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Mission Guide by Nemian

Updated: 10/26/03

Douglas Watt (nemian@hotmail.com)

Narutimett Hero FAQ and Mission Guide

Update List:

-October, 24, 2003:
List started, All known "Ensyuu" and D rank missions in list. Some C rank.
-October 26, 2003:
All mission C rank and lower listed.  S rank and some B rank missions too.
Item descriptions for stockable items added.
Added a few sections with no content.

Character Descriptions
Coming Soon

Gameplay Techniques
Coming Soon

Item List
Stockable Items-
"konjyou no omori" Throw this to slow your enemy.  Looks like a wooden block or
eraser? I haven't bothered to translate it yet. Does no damage.

"support item" Calls in your support character to assist in attacking. Looks
like holding hands.

"tokusyu ningu" Special Ninja tool. Looks like a gold shuriken. Use for a
special attack - some characters throw a "Fuuma Shuriken" or throw a large
number of shuriken.

"syunshin no makimono" Use this scroll to teleport behind your enemy from
anywhere. Looks like a scroll with the mark of a leaf on it.

Istant Use Items-
Coming Soon
No style, but here's a list of mission requirements for Narutimett Hero's
mission mode.  Mission list goes from Right to Left
Win = Time Up victory, or defeat opponent
Defeat = Must remove all of opponents health
Ensyuu (Practice) Missions (Total of 5)
1.Defeat Rock Lee in 30secs, must win.
2.Win against Naruto  while holding a special item(gold shuriken or such)
3.Win against Sakura while holding a "konjyou no omori"
4.Win against Rock Lee with more than 50% life remaining
5.Win against Tsukamaru with more than 50% life remaining
??~~Become Genin (Lower class Ninja)~~~??(forgot)
D Rank Missions (Total of 15)
1.Defeat Rock Lee within 30 seconds
2.Defeat Neji with a level 2 super
3.Defeat Tsukamaru with level3 Chakra remaining
4.Defeat Naruto with a level 1 super
5.Defeat Sasuke with a level 3 super
6.Let time run out while having more than 80% life against Zabuza
7.Win against Sasuke after wall climbing for 2 seconds(message will appear)
8.Win against Sakura after wall climbing for 3 seconds, and have level2 chakra
or better remaining
9.Defeat Haku within 30 seconds after doing "oi uchi" 3 times
10.Defeat Zabuza within 30 seconds after doing "oi uchi" 6 times
11.Defeat Gaara within 30 seconds, and don't use super
12.Win against Rock Lee without using Jutsu or super
13.Defeat Naruto within 30 seconds while holding a "syunshin"
14.Defeat Orochimaru with a level 3 super
15.Defeat Sasuke when he has no chakra

C Rank Missions (Total of 15)
1.Defeat Naruto in 20 seconds with more than 50% life remaining
2.Defeat Gaara withing 30 seconds with level3 chakra remaining
3.Defeat Sakura with a level 3 super in 30 seconds
4.Win against Neji with LESS than 10% life remaining after "oi uchi" 6 times
5.Win against Sasuke when he has no chakra - same as D#15, but Sasuke uses less
chakra-removing abilities
~~~~Become Chunin (Middle class ninja)~~~~
6.Defeat Gaara within 20 seconds with more than 50% life remaining
7.Defeat Orochimaru with a level 3 super within 20 seconds
8.Win against Neji only using items - DO NOT ATTACK OTHERWISE
9.Win against Sakura while having stood on water for 30 seconds(message appears)
10.Win against Sakura without guarding and have more than 50% life left
11.Defeat Tsukamaru within 20 seconds with more than 50% life remaining
12.Win against Naruto without the faces of the Hokage's being destroyed, and
Naruto must fall 3 times
13.Defeat Sasuke after "oi uchi" 6 times, while he is in the air
14.Win against Sasuke only by attacking in the air. Items are OK.
15.Win against Sakura after changing stages 3 times and using "kawari mi no
jutsu" 6 times

B Rank Missions (Total of ?)
1.Win against Tsukamaru without him picking up stockable items, and you holding
3 or more stackable items
2.Win against Kakashi while using all 3 supers
3.Win against Tsukamaru with more than 80% life remaining and more than level 2
4.Defeat Sakura within 30 seconds only using air attacks and items
???~Become Tokubestu Jyounin(Special Upper-class Ninja)~~???

A Rank Missions (Total of ?)

S Rank Missions (Total of?)
1.Find the Hidden Scroll on each stage (3rd Hokage)
2.Finish Icha Icha Paradise - Do every match up in Free Battle mode 10 or more
3.Finish Practice Mode with every character and every ability used(Gai)
4.Play with every character(Clear Story mode for all characters)(Zabuza)
5.Collect all the Cards(Kabuto)
6.Collect all the dolls(Kankurou)
7.Collect all music data (4 Sound Ninja)
8.Collect all sound data (3rd Hokage)
9.Collect all movie data (Orochimaru)
10. Collect 999 Bad items from Gachapon (Konohamaru)

Passcodes (used from Naruto's Room)
Coming Soon.

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