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Reviewed: 05/01/07

Gently sqeeze the trigger, just don't forget about the gravity...and the wind too

Sniper Elite
Oh gee, another world war two game right? No, this one is much more unique in it's own way, and oringinal. Strictly a Sniper game, with some nice touches of close combat, and stealth, the occasional firefights as well. So you won't be using your sniper rifle the entire game. As the title says, you are a Elite Sniper, and as the back says, well, it's just as cool as the pictures.

This is where the game really shines. Awesome sniper effects. Smart AI, perhaps too smart. Good sniper enviroment. Unique, and oringinal. And some other ups for the game as well. As the game says, you'll play the role as an Elite Sniper, deep behind enemy lines, and pulling off some amazing shots. Sure, it may seem easy, just line up the crosshairs on the guy's head, and sqeeze the trigger right? No, theres more to it. Adjust for gravity, and wind, yes your posture, and heart beat. Don't worry, you can hold your breathe to steady your aim. But, to make things easier on you, your'll able to change to difficulty settings. So you can trun off all those factors. Happy?

Awesome, realistic sniper enviroment, with an acception of a few repitive buildings, and character designs. Theres plenty of blown out buildings, and two story buildings to climb in, and take out pesky enemies. But, it's not all sniper this and that. Much more to it. Sabotaging, using stealth, etc. Just to name a few, you'll able to make 'detailed' searches of dead enemies. You get a few items, some ammo to tag along. You might come across a sub machine gun, very useful. As a few times, you'll find your self using the pistol or the sub machine gun. Grenades come in good use as well, and with some TNT and a few time bombs really add some more fire works. Yes, even a rock can be used. It's used to distract an enemie for stealth, or for fun, so you can slip by, and kill him while he's not looking.

As for the AI, you'll find there smart. Perhaps one of the best AI in a game. I have never seen such good teamwork by the enemy. Yes, they'll flank you, flush you out with grenades, use snipers agianst you. Their quite intelligent. Snipers can be a problem, as they know almost every trick that you know.
And it may take a while for locating snipers, they fire one shot...then hide for about twenty seconds, and then pop up again to fire at you. Use your binoculars, you'll be lucky to find him. Just search for the obvious, but he may be at places you least suspected him to be at. They always put up a good sniper duel. Camoflage also plays a role as well. You have a meter on the bottem on the screen that tells how well conceled you are. It's helpful. And back on to the AI:

Takes out officers, and you might find some confusion between the troops. Although, as I mentioned, the AI is sometimes too intelligent. Sometimes, once you fire a shot, they automatically know where you at. They'll look right at you sometimes, and run straight torwards you. This happens sometimes, but I'm sure your handy skills with the rifle can stop them. At times, the AI can be stupid. Sometimes they'll even run out int he open. Don't wan't to alert anybody, you can wait for a bomb to explode to "mask" the sound of the rifle. Just to avoid any other confrontations with everyone else, you can hide the bodies as well. Careful, the enemy is very intelligent.

Two Player as well can be fun. Try having the other player acting as a spoter, and make sure to use teamwork, you'll do fine. The AI might trouble you, but the two player defiantly adds to the replay value. In other words, you'll find your self occupied with sniping enemies as long ranges...oh, I forgot to mention. Bullet came. This can be turned on or off, if you like. It's awesome to the game. At long ranges, and this must include landing a bullet in a specific spot on the enemy. A camera will follow the bullet as it treks it's way to the enemy's head, knee cap, etc. It's fun to watch the slow motion bullet go for long distances.

The gore is pleasing for all you people out there who enjoy gore. When you shoot a guy in the head, pieces of skull, and bran go every where. Blood as well. You can even see the exit wound, and where the bullet enetered on the guy's face, or other bodie parts. Bodies stay as well, and leave some blood too.

Story 5/10:

Berlin 1945. The German Army slowly fulls under the Russians. NKVD ( Russian Special Forces ) seek other wise to get other means of German hardware. A nuculear bomb for intance. You, sent by the OSS, are sent to Berlin to stop them. Not really much of a story, but at least the cutscenes are good.

Graphics 9/10:

Good enviroment. Nice urban enviroments as well.Burned out skeletons of cars add a nice touch, as well as the occasional artillary shell exploding near by, leaving a shower of debris. Although a few people have complained that the graphics are much like PS1 graphics. No, there quite good actual. You'll find some good eye candy out in the game.

Sound 10/10:

Distant booms of artillary, dostant gunfire, occasion screams, air raid alarms, foot steps getting closer...closer...boom! Rely on sound. It's essential. Gun fire sound good, some ear candy as well really shines.

Replay 8/10, and Final Words:

The above mentioned, it's pretty worht it. Bullet cam, gore, sniper effects, sniper duels, excellent enviroment. It's worht it! And the online, although it's pretty empty, the two player is fun as well. The 28 missions will keep you occupied, as well as a Bonus Mission as well. It's fun, hard to find game, worht the money. You'll get your money's worth later on. It all depens.

My longest shot so far, is 1002 yards. Oh yes, it's possible. You'll see when you get the game. Thanks for reading the review, and happy gaming sniper!

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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