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    Special Vehicles FAQ by Southern Finest

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    Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
    Playstation 2
    Special Vehicle FAQ
    November 29 2004
    Version 0.7
      _____                     _   _______ _           __ _   
     / ____|                   | | |__   __| |         / _| |  
    | |  __ _ __ __ _ _ __   __| |    | |  | |__   ___| |_| |_ 
    | | |_ | '__/ _` | '_ \ / _` |    | |  | '_ \ / _ \  _| __|
    | |__| | | | (_| | | | | (_| |    | |  | | | |  __/ | | |_ 
     \_____|_|  \__,_|_| |_|\__,_|    |_|  |_| |_|\___|_|  \__|
        /\        | |      _ 
       /  \  _   _| |_ ___(_)  _____                                     
      / /\ \| | | | __/ _ \   / ____| 
     / ____ \ |_| | || (_) | | (___   __ _ _ __      
    /_/    \_\__,_|\__\___(_) \___ \ / _` | '_ \ 
        /\             | |    ____) | (_| | | | |               
       /  \   _ __   __| |_ _|_____/ \__,_|_| |_|
      / /\ \ | '_ \ / _` | '__/ _ \/ _` / __|
     / ____ \| | | | (_| | | |  __/ (_| \__ \
    /_/    \_\_| |_|\__,_|_|  \___|\__,_|___/    
    Special Vehicle FAQ - Created by Southern Finest, Blane and Section 408
    WARNING!! This guide may contain spoilers on events in San Andreas if you do 
    Not want your game to be spoiled do not read any further.
    For GrandTheftAuto related videos please visit youtube channels
    GTAStunting and my own channel GTASouthernFinest
     /              \
    ( Version Updates)
    Revised 02/08/09:
     - No major updates
    Current Version 0.7:
     - FAQ Created
     - Ascii Art Added
     - BP/FP/EP/DP Car added
     /               \
    (Table of Contents)
    II.......Sites allowed to use this FAQ
    IV.......Special Vehicles
      -Rare Vehicles
     /               \
    (  I. Intro       )
      Welcome to my 3rd FAQ, This FAQ will cover every known BP/FP/EP/DP Vehicle
    in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. The info you will see in this FAQ is
    directly from the San Andreas Message Board on GameFAQs.com. I will contribute 
    to this also.
    But all Thanks is to Blane from the SA Message Board.
     /               \
    (  II. Sites...   )
    If you would like to use this FAQ please contact me.
     /               \
    (  III. Legend    )
    BP - Bullet Proof
    FP - Fire Proof
    EP - Explosion Proof
    DP - Damage Proof
    EP* - Everything Proof
     /                   \
    ( IV. Special Vehicles)
    Speciality: Bulletproof
    Owner: Cesar
    Available: After "High Stakes, Low Rides" (Cesar)
    How to get; Win the race and wait for Cesar. Hit his car with a melee weapon 
    so he gets out. Shoot him to scare him away. Push the car to your garage in 
    Santa Monica Beach.
    Difficulty: Medium, it is not hard but very annoying since you have to push 
    the car quite a distance.
    Speciality: Bulletproof
    Owner: Ballas
    Available: After "House Party" (OG Loc)
    How to get: After passing the mission there should be two locked Tahomas in 
    Grove Street. You can push them easily to your garage.
    Difficulty: Easy. Just some yards to push.
    Speciality: EP*
    Owner: Gas Station (Dillimore)
    Available: During "Tanker Commander" (Catalina)
    How to get: When you first meet Catalina in Dillimore ("First Date") she will 
    give you four locations to rob. The first one is right down the road at the 
    gas station. Drive into the Red Marker to trigger the Mission.
    Now a (locked) Sabre has spawned in the parking lot of the gas station. 
    It's quite easy to push it on the road by foot and then use the tanker to 
    push it straight down the street to your garage.
    Note: You must do this before you connect the Truck to the trailer.
    Important: Before pushing the Sabre into your garage, kill Catalina to fail 
    the mission. Otherwise the car might disappear (it did for me). 
    Difficulty: Easy. A distance to push but no obstacles or corners, just down a 
    straight road
    Speciality: [BP/EP/FP]
    Owner: OG-Homie (Yay-courier)
    Available: During Cesar's courier missions
    How to get: There are probably several ways to get it, an easy and pragmatic 
    solution is as follows:
    Right after finishing "Are You Going to San Fierro?" you will get a call from 
    Cesar about the first crack delivery to SF. It will be the coveted Patriot 
    (the first courier always is). 
    Now, take any vehicle and head to the junkyard north of Angel Pine and take 
    the Tow Truck. Then head back directly to northeast San Fierro, ignore 
    the courier's route. Park on the right side of the walkway at Esplanade North. 
    The Patriot will eventually arrive there, mo matter what route he takes. 
    After circling some rounds it should eventually come to a stop. Now the 
    tricky part begins.
    If you have bad luck, the patriot will get hit by a trolley and flip (that 
    happened several times to me). You can try to push the wreck to your next 
    garage, but i would rather not chose to. 
    If it stays upright, try to attach it to the tow truck. However, this 
    Patriot has some magic teleport ability after the mission is over. I 
    believe it is like the thing in GTAIII and VC, when you lose eye-sight 
    to a special car, it simply vanishes.
    But very fortunate for us, apparently, R* has tweaked there: The Patriot 
    doesn't vanish, it just reappears in a different place within a radius 
    of about 30 yards. I know that sounds strange, but it happened to me 
    several times. I know it was the exact same car, as the OG homie was 
    still sitting inside.
    However, rest should be obvious: Tow the car to your next garage, 
    push it in and voilá, there you have your BP/FP/EP/Patriot.
    For me it didn't work so well. After half a dozen magic teleports 
    in front of the SF-Garage while trying to push it into the garage, 
    it was struck by a trolley from hell. Flipped -- exploded. Luckily 
    i was able to push the wreck in the garage just before a cop busted me.
    Difficulty: Hard (read above), plus fetching the tow truck driving back 
    to SF and waiting for the courier takes quite some time, too.
    Speciality: Bulletproof
    Owner: N/A
    Available: "Robbing Uncle Sam" (Ryder)
    How to Get: During The mission "Robbing Uncle Sam" Kill ryder to fail the 
    and then take it to any garage and save it.
    Difficulty: Very Easy Just drive it into a garage.
    Speciality: Bulletproof
    Available: During the mission "Tanker Commando" (catalina)
    How to get: Start the mission, Tanker Commando through Catalina, when 
    instructed to jump in the tanker do so, jump out and blast Catalina to 
    fail mission, jump back into tanker, drive to a garage.
    Diffculty: Very Easy
    Note: There are only 2 garages big enough to store this thing that early in 
    the game, the one near Cesars in Verdant Bluffs and the garage in Santa Maria 
    Speciality: EP* (BP/FP/EP/DP)
    Available: During the mission "Misappropriation"
    How to get: For this mission you have to go and kill a courier who's got an 
    evidence dossier.  He'll be hiding out on top of a mountain surrounded by FBI 
    guys in Tierra Robada.  When you get up there you'll notice two Mavericks, 
    one of which is on a bit of a plateau and is a little higher than the others, 
    that's the one your interested in.  As soon as you get there drive as fast 
    as you can to the Maverick, and kill the courier before he can get into the 
    Maverick.  Kill off the remaining FBI Agents and you'll be all set.  The 
    other Maverick which you were supposed to use to chase him is BP/FP/EP/DP 
    until you get inside, as the doors are unlocked.  Once you exit though, 
    it reverts back to normal.  The courier's Maverick, however, is locked, 
    so you'll of course have to push it.  It's a long way to the Hangar, But 
    it slides very well and it's just one long road for the most part.  
    All you have to do is push it into the hangar, save, and you'll be 
    all set.
    If only it could fire missiles....
    But hey, it's the first proof aircraft ever!
    Speciality: BP
    Available: During the mission "Madd Dogg"
    How To Get:  First you have to run over to where Madd Dogg is standing and try 
    to talk him out of jumping.  The cut scene ends and you are instructed to catch 
    him in the back.  After you catch him, drive over to a garage of your choice 
    and crash it against the wall, killing Madd Dogg.  Just hop out, save, and 
    you'll be all set with a BP, FP, EP, and DP Walton.
    How to get (2): Just complete the mission and the walton is still EP*
    Difficulty: Very Easy
    Speciality: [BP/FP/DP]
    Owner: Emmet
    Available: "Nines and AKs"
    How To Get: During this mission you accompany Big Smoke to Emmet's where you 
    meet Emmet. You and Big Smoke take turns shooting glass bottles as you learn 
    different shooting techniques, the last portion of which you are instructed 
    to blow up a Tampa by using the manual aim to shoot its gas tank.  It is 
    important, however, to push the car back before you are instructed to blow it 
    up, because once that happens, you can obviously blow it up by shooting the 
    gas tank, hence its loss of prperties.  Now, the car will be locked so you'll 
    have to push it.  The car on its own is easy enough to move, all you need to 
    do is jack another car, and push it into your garage at CJ's house.  You have 
    all the time in the world, as Emmet and Big Smoke will still be waiting for 
    you to shoot it.  Once you do that you'll need to destroy it, which isn't 
    easy, you can enter the "Destroy All Cars" code (R2, L2, R1, L1, L2, R2, 
    Square, Triangle, Circle, Triangle, L2, L1) and you'll blow up the Tampa 
    obviously as well as Big Smoke's car, which will cause you to fail the 
    mission. Let the door close to regenerate it and you'll have the car.  
    Be sure to let the garage door open again because if you save without 
    it opening again, the car will be gone when you open it back up after saving. 
    Speciality: BP, FP, EP, and DP 
    Available:  "Los Sepulcros"
    How To Get: For this mission you are to go to a Ballas funeral where the 
    infamous Kane will be. You, Sweet, and 2 other OG members are to take him and
    any other Ballas out. After you complete this mission, Sweet will be waiting 
    for you in an Admiral, with which you are to take him and hopefully the two OG
    members home in. However, this Admiral is a very rare and unique car, and in 
    order to obtain it, you'll have to do things a little differently. When you 
    first start the mission you are to drive to the graveyard. You are then
    prompted to climb over the wall and meet Sweet and the rest of the crew. Once 
    you do you'll be briefed on how to control them and Sweet tells you to take out
    Kane while he takes care of the rest.  He'll start running off and doing that,
    and while he does, you'll have to kill him.  It seems he is rather impervious 
    to bullets during this mission, and I found fire was quite effective in doing 
    him in, so you can kill him with a flamethrower or Molotovs.  You'll fail the 
    mission obviously and the car will be all yours.  It's not too hard to find. 
    From where you first start out, it'll be against the wall on your right. You 
    can just push it to the garage on the beach.  It's a long way, but only 
    one or two turns and the rest of it a straight road.  Once inside the garage 
    just save and you'll be all set.
    Speciality: DP
    Owner: Ryder
    Available: "Ryder"
    How to get: The DP Picador in "Ryder" can be saved.  Get 10k and buy the house 
    in Verdant bluffs.  Start the mission, get in and drive to the garage.  Stick 
    it in the garage, get out, and let the garage door close.  Kill yourself, 
    once you are revived, head back down to the house, DO NOT OPEN THE GARAGE 
    DOOR.  Go directly into the house and save, when you come out, you'll have 
    the car with the same license plate.  However, putting it into a garage will 
    cause it to lose it's property, and it cannot be saved again.  I tried saving 
    it and it lost the property, and when I loaded up the first game, the car had 
    completely disappeared.
    Speciality: Sound System In Back
    Owner: DJ
    Available: "Life's a Beach"
    How To Get: Nothing too fancy about this one, although it will be a shorter 
    drive if you acquire the Beach Property by the pier with the garage for
    $20,000. During the mission for OG Loc you are to go to a beach party, talk to
    the DJ, dance well, and then get invited into the Sound Van by the DJ. Once 
    inside all you have to do is drive. The DJ will fall out, and you just have 
    to take it to a lockup.  But why give up such a special van?  The van itself 
    is just an ordinary Pony, but it has one heck of a sound system in the back 
    as you can see in the mission.  All you have to do to keep it is stick it in 
    your garage and blow it up, failing the mission.  Then all you need to do is
    walk in, save, and voila, you've got a van with the best sound system in
    all of San Andreas.  Unfortunately, listening to the radio in the van is no
    different than in any other vehicle. 
      -Rare Vehicles-
    Speciality: The Mothership [unique paint job]
    Note: This vehicle is not BP/FP/EP/DP.
    Owner: The Truth
    License Plates: EREHTTUO (Outhere Backwards)
    Available: During "Are You Going to San Fierro?" (The Truth)
    How to get; After burning all the weed and taking out the helicopter you simply
    kill The Truth and drive the car back to a garage. [You might be able to get 
    the car during the "riot" mission with no hassle at all, but i want to 
    check that for myself first.]
    Difficulty: Medium. You have to burn the weed and take down the helicopter. 
    It is not hard, especially after you did that several times, but takes quite 
    a while. Also, your nearest Garage is not very close, as San Fierro property 
    is still locked. 
    Speciality: Pink Club with a unique license plate
    Note: This vehicle is not BP/FP/EP/DP.
    Owner: Millie
    License Plates: SPANK
    Available: Achieve 50% releationship with Millie and you can drive her car.
    How to get: Do the above. Note it only appears when Millie is home.
    Difficulty: Depends on how well you are with Girlfriends
    Important: Once you stick it in a garage it loses the plate and the paint goes 
    if you stick in it a Pay 'N Spray.
    Speciality: This is one of the rarest vehicles in the game. It has no known 
    spawn locations.
    Available: Once youve unlocked street races.
    How to Get: Once you have unlocked the street races go to Wangs Autos and go to
    to the Pay and Spray Walk into the red marker and select "San Fierro Hills"
    Start the race and drive the Phoenix to your garage in Doherty get out and walk
    out of garage. Once you get out of the car a timer starts. Just wait for the
    time to run out, Exit the race tournament screen and go to your garage and 
    theres your newly acqiured sports car.
    How To Get (2): In the mission that you do where you take back Madd Dogg's 
    mansion, Big Poppa leaves and tries to escape.  The car you're driving is a 
    non-proof windsor that happens to be pink, but can't be saved, and the car Big 
    Poppa is driving, which is a phoenix.  You can blow it up and then push it to 
    a garge and you'll have it.
    Speciality: Get the hydra as soon as you unlock street races which is alot 
    earlier before you can get it normally.
    Available: Once youve unlocked street races.
    How to Get: Once you have unlocked the street races go to the airport in Las 
    Venturas Jump the fence by using a Van and jumping onto the guards roof. Walk 
    into the red marker to your right and select "Military Service"
    Start the race and fly the Hydra to your Location (The airport in Las Venturas)
    Once you have flown the hydra to your location get out and wait for the time to
    run out then exit the race tournament screen and the Hydra will be there.
    Speciality: Get the go-kart as soon as you unlock the street races.
    Available: Once youve unlocked street races.
    How to Get:  Once you have unlocked the street races go to Wangs Autos and go to
    to the Pay and Spray Walk into the red marker and select "Go-Go Karting"
    Start the race and drive the Go-Kart to your garage in Doherty get out and walk
    out of garage. Once you get out of the Kart a timer starts. Just wait for the
    time to run out, Exit the race tournament screen and go to your garage and 
    theres your newly acqiured Go-Kart.
     /           \
    ( V. Credits  )
    Big thanks to Blane and Section 408 for the "proof" Cars.
     /              \
    ( VI. Contact    )
     /           \
    ( VII. Legal  )
    This FAQ is under Copyright Rules of 2004-09, This FAQ may be used and 
    distributed freely.
    Any violations of this copyright should be reported as soon as possible.
    If I do give you permission to use this FAQ, Only use this .txt file.
    It is a free document that cannot be used In any sort of commercial 
    transaction, including but not limited to, selling or giving away as a gift. 
    This FAQ cannot be used, altered, or used by Anybody (including webmasters, 
    publishers, and magazine staff) without my Express written permission.
    The GrandTheftAuto Series is (c) of Rockstar, Take 2 Games, and Rockstar North
                    Copyright 2004-09 Southernfinest (Bradley Ward)

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