Review by Peekuhchew9090

Reviewed: 07/25/06

Oh boy.....

Boy how this game has just amazed me. I started off loving this game because of all the things you could do in the beginning. You can just knock of you enemy's skin on their head and implant a bullet there instead. Then you get to play a sneaking mission, where if you get caught, everyone will attack you. Now, when I play the later missions, I just see a whole bunch of crap where you just have to go from here to here and back with this and you will win. Boy...


The graphics in this game are pretty good actually. You get small scenes of you planting a bullet into the enemy's body. Then you have cut scenes where at the beginning of the level, you get to see everything that's going on outside. When you actually see the scenery, it is a bunch of crap. The background isn't a background. Just grab a different game if you like pretty games.

SOUND: 3/10

The sound effects in this game are good. The artillery fire is used a lot in this game. The bullets being fired show that someone is shooting at you. Just watch yourself. The only problem to this game's audio is that the music ISN'T MUSIC! THERE IS NO MUSIC! Go get a CD Player or MP3 and listen to something as you play.

STORY: 1/10

WHAT THE HECK ARE THEY DOING? Jesus H. Christ... I don't get this game at all. First of all, you start off in this place, and then the next level, you are here. What are they trying to pull? GOD HELP US! The story is probably the worst part of the game, and probably the worst storyline in all of the gaming world.


This is probably the best category of the game to me, yet I rated graphics better. How odd..... The game play is good because you get to sneak around the level and pick off your enemies quickly and quietly. You also get the chance to shoot them with other weapons, which you should do when you get tired of the Sniper Rifle. The pistol is silenced, so that's what you use to kill people and not alert nearby enemy's. The 2 player capability of this game adds more fun to this game. You get to think about who kills who. First player can kill the captain while the less important second player kills the guard. All that was just said above about game play was about the first FEW levels. The levels after that are simply pieces of crap. You just have to kill these soldiers and then you win. Some of them might be hard, but they are still boring. This game deserves nothing more than 5 for game play.


This game should not exist. Sure it had potential, but it still lacked that fun factor that everyone was looking for. The best thing in this game was the game play, but it was also the second worse, right behind the story. The sound was third and graphics fourth.

1. Game play
2. Graphics
3. Sound
4. Game play
5. Story

How weird......

Rating:   2.0 - Poor

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