Review by Kattykitkat

Reviewed: 04/08/09

Easily the best game for the PS2 I've ever played.

Okay, so about a year ago I got this game after having played the hell out of the first one and loving every second of it. The characters were quirky and fun to play, and the graphics weren't half bad either.

There is one thing I will say for Kingdom Hearts II; it's very similar to it's predecessor, but they picked up on a few details and improved them, plus gave it a new storyline.

Gameplay 9/10;

The gameplay in Kingdom Hearts II is extremely fun. The added bonus of Sora's different forms just made battling a thrill. Some people say that game has been reduced to mashing the X button, but I disagree, especially when playing through Proud mode, this game can be very difficult. The reaction commands were a nice touch, although the fact that there was no limit to how many times you could press the triangle button (just mashing it until Sora did something) niggled me a bit.

Still, you gotta love the Valor and Final forms (although the master/wisdom forms weren't that bad, I chose not to use them too often) especially because they make Sora nearly unstoppable; there is nothing more satisfying and stress relieving than ripping into an enemy with double keyblade power.

My final favourite part of the gameplay was the addition of some of my all time favourite worlds; Port Royale and the Pride Lands specifically. Plus Atlantia wasn't nearly as annoying as it was in the previous game, although Aladdins world was still my least favourite. They did improve Hollow Bastion greatly in this game, I actually enjoyed revisiting it.

Story 10/10;

One of my favourite parts to this game was the storyline. Not only did it actually make me cry, it also followed on from the previous game very fluently and did reach the standards I expected of it. The characters are all really quite deep considering they're disney characters which is not what one would expect from a kid's cartoon. All in all, my mind was pretty much blown by the depth and excitement in this storyline.

Graphics 10/10;

Another favourite. In the first Kingdom Hearts game the graphics were brilliant with a few irritating details here and there. However in this game, the scenery, the characters, and every cutscene was done brilliantly. I often stop to admire the artwork in this game. This was definately a strong point for me and one of the reasons I enjoy it so much; the vibrant colours and exciting cutscenes just keep me hungry for more.

Sound 9/10;

While the music in this game is certainly very good, some of the character voices often got on my nerves, although that was just my personal opinion of them and the reason I did not give this a 10. The sounds in battle and the music however are fantastic. My only annoyance about the music was the battle music that would switch straight on every time an enemy was near, and as soon as you had beaten the enemy it would go back and forth as soon as you saw another enemy etc. It got a little annoying for me.

Replay Value 10/10;

I have replayed Kingdom Hearts many many times, I have actually saved at the beginning of every world in a different save slot (which has eaten away at my memory card completely) just so I can go back and experience each world whenever I like. Infact, I may just go play it a bit now.

There you have it, that's my review of Kingdom Hearts II. I would definately recommend you buy this game as it is worth the money. Some people say it is a bad sequel but personally I see nothing wrong with fast paced battles and an interesting storyline.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Product Release: Kingdom Hearts II (EU, 09/29/06)

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