star 9
Masked Burglar    	Burglar			Make the Moon

-Page 3, Column 2-
Matsuno Bros 		Human Tower		Make a Star 9
Matt Murasaki		Matsuri Girl		Make a Star 7
Mavis        		Dairy Cow		Make the Moon
Mayura Yoyogi		Summer Skinny		Make the Moon
Megumi Nakata		Precious		Make a Star 5
Mermaid      		Mermaid			Make Pisces
Merman       		Merman			Make Pisces
Midori Yamato		Abalone Diver		Make a Star 9
Miharu Niwata		Summer Schoolgirl	Make a Star 5
Mika Nurie   		Girl			Make the North Star
Mike Okura   		Balloon Man		Make a Star 6
Mimio Nogami 		Kickboard Boy		Make Gemini
Miyoko Takeda		Precious		Make a Star 4
Mizuno      		Fat Schoolboy		Make a Star 9
Money Box   		Piggy Bank		Make a Star 4
Morio Keyaki		Golfer Guy		Make a Star 9

-Page 3, Column 3-
Mr. Davis		Skinny			Make a Star 9
Mr. Fujio		Businessman		Make a Star 6
Mr. Kazama		Businessman		Make a Star 7
Mr. Nishimura		Grandpa			Make a Star 7
Mr. Powerful		Wrestler		Make Taurus
Mrs. Domoto		Momma			Make a Star 5
Mrs. Kosuge		Busy Momma		Make a Star 7
Mrs. Mori		Busy Momma		Make a Star 7
Mrs. Sugiura		Chubby Housewife	Make a Star 5
Mrs. Takada		Flower Girl		Make a Star 8
Mrs. Wakairo		Busy Momma		Make a Star 9
Ms. Kurata		Matsuri Girl		Make a Star 8
Ms. Sayuri		Mama-san		Make Virgo
Nao Katsura		Pogostick Guy		Make Gemini
Naomi Ogata		Girl			Make a Star 6
Neo-Mole		Driller			Make the Moon

-Page 4, Column 1-
Nessie            	Mystery Creature	Make a Star 8
Norio Renjo       	Busker			Make the North Star
Nurse Nojima      	Nurse			Make the North Star
Nurse Yoshiko     	Nurse			Make Virgo
Old Rex           	Fossil			Make a Star 8
Onigiri           	Onigiri (Rice Ball)	Make a Star 4
Osamu Nakani      	Stilts			Make the North Star
Pandas            	Panda Car		Make Taurus
Pigeon            	Pigeon			Make a Star 5
Principal Wada    	Principal		Make the Moon
Queen Ant         	Ant			Make a Star 1
Rabbitman Joe     	Rabbit-Man		Make a Star 7
Randy Atsushi     	Dangling Boy		Make the Moon
Reiji Yuzuhara    	Fortune-teller		Make a Star 8
Rin Yamamoto      	Bikini Girl		Make Ursa Major
Rocky Chujo       	Relaxing Dude		Make a Star 9

-Page 4, Column 2-
Rolling Thunder      	Tricycle		Make a Star 6
Ryo Shibata          	Pretty Boy		Make a Star 8
Ryoko Takada         	Swimsuit Girl		Make Virgo
Ryu Hayashi          	Schoolboy		Make a Star 5
Ryu Okamoto          	Matsuri Boy		Make a Star 8
Sabako                 	Mermaid			Make a Star 6
Saburo Suzuki        	Delivery Guy		Make a Star 8
Sachi Yurima     	Abalone Diver		Make Taurus
Sakura Kosaki        	Flower Girl		Make a Star 9
Sakurayama           	Sumo Wrestler		Make a Star 7
Sasao Nogami         	Kickboard Boy		Make Gemini
Sashimaru            	Katana			Make Corona Borealis
Satellite            	Satellite		Make a Star 9
Satoko Kami          	Shopper			Make Ursa Major
Satoshi Fuyuki        	Playful Punk		Make the Moon
Sgt. Mishima         	Policeman		Make a Star 8

-Page 4, Column 3-
Sgt. Tanaka		Policeman		Make a Star 6
Sgt. Yanagi		Policeman		Make the Moon
Shigeru Kido		Great X3 Grandpa	Make a Star 5
Shin Kesaki		Judo Wrestler		Make a Star 7
Shiro Akagawa		Schoolboy		Make Ursa Major
Sho Katsura		Pogostick Guy		Make Gemini
Shogo Ueda		Fisherman		Make a Star 5
Shu Hasegawa		Short Schoolboy		Make a Star 7
Shu Katsura		Pogostick Guy		Make Gemini
Shuji Kumeno		Fisherman		Make Pisces
Shun Miyajima		Watermelon Boy		Make the North Star
Slippy			Seal			Make a Star 8
Smelly Cat		Calico Cat		Make a Star 8
Soji Nitta		Playful Punk		Make a Star 7
Souvenir Plate		Novelty Plate		Make a Star 4
Specimens		Butterfly Specimens	Make a Star 3

-Page 5, Column 1-
Sumi Toyama       
Suzu Endo         	Summer Schoolgirl	Make a Star 8
Tad Motoki        	Businessman		Make a Star 5
Tajima Bros.      	Tri-Piggybackers	Make a Star 7
Tak Amamoto       	Busker			Make the Moon
Takenori Ota      	Outfielder		Make a Star 8
Takeo Onishi      	Cranky Guy		Make a Star 7
Takoyaki          	Big Takoyaki		Make a Star 5
Takuya Kuraki     	Playful Punk		Make the Moon
Tamako Abe        	Summer Schoolgirl	Make a Star 5
Tamayo Jinnai     	Matsuri Lover		Make a Star 8
Tara Yuba         	Busy Momma		Make a Star 9
Taro Igarashi     	Towel Guy		Make a Star 8
Taro Takeda       	Boy			Make a Star 4
Teru Soga         	Utility Worker		Make the Moon
The Green X       	Masked Wrestler		Make a Star 6

-Page 5, Column 2-
The Seaboss           	Submarine		Make a Star 9
Tim Meguro          	Surfer			Make Pisces
Toko Yamada          	Girl			Make a Star 8
Tomi Tanaka          	Grandma			Make a Star 8
Tomie Konishi        	Grandma			Make Corona Borealis
Tony Hato            	Skater Boy		Make a Star 8
Tornado Mary         	Tornado			Make the Moon
Toshikazu Mori       	Store Owner		Make a Star 5
Treasure               	Treasure		Make a Star 7
Trophy               	Trophy			Make a Star 6
Utsubo Spa           	Bathhouse		Make the Moon
Uzu                  	Crocodile		Make a Star 8
Winning Piece        	Mah-Jong Tile		Make a Star 4
Wolfie               	Doggy			Make Corona Borealis
Woody Yukio          	DIY Dad			Make a Star 5
Yae Honma            	Shopper			Make the Moon

-Page 5, Column 3-
Yohei Minami		Sandpile		Make the Moon
Yoshie Ono		Tall Girl		Make Virgo
Yoshie Tanaka		Precious		Make Corona Borealis
Yoshifumi Eto		Kickboard Boy		Make a Star 7
Yoshiharu Teo		Kickboard Boy		Make a Star 7
Yoshihito Eto		Kickboard Boy		Make a Star 7
Yoshio Egawa		Panda Ride		Make a Star 7
Yu Sakaguchi		Skinny			Make Virgo
Yu Yokomichi		Abalone Diver		Make a Star 7
Yuki Komachi		Precious		Make Virgo
Yuki Momojiri		Flower Girl		Make a Star 6
Yume Rurihama		Abalone Diver		Make a Star 7
Yumi Tatara		Abalone Diver		Make a Star 7
Yumiko Futaba		Flower Girl		Make a Star 8
Yuri Yakushima		Dangling Boy		Make a Star 5
Yuya Mutsu		Tall Guy		Make Taurus

Make a Star 1 (House)
(* stars denote the hard-to-find names)

-Living Room-
Queen Ant (Ant): She's among the group of ants found near the stack of
  cushions with the bowl of eggplants on top.

Make a Star 2 (House)

-Living Room-
Chocolate (Chocolate): In this level, you'll start near a group of ants
  carrying some food away.  Three of them are chocolates, and the middle one
  is the one you want.
Cleared Data (Memory Card): It's the memory card that's inserted inside the
  game system.
Gerald (Mouse): The orange-rolling mouse in the middle.

Make a Star 3 (Town)

-N.Pigeon St-
*10 Yen (10 Yen Coin): Try not to collect anything when you begin the stage and
  instead head forward, and you'll come across a gutter on the right with a few
  10 Yen Coins.  The one at the end is the one you need.
*Elizabeth (Siamese Cat): She is a cat that appears briefly a couple times
  during this stage, walking down a path in the area behind the doghouse, full
  of PET Bottles and an incline (She's similar to your cousin "Jungle" in this
  regard).  She first appears shortly after there are about six minutes left in
  the clock, then again shortly before time runs out.
Specimens (Butterfly Specimens): They're the Butterfly Collection on the left
  in the area you start out in.

Make a Star 4 / Eternal 1 (House)

-Living Room-
Winning Piece (Mah-Jong Tile): It's at the end of a line of Mahjong Tiles right
  next to where you start out.

-Garden and Porch-
Butch (Doggy): He's standing on the upper level, next to a line of flower pots.
  Climb up and nab 'im.
Onigiri (Onigiri (Rice Ball)): Head through the 20-meter barrier leading under
  the house once you're big enough.  You'll see a little pit with the Onigiri
  sitting at the bottom of it.

-Kid's Room-
Cute Present (Cubby): He's sitting on the Sofa, the one that provides a ramp
  to the kitchen sink.
Taro Takeda (RC Boy): The only boy in the level. Hard to miss!

-Entry Hall-
Money Box (Piggy Bank): There are a bunch of piggybanks in the entry hall.
  The Money Box is among them.
*Souvenir Plate (Novelty Plate):  Look for a small ladder. Climb up of it to
  reach the top of a cabinet where the Souvenir Plate sits.

Miyoko Takeda (Precious): The only girl in the level. Also hard to miss!

Make a Star 5 (Town)

-N. Pigeon St.-
Bo-Bo (Toy Dog): At the top of the slide in the Northern area.  He has a stove
  range around his neck.  He likes pretending to be a "Dog With Fleas", I
Kokeshi (Big Kokeshi):  The Large Kokeshi holding the toy hammer in the area
  you start out in.
Pigeon (Pigeon):  One of the Pigeons near the 45cm Barrier.  Who knows which
  one.  Get them all.
Takoyaki (Big Takoyaki): It's right next to where you start out in the level.
  Go to the platform next to the Takoyaki Stand (at this point, just a big red
  and white wall.  It's sitting in the middle of a Takoyaki plate.

-Quail River-
Ai Yamada (Summer Schoolgirl): Schoolgirl standing near the farm with the
  giant radish.
Hiro Majima (Nerdy Guy): He's buying something at a stand near the entrance of
  the shopping district.
Honoka Hara (Girl): One of the kids hanging around near the shopping entrance
  that's next to the river.
Ryu Hayashi (Schoolboy): Schoolboy standing next to Ai Yamada.  I guess
  they're dating.
Shogo Ueda (Fisherman): You'll see him fishing on the outskirts of Pigeon St.

-Shopping Street-
Biker Akiba (Punk): Rides a bike through both the shopping district and Pigeon
*Candy Sign (Candy Store Sign): Make it to S. Pidgeon Street, then head toward
  the green mesh ramp and up it.  You'll see the sign sitting atop the Candy
  Store building.
Foreman Koji (Construction Guy):  Go up the green scaffolding; he's in the
  high-up pipe
Grandpa Akiba (Great X2 Grandpa): He's sitting on the back of Biker Akiba's
  bike.  Such a nice grandson, taking his Gramps around town... 
Koichi Hayase (Boy): Wanders the shopping area.
*Kuro Rikiya (Chief Driller):  He's drilling under the scaffolding.  A bit
  tricky since you have to be rather big to get him, but not TOO big, or else
  you won't fit under the scaffolding.
Mrs. Domoto (Momma): Wanders the shopping area
Sumi Toyama (Part-Timer): The lady with a fish on her shoulder.
Tamako Abe (Summer Schoolgirl):  She's doing some photocopying.  It's hard to
  get her if you're too big. 
Toshikazu Mori (Store Owner):  He's standing in front of the store he works.

-S. Pigeon St.-
Ayako Noda (Schoolgirl): Wanders the street.
Hideto Nema (Rollerboy): Skates around the street.
Jaro (Bulldog): One of the two bulldogs walking side-by-side.
Kiyo Tamao (Grandma): Drives a kiddie car around the street.
Kohei Sugiura (Punk): He circles town being pushed around by his mommy...
Lin Lin (Dog With Fleas): The dog being walked by Megumi
Maro (Bulldog): One of the two bulldogs walking side-by-side.
Megumi Nakata (Precious): She walks her dog around Pigeon Street and the
  shopping area.
Miharu Niwata (Summer Schoolgirl): Schoolgirl hanging around in the corner of
  town near the bike rack.
Mrs. Sugiura (Chubby Housewife): She circles the South area pushing her son
  around in a wheelbarrow.
Shigeru Kido (Great X3 Grandpa): One of the old guys enjoying the musician's
Tad Motoki (Businessman): Found near a photo booth.
Woody Yukio (DIY Dad): He's doing some hammering on the back of the musician's
  stage.  The king will make a swell remark when you pick him up.
Yuri Yakushima (Dangling Boy):  The only guy swinging around a pole on Pidgeon
  St.  He's in the outer perimiter.

Make a Star 6 (World)

-Seagull Park-
Baseball Bat (Baseball Bat):  There are 7 bats located in Seagull Park where
  you start.  Two are in the center area, and 5 are on the pavement surrounding
  it.  The named bat is among them, so just get them all.
Lionel Koeda (Clown): He's easy to spot, being the only clown in the park.
Lulu (Black Cat):  Among a group of cats wandering around one of the trees.
Naomi Ogata (Girl):  She's wandering around near the entrance.
Yuki Momojiri (Flower Girl):  She mans the ice cream stand.  Or womans it.

Akira Suga (Alpinist):  He's wandering the forested area.
Kazuya Inari (Surfer):  He's at the beach, riding a surfboard on wheels.
Kenji Uno (Relaxing Dude): He's the lifeguard at the beach.
*Sabako (Mermaid): Head out to the deep waters from the beach. You'll find her
  next to the small island.
The Green X (Masked Wrestler): he's walking around right out in the open in
  front of Seagull Park's entrance..

-Urchin Town-
Double Trouble (Killer Move):  You'll find them rolling around in the
Dr. Segawa (Grandpa):  He's standing atop a few safes, on the side of town
  that borders Seabreeze.
*Kyu Nakayama (Relaxing Dude): He's sitting atop a roof in Urchin Town, right
  next to Dr. Segawa,
Li Chang (Dangling Boy):  One of the three dangling boys perpetually swinging
  on the exercise bars in the schoolyard.
Lost Umbrella (Kid's Umbrella): It's just sitting upside down in the lower
  ranch area.
Majime Tejima (Businessman):  He wanders the town.
Mike Okura (Balloon Man):  He's floating between two houses, right below the
  school entrance.  He is surrounded by other Balloons.  I think he is the
  King of Balloons.
Mr. Fujio (Businessman):  He's wandering the town.
Rolling Thunder (Tricycle):  It's parked near Mike Okura.
Sgt. Tanaka (Policeman):  He's the officer protecting the people inside the
  schoolyard.  He's no match for you!
Trophy (Trophy):  As soon as you go up the incline to enter Urchin Town, you'll
  see a line of Pylons and Trophies to the left. The named Trophy is among

Make a Star 7 (World)

-Seagull Park-
Soji Nitta (Playful Punk): He's riding a playground horse.
Tajima Bros. (Tri-Piggybackers): the only piggybackers in the park.

Bearman (Bear-Man): He's wandering in plain view.
Biker Flag (Biker Flag):  You can get it from the gang bikes driving around the
Mr. Nishimura (Grandpa): He's looking through some binoculars out by the beach.
*Rabbitman Joe (Rabbit-Man):  He's hiding in the cave behind the forest. 
Shu Hasegawa (Short Schoolboy): The leader of the small "gang" standing around
  the paradise.
Takeo Onishi (Cranky Guy): He's wandering the forest area.
Yoshifumi Eto (Kickboard Boy): He's jumping over the wooden platform that
  connects to the small island.
Yoshiharu Eto (Kickboard Boy): He's swimming laps in the pond.
Yoshihito Eto (Kickboard Boy): He's doing what Yoshifumi's doing.
Yume Rurihama (Abalone Diver): One of the three ladies walking in and out of
  the water at the beach.
Yumi Tatara (Abalone Diver): Yume's companion.  She secretly hates her job.
Yu Yokomichi (Abalone Diver): She accompanies Yume and Yumi.  She has no idea
  what she's doing.

-Urchin Town-
Chako Nomura (Summer Skinny): She's standing at the gate to the schoolyard,
  checking out the action.
Juro Royama (PE Boy): He's doing work at the farm.
Mrs. Kosuge (Busy Momma): She's standing around town talking with her friend.
Sakurayama (Sumo Wrestler): The Sumo Wrestler wandering the town.
Shin Kesaki (Judo Wrestler): He seems to be getting a reward at the schoolyard,
  or something like that.
Yoshio Egawa (Panda Ride): He's riding his car around town.

-Seabreeze Town-
Billy Bon Bon (Masked Wrestler): He's in line near the Lotto Shop, which is
  located in the middle of town near the incline leading to Sunshine Beach.
George Smith (Skinny): He's also in line near the Lotto Shop.
*Junpei Seki (Delivery Guy): Head to the upper-area, where the large parking
  area is.  He's driving a delivery bike amongst a bunch of Playful Punks.
Lotto Shop (Lotto Store): The shop a lot of named people are lined up at
  itself has a name.  It's a small, blue shop located on the town's street, on
  the side facing the beach.
Makoto Sato (Towel Guy): You'll see a few towel guys walking around on the
  streets of town.  He's among them.
Mr. Kazama (Businessman): He wanders the very edge of town.
Mrs. Mori (Busy Momma): another person in the Lotto Shop line
*Treasure (Treasure): It's hidden in the forest under the bridge leading up to
  the circular parking lot.

-Sunshine Beach-
Matt Murasaki (Matsuri Girl): Yeah, it's a girl, and they named her Matt.
  Crazy translators.  She's walking around the beach.

Make a Star 8 / Eternal 2 (Town)

-Shopping Street-
Ichiro Azuma (Delivery Guy): Found inside the entrance with pork hanging from
Kenta Azuma (Boy): A boy who wanders the area wearing a mask.
*Large Ramen (Ramen): Near the ramen bowls, you'll find a ladder on top of a
  box, leading to the roof of the shop with a dragon on top of it.  You'll
  get the ramen up here.
Mrs. Takada (Flower Girl): She runs the flower shop.
Toko Yamada (Girl): a girl who wanders the area wearing a mask.

-Quail River-
Fake Picture (Watercolor): You'll find a few of these around the copy machines
  outside the entrance of the Shopping District.  Someone's doin' a little
Ryo Shibata (Pretty Boy): ...and he's the culprit making the photopies.
Sgt. Mishima (Policeman): The policeman standing behind Ryo, preparing to
  bust him.
Suzu Endo (Summer Schoolgirl): She is also in the photocopier area.
Uzu (Crocodile): He circles the waterways all over Pigeon Town. You can find
  him in Quail River or Dove Lake.
Yumiko Futaba (Flower Girl): Another person working with the photocopiers.

-S. Pigeon St.-
1st Prize (Melon): You'll find the three prizes sitting behind the lottery
  booths at the plaza.
2nd Prize (Tulip): Second prize would a nice gift for your girlfriend, or
  mother.  Or mothers that ARE your girlfriend.  Hey, I'm not going to judge
  your lifestyle.
3rd Prize (Toilet Paper): A good gift for your grandpa.
Afro-mania (Busker): He's one of the musicians doing a show at the bottom of
  the steep incline where you entered the area.
Daizo Saeki (Great X3 Grandpa): One of the shop owners on the outer edge of
  the street.
Ine Suzuki (Grandma): Also one of the shop owners on the outer edge of the
Isao Hara (Strongman): He walks down the street... he has some pizzas to
Lily (Black Cat): There's a line of small trees outside the shopping area.
  You'll see a little black cat standing on the branches of one of them.
Masa Kaneda (Paper Fan Man): The Fan Guy escorting the Mikoshi around.
Mrs. Kurata (Matsuri Girl): Another one of the shop owners on the outer edge
  of the street.
Ryu Okamoto (Matsuri Boy): He's standing under the Taiko Drum player on the
  raised platform.
*Smelly Cat (Calico Cat): Look for the dragon coming out of the pipes on the
  side of the road next to some roadside merchants.  He's holding the cat in
  its mouth!
Tomi Tanaka (Grandma): One of the shop owners on the outer edge of the street.

Futoshi (Boy): He's standing outside the fence watching the sumo wrestler and
  the elephant.
Tamayo Jinnai (Matsuri Lover): She's riding around on some tires inside the gas
Taro Igarashi (Towel Guy): He's using the washing mashines sitting aside the

-Dove Lake-
*Big Panda (Panda Mascot): Found next to the slide at the playground.
Nessie (Mystery Creature): He's a one-of-a-kind object who appears in the lake
  once you're big enough.
Reiji Yuzahara (Fortune-teller): Next to the lake is little area with a few old
  ladies sitting on benches.  In the middle is the fortune-teller, suspended by
  a balloon.
Saburo Suzuki (Delivery Guy): He's on the island in the middle of the lake,
  sitting on a turtle and looking out a telescope.
*Slippy (Seal): He's hanging out in a box close to a few other seals that are
  walking around on the outskirts of the lake.
Tony Hato (Skater Boy): There are a bunch of kids skating down the inclined
  road next to the lake.  At the bottom of the incline is a skater pulling
  some nice tricks.  He looks like a real pro.  They should make a videogame
  about him.

-Sparrow Mountain-
Goro Numata (Alpinist): You'll find him on the hiking trail. He appears to be
  the victim of a bear attack!  Oh my god, roll him up before they eat him!

-Baseball Field-
Coach Kami (Benchwarmer): Naturally, a baseball coach can be found in this
Takenori Ota (Outfielder): He's just one of the players.

-Construction Site-
Old Rex  (Fossil): The fossil sticking out above the small cave in the
  Construction Site.

Make a Star 9 (World)

-Seagull Park-
Chihiro Fuse (Precious): After entering the park, she's to the left.
Cowman Baba (Cow-Man): Amongst a lot of other costumed guys, he's the lone
  Cow-man in the park.
Sakura Kosaki (Flower Girl): She's at the stand selling little Darumas and

Dai Kitajima (Busy Momma): A salesman selling off a small boat in the pond.
*Friendly Ball (Soccer Ball): Near the cave behind the forest in Paradise,
  you'll see a soccer player kicking a ball around.  Steal it from him!  Not a
  very friendly thing to do, but the ball itself is pretty friendly.
Maito Kitajima (Soccer Player): The soccer player kicking around a friendly
Mariko Sonoda (Bikini Girl): She wanders the beach.
Masato Renga (Watermelon Boy): He's playing out in the water near the beach.
Mizuno (Fat Schoolboy): He's standing with a skinny guy by the pond.
Morio Keyaki (Golfer Guy): The golfer on the far right from where you exit
  Seagull Park.

-Urchin Town-
*Binta Endo (Dangling Boy): You'll see some gymnasts making a pyramid in the
  meadow above the town (it's the area you start out on in Make the Moon. To
  get to it, go in the water outside Urchin Town and roll up the hill at the
  end).  Binta is on top of the gymnasts.
Eisuke Otsuru (Relaxing Dude): He's one of the three guys sitting near a boat
  on the fishing area outside the town.
Look Out! Boy ("Don't Rush Out!"): On the street, in front of three soda
  machines with Buskers on them.

-Seabreeze Town-
Dan Kuruma (Storekeeper): He runs a shop on a truck driving around the road.
Matsuno Bros. (Human Tower): They're on the edge of town, where it borders
  Sunshine Beach.
Midori Yamato (Abalone Diver): A spectator at the wrestling ring.
Mr. Davis (Skinny): Also a spectator at the wrestling ring.
Mrs. Wakairo (Busy Momma): She's up in the raised area. Avoid the cars and nab
Rocky Chujo (Relaxing Dude): Look up and you'll see a couple umbrellas flying
  above the road.  Rocky is sitting in the upside-down one alongside a
  Treasure Chest.
Tara Yuba (Busy Momma): Another lady walking around the large parking lot.

-Fishing Port-
Heiseimaru (Trawler): One of the larger boats in the group of boats circling
  the giant squid
Satellite (Satellite): Once you pass the 12m barrier and go down the small
  stretch of land, you should see a broken-down satellite sitting on a ledge.
  You have to be pretty big to reach it.

-Big Blue Sea-
*The Seaboss (Submarine): It's way out in the sea.  If you're facing Mullet Bay
  from the Fishing Port, it's to the right.  It's kind of close to the group of
  sailboats in the area, and it doesn't move around, but it does go underwater
  and resurface every few seconds.

Make the Moon / Eternal 3 (World)

-Seagull Park-
Kevin Highstar (Man): The lone MiB standing among the people.
Sgt. Yanagi (Policeman): He's protecting the park.
*Tak Amamoto (Busker): He's in the Hot Air Balloon.
Yae Honma (Shopper): She's standing next to a tall guy in the park.

*Satoshi Fuyuki (Playful Punk): Head out to the deep waters. He's riding the
Takuya Kuraki (Playful Punk): He's the one riding the crocodile.
Yohei Minami (Sandpile): Find him on the beach.

-Urchin Town-
Fumei the 6th (Fortune-teller): She has a Fortune Teller booth on the corner
  of Urchin Town.
Garbage (Garbage): There's garbage all over Urchin Town. It would have been
  nice for the translators to at least try to single out the named one.
  Figuring out the exact bag you need is something I'm not going to do.
  Collect them all so it'll be a sure thing.  Hmmph!
Hanako Tsuno (Loud Momma): The's walking around town followed by a Shopper.
Jin Higashi (Lion Dance): One of the Lion guys circling town.
Maruo Kokawa (Relaxing Dude): He's among the relaxing "quadruplets" sitting
  outside of town next to the water.
Mayura Yoyogi (Summer Skinny): She's walking around the shopping center on the
  edge of town facing the ocean.
Neo-mole (Driller): It's in the middle of the schoolyard, circled by balls and
  ball-racers.  Very out in the open.
Principal Wada (Principal): He's the head of the outdoor classroom.  Teaching
  how to make sushi, perhaps?
Randy Atsushi (Dangling Boy): He's trying to work out in the part of town near
  the ranch. (except it appears the barbells have control of him)
Teru Soga (Utility Worker): You'll find him on the utility pole near the ranch.

-Seabreeze Town-
Ben Soejima (Chief Driller): another named person who hangs around the raised
  parking lot.  He's among a group of guys drilling on a rock.
*Masked Burglar (Burglar):  Go to the Old Hotel Building (the one shaped like
  steps) and climb up it.  The burglar is sneaking around on top of it.
Mavis (Dairy Cow): the cow standing in the long line at the shopping center.
Utsubo Spa (Bathhouse): It's the building between two smokestacks.

-Sunshine Beach-
Ancient Tree (Tree): You can find a few of these on the beach (all of them will
  give you the name)
Buon Buon (Mammoth): The bigger elephant on the beach.  He's
  wearing a crown, like Babar!
Jiro Tendo (Paper Fan Man): The Fan Man standing behind the Mikoshi on the

-Big Blue Sea-
Airport (Airport): All I can say is it's one of the airports.  Because they
  didn't bother to actually come up with a nickname, singling out the airport
  that shows up on the list is a painstaking process that, again, I'm not going
  to bother with. At this point, finding and getting all the airports should be
  no problem.
Tornado Mary (Tornado): Once you're big enough to suck up tornados, you can
  suck up anything.  There's no need to search for this.  You're huge. Go for

NOTE: no named items appear in Cancer or Cygnus

Make Corona Borealis (Town)

-N. Pigeon St.-
Sashimaru (Katana):  In N. Pidgeon Street you'll find a line of swords near
  area with the the graffiti.  The Sashimaru is in the middle of them.
Wolfie (Doggy): One of the small dogs wandering N. Pidgeon St.  You'll
  definitely want him since he bears a crown.
*Yoshie Tanaka (Precious): She's standing next to the Takoyaki stand.  You have
  to build yourself up pretty big early on (and pretty much forego the goal of
  collecting crowns) so you can get her before exiting to the South area.

-Quail River-
Kenta Hara (Boy): One of the boys hanging around the shopping center entrance.

-S. Pigeon St.
Tomie Konishi (Grandma):  She's Sitting atop a bunch of cushions.  One of the
  crown-bearers.  Hard to miss.

Make Pisces (Town)

-Dove Lake-
Kuriko Hibiya (Abalone Diver): Get either of the ladies walking along the edge
  near the incline where you start out.  For some reason, they're both named
  Kuriko Hibiya.  Good god, they're CLONES.
Mermaid (Mermaid): You'll pick up a line of mermaids as you're collecting fish.
  She's among them.  Doesn't matter which one.
Merman (Merman): Among the fish you collect are a couple Mermen hiding in the
  pipes.  One of them is named.  Again, I don't know which one.  They count as
  fish, so you'll want them both anyway.
Shuji Kumeno (Fisherman): He's one of the fisherman fishing in the playground
  area. (unfortunately, rather out of the way from the fish collecting.)
Tim Meguro (Surfer): He's surfing on a board around the Lake.

Make Virgo (Town)

Eriko Shimizu (Summer Skinny): A student who seems to be cheating on her annual
  physical.  She should have more confidence in herself.
Latest Model (Chopper 1): The bike on display on one of the rotating panels
  surrounded by three girls.
Lovely Chie (Summer Skinny): Chie and Yui make up the popular schoolgirl tag
  team wrestling team, The Lovies.  Or not.  You'll find them wrestling ring
  swinging around a couple of schoolgirls.
Lovely Yui (Summer Schoolgirl): Chie's trusty lesbian partner.
Ms. Sayuri (Mama-san): One of the ladies working the streets by the roadway
  (near the elementary class).  You can't afford her.  She's that good.
Nurse Yoshiko (Nurse): She's using one of the phone booths along the Roadway.

-Dove Lake-
Anko Abe (Blue Girl):  The Abe sisters can be found on the lower part of the
  incline next to the lake. (near the playground)
Azuki Abe / Kusakari Azuki (Pink Girl): She hangs with her sisters.  They look
  cute, but they can totally beat you up.
Champion Belt (Champion's Belt): Found on the premises of the beauty pageant.
Kei Obayashi (Girl): One of the girls in the outdoor classroom.
Kinako Abe (Yellow Girl): She's with Anko and Azuki.  She gets upset a lot
  because her sisters never brush their teeth.
Ryoko Takada (Swimsuit Girl): She's standing under an umbrella on the edge of
  the Lake.
Yuki Komachi (Precious): Winner of the Miss Pigeon beauty pageant.  I guess
  they like them young over there.

-Sparrow Mountain-
Kyoko Konishi (Tall Girl): Yu is confessing his love to her under a tree near
  the class photo shoot.
Yoshie Ono (Tall Girl): She's among the students in the class photo shoot.
Yu Sakaguchi (Skinny): Will Kyoko accept his proposal? We'll never know, since
  they're going to be part of a constellation now.

Make Ursa Major (World)

Satoko Kami (Shopper): She's standing next to a store along the roadway (near
  the tunnel)

-Dove Lake-
Dai Yabuki (Diver): He's swimming around the lake.
Jun Hara (Floating Boy): He's floating around the small island in the center
  of the level.
Rin Yamamoto (Bikini Girl): She is in the lake somewhere.
Shiro Akagawa (Schoolboy): In the playground area, you'll find him looking at
  a Girl Statue.  He's in love with it.  He has bad luck with actual girls.

Make Gemini (World)

Note: there are a lot of "named" twins in Gemini which don't actually appear
  in the Names list!

-Urchin Town-
Ko Katsura (Pogostick Guy): One of the Pogostick quintuplets
  bouncing around town.
Ken Katsura (Pogostick Guy): the other one.
Shu Katsura (Pogostick Guy): the other one.
Sho Katsura (Pogostick Guy): the other one.
Nao Katsura (Pogostick Guy): He doesn't ride a pogostick at all!  Just kidding.
  He does.
Farmer Henmi (Farmer): He takes care of the farm in town.

Sasao Nogami (Kickboard Boy): A swimming quadruplet found in the pond.
Mamao Nogami (Kickboard Boy): the other one.
Mimio Nogami (Kickboard Boy): the other one.
Larry Nogami (Kickboard Boy): "Nogami" is Japanese for "OH NO LOOK OUT ITS A

Make Taurus (World)

Keiko Soma (Mama-san): She's standing next to a Palm Tree on the beach.

-Urchin Town-
Machiko Beppu (Momma): She's standing in line at the Pachinko Parlor.  Some day
  she will win big so she can leave her horrible family.
Pandas (Panda Car): There are three cars with this name driving through town.
*Sachi Yurima (Abalone Diver): Down in the water next to the farm, she's
  walking amongst a bunch of cows.  Pick her out carefully!

-Seabreeze Town-
*Flash Horie (Towel Guy): He's standing in front of the building on the upper
  level of town (the circular parking lot).  He is the leader of all nude men.
Mr. Powerful (Wrestler): He's standing in the long line at the store surrounded
  by Parking signs.
Yuya Mutsu (Tall Guy): He's standing in line at the arcade machine in the
  middle of town.  The game happens to be Namco's Tekken Tag Tournament... so
  who knows why the line is so long.

Make the North Star (World)

-Seagull Park-
Mika Nurie (Girl): Another girl wandering near the park entrance.

*Nurse Nojima (Nurse): She's in the forest and is quite tough to find.  Just
  roll around until you find her.  She's relatively close to the cave area.

-Urchin Town-
Harry Sagawa (DIY Dad): He's standing on a platform, painting a house. Or
  hammering a house.  He's something that involves houses in some way.
Kai Mozumi (Watermelon Boy): He's walking around the sheep ranch on the
  outskirts of town.  If he removed his blindfold, he'd be able to see there
  are no melons there.  But then he'd probably cry.
Norio Renjo (Busker): The leader of the popular band "Three Guys Who Sing About
  Hats".  Ironically, their hairstyles prevent them from wearing hats.
Osamu Nakani (Stilts): he's walkin' around in the front of the town.  If he
  loses his balance, he'll probably fall down the hill and die.  That's so sad.
Shun Miyajima (Watermelon Boy): He's the lone Watermelon Boy in the schoolyard.
  He is actually one of the students, a child genius who entered high school at
  age 10.  Unfortunately, he is so obsessed with melons, he refuses to remove
  his melon-splitting outfit and is majoring in Melonology.

-Seabreeze Town-
Haru Yamada (Busy Momma): Yet another person wandering the raised circular
  parking lot.  This time, the parking lot is the home of a large grocery
  store, so Haru must be shopping for something, presumably hammers.  My dad
  owned a hammer once.  He was a powerful man who could hammer nails into
  concrete.  He would spend an hour a day doing this, until our walls were full
  of nothing but nails.  People would ask us why our walls had a bunch of nails
  on them, and I'd reply, "You know, it makes perfect sense when you think
  about it", and then I'd walk away.  I'm sure I gave them a lot to think

Make the North Star (World)

Author: josh l.
This guide is (c) 2005 by josh l., I guess.


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