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This game is a treasure that only comes about so rarely. 04/03/06 Afrocious
A Disappointing Sequel To A Golden Game. 04/12/06 sflancer06
Heartless sequel that has more filler than substance. 01/31/06 Zalagren
It looked good, but that's about it. 05/08/06 Aldrasio
A Great Sequel from the Original Kingdom Hearts 02/09/06 Alex_ZZZ
Mediocre game backed by two great franchises 04/10/06 Angelo Heartilly
The cinematic button-masher 06/29/06 Arkrex
The Score Says It All 12/04/07 Arkturus
A Biased Review From a Hardened Gamer 04/14/06 AvertingWork
The highly anticipated game delivers. 04/14/06 Black_Cheese
A deep, philosophical tale filled with meaning about the search for a true heart 03/12/09 Chaos Control
Submit this game to your PS2! And play it, of course... 10/16/06 ChickenBot
An improvement over the original, KH2 is a must buy for PS2 RPG fans 03/30/06 Clever_Ninja
Sora. Donald. Goofy. Thank you for a great sequel. 07/24/07 Computerbug8
The collaboration between Disney and Square Enix continues. 01/10/06 CoolMyth
Improves upon the already remarkable first game 02/07/12 Crono09
Square's latest and greatest 04/17/06 Dante188
Great game for kids... not so good for a challenge 05/30/06 DrowningEmu
Mostly well-planned sequel 01/05/06 Eclesis
Blast from the past... 08/01/07 EJRICH
No longer Simple and Clean 06/22/06 Evil_REmade
Final Fantasy, Goofy, and Techno are together again...and it's better than ever! 04/21/06 eyestothesky57
Kingdom Hearts goes out with a bang! Along with a hint of magic. 03/27/14 FantasyMayDie
I still think Nomura is a hack. 04/14/06 Gangurokid
Let's Go Crazy 06/25/07 Genjuro Kibagami
I cried as the ending credits rolled...tears of disapointment stained the floor. 03/03/08 gothic_chic
Kingdom Hearts 2 delivers in spades! 08/19/06 gung_ho_gun
A great return to the world of Kingdom Hearts. 05/04/06 Gylgamesh
Disney Fantasy 08/05/08 horror_spooky
You've Got to Have Heart 03/31/06 HurricaneManning
Nobody is Heartless enough to ignore this wonderful game, period. 12/30/05 Iluna
It's Time to Kick Some Heartlass 08/28/06 Jechtman
Worthy of the title Kingom Hearts 08/22/06 Jel182
A fun game, but lacking in some areas 04/10/06 KaoRiYuki
Puts Kingdom Hearts 1 and CoM to shame. 10/11/10 KeyBlade999
Average. Got it memorized? 08/31/07 KFantasy017
All the magic of the first one with more depth and improved mechanics. Kingdom Hearts II shines through the darkness. 07/10/08 KingContributor
A truly amazing story. 04/11/06 level12wizard
Bigger, better, and faster, a triumphant sequel fixes the major problems of the original. 10/01/07 Lord_Yojimbo29
An Average game not worth it's hype 10/09/06 Luniara
The Passion for Light and Darkness 04/04/06 Malice
Long Live the King 04/17/06 MasterGDSword
Kingdom hearts II .... Not as good as the original 06/19/06 masterwife
The gameplay is improved, but can the same be said about everything else? 01/04/13 nastynate3118
Sora's Back... Finally! 04/10/06 NeoTS
I don't care what you think, this game is awesome 03/27/07 nic_uberpawnage
Heartless May Cry 2: Sora's Awakening 06/06/06 PyramidHead87
Since My Title is Obligated to be a Pun: Metal Gear Sora 11/30/07 Rewikitty
A great sequel, but it might not please everyone 05/03/06 risingsoul
This is (hopefully) the only KHII review you'll need! 04/24/06 Saboruto
A Sequel that doesn't suck! 04/14/06 ScubaSteve2010
New engine, new gummi ships, same as the first. 04/10/06 SeiferMaster
Lame story, addictive battle system 07/27/06 seraphite
Kingdom Hearts II is one of the greatest games ever made. 04/12/06 ShadowGuardian9
A Lesson in Patience 07/31/06 shadowkick505
Shallow's unbiased and fair review! 04/07/06 shallow man
Less sidequests, some annoying mini-games 07/15/09 ShapeQuest
A vast improvement upon the original and easily one of the best games this generation. 08/14/06 Shivan Reincarnated
Kingdom Hearts 2 puts all other RPGs to shame 04/03/06 SSMaster
Disney + Squaresoft (for a second time) = Miraculous! 04/04/06 tasuki210
Kingdom Hearts II surpasses the first. 01/04/08 TheLastAvatar05
SQUARE, and DISNEY do it again!!! 04/03/06 tidus222
Kingdom Hearts 2 - My Sanctuary, Where Fears and Lies Melt Away. 10/29/10 UltimaterializerX
Great for the fans, average for anyone else 04/03/06 VideoboysaysCube
One of the best RPG's of all time! 04/26/07 WingedRegent
Fans of the first will love this sequel 04/05/06 wolverinefan
Goofy for laughs, Donald for quacks, throw in some philosophy 101 and you've got Kingdom Hearts 2. 11/07/06 Zipp_Dementia

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Review Title Posted Author Rating
An excellent framework that simply lacks substance and charm. 12/03/07 _Spin_Cycle_
Very Good, yet Very Dissapointing 02/17/09 A_Game_Reviewer
King of Hearts 12/30/05 Ashley Winchester
It was worth the wait 04/03/06 avonT
A dream game of deep meaning, but also of useless complications 01/03/08 azzwalkthru
A great game that does the first justice 03/02/10 Camyboi
Yay another Kingdom Hearts game 08/21/09 Cymery
Awesome game that doesn't receive enough credit for it genius production. 10/19/07 Darkdoomsday
This is a great game, but there's still something missing. 03/30/06 Def Freak7
How fast can you mash buttons? 01/05/09 foreverfatal1
A game I will always treasure. 06/12/09 GothMetalWooly
The best RPG-game ever made an even better sequel. 05/19/08 guitarlover865
Even Better Than the First with one small flaw 04/16/08 josefmilo95
Easily the best game for the PS2 I've ever played. 04/08/09 Kattykitkat
Nothing short of perfection. 10/20/16 MEGADEATH
A 3-hour training level? Bored now. 03/13/08 Metafractal
Great game (minor spoilers) 06/27/08 mimic_king
NWalterstorf: Kingdom Hearts 2 03/31/06 NWalterstorf
Great Sequal with very little flaws! 02/21/06 ParaFish
A decent sequel to a decent game 10/25/11 PickLink
Great game, but a little too slowly paced 03/31/06 Pierce_Sparrow
Best. Game. Ever. 03/31/06 PKMNRULES
The Near Perfect game 12/03/12 Proudnarutofan1
Their hearts are connected to yours, young Keyblade master... 04/03/06 ricky_lo87
Square+Disney=Amazing game 06/23/08 shadowfuryx10
A Great Game that brings Honor to its Company 06/16/08 SoraZerker
Easy, but still good 02/07/13 TomDangerfield
I Was Hooked From the Beginning 07/28/08 turbo70
A game too epic for my mind to handle! 08/13/12 unclehosh
Playing this game opens my heart to light. 01/30/06 Venom_ZADZ
Kindom hearts is pretty good 05/05/08 vuki196
The Kingdom Is Here. 04/06/06 xcamel24
Who stole my heart? 03/30/06 Xxd3fxX

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