Review by mimic_king

Reviewed: 06/27/08

Great game (minor spoilers)

At Last! The highly anticipated Kingdom Hearts game is finally here! Kingdom Hearts 2 is the best Kingdom Hearts game yet. Although it is the easiest one of the three, it is still very fun. It's the perfect game for fans of RPGs and KH.

The game starts out with a boy named Roxas who lives in the small town of Twilight Town. He has these weird dreams about Sora and his friends, which are the result of Sora's recovering memories(from KH:CoM). Sora and his friends awaken and have no idea what just happened. Sora remembers that Kairi is on Destiny Islands awaiting Sora and Riku's return(from KH) and that he still needs to find Riku, who was trapped behind the door to Kingdom Hearts with King Mickey. They set out on a journey where they meet friends, old and new, from different worlds and defeat the heartless, and a new enemies, the nobodies, with the mysterious keyblade while finding Riku and King Mickey. They also encounter Organization XIII, a mysterious group of nobodies that wear black cloaks to hide their faces. They have no hearts, but tell everyone that they do. Sora and his friends already defeated some of them(from KH:CoM)

The story is excellent. It is easy to understand, unlike the fist game, and answers a lot of questions that the first one brought up. The story is also very deep and interesting. This game has one of the best story lines ever. It makes you wonder what the next three games will unfold. Of course only fans of the KH series will understand this game. If you are interested in this game and haven't played the first two, then beat the first two and then play this game.

The game play is a little flawed in the sense that it's kind of a button masher. However, there are many parts where strategy is involved, especially in the battle with Sephiroth. The addition of longer and stronger combos adds to the button mashing. Once you're at level 99, you're unstoppable. The game play is still great.

The graphics are very good. The cut scenes are great, the animation is very smooth, and the FMVs are beyond incredible. Of course the environmental detail isn't the best, and close up the graphics are a little bit choppy, but overall the graphics are outstanding.

One problem that the first game had was the camera. It was too close up to Sora, it gets stuck, and the shoulder buttons just aren't meant for controlling it. This game fixes this problem by letting you control it with the right analog stick and it is farther away from Sora. This makes fighting multiple enemies much easier.

This game will last a long time. I am still playing it, but that's just me. There are three different modes and the infamous Jiminy's Journal. In the first game the journal wasn't very important and wasn't very hard to complete. However, in the second game, it is A LOT longer and needs to be completed in order to get the secret ending on Standard mode. On Beginner you can't get the ending and on Proud you get the ending by beating the game. People say that this is evenly matched, but beating the game on Proud isn't that hard, at least for a KH pro like me.

Overall, this is one game that won't disappoint. If you liked the first two KH games and you are an obsessed fan boy like me, you must get this game!

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Product Release: Kingdom Hearts II (US, 03/28/06)

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