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Reviewed: 02/17/09

Very Good, yet Very Dissapointing

Kingdom Hearts II was brought to you by the creators of the hit fantasy-adventure-action game Kingdom Hearts in 2006. A lot of people had very high expectations of this game, but all were crushed at the ease and bad gameplay compared to the first one. Not bragging, but me and 5 of my friends could easily get to level 99 in all difficulties in a matter of 21 gameplay hours elapsed. Much too easy. My 7 year old friend beat the game on the "hard" mode.

For those who don't know, Kingdom Hearts II is a fantasy-adventure-action game revolved on Disney Entertainment shows and movies, including Pirates of the Caribbean, Aladdin, Tarzan, and many more classic characters featuring Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and Goofy the Dog. It seems much more childish than the games really are.

Kingdom Hearts II is a three-dimension game designed for the PlayStation2 console and is moved using the analog stick. I have forgotten the controls, but I do know that it's much different from standard fighting games.

The monsters are pretty difficult if you skip the extra worlds, more or less depending on which game you play. Number one is much more of a challenge. Based on MY calculations, not what others think, I think that the level you should be fighting monsters at are at least a 1.45:1 ratio with your level:monster's level. Which means that if the monster was level 10, you should be at level 14 and almost 15. That's just my opinion, fight whoever you want, whatever level you want.

Bosses vary in their difficulty, yet creativity is always present. The final boss, sorry for spoiler, is the evil leader of "The 13" or something. He wears a white/black outfit and fights in a semi-difficult white/black oblivion. Now, if you have bad logic and bad intense coordination, than don't try the boss after stocking up on a lot of health, because when you are trying to save Riku from Xemnas (Might be the final boss, don't know the leader's name), he does these really annoying shield attacks at you to keep you from him, then you have to notice a pattern every time you save Riku and successfully outgo that pattern, or you won't be able to defeat Xemnas.

I really expected more of a challenge from these creators. If they re-make the game, or at least make a number three, not only should the graphics be better, but definitely more of a challenge. I need to see very hard stuff in the next one IF they make one. Because I haven't even beaten Kingdom Hearts I yet in normal. Barely on easy, because of that desert thing.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

Product Release: Kingdom Hearts II (US, 03/28/06)

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