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Sony leaves a fart in the gaming industry...and it really stinks. 11/27/06 jpark4evr
I am NOT a fanboy! 10/29/01 Aristotle
Does it overheat, how quiet is it, all questions answered (Slim Version Review) 12/18/06 Arrowsedge89
The Best Console Ever. 05/21/07 Bass260
An excellent console - when it works! 08/18/05 Boeing737
The weakest of the next-gen consoles 03/21/04 CaptnX
A great system with a huge supply of games and the most online games 11/22/03 championgamer
The virtual reality dream gets closer and closer to be realized with each gen. consoles that get released. 02/11/08 Fin_Obelius
The PS2 proves that the new generation of consoles are amazing... 07/16/01 FrozenFusion
Sony evolves the gaming industry yet again 10/01/04 GrowlanserGeneration
Eww 12/18/03 Gudo Gobbo
Make way for the king of consoles! 11/04/03 ILOVEDYNASTYWARRIORS
I like Nintendo systems better, but Grand Theft Auto, Castlevania, and Contra can't be played on the Gamecube. 02/21/06 Megaman1981
An Excelent Console to your Colection 07/02/03 MexRAGE
A New Age of Gaming Begins 07/16/03 Mr Norman
You must own this system! It rocks! 06/27/03 Naru2005
Best Next-Generation Console 04/24/04 SaLvAToreRulz
So far, the emperor of all systems 07/14/03 Swordlord
Sony changed the face of Console Gaming forever. 07/13/01 The Pink Kirby
Sony does it again! 09/16/03 Warmaster Lah
Now that we're two years into the console wars, how does the PS2 stack up? 06/22/03 Xenon
Playstation 2...so how is it? 10/03/05 Zork86
Console kicks the bucket while its games kick butt 08/05/04 Zuake6561

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