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To achieve much acclaim for something, sometimes it has to be controversial. 09/10/07 BigCj34
There's just so much *stuff* here! 05/25/06 aludlam
Nearly flawless and consistently amazing 08/01/06 andymancan1
In the City, City of Compton! (A GTA Retrospective) 07/06/10 BloodGod65
Comparing to VC... 02/18/05 BunnyRabbit
Gotta learn how to survive outside the hood... 01/10/14 CaliGamer25850
Sometimes, more is less. 12/20/04 crinx
The most amazing game not only in the GTA series, but for the PS2! 01/02/07 dawhiterapper
Let's just face it - this game is one of the best ever made. 11/06/06 DeathCelestial
Grand Theft Auto San Andreas: Could GTA get any larger and better than this? Yes it could but still outstanding. 01/22/07 Default64
Finally... a totally unbiased and not complaining review! 11/09/04 deftones2366
California Love... 09/10/07 discoinferno84
A great game brought down by a few problems 04/17/06 DWFAN934738
A definite Game of the Year candidate, and one the best games ever on PS2 09/05/07 Evil Dave
I've seen improvement before, but this is really pushing it 12/28/04 EvilRobinHood
I will never touch Vice City again. 11/22/04 Freebooter16
I was wrong about this game. 09/15/06 FulAutoShotgun2
Add very poor RPG elements with the GTA formula and you have San Andreas. 06/17/08 GodOfWarFanatic
Rockstar proves they can do no wrong 11/29/04 GTA Gavin
I waited until i beat the game to write this review. 11/04/04 GTAGamer2004
Oh Yes, There Will Be Cars 02/27/06 horror_spooky
The best game so far on the Playstation 2. 11/04/04 illu52ion
You want a piece of this!? Okay then, I just hope you don't get too bored. 08/04/08 InfernoCrossing
GTA:SA Almost there, but not quite... 11/19/04 Innuendo88
The Good, The Bad, and the Great! 11/15/04 jasonethos
The best PS2 game ever? Read the review, homies! 11/07/04 Jules Rules
Grand Theft Auto: Heaven 05/02/05 LeoMcLeo
An absolute essential purchase - a game that has it all. 09/02/05 maestro_malone
This game should run out of stores even before the stores get the game. 09/30/05 MAIKAR_MAN
A massive game that offers endless amounts of stuff to do.. 11/18/04 MasterVG782
"The Best" in the sense that there's more to do, but not as great as the others 04/23/09 Menji
Best Game In the Best Series 11/24/04 MorrowindMaster7792
While it is indeed overrated, it certainly deserves a serious play through...hopefully without too many glitches. 06/09/15 nastynate3118
With enough flaws to rob it of perfection, but still a good game. 12/20/04 NeonEvaXephon
Grand Theft Auto is King 11/17/04 NeoTS
No such thing as a perfect game 11/11/04 Oldskoolplayr76
It's an almost perfect must-have 06/29/05 pandasown
Best game experience ever!! 07/08/05 Rag33614
Want to go crazy!? This game's for you! 11/04/04 raiden251
Pure Wanksta 11/17/04 Random-J
This is pure bliss... 11/16/07 Ratchet12345
Another great addition to the Grand Theft Auto series. 07/27/06 ryliru
One of the greatest games ever made. 04/26/06 SaintDarkSide
A Grand Theft Auto Masterpiece 12/10/04 Scarface2125
A game that delivers so much and delivers it beautifully 08/20/09 ssk9716757
Grand Theft Auto San Andreas is everything you ever wanted in a sequel and even more! 05/27/05 supreme dar
Good though somewhat lacking. 03/11/08 TheLastAvatar05
A Good Game, But Nothing Spectacular 03/16/05 thesickness03
Wow! There is so much to do in this game - it's just purely one of my favourite games and has great replayability. 10/11/06 Thorpe
Great game with a lot of the same 12/28/04 tjewu
As good as the previous ones, if not better. 11/04/04 tranmerefan
The best PlayStation 2 game ever? 01/18/05 tud123

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Grand Theft Auto : San Andreas doesn't even feel like a GTA game. It tries to do too many things at once, and fails. Miserably. 10/27/04 NeonEvaXephon
The next sequel in the Grand Theft Auto Series 07/09/09 03J
If a perfect game existed... 10/27/04 Angelblade
"Grand Theft Auto at its best" 03/24/08 ArabianPenguins
Do you like oranges? Still the best GTA game (for PS2). 09/28/14 Asgardian724
Everyone's favorite guilty pleasure, now with more hood. 12/17/07 BBallman7
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Review 10/29/08 BingAtWork
What would youuuu doooooo...FOR A G-T-A? 11/01/04 bluefalcon2121
the BIGGEST and BEST GTA game to date! 09/11/09 Chainsaw_ninja
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Review 08/10/16 ChillHVAC
The absolute pinnacle of gaming for this generation. 10/30/04 ChRoNiC HaBiT
The next great installment of the Grand Theft Auto Series, Fo' Sho'! 10/28/04 coolboy
C.J. the corrupt thug 08/16/13 Darkness Slasher
A Welcome Addition To The GTA Family 10/28/04 Dave Gong
The best GTA of the early series 03/04/10 DouglasFett
Do you love the color orange? Then this is your dream come true!! 10/27/04 EazySCT
Better then Vice City, but is it better then GTA III? 11/01/04 EmPlaya34388
The Best By Far 10/27/04 FalloutX
Time to take on San Andreas with this near flawless game! 10/28/04 Fire Se3r
Westside Till I die 10/28/04 FrZnChAoS
GTA:SA= GTA 3, Vice City, Manhunt, Midnight Club 2, Red Dead Revolver and Fable! Fable? Read on... 10/28/04 JustBleazy
The Pinnacle of the GTA Series 10/27/04 Kelbann
GTA: SA is by far, the best game I have ever played 10/27/04 KillCrafter
This is the best one in the series! GTA: San Andreas simply beats all others. 10/27/04 magnawizzard
The single greatest source of entertainment. EVER! 10/27/04 Master Chief 117 23
Rockstar does it again. 10/27/04 MJ
GTA:SA is tight! 11/01/04 NFieldz1403
Sayonara Vice, this is San Andreas! 10/28/04 Perfect Light
Rockstar does it again. 06/25/08 pistol651
This is what a game should be 10/29/04 PlaTnuM
Going Back to the Hood to Chill With Some Homies G! 10/27/04 Rignite
One of the Best Games of All Time 10/01/18 RyanVG
Rockstar has done it. They have proven they can take the series further. 10/27/04 Shin Kyo Kusanagi
Best game on the PS2? So far! 11/01/04 socomdude22
Rockstar's the company I can depend on for Good Games.... 10/28/04 SomeBrandonKid
Hyped up or let down? 10/28/04 thebestporter
A Very Good GTA Game 09/09/10 thereviewguy772
Rockstar made up an awesome game, but failed to beautify it....... 10/01/07 zhuge_liang_
It's that good. 10/28/04 Zotmaster

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