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FAQ by vix

Version: 5.0 | Updated: 07/05/2005

 _  _    __   ____   __    __  __    __    ____  ____ 
( )/ )  /__\ (_  _) /__\  (  \/  )  /__\  (  _ \(_  _)
 )  (  /(__)\  )(  /(__)\  )    (  /(__)\  )   / _)(_ 
 ____    __    __  __    __    ___  _  _ 
(  _ \  /__\  (  \/  )  /__\  / __)( \/ )
 )(_) )/(__)\  )    (  /(__)\( (__  \  / 
(____/(__)(__)(_/\/\_)(__)(__)\___) (__) 

This guide is for the American Version of the game released in Sep. of 2004.

Authors:  See thanks section for who else contributed.

July 5, Version 5.0
 - Fixed an error with one of the presents
 - Added Top to list of rare items

Table Of Contents

1. Intro
2. Contact/Submit Info
3. Game Story
  A. Game Script
4. Controls
5. Game Modes
6. Items(100%)
  A. House 
    1a. Living Room
    2a. Garden and Porch
    3a. Roof
    4a. Kitchen
    5a. Kid's Room
    6a. Entry Hall
    7a. Hallway
  B. Town
    1b. N. Pigeon St.
    2b. Shopping Street
    3b. Quail River
    4b. S. Pigeon St.
    5b. Roadway
    6b. Dove Lake
    7b. Sparrow Hill
    8b. Baseball Field
    9b. Campground
    10b. Construction Site
  C. World
    1c. Seagull Park
    2c. Paradise
    3c. Urchin Town
    4c. Sea Breeze Town
    5c. Seaslug Ranch
    6c. Sunshine Beach
    7c. Fishing Port
    8c. Circus
    9c. Mullet Bay
    10c. Whirlpool Point
    11c. Kuroshio Point
    12c. Dolphin City
    13c. Whale City
    14c. Big Blue Sea
7. Names 100%
8. Level Requirements
9. Stars VS Stardust
10. Eternal Levels
11. Presents
12. Comets
13. Constellations
14. Cousins
15. Rare/Hard To Find Items
16. Ending *****SPOILERS*****
   A. Make the Moon Quotes
17. Moon Memorial
18. Tips and Tricks
19. FAQ
20. Version History
21. Thanks
22. Legal

1. Intro

Hello, I'm Vix…and I love this game…I hope this little bit of info I've put
together helps you in some way with this great game.  Once I read some
previews of this game, I knew I had to get it.  It's a great and different
game that's very addictive.

Feel free to submit info if you want!  I'll add anything to this.

2. Contact/Submit Info

If you would like to add anything, anything at all to this guide, as there are
some gaps…feel free to do so…you can either e-mail me at VixDiesel@aol.com or
you can instant message me on AIM at VixDieselJr

If you choose to send anything via e-mail, please mark the subject KD or
Katamari Damacy so I know your mail is not spam.

If you see any errors, please tell me so I can correct them.

Anything you submit, whether it be adding info or telling me I messed 
something up, you will get credit for it if you provide me with a username
or e-mail address that you would like to get the credit with.  Please point
out to me what name or whatever it is that you want me to credit you with.

If you are a huge KD fan like myself, feel free to join me and others at a KD
message board I have set up: http://s9.zetaboards.com/Katamari_Damacy/  It's
free and the only requirement is that you have to like or love KD.  :-)

3. Game Story

"In a freak accident, the King of All Cosmos inadvertently annihilated all
the stars.  The task of fixing the King's mistake has fallen upon his son,
the Prince.  In order to restore the glorious starry sky, the Prince must 
roll around heaps of objects on earth, gathering more and more things from
the item-rich planet and sending them off into the night sky.  Does the
Prince have what it takes to succeed?" - Info taken from the Katamari 
Damacy Instruction Book that came with the game.  

Basically, the King got drunk one night and destroyed all the stars.  So he
sends his pint sized son down to earth to roll a ball(katamari) around and
collect items on it.  It's like a magnet to items.  You start out small and
as you continue along, the bigger the katamari gets, the bigger the items
you can collect.  Once the katamari has reached it's intended goal size for
that level, the king takes it and converts it into a star…if that makes any
sense at all…which is why I love this game…and then you continue on your
merry way, rolling up more katamari and creating more stars.

As you go along your merry way, you collect massive amounts of items and
you also collect the Prince's cousins that can be used in the two player
mode.  Also, some items have specific names attached to them and are also
collected.  All this info is explained elsewhere in this guide.

A. Game Script

The following is the level intro scripts that the King says.  Thanks to
beasticube for this entire section!  Note that once you collect a present, what
the King will say will slighty vary.

- Make a Star 1

"No...It was indeed not a dream. We really did it. The King of All Cosmos has
really done it. A sky full of stars...We broke it. Yes, We were naughty.
Completely naughty. So, so very sorry. But just between you and us, it felt
quite good. Not that We can remember very clearly, but we were in all nature's
embrace. We felt the beauty of all things and felt love for all. That's how it
was. Did you see? We smiled a genuine smile. Did you see? The stars splintering
in perfect beauty. So many there used to be. Almost a nuisance. Now there's
nothing but darkness. Hee...'Tis but a dream...Hee...But a beautiful one. BUT
That miraculous fabulous moment has passed, it's over. We came to and found
everyone furious. Even the King of All Cosmos was not spared their wrath.
Really, everybody was irate. So anyway, pee-wee Prince. Hurry up and bring back
the glorious starry sky. Our problem, your problem. Yes? You owe us your
existence. We collect on the debt. Yes? Hand in hand, always there. Yes? The
very definition of the father and son bond. Yes? All right then get creating."

- Make a Star 2

"Magandang Tanghali po! Have you been to the Philippines? We stopped in the day
before yesterday. We hope you can visit during the day's rolling. Like that's
possible. Oh, yes...A present for the hardworking Prince.  That's what We were
thinking. And then We threw it too hard and it went down to Earth. Just fell to
Earth. Must be around somewhere, so roll it up while you're at it."

- Make a Star 3

"Boa tarde! Have you been to Portugal?  We were there yesterday. We hope you can
visit during the day's rolling. Like that's possible. Oh, yes. Almost forgot. A
Royal Present for the hardworking Prince. That's what We were thinking but We
sort of tossed it down to Earth. We had an issue and just sort of pitched it
away. Must be around somewhere, so roll it up while you're at it."

- Make a Star 4

"Buenos dias! Have you ever been to Spain? It's Our other homeland. We hope you
can visit during the day's rolling. Like that's possible. Oh, yes. Almost
forgot. A Royal Present for the hardworking Prince. That's what We were getting
when We lost it on Earth. Wallet, keys, rings, hopes and dreams. We lost it all.
Must be around somewhere, so roll it up while you're at it."

- Make a Star 5

"Guede Middag! Have you ever been to the Netherlands? We stopped in the day
before yesterday. We hope you can visit during the day's rolling. Like that's
possible.  Oh, yes. Almost forgot. A Royal Present for the hardworking Prince.
That's what We were thinking but it got swiped right off Us on Earth. Pick
pocketed during the morning rush hour. Very well done, too. It must be around
somewhere, so pick it up while you're at it."

- Make a Star 6

"Al salaam a'alaykum! Have you ever been to the Arabian Peninsula? We haven't
either. We hope you can visit during the day's rolling. Like that's possible.
Oh, yes. Almost forgot. A Royal Present for the hardworking Prince. That's what
We were planning but We got bored. We gave your present away to someone
on Earth. Must be around there somewhere, so roll it up while you're at it."

- Make a Star 7

"Dzien' dobry! Have you been to Poland? We go there often. We hope you can visit
during the day's rolling. Like that's possible. Oh, yes. Almost forgot. A Royal
Present for the hardworking Prince. That's what We were thinking while We were
walking the dog. Couldn't help but throw it towards Earth. We suppose it was too
much to ask the dog to fetch it that far. Must be around somewhere, so roll it
up while you're at it."

- Make a Star 8

"Zdravstvuite! Have you ever been to Russia?  We were there yesterday. We hope
you can visit during the day's rolling. Like that's possible. Oh, yes. Almost
forgot. A Royal Present for the hardworking Prince. That's what We were
thinking.  But We didn't bother to actually get one. But We're sure there's
something that looks nice down there. Something that looks like a present. It's
Earth after all. They have everything. Roll it up while you're at it."

- Make a Star 9

"Sain banu. Have you ever been to Mongolia?  We were there yesterday. We hope
you can visit during the day's rolling. Like that's possible. Oh, yes. Almost
forgot. A Royal Present for your cousins on the Space Mushroom. That's what We
were thinking. But then We dropped it on Earth. We got a new one, so the one on
Earth is yours. Must be around somewhere, so roll it up while you're at it."

- Make the Moon

"Saluton! Do you know Esperanto? Maybe I'll invent a cosmic Esperanto. Oh, yes.
Almost forgot. A Royal Present for the hardworking Prince. But We felt bashful
about handing it to you so We left it on Earth for you to pick up. You can roll
it up while you're making the Moon." 

- Cancer

"What is it...? Something's not quite here...Oh, yes! We get it! It just doesn't
look delicious.  This sky does not seem yummy at all. Everyone is still hungry,
yes? Can't you see that, silly? Speaking of delicious, We say crab. Most
certainly crab."

- Cygnus

"What is it...? Something's missing...Is it Our Royal Present? No...Something
more...Eureka! We have it! It's not graceful. This sky is utterly lacking in
grace! It does not float like a butterfly or sashay like a king. Sigh...it's
just not there at all...what's graceful on Earth? Swans, that's what."

- Corona Borealis

"What is it...? Something's missing...is it Our Royal Present? No...Something
more...Aha! OF course! We got it now! It's not gorgeous. The sky is not gorgeous
at all! A starry sky, and it still manages to look shabby. It has none of the
beauteous, maximal gorgeousness of Our crown." 

- Pisces

"What is it...? There's something missing...Eureka! We have it! It's not fresh.
The sky's spoiled already. It's not fresh at all. It's very ripe. This is not
acceptable! Quickly! Find some fresh fish on Earth!"

- Gemini

"How can this be...? There's something missing...Ah-hah! Yes, that's it! We get
it now! It has no mystery! The sky has no mystery. It's so straightforward and
easy to understand. That's important of course, but just soooo boring. We'll
tell you what's mysterious. Twins. What is with that connection? Is it
telepathy? Do they have ESP?" 

- Ursa Major

"It got away...To tell you the truth, We were also making a constellation. Ursa
Major, to be exact. A parent that leaves all the work to the child, that looks
bad. Deadbeat, yes? So We were finally done, and the last one gets away! Shoot!
Stupid bear! We are sick of it! So just roll me up one bear...And roll up the
present too...!"

- Taurus

"It got away...To tell you the truth, We were also making a constellation.
Taurus, to be exact. A parent that leaves all the work to the child, that looks
bad. Deadbeat, yes? So We were finally done, and the last cow ran away! Shoot!
Stupid cow! We are sick of it! So just roll me up one cow...And roll up the
present too...!"

- Virgo

"Hmmm...It's lacking a certain something...Is it Our Royal Present? No, that's
not it. Oh, yes! We get it! Prettiness! This sky is not pretty at all. It's
rough and masculine. Possibly sweaty. What We really want is pure, girlish
prettiness. There should be loads of maidens like that on Earth."

- Polaris/North Star

"For some reason...For some reason I don't feel comfortable at all. Is it
because Our Royal Present is missing? No, that's not it...Oh, yes! We get it!
There is no center. There is no belly button. There is nothing solid in the
center of the sky. That's why it's unstable, off-kilter, undignified and
preposterous. Oh! We remember now. It's the North Star."

4. Controls

The controls are fairly simple as they only really require you to use both
analog sticks throughout the entire game.  "OO" represents the analog stick.

  Up/Left     Up      Up/Right
          |\      /|
          | \    / |
          |  \  /  |
          |   \/   |    
   Left   |   OO   |   Right
          |   /\   |
          |  /  \  |
          | /    \ |
          |/      \|
Down/Left    Down    Down/Right

                       Left Analog Stick     Right Analog Stick
       To roll forward:          Up                    Up
      To roll backward:         Down                  Down
  To curve left(right):  Up/Left(Up/Right)      Up/Left(Up/Right)
   To roll left(right):      Left(Right)            Left(Right
Sharp turn left(right):        Up(Down)              Down(Up)
       Charge 'n' Roll:      Up and Down           Up and Down
                        For this move you need to push one stick up and
                        the other one down rapidly at the same time in an
                        alternating fashion.
            Quick Turn: Press on both L3 and R3 at the same time.
                 Brake: Tilt the left and right analogs sticks in opposite
             Face Left: Left analog stick down and right analog stick up, this
                        will move the prince around the katamari counter-
            Face Right: Left analog stick up and right analog stick down, this
                        will move the prince around the katamari clockwise.

The Prince can also jump to get a quick view of his surroundings by pressing
the R1 button.  The Prince can also enter a first person view with adjustable
camera by pressing the L1 button.  This gives you the opportunity to look
around and see the world from the Prince's viewpoint.

5. Game Modes

There are two main game modes: One play and Two Player.

One player consists of making stars and completing goals.

Two play is a timed contest to see which player can get the biggest katamari.
In two player mode, each player selects a cousin or the prince and plays as
That character.

The game will begin differently depending on whether or not you have any
previously saved data.

When you first start a game, you are taken through a tutorial which gives you
a feel for the controls.  Once you complete each move, you move on to the next
stage in the tutorial.  After the tutorial is over, you go into an untimed
stage so you can get a feel for how you move about and how you control the

The main "menu" is divided into three sections.  The Home Planet, the Earth,
and the Space Mushroom.  The home planet is where you can view your items list,
save your game or load a game, configure vibration setup, and edit the sound
settings.  You can also view the constellations and presents you have unlocked
during gameplay.  The Earth is where you go if you want to play in the one
player mode.  The Space Mushroom is where you want to go if you want to play
the two player mode.

One Player Mode
The Earth's Rules:
1. Build up the Katamari to the target size in the allotted time to clear it.
2. If time runs out before you have achieved the goal, you fail the task and
 must try it again.

The King will speak some random talk and at the same time he will tell you
the goal of the stage…if you want to skip what he has to say, press the start
button at any time.

Even if you complete the goal in under the time limit, the stage doesn't end.
You can continue in that particular level which gives you the chance to look
for rare items or presents.

Two Player Mode
Each player selects the cousin that they would like to play as.  You have three
minutes to see who can make the larger katamari.  Players can bump each other
causing the other player to lose some items and you can even roll over the
other player and pick them up in your katamari.  If you get caught up, you can
quickly press the analog sticks up and down to free yourself from the other
players katamari.

6. Items

As well all know, the main point of this game is to collect items using the

Tips for Collecting Items
 - An item that shakes when near it means the katamari is not yet big enough to
pick it up but will soon be.  
 - If the Prince rolls the katamari into other object while going too fast,
some objects, usually the most recently collected ones, will fly off.

When viewing your items, you can zoom in and rotate them.  When you have
selected the item you want to look at, press the R2 button to zoom in and the
L2 button to zoon out and you can use the right analog stick to rotate the item
to get a better look at it.

NOTE: "I've noticed a few things that might be useful to include in the FAQ...
First is after playing a while, you'll notice that some things seem easier
to pick up than they should be and some seem harder -- pencils, fences,
flat books, etc. are relatively easy, while spherical things seem harder.

The reason is that the "size" of something is just an estimate of the volume
of the object.  Flat things are big in one dimension, but have little volume
since they have no depth.  Things that are spherical or cube shaped have much
more volume for the same height.

Now, that's maybe a bit obvious, but I also noticed that some objects are
harder to pick up than you'd think even taking this into account.  Most
notably, palm trees and beach umbrellas.  The reason these are harder than
you might think is that their "volume" is just an estimate -- probably the
volume of the smallest box that will fit them.  So, even though a palm
tree is a skinny trunk with flat leaves on top, the box is big." ~ Thanks to
Greg Alt for this info.

The items are listed the same way as they are listed if you were to go to the
Tree, then go to Location and so on and so forth.  Each group of five is what
you would find on each row.  Items marked with a * are rare/hard to find items.
There is a total of 1,438 items.  The description that follows the size is what
the King says about each item.

A.  House

The items in the house can be found on the following levels: Make s Star 1,
Make a Star 2, Make a Star 4, Eternal 1, Cancer, and Cygnus

 1a. Living Room
       Make a Star 1
       Make a Star 2
       Make a Star 4
       Eternal 1

Page 1

Pedestal - 68cm 9mm
Calculator - 14cm 
Iron - 43cm 8mm
Eyedrops - 7cm 3mm	
Compass - 7cm 1mm

Glasses - 9cm 3mm
Paperweight - 8cm 8mm
India Ink - 15cm 6mm	
Fake Snow - 4cm 2mm	
Hanko - 5cm 1mm

Ink Pad - 5cm 4mm	
* Mosquito * - 2cm 2mm
Seat Cushion - 69cm 3mm	
Ring Box - 32cm 2mm	
Legless Chair - 1m 18cm

Cookie Tin - 30cm
Short Screw - 2cm 5mm
Long Screw - 3cm 2mm
Teddy Bear - 44cm 5mm	
Mouse - 11cm 1mm

Page 2

Snail - 9cm 8mm
Tree Frog - 7cm 4mm	
Thumb Tack - 3cm 1mm
Red Pushpin - 3cm 5mm
Green Pushpin - 3cm 5mm

White Crayon - 5cm 9mm
Black Crayon - 3cm 7mm
Red Crayon - 4cm 2mm
Pink Crayon - 5cm 7mm
Lime Crayon - 5cm

Aqua Crayon - 5cm 4mm
Brown Crayon - 5cm 6mm	
Beige Crayon - 5cm 1mm	
Ochre Crayon - 5cm 7mm	
* Gold Crayon * - 5cm 9mm

Die - 2cm 8mm	
Sausage - 8cm 3mm	
R.C. Controller - 30cm 1mm
Soy Sauce Pack - 5cm 6mm	
Thermometer - 4cm 9mm

Page 3

Stamp - 2cm
Newspaper - 21cm 5mm
Leaflet - 16cm 8mm
Caramel Box - 11cm 3mm
Caramel - 4cm 4mm

Gum(Pack) - 8cm 5mm
Gum - 4cm 5mm
Pencil Sharpener - 26cm 2mm
B Pencil - 4cm 3mm
#2 Pencil - 4cm 1mm

Battery - 9cm 8mm	
9 Volt Battery - 7cm 4mm	
Nail Clippers - 26cm 2mm	
Cookie - 6cm 5mm	
Cookie Sandwich - 5cm 8mm

Hairpin - 4cm 5mm
Ballpoint Pen - 6cm 5mm	
Ink brush - 8cm 4mm
Button - 2cm 5mm	
Red Block - 7cm

Page 4

Yellow Block - 8cm
Green Block - 8cm 9mm
Lipstick - 7cm 6mm
Light Bulb - 20cm 8mm	
Heirloom - 21cm 3mm

Video Game - 38cm 7mm
Memory Card - 6cm 2mm
Ironing Board - 1m 1cm 1mm
Pants - 1m 4cm
Fruit Basket - 38cm 8mm

Cuckoo Clock - 63cm 7mm
Katana - 59cm
Manderin Carton - 79cm 9mm
Pencil Stand - 18cm 7mm
Chocolate - 4cm 1mm

Cabinet - 1m 20cm
Drawer - 59cm 1mm
Switch - 7cm 3mm
Bookstand - 42cm 1mm
Ruler - 28cm 1mm

Page 5

Desk Lamp - 63cm 8mm
Hook - 13cm 5mm
Parsley - 8cm
Sticky Tape - 11cm 6mm
Hanging Scroll - 60cm 8mm

* Check Book * - 10cm 4mm
Picture Frame - 24cm 8mm
Salmon - 16cm 5mm
Cell Phone - 10cm 3mm
Chestnut - 4cm 2mm

Pachinko Ball - 4cm 7mm
Cheese - 8cm 6mm
Mousetrap - 19cm 5mm
Mosquito Coil - 26cm 9mm
Mosquito Zapper - 16cm 8mm

Zapper Refill - 3cm
* Cuckoo * - 12cm 5mm
Eraser - 8cm 1mm
Hard Eraser - 7cm 4mm
Weekly Magazine - 30cm

Page 6

Dictionary - 27cm
Comic - 28cm 7mm
Diary - 19cm 4mm
Paperback - 13cm 9mm
Encyclopedia - 35cm 8mm

Math Workbook - 16cm 2mm
Power Plug - 7cm 2mm
Kotatsu Plug - 7cm 2mm
Power Strip - 10cm 8mm
Small Sliding Door - 1m 1cm 1mm

Tissues - 34cm 5mm
Wallet - 24cm 6mm
5 Yen Coin - 2cm 9mm
500 Yen Coin - 4cm
* Foreign Coin * - 3cm 6mm

* Gold Coin * - 3cm 8mm
Matchbox - 6cm 9mm
Match - 1cm 6mm
Mandarin Piece - 6cm 5mm
Mandarin Peel - 14cm 2mm

Page 7

Mandarin - 14cm 1mm
Ant - 1cm 5mm
Horseshoe Crab - 50cm 5mm
Teacup - 18cm
Cassette Tape - 9cm 7mm

Boombox - 62cm 3mm
Soda - 17cm
Dustbin - 53cm
Mini Pylon(orange) - 10cm
Candy - 6cm

Milk Candy - 6cm
Mah-Jong Tile 1 - 5cm 1mm
Mah-Jong Tile 2 - 5cm 1mm
Mah-Jong Tile 3 - 5cm 1mm
Mah-Jong Tile 4 - 5cm 1mm

Over 10cm Sign - 10cm
* Havana * - 8cm 2mm
* Marcy * - 6cm 8mm
Plate - 30cm 8mm
Square Dish - 24cm

Page 8

Chopsticks - 8cm 8cm
Shumai Dumpling - 12cm 3mm
Emerald Ring - 7cm 3mm
Sapphire Ring - 7cm 3mm
* Diamond Ring * - 7cm 3mm


 2a. Garden and Porch
       Make a Star 2
       Make a Star 4
       Eternal 1

Page 1

Brick - 40cm 9mm	
Cinder Block - 67cm 8mm
Dogfood Bowl - 30cm 4mm
Flowerpots - 94cm 2mm
* Picture-story Show * - 63cm 9mm

Boot - 17cm 7mm	
House - 16cm 2mm
Santa - 17cm 6mm	
Star - 17cm 9mm	
Blue Ornament - 10cm 9mm

Red Ornament - 10cm 9mm	
Yellow Ornament - 10cm 9mm
Storage Shed - 2m 93cm 9mm
Number Counter - 12cm
Bonsai - 1m

Water Tap - 1m 24cm 4mm
Sandal - 31cm 1mm
Doggy - 59cm 6mm	
Tabby Cat - 64cm 2mm	
Beetle Fight - 20cm 9mm

Page 2

Cymbal Monkey - 46cm 7mm	
Scissors - 18cm 5mm	
* Old Coin * - 5cm 2mm
Hose Reel - 85cm 2mm
Water Pistol - 19cm 1mm

Wooden Bench - 1m 84cm
Eggplant - 17cm 8mm	
Tomato - 16cm 5mm
Cucumber - 10cm 9mm	
Onigiri(Rice Ball) - 17cm 5mm

Apple - 24cm 6mm
Cherries - 8cm
Monster Cherries - 12cm
Superglue - 8cm 7mm
Croissant - 15cm 6mm

Sprayer - 21cm 6mm	
Magnet - 7cm 3mm
Flashlight - 22cm 9mm
Soap - 10cm 4mm
Laundry Deck - 1m 50cm

Page 3

Laundry Pole - 1m 30cm
Watering Can - 31cm 1mm	
Ladle - 36cm 7mm	
Planting Fence - 44cm 6mm	
Red Tulip - 38cm 9mm

White Tulip - 38cm 9mm
Yellow Tulip - 38cm 9mm
* Pink Tulip * - 38cm 9mm	
Stand - 44cm 9mm
Calendar - 23cm 8mm

Gym Uniform - 59cm 1mm	
Bonsai Display - 2m 87cm	
Flag Stick - 64cm 6mm	
Ladder - 1m 96cm 4mm
Dandelion - 21cm 6mm

Fluff - 30cm 7mm
Red Morning Glory - 21cm 1mm	
Blue Morning Glory - 21cm 1mm
Bamboo Blind - 1m 18cm
Washtub - 52cm 6mm

Page 4

Spider - 20cm 3mm
Wind Chime - 20cm 1mm	
Microphone - 25cm 4mm	
Red Sock - 11cm 6mm	
Blue Sock - 12cm 7mm

Sparkler - 9cm 3mm
Roman Candle - 21cm 1mm	
Sparrow - 18cm 7mm	
Shogi Table - 76cm 9mm	
Shogi Board - 28cm 2mm

Fu - 3cm 1mm	
Kyousha - 3cm 4mm
Keima - 3cm 6mm
Hisha - 4cm
Kakugyo - 4cm

Ginsho - 3cm 8mm
Kinsho - 3cm 8mm
Ousho - 4cm 4mm
* Gyokusho * - 4cm 4mm
Small Fiddler Crab
 - 21cm 9mm

Page 5

Spider Crab - 60cm
Orange Juice - 17cm
Green Tea(can) - 17cm
Coffee(can) - 17cm
Bucket - 77cm 5mm

Mini Pylon(green) - 20cm
Over 20cm Sign - 20cm
Doghouse - 1m 42cm 1mm
* Bird's Nest * - 94cm 6mm
Strawberry - 7cm 2mm

Giant Strawberry - 10cm 8mm	
Watermelon Slice - 17cm 2mm	
* Lalala * - 14cm
Odeko * - 7m 5mm
Marmalade - 14cm

Morning Glory - 93cm
Ping Pong Ball - 9cm 4mm
Golf Ball - 11cm
Underwear - 23cm 9mm
Strawberry Plant - 63cm 6mm

Page 6

Cucumber Plant - 85cm 3mm	
Egg Plant - 85cm 3mm	
Jumboman Figure - 24cm 7mm


 3a. Roof
       Make a Star 4
       Eternal 1

Page 1

Antenna - 1m 14cm 7mm
5th Step - 84cm 2mm
Shachihoko - 1m 23cm 7mm
* Johnson * - 76cm 9mm


 4a. Kitchen
       Make a Star 4
       Eternal 1

Page 1

Spatula - 22cm 6mm
Peeler - 16cm 7mm
Ladle - 28cm 3mm
Hamburger - 20cm 2mm
Drink - 21cm 7mm

Fried Chicken - 21cm 4mm
Dried Squid - 17cm 4mm
Gas Range - 25cm 2mm
Plastic Wrap - 22cm 8mm
Thermos Pot - 51cm 1mm

Ham - 34cm
Teapot - 28cm 7mm
Dishwashing Liquid - 33cm 2mm
Sponge - 15cm 6mm
Sliced Bread - 32cm 8mm

Omelete Rice - 29cm 1mm
* Ventilation Fan * - 50cm 8mm
Grilled Fish - 28cm 7mm
* Faucet * - 42cm 7mm
Shop Curtain - 1m 17cm 3mm

Page 2

Canned Mackeral - 18cm 2mm
Canned Pineapple - 32cm 7mm
Canned Curry - 22cm 9mm
Spoon - 8cm 1mm
Fork - 7cm 6mm

Kagami-mochi - 35cm 2mm
Mug - 20cm
Sink Strainer - 26cm 6mm
Rice Cooker - 76cm 6mm
Dad's Rice Bowl - 29cm 6mm

Mom's Rice Bowl - 25cm 5mm
Son's Rice Bowl - 22cm 2mm
Daughter's Rice Bowl - 22cm 2mm
Roach Motel - 23cm 7mm
* Nik * - 80cm 8mm

Milk Carton - 17cm 6mm
Large Milk Carton - 25cm
Mayonnaise - 25cm 1mm
Ketchup - 25cm 1mm
Butter - 25cm 4mm

Page 3

Soy Sauce Bottle - 26cm 9mm
Frying Pan - 66cm 1mm
Slotted Spatula - 21cm 1mm
Kitchen Knife - 12cm 8mm
Butcher's Knife - 35cm 7mm

Cutting Board - 43cm 1mm
Steamed Bun - 22cm 9mm


 5a.  Kid's Room
        Make a Star 4
        Eternal 1

Page 1

Cup and Ball - 25cm
Bundle - 42cm 8mm
Sofa - 1m 53cm 5mm
Balancing Toy - 21cm 9mm
Stereo - 87cm 5mm

Alarm Clock - 31cm 6mm
Caricature - 39cm 3mm
Goldfish In A Bag - 37cm 1mm
Kaleidoscope - 18cm 1mm
Funny Hammer - 52cm 8mm

Toy Chest - 91cm
Speaker - 1m 5cm 5mm
Cubby - 34cm 8mm
Kindergarten Hat - 39cm 2mm
School Notebook - 15cm 1mm

Indoor Shoes - 17cm 2mm
Dairi Doll - 57cm 7mm
Hina Doll - 57cm 7mm
Ladies-in-Waiting - 55cm 5mm
Court Musician(flute) - 42cm 5mm

Page 2

Court Musician(drums) - 45cm 5mm
Right Councillor - 56cm 6mm
Left Councillor - 56cm 6mm
Japanese Lantern - 44cm 3mm
Hishi-Mochi - 47cm

Ox Carriage - 65cm 5mm
Kindergarten Bag - 43cm
Clay - 28cm 8mm
Birdcage - 1m 12cm 4mm
Color TV - 86cm 7mm


 6a. Entry Hall
       Make a Star 4
       Eternal 1


Wooden Gavel - 25cm 2mm
Hammer - 25cm 2mm
Wrench - 16cm 9mm
Philip's Head - 14cm 4mm
Screwdriver - 14cm 4mm

Milk Box - 63cm 5mm
Geta - 37cm 9mm
Novelty Plate - 32cm 4mm
Leather Shoe - 39cm 6mm
Kid's Shoe - 23cm 5mm

Pumps - 34cm
Sneaker - 36cm
Toolbox - 56cm 7mm
Bamboo Fence - 96cm 9mm
Stepladder - 1m 23cm 1mm

Piggy Bank - 39cm 9mm
Gate Lamp - 52cm 3mm
Name Plate - 23cm 7mm
Walkie Talkie - 19cm 9mm
Small Pylon(purple) - 50cm

Page 2

Garden Plant - 1m 8cm
Over 50cm Sign - 50cm
Milk Bottle - 19cm 9mm
Garden Pot - 52cm 1mm


 7a. Hallway
       Make a Star 4
       Eternal 1

Page 1

Toilet Paper - 25cm 6mm
Teruterubozu - 32cm
Bunny Slipper - 53cm 7mm
Slipper - 38cm 5mm
Health Meter - 42cm 2mm

R.C. Car - 25cm 6mm
Air Freshener - 32cm
Egg - 53cm 7mm
Washstand - 38cm 5mm
Bug Spray - 42cm 2mm

Potty - 68cm 3mm
Bullhorn - 20cm 9mm
Telephone - 13cm 6mm
Telephone Stand - 1m 15cm
Tissue Box - 20cm 9mm

Broom - 66cm 3mm
Dustpan - 34cm 2mm
Dish Rag - 17cm 4mm
Quail Chick - 8cm
Chick - 13cm 6mm

Page 2

Duckling - 13cm 6mm
Swan - 13cm 6mm
Hairbrush - 21cm 1mm
Hair Dryer - 33cm 3mm
Kokeshi Doll - 24cm 8mm

Big Kokeshi - 49cm 6mm


B. Town

The items in the town can be found on the follow levels: Make a Star 3, Make a
Star 5, Make a Star 8, Corona Borealis, Ursa Major, Pisces, Virgo, & Eternal 2.

 1b. N. Pigeon St
       Make a Star 3
       Make a Star 5
       Make a Star 8
       Eternal 2

Page 1

Fried Shrimp - 14cm 9mm
New Year's Cards - 29cm 4mm
Home Mailbox - 66cm 4mm
Film - 9cm 5mm
Pet Bottle - 34cm 1mm

Oden - 20cm 7mm
Toast - 19cm
Bread Loaf - 22cm 7mm
Noh Mask - 24cm 6mm
Red Oni Mask - 27cm 4mm

Police ID - 20cm 1mm
Shuriken - 12cm 2mm
Tuna Sushi - 9cm 8mm
Squid Sushi - 9cm 8mm
* Toro Sushi * - 9cm 8mm

Egg Sushi - 9cm 8mm
Octopus Sushi - 9cm 8mm
Shrimp Sushi - 9cm 4mm
Inkstone - 20cm
Horsetail - 5cm 3mm

Page 2

Police Club - 24cm 4mm
Watercolor - 44cm 2mm
Dynamometer - 24cm 8mm
Maple Leaf - 7cm 2mm
Ginko - 6cm 5mm

Takoyaki Hotplate - 23cm
Fishing Lure - 7cm 5mm
Binoculars - 1m 85cm 2mm
Windmill - 21m 81cm 2mm
Barn - 11m 61cm 3mm

Picnic Table - 7m 53cm 3mm
Straw - 1m 65cm 5mm
Carport - 8m 22cm 6mm
Local Police Sign - 70cm 5mm
Town Map - 2m 44cm 5mm

Street Stall - 5m 99cm 5mm
"You Are Here" - 25cm 6mm
Corner Store - 10m 27cm 4mm
Drink Crate - 98cm 3mm
Gong - 37cm

Page 3

Pampas Grass - 46cm 2mm
Rice Container - 60cm 7mm
Vase - 44cm 3mm
Girl's Backpack - 65cm 5mm
Boy's Backpack - 65cm 5mm

Bulldog - 94cm 3mm
Rat - 17cm 6mm
Dung Beetle - 13cm 3mm
Big Dung Beetle - 22cm
* Giant Dung Beetle * - 37cm 8mm

Toy Dog - 40cm 8mm
Insect Cage - 47cm 8mm
Butterfly Specimens - 54cm 3mm
Poisonous Frog - 14cm 9mm
* Gold Medal * - 9cm 7mm

Deer Scare - 2m 6cm 7mm
Garden Rock - 81cm 4mm
Police Bike - 2m 2mm
Cream Puff - 17cm 7mm
Medium Tree - 8m 1cm 8mm

Page 4

Kiddie Spade - 20cm 2mm
Kiddie Rake - 29cm
Kiddie Bucket - 44cm 7mm
Small Takoyaki - 7cm 5mm
Takoyaki - 9cm 3mm

* Big Takoyaki * - 13cm 9mm
Girl's Graffiti - 28cm 3mm
Boy's Graffiti - 30cm 5mm
Handcuffs - 30cm
New Year's Card - 9cm 4mm

Postcard - 9cm 4mm
Envelope - 10cm 1mm
Water Pump Ad - 55cm 8mm
Fire Hazard Sign - 39cm 1mm
Appliance Billboard - 48cm

Cream Puff Ad - 30cm 9mm
Sushi Ad - 30cm 9mm
No Parking - 1m 47cm 7mm
Manhole Cover - 59cm
Toy Capsule(red) - 12cm 2mm

Page 5

Toy Capsule(yellowish) - 12cm 2mm
Toy Capsule(blue) - 12cm 2mm
Green Crayon - 5cm 1mm
Blue Crayon - 5cm
Purple Crayon - 5cm 4mm

Crayon Box - 19cm 4mm
Banana - 21cm 4mm
Survey Marker - 42cm 4mm
Rock - 31cm 1mmBlack Rock
 - 45cm 5mm

Big Rock - 73cm 7mm
Swallowtail - 13cm 3mm
White Butterfly - 5cm 4mm
Yellow Swallowtail - 10cm 4mm
Purple Butterfly - 9cm 4mm

Ice Cube Tray - 32cm
Arrow - 9cm 8mm
Orange Juice - 31cm 1mm
Giraffe Slide - 4m 17cm 6mm
Girly Cellphone - 11cm 6mm

Page 6

Persimmon - 24cm 2mm
Blackboard Eraser - 16cm 2mm
Chalk - 4cm 6mm
Red Chalk - 4cm 6mm
Fireworks - 68cm 2mm

* Blue Chalk * - 4cm 6mm
Yellow Chalk - 4cm 6mm
Green Chalk - 4cm 6mm
Pigeon - 35cm 7mm
Old Magazines - 39cm

Kanji Workbook - 16cm 2mm
Telephone Pole - 5m 39cm 6mm
10 Yen Coin - 3cm 5mm
Toothbrush - 7cm 6mm
Toothpaste - 14cm 2mm

Chocolate(green) - 11cm 7mm
Chocolate(blue) - 11cm 7mm
Fiddler Crab - 34cm 8mm
* Blue Crab * - 34cm 8mm
Pink Flower - 10cm 5mm

Page 7

White Flower - 10cm 5mm
Yellow Flower - 10cm 5mm
Concrete Cover - 60cm 1mm
Iron Cover - 59cm 9mm
Steel Cover - 57cm 5mm

Wall(short) - 5m 46cm 9mm
Kiddie Pylon - 45cm
Ethnic Mask - 34cm 8mm
Water Tank - 13m 48cm 3mm
Nakata Residence - 11m 30cm

Kido Residence - 10m 94cm 6mm
Motoki Residence - 14m 3cm
Yamado Residence - 15m 76cm 6mm
Hayashi Residence - 11m 71cm 2mm
Over 45cm Sign - 45cm

Sand Castle - 91cm 1mm
Tin Crown - 22cm 2mm
Crown - 69cm 3mm
* Jungle * - 6cm 8mm
* Coffee Milk * - 19cm 9mm

Page 8

Strawberry Jam - 14cm
New Driver Sign - 14cm
Senior Driver Sign - 13cm 6mm
Baseball - 19cm 9mm
Striped T-Shirt - 59cm 1mm

Cardboard Box - 96cm 3mm
Pylon - 71cm 3mm
Yellow Paint - 29cm
Paintbrush - 13cm
Red Paint - 29cm

Paintbrush - 13cm
Cherry Tree - 68cm 6mm
Ruby Ring - 7cm 3mm


 2b. Shopping Street
       Make a Star 5
       Make a Star 8
       Corona Borealis
       Eternal 2

Page 1

Welcome Mat - 55cm 1mm
Barber's Pole - 1m 72cm 5mm
Lottery - 68cm 1mm
Shopping Basket - 79cm 6mm
Shopping Cart - 1m 45cm 6mm

Daikon Radishes - 63cm 8mm
Chinese Cabbages - 89cm 8mm
Magazine Rack - 1m 71cm 6mm
Cabbage - 74cm 2mm
Barbershop - 12m 11cm

Squash - 50cm 7mm
Bookstore - 13m 32cm 3mm
Drugstore - 13m 94cm 1mm
Ramen Shop - 10m 77cm 5mm
Panda Mascot - 91cm 7mm

Pansies - 65cm 2mm
Cake Shop - 18m 32cm
Cake Shop Sign - 1m 33cm 5mm
Lotto Store - 7m 36cm 8mm
Lottery Sign - 1m 36cm 5mm

Page 2

Shop. Center Arch - 7m 5mm
Paper Lantern - 60cm 7mm
Shabu-Shabu Pot - 88cm 9mm
Barbershop Sign - 1m 35cm 2mm
Bookstore Sign - 1m 35cm 2mm

Drugstore Sign - 1m 32cm 9mm
Detergent - 37cm 2mm
Toilet Paper - 47cm 2mm
Blowfish Restaurant - 14m 66cm 7mm
All You Can Eat - 2m 8cm 5mm

On Sale Banner - 2m 19cm 5mm
AC Condenser - 1m 39cm 7mm
Blowfish - 51cm 5mm
Calico Cat - 73cm 6mm
Black Cat - 71cm 9mm

Ice Cream Freezer - 2m 45cm 5mm
Sale Cart - 2m 4cm 7mm
Florist - 10m 79cm 6mm
Florist Sign - 1m 14cm 9mm
Shoe Store - 11m 59cm 6mm

Page 3

Shoe Store Sign - 1m 81cm
Fruit & Veg Shop - 13m 9cm 9m
Gas Meter - 82cm 1mm
Turkey * - 81cm 4mm
Banana Bunch - 11m 59cm 6mm

Price Tag 1 - 81cm
Price Tag 2 -90cm 3mm
Display Menu - 1m 68cm 8mm
Ramen Sign - 1m 79cm 4mm
Birthday Cake - 79cm 7mm

Chocolate Cake - 56cm 3mm
Cheesecake - 56cm 1mm
Shortcake - 51cm 3mm
Wedding Cake - 1m 81cm
Cafe - 11m 30cm 5mm

Tulip Bouquet - 94cm 8mm
Flower Bouquet - 87cm 4mm
Hydrangea - 1m 35cm 8mm
Flower Pot(circle) - 1m 15cm 6mm
Flower Pot(square) - 46cm 5mm

Page 4

Flower Pot(tall) - 39cm 6mm
Flower Basket(yellow) - 49cm 1mm
Flower Basket(blue) - 49cm 3mm
Pear - 24cm 6mm
Big Pear - 36cm 9mm

Melon - 40cm 4mm
Monster Melon - 60cm 7mm
Monster Apple - 36cm 9mm
Noticeboard - 1m 77cm
Fruit Shop - 12m 45cm 8mm

Cash Register - 52cm 6mm
Shoe Box - 56cm 2mm
Magazine - 29cm 3mm
Lucky Cat - 68cm 8mm
Pineapple - 65cm

Peach - 25cm 1mm
Giant Peach - 1m 5mm
Tissues(5-pack) - 57cm
Gardening Fence - 2m 96cm 3mm
Florist Fence - 1m 90cm 3mm

Page 5

Construction Guy - 1m 79cm 4mm
Chief Driller - 1m 94cm 8mm
Part-Timer - 1m 56cm 3mm
Flower Girl - 1m 62cm 7mm
Store Owner - 2m 16cm 1mm

Bucket - 1m 26cm 2mm
Short Fence - 2m 5cm 5mm
Momma - 1m 58cm 7mm
Shopper - 1m 37cm 4mm
Chubby Housewife - 1m 76cm

Chinese Bowl - 45cm 6mm
Lamp Post - 3m 3cm 7mm
Open/Closed Sign - 38cm 2mm
Display Stand - 2m 74cm 2mm
Strawberry Pack - 28cm 4mm

Blowfish Ad Balloon - 3m 70cm 4mm
Half Watermelon - 48cm 7mm
Watermelon - 74cm 9mm
* Peso * - 72cm 1mm
Food Delivery Box - 80cm 4mm

Page 6

Wok - 96cm 1mm
Dragon Statue - 3m 36cm 5mm
Vegetable Carton - 1m 80cm
Fruit Carton - 1m 80cm
Fried Rice - 75cm 7mm

Ramen - 46cm 5mm
* Roast Pork * - 1m 28cm 2mm
Daruma - 86cm


 3b. Quail River
       Make a Star 5
       Make a Star 8
       Corona Borealis
       Eternal 2

Page 1

Clapper Board - 26cm 1mm
Calligraphy - 48cm 5mm
8th Step - 90cm 3mm
Quail River Sign - 1m 63cm 4mm
Carp - 39cm 6mm

Salmon - 69cm 3mm
Tire - 1m 14cm 9mm
Ceiling Light - 1m 22cm 6mm
* Momotaro * - 1m 5mm
Ostrich Chick - 60cm 3mm

Big Crown - 1m 9cm 9mm
* Honey * - 1m 58cm
Fisherman - 1m 66cm 6mm


 4b. S. Pigeon St.
       Make a Star 5
       Make a Star 8
       Corona Borealis
       Eternal 2

Page 1

Wooden Bench - 1m 92cm 1mm
Briefcase - 55cm 8mm
Scarecrow - 2m 46cm 2mm
Traffic Dummy - 2m 21cm 4mm
6th Step - 86cm 3mm

Warning Sign - 78cm 6mm
Daikon Radish - 76cm 9mm
Yellow Squash - 57cm 4mm
Matsuri Tent - 8m 29cm 2mm
Matsuri Table - 2m 70cm 2mm

Wheelbarrow - 2m 26cm 4mm
Hoe - 96cm 1mm
Shovel - 85cm
Axe - 45cm 2mm
Handrail - 3m 90cm 5mm

Pickaxe - 72cm 6mm
Wooden Box - 97cm 8mm
Accident Notice - 61cm 3mm
Policeman - 1m 82cm 8mm
Mikoshi - 4m 83cm 4mm

Page 2

Ship's Wheel - 61cm 3mm
Lantern - 61cm 7mm
Sweets Container - 37cm 1mm
Toaster - 58cm 5mm
Roller Boy - 1m 53cm 6mm

Farmer - 2m 5cm 9mm
Strong Man - 1m 75cm 5mm
Paper Fan Man - 2m 66cm 6mm
Matsuri Boy - 1m 55cm 5mm
Matsuri Lover - 1m 53cm 2mm

Matsuri Girl - 1m 52cm
Busker - 2m 23cm 3mm
Fortune-teller - 1m 57cm 5mm
* Big Turnip * - 18m 93cm 9mm
Cherry Tree - 10m 38cm

Tree Stump - 65cm 6mm
Takoyaki Sign - 81cm 8mm
Toy Dispenser - 1m 9cm 4mm
Photo Booth - 3m 45cm 9mm
"Don't Rush Out" - 1m 43cm 5mm

Page 3

Carrot - 57cm
Flea Market - 1m 66cm 9mm
Hard Hat - 48cm 7mm
Baseball Cap - 46cm 6mm
Straw Hat - 44cm 8mm

Telephone Pole Ad - 79cm 9mm
Paper Bag - 75cm 2mm
Laundry Hanger - 1m 42cm 5mm
Fire Extinguisher - 52cm 9mm
Copy Machine - 2m 28cm 3mm

Pachinko Machine - 1m 11mm
Bowling Pin - 41cm 8mm
Palmistry Table - 2m 3cm
Palmistry Sign - 69cm 8mm
Cushioned Chair - 1m 3cm 1mm

Mortar - 93cm 6mm
Pestle - 85cm 2mm
Dove Statue - 1m 93cm 6mm
Old Comics - 62cm 7mm
Old Newspapers - 70cm 9mm

Page 4

Boy - 1m 27cm
Junior - 1m 17cm 5mm
Precious - 1m 2cm 1mm
Scooter - 2m 43cm 5mm
Girl - 1m 37cm 5mm

"No Parking" Sign - 1m 17cm 9mm
Telephone Pole - 6m 41cm 1mm
Tel. Pole Brace - 1m 22cm 4mm
Pay Phone - 1m 45cm
Telephone Book - 50cm 6mm

Megaphone - 46cm 2mm
Biker Flag - 1m 13cm 9mm
Bus Stop - 12m 12cm 1mm
Businessman 1 - 1m 80cm 9mm
Businessman 2 - 1m 80cm 9mm

Fat Businessman - 2m 10cm 1mm
Utility Worker - 1m 99cm 8mm
Grandpa - 1m 58cm 1mm
Storekeeper - 1m 78cm 1mm
Great X2 Grandpa - 1m 57cm 1mm

Page 5

Great X3 Grandpa - 1m 80cm
Grandma - 1m 57cm
DIY Dad - 1m 78cm 1mm
Bamboo Broom - 90cm 8mm
Store Dustpan - 80cm 2mm

Schoolgirl - 1m 38cm
Wooden Fence - 2m 40cm 8mm
Housewife - 1m 58cm 7mm
Snoozing Momma - 1m 33cm 3mm
Triangle Pylon - 1m 50cm

Fox Mask - 39cm 2mm
Hyottoko Mask - 27cm 7mm
Kendo Mask - 75cm 7mm
Banboo Sword - 42cm
Punk - 1m 55cm 5mm

Big Guy - 1m 64cm 8mm
Nerdy Guy - 1m 64cm 8mm
* Pretty Boy * - 1m 42cm 8mm
Konishi Residence - 1m 29cm 1mm
Wada Residence - 1m 67cm 9mm

Page 6

Over 1.5m Sign - 1m 50cm
Bicycle - 1m 88cm 8mm
Tricycle - 2m 22cm 2mm
Russian Doll(s) - 1m 29cm 1mm
Royal Crown - 1m 67cm 9mm

Pizza - 42cm 6mm
Food Delivery Bike - 2m 82cm 2mm
Burglar Mask - 26cm 3mm
Briefs - 24cm 7mm
Sidewalk Marker - 1m 41cm 1mm

Jumboman Mask - 44cm


 5b. Roadway
       Make a Star 8
       Ursa Major
       Eternal 2

Page 1

Organ - 1m 77cm 8mm
2nd Step - 83cm 4mm 
3rd Step - 84cm 5mm
Scale - 1m 48cm 6mm
Weather Station - 3m 62cm 6mm

Red Oil Drum - 1m 90cm 6mm
Green Oil Drum - 1m 90cm 6mm
Blue Oil Drum - 1m 90cm 6mm
Bale of Rice - 1m 11cm
Tractor - 6m 14cm 5mm

Backpack - 1m 1cm
Plastic Greenhouse - 13m 8cm 4mm
Matsuri Stage - 8m 94cm 9mm
Small Tree - 4m 18cm
Farmhouse - 16m 90cm 3m

Cinema Marquee - 6m 58cm 4mm
Garbage Truck - 8m 26cm
Carp Streamer - 4m 49cm 7mm
Magoi - 3m 62cm 6mm
Higoi - 3m 31cm

Page 2

Kogoi - 2m 85cm 3mm
Fukinagashi - 4m 18cm 6mm
Plastic Bench - 1m 79cm 1mm
Globe Jungle Gym - 5m 55cm 1mm
See-saw - 3m 64cm 4mm

Jungle Gym - 7m 33cm 1mm
Slide - 6m 58cm 3mm
Telescope - 2m 19cm 4mm
Taiko Drum - 2m 40cm 5mm
Port-A-Potty - 3m 71cm 3mm

Cardboard Carton - 2m 65cm
* Kintaro-Bear * - 4m 62cm
Skater Boy - 1m 95cm 5mm
Election Poster - 2m 63cm 4mm
Traffic Mirror - 2m 29cm 6mm

Grand Opening - 3m 15cm 3mm
Swing - 1m 50cm 1mm
Traffic Signal - 6m 34cm 1mm
Pedestrian Signal - 2m 72cm 2mm
Tea House - 14m 53cm 4mm

Page 3

Teahouse Banner - 2m 19cm 5mm
Food Sample - 1m 76cm 5mm
Umbrella Shop - 12m 77cm 6mm
Umbrella Shop Sign - 1m 14cm 9mm
Bear Cub Statue - 1m 59cm 5mm

Parasol - 1m 35cm 3mm
Curry Ad - 1m 18cm 6mm
Road Sign - 4m 39cm 6mm
Washing Machine - 2m 35cm 7mm
Gatepost - 1m 55cm 4mm

Shoe Cupboard - 1m 91cm 8mm
Stereo Shelf - 1m 70cm 5mm
Weathercock - 2m 87cm 1mm
Eagle - 1m 51cm 1mm
Hatchback - 5m 79cm 9mm

Compact - 5m 40cm 3mm
Van - 6m 83cm 6mm
Minivan - 5m 64cm 1mm
Monster Truck* - 8m 37cm 3mm
Stop Sign - 1m 33cm 2mm

Page 4

Speed Limit Sign - 1m 17cm 9mm
Phone Booth - 3m 33cm
Sliding Door 1 - 1m 59cm 4mm
Sliding Door 2 - 1m 53cm 9mm
Guardrail(5m) - 2m 51cm 5mm

Guardrail(left) - 2m 23cm
Guardrail(right) - 2m 23cm
Guardrail(3m) - 2m 15cm 1mm
Fancy Guardrail - 1m 87cm
Pedestrian Bridge - 19m 56cm 3mm

Bus Stop - 1m 52cm
* Nurse * - 1m 57cm 1mm
Vending Machine(red) - 2m 72cm 1mm
Vending Machine(blue) - 2m 72cm 1mm
Manneken Pis - 1m 45cm 8mm

Spirit Of Anger - 3m 56cm 3mm
Spirit Of Sorrow - 3m 14cm 3mm
Spirit Of Fun - 3m 56cm 3mm
Garbage Dump - 4m 48cm 5mm
Wooden Fence - 2m 20cm 9mm

Page 5

* Mama-san * - 1m 57cm 4mm
Jumbo Pylon - 5m
Gas Station - 21m 9cm 1mm
RF Radiation Sign - 1m 41cm 8mm
Gas Pump - 2m 16cm 1mm

Car Wash - 6m 10cm 2mm
Gas Station Sign - 5m 50cm 5mm
Blue Girl - 1m 50cm 2m
Yellow Girl - 1m 50cm 2mm
Pink Girl - 1m 50cm 2mm

Girl Statue - 3m 15cm
Kerosene Stove - 1m 47cm 7mm
Oil Heater - 1m 9cm 5mm
Potbellied Stove - 1m 54cm 2mm
Bicycle - 1m 88cm 8mm

Shoe Display Stand - 3m 15cm
* Shikao * - 1m 33cm 1mm
* Colombo * - 68cm 7mm
* June * - 1m 37cm 5mm
Kid's Umbrella - 1m 8cm 2mm

Page 6

Umbrella(red) - 1m 35cm 3mm
Polka Dot Umbrella - 1m 35cm 3mm
* Jumbo Umbrella * - 2m 87cm 8mm
Alpinist - 2m 6cm 5mm
Helicopter - 9m 10cm 2mm


 6b. Dove Lake
       Make a Star 8
       Ursa Major
       Eternal 2

Page 1

Barrel - 1m 60cm 8mm
X'mas Tree - 2m 3cm 7mm
9th Step - 92cm 2mm
10th Step - 94cm
Fishing Pole - 66cm 5mm

Pier - 16m 70cm 2mm
Fishing Shack - 9m 97cm 2mm
Surfboard - 1m 38cm 5mm
Clay Stove - 68cm 4mm
Picnic Basket - 1m 47cm 4mm

No Swimming Sign - 1m 47cm 7mm
Snapper - 43cm 6mm
Bonito - 67cm 1mm
* Stingray * - 1m 14cm 5mm
Vanilla Cone - 1m 32cm 6mm

* Mix Cone * - 1m 32cm 6mm
Strawberry Cone - 1m 32cm 6mm
Boat Rental Sign - 2m 51cm 5mm
Round Table - 1m 50cm
Bear Carving - 84cm

Page 2

Drainboard - 42cm
Winner's Podium - 2m 24cm 7mm
Cooler - 96cm 9mm
TV Camera - 2m 77cm 5mm
Mystery Creature * - 19m 11cm 6mm

Treasure Chest - 2m 2cm 1mm
Fishing Hole Sign - 3cm 78cm 4mm
Shoji - 1m 31cm
Torn Shoji - 1m 31cm
Microphone Stand - 1m 70cm 1mm

Inner Tube Kid - 1m 30cm
Flag Buoy - 2m 56cm 6mm
Rich Haul Flag #4 - 7m 12cm 3mm
Fish Statue - 1m 68cm 9mm
Sea Otter - 1m 12cm 2mm

Seal - 1m 83cm 4mm
Baby Turtle - 89cm
Pool Ring 1 - 89cm
Pool Ring 2 - 89cm
Spot light w/ Stand - 2m 58cm 8mm

Page 3

Spot Light - 68cm 3mm
Park Lamp Post - 3m 15cm 6mm
Big Watermelon - 2m 15cm 2mm
Fridge - 2m 2cm 1mm
* Marny * - 92cm 1mm

* Ichigo * - 68cm 7mm
Chubby Fisherman - 1m 88cm 8mm
Diver - 1m 66cm 6mm
Closed Box - 1m 80cm
Open Box - 2m 17cm 1mm

Crocodile - 4m 12cm


 7b. Sparrow Hill
       Make a Star 8
       Eternal 2

Page 1

Regular Tree - 9m 48cm 3mm
Big Tree - 16m 96cm 5mm
No Trespassing - 2m 46cm
Log - 1m 32cm 4mm
Mountain Guidepost - 2m 54cm 2mm

Hiking Course Map - 2m 44cm 5mm
Monument - 2m 71cm 9mm
Picture Stand - 2m 73cm 9mm


 8b. Baseball Field
       Make a Star 8
       Eternal 2

Page 1

Outfielder - 1m 84cm
Pitcher - 1m 98cm 7mm
Batter - 1m 93cm 4mm
Benchwarmer - 1m 78cm 2mm
Baseball Bat - 49cm 8mm

Scoreboard - 7m 7cm 2mm
Base - 76cm 4mm
Home Plate - 42cm
Pitcher's Mound - 2m 84cm 2mm
Baseball Field Sign - 10m 3cm 4mm

Field Liner - 80cm 7mm
Lawn Roller - 2m 24cm 7mm
Folding Chair - 1m 48cm 6mm
Champion's Belt - 85cm 2mm
Barbell - 1m 68cm

Wrestler - 1m 97cm 4mm
Speakers - 4m 76cm 3mm


 9b. Campground(Make a Star 8 and Eternal 2)

Page 1

Jumping Bear Castle - 22m 96cm 9mm
Teepee - 6m 98cm 1mm
Camping Tent - 5m 39cm 2mm
Log Cabin - 8m 65cm 3mm
Bungalow - 17m 76cm 4mm

Scattered Clouds - 6m 44cm 7mm


 10b. Construction Site
        Make a Star 8
        Eternal 2

Page 1

Wrecking ball - 13m 45cm 7mm
Radio Tower - 18m 24cm 7mm
Duct - 2m 93cm 3mm
Barrier - 5m 3cm 8mm
Prefab House - 11m 56cm 9mm

Construction Fence - 3m 94cm 6mm
Crane - 21m 32cm 6mm
Bulldozer - 11m 79cm 5mm
Steamroller - 6m 60cm 7mm
Driller - 13m 74cm 3mm

Steel Tower - 17m 70cm 9mm
Water Tank Sign - 1m 94cm 7mm
Fossil - 5m 83cm 8mm
Ammonite - 2m 98cm 7mm
Construction Entrance - 10m 8cm 3mm

Under Construction - 1m 66cm 9mm
Light Truck - 5m 44cm 5mm
Bulbul Sign - 8m 72cm 2mm
New Sign - 7m 68cm 5mm
Town Sign - 7m 68cm 5mm

Page 2

Under Development - 6m 44cm 7mm
Breakwater Block - 4m 74cm 6mm
Over 5m Sign - 5m


C. World

The items in the world can be found in the following levels: Make a Star 6,
Make a Star 7, Make a Star 9, Make the Moon, Taurus, Gemini, Polaris, and
Eternal 3. 

 1c. Seagull Park
       Make a Star 6
       Make a Star 7
       Make a Star 9
       Make the Moon,
       Eternal 3

Page 1

Tiller - 3m 69cm 8mm
Flower Bed - 3m 38cm 1mm
Well Pump - 1m 83cm 1mm
Rubber Boot - 58cm 6mm
Kid's Boot - 40cm 7mm

Globe - 1m 8cm
* Trophy * - 60cm 9mm
Snowman - 1m 45cm 8mm
* Holy Cow * - 7m 8cm 8mm
Man - 1m 65cm 4mm

Dog With Fleas - 1m 10cm 1mm
* Siamese Cat * - 71cm 9mm
Clown - 2m 42cm 4mm
Balloon Man - 2m 34cm
Rocking Horse - 1m 56cm

Kebab - 31cm 1mm
Ball Toss Basket - 2m 63cm 5mm
Butcher Sign - 2m 42cm 7mm
Candy Store Sign - 1m 89cm
Roast On Bone - 50cm

Page 2

Sunflower - 1m 20cm
Rabbit Man - 2m 30cm 3mm
Bear Man - 2m 30cm 3mm
Cow Man - 2m 30cm 3mm
Toad - 30cm 1mm

Hot Air Balloon - 25m 1cm 8mm
Balloon Shop Sign - 2m 51cm 4mm
Park Entrance - 8m 44cm 9mm
Forest Guide Post - 2m 40cm 4mm
Park Map - 2m 32cm 2mm

Door - 3m 28cm 6mm
Stilts - 1m 61cm 4mm
Green Balloon - 89cm 7mm
Pink Balloon - 89cm 7mm
Balloon Shop - 13m 48cm 4mm

Butcher Shop - 13m 48cm 4mm
Candy Store - 13m 48cm 4mm
Kiddie Car - 1m 49cm 7mm
* Froggy Car * - 1m 43cm 32mm
Coconut Crab - 44cm 4mm

Page 3

Trash Can - 1m 30cm 2mm
Penguin - 1m 26cm 1mm
Park Fence - 1m 34cm
Lollipop - 18cm 5mm
Garden Plant(m) - 2m 54cm

Kid's Tricycle - 99cm 9mm
Totem Pole - 9m 26cm 7mm
Tall Totem Poll - 14m 25cm 5mm
Panda Ride - 2m 99cm 1mm
Piggybackers - 1m 98cm 5mm

Tri-Piggybackers - 3m 21cm 2mm
* Human Tower * - 4m 17cm 1mm
Hour Hand - 1m 30cm 3mm
Minute Hand - 1m 33cm 7mm
Flower Clock 3 - 93cm 4mm

Flower Clock 6 - 92cm
Flower Clock 9 - 92cm 1m
Flower Clock 12 - 17cm 9mm
Seagull Park Site - 143m 45cm


 2c. Paradise
       Make a Star 6
       Make a Star 7
       Make a Star 9
       Make the Moon
       Eternal 3

Page 1

Portfolio - 58cm 7mm
7th Step - 88cm 4mm
Sailboat Rental - 13m 46cm 1mm
Firewood - 79cm 8mm
Palm Tree - 6m 44cm 4mm

Lotus Leaf - 1m 21cm
Giant Lotus Leaf - 2m 1cm 7mm
Lotus - 80cm 2mm
Striped Fish - 43cm 6mm
Kotatsu - 2m 44cm 9mm

Beach Ball - 66cm 4mm
Bear Cub - 1m 39cm 2mm
Polar Bear - 2m 80cm 4mm
Big Bear - 4m 24cm 6mm
Surfer - 1m 60cm

Judo Contest - 2m 60cm
Deer Head - 1m 5cm 7mm
Beware of Bears - 1m 96cm 2mm
Lifeguard's Chair - 3m 3mm
Pond Guide - 1m 93cm 9mm

Page 2

Camp Fire - 1m 28cm 9mm
Lighthouse - 18m 18cm 1mm
Chicken - 89cm 5mm
Kickboard Boy - 1m 30cm
Watermelon Boy - 1m 30cm

Buoy - 4m 44cm
Great-Grandpa - 1m 80cm
Old Salt - 1m 79cm 1mm
Abalone Worker - 1m 64cm 4mm
Electric Jellyfish - 78cm 1mm

Sea Anemone - 55cm 6mm
Algae Ball - 1m 8cm 9mm
* The Best Mask * - 38cm 7mm
Double Punk - 2m 22cm 2mm
Cranky Guy - 1m 88cm 5mm

Golfer Guy - 1m 66cm 6mm
Golf Nut - 1m 66cm 6mm
Beach Umbrella(red) - 5m 61cm
Beach Umbrella(blue) - 5m 61cm
* Cow Umbrella * - 5m 61cm

Page 3

Safe - 1m 50cm
* Giant Watermelon * - 4m 76cm 2mm
Relaxing Dude - 1m 66cm
* Miso * - 1m 46cm 3mm
* Kuro * - 70cm 8mm

* Ace * - 1m 46cm 1mm
Bikini Girl - 1m 37cm 7mm
Swimsuit Girl - 1m 40cm 1mm
Sandpile - 2m 30cm
Chopper 1 - 3m 6cm 4mm

Chopper 2 - 3m 7cm 7mm
Chopper 3 - 3m 1cm 3mm
Gangster Car - 5m 47cm 8mm
Boat - 2m 88cm 7mm
Swan Boat - 5m 25cm 3mm

Soccer Ball - 55cm 7mm
Football - 49cm 4mm
Mountain Man - 2m 6cm 1mm
Falling Rock - 4m 41cm 4mm
* Merman * - 2m 11cm 5mm


 3c. Urchin Town
       Make s Star 6
       Make a Star 7
       Make a Star 9
       Make the Moon
       Eternal 3

Page 1

Top - 91cm 1mm
4th Step - 81cm 9mm
Height Measure - 1m 34cm 5mm
School Chair - 1m 27cm 7mm
School Desk - 1m 60cm 1mm

Combine Harvester - 4m 71cm
Propane Tank - 1m 52cm 7mm
Kerosene Tank - 79cm 5mm
Pickle Tub - 1m 8cm 9mm
Garden Lantern - 1m 26cm 6mm

Squared Shrubbery - 2m 24cm 3mm
Mail Box - 1m 44cm 4mm
Arcade Machine - 2m 75cm 5mm
Pressure Cooker - 94cm 1mm
Soccer Goal - 8m 55cm 6mm

Calf - 1m 24cm 9mm
* Cute Cow * - 3m 19cm 6mm
White Sheep - 1m 67cm 1mm
Black Sheep - 1m 62cm 1mm
Burglar - 2m 21cm 3mm

Page 2

Horizontal Bar - 4m 79cm 1mm
Hanging Bars - 6m 36cm
Principal's Statue - 1m 99cm 2mm
Kettle - 72cm 9mm
Killer Move - 2m 60cm

Soccer Player - 1m 58cm
Podium - 3m 21cm 8mm
Convenience Sign - 1m 89cm 6mm
No Stealing Cows - 1m 45cm 4mm
Pachinko Sign - 1m 80cm 6mm

Convenience Store - 15m 7cm 8mm
Parking Turntable - 8m 64cm 9mm
Sumo Wrestler - 3m 1mm
Pachinko Parlor - 23m 19cm 5m
School Sign(U) - 2m 44cm 9mm

School Sign(Ni) - 2m 44cm 9mm
School Sign(Ga) - 2m 44cm 9mm
School Sign(Oka) - 2m 44cm 9mm
School Sign(Chu) - 2m 44cm 9mm
School Sign(Ga) - 2m 44cm 9mm

Page 3

School Sign(Ko) - 2m 44cm 9mm
School Gate - 6m 64cm 2mm
School Sign - 1m 55cm 2mm
Pine Decoration - 2m 32cm 2mm
Crow - 68cm 8mm

Lion Dance - 2m 32cm 3mm
Pogo Boy - 1m 27cm 1mm
RC Boy - 1m 11cm 1mm
Middle School - 51m 20cm 7mm
Clock Pedestal - 10m 73cm 9mm

Tall Business Man - 1m 96cm 1mm
Gym Storage - 9m 60cm
Gymnasium - 47m 45cm 9mm
* Cow Vending Machine * - 2m 72cm 1mm
Panda Balloon - 16m 77cm 2mm

Spirit of Joy - 3m 56cm 3mm
Garbage - 1m 26cm 1mm
Metal Bucket - 1m 26cm 2mm
Recycling Bin - 1m 35cm 1mm
Fence - 3m 18cm 3mm

Page 4

Tall Schoolgirl - 1m 65cm 8mm
Summer Schoolgirl - 1m 39cm 7mm
Wall(long) - 7m 81cm 1mm
Schoolboy - 1m 55cm 5mm
Tall Schoolboy - 1m 75cm 3mm

Fat Schoolboy - 1m 85cm
Short Schoolboy - 1m 25cm
Big Pylon - 3m
Wild Pylon - 12m
* Cow Pylon * - 1m 50cm

PE Boy - 3m 3cm
Gymnastic Boy - 1m 55cm 5mm
Ball Race - 4m 4mm
Dangling Boy - 1m 55cm 5mm
Shy Guy - 1m 88cm 5mm

Noguchi Residence - 15m 83cm 6mm
Kato Residence - 13m 49cm 2mm
Hyodo Residence - 15m 89cm 8mm
Saito Residence - 15m 89cm 8mm
Onishi Residence - 13m 49cm 2mm

Page 5

Apartment Building - 31m 71cm 4mm
Over 3m Sign - 3m
Over 12m Sign - 12m
Russian Doll(M) - 1m 54cm 4mm
* Nickel * - 60cm 9mm

* Velvet * - 1m 61cm 7mm
* Dipp * - 1m 37cm 5mm
Pizza Delivery Bike - 3m 36cm 4mm
* Foomin * - 68cm 2mm
* Opeo * - 68cm 7mm

* Fujio * - 1m 51cm 5mm
Principal - 1m 60cm 7mm
Red Ball - 3m 99cm 9mm
* Giant Daruma * - 19m 37cm 6mm
"Katamari" Sign - 1m 48cm 1mm

"Experience" - 1m 48cm 1mm
"In" - 1m 48cm 1mm
"Progress" - 1m 48cm 1mm
* Invisible Man * - 1m 84cm 3mm
Mermaid - 1m 59cm 7mm

Page 6

Old Urchinville - 196m 54cm 8mm


 4c. Sea Breeze Town
       Make a Star 7
       Make a Star 9
       Make the Moon
       Eternal 3

Page 1

Parking Lot Sign - 7m 31cm 6mm
Advertising Balloon - 11m 35cm 2mm
Truck - 10m 10cm 6mm
Bus - 12m 28cm 4mm
Wrestling Ring - 9m 87cm 3mm

Wrestling Match - 3m 3mm
Supermarket - 24m 17cm 1mm
Supermarket Sign - 13m 13cm 6mm
Stingray Building - 29m 85cm
Tree - 11m 80cm 4mm

Parking Garage - 24m 44cm 6mm
Neon Hotel Sign - 20m 45cm
Hotel Parking - 3m 12cm 6mm
Balance Beam - 2m 63cm 8mm
Parking Lot - 3m 66cm 2mm

Old Hotel Building - 46m 17m
New Hotel Building - 32m 44cm 8mm
Connection Bridge - 15m 50cm
Old Hotel Sign - 8m 30cm 5mm
New Hotel Sign - 7m 76cm 8mm

Page 2

Masked Wrestler - 2m 37cm
Judo Wrestler - 2m 10cm 3mm
Bathhouse - 27m 85cm 1mm
Smokestack - 14m 69cm 3mm
Boiler Room  - 8m 12cm 6mm

Bathhouse Curtain - 93cm 7mm
White Wall - 2m 90cm
Japanese Car - 6m 3cm
Tall Business Man - 1m 96cm 1mm
Delevery Guy - 1m 60cm

* Panda Sign * - 6m 58cm 4mm
Summer Skinny - 1m 54cm 1mm
Sleepy Momma - 1m 33cm 3mm
Busy Momma - 2m 2cm
Loud Momma - 2m 2cm

Playful Punk - 1m 55cm 5mm
TV Station - 43m 43cm 5mm
Monument - 3m 84cm 8mm
Lamp Post - 2m 8cm 9mm
Russion Doll(XL) - 2m 34cm 8mm

Page 3

Russion Doll(L) - 1m 99cm 6mm
Lion Statue - 4m 57cm 4mm
Lion Fountain - 9m 8cm 9mm
Lion Paw - 2m 58cm
Deluxe Fridge - 2m 23cm 5mm

Skinny - 1m 65cm 8mm
American Guy - 2m 37cm 1mm
Towel Guy - 1m 67cm 3mm
Drawbridge - 13m 4cm 1mm
Old Saltville - 199m 64cm 2mm

The Old Crab Mart - 152m 42cm 4mm


 5c. Seaslug Ranch
       Make a Star 7
       Make a Star 9
       Make the Moon
       Eternal 3

Page 1

Cow Shed - 15m 52cm 1mm
Dairy Cow - 3m 19cm 7mm
Ox - 5m 49cm 1mm
Giraffe - 6m 61cm 1mm
Windmill - 45m 45cm 4mm

Mushroom(L) - 11m 62cm
Silo - 22m 48cm 2mm
Log Fence - 3m 49cm 7mm
Huge Falling Rock - 9m 94cm 2mm
The Old Ranch - 367m 47cm 5mm


 6c. Sunshine Beach
       Make a Star 7
       Make a Star 9
       Make the Moon
       Eternal 3

Page 1

Tuna - 1m 67cm 8mm
Sumo Bout - 4m 4cm
Kelp Factory - 34m 60cm 9mm
Smokestack - 22m 80cm 6mm
Ryokan - 42m 44cm 6mm

Kimono - 2m 48cm 3mm
Dried Kelp - 5m 15cm 7mm
Ryokan Sign 1 - 6m 1cm 4mm
Ryokan Sign 2 - 6m 1cm 4mm
Ryokan Sign 3 - 6m 1cm 4mm

Ryokan Sign 4 - 6m 1cm 4mm
Ryokan Sign 5 - 6m 1cm 4mm
Ryokan Sign 6 - 6m 1cm 4mm
Gull 'n Kelp - 10m 38cm 5mm
Sea Turtle - 2m 73cm 6mm

Old Suntan Beach - 219m 6cm 9mm


 7c. Fishing Port
       Make a Star 7
       Make a Star 9
       Make the Moon
       Eternal 3

Page 1

Boathouse - 26m 81cm 5mm
Market - 36m 71cm 5mm
Wholesale Market - 55m 63cm 7mm
Market Sign - 12m 78cm 3mm
Swordfish - 14m 23cm

Tall Lighthouse - 36m 54cm 3mm
Rich Haul Flag #2 - 5m 93cm 7mm
Rich Haul Flag #1 - 5m 93cm 7mm
Rich Haul Flag #3 - 7m 12cm 3mm
Breakwater Block - 8m 68cm

Kimura Residence - 19m 70cm 2mm
Hara Residence - 16m 30cm 8mm
Majima Residence - 16m 30cm 8mm
Sailboat - 22m 55cm 2mm
Suspension Bridge - 31m 88cm 6mm

Small Fishing Boat - 11m 47cm 2mm
Fishing Boat - 13m 64cm 2mm
Trawler - 28m 48cm 1mm
* Whale Mountain * - 600m 1mm
Old Fishing Port - 290m 72cm 3mm

Page 2

New Fishing Port - 356m 92cm 1mm
The Old Port - 394m 53cm 7m
* Demo Island * - 115m 20cm 1mm


 8c. Circus
       Make a Star 9
       Make the Moon
       Eternal 3

Page 1

Elephant - 9m 13cm 4mm
Mammoth - 14m 31cm 5mm
Huge Tree - 18m 64cm
Gigantic Tree - 38m 54cm 3mm
Flat Car - 8m 58cm 1mm

Cage - 8m 86cm 4mm
Small Circus Tent - 79m 56cm 8mm
Circus Balloon - 47m 30cm
Circus Arch - 20m 79cm 6mm
Circus Sign - 16m 60cm 2mm

Train - 8m 5cm 2mm
Fight, Jumboman! - 105m 94cm 9mm
Circus Site - 352m 30cm 8mm


 9c. Mullet Bay
       Make a Star 9
       Make the Moon
       Eternal 3

Page 1

Warehouse - 34m 31cm 1mm
Anchor - 11m 31cm
Factory - 34m 60cm 5mm
Factory - 32m 15cm
Oil Tank - 36m 51cm 2mm

Petroleum Tank - 25m 55cm 8mm
Gas Tank - 87m 33cm
Crane Scaffold - 17m 55cm
Crane - 22m 9cm 9mm
Crane Scaffold - 34m 80cm 9mm

Crane(L) - 11m 35cm
Cargo Ship - 131m 43cm 5mm
Sea Lion Isle - 243m 62cm 1mm
Cargo Container(Red) - 8m 15cm 4mm
Cargo Container(Blue) - 8m 15cm 4mm

Cargo Container(Green) - 11m 30cm 2mm


 10c. Whirlpool Point
        Make a Star 9
        Make the Moon
        Eternal 3

Page 1

Hotel Sign - 6m 74cm 5mm
Goldfish Building - 64m 21cm 2mm
Shop Sign - 7m 45cm
Dentist Sign - 8m 18cm 5mm
Company Sign - 6m 2cm 6mm

Bank Sign - 26m 65cm 5mm
Men's Clothes Sign - 15m 5cm 7mm
Soccer Stadium - 228m 83cm 2mm
Stadium Lights - 47m 97cm 1mm
Stadium Balloon - 52m 12cm 7mm

Publisher Sign - 28m 48cm 9mm
Appliance Billboard - 23m 4cm 4mm
Car Ad - 19m 28cm
Sea Bass Building - 62m 53cm 1mm
Doi Residence - 14m 81cm 1mm

* Towering Kokeshi * - 16m 77cm 9mm
Bubble Island - 200m 16cm 3mm
Penguin Island - 288m 37cm
Scallop Island - 243m 82cm 1mm
Sunglass Bridge - 71m 95cm 7mm

Page 2

Stadium Screen - 50m 54cm 5mm


 11c. Kuroshio Point
        Make a Star 9
        Make the Moon 
        Eternal 3

Page 1

Marlin Building - 23m 8cm 8mm
Bream Building - 34m 77cm 8mm
Coral Building - 46m 90cm
Satellite Dish - 99m 25cm 7mm
Elementary School - 42m 17cm 2mm

School Clocktower - 19m 5cm 3mm
Matsuo Residence - 15m 83cm 6mm
Niwata Residence - 15m 89cm 8mm
Shimizu Residence - 13m 49cm 2mm
Nikaido Residence - 14m 81cm 1mm

Kuroshio Hills - 440m 44cm 3mm
Kuroshio Town - 336m 71cm 8mm
Old Middle School - 305m 68cm 7mm


 12c. Dolphin City
        Make the Moon
        Eternal 3

Page 1

* Tower * - 336m 80cm 7mm
Eel Building - 141m 61cm 8mm
* Sunfish Building * - 64m 19cm 7mm
Drink Sign - 27m 50cm 6mm
Financing Ad - 17m 7cm 9mm

Netting Cage - 46m 87cm 3mm
Mogran - 171m 18cm 7mm
Mackerel Building - 91m 24cm 7mm
Guppy Building - 33m 82cm 7mm
Shark Building - 45m 66cm

Huge Bowling Pin - 84m 99cm 6mm
Bowling Alley - 114m 6cm 2mm
High School - 55m 61cm 6mm
Super Pylon - 60m
Over 60m Sign - 60m

Marine Jumboman - 88m 31cm 9mm
Anglerfish Island - 299m 7cm 1mm
Coral Isle - 197m 27cm 5mm
Railroad Bridge - 170m 33cm


 13c. Whale City
        Make the Moon
        Eternal 3

Page 1

Ferris Wheel - 211m 22cm 7mm
Airport Terminal - 125m 30cm 7mm
Control Tower - 94m 85cm 7mm
Pilchard Building - 62m 53cm 1mm
Salmon Building - 132m 77cm 2mm

Airport - 277m 6cm 9mm
Stadium - 271m 64cm 3mm
Brine Building - 170m 47cm 1mm
Japanese Castle - 223m 89cm 3mm
Mushroom(XXXL) - 409m 68cm 4mm

Big Hot Air Balloon - 59m 76cm 3mm
Shrimp Building - 45m 66cm
Airplane - 100m 51cm 9mm
Oil Tanker - 215m 10cm 5mm
Splashy Island - 277m 63cm 8mm

Cuttlefish Island - 345m 48cm
Seas Cucumber Is. - 295m 19cm 7mm
Jellyfish Mountain - 415m 71cm 2mm
Toll Bridge - 415m 10cm 3mm


 14c. Big Blue Sea
        Make the Moon
        Eternal 3

Page 1

* Rocket * - 118m 11cm 5mm
* Cruise Ship * - 249m 29cm 4mm
* Satellite * - 18m 66cm 2mm
Space Center - 146m 7cm 4mm
Launch Pad - 213m 22cm 1mm

Storm Cloud - 309m 16cm
* Oni Island * - 226m 85cm
The Oni Rock - 195m 22cm 3mm
* Thunder God * - 277m 30cm
Rain - 415m 71cm

College - 63m 33cm 1mm
* Giant Sea Turtle * - 195m 47cm 2mm
Prop Plane - 20m 9cm 4mm
* Submarine * - 28m 74cm 7mm
Fly, Jumboman! - 56m 51cm

Cloud - 309m 16cm
* Tornado * - 600m
* Whirlpool * - 150m 7cm 9mm
* Rainbow * - 500m
Top Shell Island - 541m 93cm 5mm

Page 2

Anchor Island - 133m 22cm
Nagisa Island - 311m 70cm 5mm
Abalone Island - 394m 73cm 7mm
Cockle Island - 178m 47cm 1mm
Starfish Island - 194m 91cm 2mm

Tsunami Island - 48m 41cm 2mm
Flying Fish Island - 184m 46cm 4mm
Roe Island - 137m 25cm 6mm
Black-Tailed Gull Is. - 291m 22cm 6mm
Sperm Whale - 17m 80cm 8mm

Takeda Residence - 90m 54cm 2mm
Pigeon Town - 399m 83cm 3mm
Giant Squid - 23m 93cm
Giant Octopus - 50m
* Gigantic Squid * - 239m 64cm 3mm

* Gigantic Octopus * - 240m
Small Iceberg - 146m 50cm 3mm
Pointy Iceberg - 294m 95cm 2mm
Big Iceberg - 303m 49cm 1mm

7. Names

Certain items have names attached to them.  Got em all.
Refer to kunisure's name list faw for details on how to find all of the names.
It's also listed on gamefaqs.

Page 1

10 Yen            Biker Akiba          Dai Kitajima
1st Prize         Biker Flag           Dai Yabuki
2nd Prize         Billy Bon Bon        Daizo Saeki
3rd Prize         Binta Endo           Dan Kuruma
Afro-mania        Bo-Bo                Double Trouble
Ai Yamada         Buon Buon            Dr. Segawa
Airport           Butch                Eisuke Otsuru
Akira Suga        Candy Sign           Elizabeth
Ancient Tree      Chako Nomura         Eriko Shimizu
Anko Abe          Champion Belt        Fake Picture
Ayako Noda        Chihiro Fuse         Farmer Henmi
Azuki Abe         Chocolate            Flash Horie
Baseball Bat      Cleared Data         Foreman Koji
Bearman           Coach Kami           Friendly Ball
Ben Soejima       Cowman Baba          Fumei the 6th
Big Panda         Cute Present         Futoshi

Page 2

Garbage           Jin Higashi          Ko Katsura
George Smith      Jiro Tendo           Kohei Sugiura
Gerald            Jun Hara             Koichi Hayase
Goro Numata       Junpei Swki          Kokeshi
Grandpa Akiba     Juro Royama          Kuriko Hibiya
Hanako Tsuno      Kai Mozumi           Kuro Pikiya
Harry Sagawa      Kazuya Inari         Kyoko Konishi
Haru Yamado       Kei Obayashi         Kyu Nakayama
Heiseimaru        Keiko Soma           Large Ramen
Hideto Nemo       Ken Katsura          Larry Nogami
Hiro Majima       Kenjo Uno            Latest Model
Honoka Hara       Kenta Azuma          Li Chang
Ichiro Azuma      Kenta Hara           Lily
Ine Suzuki        Kevin Highstar       Lin Lin
Isao Hara         Kinako Abe           Lionel Koeda
Jaro              Kiyo Tamao           Look Out! Boy

Page 3

Lost Umbrella     Matsuno Bros         Mr. Davis
Lotto Shop        Matt Murasaki        Mr. Fujio
Lovely Chie       Mavis                Mr. Kazama
Lovely Yui        Mayura Yoyogi        Mr. Nishimura
Lulu              Megumi Nakata        Mr. Powerful
Machiko Beppu     Mermaid              Mrs. Domoto
Maito Kitajima    Merman               Mrs. Kosuge
Majime Tejima     Midori Yamato        Mrs. Mori
Makoto Sato       Miharu Niwata        Mrs. Sugiura
Mamao Nogami      Mika Nurie           Mrs. Takada
Mariko Sonodo     Mike Okura           Mrs. Wakairo
Maro              Mimio Nogami         Ms. Kurata
Maruo Kokawa      Miyoko Takeda        Ms. Sayuri
Masa Kaneda       Miszuno              Nao Katsura
Masato Renga      Money Box            Naomi Ogata
Masked Burglar    Moria Keyaki         Neo-Mole

Page 4

Nessie            Rolling Thunder      Sgt. Tanaka
Norio Renjo       Ryo Shibata          Sgt. Yanagi
Nurse Nojima      Ryoko Takada         Shigeru Kido
Nurse Yoshiko     Ryu Hayashi          Shin Kesaki
Old Rex           Ryu Okamoto          Shiro Akagawa
Onigiri           Sabako               Sho Katsura
Osamu Nakani      Saburo Suzuki        Shogo Ueda
Pandas            Sachi Yurima         Shu Hasegawa
Pigeon            Sakura Kosaki        Shu Katsura
Principal Wado    Sakurayama           Shuji Kumeno
Queen Ant         Sasao Nogami         Shun Miyajima
Rabbitman Joe     Sashimaru            Slippy
Randy Atsushi     Satellite            Smelly Cat
Reiji Yuzuhara    Satoko Kami          Soji Nitta
Rin Yamamoto      Satoshi Fuyuki       Souvenir Plate
Rocky Chujo       Sgt. Mishima         Specimens

Page 5

Sumi Toyama       The Seaboss          Yohei Minami
Suzu Endo         Tim Meguro           Yoshie Ono
Tad Motoki        Toko Yamada          Yoshie Tanaka
Tajima Bros.      Tomi Tanaka          Yoshifumi Eto
Tak Amamoto       Tomie Konishi        Yoshiharu Teo
Takenori Ota      Tony Hato            Yoshihito Eto
Takeo Onishi      Tornado Mary         Yoshio Egawa
Takoyaki          Toshikazu Mori       Yu Sakaguchi
Takuya Kuraki     Treasure             Yu Yokomichi
Tamako Abe        Trophy               Yuki Komachi
Tamayo Jinnai     Utsubo Spa           Yuki Momojiri
Tara Yuba         Uzu                  Yume Rurihama
Taro Igarashi     Winning Piece        Yumi Tatara
Taro Takeda       Wolfie               Yumiko Futaba
Teru Soga         Woody Yukio          Yuri Yakushima
The Green X       Yae Honma            Yuya Mutsu

8. Level Requirements

To finish a level, you must make the Katamari a certain size before time
runs out.  Here's the size requirements for the Make a Star Levels, the 
Make a Moon Level, and the Make the North Star Level.

 - Don't try to pick up everything, once you are able to, pick up bigger items.
 - Don't go back to collect items you have missed, basically do "laps" around
   the level.

Make a Star 1 - 10cm Katamari in 3 minutes
Make a Star 2 - 20cm Katamari in 6 minutes
Make a Star 3 - 50cm Katamari in 8 minutes
Make a Star 4 - 1m Katamari in 10 minutes
Make a Star 5 - 1.5m Katamari in 12 minutes
Make a Star 6 - 3m Katamari in 10 minutes
Make a Star 7 - 6m Katamari in 10 minutes
Make a Star 8 - 12m Katamari in 18 minutes
Make a Star 9 - 30m Katamari in 18 minutes
Make the North Star - 10m Katamari
   - In this level, you have no guide that tells you how big the Katamari
     is and you have unlimited time to make one and you can stop at anytime.
     You need to attempt to make it exactly 10m.
Make the Moon - 300m Katamari in 25 minutes

9. Stars VS Stardust

The first time you play through a level, a star is made from the katamari.  But
whenever you play a lever after that intial time, you get an option to make a
star or stardust.  People have asked me which is better so here is my take on

Making stardust does not lose the items in your katamari.  It only creates a
dust in the sky to make it look like there are more stars in the sky.  Also,
another reason for making stardust is mainly for record purposes.  EX - If you
get 880m on Make The Moon and the next time you play it you only get 874m, then
you're not gonna want to get rid of your better size so you make stardust
instead of a star.  Making a star overwrites your old score, time and amount of
items that were collected.  Choosing stardust keeps your old scores but only
sends dust into the sky.

Both options lets you keep whatever items you collected so you won't lose what
you rolled up.  All items will still be put in to your inventory.

10. Eternal Levels

To unlock the Eternal Levels, you must first complete the game, every
level...then you can go back and attempt these three objectives to unlock the
eternal levels.  You must complete these goals before time runs out.  Eternal
levels at the three "worlds" in which you make your katamari...in these levels,
there are no time limits to you can explore all you want.

Eternal Level 1 - Make your Katamari 1m 30cm or bigger in Make a Star 4.

Eternal Level 2 - Make your Katamari 25m or bigger in Make a Star 8.

Eternal Level 3 - Make your Katamari 800m or bigger in Make the Moon.

Note: Apparently you can "unlock" the eternal levels before beating the game,
      they won't show up until you beat the game though.  Meaning, you can meet
      the requirements of the level, prior to the first time you beat Make the
      Moon and once you complete the game, the eternal levels will be there if
      you met the requirements for that specific level.  This info is based off
      of the submission below…

      "Just a slight correction for your FAQ - you can apparently meet the
       goals for unlocking the Eternal Levels before beating every stage,
       they just won't show up until you finish Make the Moon.  I had met the
       goal to unlock Eternal Level 1 earlier in the game, and after finishing
       Make the Moon it was available without doing anything more." ~ Deathwing

11. Presents

There are Royal Presents, one in each level.  You have to find them and pick
them up in the katamari.  You must pass the level in order to keep the present.
Once you find a present you can go to the home planet and select the present
icon.  There you can equip one of the items for the Prince to wear.

You can see pics of each present at my website: 

Thanks to polar bear from gamefaqs for taking the screens and Thanks to aechris 
for the locations of the presents(unless otherwise notes, the description's
are from aechris).

Aloha Set - A grass skirt with a flower necklace.
Location: Make a Star 9
How to Find: Build if the katamari enough to get to the uppermost section of
             the level, about 3m.  Then once you are up there, there is a
             factory that has two smokestacks that both have ladders on them.
             Climb the smokestack that is the closest to the beach.  The
             present is at the top but be careful when you fall back down to
             the ground as the bumps could cause you to lose the present so
             keep an eye out in case you hit something.  ~ vix

Apron - A white apron.
Location: Make a Star 7
How to Find: Build up enough to get up to the schoolyard. The present falls
             with the rest of the boulders and junk, you just have to get lucky
             and have it land on you.

Camera - A camera that hangs around the neck of the Prince.  Can be used
         to take in game pictures and save them to a photo album.
Location: Make a Star 5
How to Find: Build up to 45cm to get past the barrier leading down to the
             shopping district.  After going down the hill, take a right around
             the corner and up a green mesh fence. At the end on the roof is a
             ramp you need to launch yourself off of in order to hit a crow to
             make him drop the present.
             Note: The green fence is shaped like a ramp and has two pipes with
                   construction workers and items popping out if it every now
                   and then…you need to go up that and across the shopping area
                   and up another little mini fence ramp.  You may need to do
                   the dash to reach the crow.  ~ vix

Champion's Belt - Reminds me of a belt a wrestler wears when they win.
Location: Make a Star 4
How to Find: Roll out of the house and around the corner past the 20cm barrier.
             Go into the back of the house and into the kitchen, the present is
             sitting up on the kitchen table. You need to be ~30cm to get up on
             the table and about 50cm to pick it up.

Chef's Hat - A tall white chef's hat with two blue lines.
Location: Make a Star 3
How to Find: Whack the tree with the swing when you are about 30cm round.  A
             present should fall out, but you need to be about 50cm before you
             can pick it up.

Cool Mask - A mask of the King.
Location: Make the Moon
How to Find: After the 12m barrier, there is a jumboman flying around with the
             present in his hands. ~ akaSKaRJE

Crown - A royal red crown
Location: Make Corona Borealis
How to Find: Go down the hill and head left toward the guys in suits.  Continue
             down the steps in front of them until you see the stream. Head
             left under the little bridge and it should be on the left being
             stared at by some chickens.

Ducky - Looks like a duck innertube.
Location: Make Cygnus
How to Find: First collect some of the eggs in the attic so you have enough to
             get it. Go down the ramp by the cones, it's on a ledge to the
             right before going through the little window.

Headphones - Big headphones over the Prince's "ears."
Location: Make a Star 6
How to Find: In the schoolyard up behind the gas station, it's floating from a
             balloon behind the jungle gym near the circle of students.

Mawashi - A thong a sumo wrestler wears.  ~ akaSKaRJE
Location: Make Taurus
How to Find: Build up the ball to 2m then get up onto the roof of the school
             just to the right of where you started. You need to be bigger than
             the 1m starting size in order to reach it. Launch yourself off of
             the ramp and into the present floating from a balloon. If you're
             big enough, you can just launch yourself off and catch it without
             the ramp.

Running Top - A white tank top.
Location: Make Virgo
How to Find: Head out to the beach.  You should be able to see the present on
             top of one of the beach umbrellas near the water.  You'll need to
             build up a little bit before you can roll yourself up on top of

Superhero Scarf - A red scarf that looks like it's flowing in the wind.
Location: Make Ursa Major
How to Find: There's a guy floating around the roads from a balloon, he's
             holding the present.  You need to build up a bit in order to reach
             his height, 3m should be great.

White Guitar - A guitar on the Prince's back.
Location: Make a Star 8
How to Find: The present is rolling along behind a red jeep driving counter
             clockwise around the streets past the 1.5m barrier.

Wig - A brown wig atop his head.  Kinda hard to see.
Location: Polaris(thanks to TamaKun808 for pointing out there was no location)
How to Find: Go into the forest right near where you start.  The present is on
             the opposite side under the cliff by the firepit near the cave.

Winter Scarf - A blue colored scarf around the Prince's neck.
Location: Make a Star 2
How to Find: Go outside of the house.  The present should be in the tomato
             ~ sumbitted via e-mail: "The present is actually on the santa toy
                                      that's flying around in his sleigh,
                                      which is BY the tomato field."

12. Comets

If you complete each Make a Star level before a certain time, you earn a comet.
To view the comets, go to the Star on the Prince's Home Planet...press start
and it will tell you which buttons control which comets. The comets have names
and each time you complete a stage in under the times listed below, you get a
new comet name.

Make a Star 1 - Finish in under a 1 minute.

Make a Star 2 - Finish in less than 3 minutes.

Make a Star 3 - Finish in less than 4 minutes.

Make a Star 4 - Finish in less than 6 minutes.  
                - Possibly 6 minutes and 30 seconds and not just 6 minutes.
                  ~ Submitted by Gamingnerd
                - Also confirmed by Jeff via e-mail that he obtained the comet
                  in 6 minutes and 15 seconds.

Make a Star 5 - Finish in less than 8 minutes.

Make a Star 6 - Finish in less than 8 minutes.

Make a Star 7 - Finish in less than 8 minutes.

Make a Star 8 - Finish in less than 12 minutes.

Make a Star 9 - Finish in less than 15 minutes.

Make the Moon - Finish in less than 20 minutes.

13. Constellations

Hopefully more info coming…

Cancer - pick up crabs in 5 minutes.  There are a total of 133.

Cygnus - pick up swans in 6 minutes.  There are a total of 71.
NOTE: hellyes has brought to my attention, the fact that he/she(not sure, sorry)
      has gotten 100% on this level with a total of only 70 swans.

Corona Borealis - pick up crowns in 8 minutes.  There are a total of 107.

Pisces - pick up fish in 5 minutes.  There are a total of 174.

Virgo - pick up females in 10 minutes.  There are a total of 199.

Ursa Major - pick up the largest bear you can find in 10 minutes.
             The largest bear available is the Kintaro-Bear.  That is the bear
             that has rider on it's back and has a rocket on it and travels on
             the roadway only.  You need to be at 4m 62cm to get it.  You need
             to avoid all the other bear stuff.  My strategy was to first get
             whatever I could in the lake and then do a few laps around the
             roadway, trying to stay away from the area that leads to S. Pigeon
             St. only because there are some small bear statues that you can
             accidentally run over.  So after I finally got to the size I
             needed to be, I sat near the tunnel and waited for the Kintaro to
             pass me, then I did my best to hit him so he would get turned
             upside down.  The problem is that once you are big enough to get
             him, he turns around and runs the other way.  So I made sure the
             area was clear of any floating bears and once the Kintaro was
             somewhat close to me, I used the dash to run at him and knock into
             him and then I picked him up.

Gemini - pick only pairs of items in 10 minutes.  There are a total of 109

Taurus - pick up the largest cow you can find in 10 minutes.
         The largest cow available is the Holy Cow.  It's located at Seaslug
         Ranch, in the trees or in the gated area called Seagull Park.  You
         need to be at least 7m 8cm 8mm in order to pick it up.  I stick to
         where you start the level and clear the upper part until I'm about 6m.
         Then I head down to the lake and get the wrestler's and whatever else
         is there…but be VERY CAREFUL, there's a cow in the tree.  You should
         be able to reach the target size(if not, head back for some smaller
         items), also if you head back to Seaslug ranch by way of water, you
         can collect the bikers, some palm trees, and some rocks to add to the
         size…then you can weave your way through the oxen on the beach and
         head of the hill to the ranch.  Hopefully, you have some time on the
         clock so you can wait for the cow.  The Holy Cow is in a bunch of
         trees and also has a lot of little cows wandering around in the trees
         as well.  If you wait long enough, the cow comes out of the trees on
         the side that face a steep hill/water…the steep hill has a bunch of
         little cows on it.  So once the Holy Cow comes out of the trees, you
         can grab him.

Polaris/North Star - roll the ball around until you have what you think is 10m.
                     This level can be a little tricky as there is no meter to
                     gauge how big the katamari is.  So far, the only method I
                     have found to be somewhat accurate as my best score is
                     10m 7cm is this:  I go around getting stuff that makes the
                     katamari just big enough to get into Sea Breeze Town,
                     which is the town that above the school, near Seaslug
                     Ranch.  There is an elephant wandering around Sea Breeze
                     Town.  In order to be able to pick up the elephant, you
                     Need to be at least 9m 13cm 4mm.  So once you are able to
                     pick up the elephant, you know you are close to 10m.  I'm
                     sure there is a better strategy but so far this is the
                     best one I have figured out.


                     "Instead of using the elephant as a guide, I chose to use
                     the "Regular Tree" as a guide (roll size, 9m 48cm 3mm, the
                     foliage is kinda egg shaped).  I found this works better
                     than the elephant, because you have to chase the elephant
                     all over Sea Breeze Town while the trees are stationary.
                     So its much easier to grab something, try a tree, grab
                     something else, try another tree, until you can pick it
                     up.  So I went all over the areas you can go to without
                     going to Sea Breeze (too easy to get over 10m there, so I
                     avoided it all together, although I did go to the school)
                     and once I could pick up a regular tree, I picked up two
                     more regular trees, hit square, and I was at 10 meters
                     exactly." Submitted by ~ Chronocide


                     When you are on eternal 3, get your katamari up to 10m,
                     then pause the game and take note of the stats that tell
                     you your katamari is as big as X item...write a few of
                     them down and then head to the north star level.  Go about
                     you way and collect items and every now and then pause
                     until you get one of the stats that you wrote down and
                     use that to judge the size of your katamari.  It may take
                     a while but it's a somewhat reliabe method to get the
                     perfect 10m.  Submitted via e-mail by Pat.

14. Cousins

All of the Cousins are Rare items to find. Listed is the name, followed by a
brief description and then the location.

If you go to the tree on the home planet and choose objects, you can get just
a list of the cousins.  The order that the cousins are in goes by that list.

Many, many thanks to aechris for letting me take his descriptions of where
to find the cousins.  If you would like to add your descriptions of how to
get the cousins, please feel free to send it to me.  If the cousin has more
than one description, I will note who they came from.

My KD page now includes pics ofall of the cousins.

NOTE: The cousins don't become appear in the levels until you beat the game
once, that means just beating the Make the Moon level once and then going
back to replay levels.

Page 1
- Redish 
- Has an oblong head 
- Living Room/Make A Star 2
 - Running with the mice.
- Green
- Has a head like a barrel 
- Roof/Make a Star 4 
 - On the roof of the house.
- Camo Colored 
- Body shaped like the Prince.
- N. Pigeon St./Make a Star 3
 - When you get to the area off the road with a lot of plastic bottles, look
   left to the hill. He'll be running up and down the road and he's hard to
   miss, he has a big 'here' sign pointing to him. It might take a minute for
   him to show up, be patient. You can pick the sign up separately as well, so
   make sure you get HIM too. 
 - From the start of the level(you're in a little area with forks and what not).
   Go straight out of that area and make a right and cut through the sand box.
   Then continue straight through, go up the little stairs, past the birds by 
   the dog dishes. Go up on to the road and then turn around and face the dog 
   house. Wait there and you should see jungle enter the screen on the right 
   with a red arrow/sign above her head. She moves fairly quickly so grab her 
   fast, plus, make sure you are big enough to grab her.  She appeared for me 
   when the clock said five, so make sure you get there before then and are big 
   enough to pick her up.  6cm 8mm is her size

- Pink 
- Head is shaped like a dumbbell
- Quail River/Make a Star 5
 - Floating in an inner tube in the river.  She shows up on the far side of the
   river, and make sure you've completed the requirement for the stage (1.5m)
   because she's pretty big.
- Gray
- Tin looking 
- Urchin Town/Make a Star 6 
 - Running alongside the fisherman by the sea next to the town.
   Info provided by aechris.
- Pinkish/Red 
- Head Looks like a bowl 
- Paradise/Make a Star 7 
 - Riding on the back of a cow with a blonde guy near the start of the level.
- Orange 
- Head is the shape of a cube 
- Roadway/Make a Star 8 
 - Just past the 1.5m barrier you can find a truck carrying a bunch of TV's
   driving clockwise around the town, Shikao is running (just behind) after
   this truck.
- Purple 
- Has no legs, looks like a weeble 
- Urchin Town/Make a Star 9 
 - In the middle of the schoolyard.
- Black
- Has blinking lights all over it
- Urchin Town/Make the Moon
 - In the middle of the schoolyard, hiding behind the podium. 

- Peach 
- "Naked" with green "ears"
- Garden & Porch/Cancer
 - Inside the doghouse to the right of when you exit the house. She's small, so 
go early. If you can't see her just ram the entrance, you'll pick her up.
- Purple 
- Has a tall head 
- Garden & Porch/Cygnus 
 - First drop down from the roof and get outside.  Facing the entrance to the
   house, look to the right side to see an orange seat cushion. Roll up that
   and onto the statue 'lift' that will take you up to the roof again, only a
   different part.  He's kind of hooked onto the edge. It's possible to grab
   the hook and have him fall, in that case just drop down and pick him up from
   the ground.
- At the start of the level, exit out into the roof where the frying pans are
  hanging over the edge.  Head right and stay on the roof.  When you near the
  edge, you should see a white drainpipe that heads down to the beams of the
  roof.  Head down the drainpipe and go to the bird's nest, turn left and you
  should see Odeko hanging from a hook, you can snag the hook and Odeko will
  fall and then you can just fall as well and pick him up. ~ vix
- Dark and Light Purple 
- Has colors split on body 
- Living Room/Make a Star 1
 - Under the table. 
- Red and Gray 
- Has a round Head 
- Shopping Street/Corona Borealis 
 - In front of the blowfish restaurant in the shopping district. If you go down
   the hill and follow straight down the main shopping part, you can't miss
- Yellow 
- Looks like a tennis ball 
- Dove Lake/Pisces 
 - Having a swim in the pond.  If you go a little left and straight ahead
   towards the pond when you start you'll see him.
- Pinkish 
- Has white polka dots and green "ears" 
- Dove Lake/Virgo 
 - On the beauty contest stage at the side of the pond.
- Maroonish/Purple-ish
- Has black specks all over
- Roadway/Ursa Major
 - On the back of an elephant at the gas sation.
- Aqua
- Head is kind of shaped like the letter U
- Urchin Town/Gemini 
 - Literally planted in the farmer's field in the town. 

- White-ish
- Had gray horizontal stripes, a blue box on his face, and what appears to be 
  a hole in his belly.
- Urchin Town/Taurus
 - At the far corner on the roof of the school.
- Black
- Has a red outline and red boots
- Paradise/Gemini 
 - Riding on one of the boards of one of the swimmers in same pond you found

- Blue 
- Shaped like a cone 
- Urchin Town/Polaris 
 - On top of the greenhouse beside the farm in town.

Page 2
- Yellow 
- Has brown horns 
- Kitchen/Eternal 1 
 - Looking for a snack in the refrigerator.
- White
- Had blue polka dots and blue legs
- Roadway/Eternal 2 
 - Just past the 1.5m barrier in exactly the same location as Shikao(behind
   the TV truck). 

- Orange 
- Has a horizontally pointy head 
- Paradise/Eternal 3
 - Beside the tree in the middle of the pond beside the starting town
   (practically go straight from the start).

15. Rare/Hard To Find Items

Some items are hard to find because they don't appear all that often.  Here
is a list of the rare or hard to find items.  This is not all of the rare items
because some of them are fairly easy to find.  The cousins will not be listed
here, they have their own section.

If you think an item deserves to be on this list, send me a note at
VixDiesel@aol.com or you can go to my website and submit the info that way
if you do not want to use e-mail: http://vix.250free.com/katamaridamacy.html

Items covered so far:
 1. Gold Crayon
 2. Beige Crayon
 3. White Crayon
 4. Aqua Crayon
 5. Ochre Crayon
 6. Green Crayon
 7. Black Crayon
 8. Lime Crayon
 9. Purple Crayon
 10. Brown Crayon 
 11. Blue Crayon
 12. Pink Crayon
 13. Cuckoo
 14. Foreign Coin
 15. Gold Coin
 16. Picture-story Show
 17. Cute Cow
 18. Top Step
 19. 2nd Step
 20. 4th Step
 21. 7th Step
 22. 9th Step
 23. Gold Medal
 24. 500 Yen Coin
 25. Emerald/Sapphire/Diamond/Ruby Ring's
 26. Checkbook
 27. Encyclopedia
 28. Calender
 29. Xmas Tree
 30. Switch
 31. Bird's Nest
 32. Senior Driver's License 
 33. Old Coin
 34. Hotel Sign
 35. Company Sign
 36. Takeda Residence
 37. Spirit of Anger
 38. "Experience," "In," "Progress,"
 39. Bathhouse Curtain

1. Gold Crayon
 Location: Living Room/Eternal 1
 How to Find: It's standing up on a mouse trap that's surrounded by mice and if
              you are not the right size to get it, the mice will hit you and 
              knock you around, causing you to lose items.

2. Beige Crayon
 Location: Living Room/Make a Star 2
 How to Find: It's under the woman's legs under the table.

3. White Crayon
 Location: Living Room/Cygnus
 How to Find: When you start the level, head down the ramp to the next level, 
              (the level with the lucky cats) then head down the to the next
              level(the level with the tv's) and then down to the next level
              and there you'll find the white crayon.

4. Aqua Crayon
 Location: Living Room/Make a Star 4
 How to Find: It's under the woman's chair and it's between pens that are
              standing up to make triangles.

5. Ochre Crayon
 Location: Living Room/Make a Star 4
 How to Find: It's under the ironing board.

6. Green Crayon
 Location: N. Pigeon Street/Make a Star 3
 How to Find: Head to the back of the takoyaki stand and look for a little
              alleyway.  There's a few crayons in the alley.

7. Black Crayon
 Location: Living Room/Make a Star 4
 How to Find: It's on the same dresser that you get the rings, at the start
              of the level, get a few items and then head over the "bridge"
              to the chest/dresser/cabinet, it's sitting there on and it's 
              short and fat, unlike the rest of the crayons.

8. Lime Crayon
 Location: Living Room/Make a Star 2
 How to Find: It's sitting on top of the table.

9. Purple Crayon
 Location: N. Pigeon St./Make a Star 8
 How to Find: From the start of the level, you're under the car with the 
              mice near you...Turn to yourleft, you'll see an opening in
              the ground that leads to the sewer/gutter, drop down into
              it and head right, keep going until you reach the end and 
              the purple crayon should be fairly close to the ramp that
              leaves back up to street level.  You'll need to get it fairly
              early because once you get to be too big, you won't be
              able to fit into the sewer.

10. Brown Crayon
 Location: Living Room/Make a Star 1
 How to Find: You start the level on top of the table.  If you turn to look
              where the sword is sitting in the recess in the wall, the
              crayon is sitting next to the sword stand on the ground in the
              recess of the wall.  You need to be at least 7cm5mm to grab it.

11. Blue Crayon
 Location: N. Pigeon St./Make a Star 5
 How to Find: From the start of the level, you are on top of a dog, turn left
              and locate the area with the blue bowls that azre turned upside
              down.  Sitting on the little wooden stoop, in between the bowls,
              is the blue crayon.

12. Pink Crayon
 Location: Living Room/Make a Star 2
 How to Find: Go up onto the table and find the ruler "bridge" over to the
              chest of drawers.  Go across and grab the crayon, it's standing
              up in an ink pad next to the ring box.

13. Cuckoo
 Location: Living Room/Cygnus
 How to find: From the start of the level, head down the ramp that is 
              surrounded by green cones.  Stop on that platform and head to
              your right slowly.  The cuckoo clock is on the wall with very
              little space for you to stand in front of it.  I stood there
              until the cuckoo came out because I had tried to time it but was
              unsuccessful so I just waited for it to hit the katamari on it's
              own, there is also a present right next to the cuckoo as well.
14. Foreign Coin
 Location: Living Room/Eternal 1
 How to Find: It's lying flat on the floor in the left hand corner, if you were
              facing the door to go out to the yard.

15. Gold Coin
 Location: Living Room/Make a Star 1
 How to Find: It's under the table, under the woman's legs.

16. Picture-story Show
 Location: Garden & Porch/Cancer
 How to Find: You need to be at least 63cm 9mm to get this item.  There are
              white pillars that move up and down, acting as an elevator.
              Make sure you are big enough and wait for the pillars, once you
              get to the top, head to your left, it looks like a board attached
              to the wall, just under the tree.

17. Cute Cow
 Location: Taurus
 How to Find: Go up to Seasslug Ranch, avoiding any smaller cows, make sure you
              are over 3.5…go to the edge of the cliff near the trees and look
              over until you see the lower ledge with the cows on it…find a
              place where you can push the katamari over the edge and drop down
              onto the lower ledge where you can get the cow.

18. Top Step
 Location: Urchin Town/Make a Star 9
 How to Find: The step is floating by balloon.  If you go up to Urchin Town and
              go to the two building where there is a boy riding a panda and the
              cool move is are rolling around.  The step is hanging over the
              water in between the two buildings.  You need to roll of the 
              edge to grab it.

19. 2nd Step
 Location: Roadway/Make a Star 8
 How to Find: As soon as you are 1.5m and can head through the barrier, head
              along the roadway until you come to the "tunnel."  The step is 
              on the side that has the bus stop and phone booth.

20. 4th Step
 Location: Urchin Town/Make a Star 7
 How to Find: "Get this - it's UNDERWATER on Make a Star 7.  I was tooling
              around in the water thinking it was somewhere around the corner
              or something and i hear the "bloop", and the words "4th step"
              appearing in the lower left of my screen o___O.  The best I can
              say is that it's in the dark blue area of the water, kinda close
              to where the falling stuff enters the water.  It's really REALLY
              trial and error to find this one..." ~ submitted by nyekobug

              Where the falling stuff enters the water...roll over to it,
              facing where the stuff is falling from.  To the left, only a 
              small bit is where the step is.  I have a feeling it moves
              underwater as I was standing still and it just kinda popped on
              to my katamari.  But I do know for sure that it is very close to
              the items that are falling into the water.  I have taken some
              screen shots of the location.  So if you would like to see them
              please e-mail me.

21. 7th Step
 Location: Paradise/Make a Star 6
 How to Find: In the water, there are two rings of jellyfish circling around.
              The step is in the center of the jellyfish.  You need to be at
              least 88cm4mm to pick it up.

22. 9th Step
 Location: Dove Lake/Eternal 2
 How to Find: It's on the little island in the middle of the lake, sticking up
              out of the ground.

23. Gold Medal
 Location: N. Pigeon St./Make a Star 5
 How to Find: It's on top of the cinder block wall.  If you get too big, it
              will disappear.  Use the chair cushion to climb up to grab it.
              You start the level on the dog's back, turn to the right and head
              down past the slide.  On the right is a cinder block wall.  Go
              through the little openings on the bottom and go up the cushion,
              the medal is on your left.

24. 500 Yen Coin
 Location: Living Room/Make A Star 2
 How to Find:  It's in the "closet" on top of a mousetrap.

25. Emerald/Sapphire/Diamond/Ruby Ring's
 Location: N. Pigeon St./Make A Star 8/Eternal 2
 How to Find: You need to be small to get this one.  If you head out from under
              the car, there is a gutter to the right, go down into the gutter
              and follow it to the end.  There will always be a ring at the end
              but what color it is will be random.
 Location: Living Room/Make a Star 2
 How to Find: From the top of the table, there is a ruler that acts as a bridge
              to a chest of drawers.  Go across the ruler and grab the ring
              that is in the box.  It will also be random everytime you play so
              you may need to play the levels a few times to get all four rings.

26. Checkbook
 Location Living Room/Make a Star 2
 How to Find: It's in the little bookcase in the recess in the wall.
 Location Yard/Make a Star 4
 How to Find: It's under the wooden bleacher sitting up against the wall.  Get
              it as soon you you reach 10cm cause any biggger and you won't be
              able to get it.

27. Encyclopedia
 Location: N. Pigeon St./Make a Star 5
 How to find: Once you get big enough, go down the hill to the market...make a
              right onto the street and follow it till you read the exit of the
              market, just before the bridge...just at the exit is a magazine
              rack and on the ground is a pile of encyclopedia's

28. Calender
 LocationL N. Pigeon St./Make a Star 3
 How to Find: It's hanging on a telephone pole near the area that has the
              picnic table that is on a raised patio, so to speak.
 Location: Kitchen/Make a Star 4
 How to Find: It's on the wall that's in between the kitchen and the living
              room facing the kitchen.  So if you're on the kitchen table, look
              towards the living room where the RC boy is and then turn to the
              left and you'll see it on the wall.  You need to be fairly big to
              reach it.
 Location: Porch/Yard/Make a Star 2
 How to Find: It acts as a ramp just outside the door.  If you use the 10cm
              exit path that's up on the boxes, it leads you out into some
              cushions.  Immediatly to the right is the calendar ramp.  

29. Xmas Tree
 Location: Dove Lake/Pisces
 How to Find: It's sitting on the little island in the center of the lake.

30. Switch
 Location: Living Room/Make a Star 1
 How to Find: It's under the table, connected to the wire.

31. Bird's Nest
 Location: N. Pigeon St./Make a Star 5
 How to Find: It's in the tree that's in the area when you first start the
              level.  Get over 25cm and then hit the tree.  The nest will fall
              to the ground.  You have to be 97cm to get the nest to gather up
              as much as you could and then grab the nest and proceed to the
              next section of the level.  Make sure you finish the level so you
              keep the nest and make sure you don't accidentally hit into
              something and knock it off the katamari.

32. Senior Driver's License
 Location: N. Pigeon St./Make a Star 5
 How to Find: Go to the section of the level that has all of the leaves on the
              ground and the butterfly cases.  On the statue, you'll find the
              license.  It's attached to the bottom of it.  It's half yellow
              and half red.

33. Old Coin
 Location: Yard/Make s Star 2
 How to Find: Get to be 10cm so you can head outside.  Once you are outside,
              head off the wooden porch, down the steps and then head to your
              right.  Go under the porch and there is a bunch of old coins
              laying on the ground.

34. Hotel Sign
 Location: Whirlpool Point/Make the Moon or Eternal 3
 How to Find: Get to be 12m so you can go through the barrier and head towards
              Whirlpool Point.  Once you are there, climb up to where the
              houses are.  Work your way through until you reach the bridge.
              Head over the bridge but stop at the very end of it.  Look
              slightly to your left, attached to the building is the Hotel Sign
              and it's somewhat small, so be careful not to miss it.  If you
              get too big, it will disappear, that's why I suggest you head
              there as soon as you can.  It's a vertical sign attached to the
              building side.

35. Company Sign
 Location: Whirlpool Point/Make the Moon or Eternal 3
 How to Find:Get to be 12m so you can go through the barrier and head towards
              Whirlpool Point.  Once you are there, climb up to where the
              houses are. Work your way through until you reach the bridge.
              Once you are at the bridge stop and make a 180 degree turn to
              face back the way you came.  There are two buildings to your
              right.  The one closest to the water has the Company Sign on it.
              Like the Hotel Sign, it's small, so be careful not to miss it as
              well as it will disappear if you get to big.  It's also a
              vertical attached to the building.

36. Takeda Residence
 Location: Big Blue Sea/Make the Moon or Eternal 3
 How to Find: It's located near the Oni Rocks, the red rocks, and the rain
              clouds.  Once the screen morphs to show the Oni Rocks, head over
              to the rain clouds.  If you are facing the rocks from the center
              of the level, The Takeda Residence is on the right just before the

37. Spirit of Anger
 Location: Roadway/Urse Major
 How to Find: It's located in the little playground area next to the lake.  It's
              next to the little set of steps that leads you into the playground
              and you need to be over 3m56cm3mm tp pick it up.

38. "Experience," "In," "Progress,"
 Location: Urchin Town/Make a Star 7
 How to Find: Go up to the school yard and climb the wall that faces the large
              mushroom.  The signs are spinning around the base of the mushroom.
              If you get to be too big, they will disappear.  You need to be
              1m48cm1mm at least to pick them up.

39. Bathhouse Curtain
 Location: Seabreeze Town/Make a Star 7
 How to Find: As soon as you hit 3m, head through the 3m barrier.  The first
              building you will see on the left when you get up to the road
              willhave the curtain hanging over the door with two towl guys
              standing somewhere in that area.

16. Ending *****SPOILERS*****

After you complete the game, you get this "bonus" level so to speak.  As the 
credits roll, the prince is sitting on the Earth with a katamari, which is 
actually the moon.  You then can attempt to pick up as many of the countries on
the Earth as possible.  There are 195 countries to pick up.  If you collect them
all, the King says: "Finally, there are no more borders. Absolutely splendid."
Try to collect as many of the smaller countries at first.  This is kinda hard
because as the credit roll by, the camera pans out.

Once you complete this the first time, you can go back to it at any time by
going to the level select Earth and choosing the what looks like a Purple
Arrow/Toy Top.

After you complete this mini level, a cut scene with the Hoshino Family starts.
It's them on the moon.  Mutsuo Hoshino makes a comment.  Below is a list of
the things he says.  It's a work-in-progress-list.  

- By the way, my name is Mutsuo.  Mutsuo Hoshino.  Nice to meet you!
- Hey! There's fuzzy stuff around my face too.
- I can make a rainbow come out of my mouth too now.
- I feel like I've been here a long time.
- I heard that the Prince has a lot of cousins.  23 of them.
- I'm starting tp grow a moustache.
- I'd be lying if I said I didn't want to go home right now.
- Let's play again soon.  Look, a rabbit!
- The air sure is thing out here in space.
- There wasn't any alien base on the dark side of the moon.
- We all got rolled into the katamari and now we're on the moon too.  Hey look,
  a rabbit!
- Well, I heard the Moon only shows one side to the Earth.
- Wow! The King sure is a sharp dresser.
- (Action) Prince flies by only the mom and day.  A few seconds later, the two
  kids fly by.

Thanks to Time_Keeper For giving me some of these.


 A. Make the Moon Quotes

Also, after you complete the Moon level, you get quotes.  Looking for some help
with this section!

- The prince broke up the moon he just made.  Rich people sure are different.
- We all got rolled into the katamari and now we're on the moon too.
- If the moon was a little bigger than my mom and dad could fit up here also.
- Wow this is the biggest moon ever!  We'll have a party tonite!

Thanks to Iamademig0d and Maikeru Gofor sending me some of these.

17. Moon Memorial

The Moon Memorial opens up after you complete the game the first time through.
It contains all of the cut scenes from the game.  You can now watch then again
if you want.  To get to the MM, you need to be on the earth, the planet where
you choose which star you want to play and you press circle.  While in the MM,
you can press R1 which will take you to a Sound Library.  The SL lets you
listen to any musical track that's in the game

Contents of the Sound Library                 Contents of the Moon Memorial
 - Katamari Nah-Nah                            - Opening Movie
 - Fugue #7777                                 - Ending Movie
 - Katamari Nah-Nah(special)                   - Chapter 1
 - Walking on a Star!                          - Chapter 2
 - Lovely Angel                                - Chapter 3
 - Stardust Fanfare                            - Chapter 4
 - Katamari*Stars                              - Chapter 5
 - Katamari of Love                            - Chatper 6
 - Wanda Wanda                                 - Chapter 7
 - Overture                                    - Chapter 8
 - Katamari on the Rocks                       - Cancer
 - The Moon & The Prince                       - Cygnus
 - Gin & Tonic & Red Red Roses                 - Cornona Borealis
 - Lonely Rolling Star                         - Pisces
 - You Are Smart                               - Virgo
 - Katamari Mambo                              - Ursa Major
 - Cherry Tree Times                           - Gemini
 - Angel Gifts                                 - Taurus     
 - Roll Me In                                  - North Star
 - Que Sera Sera

18. Tips and Tricks

- If you are having trouble getting to the goal size in the time frame, don't
  take too much time collecting all the small items, you don't need to collect
  every item before you can move on to another section.  Get as much as you can
  and then some depending on where you are and then move on to the next part of
  the level.  There has been times where I find it better to move on to the
  next section as soon as possible in order to score a comet or the goal size
  in general.

- You already know you can press the L1 or R1 button to switch between the Home
  Planet, the Earth and the Space Mushroom. But you can press the L2 or R2
  button instead and switch between them much faster. ~ submitted by Eli W.

If you have a tip or trick you'd like to submit, go for it!

19. FAQ

1. Where can I find XXX item?
   - Feel free to e-mail me about any item, and I will do my best to help
     you find it.  VixDiesel@aol.com

2. Where is cousin XXX?
   - Again, feel free to e-mail me and I'll do my best to find it.  I'm
     looking for better descriptions of the cousins as well, so if anyone
     wants to help, be my guest.

3. Why does this game rock so much?  And wy do people seem to like it so?
   - Cause it's not like anything that us gamers have every seen before.

4. What is there to do after I complete each level and beat the game?
   - There's tons of stuff to do!  Collect EVERY item.  Find all the items
     with names.  Get 100% on the constellations.  Get all the comets.  Find
     all of the presents.  Unlock the eternals.  Get all of the continents.
     Get a perfect 10m North Star.  Sure, it may take an hour to get through
     all the levels, but it may take weeks to do everything there is to do.

Got a Q?

Send it to me!  VixDiesel@aol.com

20. Version History

June 15, Version 4.9
 - Added the bath house curtain
 - Cleaned up some formatting

April 3, Version 4.7
 - Random things here and there.

March 31, Version 4.6
 - Updated the location of the 4th step.

March 29, Version 4.5
 - 7th and 9th Steps, Takeda Residence, Spirit of Anger, and "Experience," 
   "In," and "Progress" were added to the Rare and Hard to Find Items.

March 27, Version 4.4
 - Small cousins update.
 - Another moon quote added.
 - KD message board info added to contact/submit section.
 - Fixed some general errors scattered about.

March 9, Version 4.0
 - Fixed another error with Velvet
 - Added about 50-75% of the King's item descriptions.
 - Added some of the things Mutsuo Hoshino says after you...
   **possible spoilers** See Ending Section.

February 27, Version 3.6
 - Added the Moon Memorial section
 - Fixed an error with Velvet
 - Added an alternate concept to getting the North Star
 - Added MAS4 comet info
 - Added a Stars VS Stardust section

February 1, Version 3.3
 - Added four more rare items.

January 13, Verson 3.2
 - Revamped rare item section with new items added.

January 11, Verson 3.0
 - Complete List for the Names

January 5, Verson 2.9
 - Added more Rare Items
 - Added a Faq for the faq.
 - Added an Ending section.

January 3, Version 2.7
 - Added an alternate way to find Jungle.

October 27, Version 2.5
 - Added alternate north star strategy.
 - Added 4th step location.

October 22, Version 2.4
 - Added some info about item sizes.
 - Added some more rare items.

October 19, Version 2.3
 - Added more names.
- Fixed some errors in the present section
 - Added some eternal level info.

October 14, Version 2.2
 - The town now has 100% items.
 - The world now has 100% items as well.
 - Added some constellation help.
   - Descriptions of Taurus, Ursa Major, and Polaris.
 - Added a tips and Tricks Section.
 - Added some more rare items.
 - Added a missing present location

October 13, Version 1.9
 - Added more items to the town and world levels.
 - Added a few more names to the list.
 - Some more descriptions of presents.

October 9, Version 1.8
 - The house now has 100% items.
 - Added some more items to the town.
 - Added item locations for levels.

October 8, Version 1.7
 - Added a complete cousin section.
 - Added how to find the presents.
 - Added some rare items.
 - Added some more items to the list.
 - Added some more names.

October 7, Version 1.5
 - Added a Level Requirements Section
 - Added some more Present's info.
 - Added a Rare Items section with minimal info that is half done

October 6, Version 1.3
 - Added the requirements for picking up each item.
 - Added some more cousins.
 - Added a controls section.
 - Added a game story section.
 - Added a game mode section.
 - Added some constellation info.
 - Fixed some typo's.
 - Added some presents info.

October 3, Version 1.0
 - First upload of the guide, what you see is the first version.

21. Thanks

Thanks to the following:

Big thanks to aechris, for letting me use sections of his faq to fill in
some of the blanks.  For parts I haven't noted above: the locations of items
pertaining to what levels the are on.

~ Maikeru Go for a moon quote.

~ Iamademig0d for some of the Make the Moon Mutsuo quotes.

~ beastiecube for the king's scripts.

~ Time_Keeper for some of Mutsuo's quotes.

~ pat for the north star alternative.

~ jeff for the mas4 comet time update.

~ amy for the 2 velvet corrections.

~ kunisure's name faq filled in the gaps on my name list.

~ nyekobug for filling in some gaps in the cousins section as well as
some gaps in the names list.

~ Gamingnerd for sharing my enthusiasm for this game and helping me
with odd and ends.

~ HarrytheHobo for sending me a few names and some item names.

~ Modus Pwnens for also sending me some missing names.

~ akaSKaRJE for pointing out some errors in the present's section.

~ Deathwing for sending me some eternal level info.

~ Greg Alt for some item info.

~ TamaKun808 for pointing out an error.

~ Chronocide for the alternate north star route.

~ http://www.network-science.de/ascii/ for letting me create the ascii art.

~ Namco, for releasing a great game here in the states.

~ gamefaqs, for hosting the faq.

22. Legal

Copyright 2004 - 2011

This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, 
private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed 
publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other 
web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a 
violation of copyright.

This FAQ is copyrighted by me, Vix.  You may not alter/repost this entire 
Checklist or any section of it without my permission first.  

Katamari Damacy is a registered trademark of Namco.

This FAQ is allowed to be posted on these sites:

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