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Reviewed: 07/14/04 | Updated: 08/04/05

The biggest disgrace to a great show

Breakin' Da Rules follows a new line of the show. Early on Cosmo and Wanda (Timmy's Godparents) lose their copy of Da Rules and it's up to Timmy to find scattered wish stars and get the pages back before Vicky uses her new "Wishing Power" to destroy everything.

The game plays quite badly when moving around. You're only given a few controls to use through out the game, which makes Veteran action gamers get gray hairs. The shortness of your jump has you doing a lot of double jumps just to get over a simple ledge. Unless you are new to video games and just like to play around, you might like that Timmy has no attacks and he can only jump and use actions. The most annoyingist thing is how often your "God-Parents" pop up, they will talk to you and you can walk 5 steps and they'd pop up saying something useless, not to mention they have a limited number of catch phrases to say (5-10). What’s worse is that you can’t even tell them to go away, they just appear out of nowhere and start talking. I decided to test two things to fully understand the horribleness of this game. In the first level, you have to jump between platforms, I purposely tried to jump off but with no luck. An invisible wall blocked me from dying. Then on the first boss where you fly around as a superhero, I laid the controller down and waited as the boss did not attack nor did he ever stopped flying around the town in the same circle.

This game follows a little "Cel-Shading" graphic look that makes it feel like a real cartoon, but they don't even look as good as they do in the show. You can be talking to someone and their eyes won't even line up with you... which gives it the staring off into space look. The character models don't move well so you find it hard to know what they're doing a lot of the time.

If you follow the show you can expect the same theme song and other noises played throughout the show which I believe they do a great job on bringing the game to life. The voices are also done very well, which has me believe it's the same person as in the show (I haven't checked yet) The lips match the words being said and gives this game even more liveliness to it.

Here is where it just dies... You can play this came and complete it in a few hours... watch a few cartoons as a bonus feature and you are done, most gamers who are good action players or even mediocre will have to trouble with this game, if you are just beginning or in my opinion at a young age where this type of stuff appeals to you. By all means get it and you'll probably enjoy it.

This game is so simple and it may just be because I play games with a much shorter life bar or higher difficulty level. But this may be the easiest game I've ever played in my entire life. Since it's made for kids and buy a kid network they wouldn't make it that difficult but there should at least be a higher difficulty setting. I didn't die once throughout my playing time of 8 hours, which brings me to another problem; dying, you can purpose jump off a cliff and you'll always be saved by grabbing on the edge without doing it yourself. Just way to many safety precautions.

I strongly recommend that you stay far away from this game even if you are a big fan. This game plays bad and is a complete waste of $20. If you are the biggest fan of this or a really bad gamer, then be careful and test this game out. I cannot imagine anyone enjoying this game.

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