What is the best strategy for farming REALLY GOOD ITEMS?!

  1. Can anybody please tell me how to farm VERY GOOD ITEMS?!
    Okay, so I was snoopin around on some GameFAQS topics, and I happened to come across posts saying to farm on Mitsuhide's "Incident At Honno-ji," upper path, on hard to get good items, so I tried. But I tried chaos instead, because hard wasnt really working for me, which gave me an exceptionally good increase in status. But, lately I cant find any good item status increases anymore, even on chaos. I also heard that I could farm on Geomon's upper fifth, "Geomon the Wild," but that doesnt seem to work either. I remember seeing a YouTube vid where someone had practically every item on max, which would be 50!! Thanxxx so very f***ing much, to those of you who answered!! :D

    User Info: narutofanlover

    narutofanlover - 6 years ago

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  1. Play in "Free Mode," Akechi's "Betrayal at Honnouji," on Hard difficulty, and run around defeating officers and such. With enough luck, you'll recieve item boxes that will be 20+ in levels. You can also play anyone else's levels on "Hard" mode, but Akechi's is the easier I've done. As long as you are on Hard or Chaos, you are bound to get better items than on Easy or Normal. You can also use any character, but I recommend either resetting thier stats or maxing them out. I did so by not using any skill points (but collected them instead) until they were lv. 20.

    User Info: DemonBrat1217

    DemonBrat1217 - 6 years ago 2 0

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