Where is every Orichalcum+?

  1. I want to synthesize the Ultima weapon, but I am having trouble finding all of the Orichalcum+s. Where are they?

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    lizzie1238 - 7 years ago
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Accepted Answer

  1. Chests
    ---Space Paranoids - Central Computer Mesa - It's one of those box-looking things, with the keyhole-shaped lock on it, that's sitting blatantly out in the open if you cannot find it.
    ---Twilight Town - Sunset Terrace - On one of the rooftops, near the moving trolley car, is a chest. You cannot get this as Roxas, only as Sora.
    ---The World That Never Was - The Brink of Despair - turn left while facing the Castle That Never Was and standing at the edge of the light bridge. Rotate to see what Sora is facing to find the chest.

    ---100 Acre Wood - Go to Starry Hill after Pooh gets his memory of Sora back. Help Pooh get the Hunny Pot off of his head to get this. Think of the minigame like a hammer throw, 100 Acre Wood style.
    ---Atlantica - Clear the song "A New Day is Dawning." You'll use all of the button tricks and gimmicks from the first 4 songs in this one (you'll need 30,000 points to win according to ElectroSpecter)
    ---Olympus Coliseum - Win the Goddess of Fate Cup. Don't let the easy opponents fool you as each round has random conditions you must fight under (cannot use Summons, Sora is alone, Rocks fall periodically, timed rounds, win with so many orbs left, multiple of the previous conditions, etc.).

    ---Give at least one of every material to the Synthesis Moogles for the Orichalcum+, leave their shop, and re-enter to give them the material.

    To Synth the Ultima Weapon (which requires 13 Orichalcum+) you'll need to add an Energy Crystal to halve the materials since the game only has 7 Orichalcum+ to obtain.

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Other Answers

  1. That may be the nicest answer to this oft-repeated question to date, Kraleck. Very nice, indeed. (Ya read the list so often, it's hard not to become a connoisseur, y'know?) Me, I point (and mention the Search Questions field).

    UltimaterializerX's Bestiary/Synthesis Guide is the best source for info if more help with synthesizing Ultima Weapon is needed.

    ElectroSpecter's walkthrough includes a section full of excellent recommendations for finding missing materials.

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  2. Yeah, I tend to snap at people after I have answered the same question 20 times, falconesque. I'm nice enough to answer them for the first 10 then redirect to the same questions for the next 10, but 21+ is pushing their luck..

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