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Mini-FAQ by hyuga

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 05/11/2004

Phantasy Star: Generation 1 (Sega Ages 2500 Volume 1)
MiniFAQ - Version 1.0 (May 11, 2004)


Copyright (C) 2004 Omar Pérez (hyugafaqs@yahoo.com)
All rights reserved.
This FAQ should only be available at www.gamefaqs.com, please notify
the author if you see this elsewhere.

Special Thanks:

1. Alex Fraioli (alex[at]crunkgames.com) - for his excellent
FAQ/Walkthrough for the original Sega Master System release,
especially the maps.

2. David Su (bokotempo[at]hotmail.com) - for the excellent translation of
menus and items in his FAQ for this game. I can only read katakana and some
hiragana, so this was of great help.

3. Ill-intent (andrew[at]ill-intent.com) - Palma Key (see below).

Version Information:

Version 0.1 - March 17, 2004
 > New

Version 0.2 - April 21, 2004
 > Added item locations

Version 1.0 - May 11, 2004
 > Walkthrough all the way to the end


After waiting more than 6 months after the release of PSG1, there was still
no firm release date for the translated North American release. I opted to
start playing the Japanese version that was sitting gathering dust for a long
time. I am looking forward to the English release, but right now I do not
expecting to see a domestic release at all. I've seen this happen too many

I thought playing this remake would be a straightforward experience and that
with the help of a FAQ from the original game, I should be able to complete
the game. I guess I was wrong. I started documenting a few things that where
not obvious in order to make it easier on other players. Since I started this
FAQ a few hours into the game, I am missing the location of a few items and
the level you can learn a spell. Also, I'm still playing the game, so I hope
to update this when I have new information. Feel free to send me comments and
corrections, especially since this is my first FAQ.  :-)


Q1: What is that horrible sound when entering and exiting houses?
A1: I am as baffled as you are…

Q2: What are the main differences between the original Sega Master System
release and the new remake for Playstation 2?
A2: The game was completely remade with new graphics, music, and sound. More
background story was added. Dungeons now have more items. Because so many
years have gone by, it seems inflation has really hit the Algol System hard.
Everything cost several orders of magnitude more, but the amount of meseta
you receive is higher too.

Also, PSG1 is different from the original PS in that it requires you to talk
to people in a certain sequence in order for an item to become available or
an event to happen. If you cannot read Japanese, this process can be very

Q3: How do I obtain the "roadpass"?

This has been the most frustrating part of the game for me. In order to
obtain the roadpass, you will need to talk to many people in Camineet,
Parolit, and Shion. Make sure you talk to the police guarding the entrance
to the spaceport, Kisu (NE house in Parolit), Uso (SW street Camineet), and
Arumu(SW house in Parolit). You will have to talk to the same people
multiple times. I do not know the specific order, but I will certainly love
to find out. You can go to Scion and enter the items shop. Try your luck by
talking to the shopkeeper to see if he is selling an item at the bottom of
the list for 600 meseta. If he does, try to purchase this item, and after the
seller refuses to sell it three times, he will sell the roadpass to you.

Q4: How do I obtain the "Barutebo key"?
A4: Talk to the person in the northeast most house after Luveno mentions

Q5: How do I obtain "Tajima's Key"?
A5: After obtaining the Mirror Shield, talk to the motavian in the southwest
corner of Sopia. He will mention the key. Then, use the consult feature (L1
button) and after a long conversation, Lutz will say thanks and you will
automatically get the key.

Q6: How do I obtain the "Palma Key"?
A6: After defeating Tajima, using consult, Miau will mention "Garingu" in
Barutebo. Go to the northeast house and talk to "Garingu". He will mention
that the key is in a tree within the town. Search the tree to the left of the
southern entrance to Barutebo.
**NOTE: Thanks to ill-intent for the information on where the Palma Key is
located in Barutebo.  :-)

Q7: Is this game easier than the original release?
A7: Yes, for the most part, it is. With all the backtracking, you might argue
that it is more tedious, but not more difficult. The dungeons to obtain the
Laconian weapons are still challenging, especially if played without a map.
If you wish to add to the difficulty level, try playing it in Japanese if
you cannot read it.  :-)

Level spells are gained:

The "?" are because I did not note the information down.

Arisa / Alis
L1  - ------------------------, Hi-ru (Heal), Rakusuta (Escape)
L2  - HP+5, MP+3, +2+2+2+2+2+2
L3  - HP+5, MP+3, +2+2+2+2+3+2, Fureeri (Fire)
L4  - HP+5, MP+3, +2+3+2+2+2+2
L5  - HP+5, MP+3, +3+2+2+2+3+2
L6  - HP+6, MP+3, +2+3+2+2+2+2
L7  - HP+5, MP+3, +2+2+2+3+2+2
L8  - HP+6, MP+4, +3+3+2+2+3+3, Kyuara (Cure)
L16 - HP+?, MP+?, +?+?+?+?+?+?, Torupa (Teleport)
L20 - HP+?, MP+?, +?+?+?+?+?+?, Hipunosu (Sleep)
L43 - HP+6, MP+5, +3+3+4+4+4+3
L44 - HP+8, MP+8, +4+4+3+3+3+3
L45 - HP+7, MP+6, +3+4+3+4+4+4
L46 - HP+8, MP+5, +4+3+3+3+4+3
L47 - HP+8, MP+6, +3+4+4+3+3+3
L48 - HP+7, MP+5, +4+3+3+4+4+3
L49 - HP+8, MP+6, +3+4+3+3+4+3
L50 - HP+8, MP+6, +4+4+4+4+4+4
L51 - HP+7, MP+5, +3+3+3+3+3+3
L52 - HP+8, MP+6, +3+4+3+3+4+3
L53 - HP+7, MP+5, +4+3+3+4+4+3
L54 - HP+8, MP+6, +3+4+4+3+3+3
L55 - HP+8, MP+5, +4+3+3+3+4+3
L56 - HP+7, MP+6, +3+4+3+4+4+4
L57 - HP+8, MP+5, +4+4+3+3+3+3
L58 - HP+8, MP+6, +3+3+$+4+4+3
L59 - HP+7, MP+6, +4+4+3+3+4+3
L60 - HP+8, MP+5, +3+3+3+3+3+3

Miau / Myau
L16 - HP+?, MP+?, +?+?+?+?+?+?, Furo-ze (Freeze)
L17 - HP+?, MP+?, +?+?+?+?+?+?, Suruto (Exit)
L18 - HP+?, MP+?, +?+?+?+?+?+?, Muwa-ra (Magic Shield)
L20 - HP+?, MP+?, +?+?+?+?+?+?, Pauma (Power)
L22 - HP+?, MP+?, +?+?+?+?+?+?, Rahi-ru (Heal-all)
L36 - HP+?, MP+?, +?+?+?+?+?+?, Rafuro-ze (Freeze-2)
L43 - HP+7, MP+7, +4+3+3+5+6+5
L44 - HP+6, MP+7, +3+3+4+5+5+5
L45 - HP+7, MP+6, +4+3+3+5+5+6
L46 - HP+6, MP+7, +4+3+4+5+5+5
L47 - HP+7, MP+7, +3+3+3+5+6+5
L48 - HP+6, MP+6, +4+3+4+5+5+5
L49 - HP+7, MP+7, +4+3+3+5+5+5
L50 - HP+7, MP+7, +4+3+4+6+6+6
L51 - HP+6, MP+6, +3+2+3+5+5+5
L52 - HP+7, MP+7, +4+3+3+5+5+5
L53 - HP+6, MP+6, +4+3+4+5+5+5
L54 - HP+7, MP+7, +3+3+3+5+6+5
L55 - HP+6, MP+7, +4+3+4+5+5+5
L56 - HP+7, MP+6, +4+3+3+5+5+6
L57 - HP+6, MP+7, +3+3+4+5+5+5
L58 - HP+7, MP+7, +4+3+3+5+6+5
L59 - HP+7, MP+6, +4+2+4+5+5+5
L60 - HP+6, MP+7, +3+3+3+5+5+5

Tairon / Odin
L43 - HP+10, +6+4+3+4+4+3
L44 - HP+9 , +5+4+2+3+3+3
L45 - HP+10, +5+5+3+3+3+3
L46 - HP+9 , +5+4+2+3+3+2
L47 - HP+10, +6+4+2+4+4+3
L48 - HP+9 , +5+4+3+3+3+3
L49 - HP+10, +5+4+2+3+3+3
L50 - HP+10, +6+5+3+4+4+3
L51 - HP+9 , +5+4+2+3+3+2
L52 - HP+10, +5+4+2+3+3+3
L53 - HP+9 , +5+4+3+3+3+3
L54 - HP+10, +6+4+2+4+4+3
L55 - HP+9 , +5+4+2+3+3+2
L56 - HP+10, +5+5+3+3+3+3
L57 - HP+9 , +5+4+2+3+3+3
L58 - HP+10, +6+4+3+4+4+3
L59 - HP+10, +5+4+2+3+3+3
L60 - HP+9 , +5+4+2+3+3+2

Lutz / Noah
(I got him at level 20)
L22 - HP+?, MP+?, +?+?+?+?+?+?, Gifureeri (Flare-2)
L22 - HP+?, MP+?, +?+?+?+?+?+?, Sairensu (Silence)
L26 - HP+?, MP+?, +?+?+?+?+?+?, Rahi-ru (Heal-all)
L28 - HP+?, MP+?, +?+?+?+?+?+?, Gihiyu-n (Whirl-2)
L32 - HP+?, MP+?, +?+?+?+?+?+?, Gitandore (Thunder-2)
L43 - HP+7, MP+8, +2+3+6+4+4+4
L44 - HP+8, MP+7, +3+4+5+5+4+3
L45 - HP+7, MP+8, +2+3+5+4+5+4
L46 - HP+7, MP+7, +3+4+5+5+4+4
L47 - HP+7, MP+8, +2+3+6+4+4+3
L48 - HP+7, MP+7, +3+4+5+5+4+4
L49 - HP+7, MP+8, +2+3+5+4+4+4
L50 - HP+8, MP+8, +3+4+6+5+5+4
L51 - HP+7, MP+7, +2+3+5+4+4+3
L52 - HP+7, MP+8, +2+3+5+4+4+4
L53 - HP+7, MP+7, +3+4+5+5+4+4
L54 - HP+7, MP+8, +2+3+6+4+4+3
L55 - HP+7, MP+7, +3+4+5+5+4+4
L56 - HP+7, MP+8, +2+3+5+4+5+4
L57 - HP+8, MP+7, +3+4+5+5+4+3
L58 - HP+7, MP+8, +2+3+6+4+4+4
L58 - HP+7, MP+8, +3+4+5+5+4+4
L60 - HP+7, MP+7, +2+3+5+4+4+3
.............................., Muo-de (Open), gained in Epi (below)


General tips:

1. Talk to everyone! This is especially important if you cannot read
Japanese. In order to trigger events and locate items, most of the time
you need to talk to someone first.

2. Use the consult feature by pressing the L1 button. This can also trigger
events that will move the story forward.

If you use the "consult" feature, Arisa will mention "Nekise." Go to his
house located in the northwest corner of town. He will give you the
Laconian Pot.

Go west into the building next to your house. There is nothing right now in
the left corridor, so just grab the 2,000 meseta at the end of the main
corridor. With the money in hand, it is time to shop for defensive gear. Go
to the shops located in a large building in the middle of the city. Buy both
the leather shield (150 meseta) and the leather clothes (320 meseta). Just in
case, buy a few colas (50 meseta) from the shopkeeper right of the armory.
Remember to get the Laconian Pot from the person in the northwestern most
house. Before heading out, remember to talk to everyone in the city. Save
your game and go outside.

*A6 - 2000 meseta

Just a few steps southwest of Camineet is Parolit. There is not much to do
here right now. Talk to everyone. Make sure you talk to the person in the
house at the northeast most corner of town. He will mention the roadpass.

Area Monsters:
Monster Fly
Wing Eye
Man Eater
Pa Rabbii

Scion is located to the east. On your way there, you should fight Monster
Flies to level up. It is a good idea to enter Scion and buy the Iron
Sword (430 meseta) to make fighting easier. With it, Monster Flies become
one-hit kills.

Brenda (near entrance) mentions Epi and the compass.
Rebaato (around center) talks about the robot police in Toriada prision.
Rirumoo (southeast house) talks about the Iara cave.

Once you have gained a few levels and have the roadpass, head over to the
space port.

Paruma Spaceport

Buy the passport and head to Motavia.


Naula Cave

Buy the shortcake.

Basement 2:
*F7 - 4,000 mesetas

Basement 3:
*A3 - "WADDO" Shield (?)
*F3 - Shortcake for sale (280 meseta)

Maharu Cave

Floor 1:
*A14 - RE-ZA-GAN (?)
*N14 - 1,000 mesetas

Basement 2:
*J3 - 2,000 mesetas
*K14 - Monomate

Toriada Prison

*J5 - Silver Tusk
*F14 - Light Cape (exploding trap)

Tunnel to Loar

*A7 - "RAIRERU" (?)
*H3 - Ceramic Sword
*N10 - 3,000 mesetas
*N12 - 4,000 mesetas

Passage to Dr. Mad

As opposed to the original version of the game, this dungeon has random

*C9 - 10,000 mesetas (exploding trap)
*J12 - 15,000 mesetas (exploding trap)

Casba Cave

Basement 1:
After coming up from Basement 2, walk through the wall on the first right to
obtain 5,000 mesetas.

Basement 2:
*F7 - 10,000 mesetas
*J7 - 5,000 mesetas
*N12 - 9,000 mesetas (fight with Blue Dragon)

Drasgow Dungeon

This dungeon has random encounters, but at a very low rate. The original
game did not have encounters in this dungeon.

Gas Shield Cave

*C10 - 5,000 mesetas
*J11 - 20,000 mesetas
*N11 - The merchant tries to sell each mask for 72,000 meseta, that's 288,000
total (4 masks). Keep talking to him, and eventually he'll ask for a burger
(ruoginin). Give him the burger and he will lower the price to 7,200 total.
I guess he was really hungry...


Obtaining the Mirror Shield requires more than the 400 meseta in the original

The old motavian will charge 2,000 mesetas for information about the
Palma Key (Paruma no kagi), then 3,000 for information about the Perseus
Shield/Mirror Shield (Peruseusu no tate), and then 5,000 mesetas for
information about the location of the Mirror Shield. You will have to
pay him a total of 10,000 mesetas in order to find the shield in the
nearby island.


Tajima's Cave

*A14 - Coka (Perori-meito)
*N1  - Burger (Ruoginin)
*N14 - Ice Crystal (Furo-ze Kurisutaru)

Basement 1:
*A3 - Burger (Ruoginin)
*A6 - 1,000 mesetas (exploding trap)
*I8 - Flash (Sa-chiraito)

Basement 2:
*A6  - 1,000 mesetas (exploding trap)
*A14 - 5,000 mesetas (BLING BLING)
*N1  - 1,000 mesetas (spear trap)
*N9  - 1,000 mesetas (exploding trap)

Medusa's Tower

Basement 1:
*A2  - Burger
*F11 - 1,000 mesetas
*H2  - Flash
*H11 - Escaper
*L7  - 500 (exploding trap)
*N7  - 1,000 mesetas

Floor 1:
*C15 - Cola
*E2  - 2,000 mesetas
*J2  - <REMOVED>
*M15 - 10 meseta (exploding trap)

Floor 2:
*C6  - 500 mesetas (spear trap)
*M3  - 1,000 mesetas

Floor 3:
*C7 - 3,000 mesetas
*I14 - 2,000 mesetas

Floor 4:
*E10 - 5,000 mesetas
*I6  - <NOTHING>
*I8  - 10,000 mesetas (spear trap)

Floor 5:
*F10 - fight with 2 "Gaia" (Blue Golem) (no special treasure)

Floor 7:
*B10 - Fight with 2 Marauders and 1 "Gaia" (no special treasure)
*H10 - fight with Medusa (Laconian Axe)

Abion Tower

Head east from Shion to an island with a tower. You will need the Palma key
for the doors inside the tower.

Floor 1:
*J5 - 1,000 mesetas

Floor 2:
*L14 - <NOTHING>

Floor 3:
*I4  - 1,000 mesetas (spear trap)
*J14 - 500 mesetas (exploding trap)
*N14 - <NOTHING>

Floor 4:
*K3 - 2,000 mesetas

Floor 5:
*A1 - 3,000 mesetas
*J10 - Red Dragon:
HP     1,219
EX     9,500
MESETA 5,000
ITEM   Laconian Sword


Fight the flies for an easy battle. They are weak against ice, so Miau's
Freeze-2 can take care of them easily.

Before you start exploring Dezoris, make sure you buy the "Dezorian Ring"
from the second-hand shop in Skure. I skipped the "Diamond Armor" because
this is for Tairon and we are going to get the Laconian Armor soon. Plus,
he is pretty strong by himself.

Ice Caves

In each of the first 4 caves, make sure you go through the "fake" wall to get
the special item form each of the characters. There are 4 items, one for

Cave 1:
*F1  - 5,000 mesetas
*H4  - Fake wall, walk through it.
*K12 - URUGANUSU no yubiwa (Ring of Wulcans)

Cave 2:
*A1 - 5,000 meseta
*K5  - Fake wall, walk through it.
*N9 - EUROPA no mimikazari (Europa's Earrings)

Cave 3:
*C12 - HERENE no kubikazari (Herene's Necklace)
*D3  - Fake wall, walk through it.

Cave 4:
*C9  - 5,000 mesetas
*H5  - 5,000 mesetas
*H7  - RUSHIA no kagami (Lucia's Mirror)
*N8  - Fake wall, walk through it.
*N12 - 5,000 mesetas


After the fourth cave, you will see Twintown to the east. Enter the tunnel
and a dezorian will greet you (at least that is what I think...). Keep going
and you will stumble upon a chest with a cool 10,000 meseta. That will come
in handy to buy the Ice Digger.

Twintown looks great! It's snowing and the houses and shops are igloos. Go
buy the Ice Digger for a shocking 56400 mesetas! Ouch! If you have been
fighting monsters and collecting the treasure from the 4 ice caves, you
should have enough. If you have money left, go buy the "Magic Staff"
(13,200 meseta) and "Laser Barrier" (4,150 mesetas) for Lutz. If you want
to go all out, get the "Silk Quilt" (8,890 mesetas) for Miau. Save, heal, and
head out.

Guaron Morgue

Head back into the cave next to Twintown and exit on the other side. Instead
of going to the third ice cave, go northwest, and after a while you will
arrive at the morgue. This place is packed with good stuff: 25,000 mesetas,
the White Dragon Key, and the Laconian Armor for Tairon. Remember that you
need to use Raputto ("Disarm") before the door that leads to the Laconian
Armor in order to deactivate the trap.

Floor 1:
*A3 - 10,000 mesetas
*C7 - RIPPA- (Ripper)
*C9 - 5,000 mesetas
*I5 - Laconian Armor

Basement 1:
*B4 - 10,000 mesetas
*I5 - Shiro Ryuu no Kagi (White Dragon Key)

Ice Dungeon

You will need the White Dragon Key to open doors in this dungeon. Be sure to
get it in the morgue.

*A7 - KORONA no kagi (Corona Key)
*H6 - SO-SA- (Saucer)
*H8 - Frost Dragon
HP     ~3,000
EX     35,000
MESETA 10,000

NOTE: The Frost Dragon battle is tough and expensive (because of the
crystals). I fought him at level 48 and he was a challenge. I had to
use crystals a lot. I think the key attack for me was Thunderstorm
(Thunder + Cure), which paralyzed the dragon for about 3 turns. Fire Wall
(Fire + Heal) hit him for 500+ damage and the (Fire + Cure) combo caused
~450 damage. I kept using Ward and M-Ward to raise defense, Lutz was
casting Flare-2, and Tairon was attacking while pumped up with Power. I'm
looking for a cheaper strategy, because I broke 4 crystals for a total of
~22,000 mesetas.

Corona Subterranean Tunnel

Just go straight. There is a monofluid that you will find in a chest on
your way.

Corona Tower

This tower has the best equipment for Miau. Note that you will need the
Amber Eye obtained from the Blue Dragon in Casba in order to obtain the
Eclipse Torch.

Area Monsters:
Death Bearer
Gold Lens
Snake Lord
Purple Dragon

Floor 1:
*I8 - ESUKEPAKURO-SU (Escaper)

Floor 2:
*J11 - 5,000 meseta
*F11 - 10 meseta (exploding trap)
*L1 - Burger

Floor 3:
*H14 - Monofluid
*C7 - Cola
*M5 - TOGERISU no kegawa (Tough/Tiger (?) Fur)
*C5 - 10 meseta (exploding trap)
*C1 - GORUDENTASUKU (Golden Tusk)

Floor 4:
*M11 - IKURIPUSUTO-CHI (Eclipse Torch)

Dezoris Cave

NOTE: A Dezorian will not allow you access to the Ice Dungeon where the
Laconian Shield is located if you do not have the Eclipse Torch. You
need to obtain the Eclipse Torch in the Corona Tower before taking on
this dungeon.

Area Monsters:
Dezorian Head
Gold Lens
Snake Lord
Death Bearer
Snake Lord

Floor 1:
*F13 - Burger
*N1 - 1,000 mesetas
*N14 - SAIKIKKUBARIA (Psychic Barrier)

Basement 1:
*I14 - 2,000 mesetas

Basement 5:
*A14 - RAKONIANSHI-RUDO (Laconian Shield)

Laerma Tree

Head to the area between the 2nd and 3rd ice caves. Using the ice
digger, go south through the ice. Keep going south a little bit
more until you see a large tree. With the Eclipse Torch on hand,
examine the tree. Alisa will use the Eclipse Torch. You will obtain
the Laerma Berry (RAERUMABERI-). Make sure you use the consult
command a few times, until Miau appears to be upset as part of the
conversation between party members. Then, return to Palma.


Talk to Faith (FEISU) in the northwest house. She mentions that
the entrance door to Torua Checkpoint is sealed by magic and
only the open spell (MUO-DE) can open it.


Talk to everyone, especially the village chief located inside the
fanciest house in the village. After talking with him a few time
(for good measure), use the consult feature again. The conversation
will be different. Talk to the chief again. He will mention the
Damoa Crystal.

He also mentions the Black Dragon (kokuryuu, BURAKKUDORAGON), the
god of lightning (raijin).

After a very long conversation, Lutz will remember the OPEN spell
MUO-DE. You will need this spell in order to open the entrance door
to "TORUA no kenmonjo" (Torua Checkpoint), which has a magic seal.

Torua Checkpoint

Use the open spell to open the entrance door. Every door in this
prison is sealed by magic, so you will need to use open on each
one. Each door has a prisoner inside.

Before you arrive at the exit, you will run across a robot police.
Answer "yes" (hai), the one on the left. Answering yes drops you
into a lower level where you will have to use the flute to exit.

The battle is against a Robot Police and a Machine Guard. It is
very easy. Note that each time you go through this dungeon, you
will have to fight the robots.

Baya Malay Cave

On your way to this cave you might encounter Chaos Sorcerers. Once
in, head straight and grab the difluid.

*H7 - Difluid

Baya Malay Tower

Exit the cave and hop on the land rover to avoid taking damage when
passing through the lava. The Big Eaters can hit quite hard, so
watch out.

Enter the tower and use open on the door. First, get the Damoa Crystal
by going up the northwest stairs from the first floor. It should be
direct from the second floor up.

Alisa's best armor, the Crystal Mail, is located on the lowest floor of
the dungeon. To get it, go down using the northeast most stairs from the
first floor.

Follow the stairs going up on the southeast corner of the first floor. On
your way to the top of the tower, be sure to collect the Psycho Wand for

Basement 3:
*A8 - Burger (x6)
*C3 - 500 mesetas
*E3 - Monofluid
*N1 - Crystal Mail

Basement 2:
*A6 - Monofluid
*N1 - Difluid

Basement 1:
*C1 - Monofluid
*I5 - Miracle Key
*G14 - Difluid
*H11 - <NOTHING>
*K5 - 5,000 mesetas

Floor 1:
*A8 - Iron Glove
*L14 - 1,000 meseta (exploding trap)
*M1 - Monofluid
*C9 - Monofluid

Floor 2:
*E5 - Burger
*A14 - Burger
*K13 - Atlas

Floor 3:
*H9 - Battle (with 2 Death Bearers and a King Centaur)
*K1 - Cola (exploding trap)
*H1 - Crystal Claw
*N1 - Atlas

Floor 4:
*A11 - 2,000 mesetas
*A14 - Burger
*I1 - Atlas (exploding trap)

Floor 5:
*F3 - Damoa
*N1 - Psycho Wand (SAIKOUONDO)

Answers to Damoa's questions: yes, yes, yes, no, no.

Once you reach the roof top, approach the altar-like structure.
A cool cut scene takes place.

Sky Courtyard

Save as soon as you arrive! Now you are able to use Teleport to
go back and forth between the sky garden and any other town in
the game.

As soon as you start heading up to the castle, the Gold Drake
will make its appearance. Be ready! Again, the best strategy I
have found is using crystals. By this time in the game, they
should not be that expensive. I found that fire-base magic and
crystal combinations hit for the most damage. Also, as mentioned
above, using Thunderstorm to paralyze him is key to having an
easy battle.

Gold Drake:
HP       ~3,300
EX       20,000
ITEM     None

Proceed north. You will have two battles against robots. If you
exit the courtyard, you will have to battle them again.

Air Castle

You have finally arrived at Lassic's home. In the next level after
entering, the god of lightning greets you. He can really take damage
and still be standing. Even though he has strong defense against
thunder (being its god has something to do with it), make sure you
use Thunderstorm to paralyze him, or else you'll be back at the title
screen soon after the battle starts. For elemental magic, use
wind-based attacks. Also, have M-Shield up, just in case he comes
out of the paralysis and thunders you party to death.

Basement 1:
*B3 - Black Dragon
HP       ~5,000
EX       25,000
ITEM     None

Once you vanquish this though beast, head back to town to heal and
stock up on items. You will not be seeing this dragon again. This
dungeon is not that complicated. Soon you will face Lassic.

The battle with Lassic is long. He seems to be very resistant to any
type of magic. I used Power on both Alisa and Tairon. Make sure you
use M-Shield, because Lassic has a lightning attack that can really
damage the whole group. Have trifluids and trimates ready for use. I
also would recommend being ready to cure poison since he has a poison
attack  which can affect the whole party. Lutz and Miau will be healing
most of the time. Thunderstorm is still effective, but the battle will
still last a long time, so do not count on it completely. Rejoice when
you finally topple the would-be Palma King.

Floor 1:
*F3 - Trifluid
*J3 - Lassic
HP       ~7,000
EX       0
ITEM     None

After the battle, Lassic has a long "death" dialog. Then Lutz will
teleport everyone out. You will be in the outskirts of Camineet. Lassic
is done, however, you still have one more thing to do...


Take the space ship to Motavia and teleport to Paseo. Go to the
governor's mansion. When you approach the throne, you will fall into
the final dungeon (this time for real). The dungeon is three levels
deep. Keep going forward on each level until you hit a pitfall and
drop to the lower level. On the third floor down you will face the
final boss...

Dark Falz
HP       ~7,800
EX       0
ITEM     None

The strategy is similar to the fight with Lassic. I thought he was
more susceptible to magic, and that helped a lot. I used Hellgate
(fire + cure) and hit him for ~800 damage. Also, Thunderstorm 
paralyzed him. I kept attacking with Alisa and Tairon "powered" up
with Miau's magic.

Governor's Mansion

Walk north and approach the throne. After a brief conversation you
will be presented with a choice. Selecting "yes" (the left answer)
ends the game. I'll probably try it again to see what a "no" causes.
Sit back and enjoy the credits while the anime-style stills are
showcased in the background in a sepia color.

Additional items:

I'm adding a section with the extra items in the game. I haven't
found them all yet, so I do not know their use.


Talk to Fil in the northwest most house. He will give you the
"onna no hitori tabi dokuhon", Woman's Travel Reading Book (?).

< END >

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