Where is curaga?

  1. I have been playing forever. i'm at lv 99 but i can't find the ****ing curaga! could someone please please tell me where it is? MatrixBoy42 - 12 years ago - report
  2. Did you beat all of the worlds? Joshsonic26 - 12 years ago - report
  3. Well i haven't gotten third keyhole thing on hollow bastion. Not sure how to get it. And where is this "library" anyway? i can't find it. MatrixBoy42 - 12 years ago - report
  4. Where do you fight with cloud in hollow bastion? MatrixBoy42 - 12 years ago - report

Top Voted Answer

  1. Cure Elements
    -Defeat the Dark Thorn at Beast's Castle.
    -Area after you fight alongside Cloud in Hollow Bastion.
    -Complete the Hunny Pot minigame in the 100 Acre Wood (5th Torn Page).

    You probably need the 3rd one, so land in Hollow Bastion - Merlin's House and look around inside for Pooh's Storybook (on a desk next to the bed on the opposite side of the bookshelf from Cid's computer).

    Torn Pages are found in:
    -Hollow Bastion - Crystal Fissure
    -Agrabah - Ruined Chamber
    -Land of Dragons - Throne Room
    -Pride Lands - Oasis
    -Disney Castle - Library
    ...I'm almost positive you can land in each location listed here.
    Kraleck (Expert) - 12 years ago - report 3   0


  1. in addition to your added detail; the library is located in Disney Castle, where you first meet the Queen. Sayuri_onee_san - 12 years ago - report 1   0
  2. You fight with Cloud as a temporary ally after defeating Demyx at Hollow Bastion. When Tifa, Leon, Yuffie, and Cloud aid you through the winding canyon on the way to the 1000 Heartless fight, Cloud is the last to help.

    If you have Cura, you've already done this since 3 Torn Pages (Hollow Bastion, Agrabah, Land of Dragons) are only accessible after this point.
    Kraleck (Expert) - 12 years ago - report 1   1
  3. I'm sure you already have Cura, so you need to complete 100 Acre Wood to upgrade it into Curaga chaosr1d3r - 12 years ago - report 0   0
  4. Dude what you need to do is fight bosses. you know certin battles,certin places + certin bosses. it depends on your bonus L.V. trust me its your bonus L.V. that you can get curaga. slycooper94 - 12 years ago - report 0   1
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