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Troubleshooting FAQ by ATadeo

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 10/14/2001

                   T R O U B L E S H O O T I N G   F A Q
                Troubleshooting for Sony Playstation 2 Console
                                 Version 1.1
                                By: "A" Tadeo
                           Created: June 26, 2001
                     Date last Updated: October 14, 2001
                     Mail me at: aaron20@edsamail.com.ph
                      Home Page: http://surf.to/aaronph


Here we go again. More info for the PS2. I’ve had my PS2 for months and I’ve 
encountered so many problems already. Now, I’m bringing you this FAQ so that 
I may be able to impart my experience and knowledge about the Playstation 2 
console. And of course, any contribution from anyone will be greatly 

It’s a good feeling to have a Playstation 2 right? I for one, am too excited 
about mine before I got it. Now, after some time, you’ll most likely run into 
some problems while using your console. Or, you might even have trouble in 
setting up your console. Here’s my troubleshooting guide to help you out. 
It’s divided into the different areas of the PS2 so that you can easily find 
what you’re looking for. 

                  I.     Updates/Revisions
                  II.    Troubleshooting
                         A. General
                         B. Games
                         C. DVD Playback
                         D. Ports (Controller, USB, IEEE, etc.)
                  III.   Taking Care of your Controller/Troubleshooting
                  IV.    Credits and Acknowledgements


Author Notes:
Version 1.1:
Troubleshooting on controller insensitivity added as well as issue on 
Memory Dump (check Games Troubleshooting). Info on chipped PS2s are also
included (check General Troubleshooting). Credits section updated too.

Version 1.0:
Since this is the first version, there aren’t too much problem that arises. 
In time, there will be new problems that will arise. I can’t do this alone 
though. Any help or contribution will be very valuable and in turn, we will 
be able to help a lot of people out there.

There are no updates as of this moment.

                            TROUBLESHOOTING GUIDE

Here’s the troubleshooting guide. I’ve distributed them in the different 
areas of the PS2. Take a look at the table of contents for the different 
parts. If you have any problem, please don’t hesitate to drop me a line. 
Also, if you can contribute anything about troubleshooting, I’d appreciate it 
very much and I’ll include it in this guide.


In this area, you’ll Troubleshooting FAQs concerning the general use of the 
system. It pertains mostly to the setup of your PS2 system. It also concerns 
the audio and video.

Problem: My PS2 unit isn’t turning on (the red light of the reset button 
         isn’t turned on after I press the power switch).

Causes:  1. The cord isn’t properly plugged-in to your outlet
         2. Your PS2’s power supply is damaged
         3. You plugged it into the wrong outlet
         4. There’s no electricity
         5. You forgot to look clearly =)

Remedy:  1. Make sure that the plug of the PS2 is firmly and exactly 
            plugged into your outlet.
         2. This is the most frustrating time you’ll have for any electrical
            system. If the PS2’s power supply is damage (i.e. you plugged
            it into the right outlet firmly), you should contact Sony at
            once to seek information on how to fix your PS2. Most probably,
            the power supply will be replaced at a cost, unless it is still
            in warranty.
         3. This is a common mistake among many. First of all, before 
            plugging in your PS2 into an outlet, check the voltage of your 
            PS2. Most PS2s are for 110/120 volts. If you mistakenly plugged 
            it into a voltage higher than that (i.e. 220), the PS2 will take 
            in excessive electricity and thus burn out. If this happens, 
            contact Sony for help or ask an opinion from a professional 
            electrician. Most likely, the power supply is damaged.
         4. Sometimes you get frustrated, but it’s just because there’s no
            electricity coming out of the outlet. It’s either there’s a 
            blackout in your area that you now know of, or the fuse for that
            outlet is broken (your other appliances in that particular part 
            of your house isn’t working too). Call your Electricity provider
            if there’s a blackout. If not, call an electrician to fix your 
            fuse. Unplug the PS2 during this process.
         5. You might just have overlooked the power. Take a look at it again
            and maybe you didn’t see it clearly that it was on.

Problem: My PS2 makes weird sounds while reading my CD/DVDs

Causes:  1. The CD or DVD probably has a lot of scratches and the CD/DVD
            Reader of the PS2 is having a hard time reading it.
         2. You don’t own an original copy of the CD/DVD you’re using.
         3. Positioning of the PS2 Console

Remedy:  1. This is very common. Used discs oftentimes incur a lot of 
            scratches and it will be hard to read or won’t even be read by
            the console. Try cleaning your discs to minimize dirt and even
            remove scratches, if possible.
         2. How many times do we have to tell you. Buy original discs. They
            can’t be read by most PS2 and they sometimes do damage to your
         3. Positioning the PS2 is critical. There are only 2 positions for
            for you to place your PS2. Either Horizontal or Vertical. It’s
            required that if you want to let it stand vertical, position it
            at exactly 90 degrees as much as possible. Any inclination might
            give you the weird sound. Also, use the proper stands. Sony has
            a horizontal as well as a vertical stand that looks cool. If you
            have this problem on a vertical PS2, try setting it down 
            horizontally. If the DVD drive still makes some annoying sounds,
            ask for Sony’s help.

Problem: My PS2 is on (both green and blue lights) and I have a CD/DVD
         inside. But I don’t see anything on my TV.

Causes:  1. You’ve made the wrong connection to your TV
         2. You didn’t make a connection to your TV
         3. At worst, your TV isn’t compatible with your PS2 (PAL/NTSC issue)

Remedy:  1. Check your connection with your TV. If you have a S-Video cable
            Connection for your TV and your PS2, check it properly so that 
            Video cable from your PS2 is at the Video-in port in your TV. If
            This doesn’t work. Go to #3.
         2. You probably got excited. =) Connect your TV to your PS2 by
            following the instructions in your manual.
         3. This is an issue. First, before buying a PS2, you should know
            what type of TV you are using. It’s either PAL or NTSC. PAL TVs
            are most likely to be found in the European countries. As for 
            NTSC, it’s the most common between the 2 and can be found in the
            US and the rest of the world. Now, make sure that your PS2 is 
            compatible with your TV. Or else, you might get weird pictures
            in your TV. And at worst, your TV might be damaged.

Problem: My Audio is quite scratchy or has no sound at all

Causes:  1. Incorrect or no audio connection to the TV
         2. TV sound system settings
         3. PS2 sound system settings
         4. Damaged TV or PS2 audio system

Remedy:  1. Check to see if your PS2’s audio cable is properly connected to
            the audio-in port of your TV.
         2. Check your TV audio settings (Surround, volume, etc.). If there 
            is sound on your normal channels, check #3.
         3. Check your PS2 if the game/DVD’s audio is properly set. Sometimes
            you really need to adjust the settings first in order to hear
         4. Ask for a professional to help you check out if your TV has
            damage to its sound system. As for the PS2, try asking first
            Sony’s opinion about it and then, get your PS2 repaired if

Problem: The buttons suddenly stopped responding. But just before it happened
         they work perfectly.

Causes:  1. The Controller cord is loose

Remedy:  1. Unplug the controller from the controller port and then plug it
            in once more. It should fine by now. If not, there is a possibi-
            lity that the controller acquired damage. 

Problem: I have a modified PS2 and all seems to work fine then suddenly, 
         every game in my library crashes. And that includes all of my
         original games.

Causes:  1. You modified your PS2 (tsk,tsk,tsk...)

Remedy:  1. That's too unfortunate. You already lost your PS2. In the first
            place, you should NOT modify your PS2 whether you are doing it
            for the sake of having backups or for importing. It will destroy
            your PS2 even if it seems to work fine. So, how can you play
            your originals again? You might just have to buy a new PS2 or
            seek help from a pro. (Don't ask sony since you messed up)



In here, you’ll find troubleshooting tips about the games you play on your 
system. This includes the CD and DVD PS2 games as well as the PS1 games.

Problem: My game for PS/PS2 isn’t working!

Causes:  1. The CD/DVD has a lot of scratches
         2. The PS2 is worn out due to extensive use
         3. You’re using bootleg CD/DVDs
         4. You got too excited...

Remedy:  1. Taking care of your Game Discs is crucial. A clean CD/DVD 
            Performs better (flawlessly) compared to over-used and scratched
            CD/DVDs. Give some time to clean your CD/DVDs and store them
            Properly after use.
         2. This often happens if you use your PS2 for 12-15 hours straight
            per day. That only means that you have to get a life. Ahem. 
            Anyway, let a Sony representative check it for you if there’s
            something needed to be repaired. Then, do what he/she suggests.
         3. Again, buy original copies. You won’t have troubles and your
            conscience won’t bother you if you do.
         4. Put in the game disc inside first. =) You might also put
            a wrong CD/DVD inside. Check it.

Problem: I played a game and it worked quite well. Then, when I put in a new
         game, it suddenly hangs and all other games get affected.

Causes:  1. Memory Dump Problem
         2. The Lens is damaged

Remedy:  1. This is quite rare on consoles (but quite pertinent on PCs). 
            Oftentimes, data on the memory (especially the graphics) are 
            left intact inside. It should be re-set with you turn off 
            your PS2 and then turn it on again. Sometimes, it corrupts new
            data and the game can't put graphic (or even program files) data
            on the memory and thus, you can't play the game. A couple of 
            resets might do the trick. But again, don't forget to ask a Sony
         2. This is a major problem with consoles that use CD/DVDs. When the
            lens is damaged, you'll definitely have to replace it with a new
            one. The main cause of this is wear and tear so don't punish your
            PS2 too much.



This area, will try give you information on problems you might encounter when 
trying to play a DVD Movie, and how to possibly fix it.

Problem: My DVD Movie isn’t playing in my PS2

Causes:  1. DVD has lots of scratches
         2. Regional Settings
         3. Incorrect DVD settings for PS2
         4. No/Incorrect Disc

Remedy:  1. Clean your discs well and avoid incurring scratches. Place it in
            its box after use.
         2. DVDs have encoding. They are encoded by regions. Thus, you cannot
            play region 2 DVDs on a US Playstation mainly because the US
            Playstation 2 can only read DVD that are encoded in Region 1 or
            those DVDs that are encoded for all regions. Again, US PS2 are
            region 1 capable. Japanese PS2s are Region 2 Capable.
         3. There are a number of settings for the DVD playback of your
            PS2. First is the rating of the DVD. If you want to watch a
            rated R movie, make sure your PS2 allows viewing of R movies.
            You’ll be setting this during the first time that you’ll be 
            watching a DVD. It’s just the same as real theaters. It is also
            protected with password so you need the person who set it up
            the first time in order to bypass the rating settings.
         4. Put in a DVD first and make sure that it is a Movie. And, 
            check #2. 



Here, I’ll help you troubleshoot some problems concerning the different ports 
in the system. Memory Card Slot, Controller, USB port, Ilink IEEE port.

Problem: Memory Card, Controller, USB/Ilink peripheral can’t be inserted
         Properly into the PS2

Causes:  1. Your peripheral isn’t intended for the PS2
         2. The port is physically damage or the plug of the peripheral

Remedy:  1. PS2 Peripherals will most definitely fit on the slots. Example
            Would be the controller. Even if Sony didn’t make the controller,
            But it is intended for the PS2, it must fit in.  
         2. There must be something inside the port that is making it hard 
            to insert the peripheral. Check also to see if the port is 
            damaged due to accidents such as the PS2 falling off from the
            table (ouch). If there are, you can fix it if you know how to
            mold plastic, or better yet, as for opinions from those who
            know especially from Sony.

Problem: My peripheral isn’t working but it’s plugged in correctly.

Causes:  1. Your Peripheral isn’t compatible with the PS2
         2. Your Peripheral is damaged
         3. Your Port is damaged

Remedy:  1. Check your peripheral’s documentation first if it do work for
            your PS2. Some are said to be compatible but not working such as
            the multitap of PS1 that is used for PS2. It’s supposed to work.
            But it doesn’t. If it isn’t ask your retailer what they can do 
            To help you. Most of the time, they gladly change the merchandise
            As long as you come back within just a day or 2 from purchase.
         2. If your peripheral is used quite long already, it might be 
            damaged and thus, can’t be used for the PS2 anymore. Ask the
            manufacturer of your peripheral for advice. Or, do #3.
         3. This problem is very rare as PS2 are released with its ports in
            100% efficiency. You might not have taken care of your PS2 well.
            Sometimes, dirt and other small foreign objects hinder the 
            connection between the peripheral and the port. Clean the port
            first with a dry and clean cloth. If it still doesn’t work, try
            to check it on another console. If it works, your PS2’s port
            is damaged. If it doesn’t work on the other system, your  
            peripheral is damaged.



It’s always suggested to love your system and take care of it. Using it 
excessively will result in damage to your PS2. Give it a rest and store it 
properly when you’re calling it a day. But sometimes, problems do happen the 
least we expect it. Just get the help or opinion of one that knows the 
problem and how to fix it. Don’t try to fix things yourself if you aren’t 
sure. Sony will always be there to help (unless you infringed the warranty by 
modifying it or simply opening it up). I am also here to help you out as well 
as the contributors that gave their problems and suggestions for some 
problems. In time, this guide will probably have almost all you’ll need in 
order to troubleshoot your PS2. Good Luck with your PS2, enjoy it and take 
care of it. =)


- Very Special thanks to Sony for bringing to us the best gaming console 
ever. At first I was very hesitant to get the system but it’s very well worth 

- Thanks to "Richard Page" <richardpage@37.com> for bringing up the game
crash info.

- And last but absolutely not the least, thanks to GameFAQs where you can 
view and download this FAQ. CjayC deserves all the credits given to him. 

These are all that I would like to thank as of now. If I happen to forget 
anyone, please inform me. I’ll check it out on my inbox if you really have 
something to be credited (I never delete important ones). Note, that if there 
are same info sent to me, it is on a first come first serve basis. Any 
suggestions, comments, additions, etc. will be duly credited to you once 
you’ve submitted one to me through my e-mail address written at the very top 
of this FAQ.  Thank you very much!

         Playstation 2, Playstation, PS One and their accessories(tm)
           Are registered trademarks of Sony Computer Entertainment

          All other devices and instances are registered trademarks 
                        of their respective owners

             The Unofficial Sony Playstation 2 Troubleshooting guide
                         June 26, 2001, “A”  Tadeo

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