Does Swap Magic 3.8 work with Japanese import games?

  1. Hello Internet, there is an awsome game out there called Transformers Tataki or "Call Of The Future" if you translate to English, was dreaming for this game for years , but now I have the chance to get it, I do have Swap Magic but it's the 3.8 coder version, and I have heard mixed reviews on that one, and since these things are so hard to find, 3.6 was out of the question, but was able to get 3.8. Tataki was released in the year 2003 and is a DVD, NTSC type region game, don't have Tataki yet but I know how to get it, so I wanted to know if the 3.8 coder is like 3.6 and will still play import games even from 2003, please if anyone here has an answer you would be helping me out a lot, Thank You.

    User Info: Warpathimus

    Warpathimus - 3 years ago

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