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Mission Select Code Guide by prudoff

Version: 1.6 | Updated: 07/26/08

* GAME: Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
* SYSTEM: Playstation 2

* TITLE: Mission Select Code Guide
* VERSION: 1.6 (7/26/2008)

* AUTHOR: Paul Rudoff
* E-MAIL: http://www.theraffon.net/~spookcentral/email.htm
* WEBSITE: http://www.spookcentral.tk

################################## ATTENTION ##################################
You will need a CodeBreaker or Game Shark cheat device in order to use these
codes.  I recommend the CodeBreaker.


1. Introduction
2. Codes
3. Mission Digits & Notes
4. Other Codes
5. Codes Wanted
6. Revision History
7. Copyright Notice & Disclaimer


The TPCC have hacked the Grand Theft Auto games to pieces and have come up with
many fantastic codes for the game.  One of those codes allows you to play any
mission any time you want: the Mission Select Mod.

It works like this: Grab any kind of Taxi vehicle and press R3 to trigger the
mission (as you normally would to start the Taxi Driver mission).  The game
will appear frozen, but after 10-15 seconds the cutscene for your selected
mission will play (though you won't see the mission title before the cutscene).
When it's done, you're on the mission.  It's as simple as that.  If you use the
code in conjunction with the "All Vehicles Can Do Taxi Missions" code, you can
trigger your selected mission in almost any vehicle in the game (except for
those that have other R3 missions).

There are also Mission Select Mod codes that work in Vigilante vehicles,
Ambulances, Fire Trucks, and Broadways.  You CAN use all five versions of the
code at the same time to play five different missions in one gameplay session.

I highly suggest that you don't use these codes on a saved game that you wish
to play "for real" with the intent of eventually getting 100%.  If you use this
code to "skip" a mission, by playing the one after it, you probably won't reach
100% completion because you never played and completed the other mission.



These codes will (most likely) only work with the original NTSC version of the
game, not with the Special Edition or PAL versions.  Also, there are currently
no versions of the Mission Select Mod code for the Action Replay Max.

The digits for the ?? spaces in the Mission Select Mod codes are in the
next section.  The All Vehicles Can Do Vigilante or Taxi Missions codes
are for all vehicles except those that have other R3 missions, such as
the ambulance. The two "All Vehicles..." codes were created by Psy and TPCC.

All codes come from Skiller's GTA:SA Code Database:
(alt url: http://www3.telus.net/public/blainejm/Skiller/Gta/GtaSacodes.htm)

With the All Vehicles Can Do Taxi Missions code, if you do the mission on
a bike and fall off, you'll end the mission. It works on all vehicles
except: ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
Ambulance, Police Car, Enforcer, VCPD Cheetah, Rhino, Barracks OL,
FBI Ranhcer, FBI Washington, Hunter, and Firetruck.

The CodeBreaker master code was tested by me.  I have not and can not test the
other master codes, but they should work.

Do not use these codes along with the codes from the official CodeBreaker
website.  The ones on the website are in the v7+ encryption, which is
incompatible with these unencrypted codes.  The codes below WILL work on all
CodeBreaker versions (v1 and higher).  If you own a CodeBreaker v7 or higher,
you will need to create a new game (call it "Grand Theft Auto - San Andreas HEX"
for example) and put all of these codes in there.

Each cheat device uses the same codes, however each one has its own
Master/Enable Code, which must be the first code in your code list, and must
ALWAYS be on (otherwise all of the other codes won't work).


F0100208 0000000E     Enable Code (Must Be On)

Game Shark v1&2 / Action Replay
0E3C7DF2 1456E7A5 +   Enable Code (Must Be On)
F0100208 0000000E

Game Shark / XP 3.1 to 4
98495ACF 789CFB15     Enable Code (Must Be On)

Game Shark / XP Media / Broadband
760CF590 00000000 +   Enable Code (Must Be On)
98495ACF 789CFB15


2016C614 1000001C     All Vehicles Can Do Vigilante Missions
                      (alternate code: 2016C608 10000020)
-- This code causes doors on unparked cars to lock.  This makes it hard, if not
impossible, to jack cars and play missions that involve cars.
-- The Mission Select Mod Pimping/Broadway code is affected by this code.
You can not use these two codes together because the mission you want to play
with the Broadway (in place of Pimping) will be the Vigilante mission instead.
If you used the Mission Select Mod Vigilante code, it will be that mission,
otherwise it will be the regular Vigilante mission.  However, the Mission
Select Mod Pimping/Broadway code works fine with the "All Vehicles Can Do Taxi
Missions" code.

203BBB94 10000004 +   All Vehicles Can Do Taxi Missions
204F4AD4 10000004

006C5295 000000?? +   Mission Select Mod (Vigilante)
006C53B8 000000??

006C4CB9 000000?? +   Mission Select Mod (Taxi)
006C4D75 000000??
Note: In the Taxi you can only do the mission once, then the taxi missions will
be disabled. I suggest not saving after using the taxi mission mod, or you'll
lose the ability to do taxi missions.

006C4E95 000000?? +   Mission Select Mod (Paramedic/Ambulance)
006C4F4D 000000??

006C5066 000000?? +   Mission Select Mod (Firefighter)
006C511E 000000??

006C599D 000000?? +   Mission Select Mod (Pimping/Broadway)
006C5A6E 000000??



1st column: digits for Mission Select Mod codes.
            (use the same value for both sets of ??'s)

2nd column: mission status, based on this legend:
            * Mission can be completely played and completed.
            X Code works, but mission can't be played and/or completed.
            ? This is a mission that I normally have trouble passing, so I
              can't yet verify whether it can be completed with the code
              (but the code does work).

3rd column: mission title (as if you couldn't figure that out already)

Some of these will put your vehicle in an awkward spot - like stuck in
something.  Get out of the vehicle and find something else to drive.  In
other words, don't trigger a mission in a vehicle you want to drive during
the mission.  Try to trigger the missions in a small car.  Don't use a
bike (you'll usually meld with it) and don't use a helicopter (it will
usually get stuck in a wall or building).

Carl Johnson
02  -  Introduction
         Includes "Opening Movie", "Big Smoke" and "Sweet + Kendl".
0B  -  Big Smoke
         Includes "Sweet + Kendl".

0C  -  Ryder

0D  -  Tagging Up Turf
0E  -  Cleaning The Hood
0F  -  Drive-Thru
10  -  Nines And AK's
11  -  Drive-By
12  -  Sweets Girl
13  -  Cesar Vialpando
14  -  Los Sepulcros
15  -  Doberman

Frank Tenpenny
16  -  Burning Desire
17  -  Gray Imports

18  -  Home Invasion
19  -  Catalyst
1A  -  Robbing Uncle Sam

Big Smoke
1B  -  OG Loc
1C  -  Running Dog
1D  -  Wrong Side Of The Tracks
1E  -  Just Business

OG Loc
1F  -  Beach Party
20  -  Madd Dogg's Rhymes
21  -  Management Issues
22  -  House Party

Side Missions
23  -  Dirt Track

Cesar Vialpando
24  -  High Stakes, Low Rider
         You will spawn outside Cesar's place in your vehicle, but you'll need
         to grab a lowrider before you can enter the red circle to start the

25  -  Reuniting The Families
26  -  The Green Sabre

Frank Tenpenny
27  -  Badlands

28  -  Catalina Cutscene
         Crashes Game.
29  -  Local Liquor Store
2A  -  Small Town Bank
2B  -  Tanker Commander
2C  -  Against All Odds

Cesar Vialpando
2D  -  King In Exile

The Truth
2E  -  Body Harvest
2F  -  Are You Going To San Fierro?

Cesar Vialpando
30  -  Nothing

Carl Johnson
31  -  Wear Flowers In Your Hair
32  -  Deconstruction
33  -  555 WE TIP

48  -  Air Raid
49  -  Supply Lines...
4A  -  New Model Army

Frank Tenpenny
34  -  Snail Trail

Wu Zi Mu
35  -  Mountain Cloud Boys
36  -  Ran Fa Li
37  -  Lure
38  -  Amphibious Assault
39  -  The Da Nang Thang

The Triads
3A  -  Photo Opportunity

3B  -  Jizzy

The Triads
3C  -  Outrider
3D  -  Ice Cold Killa
3E  -  Toreno's Last Flight
3F  -  Yay Ka-Boom-Boom
40  -  Pier 69

41  -  T-Bone Mendez
42  -  Mike Toreno

43  -  Zeroing In
44  -  Test Drive
45  -  Customs Fast Track
46  -  Puncture Wounds

Mike Toreno
4B  -  Monster
4C  -  Highjack
4D  -  Interdiction
4E  -  Verdant Meadows
4F  -  N.O.E.
50  -  Stowaway
51  -  Black Project
52  -  Green Goo

The Triads
54  -  Fender Ketchup
55  -  Explosive Situation
56  -  You've Had Your Chips
57  -  Fish In A Barrel

The Truth
58  -  Don Peyote

The Mafia
59  -  Intensive Care
5A  -  The Meat Business
5B  -  Freefall
5C  -  Saint Mark's Bistro

Frank Tenpenny
5D  -  Misappropriation
5E  -  High Noon

Madd Dogg
5F  -  Madd Dogg

Heist Missions
60  -  Architectural Espionage
61  -  Key To Her Heart
62  -  Dam And Blast
63  -  Cop Wheels
64  -  Up, Up And Away
65  -  Breaking The Bank At Caligula's

The Triads
66  -  A Home In The Hills

Carl Johnson
67  -  Vertical Bird
68  -  Home Coming
69  -  Cut Throat Business

6A  -  Beat Down On B-Dup
6B  -  Grove 4 Life

Carl Johnson
6C  -  Riot

6D  -  Los Desperados
6E  -  End Of The Line
6F  -  End Of The Line (Smoke Dying Cutscene & Onwards)
70  -  End Of The Line (The Final Chase & Onwards)

School Missions
47  -  Driving School
53  -  Flying School
77  -  Boat School
78  -  Bike School

Arcade Games
03  -  They Crawled From Uranus
04  -  Duality
05  -  Go, Go Space Monkey
06  -  Let's Get Ready To Bumble

Vehicle Missions
79  -  Taxi Driver
7A  -  Paramedic
         This code must be activated in an Ambulance or it will crash the game
         which kind of beats the point in the code at all.
7B  -  Firefighter
7C  -  Vigilante
7D  -  Burglary
         Start the missions between 8PM and 5AM or you'll automatically fail.
7F  -  Pimping
7E  -  Freight
75  -  Trucker
         Complete the first mission then use your vehicle to start the missions
         again and you will be able to do the 2nd Trucker mission and so on.
76  -  Quarry
         Complete the first mission then use your vehicle to start the missions
         again and you will be able to do the 2nd Quarry mission and so on.

07  -  Horse Racing Betting Machine
09  -  Lowrider Dance
         Take a Lowrider vehicle with Hydraulics to the yellow blip on the radar
         after starting the mission.
0A  -  Beefy Baron

Non Working Codes
08  -  2 Player Pool
         Does nothing?
71  -  Shooting Range
         Does nothing?
72  -  Gym Los Santos
         Does nothing?
73  -  Gym San Fierro
         Does nothing?
74  -  Gym Las Venturas
         Does nothing?
80  -  Bloodring
         Starts a new game instead?
81  -  Kickstart
         Starts a new game instead?
82  -  Race Tournament
         Starts a new game instead?
83  -  Basketball Court
         Starts a new game instead?
84  -  Chiliad Challenge
         Starts a new game instead?
85  -  BMX
         Starts a new game instead?
86  -  "Buy Property 1"
         Starts a new game instead?
87  -  2 Player Rampage
         Starts a new game instead?
88  -  2 Player Bike Rampage
         Starts a new game instead?
89  -  2 Player Car Rampage
         Starts a new game instead?
8A  -  2 Player Helicopter Rampage
         Starts a new game instead?
8B  -  2 Player Peds Rampage
         Starts a new game instead?
8C  -  2 Player Run Around Los Santos
         Starts a new game instead?
8D  -  2 Player Run Around Las Venturas
         Starts a new game instead?
8E  -  2 Player Run Around San Fierro
         Starts a new game instead?
8F  -  2 Player Run Around Desert
         Starts a new game instead?
90  -  2 Player Run Around Countryside
         Starts a new game instead?
91  -  Run Around Millie
         Starts a new game instead?
92  -  Run Around Suzie
         Starts a new game instead?
93  -  Run Around Barbara
         Starts a new game instead?
94  -  Run Around Kylie
         Starts a new game instead?
95  -  Run Around Denise
         Starts a new game instead?
96  -  Run Around Michelle
         Starts a new game instead?



These are all of the codes that I personally use.  I'm listing them all here
because I probably made reference to a few of them in the mission select mod
sections above.  If I reference something that's not listed below, then I'm
probably referring to a button cheat.  You can find all of them here:


All of these codes are unencrypted, so they will work with all of the cheat
devices that have master codes in the Codes section.  None of these codes were
created by me (though I assembled the "Press L1+_ For Time" codes).  All of
them came from Skiller's database (url given in Codes section), however you
can also find great codes at these two sites as well:

Codes By Edison Carter

GFCC GTA SA Hacking Board

* HOT COFFEE NOTICE: I just thought that I should mention that you won't find
the Hot Coffee code in this guide, and please don't ask me for it.  You *may*
be able to find it at some of the sites I've mentioned in this guide, but I
make no guarantees.  My personal opinion is that if you're old enough to play
an M rated game, you're old enough to use the code.  So, good luck finding it.

202A9B38 AC610580 +   Infinite Health
202A9B30 3C01447A +
202A9B3C 240303E8
NOTE: The only way to die is to blow up INSIDE a car.  You can jump out of
planes without a parachute and stand next to exploding cars with this one.

20134344 00000000 +   Infinite Ammo-All Weapons (In Car & On Foot)
201343A8 00000000

D0700942 0000FAFF +   Turn The Timer On & Off (L1+L2=Off, R1+R2=On)
20292C0C 10000044 +
D0700942 0000F5FF +
20292C0C 10A00044

207096B4 05F5E0FF +   Infinite Max Cash
207096B8 05F5E0FF

2027BEA0 03E00008 +   Never Wanted
2027BEA4 00000000

201997F0 03E00008 +   Never Lose Weapons When Busted/Wasted
201997F4 00000000

20146610 03E00008 +   Disable Car Damage - All Cars
20146614 00000000

20146A2C 00000000 +   Disable Car Damage - Your Car Only
20146A40 00000000

20323E00 03E00008 +   Never Wreck On Bikes
20323E04 00000000

2016A504 00000000 +   Only Your Car Is Immune To Weapons
1016A568 00000202

D0700942 0000DBFF +   Freeze Everything (L1+Square=Stop, L1+Circle=Go)
2024D9B4 00000000 +
D0700942 00007BFF +
2024D9B4 1480000D +
2024D9AC 0C03FFCC +
2024D9D0 E4440030 +
200FFF30 3C040070 +
200FFF34 C484E7EC +
200FFF38 46002101 +
200FFF3C C7858044 +
200FFF40 46052102 +
200FFF44 46002124 +
200FFF48 44042000 +
200FFF4C 46010100 +
200FFF50 03E00008
NOTE #1: This freezes everyone but you. Peds walk in place, cars burn out and
twist and turn trying to move but can't.
NOTE #2: To steal a frozen car, you may have to rapidly tap triangle.
NOTE #3: Put on the Aggressive Drivers (R2,Circle,R1,L2,Left,R1,L1,R2,L2) cheat
to make this affect all traffic.
NOTE #4: Does not work with Moving Sidewalk or More Speed cheats. Do not enable
more than one at a time.
NOTE #5: Things you can do with this:
- Blow something up and freeze the debris in the air.
- Bail out of your vehicle while you're in the air and it'll stay up there.
- It's fun to piss off the cops and they have to stand in one place and try to
shoot you from a distance.
- Launch a rocket and it stays right there in front of you. You can see rockets
are backwards in GTA. Same for grenades and molotovs.
- Punch someone and watch them try to fight you, but they can't quite reach you.
- Could make race missions easier, if you really want to cheat.

002A2074 00000000 +   Keep Current Location When Busted/Wasted
002A2078 00000000 +
002A207C 00000000

2019CBAC C7A00028 +   Teleport To Red Marker (Press L3+R3)
2019CBB4 E4420030 +
2024D9E4 46010000 +
E002FFF9 00700942 +
2019CBAC 0C030CC0 +
2024D9E4 C78084E0 +
200C3300 3C040070 +
200C3304 24840028 +
200C3308 8C851F10 +
200C330C 14A0FFFD +
200C3310 C4821F08 +
200C3314 C4811F0C +
200C3318 C78084E0 +
200C331C 03E00008
NOTE: Go to the map and go to a location and press CIRCLE to set the red
waypoint target marker. Get back to the game and press L3+R3 to teleport to that
location. It can take a few seconds for everything to load in around you, and
you may be falling until it loads the ground. The game chooses the nearest
suitable location, looking for nearby roads. If you're trying to go to the
middle of nowhere, you may get dumped a ways away. The cheat does not change
your heaven number, so if you're indoors, you're going to end up on the ground
in a ghost world. Unless you want that, make sure you're outdoors when you use
it. This cheat is capable of taking you to areas of the map that are not
unlocked yet if you aren't that far in the story missions. I have had a few
times when it only transported me half way and I had to hold L3+R3 for a second
to make it the whole way. I think the game sometimes needs time to finish
loading the target area to see a place to put you.

00709748 00000001     Infinite Run/Swim

201FB268 00000000     Infinite Fuel (RC Plane)

203E1F00 03E00008     Peds Have Infinite Health

2066BD24 00000001 +   Always Nice Weather
2066BD28 00000001 +
2066BD2C 00000001

20665134 00000000     No Traffic

201A7FB4 00000000     Infinite Air/Oxygen/Lung

2022CED0 03E00008 +   Freeze Daily Time (BAD SIDE EFFECTS [see note])
2022CED4 00000000
NOTE: This code causes the games internal clock to get backed up. If you save
your game with this code active, when you go to play the game without the code,
the game clock (daily time) will run super fast until it can catch up with
present time. Also, with the code active (for a long period of time
beforehand?), there will be undesirable sky glitches during the Verdant Meadows
"Learning To Fly/Pilot School" missions. On top of all that, by always freezing
the daily time, you won't allow the days of the week to change, which will
prevent you from doing certain activities that are only available on certain

202A2210 03E00008 +   Saving Doesn't Increase Daily Time By 6 Hours
202A2214 00000000

D0700942 0000FBEF +   Press L1+Up For Midnight/12 AM (0:00)
2066B7AC 00000000

D0700942 0000FBDF +   Press L1+Right For 6 AM (6:00)
2066B7AC 00000006

D0700942 0000FBBF +   Press L1+Down For Noon/12 PM (12:00)
2066B7AC 0000000C

D0700942 0000FB7F +   Press L1+Left For 11 PM (23:00)
2066B7AC 00000017

2046AFA0 03E00008 +   Can Never Be Busted/Arrested
2046AFA4 00000000

2031D250 03E00008 +   Disable Plane Damage From Collisions
2031D254 00000000

20324510 03E00008 +   Disable Motorcycle/Bicycle Damage From Collisions
20324514 00000000

2031D4F8 00000000     RC Plane Takes No Damage From Collisions

2066BD28 00000001     Sunny Weather

0088D722 00000001     All Cars Can Drive On Water

0088D734 00000001     Hit Cars To Blow Them Up!

408026B4 00090001 +   Faster Skill Gain
3F000000 00000000 +
208026E0 3F000000 +
208026E4 3F000000

4080268C 00030001 +   Stats Don't Decrease
00000000 00000000 +
208026D8 47C34F80 +
208026DC 47C34F80

208022F4 00000000     Stat - No Times Cheated



These are codes that I'd like to have (for my own personal use) and to add to
this document.  A few of these are floating around, but they don't work - at
least not on my version of the game.  If you can provide me with working codes,
they will be added to this document and you will be credited.  Codes that I
can't get to work will not be posted.

-- Sniper Rocket Launcher

-- Remove Restaurants, Barber Shops, and Tattos Parlors from Map (while leaving
Safe Houses, Races, etc. on the map)

-- Invisible Water

-- Press Button(s) To Spawn Jetpack Anywhere (Even On Ground Level)

-- Always Have A Parachute In Your Inventory

-- Always Have A Camera In Your Inventory

-- Is there a way to make the vehicle movement controls (left and right) to the
d-pad left & right and map Trip Skip to L3 - but for all this to only take
effect when in a vehicle (not on foot)?

-- No Gangs Hate You

-- Player 2 codes for Health, Armor, Ammo, etc.



Ver. 1.0 (12/23/2005)
The very first version of this guide.  PLEASE NOTE: Although all of the codes
and digits are present, this guide is a work in progress. I have only started
to play test this code, which is why there are practically no notes for any of
the missions, and the status column for all missions is a blank dash.  Since
this game is very large and contains lots of missions, it is going to take me
a while to go through them all.

Ver. 1.1 (9/24/2006)
Added some more codes to the "Other Codes" section, and deleted two requests
from the "Codes Wanted" section.

Ver. 1.2 (9/26/2006)
Corrected some code descriptions and deleted one faulty code from the "Other
Codes" section.

Ver. 1.3 (10/28/2006)
In the "Other Codes" section I made a bunch of changes. (1) Deleted these
unnecessary codes: Infinite Armor, Never Hungry, Faster Loading (never seemed
to have any effect), Cheats Don't Reset, More Pedestrians, and the glitchy
Weapons, Car Spawn, Blow Up codes. (2) Added a "Bad Side Effects" note for the
Freeze Daily Time code. (3) Replaced the "Press _+Select for Time" codes with
new "Press L1+_ For Time" codes that I created.  I hated using Select as it
would change my camera position, and I would then have to change it back.
Plus this new button scheme seems more intuitive as it is kind of like the face
of a clock. (4) In the aforementioned time codes, I replaced 6 PM (18:00) with
11 PM (23:00).  Since there are no codes to change the day of the week, this
code will make it easier to quickly get to the next day.  Go to 11 PM, wait a
minute (real-time) for it to switch over to the next day (0:00, aka 12 AM), then
advance to 11 PM of that day, and repeat until you get to the day that you want.

Ver. 1.5 (5/15/2007)
Updated the Introduction text and added notes to the Codes section to state that
the "All Vehicles Can Do Vigilante Missions" code is bad to use.

Ver. 1.6 (7/26/2008)
Officially changed the name of the guide to "Mission Select Code Guide" as I
hope that will stop people from thinking this guide is about game modding. Also
added the note at the very top to make it perfectly clear that you need a cheat
device (CodeBreaker or Game Shark) in order to use these codes.



This document is copyright 2005 by Paul Rudoff.  Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
is copyright 2004 by Rockstar Games Inc., a subsidiary of Take-Two Interactive
Software.  This document is not associated with or endorsed by Rockstar Games
Inc., Take-Two Interactive Software, or anyone else involved in the making of
the game.

This document may NOT be reproduced, redistributed, sold (in any way,
shape, or form), published in a magazine, or put anywhere on the Internet
EXCEPT at GameFaqs.com.

This copyright notice and disclaimer may be updated by me from time to
time without notice to you.

Any rights expressly and not expressly granted herein are reserved.


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