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Game Script by tamashii

Version: 1.2 | Updated: 05/17/05



Jenseits von Gut und Böse

Game Script

(by Christiana Bakarich aka tamashii)

                     T A B L E     O F     C O N T E N T S

01 ) Table of Contents      | G#100  | Sections of this guide.
02 ) Legal Information      | G#200  | Copyright protection/legal info.
03 ) Latest Updates         | G#300  | What was added in the last update.
04 ) Introduction           | G#400  | A bit about myself and this guide.
05 ) Searching this Guide   | G#500  | How to use the search function... handy.
06 ) Character Information* | G#600  | Character bios.
07 ) Game Script            | G#700  | The dialogue transcription of cutscenes.
07a) Disc One*              | G#705  | Transcription of the first disc.
07b) Disc Two*              | G#745  | Transcription of the second disc.
07c) Ending Credits         | G#790  | The complete ending credits.
07d) TSSF Summaries*        | G#799  | The Story So Far gameload summaries.
08 ) Past Revisions         | G#800  | History of this guide.
09 ) Credits                | G#900  | All who contributed... Thank you!
10 ) Contact Information    | G#ZZZ  | How to reach me.

* Indicates section under construction.

                       L E G A L     I N F O R M A T I O N

This document is copyrighted to me, Christiana Bakarich. It is intended for 
private use only. It cannot be used in any form of printed or electronic media
involved in a commercial business, in part or in whole, in any way, shape, or
form. It cannot be given away freely, as bonus or prize, and it can't be given
away with the game. It cannot be used for profitable or promotional
purposes, regardless of the situation. Breaking any of these rules is in
direct violation of copyright law.

This document is protected by copyright law and international treaties.
Unauthorized reproduction and distribution of this document, or any portion
of it, may result in severe civil and criminal penalties, and will be
prosecuted to the maximum extent possible under the law. Any characters,
names, places, or miscellaneous objects are copyright of their respective

If you are a webmaster of a site that wishes to post this document, you may
do so under one condition - you must e-mail me first for permission. If
permission is granted, you cannot change a single character of this document,
and you must leave it in txt format. Under NO circumstances will this guide be
permitted to be hosted at www.CheatCC.com.

As of March 15, 2005, only the following site(s) may host this guide:


                         L A T E S T     U P D A T E S

Version 1.2 (May 17, 2005)
  --'The Story So Far...' section begun.
  --Minor spelling and format errors fixed.
  --Action included up through Jin and Margulis' fight.

                           I N T R O D U C T I O N

At the very end of February 2005, two weeks after I brought home my copy of
Xenosaga Episode II: Jenseits von Gut und Böse AND a mere three days after I
beat the final storyline boss, I decided that I would like to contribute
something to the fans of this series that I adore so much. After spending a
while on the Gamefaqs.com Xenosaga Episode II message board, it became clear to
me that there was a demand for a script of the cutscenes in this game.

Let me explain.

Now, because this series has such a huge, deep plot, there are many things
about the story to unravel and explore -- such as character interactions,
individual character development, references to science and futuristic
technology, connections between past and future episodes of the Saga, and of
course the questionably present ties to the legendary PlayStation game
Xenogears. In order for these things to be examined and dissected so that they
may be more easily understood by the common gamer, someone should copy down and
load up the actual script of the game's story, right?  I am hoping my efforts
will make these things a bit easier, heh.

Dialogue and action descriptions in this guide will be as complete as possible,
and I will try my best to make them unbiased. That means that if there is a
character, line, or event that I don't like, I won't skip over it or cheese out
on that part, all right? Completion is my goal, here.

I've formatted this guide in a way that I hope is organized, and I've tried to
make it easy on the eyes. After all, if it isn't easy to read through, there
isn't much point in me putting it up.

That said, it must be stated (and emphasized) that this guide is *NOT* SPOILER

Well, both games, actually...Episode I and Episode II.

Anyway, if you do not mind the plot being spoiled for you or you've already
played the game, then sit back, relax, and I hope you enjoy the story.


                  S E A R C H I N G     T H I S     G U I D E

If you need to find something quickly, press and hold CTRL (Control), then
press the F button. This will bring up the 'Find and Replace' box. In it, type
the word or name you're looking for and you should be taken to it immediately.
This is much faster than scrolling through the entire guide.

This is mainly intended to help you find the dialogue for any one character.
This will start off with the playable characters you get to control, then it
will list the main supporting characters in the order they are introduced in
the game.  Finally, I will note the background characters in the order they
are introduced in the game.

FULL CHARACTER NAME                             |  LISTED IN THIS GUIDE AS:
Shion Uzuki                                     |  Shion
KOS-MOS                                         |  KOS-MOS
chaos                                           |  chaos
Jr. / Gaignun Kukai Jr. (U.R.T.V.)              |  Jr.
Ziggurat 8 / Ziggy                              |  Ziggy
100-Series Observational Unit Prototype MOMO    |  MOMO
Jin Uzuki                                       |  Jin
Helmer                                          |  Helmer
Canaan                                          |  Canaan
Margulis                                        |  Margulis
Orgulla                                         |  Orgulla
Patriarch                                       |  Patriarch
Pellegri                                        |  Pellegri
Allen Ridgeley                                  |  Allen
Dr. Juli Mizrahi                                |  Juli
Gaignun Kukai (adult U.R.T.V.)                  |  Gaignun
Richard                                         |  Richard
Rubedo (Jr. 14 years ago -- U.R.T.V. 666)       |  Rubedo
Nigredo (Gaignun 14 years ago -- U.R.T.V. 669)  |  Nigredo
Kevin Winnicot                                  |  Kevin
Boss (Moby Dick Cafe)                           |  Boss
Mary Godwin                                     |  Mary
Shelley Godwin                                  |  Shelley
Albedo Piasora (adult U.R.T.V.)                 |  Albedo
Sellers                                         |  Sellers
Albedo (Albedo 14 years ago -- U.R.T.V. 667)    |  Albedo
Sakura Mizrahi                                  |  Sakura
Dr. Dmitri Yuriev                               |  Yuriev
Citrine (U.R.T.V. 668)                          |  Citrine
Miyuki Itsumi                                   |  Miyuki
Febronia                                        |  Febronia
Nephilim                                        |  Nephilim
Red Cloak -- Testament                          |  Red Cloak
Wilhelm                                         |  Wilhelm
Captain Matthews                                |  Matthews
Hammer                                          |  Hammer
Tony                                            |  Tony
Vanderkam                                       |  Vanderkam
Blue/Purple Cloak -- Testament                  |  Blue Cloak
Mirror Jr. (Albedo)                             |  Mirror Jr.
White Claok -- Testament                        |  White Cloak
Female Newscaster                               |  Newscaster
Female Operator                                 |  Operator
Male Government Offices Technician              |  Technician
Male 2nd R&D Division Scientist                 |  Scientist
100-Series Realian(s)                           |  100-Series
Male U.M.N. Control Center Technician           |  Tech #1
Female U.M.N. Control Center Technician         |  Tech #2
Male Representative #1                          |  Rep #1
Brown-haired Male Representative                |  Rep #2
Bald Male Representative w/ glasses             |  Rep #3
Male Representative #4                          |  Rep #4
Announcer for Encephalon Dive                   |  Announcer
Female Yuriev Institute Technician              |  Tech 01
U.R.T.V. Collective Consciousness               |  U.R.T.V.
Security A.I. for the Dämmerung                 |  Security
Male Technician in Second R&D Division          |  Tech 1
Soldier on the Nalgfar Cannon ship              |  Soldier

                  C H A R A C T E R     I N F O R M A T I O N

I will add here a list of important characters and descriptions of each
character. Some minor background characters like technicians and scientists
will be referred to with similar names on occasion, because of the limitations
of space due to how I've formatted this guide. I will be adding in actions in
the future, however, so I will try to describe these characters in greater
detail in the relevant scenes.

[Section Currently Under Construction]

                            G A M E     S C R I P T

                               D I S C     O N E

[OLD MILTIA -- T.C. 4753 (14 YEARS AGO)]

   [An oddly spider-shaped spacecraft gates out of hyperspace and begins its
      descent onto Miltia.]

   [The screen becomes slightly fuzzy, indicating that we are now watching a
      news broadcast.]

Newscaster:  What you're seeing here is actual footage from the violence that
             erupted before dawn this morning.

Newscaster:  These seemingly coordinated Realian attacks were reported
             throughout Federation territory, prompting government officials to
             consider this movement an act of terrorism.

   [There is insane laughter in the background. The camera moves down to view
      Old Miltia City with all the bright lights and advertisements. The sky is
      dark. There are flames and smoke coming from destroyed buildings and
      vehicles. There are many people running through the streets.]

Newscaster:  Their response to these Realians has been --

Newscaster:  There's been a new development...

   [The camera zooms in on a small group of Realians destroying a car with some
      sort of pipe or club. An explosion suddenly obstructs the view. When the
      smoke clears, we see Realians working together to overturn another car.
      The car explodes.]

Newscaster:  As international agencies continue to analyze these violent
             events, a flash action report within the Federation -- and
             obtained by this station -- indicates that only Realian models
             created within the last two years or those receiving adjustments
             in the Miltian Star System have been implicated.

   [The camera moves to show a group of Realians now beating up citizens with
      pipes and clubs.]

   [Our view pulls back to show that the news report is being viewed on a large
      computer console screen.]

Newscaster:  Although this is not a complete list, we have obtained a partial
             list of units matching these criteria.

Newscaster:  This list includes...

   [The view slowly shifts right to show a male Realian with orange hair and
      golden eyes tightening the gloves of his grey military uniform. He is
      listening to the news report.]

Newscaster:  DZ-1006448

Newscaster:  DZ-2000330

   [The Realian looks up to watch the screen as he continues to tighten his

Newscaster:  DZ-1001007

   [The news report disappears as a black man in military uniform pops up on
      the screen. He begins talking to the Realian.]

    Helmer:  Today was just the beginning of the ensuing violence.

    Helmer:  These Realian outbreaks are spreading like wildfire.

   [The view zooms in on the screen again as Helmer continues talking.]

    Helmer:  They'll be reading off plenty more model numbers in the media
             tomorrow, I can assure you.

    Canaan:  So, what does that have to do with the operation?

    Canaan:  I'd like to know why I was chosen for this mission.

   [Canaan finally stops fussing with his gloves, and looks up at Helmer.]

    Canaan:  I'm told that the military has detained all of its Realians.

    Canaan:  I find it difficult to believe that they don't have any misgivings
             about us.

   [Canaan stands before the screen with his arms crossed.]

    Helmer:  Canaan, you're a Realian who's been especially created and
             configured by Vector, itself.

    Helmer:  I've been given the CEO's personal guarantee that you won't be
             affected like the others.

   [The door behind Canaan suddenly opens, and a boy with silver hair and
      tanned skin, in the same grey uniform as Canaan, enters. He addresses

     chaos:  Besides, no ordinary pilot could possibly control your craft.

     chaos:  That makes you very vital to the operation.

    Helmer:  I don't believe you two have been properly introduced yet.

   [Canaan turns his head to the left to look at chaos.]

    Helmer:  This is chaos.

   [Canaan turns his body towards chaos as chaos continues walking towards the
      computer. chaos is also looking at Canaan.]

    Helmer:  He'll be joining you onboard as your navigator.

   [Canaan addresses chaos.]

    Canaan:  I appreciate the offer, but you may want to reconsider.

    Canaan:  A regular human can't ride in that thing.

   [chaos smiles.]

     chaos:  Right. That's why I'm here.

     chaos:  Don't worry.

    Helmer:  All right, it's settled then.

    Helmer:  Good luck to both of you.


   [There is a U.M.N. symbol on the screen -- the snake-thing eating its tail.]

  Operator:  As mentioned in the briefing, this is a top-secret mission.

   [The U.M.N. symbol is replaced by an Anima logo, and a hologram of the E.S.
      Asher appears, glowing and encased in thin glowing blue rings. The Anima
      logo is replaced by the Vector symbol.]

  Operator:  All IFF code transmitters will be switched off, and under no
             circumstances will you receive backup from this vessel.

   [Glowing orange lines are spread out on the screen around the E.S. Asher
      hologram, and they move to make a 3D grid-map of a hangar.]

  Operator:  You will have to manage your descent and return on your own.

  Operator:  You can expect heavy resistance from both U-TIC enemy craft and
             Federation military units deployed throughout Miltia.

   [The view moves up the back of the E.S. Asher craft in the darkened hangar.]

  Operator:  It's going to be dangerous.

   [We see Canaan stationed in the lower half of the E.S. Asher cockpit.]

  Operator:  So watch yourselves out there.

    Canaan:  Don't worry.

    Canaan:  I'm coming back.

   [The view shifts up to show chaos stationed above Canaan in the upper half
      of the E.S. Asher cockpit.]

     chaos:  Operator, requesting confirmation.

   [A small screen pops up in front of chaos. It reads: STRATEGY CHECK. A small
      keypad of black, hexagonal keys shows up on the screen, and chaos taps
      four different keys.]

     chaos:  We are to head to point NN441, correct?

  Operator:  Correct.

   [View shifts again to the exterior of the E.S. Asher. We see its massive leg
      and its equally large beam gun.]

  Operator:  The U.R.T.V. force is currently deployed at the target location.

  Operator:  Your primary objective is to retrieve them. Protecting them should
             be your first priority.

   [View shifts back to the interior of the cockpit. Canaan is peering upwards
      at the screen in front of chaos.]

     chaos:  All of them?

  Operator:  Affirmative.

  Operator:  If the situation allows, you will then infiltrate U-TIC's
             motherframe and acquire the Y-Data -- the root of this conflict.

     chaos:  Roger. We'll do what we can.

    Canaan:  E.S. Asher start-up sequence complete.

    Canaan:  Requesting launch.

   [Back outside the E.S. Asher again, we see the huge doors in front and back
      of the special craft opening.]

  Operator:  Launch request confirmed.

  Operator:  Now guiding E.S. Asher to Deck B.

   [When the doors are finally open, we see a sun setting and causing the sky
      to appear reddish-orange. A few stars are visible beyond the atmosphere.]

   [The title appears: Xenosaga EPISODE II Jenseits von Gut und Böse]

     chaos:  Defensive shields deployed. Ready when you are.

   [We slowly zoom in on the E.S. Asher from the front.]

  Operator:  Roger.

  Operator:  Initiating launch procedure.

  Operator:  Good luck!

   [Sparks fly as the E.S. Asher is launched via an overhead rail. As the craft
      begins to descend into the clouds, it drops the mechanisms that were used
      to connect it to the rails for deployment. Suddenly the E.S. Asher turns
      around and flies back underneath the main spacecraft. The Asher zooms
      along just above the clouds, towards the sunset. It finally descends
      through the cloud layer.]

     chaos:  Currently passing through the troposphere.

     chaos:  Outer hull temperature returning to normal.

   [The clouds clear to show the large city on Second Miltia. There is a lot of
      haze over the horizon.  We see shots being fired into the air, and some
      small explosions in the distance.]

     chaos:  Adjusting descent path by 0.22.

   [We see the city now from inside the cockpit, just above Canaan's head.]

     chaos:  This should get us closer to our target.

   [A warning screen suddenly pops up in front of chaos. He gasps.]

     chaos:  Approach warning.

     chaos:  Incoming craft detected.

   [Several A.M.W.S. craft fly up to meet the Asher. They're flying on glowing

     chaos:  They're on an intercept course.

     chaos:  There are --

   [chaos sounds slightly panicked. Canaan calmly interrupts him.]

    Canaan:  We'll take them all out.

    Canaan:  Stop counting and take control of the shields.

   [A wide red light flashes on the top of the E.S. Asher.]

    Canaan:  We'll use the shockwave to gain an advantage on them.

    Canaan:  You've got control of the weapons.

   [chaos's eyes move back and forth, watching the enemy craft.]

     chaos:  Roger.

     chaos:  It looks like they're unmanned.

     chaos:  With no G-force limit, they can outmaneuver us.

   [The enemy units begin moving in formation to intercept. They start shooting
      red beams at the E.S. Asher.]

     chaos:  They might pull some crazy moves out there, so be careful.

   [The E.S. Asher dodges the beams and flies down to greet the enemy mechs.]

    Canaan:  It just makes them all the more predictable.

   [A screen is in front of chaos. One of the targets on the screen shifts, and
      chaos gasps. He fires the cannon. A large blue beam shoots out and
      destroys one of the mechs. It explodes. Another mech flies through the
      explosion until its above the E.S. Asher. Canaan gasps and maneuvers the
      E.S. Asher around the red beam shots that the enemy mech is shooting at
      it. Another blue beam is fired towards the enemies that have appeared
      above them. One of them is hit -- the first part of it explodes, then the
      rest of it falls a short distance before exploding as well. The Asher
      spins in a downward spiral, avoiding two synchronized enemy mechs
      shooting at it. chaos makes a distressed noise as the targets dance
      around his screen too fast for him to lock on. chaos shoots again, and
      hits one enemy craft, resulting in another big two-part explosion.
      The Asher and the remaining of the two enemy mechs spin around, facing
      each other, and the Asher manages to hit the enemy. Another explosion.
      Canaan looks up and gasps as he sees five more synchronized enemy units
      heading up towards them.]

     chaos:  There's no end to these guys.

   [View is focused on the E.S. Asher's cannon-gun as the Asher hangs in the

     chaos:  And we don't have much A.B.R. energy left, either.

     chaos:  Let's find someplace to set it down.

   [The Asher moves downward again into the last group of mechs. The mechs
      back off as one, and start shooting at the E.S. Asher.  The Asher quickly
      dodges all of the shots. chaos closes his eyes, focusing. The enemies
      pause, take aim, and circle suddenly toward the Asher again. chaos' eyes
      suddenly open and he shoots the beam-gun...managing to catch each of the
      enemy units in his line of fire. They all explode simultaneously. The
      Asher pauses. Suddenly another enemy mech flies overhead, and the Asher
      turns to shoot it. chaos fires, and the beam starts to form -- but
      dies out almost instantly.

     chaos:  We're empty...

   [Canaan grunts. He makes a sudden movement with the Asher's arm that the gun
      is attached to. The enemy mech moves to directly strike the Asher, but
      Canaan spears the enemy mech on its gun. As the immobilized mech starts
      sparking, Canaan ejects the weapon and the mech-plus-gun fall out of the
      sky a little ways before exploding. The E.S. Asher hangs in the air for
      a few seconds. chaos' eyes move back and forth again, scanning the area
      for any last enemy A.M.W.S. units.]

     chaos:  All enemies destroyed.

   [chaos addresses Canaan again.]

     chaos:  It's true. You really are as good as they say.

    Canaan:  How are you handling the feedback?

   [Canaan cocks his head slightly.]

    Canaan:  You know, a normal person would've probably passed out by now.

   [The E.S. Asher slowly begins descending toward the city again.]

    Canaan:  I don't want you jeopardizing the mission.

   [Another gun materializes on one of the E.S. Asher's arms, and a new weapon
      materializes on the other arm.]

     chaos:  I'm fine.

     chaos:  It feels like it's had some special tuning, but that just makes it
             more interesting.

   [Canaan gasps and closes his eyes.]

    Canaan:  I see.

   [The E.S. Asher is getting closer to the ground.]

    Canaan:  Well, if I get anything unusual from you, I'm cutting the bypass
             to the navigator immediately.

    Canaan:  I can operate this thing fine by myself.

   [chaos looks a little confused and upset.]

     chaos:  Roger.

   [The E.S. Asher is finally close enough to the ground to land. It flies down
      and ejects the mechanisms it was using to fly. It glides over a bridge
      and at last settles onto a wide street.]


   [From the interior of the E.S. Asher's cockpit, the view slides across the
      buildings on one side of the street. There is debris and rubble strewn
      across the street, as well as a dead Realian. The advertisements and
      several of the lights are still functioning, though. There are no people

     chaos:  Looks like we're pretty far out from our objective.

     chaos:  Plus, I'd say the defensive network we saw on the way down takes
             out the idea of an airborne approach.

   [Canaan's head is tilted towards chaos, but he looks down at the street.]

    Canaan:  We'll go by ground then.

    Canaan:  Fortunately, the rubble from the burned out buildings should
             provide us enough cover to cross the city unnoticed.

   [chaos nods.]

     chaos:  Agreed. We'd better get moving.

     chaos:  We don't have much time.

   [Exterior view of the E.S. Asher. The way it shifts, it almost seems like
      it's breathing.]

    Canaan:  Not much time?

   [Canaan turns his head up towards chaos again, curious.]

    Canaan:  Does this have something to do with the U.R.T.V.s?

    Canaan:  Those designer children?

   [chaos nods again and makes a noise to signify confirmation.]

     chaos:  Yes. That's right.

     chaos:  We need to protect them from the coming crisis, if and when it

   [Canaan tilts his head again.]

    Canaan:  You do realize that's a different story from what I heard in my
             official briefing.

     chaos:  No doubt.

     chaos:  As the Federation government's special forces, the U.R.T.V.s were
             sent in ahead of the invasion.

   [chaos looks down at Canaan.]

     chaos:  I'm sure you understand what they represent in the conflict
             against the U-TIC Organization.

    Canaan:  Right.

   [Canaan looks forward again, then to his left.]

    Canaan:  I understand that they're bioweapons sent in to sever the link
             between the U-TIC's mobile weapons fleet and their source of
             power, the Zohar.

     chaos:  The higher-ups have complete confidence in the U.R.T.V.s -- they
             are the military's trump card.

   [chaos looks forward.]

     chaos:  Unfortunately, the brass are also blind to the potential dangers
             of the U.R.T.V.s.

   [Canaan looks forward again.]

    Canaan:  Fascinating. I hadn't realized the situation was so desperate.


   [The E.S. Asher walks slowly down the middle of the street, surrounded by
      flaming wreckage and buildings covered by lights and advertisements. The
      area is deserted of people.]

    Canaan:  So tell me...what exactly are we expecting to happen here?

   [View fades into E.S. Asher's cockpit interior as chaos begins speaking.]

     chaos:  Well, the problem is that the U.R.T.V.s aren't merely machines.

     chaos:  They're real people with their consciousness intact.

     chaos:  The system that currently controls the Zohar was actually designed
             to be used for the U.M.N. transport system.

     chaos:  However...

   [Canaan turns his head.]

    Canaan:  Yes?

     chaos:  Well, they experimented with the transport of living beings
             numerous times, but every attempt ended in failure.

    Canaan:  According to the records, 99.76% of them were killed instantly.

     chaos:  However, it seems that on very rare occasions, there were

     chaos:  They didn't exist as people anymore, though.

     chaos:  They were just things, never able to recover their consciousness
             -- the very element that made them human.

    Canaan:  Mental breakdown...

     chaos:  Lieutenant General Helmer concluded that if contact with the
             system led to the destruction of the human mind, then even the
             U.R.T.V.s, created as the system's antithesis, might be affected.

     chaos:  Therefore, if the U.R.T.V.s were to suffer a mental breakdown,
             then likely the Zohar, a source of infinite energy, would spiral
             out of control. That would be devastating.

    Canaan:  And yet the General Staff's decision wasn't overturned. I suppose
             that's where we come in...

   [The E.S. Asher continues walking down the deserted street.]


   [The E.S. Asher is walking on an overpass. Suddenly there is a blinding
      flash of light. The Asher stops moving. Canaan shields his eyes with his
      arm as the Song of Nephilim begins to play. chaos narrows his eyes, but
      gazes upward anyway. Behind several buildings in front of them, a pillar
      of light shoots up into the sky. The E.S. Asher takes a step back.]

    Canaan:  What is it? A pillar of light?

    Canaan:  And that sound...

   [Canaan starts.]

    Canaan:  It's more than that. Music?

     chaos:  It's...the Song of Nephilim.

   [Canaan quickly turns his head, surprised.]

    Canaan:  You know what it is?

     chaos:  I can't believe it.

   [chaos' hand tightens on his controls.]

     chaos:  Even U-TIC has to be aware of the danger of the song.

   [The pillar of light is slightly brightening and fading in its intensity.]

     chaos:  What could possibly make them...

   [The light brightens. chaos leans forward suddenly.]

     chaos:  No! If this keeps up --

   [A nearby abandoned truck explodes from enemy fire in front of the E.S.
      Asher. A small section of the overpass is destroyed. chaos gasps and
      twists around to see what happened. One enemy is spotted on the roof of
      one of the buildings in front of the Asher, while another is spotted on
      the street in front of them.]

    Canaan:  It looks like they think we're the enemy.

   [A second enemy mech walks up nearby the first one on the street.]

    Canaan:  Any ideas?

   [The enemies aim and start firing at the E.S. Asher. The Asher takes a few
      steps back. A small screen pops up in front of chaos. A yellow warning
      pops up on the screen surrounding a glowing blue hologram of the enemy
      mech unit type.]

     chaos:  Yes, send an emergency IFF signal to let them know we're on their

   [We hear chaos tapping at keys. The view zooms in on chaos' small screen,
      which reads 'COMMUNICATION - CALL SIGN TO..' A small box appears on the
      small screen as well, reading 'Connection Viewer'. As chaos taps at the
      keys on the bottom of the small screen, the box on the screen lights
      up blue. A second, smaller box appears next to that, scrolling down
      through text quickly. A second, smaller screen pops up next to the first,
      reading 'Receiving Device'.]

     chaos:  We can't let anything stop us. We have to reach our objective.

   [The enemy mechs continue firing at the E.S. Asher.]

    Canaan:  They should be receiving our IFF signal.

     chaos:  Wait. Something's wrong.

   [View changes back to chaos' second screen. It reads a Waveform-number that
      suddenly starts changing. A thin box on the screen shows the
      wave pattern as it rapidly fluctuates, and it begins flashing red.]

    Canaan:  What is this?

   [We suddenly hear crazed screaming and crying out in the background, perhaps
      over the radio.]

    Canaan:  What the...what's going on with them?

     chaos:  This is...

   [chaos' eyes widen, and he gasps.]

     chaos:  It can't be...

   [The E.S. Asher is suddenly hit. The arm with the main weapon is blown off.
      The Asher collapses down into a sort of kneeling position. chaos braces
      himself. His screen is not entirely red. The hologram and yellow warning
      are still at the bottom of his screen. Two more enemy units are walking
      toward the Asher from behind. Canaan gasps, clutching his head. His eyes
      close and he makes noises that indicate he is in pain. One eye opens
      again, slightly twitching.]

     chaos:  Wait. Canaan, no!

   [The two mechs continue their approach, guns trained on the E.S. Asher. The
      Asher starts glowing blue, with a sort of green aura appearing on top of
      it. The green aura expands and brightens to blue.]

     chaos:  Don't listen to it! Close your mind!

   [The enemy mechs are right on top of the Asher. Suddenly their main bodies
      light up with bright orange crosses and they explode simultaneously. The
      Asher's aura is now pink. After the explosion and the smoke clears, the
      aura on the Asher fades. Canaan stops gasping in pain, and turns to see
      what destroyed their enemies. There is another mech standing beyond the
      small fires and flaming wreckage left behind by the two mechs. Their
      savior has a blade in one hand of his mech. He's still behind the Asher.
      Canaan and chaos both look over their shoulders at him.]

    Canaan:  Is he with us?

     chaos:  I don't know.

     chaos:  But he's broadcasting an IFF.

       Jin:  Attention, unidentified craft.

       Jin:  I've received your IFF signal.

       Jin:  The other crafts have been tainted, but you seem unaffected. Are
             you an ally?

   [There is still enemy fire raining down around the E.S. Asher and the other
      A.M.W.S. craft.]

    Canaan:  Well, it looks like this one's still sane.

    Canaan:  What do you think?

     chaos:  Getting out of here is our first priority right now.

   [chaos turns back to face the front, and nods down at Canaan.]

     chaos:  I think we should stick together.

    Canaan:  Agreed.

   [The wide red light on top of the E.S. Asher flashes briefly, and the Asher
      maneuvers itself into a standing position.]

       Jin:  Confirmed. IFF signal accepted.

   [Another enemy unit marches up behind the party's new ally.]

       Jin:  Standby. I will now eliminate the affected Federation units.

   [The friendly man in his mech turns suddenly just as the enemy unit is on
      top of him, and cleanly slices the enemy unit in two. The E.S. Asher,
      still facing the pillar of light, shoots the enemy mech on the roof of
      the building. The mech's arm is blown off, and then he explodes. The
      Asher turns again, still shooting, at the enemies in front of it. One by
      one, they explode. The friendly man cuts another mech down, and that one
      one explodes as well. The Asher dodges fire, spinning backwards. The
      Asher steps forward again and resumes firing. Enemy units along one side
      of a street to the side are destroyed. The Asher turns again and shoots
      an enemy mech on a parallel overpass. Canaan ignores the explosion behind
      him. His attention is drawn to the pillar of light again, as it narrows
      and fades out. The ally mech takes several faltering steps towards the
      Asher, sparking with each move. He stops when he's adjacent to the E.S.
      Asher. Plates on the Asher's main body fold away, exposing the cockpit
      with Canaan and chaos inside. Canaan and chaos drop down out of it,
      crouching. They stand slowly as the friendly man's mech collapses into
      a kneeling position. The man steps out of his cockpit and stands on the
      shoulder of his mech. He is wearing a military uniform, darker than
      chaos' and Canaan's. The man suddenly looks behind him, and chaos and
      Canaan turn to look at whatever caught their new ally's attention. An
      enemy mech is standing directly behind the man's mech. The enemy mech
      slowly steps forward, arms outstretched, to grab the man. Just as the
      massive hands begin to come around him, the man flicks open the katana
      at his waist with his thumb. The enemy mech is cleaved in two, straight
      down the middle. The two halves fall to either side of the man perched on
      his A.M.W.S., glowing bright orange where they were cut apart. The halves
      slide away, sparking and groaning.]

    Canaan:  Impressive.

   [chaos looks at Canaan.]

    Canaan:  I guess that pilot is just as effective on foot as he is in his

     chaos:  Truly amazing.

   [The man jumps down from his mech. He slowly stands, and walks toward the
      duo. He pulls off his helmet. chaos nods at him.]

     chaos:  Thanks for the assist.

     chaos:  And you're?

       Jin:  I am Captain Jin Uzuki.

       Jin:  You don't look like you're with the regular forces.

   [Jin slowly looks up at the E.S. unit looming above him.]

       Jin:  Well, whoever you are, if you're still operational, I advise you
             to leave.

       Jin:  This place...affects people.

       Jin:  Some stop being people altogether.

     chaos:  They stop being people?

    Canaan:  Unfortunately, we can't leave.

   [Canaan restlessly shifts his stance.]

    Canaan:  Not until we've completed our mission.

   [Canaan shakes his head slightly.]

       Jin:  Your mission?

   [chaos steps toward Jin.]

     chaos:  Forgive us, Captain.

   [chaos brings a hand up to his chest to indicate himself, then lifts it
      toward Canaan when he introduces him.]

     chaos:  I am chaos, and this is Canaan.

   [Canaan turns his head toward chaos, then back to face Jin.]

     chaos:  I suspect that you're part of the landing operation, aren't you?

     chaos:  Do you know where the U.R.T.V. force is now?

     chaos:  If so...

   [chaos spreads his arms in a gesture that indicates he would appreciate
      Jin's cooperation.]

       Jin:  U.R.T.V.s?

       Jin:  Ah, the special units -- said to possess an anti-U-DO retrovirus.

   [Canaan steps forward as well, arm out in the same gesture chaos just made.]

    Canaan:  Our mission is to protect them.

    Canaan:  Please, if you know where they are, tell us.

   [Jin brings a hand up to his chin, considering.]

       Jin:  Well, this is quite a coincidence.

   [Thunder booms, and rain suddenly starts to fall. Jin peers up at the sky.]

       Jin:  Although, it's more than that -- fate perhaps.

   [Jin starts walking off, clutching his helmet under one arm.]

       Jin:  In any case, I will take you.

   [Canaan and chaos follow behind him. They walk up a destroyed mech across
      the ruined street to a more stable area. The party stops, and chaos turns
      suddenly. Jin turns too a moment later, then Canaan follows suit. The
      mech they just walked over explodes behind them.]


   [Jin, chaos, and Canaan are walking down the highway through the city. It's
      still raining. Blocking the road a ways ahead, underneath another
      road, two towers of advertising blocks have fallen. The sign above the
      blocks reads 'TOY'S UNIVERSE', and there's a hologram of a blue ribbon
      -wave undulating upwards in the form of Bunnie.]

    Canaan:  So this entire thing was a set-up?

       Jin:  Exactly.

       Jin:  It's all part of an attempt to make the U-TIC Organization, or
             should I say, all of Miltia, into a scapegoat.

       Jin:  Even the Realian violence that we're seeing right now is nothing
             more than a brush stroke in the larger picture.

     chaos:  But who's behind this? And why?

       Jin:  U-TIC is undoubtably a cover for a greater power still operating
             in the shadows.

       Jin:  I believe that this power is manipulating the conflict between the
             Federation and the Miltian system, driving a sequence of events in
             order to get their hands on something very specific.

   [The party stops walking. Jin turns to face Canaan and chaos.]

    Canaan:  Like what?

       Jin:  The Y-Data.

     chaos:  The Y-Data?

       Jin:  I relieved an operative of this disc.

       Jin:  And though I was only able to decode it partially, I discovered
             that all manner of data from all existing phenomena is gathered
             together within an area of space.

   [Jin wraps one arm about himself, and brings the other hand up to his chin.]

       Jin:  And beyond that lies a special place only described in the Y-Data.

   [Thunder booms.]

     chaos:  Captain Uzuki, how in the world did you acquire this information?

   [Jin makes a 'hm' noise and grins.]

       Jin:  I have my ways.

   [Thunder booms again overhead.]


       Jin:  All right. Here it is.

       Jin:  You will find the U.R.T.V.s in the lowest level.

     chaos:  All right.

     chaos:  Captain Uzuki, thank you for bringing us this far.

     chaos:  We'll take things from here.

       Jin:  Of course. As I said, it was fate.

       Jin:  I wish I could go with you further.

       Jin:  However, it's imperative that I complete my work on this data.

       Jin:  I want to completely expose the shadow behind this conflict and
             drag it into the light.

       Jin:  To do this, I'll have to access the mainframe here.

       Jin:  Also...

    Canaan:  What?

  Margulis:  I gave you far too much credit, Uzuki.

  Margulis:  I thought you were smarter than this.

  Margulis:  A better thief.

  Margulis:  I never once thought you'd just come walking in through the front

       Jin:  Well, I thought you might be getting lonely, Colonel, so I figured
             I'd come pay you a visit.

  Margulis:  Same old Uzuki.

  Margulis:  Neither your attitude nor your ability to bluff have shown

  Margulis:  No matter.

  Margulis:  The data you possess is no threat to us.

  Margulis:  You've got nothing.

       Jin:  Precisely why...

       Jin:  I have some unfinished business here.

  Margulis:  I see.

  Margulis:  You know what this means.

  Margulis:  Uzuki!


  Margulis:  You're a sad sight, Uzuki.

  Margulis:  Pathetic.

  Margulis:  You're out of your league.

  Margulis:  Why, it's clear now that you never even had a chance.

     chaos:  Captain, you're hurt!

       Jin:  It's...it's from earlier.

       Jin:  It's nothing to worry about.

       Jin:  If you'll pardon the cliché, it's just a scratch.

  Margulis:  So it's begun.

  Margulis:  This planet is finished.

  Margulis:  There's no point in staying any longer.

  Margulis:  I think it's time we ended this...once and for all!

  Margulis:  You dare to face me, maimed as you are?

  Margulis:  The only thing you've mastered is the art of futility.

       Jin:  You never know until you try, Colonel.

  Margulis:  That's enough!

  Margulis:  Now you see your death.

  Margulis:  I have always been your better, in every way, Uzuki.

  Margulis:  It's something that old fool couldn't --

  Margulis:  What the --


       Jin:  Canaan.

       Jin:  Take this.

    Canaan:  Is this...

       Jin:  Storing it with you is safer than carrying it around.

       Jin:  Besides, there's somewhere else I must go.

     chaos:  What?

     chaos:  You're not serious.

     chaos:  Look, we're still mobile, Captain.

     chaos:  You could come with us.

       Jin:  No. This is my own way of atonement.

       Jin:  I can't turn back now.

     chaos:  But...

       Jin:  Please, go on.

       Jin:  Bring the truth of this conflict -- the truth hidden in that data
             -- to light.

       Jin:  Please, do this one thing for me.

     chaos:  Captain Uzuki...

       Jin:  I'm counting on you.

       Jin:  So, farewell.

     chaos:  Canaan!

     chaos:  Look at that!


[Present Day]

[Second Miltian government offices]

Technician:  Congratulations, Canaan.

Technician:  This brings our total loss count to 127. I'd say that's a new

Technician:  I remember the first time as if it was yesterday.

Technician:  My son was born the next day.

    Canaan:  How old is he now?

Technician:  He starts junior high next month.

    Canaan:  I see.

Technician:  It's...it's gotta be that shadow.

Technician:  I mean, think about it.

Technician:  Its influence severs your data-link every time.

Technician:  If we only knew what it was, then we could access the data he gave

Technician:  Canaan, it's a summons from Representative Helmer.

Technician:  Could you go ahead and report today's results while you're there?

    Canaan:  I'm not your secretary, you know.

Technician:  But today's my son's birthday.


    Helmer:  I see.

    Helmer:  That's unfortunate, but I suppose it can't be helped.

    Canaan:  I understand that it's data concerning the Miltian Conflict. Is it
             really that important?

    Helmer:  Yes, it is.

    Helmer:  The truth behind the conflict lies buried within it.

    Helmer:  The one who entrusted that data to you was a subordinate under my

    Helmer:  I had sent him in on an independent investigation.

    Canaan:  Yes, Jin Uzuki. What ever happened to him?

    Helmer:  I thought you were a model with suppressed emotions.

    Helmer:  Don't tell me you're concerned about him.

    Canaan:  I'm just curious.

    Canaan:  He is the one who saddled me with this nuisance, after all.

    Helmer:  Don't worry about him. He's left the military. I hear he's doing

    Helmer:  Now, I have another job I'd like you to undertake.

    Helmer:  Have a look at this...

    Helmer:  The 100-Series Realian Prototype, MOMO.

    Helmer:  We'll be executing a dive unto her subconscious domain at the
             Administration Bureau.

    Helmer:  I'd like to request your assistance.

    Canaan:  What's the time line?

    Helmer:  I've been notified that our people have just now descended from
             orbit and landed at the space port.

    Helmer:  I'd be obliged if you could go and pick them up.

    Canaan:  Sounds to me like there's more to it than that.

    Helmer:  We've noticed a rise in recent activity from both the U-TIC
             Organization and the Immigrant Fleet.

    Helmer:  I think in times like these, it pays to take precaution.

    Canaan:  Understood.


   Orgulla:  Your Holiness.

   Orgulla:  I have news concerning the matter of the Y-Data.

   Orgulla:  Chief Inquisitor Margulis wishes to convey the details to you

 Patriarch:  Very well.

  Margulis:  Your Eminence, it is an honor to be in your presence.

 Patriarch:  Spare me your platitudes.

 Patriarch:  I understand that the Realian in possession of the Y-Data has
             fallen into the hands of the Kukai Foundation.

 Patriarch:  I trust you have an explanation for this?

  Margulis:  Yes, Holiness.

  Margulis:  It is true that the 100-Series Prototype that holds the Y-Data is
             currently in the custody of the Kukai Foundation.

  Margulis:  Or rather, the Second Miltian government.

  Margulis:  However...

 Patriarch:  I trust you understand the significance of this situation.

  Margulis:  According to the U.R.T.V., Albedo, the Y-Data is secured by a form
             of high-level protection only accessible at the U.M.N. Control
             Center on Second Miltia, hence the current situation.

  Margulis:  Preparations for our next move are already underway.

 Patriarch:  Margulis.

 Patriarch:  I've heard that the recent offensive against Second Miltia was the
             result of Cardinal Heinlein's manipulation of the Federation's
             military's upper ranks.

 Patriarch:  What do you know of this?

  Margulis:  I am afraid I possess no intimate details of that.

  Margulis:  I would presume that all of the Cardinal's decisions are made in
             the organization's best interests.

 Patriarch:  Your words...

 Patriarch:  I would imagine it is safe for me to trust them?

  Margulis:  I have sworn fealty to Your Holiness.

  Margulis:  I would never allow myself to be manipulated by ancient dogma.

 Patriarch:  Hmm...Very well.

 Patriarch:  Our fleet is considering an invasion of the demilitarized zone in
             the near future.

 Patriarch:  I sincerely hope that you will not disappoint me.

  Margulis:  I understand, Your Holiness. I vow to deliver you good news.

 Patriarch:  Margulis.

  Margulis:  Holiness?

 Patriarch:  I don't like that U.R.T.V.

 Patriarch:  He reminds me of someone...someone vulgar.

 Patriarch:  Be sure you remember that.

  Margulis:  As you wish.


  Margulis:  They get suspicious when they get old.

  Margulis:  The weaker they are, the louder they bark.

  Margulis:  Pellegri. What's your status?

  Pellegri:  Everything is proceeding smoothly.

  Pellegri:  I have Hermann and Richard pursuing the target as we speak.

  Margulis:  As this is an independent Inquisitor operation, I'm granting you
             permission to use the E.S. Issachar.

  Pellegri:  E.S.?

  Pellegri:  You mean those thousand-year-old relics?

  Pellegri:  Do they still work?

  Margulis:  The E.S. is equipped with the Vessel of Anima.

  Pellegri:  The Vessel of Anima...

  Margulis:  The Vessel of Anima was discovered at the same time as the Zohar.

  Margulis:  Its power rivals the military might of an entire star system.

  Margulis:  Handle it with care.

  Margulis:  We can't afford for it to get damaged, particularly after the
             effort it took to restore it.

  Pellegri:  Understood.


     Shion:  R&D Report: File Number 026643. The anti-gnosis battle android
             KOS-MOS, while undergoing start-up and field-testing onboard the
             Federation cruiser Woglinde, awoke during a gnosis attack on the
             fleet. She initiated Autonomous Mode, even though that mode was
             still sealed, and has been fully operational ever since. KOS-MOS
             is acting under her own volition. However, there are many
             unstable elements in her emotional program and further
             improvements will be required. After the escape from the Woglinde,
             we were rescued by the Elsa, a Kukai Foundation cargo ship.  We
             are presently descending into Second Miltia in order to turn
             KOS-MOS over to Vector Second R&D Division. Furthermore, while
             en route to Miltia, we took the 100-Series Observational Realian
             Prototype MOMO into custody. During this time, we were pursued by
             the U-TIC Organization and an individual called Albedo. Albedo's
             tenacious attack brought about the appearance of the Song of
             Nephilim and Proto Merkabah. KOS-MOS' actions allowed us to
             overcome these crises. I believe this series of actions by KOS-MOS
             has been greatly influenced by her black-box components left
             behind by the late Kevin Winnicot. This will likely become a
             major focus of our future research. Report author: Shion Uzuki,
             Chief Engineer, KOS-MOS Development Project General Operations,
             Vector Industries, First R&D Division.


     Allen:  Ahhh, it's so good to be alive!

       Jr.:  Yeah, no kidding.

       Jr.:  For a while there, I was kinda worried, but somehow we made it

     Allen:  I'm telling you, the crazy stuff the chief pulls always keeps me
             on edge.

     Shion:  What are you saying? You make it sound like it was all my fault.

     Allen:  Oh, uh...that's not what I meant.

     Allen:  I, uh...hey, KOS-MOS!

     Allen:  Thank goodness you were there! Man, you really saved us!

   KOS-MOS:  Thank you very much. I am happy to be of service.

       Jr.:  Hey, we're gonna head over to the government office now. What are
             you all gonna do, Shion?

     Shion:  Hmm.

     Shion:  Well, we need to hand over KOS-MOS.

     Shion:  I think I'll wander over to Vector's Second Division.

     Shion:  Is that all right with you, KOS-MOS?

   KOS-MOS:  Acknowledged. That will not be a problem.

       Jr.:  I see. Well, I guess you gotta do your job.

       Jr.:  You're gonna be here for a little while, right? Hey, maybe we can
             have some fun later.

     Shion:  That'd be great! I'll show you around this place, MOMO.

      MOMO:  Thanks. I'm looking forward to it!

     Shion:  All right, then.

     Shion:  Shall we, KOS-MOS?

   KOS-MOS:  Please excuse us. Good-bye.

     Allen:  What the? Hey, Chief! Wait up!

       Jr.:  I suppose we should get going, too.

     Ziggy:  Sorry...could you wait just a little while?

     Ziggy:  I'm going to report what's happened to the Subcommittee.

     Ziggy:  It appears that Dr. Mizrahi has also arrived at Miltia, as well.

     Ziggy:  If you have a message for her...

      MOMO:  Really? Mommy's here?

     Ziggy:  Yes.

      MOMO:  Please let her know that I'm looking forward to seeing her.

     Ziggy:  Got it. I'll pass it along.


      Juli:  All right.

      Juli:  Continue your assignment until the delivery is complete.

     Ziggy:  Acknowledged.

     Ziggy:  Dr. Mizrahi.

      Juli:  Yes, Jan Sauer. Is there something else?

     Ziggy:  I am currently Ziggurat 8.

      Juli:  So it appears.

     Ziggy:  MOMO...is looking forward to seeing you.

      Juli:  I see.

      Juli:  I...

      Juli:  I, too, welcome your arrival.

       Jr.:  You know, it almost sounds like she's...scared to meet her.

     Ziggy:  Eavesdropping is not a very admirable pastime.

       Jr.:  Say old man, how about upgrading to a modern carbon-based body?

       Jr.:  I bet if we applied combat Realian technology, we'd see some
             serious results.

     Ziggy:  There's no need to play around with extending my lifespan.

       Jr.:  Sure about that?

       Jr.:  I bet MOMO would be happy if you lived longer.

     Ziggy:  I'll pass, thanks.

     Ziggy:  I have no desire to prolong things.

       Jr.:  All right.

       Jr.:  You know who to call if you ever change your mind.


      MOMO:  What did Mommy say, Ziggy?

     Ziggy:  Ah, right...She seemed...very busy.

      MOMO:  Oh. I knew it.

     Ziggy:  She's one of the Contact Subcommittee's head members. I'm sure
             it's a demanding role.

      MOMO:  Yeah, I guess you're right. I guess I've got to do my best to help
             her out.


       Jr.:  What the...

     Ziggy:  An ambush?

     Ziggy:  Jr., who are they?

       Jr.:  Albedo?

       Jr.:  No, it's not him.

       Jr.:  It's too gentle for him.

       Jr.:  Damn, it's no good on auto.

       Jr.:  Somebody drive!

      MOMO:  Ziggy, let me go!

       Jr.:  Whoa! Hey, MOMO!

      MOMO:  I'll do it!

      MOMO:  Jr.

       Jr.:  All right. Point 2089.

       Jr.:  Floor it!

      MOMO:  Okay!

      MOMO:  This might get rough.

       Jr.:  All right! We made it!

     chaos:  Jr.!

       Jr.:  The fire extinguisher?

       Jr.:  Yes!


       Jr.:  Gaignun, we're headed for 2089. Tell Helmer to send backup!

       Jr.:  Hey! Gaignun!

   Gaignun:  Sorry. What's your heading?

       Jr.:  2089!

   Gaignun:  Got it!

   Gaignun:  Strange...What was I just doing?


    Helmer:  Understood. I've already dispatched someone. I'll have him head to
             that point immediately.

    Helmer:  Damn.

    Helmer:  It's not even safe on land anymore.


   Richard:  Long time no see! You're looking well.

   Richard:  You remember me, right?

   Richard:  My name is Richard! Let that name burn in your mind as you die!


  Pellegri:  Stand down, you two!

  Pellegri:  I'll take care of the rest.

  Pellegri:  It's pointless to resist.

  Pellegri:  Turn over the 100-Series, at once!

       Jr.:  That craft!

       Jr.:  Canaan?

    Canaan:  Get down, Rubedo!

  Pellegri:  I've got you!

  Pellegri:  Wait, what's going on?

  Pellegri:  The controls aren't responding!

  Pellegri:  How can this be?

  Pellegri:  We've got no choice.

  Pellegri:  Richard, Hermann, abort the mission.

  Pellegri:  We're withdrawing.

       Jr.:  Jeez, man.

       Jr.:  If you were gonna save us, you know you could have shown up a bit

    Canaan:  I'm surprised to hear you whine so much.

    Canaan:  Further enemy pursuit appears unlikely for the time being.

    Canaan:  I'm heading back.

    Canaan:  I'll see you around, Rubedo.

       Jr.:  I already told you! I'm Gaignun Jr. now!

       Jr.:  Get that through your thick head!

    Canaan:  It's hard to shake my past image of you.

      MOMO:  Do you know him?

       Jr.:  Yeah.

       Jr.:  He's an old acquaintance.


    Rubedo:  Somebody!

    Rubedo:  Anybody!

    Rubedo:  Please, help us!

    Rubedo:  It won't stop!

    Rubedo:  Nigredo won't stop bleeding!

   Nigredo:  It's all right, Rubedo.

   Nigredo:  Let it...go.

    Rubedo:  Don't say that!

    Rubedo:  You can't give up!

    Canaan:  Two U.R.T.V. variants...

    Canaan:  Identified and confirmed.

     chaos:  The red horse carries war, and the black horse, famine.

     chaos:  Upon those tiny backs, bear they great calamity.

    Canaan:  What did you say, chaos?

    Canaan:  I didn't read that.

     chaos:  It's nothing.

     chaos:  Let's go rescue them.

    Rubedo:  It's...it's all my fault.

    Rubedo:  I'm the leader...but then I cut the link.

    Rubedo:  And now Albedo's...

    Canaan:  Albedo?

    Rubedo:  He's a piece of me.

    Rubedo:  The beating in my right chest.

    Canaan:  I have the search results.

    Canaan:  Albedo is the name of unit number 667.

    Canaan:  The records show that he and unit number 666 were conjoined twins.

    Canaan:  Apparently, it happens on rare occasions, even with artificially
             created children.

     chaos:  So he was infected as well?

     chaos:  The rider of the white horse.

     chaos:  May your bodies and souls find peace.

     chaos:  Even if...it is but a short one.


       Jr.:  I guess I...I owe them my life.

      MOMO:  So you've known chaos for a long time, too?

      MOMO:  Can I also call you Rubedo? It's a very pretty name.

       Jr.:  S...sorry, it's just...

      MOMO:  Oh, I'm sorry.

       Jr.:  Nah, nah, it's just...

       Jr.:  I don't have a lot of good memories of that name.

      MOMO:  Oh. You and Ziggy don't like your original names very much, do

       Jr.:  Names tend to link themselves to memories, both good and bad.

       Jr.:  I have a feeling that old man over there has a lot of baggage,

       Jr.:  Besides, I think old man over there seems to like being called

      MOMO:  Oh, I hope he does!

       Jr.:  Even though it kinda sounds like something you would call your


 [Vector Industries Second R&D Division]

     Shion:  The Zohar Project?

 Scientist:  Right. The situation is grave.

 Scientist:  The Gnosis phenomenon is spreading at an ever increasing rate.

 Scientist:  More than 120 star systems have already been eradicated -- a fact
             that has been difficult to keep secret, thus far.

 Scientist:  Worst-case scenario projections indicate that if this continues
             humanity will only have a few years before it's completely wiped
             out by the Gnosis.

     Shion:  Yes, I understand that. Thank you. But tell me how this relates to

 Scientist:  This way...

     Allen:  This is...this is incredible.

 Scientist:  The KOS-MOS Tertiary Weapons System.

 Scientist:  It was developed to prevent the worst-case scenario from ever

     Shion:  And just what do you classify as worst-case?

 Scientist:  The Zohar Project is a massive undertaking whose ultimate goal is
             to eradicate the Gnosis from the cosmos.

 Scientist:  To do this, we know we must salvage the original Zohar that's
             sleeping on Miltia.

 Scientist:  Our studies over the past half-century have revealed the Zohar to
             be this dimension's ultimate energy device.

 Scientist:  But there is also a problem.

 Scientist:  The Zohar's center, or rather, the core unit that controls it, is
             a double-edged sword.

     Shion:  What do you mean?

 Scientist:  This...

 Scientist:  This is the phenomenon known as U-DO.

 Scientist:  Beyond the initial loss of the core unit, we have no details on
             how it occurred.

 Scientist:  But we do know, however, that this is what made Miltian space the
             way it is today and that this phenomenon is also responsible for
             the appearance of the Gnosis.

     Allen:  W...wait a minute, are you saying that even more Gnosis might show

 Scientist:  We can't be certain, but it is a definite possibility.

     Shion:  So you're outfitting KOS-MOS with this.

     Shion:  Those shoulder units...they're a Phase Transfer system, right?

 Scientist:  Now I see why they called you the Flower of First Division, Chief

     Shion:  I didn't come here for jokes.

 Scientist:  Sorry, I'll continue...

 Scientist:  This was originally designed for use on the archetype, but it's
             been refitted for use on the current KOS-MOS.

 Scientist:  The system radius is 130nm.

     Allen:  130?!

     Shion:  Can you control it accurately at that scale?

 Scientist:  Yes, with the help of the Tactical Sim Lab.

 Scientist:  That's why we had KOS-MOS moved here.

     Shion:  And if I refuse to turn her over?

 Scientist:  This project has been officially commissioned by the government.

 Scientist:  Being chief of software development doesn't give you the right to
             refuse us.

     Shion:  I imagine not.

 Scientist:  Look, I know there's a lot about KOS-MOS' recent activation that
             worries you, but rest assured, everything's going to be fine.

 Scientist:  Headquarters has taken a good look at KOS-MOS' activity records up
             to now.

 Scientist:  They firmly believe this can be done, and so do we.

 Scientist:  Everything is ready to go.

     Shion:  I suppose the only thing I can do now is trust you.

 Scientist:  We can do this.

 Scientist:  Besides, this system was designed at First Division by none other
             than Kevin Winnicot himself.

     Shion:  Fine.

     Shion:  We'll transfer KOS-MOS to the Second R&D Division today at 1400

     Shion:  I'll send the paperwork along later.

     Shion:  Please send requests for any specific needs to my personal address
             at First Division.

     Shion:  I'll have Allen take care of the software. If there's anything you
             don't understand...

 Scientist:  We'll contact you. Thank you for your cooperation.


     Shion:  For the sake of humanity?

     Kevin:  Yes. You might even say that's the reason she was born.

     Kevin:  Her awakening will lead humanity toward the future.

     Kevin:  I can hardly wait until that time comes.

     Shion:  This transport is part of KOS-MOS' equipment, too, right?

     Shion:  A craft that can interact with hyperspace on its own, without
             using a U.M.N. column.

     Shion:  Is this going to save humanity, too?

     Kevin:  Mmm...

     Kevin:  In a broader sense, I suppose.

     Kevin:  It might come in handy for her someday.

     Kevin:  You'll probably laugh when you hear me say this, but I believe...

     Kevin:  No, I want to believe that she'll be more than just some wanton
             instrument of destruction.

     Kevin:  I hope the future that she builds will be one swept clean of our

     Kevin:  An ideal world free of destruction or slaughter.

     Kevin:  Sounds funny, doesn't it?

     Shion:  No, no. It's just that...

     Shion:  Your eyes, Kevin.

     Shion:  They were so lit up just now, that you looked like a child.

     Kevin:  I can't help it.

     Kevin:  I guess I'd better watch myself during the public test.

     Shion:  Well, to be honest, I can't wait to see her wake up, too.


     Allen:  Chief!

     Allen:  Wait up, Chief. Hey, what's wrong with you?

     Allen:  You're acting strange today.

     Shion:  Nothing's wrong. It's the same old me.

     Allen:  Where are you going then?

     Shion:  Into the city for a bit. It's been a long time, so...

     Allen:  A long time?

     Allen:  Oh, right, right! Isn't your house, um...

     Shion:  Yeah, it's in 8th District.

     Shion:  Listen, Allen.

     Shion:  Don't take your eyes off KOS-MOS, okay?

     Allen:  Uh, yeah, of course.

     Allen:  Um...why?

     Allen:  There is definitely something wrong with her today.


     Shion:  Moby Dick's Cafe? Could it be...

     Shion:  Wow! It really is!

     Shion:  Hey, Boss!

     Shion:  Hi!

      Boss:  Well, well, well. If it isn't Shion!

      Boss:  You've sure grown up since the last time I saw you!

      Boss:  You were still in high school, right?

     Shion:  Yes!

     Shion:  Sorry I haven't kept in touch.

     Shion:  I guess you moved over here, huh?

      Boss:  Yeah, there's no stopping the redevelopment around here.

      Boss:  I figured I'd at least try to keep the inside looking the same,

     Shion:  Right...

     Shion:  It wouldn't be Moby Dick's if it was any other way.

      Boss:  Well, have a seat. You want the usual?

     Shion:  Please.

     Shion:  Actually, I'm kind of hungry, too.

      Boss:  You got it!

      Boss:  So, are you off today?

     Shion:  I wish.

     Shion:  No, unfortunately, I'm working. I've got business at the Second

      Boss:  Ah, right, you're with Vector now. Your brother was telling me
             about that.

     Shion:  What? Jin comes here?

      Boss:  Sure, all the time.

      Boss:  Wait, you haven't seen him yet?

      Boss:  You've come this far, you ought to at least try paying him a

     Shion:  Oh, not you, too. You know I have a hard time dealing with my

      Boss:  Well, speak of the devil...

       Jr.:  Wow! Just look at this place, chaos!

       Jr.:  It's perfect! It feels just like the Pequod, doesn't it?

     chaos:  Shion!

     Shion:  What are you two doing here?

       Jr.:  Well, we were starving, so...

     chaos:  So, we ended up here.

      Boss:  So, you all know each other?

     Shion:  Y...yeah, kinda.

     chaos:  Kinda? What's that supposed to mean?

     Shion:  Oh! I'm sorry. I was just a little rattled.

     chaos:  Rattled? About what?

      Boss:  Shion's just got family matters on her mind today, right?


   Gaignun:  My apologies for being late.

    Helmer:  I'm glad you could make it.

    Helmer:  Shelley! Mary! Look at you! You're all grown up!

      Mary:  Long time no see, Helmer!

   Shelley:  Mary! Show some respect!

    Helmer:  It's all right, it makes me feel like I've got a couple of

    Helmer:  Tell me, Mary, are you still working on your act?

      Mary:  Yeah! Right now we're kinda busy, but pretty soon, I'm gonna be
             the best comedian in this star cluster...even if my sister won't
             be my partner.

      Mary:  You know, I've been thinking about recruiting the Little Master.

    Helmer:  That sounds great. I think he'd be perfect.

      Mary:  Right!

    Helmer:  I'm afraid I don't have good news.

    Helmer:  There's been some disturbing activity and not just from the
             remnants of U-TIC.

   Gaignun:  Yes.

    Helmer:  Under the circumstances, the peace treaty was our only choice
             fourteen years ago.

    Helmer:  But it was hardly a unanimous decision.

    Helmer:  Now we're starting to see the strain from that within the

    Helmer:  According to Captain Roman's report, certain factions have begun
             showing signs of armed rebellion.

    Helmer:  The Second Miltian government is on full alert.

    Helmer:  I'd like all of you at the Foundation to be appropriately
             cautious, as well.

    Helmer:  After all, with the Zohar emulators and the 100-Series Prototype
             in your possession, you've become the focus of a great deal of

   Shelley:  Master Gaignun, I've brought MOMO.

    Helmer:  The 100-Series Prototype.

   Gaignun:  Of course. Send her in.

      MOMO:  Allow me to introduce myself.

      MOMO:  I am the 100-Series Observational Unit Prototype, designation:

      MOMO:  The preliminary examination of my internal data is now complete.

    Canaan:  A 100-Series Realian.

      MOMO:  You're the Enhanced Memory Model, aren't you? Nice to meet you.

    Helmer:  She does look more like her than the mass-produced ones do.

   Gaignun:  Yes, she's just like Dr. Mizrahi's late daughter.

    Helmer:  Hmm...the hand of fate is a mystery.

    Helmer:  Thank you, MOMO, for overcoming so much in order to come here.

    Helmer:  Soon you will undergo analysis at the U.M.N. Control Center.

    Helmer:  We intend to do everything in our power to support the process.

    Helmer:  Please, just try to relax and fulfill your duty.

      MOMO:  Yes, sir. Thank you very much for your concern.

    Helmer:  Nigredo.

    Helmer:  I have something I need for you to do.

   Gaignun:  You want reconnaissance, don't you?

    Helmer:  Sorry.

   Gaignun:  No need to apologize. It is my family's responsibility.


   Gaignun:  Now Albedo, where are you?

    Albedo:  Nigredo!

   Gaignun:  Well, hello then.

   Gaignun:  You sound like you're doing well, unfortunately.

    Albedo:  And you're glib as ever.

    Albedo:  What's wrong?

    Albedo:  Are you lonely, little baby?

   Gaignun:  Oh, I'm just doing a little information gathering.

   Gaignun:  Of course, it still isn't too late for us to come to terms.

    Albedo:  Oh, so now it's peace talks, huh?

    Albedo:  Didn't McCartney say that, too?

    Albedo:  "Ebony and ivory live together in perfect harmony."

    Albedo:  But I know your true form, executioner.

   Gaignun:  I shed that skin long ago.

    Albedo:  Is that so?

    Albedo:  You sure you're not just hanging around Rubedo because you're
             waiting for the chance to carry out your mission?

    Albedo:  I'll be borrowing Rubedo, soon.

    Albedo:  I don't need you though.

    Albedo:  Still, I look forward to your efforts nonetheless.

   Gaignun:  Wait! No!

    Albedo:  Scary, scary...

    Albedo:  You've always been two-faced, you know.

    Albedo:  Offering life in the one hand and delivering death in the other.

    Albedo:  Too bad I can't die.

   Gaignun:  So, he really intends to link with U-DO no matter what.

   Gaignun:  Still... What does he want with Rubedo?


       Jr.:  This rocks!

     chaos:  I get it. So this is where your curry comes from.

     Shion:  Figured it out, huh?

     Shion:  By the way, how's MOMO? Is she done already?

     chaos:  They told us the main examination will start tomorrow. There don't
             seem to be any problems.

       Jr.:  Yeah. So, since we had some free time, we thought we'd visit the

     Shion:  I see.

     chaos:  What about you? Did you turn over KOS-MOS already?

     Shion:  Uh, yeah...

     Shion:  I had Allen take over the process. It might take some time,
             though, depending on what else crops up.

       Jr.:  Did something happen over there? You don't look very happy.

     Shion:  You know how it is.

     Shion:  We've been together for a long time, so saying goodbye is...well,
             you know.

       Jr.:  Hmm. That tough, huh?

     chaos:  Well yeah.

     chaos:  Think about it. What if you had to give up your precious Kahles
             scope? How would that feel?

       Jr.:  Oh, that would be tough. My wallet and my heart would both grieve.

     chaos:  Told you.

     Shion:  Please, do you really have to compare KOS-MOS to Jr.'s collection?


       Jin:  Good afternoon, Boss.

      Boss:  Hey, welcome back.

      Boss:  What a coincidence! Just now, Shion was...

      Boss:  Huh?

       Jr.:  Huh?

       Jr.:  You're praying?

       Jr.:  Your chest?

       Jr.:  You're playing the drums?

       Jr.:  Man, I give up!

       Jr.:  What are you trying to say, Shion?

     Shion:  Not so loud!

     Shion:  Ah!

       Jin:  "Shion?"

       Jin:  And a voice I've heard somewhere before...

     Shion:  Uh, hi. Long time no see.


       Jin:  I'm Jin.

       Jin:  Jin Uzuki.

       Jin:  Pleased to meet you.

     chaos:  The pleasure is mine.

       Jin:  So, you're both with Shion.

       Jin:  Tell me, has my foolish sister been causing you trouble?

     Shion:  Foolish?

     chaos:  Quite the opposite.

     chaos:  You know, we're actually very much in her debt.

       Jin:  Truly?

       Jin:  You know, you don't have to be nice just because she's here.

     Shion:  Jin!

       Jin:  It appears I'm not very welcome here, am I?

     Shion:  Oh, come on. I didn't say that!

     Shion:  I just --

       Jin:  Hey Boss. I'll have what they're having, please.

       Jin:  Extra spicy.

     Shion:  Hey!

     Shion:  Listen to me when I'm talking to you!

       Jin:  I am listening.

       Jin:  So what were you saying?

     Shion:  Forget it. It's just not worth it.


       Jin:  You know, you could have called me. I would have come to meet you.

       Jin:  So, how long are you here, anyway?

     Shion:  I...I was busy!

     Shion:  The only reason I'm here is because I got a sudden assignment.

     Shion:  I have to spend tonight getting ready for the return trip.

       Jr.:  Huh? I thought you said...

       Jr.:  Ow!

     Shion:  Never mind. It's nothing really.

     Shion:  I wonder who that could be?...

     Allen:  Hey, Chief. How's it going?

     Allen:  Listen, about KOS-MOS, it looks like the Tertiary Equipment code's
             going to take a little while.

     Allen:  Probably about two or three days, at least I'd say.

     Allen:  So, I guess we can just take it easy for a while, ok?

     Allen:  Uh, Chief? Is something wrong? You look kind of upset.

     Shion:  I'm guessing this isn't a practical joke.

     Allen:  What?

     Shion:  Nothing.

     Shion:  Your timing is so perfect.

     Shion:  Thank you.

     Allen:  Wait, Chief!

       Jin:  I see... So, you'll be taking it easy for a while, hmm?

     Shion:  Okay, fine.

     Shion:  I'll come back home, all right?

     Shion:  Will that satisfy you?

       Jin:  Oh, right.

       Jin:  Would the two of you like to come visit?

       Jin:  It's not far from here.

       Jr.:  Well? What do you think?

     chaos:  I don't know...

     chaos:  It's a family reunion. We'd probably just be in the way.

     chaos:  Wouldn't we?

     chaos:  Of course, we could also take you up on your offer.

     chaos:  Just for a little while...


     Shion:  ...Oh, all right. I'm really not in the mood for it, but I'll go
             home for a visit anyway. It's a little ways from the city, but not
             that far.

     Shion:  ...

     Shion:  ...

     Shion:  *Sigh*


       Jr.:  Wow, chaos! This house is made of wood!

     chaos:  Yeah. And look at that.

     chaos:  It's amazing. This place is a bookstore.

       Jr.:  Man! This is so antique! It's too bad Gaignun isn't here to see

     Shion:  I knew it!

     chaos:  Knew what?

     Shion:  Hang on, Jin. What is this? I thought you opened a doctor's

       Jin:  What's with you?

       Jin:  What happened to, "It's good to be back home, big brother"?

     Shion:  Sure, if this were a normal home!

     Shion:  What happened here?

     Shion:  Don't tell me you got bored and changed professions again.

     Shion:  Honestly, you've never kept a job for more than six months!

       Jin:  Look, in this day and age, doctors are mostly just conversation
             partners for the elderly.

       Jin:  In other words, counselors.

       Jin:  I mean, aside from mental illness, everything can be cured with
             medicine or nanotechnology.

       Jin:  There's nothing left for me to do.

       Jin:  So why go to all the trouble of running an expensive medical
             practice just to chat with people?

       Jin:  I can do that in any business and if I could sell some stuff,
             that'd be just a bonus.

     Shion:  Oh, please.

     Shion:  You just wanted to use your hobby to cut yourself a tax break.

     Shion:  As if you actually invested much in your medical practice, anyway.

     Shion:  And what's up with these mountains of books?

     Shion:  There's no way these were any less expensive!

     Shion:  Where in the world did you get them all anyway?

       Jin:  Half of them had been resting in Grandfather's storage for years.

       Jin:  I'm sure you at least looked through them when you were a child.

       Jin:  The rest are from customers. There are a lot of people with
             obscure tastes around here, you know.

       Jin:  Building a collection is easier than you'd think.

       Jin:  Now, shouldn't we attend to our guests?

     Shion:  What? Oh! I was so shocked at what you'd done that I completely

     Shion:  chaos! Jr.! Come on insi--

     Shion:  What are you doing?

       Jr.:  Hmm? Ah, I thought I'd go ahead and get these.

     chaos:  Oh, um, thanks Shion. Come on, Jr., let's go in.

       Jr.:  Come on. What about these?

     chaos:  You can buy all the books you want later. Come on!


   Sellers:  Oh, and as for Pleroma, I went ahead and had it destroyed.

   Sellers:  I realize that the fortress was named after the immigration ship
             from Earth.

   Sellers:  However, we simply can't let something tainted by the Federation
             just float around out there.

   Sellers:  It's not a good policy.

   Sellers:  I suppose next time I could consider your feelings before
             eliminating such an historical relic.

  Margulis:  Don't be absurd, Sellers.

  Margulis:  Our current Patriarch chose that name in his madness.

  Margulis:  As for my feelings, I couldn't possibly care less.

   Sellers:  The Patriarch's madness? That sounds like something you'd say.

  Pellegri:  Margulis. What do you need?

  Margulis:  Pellegri.

  Margulis:  Soon, Albedo will break Old Miltia's seal, and the Patriarch will
             order the Immigrant Fleet to begin its invasion.

  Margulis:  All of this, in order to secure the original Zohar.

  Pellegri:  And you want me to act as point?

  Margulis:  No. You will operate on your own. The commander and I both desire
             this of you.

  Margulis:  Don't forget to tell Richard and Hermann...

  Margulis:  You three had better not fail me again.

  Pellegri:  Yes, sir.


       Jin:  And so, you're saying you want to help them?

     Shion:  Yes.

       Jin:  I can't condone that.

       Jin:  It sounds to me like they're a couple of skilled professionals.

       Jin:  It would be foolish for an amateur like you to get involved.

     Shion:  An amateur? I've already made a difference. Right?

       Jin:  Anyway, get some rest.

       Jin:  Tomorrow, we'll go pay our respects to Mother and Father.

     Shion:  Wait a minute, Jin. Not this again.

     Shion:  I've already told you, I'm not going to their graves.

     Shion:  No.

     Shion:  I absolutely refuse.

       Jin:  You're still their daughter.

       Jin:  Since you're here, you should at least put flowers on their graves
             out of respect.

     Shion:  Just stop it.

     Shion:  I can't believe we're talking about this again.

     Shion:  Mom and Dad aren't even in those graves!

     Shion:  You know just as well as I do where they are!

     Shion:  Right?

     Shion:  You and I were the only ones there that day.

     Shion:  And if you...if you'd only been there sooner, they'd still be...

     Shion:  I'm sorry.

     Shion:  I didn't mean to...

     Shion:  Either way, I'm still not going to their graves.


       Jr.:  Well, I'd better get going. They're probably waiting for me, so

       Jin:  I'm very sorry you had to see that.

       Jin:  It's a little embarrassing.

       Jr.:  Oh, no, don't worry. Are you guys okay?

       Jin:  Oh, yes. We're still brother and sister, after all.

     chaos:  I'm sorry, but would you mind if I stayed here tonight?

     chaos:  Of course, I don't want to intrude.

       Jin:  You're not intruding at all.

       Jin:  Please, you are welcome. Shion will be delighted you're staying.

       Jr.:  Well, it's all right with me.

       Jr.:  MOMO isn't getting analyzed 'til tomorrow. Just come by then and
             we should be okay.

     chaos:  I will. Thanks.


     chaos:  Are you all right?

       Jin:  Sounds peaceful, doesn't it?

       Jin:  On nights when I can't sleep, I find it easier to relax here.

     chaos:  It's Shion, isn't it?

       Jin:  Well...yes.

       Jin:  It's been two years since we've seen each other.

       Jin:  I've always thought of her as a child, but she won't...

       Jin:  I think she must have gotten that from our grandfather.

       Jin:  So, what is it you want to ask me?

       Jin:  You've got something on your mind.

     chaos:  Um, Jin. About U-TIC, are you still...

       Jin:  Ah, that.

       Jin:  Fourteen years...

       Jin:  It's like so long ago, but it feels like it was only yesterday.

       Jin:  It seems that fate won't allow me to escape that curse.

       Jin:  Or, perhaps I brought it upon myself.

       Jin:  The human race began its existence as a simple flock of hunters
             and gatherers.

       Jin:  Eventually, we learned to control fire, and from fire, we obtained
             the power of the blade.

       Jin:  Our consciousness constantly changes form in its unending search
             for the future.

       Jin:  When a man finds a guiding light, he runs to it, sometimes
             forgetting its true nature in the process.

       Jin:  Perhaps we humans are like moths.

       Jin:  Aimlessly flitting around the inviting candlelight, unaware of the
             outcome that awaits us.

     chaos:  Jin...

       Jin:  I'm sure she's caused you all kinds of problems.

       Jin:  I know she's a problem, but please, take care of her for me.

     chaos:  It's not like that.

       Jin:  I...I wasn't able to be with her when she needed me most.

       Jin:  And now, thanks to that, I still can't let myself get close to her

       Jin:  I think perhaps...I'm afraid.

       Jin:  I'm afraid that if I try to get any closer, she might turn me
             away, shut me out...and cut me off as her brother.

     chaos:  Don't worry. Shion talks about you all the time.

     chaos:  If you ask me, she doesn't seem like the type of person who'd cut
             off her family.

       Jin:  She probably adds the phrase "no-good" when she talks about me,
             doesn't she?

     chaos:  Well, sometimes.

       Jin:  You know, it's strange.

       Jin:  I feel like I can talk to you about anything, chaos.

       Jin:  It's like you're much older than you look, as if you'd been alive
             for hundreds of years.

     chaos:  Oh, no. I just like to take things easy. Jr. makes fun of me for

     chaos:  He always says, "chaos, you are so slow!"


     Shion:  Sorry to keep you.

     chaos:  You look like a different person when you're not in uniform.

     Shion:  Oh? Does it look bad on me?

     chaos:  Oh, not at all. You look great.

     Shion:  Thanks.

     chaos:  You sure you want to leave without saying goodbye to your brother?

     Shion:  Yeah, we talked yesterday. Honestly, I don't know what I would say
             if I saw him.

     Shion:  You know, I'm sorry I can't be there for MOMO's analysis.

     Shion:  I've just got a lot going on right now.

     Shion:  I can't leave Allen by himself.

     Shion:  Plus I'm worried about KOS-MOS, too.

     chaos:  It's all right. Don't worry about it. The analysis itself isn't
             all that problematic.

     chaos:  Besides, everyone from the Foundation will be there.

     Shion:  Okay, wish MOMO luck for me.

     chaos:  Sure thing.

     chaos:  See ya.


   [U.M.N. Control Center]

   Gaignun:  She should be arriving soon.

       Jr.:  I'm surprised a Subcommittee specialist would personally get

   Gaignun:  That's just how important this is. Not just to the Subcommittee,
             but to her, too.

      MOMO:  Mommy!

      Juli:  It's been a while.

   Gaignun:  You're looking well, as always.

      Juli:  Allow me to thank you on behalf of the entire Subcommittee.

      Juli:  We're very grateful for your help during the Proto Merkabah

     Ziggy:  We couldn't have done it without MOMO. She was immensely helpful.

      Juli:  I see. Thanks for your support, MOMO.

      MOMO:  Mommy!

      Juli:  I'd like to organize the data. If you could prepare a room for me,
             I'd appreciate it.

       Jr.:  Gladly.

      Juli:  MOMO.

      MOMO:  Yes?

      Juli:  Once things settle down, it'll be nice if we can live together.

     Ziggy:  MOMO, that's great.

      MOMO:  Uh huh!

   Shelley:  MOMO, please come this way.

      MOMO:  Okay!


       Jr.:  Doctor, what was that about?

      Juli:  What?

       Jr.:  You know, acting nice to MOMO all of a sudden.

      Juli:  Did it seem unnatural?

      Juli:  I know that Joachim designed that Realian to be stimulated by
             familial warmth.

      Juli:  In that case, fulfilling that need is a necessary part of my job
             in order to ensure that the examination proceeds smoothly.

       Jr.:  I should have known.

       Jr.:  You know, pretending to be cold and emotionless is only going to
             end up hurting you in the end.

      Juli:  That Realian was created by Joachim.

      Juli:  And that frightens me.

       Jr.:  Look, I don't know what kind of person Joachim Mizrahi was.

       Jr.:  I don't even know what he was thinking when he created the

       Jr.:  But still, I made a promise to Sakura.

      Juli:  To Sakura?

       Jr.:  So, I'm going to treat MOMO like a real girl.

      Juli:  What sort of promise?

       Jr.:  She asked me to look after her mother and sister.

       Jr.:  Please doctor. I'd like you to smile again. I'm sure that's what
             Sakura would want, too.

     chaos:  Did I interrupt something?

       Jr.:  Nah, nothing like that.

       Jr.:  Tell me, how's Shion? She all right?

     chaos:  I don't think there's anything to worry about.

     chaos:  But that family does have issues.

       Jr.:  A complicated relationship, huh?

       Jr.:  Well, I certainly know what that's like.

     chaos:  It looks like there's still time before the analysis starts. I
             wonder what the others are doing.

       Jr.:  MOMO is already in the analysis room getting ready. Ziggy is...
             I think he said he was going to get maintenance on his body before
             the analysis starts.


      Juli:  How do you feel?

     Ziggy:  Dr. Mizrahi?

      Juli:  MOMO asked me to do it.

      Juli:  She said, "Mommy, you're a famous scientist, so I bet you know all
             about cybernetic engineering."

     Ziggy:  Ah, I'd prefer...

      Juli:  I'm not a young woman. Don't let it bother you.

      Juli:  A famous scientist?

      Juli:  Perhaps, infamous is more appropriate.

     Ziggy:  You seem to have difficulty dealing with MOMO. Why?

      Juli:  Could you love something that looked like your own daughter, but

     Ziggy:  That is a difficult question.

      Juli:  Merely creating something to look like my daughter won't bring
             back her soul.

      Juli:  And with 100-Series Realians scattered all over this star cluster,
             they all serve as a constant reminder of her death.

     Ziggy:  Was it your husband's idea to make the 100-Series look like her?

      Juli:  Yes.

      Juli:  Do you have any children?

     Ziggy:  A son. He was a healthy, intelligent boy. I lost him in an

      Juli:  I'm sorry.

      Juli:  Is that why you committed suicide?

     Ziggy:  Yes, it is.

      Juli:  Perhaps I, too, should have done the same when my daughter died.

      Juli:  But instead of grief, my heart was filled with anger towards my

     Ziggy:  You seem to be a very strong person.

      Juli:  No. I'm just stubborn.

     Ziggy:  Dr. Mizrahi, this is just an idea, but why don't you imagine you
             had two daughters?

      Juli:  What do you mean?

     Ziggy:  One that passed away, and one that's still alive.

      Juli:  So you think I should start treating MOMO like another daughter,
             instead of merely a copy of Sakura.

      Juli:  You sure know how to pose a difficult challenge.

     Ziggy:  Please consider it.

      Juli:  I'll think about it. Well, I'd better go.

     Ziggy:  Thank you for the maintenance.

      Juli:  You're welcome.

     Ziggy:  All right, you can come in now.

     Ziggy:  I believe I told you eavesdropping wasn't very admirable.

       Jr.:  We weren't doing it on purpose.

       Jr.:  Still, I gotta say, old man, you are full of surprises.

     Ziggy:  What do you mean? I'm not following what you're saying.

       Jr.:  Yeah, whatever.

     Ziggy:  Anyway, isn't it about time for MOMO's analysis to begin?

     Ziggy:  You can't afford to be standing around here, wasting your time.

       Jr.:  Oh, crap. We'd better get back.

     chaos:  Let's go to the analysis room.


      Mary:  Just relax, okay MOMO?

      Mary:  This is just the initial preparation for the analysis.

      MOMO:  Thank you. I'll do my best.

      MOMO:  You know, I'm a self-adjusting model. I've never had maintenance
             like this before.

      MOMO:  So, I guess this is what it feels like when you do it, Ziggy?

     Ziggy:  Don't worry. There's nothing to be afraid of.

100-Series:  We will be shutting down your artificial personality layer during
             the analysis.

100-Series:  Your artificial emotion and abstract cognitive functions will
             temporarily cease to function, but please do not be alarmed.

      MOMO:  Artificial emotion?

100-Series:  Since your artificial personality is an option for interpersonal
             interaction, this procedure will have no effect on your
             observational functions.

      MOMO:  My heart is just an optional function?

     Ziggy:  MOMO...

100-Series:  Personality Sleep Mode activated.

100-Series:  Shutting down.


    Helmer:  So how is it going?

      Mary:  They're having a pretty hard time preparing for MOMO's analysis.

      Mary:  As if the protection on her wasn't complex enough, some of her
             routes were damaged in that last hacking attempt.

       Jr.:  I see. So her personality layer is deactivated.

      Mary:  Yeah. It's kinda painful, like we're doing something terrible to

      Mary:  It reminds me of when we were on Old Miltia, kept on constant

      Mary:  I felt totally empty inside then.

      Mary:  I really hated it.

       Jr.:  Yeah...

      Mary:  We humans might be shameless at times, but that's still how we

      Mary:  I think if someone told me that my heart was just a fake, I'd
             really be hurt.

       Jr.:  Even our hearts might be nothing more than playthings created by

   Shelley:  Little Master, are you sure you don't want to be here?

       Jr.:  I can't watch. I'm scared.

   Shelley:  Little Master...

       Jr.:  I'm a...coward.


100-Series:  Confirmed mental barrier on 100-Series Prototype. Starting
             approach to Prototype. Band secured. Opening partition. Starting
             count.  5...4...3...2...1... receiving signal.

      Mary:  Just a little more, MOMO.

      Mary:  Just a little more and it'll all be over, okay?

      Mary:  We'll all go someplace really fun after this.

100-Series:  Final barrier decode pattern decrypted.

100-Series:  Initiating complete protection removal.

100-Series:  Scanning transection. All monitors are showing normal values.

      Mary:  MOMO...

      MOMO:  S...top...

100-Series:  Electronic pulse signal is rejected! Brainwave frequencies

      Mary:  MOMO!

      Mary:  What is it? What are you trying to say?

100-Series:  Continuing approach to barrier 15. Executing rescan.

      MOMO:  It's...a...tr...ap...

   Shelley:  This can't...

   Tech #1:  Interference is manifesting from unobservable space.

   Tech #2:  Barrier logic destruction, 68%.

   Tech #2:  Emergency cutoff.

   Tech #2:  Cutoff refused!

   Tech #2:  A terminal has been opened to the U.M.N. network.

   Tech #2:  Unable to determine the intrusion route!

   Tech #1:  Multiple axon connections advancing within the subconscious

   Tech #1:  A large-scale holographic network is being established!

     Ziggy:  Dr. Mizrahi, what's happening?

      Juli:  No wonder we didn't find anything; we were analyzing each system

      Juli:  Each layer is a low-resolution fragment, like scattered bits of

      Juli:  It's only when they all become active at once that the whole image
             comes together.

      Juli:  Joachim's pulled off a grand tromp l'oeil.

      Juli:  Try the cutoff again.

      Juli:  Reestablish defensive logic against the external hack attempt.

   Tech #2:  Right.

   Tech #2:  Attempting to restart defensive logic.

   Tech #2:  Denied!

     Ziggy:  MOMO!

      Mary:  MOMO!

      MOMO:  I'm...sorry...

      MOMO:  I...didn't know...

   Gaignun:  No! This is...

      Juli:  There's a self-expanding trap in there.

      Juli:  This isn't one of Joachim's designs.

      Juli:  It's something recent -- probably planted during the intrusion at
             the Song of Nephilim.

   Gaignun:  This is Albedo's work.

   Tech #2:  20 seconds to defense logic failure.

   Tech #2:  We're running the risk of complete data leakage.

     Ziggy:  What are you doing, Dr. Mizrahi?

      Juli:  I'm using the emergency control code and destroying the data.

     Ziggy:  You can't! If you do that, MOMO will...

      Juli:  You have a better idea?

      Juli:  We cannot allow the Y-Data to fall into the enemy's hands under
             any circumstance!

     Ziggy:  Dr. Mizrahi!

      Juli:  MOMO...

   Tech #1:  Dr. Mizrahi!

   Tech #1:  The holographic network has begun to disrupt!

   Tech #1:  The expanded data is disappearing!

      Juli:  What? But I didn't...

     Ziggy:  What's going on?

      Juli:  It's MOMO.

      Juli:  She's cutting her own neural pathways to disperse the memory!

      Juli:  She's destroying her own mind to protect the data that Joachim
             entrusted to her.

     Ziggy:  What?

      Juli:  MOMO!

   Tech #@:  The 100-Series Prototype has shut down!

Juli/Ziggy:  MOMO!

    Albedo:  So...

    Albedo:  I trust you liked my gift?

   Gaignun:  Albedo!

    Albedo:  Looks like ma pêche managed to protect Mizrahi's legacy with her
             own body.

    Albedo:  How very brave.

    Albedo:  However, no matter how charming, in the end she's nothing more
             than a puppet.

    Albedo:  A puppet waiting for a miracle to make her human, believing all of
             Mizrahi's rubbish...

     Ziggy:  What? A puppet?

     Ziggy:  Dr. Mizrahi, is she...

      Juli:  It's all right.

      Juli:  I won't let her die.

      Juli:  Injecting nanounit restoration.

      Juli:  Ready twelve-device-activator.

      Juli:  This time...

      Juli:  I will save her.

      Juli:  I swear it!


     Shion:  Oh no. Poor MOMO.

       Jr.:  I'm so sorry. We were right there and we still let this happen to

    Helmer:  Her basic functions have recovered.

    Helmer:  Though she avoided death, her neural network, the rough equivalent
             of her brain, has been completely shattered to pieces.

    Helmer:  We need the expertise of Vector's Third Division if we stand any
             chance of recovering the Y-Data.

    Helmer:  This crisis isn't just Second Miltia's problem anymore.

    Helmer:  On behalf of the entire government, I am hereby requesting your
             official assistance.

     Shion:  MOMO... All this to protect her father's wishes.

     Shion:  Very well. We would be honored to assist you.

     Shion:  Besides, MOMO is a close friend.


     Allen:  This is terrible!

     Allen:  I think it's going to take a while to get help from Third
             Division. I hope MOMO will be all right until then.

     Shion:  Allen, could I get you to arrange the equipment transfer from
             Third Division?

     Allen:  Huh? Sure, no problem, but... Are you planning on...

     Shion:  Yeah, I'm going to go. I can't just sit here and wait.

     Allen:  I knew it.

     Allen:  Just so you know, you'll be exceeding your authority. I don't
             think that's a good idea.

     Shion:  Don't worry, I'll take the blame. Nothing will happen to you.
             Thanks for your help, then.

     Allen:  Hey, wait, Chief!


     Allen:  Chief!

     Allen:  Chief, wait up!

     Shion:  Allen?

     Allen:  I went ahead and ordered the equipment from Third Division. They
             asked what we intended to do with it, so I explained it to them.

     Shion:  Hey! Didn't I tell you I'd go myself?

     Allen:  It's all right. By the time Third Division arrives, our work
             should be complete.

     Shion:  Allen...

     Allen:  Please don't say you'll go by yourself. I'll go with you.

     Shion:  All right. Let's hurry!

     Shion:  I have to hurry! I'll be right there, MOMO!


    Rep #1:  What are you talking about?

    Rep #1:  What reason could there possibly be for the Immigrant Fleet to
             deploy ships to Second Miltia?

    Rep #2:  Now, now, let's not be so quick to judge. Let's at least hear what
             they have to say.

 Patriarch:  Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to speak.

 Patriarch:  Once, in this region of space, there existed the great land of

 Patriarch:  As you all know, when the unfortunate events occurred fourteen
             years ago, that land along with mankind's greatest treasure, was
             sealed away like a cursed past.

 Patriarch:  That greatest of treasures originally belonged to all of mankind,
             and we of the Immigrant Fleet had been its caretakers from time

    Rep #1:  Now wait just a minute.

    Rep #1:  All Zohar activity currently falls under the jurisdiction of the

    Rep #1:  You aren't trying to monopolize that great treasure for
             yourselves, now, are you?

 Patriarch:  We wouldn't dream of it.

 Patriarch:  All I am saying is, there are those who would claim it as their

    Rep #3:  Are you insinuating that the Miltian government would do such a

 Patriarch:  They have clearly used the events of fourteen years ago to justify
             their mobilization.

 Patriarch:  To demonstrate that, they have summoned the great evil, Proto
             Merkabah, in an attempt to reignite the flames of conflict across
             the galaxy.

 Patriarch:  They intend to take advantage of the chaos of war to use the relic
             in Old Miltia for their own self-interests.

 Patriarch:  In response to these usurpers, the Miltian government, we propose
             to reclaim our long-standing traditional rights to be the
             caretakers of the relic.

    Rep #3:  The incident you speak of was perpetrated by the U-TIC

    Rep #3:  All accusations against the Miltian government were officially
             cleared, were they not?

    Rep #3:  I believe there was even evidence provided by Vector.

    Rep #2:  Yes. But there are also rumors that Vector is supporting the
             Miltian government.

    Rep #2:  I wonder just how trustworthy Vector's data really is.

    Rep #2:  Where is the Miltian government's representative now?

    Rep #4:  Where is Representative Helmer? Doesn't he have anything to say
             in this matter?


       Jin:  It's been a long time, Lieutenant General.

       Jin:  Or do you prefer Representative Helmer, of the Second Miltian

    Helmer:  The old way is fine, Captain. It suits me more.

    Helmer:  Well Captain, aren't you going to ask me why I've come?

       Jin:  I've got a fairly good idea.

    Helmer:  Fine.

    Helmer:  Then I'll get straight to the point.

    Helmer:  Captain, I'd like to enlist your services once again.

    Helmer:  I believe you already know Canaan.

       Jin:  Yes. It's been a while.

    Helmer:  The data you entrusted to Canaan...

    Helmer:  I want to find out the truth it holds.

       Jin:  That information was obtained illegally. It won't stand up in

    Helmer:  I don't care.

    Helmer:  If I can just find out who our real enemy is, that'll be more than

    Helmer:  I want to know, Captain.

       Jin:  Lieutenant General, these days I am but a lowly used bookseller.

       Jin:  I'm not sure I am capable of meeting your expectations.

       Jin:  This is...

    Helmer:  The truth will surely be of great benefit to you as well.

       Jin:  Lieutenant General, you must realize that in order to unravel the
             data that I passed to Canaan, we have to go back there.

       Jin:  I assume you are aware of what that means.

    Helmer:  I'm well aware, and I'm ready.


       Jr.:  Shion!

       Jr.:  I thought we were getting someone from the Third Division.

       Jr.:  This is outside of First Division's jurisdiction, isn't it?

     Shion:  Yes.

     Shion:  Normally the Third Division would have sent someone, but we were
             closer. It's just easier for me to take care of it.

     Shion:  Besides, I've already had everything we need transported over.
             Don't worry, we've got the technical side covered. You can relax.

     Allen:  Honestly, Chief, you're so stubborn.

     Allen:  You know, you're gonna have a hard time with the Third Division

     chaos:  Yet in spite of that, Allen, you're still right here helping.

     Allen:  What? Ah...well...I can't leave it all to the Chief, now can I?

     Shion:  Jr., we want to save MOMO too.

     Shion:  Or, do you think Allen and I aren't reliable enough?

       Jr.:  No, no. Well, I don't know about Allen, but I'm glad you're here,

     Allen:  Hey! What is that supposed to --

       Jr.:  We're short on time. As soon as you're ready, let's go.

     Shion:  Right.


     Allen:  The dive subjects for this operation will be the Chief, Jr., chaos
             and Ziggy.

     Allen:  I've also arranged for KOS-MOS' data to be simultaneously
             transmitted from Second Division into the Encephalon.

     Allen:  I'm sure having her around will be reassuring.

     Shion:  That's good thinking, Allen.

     Allen:  Our dive target is MOMO Mizrahi's subconscious domain, which is
             modeled after Sakura Mizrahi's memories.

     Allen:  Like the dive into KOS-MOS' Encephalon, there is a possibility of
             resonant memory playbacks with those who've closely shared time
             and space with her.

       Jr.:  This time, that'd be me.

     Shion:  Jr.?

     Ziggy:  Dr. Mizrahi told me that Sakura suffered from a central nervous
             system disorder.

     Ziggy:  Did you have contact with her?

       Jr.:  I did.

       Jr.:  The going theory was that Sakura's symptoms were somehow connected
             to unusual wave pulses within the U.M.N.

       Jr.:  She was being attended to at the Yuriev Institute, where her
             treatment was also a part of the U.R.T.V.s' U.M.N. link training.

     Shion:  Sakura, the girl MOMO was modeled after?

     Ziggy:  I'd like to ask you something.

     Ziggy:  What is U-DO, exactly?

     Ziggy:  Why were you U.R.T.V.s created? To fight it?

       Jr.:  U-DO is the Unus-Mundus Drive Operation system.

       Jr.:  From the name, it might sound like some U.M.N. control A.I., but
             that thing was not created by human hands.

     Shion:  Yes. That thing...that's no A.I.

     Shion:  Nothing that simple could have created a space-time anomaly.

       Jr.:  Exactly.

       Jr.:  They just picked the name because it sounded good. At first, they
             tried to make us believe it, too.

       Jr.:  They said it was an artificial consciousness within the U.M.N.
             that was carrying some kind of dangerous waves.

       Jr.:  But that was a total lie.

       Jr.:  Our father, Dmitri Yuriev, knew about it from the start.


    Rubedo:  All right, open spiritual link.

    Rubedo:  All U.R.T.V.s match your individual waves to mine.

    Rubedo:  Here it comes.

    Albedo:  I'm scared, Rubedo.

    Albedo:  Don't let go of my hand.

    Rubedo:  Concentrate, Albedo.

    Rubedo:  Just do it like in training and you'll be fine.

    Rubedo:  What the...

   Nigredo:  Rubedo?

    Rubedo:  Emergency cutoff! Shutting down spiritual link!

    Rubedo:  I know what I'm doing.

    Rubedo:  Even though we think of them as mental waves, the resulting
             anti-particle collision with us will be converted directly into
             thermal energy.

    Rubedo:  Dad knew everything.

    Rubedo:  That bastard!

   Nigredo:  The link is already complete.

   Nigredo:  We can't stop it.

    Albedo:  No! Rubedo, don't let go!

    Rubedo:  No, I'm cutting the link.

    Albedo:  Don't let go!


     Ziggy:  So what is it?

       Jr.:  It's an energy from a higher dimension. An entity humans couldn't
             possibly control.

       Jr.:  It's ironic that we U.R.T.V.s are its anti-existence, and yet we
             were never told what it really is.

     Shion:  U-DO...


     Allen:  Encephalon construction complete.

     Allen:  We can open the interconnection at any time now.

     Shion:  Okay, go ahead.

     Allen:  All right everyone, just relax and enjoy the trip.

 Announcer:  Starting Encephalon.

     Allen:  And don't worry, I'm a pro at this.

 Announcer:  Starting preparation for interconnection linkage.

     Shion:  He's right.

     Shion:  We're in good hands.

 Announcer:  Band secured. Opening cage partition. System monitors are showing
             normal values.

     Allen:  KOS-MOS data transfer confirmed.

     Allen:  Initiating reconstruction.

 Announcer:  Confirmed transport of external data -- ... field formation.

     Allen:  All preparations for direct approach complete.

       Jr.:  All right.

       Jr.:  Let's go.


     Ziggy:  Where are we?

       Jr.:  The world inside MOMO's subconscious domain. Sakura's inner world.

       Jr.:  MOMO!

       Jr.:  MOMO, you're okay!

       Jr.:  Hey, can't you hear me?

       Jr.:  Say something!

     Shion:  It's no use, Jr. She's not going to answer.

       Jr.:  Why not?! She's right there in front of us!

     Shion:  Her personality layer is off-line.

     Shion:  Plus, her neural network's completely fragmented. She can't
             understand anything we say.

     Shion:  She may not be able to even hear us right now.

       Jr.:  No. Dammit!

     Shion:  The MOMO you're seeing here is nothing more than a product of her
             own subconscious.

     Shion:  Even if she were able to take some sort of action, it would only
             be a simple reflex.

     Shion:  MOMO... Even in her current state, she's still trying so hard to
             help us.

     Ziggy:  What are you doing?

     Ziggy:  We don't have much time. Do you want to worry MOMO even more?

       Jr.:  Right.

       Jr.:  MOMO...just hang on a little bit longer.

       Jr.:  Come on, MOMO, let's go. I swear I'll always keep you safe.


     Shion:  Is that...MOMO?

     Ziggy:  No...

       Jr.:  It's Sakura.

    Albedo:  Rubedo...it's all dark.

   Nigredo:  It's kinda cramped in here.

    Rubedo:  I know! Just shut up for a second, will ya?

    Albedo:  I'm scared. Turn the light on!

    Rubedo:  Cut it out! Quit movin' around so much... Ow!

    Albedo:  Sorry!

   Nigredo:  Quit pushing, stupid!

    Rubedo:  What is this place?

    Albedo:  We must've messed up the connection coordinates.

    Rubedo:  Albedo, you stepped on my foot in there!

    Albedo:  Huh? I did not!

     Shion:  Oh...

       Jr.:  Uh-huh. That's us fourteen years ago.

    Albedo:  It wasn't me! It must've been Nigredo.

    Rubedo:  No way! That was your foot.

   Nigredo:  That girl is our contact target. The coordinates were correct.

    Albedo:  That girl...she's looking at us!

    Rubedo:  I...I'm sorry!

    Sakura:  Ah, you guys...

    Rubedo:  Next time, we'll come in through the door.

    Sakura:  Wait!

    Sakura:  You guys... You can hear why I'm saying?

    Sakura:  I'm...I'm so happy you came.


      Juli:  Dmitri.

      Juli:  Are you sure those boys are going to be able to help with Sakura's

    Yuriev:  I don't believe the condition your daughter suffers from is a
             mere natural disorder.

    Yuriev:  Therefore, contact with the anti-U-DO waveforms within the
             U.R.T.V.s will be beneficial for her.

      Juli:  Hypersensitivity to the synchronicity of the U.M.N...

      Juli:  We never had diseases like that when the universe was still small.

   Tech 01:  U.M.N. dive operation. Phase six complete.

   Tech 01:  U.R.T.V. team commencing dive-out, starting from number 660.

   Tech 01:  Now opening dive-pods.

    Rubedo:  That girl...

    Rubedo:  That girl gave me a message.

    Rubedo:  She said, "Please tell my mother... Please tell my mother that I
             love her."

    Rubedo:  What else... She said, "I got a seashell treasure box for my
             birthday last year. If you tell my mother that, she'll

    Yuriev:  So, the wavelengths matched up...

      Juli:  You were able to talk to Sakura?

      Juli:  So, what's your name?

    Rubedo:  Rubedo. Uh...I mean...

    Rubedo:  U.R.T.V. unit number 666.

      Juli:  Rubedo.

      Juli:  Please keep telling me the things she says, all right?

    Rubedo:  Yes, ma'am!

     Shion:  Mom...


     Shion:  What is this place?

       Jr.:  The Yuriev Institute. It's the U.R.T.V. development facility. The
             place where I was made.

     Shion:  It feels strange, like time has stopped. The people here can't
             see us?

       Jr.:  Yeah, looks like it. This place is frozen in time at a point when
             Sakura was alive. But why here? How do we save MOMO?

     Ziggy:  Hmm. It would seem that those three phantoms are the key.

     Shion:  Right, we don't have time to wander around. Let's go look for


    Rubedo:  Sakura...

    Rubedo:  She really can't talk in this world.

      Juli:  That's right.

      Juli:  The neural pathways that recognize the outside world and allow
             her to express herself have been completely severed.

      Juli:  Her electric potential pulse control was determined to be
             instable, but neither medicine nor nanomachine-based Glilial
             supplements had any effect.

    Rubedo:  It's weird that restoring her membrane electrical potential didn't
             do anything.

      Juli:  Yes...

      Juli:  But now your waveform, the particular wavelength you possess, is
             making up for her deficiency.


    Sakura:  I hear my dad is researching treatment for me, too.

    Sakura:  He's making a Realian that's a lot like a human, and he's gonna
             make it so my senses are always linked up with it.

    Sakura:  That way, I won't have to make my mom sad anymore.

    Rubedo:  Sakura, you sure have nice parents.

    Sakura:  What about you?

    Sakura:  Your dad is Dr. Yuriev, right?

    Sakura:  Don't you have a mom?

    Rubedo:  Yeah, we have one.

    Rubedo:  Genetically speaking, anyway.

    Rubedo:  She had a healthy ovum with a perfect set of chromosomes.

    Rubedo:  That's all we really know about her.

    Sakura:  How come you're not looking for her?

    Sakura:  Don't you wanna meet her?

    Rubedo:  What's the point?

    Rubedo:  So I can say, "Hi! You're the mother of a bunch of genetically
             engineered bioweapons"?

    Sakura:  Don't say that.

    Sakura:  You're not a weapon.

    Sakura:  You're a wonderful boy.

    Rubedo:  Oh yeah?

    Rubedo:  The only time we can leave the Institute is when there's a war
             going on.

    Sakura:  Hey, Rubedo.

    Sakura:  I have a favor to ask of you.

    Sakura:  My little sister is gonna be born soon.

    Sakura:  She's kind of different from a normal sister, I mean, my mom won't
             be giving birth to her, but...

    Sakura:  My mother and sister...

    Sakura:  I want you to look after them for me, okay?

    Rubedo:  Okay!

    Rubedo:  If she's your sister, I'll look after her like she was my own!

    Sakura:  You promise?

    Rubedo:  Of course!

    Rubedo:  Leave it to me --

    Sakura:  Good night, Rubedo.

    Sakura:  See you tomorrow.


   Nigredo:  So, you practice along with her piano.

   Nigredo:  If you're that interested in her, why don't you just stay there
             in virtual space?

   Nigredo:  I'm sure she'd like that, too.

    Rubedo:  It's not like that.

    Albedo:  Your concentration's been slipping lately, Rubedo.

    Albedo:  It's almost time for our training in the U-DO simulator. You know
             that, right?

    Rubedo:  Hey, I know all about it.

    Rubedo:  I'm the link master. I'll fulfill the mission.

    Albedo:  I can trust you, right?

    Albedo:  As long as you're here, I don't have to be afraid of U-DO, right?

    Rubedo:  Of course! Pull yourself together!

    Rubedo:  We're the variants. Your waveform's way beyond a standard U.R.T.V.


   Citrine:  Pleased to meet you, number 666 Rubedo.

   Citrine:  I am U.R.T.V. number 668. You may call me Citrine.

    Rubedo:  668?...I've never seen a female type before!

   Citrine:  Don't be so surprised.

   Citrine:  The original fertilized eggs had both X and Y stock.

   Citrine:  I am an X-type, designed to preserve the egg's mtDNA.

   Citrine:  We'd be in trouble if the project hit a dead end with nothing but
             just you simple Y-types.

    Albedo:  I'd heard there was a girls' ward somewhere.

   Nigredo:  I thought the missing number was dead.

   Citrine:  It's certainly true that a lot of units were disposed of.

   Citrine:  Unlike you male types, we have only nine female types remaining.

   Citrine:  It's a shame because, theoretically, we are superior.

    Rubedo:  Disposed of?

    Rubedo:  Who do you think you are?

   Citrine:  And just who do you think you are, Rubedo?

   Citrine:  We aren't normal children, you know. Even if we lost control of
             our waveform and died, we wouldn't have the luxury of complaining
             about it.


    Albedo:  I can't stand them.

   Nigredo:  Shh!

    Albedo:  Just look at them.

    Albedo:  They don't even have wills of their own. All of them together just
             form one collective consciousness.

    Albedo:  Why is everyone up to 665 like that?

    Rubedo:  The standard types have weak anti-waveforms. It's not their fault
             they were born that way.

    Albedo:  Eww, yuck.

    Yuriev:  This is not a drill.

    Yuriev:  You will initiate a U.M.N. dive into the subconscious domain of
             the sleeping patient and repair her sensory impairment.

    Yuriev:  This mission will also serve as valuable anti-U-DO training for

      Juli:  Your descent target is a white beach.

      Juli:  This beach is a subjective image created by the patient that
             exists below her consciousness.

      Juli:  Within it lies whatever is obstructing her neural connection.

      Juli:  We want you to identify and eliminate it.

    Rubedo:  The beach?!

    Albedo:  I've never been to the beach!

   Nigredo:  We'll definitely have to go sometime!


  U.R.T.V.:  Why?

  U.R.T.V.:  Why are you the leader, number 666?

  U.R.T.V.:  You're a variant...

  U.R.T.V.:  You're a monster!

    Albedo:  Shut up, you losers!

    Albedo:  Don't make fun of Rubedo!

    Albedo:  Your power doesn't even come close to his!

   Nigredo:  That's enough, Albedo.

   Nigredo:  They're not our enemies.

   Nigredo:  It's all right, Rubedo.

   Nigredo:  We both believe in you.


    Rubedo:  So this is...the fear that Sakura holds.

   Nigredo:  Look out! Behind you!

    Albedo:  What is this thing? Cut it out!

    Rubedo:  Are they ready?

    Rubedo:  Let's spread out a psych-link and take care of this.

   Nigredo:  Rubedo, look!

  U.R.T.V.:  The waves...

  U.R.T.V.:  The waves are coming!

    Rubedo:  Hey! What are you talking about?

  U.R.T.V.:  No!

    Albedo:  They've been infected.

    Albedo:  But we're not even inside the U-DO simulator!


    Albedo:  I told you to leave Rubedo alone!

    Albedo:  Variants aren't monsters! You guys are just weak!

    Rubedo:  Stop it!

    Rubedo:  You'll kill him!

    Albedo:  Rubedo...

    Albedo:  Don't look at me like that!

    Albedo:  Rubedo!


    Albedo:  What?

    Rubedo:  What were you thinking?

    Rubedo:  Number 623's badly injured!

    Albedo:  Is that what this is about?

    Albedo:  All he's got to do is just regenerate.

    Albedo:  What's the problem?

    Rubedo:  Regenerate?

    Albedo:  Regenerate...

    Albedo:  Like this...

    Albedo:  See?

    Rubedo:  You idiot!

    Rubedo:  Don't you ever pull anything like that again!

    Rubedo:  If you die, you can't come back to life!

    Albedo:  You mean...

    Albedo:  Are you saying you can't regenerate?

    Rubedo:  Of course not!

    Rubedo:  That's a special ability only you possess.

    Albedo:  Only me?

    Albedo:  You're both gonna die and leave me behind?

    Albedo:  No!

    Albedo:  I don't wanna be alone!

    Albedo:  If you die, I wanna die, too.

    Rubedo:  Stop it.

    Rubedo:  Don't say things like that.

    Rubedo:  Now you're making me sad, too.

    Albedo:  Rubedo, don't leave me behind.


     Shion:  What is he doing?

       Jr.:  I don't know, but...

       Jr.:  ...ever since that day...ever since Albedo learned he couldn't
             die, he somehow started to change.

     Shion:  Really?

       Jr.:  We didn't understand.

       Jr.:  There was no way we could have understood...

       Jr.:  We couldn't know what it felt like to have a body that wouldn't

     Ziggy:  Death is rest for the soul.

     Ziggy:  Who was it who said that?

     Ziggy:  If the body did not die, and the fears borne in the mind just
             continued to pile up, the world would be nothing more than an
             eternal prison.

       Jr.:  Old man...

       Jr.:  In the beginning, Albedo and I were one.

     Shion:  Because you're both from the same fertilized egg?

       Jr.:  No.

       Jr.:  He was literally attached to my back from conception until the
             28th week.

       Jr.:  His heart was attached right around here.

     Shion:  What?

   KOS-MOS:  Occasionally, due to incomplete cell division, twins are born
             sharing some portion of their internal organs.

       Jr.:  That's right.

       Jr.:  Our special abilities, the power to halt or stimulate cell growth,
             are both based on the same basic principle.

       Jr.:  But after we were split apart, our powers headed off in different

       Jr.:  And that's why I shouldn't have just abandoned him.

     Shion:  Jr.

     Shion:  Couldn't you try just one more time to approach him?

       Jr.:  Well, you know...we're both pretty stubborn.


   Tech 01:  Commencing with neural monitoring of unit number 666.

   Tech 01:  Membrane electrical potential, stable.

   Tech 01:  Spontaneous brain wave frequency of number 667 shifting from 20
             to 28Hz.

    Yuriev:  Calm down, children. Don't get flustered.

   Tech 01:  Stabilized, 8Hz.

    Yuriev:  That's better. Just like that.

    Helmer:  So these are the U.R.T.V.s...

      Juli:  Dmitri, will they be all right?

      Juli:  I don't want to hurt these children, even for Sakura's sake.

    Helmer:  I'd heard they were young, but I didn't expect them to be this

    Yuriev:  You're pretty sentimental for a soldier, Helmer.

    Helmer:  I believe a soldier's duty is to protect human life.

      Juli:  This time, Sakura will be with you, too.


    Rubedo:  Sakura!

    Rubedo:  There's nothing here today.

    Rubedo:  If we run, we'll be at the beach in no time.

    Rubedo:  Why not? Let's go!

    Rubedo:  First, we'll cure your illness, then we'll go to a real beach.

    Sakura:  Rubedo, look!

    Albedo:  What do you know, Rubedo?

    Albedo:  You're just like me, aren't you?

    Albedo:  Rubedo's a monster, too!

    Albedo:  It all makes perfect sense.

    Albedo:  Once, the two of us were one.

    Albedo:  So, if I'm a monster, that means you're a monster, too!

    Albedo:  Oh, this is wonderful!

    Albedo:  I'm so happy!

    Rubedo:  No! Wait!

    Rubedo:  This isn't my shadow!

    Sakura:  Rubedo, calm down.

    Sakura:  Please don't get angry.

    Rubedo:  I...I'm not a monster!

    Albedo:  Can you still feel the beating in your chest, Rubedo?

    Albedo:  Can you still feel my heart, buried in the right side?

    Sakura:  Rubedo, it's a trap!

    Sakura:  Rubedo!

    Sakura:  No!

       Jr.:  Albedo!

     Allen:  Chief!

     Allen:  The Encephalon field structure has started to rapidly collapse!

     Allen:  It's not a problem with the system.

     Allen:  It was probably another trap inside MOMO.

     Shion:  We should have known.

     Shion:  Albedo anticipated the likelihood of an Encephalon dive.

     Ziggy:  Did you say Albedo?

     Ziggy:  If he was an acquaintance of Sakura Mizrahi as well, then it may
             have been part of his plan to bring Jr. here.

     Allen:  A bypass-intrusion into the Encephalon?

    Albedo:  Such a sweet smell, Rubedo...

    Albedo:  The smell of rage evaporating off your body.

    Albedo:  Sure you don't suffer from excessive norepinephrine?

     Ziggy:  Jr.!

     Shion:  Jr., calm down.

     Shion:  Don't you want to make peace with your brother?

    Albedo:  Peace?

    Albedo:  I'll have you know, Rubedo and I are the best of pals.

       Jr.:  Albedo!

    Albedo:  Yes, yes, yes, yes!

    Albedo:  That's it!

    Albedo:  Come on!

    Albedo:  Unleash what you've been holding in all these years!

       Jr.:  I'm gonna take you down!

       Jr.:  You're gonna regret this!

    Albedo:  Sounds like fun. Give it a try.


     Shion:  No, Jr.!

     Shion:  If you fight Albedo, you'll just be hurting yourself.

     Ziggy:  Wait, Shion.

     Ziggy:  Jr. is losing control.

    Albedo:  You've got to hand it to him.

    Albedo:  He's trying to control his emotions.

    Albedo:  But his body hungers for combat.

    Albedo:  We are weapons, after all!

      MOMO:  Stop...

      MOMO:  Stop!

    Albedo:  You fell for it, ma pêche!

    Albedo:  You're so easy to manipulate, my mechanical angel.

    Albedo:  Mizrahi and his crazy whims...

    Albedo:  Anyone can see that it would've been smarter not to give you human

     Shion:  MOMO, you're awake!

     Shion:  What about the Y-Data?

      Juli:  It's gone.

      Juli:  The thing we feared the most these last fourteen years...

      Juli:  The key...

      Juli:  The wheels have been set in motion.

      Juli:  They can't be stopped.


    Albedo:  This is it.

    Albedo:  The Key to the Abyss.

    Albedo:  The gospel that will awaken Miltia.

    Albedo:  Rubedo.

    Albedo:  Are you looking at it?

    Albedo:  Come...let us share our new world!


     Shion:  Jr., what's wrong?

       Jr.:  My chest...

       Jr.:  My right side...

       Jr.:  This pain...

       Jr.:  It's Albedo's.

       Jr.:  His heartbeat is fading.

       Jr.:  It can't be...

       Jr.:  Albedo...


                               D I S C     T W O

     Shion:  When Albedo released the seal, the lost path to Old Miltia was
             reopened once again. In response to this incident, the Federation
             government and the Immigrant Fleet both began their invasion into
             Miltian space. Their objective was to gain control over the
             original Zohar which was still sleeping on Miltia. However, the
             Immigrant Fleet had anticipated this incident and successfully
             broke through the Federation's blockade. The Immigrant Fleet began
             their descent into Old Miltia. In its confusion, the Federation
             government's response was slow and disorganized. Though they
             deployed ships to try and secure the region, the Federation was
             unable to stop the Immigrant Fleet's advance.


 Patriarch:  I see that Miltia and the Subcommittee have begun to take action.

 Patriarch:  And there's news that Vector is taking part, as well.

 Patriarch:  Can you handle them?

  Margulis:  Leave it to me.

  Margulis:  I have already dispatched the Inquisitors.

  Margulis:  The disheveled Federation will be no match for us.

 Patriarch:  Margulis.

  Margulis:  Yes, Holiness.

 Patriarch:  I have faith in you.

 Patriarch:  Not as an Inquisitor, but as a comrade who shares the same goals.

 Patriarch:  I want you to show me the strength of your devotion.

 Patriarch:  Do you understand?

  Margulis:  Yes.


     Shion:  Meanwhile, after receiving orders to appear before Vector, Shion
             and Allen returned to the Dämmerung, stationed in Miltian space.
             In response to the Immigrant Fleet offensive, Representative
             Helmer dispatched Miltia's standing forces to support the
             Federation. Helmer also planned out a covert operation to acquire
             the original Zohar on Miltia. This mission was secretly supported
             by both Vector and the Contact Subcommittee, and would be carried
             out by the Kukai Foundation. Upon receiving Helmer's request, Jr.
             and the others made preparations to descend into Old Miltia in
             the newly restored Elsa. In addition, to ensure the absolute
             success of this mission, several new members also joined their


      Juli:  Judging by the situation, it seems the journey to Old Miltia needs
             to happen as soon as possible.

      MOMO:  Yes.

      Juli:  According to Representative Helmer, if they use your 100-Series
             prototype special navigational skills, they could potentially
             travel to Old Miltia undetected.

      MOMO:  Yes.

      Juli:  It'll be very dangerous.

      Juli:  But I can't put the entire star cluster at risk because of my
             personal feelings.

      MOMO:  Mommy...

      Juli:  It feels strange to me now.

      Juli:  For some reason, I don't want to let you go.

      MOMO:  Mommy!

      Juli:  It's just like he...like Ziggurat said...

      Juli:  You and Sakura are two completely different people.

      Juli:  The Sakura that Rubedo described to me was a carefree tomboy.

      Juli:  But you...

      Juli:  You're a thoughtful, dependable young woman.

      Juli:  That's why I want to get to know you better.

      Juli:  It's going to be a difficult mission.

      Juli:  But make sure you come back.

      Juli:  I'll be waiting.

      MOMO:  Yes!


   [Vector Industries -- Dämmerung]

   [First R&D Division -- Shion's Room]

    Miyuki:  ...and everyone is super excited about it! Hey Shion, are you even
             listening to me?

     Shion:  I'm listening!

     Shion:  Miyuki, do you even know what's going on? We're on high-security
             alert because of that phase distortion.

    Miyuki:  I know!

    Miyuki:  It's because the path to Old Miltia was suddenly opened, right?

    Miyuki:  The observation teams are going nuts!

     Shion:  Well then, now's not the best time to be chatting like this, is

    Miyuki:  That's not very nice! What about you?

    Miyuki:  The director still hasn't received the KOS-MOS real-world
             operation data report.

     Shion:  N...Nephilim?

    Miyuki:  Shion? Shion!

     Shion:  What? Oh... Sorry. You were saying?

    Miyuki:  I said you should hurry up and send the data to the director.

    Miyuki:  Is something wrong with you? Are you feelin' okay?

     Shion:  No, I mean, it's nothing...

     Shion:  I'm just tired. I'm going to get some rest. Talk to you later,

    Miyuki:  Wait, Shion!

     Shion:  Was that an illusion?

     Shion:  Why...why was she... Why did she have such a sad face?

     Shion:  I don't understand. What's going on?

     Shion:  I'm feeling restless. Allen had some sedatives on him... I should
             find him so I can get a little sleep.


     Allen:  Chief? What's wrong? What? A sedative? Yes, I have some, but...are
             you okay? You don't look well. Maybe you should go to your room
             and get some rest.

     Shion:  Yes, you're right. I'm sorry. I think I'll go do that.


     Shion:  Allen's sedative is starting to work. I think I'll lie down for
             a little while.


     Shion:  This is...

     Shion:  It's...the Zohar?

     Shion:  Febronia?

     Shion:  Feb...is that you?

  Febronia:  Shion...

     Shion:  Feb, what in the world's going on?

     Shion:  What is this place?

     Shion:  Why are you here?

  Febronia:  This is the cage in which my sisters are held captive.

  Febronia:  A frigid prison constructed for the Zohar.

     Shion:  A prison?

     Shion:  But, where are they? I don't see them.

  Febronia:  Shion.

  Febronia:  Set them free from this cage.

  Febronia:  Please, I want you to lift the curse that mankind has placed upon

     Shion:  But, I don't know where I am.

     Shion:  Where is this place? How do I save them?

     Shion:  I don't understand any of this!

  Febronia:  Soon...

  Febronia:  You will visit this place.

  Febronia:  Please, Shion...save Cecily and Cathe.

     Shion:  Wait, Feb!

     Shion:  A dream?

     Shion:  Oh...right...

     Shion:  I have to send the data.

     Shion:  Oh no, look at the time! The director must be furious. I have to
             hurry to the communications room!


     Shion:  Nephilim...

     Shion:  So it was you.

     Shion:  Was this all your doing?

     Shion:  What's this about?

     Shion:  What in the world are you and Feb trying to tell me?

  Nephilim:  Feb is waiting for you.

  Nephilim:  There is no time left.

     Shion:  Waiting?

     Shion:  At that place in my dream?

  Nephilim:  Shion.

  Nephilim:  You must go.

  Nephilim:  And there, you must make an important choice.

  Nephilim:  It is for your sake, as well as theirs.

  Nephilim:  It is something very important to both your past and to your

     Shion:  My choice?

     Shion:  Past? Future? What are you saying?

  Nephilim:  The path has already been opened.

  Nephilim:  Please grant her this one request.

     Shion:  The path?

     Shion:  You mean...Miltia.

     Shion:  Feb's sisters are on Miltia!

  Nephilim:  Shion... Hurry.

  Nephilim:  Before he awakens again.

  Nephilim:  Feb...

  Nephilim:  Save her sisters...

     Allen:  Chief!

     Allen:  Are you in there?

     Allen:  Ah, Chief!

     Allen:  You're not busy, are you?

     Allen:  If it's okay with you I --

     Shion:  I'm sorry, I have to go somewhere now.

     Shion:  Talk to me later, okay?

     Allen:  What? Hey, where are you going in such a hurry?

     Shion:  Old Miltia.

     Allen:  Ah, I see. It's very romantic this time of...

     Allen:  Wait, Miltia?!

     Allen:  Wh...wh...whoa! Chief, are you out of your mind?

     Allen:  Do you understand what's going on out there? We're on high-
             security alert!

     Allen:  There's a war about to start!

     Allen:  Besides, what are you gonna do for transportation?

     Allen:  There's no way the Administrations Bureau's gonna authorize a
             transfer in a state of emergency!

     Shion:  It's all right, I've got an idea.

     Shion:  There's a transport here on the Dämmerung that Kevin was
             developing concurrently with KOS-MOS.

     Shion:  If I use it, I can travel through hyperspace without going near
             the U.M.N.

     Allen:  Oh, that makes sen--

     Allen:  Wait, what are you saying?!

     Allen:  That's a AA Rank secret, even within Vector!

     Allen:  You can't just go and...

     Shion:  I'm going. I've already made up my mind.

     Shion:  Please, don't try and stop me.

     Allen:  Oh man.

     Allen:  Why did I have to fall for somebody like her?

     Allen:  Hey, Chief!

     Allen:  Wait up!


     Shion:  Let's see, the transport is located...

     Shion:  I think the craft we're after is below us in the Research Block of
             the Restricted Area, on the AA Rank Private Dock. The security
             here is reinforced at night, so there will be robot sentries all
             around. Well, let's go have some fun, Allen!

     Allen:  Ch...chief. Is it me, or are you a bit too excited about this?

     Allen:  ...

     Allen:  ...

     Allen:  ...

     Allen:  (Did I hand her a stimulant instead of a sedative?)


     Allen:  I wonder what that button does. Chief, we probably shouldn't
             touch it.

     Shion:  Oh, be quiet!

     Allen:  Oh, ah! No!!

     Allen:  Ahhh! I told you not to!


     Shion:  There it is.

     Allen:  All right...but how are we gonna get onboard?

     Allen:  The security here isn't exactly easy to override.

     Shion:  Brute force.

     Allen:  Chief...ah...are you sure you want to do this?

     Allen:  If we go any further, getting fired will be the least of our

     Shion:  Oh, be a man already!

     Shion:  We can't turn back, Allen. We've come this far!

     Shion:  Now, let's get moving.

     Allen:  Oh man, this is nuts!


  Security:  Warning.

  Security:  This area is currently off-limits to unauthorized personnel.

  Security:  Please leave immediately.


     Shion:  How's it looking?

     Allen:  Well, the power's active.

     Allen:  Looks like we can do this.

     Allen:  I'll initiate the system.

     Allen:  Please, hurry and get inside.

     Shion:  Okay.

     Shion:  Ah, but it looks like we're a little late.

     Shion:  We're kind of surrounded.

     Allen:  Yeah, I see them.

     Allen:  Hang on tight, Chief.

     Shion:  Wait, Allen!

     Allen:  All right!

     Allen:  That ought to hold them for a while.

     Shion:  Not bad.

     Shion:  Allen, I'm impressed!

     Allen:  Well, it's all part of being a man!

     Allen:  And the power of love!

     Shion:  Did you say something?

     Allen:  Ah, nothing...

     Shion:  I'm gonna floor it. Hang on tight.


 Red Cloak:  We've detected Albedo's ascension.

   Wilhelm:  I see.

   Wilhelm:  He did well. The lock has been opened and the obstacle removed.
             The rest is up to her.

 Red Cloak:  Will matters proceed smoothly?

   Wilhelm:  She is suited for the task. There will be no problems.

   Wilhelm:  People always try to live a life of choices between 'good' and

   Wilhelm:  They make pessimism their foundation, and praise misfortune and
             sorrow. And then they try to seek a pure heart.

   Wilhelm:  Yet this is nothing more than their individual view, born out of
             comparison with others.

   Wilhelm:  Is she who thinks of others 'right'? Is he who opened the door

   Wilhelm:  Only those who stand in a place beyond that point can comprehend
             the true essence and gain knowledge of absolute truth.

   Wilhelm:  Her awakening -- KOS-MOS' awakening -- will lead us to that
             summit. Don't you agree?

 Red Cloak:  ...

   Wilhelm:  In any case, the intermission is over and the players stand upon
             the stage. All that remains is to wait for the knight to appear.
             And for that, it is necessary that someone play the role of the

 Red Cloak:  Will he suffice for that role?

   Wilhelm:  Do you object?

   Wilhelm:  The greater the suffering, the more exciting the drama.


     Allen:  1.41 parsecs to Miltia.

     Allen:  No ship signatures around.

     Shion:  We're halfway there.

     Allen:  What kind of maneuvers are those?

     Allen:  That's well beyond the limits of the human body!

     Allen:  We're hit!

     Allen:  Shields are lost!

     Shion:  I know!


 Scientist:  What's going on?

    Tech 1:  It's...

    Tech 1:  KOS-MOS! She suddenly started up!

 Scientist:  But that's not possible.

 Scientist:  Her reactor isn't even installed.

    Tech 1:  I...I know!

 Scientist:  Wait, KOS-MOS!

 Scientist:  Where are you going?

   KOS-MOS:  Shion.

 Scientist:  What?

   KOS-MOS:  Shion is calling me.

    Tech 1:  Shion?

 Scientist:  Chief Uzuki is...


     Allen:  Oh it's all over!

     Allen:  Chief!!

     Shion:  I thought you were a man!

     Shion:  Quit whining and shoot something!

     Shion:  Is this the end?

   KOS-MOS:  Shion.

   KOS-MOS:  I am switching your craft to control mode B.

   KOS-MOS:  Prepare for docking.

     Shion:  What? Docking?


     Shion:  I think...we're saved.

     Allen:  Oh, thank goodness!

   KOS-MOS:  Enemy craft have withdrawn from sensor range.

     Shion:  KOS-MOS...

     Shion:  Thank you.

     Allen:  Chief, a transmission!

     Shion:  A transmission?

  Matthews:  Yo, Miss Vector! That was quite a show you put on out there.

     Shion:  That voice!

  Matthews:  Hey?! If you're alive, say something already!

     Shion:  Captain!


     Shion:  Captain! We owe you one!

  Matthews:  Yo! Looks like you're causing trouble like always!

     Shion:  Yeah, something kind of happened at First Division.

     chaos:  Something?

     Shion:  Yeah. I can't put it into words very well, but I felt I had to go
             to Old Miltia.

  Matthews:  What?!

     Shion:  What? What's wrong, Captain?

  Matthews:  Representative Helmer asked us to go to Old Miltia, too. I didn't
             think there was anyone else crazy enough to head there.

       Jr.:  Yeah, Helmer asked me to go there, too! Besides, that's where the
             original Zohar is.

       Jin:  Canaan and I have business on Old Miltia as well. Representative
             Helmer asked me to analyze Canaan's data.

     Shion:  So, everyone is headed for Old Miltia.

     Allen:  KOS-MOS was amazing back there!

       Jr.:  Yeah, even I was surprised. But who was that enemy? It even dodged
             KOS-MOS' attack! I have a bad feeling about this.

     Shion:  Yeah, I wonder about that myself.

  Matthews:  All right, lemme say something. Our next destination is Old
             Miltia, right? I can't say I'm looking forward to it, but it looks
             like we have to go, so let me know when you're ready to set out.
             Until then, go take a look around the newly remodeled Elsa!


  Matthews:  Well? Whaddaya think of the Elsa's new look? Beautiful, isn't she?

  Matthews:  There's no point in hanging out on the bridge the whole time. Why
             don't you have a look around? Or do you want to head off for Old
             Miltia at top speed right now?


    Hammer:  MOMO, how's the enemy fleet trace?

      MOMO:  They're headed for point E-52 at combat speed.

      Tony:  Damn, they've got some guts to be charging in there that fast.

  Matthews:  That just shows how desperate they are.

  Matthews:  Course, at this rate, we're never gonna catch them.

   KOS-MOS:  Captain, I must warn you.

  Matthews:  What is it? Make it quick.

   KOS-MOS:  If we continue to proceed along the present course, it is highly
             probable that the enemy will leave a force to intercept us.

   KOS-MOS:  It is prudent to assume that this ship will eventually suffer an
             extensive and unacceptable level of damage.

     Shion:  I'm afraid KOS-MOS is right.

     Shion:  We're in trouble unless we find a route where the enemy can't
             detect us.

  Matthews:  Look, I get what you're saying, but how the hell are we supposed
             to do that?!

  Matthews:  This isn't a highway, you know.

  Matthews:  It's not like we can just take a detour or somethin'!

      MOMO:  Actually, there is a detour.

  Matthews:  What?

     Shion:  Really, MOMO?

      MOMO:  I've detected a small gap in the gravitational fields between the
             two black holes.

      MOMO:  If we fly through it, I think the chances of enemy detection
             would drop significantly.

  Matthews:  ...Hey, are you outta your mind?

     Shion:  Right.

     Shion:  Even if we made the slightest mistake, we'd be caught by the
             gravitational field and dragged into the Abyss.

      MOMO:  I guess it's impossible...

      Tony:  What? Impossible?

      Tony:  Hey, hey, who do you think you're talking to here?

      Tony:  There's no way Tony "Numero Uno's" gonna turn down a challenge
             like that!

    Hammer:  There he goes again...

    Hammer:  Once that moron gets started, there's no stopping him.

  Matthews:  Whatever! Do whatcha want...

  Matthews:  But you'd better not even think about gettin' a scratch on my

      Tony:  Don't worry! Leave it to me!

      Tony:  MOMO, I'll be counting on you for a route!

      MOMO:  Okay!


    Hammer:  Whoa, radar and sonar are both dead!

    Hammer:  We're not getting any readings...

      Tony:  It's almost like we'd be better off flying blindfolded.

      MOMO:  Tony, I've detected a massive distortion in the space ahead of the

      MOMO:  A large mass is about to gate out.

      Tony:  What?

      Tony:  They're gating out here?

  Matthews:  What the hell is that?

       Jr.:  Damn, where were they hiding that thing?

      MOMO:  It's moving into Elsa's flight path.

      MOMO:  180 seconds to impact!

  Matthews:  Tony, can we avoid it?

      Tony:  Negative!

      Tony:  It's taking up the entire gravity well.

      Tony:  If we screw up, we'll get pulled into the black hole.

       Jr.:  Bastards!

       Jr.:  They're not gonna let us through no matter what!

  Matthews:  The only thing left for us to do is to make them move.

  Matthews:  Little Master, can we take them out from the inside?

       Jr.:  Yeah...yeah, if we can get inside, that is.

  Matthews:  Tony, maintain present course and increase to maximum speed.

  Matthews:  Hammer, disengage all weapon safety locks.

  Matthews:  Don't worry about aiming.

  Matthews:  Just let loose with everything we've got!

  Matthews:  We're gonna dive smack dab into that thing's belly.

  Matthews:  It's time you guys showed me what you're made of.

    Hammer:  You got it!

      Tony:  Aye aye, sir!


       Jr.:  Okay, then! That was a little rough, but we made it. There's no
             time to waste! Let's hurry up, get inside there, and take it out!
             That's a pretty big fortress, so we'll take the E.S.s!


   Richard:  My name is Richard!

   Richard:  I assume you remember.

   Richard:  I'm sorry, but I have no time for games.

   Richard:  Honestly, I grow weary of these encounters.

   Richard:  I've had enough of you!


   Orgulla:  Welcome to this holy confessional.

   Orgulla:  Come in, you filth.

       Jr.:  What?

   Orgulla:  There is nothing to fear.

   Orgulla:  No matter what you do, there is no escape from this place.

   Orgulla:  Now, confess your sins. I will listen to anything, even from the
             mouths of foul beasts like you.

       Jr.:  You damn bitch!

   Orgulla:  I see. You do not wish to admit your sins.

   Orgulla:  You will leave me no choice but to rip you apart.


     Shion:  This looks like the center of the stronghold.

     Ziggy:  And luckily enough, it comes with a self-destruct device.

       Jr.:  All right, let's light it up and blow this thing to hell! We'll
             show 'em!

       Jr.:  Okay, this place is going up in 30 minutes. Let's get out of here
             and go back to the Elsa!

  Security:  Self-destruct sequence has been activated.


  Pellegri:  Really!

  Pellegri:  Neither my subordinates nor the Patriarch's toys are of any use.

  Pellegri:  The Inquisition will not allow you to escape.

  Pellegri:  Disengage your weapons and surrender!

  Pellegri:  I repeat.

  Pellegri:  Disengage your weapons and surrender!


  Pellegri:  I'm terribly sorry but I can't allow you to escape.

  Pellegri:  This fortress has already begun to disintegrate. It's only a
             matter of time before it's swallowed by the Abyss.

  Pellegri:  It'll be a fitting memorial to you.

  Pellegri:  I suggest you spend your final moments praying for a peaceful

   KOS-MOS:  Shion, I recommend a swift retreat.

   KOS-MOS:  This structure will not hold much longer.

     Shion:  I know. Let's hurry on back to the Elsa.


     Shion:  Hurry, Captain!

     Shion:  We're going to be pulled into the Abyss with the Fortress!

  Matthews:  Shut up, I know!

  Matthews:  Tony, what's up?

      Tony:  It's no good, Captain.

      Tony:  The Logical Drive was damaged in the battle.

      Tony:  We don't have enough thrust.

      Tony:  Hammer!

    Hammer:  I'm workin' on it!

    Hammer:  Damn, thrust is down 40%.

    Hammer:  It's no good. She's still dropping!

      Tony:  What the? Who the hell slammed the ship into this place, anyway?

    Hammer:  Well it was the Captain's idea, but Tony, you're the one who did
             the slamming!

  Matthews:  Shut up!

  Matthews:  Quit your bitching and do something already! You wanna die here?!

      Tony:  We're losing it, Captain. We can't get away!

    Hammer:  At this rate, we're not gonna last another minute!

  Matthews:  Damn. So this is it, huh...

  Matthews:  Hey, what the hell's goin' on?

     Shion:  Captain, look!

       Jr.:  It's the Durandal!


100-Series:  Elsa recovery confirmed.

100-Series:  The ship appears to have a damaged Logical Drive and is incapable
             of flying under its own power.

      Mary:  Well, at least now we can relax.

       Jr.:  Hey, Mary.

      Mary:  Oh, Little Master! Thank goodness you're okay.

       Jr.:  What the heck are you guys doing here, anyway?

      Mary:  What? We came here to rescue you!

       Jr.:  Yeah, and I'm grateful for that... But don't you think your timing
             was a little too perfect?

   Shelley:  Master Gaignun instructed us to come here.

   Shelley:  He said if we let the Little Master handle everything, he was
             bound to do something reckless.

      Mary:  And it looks like he was right, huh?

       Jr.:  He's always treating me like a kid.

       Jr.:  So, where's the big shot at now, anyway?

      Mary:  Master Gaignun said he had important business to take care of. He
             took off for the Federation capital.

       Jr.:  Fifth Jerusalem?

       Jr.:  What's he doing there at a time like this?

       Jr.:  Geez...and he's calling me reckless?

100-Series:  Elsa recovery complete.

      Mary:  All right! Let's go back to the Federation at max speed.

      Mary:  If we hang around here, we're gonna get sucked into the Abyss,


   Citrine:  You're just like us.

   Nigredo:  Like you?

   Citrine:  Code name: Red Dragon.

   Citrine:  A useful, yet dangerous creature with the potential to lose

   Citrine:  Our duty is to manage and subdue the Red Dragon's violent nature.

   Citrine:  Don't you think it's strange?

   Citrine:  The way you don't react to the U-DO simulator?

   Nigredo:  You don't mean...

   Citrine:  That's right.

   Citrine:  Red Dragon...

   Citrine:  Red...and precious.


    Yuriev:  Nigredo, come here.

   Nigredo:  No!

   Nigredo:  I'm abandoning my mission!

   Nigredo:  I won't follow your orders anymore!


       Jr.:  So what's the enemy's status?

   Shelley:  I'm afraid I don't have very good news.

   Shelley:  The Immigrant Fleet has already descended into Miltia.

       Jr.:  Damn. We don't have much time. If we don't hurry, we're gonna
             lose the Zohar.

       Jr.:  Move the Elsa into the Foundation's Dock.

       Jr.:  Have it repaired to Captain Matthews' specifications. We're goin'
             right back out.

   Shelley:  Little Master, there's a transmission from Helmer.

   Shelley:  Shall I accept it?

       Jr.:  Yeah, hook us up.


       Jr.:  Helmer. I'm sorry. We let them get ahead of us.

    Helmer:  It's all right. It's more important that you're safe. I'm glad you
             made it back.

       Jr.:  So, what's the situation now?

    Helmer:  I'm afraid the news is grim. It seems the Parliament's been thrown
             into complete disarray.

       Jr.:  What's going on with the Federation fleet? Don't tell me they're
             just standing around watching?

    Helmer:  No, they've already been deployed on a descent mission, but it's
             too late.

    Helmer:  As long as the possibility exists that the enemy already has the
             Zohar, the Federation can't make any large-scale overtures.

       Jr.:  So I guess it's up to us now.

    Helmer:  I'm acutely aware of the danger, but there's no one else we can
             turn to right now. Please lend us your aid.

       Jr.:  All right.

       Jr.:  We'll get the Zohar. You can count on it.


  Matthews:  Dammit! I just had this ship remodeled, and it got wrecked again!
             Well, at least that old man who joined the crew could fix it.

  Matthews:  So, want to head for Old Miltia now?


 Beret Man:  It's good to see you awake again, Dr. Yuriev.

    Yuriev:  Sorry I'm late.

    Yuriev:  I didn't think it would take this long for me to recover.

    Yuriev:  How's the situation?

 Beret Man:  Extremely chaotic, sir.

 Beret Man:  The Federation's grown tired over the past fourteen years and many
             unstable factions have arisen.

    Yuriev:  And U-DO?

 Beret Man:  Fourteen years ago, one of the U.R.T.V.s made partial contact with
             it, causing a medium-scale space-time anomaly alteration.

 Beret Man:  Since then, it's been obstructed by two black holes. Even now we
             cannot confirm the state of its existence.

    Yuriev:  All right.

    Yuriev:  Ready my forces.

 Beret Man:  Yes, sir.

 Beret Man:  By the way, how are you feeling? I heard your old body was
             disposed of.

    Yuriev:  I feel great.

    Yuriev:  There's only so much lifespan-extension one can achieve. But now
             I'm fine. Thanks to my son.

    Yuriev:  That is...the son who killed me.


    Hammer:  Oh, wow! The capital looks just like it used to.

       Jr.:  Everything's exactly like it was then. Time has stopped in this

     chaos:  The country of the hills of Mud, the land of Mu, was sacrificed.

     chaos:  Being twice upheaved it suddenly disappeared in one night.

     chaos:  At last the surface gave way...and they sank along with their

     Shion:  What's that?

     chaos:  A fairy tale.

     chaos:  A story about a land that vanished into the sea one night, long

     Shion:  Sacrificed...

     Shion:  It definitely feels like it, just looking at this place.

     chaos:  Yes it does.

  Matthews:  Attention passengers. We'll soon be arriving at the designated

  Matthews:  There's no way we're gonna get any further in this big hunk of

  Matthews:  So if you wanna check inside any of those buildings, you're gonna
             have to do it on your own.

       Jr.:  All right, let's hurry up and get this over with.

       Jr.:  I don't wanna spend too much time here, you know?


       Jr.:  All right! Let's finish this!

    Canaan:  This area used to be the capital of Old Miltia. The area up ahead
             was ground zero fourteen years ago. It was filled with U-TIC
             Organization facilities. The area that handled the most important
             research was...

       Jin:  Labyrinthos. The original Zohar should still be sleeping deep
             inside it.

    Canaan:  Rubedo, your objective is to secure the original Zohar, correct?

       Jr.:  Yeah. Shion? Shion, are you all right?

     Shion:  What? Ah, yes. (Cecily and Cathe may be there as well.)

       Jr.:  Hmm? Did you say something?

     Shion:  No, it's nothing.

    Canaan:  Now we can finally analyze the data in my head.

       Jin:  Yes. We should hurry.

    Canaan:  I agree. The Immigrant Fleet should already be here, but it's
             really quiet. That has me worried.


 Vanderkam:  Why is this damn thing not working?!

       Jr.:  External speakers?

   Soldier:  We have mobilized all units, but we're all exhausted from training

   Soldier:  May I --

 Vanderkam:  Line up, maggots!

 Vanderkam:  Did you pansies already forget your training?!

 Vanderkam:  Do you know how bad you made me look?!

 Vanderkam:  Listen to me!

 Vanderkam:  What you think means nothing! What you want means nothing!

 Vanderkam:  You do as I say!

 Vanderkam:  I am the boot in your buttocks!

 Vanderkam:  You! What is your problem?

 Vanderkam:  Were you born that dumb or did your drunk mama slap you on the
             wrong end when you squirted out?

 Vanderkam:  Why are you laughing? Do I amuse you?

 Vanderkam:  I'm tired of all you pantywaist nitwits!

 Vanderkam:  You make me physically ill!

 Vanderkam:  Drop and give me a million!

 Vanderkam:  I will break you!

   Soldier:  Enemy unit discovered on deck! Standby!

 Vanderkam:  What did you say?!

       Jr.:  Dammit! They found us!

 Vanderkam:  All hands, prepare for battle! Target the Vector A.M.W.S.!

 Vanderkam:  This is not a drill! Show me everything you've got!


     Shion:  Look. It's the Labyrinthos tower.

       Jr.:  Yeah, we're pretty close now. Better get ready.

      MOMO:  But it doesn't look like we'll be able to go there in our E.S.s.

     chaos:  Let's look for another entrance. There should be a small gap


       Jr.:  In order to get to the center of Labyrinthos, we'll have to pass
             through this waterway.


       Jin:  That's odd.

       Jin:  This place somehow feels different than the others.

    Canaan:  You're right. It almost looks like there were people still working
             here recently.

     Ziggy:  Nanomachines gone out-of-control...

      MOMO:  I have heard of nanomachines making rooms and passageways on their

     Shion:  No. No, it doesn't feel like that. This is more like...like some
             sort of consciousness is at work here.

       Jr.:  It's U-DO.

       Jr.:  Its presence has spread this far out.

    Canaan:  It would appear our destination is right in front of us.

       Jr.:  Yeah. There's no more time to lose.


    Canaan:  This must be Labyrinthos' main terminal.

       Jin:  So it would seem.

       Jin:  ...Canaan, the powerful protection placed on the data within you
             uses the wave pattern emitted by the Zohar. We should be able to
             remove it with this terminal.

    Canaan:  You don't have to explain the details. Just hurry up and get it

     Shion:  Come on, let's get inside!


       Jin:  Well, we finally made it.

       Jin:  At last, we can set you free from your curse, Canaan.

    Canaan:  I'd appreciate it if you could hurry.

    Canaan:  I really don't want something like this in my head any longer than
             I need to.

     Shion:  Hey, just what is the data inside of Canaan, anyway?

       Jin:  Put simply, it contains the identity of the mastermind behind the
             Miltian Conflict.

     Shion:  Hold on a second. The mastermind behind the Conflict was...

       Jin:  The madman, Joachim Mizrahi. At least that's what everyone thinks.

       Jin:  But just because most people believe something, doesn't
             necessarily mean that it's true.

     Shion:  Wait, what do you mean?

       Jin:  You're about to find out.


       Jin:  You're familiar with the U-TIC Organization?

     Shion:  Sure. It's the organization established by Joachim Mizrahi to
             study the Zohar.

       Jr.:  We've gone through hell, thanks to them.

     Shion:  So what about the U-TIC?

       Jin:  The U-TIC Organization was originally a part of the Federation.

       Jin:  Professor Mizrahi was apparently using the data he obtained from
             studying the Zohar to convert U-TIC into a military organization.

       Jin:  But he never actually told the Federation government. He kept them
             in the dark.

       Jin:  But there's something else that's strange about this.

       Jin:  It takes an enormous amount of money to fund research and

       Jin:  Yet there's no evidence that the Federation ever provided that
             kind of financial backing.

     Shion:  So someone else was funding them from behind the scenes?

       Jin:  That's right.

       Jin:  Almost all of the U-TIC Organization's enterprises were nothing
             more than dummy corporations.

       Jin:  That is, all except one.

     Shion:  Just one?

       Jin:  This data includes recorded information regarding a business known
             as Hyams.

       Jin:  It's highly likely that this company was the one that actually
             provided the money.

       Jin:  And...

       Jin:  The head of the Hyams outfit, a man named Heinlein, happens to be
             one of the cardinals of the Immigrant Fleet.

       Jr.:  So, are you saying that the U-TIC Organization has connections to
             the Immigrant Fleet?

      MOMO:  Did Daddy...

      MOMO:  Did Daddy have connections to the Immigrant Fleet, too?

       Jin:  No. I presume Professor Mizrahi was merely being used.

       Jin:  Their objective was to acquire research data on the Zohar.

       Jin:  Even the Realian outbursts that sparked the Miltian Conflict were
             believed to be part of their experiments.

       Jin:  But something else happened that they couldn't have predicted.

       Jr.:  U-DO awoke, and the door to purgatory opened.

     Shion:  And the Gnosis appeared...

       Jin:  Everyone must have thought it was the end of the world.

       Jin:  But that didn't happen.

       Jin:  MOMO. The truth of the matter is, your father wasn't a madman at

       Jin:  In the ensuing chaos, Professor Mizrahi had to make a vital
             decision in order to prevent the worst-case scenario.

      MOMO:  What decision?

       Jin:  He knew he had to somehow isolate the Zohar, U-DO, and all of
             Miltia, and seal their power in a place where no one could touch

     Shion:  So, the reason Miltia was swallowed up by the Abyss was because
             Professor Mizrahi...

       Jin:  A great many people were sacrificed for his sake.

       Jin:  That's probably the reason he brought judgment down upon himself.
             To put an end to everything...

       Jin:  Your father tried to save the world you were about to be born

       Jin:  And then he entrusted his secrets to you, the one he could trust

      MOMO:  Daddy...

      MOMO:  I knew it!

      MOMO:  I'm so...I'm so happy!

     Shion:  Wait a second. So if we just hand over the Zohar to the Immigrant
             Fleet, they'll...

       Jin:  Yes, they will likely repeat the tragedy from fourteen years ago.

       Jin:  Please go on without me.

       Jin:  I'm going to send this data to Representative Helmer.

       Jin:  Canaan, please handle the data backup.

    Canaan:  Understood.


     Ziggy:  You!

  Margulis:  I see.

  Margulis:  No wonder the air defense system was useless.

  Margulis:  Right, U.R.T.V.?

       Jr.:  Don't...don't call me that!

  Margulis:  That Helmer...he's certainly managed to assemble an impressive

  Margulis:  But your coming here now is pointless.

  Margulis:  We've already accomplished our objective.

  Margulis:  The Zohar is now under our control.

  Margulis:  There's nothing you can do.

  Margulis:  The outcome is already decided.

       Jr.:  What the hell are you thinking?

       Jr.:  That thing is way beyond anything you can handle.

       Jr.:  Do you have any idea what's gonna happen?

  Margulis:  Of course I do.

  Margulis:  The annoying Gnosis, as well as a few pathetic, weed-like humans,
             who are arguably even more worthless than the Gnosis, are going
             to disappear.

  Margulis:  Just like Ariadne.

       Jr.:  You bastard!

  Margulis:  But weak as your position is, we still can't allow anything to
             interfere with our plans.

  Margulis:  Time to die!

  Margulis:  It's been fourteen years, hasn't it, Uzuki?

       Jin:  Personally, I would have preferred to never see you again.

     Shion:  Jin!

       Jin:  The blade is for carving one's heart, not for turning against the

       Jin:  That's what our master once said, was it not?

  Margulis:  This is perfect.

  Margulis:  I can't believe you're still a part of this, Uzuki.

  Margulis:  Once again you insist on standing against me.

       Jin:  There were still a few things I wanted to look into.

       Jin:  These people were nice enough to give me a lift.

  Margulis:  Absurd...

       Jin:  Nothing has changed here.

       Jin:  You know, it was careless of you not to erase those records
             fourteen years ago.

       Jin:  Now you can never return to the Federation.

       Jin:  Or perhaps, were you a bit too busy to worry about that at the

  Margulis:  I see you still talk too much.

  Margulis:  Very well.

  Margulis:  If you really want to know...

  Margulis:  You'll have to use that sword to make me talk!

       Jin:  Naturally.

       Jin:  That was my intent.

  Margulis:  Do not expect this to end like it did before, Uzuki!

  Margulis:  It's been far too long, Uzuki.

  Margulis:  This feeling...of exhilaration!

       Jin:  I told you.

       Jin:  I won't allow a monster like you to inherit my grandfather's

  Margulis:  Bold words from such a fool!

       Jin:  I shouldn't have spent my time running a used bookstore.

       Jin:  I regret that now.

  Margulis:  I'll make sure you die a painful death someday, Uzuki!


  Margulis:  You're as dangerous as ever.

  Margulis:  But no matter how hard you struggle, there's nothing you can do

  Margulis:  I hope you savor your abject despair.

  Margulis:  You're powerless.

  Margulis:  Uzuki.

  Margulis:  If you want to settle this, you'll have to survive first!


       Jr.:  Looks like we made it in time.

       Jr.:  Look, that's the Zohar.

       Jr.:  The original.

     Shion:  This place...

     Shion:  I saw it in my dream.

     Shion:  The cage Feb's sisters were trapped in.

       Jr.:  What cage?

   KOS-MOS:  Shion.

   KOS-MOS:  I am detecting faint life signs in the capsules in front of us.

     Shion:  Life signs?

   KOS-MOS:  That is correct.

   KOS-MOS:  Their design is quite old.

   KOS-MOS:  However, they are definitely Realians.

     Shion:  It...it can't be.

     Shion:  That's...Cecily and Cathe...

       Jr.:  Wait...

       Jr.:  You...you're saying that those are Realians?

      MOMO:  Jr.?

      MOMO:  What's wrong?

       Jr.:  MOMO, stay back!

      MOMO:  Shion...

      MOMO:  What is that?

      MOMO:  It's horrible.

     Shion:  It's horrible. I can't stand this!

     Shion:  I'm...I'm sick of all this!

     Shion:  I just...

     Shion:  I can't take it anymore!

     Shion:  I just can't!

     chaos:  Is there any way we can help them?

   KOS-MOS:  Unfortunately, because they are fused with the system, it appears
             they have already lost their individual functionality and

   KOS-MOS:  In their current state, separating them from the system would
             result in complete shutdown.

       Jr.:  Bastards!

       Jr.:  Why'd they do this?

 Patriarch:  Because using them in their natural state proved difficult.

 Patriarch:  It was necessary to isolate their consciousness from the outside

       Jr.:  Who the hell are you?

       Jin:  Why would the leader of the Immigrant Fleet be here?

 Patriarch:  There's really no need for me to answer questions from the likes
             of you.

 Patriarch:  But very well.

 Patriarch:  The Zohar...

 Patriarch:  That object originally belonged to us -- to Ormus.

 Patriarch:  Yes, since the dawn of recorded history, we have been its

 Patriarch:  In turn, we use it in any way we see fit.

 Patriarch:  That is the way of things.

       Jin:  Ormus...

       Jin:  So that's the real name of your organization.

 Patriarch:  That's right.

 Patriarch:  Ormus has existed in the shadows since ancient times.

 Patriarch:  Indeed, since before the crucifixion of the messiah.

 Patriarch:  Human beings...no...all life throughout the universe must be
             guided forward by Ormus and the Zohar.

 Patriarch:  And they shall be led unto a higher plane of existence.

 Patriarch:  That is the mission that god has entrusted to us.

       Jr.:  Damn you!

     Shion:  You...

     Shion:  You did this to them for that?

 Patriarch:  What, is there a problem?

 Patriarch: They are tools, created specifically for that purpose.

     Shion:  Shut up!

     Shion:  I refuse...

     Shion:  I refuse to accept this!

 Patriarch:  You refuse?

 Patriarch:  Then we'll just have to make you accept it.

 Patriarch:  This power is granted to us by god!

     Shion:  That's...

       Jr.:  It's...

       Jr.:  It's the voice of U-DO!

       Jr.:  Stop the system! Now!

       Jr.:  If you don't, it's gonna wake up again!

   KOS-MOS:  Shion, please stand back.

   KOS-MOS:  I will destroy the system and cut the bypass to the Zohar.

     Shion:  KOS-MOS, wait.

     Shion:  They're still --

   KOS-MOS:  Shion.

   KOS-MOS:  If you interfere, I will be required to take drastic measures.

     Shion:  No, KOS-MOS!

  Febronia:  Shion...

     Shion:  Feb?

  Febronia:  Shion...

  Febronia:  Set my sisters free.

     Shion:  Feb...

     Shion:  No, I can't!

     Shion:  Why does it have to be me?

     Shion:  Why did you call me?

     Shion:  I won't do it!

     Shion:  I can't do it!

  Febronia:  Shion...

  Febronia:  You've always been this way.

  Febronia:  Such a kind child.

     Shion:  Feb...

     Shion:  Feb...

     Shion:  KOS-MOS...

     Shion:  Fire!

 Patriarch:  Foolish. Truly foolish.

 Patriarch:  It doesn't matter what you do now.

 Patriarch:  You cannot stop this power.

       Jin:  It can't be!

       Jin:  Proto Omega!

       Jin:  It's been completed?

 Patriarch:  Oh?

 Patriarch:  You know of it. I'm impressed.

 Patriarch:  It seems I may have underestimated you slightly.

 Patriarch:  These past fourteen years have been of great help to us.

 Patriarch:  As has the data from the Conflict.

 Patriarch:  As a result, we now have a symbol of overwhelming power.

 Patriarch:  With this, we will wipe the Gnosis from the cosmos and place the
             entire star cluster under the jurisdiction of Ormus.

 Patriarch:  Of course, we hardly need anything this overwhelming now, thanks
             to the U.M.N. and the Federation.

 Patriarch:  They've managed to reduce the people to a simple mass of spineless

       Jr.:  Shion, out of the way!

 Patriarch:  Wasting your time!

 Patriarch:  Now...

 Patriarch:  Let the festival begin!

       Jr.:  This is bad.

       Jr.:  We gotta go!


     Shion:  No...

     Shion:  Miltia...

       Jr.:  They destroyed the entire planet?

       Jr.:  How the hell could they do that?


    Rep #2:  I see... So, Proto Omega has awakened.

    Rep #2:  With this, our plan can now proceed to the next level.

    Rep #2:  The commander will surely be pleased as well.

  Pellegri:  What's going on? Are you all right?

  Pellegri:  Hey!

  Pellegri:  You!

    Yuriev:  I've taken control of the Parliament. A reinforcement fleet is
             already on its way.

    Yuriev:  I won't allow you to continue.

  Pellegri:  You! But you died...fourteen years ago...

    Yuriev:  Give your commander a message for me.

    Yuriev:  I'm not going to die.

    Yuriev:  Not now, not ever.


 Patriarch:  Reinforcements? Damn Federation... Do they really want to destroy
             us that badly?

 Patriarch:  It matters not.

 Patriarch:  I'll show them the errors of their ways.

 Patriarch:  Margulis. Take the fleet and eliminate them!

 Patriarch:  What is it? Margulis, did you not hear me?

  Margulis:  I think perhaps it would be better if you went yourself, Holiness.

 Patriarch:  What? Have you lost your senses, Margulis?

 Patriarch:  I am your master! Now do as I say!

  Margulis:  You appear to misunderstand the situation.

  Margulis:  We Inquisitors serve but one master. Surely, Your Holiness is
             aware of that.

  Margulis:  Everything has transpired exactly as we have planned. All that's
             left now, is for you to die a martyr, Holiness.

 Patriarch:  Damn you! You can't mean Heinlein?!

  Margulis:  I bid you farewell, Holiness...


       Jin:  So this is where you went...

     Shion:  Leave me alone.

       Jin:  Everyone's already transferred to the Durandal. You should hurry
             up and --

     Shion:  I said leave me alone!

     Shion:  It's just like it was fourteen years ago.

     Shion:  It was exactly the same.

     Shion:  Feb was...she was killed right in front of me.

     Shion:  I was all alone. I couldn't do anything myself, so I just ran!

     Shion:  And again...I still couldn't do anything...

       Jin:  Shion...

     Shion:  Why? Why did it have to be me?

     Shion:  I never wanted to feel like that again...

       Jin:  Shion...

       Jin:  Did you not understand what Febronia wanted?

       Jin:  I think there was another whom she loved just as much as her

     Shion:  Another? Who?

       Jin:  Another sister bound by the chains of her past.

       Jin:  I think she probably wanted to save that sister just as much as
             her real sisters.

     Shion:  Another...sister...

       Jin:  Don't you see?

       Jin:  That's why she chose you and gave you that painful role.

     Shion:  Feb wanted...for me...

       Jin:  Shion...

       Jin:  It's up to you, now, whether you choose to withdraw from this
             painful world or learn to accept it.

       Jin:  But, I can say this much.

       Jin:  No matter what you choose, you will not be alone.

       Jin:  Or do you still not understand Febronia's feelings?

     Shion:  Jin...

       Jin:  Now, please go. Now's not the time to let everyone down.

     Shion:  Jin...

     Shion:  I...

     Shion:  ...I'll go on ahead.

       Jin:  I...really am hopeless.

       Jin:  Febronia, I am truly envious of you.

       Jin:  You...were able to do for Shion what I, her own brother, should
             have done.

       Jin:  Now the question is, what can I possibly do for Shion?

       Jin:  Or...even still...what can I do about my own past?


100-Series:  Little Master, a private transmission has arrived for you on a
             general channel.

       Jr.:  What's up?

100-Series:  It's compressed in an encoded format. Shall I open it?

       Jr.:  Yeah, put it on.

       Jr.:  You!

    Yuriev:  It's been a long time, my dear son.

      MOMO:  Jr.'s...father?

     Shion:  Dr. Dmitri Yuriev?

    Yuriev:  I heard about what happened fourteen years ago.

    Yuriev:  Sounds like Albedo made contact with U-DO and managed to cause a
             space-time anomaly alteration.

    Yuriev:  That is most regrettable.

       Jr.:  Bastard!

       Jr.:  You knew if we confronted U-DO, it might've destroyed Miltia! How
             could you do that?!

    Yuriev:  Oh, please.

    Yuriev:  I don't recall raising you U.R.T.V.s to be idiots.

    Yuriev:  If we could save the star cluster at the cost of a single planet,
             I'd say that's a small price to pay.

     Shion:  Acceptable losses...

     Shion:  I hate that term.

    Yuriev:  Now that we are faced with U-DO's potential reawakening, we must
             eradicate any and all uncertainties.

    Yuriev:  We've determined that there will be an attempt to re-contact U-DO.

    Yuriev:  You must move immediately to eliminate the target, Rubedo.

       Jr.:  Re-contact...

       Jr.:  You mean Albedo?

    Yuriev:  Yes. He was infected, and he has fallen.

       Jr.:  I'll atone for my past mistakes. But I will not do it by killing

       Jr.:  Instead, I'll make him stop this insanity!

    Yuriev:  As you wish.

    Yuriev:  I look forward to your results, Rubedo.

       Jr.:  Shelley, where did that transmission come from?

   Shelley:  I am sorry. The route was scrambled. It's impossible to trace.

       Jr.:  That old bastard...


   Gaignun:  Jr.

   Gaignun:  Don't trust...

   Gaignun:  ...my...words.


 Patriarch:  You've done well to make it this far.

 Patriarch:  I suppose it's best not to underestimate the resilience of

       Jr.:  I've heard enough of your crap!

     Shion:  Do you really know...what it is you're doing?

    Albedo:  I agree.

    Albedo:  Don't you think it's about time you quit playing this ridiculous

    Albedo:  This power is mine. You have no right to it.

       Jr.:  Albedo!

    Albedo:  Yo, Rubedo.

    Albedo:  You seem happy to see me.

       Jr.:  Don't be stupid. How could I be happy?

 Patriarch:  Ah, if it isn't Yuriev's ghost.

 Patriarch:  I'm afraid you're a bit late.

 Patriarch:  There's no longer a point to your existence.

    Albedo:  What an annoying old fool.

    Albedo:  How about it, Rubedo?

    Albedo:  Want me to give you a hand squashing this guy?

 Patriarch:  U.R.T.V.

 Patriarch:  A failed product of a twisted age.

 Patriarch:  A lower life form such as you could never understand our ideals.

    Albedo:  That's rich...

    Albedo:  You people are unbelievable.

    Albedo:  You're going to destroy me?

    Albedo:  Complete destruction doesn't sound all that bad.

       Jr.:  Albedo!

    Albedo:  But, you see, even reducing me to particles won't make me
             disappear from the cosmos.

    Albedo:  Hey, Rubedo.

    Albedo:  Don't forget to breathe deep and inhale the particles that
             composed me.

       Jr.:  Damn you!

       Jr.:  You bastard!

       Jr.:  You're gonna pay!

 Patriarch:  What's wrong?

 Patriarch:  Wasn't he your bitter enemy?

       Jr.:  The only one allowed to take Albedo out...is me!


 Patriarch:  Completely incomprehensible.

 Patriarch:  Why do you stand before me like this?

 Patriarch:  What good is any of this going to do you?

       Jr.:  How the hell should we know?

       Jr.:  You're the one who's doing all this.

       Jr.:  You're the enemy!

 Patriarch:  I don't have time for this nonsense.

 Patriarch:  Once you see this, your babbling mouths will be silenced for good.

 Patriarch:  A U.M.N. Phase Transfer Cannon -- a weapon that can strike any
             target from anywhere in space.

       Jr.:  Why you!

 Patriarch:  Don't worry.

 Patriarch:  I'll send you to meet him soon.

 Patriarch:  When you reach the afterlife, be sure and tell Helmer, too.

 Patriarch:  What's going on?

 Patriarch:  What's wrong? Work!

 Patriarch:  Come on, work!

 Red Cloak:  The Zohar does not exist for your sake.

 Patriarch:  Who's there?

Blue Cloak:  We'd appreciate it if the supporting actors could just stick to
             their roles.

     Shion:  You're...

 Patriarch:  Te...

 Patriarch:  Testament!

Blue Cloak:  Exit the stage.

Blue Cloak:  Your act is over.

 Patriarch:  No!

 Patriarch:  I am all power --

Blue Cloak:  What is it?

Blue Cloak:  See someone you know?

     Ziggy:  It's you.

     Ziggy:  You!

     Ziggy:  Voyager!

      MOMO:  Ziggy!

 Red Cloak:  We don't have time to play around.

 Red Cloak:  Begin.

       Jr.:  Stop it!

       Jr.:  This is not what you were born to do!

    Albedo:  Au contraire...

    Albedo:  This is the very moment I've been waiting for!

    Albedo:  Come, Rubedo. Come to my world!

    Albedo:  Let's have some fun!

       Jr.:  U-DO...

     Shion:  KOS-MOS?

   KOS-MOS:  Shion.

   KOS-MOS:  Under the current conditions, I can hold this for approximately
             three minutes.

   KOS-MOS:  Please escape immediately.

     Shion:  KOS-MOS!

     Shion:  But how...

   KOS-MOS:  The Elsa is currently heading towards our present coordinates.

   KOS-MOS:  If you destroy the exterior wall, you should be able to rendezvous
             with it.

     Shion:  Destroy the wall?

     Ziggy:  Leave it to me.

      MOMO:  Ziggy!

      MOMO:  You shouldn't be moving in your condition!

     Ziggy:  Don't worry.

     Ziggy:  They can always repair my body.

     Ziggy:  Stand back!

      MOMO:  Ziggy!

     Allen:  Hurry, Chief!

     Allen:  Please, get onboard!

     Allen:  We're almost out of time!


    Albedo:  Behold, Rubedo!

    Albedo:  At long last, my time has come!

    Albedo:  The time to join the eternal chain!

    Albedo:  The time to quench my thirst at the source!


       Jr.:  Give me an update.

100-Series:  No change in the waves from the space-time anomaly. Further
             expansion appears to be temporarily halted.

       Jr.:  Well, it sounds like we owe one to KOS-MOS.

      Mary:  We don't have time to relax, Little Master.

      Mary:  The phenomena alteration may have stopped expanding for now, but
             it's just a matter of time before it starts up again.

     Shion:  It'll swallow up the whole region eventually, won't it?

     Shion:  Isn't there any way to stop it?

       Jin:  It's likely the only way to resolve this situation is to go in
             there and destroy the source directly.

       Jin:  But the risk involved is enormous.

       Jr.:  How are the Elsa and the assault craft?

100-Series:  They have sustained a great deal of damage, but they are still

100-Series:  We can launch at any time.

       Jr.:  Okay, got it.

       Jr.:  Shelley, I need you to take over here.

   Shelley:  Acknowledged.


     Shion:  There you are.

     Shion:  You sure it's all right for the commander to be hanging around

       Jr.:  It's okay.

       Jr.:  Mary and Shelley can handle things just fine.

     Shion:  You're thinking about him?

       Jr.:  He keeps calling to me.

       Jr.:  It seems he wants to settle the score.

     Shion:  But he's your brother. Are you sure you can fight him?

       Jr.:  I dunno. But I have to go.

       Jr.:  I can't...I can't just let things stay the way they are now.

       Jr.:  I'm the only one who can stop him, so...

     Shion:  Jr...

       Jr.:  How's Ziggy doing? Can he move yet?

     Shion:  I don't have any details, but I know MOMO hasn't left his side
             since she started repairing him.

       Jr.:  I see... I think I'll go check in on them.

       Jr.:  We'll be heading out as soon as everything's ready.

       Jr.:  Tell everyone to be on standby.

     Shion:  Okay.


      Juli:  Those are custom Ziggurat-series compatible parts there.

      Juli:  They treat the repair manual like an ancient manuscript. It was
             difficult to get ahold of.

     Ziggy:  Thank you very much, Dr. Mizrahi.

      Juli:  You can call me Juli.  I'm tired of the whole "Doctor" thing.

      Juli:  By the way, Jan Sauer, I have something I'd like to talk to you

     Ziggy:  Yes?

      Juli:  I understand you've been refusing lifespan extension on your
             organic components.

      Juli:  It's already been a century since you were revived.

      Juli:  The average lifespan of a living brain that hasn't undergone
             extension is 130 years.

      Juli:  Would you consider living just a little while longer? For MOMO's

      Juli:  Besides, there are a few things I'd like to learn from you.

      Juli:  From the way you live...

     Ziggy:  Could I have some time to think about it?

      Juli:  Of course. I'll be waiting to hear the good news.

       Jr.:  Sorry. Guess I was eavesdropping again.

     Ziggy:  I don't mind. I have nothing to hide.

     Ziggy:  MOMO, I'm sorry, could you go get the parts for me?

      MOMO:  Okay.

       Jr.:  You know, that was the first time I've ever seen you angry.

       Jr.:  I guess even you still have some feelings like that.

       Jr.:  To be honest, I'm kinda relieved.

       Jr.:  You really are human, after all.

       Jr.:  And after all your lectures, you couldn't keep your head in front
             of your enemy, either!

     Ziggy:  I guess it applies to both of us.

       Jr.:  Yeah...

       Jr.:  When it comes to him, I just can't control myself.

       Jr.:  I lose sight of everything...

     Ziggy:  Jr. I won't pretend to understand what you're thinking, and I have
             no intention of rebuking you.

     Ziggy:  Just do what you feel is right.

       Jr.:  Old man...

     Ziggy:  Just go and show him a thing or two.

       Jr.:  Yeah. I'll do that.


      MOMO:  You're going, aren't you?

       Jr.:  MOMO...

       Jr.:  I figured I'd sneak off while Gaignun wasn't around, but I never
             expected to be caught by you.

       Jr.:  Guess it's no surprise from a 100-Series.

      MOMO:  Are you going by yourself?

      MOMO:  Why?

      MOMO:  You always try to take on everything by yourself.

      MOMO:  Can I... Can I go with you, too?

       Jr.:  Sorry... He's calling me.

       Jr.:  He says it has to be me.

       Jr.:  I'm his brother, after all.

       Jr.:  I wasn't always a good big brother, but now... I've at least got
             to settle this.

      MOMO:  Jr...

       Jr.:  I'm sorry.

       Jr.:  Do me a favor and think up an excuse to tell the others.

      MOMO:  You're coming back, right?!

      MOMO:  Please promise me. Promise you'll come back.

      MOMO:  If you don't, I...

      MOMO:  I...


100-Series:  The third hangar's hatch has been forced open.

100-Series:  The E.S. Asher is moving onto the catapult.

      Mary:  What?

      Mary:  Little Master!

      Mary:  What's he doing?

100-Series:  Little Master, please come back.

100-Series:  Little Master!

100-Series:  It's no good. Communications are off.

      MOMO:  Um, Jr. said he wanted to go test his craft.

      MOMO:  So...he should be right back.

     Shion:  MOMO.

     Shion:  Jr.'s going, isn't he?

     Shion:  To that place...

     Shion:  To put an end to this.

      MOMO:  Um...well...

      MOMO:  He promised.

      MOMO:  He promised he'd come back.

      MOMO:  So I...

      Mary:  I know. It's all right.

      Mary:  You really are a good girl, MOMO.

      Mary:  This is the Little Master's fault, making everyone worry like

      Mary:  When he gets back, we're gonna give him a spanking he won't


    Albedo:  I'm glad you came, Rubedo.

    Albedo:  What's the matter? It's unusual to see you alone like this.

    Albedo:  Aren't your little friends with you?

       Jr.:  I can handle settling things with you by myself.

    Albedo:  There's no use pretending.

    Albedo:  You're scared...

    Albedo:  Scared you'll abandon them, just like you did before.

    Albedo:  You might even end up letting them all die.

    Albedo:  That's just like you, you coward.

    Albedo:  Come.

    Albedo:  Come to me.

    Albedo:  That is, assuming your heart can hold up that long.


    Albedo:  I'm making graves for Rubedo and Nigredo.

    Albedo:  It's just for pretend, though.

    Albedo:  I'm practicing so that when they die, I won't cry.

    Albedo:  If I link with U-DO again, I wonder if he'll kill me...

    Albedo:  I hope he will.

    Albedo:  He is our leader, after all.

       Jr.:  I...

       Jr.:  I wouldn't do anything like that!

    Albedo:  Of course you would!

    Albedo:  That's how you're built.

    Albedo:  Because we're the anti-existence of U-DO.

    Albedo:  Do you know what the link is like?

    Albedo:  It's as sweet and seductive as a deal with the devil.


    Albedo:  I don't like you!

    Albedo:  You're bothering Rubedo, the way you try and flirt with him.

    Albedo:  Say something, you mannequin!

       Jr.:  What are you doing? Stop it!

    Albedo:  I hate you.

    Albedo:  I hate you!

       Jr.:  I said, stop it!

    Albedo:  What?

    Albedo:  Why are you stopping me?

    Albedo:  You are so annoying.

    Albedo:  It's not like you have any real power.

    Albedo:  The only thing you can do is butter people up.

    Albedo:  I hated this girl.

    Albedo:  She was always flirting with you.

    Albedo:  I'm glad she's dead.

    Albedo:  I am.

    Albedo:  Now, there's nobody around trying to seduce you.

       Jr.:  That's enough!

       Jr.:  Let go of Sakura!

       Jr.:  MOMO?

    Albedo:  No, that's right, there's still that imitation.

    Albedo:  You're such a pitiful man, Rubedo.

    Albedo:  To think, you have to satisfy yourself with this toy!

       Jr.:  Albedo, you son of a --

    Albedo:  Is this rag doll important to you?

    Albedo:  It's too late.

    Albedo:  She's already been damaged.

    Albedo:  By my own hand!

       Jr.:  Stop!

       Jr.:  Don't say any more!

    Albedo:  I enjoyed every minute of it, too.

    Albedo:  You should give it a try yourself, Rubedo.

    Albedo:  I'm sure if it were you, she'd be happy to --

       Jr.:  I told you to shut up!

    Albedo:  Let's hurry up and finish this.

    Albedo:  When I kill you, I'll have everything.

    Albedo:  It's so disgusting...

    Albedo:  I'm sick of you clinging to me like this!


       Jr.:  What is this?

Mirror Jr.:  Yo, Rubedo!

Mirror Jr.:  Are you ready to fight now?

       Jr.:  What?

Mirror Jr.:  You should just smash him.

Mirror Jr.:  It shouldn't be a problem for you.

       Jr.:  Stop it!

Mirror Jr.:  How long you gonna keep holding back?

Mirror Jr.:  Kill him already! Come on!

       Jr.:  Stop it!

Mirror Jr.:  He was always getting in the way.

Mirror Jr.:  You don't need a loser like him around.

       Jr.:  Stop it!

    Albedo:  Hurry up and kill me!

       Jr.:  Stop!

       Jr.:  Dammit! Not now!

       Jr.:  Red Dragon mode...

       Jr.:  The anti-U-DO shift!

       Jr.:  No...

       Jr.:  No!

    Sakura:  Rubedo...

    Sakura:  Don't be afraid.

    Sakura:  I...I believe in you, Rubedo.

       Jr.:  I am...me.

       Jr.:  I won't...give in to it.


    Albedo:  Glad you could make it, Rubedo.

    Albedo:  Take a look at me.

    Albedo:  I've finally acquired what I was missing before.

    Albedo:  I may have lost my body, but I feel so much better.

       Jr.:  Stop the space-time anomaly, Albedo.

       Jr.:  There's still time if you do it.

    Albedo:  I'm to repent, am I?

    Albedo:  I think not.

    Albedo:  As my duty as an immortal, I've prepared a brand new world view
             for mankind.

    Albedo:  When I temporarily linked with U-DO, I climbed the ladder of
             evolution and saw the leaning tower of culture that humans have
             struggled to construct.

    Albedo:  It's not even a tower, really.

    Albedo:  It's a scaffold of rotting wood, built with meager knowledge and
             pitiful tools!

    Albedo:  But a nice guy would tell them the truth, would he not?

    Albedo:  Hello! You've got it all wrong!

       Jr.:  What are you gonna do with this region of space?

    Albedo:  Who knows?

    Albedo:  Perhaps I'll cause a shift and shove this whole dimension into a
             high-order domain.

    Albedo:  Don't be afraid.

    Albedo:  We low-dimension creatures will move en masse to a higher plane!

    Albedo:  It'll be glorious!

    Albedo:  The true eternal chain!

    Albedo:  The fulfillment of that which we lacked!

    Albedo:  The evolution of mankind and the evolution of the very world
             itself that watches over us!

    Albedo:  Happy days are here! They'll name a holiday after me!

    Albedo:  That is, assuming they even have the concept of holidays on the
             other side.

       Jr.:  Stop!

       Jr.:  If you don't stop, I'll have to stop you!

    Albedo:  Come, my positron.

    Albedo:  You are an anti-U-DO weapon.

    Albedo:  My heart tingles with anticipation.

    Albedo:  A weapon need not feel shame for desiring combat.

    Albedo:  For all we know, humans themselves may be weapons created by the

       Jr.:  You're right.

       Jr.:  I am a weapon.

       Jr.:  Every cell in my body is aching for a fight.

       Jr.:  They long to collide with their anti-existence.

       Jr.:  I've probably wanted to fight from the moment we were born.

    Albedo:  We think alike, Rubedo.

    Albedo:  I feel exactly the same way.

    Albedo:  Right now, I'd like to rip you to shreds!

       Jr.:  Bring it on!

       Jr.:  I'm gonna rip you right outta here and drag you back to the


    Albedo:  Not bad...

    Albedo:  Rubedo.

       Jr.:  Albedo?

       Jr.:  You...

    Albedo:  Well, Rubedo?

    Albedo:  Admit it. You enjoyed that, didn't you?

       Jr.:  Yeah.

       Jr.:  It was fun.

       Jr.:  My blood danced in my veins.

       Jr.:  We really are nothing more than instruments of war.

    Albedo:  No, that's not it.

    Albedo:  We're not foolish because we're tools.

    Albedo:  It's because we're men.

    Albedo:  Oblivion, huh?

    Albedo:  You might say this is a release.

    Albedo:  At least, I won't have to fear losing anyone anymore.

       Jr.:  Albedo?

    Albedo:  What's with that face?

    Albedo:  You look like you just lost your best friend, Rubedo.

       Jr.:  You bastard!

       Jr.:  You knew all along --

    Albedo:  What are you talking about?

    Albedo:  I...I can't stand you or Nigredo.

    Albedo:  Rubedo...

    Albedo:  Beware of Nigredo's shadow.

    Albedo:  Think why it is he doesn't react to U-DO.

       Jr.:  Kirschwassers?

       Jr.:  No! Don't go!

       Jr.:  Albedo! Don't go!

       Jr.:  Don't leave me alone!

    Albedo:  Ah, look, Rubedo!

    Albedo:  I'm free!

       Jr.:  Albedo?

       Jr.:  Albedo!


    Sakura:  What's wrong, Rubedo?

       Jr.:  I...I can't hear it.

       Jr.:  My right chest...

       Jr.:  I can't hear my other heartbeat anymore.

    Sakura:  Is that why you're crying?

       Jr.:  Leave me alone.

       Jr.:  I just tore away half of my body with my own two hands.

       Jr.:  The me that's here...i...isn't me anymore.

    Sakura:  Were you really that weak, Rubedo?

    Sakura:  That's not the Rubedo I know.

       Jr.:  Who cares?

       Jr.:  No... None of that matters anymore.

    Sakura:  Get up, Rubedo.

    Sakura:  There are people waiting for you.

    Sakura:  Don't let them down now.

    Sakura:  Remember...remember the promise that you made me?

      MOMO:  Please promise me.

      MOMO:  Promise you'll come back!

       Jr.:  MOMO!

       Jr.:  Sakura, you're right!

       Jr.:  I promised I'd protect your sister...

       Jr.:  ...didn't I?

       Jr.:  I couldn't protect my younger brother.

       Jr.:  But there are still people I care about who I can protect.

    Sakura:  That's right, Rubedo.

    Sakura:  That's the Rubedo that...that I love.

       Jr.:  Sakura...

       Jr.:  Thanks.

     chaos:  You did well, Jr.

     chaos:  Come on, let's go back to the others.

  Nephilim:  Finally.

  Nephilim:  He'll be able to find peace.

     chaos:  Yes.

     chaos:  But...

     chaos:  This is not the end.

  Nephilim:  No.

  Nephilim:  This is just the beginning.

  Nephilim:  A tiny ripple has just been born in the world that surrounds them.

  Nephilim:  One day, that ripple will grow into a large wave, and it will
             swallow even them.

     chaos:  Yes.

     chaos:  And that's why I want him to rest.

     chaos:  Even if his rest is but a short one.


       Jr.:  Sorry to...to worry all of you.

      MOMO:  Jr.! Thank goodness!

      MOMO:  You're okay!

      MOMO:  I'm...I'm so happy!

       Jr.:  Yeah. I promised, after all.

       Jr.:  But, it was really this guy who saved me.

       Jr.:  Guess I owe him another one.

     Shion:  Jr.

     Shion:  Did you make up with him?

       Jr.:  I dunno about that.

       Jr.:  We were both pretty stubborn.

       Jr.:  He said he hated me, right to the bitter end.

     Shion:  Oh, I see.

     Shion:  So it was just a big family squabble, huh?

100-Series:  Mary, we have a Zohar confirmed at point 3-E.

100-Series:  Referencing the coordinates with the simulator.

100-Series:  There's a 93% probability it's the original that was on Miltia.

      Mary:  Nice work!

      Mary:  Ready to wire the pod for launch!

      Mary:  This is our last job!

      Mary:  Give it everything you've got!

100-Series:  Warning signal.

100-Series:  Abnormality in the surrounding space detected.

      Mary:  What? Give me a full report!

100-Series:  Large-scale spatial distortion detected.

100-Series:  A large mass is gating out.

100-Series:  Mass estimate increasing...

100-Series:  Immeasurable.

100-Series:  It's materializing into normal space.

      Mary:  A Gnosis?

      Mary:  You gotta be kidding me!

      Mary:  There can't be a Gnosis that big!

100-Series:  Shockwave approaching!

   Wilhelm:  It's coming...

   Wilhelm:  Abel's Ark...

   Wilhelm:  It's been a long time...

   Wilhelm:  Yeshua.

   Wilhelm:  I'm pleased that you've come.

   Wilhelm:  But...

   Wilhelm:  Didn't you say you weren't going to intervene?

     chaos:  I've made up my mind.

     chaos:  I won't hold back anymore.

   Wilhelm:  That's wonderful.

   Wilhelm:  I'm thrilled...that you'll finally be entering the stage.


       Jr.:  Mary!

       Jr.:  Come here a second.

       Jr.:  Listen, think it'd be okay if I kept a dog on the bridge?

      Mary:  A dog?

       Jr.:  Hey, come here, boy!

       Jr.:  His name's Alby.

       Jr.:  He's an albino, so, Alby.

      Mary:  He's got a kinda tough-looking face.

       Jr.:  Yeah. I hope he doesn't misbehave like someone we know.


      Juli:  Welcome back, MOMO.

      MOMO:  It's good to be back!

      Juli:  I'm planning on living with MOMO for a while.

      Juli:  I'd like to ask you to protect her again, should the need arise.

      Juli:  What are your plans now?

     Ziggy:  Through the kindness of the representative trustee, I've been
             assigned to the Kukai Foundation.

     Ziggy:  I am to be stationed on the Durandal, and if MOMO requests, I will
             be loaned out to her as a matter of priority.

     Ziggy:  For that purpose, I will also be undergoing life extension.

      Juli:  Really?

      MOMO:  Which representative trustee made the request?

     Ziggy:  The little one, of course.

      MOMO:  You mean little Jr., right?


     Shion:  So...

     Shion:  You're really going.

       Jin:  I don't believe this chain of events is truly over.

       Jin:  And I'm concerned about that Ormus organization the Patriarch

     Shion:  Of course, your bookstore idea didn't last six months.

     Shion:  I hope you won't be changing jobs again quite so soon.

       Jin:  I'll do the best I can.

       Jin:  Although...

       Jin:  I don't know if time will wait another six months.

  Matthews:  Hey people, it's time to get moving.

  Matthews:  Come on up to the deck.

     Shion:  Jin!

     Shion:  Be careful, okay?

    Miyuki:  Shion!

     Allen:  Hey, Miyuki -- aah!

    Miyuki:  Welcome back, Shion!

    Miyuki:  It sounds like a lot happened!

     Allen:  You can say that again!

     Allen:  It's too much for a quiet engineer.

     Allen:  I just wanna take a nice long vacation.

    Miyuki:  Ah, Allen, your vacation'll have to wait.

    Miyuki:  You've got mountains of reports to fill out!

     Allen:  What? Are you serious?

     Shion:  Well, KOS-MOS, shall we get going?

     Shion:  It's time to go home.


    Wilhelm:  I see.

    Wilhelm:  So this is the Y-Data.

    Wilhelm:  But there's a great deal missing.

 Blue Cloak:  But both he and the U-TIC Organization have completely poured
             through the Realian's main database.

  Red Cloak:  He only went as far as the subconscious.

    Wilhelm:  Below even that...in the lowest level of the unconscious

    Wilhelm:  Are you saying the answer lies in the Unus Mundus?

  Red Cloak:  Most likely.

    Wilhelm:  Really? Well, I suppose we'll leave it at that for now.

    Wilhelm:  When the path to Los Jerusalem is opened, KOS-MOS will awaken.

 Blue Cloak:  So, what will you do with him?

    Wilhelm:  I said it was a shame, didn't I?

White Cloak:  There you have it.

White Cloak:  Good news, huh?

White Cloak:  Partner.

    Wilhelm:  Welcome...

    Wilhelm:  ...weaver of the eternal circle of Zarathustra.


                         E N D I N G     C R E D I T S

Original Author & Supervisor
  Tetsuya Takahashi

Voice Cast
         Shion Uzuki   Olivia Hack
             KOS-MOS   Colleen O'Shaughnessy
               chaos   Josh Seth
                MOMO   Cristina Pucelli
               Ziggy   Richard Epcar
          Jr./Rubedo   Brianne Siddall
           Jin Uzuki   Michael Gough

      Allen Ridgeley   Dave Wittenberg
       Miyuki Itsumi   Heather Hogan
                Boss   Keith Szarabajka

              Virgil   Dave Wittenberg
      Kevin Winnicot   Chris Smith

             Wilhelm   Jason Spisak

            Matthews   Kirk Thornton
                Tony   Henry Dittman
              Hammer   Jason Spisak
         Mary Godwin   Ali Hillis
      Shelley Godwin   Ali Hillis
  100-Series Realian   Kari Wahlgren
        Juli Mizrahi   Kim Mai Guest
              Helmer   Stuart Robinson

              Canaan   Beng Spies

      Albedo (child)   Scott Menville
             Nigredo   Jennifer Hale
             Citrine   Stephanie Mitchell

      Sakura Mizrahi   Tara Strong

       Dmitri Yuriev   Keith Szarabajka

            Margulis   Michael McConnohie
            Pellegri   Kari Wahlgren
             Richard   Jason Spisak
             Hermann   Keith Szarabajka

           Patriarch   Michael Bell

          Newscaster   Kim Mai Guest
            Operator   Jennifer Hale
        U.M.N. Staff   Keith Clark
                       Michael Gough
                       Chris Smith
      U-TIC Soldiers   Dave Wittenberg
                       Beng Spies
           Announcer   Kim Mai Guest

            Febronia   Kari Wahlgren

            Nephilim   Kim Mai Guest 

      Gaignun/Albedo   Crispin Freeman

   Additional Voices   Steve Cunningham
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                       Carlos Alvarez
                       Carlos Ferro

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<NAMCO Japan>
Quality Control
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Scenario Writer
  Norihiko Yonesaka

  Kou Arai



                     T H E     S T O R Y     S O     F A R

-- T.C. 4753 - Fourteen Years Ago - Old Miltia
   chaos and Canaan have embarked on a covert mission to retrieve the
   bioweapons known as U.R.T.V.s, the Federation's trump card against the U-TIC
   Organization. The U.R.T.V.s hold the power to neutralize the energy of the
   Zohar, but they also run the risk of causing the Zohar to go out of control.
   In order to prevent this worst-case scenario, the two operatives travel
   through the rubble-strewn streets of Miltia onboard the E.S. Asher.
   (background of Canaan and chaos in the E.S. Asher cockpit on Old Miltia)

-- T.C. 4753 - Fourteen Years Ago - Old Miltia
   chaos and Canaan are on a covert mission to retrieve the bioweapons known as
   U.R.T.V.s. As they continued through the wreckage of the city, a giant
   pillar of light appeared before them and a strange song rang out -- the Song
   of Nephilim. Suddenly, a squad of allied A.M.W.S., their pilots having gone
   mad from hearing the song, attacked them. A raven-haired man named Jin saved
   chaos and Canaan, and the three decided to travel together for a while.
   (background of Jin in his military uniform standing in front of his mech.)

 [Section Currently Under Construction]

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  --Game Ending Credits added.
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  --All dialogue transcription completed.
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correction of mistakes I may have made, and everything else via my e-mail at:

kickflaw (at) yahoo (dot) com

I need to put down a few guidelines, here.
- Please include Xenosaga somewhere in the subject line of your email.
- Please make your e-mail readable/comprehensible.
- Don't ask me to send you updated versions of my guide.
- I accept e-mails in English language only.
- I will answer e-mails in English language only.
- When crediting contributors, I won't disclose their e-mails or contact info.


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