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Secrets Guide by DChan

Updated: 03/09/2004

     Choujikuu Yousai Macross (PlayStation 2)
     Hyper Dimension Macross (PlayStation 2)

     Secrets and Song Lyrics FAQ (Version 2.1 - Text Version)

     Current Update: Wednesday, 3 March 2004
     Previous Update: Saturday, 21 February 2004
     Created: Saturday, 1 November 2003

     By Don "Gamera" Chan (crs1219@h_tmail.c_m)

     Note: I don't have this game or a PlayStation 2, thus I
     can't verify these hidden commands. I typed up this
     file as a "fan service" for the fellow anime fans and
     military aviation fans out there.

1.   Acknowledgements
2.   Nutrition Information
3.   Links
4.   Song Lyrics
4.1    "Ai ha nagareru"
4.2    "Ai - Oboeteimasuka"
4.3    "Tenshi no enogu"
5.   Hidden Commands
6.   Hidden Tricks
7.   Hints

"Setsunasa!" (*1)

     Disclaimer: I send the newest version of this file to
only eight Websites:

     Dementi: J'ai envoye la plus recente version de ce
fichier a seulement huit sites webs.

     - http://www.gamefaqs.com/
     - http://vgstrategies.about.com/
     - http://dlh.net/
     - http://www.cheathappens.com/
     - http://faqs.ign.com/
     - http://www.gamenemesis.com/
     - http://www.ggmania.com/
     - http://www.trob.co.uk/

     If you downloaded or read this file at other
Websites, the SysOps of the other Websites probably
leeched it from one of the above Websites.

     Si vous avez telecharge ou lu ce fichier a partir
d'autres sites, les responsables de ces sites l'auront
probablement pompe a partir de l'un des sites


     Thanks to these sierra hotel persons/organisations:
     - Adrian Rodriguez, for feedback.
     - Asagiri Yohko, daveinjapan, hanst, and other Netters
in the Choujikuu Yousai Macross message board in
GameFAQs.com, for links and Q&A.
     - Jean-Luc Barbera of France, for the French
translation of the Disclaimer, and the English translation
of the NOIR foreword. (After all, English and French are
the two official languages up here in Canada, the True
North Strong and Free.)
     - Lieutenant Colonel YANG Li Wei, 38, Chinese People's
Liberation Army Air Force, of Sui Zhong County, Hu Lu Dao
("Gourd Island") City, Liao Ning Province, People's Republic
of China. Fighter pilot with 1,350 hours of flight
experience, and astronaut with 21 hours 23 minutes of space
experience. His Shen Zhou 5 ("Divine Vessel 5") capsule,
atop a CZ-2F (Chang Zheng-2F, "Long March-2F") rocket, took
off from Jiu Quan ("Wine Fountain") Satellite Launch Centre,
Gansu Province, at 09:00 (Bei Jing time, 01:00 GMT) on
Wednesday, 15 October 2003. It orbited Earth for 14 times,
(did not collide with any United States spacecraft,) and
landed in Inner Mongolia, 4.8 km (3 miles) off-target, at
06:23 (22:23 GMT) on Thursday, 16 October 2003. After his
historic mission as the first astronaut of the PRC, he was
promoted to full Colonel.
     - Stephen Ng, of IGN.com, for corrections and feedback.

     (Social democracy in action.)

     In memory of:
     - Hase Arihiro. Voice actor. In Old Macross, he voiced
Ichijou Hikaru. He was 31. He was born on 22 April 1965, and
passed away on 30 July 1996.
     (In Choujikuu Yousai Macross for PS2, Hikaru's
replacement voice actor is Nojima Kenji.)
     - The seven astronauts on the NASA space shuttle USS
Columbia, which was lost in action (Mission STS-107) about
203,000 feet above north-central Texas, USA, at about 9 AM
EST (14:00 GMT, 16 minutes before her scheduled landing at
Kennedy Space Center, Cape Canaveral, Florida, USA) on
Saturday, 1 February 2003 (Chinese New Year Day).

     "Le noir, ce mot designe depuis une epoque lointaine
     le nom du destin.
     "Les deux vierges regnent sur la mort.
     "Les mains noires protegent la paix des nouveaux-nes."
     - NOIR (TV: 2001)


     Title:    Choujikuu Yousai Macross
     Genre:    3D action shooting
     Rating:   Zennenrei (CERO)
     Players:  1
     OS:       PlayStation 2 (SLPM 65405)
     Maker:    Bandai/Sega-AM2
     On Sale:  Thursday, 23 October 2003

     [Ramble ON]

     The seiyuu (voice actor) list of the game at
     excludes Lynn Minmay's voice actress, Iijima Mari,
because she doesn't have a speaking part.

     Also, Ichijou Hikaru's voice actor is Nojima Kenji,
instead of the original Hase Arihiro, because Hase passed
away on 30 July 1996. (T_T)

     In the early 1980s, when I first watched Old Macross, I
didn't particularly like Minmay and Misa, and I liked Miria.
     Now, I also like Kim, because her voice actress is my
favourite Tsuru Hiromi sama. (^_-)

     Revision history of this file:

     Version 0.5 (Limited Edition) [12 KB]: Sunday, 2 November 2003
     Version 1.0 [15 KB, +25%]: Sunday, 9 November 2003
     Version 1.5 [16 KB, +7%]: Saturday, 10 January 2004
     Version 2.0 [16 KB, +0%]: Thursday, 19 February 2004

     [Ramble OFF]


3.   LINKS

   - http://betermusic.myrice.com/aero/robotech.htm
     Aero-China, by Beter Hans. English. Has a Choujikuu
Yousai Macross for PlayStation 2 walk-through.

   - http://www.geocities.co.jp/Playtown-Bingo/8243/code/ps2/macross.html
     Choujikuu Yousai Macross for PlayStation 2 cheat codes.

   - http://www.marimusic.com/
     Mari Iijima Official Homepage, by Iijima Mari. (^o^)

     The Iijima Mari category in Yahoo! Japan.

   - http://fantasy.geographic.net/macross/
     GURPS Macross Project, by C. Lee Davis. English.


     [Ramble ON]

   - http://selios.free.fr/
     Selios' Lairs, by Jean-Luc Barbera of France. English.
     "Selios' Lairs is primary a fan site on different
things I enjoy a lot, some of which are not well known
outside Japan or by rare fans worldwide.
     "Les Antres de Selios sont avant tout un site de fan
sur differentes choses que j'apprecie beaucoup, don't
certaines sont tres meconnues en dehors du Japon hormis
de rares fans de part le monde."

     [Ramble OFF]


     The four Old Macross songs by Lynn Minmay in the game

     "Ai ha nagareru"
     "Ai - Oboeteimasuka"
     "Shao Pai Ron" ("Xiao Bai Long")
     "Tenshi no enogu"

     Personally, I prefer her slow songs, such as "Ai ha
nagareru", "Cinderella" (vocal only version), "My beautiful
place", and "Yasashisa sayonara".


4.1  "Ai ha nagareru"

"Choujikuu Yousai MAKUROSU" (TV: 1982-1983)
"Super Dimension Fortress Macross"

Insert Song                                          M_AIHANA.TXT

Lyrics: Asa Akane
Compose: Haneda Kentarou
Arrange: Haneda Kentarou
Singer: Iijima Mari (!)

"Ai ha nagareru" (4:04)

toki ga nagareru   ai ga nagareru
watashi no mae wo   kanashii kao shite
anata ha kitto   ikusa ni yuku no ne

  otokotachi ha minna   tsukareta you ni
  kuchimoto hikishime   hitomi wo moyashi
  ashi'nami wo soroete

watashi ha kitto   okisarareru wa
ikusa no tame ni   hokori no tame ni
toki ha nagareru   ai ha nagareru
kuchihateru   watashi ha...

toki ga nagareru   ai ga nagareru
anata no mae wo   munashii kao shite
watashi ha zutto   ikusa wo nikumu wa

  onnatachi ha minna   tachi'naotte yuku wa
  ha wo kuishibari   sesuji wo nobashite
  kodomora no tame ni

anata ha kitto   kaette kuru wa
ikusa wo yamete   ikiru tame ni
toki ha nagareru   ai ha nagareru
kuchihateru   mae niha...

Current Update: Sunday, 2 November 2003
Previous Update: 1 April 1998
Created: On or before 9 May 1997
Transliteration: Don "Gamera" Chan
Thanks: Michael House
Source: Choujikuu Yousai Macross Song Collection (JBX-25056,
Victor), Side 1, Track 5

4.2  "Ai - Oboeteimasuka"

"Choujikuu Yousai MAKUROSU: Ai - Oboeteimasuka" (Movie: 1984)
"Super Dimension Fortress Macross: Love - Do you remember?"

Theme Song                                           M_AIOBOE.TXT

Lyrics: Yasui Kazumi
Compose: Katou Kazuhiko
Arrange: Katou Kazuhiko
Singer: Iijima Mari (!)

"Ai - Oboeteimasuka" (6:26!)


ima   anata no koe ga kikoeru
"koko ni oide" to
samishisa ni   makesou'na   watashi ni

ima   anata no sugata ga mieru
aruite kuru
me wo tojite   matteiru   watashi ni

kinou made   namida de kumotteta
kokoro ha ima...

* oboeteimasuka    me to me ga atta toki wo
  oboeteimasuka    te to te ga fureatta toki
  sore ha hajimete no   ai no tabidachi deshita


ima   anata no shisen kanjiru
hanaretete mo
karadajuu ga   atatakaku naru no

ima   anata no ai shinjimasu
douzo watashi wo
tooku kara mimamotte kudasai

kinou made   namida de kumotteta
sekai ha ima...

* [Repeat]

mou   hitoribocchi ja nai
anata ga iru kara

* [Repeat]

mou   hitoribocchi ja nai
anata ga iru kara...

mou hitoribocchi ja nai
anata ga iru kara...

mou hitoribocchi ja nai
anata ga iru kara...

Current Update: Sunday, 2 November 2003
Previous Update: 1 April 1998
Created: On or before 9 May 1997
Transliteration: Don "Gamera" Chan
Thanks: Michael House
Source: Choujikuu Yousai Macross Song Collection (JBX-25056,
Victor), Side 1, Track 1

4.3  "Tenshi no enogu"

"Choujikuu Yousai MAKUROSU: Ai - Oboeteimasuka" (Movie: 1984)
"Super Dimension Fortress Macross: Love - Do you remember?"

-                                                    M_TENSHI.TXT

Lyrics: Iijima Mari
Compose: Iijima Mari
Arrange: Shimizu Nobuyuki
Singer: Iijima Mari (!)

"Tenshi no enogu" (4:??)


tasogare utsusu   madobe he to maioriru
kirameku soyokaze   suikonde
sora wo miru toki

kanashii dekigoto ga   BURU- [blue] ni someta kokoro mo
tenshi no enogu de   nurikaeru yo
omoi no mama ni


deatta koro ha   sora [kanji: uchuu] ni sae akogareta
watashi wo itsudemo mamotteta
ai ni kidukazu

sukoshi no aida dake   anata ni sayounara shitara
kono kimochi ha   namida ni kawaru deshou ka

hitomi wo soraseba   subete ga hanarete shimau
itsuka ha eien no hikari   watashi wo izanau

kanashii dekigoto ga   BURU- [blue] ni someta kokoro mo
tenshi no enogu de   nurikaeru yo
omoi no mama ni


Current Update: Tuesday, 4 November 2003
Previous Update: 1 April 1998
Created: On or before 9 May 1997
Transliteration: Don "Gamera" Chan
Thanks: Anthony Lopez
Source: Choujikuu Yousai Macross Song Collection (JBX-25056,



   - Codes for Action Replay.

     Master code:
     EC8782E0 1445F53C

     Player's fighter invincible:
     1C862E34 0456E70D
     1C8CA4CC 7A96D855

     Missile ammo doesn't decrease:
     1C832F8C 1456E7A5

     Beam cannon ammo doesn't decrease:
     1C834988 1456E7A5

     Boost gauge doesn't decrease:
     1CB293B8 DA56D7A3

     Escorted unit "Cat's Eye" HP maintains at maximum:
     1C82BF2C 5894E7A5

     (Be advised that after it's captured by the enemy, if
missiles hit it, then it will explode.)

     Escorted unit "Macross" HP recovers by L1+Select (1P):
     1CBF270C 1456D7BA
     0CEE0D26 1456AC0B
     1CBF270C 7874E7DD

     (Be advised that in stages where the escorted unit
isn't the Macross, pressing the buttons may heal the enemy.)

     Unlock the Card Collection:
     1CB1C934 3855E7A6
     1CB1C93C B495E731

     (Condition: The Card Collection in Player Data is

     Progress time returns to 0 by R1+Select (1P):
     0CEE0D26 1456B80B
     1CAB61EC 1456E7A5

     (Be advised that it also affects event progress time.)

     Results when completing a stage:

     CLEAR TIME 0:
     1CC5FE4C 1456E7A5

     HIT RATE 100%:
     1CC5FE50 21D6E7A5

     1CC5FE54 1456E7A5

     (The three codes affect the score.)

     "If you're not cheating, you're not trying hard
     - Ancient Chinese proverb


   - Unlock hidden fighters/trading cards.

     VE-1 Elint Seeker: Complete Stage A-4.
     VF-1A Valkyrie: Complete Stage P-1.
     VF-1D Valkyrie: Complete Tutorial Mode.

     VF-1J Valkyrie: Complete Stage P-3 or Stage A-3.
     VF-1S Valkyrie: Complete Stage P-10 or Stage A-6. (Or
Stage P-9?)
     VF-4 Lightning III: Complete all Movie Version stages.
(Or all Movie Version and TV Version stages?)

     VT-1 Super Ostrich: Complete all TV Version stages.
     F-14 Tomcat: ?
     MiG-29 („M„y„s-29) Fulcrum: ?

     Others: Complete each stage with Rank S.

     (The player can use the above fighters in Story Mode
     "Elint" is short for "ELectronic INTelligence".)

     Later (Monday, 2004.01.19):
     The VF-4 first appeared in the OVA "Choujikuu
Yousai Macross: Flashback 2012" that came out on
1987.06.21. Back then, the VF-4 couldn't transform and
was unnamed.

   - Unlock paint schemes.

     VF-1A Hikaru's paint: Clear all ARMD-01 stages.
     VF-1A Kakizaki's paint: Clear all Prometheus stages.
(Or clear both Stage P-10 and A-7?)
     VF-1A Max's paint: Clear Stage P-9 "Pine Salad" and
achieve Rank S.

     VF-1J Hikaru's paint: Clear Stage P-5 and achieve Rank
     VF-1J Max's paint: Use Max's VF-1A (normal Valkyrie,
not Super Valkyrie) to clear Prometheus 1-5 and achieve
Rank S in them.
     VF-1J Miria's paint: Use Max's VF-1J to clear Stage
P-9 "Pine Salad".

     VF-1S Focker's paint: Clear all Movie Version and TV
Version stages and achieve Rank S in them.
     VF-1S Hikaru's paint: Achieve Rank S 18+ times.
     VF-1S Max's paint: Achieve Rank S 16+ times.

     (The player can use the above fighters in Free Battle
Mode only.)

     From Adrian Rodriguez (2003.11.07):
     The VF-1A paint schemes of Kakizaki and Hikaru are
received if both scenarios are completed regardless of
     Max's VF-1A is acquired by getting an S rank in "Pine
Salad" stage.

     From Adrian Rodriguez (2003.11.07):
     As an addition, Hikaru's VF-1J paint is received only
if you got S Rank in Stage P-05. I got around 6 S Ranks in
the Prometheus scenario and replayed that stage to get
that. Also to further support this, I did not get any S
Rank in the stages before P-05 in another game, I got S
during that stage and immediately got the VF-1J.

     Later (2003.11.04):
     Reportedly, the player can unlock the paint schemes
earlier by achieving more Rank S.

7.   HINTS

   - Hints to get Rank S.

     Clear Time: The lesser, the better.
     Destroyed: The more, the merrier.
     Hit Rate: The higher, the better.
     Damage: The lesser, the better.
     Retry/Restart: Don't unnecessarily retry or restart a

Don "Sailormoon haters unite!" Chan (Former Falcon 3.0 player)

*1   "Sakuretsu!"


The information in this e-mail is intended solely for the
addressee(s) named, and is confidential. Any other
distribution, disclosure, or copying is strictly
prohibited. If you have received this communication in
error, please reply by e-mail to the sender and delete or
destroy all copies of this message.

Les renseignements contenus dans le present message
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