Review by turbo70

Reviewed: 07/28/08

I Was Hooked From the Beginning

Intro: I loved the original Kingdom Hearts, but I just could not stop playing this game! After seeing my cousin play it I knew I had to try it out. The cut scenes are a little too long, but if you don't watch them it makes the game a bit confusing.

Story: You start out as a boy named Roxas who is trying to make the last few days of his summer vacation last. He finds there have been some weird things happening to him. He is having dreams about a kid named Sora and needs to know who he is. After a year Sora wakes up and goes on another quest to find his friend Riku, and stop the mysterious Organization Xlll. You never know what will happen next, you just have to play it. 10/10

Graphics: It definatly exeeded my expectations after seeing the crappy camera from the original KH. You know exactly where everything is if it's not hidden. They completely changed the worlds in some ways and in some ways they kept it the same. Square-Enix went all out designing the characters. You can recognize almost everybody at first glance. 10/10

Sound: No disappointments here. Every note in every song fits what's happening in each world or cut scene. Even the backround noises are perfect, from the sound of Sora's footsteps to the explosions. The battle music gets you pumped up to fight and some songs you can't stop humming or singing in the shower or whatever. 10/10

Battle: This is the part I've been itching to write. The battle is simply amazing! Sora starts out with a boring three move combo and advances to portable Fourth of July fireworks (without my uncle getting burned setting them off). The Drive Forms are some of the best features in any game I have ever played. Whirling two keyblades around like a ninja and shooting magic bullets out of a keyblade. The summons are another bonus with the old characters like Genie and Peter Pan and the new characters like Stitch and Chicken Little. You can also hunt down the different keyblades and synthesize the almighty Ultima Weapon. 12/10

My absolute favorite part was fighting Sephiroth. It's my favorite part because you either have to be nearly flawless or you use your most powerful moves over and over and over. It makes you feel like you have some tricks up your sleeve.

So all in all, the game has changed in some ways and you see some stuff from the first game. I absolutly do not regret buying this game. Actually if you only buy one game a year, buy this game. Story: 10/10
Graphics: 10/10
Sound: 10/10
Battle: 12/10

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Product Release: Kingdom Hearts II (Greatest Hits) (US, 12/31/07)

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