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FAQ by Tyma

Version: 1 | Updated: 09/11/03

                      "We make this FAQ for everyone who loves reading and FAQ"

Pop'n Music 8 CS
FAQ by Tyma (faq@tyma.net)                                          Version 0.1

-  Welcome To Pop'n Music
1. FAQ
2. Master Songlist
3. Secrets
   3.1 Sugoroku De 8
   3.2 Nonstop Course Unlocks
   3.3 Conditional Unlocks
   3.4 Bonus Stage
4. Challenge Mode
   4.1 Challenge List
   4.2 Omake Rewards
5. Thanks & Dedications


                           -Welcome To Pop'n Music-
Hihi! ^_^
Assuming your reading this document while sober, you probably already know what
Pop'n Music is. Of all the games in Konami's 'Bemani' series to come and go,
Pop'n Music has long-since proved to lead the way in the music game genre, and
this latest bundle of joy does a great job of illustrating why : 60 playable
songs, 42 hidden songs, 4 game modes, hundreds of challenges, no tacky
controller required.

Of course, this japanese-heavy game demands an FAQ, and this commitment is as
good an excuse as any, to play through the game again. As usual, there's no
filler, or information garnered out of an instruction manual, just days of
research (and calculation fun), which have hopefuly pieced together everything
you really want to know.

As always, feel free to drop me a line with comments, suggestions and
contributions. (faq@tyma.net)


1. FAQ

Q. Which DDR songs are in this game?
A. Tyma growls at people who treat Pop'n Music as an extention to DDR >_<
   But since I love anyone who actually shows interest in it ^^ :
   Candy, Love Love Sugar, White Lovers, Miracle Moon, Mobo Moga, Jet World,
   Daikenkai, 321 Stars.

Q. Where's Thunderbirds?
A. er.. No idea. I guess they couldn't afford the license a 2nd time :{

Q. What are 'transplant songs'?
A. Songs which were written for (and first appered in) a different music game,
   which have now been adapted and/or remixed, to appear in Pop'n Music.

Q. Is Roku Playable?
A. For some reason not all the characters in the game are playable, Roku
   included. It seems that characters from songs pre-dating Pop'n Music 7
   aren't selectable as playable characters.

Q. I unlocked a new character, why can't I find it on the character menu?
A. Some characters aren't entirely new, and appear as alternative outfits for
   existing characters. To choose a character's alternative outfit, press
   Square on the character select screen

Q. I unlocked 321 Stars. Why doesn't it appear in Arcade Mode?
A. Although 321 Stars (& Manhattan Sports Club) are playable early in the game
   (via the Simon Course), they don't show up in arcade mode until unlocked for
   real, near the very end of the game.

Q. How do I get to the 2 small islands in Sugoroku
A. They aren't opened until the 4th laps of the board. When they are open,
   you'll be taken there automaticaly, after landing on certain spaces.

Q. When does Sugoroku de 8 stop giving out things?
A. After 321 Stars. The period between unlocking Zukin and 321 Stars is pretty
   frustrating, because the game starts giving our unlocks every 6 (and very
   bad unlocks at that). It's worth sticking with it though - the last 2
   unlocks are arguably the 2 most fun songs in the game.


2. Master Songlist

note : Songs listed in the order in which they appear in 9-key Arcade Mode
* = "Remix"
+ = "Live"

J-R&B 3          Yumi Kawamura - Can't Stop My Love
AI Techno        Vco featuring Alt - 0/1 Angel
Day Dream        Des Row Featuring Tsuboi for Alpha - Yume Ari
Ukelele          Yahi Gani - Hono Hono
Pavilion         Mr.T - Theme Of Pop'n Land
Pyramid          The Next File - The Name Of Eternal
Hyper J-Pop      Terra - Stars
Fresh            Paraquets - Chase! Chase! Chase!
Risette          Risette - Tangeline
Housy Pop        Sana - The Company And Me
Ragtime          Route No.1 Rag Unit - Magical Ragtime Tour
World Tour       good-cool - Miracle 4
Jig              World Sequence - Tir Na N'Org
Piano Rock       Oh, La, La! - Marine Drive
Psyche           Kiddy & The Sunshine Lovers - L.A.N
Yakyu Rock       good-cool feat. Hideo Suwa - Koi No Catch Ball
Twee Pop         EeL - 777
Flower Pop       Short Cuts - Marigold
Lady Metal       good-cool - Over The Night
Showa Waltz      Anettai Maji Ska Bukudan featuring Maki - Honey Bee
Visual 3         good-cool - Late Riser
Ninja Hero       Strong Ninja Stand - Ninja Hero Shinobian
Eurobeat         Dj TAKA feat. Noria - Love2 Sugar
Powerfolk 6      Atsushi Shindou - Fashion -ver.1-
Melo Punk        Dew-Row - Pure

New Age*         World Sequence - Dragon Dance -Revision 2-
Winter Pop       Sana - White Lovers
Bali Trance      good-cool - Dempasar
Powerfolk 5      Atsushi Shindou - Samurai Syndrome
Visual 2*        good-cool feat.Kohey - Cry Out -Superior Mix-
Night Out*       Kiyommi & Seiya - Transparant Manicure -Moonlit Mix-
Glam Rock        Kiddy & The Sunshine Lovers - Space Kiss
J-Garage Pop*    Togo Project feat Sana - Miracle Moon -LED Light Style Mix-
Soft Rock Long   Orange Noise Shortcut - Homesick Pt 2&3 -Long Version-
Special Ending 2 Original Cedar - Ending Theme Of Pop'n Music 7
Des-Reggae       Des-ROW feat. Tsuboi for Alpha - Night Line

Scat             Q-Mex - Cat's Scat
Moody            Simon Man - Midnight Yoghurt
Miami Salsa      Wilma de Oliveira - El Dia Feliz
Latin Enka       Kazuyoshi Maruyama - Romance
Friendly+        Paraquets - Over The Rainbow
Romance Kayou    Nagato Machi - When Meeting, Shimonoseki
Lounge           The Ebisu Sisters - Cherry & Raquel
Melo Core+       Good-Cool - H@ppy Choice
Free Soul        Tomosuke - Lover's High
Mind             Nakatek - Seal
New Romantic     Kiddy & The Sunshine Lovers - Spell On Me
Lonely           KoMoToMoK - Artemis
Miracle 2        Kazuyoshi Maruyama - Romance
Swish            Hitomi Horikawa - HaiHaiHaiHai Groove -Trap You In A Spiral-
Neo GS           Kiddy & The Sunshine Lovers - Shock Of Love
Mondo Pop        Sugi & Reo - Bicycle
Groove Rock+     Sana - Red Apple -Live-
Classic 8        Waldeus Von Dovjak - Line Times
Suburbia         Apresmidi - Une Lette De Mon Copain
Passion+         Mikki Mashahi - This Evening, Lovers Day
Straight         Fantastic Factory - Shiritori
French Pop       Orange Lounge - Mobo*Moga
Classic 6        Waldeus Von Dovjak - Maritare!
Reggae           Jam Master '73 - Boa Boa Lady
Lite Pop         Natural Bear - Ma-Sa-Ra
Ska              Anettai Maji Ska Bukudan - Ska Ska No. 3
Tropical         Sana Meets Togo - Beachest Beach
Trauma Punk      Muscular Girl Band - Gautama Bhudda
Hot Rock         Sasebo Brothers - Cryin'
Funk Rock        Thomas Howard Lichtenstein - Wallstreet Downsizer
Hard Country     Mitsuhiko Izumi - Jet World
Powerfolk 2+     Atsushi Shindou - I Want To Break You -Live-
Latin Piano      Little Shepherd - Feux d'artifica
Turban           Dj Simon - Manhattan Sports Club
Techno Pop       Dj Simon - 321 Stars
House            Julianne & Edison - A Love We Never Knew
Raga Pop         Kitten 777 - Sci-Fi Girl
Candy Pop        Riyu Kosaku - Candy
Lounge Pop       Lego Studio - Linus
Heavy Rock       Des-Row - Innovation
Powerfolk 4      Atsushi Shindou - Slow Down
Hip Rock         Des-Row feat. Tsuboi For Alpha - Daikenkai
Special Cooking  Orange Lounge - 100 Sec Kitchen Battle

Curry            Muscular Girl Band - The Japanese/Indian Conversion Plan
Soccer           Kidajiro - Burning Hero
Seken            The World Of Demons
Hero             Reika - Holding Out For A Hero
Uchu-KG          Kushida Akira - Space Pirate Gyaban
Touch            Shintani - Touch

Miracle          Hitomi Horikawa - I Need Your Help To Touch Me
Splash           Yuri Nagasawa - Pride
Sweat            Mickey Masashi - Rocket Love
Classic 7        Waldeus Von Dovjak - The Tyro's Reverie
Therapie         Manami - Report To You
Study            Kaori - Love Parade

Keshigomu        School - School Life
Anubis           Sana - Beyond The Bounds
Digitechno       18 Times per 1000 - A Change Of Probability
Adult Contemp.   Suzzuki - The Chamomile Of Night
Medium           Sasebo Brothers - On A Face
Cool China       Cathy Lau - You Dream
Neat             Tsuchini Time Zone - Happy Birthday (With A Million Kisses)
City Pop         2Days - Spring
Girls Band       Threep - Milk
Innocent 2       You And Smile - Water Strand
Float            Sasarayukie - Silent Green
Rainy            Peach Trees - Rings On The Water
Folk Soul        Usagi - The Wings Seen In The Dream


3. Secrets

With 40 hidden songs, unlocking all the game has to offer is no easy task.

The biggest and most unavoidable method of unlocking songs is via the 'Sugoroku
De 8' minigame, which takes anywhere from 10-50 hours to complete, and
eventually unlocks all the songs in the game.
However, for maximum enjoyment, there are little side-quests, which will reward
you with one or two of your favorite Pop'n Music songs along the way. If your
going to try and unlock them manually, I suggest going for it on the 4th lap of
the Sugoroku De 8 map, when things really start drying up in terms of unlocks,
and you need all the powerfolk you can get ^_^


3.1 Sugoruko De 8

The main unlock system in Pop'n 8 revolves around the 'Suguroku De 8' minigame.
At the start of every game, you should be given a random requirement to
fulfill, which can range from fulfilling a certain score, to playing a certain
song, or with a certain modifier. Complete the requrement on any of your 3
songs, and you'll be taken to the Sugoroku De 8 board game, and granted a roll
of the dice.

The board in Suguroku De 8 resembles the geographical layout of Japan, with
every 3rd square representing a major city. Players roll the dice, and move
along the board in accordance with the number the rolled. Every time you reach
a city, you'll be rewarded with a hidden song, character, nonstop course, or
omake material.

Players start in Tokyo, and move clockwise around the game board. The first
trip around the board will reward you with 18 hidden songs. Make it back to
Tokyo (unlocking Candy), and your 2nd lap will begin, this time including
characters, and a number of nonstop courses.

*Spoiler Alert*
As with most CS releases, I made a note of not reading up on any of the hidden
songs beforehand. As a Bemani fan, I can assure you that the Pop'n team have
gone to extreme lengths to make the hidden songs as surprising and exciting as
possible. There's nothing quite like the thrill of reaching a city, and
unlocking a beloved transplant song you never expected to see. As such, I
recommend using this guide only for keeping track of lost unlocks, or as a
guide to the full range of songs. If your going to play along with the FAQ,
prepare to experience the "OMG!" factor now, instead of during the game

Board Layout
003 - Lite Pop : Ma-Sa-Ra [song]
006 - Hot Rock : Cryin' [song]
009 - Free Soul : Lover's High [song]
012 - French Pop : Mobo Moga [song]
015 - Miami Salsa : El Dia Feliz [song]
018 - Latin Piano : Feux d'artifica [song]
021 - Tropical : Beachest Beach [song]
024 - Romance Kayou [song]
027 - House : A Love We Never Knew [song]
030 - Raga Pop : Sci-Fi Girl [song]
033 - Scat : Cat Scat [song]
036 - Funk Rock : Wallstreet Downsizer [song]
039 - Straight : Shiritori [song]
042 - Hard Country : Jet World [song]
045 - Reggae : Boa Boa Lady[song]
048 - Ska : Cassandra [song]
051 - Classic 6 [song]
054 - Candy Pop : Candy [song]
057 - Des-row Course [nonstop]
      A chance to unlock Hip Rock (Daikenkai) [song]
060 - Mind : Seal [song]
063 - Good-Cool Course [nonstop]
      A chance to unlock Melo Core Live (H@ppy Choice) [song]
066 - Kiddy Course [nonstop]
      A chance to unlock Neo GS [song]
      A chance to unlock New Romantic [song]
069 - Makoto [character]
072 - Sana Course [nonstop]
      A chance to unlock Suburbia (Une Lette De Mon Copain) [song]
      A chance to unlock Groove Rock Live (Red Apple) [song]
075 - Swish [song]
078 - Dingo + Ken [character]
081 - Miracle 2 : Romance [song]
084 - Matilda [character]
087 - Papapaya Course
      A chance to unlock Mono Pop (Bicycle) [song]
      A chance to unlock Lounge (Cherry & Raquel) [song]
      A chance to unlock Special Cooking (100 Sec Kitchen Battle) [song]
090 - Akemi Koyama [character]
093 - Simon Course [nonstop]
      A chance to unlock Moody (Midnight Yoghurt)
      An early chance to play Techno Pop (321 Stars)
      An early chance to play Turban (Manhattan Sports Club)
096 - Lonely : Artemis [song]
099 - Power Course 2 [nonstop]
      A chance to unlock Powerfolk 4 [song]
      A chance to unlock Powerfolk 2 Love [song]
102 - Course 9 [nonstop]
105 - Course 10 [nonstop]
108 - May-Fa [character]
111 - Usao-Kun [character]
114 - Boy [character]
117 - Aya [character]
120 - Tart & Toffee [character]
123 - Sir Conga [character]
125 - July [character]
128 - Troppie [character]
131 - Techno Stars [character]
134 - Mimi (Pop'n Stage Outfit) [character]
137 - Kelly [character]
140 - Inuchiyo [character]
143 - Sir Conga (alternate colour) [character]
146 - Lisa [character]
149 - Mr B Bone [character]
152 - The Mockey [character]
155 - Mr T.Bone [character]
161 - Zukin [character]
164 - Omake CG
170 - Omage CG
180 - Omage CG
186 - Turban : Manhattan Sports Club [song]
      Aspara Seiji [character]
192 - Omage CG
195 - Lounge Pop : Linus [song]
      Shiroro [character]
230 - Omage CG
239 - Hell The Egith [nonstop]
      Kinoko Boy [character]
      Techno Pop : 321 Stars [song]
      All other hidden songs are unlocked


3.2 Nonstop Course Unlocks

Some nonstop courses contain hidden songs. To unlock them, play and beat them
during a nonstop course (you even unlock them by playing on  on 5-key). The
only exception to this rule is the Simon Course, which only lets you play (not
unlock) 2 of the hidden songs


3.3 Conditional Unlocks

Moody (Midnight Yoghurt)
Play as "ALT" (The character from AI Techno), and score at least 80,000 points
during your 2nd stage. On the 3rd stage, 'Moody' will appear among the hidden
songs. Beat it to unlock it.

Powerfolk 4 (Slow Down)
Play 'Powerfolk 6', and score at least 75,000 points. On the next stage,
'Powerfolk 4' will appear among the hidden songs. Beat it to unlock it.

Hip Rock (Daikenkai)
Play 'Day Dream', and beat the song with less than 10 'bad' notes. On the next
stage, 'Hip Rock' will appear among the hidden songs. Beat it to unlock it.

Neo GS (Shock Of Love)
Play 'Psyche', and beat the song with a combo of at least 150. On the next
stage, 'Neo GS' will appear among the hidden songs. Beat it to unlock it.

New Romantic (Spell On Me)
Play as "Shinobia" (the character from Ninja Hero), in his alternative blue
outfit (highlight him on the character selection menu, and press square to
select his alternative outfit). On the 3rd stage, 'New Romantic' will appear
among the hidden songs. Beat it to unlock it.

Melo Core Live (H@ppy Choice)
Choose either 'Yakyuu Rock' or 'Piano Rock' as your 2nd stage. On the 3rd
stage, 'Melo Core Live' will appear among the hidden songs. Beat it to unlock

Friendly Live (Over The Rainbow)
Play 'Fresh' as your 2nd stage. On the 3rd stage, 'Friendly Live' will appear
among the hidden songs. Beat it to unlock it.

Groove Rock Live (Red Apple)
Play as "Momoko-San". On the 3rd stage, 'Groove Rock Live' will appear among
the hidden songs. Beat it to unlock it.

Passion Live (Lover's Day)
Play 'Sweet', and beat it with a score of at least 90,000. On the 3rd stage,
'Passion Live' will appear among the hidden songs. Beat it to unlock it.


3.4 Bonus Stage

Occasionaly, the 'Bonus Stage' will appear after you complete your 4th stage.
Although this is seemingly random, it's actually triggered by a set of
conditions fulfilled during the previous game.
Although the conditions are a total mystery, you can tell if you've triggered
one of them, because the title screen will change, showing Mimi and Nyami in
different costumes. When this happens, the bonus stage will appear the next
time you play the game in Arcade Mode.

As well as letting you play a 4th song, the Bonus Stage gives you a chance to
play (and unlock) the following songs :
Friendly Live, Melo Core Live, Groove Rock Live, Passion Live, Powerfolk Live.

A 6th song is also selectable, but is dependant on which of the various
conditions you fulfilled, during your last game. The 6th song will be either :
Special Cooking, Trauma Punk, Suburbia, Classic 8.


4. Challenge Mode

The aim of challenge mode is to challenge yourself, by selecting a song, and
then 2 challenges. The challenge list is split into different colours,
representing requirements (yellow, pink, blue) and Ojama (white). Requirements
give you a set achievement, such as a certain score, or a minimal ammount of
misses. Ojamas act as in-game modifiers, which activates for periods of the
song, and manipulate the gameplay, by changing the appearance and movement of
the Pop-kuns (on-screen notes), and interfering with the way in which you view
the game, making it much harder to play.

To select your challenges from the list, use the shounder buttons. You can also
hit triangle to have the game generate a random set of challenges, although
once generated, you can still change your selection (unlike random song

If you chose an Ojama, then during the song, you'll see a brief "Danger" sign,
seconds before the Ojama kicks in. If you chose 2 Ojamas, then after the danger
sign, the left-side Ojama will start first, and the right-side slightly after
it. If you selected 'Eternal Ojama' as one of the challenges, then the ojama
will remain in place for the remainder of the song. Otherwise, the game will
return to normal for a brief time, before the Ojama activates again.

Each challenge has a points value, equal to it's relative difficulty. At the
end of the game, your score will be calculated, based on the points value of
challenges you competed, tacked onto the difficulty level of the song. The
apparant aim of challenge mode is to achieve the highest score possible, by
balancing song difficulty and challenge difficulty, to score as high as

That said, the true point of Challenge Mode is to aim for (and unlock) certain
rewards... More on that later..


4.1 Challenge List

note : The names of the modifiers listed here are literal explanations, not
the japanese names for the modifiers (which make little sense). It's intended
as a reference, not a translation

[00]  Nothing

[02]  Score of at least 50,000
[03]  Score of at least 60,000
[04]  Score of at least 70,000
[05]  Score of at least 80,000
[07]  Score of at least 90,000
[11]  Score of at least 95,000
[14]  Score of at least 25,000 and ?
[15]  Score of 100,000

[01]  Max combo of at least 50
[02]  Max combo of at least 100
[03]  Max combo of at least 150

[01]  Less than 100 bad
[03]  Less than 050 bad
[04]  Less than 020 bad
[07]  Less than 010 bad
[08]  Less than 005 bad
[11]  No bad notes
[15]  All great notes
[15]  All good notes

[01]  Hi-Speed (x2)
[03]  Mini Pop-kun
[03]  Sudden
[04]  Beat Pop
[05]  Hidden
[06]  Hi-Speed (x4)
[06]  Fat Pop-kun
[06]  Rocket + Hi-Speed x4
[06]  Wavey Pop-kun (easy)
[07]  White Pop-kun
[07]  Obstruction
[07]  Light Show
[07]  Widescreen
[07]  Wavey Pop-Kun
[08]  Character Pop-kun
[08]  Deformed Pop-Kun
[08]  Mirage Pop-kun + Hi-Speed x2
[09]  Narrow-screen
[09]  Hell
[09]  Camoflaged Pop-kun
[10]  Excite
[10]  Fuwa Fuwa
[11]  Wavey Pop-kun + Hi-Speed
[11]  Hidden + Sudden
[12]  Excite + Obstruction
[13]  Earthquake
[14]  Reverse
[14]  Hidden + Sudden + Hi-Speed
[15]  4D Speed
[15]  Permanant Ojama


4.2 Omake Rewards

The hidden purpose of Challenge Mode is that every time you beat the game,
you'll be rewarded with one of 3 bonuses :

a) An 'Omake CG' image, viewable at any time via the 'Omake' menu
b) A short clip from the Pop'n Music concert, viewable via the 'Omake' menu)
c) Access to the Bonus Stage

0-1    No Bonus      70-71  EX Stage     104-106  Omake CG
02-13  Omage CG       72    Movie          107    EX Stage
14-18  EX Stage      73-76  Omake CG       108    Movie
19-43  Omake CG       77    Movie          109    Omake CG
 44    Movie          78    EX Stage     110-111  Movie
45-49  Omake CG      79-82  Omake CG       112    Omake CG
50-51  EX Stage       83    Movie          113    Movie
52-54  Omake CG      84-89  Omake CG       114    EX Stage
55-56  Movie         90-91  Movie        115-116  Movie
57-58  Omake CG       92    Omake CG       117    Omake CG
 59    Ex Stage       93    EX Stage       118    Movie
60-62  Omake CG       94    Omake CG       119    EX Stage
 63    Movie         95-96  Movie        120-124  Movie
64-68  Omake CG      97-102 Omake CG     125-148  EX Stage
 69    Movie          103   EX Stage       149    Movie

                     Any score higher than 149 - EX Stage

Obviously, the higher the score, the better... Unless you REALLY want the
hidden songs as soon as possible, in which case it's best to put Challenge Mode
on 5-key, and shoot for the 14-18 score, playing any number of Folk Soul/Winter
Pop combinations, without any challenges or ojamas.
Remeber, activating the Bonus Stage means you get to play it during your NEXT
game, not at the end of the current one.


5. Thanks & Dedications

My friends, Mr Laptop, and Oxford Starter Japanese Dictionary


CJayC - Maintaining the site that makes this all possible

Ntrophi - Pop'n buddy :}

Reo - A good friend, and possibly the biggest reason that Pop'n Music exists
outside of Japan.

Eddie -	Responsible for www.Bemanistyle.com - Another great supporter of the
western Pop'n Music scene.

Konami - Thanks for all the beautiful music!


FAQing takes lots of time, and hard work. Please don't reprint or re-write the
information contained within, without my express permission. I'm well aware
that there's no such thing as intellectual copyright, but I'm asking nicely ^^;

                                                                 FAQ ©2003 Tyma

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