Review by expo030290

Reviewed: 04/21/06

Ready, Aim, Aim a little higher, FIRE!!!

Game play 9/10

As you go through this game you find that the controls are very easy to use and the camera always seems to be where you want it to be. This makes it easy to get your guy where you want him to go.

Graphics 7/10

The landscape is fantastic in this game... If you turn off the lights you may actually believe you are in a world war. You have wreckage everywhere and fires burning but the picture does seem a little block- like.

Replay Value 4/10

Once you beat this game you are just very happy to have one... It seems as if the game just goes on and on at some point and when you win you want to take a long long break.

Difficulty 6/10

If you like a hard game (even when on an easy rating) then re-rate that a 9/10... I first played this game on Rookie (easiest) and had a lot of trouble. I would take me about a week to complete one level and when you do win one you just turn it off and play something more relaxing like Grand Theft Auto so you don't have to worry about perfections.

Sound 9/10

Every person's accent fits their nationality perfectly and and bomb sounds like a bomb and a gun sounds like a gun... simple things like this makes a game good. All of the sounds sound like what they should.

Sniping 10/10

This is a sniper game but thats not all you have... you also get a silenced pistol, grenades, and TNT. When it comes to the sniping though it is amazing. No game has so realistically portrayed a sniper rifle in a game. Many games have it that the cross-hairs bob up and down for the human factor but this is the only game (that I'm aware of) that the further the target the higher you have to shoot to account for the bullet drop.

All in all 8/10

Solid/ fun game with very little holding it back. If a rookie difficulty was acctually rookie and not expert then this game would be up at a 9/10 in my book. In the end this game is worth the buy... don't just rent it.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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