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    FAQ/Walkthrough by oldschool312

    Version: 0.9 | Updated: 04/30/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                                    Kingdom Hearts 2   
                                   Created 03-29-2006
                                     Version 0.99
    Table of Contents
    1, Introduction
    2. Walkthrough
         A. Prologue
              a. The First Day
              b. The Second Day
              c. The Third Day
              d. The Fourth Day
              e. The Fifth Day
              f. The Sixth Day 
         B. Twilight Town
         c. Hollow Bastion
         D. Beast's Castle
         E. The Land of the Dragons
         F. Olympus Coliseum
         G. Disney Castle
         H. Timeless River
         I. Port Royal
         J. Agrabah
         K. Halloween Town
         L. The Pride Lands
         M. Twilight Town
         N. Hollow Bastion
         O. Space Paranoids
         P. Hollow Bastion
         Q. Land of the Dragons 
         R. Beast's Castle
         S. Olympus
         T. Port Royal
         U. Agrabah
         V. Halloween Town
         W. The Pride Lands
         X. Space Paranoids
         Y. Twilight Town
         Z. The World That Never Was
    3. Olympus Tournaments
    4. 100 Acre Wood
         A. Torn Page Locations
         B. Pooh's Howse
         C. Piglet's Howse
         D. Rabbit's Howse
         E. Kanga's Howse
         F. The Spooky Cave
         G. Starry Hill
    5. Atlantica
        A. Introduction
        B. Part of Your World
        C. Under the Sea 
        D. Ursula's Revenge
        E. A New Day is Dawning
    6. Weapons
        A. Keyblades
        B. Shields (Goofy)
        C. Staff (Donald)
    7. Jiminy's Journal
        A. Ansem Reports
        B. Character Files
        C. The Heartless
        D. The Nobodies
        E. Story
        F. Treasures
        G. Maps
        H. Missions
        I. Comb Attacks
        J. Synthesis Notes
        K. Character Links
    8. Legalities
    1. Introduction
    I really enjoyed Kingdom Hearts 1 and was excited that the ending hinted at a
    sequel. I have written one previous guide (Destroy All Humans) and knew I would
    try to make Kingdom Hearts 2 my second. The method I use in writing a guide is
    simply to describe the actions I take during the game. There may be better 
    strategies for bosses or quicker routes to reach a certain area but what I 
    write is my experience during my first playthrough. At times, I'll provide what
    worked and didn't work as I attempted to beat the game (Standard Mode). 
    Hopefully, this will be helpful. 
    2. Walkthrough
    A. Prologue
    The First Day
    You find yourself as Roxas a member of a group of friends that have been 
    accused of stealing _____. Since you did not commit this crime try to clear
    your name. Talk to the owners of the Armor shop, Accessory shop, and Candy 
    shop. The lady at the candy shop will ask you to find her cat (just hit R1).
    Now we're off to the Sandlot to get a taste (not really) of battle. You'll have
    a choice of weapons: the one on the far left adds to magic, the center one adds
    defense, and the one on the far right adds attack. The match with Seifer isn't
    difficult. He has a spin attack and a jump attack. Just keep after him (this is
    just practice). The real thief appears. Follow him through the forest and the
    new objective is to fight him.  Run to the thief and use triangle to capture. 
    At first you do no harm, just use triangle to avoid the thief's attacks. After
    a few reversals and damagage taken you obtain the mighty Keyblade. Now continue
    to reverse and attack. These attacks, though will damage the thief. Once he is
    dead he drops photos of Roxas. The photos are what Roxas and his friends had 
    been accused of stealing.
    The Second Day
    After another flashback/dream from KH1, your friends want a vaccation. In order
    to go anywhere you need munny. Head to Market Street to meet up with your crew.
    The plan is to do odd jobs around town to earn munny for the trip and pretzels.
    There are 2 job boards one on Market Street and one at the Tram Common. Those 
    at Market street include: Mail Delivery, Cargo Climb, and Grandstander. The
    Tram Common jobs are Poster Duty, Bumble-buster, and Junk Sweep. Collect as
    much munny as you'd like then meet up with Hayner at the Station Plaza. (Poster
    Duty is an easy way to gain a lot of munny. Once you have a route figured out,
    the job can be completed in less than 90 seconds giving you 100 munny per
    The Third Day
    Hayner is at it again. He still wants to go to the beach. As you head back to
    the Plaza you see Pence and Olette. But everything freezes and there is 
    someone who wanted to meet you at least once. You'll work your way to the 
    Sandlot where you will fight/reverse more of the Mysterious Enemies. After this
    "battle" you'll find yourself in familiar territory (at least for those who 
    played KH1). Here you make another weapon choice Magic, Attack, or Defense. 
    Similar to KH1 this choice will affect leveling up throughout the game. I chose
    attack. Now you get to fight multiple Mysterious Enemies for real. Once they're
    disposed of head toward the door. Work your way up from platform to platform
    defeating all the Dusks along the way. When at the top, the first boss battle 
    ensues. The boss will grab you and freeze you in the air. You can't move. But
    when indicated press triangle to reverse. Repeat and the enemy will fall off 
    the platform. When he turns the platform over use triangle again as you fall.
    When you land wail on his head. After he gets up continue to use triangle until
    he bends down and wiggles his arms. Lock onto his head and crush it. Anytime 
    Roxas is close enough to the enemy's head attack it. Don't forget that you have
    accumulated potions along the way. Use them if needed.
    The Fourth Day
    Its time to Struggle. Each participant in the Struggle has 100 orbs. When 
    someone is hit they lose orbs. The person with the most orbs at the end wins.
    Hayner is pretty easy just watch his attacks they can mostly be avoided. A
    quick three hit combo and he loses alot of orbs. Vivi vs. Seifer is next and
    Vivi wins convincingly. So for the championship its Roxas vs. Vivi. VIvi's not
    too much harder. He's quick and if he hits you he will sweep up the orbs
    quickly. If you get an early lead on him just avoid his attacks and time will
    run down. He's vulnerable after landing a hit and again a three hit combo will
    make him lose a lot of orbs. After taking Vivi's orbs you must defeat 3 Dusks.
    Now its time to fight Axel. When he takes knee he is about to perform a quick
    attack where he will close in on you fast and use flames to injure you. Once he
    kneels be careful. His other attacks are mainly head on. I had the guard 
    ability equipped and was able to block most of his straight forward attacks. 
    Next up is the champion Setzer. Again this is pretty easy. Watch and a well 
    timed jump will avoid his straight forward attack. As you come down from 
    jumping use a three hit combo to get some orbs. He does have a long distance 
    spinning attack but it isn't difficult to avoid. As the winner you receive the
    Champion Belt (increases fire, blizzard, and thunder resistance), as well as
    the Struggle Trophy.
    The Fifth Day
    Move to the train station thats on the western part of town and enter Central
    Station. When you arrive at Sunset Station go down the steps and talk to Pence.
    He has a map of the Seven Wonders. Go on down the steps and into ??? (Sunset
    Terrace). Pence is already there (he's quick). Go right, up the stairs and 
    through the arc. One of the Wonders is to the right down the alley. 
    Investigate it and white balls will exit the brick wall. Be quick and avoid 
    them to make it back to the wall. When close to the wall investigate again and
    this wonder is solved. Head on up the street, you'll meet a guy in green that 
    talks about the tunnels. Proceed to the tunnel behind him. Inside is Vivi. He 
    splits into three though. Your goal is to defeat Vivi. Eventually he splits 
    again so there end up being several. Keep hacking as the Vivi's go down easily.
    Upon exiting the tunnel go right and cross the bridge. There is a high potion 
    in the chest on your right. Go down the set of stairs ahead on the left and 
    talk to Olette. The next wonder is at the water fall behind her. Shadow Roxas 
    appears and must be destroyed. You can easily jump behind him for some quick 
    combos. His moves are telegraphed and can be blocked or avoided. Before leaving
    Sunset Terrace obtain the ability ring by jumping onto the train that moves 
    back and forth and then jumping onto a column. Now move to the next area on the
    opposite side of where you entered town. It is just past the man that talks 
    about how he and his wife used to go to Sunset Hill. Move up the hill to the 
    top and investigate the brown bag in the center of the blue trash cans. Use 
    triangle to jump on the moving bag and hit triangle as needed to remain on top
    of the bag until the bag's stamina is gone. After defeating the brown bag you 
    are at the entrance of Sunset Terrace, return to Sunset Hill to see the ghost 
    train. Now you've returned back to Station Plaza. Talk to Pence and he will 
    tell you the hole in the Tram Common wall leads to the haunted mansion (the 
    7th wonder). Enter the woods and head down the left path to the mansion. 
    Another cutscene follows.
    The Sixth Day
    When you wake up you are no longer seen by anyone. Exit the usual spot. Defeat
    the Dusks. Now you will see a new enemy an Assassin. Watch for it to emerge
    from underground and attack. Time has now halted and you're told to head to the
    mansion. From here to the mansion enemies will appear as the Heartless did in
    KH1. Once in the mansion, the room in the left corner has a potion and an Elven
    Bandanna that you obtain after defeating the enemies. Leave the dinning room
    and climb the stairs to your left. At the top of the stairs turn left and go 
    into the room at the end of the hall. It is the aptly named White room. You 
    acquire Namine's sketches and a map. Leave the White Room and head to the room
    on the other end of the hall. Go down the library stairs and open the chest. 
    Head into the only door available. After the cut scene, enter the door on the 
    other side of the stairs to the library. Defeat the enemies (4 Dusks and 2 
    Assassins) in this area to continue. Now you get another shot at Axel. You're 
    surrounded by a ring of fire for this battle. Axel will often jump into the 
    fire and do an ultra-quick attack from it. When he exits the ring watch the 
    for the reaction command to counter this attack. When he is back lay into him
    with your keyblade. Occassionally you'll knock him into the air for a combo 
    continuation with triangle. Its not too difficult (probably won't even have to
    use a potion). Once Axel is defeated enter the ??? room. Get a potion and enter
    the next door.
    B. Twilight Town
    Now that you're Sora with your good friends Donald and Goofy the game truly
    begins. Turn around and in the mansion courtyard are two chests in opposite 
    corners. Once you get the potion and mythril shard go into the woods. The cut
    scene takes you to the Usual Spot. Pence tells you Mickey is looking for you.
    Head to the station to find Mickey. When you arrive at the train station you
    are greeted by several enemies. Fight them to gain experience until Ninja 
    Mickey comes to save the day. He tells you to get on the train. You now have
    the Munny pouch, Ansem's report 2, and a crystal orb. Once inside the station
    there is a tent and Hi-potion in the chests infront of the blue train. Talk
    to Donald to ride the train. The train takes you to The Tower, then disappears.
    Walk toward the tower and then defeat the Mighty Pete's mini-Heartless army.
    Grab the ether and mythrill shard and move up the stair case. Enter the blue 
    door and defeat the heartless on the other side. Next move to the green door
    with the arrow. More stairs and another heartless room. Another set of stairs
    and you've reached Master Yen Sid. After meeting Yen Sid, open the big blue 
    chest for a map of the tower. Read the book then talk to Yen Sid (Actually). 
    Enter the next room (the large green door) to get some new threads. Grab the 
    mythrill stone from the chest and talk the lady in red to change clothes. 
    Donald and Goofy are amazed at the 2 Keyblades. You just received the Star
    Seeker and Valor form. Go back to see Yen Sid to get a sweet ride (the Gummi 
    C. Hollow Bastion
    Move down the stairs and pass all the shops. Approach Scrooge and talk. Leon
    and the others are in the Borough. They went to Merlin's house. Move forward
    down the stairs to the next area. Yuffie appears and you need to fight off
    some Dusks. You get the Marketplace Map. Jump up onto the stone block to the
    left and you will find a chest with an AP bonus. Move past the crane, fight
    some heartless and aquire Drive recovery as well as mythrill shard from 2 more
    chests. Drop to the ground and you can find a tent. Enter the house on the 
    Eastern side of the map to meet the Hollow Bastion Restoration Committee. The
    Committee gives you a Membership Card and Blizzard Element. Exit the house and
    return to the area where the drive recovery was found. The tunnel is now open
    for exploration. Donald and Goofy leave but Leon is there to assist in 
    defeating the Nobodies while protecting the gates. Basically make sure the 
    gates health meter doesn't lose all its green while fighting all the enemies.
    Just stay near the gate to protect it. Leon helps a good bit with the fight. 
    Afterwards you get Fire Element and Ansem's Secret Report 7.
    D. Beast's Castle
    Instantly, Sora and the gang are placed in a battle with the Heartless. The
    Beast helps but doesn't recognize his friends (he's only after the rose). Exit
    the room and leave the castle through the large door on the far left. In the
    Courtyard you can find an AP Boost, Hi-potion, and Mythril Shard. Re-enter the
    Entrance Hall and follow the main stair case to the right to follow the woman
    Donald thought he saw. Its Belle. Belle tells Sora about the servants that are
    locked up. Move to the West Wing (the opposite stair case) to find them. When
    you leave Belle's room you'll have to fight some Heartless and a Large Body in
    the hall of the East Wing. The Large Body is best attacked from behind (keep
    an eye on the commands). On your right at either side of the stair case are a
    total of 3 chests. Now proceed to the Wardrobe and push it away from the door.
    The trick is to push it a small distance and stop. Watch the Z's as they become
    smaller the Wardrobe is about to wake. When it wakes it will strike and move 
    back in front of the door. If you only push when the wardrobe is in deep sleep
    it will not awaken. Enter the green door to the dungeon. There is of course a 
    guardian of the dungeon. The twins in the door have very stretchy arms. Their 
    arms will extend a punch and when you are too close they bring their arms 
    together and swat you up onto the balcony. To begin the fight 2 statues appear
    as well. Its a little easier to destroy them the further away from the door you
    are. Attack the door as you can. The attack on the door is much easier if you 
    have Valor form available. Once the door spirits have received enough damage, 
    press triangle to release it from the door. A black spirit will emerge and fly
    around the room. Attack it (it cannot attack back but there are plenty of hook
    bats to fend off now too). If the spirit is not killed it will return to the 
    door and Sora will have to attack the twins again until it can be released. 
    Most likely, no more than 2 releases will be required. Enter the dungeon and 
    meet Cogsworth, Lumiere, Mrs. Potts, and Chip. Before exiting retrieve the 
    AP boost and Basement map. Talk to Cogsworth and he'll have the knight move
    away from the door. You have to put the darkness out (water won't help) and
    relight (with Lumiere's help) 3 lanterns. The lanterns appear thanks to 
    Cogsworth holding down a lever. Pay no attention to Cogsworth his stamina will
    be fine while you Sprinkle all three lanterns. The first lantern is straight 
    ahead in the left hand corner. The next two are at the top of the incline. 
    For the third you will need to destroy at least one of the boxes to allow 
    Lumiere close enough to light it. If Cogsworth does run low on stamina return 
    to him and use triangle to restore him. As you get the chest thats ahead one of
    the statues comes to life, kill it and proceed to the next door (the West 
    Wing). Another chest and another statue to fight. Climb the stairs for more of
    the same this time with Crane bats. Proceed down the hall through the doors 
    and fight Beast. Cogsworth provides you with the Wake Up Command. Use triangle
    to hit Beast as often as possible with Wake Up. He will be staggered move in 
    for a combo. Repeat. When Beast's HP is depleted he will kneel down. To wake 
    him up for good repeatedly tap Triangle. If you fail his HP is restored and the
    process begins again. Beast has powerful punches and a leaping attack that 
    travels a good distance. Pre-battle equip yourself and the group with some 
    potions. Once Beast is awake, head toward Belle's room. When you reach the 
    West Hall make a right down the stairs. Follow the hall destroying Heartless 
    and Gargoyles along the way. The Knights/Armor at the end of the corridor can 
    be destroyed for Drive replinshment. In the entrance hall you encounter Lance 
    Soldiers; Heartless with a more powerful spin attack, a couple Gargoyles and a
    Large body. Focus on the Lance Soldiers since they are new. When the battle is
    won, go to the East Wing. Belle has left, chasing the man in black. She's in 
    the Ballroom. The boss is a giant spirit orb wrapped in chains. He has several
     1. It will exit the room to the North and shoot out a wide energy field. 
         Counter: Turn and face the back wall it is possible for Sora to stand 
                  between the blasts. They may also be avoided by moving to the
                  outer walls, since the blast mainly encompasses the center of the
                  Ball room 	
     2. It can move upwards into the ceiling and create a rotating chandelier with
        electric beams extending from its base.
         Counter: The chandelier needs to be attacked. You can just rush it and 
                  take your hits or time your rush in between the cycling beams. 
                  I just rushed it. After a few hits use Triangle to release the 
                  spirit from the chandelier form. 
     3. It may go underground sneak below Sora and temporarily swallow him. 
         Counter: This attack is the easiest to counter. When the ground beneath 
                  Sora lights up, jump to avoid being swallowed.
     4. Lastly it will possess the columns on the side and cause them to strike.
         Counter: Carefully move close to the possessed column. Locking in on it
                  will tell you which is possessed. Attack until you can Release it
                  from the column.
    Each time the spirit is in the open attack it with Sora's combos and Beast's 
    limit. Instead of defeating the boss, you just removed its chains to reveal its
    true form. Lock onto this form, he will turn invisible. Bringing in Goofy
    for this battle and using Valor form is not a bad idea. Relentlessly attack
    Dark Thorn. Watch when he's visible for his spin move. At times he will send
    you flying through the air. Watch for the Reaction Command and you can 
    Slingshot back into battle. At certain times when fighting him in the center of
    the Ballroom the reaction command will allow you to leap in the air, grab the 
    chandelier and send it crashing down onto Thorn. If for some reason you die
    during battle (which I did), its not a game over you can get helpl Goofy, 
    Donald and Sora are out. Once revived Sora has a full Drive meter and valor can
    be used to finish Dark Thorn. 
    Beast's Castle is cleared and you receive Cure Element.
    E. The Land of Dragons
    Directly behind your starting position are three chests. Move straight down the
    path to reach the Encampment. Move to where the men are standing for a 
    humorous cut scene. After the scene the heartless appear and you learn you now
    have a morale meter to watch. Keep morale high by collecting orbs left by 
    vanquished enemies. Talk to the Captain for your first mission.
      1. The Suprise Attack: Head to the checkpoint (the path opposite the Captain)
               and defeat the Heartless. Just keep and eye on your morale meter.
      2. The Ambush: Stop the mob that is heading for the checkpoint and keep an 
               eye out for strange enemies. This one is a little more difficult due
               to a new enemy, the Assault Rider. He has a dashing spear attack and
               an attack where he spins his sword. It is difficut to get close for
               mele attacks, so Magic seems to work best.
      3. The Search: Search the Encampment for enemies. 
    You have now been authorized to proceed to the Checkpoint for you next mission.
    Take the only path available. Fight enemies and use the Reaction Command to 
    break through 2 rock walls. Get the chest thats straight ahead, kill the 2 
    enemies then backtrack to the stairs near the entrance. There is another chest
    and 2 more enemies up there. Drop safely just below the chest and continue up 
    toward the summit. When you see the next wall an Assault Rider is guarding it.
    Attack him with Blizzard. A second Rider will appear, retreat to the rock 
    plateau with the two chests so you can retrieve their contents and have your 
    magic returned. Destroy the Rider and bust through the final wall. Now that you
    have reached the village, Mushu has discovered that Shan-Yu is in a cave just 
    ahead. Pick up a Hi-Potion and an AP-Boost as you proceed. Donald and Goofy 
    leave so its just you and Mulan left to defeat the Heartless. There are at 3 
    Riders and several Heartless to destroy. At first focus on the Heartless. When
    they are gone defeat the remaining Rider. Now 2 new Riders appear. If you can
    avoid their dash attack they are susceptible to combos otherwise use magic. 
    Return to the village. It has been destroyed while you were spelunking. Head to
    the ridge to track down Shan-Yu. After a sampling of a new enemy continue up
    the ridge. Here you will fight alone as Sora against a swarm of Rapid Thrusters
    and a few Bolt Towers. Destroy as many as you can but make sure you survive the
    countdown. Move back to the ridge and you find out Shan-Yu is still alive and 
    headed for the Emperial City. Head back all the way down to the Checkpoint 
    killing any enemies you come across. Move toward the door that was previously
    locked and head toward the city. Secure the Courtyard by defeating the 
    Heartless so the Captain can rescue the Emperor. When the Courtyard is secure,
    head toward the palace. Go up the steps to confront Shan-Yu as he threatens the
    emperor. Your goal is to defeat Shan-Ye and protect the gate from being 
    destroyed by his minions. This battle was pretty easy. Attack Shan-Yu 
    repeatedly. He does have a jumping spiral attack that can be fierce but for the
    most part he's no match for you. Be sure to watch the gate's stamina bar. The
    Heartless that attack the gate will leave orbs when destroyed. These orbs will
    replenish the gate's energy. Start off with some limit attacks with Mulan to 
    weaken Shan-Yu. Then use Valor form to finish him off without much effort. 
    At times a reaction command is available that places you in a deul with the 
    Shan-Yu hit triangle repeatedly to force him back, then triangle again to take
    him down. 
    After you win the Gummi ship takes you to Hollow Bastion automatically. Merlin 
    summoned you so he could give you Winnie-the-Pooh's story book (gotta love 
    that Pooh Bear).
    Once the Pooh dealings are done. Head south in the Gummi Ship to pass the
    Phantom Storm. Once through you arrive at...
    F. Olympus Coliseum
    Megara is running from the Heartless and falls. Be a gentleman and help her up.
    Do her a favor and talk to Hades. Enter the Cave of the Dead just behind Meg.
    Fight your way deeper into the cave, as you proceed beware of rocks falling 
    from above. As you go deeper into the cave the road will fork, it doesn't 
    matter if you take the upper fork or the lower fork they lead to the same 
    place. To get all the chests go one route then circle around to go the other.
    Once you've explored all the chests you'd like, continue to go deeper into
    the cave. In the Inner Chamber, you can find a mythril shard, an Underworld 
    Map, a save point, and a Moogle shop. There is a crack in the cave wall with 
    green light emanating from it. Enter that crack. Climb the ramp to the next 
    platform and fight the crane bats and flowers. Continue the climb and face 2
    lancers. Once the lancers are defeated further up we go. Now we get lancers,
    flowers, and crane bats oh my. Continue up the stairs. Hades summons Auron to
    his aid but it backfires as Auron attacks. A mini-battle vs. Hades ensues. You
    can't really kill him so retreat with Auron. Its time to run (for now). Don't
    bother attacking Hades, kill the Heartless around him to open the path to the
    exit. Twice more and you can leave. The last platform has the most enemies and
    also includes Large bodies. Throughout the entire chase Hades (though you can't
    hurt him) will throw fire balls at you. Back track the way you entered. You 
    will find plenty of enemies along the way (Large bodies and Laners mostly). The
    cute and cuddly puppy Cereberus now wants to have some play time. Its up to 
    Sora and Auron to dispatch with this mangy canine. Cereberus has a jumping 
    attack and a paw strike. He will literally, at times, jump right on top of you.
    He also has the ability to spit fire balls for long range attacks. They "key" 
    is to attack the head(s). When attacking the center head Sora sometimes is held
    up between the two outer heads, triggering a Reaction sequence. The effects of
    which leaves Cereberus prone on the ground for some easy combos to the skull. 
    The limit feature with Auron is also very helpful in putting this beast to 
    sleep. I'd recommend using the Limit initially, then attack the center head to
    trigger the Reaction Command and repeat. Save, then head up the stairwell. 
    Now at the Coliseum head toward the front door to talk to Hercules. Enter the 
    arena for some training by Phil.
     1. Practice: Destroy pots to get orbs. Collect 20 orbs in under 1:30 to pass.
     2. Maniac: Destroy pots to get orbs. Collect 100 orbs in under 1:30 to pass.
                The larger the pot the more orbs that are released.
    Successful completion gives you a new ability, Aerial Spiral. Talk to Hercules.
    Unfortunately the Olympus Stone has been stolen by someone dressed in black.
    Exit to the Coliseum gates and then back to the Underworld. Now you can go to
    the door you couldn't reach before because the blue flames are gone. This
    place is foggy. Step to far forward and you will fall (no damage is done 
    though). Once below the mist fight off the enemies then move forward into the
    cavern. Its kind of difficult to describe where to go. Just circle around to
    the back of the caverns until you find the entrance with the ???. You've 
    arrived at the Underworld Caverns:Atrium. There is a chest with a tent to the 
    right and a path leading out of the mist to the left. The man in black is in 
    the distance. The goal here is to defeat 100 of Demyx's creations within 80 
    seconds. Using the Wild Dance Reaction Command makes this easy to complete. The
    Wild Dance allows you to use a creation as a weapon to destroy the others 
    quickly. You now have the Olympus Stone and Secret Ansem's Report 7. Now that
    you've arrived at the Lock save. Go to the stone Donald says looks like Meg and
    release her (Go to the Rescue). After the cut, scene move into the green light.
    Protect Meg from Pete and the Crane Bats. Once the bats are gone focus on Pete.
    He has a ground stomp and an invincibility shield (temporary) that he uses. 
    Hercules comes to the rescue as you become outnumbered. Meg is worried about 
    Hercules fighting Pete (why?). So you volunteer to help him out in this epic 
    struggle. Pay no attention to Pete's friends, focus your attack on him. You 
    have 2 minutes to run him off before the cave collapses. When Pete uses his 
    invincibility shield you can use Triangle to Pinball him into Hercules to 
    remove the shield (then attack him). At times Pete will bring a boulder over
    his head to throw at you. When this happens move close to Hercules and use the
    Aura Guard to protect yourself. In his haste, Hercules forgot to finish off
    the Hydra. Return to the Coliseum to kill the Hydra for good. Your friends, 
    Phil, Meg, and Pegasus are a great help in this battle. The Hydra has a fierce
    tail whip that reaches a long distance. Watch for this especially at the start.
    When he whips the tail do you best to jump it. The Hydra also uses energy bolts
    from the sky to attack. Don't remain stationary or you'll be hit. Periodically,
    it lowers its head in range, give it as much damage as you can. Eventually the
    Vanquish Reaction Command appears, use it. But now three other heads come up
    from below the ground. Phil will ask you to climb the Hydra's back. Once there
    the Phil One-Two Reaction Command is active. Hit triangle and then again when
    the Urninator Command appears. This knocks out all three of the new heads. Go
    to them, combo, and Vanquish. Its still not over the Hydra has more heads, 
    seven, I believe. It will still use its tail and energy attacks but now the 
    heads will move repeatedly in a downward motion trying to strike. As this 
    happens the Pegasus Reaction may come active, use it to fly up and attack the 
    heads. The Hydra will tire and become motionless when that happens the vanquish
    Reaction command is activated, go in for the final kill. You receive a new 
    Keyblade, The Hero's Crest. 
    Queen Minnie needs you. Head straight to the Disney Castle
    G. Disney Castle
    The Queen is in the library of the castle. Follow the stairs up to exit the 
    Gummi Hanger and arrive at the Castle's Courtyard. There are 7 chests in the 
    courtyard and plenty of enemies to increase experience. Fight as many as you
    like and retrieve as many chest as you desire. The contents of the chests 
    includes: Star recipe, 2 Mythril shards, mythril stone, ether, Hi-potion and an
    AP Boost. When ready follow the brighter grass to a door in the castle. There
    are plenty of Heartless inside as well. There seems to be an almost 
    endless supply of heartless at the entrance of the Colonnade. Keep leveling up
    as long as you'd like then continue up the stairs. The library is at the end
    of the hall. Inside you'll find Minnie and a torn page from Pooh's book. Talk
    to Minnie. Now, Sora needs to escort Minnie to the Audience Chamber. It is the 
    room in the hall that was sealed earlier. Watch Minnie's damage meter, do not
    let it get fully red. Use the Faith reaction to clear eveyone away. Once they
    are pushed back move forward and use triangle to call for the Queen. When you
    arrive at the door Minnie will unseal the door and allow entry. Several Bolt
    Towers made it into the Audience Room. Protect Minnie while moving toward the
    throne. Apply the same strategy as the hall. Use the finish reaction command
    at the throne to continue. After a cut scene, from the save point select to 
    go to the World Map and head to Merlin at Hollow Bastion. Merlin creates a door
    to another world where Sora must find a similar door and lock it with his 
    Keyblade. Merlin says to resist the dark temptations in this "new" world. Enter
    Merlin's door.
    H. Timeless River
    You are now in black and white. Go ahead and retrieve the Cornerstone Hill map
    and Drive Recovery from the chests. Head to the pier to find Pete. Pete is on 
    the pier in the distance. Walk up to him and press trianle to punish him. The 
    battle with Pete is simple hit him till he runs around like a little baby. Use
    the About Face reaction calm him down and repeat. Pete isn't as bad as you 
    thought so you apologize for you attack and agree to help him find his boat.
    When you return to Cornerstone hill there are four windows. Enter the first
    one on the left. Goofy tells you he can see a construction site inside. There
    is a mayhem meter in the top left corner, don't let it fill up. Destroy all 
    the Heartless before the scaffold falls. Next is Donald's window (the one with
    the town and the cannon). Destroy the Heartless while protecting the town. The
    cannon in the center of town can be used to your advantage. The reaction 
    command fires the cannon. Now on to the next firy window. There is a building 
    on fire. Keep the fire from getting worse by destroying the heartless. The
    Heartless are easy enough, but the cars that come after them are a little more
    difficult. Changing into Valor form will dispose of them quite easily though.
    The cars are tough and relentless. They continue to attack and eventually will
    drive around making them even harder to target and hit. Valor form solves this
    problem. Enter the last window, it shows a room with its furniture being sucked
    away. Again, destroy the Heartless before the Mayhem meter fills. Each window
    that you completed gave you insight into the past/future. Pete (the real bad 
    one) has decided to steal the Cornerstone of Light to bring darkness to the 
    entire Disney Castle. He needs to be stopped. Head to the waterway. Pete is 
    trying to take of with a boat and the Cornerstone. Use the reaction command
    to parry the objects he throws and then again to throw them back at him. Once
    he is hit 6 times (I think) he'll be knocked out and the boat will come to the
    shore. Run to the boat and press triangle under the hook. Sora will swing out
    and be able to attack the crate with his Keyblade. After several attacks the
    Reaction command will appear "Hold On" press and hold triangle as the hook
    moves, so you don't let go. When back in front of the crate, attack again. If
    for some reason you fall of the hook, dispose of the heartless that appear and 
    the hook will reset allowing you to grab it again. Repeat the process until the
    Cornerstone is free. Pete has run to the Wharf. Chase him down. The Petes are
    about to fight. Step in to break it up. Doing so allows you to fight the bad
    Pete with the assistance (somewhat) of the not as bad Pete. Pete has the same
    shock wave and invincibility as before. He will also roll bombs at you. As you
    take away Pete's HP the scene will shift from the wharf to all the rooms you 
    cleared earlier. Using Valor allows you to move through the rooms quickly. The
    last area is the scaffold. Continue your attacks, watch though when you're 
    close to Pete he may throw close range punches that will knock you back. If
    you have Valor here use it again, if not attack carefully and use potions as
    needed. Winning provides you with a new Keyblade: Monochrome and Wisdom Form.
    I. Port Royal
    The Naval Map is directly behind your starting point. There is an ether and a
    mythril stone on the far end of the start area. Get 'em if you want then go 
    done the stairs. You fight a few pirates and can't due any real damage. Then
    Pete lets slip that magic is the key to killing the pirates. Apparently the
    moonlight weakens the pirates making them more susceptible to you attacks.
    Cross the bridge into town. Defeat the Heartless that Will cornered. Explore
    the town a little. There are plenty of chests and hidden pathways. When ready
    move to the Harbor. The pirates have taken Elizabeth aboard ther ship and left.
    Jack Sparrow joins your group. Talk to Will to set out on the high seas. Talk
    to Jack at the wheel of the Interceptor to chase down the Black Pearl. Move the
    sword cursor over the Black Pearl to continue. Its an ambush defeat the enemies
    to progress the story. After a few cut scenes move down the rock path to the 
    cave. At the mouth of the cave four enemies appear defeat them, get the chests
    and move on. Inside the cave you find that Will has saved Elizabeth. Sora 
    volunteers to fight off the pirates while Will prepares the ship. The goal is
    to defend yourself for one minute while awaiting Will's signal. There is no 
    need to kill all the pirates. Move back a little into the moonlight and use 
    your magic to kill as you please. When one minute is up a cut scene takes you
    to the Interceptor. Talk to Will and head back to Port Royal. There is another
    ambush. Stay in the light area and destroy the pirates. After a cut scene the 
    Black Pearl is attacking. Protect the medalion by fending of the pirates and 
    occassionaly firing the cannons at the Black Pearl. The battle is won once all
    the boarding pirates are killed. You find you've been captured, but don't fear
    Jack Sparrow has a way out. Once released from the ropes move upstairs to save
    the ship.  The objective is to get rid of the burnig barrels. There are five 
    barrels total (indicated by the flaming barrels on the top left of your 
    screen). A heartless attack can cause a barrel to explode. Run up to one of the
    three barrels on the main deck and use the Reaction Command to Launch it. The 
    final 2 barrels are where the ships steering wheel is located. It is quite easy
    to Launch all the barrels before they explode. You are now back on the Isla de
    Muerta, head toward the cave. Kill the flying Heartless and pirates at the 
    Mouth of the Cave and continue forward. The initial crates ahead will exlpode 
    revealing a pirate. Directly across from here is a stack of crates that Sora 
    can destroy to let more moonlight in to make fighting the pirate easier. If you
    don't want to destroy the crates just move to the area the pirate came from and
    fight there in the moonlight. Once he's dead another set of crates explode 
    revealing 2 more pirates. Conitnue forward when they are dead. In the Moonlight
    Nook you face another band of pirates. Fight in the center area where all the 
    moonlight is focused and there shouldn't be a problem. Pete brings a Heartless
    that tries to make the fight easier for Barbossa. This heartless creates 
    darkness in the cave making the boss battle near impossible. Find it (crawling
    on the walls). It is easily found by scanning the area for a pair of bright 
    eyes. When found kill the Heartless to bring in moonlight. Now focus in on 
    Barbossa. Each time it gets dark find and kill the Heartless before trying to 
    find Barbossa. The Reaction command here is also very helpful, but they seem to
    occur more briefly than in other places. Valor and Wisdom form are helpful but
    not necessary. Stay after Barbosa and he should be defeated somewhat easily.
    J. Agrabah
    For starters, you face serveral Heartless (Shadows and Luna Bandits). Once 
    several are defeated a cut scene has you surrounded. Sora, Donald, and Goofy
    temporarily retreat so they can regroup. Off to the Palace to catch up with 
    Aladin. Move toward Goofy and pass through the broken wall he's standing next
    to. Iago should be visible in the distance, he will point you in the right 
    direction. After talking to Jasmine, Sora finds Aladin and possibly the lamp
    that Jafar is trapped in. Aladin wants the lamp, so find the peddler that has 
    it. The Peddler's Shop is the "store" where you started the level. The lamp 
    is not cheap, the Peddler wants a treasure fit for a sultan. The treasure is 
    in the Cave of Wonders, through the desert we go. Leave the Peddler's Shop and 
    look to the left. There is a tunnel that leads to the Bazaar. In the left 
    corner of the Bazzar is a large door that exits to the Palace Walls. According
    to Aladin, the Cave of Wonders is located near the dark clouds ahead. Enter 
    the cave and proceed down the tunnel. There are several enemies in this area.
    Continue forward killing enemies and opening chests. Move down the path between
    the columns after destroying the 2 Fat Bandits. Examine the floating jewel and
    then the statue just past it. The goal here is to lead Abu (the monkey) to the
    pedestal. Its way too simple. Use the reaction command to push Abu forward. As 
    waves come toward you, jump them. When at the pedestal press triangle again to
    place the gem. A path appears, follow it. Translate the text (Complete your 
    task within the time allotted) and Activate it. Defeat all the enemies. After 
    a set is defeated the floor will disappear and you will fall to the next level.
    Move up the stairs and examine the stone to open the door to the treasure room.
    (Scrooge McDuck would be proud). Defeat 50 Heartless so you can take your newly
    found treasure back to the Peddler. The first 47 enemies are simple, just hack
    away at them. The last three are 3 Fat bodies appearing all at once. They are
    a little trickier. Use Blizzard to eliminate one, leaving two. Use one of your
    Drive form for the remaining Fat Bodies and you should be done. Move back 
    toward the palace. There are several Fat Bodies along the way. The weakness of 
    the fat bodies is when they rasie there arm to do their smash attack. While 
    their arm is up, you can jump them and combo from behind. Genie returns and
    Pete unleashes 2 foes one controlling fire and one controlling ice. Both
    enemies have a physical attack with their staff. The Blizzard lord will also 
    attempt to freeze your party, while the Volcanic lord will throw fire balls.
    Using the opposite magic can counteract the attacks (Blizzard vs. fire balls or
    Fire vs. a frozen party member). Watch for chances to use the Reaction command
    if done appropriately Sora can use one enemies strength against the other. 
    Using limits and drives make the battle easier but are not totally necessary
    for victory. Attacking enough will temporarily turn the respective enemy into
    firy globes or ice cubes that can be destroyed for energy. Keep going after the
    more aggressive of the two as they tend to take turns fighting you.
    Lots of choices now, Halloween Town, Pride Lands, and Traverse Town.
    K. Halloween Town
    Follow Zero toward the buildings straight ahead. Exit Dr. Finkelstein's Lab and
    defeat the Heartless in the Town Square. Move to the other side of the square
    and go to the graveyard. Exit the graveyard via the path between the two large
    trees just behind your initial starting point. Examine the Christmas tree on 
    the tree just behind Jack. Move down the path toward Santa's House. Defeat all
    the Heartless on Candy Cane Lane. Enter the front door of the large brick
    house and speak to Santa. Walk through the candy cane trimmed door to the Toy
    Factory to investigate the noise. Follow Lock, Shock, and Barrel's foot prints.
    The prints lead into the graveyard and through the previously locked gate. 
    The Prison Keeper
    The terrible trio are held up inside the next foe (the Prison Keeper). This bad
    guy hovers in the air, so you'll need to jump to perform most of your attacks.
    It seemed to take alot of hits to kill it, so don't be discourged. Don't 
    back off on the offense. At times you may have to climb the hill and jump to
    reach the Prison Keeper. Using Valor form will increase the damage done with 
    your combos.  The hill can also be use as a wall to avoid some of the keeper's
    attacks.  The main thing is to keep whittling away at his large HP meter. 
    Oogie Boogie
    Oh No Oogie Boogie has kidnapped Santa. Head back toward Christmas Town to save
    Santa. You are on a conveyor belt for this battle. Oogie is above you. Boxes 
    will appear on the belt. Use the reaction command to hit the boxes up into the
    air at Oogie. When enough boxes hit him he will fall to your level. While he is
    down use Valor form to combo him like crazy. While he is in the control booth
    his attacks include a giant boxing glove, a laser beam, and purple bags filled
    with heartless. To counter his attacks: walk side to side to avoid the laser, 
    run/jump under the glove as it raises, and kill the heartless. Also, as a note
    of caution, there are spikes behind you at the end of the coveyer belt. Get to
    close to the spikes and receive damage. Once Oogie has fallen and you've 
    attacked he will move back to the control booth, when he does the conveyer belt
    moves fast and tries to send you toward the previously mention spikes. Finally,
    at times Oogie changes position while in the control booth. When he moves, go 
    toward the end of the conveyer belt to move to the side he's at. Press triangle
    when the blue light is on and you can move to one of the other belts (a 
    red/pink light will not allow for movement). The reaction command will say 
    "Move Right", "Move Center", or "Move Left" to let you know where you will go.
    Be quick though, as it changes frequently.
    L. The Pride Lands
    In this area, Sora has transformed into a lion cub. Exit and see a scene where
    Nala is running from the Heartless (2 Living Bones). Use the Rodeo reaction 
    combo to ride them and drive them into the ground with the Grand Cross reaction
    command. During battle as a lion Sora still has his Keyblade, limits, and 
    magic, but his summons and drive forms are unavailable. Meet Nala at Pride 
    Rock. Take the path to the left as the path that leads up the ramp takes you 
    back to the gorge. Explore the entire area to open all the chests then exit to
    the eastern part of the map. Pride Rock is to the north of the Savannah. Head 
    back to the Savannah and the heyennas are back along with their leader Scar.
    Pete the graceful lion also makes an appearance. Nala helps you escape to the
    Savannah. Wildebeast Valley will be a safer place to discuss Simba. It is
    located on the other end of the Savannah to the west of the Elephant Graveyard.
    The Elephant Graveyard can be distinguished by the large elephant bones at its
    entrance. Continue forward killing Heartless and picking up chests as you go.
    Move down the predetermined Wastelands path. At the end you'll face 2 Living
    Bones, then you can move into the Jungle. Deeper in the Jungle you will come
    across Simba at the Oasis. Before helping Pumba and Timon, retrieve the chests
    at the Oasis (torn page, map, and AP Boost). Walk over to Simba to try to cheer
    him up. Simba wants to take his place as the rightful king of the Pride Lands,
    so head back there and help him. For your trouble you receive the Circle of 
    Life Keyblade. Enter the Lion's Den for the next battle (the place where 
    everyone else just went). First Sora and the gang must fight the hyenas while
    protecting Pumbaa. Watch Pumbaa's damage meter and try to prevent it from 
    filling. The difficult part here is protecting Pumbaa. The hyennas are not hard
    to kill but it is kind of hard to keep Pumbaa safe. Using the magnet magic can
    help greatly. Instead of constantly circling Pumbaa the hyenna will be 
    attracted to the magnet and you can get some combos in on the group instead of 
    attacking them individually. Basically, don't be suprised if the hyennas win on
    your first try, due to them attacking Pumbaa. Now go up and check on Simba's 
    battle with Scar (you may want to save at the monkey's house before going up).
    Scar is as quick as a cat but so are you. When he is at a distance the dash 
    ability can close in on him quickly. Dash can also be somewhat helpful in 
    avoiding Scar's attacks. The Limit abilit with Simba is very powerful in this
    battle. At times Scar will use the Dark power of the Heartless to maneuver 
    over your head in a quick pouncing attack. Either avoid these attacks or time
    your Keyblade attack when he's close to get in a few slashes.
    A new tournament is available at Olympus. You also have a new torn page from
    Pooh's book. 
    M. Twilight Town
    Vivi comes running, Seifer is in trouble find him in the Sandlot and help out.
    Defeat all the Nobodies. The Dusks you've seen and defeated in the past. The
    new enemy is the Berserker. They are strong and have powerful attacks. When you
    knock one down he drops his weapon. You can pick up this weapon and use the 
    reaction command to attack with it. After talking with an Organization member,
    Seifer declare you the strongest in town and gives you a trophy. Pence then 
    stops by and says he knows Kairi and we should go to Station Plaza. Why'd Pence
    get your hopes up when he knew Kairi wasn't even here. That was just mean. For
    your trouble you receive a new Keyblade: the Oathkeeper. Hollow Bastion is now
    covered in darkness. Investigate.
    N. Hollow Bastion
    On your way to Merlin's to meet up with Leon and the gang, you encounter Cloud.
    He's looking for Sephiroth (I wonder why?). If you see Sephiroth, Cloud wants 
    to know. Cid says to catch up with Leon at the computer room thats accessible
    through the postern. To get there head to the Bailey where you and Leon teamed
    up during the first trip to Hollow Bastion. Move down the hall, then down the
    steps and through the gate. You have arrived at the Restoration site. Fight
    your way through here until you arrive at the Postern (Aerith is there). Move 
    down the stairs to the door Aerith pointed out. There isn't really a wrong way
    to go in the Corridors. Each path leads to the same place. I'd recommend 
    exploring the area for chests and experience (from killing enemies). The final
    destination is a brown door leading to Ansem's room. After Tifa leaves talk
    to Leon. Enter Ansem's computer room. Donald and Goofy fool around on the 
    computer and they get transported to ....
    O. Space Paranoids
    You are captured and imprisoned with Tron. To escape, attack the door until
    the Reaction command appears and press triangle voila, the door is open. Exit
    and move onto the circle to make it to the higher platform. Access the energy 
    core in the center of the room where Tron and Donald are. The objective is to
    find and destroy the red box. Try to watch the box as it spins around the room.
    When the spinning stops, attack the group of boxes where you think the red one
    may be. After attacking the red box will show itself. If you collect enough 
    orbs indicated by the Clusters meter you can go to the Energy core and use the
    reaction command freeze to stop the moving red box and then attack. Back to the
    Pit Cell. Access the computer and transport to the Research Lab. You exit the
    system to Hollow Bastion to retrieve a password. Examine the wall behind 
    Ansem's picture. Mickey will appear and help you out with the password. Mickey
    provide a new drive form: Master. Return to the Pit Cell and find Tron. You are
    transported to the Game Grid where no one wins (at least according to Sark).
    The game is Light Cycle. Use the left analog stick for movement, L1/L2 for left
    turns and R1/R2 for right turns. There are three types of action command: x for
    attack, Square for charge, and circle for guard. Defeat 5 heartless using the
    commands just mentioned. That wasn't too hard. A large enemy now appears and 
    busts a hole in the wall and its a race to the exit. Kill the enemies if you'd
    like they do some damage but not as much as continually running into the solid
    wall. Now that Sora is back at the Pit Cell move toward the Canyon. Move up the
    ramps and to the door outlined with the red hall. You've entered Dataspace.
    Access the computer. Another game, fill the Clusters gauge and freeze all the 
    monitors. Killing heartless and collecting orbs will fill the meter. When full
    go to a monitor and use the reaction command. You have 2 minutes to freeze all
    three. The MCP is loading a hostile program into the I/O tower, protect it from
    the Hostile Program. Use the new lift to gain access to the tower. Just ignore
    the red door (for now) and move to the other exit (to the Communications Room).
    Save and exit for the boss battle. 
    Hostile Program
    Hitting the Hostile Program will cause the release of orbs. Collect these orbs
    and fill the Cluster meter to use the Freeze reaction. Freeze will do what it 
    says, temporarily freeze the boss. The Limit with Tron is an easy way to 
    release orbs. When frozen transform into Valor form to attack. The Hostile 
    program mainly attacks with lasers. Eventually, its arms will disconnect and 
    move around the room to attack you. Continue the pattern though, collect orbs,
    freeze, and valor/limit and you should have no problem. Exit Space Paranoids 
    and go back to the Research Lab.
    P. Hollow Bastion
    Access the computer to continue exploring the data. Mickey fills in some story
    points but is interrupted. Check out whats going on. An entire army has 
    invaded. Defeat all the enemies. A cut scene follow and there he is Sephiroth.
    Fortunately though, he doesn't want to fight (at least not right now). 
    From the Postern move to the Restoration Site and defeat all the Nobodies. Leon
    tells you to go to the Bailey and meet up with Mickey. Demyx is back. 
    Defeat 50 of Demyx's forms in 40 seconds. Again it is very beneficial to use 
    the reaction command here, just as it was in the first encounter. When they are
    gone you actually fight Demyx. He has a dash attack that covers a good distance
    and a close range attack where water shoots from the ground. He can also bring
    a large water bubble from the sky. When he says "Water" the bubbles will fall
    from the sky. "Come on Kick to the Beat" means that bursts of water will appear
    knocking you back. When he says "Dance Water, Dance" it means you have to 
    destroy 10 of his creations within 10 seconds. If you are unable to do so its
    game over. Goofy's Knocksmash limit is very helpful in this battle. Use this
    limit then follow it with a quick Valor form to deplete his HP greatly. After
    this he will probably bring his creations out. Destroy them in 10 seconds then
    continue to attack until the limit is available again. One more Knocksmash 
    limit and Demyx is gone. After the battle is over Goofy goes down. Mickey and 
    Donald are angered and rage into battle. Yuffie helps you kill some Heartless
    and open the next path. Leon helps out next to clear the another trap. Tifa 
    joins you to defeat the next round of Heartless. Finally, Cloud helps out. You
    meet back up with Mickey and Donald. Goofy comes running he's not dead. He was
    just unconscious. Open the chests for an elixer, an AP boost, a torn page, and
    a Great MAW map. Continue past Mickey to the 1000 Heartless challenge. 
    1000 Heartless Challenge
    This is not as hard as it sounds. Using the Rising Sun or the Snag/Sparkle Ray
    reaction makes this battle fairly easy. 
    Q. Land of the Dragons
    Go after the man in black as he moves into the mountains. Defeat the Nobodies
    at the Ridge and continue to the Summit. You fight the Mysterious Enemy alone.
    Equip plenty of potions, you may need them. He primarily has a dash attack and
    a shock wave attack when he hits the ground. Watch for him to attack avoid it
    then move in for a combo. Use potions and Cure when necessary. There are also 
    hovering Heartless Rapid Thrusters everywhere. Ignore the thrusters and lock 
    onto the man in black. Donald, Goofy, and Mulan rejoin Sora as another enemy 
    heads for the city. Move back down from the Summit to the Palace as you did 
    the last time you were in the Land of Dragons. There will be enemies along the
    way but nothing too difficult. When you arrive at the Imperial Square, some
    Bolt Towers and Assault Riders are guarding the Palace Gate. Mow through them 
    and move on. Enter the Palace. In the Antechamber simply move toward the man
    in black. Defeat the Nobodies (Snipers).  Before leaving the throne room get
    the final eight chests for this world. 
    The Storm Rider
    The Storm Rider is waiting for you in the Imperial Square. Sora starts the 
    battle on the beasts back. Attack its horns. Watch for the reaction command 
    Hold On, so you don't fall off his back as he twists. Eventually, Let Go and 
    continue to attack the horns. If you fall off his back use the Whirlwind 
    command to get back on Storm Rider's back. When not on his back he has a long 
    distance energy attack that he will fire at you. He can also drop a large 
    number of bombs while soaring over head. If you can keep your eye on him while
    he's in the air he eventually sweeps down at you. A reaction command will 
    appear that allows you to knock the Storm Rider unconscious for some good 
    combo/limit/drive action. Occasionally, the boss will land on the bridge in 
    front of the Palace. When he does go after his horns with Limits/Valor (Goofy's
    Knocksmash is excellent here). He does have a powerful energy beam that he 
    powers up while in this position. 
    R. Beast's Castle
    Talk to Beast. Defeat all the Nobodies in the Ballroom. Beast took off to his 
    room to check on his rose. Beast's room is through the West hall in the West
    Wing. Return to his room and try to Persuade him to join your party. Return to
    the Entrance Hall. Defeat all of the Nobodies in the Entrance Hall, then exit
    the Castle to face Xaldin. 
    Xaldin is difficult to get close to. His spears have great reach. You can turn
    his spears against him though by using the Learn reaction command. He will 
    leave the battle area and use a wind type attack that I never was able to 
    consistently avoid. He will also dash toward you on his spears. He was tough 
    for me. It actually took me a couple tries to defeat him. I kept trying with 
    Beast and Goofy relying heavily on Beast's limit and Drive. That didn't come 
    close to working. I then kept the same party and tried to rely a little more on
    the reaction command and Beast's limit. That too failed (even with Mickey's 
    help). Finally, I went into battle with Donald and Goofy. Instead of attacking
    at the beginning, I stood back and used the Reaction command as much as 
    possible and stored approximately 10 jump attacks. After unleashing all of them
    consecutively, Xaladin was down to his last HP bar. I used a combo after the 
    jump attack and he fled over the rail and used the wind attack. When he came 
    back I used Goofy's Knocksmash Limit and Xaldin was history. In total, the 
    battle probably didn't last much more than a minute. But that was after several
    attempts lasting much longer without success.
    S. Olympus Coliseum
    Hades announces the Hades cup will commence. Instead of talking to Panic (like
    you do for the mini-game tournaments) talk to Pain to enter. The first round is
    easy with just a few Heartless to defeat. The semi-finals are against "Bad 
    Alert" another band of Heartless that are not difficult. Auron went into the 
    Cave of the Dead, see what he is up to. Talk with Auron. He doesn't want to 
    talk though and just takes off. Find the Auron statue to release him from Hades
    control. Go back through the door you followed Auron through and fight your way
    into the Cave of the Dead: Passage. Make your way through the Inner Chamber and
    Valley of the Dead and you will arrive at Hades' Chamber. Defeat all the 
    Nobodies (Dusks) in Hades Chamber to secure Auron's statue. Talk to the purple
    fella to make it to the Hercules and Auron fight. Hades is very upset. If you 
    stick with Auron in this battle be sure to equip his abilities (he had none 
    equipped when I was about to begin). At first, you do no damage to Hades. A 
    quick limit and a cut scene follows giving you more help (Hercules) against 
    Hades throws fire balls, of course, that are easily dodged. He also in
    close quarters will punch. Hercules will create orbs, use the reaction command
    Aura Sphere to make Hades vulnerable to attacks. From there use your favorite
    limit/valor attacks and destroy Hades. You can tell if Hades is invincible
    or not by his color if he is redfaced use the spheres then attack. When Hades
    makes a burning ring of fire around himself stand back so you are not hit by
    the burst from the ceiling. Hades also has the ability to create a molten fire
    ball that hovers above and creates burning areas on the ground. These areas are
    temporary and hard to avoid. Just run through them and focus on Hades. 
    T. Port Royal
    Go down the steps to the Harbor. You meet with Jack, who is being attacked by
    pirates. Kill the pirates. Go to the Isla de Muerta to check on Will. After
    walking onto the dock, Sora will be aboard the Black Pearl. Talk to Jack when
    ready to go. There is a surprise for everyone on the ship's deck: the Grim
    Reaper. Just stay on the attack he is nothing to worry about. Move into the 
    Ship Graveyard. Attack the Nobody with the medallion to retrieve it. Talk to 
    Jack to go back to the Ship Graveyard, you immediately encounter a Nobody with
    a Medallion find and destroy him within 30 seconds to get the medallion. There
    is another Medallion at the graveyard move to Seadrift row and defeat the 
    Heartless within 2 minutes to gain another medallion (initially just run right
    past the pirates to get to the main goal). Return to the Black Pearl's deck and
    have Jack sail to the Isla de Muerta for the remaining medallions. You have 10
    seconds to get the last medallion at Isla de Muerta: Cave Mouth. That was the
    last medallion. Everyone is sure the chest is in town, so sail back to Port
    The Grim Reaper
    He has physical attacks with his weapon and wind type attack that spirals 
    around him. As long as a medallion is missing from the chest, he is invincible.
    Use magic against him to make him drop the medallions. Pick up what he drops 
    and use the reaction command to Replace them in the chest. When he starts to 
    vacuum medallions from the chest use the Hinder and Loot Laucher reaction 
    command to knock him back. When the medallions are replaced, use your favorite
    drive/limit to attack. The Hinder and Loot Launcher reaction pratically drains
    the Grim Reaper of all its medallions.
    U. Agrabah
    Exit the new, improved Peddler's Shop and head for the Bazaar. Leave the Bazaar
    to the Palace Walls. Before leaving the palace walls made sure you have the
    blizzard, fire, and thunder magics equipped at L1. Make your way across the 
    desert. Upon arriving at the Ruins, you will get to ride a magic carpet (be 
    sure to read the Magic Carpet control). L2 locks in commands to be used with 
    the right analog stick. R2 locks in the camera for right analog use. The left 
    analog stick is used for movement left, right, front, and back. The right 
    analog stick is to move up and down. Go toward Jafar's shadow. When you get 
    close there will be Heartless to destroy. Once they are dealt with, look for 
    Jafar's shadow again. At three points during the chase Jafar's shadow will 
    attempt to cast a spell. Move to him and attack to prevent him from doing so. 
    After the 3rd spell prevention he will open a door to a platform where you will
    have another battle with the Heartless. Now, there are three switches to 
    trigger, to open a door. If you examine the monument it will show pictures of 
    the areas where the triggers are. The easy order is to do the one furthest away
    from the monument first. It hovers in the air near the entrance of the ruins.
    Use thunder magic on this one when all of the orbs are vertical. Move closer to
    the ground and to the left. Along the wall of sand there is a broken arch under
    which is the 2nd switch. When they are aligned and blue use blizzard magic. The
    last switch is under the broken bridge below the monument. When they are red
    and in a ring use fire magic on this switch. A door on the monument opens and
    you have 30 seconds to enter. It was a trick Jafar's nowhere to be found and 
    the ruins are collapsing. Use the carpet to race out of there defeating 
    Heartless as you go. Its kind of like on the Gummi Ship you just control side
    to side and the carpet will take care of forward. On the way to the Palace
    Interrogate the peddler for more information. 
    The battle with Jafar has Sora alone on the magic carpet. This makes it a 
    little trickier just because of the extra button pushing to perform some of 
    your moves. Jafar's moves initially consists of floating building tops that 
    strike you, a spin punch, and fire balls. He is vulnerable in only 2 places the
    stomach and the head. Depleting his stomach HP just temporarily paralyzes him.
    The head's HP must be emptied to win the fight. He will also send an electric 
    spark at you after he's been attacked that will push you back and momentarily 
    paralyze Sora. After alot of his HP is gone Jafar has a new move. He transports
    you into the distance and throws debris at you. Move toward him and avoid all 
    that you can. When attacking the head watch for the Roll Up and Spin reaction 
    combo. This will also keep Jafar from launch attacks for a short time. Despite
    not having limits or drives this battle is not very hard. A couple potions or 
    cure element may be necessary depending on how well you dodge the debris.
    Afterwards you acquire the Wishing Lamp Keyblade.
    V. Halloween Town
    Jack found some presents in Halloween town. They are returned to Santa and you
    find out they were stolen. Investigate the noise that came from the Toy
    Factory. Walk up the ramps to the 2nd floor of the factory. Attack Lock, Shock,
    and Barrell until they are tired (no HP). Then use the reaction command to 
    knock the magic boxes on to them and trap them inside. Trapping them with too
    much remaining HP will allow them to escape quicker. Each of the three need to
    be trapped at the same time to win the battle. Go to Halloween town. There are
    Heartless in the town. Defeat them and retrieve the presents. Back to Christmas
    Town to talk to Santa. Go to the 2nd floor of the toy factory again to make
    some presents to use as bait. Talk to the elf for the Gift Wrapping game.
    Use the cannon to shoot toys into the empty boxes. Pressing triangle reloads
    the cannon. Shoot 100 toys into the boxes (the large boxes hold more toys). 
    Santa knows a good place to leave the presents, so ask him. Dr. Finklestein's
    experiment stole the presents. 
    The Experiment
    The experiment has a eye laser attack and a wind push attack. When unattached 
    its limbs will still attack. At times its body becomes like a top, use the 
    reaction command to spin it around and do damage to it (use its body against 
    itself). When the body is disconnected and spinning no attacks cause damage. 
    Wait for him to reconnect then hit him with some Drive/Limit.
    You receive the Decisive Pumpkin Keyblade for your trouble.
    Twilight Town has changed and a new world appears.
    W. The Pride Lands
    The hyenas say that Simba is a weak king. As Sora goes to investigate he sees
    the ghost of Scar. Talk to Simba about your discovery. Simba is in the King's 
    Den. Go talk to Rafiki to learn more about the ghost of Scar. Cross the 
    Savannah to the Elephant Graveyard. The Hyenas are there. Sora will fight them
    in the graveyard. They don't attack but just run from you. Press the dash to 
    chase them lock on and attack. The magnet spell can be somewhat helpful here
    too. Just keep chasing and attacking. Scars ghost scares Simba off. Sora,
    Donald, and Goofy go back to Pride Rock and talk to Nala and Rafiki. Pumbaa 
    says Simba is at the Oasis. Move through the Savannah to the Oasis to look for
    the Lion King. 
    As the battle start you don't have control of Sora's movements. He is moving 
    to avoid the giant Groundshaker. Use the reaction command to jump and then 
    press repeatedly to fend. This knocks him down so you can get in some attacks 
    (his eyes). The core is on the creatures back use the reaction command Leap 
    near its legs or head to access this area. Attack the core continually and
    use Simba's Limit when available. Peroidically, the core will knock you off to
    the ground. Just Leap back on and continue the attack. Access to its back will
    go away and you'll need to avoid being stomp or set on fire by the beast. 
    Attack the eyes whenever there is an opening. Another jump/fend sequence will 
    commence and you can gain access to its back again. This time however the core
    will disappear and reappear. When visible attack it using the limit. 
    X. Space Paranoids
    Back to Hollow Bastion one more time. Find Leon. Just outside of Merlin's house
    Sora and the gang have a battle with the Heartless. The MCP is using the data
    you found to create Heartless. Also, the town's defense system is working 
    against you instead of for you. Fight your way through the Bailey and toward
    the Postern. At the Postern, the Gullwings are present and provide you with a
    new Keyblade: the Gullwing. Go meet up with up with Leon in Ansem's study. Sora
    gets another new Keyblade: the Sleeping Lion. Access the computer and head to 
    Space Paranoids, Pit Cell. Use the computer in the Pit Cell to warp to the 
    Light Cycle. You catch up with Tron, help him out by killing the Heartless. Now
    its time to go to the I/O tower. Defeat the Heartless in the I/O Tower Hallway
    and proceed to the Communications Room. Go back into the hallway and straight 
    through the red door ahead. Move down the ramp and step onto the moving lights
    shaped in a diamond/square. You are now at the Solar Sailer Simulation. At the
    control panel press triangle to depart. The Solar Sailer becomes overloaded 
    with the Heartless on board. Destroy them to keep the ship flying. The weight 
    meter will let you know how you're doing. If it fills then game over and retry
    the mission. There are 2 rounds of Devastators, one to start and one to end. 
    From the begining use Knocksmash or Tron's Limit (I prefer Goofy's) to 
    eliminate the Devastators. Then just fight the next group of Heartless away. 
    For the last group use Knocksmash again to destroy the majority of the 
    Sark and MCP
    First up is Sark. He is not difficult at all. He has some friends around him. 
    There is no need to worry about them. He says Data Transfer and will teleport
    from one place to another. The only real attack I saw was some sort of energy 
    disk that he threw a couple of times. A limit and a few whacks from a Keyblade
    and Sark is history. The MCP brings Sark back to life and makes him a giant. 
    Sounds scary but it isn't. Attack each of his legs until he kneels, then attack
    his head. When he comes to he will smash at the ground so back away if you 
    want. Then repeat. Once Sark's HP is depleted attack the wall surrounding the 
    MCP. When you break through press triangle repeatedly to use the reaction 
    command Delete to deplete MCP's health. When the wall is spinning you can't 
    break it, stand back and wait for it to stop. Watch for the energy beams that
    shoot from the wall as it begins to spin. After, deleting the MCP about twice,
    Sark wakes up. Just repeat. 
    Hollow Bastion is now renamed Radiant Garden.
    When ever you feel like a challenge go to the Dark Depths of Radiant Garden
    to battle Sephiroth
    Y. Twilight Town
    This visit to Twilight town starts at the Train Station. From here head to the
    Old Mansion through the hole in the wall in Tram Common. The Underground 
    Concourse (the doors with the numbers you couldn't use before) is now also 
    available for quick travel through town. Hayner, Pence, and Olette have been
    beaten up. After Hayner's explanation, with Mickey at your side defeat the 
    Nobodies. Mickey has found Ansem (the real Ansem). Enter the Mansion. Go up the
    stairs and enter the door on the right (the Library). Move down the stairs and
    into the next door. Talk to Pence and tell him Sea-Salt Ice Cream. Use the 
    reaction Touch the Light to go to the other world. You are now in Roxas' 
    Twilight Town. Enter the next room and touch the orb in the corner. Defeat all
    the Nobodies and a cutscene occurs where Axel helps out. Fight with Axel and 
    defeat all the Nobodies. 
    You receive a new Keyblade: Bond of Flame.
    Z. The World That Never Was
    Move forward past where Donald and Goofy are standing. Initially at Fragment
    Crossing there seems to be an endless supply of Shadows. Kill them all (for
    experience) or just move past them down the street. After a cutscene where 
    you battle Roxas, Sora has arrived at Memory's Skyscraper. Get the chests and 
    go to the the next area (The Brink of Despair). Sora uses the Keyblade to 
    create a bridge to the castle. When you cross the bridge you end up in 
    Nothing's Call. Keep moving forward into Crooked Ascension and then Twilight's
    View. Past the save point and Moogle Shop there is a cut scene where Sora is 
    told he is no longer needed. Sora finally gets to see Kairi again. The next 
    time you have contol of Sora it is against Xigbar.
    He shoots lasers at you throughout the whole battle. At first he jumps far away
    and fires. Use the reaction command to return his fire. He will then jump down
    to where you are and continue to fire lasers. He is quick and moves about the 
    area fast. Use the Warp Snipe reaction as it appears. I hate to repeat myself 
    but the Knocksmash limit it very good here to seriously deplete Xigbar's HP. 
    Leave the Hall of Empty Melodies and go into Naught's Skyway. Fight your way 
    through the skyway into another Hall of Empty Melodies for a cutscene and hug 
    from Kairi. Save your game in Proof of Existence because in Havoc's Divide
    you will face Luxord.
    This battle is different from the ones you've had before. Walk into the blue
    light. The first thing you notice you will be alone in this battle. The second
    thing is that you are not depleting Luxord's health but his time. If Sora runs
    out of HP or time though the game is over and you retry. You start the battle
    as a die (he has trapped you in a cube). Try to manuever away from the cards
    he controls and stay after him. The control as a die is the O button to jump 
    around. It isn't easy but, eventually you break free and can use the keyblade.
    The reaction command Flip will turn over the cards he controls. Keep attacking.
    At times Luxord will enter one of his cards. Try to keep an eye on which card 
    he is in and Flip it for a quick combo (this becomes more difficult when he has
    more cards). If you get close to Luxord you can use the Begin Game reaction 
    command. Your Attack, Magic, Items, and Drive options become X's and O's. The 
    object is to get all O's by moving the cursor down. When the cursor is moved 
    the letter that remains is what you chose. If you are unable to make all O's
    you are transformed back into a die. 
    Return to Proof of Existence. A new portal has opened and this time you face 
    Lots of potions probably wouldn't be a bad idea here. He has a Berserk meter 
    that when full allows him to do just that; go berserk. In this state his 
    attacks are quick and hard to avoid. He dashes around with his weapon, creating
    energy fields that harm Sora. Using your own Berserk reaction command near the
    weapons he leaves behind can limit the damage done here. When Saix is no longer
    berserk use your favorite limit/drive to attack. Again Both of Goofy's limits 
    (Knocksmash and Whirli-Goof work well here). Back to proof of Existence.
    The main passage out of this area is open. After a cut scene, Riku joins the 
    party. Move up the ramps killing some enemies as you go and enter Ruin and
    Creation's Passage. There is no bridge so just jump (a path appears as you walk
    forward). When you get to the door swarms of Heartless invade the castle. 
    Suprisingly, Pete and Maleficent come to your aid so you can go fight Xemnas.
    To start its one-on-one, Sora vs. Xemnas. You are fighting in front of the 
    Memory Skyscraper. Xemnas will trap Sora in a transparent cube. When this 
    happens go to the front door of the skyscraper to Breakthrough the cube. 
    Sora will run up the skyscraper for Face Down/Clash reaction move. Xemnas has 
    dual blades that he atacks with (they look kind of like light sabres). He's 
    quick with his combos. When not attacking, he moves around in a black sphere. 
    While in the darkness no attacks will damage him. When coming from the sphere
    he will attack or create (and says) shield. The shield blocks Sora from getting
    close and Xemnas will burst through and attack. When he comes through the 
    shield jump and attack. Its easy to time and can allow you a long combo or 2
    consecutive combos. Well timed Guards (square) can block some of his sword 
    attacks but I found a well time jump easier and provides for a great attack
    Once Xemnas is defeated, a door appears. The other side of the door has the 
    final battle. Before moving forward save and go back to the other worlds to do 
    whatever you'd like (level up, mini-games, missing chests...). When you're 
    ready open the door.
    Move down the street and watch for the walls that come from the ground. Use 
    Sora's Slice command to cut a hole through them. Move forward and use reaction
    commands (Skyscraper) to jump from building to building. There are 3 meters 
    that appear on the screen: right cylinder, left cylinder and charge. Defeat 
    the enemies as they appear and use Stunt Dodge command to avoid the blast. Now
    you have to stop an energy core. Begin by attacking the core itself. It will 
    create a barrier that can only be released by destroying the enemies in the 
    room. Once their gone attack the core again. When the sheild comes back up more
    enemies appear but this time there is also an attack from above. When the core
    is stopped press triangle to Proceed. Now you face an armored fellow sitting
    on a throne attack him with out mercy using limits/drive. Sometimes he will
    swat you back but don't be discouraged, attack again. Not so fast, its not 
    quite over that easily. Eveyone leaves but Sora and Riku. The guys jump on a
    ship to face the Dragon like-form of Xemnas. Use O to absorb enemy shots and 
    increase your energy meter. In between energy absorbing throw in a few laser
    shots too using square. When you have enough energy you can use the Megalaser
    reaction command to shoot, well umm, a Megalaser. You will travel all the way
    around the Dragon doing the same thing, Absorb, laser, and Megalaser. This next 
    battle is similar to the one before with the guy on the throne. You can use
    O to jump continuously and square to glide. Get close to the throne and attack.
    If the shield comes up try to move back or go around/over it to attack. If 
    knocked into space get close to the buildings for reaction commands to return,
    not the ones coming at you but the stationary ones in the distance. Use O and
    square to jump and glide your way back to the ship. Try to avoid the buildings
    and lasers coming at you the best you can. Once destroyed, Xemnas is back again
    for the final battle. He's quick and fires lasers at you frequently. Use Riku's
    limit as much as possible. Xemnas has a lot of health and will be around a
    while, so watch that yours doesn't dip too low. (No one wants to start this 
    sequence again). After Xemnas has received major damage he grabs Sora in a 
    dark sphere. As Riku, reach and save Sora, using Jump (O), Dark Aura (square),
    and Attack (X). Xemnas will send doubles of himself after Riku. Defeat them 
    from a distance using Dark Aura and Attack if they get too close. When you get
    close to the real Xemnas use the reaction command Rescue to save Sora. Once 
    Sora is rescued continue to attack Xemnas. Once his HP is reduced even furhter
    he uses more lasers to attack. Your only way out is the reaction and attack
    commands (alternate pressing triangle and x repeatedly). If performed correctly
    a cut scene occurs where a double Keybladed Sora attacks. Riku and Sora then
    use the Keyblade to emit an energy beam at Xemnas. You're back in control of
    Sora run up to the defenseless Xemnas for the final blow. 
    Congratulations Kingdom Hearts has been saved.
    3. Olympus Tournaments
    After playing through Olympus and defeating the Hydra, if you return to the
    Underworld entrance tournaments (just like KH1) will be available. Just talk
    to Panic (the little blue guy) to enter.
    Pain and Panic Cup
    -Fight along side your friends
    -The drive gauge can't be used but limits consume less MP than usual.
    -No experience is gained
    -Tournament level 20
    The Cerberus Cup
    -A solo fight using Sora
    -The Drive guage fills faster and Sora can use drives alone.
    -No experience is gained.
    -Tournament level 28.
    The following tournaments are available by talking to Hades in his chamber
    The Paradox Battles: Pain and Panic
    -Fight alongside your friends
    -The Drive Gauge can't be used but limits consume less MP than usual
    -No experience is gained
    -Tournament level 60
    4. 100 Acre Wood
    A. Page Locations (these are acquired in chests throughout the game)
        -The Library at Disney Castle
        -Oasis at the Pride Lands
        -Crystal Fissure at Hollow Bastion
        -The Throne Room at the Land of the Dragons
        -The Tower in Agrabah (during the 2nd mission there)
    B. Pooh's Howse
       There is a map, an AP Boost, and a mythril stone in chests around his house.
       Sora is knocked out of the book, as the heartless steal pages from it. 
       Defeat the Heartless to keep them from stealing the entire book. Reenter the
       book to check on Pooh. How could he not no who Piglet is, they are best 
       For your trouble Merlin gives you a baseball charm to call for Chicken 
       Little when you need assistance. 
    C. Piglet's Howse
       Piglet has gotten himself stuck in a tree. Walk under him and press triangle
       to rescue him. He then gets caught in a breeze on this Windsday. In order to
       save Piglet you must clear the "A Blustery Rescue" game. Sora with Pooh on
       his back soars through the air on a balloon. Nuts, trees, and hunny pots 
       come your way. Hit the objects to bust them and accumulate points. If Pooh
       happens to fall use the reaction command to grab him. As you scroll to the
       end Piglet is visible. Use the reaction command to rescue him. The chests at
       Piglet's house contain a defense boost, an AP boost, and a mythril gem.
    D. Rabbit's Howse
       Pooh may not remeber everyone just because he is hungry. Find him some hunny
       and see if that jogs his memory. This mini-game is titled Hunny Slider. Just
       head for the finish line avoiding obstacles. If you lose Pooh, use triangle
       to rescue him. Make sure Pooh doesn't lose all his HP and this game is 
       cleared. If Pooh loses 10 lives you have to retry it.
    E. Kanga's Howse
       Tigger stole Pooh's medicine. Go to Tigger and ask for it back. Tigger has 
       an idea: Bouncing will make Pooh better. To clear Ballon Bounce pop 10 
       balloons. Use triangle on the trampoline to jump and on the balloons for a
       special bounce. 
    F. The Spooky Cave 
       When you're ready talk to Kanga to go find Pooh. This mini-game (The 
       Expotition) requires you to find Pooh as fast as you can. The whole gang
       comes along. Watch the Courage Gauge it goes down as they become lost and
       the longer they are in the cave. If it empties they panic, calm them by 
       staying close to them. There are three reaction commands, Forward March,
       Company Halt, and Settle Down. There use is obvious from their title.
    G. Starry Hill
       Pooh has a hunny pot stuck on his head. Go help that silly bear. Press 
       triangle to stop the Power Gauge and begin swinging. While swinging press
       triangle to choose the direction to send the pot flying.
    After completing the 100 Acre Wood you receive Orichalcum + and cure element.
    5. Atlantica 
    A. Introduction
       Sebastion is having a musical and needs your help. When you first arrive
       there is a tutorial to teach you swimming techniques. Then you have your 
       first musical challenge. All you have to do is press X when the gauge is in
       the bright yellow zone for an excellent or the organish zone for a good. 
       When you actually perform in the musical the objective is to receive as many
       gold notes as possible (Excellent +, Bad -).
    B. Part of Your World 
       When you have the Magnet Ability (received after defeating Oogie Boogie in
       Halloween Town) talk to Flounder and move the statue he showed you. Now you
       can perform in the next musical. The goal is to score five or more 
       excellents in a row. To make things even trickier the X and Triangle buttons
       are in use. Furthermore, a Good or a Bad ends the combo. Its not too 
       difficult, I was able to get Excellents on the first 5 gauges.
    C. Under the Sea
       The Drive Gauge has to be at least at 5 before you can continue to the next
       Atlantica section. Talk to Sebastion. This time Sora is trying to lift 
       Aeril's mood. Press square when the gauge shows Ariel to accomplish the
       task. Don't push square when Sebastian is on the gauge.
    D. Ursula's Revenge
       Return to Atlantica when you receive Magnera magic (from the Grim Reaper 
       battle at Port Royal) to retrieve the lost locket. Talk to Ariel to retrieve
       the locket. Trident's angered and destoys Ariel's statue. Ursula sees fit to
       try to take advantage of this situation. Talk to Sebastion to check on
       Ariel. Its time to battle Ursula. Press x rapidly and repeatedly to deplete
       her energy, when the purple gauge appears. The old gauge also appears 
       periodically, treat it as you have in the past sections (try to press X in 
       the yellow for excellents). 
       After Ursula' revenge your reward is the Mysterious Abyss Keyblade.
    E. A New Day is Dawning
       Thundaga magic is required to carry out Sebastian's idea. This magic is 
       acquired after defeating the Groundshaker in the 2nd go through of the Pride
       Lands. The goal this time is to achieve 30,000 points or more. All previous
       gauges appear this time, so be sure to push nothing when Sebastion appears
       on the gauge. 30,000 is pretty easy to get, so don't worry. 
    Blizzard element and Orichalcum + are your rewards for completing Atlantica.
    6. Weapons
    A. Keyblades (D=Description, A=Ability, HA=How Acquired, ST=Strength MG= Magic)
         1. Kingdom Key
                D: Increases defense at critical moments
                A: Defender
               HA: Sora/Roxas starts the game with this Keyblade
               ST: 3
               MG: 1
         2. Oathkeeper
               D: Enhances magic and increases the duration of a Drive Form
               A: Form Boost
              HA: In Twilight town after defeating the Pride Lands.
              ST: 3
              MG: 3
         3. Oblivion
               D: Has Great Strength, and allows the Drive Gauge to restore quickly
                  during MP Charge
               A: Drive Boost
              HA: After seeing Riku and Kairi in the Land that Never Was 
              ST: 6
              MG: 2
         4. Sweet Memories
               D: Although it does not enhance attack strength, it increases the 
                  drop rate of items.
               A: Lucky Lucky
              HA: Clear the Spooky Cave in 100 Acre Wood
              ST: 0
              MG: 0      
         5. Star Seeker
               D: Increases maximum combo by 1 when in midair
               A: Air Combo Plus
              HA: Receive when given Valor form by Yen Sid and the Fairy Godmothers
              ST: 3
              MG: 1
         6. Hidden Dragon
               D: Restores MP relative to the amount of damage taken
               A: MP Rage
              HA: Defeat Shan-Yu in the Land of the Dragons
              ST: 2
              MG: 2
         7. Hero's Crest
               D: Increases the damage of the finishing move in the air relative to
                  the number of hit in the combo
               A: Air Combo Boost
              HA: Defeat the Hydra at Olympus
              ST: 4
              MG: 0
         8. Monochrome
               D: Increases the effect of restoration items used on the field
               A: Item Boost
              HA: Defeat Pete at the Timeless River
              ST: 3
              MG: 2
         9. Follow the Wind
               D: Draws in nearby orbs
               A: Draw
              HA: Defeat Barbossa at Port Royal
              ST: 3
              MG: 1
        10. Circle of Life
               D: Has great strength, increasing MP restoration speed after MP is
               A: MP Haste
              HA: From Simba at the Oasis after trying to cheer him up
              ST: 4
              MG: 1
        11. Photon Debugger
               D: Increases damage done by thunder based attacks
               A: Thunder Boost
              HA: Defeat the Hostile Program in Space Paranoids and return to 
                  Hollow Bastion
              ST: 3
              MG: 2
        12. Gull Wing
               D: Greatly increases the amount of experience gained when defeating
                  an enemy at a critical moment
               A: Experience Boost
              HA: Return to the Postern and talk to the Gullwings
              ST: 3
              MG: 0
        13. Rumbling Rose
               D: Has great strength, allowing finishing combo moves to be 
                  unleashed successively
               A: Finishing Plus
              HA: After persuading Beast to join you the 2nd time at Beasts' Castle
              ST: 5
              MG: 0
        14. Guardian Soul
               D: Has great strength, increasing the amount of damage dealt from
                  Reaction Commands
               A: Reaction Boost
              HA: Defeat Hades at Olympus
              ST: 5
              MG: 1
        15. Bond of Flame
               D: Enhances magic to increase damage dealt by fire-based attacks
               A: Fire Boost
              HA: Defeat the Nobodies in Betwixt and Between with Axel's help
              ST: 4
              MG: 4
        16. Decisive Pumpkin
               D: The greater number of combos landed, the more damage is dealt, 
                  leading to a strong finishing move
               A: Combo Boost
              HA: Defeat the Experiment at Holloween Town
              ST: 6
              MG: 1
        17. Wishing Lamp
               D: Wishes come true by increasing the drop rate of munny, HP, and MP
               A: Jackpot
              HA: Defeat Jafar at Agrabah
              ST: 4
              MG: 3
        18. Mysterious Abyss
               D: Enhances magic to increase damage dealt by blizzard based attacks
               A: Blizzard Boost
              HA: Clear Ursula's revenge in Atlantica
              ST: 3
              MG: 3
        19. Sleeping Lion
               D: Well-balanced with strength and magic, increasing maximum ground-
                  based combos by 1
               A: Combo Plus
              HA: From Leon just before entering Space Paranoids the 2nd time
              ST: 5
              MG: 3
        20. Fatal Crest
               D: Increases strength during MP charge and allows unlimited chaining
                  of combos. When equipped, the combo finishing move is disabled.
               A: Berserk Charge
              HA: Clearing the Goddess of Fate Cup in Olympus 
              ST: 3
              MG: 5
        21. Ultima Weapon
               D: The Keyblade above all others, holding all power and will
                  increase MP restoration rate, once all MP has been consumed.
               A: MP Hastega
              HA: Synthesis (7 Orichalcum+, 1 Orichalcum, 1 Mythril Crystal, 1 
                  Dense Crystal, 1 Twilight crystal, 4 Serenity Crystal, 1 Energy
              ST: 6
              MG: 4
    B. Shields (Goofy)
         1. Knight's Shield
               D: A shield fit for a knight
               A: none
              HA: Goofy starts the game with this shield
              ST: 1
              MG: 0
         2. Adamant Shield
               D: A shield that excels in defense rather than strength. Blocks 
                  various attacks
               A: None
              HA: Purchase at Moogle shop for 100 Munny
              ST: 2
              MG: 0
         3. Falling Star
               D: A small easy to handle shield used soley for attacking.
               A: None
              HA: Purchase at Moogle shop for 200 munny
              ST: 3
              MG: 0
         4. Chain Gear
               D: A large shiled that blocks various attacks. Can also be used for
               A: None
              HA: Purchase at Moogle shop for 400 munny
              ST: 3
              MG: 0
         5. Dreamcloud
               D: A shield with great strength used soley for attacking
               A: None
              HA: Purchase at Moogle shop for 600 munny
              ST: 4
              MG: 0
         6. Ogre Shield
               D: A shield with great strength that also blocks various attacks. 
                  Defense will increase in critical situations
               A: Defender
              HA: Treasure chest in the Land of Dragons Throne Room
              ST: 5
              MG: 0
         7. Genji Shield
               D: A shield with great strength and defense. Increases the drop rate
                  of items.
               A: Lucky Lucky
              HA: Clear the Titan Cup at Olympus
              ST: 6
              MG: 0
         8. Nobody Guard
               D: A shield with great strength. Quickly revives wielder when fallen
                  and restores a lot of their HP
               A: Hyper Healing
              HA: Pick up item dropped by Gambler 
              ST: 8
              MG: 0
         9. Akashic Record
               D: A shield with great strength. Increases MP restoration speed when
                  all MP is consumed.
               A: MP Haste
              HA: Pick up item dropped by Bookmaster  
              ST: 8
              MG: 0
    C. Staffs (Donald)
        1. Mage's Staff
               D: A staff fit for magic.
               A: None
              HA: Donald begins the game with this staff.
              ST: 1
              MG: 1    
        2. Comet Staff
               D: A staff used for its strength and magic, inspired by the stars.
               A: None
              HA: Purchase at Moogle shop for 200 munny
              ST: 2
              MG: 2
        3. Hammer Staf
               D: A staff used for its strength
               A: None
              HA: Purchase at Moogle shop for 100 munny
              ST: 2
              MG: 1
        4. Victory Bell
               D: A staff used to increase strength. Also increases magic.
               A: None
              HA: Purchase at Moogle shop for 400 munny
              ST: 3
              MG: 2 
        5. Lord's Broom
               D: A staff used to increase strength and magic
               A: None
              HA: Purchase at Moogle shop for 600 munny
              ST: 3
              MG: 3
        6. Rising Dragon
               D: A staff with great strength and magic. Increases the effect of 
                  restoration items used on the field.
               A: Item Boost
              HA: Clear the Cerberus Cup at Olympus
              ST: 4
              MG: 4
        7. Save the Queen
               D: A staff with colassal magic and strength. Quickyl revives weilder
                  when fallen, and retores much of their HP.
               A: Hyper Healing
              HA: Find the Queen's Recipe and synthesize using 1 Orchalcum, 3 Dense
                  Crystals, 5 Dense Gems, 7 Dense Stones, and 9 Dense Shards
              ST: 5
              MG: 6
    7. Jiminy's Journal
    Completing a lot of Jiminy's Journal is easy. Visiting (and clearing) each 
    world will provide a lot of Mickey stamps (when a title under the journal is 
    stamped with the seal of King Mickey it means that portion of the journal is 
    A. Ansem Reports
    1. After clearing the 1000 Heartless challenge and leaving Hollow Bastion
    2. Obtained from Mickey at the Twilight Town Train Station
    3. Defeat Xigbar in the Land That Never Was
    4. Defeat Xaldin at Beast's Castle
    5. Defeat Demyx's creations in Olympus
    6. Port Royal 2, after the Grim Reaper battle
    7. Clear (with Leon's help) the battle at the Bailey in Hollow Bastion.
    8. After your meeting with the man in black near the begining of the final area
    9. Defeat Luxord in The Land That Never Was
    10. Entering, as Sora, Roxas' Twilight Town
    11. After Riku joins the party in The Land That Never Was
    12. Defeat Saix in The Land That Never Was
    13. Defeat Xemnas just before the final battle(s)   
    B. Character Files
    This is just a description and picture of each of the characters in the game.
    Playing through each of the worlds will provide a Mickey stamp for this 
    C. The Heartless
    Each Heartless that Sora faces in battle is listed here. There is a description
    and picture of the enemy. You can also find out how many of each type of 
    Heartless you killed during the game. This information is listed at the top
    just under the Heartless' name (Ex: Slain 987).
    D. The Nobodies
    Similar to the Heartless section, this area of the journal includes a
    description and picture of each Nobody encountered. You can also see how many
    of each Nobody you killed.
    E. Story
    There is a story for each world entered. Progression in the world unlocks more
    of the story. Completion of the world reveals the entire story for that world.
    F. Treasures
    I was going to type a description of all the Treasure sites but there is a 
    FAQ up that does this. So, I'll just refer you to it for now. 
    G. Maps
    The maps are acquired via game progression and opening chests. The chests (as
    mentioned) above are describe in a FAQ on  this site.
    H. Missions
    A. Twilight Town
    1. Mail Delivery
         a. Try again
         b. Complete withing 14 seconds
    2. Cargo Climb
         a. Try again
         b. Complete within 15 seconds
    3. Grandstander 
         a. Try again
         b. Copmlete with 100 or more points
    4. Poster Duty
         a. Try again
         b. Complete within 30 seconds
    5. Bumble Buster
         a. Try again
         b. Complete within 10 seconds
    6. Junk Sweep
         a. Try again
         b. Complete with less than 6 points
    7. The Struggle: Hayner
         a. Give it a try
         b. Win by a margin of 100 or more points
    8. The Struggle: Setzer (to fight Setzer you must defeat Hayner 10 times)
         a. Give it a try
         b. Win with 150 or more points
    9. The Struggle: Seifer (to fight Seifer defeat Hayner and Setzer 10 times)
         a. Give it a try
         b. Win with 200 points
    10. SB Street Rave (talk to the lady in front of Wantz's Item Shop (Market St))
         a. Give it a try
         b. Finish with 1000 points or more
    B. Radiant Garden (Hollow Bastion)
    1. Meet the three girls again (just return to the Postern where you will also
        acquire the Gullwing Keyblade)
    2. Meet Sephiroth again
          Sephiroth is in the Dark Depths, an area just past where you fought the
          1000 Heartless battle.
    3. SB Freestlye (talk to Scrooge McDuck)
        a. Give it a try
        b. Finish with 200 or more points 
            TIP: This isn't difficult. At the stairway where you begin, there are
                 two great places to grind. Just grind back and forth from one 
                 side to the other doing a trick or two while in the air. 200 
                 points will accumulate in no time.
    C. Olympus Coliseum
    1. Phil's Training
        a. Try Practice mode
        b. Try Maniac Mode
        c. Complete with a score of 1000 or more points
    2. The Underdrome: Pain and Panic
        a. Give it a try
        b. Win with a score of 2000 or more
    3. The Underdrome: Cerberus
        a. Give it a try
        b. Win with a score of 1000 or more
    4. The Underdrome: Titan
        a. Give it a try
        b. Win with a score of 5000 or more
    5. The Underdrome: Goddess of Fate
        a. Give it a try
        b. Win with a score of 3000 or more
    6. The Paradox Battles: Pain and Panic
        a. Give it a try
        b. Win with a score of 2500 or more
    D. Agrabah
    1. Redo the Cave of Wonders: Chasm Challenges
          If you were able to complete this easily during the playthrough of this
          world then this should not be difficult at all.
    2. Magic Carpet 
        In the back of the ruined chamber there is a switch you can touch to 
        activate this mini-game. It is basically a replay of your escape from this
        area earlier in the game.
        a. Try again
        b. Finish with a score of 65 or more
    3. SB Sand Slider
        a. Give it a try
        b. Finish with 10 or more points
    E. 100 Acre Wood
    1. A Blustery Rescue
        a. Try again
        b. Finish with a score of 18000 or more
    2. Hunny Slider
        a. Try again
        b. Finish with a score of 8000 or more
    3. Balloon Bounce
        a. Try again
        b. Finish with a score of 2000 or more
    4. The Expotition
        a. Try again
        b. Finish within 90 seconds
    5. The Hunny Pot
        a. Try again
        b. Finish with a score of 8000 or more
    F. Atlantica
    1. Perform "Swim This Way" again
    2. Perform "Part of Your World" again
    3. Perform "Under the Sea" again
    4. Perform "Ursula's Revenge" again
    5. Perform "A New Day is Dawning" again
    G. Halloween Town
    1. Gift Wrapping
        a. Try again
        b. Finish with a score of 150 or more
    2. SB Workshop Rave
        a. Give it a try
        b. Finish with 1000 or more points
    H. Port Royal
    1. SB Time attack
        a. Give it a try 
        b. Finish within 40 seconds
    I. Space Paranoids
    1. Light Cycle
        a. Try again
        b. Finish with 30 points or more              
    I. Combo Attacks
    -Donald/Flare Force
    -Goofy/Twister Fusion
    -Beast/Howling Moon
    -Aladdin/Trick Fantasy
    -Jack/Applause, Applause
    -Jack Sparrow/Treasure Isle
    -Simba/King's Pride
    -Tron/Complete Compliment
    -Riku/Eternal Session
    -Sora/Trinity Limit
    -Peter Pan/Never Land
    -Chicken Little/FPS Mode
    -"Valor" Genie/Sonic Rave
    -"Wisdom" Genie/Strike Raid
    -"Master" Genie/Final Arcana
    -"Final" Genie/Infinity
    J. Synthesis Notes
    -Moogle Level
    -Types of materials obtained 50/50
    -Complete collection lists 50/50
    -Synthesized Recipes 45/45
    The information below was aquired directly from the List section at any Moogle
    the reward for a check mark is in ()
    -Get 1 type of Material (Elixer)
    -Get 5 types of Materials (Free Development)
    -Get 10 types of Materials (High Drive Recovery)
    -Get 15 types of Materials (Megalixer)
    -Get 20 types of Materials (Free Development 2)
    -Get 25 types of Materials (AP Boost)
    -Get 30 types of Materials (Defense Boost)
    -Get 35 types of Materials (Power Boost)
    -Get 40 types of Materials (Magic Boost)
    -Get 45 types of Materiasl (Orichalcum)
    -Get all Materials (Orichalcum+)
    -Obtain total amount of 50 or more (Serenity Shard)
    -Obtain total amount of 100 or more (Serenity Shard)
    -Obtain total amount of 250 or more (Serenity Gem)
    -Obtain total amount of 500 or more (Serenity Crystal)
    -Obtain total amount of 1000 or more
    -Obtain all dense materials (Serenity Gem)
    -Obtain all twilight materials (Serenity Crystal)
    -Obtain all mythril Materials (AP Boost)
    -Obtain all bright Materials (Defense Boost)
    -Obtain all energy Materials (Power Boost)
    -Obtain all energy Materials (Power Boost)
    -Obtain all serenity Materials (Magic Boost)
    -Obtain all rank C Materials (Serenity Shard)
    -Obtain all rank B Materials (Serenity Stone)
    -Obtain all rank A materials (Serenity Gem)
    -Obtain all Rank S Materials (Serenity Crystal)
    -Obtain 30 or more Blazing Shards (Sell at shop)
    -Obtain 25 or more Blazing Stones (Sell at shop)
    -Obtain 20 or more Blazing Gems (Sell at shop)
    -Obtain 30 or more Frost Shards (Sell at shop)
    -Obtain 25 or more Frost Stones (Sell at shop)
    -Obtain 20 or more Frost Gems (Sell at shop)
    -Obtain 30 or more Lightning Shards (Sell at shop)
    -Obtain 25 or more Lightning Stones (Sell at shop)
    -Obtain 20 or more Lightning gems(Sell at shop)
    -Obtain 30 or more Lucid Shards (Sell at shop)
    -Obtain 25 or more Lucid Stones (Sell at shop)
    -Obtain 20 or more Lucid Gems (Sell at shop)
    -Obtain 30 or more Power Shards (Sell at shop)
    -Obtain 25 or more Power Stones (Sell at shop)
    -Obtain 20 or more Power Gems (Sell at shop)
    -Obtain 30 or more Dark Shards (Sell at shop)
    -Obtain 25 or more Dark Stones (Sell at shop)
    -Obtain 20 or more Dark Gems (Sell at shop)
    -Obtian 30 or more Dense Shards (Sell at shop)
    -Obtain 25 or more Dense Stones (Sell at shop)
    -Obtain 20 or more Dense Gems (Sell at shop)
    -Obtain 30 or more Twilight Shards (Sell at shop)
    -Obtain 25 or more Twilight Stones (Sell at shop)
    -Obtain 20 or more Twilight Gems (Sell at shop)
    K. Character Links
    Character links are finished as the game proceeds. When you meet a new 
    character a link is created. The characters include in this part of the journal
    -Ansem the Wise
    -King Mickey
    -Donald Duck
    8. Legalities
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, 
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed 
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other 
    web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a 
    violation of copyright.
    E-mail: oldschoolwv312@yahoo.com
    Copyright 2005 Jason Fryer a.k.a oldschool312

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