How do you get Keiji's 5th level weapon?

  1. I've read the guides, and such and they say to "defeat all generals and sub-generals before Kenshin, and make sure your allied don't die, and the supply captain will appear in the southwest corner and travel north." I did so, even with 2P, defeated all people mentioned, but the captain did not appear. What do i do? Can anyone help? Is it because i have 2P run around and lower thier health so that i could one hit them? What did i do wrong?

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    DemonBrat1217 - 6 years ago

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  1. Begin Keiji's "Kawanakajime Challenge." You have to defeat all officers and sub officers on Hard Mode. Including the officer that Goemon goes for in the northeast corner of the map, out of the camp to the east that Okuni shows up in (careful, Goemon can kill this man in as little as three minutes, so you have to hurry and constantly be on the look out with your map). You also have to make sure that none of your allies die, so yeah. Don't equip the Matsukaze saddle, since the horse will be there waiting for you at the begining of the stage. I suggest charging up straight and taking out all officers along the way, hang east towards Okuni when told to, and defeat that final sub officer by Okuni. Head down and kill all Officers, then wind west if you missed any. This is when you should check your map, since new officers will be coming in along with Kenshin by the time you have 2 officers left from the first wave. Masamune will be all on his own, so try protecting him. Magoichi and the others will look out for one another for a while, at least. Defeat all officers and Kenshin, then end the stage after the supply captain shows up in the east and head for the castle exit. Defeat the supply captain to get the weapon (I charged from KEnshin's camp east through the long road, up and caught them before they got to the exit.) finish the stage and enjoy the Izanagi.

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