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DANCE UK is the new hot, sassy, dancing and singing game for the xbox video game system. This unique game combines awesome 8-step DANCE moves and KARAOKE, with up-to-date MASSIVE TUNES, giving endless hours of fun for you and your friends, creating an instant party! So be a star - get down and Party!

- 31 massive full length dance tunes including many number 1 smash hits
- Ultimate compilation of award winning dance tracks across Pop, Dance, Hiphop, R+B, old skool, piano and hard core
- Unique 8 way dance steps and routines to challenge every ability level - 2 left feet to dance floor divas
- 4 Progressive Difficulty levels
- 90 individual dance routines
- Single player, 2 player and 8 player consecutive
- Aerobics mode, gets you into shape, the fun way
- Superb range of studio, stage and lighting environments
- Unique step recorder allows you to record, save and dance your own routines
- Inspiring tutorial mode
- Massive family party fun - Get out of your rocking chair Grandma!

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