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The second original 3D dungeon RPG reconstructed by Kouji Okada, the director of the "Shin Megami Tensei" series, based on the most inspiring work "WIZARDRY". It is set in the Kingdom of Doohan, 100 years before the previous title.

This time, in addition to five races such as humans and elves, a new race called automata has been added. Automata is an automatic doll that does not have a soul and does not level up, but it is strengthened by customization using items. There is also a trust system in which cooperative tactics grow depending on the reliability of the party. Other new elements such as the Shinigami system and magic stone synthesis have also been added.

The characters that appear this time are designed by Katsuya Terada of the "Detective Jinguji Saburo" series and the "Virtua Fighter" series, and clearly express the depth of the world.

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