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Reviewed: 10/03/05

Ease the pulse.The crosshairs.The beauty.Pull the trigger.

Sniper Elite from Rebellion is the newest WW2 game out there right now, you play an American sniper 1945, working for the OSS, who fights on the side of the soon to be defeated Germans to try to stop the invading Russians from becoming too powerful. This is where people will be going OSS? already been done with MOH, are we just going to be a one man army? Yes and no, a lot of the time you are on your tod and sometimes covering other soldiers, but your not charging around with an smg, your lying in the rubble of a distant building, so to me it's more realistic and more believable. But if you can't master the sniping, then you can pick up other weapons like a MG 42, but you won't last long charging Russians.

When you load the game up and create your profile and start a new game, your given a number of levels of difficulty, starting at Rookie with most of the realism options off, all the way to Sniper Elite which has everything on, grenades have a 20m blast radius instead of 8m, or there is the Custom option where you can tweak the game to your liking. Talking about tweaking, the controls for the game are fully adjustable.

When you start the first game, you'll soon realise that it's not fast game and you have to think about your shots. Think about this, lying in the second floor of a half destroyed building, across the bridge sits a Russian, your first Russian to snipe, but if you rush your shot without taking in surroundings you'll fail to notice someone 10 metres to the right of your target and when you take your shot, this guy will have a good idea where his buddy was shot from and call his other buddies. So, now you have to think about a shooting "cell" which will hide the muzzle flash. And in addition, you can time the artillery shells so they will cover up the gunshot, stealthy skill. You can also would soldiers if your aim isn't that good, like you aim for the head and wind brings it into his gut, he'll lie there screaming until he bleeds to death or until you give him mercy shot, the more serious the wound the quicker they'll die.

The graphics for this game really aren't that bad, when you check out your first kill, you'll see good detail on the Russians and a big giant red hole where your bullet entered and sometimes came out the other end.

Sniper Elite also has a co-op mode for the whole single player storymode, online game types like deathmatch and teamdeath match.

All in all, Sniper Elite is the "ultimate sniping system", you have to think about your shots if you wish to survive and take into account wind, gravity, posture and holding your breath to get that perfect shot, and when you do, your rewarded with a bullet time cam which follows the bullet into the Russian's face or neck, basically, you get to the hole you make with the bullet. But for those not into sniping tremendously, and prefer more close combat fighting and more variety then Conflict:Global Storm is also out and will be better suited to you. For the sniper fans and those with patience, go for it.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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