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FAQ/Walkthrough by Hezda

Version: 1.4 | Updated: 01/06/04

Fatal Frame 2: Crimson Butterfly Guide & FAQs:

Author	: Hezda
E-mail	: hezda@hotmail.com
ICQ no. : 10328685
Version	: 1.4
Update	: 05th January 2004
Format	: PlayStation 2 
Region	: NA Version

Legal Disclaimer:

Copyright 2003, 2004 Hezda

This guide is for private and personal use only. It is not to be used or
reproduced, in part or whole, for profitable or promotional purposes. This
encompasses paper-based and electronic reproduction, whether as part of a
magazine, book, website, CD / DVD format or any other medium. Permission has
been granted for www.gamefaqs.com to reproduce the full text, and I welcome
requests from other sites wishing to be granted the same, especially fan sites.
All content was created by Hezda and is owned by me. I also acknowledge
any trademarks and copyrights that are not specifically mentioned in the text.
Please do not modify my guide. Don't even mail me for this because I will NOT
allow you to do so. The most you can do is only make a spell check for me.


Gamefaqs (www.gamefaqs.com) is the only website that has been authorized 
to publish this walkthrough. No other websites are allowed to publish unless
authorization has been granted. Failure to do so will be prohibited 
to publish this work now and forever. Please kindly report any unauthorize 
publish of this work to the author.


Current website(s) posted this walkthough:

I. GameFAQs (www.gamefaqs.com)


1. Updates

2. Introduction

3. Controls/Camera Obscura/Items

4. Walkthrough

   4.1 Prolouge
   4.2 Chapter 1: The Lost Village
   4.3 Chapter 2: Twin Shrine Maiden
   4.4 Chapter 3: The Repentence
   4.5 Chapter 4: Forbidden Ritual
   4.6 Chapter 5: The Sacrifice
   4.7 Chapter 6: The Remaining
   4.8 Chapter 7: Sae
   4.9 Chapter 8: Half Moon
   4.10 Final Chapter: Crimson Butterfly
   4.11 Chapter Zero: Hellish Abyss (Hard/Nightmare Mode)

5. Hints/Secrets

6. FAQs
7. Credits


1.0	: - First walkthrough
          - Partially complete
          - I'll try to finish as soon as possible

1.1	: - Up till chapter 6
	  - Corrected some mistakes
	  - Camera functions explaination will be available in next update

1.2	: - Up till chapter 7
	  - Added camera functions explanation
	  - Corrected some mistakes

1.3	: - Finish walkthrough
	  - Corrected some major mistakes in hints/secrets section
	  - Added some new things

1.4	: - Added FAQs section
	  - Added story summary
	  - Corrected certain minor mistakes
	  - I'm still alive...

2. Introduction:

Well well well... Tecmo finally released the sequel of Fatal Frame. Been a big fan 
of survival horror games for so many years, there's no way I will pass this game after 
been addicted to the first. The first game was down right scary and very original with 
its gameplay system. No longer the main characters have to fight ghost using odinary weapons 
but instead using a camera. Well, it does make sense though because ghosts have no physical 
bodies... there's no way a bullet can harm a ghost so it is better to create something 
that contain spiritual power to use as a weapon. So playing this game will give you a 
very refreshing moment (just for a while, until a ghost appear) when using the camera as 
a weapon.

This game was only release in the NA shortly after the released of Japan version. Everything 
in the game will be in English as well as the voices of the main characters. *Sigh...* How 
I wish there is a option for me to choose between Japan and English voices. But so far 
so good, the voices are pretty well done and none were disappointing, maybe it's because
I already get used to the bad US voice acting.

Graphically this game is impressive and it can really show off the raw power of the aging
PS2. From lighting to texture Tecmo has done a really good job for creating the creepy 
atmosphere and excellent effect for those... um... floating ghost. The grainy black and
white movie effects are espeacially well done and definitely on-par with Silent Hill 3.
This game is real scary I can telll you. Do not play at night if you have any heart disease. 
Don't say I didn't warn you. Hehehe... Let the nightmare begins!

Now move on to the next section.

3. Control/Camera Obscura/Items:

Ah... control. There's nothing much to say about it since it uses the typical survival 
horror type of control like Resident Evil series. If you are familiar with all these 
games then you will have no trouble using the default control setting.

3.1 Basic controls:

P/S Take note that these are the default setting

Left Analog stick/Directional buttons: Move the character around

Right analog stick: Control torch light/Move during camera mode

Start: Pause the game

Select: View the map

Triangle Button: Access to the menu/Activate camera power in camera mode

O Button: Use the camera

X Button: Action button/Pick up items/take photo (in camera view mode)

Square Button: Run

L1: Cycle through special camera power (in camera view)

R1: take photo (in camera view)

L2: Zoom in (not available in first game)

R2: Zoom out (not available in first game)

3.2 Camera Obscura:

The camera is your only weapon throughout the game. You will need to upgrade it with spirit 
points you have earned in the game by shooting those sexy ghosts and taking picture of those 
idle spirits. 

Type of films:

1. Type-7 Film

Excorcism power: Very low
Reload speed: Very slow
Maximum quantity: Unlimited usage

The most ancient film... not very useful due to low excorcism power. Use this film to shoot 
idle spirits, "memory" spirits, and non-hostile spirits. You can use this film for unlimited 

2. Type-14 Film

Excorcism power: Low
Reload speed: Slow
Maximum quantity: 99

The attack power is only a little better than type-7, highly recommended to use it for weaker
spirits. There's plenty of type-14 films throughout the game so don't hesitate to use them.

3. Type-60 Film

Excorcism power: Medium
Reload speed: Fast
Maximum quantity: 99

Average attack power with fast reload speed, this film is ideal for dealing with those though
spirits which move fast and attack hard. It is good for making combo hit due to fast reload

4. Type-90 Film

Excorcism power: High
Reload speed: Very fast
Maximum quantity: 99

One of the best film. High attack power plus super fast reload rate, makes it the perfect
film for dealing with any hostile spirits you encounter. You hardly ever pick up type-90 
film, so use them ONLY when you are fighting multiple hostile spirits in a very small place 
or dealing with boss class spirits.

5. Type-Zero Film

Excorcism power: Very High
Reload speed: Slow
Maximum quantity: 99

The most powerful film. There are very very very few of them... I never find the chance to
use them though. The slow reload speed kinda ruin this film but its high attack power covers
its weak point. Save it for nightmare difficulty only because you will never need to use 
this film in Normal and Hard difficulties.

How to upgrade:

First of all, you will need to have "Spirit Orb" which you can collect througout the game 
to upgrade the functions. Each "Spirit Orb" can only be allocated into one function power-
up or special attack power-up. So it means that if you put in one spirit orb into one 
function then you are only able to upgrade it for 1 level. In order to upgrade that particular
function to level 2, you will need to put in another spirit orb. So it is better to think 
about it first on where to use your spirit orb. You won't have enough spirit orb to upgrade
all the functions in your first game. Without "Spirit Orb", you will not be abled to upgrade 
your camera functions at all.

I highly recommend you upgrade your camera's basic functions first before you upgrade any
of your other special attack function. Due to the fact that certain spirits are difficult 
to deal with so it is better to dispose of them as soon as possible. Upgrade the basic 
function can help you to save your precious films while tackling the ghosts.

Basic camera function power-up:

i. Range: Improve the range of attack of the camera. Useful upgrade, upgrade this as soon as

        Level 1: 6000 points
        Level 2: 20000 points
        Level 3: 30000 points

ii. Accumulation: Increase the the speed of raises spirit power.
	Level 1: 4000 points
	Level 2: 10000 points
	Level 3: 21000 points

iii. Sensitivity: Raises the attack power of camera.

	Level 1: 7000 points
	Level 2: 24000 points
	Level 3: 38000 points

Camera Power-Up Lens:

Well, here are the brief explaination of every power-up lens. Its ratings are base on
my personal opinion. I like the "Zero" lens vey much and you may not like it at all, it
is just my personal opinion. So don't e-mail me and tell me what lens is very useful and
what's not. What is important is find your favourite lens to suite your taste.

i.Slow: Slow down the spirits' movement. Not very useful... I have never use it.

	Level 1: 8000 points
	Level 2: 17000 points
	Level 3: 28000 points

	Usefulness: *

ii. Stun: Stun the spirit for a moment for easy attack. Still pretty useless in my opinion.

	Level 1: 8000 points
	Level 2: 19000 points
	Level 3: 30000 points

	Usefulness: **

iii. See: Reveal the location of spirits. Also, it is pretty useless... spotting with your own 
     eyes is better.

	Level 1: 
	Level 2: 
	Level 3: 

	Usefulness: ***

iv. Track: Automatically track down spirit. It will moves the camera automatically to the 
           spirits' location. Somewhat useful while fighting the spirits that disappear a lot.

	Level 1: 
	Level 2: 
	Level 3: 

	Usefulness: ***

v. Blast: Increase the damage you inflict as well as blast back any approaching spirits. Very 
          useful until you get the "Zero" power-up lens.

	Level 1: 
	Level 2: 
	Level 3: 

	Usefulness: ****

vi. Zero: Same as "Blast" but it is more powerful and uses more spirit power. Extremely useful 
          and I've been using it for the whole game until I get a better one...

	Level 1:
	Level 2:
	Level 3:

	Usefulness: *****

vii. Stop: Freezes spirits. Useful against mourners and other fast moving spirits. 

	Level 1: 35000 points
	Level 2: 50000 points
	Level 3: 65000 points
	Usefulness: *****

viii. Crush: Upgraded version of "Zero", with type-14 film you can finish off a weaker spirits
	     with just one hit. You need to fully charge the spirit power to use it though. You
	     will probably never use the other lens when you get this one.

	Level 1: 45000 points
	Level 2: 70000 points
	Level 3: 90000 points

	Usefulness: **********

Equiped Functions:

These are the functions of the camera which cannot be upgraded. These functions do not require
any spirit power to work, they are more like "passive" abilility. Hope I'm using the right word
for that...

i. Measure: Extremely useful, it shows the HP of the spirit. You can plan your strategy base
            on the spirit's remaining HP.

ii. Switch: Allows you to switch lens in camera modes. Somewhat useful because I never use other
            lens other than "Zero". But is is a nice additional feature.

iii. Alarm: Alert you with sound when you can make fatal frame shot so keep your ears clean.

iv. Zoom: Allow you to zoom in and out. Not very useful because the zoom range is very short.

Additional Functions:

So far I have only two. I will update again when I acquire the other two functions.

i. Instant: Allow the camera detects fatal frame by flashing red light.

ii. Sense: Detects invisible or nearby spirits. Very very useful.

3.3 Consumable Items:

a) Herbal Medicine: Heal half of your health

b) Sacred Water: Fully heal your health

c) Stone Mirror: Revive you once. Can only carry one at a time.

d) Spirit Orb: Use to upgrade camera's functions

4. Walkthrough:

Please take note that the following walkthrough contains spoilers, read at your own
risk. Another thing is please bear with my English and grammar, English is not my 
first language so I'm not really good at it, feel free to contact me for any corrections 
you wish to make. Small tip for you, use Ctrl + F to quickly find what you want.

***Attention: If you are e-mailing me or PM me through MSN or ICQ, please be POLITE! 
	      Anyone who are impatient, rude or whatever will be blocked, banned, kicked,
	      or in any other ways for as long as I want. I had encountered such person
	      and he/she has been blocked by me forever.

4.1 Prolouge

After watching the FMV, you will be in control of Mio and follow by her twin sister 
Mayu... Actually I wanted to control Mayu more... hehehe. Okay, no time to watch the 
scenery of the forest, follow the path down into the woods and after a while there will 
be another FMV kicks in. 

4.2 Chapter 1: The Lost Village

After that youw will be now at the mountail top. Well, it seems that there is a abandoned
village down there, creeeeepy. Follow the path again, along the way you will see a blue 
shining dot on the ground. From now on this blue shining dot will represent items that 
can be pickedup. Now move close to it and press X to pick it up. You will obtain a black 
bag with different things inside.

Continue your journey, after a while you will enter the All Gods' village. FMV time and 
after that you will have brief control of Mio then another FMV will take place. 

Once you regain control of Mio again, you will notice that you are now inside an old house. 
At first I thought it was the same house like the one in Fatal Frame 1 but it is not... 
Now pick up the "Women'sNotebook 1" near the fire place. Read it and it seems that there is 
another woman entered this house before... I wonder what happen to her.

Now I must tell you that it can be hard to find doors in Fatal Frame 2 because they 
sometimes look quite similar to the walls. Anyways, after picking up the notebook then 
enter the room on the left screen. You are now inside the Kimono room. The lantern with 
glowing red light is your save point, you can save whenever you find a lantern. Save now 
if you wish. 

Pick up the "Women's Notebook 2" on the drawer. Go to the back of the room and there is a
hidden "Sacred Water" in another drawer. From now on keep your eyes sharp on any drawer you
found throughout the game, they sometimes contain items which can be very helpful. Now go 
back to the main hall, there's a door next to the wooden stairs, enter it. Pick up the "Herbal 
Medicine". Back to the main hall, go through the hallways at the back until the very end and
enter another room with cold brazier. In there you can pick up the "Woman's Notebook 3". 
There's nothing else here so go out the room.

You will see a ghost on your during passing by, follow the ghost and enter the door there. 
You will find a torch on the table... mmm... handy. After FMV you will finally obtain the 
camera. There's a "Herbal Medicine" in the other side of the room, pick it up. Now back 
track to the main hall again... *sigh* 

Now you will found out that the door next to the wooden stairs is sealed. Notice that the 
bar on the right hand screen will glow with blue color. It means that you are near something
um... spiritual... that's it. Notice that the sealed door has something swirling around it, 
raise up your camera and take a picture if it. It shows you a room with cold brazier...
looks familiar isn't it? Now go back to the room with the cold brazier, take a picture 
of the cold brazier and the door next to the wooden stairs will be unsealed.

Enter the room now, check the carpet on the floor that looks like someone was hide inside.
You will get "Woman's Notebook 4". Now, it seems there's nothing to do here anymore
so get out of the room. Before you get out, a cupboard door will drop down. Looks like
there's something inside the cupboard. So go check the cupboard and you will receive
a "Ginger Key". You can use this key to unlock the door on second floor.

Now go to the second floor, unlock the only door there and enter. There's a hidden
"Herbal Medicine" in the drawer of Servant's Room. You can pick up "Woman's Notebook
8" in the opposite room. Now a cut-scene will roll in. Now the owner of the notebook
will appear and this will be your first battle against a spirit. She's easy so try to
familiarize yourself with the camera. Once she's defeated a FMV will kick in.

Now, where has Mayu gone...?

4.3 Chapter 2: Twin Shrine Maiden

You will receive an "Aragonite" and a "Spirit Stone" which can be used as power-up
for your camera, once you regain control of Mio. Pick up the "Spirit Stone Radop" on 
the small table nearby. You can use the radio to listen to all the spirit stones that
you collect throughout the game. Search the bookcase for "Folklorist 1" before you

Leave the room and there will be another cut-scene. Mayu has gone away by herself 
without Mio. Now you have brief control of Mayu. You can only control Mayu's movement.
Just follow the red butterflies and when you meet the kimono ghost, you will regain
control of Mio.

Go down the stairs, notice there's something you can pick up near the stairs. Pick it
up, it's a "Slow" power-up lens and you will also obtain the "Measure" function for
your camera. Remember to pick up "Mayu's Charm" on your way out. You can use the radio
to listen to it.

Now, follow the path that Mayu has gone and a cut-scene will roll in once you reach the
destination. Now that Mayu has enter a big house but you couldn't catch. Arrgg... this 
is so troublesome. You can try open but apparently it locked for no reason, notice the 
spirit detector is shining so take a picture of the door. Hmmm... butterflies in the 

Now go back to where you come from and you will see some butterflies will appear. Follow 
the butterflies. It will lead you to a store house. Save now if you wish. The main door
is locked so enter through the side door. In here you will meet a white hair boy which 
trapped inside the store house. He calls her Yae... strange. Apperantly this boy is dead.
From now on should get lost and don't know where to go, you can always come back to 
him and he will advice you and give you some hints. Or better, refer to my walkthrough.

The boy will tell you that the keys to unlock that locked door are enshrined in "Twin
Deities Statues". There are two keys you need to find, take a picture of the statue that
near the trapped boy. 

For the first key, it is at the statue which locate at the moutain top. Back track to 
where you first start the game. When you reach the area with a big altar in the middle
you notice some butterflies flying on top of a statue. Check that statue for the "Twin
Statue Key L". Go back down and a cut-scene will roll in.

The next key is at the Kiryu house. In case you don't know where it is, it is locate at 
the left side of the town. Instead of taking the stairs down to the door that Mio entered,
continue walking and turning to the left and you will find the house. Again, save here if
you wish. The house is locked anyway so check a statue near the house for a hidden 
"Type-14 Film". From here you see that there's another statue at the back there with some
butterflies hover on top of it. Check that statue and you will receive the "Twin Statue
Key R". 

Now that you have both keys so it is time to save Mio. Go to the house and use both keys
to unlock the door. Before that examine the left lantern for a "Herbal Medicine". Unlock
the door and enter. You will now be infront of a bridge. Before you cross the bridge turn 
to the right and pick up another "Herbal Medicine".

Now cross the bridge, you will hear someone crying during your way crossing the bridge. 
Creepy... on the left there's a spirit floating on the river. Take a picture of that 
floating spirit and it will... well, attack you. What else do you expect? Kill her and 
send her to the hellish abyss with your camera. Once you have deal with her then continue 
your way. Enter the door, save now if you wish.

There is a "Spirit Orb" waiting to be picked up at the right side of the house so you 
better pick it up. Now draw a deep breath, and enter the door. A FMV will roll in. After
you will notice that the flashlight will not function inside the house. Damn...

4.4 Chapter 3: The Repentence

You are now inside the Kurosawa house. Walkthrough the hallway and there will be two
doors there. The door at the right hand side is locked so enter the left door. Now you
will be inside the antechamber. Pick up the "Instant" funtion for the camera.

Go through another door. Now you will be switched to control Mayu. All you can do is
just follow the way, you will see people of the past fleeing from something... what are 
they trying to avoid? You will end up infront of a big double door so enter it.

You will now switch beck to control Mio again. Now follow where Mayu has gone. Before you
enter the double door pick up a "Spirit Orb" on floor. After that enter the door. You are
now inside the great hall. In the middle of the room, pick up a "Sacred Water" near the
pillar and a "Flourite" near the fire place. When you trying to leave a FMV will play. 

What a scary FMV, a big bad ghost will appear and the screen will turn to the cool black
and white old movie effect. DO NOT try to tackle the ghost, you can't hurt it and one hit
from that ghost means instant death. Even a "Mirror Stone" will not help you.

Do not go back where you came from, go to another side of the room and escape to there.
Before you exit through that door, pick up a hidden "Type-90 Film" on your left. Once you
escape you will notice that you are now in a courtyard. It's raining outside... and Mayu
is still nowhere to be found. 

Go to the left and pick a "Mirror Stone". The stone will revive you one time but you are
only allowed to carry one stone. Try not to use it... it is very handy in some tough
battles. Go up the stairs, and you can save here if you wish.

Enter the door to the guest room near the save lantern. Pick up a "Type-61 Film" in a
drawer. Get the "Folklorist 3" in a bookcase. Once you are done continue your way to the 
next room which is the flickering room.

Pick up a "Herbal Medicine" in the drawer. Notice there's a locked door in the room here.
Take a piucture of it, it shows a photo with handprints on wall. Looks familiar eh... it 
is at the ground floor.

Now go all the way back to the great hall, avoid the ghost and back to the dirt-floor
passageway. A ghost will appear and lead to to the wall with bloody handprints. Enter
the door near the handprints and . Pick up the "Blast" power up lens for your camera and
you can get a "Herbal Medicine" in the drawer. Take photograph of the half-opened door
and a spirit will come out and ruin your day. Defeat it and you will receive the "Diamond
Stack Key". Geezs... how can a spirit carries a key anyways?

Go all the way back to the room with the locked door that you had took a picture. You can 
pick up "Faintly Glowing Crystal" and a "Spirit Orb". When you back to the flickering
room a lying woman will appear. Well, another b-class movie plot... you probably guess why
she's there. Unlock the door and a FMV will take place. You have found MAYU!

4.5 Chapter 4: Forbidden Ritual

Pick up "Butterfliy Diary 1" together with the "Warped Twin" pic on the floor where Mayu
lied before. Take a picture of the dolls, hmmm, it shows that orange color dolls should be
at the top. Leave the dolls first because there are two doll heads missing.

When you exit through the door, the sleeping beau... oh, I mean the spirit will attack. Do 
not turn down her invitation and send her to hell. Once she is defeated, you will obtain
"Twin Doll Heads". Now go back to the doll room.

Examine the dolls and you will have 60 seconds to move both the orange color dolls to the 
top. In case you don't know which dolls I'm talking about, I'll draw you a diagram here to
show you which dolls.

				A X	B X

				C X	D X	E X

			F X	G X

			1 X	H X	2 X	I X

			A to I = moveable dolls

			1 and 2 = the dolls that need to move up to position A and B
			X = doll's position

Once you have successfully move both dolls to the top, you will receive a "Butterfly Key".
Go back to the guest room, get the "Kurosawa House Map" and "Folklorist 6" in the room.
Notice there's a blue dot on the floor near the bookcase. Go near it and a FMV will roll in.
After that you will receive "Folklorist 4". Get out the room now and back to the hallways.

Make your way back to the great hall, in there you will be presented with another cut-scene.
Once finish, go all the way back to the entrance, unlock the locked door in there with the
"Butterfly Key" and get into the storage room.

First thing first, check the drawer for a "Herbal Medicine". Approach the door inside the
storage room and the door will automatically open, and there's a creepy child peeking at you.
Don't forget to take a picture of him.

Enter the door and you will a ghost child running away. Pick up a "Type-14 Film" on the floor.
Don't follow the ghost, instead, get to the second floor through the stairs in the storage 
room into the partition screen room. Check the first left partition and receive a "Type-14"
film. There's a broken floor between the partion, it seems there something stuck inside of 
the broken hall and you can't reach it.

Get down to the ground floor and a ball will drop down from above. Pick up the "Crimson Ball".
Go back up the stairs and drop the ball into the broken floor. The item stuck inside the broken
floor will drop down together with the ball. Go down and pick it up. Now you have the "Diamond
Link Key". 

Now continue your way to the hallway where the ghost has just ran away. Get till the end of 
the hallway and unlock the door. You are now inside a warehouse. A spirit will pass by, follow
it and you will notice there's a trapped spirit in the cell. Pick up the "Folklorist 8". 
Notice the cell door is locked with both "Light" and "Shadown" keys. You have to look for

Now go through the warehouse hallway, examine the urn on the right side to receive a "Type-61
Film". Get till the end of the hallway and proceed down the stairs into the underground cellar.
A ghost will appear with flying attack. He will unlease skull spirits to attack you. Defeat it.

You will receive your reward which is "Spirit Orb" once that ghost is defeated. Save now if 
you wish, go up the stairs and unfortunately the door on top is locked with hammer design
padlock... um... does it looks like hammer? 

So go all the way back to the hallway and you will see a spirit go into the locked double door.
Follow the spirit and enter the door. You are now inside the family altar room. A ghost will 
appear, so defeat it. You will receive "Glowing Red Crystal" once the spirit is defeated.

Pick up the "Ceremony Master Note 1" near the altar. Left side of the altar you can pick 
up a hidden "Herbal Medicine" and on right you can pick up "Ceremony Master's Note 4". Notice
there's a stairs leading down in thihns room, go down and enter hallway.

Go through the hallway and enter another door, you are now inside the connecting corridor.
Go to either side and Mayu will automatically stay at the opposite side to unlock the door.
Enter into the lattice room, save here if you wish.

A spirit will appear so defeat it. You will receive the "Shadow Key" once you have done that.
Enter into the Robe Temple through the double door, and pick up the "Ceremony Master's Note 
5" in the center. Notice there is a locked door in this room and you will not be back to here
for a while.

Now go all the way back to the upper altar room, there's also a stairs leading up. Go up the
stairs into the Meditation Room. Pick up the "See" power up lens. There's also a "Butterfly
Diary 2" on the table. After that, leave the room.

Now go back to the storage room, go up the stairs and enter the door into the Master's room.
Pick up five tomes in the center altar. They are "Disaster Tome", "Crimson Wing Tome", 
"Taboo Tome", "Ritual Tome" and "Twin Tome". Put all five tomes into the slot on top of 
the statue in the correct order. From left to right they are:

1. Crimson Wing Tome
2. Taboo Tome
3. Twin Tome
4. Disaster Tome
5. Ritual Tome

Once you have done that you will receive "Light Key". Now you have both keys for the cell door.
Go down to the storage room and unlock the cell, pick up "Type-90 Film" on the floor and check
the bookcase for "Folklorist 9" and "Folklorist 10". The inner bookcase contain the "Hammer 
Key" and "Osaka House Map". Exit the cell and a cut-scene will roll in.

Mayu is trapped... now you have to find a way to get her out.

4.6 Chapter 5: The Sacrifice

Now go down to the underground cellar, a spirit appears. Defeat it and receive "Spirit Orb".
Go up the stairs and unlock the door with the "Hammer Key". The door leads you out the house.
Now your flashlight return back to normal and you can use it again... strange...

Get back to the village area. Remember to shoot the spirit at the bridge on the crack. Now
go to the white hair boy at the store house. Once you reach the store house, you will someone
weeping infront of the house. She sure looks kinda familiar isn't it?

Now enter the side door because the main door still locked. The boy will tell you the cell
key is in Osaka house and it is in the basement. Strange... I don't recall there's any base-
ment in the house. He will also tell you that to gain access to the basement you will need
to solve a puzzle first.

Go to Osaka house now. Before you look for the basement, there are some new items waiting for
you to be picked up. First go pick up a "Herbal Medicine" in the Kimono room. Be sure to take 
picture of the box in the room. Secondly, go to the second floor room and pick up a "Spirit 
Orb". Lastly go to the brazier room and pick up "Village Report 1-4" and "Alarm" funtion for
the camera. This function will make a sound for you when make a fatal frame shot.

Once you picked up all the items, go to the family altar room. Pick up a "Type-Zero Film" at
the cracked door. Now go examine the altar behind the table in this room. You will be asked
to solve the pinwheel puzzle. There are five pinwheels and you need to line them up and match
the colors of the middle pinwheel. 

		(1)		(2)

		(3)		(4)

	1 to 4 = turnable pinwheel

First turn pinwheel number 1, second is pinwheel number 3 and spin pinwheel number 2 twice.
You will heard something unlock next to the altar if you have done correctly. Examine the wall
next to the altar and it will open. Go down the stairs. It looks like you are now in a under-
ground passageway.

Examine the japanese doll pictures for a "Flourite", pick up a stone mirror near the statue 
and examine the chest for a "Type-14 Film". Now go deeper into the passageway and pick up
"Film Reek 7" near the urn. You can view the film once you find a projector. You will eventually
found one.

Now check the chest near where you pick up the film reel and a cut-scene will take place. A
blind ghost will appear and his attack is quite powerful. He will do a 4-hit combo... Sorry, I 
mean he will hit for four times if he receive critical hit. So be careful. Defeat the blind

Now pick up the "Rusty Key" on the floor and leave the house. Go all the way back to Kurosawa
house, enter the house through the side door. The damn flashlight will malfunction again. Go
to where Mayu is trapped... hope you still remember where it is. Unlock the door with the 
"Rusty Key" and get into the cell.

Mayu is gone... again! Pick up "Mayu's Note" and "White-Haired Boy" pic on table. A FMV will 
play. Once the FMV is finish, you will have to control Mayu again. Follow the butterflies as
usual and initially you will switch back to control Mio again.

Leave the house and go where Mayu has gone. You will see Mayu crossing the bridge on top and 
someone is following her... arrgg... they never fail to scare me. Enter the door down the bridge
into Kiryu house. Pick up "Herbal Medicine" behind the stairs.

Enter the room next to the stairs and you will find a projector in there. Play the film reel 
you have found before if you want or you can take the "Film Reel 1" from the projector. Leave
the room and get to second floor. 

Enter the door near the stairs and you now be at the connecting bridge. Run to the other side
and you will notice the door cannot be opened. Turn back and a spirit will appear. Defeat her
and pick up a "Chrysoberyl" stone. Back inside the house.

Pick up the "Stun" power-up lens on the floor in the sliding screen room. Pick up "Folklorist
5" and "Lazulite" stone on the table. Also check the bookcase for "Folklorist 2". Now leave the

Make your way to the big house near a save lantern. Notice the door has been blocked by a spirit.
Take a picture of it and the picture will show a well. Hmmm... remember where it is? Well, it is
near the store house. Go to there and take a picture of the well and the spirit that block the 
door will now be gone.

Now make your way into the house of Kiryu.

4.7 Chapter 6: The Remaining

Once you are in the house, turn to the right. Enter the left door into hanging doll room. Pick 
up "Herbal Medicine". Check the drawer for "Type-14 Film". Exit this room through another door 
into the tatami hallways.

Pick up a "Type-61 Film" in regular tatami room. There's a "Herbal Medicine" in deluxe tatami
room. Once you have pick up all the items, go to the upper end hallways and enter the door
facing north (check the map). 

You are now inside the Twin's room. Check drawer for "Herbal Medicine". The drawer down the
screen contains a "Type-90 Film". Exit through another door. A cut-scene will play and after
that you will fight most annoying spirits throughout the whole game! They are really annoying.

There are two of them and one of them is a fake doll spirit. You cant hurt the fake doll spirit.
Sometimes when you fight the fake spirit and the real spirit will come out and attack you from
behind. I don't know is there anyway to differentiate them or not... hopefully there is because
I really really hate them. Once they are defeated, get into the doll room on the east.

Inside the doll room, you can sense there's a spirit nearby. You will notice there's a two
dolls standing in the middle. The right doll loses her arms and head so take a picture of it
to have a clue on where to find them. Hmmm... it seems there's a altar in the photo. Before you
leave this room, make sure you pick up "Doll Maker Note 3" on the table.

Leave this room and unlock the door beside it. It is just another projector room so leave it 
for now. Now go to the other end of the hallway and pick up "Film Reel 4" behind the curtain.
Make sure you don't drop your controller... and don't say I didn't warn you.

Unlock another door at the back of the connected hallway and enter. Save here if you wish, 
Go up the stairs, check the drawer in raise tatami room for a "Sacred Water". Now take picture
of that looks somewhat like a sitting dool. There's a hidden "Spirit Orb" hidden at the corner

Enter another door in this door, there will be another save lantern in this location. Unlock
the door next to the stairs which will lead you to sliding screen room. Do not go in yet, I 
just want you to unlock it.

Now go down the stairs near the save lantern. There will be a short cut-scene. A spirit will
drop down from above. This spirit always give me the creep when I see her... twisted neck...
arrggg... thinking about it just give me the shiver.

Defeat that spirit, and pick up "Film Reel 3" under the stairs. Examine the broken clock for
"Spodumene" stone. Now unlock the door next to the clock and get in. Now you will be back at 
the tatami room hallway again. Down the hallway and enter the room you never enter before on
the left hand screen to get into the family altar room.

Pick up "Violet Diary 1" on altar and examine a small crate at the corner to receive a "Herabl
Medicine". Raise your camera and take picture at the crack which is on the wall. A spirit is at 
the next door... once you take a photo of it then it will leave. After a while you will hear 
someone exit the next room. 

Go out the room and enter the next door. Now you are inside sealed room. Examine shelf for a 
"Type-14 Film". Pick up "Doll Maker Note 4" and "Dolomite" stone on the table. Once you are d
done you can leave this room. Now you can look for the arms and the head for that doll.

One arm is hidden up the stairs that fought the fallen ghost. When you found the chest you
will see a little girl standind there. Take a picture of it and receive "Doll's Rigth Arm"
and "Doll Maker Note 2". Leave through the 2nd flood door that you unlocked before.

In this area, get down the stairs. This place looks familiar isn't it. Now the next arm is at
the chest near the door which leads you outside. Again, take picture of the spirit and receive
the "Doll's Left Arm". Now enter the projector room and enter another door in this room. You
can view the film reels you found before now if you want to.

The head is hidden in this hallway. Check the map and you will see there's a small room you
never enter in this same area. Go there, open the door and take picture of the standing little
girl. You will receive "Doll's Head", "Doll Maker Note 1" and "Violet Diary 3".

Now you have all the parts... go back to the doll room and install the parts. Strange... 
nothing happen. Mio said she would need somekind of a design plan to get it works. How she 
knows anyways...

Go all the way back to the sealed room. Don't ask me where and just check the map. Once you
are in the room, take a picture of the burn mark at the corner. You will receive "Design Plan"
and "Charred Notes". Leave the room... what... something is inside next door. Enter it...

Prepare to fight the doll maker spirit. He's not really hard... it's just so times hard to 
catch the moment to shoot him. Once he is defeated you will receive "Glass Eyes" and "Doll
Maker Note 5". Before you go back to the doll room, make sure you pick up "Switch" function 
and a "Spirit Orb".

Back to the doll room, insert the glass eyes into the doll. Now you activate the machine in 
the middle and make both dolls face each other.  Now turn the doll in the following order.
Left, Right, Left, Left, Left, and Right. Now the the stupid dolls will come alife and ruin
your day... well, they are not really coming alive because they are dead. Use the "See" ability
to spot differentiate them if you need but I never find it necessary. Defeat them and you will 
receive "Pale Purple Crystal".

Get down the newly open hole into an underground passageway. Check the fallen rock for 
"Dimly Glowing Crystal". Now follow the path and eventually a cut-scene will take place. The
stupid kimono girl appear, after the cut scene... guess what, you lost your camera and flash-
light. Now you will have to finish the game without them... 

Just kidding... :)

4.8 Chapter 7: Sae

What a stupid chapter name. Now you have to find another way to get down to the passageway
again to get your camera and flashlight back. Unfortunately, the way you just came in is 

Save now if you wish, pick up "Herbal Medicine" on floor and examine the piled up boxes for 
a "Spirit Orb". Leave the room. 

Now the stupid bloody kimono girl Sae will start ruin your day AGAIN! As if making you lost 
your camera and flashlight are not enough. Beware, one gentle touch from her bloody smooth 
hands will grant you the beautiful "Game Over" screen.

Run now and don't wait for her, run down the hallway and turn right. Get to the end and 
escape through a door there. First, check the wheel cart for a "Herbal Medicine'. After that,
save now if you wish... but I highly recommend you to save! Get up the stairs once you have 
done saving.

You will granted with another cut-scene, looks like you are too charming so she decides to
go after you again. Turn back and Mio will automatically enter the nearest door. Geezs...
I feel I like I am playing hide and seek with her. It would be fun if she's not that deadly.
Hehehe... Forgive my sick joke. :)

You are now inside the tatami room East. Get into the only accessible door in here, once
inside turn right and get into another door. A cut-scene will roll in, the kimono girl
will ask you to open the door. Don't fall for her seducive voice. Now get in the store room
in this room, more like closet I say. Pick up "Paulownia Key" in there. Remember you will
need to get back here later.

Exit the store room, quickly run to the door on upper screen before that bloody woman can
touch you. Unlock the door. Another cut-scene. After that get out of the closet, check the 
doll near a door. It seems that there's a doll missing. Remember there's a doll in the 
store room next door? 

Go back there and pick up the doll, then back to this room and put the doll on the table.
Now you will have to turn the doll to face each other... again... lame puzzle. You are
given a limited time to turn both dolls, if you take too long to get it done the kimono
girl will bust into the room and hehehehe... Game over.

The combinations are Left, Right, Left, Right, Left, Right. Once you are done the door next 
to you will unlock. Quickly go out to the connecting bridge. Phew... you have free yourself 
away from that bloody woman.

Get to the other side and enter. You are now back to Kiryu House. Get yourself back to 
the doll room as fast as possible before any random spirits come out and attack you. Once
you reach the doll room, climb down the ladder again to get inside the underground passage-

Once you are down there, pick up your camera and flashlight. Guess you probably miss them
like crazy. Now climb back up again to the house of Tachibana. Now your priority in this
house is to find Mayu. She's trapped somewhere inside the house... how do I know? Well...
lets just say I know, okay?

Exit the save room, snap the door next to you with the camera and enter. You are now inside
another projector room. You can view any film reel you have found now or just leave it alone.
Exit this room through another door.

You are now inside sliding screen room, you can pick up "Film Reel 6" in the store room 
here. Climb up the stairs, examine the chest for a "Type-14 Film". Make sure you pick up 
the "Zero" power-up lens on the table. It will be your best friend from now on, I suggest 
you upgrade it now if you have any extra "Spirit Orb". Examine the bookcase in
this room for "Green Diary 4". Also, get into the closet to pick up a "Sacred Water".

Now get back to the hallway on the first floor. Go to the middle of the hallways, there's
a door behind a cloth, snap a picture on the door to get in. You are now inside the Twin's
Room. Examine the broken closet next to the naked mummy for a "Stone Mirror". Pick up the
"Crimson Diary 3" on floor. Now leave this room through the door on the other side.

Now you are in tatami room hallway. There's a "Herbal Medicine" waiting to be pickep up
in deluxe tatami room. Check the table for "Green Diary 3" in the same room. Unseal the
door next to the deluxte tatami room first but do not go in yet. 

Down the hallway, enter the sliding door to get inside to the regular tatami room. Pick 
up "Type-61 Film" and "Crimson Diary 4" and leave the room. Now go to room with tatami, 
pick up "Film Reel 5" on small table and leave. The next area is the entrance.

When you approach the entrance door, you will be presented with short cut-scene. Three 
ghosts will appear and I call them brother ghosts... because they usually come out together.
This can be a tough battle because the area is quite small for you to fight them. Take out
your most powerful film and quickly finish them.

Once they are send back to hell, now go all the way back to the door you had unsealed before
but never enter. Enter it now and you are now inside the clock hall. Before you go up stairs, 
pick up a "Sacred Water" under the stairs.

Once you are at the second floor, check the door on your left. It's Mayu! Looks like she's
trapped inside... but the door is locked. You will have to find the key. Once you have check
the door a crimson kimono girl will appear. Follow her! She's carrying the bell key!

One strange thing I notice is that people claim that you have to fight her five times before
you can get the key. During my first game I did fought her for five times, but in my second
game I fought her only four times and I received the key... it's strange... or is it a bug?
Follow my instruction here so you will only fight her for four times.

Now follow her and unlock the door and get in, pick up "Crimson Diary 2" and "Twins & Girl"
photo on table. Examine the shelve for "Herbal Medicine". Did you hear something moving 
under the floor...? Now go down the check the sliding door under the room. Booo... the girl
is in there! Defeat her... she's pretty fast so concentrate on your surroundung. The worst
attack from her is when she is crying. The screen will turn dark and you will hardly see
anything... you will have no idea where will she attack. The best way is to use "See" or
the "Track" ability now. Or instead... you can just run around until the screen turn normal.

Once she is defeated then you will receive "Crimson Diary 1". Now get in the door opposite
the the place where found the crimson kimono girl. Once you get in you will notice you are
once again inside the room where play hide and seek with the bloody kimono girl. Get to the 
room with doll... during your way there you pick up "Green Diary 1", "Type-90 Film", "Spirit
Orb" and "Type-Zero" film. 

Once you reach the room with doll, get into the closet where you hid from the bloody kimono
girl. The crimson kimono girl is hidden inside, defeat her again! 

Now the third location, the entrance on first floor. Go there now, when you enter the entrance
area, check the shelves next to the door you just entered. The crimson kimono girl is hidden
in there. Defeat her again.

Now the last location, the deluxe tatami room. Get there and approach the closet, the crimson
kimono girl will climb out from the closet. Now fight her for the last time, when she is 
defeated, you will receive the "Bell Key" and "Red Speckled Crystal". Now you have the key, 
go and save Mayu now.

Get to the cell where Mayu been locked in, unlock the door and get inside... Mayu is not
here... whatever, pick up "Green Diary 5" near the door. Examine bookcase for "Bound
Diary 2". Finally pick up "Bound Diary 1", "Tachibana Crest" and "Flourite" on the table.

A cut-scene will roll in, Mayu is back! Ummm... I think she's much more scarier than those
spirits. Always comes out from nowhere.

4.9 Chapter 8: Half Moon

You will automatically start outside the house... Mayu told you that they will need to visit
the old tree. Save now if you wish. Follow the path on the left side of Kiryu house, you will
come across a junction, ignore the stairs for now and take the left path. You will eventually
end up infront of an old tree. The entrance is blocked by spirit so take a picture of it. The
picture shows an altar.

Now back to the junction and up the stairs. When you reached the top, pick up "Sacred Water"
on the floor. Now enter Kureha Shrine.

Inside, go right and examine the broken urn to receive a "Herbal Medicine". At the left side 
of the altar, you can pick up a "Spirit Orb". Now, take a picture of the altar... it shows a 
girl walked into some broken fences. Turn to the right and pick up "Folklorist 7". 

A spirit will appear, defeat him and pick up "Glowing Yellow Crystal" and "Spirit Orb" on where
the spirit dies. Get into the broken hole, and pick up "Sacred Water" at the back there. Once 
you are done, leave the shrine and back to the old tree.

The presense that blocked the old tree's entrance has gone, so enter it. A cut-scen will roll
in. Mayu is feeling weak, she will lie there to rest for a while. Now you have to go on for a 
while without her. 

Pick up "Folklorist 12" near the entrance. After that examine the center altar, well, looks 
familiar isn't. It's the same in Osaka house but apperantly the four crest are gone. Remember
you got one "Tachibana Crest" already, right? Now you would have to find the other three.

After examining the altar, you will receive "Octagon Key". Now your spider sense... woops, I
mean the spirit sensor will glow again. Take picture of the altar and it will reveal the correct
way to put in the crest. Before you leave the cave, snap a picture of Mayu and it will tell
you go to the store house. 

Leave through the right hole. When you out of the old tree, remember there's a cemetary at your
left and you will need to get back here later. Now head to the store house. You can pick up
"Herbal Medicine" and "Type-14 Film" along your way. When you reach the store house, use the
octagon key to unlock it. Enter and another FMV will roll in.

Pick up "Type-Zero Film" on the floor and enter the cell. The white hair boy has gone. Pick
up "Bound Diary 4" and "Crystal Ore" on floor. Examine bookshelf for "Bound Diary 3" and 
"Bound Diary 5". Now take a picture of the map and examine the map after that. It will reveal
the locations of the other three crests that are missing.

The three crests are in : 1. Osaka House
			  2. Kiryu House
			  3. Cemetary

Since Osaka is the nearest we will go there first. Head to Osaka house now. Once you are inside 
Osaka house, head to the kimono room. Pick up "Type-14 Film" on the floor. Now go to the back of 
the room and examine the suspicious looking box, a spirit will... not again... crawl out with 
hair cover her face. AKA The Ring. It seems that nowadays ghosts are much more scarier by crawling 
and with hair cover their faces... don't it ever get bore? No more new idea?

Defeat The Ring... um... I mean defeat her and pick up "Osaka Crest" near the box. Before you
leave this house there are probably some items you might want to pick up in this house. I leave
that to you to find out what you can pick up.

Now head to Kiryu house, do not enter the through the main door. Instead, enter the house through
the door under the connecting bridge. Once in the there, go up to the second floor. When you are
up there, notice a girl standing there. Take a picture of her. Notice she keeps facing to the 
other side, up the little stairs, instead of entering the door infront of her, turn left into
the room. Examine the wall next to the hanging kimono and you will notice the wall can be turned.

Pick up "Kiryu Crest" in there and you will have to find the twin girls again. Quickly dispose
of them and move on. There are also some new items waiting for you to pick up but I don't think
it is worth the time unless you are really low on some items. 

Now go the cemetary, you should know where it is, right? When you reach the cemetary, pick up
"Glowing Blue Crystal" and "Spirit Orb". Now you should sense that is a spirit nearby. Snap the
mini shrine and it will reveal a tombstone. Go to the opposite of the shrine and shoot the tomb-
stone. A spirit with twisted neck will appear. Defeat her.

Go back to the shrine and examine it, you will receive the last crest which is "Tsuchihara Crest".
Since you have all the crests now so go back to the old tree. Put in the four crests and you 
are require to solve them now. 

		(1)		(2)

		(3)		(4)

	1 to 4 = turnable pinwheel

Turn the wheel in the following order, 4, 4, 4, 1, 2, 2. Once you are done you will hear that 
something has unlock. A door has open in the shrine on top the village.  Wake up Mayu and flea 
to the shrine now. It seems it is near the end. When you try to go up the stairs, a FMV will 
roll in. Mayu has been captured! Things wouldn't be fun if it is too easy right?

4.10 Final Chapter: Crimson Butterfly
Time for final show down. After you have defeated the three brother ghosts, you have two choices
here. Either you can run into the shrine and escape alone, which will grant you the beautiful
GAME OVER screen, or turn back and rescue Mayu.

When turn back down the stairs, you will have to control Mayu again. Just follow the butteflies
and enter the door and you will be switched back to Mio again. Now go to Kurosawa house, when
you enter the main door another FMV will roll in.

After that, pick up "Butterfly Diary" outside the house. Also pick up "Herbal Medicine" from 
the left. Enter the house, receive "Sacred Water" near the withered flowers. Now make your way
to the Family altar room. Check the map for the location!

Enter the room and you will have to control Mayu again. Just run 'till the end and you will
eventually switch back to Mio. Pick up "Butterfly Diary 6" on the floor. Remember to take a 
pciture of the altar. 

Go down through the stairs on your left and make your way to the connecting bridge. Choose the
side butterflies. Sae will appear on the other side and step on the other stepstone. Enter the
door. Pick up the "Type-61 Film" on floor and save! You are getting nearer to the end.

Enter another and there will be another FMV. Now you will have to fight the spirit of the 
ceremony master which is father to Yae and Sae. Once he's defeated you will receive "Master
Key" and "Chrysocolla". Unlock the locked door in this room with the "Master Key". Enter and 
now you will have go deeper into the underground.

Continue going down after you reach the underground passageway.  Pick up the "Flourite" on the
floor. Follow the passageway, you will intercept by mourners along the way. Defeat ALL of them
and I would suggest you go back up there and save! Make sure you pick up "Spirit Stone" and
"Type-90 Film" along the way.

When you reach an open area, the twin girls will appear in the middle. Snap a picture on them
and og deeper into the cave, another pathway at the back. Go down and a FMV will play. Be 
prepared! You will now fight the last boss... um... depend on the which difficulty you are

***Final Boss: The Kusabi***

Well, there's not much strategy for beating him. My advice, DON'T run around! He can keep 
healing himself by teleporting if you run too far away from him. Just stand still and wait for 
him to attack. His attack is very easy to predict and very easy to combo him. Once he got hit 
he will teleport around you so make sure you don't always stay in camera mode.

After you beat him, run down the pathway and pick up "Final Note". If you are playing hard or
nightmare difficulty then please read section 4.11. 

If you are playing easy or normal, just run down and approach Mayu. 

Congratulation for finishing the game! Enjoy the FMV.

4.11 Chapter Zero: Hellish Abyss (Hard/Nightmare mode only)

When you have beat the Kusabi spirit, run down the path again. Pick up "Final Note" along
the way. When you reach Mayu near enough, another FMV will roll in. 

***Final boss: Mayu/Sae*** 

After the FMV, raise your camera and slowly approach her. When you are close enough, she rushes 
towards you and attack. One hit from her is GAME OVER. So hit her with the camera when the circle 
turns red.

Once she got hit, you are safe from now on. No longer she can kill you with one hit and she is
very easy to deal with now. She will start laughing... she will laugh and laugh. Just wait for
her to finish laughing. Now she will start chasing you like sissy girl playing hide and seek.
Avoid her, when she get tire of chasing you, she will stop at a spot and said something like
"Mio, my leg hurts...". 

When she said that it is the best time to combo her! Raise your camera and wait for the fatal
frame indicator to light up and combo her. She's very easy to combo so don't worry. When you 
combo her three times she will repeat the above process again. So repeat the above strategy 
and you will kill her in no time.

When you deliver her back to her eternal hellish slumber, you can now watch the true ending.
Enjoy and congratulation!


Story summary:

* This is my rough version of the game's story, I may have missed something here but you will
  roughly how is the story and why Mayu and Mio were chosen to enter the village.

The All God's Village, in the eyes of the outsiders, is a peaceful and odinary village. But no
one knows that this village has secretly performing ceremonies to please the restless spirits
in hell by sacrificing one of the twin. Under common law, the twin that borns first would be 
considered as elder brother or sister. But under the village's tradition, those who born first
would be considered the younger because they believe that the elder one would let their younger
half to be out first. The villagers consider that the twin as one, they were seperated because
by the power of gods. They were born to be used in the ceremony. During the ceremony, the elder 
one has to kill their other half and the body would be thrown into the hellish abyss to please 
the spirits.

In the story of FF2, Itsuki and Mutsuki are the twins that were used in the ceremony before Yae
and Sae. Itsuki killed Mutsuki during the ceremony and his hair has turned white in just one
night. You can notice this in the game. Yae and Sae were the other twins that soon will be used
as the sacrifice in the ceremony. Because Itsuki was also the victim of the ceremony so he knew
the suffers that the twin sisters will need to endure. He helped Yae and Sae to escape before 
the ceremony.

Their escape was detected and the villagers formed a search party to look for them during that 
night. During the escape, Sae was fell down under the cliff and was caught by the villagers. 
Yae tried to look for her missing sister but unfortunately she was lost in the forest and could
not find the way back to the village.

Because Itsuki helped Yae and Sae escaped, he hung himself in the store house when the villagers
locked him inside. Sae discovered his body. She kept blaming herself for escaping has cause the
death of Itsuki. Sae believed that Yae will come back for her but Yae never did. Sae was thrown
into the hellish abyss and because the ceremony was not performed properly, Sae came back from
hell and slaugther every villagers and thus releasing the spirits of hell to earth.

The village was covered in black clouds and dissapeared from the map. 

Mayu was called back to the village to finish the ceremony by the spirit of Sae when she was in
the forest. Mio and Mayu's roles are to perform the failed ceremony once again to free the 
village from its eternal darkness. Itsuki's spirit, which still lingered in the physical world,
still try to help them in their escape but unfortunately Mayu has been captured by the villagers'
spirits during their way to the shrine.

In normal ending, Mio was forced to kill Mayu in order to please the spirits of hell. The ceremony
was succeeded at last and the village was free from its eternal hell. Sunshine at last appeared
once again in this village.

In good ending, Mio successfully defeated the spirit of Sae which pocessed the body of Mayu. 
When Mayu is about to fall into the hellish abyss, Mio was able to save her in time... but because
Mio has looked into the hellish abyss and caused blinded her eyes. They both escaped in time and
the ceremony was not successful. The village will be doomed forever until they able find another 
twins wander into the village again.

5. Hints/Secrets:

5.1: Things you can unlock

I never play the easy difficulty so I don't know what's not unlock or what's unlock if you finish
the game in easy mode. Below is what will you get after beating the other difficulties and extra 

Beating normal mode:

- Receive two extra custumes
- Unlock mission mode
- Receive "Track" power-up lens
- Unlock "Hard" difficulty

Beating hard mode:

- Receive two extra custumes
- Receive "Crush" and "Stun" power-up lens
- Unlock "Nightmare" difficulty
- Enable "True" ending

Beating nightmare mode:

- Still in progress

Achieve SS class for all missions:

- Unlock the Maid custume

Achieve 100% spirit list:

- Unlock edit (correct?) mode (Absolutely no idea what this is...)

5.2 Tips and hints:

Here are some little tips to help you.

- Always use the Type-7 or Type-14 film to shoot the hidden or non-hostile spirits

- Save the Type-61, Type-90 and Type-Zero films for hostile spirits

- Never shoot the spirit when the power circle of the camera is still yellow, you will 
  only wasted more films in defeating the spirit. Wait until it turns red and thus
  eliminate the need for waiting the film to reload.

- Fatal Frame moment allows you to make combo hit against the spirit. You will eventually
  acquire the ability to know when you can make fatal frame shot. 

- Try to make combo shots to achieve higher score as well as higher damage.

- Check all possible areas for hidden items. Things like drawer, table or garbage... well, 
  you know what I mean right?

- The trapped white hair boy can always give you some clues incase you are totally lost in 
  the town.

- Always upgrade the basic function of the camera first. Once you have completely upgraded 
  them then upgrade the power up lens.

- Don't always stay in camera mode while fighting spirit, they sometimes playing dirty and 
  appear at your back and attack you.

- Some spirits constantly respawn if you wandering around in the same area for too long, this 
  can wasted a lot of your films.

- Don't always assume that you can run away from a hostile spirit if you enter into a new 
  area. They will follow you like there's no tomorrow.

- You can't use the save lantern when there's a hostile spirit nearby.

- You can always go back to the area that you have visited before, there are some items
  like "Type-14 Film" will respawn over a certain time.

- You are limit to one "Stone Mirror" at a time so try not to waste it.

- Take picture of all the spirits that appear for a brief moment, sometimes it is extremely
  hard to take picture of them knowing the right timing is the key.

- There are some spirits only appear in second game.

- When fighting multiple spirits, running around is the best way to beat them. 

- When fighting a single spirit, stading still will be a better strategy.

- Check the map if you are completely lost, some events will not occur simply because you 
  did not visit ONE room and it can waste your precious hours for just running around.

- Don't play this game at night... it is that scary.

- Find someone to play with you... preferably a girl if possible... hehehe...

6. Frequently Asked Question:

Question 1: Is this game scary?

Answer: Yes, definitely! There's no game IMO that can beat this game in term of its scary
	atmosphere and those spirits. Tackling with those spirits definitely far more scarier
	than tackling with something that have physical bodies.

Question 2: Is it better than Fatal Frame 1?

Answer: Of course! The only thing that still need improvements would be the story. The old
	school sacrifice-something-to-please-something kind of story is definitely getting old. 

Question 3: I'm stuck! I can't find XXX key or XXX!

Answer: The answer is check the map! No kidding, there are some occasions that I stuck in one
	chapter for few hours just because I missed a door which kinda hidden because of the
	stupid in-game camera. Check for any door that you haven't visited before.

Question 4: Hey, how can I combo the XXX spirit?

Answer: Well, it depends... some spirits are extremely hard to combo because it seems that the
	fatal frame moment never happen when fighting them. Some spirits can only be combo only
	when they missed you or something like that... so try avoiding their attack. Experiment
	is the key here!

Question 5: I'm stuck at xxx locations or I can't find xxx key in chapter 7...!

Answer: It seems that this is the most frustrating chapter in the whole game. I myself had
	stuck in this chapter for more than two hours just because ***SPOILERS*** I didn't
	check the door that MAYU has been trapped in. Stupid camera again... %#$$%#%...

Question 6: Is there alternate ending besides the first one I got?

Answer: Yes, finish HARD mode and you can view the alternate ending.

Question 7: Can I get 100% ghost list in first play?

Answer: No! There are some spirit only appear in the second game and you will need the camera
	to shoot the spirit that appear BEFORE you acquire in camera in first game.

Question 8: So, I can only achieve 100% in second game?

Answer: Yes or No... I don't really know because I have not achieve 100% myself simply because
	some spirits dissapear awefully fast and shooting them require 100% concentration AND
	you will have to know their exact locations and exact time! Tough!

Question 9: Does the ranking I got at the end of the game give me any bonuses? 

Answer: No... someone achieve an A ranking but still no new items or any hidden bonus.

Question 10: Where the f*** is the Crimson Kimono Girl????

Answer: Follow my walkthrough and you should find her. If you fail to find for whatever reasons, 
	please ask me KINDLY! I do not deserve to be scolded by you if you cant find out where
	she is by using rude words. I'm writing the walkthrough for FREE and I do not even earn a 
        cent. Please be polite, ok? 

7. Credits:

- Thank God for everything I have

- Thanks to myselft for writing this walkthrough to fill up my holiday times...

- Thanks to Tecmo for making me afraid

- Thanks to GameFAQs for hosting this walkthrough

- Thanks to everyone who read this walkthrough

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