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FAQ/Walkthrough by YukimuraSanada

Version: 1.00 | Updated: 11/30/04

Samurai Warriors
Complete Walkthrough
Created by : YukimuraSanada
My email address is: brett150591@hotmail.com
Copyright 2004 AD by A. J. Galloway

Table of Contents:
1)Intro and Updates
2)Characters Bio's
         I)Yukimura Sanada
         II)Hanzo Hattori
         IV)Kenshin Uesugi
         V)Mitsuhide Akechi
         VI)Shingen Takeda
         VIII)Date Masamune
         IX)Keiji Maeda
         X)Oda Nobunaga
         XI)Magoichi Saika
         XIV)Ranmaru Mori
         XV)Goemon Ishikawa
3)Level 5 Weapons
         I)Yukimura Sanada
         II)Hanzo Hattori
         IV)Kenshin Uesugi
         V)Mitsuhide Akechi
         VI)Shingen Takeda
         VIII)Date Masamune
         IX)Keiji Maeda
         X)Oda Nobunaga
         XI)Magoichi Saika
         XIV)Ranmaru Mori
         XV)Goemon Ishikawa
4)Character Statistics,Skills Ranks
          I)Yukimura Sanada
         II)Hanzo Hattori
         IV)Kenshin Uesugi
         V)Mitsuhide Akechi
         VI)Shingen Takeda
         VIII)Date Masamune
         IX)Keiji Maeda
         X)Oda Nobunaga
         XI)Magoichi Saika
         XIV)Ranmaru Mori
         XV)Goemon Ishikawa
5)Items/Rare Items
           I)Yukimura Sanada
         II)Hanzo Hattori
         IV)Kenshin Uesugi
         V)Mitsuhide Akechi
         VI)Shingen Takeda
         VIII)Date Masamune
         IX)Keiji Maeda
         X)Oda Nobunaga
         XI)Magoichi Saika
         XIV)Ranmaru Mori
         XV)Goemon Ishikawa
          I)Yukimura Sanada
         II)Hanzo Hattori
         IV)Kenshin Uesugi
         V)Mitsuhide Akechi
         VI)Shingen Takeda
         VIII)Date Masamune
         IX)Keiji Maeda
         X)Oda Nobunaga
         XI)Magoichi Saika
         XIV)Ranmaru Mori
         XV)Goemon Ishikawa
8)Questions and Answers
9)Extremly Special Thanks
10)Contacting Me

1) Intro and Updates

This faq was designed to help you get 100% complettion on Samurai Warriors aka
(Sengoku Musou). This faq in cannot in anyway be used on any websites with out
my permssion.

1.00 Started- almost completed faq.

2. Characters Bio's

Yukimuara Sanada:
Known as a wise samurai general, Yukimura of the Sanada Clan from Ueda fought
with his father in the Western Army. After his father's death, Yukimura would have
been the new warlord of the Sanada Clan, but he resigned and gave authority to
one of his brothers to control the family line and instead disappeared into the
mountains with his band of Koga ninjas(including the loyal Sasuke and Saizou). This was
all part of the plan to make it look as if Sanada had been demolished. Yukimura
and his ninja took refuge within the temple of Kunoichi-ryu, who were bitter enemies
of the Shogun and agreed to help him. Their big chance came in 1614 when the Tokugawa
regime was challenged by Hideyori Toyotomi. He was the son of Hideyoshi Toyotomi,
who once served under the warlord Nobunaga Oda. Sanada and his "Ten Brave Warriors",
the Jyuyuushi. defended the Toyotomi Clan in what is called the "Winter Campaign" at
Osaka in 1614. He helped fortify the castle with his army in what is known as "
The Sanada barbican". however, the next year, in the "Summer Campaign" of 1615,
Tokugawa's forces were able to burn
down the castle and Sanada's fate ended in death, but not without revenge.
Yukimura appeared in front of the Shogun Ieyasu and wounded him, only to be struck
down and killed himself.

Hanzo Hattori:
Leader of the feared Iga ninja, Hanzou was born in 1541 as the son of Hattori Nazo
Yasunaga, a vassal to the Tokugawa family. He was raised in the martial ways.
He protected Ieyasu in the critical years before his rise to Shogun.
Anyone who opposed the Shogun or posed a threat to Japan's peace could face death
from the Iga ninja. Unfortunately, the Iga operations under his command were so
stealthy that very few are known today. Although Hanzou died in 1596, during a
battle against the rival Fuma ninjas, the ninjas trained under Hanzou were instrumental
in Tokugawa's victory in the decisive battle of Sekigahara. Hanzou remains one
of the most famous ninjas in Japanese history.

Oichi was born in 1583.  She was the sister of Oda Nobunaga renowned
for her beauty.  Oichi was married to Shibata Katsuie in 1557.  During
Nobunaga’s conquest of Mino in 1567, he made Shibata and Oichi divorce so Oichi
could be a wife of Asai Nagamasa, who is the lord of the North Omi Province.
Oichi and Nagamasa had one son together named Manjumaru and three daughters.
Later on though, in 1570 Nagamasa betrayed Nobunaga and went to war with him on
behalf of the Asakura family. The Asakura were destroyed and the fighting
continued. Nagamasa’s Odani Castle was surrounded.  Nobunaga requested that his
sister be returned to him. Nagamasa allowed this and sent out Oichi and her
three daughters. Nagamasa and Manjumaru then perished, leaving Oichi to be
shuffled back to Katsuie. In 1583, after Nobunaga’s death, Shibata Katsuie and
Toyotomi Hideyoshi went to war over ruling land. Katsuie’s army perished at
Shizugatake in northern Omi, and the general was not at the battle and
committed suicide.  He pleaded Oichi to take her daughters and flee but to
no avail.  Oichi sent her daughters into Hideyoshi’s care, but stayed herself
to die with Katsuie as his castle was engulfed in flames.

Kenshin Uesugi:

'The Dragon of Echigo,' Kenshin is among the most fearsome of the Samurai Warriors.
Originally a member of the Yamauchi Uesugi family, he took over control of the
Kanto region. Later he entered the priesthood and changed his name to Kenshin.
His belief in the god of victory, Bishamonten, and the guardian gods of Buddhism were
deep. His battle flag featured the character 'bi' (short for Bishamonten) emblazoned
on a white background. He fought countless battles against his old nemesis Shingen Takeda
and Ujiyasu Houjou and his son Ujimasa of the Kanto region, but it can be said that he was
a righteous person who never fought an unjust battle.

Mitsuhide Akechi:

Served under Dosan Saito and Yoshikage Asakura. While Yoshiaki Ashikaga was under
the care of Nobunaga Oda, Mitsuhide Akechi made all preparations for the journey
to the capital. Later, he became a vassal for Nobunaga Oda at which time he was
awarded control of Omi Shiga territory and became the lord of Sakamoto Castle.
His military talents brought him much recognition. He became the governor of Hyuga
and began a war against Tanba. Upon defeating Tanba, he became the lord of Kameyama Castle.
Immediately afterward, he followed Nobunaga Oda in his attack on Koshu, and then returned
to Azuchi Castle to oversee the preparations for a visit from Ieyasu Tokugawa.
At the same time, he received the order to lead an attack on Saigoku. He lead his troops
out of Kameyama Castle and attacked Honno-ji Temple,
forcing the suicide of Nobunaga Oda.

Shingen Takeda:

The hero known as the Tiger of Kai, he is an expert at Sun Tzu's Art of War.
Takeda's battle flag is emblazoned with the characters
"Fu Rin Ka Zan" (Wind, Forest, Fire, and Mountain): an exhortation to his troops
to be 'as swift as the wind, as quiet as the forest, as invasive as fire, and as
unmovable as the mountains.' After he sent his father into exile, he became head
of the family and expanded his territory by leading an exceptionally strong cavalry.
He formed an alliance with the major clans of the province of Shinshu (present day Nagano)
and battled against long-time rival Kenshin Uesugi at Kawanakajima. He didn't relent
until, in the fifth battle, he finally defeated his enemy, thus solidifying his control
of Shinshu. After defeating the Imagawa family, which had invaded Suruga, he undertook
a westward campaign toward the capital. At Mikatagahara, he defeated the allied armies of
Oda and Tokugawa in an overwhelming show of force.


Coming Soon

Date Masamune:

Son of Terumune Date. As a child, he lost an eye due to illness, thus earning
the nickname 'Dokuganryu,' the 'one-eyed dragon.' After his father's death,
he was victorious at the Battles of Koriyama and Suriagehara and greatly expanded
his own sphere of influence. He overcame many obstacles - from the bad blood between
him and Yoshiakira Mogami to dispute over the family estate - to expand his control
over all of northern Japan. After Hideyoshi Toyotomi's death, Date joined with Tokugawa
in the Battle of Sekigahara

Keiji Maeda:

Maeda was the adopted son of Toshihisa Maeda. When the house of Maeda was passed
along to Toshiie Maeda, Keiji took to the road and soon gained honor and fame
in various battles. He rode his horse Shofu into battle, brandishing a two-pronged
spear. He was barred from Toyotomi’s Kyushu campaign for his wild ways.
But Kagekatsu Uesugi’s trusted assistant Kanetsugu Naoe liked him and invited
him to provide aide in the attack against the Honma family on the island of Sado.
Afterwards, he returned to the capital and devoted himself to art and literature.
When Tokugawa challenged Uesugi, he once again fought with Uesugi’s army.
During the battle against Mogami, he broke through the enemy base with only eight
riders and blew the enemy formation apart.

Oda Nobunaga:

Carried on the family fortune after his father Nobuhide's death.
Elevated his reputation by defeating Yoshimoto Imagawa at the Battle of Okehazama.
He ruled the province of Mino from a base in the city of Gifu. He defeated his
old enemy Takeda at the subsequent battles of Asai, Asakura, and Nagashino.
His ruthlessness earned him the moniker 'The Demon King.' In an attempt to unify
the entire country, he put down a rebellion by the army of Mitsuhide Akechi at
Honnouji Temple. His progressive thought and repeal of many policies brought about
profound change to Japan under his rule.

Magoichi Saika:

A member of the Saikashu, a sect of Buddhists in the Kii Peninsula.
When Nobunaga led an attack against an uprising at Ise Nagashima, the Saikashu
supported the rebellion. Saika organized a gun battalion and drove back Nobunaga's
army. At the Battle of Ishiyama, Shigehide Suzuki led a gun battalion of 100 men
and inflicted great pain on Nobunaga's troops. While serving as liaison to Honganji
Temple, Saika fought in the Battle of Yamazaki, and later played a role in the
capture of Hideyoshi Toyotomi at Kishu.


Daughter of Dousan Saito. Her mother was related to the Akechi family.
When Dousan chased Yoriake Toki to Owari (the area surrounding Nagoya) and took
control of Mino (a province neighboring Owari), Nobuhide Oda's forces retreated,
but in order to maintain the peace, Dousan gave his daughter, Nouhime, in marriage
to Nobuhide's son, Nobunaga.


The artist Okuni, who lived during the Azuchi-Momoyama period (1568 - 1600),
was the progenitor of the Kabuki. This Priestess of Izumo (in present day Shimane Prefecture)
gained fame as a master of the dance, established a theatre in Kawara (in Kyoto),
and later took her craft to various locales around the land. According to the
diary of the Emperor Go Youzou, in the year Keicho 5 (1601), Okuni performed a
dance for the ladies of the Imperial Court. However, other than what is written
about her in the Emperor's diary, not much is known about her life. In Samurai Warriors,
this temple maiden travels the dominions of Japan during war soliciting on behalf of
the temple.

Ranmaru Mori:

Born Nagasada Mori, son of Yoshinari Mori in the Mino region northeast of present
day Nagoya. His older brother Nagayoshi suppressed an insurrection at Ise Nagashima,
and was awarded 200,000 goku for his success. (A goku is a unit of measure for rice,
roughly equivalent to a one year supply for one man. The more goku a leader possesses,
the more troops he is able to feed, and thus, the stronger his influence.)
In addition, Nagayoshi accompanied Hideyoshi Toyotomi and participated in the Battle of Nagakute,
where he died while still in his youth. From an early age, Ranmaru was Nobunaga's
attendant. Recognized for his talent and loyalty, he was appointed to a responsible
post. At Oumi, he was given 500 goku, and after Katsuyori Takeda's death,
he was awarded the 50,000 goku at Iwamura Castle in Mino. While residing with
Nobunaga at Honnouji Temple, Mitsuhide Akechi launched a fierce assault.
Even though they fought resolutely, Ranmaru and his younger brothers perished
defending Nobunaga.

Goemon Ishikawa:

Though his lineage is unknown, by the time he was 19 he was well versed in ninjutsu.
He may have been born in Iga-ueno (in present day Mie Prefecture), but that is
in dispute. It is also said that he assassinated the mistress of Sandayu Momoji
and escaped with Momoji's wife. After that, he became the leader of a group of
thieves and wreaked havoc over a wide swath from Sakai to Kyoto. He once purloined
a prized bird belonging the emperor's advisor, Hideyoshi Toyotomi, and made for
Osaka Castle, but the bird sang and Goemon was discovered. He was returned to
Kyoto's Sanjo Kawara in 1594 where he was sentenced to boil in an iron cauldron.
His story has been immortalized in Kabuki drama that has been passed down through
the ages.

Level 5 Weapons

Yukimura Sanada

5th Level Weapon Stats:
Fire Lance "Susanoo"
Base Attack: 47
Element: Fire
Life +50
Musou +27
Attack +40
Defense +38

Stage obtained in: Summer Campaign of Osaka
Step by Step Guide:
1. Lure the two generals to Sanadamaru.
2. Destroy the enemy mobile cannons.
3. Do not let any generals into the castle at any time.
4. Visit your leader/Return to Base.
5. Prevent/Defeat Date Masamune.
6. Defeat all enemy generals, except for Hanzou Hattori, & Ieyasu Tokugawa.
7. Get 1000 KOs.
8. Charge into the enemy camp and defeat the ambush party.

If you have achived the above, a supply team will appear in southwest
of the map. Defeat Supply Captian for the weapon.

More Detailed Guide Coming Soon

Hanzo Hattori:

Level 5: Yamikiba
Attack: 46
Description: A dark weapon said to be forged in the depths of the Underworld.
Element: Dark
Musou: +40
Ranged Attack: +45
Speed: +42
Jump: +34

How to obtain: The Battle of Mikatagahara. You must defeat Nobushige Oyamada
(northwest general) and then protect your generals from the Takeda army. If
a general dies, or the Crane (I believe) formation collapses, you cannot get
the item. The easiest way to do this is to have a second player (level 20) kill
all the generals besides Shingen. Also, you must not miss the officer that does
not appear in the map but usaully attacks Kazumasa Takigawa. This officer is
one of Shingen's officer but was constantly the reason that the Crane formation
would fall, in my personal experience. After this, you take the western most
pass and use the Ninja route. Open using it, you will be given a task to seal
all the gates, which you must do. Then the supply team appears at the southeast
corner of the map and moves westword. Defeat the captain for the weapon.


Base Attack: 45
Element: Lighting
Attack: +44
Defense: +39
Ranged Attack: +39
Musou: +40

Kenshin Uesugi:

Number of Attacks: 8
Base Attack Power: 48
Element: Ice
Statistics: Life: +50
Ranged Attack: +47
Horse Attack: +41
Speed: +45
Description: Said to be crafted from the tail of the great
             serpent Orochi.


1. As soon as the stage begins, ride towards Kaizu Castle. Once there, defeat
   Nobushige Oyamada.
2. Immediately ride back towards Mt. Saijyo, where Hanzo Hattori will appear.
   Defeat him as well.
3. Go back to Kaizu Castle and defeat Yukimura Sanada. To eliminate Kunoichi,
   his officer, is optional.
4. Wait until the Takeda reinforcements come, and when they do, retreat back
   to the main camp. This triggers Keiji Maeda's arrival to support Kenshin.
5. After Keiji arrives, charge straight into the Takeda main camp (it must be
   done within ONE MINUTE after the mission is given). After the event, the
   enemy supply unit appears by Kaizu Castle and runs towards the south.
6. Ride towards the supply unit and kill the Supply Captain for the valuable
7. Defeat Shingen Takeda to clear the stage.

Mitsuhide Akechi:

Number of Attacks: 8
Base Attack Power: 47
Statistics: Attack +42
Musou +37
Defence +46
Attack Radius +28
Description: Said to be a gift from the gods to
             emperor Jimmu.
The Battle of Yamasaki (Mitsuhide's 4th map upper path)
Simple, ran thru the missions one by one,I got
mt Ten Oh... then closed the upper gate of the enemy on the top of
the mountain, (just in front of the cave) and rushed down. To save
the general, when i came back, there were less enemies on the mountain
and i cleared them out. it was hard though... as you are pressed for
time... I suggest playing with two players, because it is so hard to
do on your own...

Shingen Takeda:

Number of Attacks: 8
Base Attack Power: 49
Element: Fire
Statistics: Defense +45
Horse Attack +45
Horse Defense +43
Attack Range +50
Description: A divine war fan created in honor of the birth of

1. As soon as the stage begins, ride straight to Zenkouji. Defeat Kanetsugu
   Naoe and the Reserve Captain near him in order to occupy Zenkouji (Mission
2. Go to Mt. Chausu and defeat Masamune Date (Mission #2). To defeat his
   officer, Kagetsuna Katakura, is merely optional.
3. Ride to Kaizu Castle and defeat Hanzo Hattori, who appears there as soon as
   Masamune is defeated. Defeat Hanzo (Mission #3).
4. Hurry back to the area of Hachimanbara, towards which Keiji advances as soon
   as Masamune is defeated. Defeat Keiji (Mission #8).
5. Defeat Kagetsugu Amakasu and Kenshin's officer Yoshikyo Murakami, in order
   to ensure the survival of the main camp and trigger the next mission.
6. Ride down the southwest path towards Mt. Saijyo, where Kenshin's main camp
   is located. It is necessary to defeat Kenshin's officer Tomonobu Saito in
   order to open the west gate.
7. Proceed towards Kenshin's main camp (Mission #9). An event in which Lord
   Shingen does his lone charge occurs. It is after this event that the enemy
   supply unit appears by the right bridge on the southwest part of the map.
8. Immediately ride towards the enemy supply unit and defeat the Supply Captain,
   who drops the valuable item.
9. Defeat Kenshin to clear the stage.


Stats: Base Attack +45
       Ice Element
       Life +37
       Musou +45
       Ranged Defense +49
       Jump +29

In the Rescue of Ueda Castle,reach the fifth floor in less than
3 minutes 45 seconds, without defeating any enemies. A precious
item report will appear; go to the northwest, and the weapon will
be in one of the rooms there.

Date Masumune:

Base Attack: 46
Ice Element
Attack +45
Mounted Attack +35
Musou Charge +32
Attack Radius +39
Description: Said to be imbued with the power of the star god Mikaboshi.

WARNING: You must not let ANY of your allies die! Battle drum is suggested.

Method to obtain: You must have already completed his story mode at least once.
Go to Date's Attack on Honnouji stage, set the difficulty to Hard, or Chaos if
you are feeling lucky. You may want to save often, because the enemies will
probably be hitting pretty hard. At the start head south and destroy the
defense captain. Head inside the walls and head south to trigger an Oda ambush
party, kill the white aura defense captain then head straight to the other side
of the temple. This will trigger another ambush party, kill the white aura
defense captain. Head all the way north to trigger yet another ambush party
with white aura defense captain, kill the captain. Now you should be able to
get to the blue X. You must do all this before the Akechi army breeches the
walls. I suggest saving after doing the first mission, as the next part can be
tough. Now Mitsuhide calls for a full scale assault, you are given a mission to
destroy the Akechi elite officers. They will most likely rush you so try to
lure one or two away from the squad if you can, then destroy them, but you
don't have to to get the weapon. If Mitsuhide comes near you, you will get a
mission to defeat Akechi Mitsuhide, take him out. Once Akechi goes down, the
Oda elite officers come out and Nobunaga starts to fall back, but he shouldn't
retreat. Kill the Oda elite officers, leave Maeda Keiji for last, because he
should be near where the supply team arrives, which is near the center of the
map at the temple. Kill the captain, snag the weapon box, and save. Go to
where Nobunaga went and prepare for the final battle.

Keiji Maeda:

Base Attack Power: 50
Statistics: Life +50
Attack +46
Mounted Attack +44
Musou Charge +26
Description: The pike said to belong to Izanagi,
             one of the gods of creation

Kawanakajima Challange (Keiji's 5th map)
Mode: Hard or Chaos
Method: Defeat all Enemy sub-generals(there are three of them) and generals
 exept Kenshin.

 Notes: Do not let any of your generals kill them, you will lose the weapon.
       You must beat musou mode once.

I first went upwards, towards the location of Saiga, killing the
Reserve Captain and Shikenaga Honjo on the way. After killing Takahiro Kitajo,
I went towards Yukimura's appearance location. Then i killed Kagie Kakizaki,
then i went up to Okuni's location met up with her and closed the gate and
defeated Yoshikiyo Murakami. Soon afterwards, i rushed to the sub-general of
Kagekatsu Uesugi, Tomonobu Saito and beat him along with the Reserve Captain
near him. then i beat the three remaining generals in the north area of the map.
Then Kenshin appeared. I killed his sub-general surrounded by Saiga and
Yukimura and rushed to Date, (But if you are too late, Date could die.Don't
worry about the other generals, they stick together.) Defeat the remaining
generals (exept Kenshin) and the Supply will appear.

Oda Nobunaga:

Night Element
Musou +45
Attack +26
Mounted Attack +49
Attack Radius +35
The blade that was used to slay Orochi, the great serpant.

Mode: Story or Free
Level: Battle of Okehazama
Diff: Hard or Chaos(Hell)
Requirements: Beaten Nobunagas Story Mode at least once, doesnt matter which
ending you got.

At the start of the battle Nobunaga will claim that if he can kill some sub
generals then he can delay the Imagawa Army.  2 blue dots will flash on the
screen.  Head to them and defeat both the "Defense Captains" you see.  Each
time a gate should open up to a little fort with sub generals in them.  You
dont have to beat them to get the weapon, but feel free to do so if you want.
After this you should hear that Hideyoshi has arrived in the Top-Middle part
of the map.  Nobunaga claims he wants to meet up with him.  However, do not
go to the fort and help out or meet up with Hideyoshi.  After about 3-5 minutes
Hideyoshi should be eliminated and you will get a message telling you so.
The Imagawa army will then recieve some reinforcments.  Nobunaga of course
being the demon that he is claims he will destroy them all.  You will then
receive a mission that says to eliminate all the Imagawa elite officers.  Do
so, one of them is Ieyasu Tokugawa by the way so dont feel bad.  Slaugher him
like the rest of the "fools".  Once all of them have been eliminated, Hanzo
will appear in the very South-East corner of the map.  He claims he will kill
Imagawa first, well this cant be allowed to happen so QUICKLY rush for the enemy
base.  Hanzo is very fast so you might wanna have a horse preferably Matsukaze
(see the Items/Rares Guide on how to get him).  If you get to the enemy base
first you will complete the mission and Hanzo will withdraw from both the map
and the "fakes" he sent to your main base.  The supply team should then show
up South-East of where Hideyoshi first appeared on the map in this little
circular hole area.  Rush there and kill the captain and congratulations, the
sword is yours.  Now go back and kick Imagawas butt and complete the mission.

Magoichi Saika:

Fifth Weapon: (Coming Soon)
Initial Attack: (Coming Soon)
Description: (Coming Soon)


Base Attack 46
Element: Night
Life +28
Defense +49
Speed +35
Range Atk +43

Where To Get It: Betrayal at Honnouji (upper path)
Defeat Nobunaga Oda in the first 5 minutes of the battle.
Where It Is: In the hands of a supply team. They appear by the west central
stronghold and head for the stronghold in the southeast.
As soon as the battle began, I headed south and dispatched the
Defense Captain in front of the western entrance to the temple courtyard. I
then headed inside for Nobunaga Oda and killed him just under 3 minutes into
the battle. I received the message that the supply team had appeared and left
the temple through the west gate. I looped around to the north and east before
going south, ignoring generals and reaching the southeast stronghold just in
time to dispatch the supply team and claim the weapon. I retraced my steps to
return to the west gate, defeating Oichi and Keiji Maeda and securing strong-
holds as I progressed. I then headed south, eliminated Mitsuhide Akechi, and
went straight for the escape point in the northeast to finish the battle. Using
a rank 13 Noh with +35 Solar Gem, a +33 Moon Stone, a +42 Power Bracer, a +34
Himiko's Rune, and the Matsukaze Saddle, I was able to finish the battle in
exactly 22:30.


Base Attack - 46
Element: Fire
Defense +41
Ranged Attack +33
Jump +49
Attack Range +37
Description: Said to be carried by an acolyte of the great goddess Amaterasu.

1. You must have beaten her Story Mode at least once. Otherwise it won't
appear no matter what.
2. You must be playing on either Hard or Chaos difficulty.

Dance of Ise(I recommend you equip a saddle, preferably
2. At the start of the level, a mission will activate where you have to
advance, but stay close to Goemon. If get too far away from Goemon, Okuni
will complain once. This is a warning. If you are still too far away and
she complains again, you will fail the mission. Failing this mission means
the supply team will not appear. So keep up with Goemon! He does not stop
for any enemies(he never does when I play this stage). Although this may
sound good, it can get you into a lot of trouble later on.

3. Once you advance north a bit, you will encounter Ranmaru Mori. A mission
to eliminate Ranmaru Mori will appear, so do so. Once you are in the
fort/base Ranmaru Mori was located in, Goemon will go through the east
gate in that fort/base.

4. Keep advancing east until Goemon starts to head south. You will come to
another fort/base in the very center of the stage. This is where Mitsuhide
Akechi is located. A mission will appear to eliminate Mitsuhide, so defeat
him. Continue to head south.

5. Once you get to the south fort/base, you will head east again. Rush ahead
of Goemon and approach Hanzo as fast as you can. This will activate a
mission to eliminate Hanzo, so do so. Once you have defeated Hanzo, head
back to the fort/base in the center of the map. The supply team will
appear outside the west gate of the fort/base in the center shortly after
Hanzo has been defeated(and all other officers mentioned above). You are
allowed to leave Goemon at this point.

6. The supply team will head north from their location(I assume they retreat
to one of the gates in the north so you have to be fast). Cut them off and
defeat the supply captain for the weapon. Now rush back to Goemon to help
him. On your way towards him, you should get a message saying his morale
is dropping due to fatigue. After this you will get another message saying
to defeat all enemy officers(if you ignored the other ones on your way
towards Ranmaru, Mitsuhide, and Hanzo). Ignore this, if you try and go
back and defeat the enemy officers, Goemon will be defeated and you will
lose. Keep heading to Goemon and once you approach him he should talk and
the gate in the northeast should open. Head there with Goemon and go into
the gate. The stage will end and you will win and have your shiny new 5th
weapon for Okuni now. Enjoy.

Ranmarui Mori:

Base Attack Power: 48
Element: Ice
Statistics: Defense: +40
Ranged Defense: +48
Speed: +40
Musou Charge: +25
Description: A legendary katana said to cleave the earth and
             raise mountains.

Stage: Betrayal at Honnouji
Difficulty: Hard
Requirements: Prevent the Akechi Army from entering Honnouji (Mission #1) and
      thwart Mitsuide Akechi's fire attack unit (Mission #2).
Note: Ranmaru's Story Mode must have been completed at least once before
      attempting to obtain this weapon. Otherwise the supply unit will not
      appear, even if all other necessary conditions are met.

Phase #1: The south gate and the fire attack unit

To defend the south gate alone should not be much of a challenge, even on hard
difficulty. The major problem comes when the fire attack unit appears into the
scene, as leaving the south gate in order to eliminate this unit will probably
lead to failure to accomplish the first mission. What to do? Simple. First of
all, DO NOT FIGHT RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE SOUTH GATE. Instead, pull the enemy
units towards the east, to around a middle point between the south gate and the
wall, and fight there. The beauty of this trick is that the enemies are much
more interested in killing Ranmaru than in crossing the gate, and so they will
follow rather easily. Second, keep an eye on the location of the fire attack
unit, and when it comes near to being right to the east from you go to meet it,
quickly kill the Spy Leader and run back to the fighting spot. It is all right
to move at this point. Once the many generals, their officers and other various
units that come along are defeated and the message that says that the Akechi
Army was successfully repelled, the Supply Captain will appear right at the
south gate (very hard to miss); kill him for the weapon.

Phase #2: Nobunaga must escape

This is not as difficult as it seems. The one advantage of having to repel so
many enemies at the south gate is that Ranmaru is able to score many kills, and
that obviously helps morale. For this reason, let Nobunaga fight on his own for
a while and dedicate yourself to circle around the castle killing Reserve
Captains. The access to some of these gates will be impossible at this moment,
but do eliminate as many as you can. Once the enemy entry points have been
taken care of, go to Nobunaga and defeat Noh and at least some of the enemy
soldiers around the area. After this, go to Mitsuhide's location and eliminate
him; if access is still not possible keep fighting alongside Nobunaga until he
exits through the west gate and then charge into Mitsuhide and the Reserve
Captain behind him. If there are enemy entry points that have not yet been
closed, this is the time to close them. To kill some of the enemy units on the
way does not hurt, but do not spend too much time at it. Nobunaga should reach
the escape point soon and the stage will be cleared. By this strategy I managed
to have Nobunaga retreat with a little more than 10 minutes left on the timer.

Goemon Ishikawa:

Base Attack - 49
Element: Lightning
Life +49
Ranged Defense +27
Speed +49
Agility +36
Description: Said to embody the soul of the mythical warrior Takemizuchi.

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