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    100% Completion Walkthrough by ChiTownBluesFan

    Version: 2.02 | Updated: 05/11/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas 100% Completion and Strategy FAQ/Walkthrough
    Written by ChiTownBluesFan
    Version 2.01
    Revision History
    2.02   05/11/05 - FINAL PS/2 VERSION
           Updated and modified FAQ section
           Modified BMX Challange
           Modified Taxi Driver
           Updated Paramedic
           Updated High Stakes, Low Rider
           Updated Chilliad Challange
           Updated Tanker Commander, Mission 3
           Updated Mike Toreno's Last Flight
           Updated Supply Lines
           Modified The Da Nang Thang
           Modified and Updated Driving School
           Updated Ammunation Shooting Range, Part 3
           Updated Dating Barbara
           Modified Freight Train
           Updated Trucking, Part 2,  missions 6 and 8
           Modified and Updated Race Tournaments
           Updated Gang Wars, Return to Los Santos
           Modified Saint Mark's Bistro
    2.01   01/04/05
           Added Special Thanks
           Updated FAQ section
           Updated Ice Cold Killa
           Updated Dating Denise
           Updated Interdiction
           Updated Amphibious Assault
           Updated Vigilante
    2.00   12/10/04
           Added Purchasing Property (Badlands) Section
           Added Purchasing Property (San Fiero) Section
           Added Purchasing Property (Desert) Section
           Added Purchasing Property (Los Venturas) Section
           Added to FAQ section
           Added to Fixes I'd Like To See
    NEW==> Added Checklist *with* percentages
           Updated Local Liquor Store
           Updated San Fiero Unique Jumps
           Updated Las Venturas Unique Jumps Checklist
           Updated Mike Toreno
           Updated Mountain Cloud Boys
           Updated Lure
           Updated The Da Nang Thang
           Updated Quarry Mission 5
           Updated Ammunation Shooting Range, Part 3
    1.52   12/01/04
           Added Purchasing Property (Los Santos) Section
           Updated Drive-By
           Updated Home Invasion
           Changed switched-up names of Dirt Track and Kickstart
           Updated Ammunation Shooting Range (Los Santos)
           Updated Badlands Intro
    1.51   11/29/04
           Added FAQ section
           Revised Los Santos Unique Jumps
           Revised Home Invasion
           Revised Los Santos Gang Wars
    1.50   11/22/04
           Added Return To Los Santos Section
           Added Conclusion Section
           Added Lowrider Challange to Los Santos section
           First version to - hopefully - be accepted at GameFAQs.  I realize the
           first version wasn't 100% done, but I've seen walkthrus posted only
           partially complete, so why mine was singled out for not being so...
    1.40 - 11/21/04
           Added Las Venturas Section
    1.30 - 11/19/04
           Added Desert Section
    1.20 - 11/18/04
    	 Added San Fiero section.
    1.10 - 11/16/04
           Added Badlands section.
           Updated Green Sabre - no real need to get camera at this point.
    1.00 - 11/14/04 
           Initial Version.  Covers Beginning of game through Los Santos
    Table of Contents
    I.   Introduction
         1.  Author Intro
         2.  About This Guide
         3.  E-mail Info
         4.  FAQ
    II.  Legal Stuff
    III. Walkthrough Overview
    IV.  Los Santos Walkthrough
         1.  In The Beginning
         2.  Big Smoke
         3.  Sweet & Kendl
         4.  Courier
         5.  Ryder
         6.  Tagging Up Turf
         7.  Gang Tags
         8.  BMX Challange
         9.  Taxi Driver
         10. Unique Jumps
         11. Cleaning The Hood
         12. Firefighter
         13. Pimping
         14. Paramedic
         15. 8-Track
         16. Off-Track Betting
         17. Buying Properties
         18. Drive-Thru
         19. Gym
         20. Nines and AKs
         21. Drive-By
         22. Sweet's Girl
         23. Cesar Vialpando
         24. High Stakes, Low-Rider
         25. Lowrider Challange 
         26. Home Invasion
         27. Burglar
         28. Catalyst
         29. Robbing Uncle Sam
         30. OG Loc
         31. Running Dog
         32. Wrong Side Of The Tracks.
         33. Just Business.
         34. Life's A Beach
         35. Madd Dogg's Rhymes
         36. Management Issues
         37. House Party
         38. Burning Desire
         39. Dating Denise
         40. Gray Imports
         41. Doberman
         42. Gang Wars
         43. Ammunation Shooting Range
         44. Vigilante
         45. Los Sepulcros
         46. Reuniting The Families
         47. Green Sabre
    V.   Badlands Walkthrough
         1.  Introduction
         2.  Badlands
         3.  Buying Properties
         4.  Chiliad Challange
         5.  Ammunation Shooting Range, Part 2
         6.  Unique Jumps
         7.  Oysters
         8.  First Date
         9.  Tanker Commander
         10. Trucking Missions, Part 1
         11. Body Harvest
         12. King In Exile
         13. First Base
         14. Against All Odds
         15. Gone Courting
         16. Local Liquor Store
         17. Made In Heaven
         18. Small Town Bank
         19. Wu Zi Mu
         20. Farewell, My Love...
         21. Are You Going To San Fierro?
    VI.  San Fiero Walkthrough
         1.  Introduction
         2.  Big Smoke's Cash
         3.  Yay Courier
         4.  NRG-500 Challange
         5.  Buying Properties
         6.  Wear Flowers In Your Hair
         7.  Dating Katie
         8.  Courier
         9.  Photo Ops
         10. Unique Jumps
         11. Oysters
         12. Gym
         13. Blood Bowl
         14. 555 We Tip
         15. Valet Parking
         16. Deconstruction
         17. Photo Opportunity
         18. Jizzy
         19. T-Bone Mendez
         20. Mike Toreno
         21. Outrider
         22. Snail Trail
         23. Ice Cold Killa
         24. Pier 69
         25. Toreno's Last Flight
         26. Air Raid
         27. Supply Lines
         28. New Model Army
         29. Beefy Baron
         30. Mountain Cloud Boys
         31. Ran Fa Li
         32. Lure
         33. Amphibious Assault
         34. The Da Nang Thang
         35. Yay Ka-Boom-Boom
    VII. Desert Walkthrough
         1.  Introduction
         2.  Driving School
         3.  Buying Properties
         4.  Boat School
         5.  Bike School
         6.  Oysters
         7.  Unique Jumps
         8.  Dating Barbara
         9.  Ammunation Shooting Range, Part 3
         10.  Monster
         11. Highjack
         12. Interdiction
         13. Verdant Meadows
         14. Learning To Fly
         15. N.O.E.
         16. Stowaway
         17. Black Project
         18. Green Goo
         19. Zeroing In
         20. Test Drive
         21. Customs Fast Track
         22. Puncture Wounds
    VIII.Las Venturas Walkthrough
         1.  Introduction
         2.  Buying Property
         3.  Oysters
         4.  Unique Jumps
         5.  Horseshoes
         6.  Las Venturas Gym
         7.  Exports & Imports
         8.  Freight Train
         9.  Courier
         10. Kickstart
         11. Dirt Track
         12. Trucking, Part 2
         13. Race Tournaments
         14. Fender Ketchup
         15. Explosive Situation
         16. Quarry
         17. You've Had Your Chips
         18. Don Peyote
         19. Intensive Care
         20. Misappropriation
         21. The Meat Business
         22. Fish In A Barrel
         23. Madd Dogg
         24. Freefall
         25. High Noon
         26. Saint Mark's Bistro
         27. Architectural Espionage
         28. Key To Her Heart
         29. Dating Millie
         30. Dam And Blast
         31. Cop Wheels
         32. Up, Up, And Away!
         33. Breaking The Bank At Caligula's
    XI.  Return To Los Santos Walkthrough
         1.  Introduction
         2.  A Home In The Hills
         3.  Vertical Bird
         4.  Home Coming
         5.  Cut Throat Business
         6.  Beat Down On B-Dup
         7.  Grove 4 Life
         8.  Gang Wars
         9.  Riot
         10. Los Desperados
         11. End Of The Line
    X.   Conclusion
         1.  What now?
         2.  PC version
         3.  Fixes I'd like to see
         4.  Special Thanks
    XI.  Checklist With Percentages
    I. Introduction
    1. Author Intro
    I walked into a Best Buy a few weeks ago, wondering what to buy.  I am a big PC
    Bigot, so wasn't expecting to get anything for the PS/2.  After all, I had, for
    the most part, been underwhelmed by the PS/2 games I had bought in the past, 
    which I bought only because EA Sports wont release college sports titles for 
    the PC.  I had planned to buy a different game, but they were out.  I strolled
    around looking for what I was sure was a GTA:SA display, as it had been
    released two days earlier.  When I found it, I saw the Brady Games guide for
    this game.  When I saw that the size of the strategy guide was bigger than most 
    of my college textbooks back in the day - and with small type to boot - there
    was no choice.  I'd take a chance, and buy the PS/2 version, hoping I could
    live w/o the PC specific differences such as mouse look and custom radio
    And I'm glad I made that decision.
    As stated, I am a huge PC bigot - there is no game that can be done on any
    console that can't be done better on a PC.  And that's true with this game.
    And yet, even in PS/2 form, this is one of my top five games of all time, to
    only be replaced  when the PC version comes out in six months.  I'm glad I
    didn't wait until the summer of '05 to pick up this game, and will have no
    hesitation to do so with  whatever the next chapter in the GTA series turns
    out to be (hopefully, something in 'Chicago').  What the designers did with
    this game is incredible.  The cities feel like the cities they're modeled
    after, but that's nothing new.  What's more impressive, to me, is the suburbs
    feel like suburbs.  The countryside and small towns feel right.  And the desert
    is even nailed down to a ghost town.  The PS/2s graphics are definitely
    starting to look dated - one of the reasons I'll buy the PC version and sell
    the PS/2 version off.  But that's the only real flaw I can see with the game.
    That's not to say there aren't  frustrations with the game, and a few of the
    missions.  But that's for later.
    2. About This Guide
    For GTA3 and GTA:VC, I did wait until the PC version came out.  And by the time
    they did, there were plenty of FAQs out, but the ones I liked the most were the
    ones that helped lead you through 100% completion of the game in a way that
    made sense.  Doing side jobs to earn money, or extra weapons first to make the
    story missions easier.  And having played through the game once, I'm ready to
    try it again, and hopefully make things easier on myself this time through.
    Thus, this guide will lead you through a 100% completion of the game.  But
    there will also be some missions or tasks described that aren't needed for
    100%, such as unique jumps or dating.  Sometimes, this is just for some extra
    cash early in the game, but also will help in ways that, trust me, you fill
    find beneficial.
    The guide will not contain exact descriptions for where tags, oysters,
    horseshoes, etc. are.  I will be referring to their locations as given by the
    Brady guide, but will not try to describe for you how to get them.  If you want
    exact locations, including pictures, buy the guide.  It's worth it, and without
    it, I may never have bought this game to begin with, as its size made the
    decision for me.
    Note on version 2.0 - This will be the last major update for this guide.  I
    will still update a few things based on e-mails I receive, add to the FAQ
    section, and so forth, but no more major changes or additions will be made.
    There will be at least one other major revision (3.0), but that will be made
    when the PC version comes out, and will be uploaded there instead.
    3. E-mail info.
    If you have questions or comments, send me an e-mail to
    If you have information that I add to the guide, I will make sure to give you
    credit - as long as you tell me who you are!  If you ask a question and I don't
    get back to you, don't take it personally.  I won't answer location questions,
    or cheat questions, or the like.  There are plenty of other places you can find
    that information, and get an answer much more quickly than e-mailing me.  If
    you have additional info on a mission, or have trouble getting past one, I'll
    do what I can to ask - just don't necessarily expect a quick answer.
    4. Frequently Asked (Mailed) Questions and Comments.
       It was only a matter of time...
       - Will there be a PC version of this FAQ?
       Yes.  I'll be buying a copy the day it comes out (or shortly thereafter), 
       and adjust the FAQ as needed.  I would guess most of the strategy would be
       the same.  But with the addition of the mouse/keyboard control scheme, some
       difficulties could be changed.
       - Will there be an XBOX version of this FAQ?
       No.  I don't own an XBOX.  I don't plan on buying an XBOX.  And even if I 
       had one, I don't know that I would want three copies of the game.  Again,
       I would assume the strategies would pretty much be the same.  As there's no
       keyboard/mouse keyboard scheme like the PC version will have, I would
       expect the difficulties to be similar to the PS/2 version.
       - Will you answer this question for me?  I'm sure the answer is in your
       guide, but it's so big, I don't want to read the whole thing.
       If you can't take the time to do a Ctrl-F (either Find on this Page if
       you're browsing, or find if you're editing) and look for a keyword to answer
       your own damn question, what makes you think I'm going to do it for you?
       - "Where can I find ..." (armor, weapons, tags, oysters, etc)
       Odds are, I'm not going to answer this type of e-mail.  First, I don't have
       time, and second, I don't know locations off the top of my head, and
       generally don't want to have to start/load a game just to find out.  Plus,
       describing things in text format is hard, and I'm not going to add graphics
       to this guide.  If you have a specific question about a specific item (ie
       I can't find the Oyster in Las Venturas at the far upper right of the map),
       then I might be able to help you.  Other than that, it's probably not going
       to happen.  On a related subject...
       - You should describe where all the tags/jumps/horseshoes/etc are.
       This isn't gong to happen.  Ever.  Two reasons.  First, to do so would
       probably at least double the size of this guide, and I don't want to devote
       that much more time.  Second, describing things like that in a text-only
       format sucks at best.  There are multiple graphical guides showing you where
       tags, jumps, photo ops, horseshoes, and oysters are.  If you can't find any,
       you're not looking very hard, but try http://hem.bredband.net/708145/.
       - Can you describe, in detail, how to complete a mission/find all oysters/
       find all tags/etc?
       No.  Read the guide.  Go buy a Brady guide, or download the maps available
       that tell you where they are.  I did this to help both myself and those
       stuck, not to handhold everyone out there through the entire game.  If I
       can, I will try to answer a specific question.  But to those of you who
       expect me to send you a detailed message on how to find every tag, every
       oyster, every photo op and horseshoe - LEARN HOW TO USE GOOGLE OR SOME OTHER
       SEARCH ENGINE!!!  These types of e-mails will be ignored with impunity.
       - How do I get respect?
       Spray tags.  Do missions.  Take over gang territories when you've progressed
       far enough.
       - How do I recruit gang members?
       Why people have such a hard time with this is beyond me.  Rockstar could
       make it slightly easier by putting instructions in the manual, but since the
       game itself tells you how to do so...  But, if you haven't reached the
       Los Desparados mission yet, here it goes.  Target gang member using R1.  Hit
       the up button (above the left analog stick).  If you have enough respect,
       he'll join and you'll see a 'progress' bar indicating your 'Gang Strength'
       has gone up.
       - Can I post your guide on my site?
       Sure.  Just send me an e-mail and ask.  If you haven't heard from me in a
       few days, resend it.  I don't ignore these kinds of requests.
       - How do I play 2-player mode?
       I haven't done it, but look for 2-player icons floating around the city.
       You will always find one out front of a girlfriends house if they are home.
       The only other one I know of is west from your Grove Street house, as you
       go under the second overpass, in the middle of the apartment complex to the
       right (north).  As for how they work, I don't know.  Never used them, 
       probably never will.
       - Can you use cheat codes and still get 100%
       Don't know.  I used cheat codes the first time I played, and then realized
       I really didn't need to (used health/armor restore).  But I never finished
       that game to 100%, so I don't know if it caused an issue or not.  You really
       do not need to use cheat codes to win the game, however.  And this is coming
       from someone that likes cheat codes, because I like to see how the story of
       the game plays out without having to replay certain things 200 times.  So if
       I can get through 100% without any cheat codes, really, you can as well.
       - Can you send me your 100% savefile?
       Why?  I never understood this request, but the short answer is no.  The
       longer answer is this.  First, my PS/2 is not hooked up to a network, and it
       never will be.  So I can't somehow copy a save file onto my computer and 
       send it.  Second, as I mentioned, I'm a PC bigot.  Because of this, I only
       have *ONE* memory card, and I'm not sending it to you.  Just keep at the
       trouble missions.  Eventually, you'll get there.
       - Where are the $@^* gang members?  I'm trying to take over a territory!
       The best way I found to do this while taking over 100% of the territories
       was this.  Get off your bike or out of your vehicle after making a first
       pass, and shoot at passing cars.  After a few, walk around a little.  It 
       doesn't take much to get a group to appear doing this.  I had figured this
       out, but also had a number of people e-mail me to tell me this.  At any
       rate, this leads into...
       - Do I need the 'territory' north of San Fiero for 100% gang territories?
       NO.  I repeat, you do NOT need this territory, or at least, I showed 100%
       territory owned without it.  There are a couple of territories in Los Santos
       that are EXTREMELY thin, as in less than the width of a street.  Make sure
       you have these.  I don't know if having the marina gang territory north of
       San Fiero replaces one of these or not.  All I can go by is what my stats
       page shows.
       Update: Verified this.  When I first took over 100%, I did so after the
       storyline ended and I had obtained 100% completion.  On my third pass
       through the game, I did this during the storyline right before the 'Riot'
       mission.  Thus, you do NOT need to travel to the opposite end of the map to
       take over 100% of the gang territories.
       NEW==> Another update: On my fifth time through the game, I did have to
       take over the territory north of San Fiero for 100%.  I don't know what
       was different this time, but you may, in fact, have to take it over as
       well.  Save it for last in case you don't need it - what I did find is that
       trying to find gang members there when you don't really need it is damn
       near impossible.  When I needed it (ie, I had all the territories in Los
       Santos), I found a group of Vargos before I even got to the marina area.
       This war is also extremely easy, as there was only one wave of four gang
       - Where are the OTBs?
       There are two.  One is in Montgomery, which you may have already robbed if
       you have finished with the Catalina missions.  The second is in Los Santos
       underneath the highway just south of the Mulholland Interchange on an east/
       west street, south side of the road.  They do NOT appear on the map, so you
       just have to look for the yellow arrow that tells you you can enter the 
       - Where the hell is <insert girlfriend name here>?
       I don't know.  Every time I think I've figured it out, they stop showing up
       again.  If you do get a date with a particular girlfriend, it does seem that
       you can keep going back day after day, although remember if the date ends
       after midnight, you have to wait until the next calendar day after the date
       ends before trying again.  I've found that, on occasion, getting on a bike
       or in a car with flowers as your primary 'weapon' and heading to the GF's
       place seems to work well (worked very well with Katie).  Also, as far as
       Michelle is concerned, if you don't have her as your girlfriend before you
       complete the driving school, she doesn't seem to show up there again to
       start her as a girlfriend (or, at least, she didn't for me).  Other than
       that, I don't know what to tell you.
       - Why do you do <insert objective> this way?
       Because I did.  For example, I realize that, since you have to go through
       all four ammunation challanges before passing it, there is no real need to
       go through it at each stage.  However, doing so raises your skill with the
       weapon you pass each stage with, so IMO, it's worth it.  Just because I did
       it that way doesn't mean you have to as well.  I just wrote what strategies
       and order of doing things worked for me.
       - Where do you think the next GTA will be set?
       Not really related to this game, but I get it a lot.  I don't know, but I
       would bet somewhere in the midwest - Chicago/Detroit area (named Carser City
       in the game, of course).  It's been mentioned a few times in the three games
       and the only one not to appear in a game yet.
       - I can't the *** mission to appear - what do I need to do?
       Since I don't have access to your save game (and no, this isn't an
       invitation to send it to me), I have no idea what you might need.  However,
       if you've left some side missions - ANY side missions - not completed, try
       those.  Some aren't quite as 'side' as you think.  For example, you MUST
       complete driving school before the races become available.
       - Why don't you cover the other girlfriends?
       Because they're really not that useful as far as the game goes.  Denise
       isn't useful, but I cover her just because she's the first girl you can
       date.  After her, only three are helpful.  Katie, since dating her lets you
       keep your money and weapons when you are Wasted, regardless of where you
       are.  Barbara, because dating her lets you keep your money/weapons after
       being Busted.  And Millie, because she's required (up to %35 percent) for
       her keycard.  Dating Michelle does give you a free Pay-n-Spray, but only 
       for one location.  If she gave it to you free everywhere, she'd be much
       more worthwile.  And Helena - there is really no point to her at all,
       unless you have a thing for overalls.  As for dating them, once they're
       available, date them on consecutive days until 100% (or whatever you want).
       They will ALWAYS be available the day after a date.  If you miss even one
       day, they might not be, and I have no idea how to get them 'back'.
       - Finally, if you send me and e-mail and you don't get an answer, most
       likely it's because you asked something that is already covered in the
       guide - so READ IT AGAIN!
    II. Legal Stuff
    This document is copyrighted material of Brad Wollangk and may not be used 
    without expressed written consent of Brad Wollangk. No part of this guide can 
    be used without proper quoting and/or recognition. Any person(s) found 
    violating this copyright is/are punishable by law and will be to the fullest 
    extent, and possibly beat up by the big, purple dildo in the game.
    At this time, I have no restrictions on who can post this guide, so long as
    proper credit is given.
    III. Walkthrough Overview
    According to the Brady Guide, the following are needed for 100% completion:
    * Completion of all game missions, including story missions and prerequisite
    Odd Jobs.
    * Buying all the asset properties in the game
      - Zero RC Shot
      - Wang Auto
      - Verdant Meadows Airstrip
    * Acquiring assets for all properties
      - Roboi's Food Mart - Courier
      - Hippy Shopper - Courier
      - Burger Shot - Courier
      - Hunter Quarry - Quarry missions
      - Vank Hoff Hotel - Valet
      - RS Haul - Trucker
    * Buying all safe houses
    * Painting all 100 Gang Tags
    * Photographing all 50 Photo Ops
    * Collection of all 50 Oysters
    * Collection of all 50 Horseshoes (typo in guide - says 100 Horseshoes - there
      are, in fact, only 50).
    In addition to these, I will also cover a few non-100% items, such as 
    girlfriends.  A couple of them are EXTREMELY handy to have as girlfriends,
    as we'll find out.  Most of these non-needed missions, however, I will not
    cover unless I see a need for it, or someone points out a good reason to cover
    OK - enough with the preliminaries.  Let's get on with the game!
    IV. Los Santos
    1.  In The Beginning
        Difficulty: 1/10
        Mostly introduces you officers Tenpenny and Pulaski - strong, upstanding 
        members of society.  They frame you in a cops death, so they have control
        over you througout the game.  After dumping you in a Ballas hood, you
        finally have control.  Get on the BMX bike ahead, and pedal home.  The only 
        difficulty is learning how controllable the bike is - I've read plenty of 
        times how 'easy' it is to run into light posts, traffic, cars, etc.  The 
        bike drives a little differently than cycles from VC.  Other than that, 
        this is a piece of cake.
    2.  Big Smoke
        Difficulty: 0/10
        Cinimactic mission only - introduces you to Big Smoke.
    3.  Sweet and Kendl.
        Difficulty: 1/10
        Introduces you to more main characters.  Your brother, Sweet, your sister, 
        Kendl, and another homie, Ryder.  While at the cemetary, Ballas perform a 
        drive-by, and blow up Smoke's car.  Hope on the bikes across the street, 
        and follow the leader.  After a short cinemactic, you split up, and follow 
        Ryder back to home.  You can't really lose this mission unless you kill 
        yourself - so even if you fall far behind, just look on the radar for the 
        blue dot and catch up.  When you make it home, you can finally save.
    4.  Courier
        Difficulty: 2/10
        First, lets get some armor and a weapon.  Go down the dirt path next to
        Sweet's house (between the first and second house to your right as you look 
        out the front door), and follow it to the flood control ditch.  If you go 
        down the path to the left and run underneat the bridge, you'll see some 
        armor.  Now, go back the way you came, and look under that bridge for a 
        micro-MP5.  Whenever you save, come get some free ammo, and refill that 
        armor if needed.  With that out of the way, lets work on money.  Head for 
        Roboi's food mart in Commerce (just SouthWest of Pershing Square).
        Level 1 - Hit the drop-offs in any order - they're all close.  You have 
        more than enough time to come to a complete stop in front of the corona, 
        and throw the package through - and this is true in all four levels.  This 
        one's easy.
        Level 2 - Hit the targets in this order - Market, Temple, Idlewood, Verdant 
        Level 3 - Hit the targets in this order - Conference Center, Verdant 
        Bluffs, Idlewood, Pershing Square, Verona Beach.
        Level 4 - Hit the targets in this order - Santa Maria Beach Boardwalk, 
        Santa Maria Beach lighthouse, Vinewood, Temple, East Beach, Playa Del 
        And that's it.  By the time you're done, depending on how fast you did 
        this, you should have around $14,000, plus an asset that generates money 
        for you.  And, you can do this mission again whenever you need an extra 
        infusion of cash.  I know some people like to use the off track betting 
        facilities once they open, betting on the long shot, and using saves/loads 
        until they win, but this feels more earned.  At any rate, collect the money 
        whenever you get a chance.  And, your bicycle skill should be up to around
        50% now.  Save, grab some ammo, and get back to the story.
    5.  Ryder
        Starting Point: Front of Ryder's house (to the left as you exit the house)
        Difficulty: 1/10
        You get to drive a car for the first time!  Well, unless you jacked one 
        already to look around the city.  Head over and get a haircut.  Since you 
        have a few thousand burning a hole in your pocket, you can now afford the 
        nicer cuts.  Get whatever suits you - I prefer the cornrow for now.  Now 
        get some food.  Doesn't matter what, but if you plan on beefing your 
        muscles later, stick with the salad.  Ryder comes in to rob the place, but 
        you get chased out.  You can simply run for the car, but I prefer to take 
        the shotgun-wielding pizza-guy out for a free shotgun. Whatever you do, 
        drive Ryder back home.
    6.  Tagging Up Turf
        Starting Point: Front of Sweet's House (two to the right as you exit the 
        Difficulty: 2/10
        Hop in the car w/ Sweet, and drive west.  Stop in the red marker.  Sweet 
        gets out, and sprays over a tag to show you how it's done (Brady #1).  He 
        then tells you to get two more, and they're marked by green dots on the map 
        (Brady #2 & #3).  Hop back in the car, and drive to East Los Santos.  Sweet 
        lets you out, and you get three more targets to spray (Brady #4, #5, and #
        20).  Hop down off the roof, get back in the car, and drive back home.  The 
        only difficulty with this mission is you can obtain a wanted level if cops 
        see you spraying, or if you take out the two Ballas in the alley.
    7.  Gang Tags
        Difficulty: 2/10
        Ah yes, the 'collecting packages' part of the walkthrough.  I think gang 
        tags make a lot more sense, tho.  The reason you do this - weapons.  You 
        get all #100 gang tags, and you get the following four weapons in your 
        kitchen:  Tec-9 (the Micro-MP5 is a better weapon, tho), Sawn-Off Shotgun, 
        Molotov Cocktail, and an AK-47 (your main weapon until the M4 is 
        available).  There's no one way to get all the tags.  Collect all 100 in 
        any order you see fit.  The following checklist should help you keep track 
        of which ones you have.  The ones we tagged in the last mission are already 
        marked.  And again, the numbers refer to their number in the Brady guide.
        As the game mentions, there is a spray can upstairs in your bedroom.  There 
        is also one on the roof of the building behind you.  To get it, go to your 
        backyard, jump on the short wall, carefully walk on the wall to the back of 
        your garage, jump up on top of your garage, and then your house, go to 
        opposite side of the roof and jump to the shorter building w/ the flat 
        roof.  The can is in the opposite corner. Then jump back down to your yard.
        There are two difficulties for this mission, finding the togs 
        notwithstanding.  As in the previous mission, if cops see you spray, you 
        get a wanted level.  Be VERY careful getting on a bike if a cop is nearby, 
        as they can be hard to get going.  The second is that sometimes, gang 
        groups will be hanging out nearby the needed tag.  Sometimes, just holding 
        a weapon on them will make them run away.  But if they see you, they may 
        open fire.  This should only be a problem for a few tags, maybe 10-15 of  
        Finally, I recommend using the BMX bike for this one.  It'll help you get
        to %100 stat on it, which is needed for a future odd-job mission (BMX 
        challange - can't complete it w/o 100% on the bike).  If you didn't save 
        one earlier, there is usually a BMX bike across the courtyard from your 
        house, in the way overgrown front yard.
        [x] 1		[ ] 26			[ ] 51			[ ] 76
        [x] 2		[ ] 27			[ ] 52			[ ] 77
        [x] 3		[ ] 28			[ ] 53			[ ] 78
        [x] 4		[ ] 29			[ ] 54			[ ] 79
        [x] 5		[ ] 30			[ ] 55			[ ] 80
        [ ] 6		[ ] 31			[ ] 56			[ ] 81
        [ ] 7		[ ] 32			[ ] 57			[ ] 82
        [ ] 8		[ ] 33			[ ] 58			[ ] 83
        [ ] 9		[ ] 34			[ ] 59			[ ] 84
        [ ] 10		[ ] 35			[ ] 60			[ ] 85
        [ ] 11		[ ] 36			[ ] 61			[ ] 86
        [ ] 12		[ ] 37			[ ] 62			[ ] 87
        [ ] 13		[ ] 38			[ ] 63			[ ] 88
        [ ] 14		[ ] 39			[ ] 64			[ ] 89
        [ ] 15		[ ] 40			[ ] 65			[ ] 90
        [ ] 16		[ ] 41			[ ] 66			[ ] 91
        [ ] 17		[ ] 42			[ ] 67			[ ] 92
        [ ] 18		[ ] 43			[ ] 68			[ ] 93
        [ ] 19		[ ] 44			[ ] 69			[ ] 94
        [x] 20		[ ] 45			[ ] 70			[ ] 95
        [ ] 21		[ ] 46			[ ] 71			[ ] 96
        [ ] 22		[ ] 47			[ ] 72			[ ] 97
        [ ] 23		[ ] 48			[ ] 73			[ ] 98
        [ ] 24		[ ] 49			[ ] 74			[ ] 99
        [ ] 25		[ ] 50			[ ] 75			[ ] 100
    8.  BMX Challange
        Starting Point: BMX bike near NE corner of skate park (near tag Brady #56)
        Difficulty: 4/10
        All but three of the coronas can be obtained by either riding straight
        through them, or bunny hopping from directly under them.  The other three 
        are on the half pipes.  The half-pipe near the start are relatively easy.  
        The other one requires you to land on the flat platform before getting it, 
        meaning you either have to get some speed coming in to the half-pipe using 
        the ramp and a quick turn, or go about half way up the opposite side, and 
        then pedal hard, and then lean forward and a little to the right while in 
        the air.  Once you've completed this challange, there's no reason to
        voluntarily ride a bike again.  Switch to a cycle, since these are the best 
        vehicles in the game, IMO.
        Note: There does appear to be one corona that you can't get by bunny
        hopping alone in the big half-pipe area on the south side of the park.  I
        think I can get it by bunny hopping at speed (and with the right timing),
        but you can get it by either coming at it from the side of the half pipe,
        or if your timing is good, by super jumping (hitting the circle button
        as you release L1
    9.  Taxi Driver
        Difficulty: 2/10
        Jack a cab, and make some cash.  Worry less about the tip bar, and more 
        about keeping your cab in good shape - you make more money with the more 
        passengers you drop off in a row.  The biggest problem I ran into here were 
        dumb-ass cops.  They're chasing someone else, they cross the center line 
        and run into you, and you, somehow, get the wanted level.  As in GTA3 and 
        VC, you do not have to complete all 50 drop offs in a row.  And it's nice 
        to only have to do 50 this time.  However, much like VC, the reward for 
        this (aside from cash and adding to your driving skill) is not something
        extremely useful - simply nitrous added to all cabs, and the ability to
        bunny hop by pressing L3.  This would be nice if you could pick your own
        cars for the later races, but since you can't, I haven't found a good use
        for it.  But it's needed for 100% completion, so...
        Note - if you want to try and complete all 50 in a row, there are two 
        things you should know.  First, you can visit a pay-n-spray to repair the 
        car if needed.  Second, and more important, you can't leave the car for any 
        reason.  Thus, before starting, make sure to fill up on fatty foods, 
        because odds are you'll start getting 'hungry'.  When you can't eat, fat 
        disappears first, followed by muscle, followed by health.  I had to quit 
        after 35 in a row because I was down to health, because I didn't eat first.
        Don't let this happen to you!
    10. Unique Jumps
        Difficulty: varies
        These aren't required, but they're kind of fun, worth a few bucks, and gets
        the cycle skill improving.  There are a couple you can't get into yet 
        because you can't get on the airport grounds (if there's a way to jump 
        there, I haven't found it).  Do the others for fun and profit, or skip to 
        the next section.  Jumps 8 and 9 will be covered later.
        I hear what you're saying.  Wouldn't the jumps be easier in an NRG-500 
        instead of the crap I can jack around town?  Why, yes they are.  From your 
        house, follow the path to the flood control ditch, and make a left towards 
        the armor pickup.  You can run while doing this, but using a bike will 
        help.  Anyway, continue past the armor, and down to almost the end of the 
        ditch where there is a small tunnel off to the right.  Go into and through 
        the tunnel, and at the end, turn right.  At the street, make a u-turn to 
        the left into a garage.  Go up to the second floor.  There should be an
        NRG-500 just waiting for you.  If not, I always find one on the top floor.  
        Now you have no excuse.
        Note: Numerous people have wrote in to tell me ways to get onto the airport
        grounds early.  The only ones that really work are a) to park a bike at the
        gate, grab a nearby car and use it to climb the gate, open the gate from 
        the inside, and ride the bike in, or b) Use a packer as a ramp to jump the
        gate.  Personally, it's not worth the effort to do that for just two jumps,
        so I prefer to wait until later.  If you want to jump the gate to work on
        your piloting skill early so you can open the gate, go for it.  I'll still
        just wait for later.
        [ ] 1			[ ] 10			[ ] 17			[ ] 24
        [ ] 2			[ ] 11			[ ] 18			[ ] 25
        [ ] 3			[ ] 12			[ ] 19			[ ] 26
        [ ] 4			[ ] 13			[ ] 20			[ ] 27
        [ ] 5			[ ] 14			[ ] 21			[ ] 28
        [ ] 6			[ ] 15			[ ] 22
        [ ] 7			[ ] 16			[ ] 23
    11. Cleaning The Hood
        Starting Point: Sweet's House
        Difficulty: 2/10
        Before going back to more vehicle missions, I need a break.  Plus, it's 
        nice to have a new name for your various save points than just the last 
        mission (you are using more than one save file - you're using all ten slots 
        just in case, right?).  So lets get back to the story.
        Go see a couple old friends, and find they're not friends anymore.  Go beat 
        up on a crack dealer.  Find a crack den, and kill the four dealers inside.  
        Return home.
    12. Firefighter
        Difficulty: 3/10
        Now for some more driving missions.  The upcoming story missions start 
        featuring more driving skills for drive-bys and whatnot, so we might as 
        well take advantage of the driving tasks now.  Plus, there are some decent 
        benefits to them as well.  We'll start w/ the firefigher missions.  To get 
        a firetruck, track one down, or simply toss a few molotov cocktails across 
        the street and wait for one to be delivered to you.  Afterwards, it's no 
        different than the firefighter missions from VC - go and put out burning 
        car(s), followed by any burning passengers that get out of the cars.  No 
        need to go crazy driving here - turn on the siren, and let most of the 
        traffic get out of your way - you need to keep the rig in one piece.  Also, 
        most of the fires will be close by, so there shouldn't be a need to fill up 
        on fat as in before the taxi missions.
        The only tricky part about this mission are the passengers - sometimes, 
        they can simply run places you can't get to with the truck.  The place I 
        usually ran into this problem is on the curvy road up to the observatory.  
        If you get a call here, just hope one of the passengers doesn't end too far 
        down the side of the hill, or you might as well start over.  Once you 
        complete 12 levels, you are now fireproof.  This will come in EXTREMELY 
        handy later in the game.
        Two tips for this mission:  1) Aim a little higher than you think you 
        should, especially when putting out people, and 2) the hand break is VERY 
        handy for getting the big truck around turns in a hurry.
    13. Pimping
        Difficulty: 3/10, 2/10
        Another relatively easy vehicle mission.  You pick girl 1 up, drop her off, 
        pick girl 2 off, drop her off, go get girl 1 again, drop her off, repeat.  
        In between dropping a girl off and picking the next up, usually, you won't 
        have a timer.  Use this to visit a pay-n-spray to keep the car looking 
        good.  If there is a timer, you have a limited amount of time to either 
        save your ho from a bad guy, or chase down a non-paying customer.  Have 
        your AK-47 ready, and blast as soon as you get a lock. Other than that, it 
        should be a cakewalk.
        If you fail this mission once (in my case, a cop snuck up on me w/ a wanted 
        level on level four), don't worry too much.  As your pimping level goes up, 
        the less likely you'll have to deal with a 'problem' customer.  My second 
        time through, I only had one problem customer to deal with, as opposed to 
        three of the first four my first time through.  When problem customers 
        disappear, this becomes a very easy vehicle mission.   
    14. Paramedic
        Difficulty: 3/10
        Wait - I remember those paramedic missions from GTA3 and Vice City - 
        there's no way they can be easier this time around.  Well, they are.  Not 
        that they've changed, but you have another option - country doctor.
        Head to Montgomery, find an ambulance at the small hospital, and grab a LOT 
        of food.  Eat 11 of the fattiest meals at the local pizza joint - this one 
        takes awhile.  The runs will be between Montgomery, Blueberry Acres, 
        Blueberry, Dillmore, and Palomino Creek.  The distances are farther out 
        here, but you get more time to do it.  What makes the Paramedic missions 
        easier out here are the lack of buildings - it's much easier to see traffic 
        coming at the intersections, and therefore avoiding them, keeping your 
        ambulance intact, and the passengers healthy once you pick them up.
        Because the distances are longer, this takes awhile to finish all 12
        levels, which means you will get hungry - thus, filling out yourself w/ 
        some fat before starting.  The in-game map doesn't appear to show a Well-
        Stacked Pizza place in Montgomery, but it's there.
        There are two annoyances with this mission.  The first are the cops in the 
        SUVs - they are the dumbest in any GTA game ever.  First, they are the only 
        ones who consistantly do not move out of your way with your siren going.  
        Second, they will run into you.  You will not be able to escape this.  
        Either they'll be chasing someone, or they'll just be impatient.  While it 
        hasn't happened to me yet, I'm positive someone has has the ambunlance 
        pushed into a victim because of this, thereby killing them, and ending   
        the mission.  The second annoyance is the 'fat old lady' victim who walks 
        at a speed of about a mile a decade.  Time shouldn't be an issue if you 
        plan your routes right, but it's still annoying.  Other than that, just be 
        careful at the eastern entrance to Dillmore.  It's at the end of a steep 
        hill, and I've been run into by out of control semis on occasion.  Once, 
        even threw the ambulance high into the air, and it was only by the grace of 
        the gaming gods that I didn't land on my victim.
        Once you're done, you now have an upper health level of 150.  Just one more 
        driving mission for now.
        Note: I've had many people write in and tell me that the Paramedic mission
        is even easier in Angel Pine, since all the patients seem to spawn right
        in or very close to town.  This may be true, and if the Montgomery location
        is too hard, then by all means try it there.  However, I'm leaving the
        mission here, as it's nice to get the booth to max health as early as
    15. 8-Track
        Starting Point: NW corner of Los Santos Forum
        Difficulty: 5/10, gets easier
        By now, you should have enough driving skill to be allowed into this 
        competition.  But that just gets you in the door.  More than likely, you 
        will not succeed at this mission the first time you try it - you just have 
        to race it a few times to get a feel for the track.  Once you know the 
        track, it becomes easier.  And, the more you race it, the better your 
        driving skill becomes, which also makes it easier.  Two tips on the race
        itself.  First, hang back at the beginning of the race until you cross the 
        brige in the middle of the figure 8 - there WILL be a pileup of many cars.  
        If you can avoid this, that will help.  Second, the best place to pass cars 
        is by taking the inside of the curve as you hit the start/finish line under 
        the bridge - all the cars go to the outside here.  I got caught up in the 
        pileup mentioned above, and couldn't gain any ground after the pileup was 
        untangled.  I still got to first place by lap 8.  Hanging to the inside is 
        a good idea in general, but critical going under the bridge.
        Also, the fact the race runs 24/7 makes it much less annoying that Vice 
        City, having to wait for the proper day and time.  You can run this over 
        and over as needed until you get it.
    16. Off-track Betting
        Difficulty: 0/10
        This is optional, and I can't guarantee it works, but it did for me.  As
        FallGuy151 on EdgeForums (www.edgeforums.net) writes:
        "Here's a system that works:  Pick Purple or Green.  Bet that horse until 
        it wins.  Bet around 5-7% of your total cash.  When that color wins, switch 
        to the other (Green or Purple), stay with it until it wins.  Repeat.  Use 
        the 5-7% rule as your money increases and make as much as you want.  Never 
        bet anything but Green and Purple.  This method will make money a non-
        factor in the game, so beware.  I started with $6000, had over $100,000 in
        one sitting (had to leave to eat).  You can turn 100K into millions in a
        very short time."
        As I said, it worked for me, but because I don't know the inner workings of 
        the gambling system, I won't guarantee it worked.  But I turned about 150K 
        into 500K in about a dozen races.  I did this strictly for cash to purchase 
        safe houses in Los Santos later on.
    17. Buying Properties
        I added this 'mission' here to make sure you buy all the properties that
        are available here in Los Santos.  This makes sure that you don't miss one
        and end up searching for it when trying to get that magical 100%.  And we 
        should have enough money after betting on the horses to go ahead and buy
        them all now.  Here are the properties available right now, their prices,
        and any garages.
        Willowfield - $10,000
        El Corona/Verdant Bluffs - $10,000 - 2+ car garage
        Jefferson - $10,000
        Marina/Verona Beach - $10,000
        Santa Maria Beach - $30,000 - 1 car garage (possibly 1+)
        Mulholland - $120,000 - 1 car garage
    18. Drive-Thru
        Starting Point: Sweet's House
        Difficulty: 2/10
        Head to the Cluckin' Bell drive through.  Follow Ballas' car, drive 
        alongside so your possee can shoot at it.  If you want, add your own weapon 
        to the mix to help take the car out faster.  Once it's taken out, drop 
        Sweet and Ryder off as Sweet's house, and take Smoke to his new place.  
        Finishing this mission opens up the gyms in Los Santos.
    19. Gym
        Difficulty: 1/10
        Now that the gym is open, go build up some muscles.  You are limited into 
        how much muscle you can build up in day, so if you max out, quit and come 
        back next chance after midnight.  Once your maxed out muscle-wise, talk to 
        the trainer on the far side to learn some new unarmed moves.  And also work 
        to max-out your stamina.
    20. Nines and AKs
        Starting Point: Sweet's House
        Difficulty: 0/10
        Ride with Smoke to Emmits house.  This mission is all about covering the 
        basics of targeting and shooting.  Of course, if you have all the weapons
        from the gang tangs, you've probably got a good handle on it already.  
        After dropping Smoke off, you get a call asking why you ain't representing 
        the hood w/ your colors.  Drive to Binco, and get some clothes.  With money 
        not a problem, my choices were an Eris T-Shirt (not Eris T-Shirt2), Green 
        Jeans, Hi-Top Sneaks, an Africa Pendant, and a Green Rag Back.  I think now
        I'm representing too much, but it'll work until I get to ProLaps and/or
        Zip later.
    20. Drive-By
        Starting Point: Sweet's House
        Difficulty: 3/10
        Hop in the car w/ the guys, and head north to Ballas country.  Perform a 
        drive-by on some guys hanging around by a car.  Speed is fairly important - 
        do NOT stop.  Head down the street, turn around, and make another pass if
        needed.  And, of course, feel free to help out.  When they're gone, head 
        around the corner to the next group.  This group always seems to go down 
        easier for me than the first.  When they're gone, head around the corner 
        for group 3.  Any you miss on the first pass will run down the alley.  Turn 
        around, head down the alley, and just run them over.  The last group is in 
        Glen Park under the bridge.  Drive down to the park path, and just run the 
        group over, making multiple runs if necessary.  When they're gone, you'll 
        be 'rewarded' with a two-star rating, and have to get to a pay-n-spray.  
        The one nearest the house is closest.  Head there, get your free re-spray, 
        and head back to the hood.  The only real difficulty here is the cars 
        health - if you drive too slowly, you will lose the car.  And I don't find 
        evading cops at the two-star level tough to do, but some might.
        Note: According to multiple e-mails I received, feel free to run any and 
        all gang members over you can to make this mission even easier.
    21. Sweet's Girl
        Starting Point: Sweet's House
        Difficulty: 3/10
        Hop in a car or cycle, and head on to the blip on the map.  Hurry, because
        Sweet's health is slowly dropping, and you'll lose if he dies.  Once you
        get there, open fire as you head at them (if riding a cycle) and/or by them
        (in a car), and hop out after passing them.  Take the rest out on foot - 
        the AK-47 works well for this.  Once all the enemies are offed, get in a
        four-door car - one is parked right there for you if needed - and move
        inside the red marker.  Sweet and his girl get in.  Then simply drive back
        to the hood, evading the Seville cars as needed.  This mission might be a
        little harder, except the cars chasing me gave up after I crossed the
        bridge nearest the house.
    22. Cesar Vialpando
        Starting Point: Sweet's House
        Difficulty: 2/10
        Hop in a car, and head to the garage indicated on the map.  After being 
        given your new car, back it into the garage.  Get any mods you want, but 
        make sure to get a Nitrous upgrade - you'll see why later.  Now, head over
        to the indicator on the map at Unity Station to get involved in a 
        'bouncing' competition.  This is a mission where you bounce your car in 
        time to the music using the right analog stick.  Simply point the stick in
        the direction the arrow indicates as it crosses the circle at the bottom of 
        the screen.  If you have any rhythm at all, this should be a piece of cake.
        Thus, make sure to bet the maximum amount ($1000).  Once you're done, head 
        south a few blocks to an available safe house.  Buy it, stow the car in the 
        garage, and save.  The garage seems to handle two cars and a bike.  The 
        next mission is just up the block.
    23. High Stakes, Low Rider
        Starring Point: Cesar's House
        Difficulty: 4/10
        Get your car from the garage, and head down the street to Cesar's place.  
        Follow Cesar to the starting point of the race.  Follow the checkpoints, 
        come in first to win.  This is why you bought the Nitrous upgrade last 
        mission.  The best place to use it is once you're on the main four-lane 
        street.  There's a long straightaway there, followed by another long one 
        after a right turn.  Once the Nitrous runs out, you should be at the 
        point where your making a lot of consecutive turns anyway.
        There are two reasons I bumped this up a notch in difficulty.  First, 
        because the car has hydrolics, you lose the ability to move the camera to 
        see around/over things.  That blows, IMO.  The second is that the lowriders 
        handle like crap - make sure to SLOW DOWN before making the 90 degree 
        turns, or you will fishtail around, and end  up a) facing the wrong way, 
        and b) letting cars go past you.  Once your done, drop off the low-rider in 
        your new safehouse, jack a ride back to the hood, and save.
        Note: For an even easier race, ditch the car you got last mission, and grab
        yourself a different lowrider - like the Broadway parked next to the gas
        station you probably used for the Pimping side missions.  It's a pretty
        fast car, handles TONS better than the Blade, and doesn't have hydrolics.
        Add Nitro to make it even easier.
    24. Lowrider Challange 
        Starting Point: Outside Unity Station
        Difficulty: 2/10
        Basically, a repeat of the Cesar Vialpando mission, except without the
        story.  Max out your bet, hit the right analog stick in time to the music
        as indicated, win.  Even though you just did this one, you have to do it
        again for 100%.
        Note: Apparantly, you *don't* need this for 100%.  It's already included
        from passing the Cesar Vialpando mission.  So this ends up being just for
        extra cash.  It's interesting that this version is *much* harder than the
        Cesar Vialpando one.
    25. Home Invasion
        Starting point: Ryder's house between 12:00 and 20:00
        Difficulty: 2/10
        Hop in the truck, and drive it NE to the Colonel's house.  Park it in the 
        red blip outside, and enter the front door.  As soon as your're inside, 
        crouch, and move the left stick just enough to get you to move forward, and
        use the right stick to change your direction.  When you get to a crate, 
        pick it up, and do the same to the front door.  Outside, run to the truck, 
        and drop the guns in the truck.  Repeat for  all five boxes.  There is one 
        in the front room to your right behind a gun.  There's one in the room to 
        the right as you enter (just walk through the door - it will open for you).
        There's one at the top of the stairs, and another at the end of the 
        upstairs hallway.  The fifth is in the room to the left at the end of the 
        upstairs hallway - the Colonel's bedroom.  As long as you just move the 
        stick enough to move, this one isn't a problem, either.  After you put the 
        fifth crate on the truck, drive south of the Forum to the garage.
        Note: Many people have wrote in to tell me there's a sixth crate in the
        Colonel's bedroom behind the bed.  While playing through a third time, I
        was able to validate this.  There's a crate against the wall opposite the
        foot of the bed, and another in the back corner of the room between the bed
        and the wall - ie, if you were lying on the bed, it'd be in the area you'd
        have a nightstand on the right side of the bed.  If you get all six crates,
        you get a cut-scene showing you getting in the truck, and the timer 
    26. Burglar
        Starting Point: Black Boxville in apartment complex south across the street 
        from the gym,
        Difficulty: 1/10
        You can only start this mission between 20:00 and 6:00.  Hop in, and cruise 
        the nearby neighborhood looking for yellow arrows on the front door, 
        including one that is usually right by the truck.  Pull up near the house, 
        and enter.  If there is anyone in the main room, exit, and try again.  The 
        second time will either show an empty room, or the same person(s) still 
        there.  If they are there the second time, leave - they won't.  Other than
        that, it works just like the last mission, except it's slightly easier.  As 
        soon as you are within sight of the door, run.  If you fill the noise bar, 
        don't worry - it resets next time you enter the house - as long as the 
        timer doesn't get to 10.  The only items I've ever found in the houses 
        around here are in the main room, and there's anywhere between 2 and 4
        items (4 is rare, but I saw it once).
        Once daylight hits, drive the truck to the same garage as in the last 
        mission.  Find out how much you made, and do other missions until it's 
        night again.  Once you've accumulated over $10,000 in stolen goods (total, 
        not all on the same night), you've passed this odd job.  Try to aim for at 
        least 10 items.  That's worth $2000, which means you'd need five nights at 
        most to complete this mission.
        Note:  You can complete this in one night if you want.  First, get the 
        boxer before 20:00 to make sure you have maximum time.  Then go park by 
        your house.  Once you hit 20:00, start the mission.  Find two houses next 
        to one another than can be robbed.  You can go back and forth between the 
        two houses - just make sure to finish one before entering the other.  Also, 
        because the houses are so small, you don't really have to worry about
        stealth.  Sure, you'll be detected, but as long as you're out before the 
        10-second timer expires, you're fine.  Offload your huge load, and you're 
        Note: After completing this mission, my percentage complete did not go up
        at all.  From what I understand, this is a required vehicle mission.  I
        don't know what to make of this.
    27. Catalyst
        Starting Point: Ryder's House
        Difficulty: 3/10
        After a friendly chat w/ the fine officers Tenpenny and Pulaski, drive
        Ryder's car up north to the train tunnel.  Hop out of the car, and take out 
        the Vaga guarding the train.  When you're done, some Ballas drive in, so 
        take them out.  Crouching and the AK-47 work great here.  When you're done, 
        hop on the train.  Use the right analog stick to aim at Ryder's moving 
        truck, and L1 to toss a crate.  If you land a crate anywhere on the car,
        it should result in a catch.  Use L1 fast and furious until you land a 
        crate.  When you've collected 10 crates, hop in the car, and head for the 
        Pay-n-Spray, then head back to Ryder's house.  The only reason this isn't a 
        2 difficulty mission is aiming with the right analog sticks sucks, IMO.  I 
        can't wait for mouse-look.  If you're good at using the right stick to aim, 
        this should be a very easy mission.  Otherwise, it can suck.
    28. Robbing Uncle Sam
        Starting Point: Ryder's House
        Difficulty: 4/10
        Hop in the truck, and drive down the the docks, parking in the red circle.  
        Hop out, jump over the wall to the left of the gate, and take out any 
        guardsmen you see.  Don't shoot the gate lock, first.  Head in to the 
        warehouse straight ahead and just right, and shoot the lock to the right of 
        the big door.  Take out the guardsmen in side, and hop in the forklift.  
        Move the four boxes from the back of the warehouse to the front, and get
        two more boxes from around to the left of the warehouse.  Once you have six 
        boxes near the entrance to the warehouse, then shoot the lock off the front 
        gate.  Ryder drives the truck in, and backs up near the warehouse.  Use the 
        forklift to pick up the crates, and load them on the truck by driving into 
        the back of the truck w/ the crates lifted all the way up.  If you hear 
        someone shooting at Ryder, get out of the forklift, take them out, and 
        continue.  Once the sixth crate is loaded, hop in the truck and high-tail
        it out of there.  Some guardsmen in some Patriots follow.  Ryder says to 
        hit the horn to toss a crate out the back which blows up the cars behind 
        you, but I've always made it back to the garage w/o having to toss any.  
        You don't seem to get extra points depending on the number of crates you 
        do/don't toss, so have fun if you wish.  Once you make it to the drop-off 
        point, you're done.
    29. OG Loc
        Starting Point: Big Smoke's House
        Difficulty: 3/10
        Go pick up Jeff, er, OG Loc in front of the police station.  Then drive to 
        his buddys house up north.  Smoke and Sweet drop you two off.  After some 
        chatting, you end up chasing his 'friend' on a bike.  You can't really lose
        him - if you get far behind, he'll wait for you, taunting you all the way.  
        Eventually, he'll end the chase near some homies of his who open fire on 
        you two.  Take them out, then jack a car, and drive OG to the Burger Shot 
        in Verona Beach.
    30. Running Dog
        Starting Point: Big Smoke's House
        Difficulty: 2/10
        Get in Smoke's Car, and drive up to East Los Santos.  After a converstaion, 
        Smoke whacks one of the dealers, and a foot chase starts.  If you've built 
        up your stamina, this is easy.  Sprint after the target until you're close, 
        switch to an AK-47 (one R2 tap if you have the Micro armed), and blast him.
        Don't forget the cash he 'dropped'.
    31. Wrong Side Of The Tracks
        Starting Point: Big Smoke's House
        Difficulty: 2/10
        This is a fun, quick, easy mission.  Drive down to Unity Station, and into 
        the red marker.  After the cut scene, jump on the nearby Sanchez, wait for 
        Smoke to jump on as well, and get going after the train.  The key to making
        this an easy mission is to drive on the right side of the right track.  If 
        you are in between the tracks, Smoke doesn't have as good an angle at the 
        escaping Vagas.  Once you catch up, keep pace with the Vagas, and move 
        forward as needed until all four are capped.  If done right, you shoudn't 
        even make it as far as the tunnel and the oncoming train before Smoke tells 
        you to take him back home.
    32. Just Business
        Starting Point: Big Smoke's House
        Difficulty: 4/10
        Hop in the car, and drive downtown.  After a cut-scene, you are thrust into 
        a battle with a bunch of heavily armed Russians.  Crouch, auto-target, use 
        your AK-47, and you'll be fine.  Exit the door w/ Smoke to be thrust into 
        another battle.  Once it's over, Smoke hops on a bike, and you hop on back.
        Now you're in first person, and you have to shoot at your pursuers.  
        Concentrate on the bikes and cars - you can't damage the car carrier.  
        After awhile, you'll face forward, and have to shoot out a sewer grate.  If 
        you've gone the sewer route for the NRG-500 mentioned above, you'll know 
        the tunnel I'm talking about - this time, it has a grate, however, that you 
        need to shoot out.  Once through there, a few more turns w/ explosive 
        barrels you can shoot to take out every bike following you, and you're 
        done.  Once again, having to control the cursor w/ the analog stick just 
        doesn't work for me, and I got close to having the bike destroyed.  But 
        it's the only real tough part of the mission.
    33. Life's A Beach
        Starting Point: Burger Shot, Verona Beach, between 22:00 and 6:00
        Difficulty: 3/10
        First, head to Santa Maria Beach, and buy the available safe house here, if
        you haven't already.  It makes the travel to the next few missions much
        shorter, and you need it for 100% anyway.  It also has a 2 car plus 1 cycle
        garage.  Save if you need to to get the time between 22:00 and 6:00, and 
        head over to Burger Shot.  After an amuzing conversation w/ OG - worst 
        rapper in the world - head down to the beach party indicated on the map.  
        Talk to the DJ w/ a couple of positive replys, and now you get to dance.  
        Dancing works the same way as the lowrider bouncing competition, except you
        use the shape buttons.  Again, if you can follow a beat, this is pretty
        easy.  You also do this when you're on dancing dates later, and I routinely
        get scores above 9000 (not bragging, just saying), and for this one, you
        only need 4000.  Once the song is over, assuming you scored well enough, 
        the DJ invites you into the van.  Steal it (she jumps out along the way),
        and drive it back to the garage under the interstate indicated on the map.  
        In my two times doing this, I had a couple cars follow me once, and the 
        other, only got shot at on the beach.  If you are chased, it's a 3/10 
        difficulty mission.
    34. Madd Dogg's Rhymes
        Starting Point: Burger Shot, Verona Beach
        Difficulty: 4/10
        This mission introduces you to stealth.  Follow the prompts, don't attempt 
        a stealth kill from too far away, and don't bump the guy before killing 
        him.  Otherwise, it's a fairly easy mission.  If you do get detected, you 
        are all of a sudden in a knife fight w/ a guy holding a gun, which is the 
        only reason the difficulty is as high as it is.  Don't miss the armor after 
        the lounge area - even if you don't need it, going through that room puts 
        you behind a guard for an easy kill.  Once you get the silenced pistol, use
        it.  Two shots will bring down a guard, and they all drop more ammo for 
        you.  This is the pistol I used the rest of the game, for those rare times 
        I needed a pistol.  Once you're back outside, make your way back to the 
        Burger Shot.  After the mission, you'll get a call from Tenpenny telling 
        you to meet him at a donut shop.  He can wait a little while longer.
    35. Management Issues
        Starting Point: Burger Shot, Verona Beach
        Difficulty: 4/10
        Note: The guide says you need to start this one between 12:00 and 17:00, 
        but I started it much later.
        Grab a car for this one, and head to the Burger Shot in Mulholland.  As you
        get close, you'll get a phone call from OG that tells you the manager just 
        left, and an arrow appears above the target car.  Ram his car good once, 
        and he'll get out and start shooting.  Waste him, and take his car to the 
        nearest Pay-n-Spray to repair the damage.  Now, you have a somewhat limited 
        amount of time to make it to the target area.  You have to park between 
        two other cars, but the space is so wide you can just pull straight in at a 
        slow speed, and not have to virtual parallel park.  Once you've done that, 
        stay between the cars as you slowly move down the street to the pickup 
        zone.  After the manager is in the car, speed out of there, and towards the 
        pier marked on the map.  The other two cars will be dogging you the whole 
        way, and they have been the hardest cars to evade to this point.  Once you 
        get on the pier, floor it towards the end, and bail when the game tells you 
        to.  IMO, the most cold-hearted mission of the game.
    36. House Party
        Starting Points: Burger Shot, Verona Beach, then OG Loc's House, across 
        from yours, between 20:00 and 05:00
        Difficulty: 0/10, 6/10
        First, head to Burger Shot, and see an untitled cut-scene w/ OG telling you 
        about a party.  He tells you (and you are prompted) to get a haircut, and 
        some clothes.  You don't have to do either, but this opens up Suburban and 
        Prolaps stors (actually, they may have opened earlier, and I just didn't 
        notice).  You have some time to kill, so might as well change your 
        wardrobe.  Go with whatever you like - I went with Black Track Pants, Mid-
        Top Sneakers, Sun Glasses, and a Green Cap (Back) from ProLaps, and a Base
        5 Hood and a Face Black watch from SubUrban.  Once that's done, if it's 
        late enough, you'll get a call from OG telling you to get over to the 
        party.  If there's time, I definitely recommend saving at your house before
        heading to the party.  When you're ready, head across the street to the 
        red marker, and find that the Ballas are rolling in.  You face three waves 
        of Ballas.  The first is about eight guys coming from behind the cars you 
        saw in the cut-scene.  USE YOUR AK-47!  The only problem guys are the ones 
        that sometimes won't come out from behind the car.  You may have to go get 
        them.  The second wave consists of eight guys from the top of the bridge.  
        Crouch, shoot, move to the next.  Easy, and you shouldn't take too much
        damage here since the AK-47 kills rather quickly.  Finally, you face a wave 
        of 12 guys coming from all directions.  The guys are not marked on the 
        radar, which makes it tough to figure out where the gunfire is coming from 
        at times.  Keep looking around for guys w/ red arrows pointing around them, 
        keep moving, keep firing, and DON'T let Sweet get between you and a 
        Ballas, or you could accidentally hit him and kill him, ending the mission.
    37. Burning Desire
        Starting Point: Donut Place, Market
        Difficulty: 3/10
        Ah, another mission from our favorite officers.  Head to the alley in
        downtown, and pick up the Molotov Cocktails.  If you've been following the 
        walkthrough, you probably already have a few hundred, but you need to pick 
        them up to move on.  Head to the hotel.  Get out, and before tossing the 
        Molotovs through the five windows, make a circle and clear the area of 
        Vagas.  Once you've done that, you can toss undisturbed.  You have to get 
        the Molotov through the window to avoid being scorched yourself, but since 
        you completed the Firefighter mission, you're fireproof, so you can just 
        get it close and not worry about collateral damage.  After the place is 
        burning good, you see that there's a girl trapped inside.  Go to the front 
        door enterance (NE side of the building), run to the back, and up the 
        stairs in the back/left of the back room.  Run to the end of the hallway, 
        and you'll be told to go get a fire extinguisher down in the kitchen.  Run 
        back downstairs, and to the room to the left and across from the stairs.  
        Grab the extinquisher, and head back to the end of the upstairs hallway.  
        Put out the fire in the doorway, and walk in.  Because of the collapsing 
        building, you'll have to weave your way through both floors.  You can put 
        out as much of the fire as you want, but only have to get the ones in the 
        doorway that block your, well, Denise's progress, since you're fireproof.  
        Once you get to the front door, she asks you to take her home.  This earns 
        you your first girlfriend.
    38. Dating Denise
        Difficulty: 1/10
        Starting Point: Denise's House, between 16:00 and 6:00, according to the 
        Brady guide.
        You're first experience with dating in the GTA world.  If the pink marker 
        shows up after you drop Denise off in the last mission, go ahead and take 
        advantage of it.  If you have flowers, you can give them to her.  Note that 
        flowers regenerate, so you don't have to go to a new spot every time to 
        pick them up.  Anyway, after the flowers, don't try to kiss her until about 
        25% progress or so - it'll just take away the 1% point you just got for the 
        flowers.  After that point, she's much more receptive, and it'll add
        another 1% to your progress bar.  Denise has three kinds of dates.
        a) Food.  Take her to the Green Bottle bar just around the corner.  As with 
        all girlfriends, once you find a place that works, it always works.
        b) Dancing.  Take her to the only dance club in Los Santos.  Go to the 
        middle of the dance floor, and dance as you did in the 'Life's a Beach' 
        mission.  I don't know how well you need to do to be successful, but unless 
        you have no rhythm, it should be easy.
        c) Driving.  Best bet here is to have an NRG-500, and just speed up and 
        down the street right in front of her house.  Once the progress bar is 
        filled, she's done.
        After about 40%, you'll start being invited in for 'coffee'.  Do it - it 
        adds another 5% to your dating progress, and the lines at the end of 
        'coffee' can be funny.
        You don't get much for dating Denise.  At 50%, you get the keys to her car 
        - but only if she's home.  At 100%, you get a pimp suit.  The only good 
        reason to get Denise to 100% is that once there, the percentages don't 
        drop.  At least, not that I've seen.  Also, there do tend to be periods 
        where she just isn't home during the specified time.  I've had the best 
        luck hitting her house towards the beginning of the time she's available, 
        but aside from that, haven't found any recognizeable patter as to when 
        she's home.  One thing I did notice is that if your date ends after 
        midnight, you have to wait until after midnight again before seeing if 
        she's home.
        Note: I'm wrong - even after hitting 100%, the progress w/ Denise
        percentage does drop over time, and it seems to do so faster than with the
        other girls.  I still don't really bother with her after hitting 100%
        unless I'm looking for an easy way to kill time.
    39. Gray Imports
        Starting Point: Donut Shop, Market
        Difficulty: 4/10
        Another mission for the fine officers.  Head to the warehouse in the docks.
        Once there, make your way to the enterance the train uses to the south.  
        The Brady guide mentions to drive all the way around the warehouse to the 
        right to do this, but I don't know if you must do that, as long as you're 
        far enough away from the main gate.  Go through the train warehouse, and 
        hop on some boxes.  Get out your AK-47.  Take out all the guards, and the
        TWO forklifts (last time, I forgot about the second one, and took a little 
        ramming damage).  Try to shoot the driver himself unless they're far enough 
        away were the explosions wont hurt you.  Once everyone is gone, shoot the 
        lock on the door, and enter.  Crouch and roll your way through the 
        warehouse.  Pick up the AK-47 behind the steps before heading upstairs.  
        Once there, take out the two guards inside the room, then move to the
        right of the door.  Look around, and you should be able to see the main 
        Russian inside the room.  If not, move back a little and try again.  You 
        can't auto-target him, but you can use first-person view to see him.  Take 
        a shot at any part of his body.  If he jerks, you hit him.  It takes a bit 
        of ammo to kill him, because he's wearing body armor, but it's worth it.  
        If you enter the room, you end up having to chase him, and the possiblity
        exists of him getting away.  I tried it both ways, and shooting him from 
        outside the office is much easier, even though I was able to track him down 
        as well.  Your choice.
    40. Doberman
        Starting Point:  Ammunation, downtown
        Difficulty: 4/10
        First, the mission will open up Ammunation.  You should have plenty of AK-
        47 ammo by now, so you don't need to buy anything.  Head over to Glen Park.
        Walk around until you see a group of 3-4 purple-wearing gang members.  
        Shoot them.  This triggers a gang war.  Crouch, and watch the radar for the 
        direction the gang members are coming from.  After the third wave, the area 
        is yours.  You'll then be moved to the NW side of the park, where a dealer 
        sprints from a house.  Chase him down and kill him.
    41. Gang Wars
        Starting Point:  Any enemy (non-green) territory
        Difficulty: 4/10
        Find any enemy territory on the map, and proceed exactly as the mission 
        'Doberman'.  The more territories you take over, the more money that 
        generates outside your house.  Every now and then, one of your territories 
        will flash, indicating it's being attacked.  Get there ASAP (or, 
        apparantly, save the game), and when you get close enough, you'll see
        the targets appear on the map.  Crouch, shoot, you're done.
        If you're having trouble starting a gang war, stand in the targeted zone,
        and shoot at passing cars.  Soon, gang members will show up.
        You can take over as many or as little territories as you want.  It won't 
        matter.  Once you leave Los Santos, you will lose them all until the late 
        stages of the game, when you have to restart from scratch, anyway.  So 
        unless you find them fun, you don't have to do any more, since money 
        shouldn't be an issue anyway.
        ** END SPOILER ALERT **
    42. Ammunation Shooting Range
        Starting Point - Inside Ammunation.  Walk straight back from the front door
        to the red marker.
        Difficulty: 3/10
        This is part one of the Ammunation Shooting Range.  At this point, the only 
        things you can compete in is the Pistol and the Micro-SMG.  These are the 
        easier of the two challanges, so it shouldn't be an issue.  Completing them 
        gives you the ability to dual-wield the two weapons once you max out your 
        skill in them.
        NOTE: Your percentage goes up for each weapon completed.  Thus, if you
        complete both the Pistol and Micro-SMG challanges, you're percent complete
        will go up twice.
    43. Vigilante
        Difficulty: 10/10
        One of my most hated missions in this game.  It's probably easiset, if 
        doing this legitimately, to wait for the Hunter to become available, and 
        use it.  However, it can be nice to get the extra armor now.  If you don't 
        want to wait, the motorcycle is the best vehicle, as you can shoot straight 
        ahead.  The reason I kept it for now is that you will need a LOT of ammo, 
        and with ammunation open, you can buy it if you don't want to keep chasing 
        icons around the map.
        What makes this difficult are the wanted levels.  If you have one, and come 
        anywhere near a stop, you'll be busted.  It blows.  Period.  I imagine 
        wanted levels are easier to escape in a Hunter.
        There is also a 'bug' way of passing this mission, to some extent.  If you 
        get in a police car - this works for a car only - start the mission, and 
        hop out of the car, walk into a building (bincos near the house seems to 
        work for me), wait for 10 seconds, leave the building, get back in the car.
        Usually, this will result in a success message.  If not, go back into the 
        building, stay 20 seconds, go get back in the car.  Repeat until you get 
        rid of all of the current cars (you'll get a seperate beep for each car as 
        you progress).  The problem is, I've never gotten this to work for all 12 
        levels.  I've gotten as far as 8, but no further.  I've read of others 
        getting all the way through 12 levels using this method, so if you can't 
        complete it the legitimate way, you can always try this to get free extra
        Update: I was finally able to pass this mission, though not entirely 
        legitimately.  The problem with this mission at this stage is, if you 
        attempt it in the city, your wanted level rises VERY quickly, so make sure 
        to note EXACTLY where the police bribes are at, and use them.  If you try 
        it out in the country, it is easier.  There are far less police, so the 
        wanted levels go up much slower.  And there's a lot of open area, which 
        makes life easier as well.  But, there are NO police bribes anywhere in the 
        countryside, so you're stuck with a slowly climbing wanted level.  In order 
        to pass, I had to have a motercycle in the garage, and a car.  Use the car 
        and the bug mentioned above to get as far as you can.  Either you will 
        complete all the missions, or you will hit a point where the criminals just 
        aren't disappearing.  At that point, go after them.  I was able to get up
        to level 12, with two cars remaining before I had to go after them, and as 
        I still had over 10 minutes to get them (compared with the 18 I started 
        level 12 with), I had plenty of time to go back to a save garage, get the 
        bike, and chase them down.  In one of the reamining two cases, they were 
        already on foot, which made it easier.
        Update 2: I have never been able to get the glitch to work with a bike.
        Only a car.  The combination way to do this mission seems to be best.  If
        you can get into the upper levels (8 and above), don't wait long.  Once the
        dot on the radar makes it's drastic move, the criminals are out of the car.
        If they don't die on they're own, go chase them down and kill them, then
        find another building to enter.  Also - if you decide to enter a police
        station (I was in Dillimore), do NOT have weapons ready, or you will earn
        a two-star wanted level, which makes it harder to get past this mission.
        I was able to chase down criminals on level 11 when they wouldn't disappear
        and get back to a Bincos to get rid of the criminals on level 12.
        Update 3: I did get this to work with the bike.
    44. Los Sepulcros
        Starting Point: Sweet's House, between 9:00 and 17:00
        Difficulty: 5/10
        Recruit a couple of gang members by targeting them and hitting the up 
        arrow, and then get in the car.  Hop on the highway, and take it to the  
        Muholland interchange, and west to the back of the cemetary.  Hop over the 
        wall, and walk to Sweet.  When you get control back, crouch, roll, and pick 
        off the enemies.  Be careful - if you roll too close to a headstone or a 
        tree, you won't be able to shoot, but you will be able to be shot at.  I 
        got stuck at one point where when I rolled back and forth, I was either 
        behind a tree or a headstone, and lost all my armor before I got 
        straightened out.  In any case, when you kill everyone, run for the car, 
        and head back to Sweet's house.  You will have a two-start wanted level,
        so you will be chased.  The best route is probalby the reverse of what you 
        used to get here - North to the main road, highway south then east, first 
        exit, down Grove street to Sweet's house.
    45. Reuniting The Families
        Starting Point: Sweet's House
        Difficulty: 5/10
        Hop in the car, and drive to the motel.  Someone's ratted out the meeting, 
        and the cops show up in force.  After Smoke and Ryder bail, you get 
        control.  Don't bother trying to fight the cops in the parking lot.  Just 
        head to the front door just to your left.  Inside, crouch and slowly make 
        your way upstairs, and through the motel hallways - you shouldn't have any 
        real problem.  Once you get to Sweet, you head to the roof.  A helicopter
        descends on you.  Take out the four guys on the ropes first, then use the 
        right analog stick to aim at the helecopter w/ the AK-47 until you hear the 
        radio guy scream 'Mayday'.  Then, follow Sweet, at which point you hop in 
        the car.  Someone 'hands' you an AK-47 (even if you probably have thousands 
        of AK-47 ammo at this point), and you go into first person mode.  Fire at 
        everything chasing you, and watch for the cops jumping on your car after
        you see the motorcycle cops drop their doughnuts.  The LONG reload times 
        make this part of the mission harder than it should be - and I had maxed 
        out my AK-47 skill by this point.  Finally, your gun jams, and you head
        into a cut-scene that shows your 'escape'.  For me, it's always close, but 
        I usually make it through the mission with about 1/8 or 1/10 of the 
        car's heal left.  Jack a car or run back to your house, and save.
        Note - one thing that irks me about this mission.  Since you're 'given' an 
        AK-47 for the end of the mission, it's taken away from you at the end.  
        This means you lose all your AK-47 ammo.  You don't need too much for the 
        last mission, but you probably want at least 200-300 ammo.
    46. Green Sabre
        Starting Point: Sweet's House
        Difficulty: 4/10
        This is it - the final Los Santos mission (for now, anyway).  You need to
        go meet Cesar under the interstate just south of downtown.  Once there,
        you'll see who has been selling you out.  I won't spoil it here, but it's
        probably not a huge suprise - especially when you think back on the earlier 
        missions.  But this makes you realize Sweet is in trouble.  Hop back in the 
        car, or if you brought a fast car or bike with you, hop in that, and head 
        north to under the Muholland interchange.  All you have to do is make it to 
        the red marker before Sweet's health bar disappears, you don't have to 
        worry about it once you're there.  Take out the waves of Ballas heading
        down on you, using the cars as shields.  Once you take out the fourth wave 
        of a circling Ballas car, the cops show up.  You get escorted out of Los 
        Santos courtesy of your favorite officers, Tenpenny and Pulaski.  They take 
        all your weapons, and give you a camera.  Run across the street to the 
        mobile home park, and save.  The next chapter begins once you step into the 
        red marker.
    V.  Badlands
    1.  Intro
        Welcome to the middle of nowhere.  After the cops showed up at the end of
        the previous mission, Tennpenny and Pulaski step in and take you to the
        lovely little town of Angel Pine.  They strip you of all your weapons, and
        tell you to stay away from the traitor from last mission, and them.  This
        can be interpreted to mean stay out of Los Santos, but it doesn't work that
        way.  You can 'safely' visit Los Santos, but all your territories are gone,
        as is that source of money.  The Roboi Mart still provides you with its
        $2000 a day, not that it's needed that much now.  ALL territories,
        including the one your house is in, are under enemy gang control, so you
        may be shot at.  And you can't take (or retake) an areas over until late in
        the game.  So feel free to go back to Los Santos for whatever you need,
        just realize that you may be shot at, and you won't have much recourse.
        San Fiero is also open at this point, but since we can't save there, don't
        bother exploring there yet.  First, step across the street to the mobile 
        home park, and save the game.  Now, take the time to explore the new area, 
        and head back to your home in Los Santos, and get some weapons, refil your 
        armor, whatever you need to do.  There are plenty of Sanchez in the area if 
        you're a bike person.  If you want some nearby armor, there's some in the 
        parking lot like area next to the J&J Restaraunt on the western side of the 
        northern part of town.  It's a small town - you'll find it.  Also, leave 
        exploring Mt. Chiliad for later.  We'll do that after the next mission.  
        And if you haven't heard much of K-Rose yet, you'll soon get sick of it 
        (although the DJ *is* funny).  Once you've restocked and explored to your 
        liking, come back to town, save, and start the first Badlands mission.
    2.  Buying Properties
        Since money shouldn't be an issue, we might as well go ahead and buy all 
        the properties so we don't forget later.  I started with the property
        farthest away, and worked back towards Angel Pine.  Thus, if you're in Los
        Santos for any reason (collecting ammo, for instance), you can just work
        back to Angel Pine via the scenic route, buying the properties along the
        way.  Since you will probably be exploring the area anyway, plus going back
        to Los Santos for your trusty AK-47, we might as well do this now.
        Palomino Creek - $35,000 - 2+ car garage
        Dillimore - $40,000 - 1 car garage
        Blueberry - $10,000
        Whetstone - $100,000 - Most worthless property in the game
        Angel Pine - $20,000
    3.  Badlands
        Starting Point: Mobile Home Park, Angel Pine
        Difficulty: 3/10
        After stepping in the marker, grab a nearby Sanchez.  Usually, there's one
        right by the save point, but sometimes, you have to run into town to find
        one.  Once you have your bike, head over to the first marker, which will
        tell you to bike up the mountain.  Follow the path up the mountain, taking
        a left at the fork (the right is blocked off w/ construction horses), and
        following the path towards the yellow blip on the radar.  As you get close,
        you see a cut scene with federal agents guarding a cabin.  Once you get
        control back, hop off the bike, and head to the left into the woods.  Sneak
        around behind the cabin, wait for all the guards to be in the front, and
        head in the back door.  Shoot the snitch.  Do NOT use a shotgun or AK-47
        for this - you will damage him too much to be recognizable.  The Micro MP5
        worked for me.  Once this is done, the four federal agents outside will
        start coming for you.  Switch to the AK-47 for them - no need to keep
        them in tip-top shape.  Once all four are down, photograph the body, and
        head to the drop-off point, which is right next to the save point where
        you started.  A short phone converstaion with Cesar will open up the next
        set of missions, but we have some other things to do first.
    4.  Chiliad Challange
        Starting Point: Top of Mount Chiliad between 7:00 and 18:00
        Difficulty: Varies
        This is a series of three races down Mount Chiliad on a BMX bike.  They 
        get harder as they go along, but with repeated attempts, it gets easier
        as you memorize the course.  The really annoying thing about these races
        are, if you fail, you have to bike all the way back up the mountain, and
        it takes a long time to do so.  Thus, you only get two to four chances per
        day, simply because of the time it takes to get to the top.  Once there,
        you have to pass each race before the next one opens.  In general, take
        it fairly easy down the mountain.  The other racers will generally wipe
        themselves out, so long as you don't fall too far behind.
        Note: I've had a few people e-mail in to say that you can park the Camper
        that is nearby at the beginning of the track (only works for the first two
        races) that you can bunny-hop over to give yourself a quick edge.  I don't
        think you need to do this, especially given I never had much trouble with
        the first two races, but if you're having difficulty, go for it.  Good
        luck with the third race, though.
        a. Scotch Bonnet Yellow Route - Difficulty: 5/10
        For the most part, don't bother power pedeling (tapping X) until you get
        towards the bottom.  Holding X and gliding should be enough once you get
        the feel of the course.
        b. Birdseye Winder Yellow Route - Difficulty: 6/10
        Starts off the same, then heads down the other side of the mountain.  There
        are a lot of straightaways after the sharp hairpin turn to the left to
        sprint on, but you have to be careful, because there are still a few turns
        that you can go off the edge on.  My advice - if you're in first, don't
        sprint, you won't really need to.  Except for the final straightaway, the
        computer racers run into walls and fences a lot.
        Note: I went off the cliff twice in this race early on (before going by
        the cabin from the 'Badlands' mission), and still won the race.  Don't
        panic if you do go off the cliff - just get right back on it.  If it
        happens late, you are probably in trouble.  If it's early, you can still
        c. Cobra Run - Difficulty: 9/10
        There are two keys to this race.  First, STAY ON THE WALKWAY.  If you have
        to come to a complete stop around turns, do it.  Don't worry too much about
        how far out in front the other two racers get.  Once you're off the
        walkway, you'll head downhill into a large jump (unique jump Brady #51).
        After that, build up the speed for the next checkpoint, which is another
        big jump.  This is the second key.  If you don't hit it with enough speed,
        you'll come to an abrupt stop on a rock.  If you clear it, you're in real
        good shape, as the other two competitors just about always get stuck there.
        After the sharp turn to the right, bear right under the archway, and after
        that, you'll soon join up with the end of the other two paths for the
        downhill sprint home.
        BIG NOTE:  Want to complete all three Chilliad Challange runs without
        working up a sweat?  Want to finish with a time of 10:00, and still be
        in first?  Without a cheat code?  First, find yourself a sniper rifle.  The
        one I found was in San Fiero on top of a building just south and east of
        Pier 69 (I needed a unique jump ramp (steps) to get there - the set of steps
        about a block east and a block south of Michelle's Garage).  Now, take your
        time down the courses, or don't.  If you win, great.  If not, stop before 
        getting near the finish line, take out the sniper rifle, and shoot all the
        other racers after they finish the race.  Once the other five are dead, hop
        back on the bike - you've won.  You'll probably get a one or two star wanted
        level doing this, but it disappears right after you cross the finish line.
        This works for all three races, and even if you end up wasting a shot each
        time, you only need 15 shots to kill all the other racers, so you only need
        to pick up one sniper rifle.  Do NOT do this before the racers cross the
        finish line, however, or you are disqualified, and you have to make the
        long-ass trek to the top of the mountain again.  I lost the e-mail from the
        person who sent me this trick, so sorry you don't get credit for this here.
        If you send me an e-mail and prove you sent it to me, I'll credit you.
        Otherwise, all I can do is say that this idea was not my own.
    5.  Ammunation Shooting Range, Part 2
        Starting Point - Ammunation in Los Santos or Palimino Creek
        Difficulty: 8/10
        This is the same challange as last time, except there are three weapons to
        get through.  Pistol, Micro MP5, and Shotgun.  The first two are as easy
        as before.  The first two rounds of the shotgun is pretty easy.  The third
        round is tough as hell.  One of the booths always seems to get three
        targets per silhouette, and you need at least that just to keep up.  The
        only real suggestion I can offer here is simply this - you MUST wait for
        the timer to fully count down before firing.  Otherwise, your shot will
        not count even if you would have hit something, and odds are your target
        will disappear while you're reloading.  This one is all about timing.  And
        the worst thing about it is, should you fail, you have to go through all
        three weapons again.  If there was one change I could make to this game,
        it would be that once you passed a weapon, you didn't have to do it again.
    6.  Unique Jumps
        Whether you're in Los Santos or Palomino Creek, head for our favorite 
        garage for the NRG-500, and head towards Blueberry.  While you're in Los
        Santos, stop by your house for the camera.  You'll need more film than
        you currently have for the photo ops later, so since you're in the area,
        you might as well pick it up.  There are 9 new unique jumps between the
        Blueberry area and around Angel Pine.  One you've already done during the 
        third race of the Chiliad Challange.
        The numbers below match the Brady guide.  The first number is the number
        given on the map in the front of the 'Badlands' section, the second number
        is the one given in the 'Odd Jobs' section.  Some will be hit during 
        missions anyway, but since we're around, we might as well hit them now.
        Use a Sanchez for 2 and 3 - I couldn't get 2 to work w/ the NRG, and just
        about anything will work for 3.
        [X] 1/51 (if completed Mount Chiliad race)
        [ ] 2/52
        [ ] 3/53
        [ ] 4/29
        [ ] 5/30
        [ ] 6/31
        [ ] 7/32
        [ ] 8/33
        [ ] 9/34
    7.  Oysters
        Difficulty: 3/10 (only in finding them).
        Ooops - forgot all about collecting Oysters back in Los Santos.  However,
        unlike the gang tags, or the upcoming photo ops and horseshoes, Oysters
        are spread throughout the entire San Andreas area, so we didn't lose much
        by not getting them earlier.  But, we might as well get them now.  The
        first 15 are in Los Santos, and the following 10 are in the Badlands area.
        Like with the Unique Jumps, the first number is the number on the front
        of the 'Badlands' section of the Brady guide, and the second number is its
        number from the 'Odd Jobs' map.
        Note: I found the best way to get most of these is to grab a boat and get
        all of the ones that are accessable by water (all but 2 and 11 in Los
        Santos).  If you end up the last section doing the unique jumps near
        Blueberry Acres, there's a dighny that spawns on the beach NW of The
        Panopticon, just east of one of the oysters (6/30).  There are also a 
        number of them off the beach SW of Angel Pine.
        [ ] 1/1			[ ] 1/25
        [ ] 2/2			[ ] 2/28
        [ ] 3/3			[ ] 3/26
        [ ] 4/4			[ ] 4/27
        [ ] 5/5			[ ] 5/29
        [ ] 6/6			[ ] 6/30
        [ ] 7/7			[ ] 7/31
        [ ] 8/8			[ ] 8/32
        [ ] 9/9			[ ] 9/33
        [ ] 10/10		[ ] 10/34
        [ ] 11/11
        [ ] 12/12
        [ ] 13/13
        [ ] 14/14
        [ ] 15/15
    8.  First Date
        Starting Point: Dillimore, outside The Welcome Pump
        Difficulty: 0/10
        Finally, back to the story, if only for a little while.  When Cesar sent
        you to Dillimore to meet his cousin, little did you know it would be
        Catalina.  Veterans of GTA3 will certainly recognize Catalina (although,
        personally, it didn't sound anything like the same person to me, even
        though it is, according to IMDB.com).  This is mostly a cut-scene mission.
        Once you hop in your car or on your bike w/ Catalina, she will tell you of
        four robbery targets that open four missions on your map.  Since one is
        right up the street, let's go ahead and hit that one now.
    9.  Tanker Commander
        Starting Point: Gasso Gas Station, Dillimore
        Difficulty: 4/10
        This is all about essentially learning how to drive a tanker.  After the
        cut scene, hop in the rig, and back into the gas tanker to hitch it to
        the cab.  Then, head west out of Dillimore, then south to RS Haul.  The
        place you're aiming for is the first place on the left at the bottom of a
        steep hill, so it's real easy to overshoot it.  Pull in the lot, and head
        for the back.  The guys chasing you on this mission - childs play based
        on what's coming later.  While we're here, we might as well do the first
        Trucker mission.  It's easy enough.
    10. Trucking Missions, Part 1
        There are four trucker missions that are essentially available right now.
        All require deliverys to somewhere in Los Santos or the Badlands.  The
        other four missions require deliveries to either San Fiero or Las Venturas.
        I don't know what would happen if you tried to start them, but since those
        cities aren't available yet, I've never bothered.  For now, we'll do the
        first four.
        Mission 1
        Difficulty: 3/10
        Deliver load in a given amount of time.  If that time expires, you start
        to lose the amount of cash you get for the mission.  Only the fact you're
        driving a truck which can uncouple from the trailer makes this at all
        difficult.  When finished, save, and head back.  If you happen to be back
        in Dillimore as I was, the save house you can buy there has a one-car
        Mission 2
        Difficulty: 3/10
        No time limit this time, but a damage meter instead.  The more damage
        your rig takes, the more money you lose as payment.  Since money isn't
        really a problem at this point, just worry about getting the truck there.
        Mission 3
        Difficulty: 8/10
        No damage meter, no time limit.  Just an automatic wanted level, with
        cops trying to dislodge your trailer.  And they're good at it.  You may
        have to take a few tries at this one before getting it.  One thing to
        keep in mind - if the delivery is in the Docks area of Los Santos, do NOT
        take the highway through the tunnel just west of the airport.  The cab 
        is too tall to make it through.  Take side streets instead.  It may take
        a little longer this way, but the one nice things about city driving is
        with the limited amount of room on either side, it makes it harder for the
        cops to dislodge the trailer.  Doesn't make it impossible, just harder.
        My experience with this mission is either it will be fairly easy, if the
        cops drive into things, or impossible.  The only reason the difficulty
        isn't higher is there are two after this, in the second four missions,
        that are worse.
        Note: To make this mission MUCH easier, drive straight out of the lot
        to the railroad tracks, turn left, and follow the tracks into Los Santos.
        Depending on where the drop-off point is, doing so makes this mission
        either a good deal easier, or a piece of cake.  The worst drop off
        location seems to be the National Guard base (from the Ryder mission
        'Robbing Uncle Sam'), as it seems to be the farthest from, well, anything.
        If you get this location, note that the drop-off is INSIDE the middle
        warehouse, so you don't overshoot it and have to drive around the block
        Mission 4
        Difficulty: 3/10
        This will will seem like an introductory mission after the last one.
        You'll have a timed mission to somewhere in the area of Angel Pine.  Two
        things to watch for.  First, if the truck stop right before the first
        Angel Pine exit is your destination, you can't head straight to the 
        marker when you see it.  The land is not flat enough, and you will come
        loose from the trailer.  Second is, when driving, watch out for tractors.
        You think you hated tractors on the highway before now...  Other than that,
        there's not much to this one.  And that's all the non-story missions until
        we reach San Fiero.
    11. Body Harvest
        Starting Point: Motel in Angel Pine
        Difficulty: 3/10
        Tenpenny seeing some 'truth' of his own.  Head to the NE to a farm that
        contains a combine tractor that The Truth needs.  When you get to the farm,
        head around the outside of the farm to the right until you see the combine.
        Shoot anyone who gets in your way, and get in the combine.  Drive over
        anyone you want, head for the western part of the field where the dirt road
        is, and head out.  Just run over anyone who tries to get in your way, 
        steering around the tractors that try to run into you.  A truck will follow
        you and fire at you, but shouldn't be a problem.
    12. King In Exile
        Starting Point: Mobile Home Park, Angel Pine
        Difficulty: 0/10
        Another cut-scene only mission.  You learn Smoke's a dealer, and CJ will
        keep an eye out on the roads for the money and drugs moving back and forth
        between Los Santos and San Fiero.  You get a call from Catalina asking
        where you are.  Head to her cabin - a new save spot - in Fern Ridge.
    13. First Base
        Starting Point: Cabin, Fern Ridge
        Difficulty: 0/10
        Yet another cut-scene only mission.  Catalna jumps you, threatens to kill
        you, tells you she loves you.  What a woman.  The three remaining robbery
        targets open on the map.  Lets hit the closest one - the OTB in Montgomery.
    14. Against All Odds
        Starting Point: OTB, Montgomery
        Difficulty: 4/10
        Get the satchel charges from Catalina, and head inside.  When you can,
        place the charge on the safe door, and blow it from a safe distance.  Then
        put another charge on the actual safe inside the safe room, blow it, and
        you'll grab the cash.  You'll automatically be given a four-star wanted
        level upon leaving, so hopefully, you parked your car or bike facing 
        south.  Head south and west to the Pan-n-Spray in Dillimore, and then
        back to the cabin.
    15. Gone Courting
        Starting Point: Cabin, Fern Ridge
        Difficulty: 0/10
        Another cut-scene to allow access to the two remaining robbery targets.
        But not before a little somethin-somethin....
    16. Local Liquor Store
        Starting Point: Liquor store, Blueberry
        Difficulty: 4/10
        You're late!  Someone else is already robbing the liquor store.  Catalina
        pops one of them, but the other three escape.  Grab the nearby Quad, and
        take off after them.  Much like a bike, you can shoot straight ahead, so
        go ahead and do so.  When the third is toast, head back to the cabin.  Only
        the touchy steering of the Quad makes this at all hard.
        Note: The last time I played this, the second guy I took down actually
        dropped the money.  Didn't even notice this until right before I took
        out the third guy - it's possible you don't have to take out all three,
        only the one who actually has the money.  Watch the bottom of the screen
        for a message telling you to pick up the briefcase, and once it's there,
        you can stop.  Unless you just want to take out all three guys, of course.
        Note, Part 2: In my third time through the game, EACH of the three cowboys
        had a briefcase to pick up, so you had to chase down all three.  That is
        probably always the case, but since I had left a briefcase sitting, I 
        didn't notice the message after I capped the third guy.
    17. Made In Heaven
        Starting Point: Cabin, Fern Ridge
        Difficulty: 0/10
        The final 'cut-scene opening robbery target' mission.  Catalina just wants
        to be friends. Darn.
    18. Small Town Bank
        Starting Point: Bank, Palomino Creek
        Difficulty: 3/10
        Head over to the last remaining target - the bank in Palomino Creek.  Your
        first job is to keep your gun aimed at the four workers.  Try all you want,
        you will fail at some point, so how long you work at it is up to you - it
        won't affect the amount of cash you get.  When the alarm finally goes,
        the security guard will open fire, so take him out.  As to the other three,
        it's up to you.  Shoot the three ATM machines (both upper and lower parts,
        one blast each w/ a shotgun), collect the cash, and head out the back door.
        The alley will fill with cops, including some on rooftops, and at one
        point, behind you.  After you make it through the alley, to bike cops will
        move in.  Kill them, and you will automatically hop on the second bike.
        Follow Catalina.  Don't worry much about the cops between you and her -
        they will take themsevles out.  And don't worry much about how far back
        you stay.  You don't need to keep right up with her, despite her verbal
        jabs, and it's best you don't.  When you get to Montgomery, she will crash.
        Pull up next to her, and once she's on, take off for the cabin.  If you're
        far enough back, she's up off the ground and ready to hop on the bike
        as soon as you stop.  Otherwise, you sit and take gunfire from the cops
        while she does this.  Once you're back at the cabin, the Catalina missions
        are over, although the cabin remains as a save point.
    19. Wu Zi Mu
        Starting Point: SE of cabin.
        Difficulty: 4/10
        A standard race against three other competitors.  It's not a hard one to
        win - just take it relatively easy, don't cut corners to quickly,
        especially at first, and you should do fine.  Two things to make the
        race easier.  First, whether you jump the barn or go around it, the
        route does not go to the road.  There's a dirt path on the near side
        of the fence that the race continues on.  If you make a mistake and end up
        on the road, you have to go back to the farm and go around the fence - I
        couldn't find a way through.  Second, once you start the series of 
        switchbacks, there's a dirt path you can cut up and save a LOT of time.
        If you hit those two right, this race should be easy.
    20. Farewell, My Love...
        Starting Point: The finish line from the last mission
        Difficulty: 5/10
        The same race as last mission, but in reverse.  And in another twist, you
        are racing against Catalina and her new 'friend', who GTA vets will
        recognize (poor guy - doesn't know what he's getting himself into).  This
        race seems harder than the last one, but the same advice applies.  Be
        careful getting onto the road at the start.  If you try to cut the corner,
        you can flip.  The turn for the dirt road part of the second half of the
        race is RIGHT after a small bridge, so don't miss it.  When you're on
        that last dirt road, don't try to cut corners - you could end up in the 
        water.  Just follow the dirt road, take it easy, and as long as you're in
        first place, you'll be fine.  Once you've crossed the road for the last
        time for that slow left turn into the finish line, you can let loose.
        Winning the race gives you the deed to a garage in San Fiero - you're next
        base of operations after one more mission.
    21. Are You Going To San Fierro?
        Starting Point: The Truth's Weed Farm, North of Back o Beyond.
        Difficulty: 5/10
        Make the long drive to the TT marker.  After paying for the weed, you hear
        a chopper in the distance.  The Truth asks for help burning the fields, and
        gives you a flamethrower.  Head to the farthest field, and start burning.
        Now, I've never operated a flamethrower, but I would have guessed that, if
        you wanted to burn plants, you'd aim towards the bottom.  Whether that's
        true or not, in this game, aim about 3/4 of the way towards the top of the
        plant.  Burning the tops of the crop work better here.  Slowly work your
        way side to side along the crops.  You will run out of ammo at some point,
        and more will appear near the barn.  This is why we started in the - a 
        shorter distance to run for the ammo and back.  At some point, you'll 
        complain about the smoke, and the screen will sway very lightly back and
        forth.  This isn't an issue burning the weed, tho.  However, once you're
        done, you are given a rocket launcher, and are told to take the helicopter
        out.  The best way to do this is switch weapons so you can run, and run 
        along behind the Mothership (The Truth's vehicle) until he stops near the 
        road.  The copter will hover at this point.  Now take it out.  Once you 
        have, hop in the vehicle, and drive to your new garage.
        There are two things that make this mission tough.  The first is you have
        to both burn the crops AND take down the helicopter in the given amount of
        time.  Thus, how fast you burn the weed does make a difference in how easy
        this mission is.  And the copter actually has to crash for the mission to
        successfully end.  In one attempt of mine, the copter crashed as time ran
        out, yet the cops somehow survived to arrest The Truth (and the helicopter
        got back up and flew away!).  If this happens, at least you're right where
        you need to be to try again.  Second, I mentioned the swaying from burning
        the weed.  Cute effect, but this continues while you're trying to shoot
        down the helicopter, which makes it tougher than it has to be.  However,
        once you do that, you get to drive to San Fiero w/o any sort of wanted
    VI. San Fiero Walkthrough
    1.  Introduction
        Welcome to San Fiero - a nice upgrade from both the previous two cities.
        A couple of logistics to begin with.  First, you have a three car garage,
        although it works better to hold two cars and a bike.  If you need armor,
        theres a pickup in an alley one block north of the gym.  As for a good
        vehicle, the NRG-500 is available at the docks as part of the challange
        described below.  Before getting into the missions, there are a couple
        of optional missions to talk about.
    2.  Big Smoke's Cash
        Starting Point: Anywhere, route goes from Smoke's house to San Fiero
        Difficulty: 4/10
        On Mondays and Wednesdays, you will get a cell call from Cesar letting you
        know the cash is leaving Smokes house, heading for Pier 69.  Get a car for
        this one.  Once you catch up with the car, ram it.  Each time you do, the
        car drops a package worth $300.  He'll drop up to 6.  Once you get the
        sixth package, destroy the car, or he makes it to Pier 69, the mission is
    3.  Yay Courier
        Starting Point: Anywhere, route goes from Back O' Beyond to Smokes House
        Difficulty: 2/10
        The only difficulty here is getting in position.  The biker will follow
        mostly dirt paths into Los Santos.  If you can get ahead of him, just
        get off your bike (easier to use for this one), and stand there and wait
        for him to come to you.  When he appears, keep targeting him until you
        get alock, and fire.  Should only take a couple hits from your AK-47.
        If you decide to chase him, the more you shoot him, the more money you
        lose as the drug leaks out of the backpack from bullet holes.
        You do not need to do either of these missions, but it's worth it to do
        them at least once.  And how many times you accept or decline the mission,
        or how many times you succeed or fail at them doesn't affect the rest of
        the game.
    4.  NRG-500 Challange
        Starting Point: Warehouse near Import/Export docks
        Difficulty: 8/10
        This is like the BMX challange, but infinitely harder.  The only reason it
        isn't harder is you'll have lots of chances at it, assuming the NRG-500 is
        your bike of choice - and why wouldn't it be?  Hit the gas and grab the 
        target in front of you, then CAREFULLY make your way across the narrow
        bridge to grab that one.  Then grab the last one on the ground at this
        level, head into the pit, and grab the easy ones there except the ones on
        the ramp.  Now, head to the flat end, and gun it towards the other end.
        You want to be aiming just right of dead center.  Once you have that one,
        now head down the ramp and grab the two there.  Now the fun begins.
        There's really no way to easily get them.  What finally worked for me the
        first time through is to start heading for the opposite wall, head about
        a third to half way up the wall and turn around, and gun it up the opposite
        wall.  If you head straight up the wall, you don't need as much speed, but
        you need to be dead on in your accuracy.  If you hit it at an angle, you
        need more speed, but cover more area.  Your choice.  Beware the targets
        on the more northernly side (where you started).  If you hit those ramps
        at an angle, you can easily end up in Easter Bay.  There is a dock there
        to climb back up on, but the challange obviously ends, and the bike may
        or may not respawn.  Whether you succeed or not, you have your ride.
    5.  Buying Properties
        You know the drill...
        [ ] Doherty - $20,000
        [ ] Hashbury - $40,000 - 4 car garage
        [ ] Queens (Hotel Suite) - $50,000
        [ ] Chinatown - $20,000
        [ ] Calton Heights - $100,000 - 2 car garage
        [ ] Paradiso - $20,000 - 1+ car garage
    6.  Wear Flowers In Your Hair
        Starting Point: Garage, San Fiero
        Difficulty: 1/10
        As easy as a mission gets without it being only a cut-scene.  Get in the
        car, drive around to various spots, go back to the garage.  If you need
        help with this one, how'd you make it this far?
    7.  Dating Katie
        Starting Point: Far NE corner of golf course, then house on far north side
        near Gant bridge, between 12:00 to 0:00
        Difficulty: 1/10
        Your first encounter with an 'optional' girlfriend, but one well worth the
        effort of having.  As with Denise, Katie has different types of dates.  She
        likes her men with lots of muscles, and little fat.  If you've been working
        out to keep those melee attacks at maximum damage, you're set.  Don't try
        to kiss her until your progress reaches 40%.
        a) Food.  Cross the bridge right by her house, and make a right turn.
        There's a diner right there that works.  She may say she doesn't like the
        area, but that's not a problem.
        b) Dancing.  Take her to the only dance club in San Fiero.
        c) Driving.  She's not big on speed, so be careful not to hit it too hard
        if you're on a bike.  Slow steady speed works fine.  She likes the
        downtown and chinatown areas.
        After about 50%, you'll start being invited in for 'coffee'.
        Whether you take this one to completion is up to you, but you don't want
        to let her dump you.  As a nurse, she'll let you keep all your money and
        weapons when you're wasted.  Worth a little time, don't you think?
        The easiest place for me to find flowers in San Fiero was near the tunnel
        you may have went through in the last mission.
        Note: There appears to be a bug in the game.  If you play through the game
        once and date Katie, anytime you start a new game, you still get the
        benefit of dating her - not losing money and weapons when wasted - even
        before getting to her in the new game.
    8.  Courier
        Starting Point: Hippy Shopper, San Fiero
        Difficulty: 2/10
        Now for some easy cash.  Head for the Hippy Shopper west of your garage.
        This works just like the courier mission in Los Santos, except you're on
        a Freeway this time.
        Level 1 - Hit the three targes in no real order.  They're all close.
        Level 2 - Hit the targets in this order - City Hall, China Town, Downtown,
        Level 3 - Hit the targets in this order - Ocean Flats, Palisades, Paradiso,
        China Town, Doherty
        Level 4 - Hit the targets in this order - Avispa Country Club, Hashbury,
        Cranberry Station, Downtown, Downtown (near shoreline), Juniper Hollow.
        Once you've finished level 4, you get the same reward as in Los Santos - 
        an asset that generates up to $2000.
    9.  Photo Ops
        Difficulty: 1/10
        Go around town, and collect the 50 photo ops for Micro-SMG, Grenades,
        Shotgun, and Sniper Rifle icons outside your save point.  Collect them in
        whatever order you can.  To get the picture, just zoom in on the floating
        camera icon.  It doesn't actually product a great picture, but that's not
        the point of this exercise.  It may seem you can't get to all of them, but
        you can.  I'll highlight a few of them below.
        Photos Brady #40, #41, #13, and #11 can all be obtained by boat.  You may
        have to work around a bit, but they're avaialable.  #40 might be accessable
        from the bridge east from the airport and across the bay, but I haven't
        tried that yet.  Also, for #11, there is scaffolding at the base of the
        first support.  By running all the way up and to the end of the
        scaffolding, you can get the picture - probalby easier than from boat. 
        Note: If you have the Brady guide (and if you don't, GO GET IT), this is
        one area they really screwed up.  The numbers on the map do match the
        locations, but the text and pictures do not.  Their website does have
        corrections to the pages, and it's possible that later editions will be
        corrected.  But for now, the numbers below represent, in order, their
        location on the map, and the description/photo number in the book.
        [ ] 1/38	[ ] 14/6	[ ] 27/12	[ ] 40/2
        [ ] 2/45	[ ] 15/5	[ ] 28/31	[ ] 41/3
        [ ] 3/13	[ ] 16/18	[ ] 29/34	[ ] 42/35
        [ ] 4/7		[ ] 17/27	[ ] 30/47	[ ] 43/39
        [ ] 5/4		[ ] 18/26	[ ] 31/50	[ ] 44/41
        [ ] 6/9		[ ] 19/21	[ ] 32/25	[ ] 45/42
        [ ] 7/15	[ ] 20/19	[ ] 33/20	[ ] 46/40
        [ ] 8/46	[ ] 21/22	[ ] 34/1	[ ] 47/8
        [ ] 9/49	[ ] 22/32	[ ] 35/10	[ ] 48/29
        [ ] 10/48	[ ] 23/23	[ ] 36/24	[ ] 49/30
        [ ] 11/43	[ ] 24/11	[ ] 37/33	[ ] 50/44
        [ ] 12/37	[ ] 25/17	[ ] 38/28
        [ ] 13/16	[ ] 26/14	[ ] 39/36
    10. Unique Jumps
        Difficulty: 3/10
        Most of the unique jumps are pretty easy.  There are two you can't get
        to yet, as you don't have access to the airport.  The first number is
        the number from the San Fiero chapter map, the second from the Odd Jobs
        map.  Also, with #1 and #5, you'll lose the bike to the water.
        [ ] 1/35		[ ] 9/43
        [ ] 2/36		[ ] 10/44
        [ ] 3/37		[ ] 11/45
        [ ] 4/38		[ ] 12/46
        [ ] 6/40		[ ] 15/49
        [ ] 7/41		[ ] 16/50
        [ ] 8/42
        NOTE: For the life of me, I can't get number 5 to work.  I can drive all
        the way up the scaffolding, but the second I leave the end of it, no 
        matter how fast or slow I'm going, I hit some sort of invisible barrier.
        My guess is I'm hitting it because the bridge isn't open yet.  I'll try
        it again after this chapter, and move the jump to later if that does turn
        out to be the case.
        NOTE, Pt. 2: Number 5 did work once the desert was open, and was as easy
        as it seems it should be.  Thus, I moved it to later.
    11. Oysters
        Difficulty: 4/10 (only on finding them)
        The two to beware of here are #2 and #9.  They are inside the Naval Base's
        perimiter, and you will get a five-star wanted level the second you cross
        it.  Stay under water as much as you can, and as soon as you get those two,
        find a way back to your garage and save.  Then go for the rest.
        [ ] 1/16
        [ ] 2/17
        [ ] 3/18
        [ ] 4/19
        [ ] 5/20
        [ ] 6/21
        [ ] 7/22
        [ ] 8/23
        [ ] 9/24
    12. Gym
        Starting Point: inside San Fiero Gym
        Difficulty: 2/10
        Lock on the guy, and hit him with the triangle key.  Once he's down, don't
        let him up.  When completed, you now have 'new' unarmed moves.
    13. Blood Bowl
        Starting Point: outside Foster Valley Stadium in San Fierro
        Difficulty: 7/10
        The concept of this one isn't hard.  But there's no real rhyme or reason
        to winning this.  Usually, if you steer hard to the right at the start and
        let everyone hit each other in the middle, you can get the first target,
        but not always.  Beyond that, just try and keep moving around the outside
        best you can, always aiming for the next target.  Don't stop, and don't
        drive directly across the middle unless you are aiming at the target.  At
        some point, things will work out for you somehow and you'll pass this
        mission.  Now we can finally get back to the story.
    14. 555 We Tip
        Starting Point: CJ's Garage
        Difficulty: 4/10
        Get a car, and head over to the marker outside the Vank Hoff hotel in
        downtown.  You will see a valet get into a car, and drive into the parking
        lot.  Follow him down, and waste him when he gets out of the car (must be
        his unlucky day).  Take the uniform, and head back up top.  Wait for the
        DA's car - usually the second or third.  It might take awhile.  If you are
        the only valet there, get in the car, and it will tell you if it's the
        correct one.  If not, get it out of there, and hustle back.  If you're not
        the only valet there, one of the others will mention that it's the DA's
        car pulling up.  Get to the other side of the driveway, so you can be first
        in the car.  Once you're in, drive back to your garage.  Hurry, but make
        sure not to hit a cop or person.  If you do so, you fail.  If you hit 
        anything on the way over, it'll be fixed while the evidence is planted in
        the car.  On the way back, you can't hit anything - any scratch will alert
        the DA that something is wrong.  So drive quicky - you are on a timer -
        but carefully.  When you get back to the garage, a spot is specified to
        park in.  Do so, and run outsdie to the marker to make the call.
        One last side mission for now.  But we need a place to change.  Go buy a
        safe house - my recommendation is the one in Paradiso, since it has a
        garage - and change into the valet uniform.  Head back to the hotel once
        you have changed.
    15. Valet Parking
        Starting Point: Vank Hoff Hotel, downtown.  You must be in the Valet
        Difficulty: 1/10
        Similar to the courier missions in that there are levels.  But they are 
        all very easy.  When you're waiting out front, wait on the far side of 
        the driveway to make sure you're first to the car.  Once in, there's no
        need to drive out to the street - there's a sidewalk that you can drive
        straight over.  Do so, make the u-turn to the right, and park in the
        designated spot.  There are five levels.  In the first, you must park
        3 cars.  The second, 4, and so on up to 7 in the fifth level.  For every
        car you park, you get a parking bonus for how well the car is lined up,
        and a damage (or lack thereof) bonus.  by the second car, you should be
        up near three minutes.  This is as easy as an asset mission gets.  Once
        finished, the Vank Hoff hotel here will generate up to $2000.
    16. Deconstruction
        Starting Point: CJ's Garage
        Difficulty: 3/10
        Head up the hill, and take a few shots at the workers.  It's probably a
        smart idea to take out the explosive barrles you see.  Otherwise, you could
        wreck your bulldozer.  Watch for the guy trying to run you over.  If he
        hits you, he'll knock you over, but he'll also stop - a perfect opportunity
        to jack his dozer.  Run into the portables at a decent speed until they're
        gone.  You then see the foreman hole up in a portable toilet.  Push the
        portable into the indicated pit.  The timer was turned off after you
        destroyed the last portable, so take your time.  When he's in there, go
        get the cement mixer, and back it up to the hole at the indicated spot.
        No more whistling at Kendl!
    17. Photo Opportunity
        Starting Point: CJ's Garage
        Difficulty: 2/10
        Mostly, a lot of driving in this mission.  Head on over to the Blueberry
        area to meet Cesar.  Hop in his car, and drive to Angel Pine.  Head on top
        of the roof to get a good view of the meeting.  As each car comes into
        view, zoom in on it and get a picture of the person getting out of the car.
        The first two come from straight across the alley.  The third comes from
        the right.  The fourth comes from the left, but parks on the right next
        to the third car, and the person gets out of the passenger side.  Once you
        have all four pictures, make your way back to San Fiero.
    18. Jizzy
        Starting Point: CJ's Garage
        Difficulty: 4/10
        Make sure you have a lot of drive-by ammo before starting this mission.
        Head all the way to the north side under the Gant bridge, and introduce
        yourself.  Hop in the car, and drop the first ho off at the specified
        hotel.  Then, you're given two minutes to get to an area in Hashbury by
        the gym to take out a rival pimp.  Once he's gone, you have to drive to
        the southeast under the interstate and save a ho being beat up by two
        goons.  Finally, head back to the hotel you dropped the first ho off at.
        A preacher leaves with the ho to 'save' her, and you need to waste them.
        Try to take out the Patriot first, but if it crashes, keep after the limo.
        The limo will be slow on the hills, and in one of my attempts, it crashed
        and turned itself upside down, which made shooting it full of holes easy.
        Once that's done, the mission is over, but you are rewarded with a two-star
        wanted level.  Get to a Pay-n-Spray or a safe house.
    19. T-Bone Mendez
        Starting Point: The Pleasure Domes
        Difficulty: 4/10
        If you're good with a bike, this isn't too bad.  Drive to the ambush point.
        You'll automatically hop on a bike, and the chase begins.  The four you are
        chasing break up almost immediately, and you'll have to chase them down
        seperately.  It's much easier to get close and press the L1 key to just
        take the package than it is to shoot them.  After five minutes of game
        time, the four all start heading to a rendezvous point.  If any of them
        reach that, you fail.  I've only had them get to the call point once, and
        I only had one guy left that I was trailing at the time anyway.  Just be
        cool, don't get too close at intersections because you don't know which
        way the guy is going, and as soon as you start getting close, tap L1 to
        grab the package.  Once you have all four, head back to the club.
    20. Mike Toreno
        Starting Point: The Pleasure Domes
        Difficulty: 5/10
        Hop in the van, and head towards your garage.  You can stay on the main
        road in front of your garage, and it will still be close enough to trigger
        the next target area.  Now head to the docks.  The second you get within
        range, u-turn, and head for the airport.  The gate that normally prevents
        you from the airport grounds has been shot off, so you can get through it.
        You can go either right or left, but right generally seems to work better
        for me.  Then finding the van becomes a game of hot/cold.  The more the
        bar fills up, the closer you get.  If it starts to drop off, head in a
        slightly different direction.  Once you find the fan, the timer stops.
        Follow the fan and motorcycle escort until they stop.  Stop a good ways
        away from them, take out your AK-47, and kill them.  After a cut-scene
        showing you rescuing Toreno, shoot the van until it explodes, then hop
        in the limo.  As soon as you leave the airport grounds, you get a 3-star
        wanted level, so head for the Pay-n-Spry by your garage.  Finally, head
        back to the casino, and then the nearest save point.
        Note: You end the mission in a Stretch.  Save it somewhere for exporting
        later in the game.
    21. Outrider
        Starting Point: CJ's Garage
        Difficulty: 5/10
        Drive to the meeting car.  After a little 'test', you drive the car to the
        van up the street.  You get out of the car.  Get the Rocket Launcher, and
        hop on the bike.  Go up behind the building, onto and up the tracks to 
        Cranberry station, and on the main road.  Come up behind the roadblock (the 
        van will come from the North, eventually), hop off the bike, and take out 
        the three cars.  You may have to switch weapons to take out some guys on 
        foot - I recommend the AK-47 as always.  When you get the message, hop back 
        on the bike, head back towards your garage, and make the right just before
        the construction site.  Drive towards the right side of the street, hop 
        off, and take out the three cars again.  Take out any remaining guys on the
        street, then switch to sniper rifle for three guys up on the left side
        of the street.  Hop back on the bike and around the corner to the third
        roadblock.  Handle this the same as the second roadblock, although I only
        found two snipers this time.  Now straight up the street to the fourth
        roadblock.  Take out the cars, and the remaining ground troops - I had no
        snipers for this last roadblock.  Now head back or wait for the van, and
        follow it to the destination.  When the mission is over, you'll be rewarded
        with a 3-star wanted level, so get to your save disk or a Pay-n-Spray.
    22. Snail Trail
        Starting Point: CJ's Garage
        Difficulty: 2/10
        Our favorite officers are back!  This time, it's more a mission for Pulaski
        than Tenpenny, though.  Head up to the construction site, and pick up the
        sniper rifle hidden in a concrete pipe.  You probably have a ton of sniper
        ammo by now if you followed this walkthrough and have all the snapshots,
        but you have to go get it anyway.  Then, run across the street to 
        Cranberry Station, as the train is arriving.  There's nothing you can do
        to get to the train 'on time', but there is a Sanchez leaning against the
        station wall.  Grab it, get behind the train, and follow it for the long
        trip to Market Station.  Once there (it'll be the first station you come 
        across in Los Santos), drive the Sanchez up onto the platform, but stay
        well back from the steps heading up.  The first target will get off the
        train, and a 'Spook Meter' will appear.  When the target disappears into
        the starwell, drive over to the bottom of the steps.  When he makes the
        turn, drive up to the first landing.  Be careful - he will pause at the top
        of the steps, so don't get close.  Once you make it to street level, he
        will start looking for a cab.  At this point, head down the street to the
        left for about a block - if you stay at the starwell, the meter will fill
        up once he gets in a cab.  Once he's in the cab, follow him as he takes
        a circuitious route to Santa Maria Pier.  Once he's out of the cab, get of
        the bike, pull out the sniper rifle, and plug one of the two targets.  You
        can pick off the other one as well, but he starts running when the first
        one is shot.  It's easier to switch weapons, and just chase him down.  Once
        you do, the mission is a success.  While you're here, grab an AK-47 ammo
        refil from your house, go on a date with Denise if you want (and the time
        is right), then make the long trip back to San Fiero.
    23. Ice Cold Killa
        Starting Point: CJ's Garage, between 20:00 and 6:00
        Difficulty: 3/10
        For the easiest mission, take a cycle with you.  Drive down to the club,
        and park the cycle in the parking lot.  Head to the front door, where
        you'll be shown how to get in.  Go up the scaffolding, jump down to the
        roof, and head to the yellow arrow.  The game tells you to sneak up on
        Jizzy.  I had no problem doing this by crouching and moving at full speed
        down to the ground floor, and around the right side of the bar.  It's
        possible you could even run down there, but I haven't tried it.  Anyway,
        before you go around the bar, have your AK-47 ready.  Then go around the
        bar and trigger the cut-scene.  When it comes back, take out the four guys
        right in front of you, and the two by the door.  When you get outside, the
        implication is you should hop in the limo, and chase Jizzy using that.
        Look over at the parking lot.  If your bike is there, sprint over and hop
        on it.  This makes this mission easy, since the handling is better, and
        you can shoot straight ahead.  If you have to use the limo, it's a lot more
        difficult - a 5 or 6 out of 10.  Once Jizzy is dead, grab his dropped cell
        Zosofretts points out that you can also shoot the tires out of Jizzy's
        limo beforehand, which makes chasing the vehicle a lot easier as well.
    24. Pier 69
        Starting Point: Just across from Pier 69
        Difficulty: 5/10
        Head up to the roof, and over to Cesar.  When you get control, use the
        Sniper rifle to take out the six guys across the stree with arrows over
        their heads.  Take the three on the right out first, then the three on the
        left.  Once you've done that, switch to your AK-47, and head across the
        street.  Crouch, roll, and work your way down the pier.  Be careful of
        guys on the upper level.  I always had an easier time moving up to the
        upper walkway, and taking guys out from there.  When you get to the end,
        take out T-Bone - he was suprisingly easy.  You then see Ryder jump over
        the railing.  Time for some revenge.  Jump over the railing yourself, and
        swim over to the indicated boat.  Get in, and chase Ryder, drive-bying him
        when you get the chance.  When you finally explode his boat, Ryder is dead,
        and the mission is over.  Steering the boat and the numbers at the Pier
        after the sniper section is why this one is a little tougher.
    25. Toreno's Last Flight
        Starting Point: CJ's Garage
        Difficulty: 7/10
        Hop in a car, and head to the indicated spot in downtown.  I like using a
        bike better, but so long as it's fast, it should be fine.  Head to the
        helicopter landing pad, and get up to the pad itself.  The helicopter will
        take off, so grab the Rocket Launcher in the SW corner.  You may still have
        some ammo from the Outrider mission, but it definitely doesn't hurt to have 
        extra on this mission.  Run back down to your vehicle, and head to the 
        highway.  Drive ahead of the helicopter (it will follow the highway south), 
        get out, aim, and fire as it gets close.  One or two good hits will bring 
        it down, and successfully end the mission.
        The first time I went through the game, I had a very hard time with this
        mission.  This time, I thought I'd try something different.  Instead of
        shooting at all the enemies, I only shot at the ones on the landing pad
        itself.  This didn't give me a wanted level, which made the chase part a
        LOT easier.  If you take out everyone down front, you'll end up with at
        least 2 stars, which makes the chase a lot tougher.  I did, at one point,
        shoot the two guys near the stairs, and only got 1 star overall.  That
        wasn't bad either, but when I got in position to fire on the chopper, I
        hit L1 instead of Circle, which doesn't actually fire the Rocket Launcher,
        and I never got a good chance at it again.
        Also, don't worry much about rushing to the highway.  No matter how fast
        or slow I get to the enterance ramp, the helicopter is always at the same
        spot as I'm rocketing up the ramp.  Congrats - you've completed one of the
        two main threads in San Fiero.  Now for some frustration.  Go buy Zero's
        shop, wait for Zero to call, and finally step in the red marker outside the
        BIG NOTE: Want to turn this mission into about a 2/10 difficulty?  First,
        find yourself a heat-seaking RPG.  There's one at the San Fiero airport in
        the northwest area of it (near one of the photo spots) between two tanks.
        Now, play the mission any way you'd like.  When you get to the landing on
        the steps just below the helipad and you see the little cut-scene of the
        helicopter taking off, turn around, wait for red, and fire a couple
        missles at it.  You'll probably raise your wanted level a star or two, but
        as soon as the chopper crashes, it disappears anyway.  Thanks to Tai Ly
        for this tip.
    26. Air Raid
        Starting Point: Zero's Shop
        Difficulty: 7/10
        These next two missions are among the most frustrating in the game.
        They're optional, so if they're driving you too crazy, skip them until
        later, but they are required for 100% completion.  And the cut-scenes and
        throw-away comments by Zero are funny.  Buy Zero's shop, and wait for him
        to call you.  Then step in the marker out front of the shop.  After two
        cut-scenes, you are given control of a mini-gun.  Aim at the incoming
        planes to keep them from dropping bombs on the transmitters.  If you can
        keep enough transmitters around for 3:10, you've won.
        There are many issues with this mission that makes it hard.  First, I
        wouldn't play at night - the dots are far too hard to make out from a 
        distance.  And, of course, Berkely seems to have an unlimited supply of 
        model airplanes.  So more and more keep coming.  To succeed, there are
        three things that will help.  One, obviously, try to get the planes from
        as far a distance as possible.  Swivel over, hold down the circle key
        (unlimited ammo and no reloads), and let the plane fly into the dot in the
        center of your target.  Next, if a plane drops a bomb, move on to another,
        as that plane has ceased to be a thread.  Finally, look for the groups of
        four coming in.  Taking those out are the biggest help in survival.
        Odds are you'll have to play this a few times - if not more - before 
        passing.  But as hard as it is, it's nothing compared to the next mission.
    27. Supply Lines
        Starting Point: Zero's Shop
        Difficulty: 9/10
        First, the only reason this doesn't have a 10 difficulty is, if you fail,
        you can walk two steps into the marker to try it again.  And you will have
        to play this a few times.  Once you get a feel for the RC Baron, it's not
        so much difficult hard as it is frustrating hard.  For the mission, the
        way that worked best for me was the van directly ahead and to the left,
        follwed by a little double-backing for the bike, and then to the van
        nearby.  I can get those on about 1/4 tank fuel.  Where the other two vans
        are determine if the mission is a success or not.  The first one you'll run
        across is the bike.  Best bet for me - land behind it, and when you're
        close enough, open fire.  If you have to chase this bike down, you're done.
        Once it's out of the way, find and destroy the last van.  Assuming the
        previous four have gone quickly, where this last van is will spell success
        or failure for you.  Once, the fifth van was all the way over by Pier 69 - 
        no chance in hell of a successful mission with that.  Even when I finally
        succeeed, the van was around the 'curviest street' area.  I just got the
        half-tank message after the fourth bike.  And by the time I flew over to
        the fifth van and made it back, I had barely a sliver of fuel left.
        It's a very frustrating mission.  Once you can get to the point of feeling
        comfortable with the plane, you can get the first four targets with about
        1/2 a tank left.  Then it's just a matter of where the fifth van is.  The
        good news - once you're past this one, the next mission is MUCH easier.
        Note: I had a few people e-mail in to suggest going for the northern two
        targets first (the '4th' and '5th' targets) makes the mission easier.  I
        think it can, but it depends greatly on the path the 3rd van (the one that
        shoots back) takes.  Whenever I tried it, if that van took a path that left
        me plenty of fuel, I was shot up and exploded (including, once, with a
        bullet somehow fired AFTER the van exploded).  That, I figure, was more my
        fault.  But I had three missions in a row where that 3rd van went straight
        west on the road that goes near the country club, and by the time I chased
        it down and killed it, I didn't have enough fuel to make it back to Zero's
        shop, stalling out over the baseball fields both times.  Try this way if
        you're having trouble with the 'normal' way.  Regardless of which way you
        tackle it, the person who designed this mission is pure evil.
    28. New Model Army
        Starting Point: Zero's Shop
        Difficulty: 4/10
        The last of the Zero missions, and a breeze compared to the previous two.
        Once you get used to flying a copter, it's even easier.  Why RC nerds can
        run two vehicles at once is beyond me, but that they can't makes this a fun
        mission.  Go move the first barrel in the way more to get a feel for how
        the copter works than anything else.  Zero will be stuck at a river without
        a bridge, but let him stay there.  After the first barrel, go pick up a
        bomb (just next to the wooden planks).  Then head over to Berkley's side
        of the field, and look for the three tanks.  Hover over the tank (use the
        camera to look straight down, making sure your shadow is over the tank),
        and drop the bomb.  Make sure you're high enough, or you'll destroy your
        copter.  It's not a huge deal - you get three of them - but it wastes
        time.  Go get another bomb, and take the second tank out, and repeat for
        the third.  Once you've done that, go back for a wooden plank, and make a
        bridge for Zero.  You do not have to be real precise as to where the board
        lands, but the more you are, the quicker it can be used.  But even if you
        drop it straight in the water, it'll still work.  Now go get another plank,
        and use it to bridge the other crossing.  Once that's done, just follow
        Zero, and quickly get the barrels out of his way.  When picking them up,
        just move a couple feet to one side of the path or other, and drop it.  You
        don't have to move it far at all.  After clearing enough barrels, Zero will
        make it to Berkley's side, and you will win.  You should be able to finish
        this with at least 1:00 left on the timer - I average about 1:30, and I'm 
        sure others do it faster.  You could probably save some time by picking up
        a bomb right away and taking the tanks out first, so you don't have to fly
        to the first barrel and come back, and then move it on the way back from 
        the first tank.  Even still, it's an easy mission, and Zero's missions are
    29. Beefy Baron
        Starting Point: Insdide Zero's Shop
        Difficulty: 2/10
        Like 'Supply Lines', but you can't fail this one.  It's optional and for
        fun only.  You fly the same plane, and try to destroy as many vans as you
        can in 3 minutes.  They do not appear on radar - just fly around the shop,
        and if you see a van, destroy it.  Whether you destroy 0 or 20 vans, it's
        just for 'best score' anyway.  I thought I'd mention it here, because I
        completely missed this one here the first time through the game.
    30. Mountain Cloud Boys
        Starting Point: Wu Zi's Betting Shop, Chinatown
        Difficulty: 4/10
        Now for some missions for my favorite character in the game.  Head over 
        into China Town and find the W marker to start this one.  Drive Woozie to 
        the meeting, and he'll sense something is wrong.  Once the ambush starts,
        switch to your trusty AK-47, crouch, roll - you know the drill.  At the end
        of the alley, you hop into a car and back out into one of two cars chasing
        you.  Concentrate on driving and let Woozie take them out w/ the guns. 
        If you get the chance, feel free to help out, tho.  When both cars are in
        flames, take Woozie back to his place.
        Note: The car you are in at the end is a Sentinel.  Save it somewhere for
        exporting later.
    31. Ran Fa Li
        Starting Point: Wu Zi's Betting Shop, Chinatown
        Difficulty: 4/10
        Take a car and drive to the airport garage.  Follow the driveway all the
        way back to the 'restricted' signs, and turn left.  Find the car there.
        When you get in it, you will see trucks pull up to block various exits.
        Follow the path they leave for you, and get out of the airport garage.
        Just run over the guy they have in the roadway, and pick a side to drive
        around the fan they have blocking the road.  As you exit the airport, you
        will see two cycles join the chase.  How you get to Pier 69 is up to you.
        I actually thought I was headed back to Woozies place, so took a longer
        route through the city.  In any case, head for the Pier.  If a cycle pulls
        up along side you, feel free to take the shooter out.  The driver won't
        shoot back.  He'll keep following you, but he can't do much.  The cars,
        for the most part, are easy to avoid.  When you make it to Pier 69, the
        mission ends.  Jack a car and head home.
    32. Lure
        Starting Point: Wu Zi's Betting Shop, Chinatown
        Difficulty: 6/10
        This one was much harder than I remember it being.  Hop in the SUV outside,
        and make the long treck to Angel Pine.  Once there, you end up in a race
        like mission, only this time, the purpose is to avoid damage.  If a bike
        pulls up close, return fire.  Otherwise, take it easy through the off-road
        areas, and try not to flip the truck.  if you can make it out to the
        interstate the second time you hit it, you're in good shape.  Even if the
        bikers manage to reduce your damage meter all the way, you still have a 
        chance.  If you can keep them from catching up to you - which is easy on
        the interstate except for crashes, tractors, etc - you can still beat the
        mission.  Once it's over, make the long trek back and save.
        Note: The car you're driving is a Rancher.  You can save it if you want for
        exporting later.  They are easy to find, but not as easy in town, so it'll
        save you a trip out here later.
    33. Amphibious Assault
        Starting Point: Wu Zi's Betting Shop, Chinatown, between 20:00 and 6:00
        Difficulty: 3/10
        This one's mostly a swimming tutorial, but if you've been collecting
        oysters, you probably have swimming down to some extent.  Swim through the
        checkpoints, both on the surface and underwater.  Once you get into the
        open sea, you can swim under water all you want, but when you surface,
        don't move at all.  You can be right next to a boat, but as long as you
        aren't moving, you won't be spoted.  When you get to the spotlights, you
        also have to avoid sufracing in the spotlight radius.  Aside from that,
        the same rules apply.  If you're spotted, head underwater until the threat
        passes.  Swim under the boat, and get out at the specified dock.  At the
        top of the steps is a knife - grab it if you don't already have one.  Use
        the same stealth techniques you learned earlier in the game to take out
        the soldiers in your way.  You can also use the silence pistol if you have
        it with you.  Make your way to where you place the bug, and then make your
        way back upstairs.  Jump over the railing, and swim back to the indicated
        dock near shore, using the same stratagies you did coming over to the boat.
        Once you make it to the dock, the mission is over.
        Note: estanley2 sent me an e-mail telling me that he couldn't complete the
        mission because he did not have enough stamina, telling him "You need more
        practice in the water before you can start this mission".  I've never had
        this problem, as I've always been maxed out on stamina and worked on my
        swimming abilities during the course of the game by getting available
        oysters.  But I thought I'd mention this just in case.  If you do get this
        mission, well, go get the oysters you can get so far.  Swim around the
        island a few times.  Do whatever you can to raise your swimming skill and
        try again.
    34. The Da Nang Thang
        Starting Point: Wu Zi's Betting Shop
        Difficulty: 6/10
        This mission always turns out to be tougher than it should be.  To begin
        with, you'll be riding shotgun (well, mounted gun) in a helicopter as it
        makes a couple passes on the same boat from last mission.  Take out as
        many people as you can - I don't know if it helps for the next part, but
        it can't hurt.  On your second pass, you are shot down by a rocket 
        launcher.  There is nothing you can do to prevent this.  The good news is
        you survive.  The bad news is you lose all your weapons with the exception
        of your knife, and about 50 health.  Swim over to the ship, and you will
        automatically climb up the ladder.
        Once on deck, take out as many guys as you can stealthly.  Once your
        spotted, switch to whatever weapons you've collected so far, and let loose.
        The problem I always have in this mission is there are a lot of times you
        have to climb up a crate, turn 90 degrees, and then fire.  Usually, I try
        to do that, and when I lock on, I'm facing anywhere but where I need to be.
        Do the best you can, and fight your way across and around boxes to a large
        hole in the floor.  Jump down, and shoot the few guys that come running
        towards you.  Once your down on the deck, there's an armor pickup in an
        area behind some boxes just to your right.  Get it, and the ammo that's
        there as well.  Jump back over, and head down the walkway, taking out
        whoever you can.  The last guy you face will throw grenades at you, so
        rush at him while taking him out.  Once he's down, you can shoot the lock
        off the refugee container, and set them free.  They will tell you to go
        kill Snakehead on the bridge.  Make your way back to and up the hole you
        came down, and head over the boxes you haven't been over yet.  There are a
        few guys left - one in the doorway to the bridge area, and two more in the
        stairwell.  When you reach the bridge, Snakehead tosses you a sword.  Lock
        on with L1, and hit Circle.  If your muscles are still hign, you should
        take him out with a swing or two.  Once he's out of the way, make your way
        back to the hole in the deck, and head towards the refugees standing
        near the railing.  They will lower all of you into boats, and this mission
        is done.
        Note: lgm@larsgm.com writes that since you aren't on a timer for this
        mission, you can swim back to shore, grab armor/health, get weapons and
        ammo from your garage or Ammunation, and head onto the ship fully armed.
        If you want to take the time to do this (with Ammunation all the way
        across town), this does make the mission easier.  On the way back to the
        ship, stop near the docks SE of Pier 69 for a boat to take back instead of 
    35. Yay Ka-Boom-Boom
        Starting Point: CJ's Garage
        Difficulty: 4/10
        The bad news is, since you lost all your weapons in the last mission, you
        have no more AK-47.  The good news is you can now buy them at Ammunation.
        So stock up.  And don't worry - the ammo will transfer over when the M4
        becomes available after this mission.  Now start the mission, and head 
        downtown for the car.  Drive it back to the crack warehouse, which is right
        next to the driving school.  You'll have to get out and shoot the two gate
        guards, which will open the gate and bring more guards coming after you.
        Head in and clear the way, then go hop back in the car.  Drive it to the
        indicated warehouse, driving over anyone who might still be lingering
        around, or get out and shoot them.  Once inside the warehouse, you will
        have to drive through it a bit to get to the red marker.  Once you've done
        so, activate the bomb, and get out of the car.  Guards will come in after
        you.  Switch to a weapon that allows you to sprint, and sprint back through
        the warehouse towards the door.  You shouldn't take much if any damage
        while sprinting.  When you're close enough to the exit, a cut scene will
        show the crack factory exploding.  Now you have to fight your way back to
        the front gate.  Equip your AK-47, and make your way slowly to the front
        gate.  When you're almost there, two guys in a car will drive in, and the
        gate will close behind them.  Kill them, and hop in their car.  Drive it
        back through the compound, running over anyone in your way, and take the
        same ramp that was one of the unique jumps out of here.  Once you're out,
        make your way back to your garage to end this mission.  Finally, answer a
        phone call.  This stranger will tell you to get out to his ranch in the
        desert.  The desert is now open to you!
    VII. Desert Walkthrough
    1.  Introduction
        Welcome to the desert, home to some of the more unique missions yet in
        the game, and the aquisition of my favorite item in the game.  But that's
        later.  Take the time to look around and get familiar with the area.  You
        can also explore Las Venturas if you want, but we'll save most of the 
        Las Venturas based optional missions for when we get there.  Before getting
        on with the story, let's take care of a few non-story missions.
    2.  Back To School - Driving School
        Starting Point: Driving School south of CJ's garage
        Difficulty: Varies
        This school has been open for awhile, but really hasn't been needed.
        However, some of the upcoming missions require some good driving skills,
        so we might as well take the school now.  For 100%, you only need a
        bronze in each skill, but the better medals you have, the better vehicles
        available to you outside the school.
        Once you complete Driving school (bronze or better in all 12 skills), you
        get a call that opens up Wang Auto's for purchase, and the subsequent
        The 360 - Difficulty: 1/10
        Hold Square and X at the same time, and tilt the alalog stick one way or
        the other.  End in the exact same starting position for gold.
        The 180 - Difficulty: 2/10
        Easier on a bike, but not bad in a car.  The key is hitting the brake at
        the right moment.  Park perfectly straight for any possibility for gold
        (speed also counts).
        Whip and Terminate - Difficulty: 2/10
        Same as the previous mission, only it's a 90 degree turn instead of 180.
        Pop and Control - Difficulty: 3/10
        The key here is timing for letting off the gas.  Too early, and your speed
        isn't good enough.  To late, and you'll spin out.
        Burn and Lap - Difficulty: 3/10
        A series of laps essentially using back-to-back 180s.  Gold is under 36
        seconds.  For whatever reason, clockwise seemed easier for me.
        Cone Coil - Difficulty: 3/10
        Same as the 180, but you also have to swerve around cones both going and
        The 90 - Difficulty: 7/10
        Tough.  Concept is easy, but to get gold you have to park perfectly.  At
        least these lessons load quickly.
        Wheelie Weave - Difficulty: 4/10
        Make sure to steer slightly to the ramp - going straight won't put you on
        two wheels.  Use the gas sporatically to keep you going, and stop right in
        the red circle for gold.
        Spin and Go - Difficulty: 4/10
        You've probably done this numerous times by now, but now you have cones you
        can't hit.  Time limit isn't as restrictive, so no need to burn.
        P.I.T. Maneuver - Difficulty: 7/10
        I've always had trouble with this one.  Others find it easy.  I can push
        the car into a spin, but never keep real close without lots and lots of
        repitition.  Apparantly, get gold by forming a perfect 'T' with the car.
        Alley Oop - Difficulty: 5/10
        It's not hard in concept, but hitting the ramp at precicely the right spot
        will probably take a number of attempts.  If you hit it right (and push
        the stick towards the middle of the ramp right as you hit it), the barrel
        roll will take care of itself.  Lay off the gas, and brake when you hit.
        If you're off just slightly, you're done.
        City Slicking - Difficulty: 8/10
        Essentially, race to Pier 69 and back.  The rear-wheel drive car makes this
        tough, as does the completely random nature of the traffic.  Sometimes,
        you'll be a block from a great time with no damage, and a car shoots out
        from nowhere.  Get gold by completing the circuit in under 100 seconds (not
        too hard) and with no damage (harder).
        Note: On City Slicking, take the second to last right off the main drag
        (where the trolley tracks turn east), take that a block, and make a left
        to continue down the hill.  This should allow you to coast and even
        slightly accelerate through the left turn.  On your way back, take the
        second right after the light (earliest you can turn to get back to the main
        drag), and again, coast/accellerate through the right turn.  When I did
        this the first time (well, first time making it that far without damage), I
        had enough time left at the end to more or less coast to the finish line to
        make sure I didn't hit anything, and still finished in under 98 seconds.
    3.  Buying Properties
        Since we'll be traversing the desert for the next two schools, we might as
        well have a place to save.  We'll start North East of San Fiero, and work
        our way closer to Bayside and the Boat School.
        Fort Carson - $30,000 - Room for 2 cars, but only 1 car door
        Tierra Robada - $20,000
        El Quebrados - $20,000
    4.  Boat School
        Starting Point: Bayside Marina
        Difficulty: Varies
        Just over the Gant Bridge from San Fiero lies the Bayside Marinia, home to
        the boating school.  Like the driving school, this consists of various
        skills that need to be completed at a certain level to pass.  Again, bronze
        is all that is required, but the better medals produce better spawning
        vehicles here at the docks.
        Basic Seamanship - Difficulty: 1/10
        Go forward, then stop.  There's probably the correct time to lay off the 
        gas and hit the brake for the gold, but I don't know it.  I don't know if
        stopping directly in the middle gets gold, or doing it fast.
        Plot a course - Difficulty: 2/10
        Go through the buoys, and do it fast.  Don't hit the buoys.  And don't
        oversteer - use your radar.  Once the symbol is pointing almost where you
        need to go, quit turning.  The camera angle will throw you off, but this
        worked better for me than anything.  First person might also help.
        Fresh Slalom - Difficutly: 2/10
        Same as previous lesson, but with a different boat.  I found this one 
        easier to pilot.
        Flying Fish - Difficulty: 2/10
        Hit the ramp straight and as fast as you can.  Pull back on the stick when
        you hit the ramp for extra air.  Push down after the apex of the jump to
        glide forward, and if the nose touches first, it's a little extra distance.
        Land, Sea, and Air - Difficulty: 2/10
        Same as the two course missions above, but with a few jumps.
    5.  Bike School
        Starting Point: Just south of the Dirtring Stadium in Las Venturas on the
        west side of town.
        Difficulty: Varies
        Finally, for now, is the bike school.  Similar to the other two schools.
        The 360 - Difficulty: 1/10
        Same as in the car, but easier to stop in your starting position.
        The 180 - Difficulty: 1/10
        Much easier than in a car.  Park straight and in the middle for gold.
        The Wheelie - Difficulty: 2/10
        Take a wheelie through the entire coned section, and park straight for
        Jump and Stop - Difficulty: 1/10
        Drive straight.  Jump.  Park perfectly for gold.
        The Stoppie - Difficulty: 3/10
        To do a good stoppie, just tap on the Square key to get it going, and again
        if necessary to make it through the cones.  When you land, you don't have
        to land straight for the gold - just park straight.
        Jump and Stoppie - Difficulty: 5/10
        Landing on the front wheel and keeping it is tough.  Still, compared to the
        other schools, this one isn't bad (although by now, I was maxed out in bike
        skill anyway, so this was just for a free bike).  I've read you can also
        succeed by landing on both wheels perfectly at the same time, but I got
        gold landing on the front wheel, so it can be done.
    6.  Oysters
        Difficulty: 4/10 (only on finding them)
        Not a bad idea to do this after boating school, since there are boats - and
        a sea plane right there.  I prefered the sea plane, as it made it easy to
        get across the dam.  First number is Desert Chapter map (from Brady guide),
        second number is Odd Jobs map
        [ ] 1/35
        [ ] 2/36
        [ ] 3/37
        [ ] 4/38
        [ ] 5/39
        [ ] 6/40
        [ ] 7/41
        [ ] 8/42
        [ ] 9/43
    7.  Unique Jumps
        Difficulty: Varies
        Again, not needed for completion, just for fun.  The NRG-500 didn't seem
        to work for me for jump 2, but a freeway parked nearby did.  You may end
        up in the water for jump 4, and will end up in the water for jump 5.
        Jump 3 is possible with the PCJ parked near the Verdant Meadows control
        tower which you can't purchase yet.
        [ ] 1/54
        [ ] 2/55
        [ ] 3/56
        [ ] 4/57
        [ ] 5/58
    8.  Dating Barbara
        First, in order to get her attention, you need some fat.  Head over to the
        local pizza or burger place, and have 10 of the fattiest meals.  If you're
        not up to 50% fat, wait until the next day, and do it again.  Once you've
        gotten her as your girlfriend, you can start losing the fat, and I would
        do so.  It affects sprinting, which is always handy.  You want her as your
        girlfriend, because she gets you out of jail without losing money or 
        weapons.  So worth it.
        a) Food - Take her to the diner southwest of town along the highway.
        It's the closest, even if getting there isn't easy.
        b) Dancing - San Fiero's club is a little closer, but Las Venturas works as
        c) Driving - Much like Katie, she likes going pretty slow.  Fortunately,
        unlike Katie, she likes where she lives.  Just drive her around town.
        And also like Katie, there seems to be a bug where if you start dating
        Barbara and start a new game, the benefit for dating her - unlimited get
        out of jail free cards - carries over to the new game from the start.
        Note: I found a helicopter to be the best vehicle to use for dating Barbara,
        as you are miles away from a dance club should she want to go there.  There
        is a Sea Sparrow at the bottom of the Dam, and along the coast north of
        Verdant Meadows.  If it's a driving date, jack a car or, if it's available,
        use the police cruiser.  If it's a dinner date, fly over the hill to the
        west to the diner.  And if she does want to dance, fly to the dance club
        by the Camel's Toe casino in Las Venturas - there's a basketball court
        across the street for you to land at.  Definitely cuts down on travel time,
        and really, no chance for an accident (so long as you don't fly over Area
        69, that is).
    9.  Ammunation Shooting Range, Part 3
        Starting Point: Ammunation in Los Santos, Palomino Creek, San Fiero,
        Difficulty: 10/10
        My first top difficulty mission.  The concept for this one is easy.  What
        makes it difficulty is once you get to round three with the shotgun, one
        or the other guy will suddenly be able to seemingly hit two targets at
        once.  And where I could pass the third shotgun level before about 80% of
        the time, I can only do so now once in a blue moon.  The biggest piece of
        advice I can give you is - don't drive yourself crazy.  Try it a few times,
        if you can't win, go do another mission and try again later.  And always
        save.  Even if you lose, you keep improving your shotgun skill, which in
        theory makes this easier.  If you make it past the shotgun levels, there
        is now one more weapon test available - the AK-47.  Much like with the
        shotgun, however, the competitors have an uncanny ability to hit targets
        at a much faster rate than you do - and by this point, you should have
        maxed out on AK-47 skill.  And what makes it worse, as I mentioned before,
        is if you fail, you have to start from the beginning with the pistol all
        over again.  Just flat out sucks. If you get past this, don't walk, RUN to
        the nearest save point, and thank whoever you want you don't have to enter 
        an Ammunation again unless it's to buy a weapon or ammo.
        Note: I finally got past this one, and screamed quite the scream of 
        triumph.  I don't think I got any better at it, I think that eventually,
        the competition got just slightly worse, allowing me to win.  I was able
        to get to the point where I can usually get past the shotgun level.  But
        even with hitman status on the AK-47, it still causes me problems.  I think
        the biggest problem with this mission, other than having to go through the
        entire thing all the time, was that you can come up against competition
        that you just can't beat.  Example - there was one set where, in the third
        round of the shotgun, one side took out four targets.  With only three
        shots.  Now, try as I might, I can never hit more than one target at once.
        But you will get competitors that do this somewhat regularly.  There's
        nothing you can do about it but try and keep pace.  And for shotgun, THE
        most important thing is not to waste that first shot - wait for the target
        to completely drop before firing.  As for the AK-47 - just keep trying.
        Done or not, this mission still sucks.
        Note 2: The 'glitch' that gives you unlimited ammo by starting the
        challange and immediately cancelling?  I could only get it to 'work' after
        passing this level.  So think of it more as a reward instead of a glitch.
        Note 3: One thing I forgot about when doing this mission - you don't have
        to wait until the targets come down to start shooting like you do with the
        shotgun.  Much like with the SMG, you can start shooting early to try and
        get a jump start on your competition.  Just don't do so too early, or 
        you'll spend the clip before you want to.  Also, try to empty your clip 
        while waiting for the next target to appear.
        Note 4: On the unlimited ammo glitch, just when I think I have it figured
        out, I don't.  However, I do know that once you pass the micro-UZI round
        back in Los Santos, you can get unlimited ammo for the SMG (which you may
        have to buy first, but that's fine because it's the best 9MM in the game).
        Once you pass the AK-47 round, you can get unlimited ammo, but only for
        the M5 (which again, you may have to buy, but that's fine because, again,
        it's better than the AK-47 anyway).  I don't know if the unlimited ammo
        for the M5 is available before passing the ammunation challange, but I've
        heard it might be.
    10. Monster
        Starting Point: Ranch in Tierra Robada
        Difficulty: 2/10
        Avoid turning the truck over, and you have this mission made.  It's a
        simple checkpoint race against a timer.  Finish in 6:30 or better to pass.
        Stick to roads as much as possible, and when going up or down hill, do it
        straight on as much as possible.  And remember you lose the hand brake for
        this mission.  I don't generally drive this one well - end up on a lot of
        rocks, get turned around, etc - and still end up under 6:00.  This 'race'
        is definitely not here to frustrate you.
    11. Highjack
        Starting Point: Ranch in Tierra Robada
        Difficulty: 3/10
        So, it turns out that the mystery employer is someone you already know.
        After listening to his speil, he'll tell you that you need to hijack a
        truck.  A *moving* truck.  And I don't mean moving like what you use to
        take your furnature from one place to another.  Cesar shows up as your 
        second, and you take off on a bike.  Follow the dirt path to the highway,
        and hop on.  You should catch up to the truck just over the bridge.  Now,
        ride alongside the drivers side of the cab, and when it tells you to, hold
        the bike steady in right about the same position so Cesar can make the
        jump.  Once he does, he eventually brings the truck to a stop.  Hop in, and
        drive the truck to your garage in San Fiero.
    12. Interdiction
        Starting Point: Toreno's Ranch, Tierra Robada
        Difficulty: 6/10
        If you're good with a rocket launcher, this may be an easier mission for
        you.  I just can't seem to get a good feel on how much to actually lead
        targets.  Anyway, hop on the dune buggy, and follow the target north to
        a ghost town.  Once there, pick your choice of vehicles to get to the top
        of the nearby mountain.  The two you don't pick will still be available
        after the mission.  The one you chose won't.  Follow the new target to the
        top of the mountain, then ready the rocket launcher.  Two helecopters 
        appear, and start shooting at the one you're protecting.  If you take the
        copters out early enough, you also take care of the SWAT team they drop.
        Otherwise, you end up fighting both the copters and the ground troops.
        After the first two have been destroyed, a second pair appear.  Once you
        can eliminate those two without enough of them falling on you and killing
        you, the hard part of the mission is over.  The helicopter you are
        protecting flies away, and drops a package in a canyon north of Verdant
        Meadows.  Why they can't drop it here after you've finished wiping out the
        other choppers is beyond me.  Go get the package, then bring it back to
        the ghost town, and park in the specified garage.  Then take one of the
        remaining two vehicles back to the ranch.
        Note: Francesco Rook points out that if you find a heat-seaking missle
        launcher, this mission is much easier.  If you have one, simply stand on
        the rocket laucher icon without taking it (and replacing the one you have)
        until the game figures you took it already.  Then shoot down the helicopters
        at your leisure - you don't even have to worry about the enemy copters
        falling on your head.  So you got that going for you.  Which is nice.
    13. Verdant Meadows
        Starting Point: Toreno's Ranch, Tierra Robada
        Difficulty: 0/10
        Drive to Verdant Meadows and buy it.  You should have well more than the
        $80,000 needed to buy it.    
    14. Learning To Fly
        The flying school equivelant to the three others covered earlier.  The only
        required school of the game.
        a) Takeoff - Difficulty: 1/10
        Hold down the X key, climb when you have speed.  On my second try, I got
        gold at 30 seconds.
        b) Land Plane - Difficulty: 3/10
        Again, no steering.  Try not to touch down too early.  Stop in the red
        target.  25 seconds earned me a gold.
        c) Circle Airstrip - Difficulty: 6/10
        Take off, and fly through the coronas.  I found this a lot easier in first
        person view.  66 seconds earned me a silver.
        d) Circle Airstrip and Land - Difficulty: 7/10
        Same as last time, but with a land and stop in the corona.  1:23 earned me
        a silver.
        e) Takeoff Helicopter - Difficulty: 3/10
        Take off until told to stop, rotate 180 degrees using L2 or R2, and move
        forward towards the corona.  32 seconds earned me a gold.
        f) Land Helicopter - Difficulty: 3/10
        Head for the far end of the runway, land in the circle.  34 seconds earned
        me a silver.  Probably would have made gold had I not overshot the target.
        g) Destroy Targets - Difficulty: 7/10
        I think this ones harder than the circle airstrip missions.  First person
        view, until landing, made this one easier.  77 seconds earned me a silver.
        h) Loop-The-Loop - Difficulty: 3/10
        This one's easy - IF you use first person.  Otherwise, it can be very
        challanging to figure out when to pull out of the loop with the outside
        camera still catching up.  21 seconds was worth gold.
        i) Barrel Roll - Difficlutly: 3/10
        Same as before - use first person to make this one easier.  18 seconds was
        worth gold.
        Note: Thanks to Liam Wrig for pointing out my double 'Loop-The-Loop'
        entries.  Cut-n-pasting will do that to you.
        j) Parachute Onto Target - Difficulty: 4/10
        If you haven't parachuted yet (off the tall buildings in Los Santos or
        San Fiero), then welcome to one of the funnest things to do in the game.
        Hold forward on the stick until the last moment, then tap back after the
        chute opens to get in the 35 target zone.  You must land in the center to
        get gold.  Open when you get through the clouds - at about 22-23 seconds
        in.  Then, it's all about landing on the center.
        Congrats - you now have a pilots license, and all the airports are open to
        you now.  This also facilitates the best way to travel quickly in the game.
        The Shamal (Leer jet equivalent).  There's at least one at every airport.
        Take off, fly over where you need to be, and jump out (using Triangle).
        Even if you don't have a parachute in inventory when getting in the plane,
        you will automatically have one, and it'll be equipped, when you jump.
    15. N.O.E.
        Starting Point: Verdant Meadows
        Difficulty: 4/10
        How difficult this mission is depends on how you feel about flying.
        Personally, I think flying is fairly easy, except for lining up with the
        coronas, as in the circle airstrip lessons.  As pointed out in the lesson,
        first person makes this a LOT easier.  So, two things to make this a pretty
        easy mission.  First, don't follow the land and canyons to Angel Pine.
        After taking off, bank north and head over the mountains to the water. 
        Follow the coastline west, then south to around Angel Pine.  About the time
        you make the turn towards the town, switch to first person view to make
        lining up and flying through the target easier.  Then follow the same path
        back to the airstrip and land.  Even with this longer route, I still end up
        with about 3 1/2 minutes left on the timer.
        As for flying, the plane tends to nudge upwards.  So when the radar warning
        starts to move up, nudge the plane down.  Other than that, you can just
        cruise - no need to use the X button to keep the plane flying at breakneck
        speed.  One thing - watch the power lines that come into view right as you
        are getting ready to land - run into them, and you have to do this all over
    16. Stowaway
        Starting Point: Verdant Meadows
        Difficulty: 4/10
        Once you know how this mission works, it's not too hard, and kind of fun.
        At the beginning, you have to ride onto a moving plane w/ a bike.  You
        MUST lean forward to gain more speed in order to catch the plane.  Start
        wide right, and gradually make your way to the ramp.  As you get close, 
        they quit throwing boxes out the back.  Hit the bottom of the ramp to get
        on the plane.
        Now that you're on the plane, put your weapons away.  Use your fists or a
        melee weapon.  When you get to the last guy, take his parachute.  Then 
        place a satchel charge against a wall up front, and head for the back.
        Run off the end of the ramp, and as soon as you step off the plane, blow
        the satchel charge.  The mission is over as you are freefalling.
        Note - check the map to see where you are and where you are freefalling
        towards - you don't want to go into, near, or land in the secret military
        base.  Not yet, anyway.
    17. Black Project
        Starting Point: Verdant Meadows, between 20:00 and 6:00
        Difficulty: 5/10
        Ah, you knew we couldn't be done with The Truth yet, right?  He drops you
        off outside of Area 69, and you need to make your way inside the research
        facility.  There are two ways about this - one is 'stealth'.  Use your
        sniper rifle to take out whoever you can, make your way to the control
        tower to open the main doors, and make your way in.  Way two is just go
        in blasting, and find the alternate way in through a air vent.
        Either way you get in, the base is on alert.  Fight your way through the
        first room, and enter the second.  The second room has both a curved,
        sloped hallway, and a doorway to catwalks.  The hallway leads to the lower
        area of this next room.  Go straight through this room to find the SAM
        control room, and disable them.  This will immensely help in your escape.
        Now go back through the previous room, and on the east side of the room is
        another hallway.  Head down that.  At the end are some stairs that lead to
        a series of hallways.  Fight your way through these to the project room.
        The door is locked, but go left to find a scientist who gives you his.  Now
        go back to the previous room, and open the door.  This opens a very tall
        room with stairs descending around the outside.  Crouch and roll your way
        down the stairs to the bottom, where you find what the big deal is all
        about - a Jet Pack!  Strap on the Jet Pack, and rocket out of the silo-like
        structure.  Don't bother shooting at the guards on the way out - they won't
        hit you.  Since you disabled the SAMs, read the instructions on using the
        Jet Pack, and head to the area where Interdiction took place.  The Truth
        leaves you stranded there, but a Sanchez appears to take you back to the
        Note: Apparantly, you can be too fat to start this mission.  Due to dating
        Barbara and going on a few food dates with her, my fat was at about 75%.
        Truth called when I tried to start the mission, and he told me I needed to
        lose some weight.  I don't know what the cut-off level is, but one full day
        at the gym on the bike got me down to 25%, and that was apparantly enough.
    18. Green Goo
        Starting Point: Verdant Meadows
        Difficulty: 4/10
        Strap on the Jet Pack, and head off after the train.  Once there, fly past
        it, and come at it from behind.  Target and shoot the guards on the train.
        For whatever reason, L1 doesn't work to fire, so you'll have to use the
        Circle button.  Work you way up the train, shooting guards and boxes as
        you go.  When you shoot the third box, you'll see some Green Goo.  Grab
        it, and fly back to Verdant Meadows.
        Your airstrip will now generate cash up to $10,000, and the Jet Pack will
        spawn for you right outside your savepoint.  Not a bad way to get around.
    19. Zeroing In
        Starting Point: CJ's Garage
        Difficulty: 3/10
        If you haven't purchased Wang Cars across the street and just south of the
        garage, do so.  You should have more than enough for the purchase price,
        and will more than make it back anyway.  Now head to the mission starting
        point back at the garage.  Follow the blips on the radar until you see the
        car.  Then, spin her out using the PIT maneuver from driving school (you
        don't have to end close to her - just spin her out), or hit her when she
        inevitably spins out on her own.  Take the car back to your garage for a
        success.  This car - and the others you steal - will be available at Wang
        Cars should you need them.
    20. Test Drive
        Starting Point: CJ's Garage
        Difficulty: 4/10
        This one is both fun and annoying.  The first part is easy.  Get a car,
        and drive across town to the auto dealer.  Drive the car out the window.
        Now the fun begins.  Follow Cesar around town,  This is hard enough with
        random traffic thrown in, but gets more fun when Cesar gets you two a two
        star wanted level.  Follow along best you can.  When you get to an alley,
        the cops will block the other end.  Back out to the right - you will be
        heading down the road to the left.  Be careful on the jump in the 
        construction area - you don't want to put the car on its roof this late in
        the mission - and drive around the corner to the garage.  Both cars (yours
        and Cesars) are now avaiable at Wang Cars.
    21. Customs Fast Track
        Starting Point: CJ's Garage
        Difficulty: 2/10
        Big step down in difficulty for this one.  Hop in the car, and drive down
        to the docks.  Get to know this route - you'll use it often.  Once there,
        hop in the crane, and move the boxes down to the dock.  The third box you
        pick up will have the car in it.  Once the car is found, three waves of
        guys show up - take them out.  Then drive back to the garage.
        Succeeding in this missions opens up the export/import lists.  But we'll
        save that for now.
    22. Puncture Wounds
        Starting Point: CJ's Garage
        Difficulty: 4/10
        A fun mission, and one that can be very easy, or very frustrating,
        depending on the traffic.  Hop in the car, and get on the highway.  Best
        way is straight south to the highway in front of the stadium, cut across to
        the other side, and the ramp on the right side leading to the highway you
        need to be on.  Then, it's a chase with a twist - get in front of the car,
        and drop the spikes in front of her.  When she's disabled, get out and
        approach her car.  You'll automatically fix the flat tires, and you can
        drive it back to your garage.  The garage is now an asset for you, making
        up to $8,000.
        The best place to catch and disable the woman seems to be at the southern
        end of the highway, where it becomes a two lane road, but with a divider.
        If you can get ahead of her here, she doesn't have a lot of places to go,
        and she's easy pickings.  If she gets past this point, she's tougher to
        track down, because she's very unpredictable.  Some corners she'll handle
        great, others she'll spin out and spend a minute or five getting back on
        track.  If you make it to Angel Pine, hurry - her garage is in town, and if
        she makes it there, you lose.
        Congrats - you've made it through the Desert, and are now on your way to
        the *real* city that never sleeps - Las Venturas.
    VIII.Las Venturas Walkthrough
    1.  Introduction
        Welcome to Sin City.  Here, feel free to take part in some gambling, but
        only after you collect those horseshoes for some luck.  Take in a show at
        the strip club.  Catch a flight back to San Fiero or Los Venturas, since
        the airports are open to you now.  And try to figure out which casinos are
        patterned after which real life casinos.  But before we get down to
        business, lets finish up the rest of the optional missions, except the one
        that isn't opened yet, but will be soon.
    2.  Buying Properties
        Last city, last set of properties to buy.  Lot of them here in Las
        Venturas, although too many of them are only hotel suites, IMO.  At least
        that makes them relatively cheap.  We'll start south, work our way up the
        strip, and then around the outside of LV.
        [ ] Rockshore West
        [ ] The Camel's Toe
        [ ] Pirates in Men's Pants
        [ ] The Clown's Pocket
        [ ] Old Venturas Strip
        [ ] Creek
        [ ] Prickle Pine
        [ ] Whitewood Estates
        [ ] Redsands West
    3.  Oysters
        Difficulty: 4/10 (only on finding them)
        Since there's only 7 of these, we'll do them first.  The easiest way to
        get them is grab the JetPack from Verdant Meadows, land near the oyster
        location, go get the oyster, and move on to the next one.
        [ ] 1/44
        [ ] 2/45
        [ ] 3/46
        [ ] 4/47
        [ ] 5/48
        [ ] 6/49
        [ ] 7/50
    4.  Horseshoes
        Difficulty: 4/10 (only in finding them)
        As long as we have the JetPack, we might as well stay in Las Venturas, and
        use it to get the horseshoes - some of which require a JetPack to obtain.
        Note - if you are using the map from the Brady guide, the indicators on the
        map are off by about 1/4 to 1/2 inch to the left (ie, the actual location
        is right of what is shown on the map).  And it's possible you already have
        horseshoe Brady #8, as it was in the same pool that Oyster 3/46 was in.
        [ ] 1		[ ] 14		[ ] 27		[ ] 40
        [ ] 2		[ ] 15		[ ] 28		[ ] 41
        [ ] 3		[ ] 16		[ ] 29		[ ] 42
        [ ] 4		[ ] 17		[ ] 30		[ ] 43
        [ ] 5		[ ] 18		[ ] 31		[ ] 44
        [ ] 6		[ ] 19		[ ] 32		[ ] 45
        [ ] 7		[ ] 20		[ ] 33		[ ] 46
        [ ] 8		[ ] 21		[ ] 34		[ ] 47
        [ ] 9		[ ] 22		[ ] 35		[ ] 48
        [ ] 10		[ ] 23		[ ] 36		[ ] 49
        [ ] 11		[ ] 24		[ ] 37		[ ] 50
        [ ] 12		[ ] 25		[ ] 38
        [ ] 13		[ ] 26		[ ] 39
    5.  Unique Jumps
        Difficulty: 4/10 (finding, executing them)
        Now that the airports are open, we can also finish the earlier jumps that
        were inaccessable to us before.
        [ ] 8/8 (Los Santos)		[ ] 5/63
        [ ] 9/9 (Los Santos)		[ ] 6/64
        [ ] 5/39 (San Fiero)		[ ] 7/65
        [ ] 13/47 (San Fiero)		[ ] 8/66
        [ ] 14/48 (San Fiero)		[ ] 9/67
        [ ] 1/59				[ ] 10/68
        [ ] 2/60				[ ] 11/69
        [ ] 3/61				[ ] 12/70
        [ ] 4/62
    6.  Las Venturas Gym
        Starting Poing: Las Venturas Gym, near The Emerald Isle
        Difficulty: 1/10
        Go learn the latest new moves.
    7.  Exports & Imports
        Difficulty: Varies depending on car
        Ah, now the fun begins.  If you knew the list of cars you'd need later,
        from a guide like this or from playing it before, you've been storing cars.
        But, assuming you haven't, I'll provide a list of where and when I found
        the cars needed for this.  My experience with spawning locations for
        specific cars is it's time dependant.  Usually, the cars only appear there
        during the day.  That's why I'm also placing a time, to help you determine
        if the car spawn is a daytime, nighttime, or permanent spawn, assuming I
        found a spawn point - some, I just couldn't.
        List 1
        Patriot - Easter Bay Chemicals, 14:00
        Sanchez - Next to Angel Pine save point, and near end of Chiliad Challnge.
        Stretch - Haven't found one parked.  See them driving around downtown SF
           in the late afternoon.  When you see one around, you'll see a lot.
        Feltzer - Roadside motel just west of Los Santos, 22:00
        Remington - Unity Station parking lot (where lowrider bouncing competition
           was hedl), 6:30
        Buffalo - Catalina's Cabin
        Sentinel - In theory, movie lot in Vinewood area.  Never found one parked
           there, but found them driving nearby around 19:00.
        Infernus - Driveway block south, 1/2 block west of Katie's place, 3:00
        Camper - Parking lot of diner near Katies, 10:50 (was there other times,
           but locked)
        Admiral - Parking lot, about 2 blocks W of Roboi Mart, Los Santos
        List 2
        Slamvan - Behind Nude XXX shop directly across and just west of 'pilots'
           enterance to Los Santos Airport.
        Blista Compact - Along road from San Fiero to Easter Bay Chemicals, 9:00.
           Usually just seen driving around.
        Stafford - Front of Vank Hoff in the Park hotel in Queens
        Sabre - Parking lot across from Zero's shop, 18:30 (was there earlier, but
           was locked.  Drove around block, still there and unlocked)
        FCR-900 - Vank Hoff Hotel, downtown SF parking lot after Valet Parking
           mission.  Also sometimes outside of Bike school if successfully
           completed (I made gold in all lessons, but have yet to see all three
           bikes out front at once)
        Cheetah - Corner house at opposite end of street from Prickle Pine save
           house - same house as Huntley in list 3.  I have found it there before,
           but didn't note the time.  However, I found a bunch driving around the
           PP area.
        Rancher - Very commonly seen driving around in any non-city area.  Found
           mine in Blueberry.  Might be one parked at Blueberry Acres.
        Stallion - Parked all over.  Check across from Zero's shop, and in strip
           mall parking lot just west of Chinatown.
        Tanker - Never seen one parked.  Just cruise the highway between San Fiero
           and Angel Pine.  Look for squared-off wheel whells on the front.
        Comet - Avispa Country Club parking lot, 11:30
        List 3
        Blade - One of the easier cars to find.  Often seen driving around both
           San Fiero and Los Santos, especially at night.  Find them parked in and
           around Cesar's place in Los Santos.
        Freeway - Out front of Hippy Shoppy store from Courier mission
        Mesa - Finish line of Cliliad Challange, 15:00 (and most daylight hours)
        ZR-350 - The Clown's Pocket parking lot, 12:00
        Euros - Underneat sphinx statue, Camel-Toe casino, 17:30
        Banshee - Come-a-Lot parking lot, 8:30
        Super GT - Parked by Driving School for earning at least a Bronze
        Journey - North side of El Quebrados, 13:00
        Huntley - Corner house at opposite end of street from Prickle Pine save
           house, 15:00.  Also seen driving along the Strip during daylight hours.
        BF Injection - Beach SW of Angel Pine, 19:30
    8.  Freight Train
        Difficulty: 2/10
        Highjack a train at any one of the scattered stations around San Andreas.
        When you can, accelerate the train up to between 43 and 45 MPH.  Slam on
        the breaks with about 350 yards left, and stop the train in the target.
        Do this five times.  Then get out of train, get back in, and repeat.
        Once you've done this, you get free rides on the train.  Simply wait for
        a passenger train to show up at one of the stations, and hop on (the
        passenger cars, not the engine) using the triangle button.  Now, I know
        what you're thinking - free rides - whee.  Especially when you more than
        likely have a lot of money by now.  The nice thing about this mode of
        transportation is that you can press the 'X' button to skip stations,
        thus not only giving you a free ride, but an almost instantaneous one as
        well.  Keep in mind, however, that time does pass normally.  So while
        you don't have to watch the cinimactic of the trip, the time of day will
        change based on normal travel times.
    9.  Courier
        Starting Point: Burger Shot, Redsands East, Las Venturas
        Difficulty: 2/10
        Same as the previous two, but with a Faggio this time.
        Level 1 - Hit the three targes in no real order.  They're all close.
        Level 2 - Hit the targets in this order - Airport North, Airport South,
        Camel Toe Casino, Royal Casino
        Level 3 - Hit the targets in this order - Red Sands West, Airport, Royal
        Casino, Old Venturas Strip, Red Sands East
        Level 4 - Hit the targets in this order - Roca Escalante, Spinybed, Prickle
        Pine, Redsands West, Whitewood Estates, Blackfield
        Once you've finished level 4, you get the same reward as the other two - 
        an asset that generates up to $2000.
    10. Kickstart
        Starting Point: Dirtring Stadium, Las Venturas, everyday but Mondays and
        Difficulty: 4/10
        You'll probably do this one a few times before you pass it.  In general,
        it's not tremendously difficult.  You have a limited amount of time to
        generate 26 or more points by driving through colored targets.  Green are
        worth 1, yellow 2, and red 3.  The first time or two will be spent trying
        the different hills/turns/etc figuring out which targets you feel you can
        obtain.  Then, once you have it down, you'll probably end up with well more
        than enough points to pass.  It's just figuring out which ones work for you
        and which ones don't.
    11. Dirt Track
        Starting Point: Dirtring Stadium, Las Veturas, Mondays and Wednesdays
        Difficulty: 3/10
        Similar to 8-track, but with bikes.  There are two keys to this race.
        First, hang back at the start.  There will be a huge crash at the end of
        the bumpy straigtaway before the jump.  Avoid them other racers, and of
        course, avoid crashing yourself.  Second is the jump itself - you need to
        to land to the left on the flat landing area.  And, of course, as you are
        going around the funnel-like area, make sure to take the exit to the left
        when you see it, or you will go around the funnel again.
    12. Trucking, Part 2
        The second half of the trucking missions.  Two aren't bad.  Two will make
        you regret taking up these missions.
        Mission 5
        Difficulty: 2/10
        Deliver a fragile load.  The more you hit, the less money you receive.
        Aside from that, not bad.
        Mission 6
        Difficulty: 9/10
        Deliver a load with a 3-star wanted level.  If you get the truck stop near
        Angel Pine for this deliver, the difficulty drops significantly, as once
        you get on the highway, slow-ass tractors and Wayfarers are a bigger
        problem than the police.  I'd say it's a 4/10.  Otherwise, it's just as
        tough as the previous illegal load, if not worse.
        Note: If you get a target in San Fiero, use the railroad tracks.  This
        works very well for either the Airport or Easter Basin targets.
        Mission 7
        Difficulty: 3/10
        The last 'easy' delivery.  It's a fragile load with a time limit.  But it's
        'easy' in the fact that unless the truck ends up in flames, the mission is
        a success.  Money shouldn't be a huge deal at this point.
        Mission 8
        Difficulty: 10/10
        Another illegal delivery, this time 4-stars, and you have to get to Las
        Venturas.  This one will make you hate life.  This one will make you loathe
        the cops in this game.  This one will make you loathe Tractors even more.
        And you'll also hate the fact that it takes forever to get to the trucking
        place, since it's nowhere near a save house.  All in all, one of my two or
        three most hated missions in the entire game.  Delivery point seems to play
        a huge amount on if you'll even be close to successful.
        Note: I had a number of people e-mailing in to tell me how well using the
        railroad tracks for this mission also made it a lot easier, but I couldn't
        make it work.  Whenever I took the tracks through Los Santos, everything
        would be fine until I got to the East Los Santos, Jefferson area just
        south of the tunnel (from the Ryder mission Catalyst), when a Securi-car
        looking thing with four guys armed with M4's would open up on me, and
        explode the truck.  I was going to  try again sticking to roads in that
        area, but then I got a target of Whitewood Estates, for which going the
        other direction on the tracks seemed easiest.  If you get a Whitewood
        Estates target, sticking to the tracks is by far the best way to go, and
        takes this mission down to a 4/10 difficulty, only having to deal with the
        occasional cop car or rancher along the way.  As you get close (Eastern
        bone county, near an Ammunation), just cut right across the desert.
        I also tried going through Los Santos again, and if you leave the tracks
        before you cross over the highway, you can avoid the M4 wielding guys, and
        hop back on the track right at the tunnel.  This route works great for a
        target location in Rockshore East, but when I had to go to the LVA Freight
        depot, a police copter was able to catch up to me (you go slow while on 
        the tracks), and open up on me a bit.  Thus, once I got off the tracks
        at Rockshore East, one cop car ran into me and caused enough damage to
        explode the truck.  So my final word on the Railroad Track strategy, use
        it for either the Rockshore East (through Los Santos) or the Whitewood
        Estates (through San Fiero) targets, and stick to the road for everything
    13. Race Tournaments
        A series of races, all of which need to be won.  Some are relatively easy
        once you know the route, others will make you want to destroy your
        controller, the fake competetors for 'cheating', your PS/2...  My advice
        is similar to the Ammunation Shooting Range.  Try it a few times, but have
        a maximum number of attempts - 3, 5, whatever - and if you can't win it,
        come back later.  And don't reload to try a race again - save the failure.
        Even if you lose, your driving skill will continue to get better.  And yes,
        IMO, the computer does cheat.  You can't PIT the opponents to save your
        life, but they can do it without even thinking twice about it.  Here is a
        breakdown of the race tournaments.
        Note: Interesting thing - I was having a hell of a time getting past the
        Freeway race, and thought I'd see if you could do something similar with
        these races as you could with the Chilliad Challange, ie, take the other
        cars out after they crossed the finish line, and finish in first that way.
        Well, turns out that didn't work.  But, I did get a wanted level that way
        that did not disappear with the next race attempt.  Here's the intersting
        thing - while you had to dodge cop cars chasing you, other traffic on the
        streets was WAY down - I saw maybe 5 'random' cars the entire race.  That
        turns most of the streets into wide-open straight aways, and made the 
        race much easier to complete.  I wouldn't recommend it with a three-star
        wanted level like I had, just in case they try to set up a roadblock,
        but try getting yourself a two-star wanted level to see if that lessens
        the random traffic a bit.
        1. Los Santos
           a. Lowrider Race
              Vehicle: Blade
              Difficulty: 4/10
              Same race as in High Stakes, Low Rider.  In fact, since you've done
              this race already as part of the storyline, you don't have to do it
              again here.
           b. Little Loop
              Vehicle: NGR-500
              Difficulty: 2/10
              Don't get too into getting a lot of speed at the start - there's an
              immediate turn to the left.  Once you get a feel for this course, 
              it's fairly easy.
           c. Backroad Wanderer
              Vehicle: FCR-900
              Difficulty: 2/10
              I love motercycle races.  Just keep the front runners in sight, and
              either they'll crash, or give you opportunities to catch up and pass
              them on the straighter sections of the course.
           d. City Circuit
              Vehicle: FCR-900
              Difficulty: 3/10
              This one should be easier than it is.  The reason it's not - non-race
              traffic.  Making left turns from the right line, making right turns
              from the left lane, and moving over and bumping your back tire after
              you're 90% by them.  Still, shouldn't take more than a handful of
              tries to get this one.
           e. Vinewood
              Vehicle: Sunrise
              Difficulty: 9/10
              The hardest race in the game, and I think one of the top 5 most
              difficulty missions period.  The only reason it's not a 10/10 is that
              it does seem to get slightly easier as you try it more, and your
              driving skill improves.  Even then, it still sucks.  You are forced
              to race in a Sunrise, which has all the lack of accelleration and
              top speed of a cheap sedan, but all the rear-whell drive and easy
              spin-out-ability of a sports car.  But there are a few things that
              might help.
              First, don't try to outrace anyone - you can't.  Just stay on the
              road.  Second, you will usually be able to pass a few cars in a
              wreck right before you head up the hill in front of the Vinewood
              sign.  You shouldn't be in last, and may end up in second or third.
              Just try to keep anyone ahead of you in sight.  Next, you will race
              across a fairly big two-lane bridge.  Right after this, you head down
              a steep hill with a small bridge at the bottom.  A lot of opponents
              tend to get in a lot of trouble here, either hitting one of the sides
              or just flying right off.  And you'll see a few spinouts once you
              come down out of Richman to the main drag again at that sharp turn
              to the right - which is easy to do yourself if you don't have your
              speed under control.
              Take it someone easy until you get past the Burger Shot where you 
              started most of your OG Loc missions.  Then floor it.  You can take
              the last turn onto the four lane road at quite a bit of speed.  If
              you have some speed built up, you might be able to just pull ahead
              and squeak out a victory.  I won my race by less than a tenth of a
              second (guessing - the other car was right there), based on the speed
              I took out of that last 90 degree left turn.
           f. Freeway
              Vehicle: Super GT
              Difficulty: 5/10 (see Note above)
              Many things make this race difficulty.  First, the car doesn't have
              the acceleration the other cars do, although it's top speed is OK.
              Second, once you get on the highway, you can be going fast enough
              that the fade-in for scenery is slow enough to really screw you up,
              especially when it comes to the concrete side walls on the two exit
              ramps.  Third, the Super GT spins out like noones business, so you
              have to be real careful in the turns (though this gets easier to 
              manage as your driving skill improves).  One thing that helped - when
              you hit the quick right-left at the end of the first straightaway, go
              straight over the grass hill island.  That can get you into first or
              second early.  If you're in second, the lead car will often spin
              out at the turn onto the highway, or the one just before that.  Once
              you get on the highway, aside from the graphics issue above, it's
              fairly easy, as long as you're in first.  If not, well, keep going
              and hope the other cars spin out or run into something - it happens.
           g. Into The Country
              Vehicle: Bullet
              Difficulty: 2/10
              Again, the only challange here is the other traffic.  The competetors
              shouldn't be able to keep up with you for long.  As long as you can
              avoid cops coming across the median to hit you and so forth, you
              should be OK.  The Bullet is just that much faster.
           h. Badlands A
              Vehicle: Sabre
              Difficulty: 4/10
              Same race as Wu Zi Mu.  In fact, you don't have to do this one again
              if you don't want.
           i. Badlands B 
              Vehicle: ZR-350
              Difficulty: 5/10
              Same race as Farewell, My Love.  You don't have to do this one again
              if you don't want.
        2. San Fierro
           a. Dirtbike Banger
              Vehicle: Sanchez
              Difficulty: 2/10
              As easy as a bike race gets.  Just try not to hit the other bikers,
              and you should be fine.  Just one sharp turn to worry about.  Aside
              from that, the path is easy to follow, so gun it.
           b. Bandito County
              Vehicle: Bandito
              Difficulty: 3/10
              The hardest thing for me in this race was just getting past the other
              racers.  Aside from that, the only real danger is the first stream
              you cross.  Make sure to bear a little right once you see the target
              across the river, and take the partial path across (there's a police
              bribe there to help you spot it).  Otherwise, you could end up
              sinking in the water.
           c. Go-Go Carting
              Vehicle: Kart
              Difficulty: 5/10
              I hate this race.  The controls for the Kart are HYPER sensitive,
              and anything you run into will stop you.  The only two things that
              save this race are the log straightaway toward the end through an
              alley - just avoid the trash bins.  And you can really cut the last
              corner into the country club and the finish line, which is important
              if you're right behind the first place cart at the time.
              Note: The first few times through the game, I only completed the
              driving school to this point (at least bronze in all lessons), not
              working to get all gold.  Having worked to get all gold the last
              couple times, and therefore maxing out my driving skill, this race has
              been much easier.  The kart handles a little better (still a little
              twitchy, but not nearly as bad), and it seems your cart drives a
              little faster on the straightaways than the other competitors.  Since
              I started getting all golds in driving school, I've always passed this
              the first time.
           d. San Fierro Fastlane
              Vehicle: Alpha
              Difficulty: 9/10
              The cars are faster than yours, except at top speed, and they have
              a knack for spinning you out if they're anywhere close.  After the
              first target, cut the corner using the grass, and hope for a spinout.
              Once you hit the long straightaway before the final turn for home,
              you can floor it, but be careful you aren't jumping into another car.
              Note: Hang a bit to the right at first, working mostly to avoid the
              other cars, as a number of them will wreck or spin out.  If you can
              stay near the front and cut the corner using the grass on that first
              left turn, you can get in front by the time you hit that right turn
              and the curvy uphill road that you're real familiar with if you've
              done the driving school mission 'City Slicker'.  If you're in first
              at this point, you're in pretty good shape.  If not, stay on it,
              and hope the cars jump into something on the straightaway throug the
           e. San Fierro Hills
              Vehicle: Phoenix
              Difficulty: 4/10
              This one isn't bad - depending on your start.  Clip the left side of
              the target, and get on the left side of the road.  Come over as
              needed to get the target, but get back to the left side.  If you do
              this, and can avoid oncoming traffic, light posts, and the other
              divers, you can rocket up the hill in first.  And if you can make
              it to the highway still in first, you're in great shape.  Just be
              cautious around Missionary Hill - you don't want to run off the side
              of the road and end your race.  If you're still in first when you
              hit the highway again, you'll have to work to lose the race.
           f. Country Endurance
              Vehicle: Bullet
              Difficulty: 5/10
              There aren't a whole lot of keys to this one.  First, make sure to
              stay on the road as you enter the tunnel - you'll lose one or two
              competitors to the right side of the fence as you do so.  On the slow
              right turn after leaving the shoreside road, stay in the road.  There
              are hills on the right side of the road, so trying to cut a corner
              will fail miserably.  Hit the gas hard on the long straightaway
              leading into the first switchback area.  Drive somewhat fast, but
              under control the Back o Beyond.  Once you hit the Flint intersection
              you can give it some more gas, especially since you should be
              familiar with this area.  The second set of switchbacks aren't nearly
              as bad as the first, and once you're through it, hit the gas all the
              way through the finish line.
        3. Las Venturas Airport Freight
           a. San Fierro to Las Venturas
              Vehicle: Banshee
              Difficulty: 4/10
              You have a good car, and open highway.  If you can get past the group
              at the front of the race, especially at the toll booth, you can 
              practically coast.  If not, keep on it.  Somehow, I ended up in first
              by the time I hit Las Venturas.
           b. Dam Rider
              Vehicle: NGR-500
              Difficulty: 4/10
              Another motercycle race.  You can gain some time up front at the
              sharp turn to the left.  This one's easier once you get a feel for
              the course.
           c. Desert Tricks
              Vehicle: FCR-900
              Difficulty: 3/10
              I found this one easier than the last race.  Be careful not to slow
              down at the start.  Since you start on a dirt road, if you aren't
              on the gas, you will come to a very quick stop, and the others will
              be by you quickly.
           d. Las Venturas Ringroad
              Vehicle: Turismo
              Difficulty: 2/10
              As easy as a race gets.  Let the crowd get ahead of you at the start,
              so you can move over into the right shoulder.  Once there, gun it.
              Lay off the gas during the curves, and exit ramps.  Even though it
              doesn't look like you'll go through the target from the shoulder, you
              will.  How easy is this one?  I got flipped completely over by a car
              making a right to cross the bridge right at the start, and completely
              spun out into the other set of lanes by an accident bike sliding 
              across the highway into and under my car.  I still finished first
        4. Las Venturas Airport
           These aren't races in the sense you aren't flying against anyone.  Just
           survive the course to pass it, and go for a better time later if you
           want.  So if you miss a target, don't go nuts.  Circle around, take your
           time, and pick it up.  Just don't crash.
           a. World War Aces
              Vehicle: Rustler
              Difficulty: 3/10
              Fly in first person to make it easier.  Then, beware of the turn back
              south near Fern Ridge.  Other than that, once you're airborne, lay
              off the gas for maximum control.
           b. Barnstorming
              Vehicle: Stuntplane
              Difficulty: 4/10
              Much twitchier than the Rustler.  Only controling the stuntplane
              makes this tougher than the previous race.
           c. Military Service
              Vehicle: Hydra Jet
              Difficulty: 3/10
              Hard if you're going for time.  If you're just trying to pass, keep
              the jets pointed back, and the gear down.  This gives you the best
              control.  It takes a little longer this way, but it's pretty easy to
              pass in this configuration.
           d. Chopper Checkpoint
              Vehicle: Maverick
              Difficulty: 3/10
              None of the checkpoints are tremendously difficult.  Just get used to
              flying with a copter instead of a plane.
           e. Whirly Bird Checkpoint
              Vehicle: Maverick
              Difficulty: 4/10
              The targets are in tougher spots this time - against and between
              buildings.  Just take it slow, and come in at targets from above if
           f. Heli Hell
              Vehicle: Hunter
              Difficulty: 5/10
              Mostly, it's the position of the targets that make it tough - such
              as underneath the maze of highway at the Mulholland interchange, and
              another one directly underneath the highway south of there around the
              OTB.  Again, just take your time, and you can get past this one.
    14. Fender Ketchup
        Starting Point: Four Dragons Casino
        Difficulty: 2/10
        The only real difficulty in this mission is not to hit anything on the way
        to or from the airport.  Other than that, this is an easy mission.  Drive
        the car to the airports pilot entrance, then drive as fast as possible 
        along the runway.  Throw in a few jumps.  Brake hard for 180's.  Fill up
        the scare meter, then drive back to the casino.
    15. Explosive Situation
        Starting Point: Four Dragons Casino
        Difficulty: 3/10
        Your best bet is to grab a bike for this one.  Then, head over to the
        quarry, and just drive straight down the path - over cliffs and all - to 
        the bottom.  Once there, hop in the dump truck.  Run over the four targets
        shown on the radar, and after each one, hop out and grab the dynamite.
        After the fourth set is taken, you see the guards enter the quarry.  Hop
        on the indicated Sanchez (Note: There are two of them at the bottom of the
        quarry - you MUST get on the indicated one, or the route out will not be
        shown).  Then, follow the targets out of the quarry.  Once out, hop back
        on the highway, and follow the radar to the drop off point, which is just
        off the highway south of the Quarry.
    16. Quarry
        Starting Location: Quarry Entrance
        Difficulty: Varies
        This is it.  The LAST set of optional missions.  Yee hah!
        Quarry Mission 1 - Difficulty: 2/10
        Follow the path, and push rocks over the edge.  Pretty easy, as long as you
        stick to the path.  At the fourth rock, back up and take the high road.  At
        the sixth rock, stay straight to the seventh.  And don't believe what you
        may have read about a bulldozer not being able to be flipped.  I trusted
        that, and did it.  Stay on the path, and you should finish with well over
        a minute left.
        Quarry Mission 2 - Difficulty: 2/10
        This mission is all about getting used to pushing stuff with the bulldozer.
        Go to the various sites, starting with the one behind the office, and push
        the explosive barrels into the red marker.  Following the path down will
        lead you to the other three barrels.  And again, you can try driving over
        the edge to save time, but you don't need to.  And for those who say you
        can't overturn a bulldozer, I say BULL.  Stick to the path.  You have more
        than enough time.
        Quarry Mission 3 - Difficulty: 3/10
        This one should be harder, but it isn't.  You'd think the other dumper
        would need a lot of drive-by shots to take it down, but it doesn't.  Run
        the other truck into something, or do drive-bys.  You'll be amazed at how
        little ammo it takes.
        Quarry Mission 4 - Difficulty: 4/10
        Hop on the bike, and haul ass to the other entrance.  There's no need to
        go near the road, so don't.  Hop off the bike, and into the dumper, and
        drive it back to the main entrance.  Once you get out on the road, the left
        shoulder is your friend - just watch out for the big rock about 1/2 way
        to the turn-off.  Avoid that, and you're fine.  Once you get back to the
        main entrance, carefully make your way down the path.  When you get to the
        bottom of the quarry, bear left to make sure you have enough clearance.
        Finally, when you get to the fire and back in, make SURE to use the
        handbrake (R2) to keep from rolling forward and losing the mission by
        dumping a body outside the fire area.
        Quarry Mission 5 - Difficulty: 4/10
        This one is all about avoiding other traffic.  There's a fairly generous
        amount of time on the clock, but don't hesititate to pass on the shoulder
        if you can.  Take a left out of the quarry, followed by a right at the
        first road.  Bear right at the Cluckin' Bell, and a left at the first
        opportunity.  Take this to the dirt road that leads to your airstrip.
        Drive to the end of the runway, and straight through the red marker.  Stop
        on the other side of the red marker, set the brake, and dump the barrels.
        While you're here, you might as well save.
        Note: It's possible to fail this mission simply because the game decides to
        be evil.  If a car hits you hard enough from behind, you'll be wasted and
        fail the mission.  Nothing you can do to see it coming and avoid it, and
        nothing you can do to prevent it.  Simply random.  And evil.
        Quarry Mission 6 - Difficulty: 2/10
        It will seem like you don't have nearly enough time for this mission, but
        you have well more than enough.  Hop in the bulldozer, and drive to the
        tracks.  The key for this one is to drive straight down the tracks.  As
        you push more and more barrels, they will start to roll off to the side.
        Once you make it all the way to the last barrel, there may be two or three
        left you need to move a little further.  But you should still have about
        one minute left, so this isn't a problem.  As soon as you move the last
        explosive barrel far enough away from the tracks, sit back and watch the
        train go by, and you're done.
        Quarry Mission 7 - Difficulty: 5/10
        Put all you've learned together to complete this mission.  First, push a
        body and a bike into the target area.  Make sure to move the bulldozer away
        from the target area afterwards.  Then, hop on the nearby bike, and ride up
        to the crane.  You may think you're good with a crane based on the Export/
        Import missions, but this crane is different.  Moving the arm left/right/
        forward/back also affects the height of the magnet, which was not the case
        before.  Work on trying to get the magnet and whatever it's holding into
        the bed of the truck before releasing the cargo - it's easier that way, and
        it's not like you have to worry about damaging anything.  Then, hop in the
        dumper, and drive it straight across the highway to the indicated area, and
        making SURE you have the hand brake set, dump the bike and body in the
        water.  Congrats!  You have just finished all the odd-job type missions!
        Nothing but story - and a few gang wars - from here on out!
    17. You've Had Your Chips
        Starting Point: Four Dragons Casino
        Difficulty: 3/10
        Head over to the chip factory as indicated on the radar.  Instead of going
        in the front enterance, keep heading north, and enter the parking garage.
        Go up to the second level, and then to the SW edge.  Jump over the edge of
        the garage, and go around the left of the factory.  Just before you get to
        the entrance, crouch so you aren't detected, and enter the factory.
        After the cut scene, run outside the factory, and gun down the two guards
        who just exited the car.  Then crouch and roll your way through the
        factory, taking out all the guards.  Destroy the machines in any way you
        want.  If you use weapons, you will be attacked by a couple more guards as
        you make your way through.  However, you can also use satchel charges, 
        which you have been grabbing outside the Four Dragons Casino save point
        after all the horseshoes were collected, and destroy them all at once.
        When the machines are destroyed, hop in the car outside the factory 
        entrance that the guards were in, and drive away.  If you get damaged
        enough that you can't continue, hop out and grab another car.  The guards
        car should at least get you outside the factory.  After that, it's easy
        going.  Make your way back to the Four Dragons Casino however you can.    
    18. Don Peyote
        Starting Point: Outside Four Dragons Casino
        Difficulty: 2/10
        This is mostly a mission to introduce a few new characters.  Hop in a car,
        and drive out to Arco del Oeste to find Kent and Maccer.  Get them in your
        car, and drive to the nearby snake farm.  The farmers won't be happy with
        your passengers, so you will have to kill them.  Do so, hop back in the
        car, and drive your passengers to Caligula's Palace.  The next few missions
        will take place here, so feel free to buy one of the two nearby hotel
        suites to use as a save point.
    19. Intensive Care
        Starting Point: Caligula's Palace
        Difficulty: 4/10
        Head over to the hospital in any vehicle to find out Johnny has been moved.
        You need to chase down the three Ambulances to find the one Johnny is in,
        which involves ramming said Ambulance.  You can use the vehicle you're in,
        or grab the Patriot which is in this lot.  The first Ambulance will always
        be the wrong one.  After that, which of the other two is the real target
        seems to be random.  Find that Ambulance, and ram him, shoot him, PIT him,
        whatever you can do to get them out of the car.  Shoot the guys that get
        out, and head out for the meat factory.  You will have two Mafia guys
        chasing you, but they shouldn't be too big a problem.
        This mission seems to be quirky.  I had to play it twice.  In both cases,
        I guessed wrong with the second Ambulance.  But the first time, I was 
        given no time to find the third before it 'escaped'.  The second time, I
        had more than enough.  Once you find the Ambulance, there doesn't seem to
        be any sort of time limit, however.
    20. Misappropriation
        Starting Point: Prickle Pine
        Difficulty: 3/10
        Ah, officers Tenpenny and Pulaski enjoying a barbeque.  Sweet.  Make the
        long drive over to Aldeo Malvado.  When you see the agents, make a trek
        around the outside of the ghost town until you can see the target.  Then,
        use the sniper rifle to take him out.  Switch to your M4, and storm the 
        place getting the dossier.  It's possible that one of the other agents
        will grab the dossier and hop in the helicoptor.  Or, it's possible that
        you will get the message that this has happened, but the guy with the
        dossier is still on the ground.  Before giving chase in the second
        helicopter, make sure the agent w/ the dossier is no longer on the ground.
        If he is, he'll be indicated by a red marker over him.  If he is still 
        there, kill him and grab the dossier - you're done.
        If not, hop in the helicopter (after taking a few of the ground agents out
        to keep the damage to your copter down while taking off), and chase after
        the first one.  You can't shoot it down, so just follow it until it lands.
        Then hop out, and kill the new dossier guy however you can.  This is also
        what you have to do if you somehow alert the initial guy with the dossier
        to your presence at the ghost town.
    21. The Meat Business
        Starting Point: Caligula's Palace
        Difficulty: 3/10
        Drive over to the meat factory, and watch the cut-scenes.  When you get
        control back, crouch, roll, and shoot your way through the factory.  Make
        sure not to enter the freezer for the armor unless the room is completely
        clear of mafia.  Once you've worked your way through and killed all the
        mafia, drive Ken back to the Casino.
    22. Fish In A Barrel
        Starting Point: Four Dragons Casino
        Difficulty: 0/10
        Cut-scene only.  You're now a partner in the Casino.
    23. Madd Dogg
        Starting Point: Royale Casino
        Difficulty: 2/10
        Drop by the Royale Casino to see Madd Dogg on the ledge, ready to end it
        all.  You might feel a little responsible for that.  Go grab the indicated
        truck, and drive into the red circle.  You then switch to an overhead view.
        Use only X and Square to gas and back up to keep you under Madd Dogg.  All
        you need to do is tap the buttons.  At some point, MD will fall/jump.  You
        can still move the car while he falls - make sure he lands in the back of
        the truck.  Then carefully drive him to the indicated hospital - there's no
        time limit, but hitting anything could still kill him.  Once you drop him
        off, you're done.
    24. Freefall
        Starting Point: Caligula's Palace
        Difficulty: 3/10
        After seeing Maria and meeting Salvatore, head to the airport, and get in
        the indicated plane.  Take off to the North, and make a steady climb until
        the yellow indicator of the plane you're going after ends up below you.
        Head towards the plane until you overtake it, then turn around and get
        behind it.  Since you're above the plane, it should be easy to fly down
        into the target.  Once you hit it, you'll pull a James Bond, and jump onto
        and in the plane.  Take out the four guards inside in first person view.
        Don't bother ducking behind a wall unless you are reloading.  When the four
        are dead, the pilot comes out.  You don't even need to aim at him - just
        start shooting.  Then fly back to Las Venturas, and land the plane.
    25. High Noon
        Starting Point: Las Brujas, Bone County
        Difficulty: 4/10
        Wait - Tenpenny and Pulaski aren't nice guys?  Shocker.  When you get
        control again, you can't shoot Pulaski, but you can go for the tires.  Do
        so, then give chase.  Do whatever you can to disable his car, and hop out
        and kill him when he leaves the car.  He wields a mean Desert Eagle, so
        take him out FAST.  Revenge *is* sweet!
        Both times I played this mission, I couldn't get any tires shot out.  But
        Pulaski inevitably drove badly enough that I was easily able to catch up.
        It did suck when he pushed both of us over a cliff, but at least he hurt
        his car more than mine.  So shooting some of his tires will make it easier,
        but it's not really required.
    26. Saint Mark's Bistro
        Starting Point: Caligula's Palace
        Difficulty: 4/10
        Liberty City?  Cool.  Of course, you don't get to drive around it or
        anything - you just magically end up outside Saint Mark's Bistro.  But
        seeing Liberty City covered in snow is kinda cool.  Anyway, this mission
        is all about crouch, roll, shoot.  Drive to the airport and the indicated
        jet.  Then fly east.  Eventually, you will magically end up inside the
        Bistro.  As mentioned, crouch, roll, and shoot your way through the
        building.  Watch out for the guards with shotguns.  Aside from that, there
        isn't a lot different here than other plain shooting missions.  Once you're
        done, you are automatically put back in the plane, flying east back towards
        Las Venturas.  Land, and you're done.
    27. Architectural Espionage
        Starting Point: Four Dragons Casino - the '$' icon to the right of the
        Dificulty: 5/10
        Blind people are funny...  If you don't have a camera, head to the red dot
        on the map, and kill the indicated tourists until one of them drops a 
        camera.  Now, head for the planning department.  Make sure all your weapons
        are put away, and head inside.  Approach the front desk, and answer yes,
        no, and yes to her questions.  Now head for and run through the doorway
        near the main entrance.  Run up to the third floor.  You'll be told you
        need to create a diversion, so head back down a floor, and destroy the old
        A/C unit.  Now head back upstairs and take your picture.
        From here, you are told that the bottom doors can't be locked because of
        the fire.  It never really seemed to make sense why all of a sudden you
        have a wanted level.  The cut-scene just asks where the firemen are at.
        Maybe it keeps cutting it short for me.  Anyway, you are 'told' you have a
        choice of running your way out, or shooting your way out.  I tried both
        ways, and you end up with a 4-star wanted rating once you get outside
        anyway, AND you lose all your armor and part of your health in the process.
        So do what comes naturally at this point, and shoot your way out.  Once you
        get outside, sprint around and through the Come-a-Lot casino area, grabbing
        the armor underneath the sign as you go.  Run to the side of the Four
        Dragons, and enter the red marker to end the mission.
    28. Key To Her Heart
        Starting Point: Four Seasons Casino, '$' marker
        Difficulty: 2/10
        Drive to Caligula's Palace, and let the slow speed chase begin.  The most
        annoying thing about this mission are the numerous stop lights.  She will
        stop for EVERY one, and it seems like you are forced to wait through every
        possible light.  Much like in real life.  Anyway, follow her into the sex
        shop when she gets there, and grab the Gimp suit from the dressing room.
        Follow her home, then make sure Benny doesn't get there, who looks more
        like a half-naked drunk than a fellow gimp.  Anyway, once he's been taken
        care of, head to the front door and get ready for some lovin.  If you
        haven't done so already, go and buy the save house here in Prickle Pine.
    29. Dating Millie
        Starting Point: Millie's House
        There's no real need to date Millie.  Simply show up at the appropriate
        time (12:00 to 22:00) in the Gimp suit.  No muss, no fuss, all sex.  The
        Gimp suit will be automatically removed from you afterwards (perhaps to
        be washed), so you'll have to go change into it again for the next date.
        If, however, you are a romantic and want to actually date her, here are the
        a) Food.  Take her to the nearby restaraunt just SW of her house.
        b) Dancing.  Take her to the Camel Toe Dance club.
        c) Driving.  She likes average speed, so you shouldn't have a lot of
        problem here.  She also likes her neighborhood, so just drive around the
        block a few times.
        With the Gimp suit, sex is automatic.  Otherwise, you should start seeing
        offers of 'coffee' at about 40%.
        After you hit 33%, she will call and give you access to her house and her
        keycard.  Apparantly, you can also simply kill Millie, and come back later
        to just take it from her house.
    30. Dam And Blast
        Starting Point: Four Dragons Casino, '$' marker
        Difficulty: 3/10
        Head to the airport, and hop in the plane.  Do what you can to steadily 
        gain altitude as soon as you take off.  You have to be pretty high to hit 
        the corona, and this plane doesn't gain altitude extremely well.  Just keep
        it steadily climbing, and you'll be fine.  As you get to the corona, jump.
        Try to land on the quay.  You can land in the water and swim over, but if
        you do, you won't have the use of your weapons.  You will get a knife as
        you get close to the first couple of guards outside, however.  If you have 
        weapons, a sniper rifle or silenced pistol works best.  Otherwise, sneak up
        on the two guards outside and take them out quietly.  Or not - they are 
        only armed with night sticks, so aren't hard to take down anyway.  Inside,
        take the two guards on the lower level out first, then move upstairs.  Take
        out as many as you can by suprise, since a few of the guards are armed.
        Work your way down this upper level, planting explosives as you go.  Once
        all of the explosives are planted, head out.  You will see yourself 
        'trapped' on the roof with no place to go.  No place to go?  Have these
        people not seen 'The Fugitive'?  Oh, that's right, it came out in 1993 - 
        it's only 1992.  Anyway, you jump into the water near a boat.  Hop on the
        boat, and take it a little ways out where you'll see a skimmer and a sea 
        sparrow.  Hop in the one of your choice, and head back to town.
    31. Cop Wheels
        Starting Point: Four Dragons Casino, "$" marker
        Difficulty: 4/10
        I find this mission annoying for many reasons.  Mostly because you have to
        jump off a moving truck on the highway, and attempt to jack a car.  Would
        you ever considering standing in the middle of a highway trying to get a 
        car to stop in real life?  If you did so, think the traffic behind that car
        would stop, or plow into you while you're trying to get in the car?  That
        part sucks.
        Aside from that, once you know the order to get the bikes in, it's not bad,
        as long as your bike skills are up to snuff.  The Packer starts on the east
        side of town, and slowly works it's way clockwise around the highway.  So,
        start with the bike at Linden Station.  You'll probably pick up a wanted
        level here, but as long as it's one, you're OK.  Find the Packer, drive on,
        and start the fun of trying to jack another car.  Head over to the Airport
        area, and grab the one there.  The cop will hop on his bike as soon as you
        get into range.  Floor the car, and just run into the bike.  You'll knock
        him off, and then you can hop on the bike yourself.  My experience with
        doing this is you usually end up with a two-star wanted level.  One for the
        initial crash, the other for stealing the bike.  Avoiding two stars isn't
        bad on a bike.  It's a little tougher once you have to steal a car.  But
        don't worry about that now.  Find the Packer, unload the bike, and find
        another car.
        Do what you can to avoid the 2-star wanted level (if you only have 1, it's
        probably gone by now), and go get the bike near Roca Escalante.  This one
        is just sitting there, so you just have to run past a couple cops to get
        this one.  Find the Packer, unload, etc.  If you have enough time, you may
        want to consider heading south along the highway, and grabbing the police
        bribe that is underneath the overpass just south of where you got the first
        bike (east side/southbound side of the road).  It will take a little heat
        off of you, but since you have to knock another cop off a bike, it may not
        last long.  Go get the last bike at Julias Thruway East area.  If you get
        a 2-star here, don't worry.  The Packer isn't far away, and avoiding the
        wanted level on the highway is pretty easy.  As soon as you drive up the
        ramp with the last bike, you're done.
    32. Up, Up, And Away!
        Starting Point: Four Dragons Casino, '$' marker, between 20:00 and 6:00
        (Note: The guide says 22:00 and 6:00, but I was able to start it at 20:50)
        Difficulty: 4/10
        First, you can complete this by flying and parachuting onto the helipad,
        or using the Jetpack.  But that really takes a lot of fun out of the
        mission, so we won't go that way.  Instead, head up to the front entrance. 
        As a Patriot exits the facility, the fence is open, so get in there.  Then
        take out the guard at the gate, the one to the right of the gate, and the
        two to the left.  Head to the big warehouse to the left.  Take out the
        numerous guards in here.  Your M4 skills should be pretty good now, so this
        shouldn't be a problem.  Once the room is clear, there is a health and 
        armor powerup for you if you need them, and you probably could at least use
        the armor.  Exit the other side of the warehouse, and head the only way you
        can, taking out the few guards you see along the way.  You'll see some
        stairs.  Take them up to the helipad, and take out the guards along the
        way, along with the two on the helipad itself.
        You get a message that they have scrambled Hunters after you.  Hop on the
        mini-gun, and it's like playing the Zero mission 'Air Raid' again, only
        much easier.  Take out the two Hunters, head up to the helipad, and take
        the Leviathan.  Fly south to where the armored car is.  You can use the
        analog stick to raise and lower the wench, but I found it easier just to
        leave it where it's at, and hover low enough to get it that way.  Once you
        have the armored car, slowly gain altitude (slowly, because that's the only 
        speed you can), and make your way back towards your airstrip.  You'll have
        to fly fairly slowly so as not to lose altitiude.  Once there, hover low
        enough to put the armored car in the red circle - you don't have to release
        it like with the Export/Import crane - and then land in the designated
        area.  Now head back to the Four Dragons for your own, personal Ocean's 11.
    33. Breaking The Bank At Caligula's
        Starting Point: Four Dragons Casino, '$' marker
        Difficutly: 4/10
        One of my favorite missions in the game.  It's long, but a lot of fun.
        Start by making your way over to Caligula's Palace.  Make sure your weapons
        are holstered.  Make your way to the right, and to the security door.  Use
        the keycard, and enter.  Now follow the radar to the generator room, and
        toss one of the gas grenades down the open grate.  You MUST get the grenade
        inside the vent, but it's not hard.  Follow the hallway around to the next
        keycard door.  At some point, the lights will go out - use your nightvision
        goggles to see what you're doing.  Head down to the service bay, and 
        towards the door.  Hang a right before you get there, and hop in the
        forklift at the end.  Drive it to the door, and use the right analog stick
        to raise the door.  Part 1 of the mission is over.
        Now, lead the team to the safe.  Follow the guards, and help them with the
        various shootouts.  All of the guards appear on radar, so it's not too 
        difficult.  When you get to the safe, Zero tells you someone is trying to
        bring the backup generators online.  Grab the indicated satchel charges
        (for some reason, all the ones you've been collecting outside the Four
        Dragons are gone, and you have to use L1 to swap something out - probably
        the gas grenades), and head back upstairs.  Use the charges to blow the 
        backups, and head back to the safe.  Get the armor pickup from the safe if
        you need it, and head back to the door.  Now, take out the guards as they
        enter the area, and when you take out the last one, make your way back to
        the service bay.  The rest of the team leaves, and part 2 is over.
        Now, fight your way back through the hallways to the indicated marker.
        This is the service elevator, and will take you to the roof.  Once there,
        don't bother fighting - just run across the rooftops, grab the parachute,
        and jump.  You're supposed to land on the opposite roof, take out the
        guards there, and fly back to Verdant Meadows.  But in both attempts at 
        this mission, I haven't been able to land on the roof.  Probably best that
        way, since you don't get a wanted level.  Jack any car you find, and drive
        yourself back to your airstrip.  Since you don't have a wanted level, the
        police won't bother you, and the pursuing chopper can't really keep up with
        you as long as you keep moving.  Feel free to take a flying drive into the
        airstrip area, park in the red marker, punch out Zero, and enjoy your
        earnings, and the follow-up phone call from Salvatore.
    XI.  Return To Los Santos Walkthrough
    1.  Introduction
        Ah, back home again.  Sort of.  These last few missions take us through the
        end of our story.  And aside from some gang wars, there are no optional
        missions to destract us from finishing the game.  If you've followed the
        walkthrough to this point, about the only thing you need to make sure to do
        for 100% that you may not have already is buy all the varous save houses.
        Other than that, lets finish up our storyline.
    2.  A Home In The Hills
        Starting Point: Four Dragons Casino
        Difficulty: 5/10
        Midgets are funny!  After the lengthy cut scene, you jump out of a plane.
        Open the parachute, and follow the other guys onto the helipad.  This one
        is much easier to land on that the other two 'target parachuting' missions.
        Once there, crouch and keep looking left and right for guys coming over the
        wall and up the ramp.  Eventually, you'll be done, and told to lead your
        guys inside the house.  You won't face any foes until after you're inside.
        Once inside, work your way through the house, checking out side rooms for
        ammo and health/armor powerups if needed.  Chase Big Poppa through the
        house, taking out guards as needed.  When you finally make it outside,
        it becomes a car chase through the hills.  You can win this one by either
        riddling Big Poppa's car with gunfire until it explodes, or run him off the
        side of the road near a cliff.  I've done it both ways.  Neither is all
        that much harder than the other, it's just a matter of opportunity.  Drive
        by him as much as you can, and if you get the chance, just push him off
        the road.  The mansion is now yours, and Didier Sachs is now open for your
        business.  Time to look the part of a multi-millionare.
    3.  Vertical Bird
        Starting Point: CJ's Mansion
        Difficulty: 4/10
        My favorite mission in the game.  Make sure you have some satchel charges.
        Take the boat near the back of the ship, then jump in the water.  Swim
        inside, and get out.  From here, you can go stealth or not.  I've done this
        mission both ways, and neither is harder than the other - there just aren't
        enough guards to matter.  Take out the guards one way or another, and get
        to the SAM room.  Turn off the SAMs, then work your way down the ship.
        After the guard near the planes are taken care of, put satchel charges on
        two of the three planes.  Go near the third, set the charges off, hop in
        the plane, and take off.
        Now, you will be in a dogfight.  Make sure to have the nozzles pointed for
        jet engines for this.  Since you took out two of the planes on the deck,
        you will only be facing one jet instead of three.  I've yet to have that
        one plane actually fire on me, but if they do, use the Circle key just dump
        countermeasures.  Turn until you can get a signal on the jet.  Press and
        hold L1 until the targeting rectle turns red, then let loose with missles.
        Fire two or three at it.  Two or three good hits will take it down.  Now,
        head over above Sherman Dam for the spy boats.  Switch back into hover
        mode, hover near the boats, and take them out.  Two or three missle shots
        do the trick for each one.  Then, take the plane over to Verdant Meadows,
        land, and taxi into the hanger.  Mission complete, and you now have a Hydra
        jet that always appears in the hanger.
    4.  Home Coming
        Starting Point: CJ's Mansion
        Difficulty: 3/10
        Ah Toreno, we hardly knew ye.  He wasn't my favorite character (second,
        actually), but he was the coolest.  Do what he says, and go pick up your
        brother.  Though you want to take him to the mansion, he wants to go back
        to Grove Street.  Take him there, and get the briefing on taking out drug
        dealers.  While doing so, it's quite likely you will start a gang war,
        which is required, but not 'supposed' to be done until you get rid of all
        the dealers.  However, the cul-de-sac you're in works well for a gang war,
        as all the Ballas come straight down Grove Street - makes for easy 
        pickings.  Claim your hood, get any armor you need, and take out the rest
        of the dealers, who won't fight back.  The hood is now yours again, and you
        can go back to reclaiming territory.  At this point, it's not worth it yet,
        as you will automatically do so first as part of the upcoming missions.
        But don't worry - we'll get there soon.  For now, head back to the mansion
        to finish up that series of missions.
    5.  Cut Throat Business
        Starting Point: CJ's Mansion
        Difficulty: 1/10
        Very easy wrap up to this set of missions.  Take Madd Dogg to the video
        shoot in an area behind RS Haul (where you started the trucking missions).
        OG Loc will flee in a hovercraft.  You hop in one and chase after him.
        It's very hard to lose him in this mission, and I've tried.  There are two
        jumps.  One is a ramp in the water that, as long as you hit it at a good
        clip, you don't have to be straight.  The second is a concrete bump.  I got
        stuck here for awhile, but it didn't matter.  OG went down the pier, and
        basically the game waited for me to catch up.  Anyway, get to the pier, and
        head down it.  The game will switch to a Kart chase.  Easiest thing to do
        here is stay back just a little, so the quick turns don't catch you by 
        suprise.  There's only one set of stairs that cause any problems at all.
        And if you get stuck there, don't worry.  It's at the end of the chase
        anyway, so you pretty much can't lose OG.  Once you catch up to him, you
        can't actually do anything to him.  Can't even smack him around like you
        did with Zero.  A very disappointing end to this part of the story.  You
        might as well head for your Grove Street adress to save at this point,
        since the next few missions will be there.  You will need to jump over
        some railings to get inside and save, since the start point for the next
        mission is right at the bottom of the steps.
    6.  Beat Down On B-Dup
        Starting Point: Johnson House
        Difficulty: 4/10
        Too bad you can't shoot that ho.  Take Sweet and a couple gang members over
        to Glen Park.  Start a gang war, and win it.  Once that's done, you go
        after the house across the street.  If there are cops in the area, you can
        get a wanted level pretty quickly, which is the only thing that makes this
        at all harder than a normal gang war.  After the last of the Ballas outside
        the house is taken care of, approach the house, get the Bear back, and
        head back home to save.
    7.  Grove 4 Life
        Starting Point: Sweet's House
        Difficulty: 3/10
        You need to take over two rival territories from an area just to the west
        of your location.  Oh, and keep Sweet alive.  As it is whenever you try to
        take over a specific location, finding a cluster of gang members to kill
        and provoke the gang war is the toughest part.  Once you take over two 
        territories, take Sweet back to his house.
    8.  Gang Wars
        Difficulty: 3/10
        You're familiar enough with gang wars by now.  In order to open up the last
        mission in the game, you must control at least 35% of the gang territories,
        and it's MUCH easier to take them over now, before starting the next story
        mission.  Once you reach 35%, you can take over as little or as much as you
        want.  Once you've taken over at least 35% and are ready to finish out our
        little story, continue on with the next mission by heading back to the 
        Note: After a few times through the game, I think I finally figured out
        that what zone is triggered for a gang war depends on where you are
        standing, not where the gang members are.  Very important for the tiny
        gang areas.
        Note 2: On my fifth (yes, fifth) time through the game, I finally had to
        take over the 'territory' north of San Fiero in order to control 100% of
        the territories.  I don't know what was different this time, although I
        did decide to take over all the Ballas territories first before any of
        the Vargos territories, whereas before, I took over both as I ran across
        groups of enemy gang members.  If you do have all the others and have to
        take over that territory, once you find a group to initiate a gang war,
        it's easy - there's only one wave of four gang members.
    9.  Riot
        Starting Point: CJ's Mansion
        Difficulty: 1/10
        Pulaski's missing?  Wonder what happened to him.  And Tenpenny gets off?
        Another suprise.  Riots breaking out?  Actually, pretty cool.  The feel of
        the city now is quite well done.  This is pretty much a storyline advancing
        only mission.  Hop in the car, and get Sweet back to his house in the hood.
        Just avoid the cars that are on fire, and you're golden.  Quickest way, as
        always, is the highway to the exit right by your house.
    10. Los Desperados
        Starting Point: Sweet's House
        Difficulty: 4/10
        A gang-war type mission, but this time, you're helping out and protecting
        Cesar.  You can also recruit a couple of OGs to go with you.  Head over to
        Unity Station, where you will meet up with a couple of Cesar's buddies.
        Now head to the apartment complex, and slowly work your way through, taking
        out everyone.  The enemies are shown on the radar, so it isn't too
        difficult.  When the apartment complex is clear, head for the alley shown
        on the map.  Work your way down this, and after the first wave is taken
        care of, a second wave appears that includes some gang members behind you.
        When the second wave is over, you are only left with Cesar's house itself.
        Target the guy on the roof with the rocket launcher first, then the guy
        on the left with the flame thrower.  The rest can be taken care of however
        you want.  The mission is now over, but the possibly tough task of finding
        a ride back home remains. Save, and get ready for the last mission.
    11. End Of The Line
        Starting Point: Sweet's House
        Difficulty: Overall, 5/10
        It's come down to this.  One final, epic-sized mission.  I'm going to break
        it down into three parts.
        Part 1: Big Smoke - Difficulty: 4/10
        Drive up to Big Smoke's new digs, and take out the two guards by the 
        entrance.  You'll be shown a tank nearby.  Head down the couple blocks,
        and get the tank somehow.  You can take out all of the cops and Ballas
        shooting it out, or just run for the tank.  When you have it, drive it
        back up to the hideout, and run through the front entrance.  Run over
        anyone in the hallway, and when you get to the end, hop out.  Now, switch
        to your M4, and work your way throug the next three levels.  Each level
        has armor towards the start of the level, but try and keep it for after 
        you've cleaned out the level.  The third level also has armor and health
        powerups in two side rooms just before you head up the stairs to confront
        Smoke.  Once up there, and the touching cut-scene is over, take out the
        few guards he has with him, then let loose into Big Smoke.  He'll run
        around, turn off the lights, run around some more - just don't let off
        the trigger on your M4, and you'll take him down before he's able to do
        much of anything.  After a touching death scene, who should show up but
        Tenpenny.  After narrowly escaping death by way of Tenpenny's shotgun, he
        sets the building on fire.  You have a limited amount of time to escape.
        Make your way down to the second floor, killing all those who get in your
        way.  You'll also find that the armor powerups have regenerated themselvls
        in the same spots.  The second and first floor are all in flames.  You can
        grab an extinguisher and douse your way, but if you're following this 
        walkthrough, you're fireproof already.  So just get in a crouch, make your
        way through the building, and exit.  You have plenty of time so long as you
        keep moving.  Don't worry about going back for any last bit of armor after
        the first floor is clear - you won't need it.
        Part 2: Tenpenny, the Chase - Difficulty: 5/10
        Now, Tenpenny takes off in a Firetruck with Sweet hanging from the back.
        You automatically hop in a car - follow them.  As you near the highway,
        Tenpenny will take the railroad tracks trying to escape.  If you get stuck
        on the wall side, you will lose him.  Other than that, just keep him in
        sight as best you can - it's much easier to lose Tenpenny than any other
        chase mission in the game.  But as he's in a Firetruck, it shouldn't be
        too hard so long as you don't get trapped.  After awhile, a couple of
        Tenpenny's 'rookies' hop out, and stomp on Sweet's fingers.  Get under the
        ladder so he can jump down.  He'll take over, and the next segment begins.
        Part 3: Tenpenny, the FPS - Difficulty: 6/10
        Have I said that First Person using a PS/2 controller blows?  Well, it
        does.  Shoot anything you can - cops on the indestructable Firetruck, cops
        on bikes, cops in cars, whatever.  You can't destroy the Firetruck.  The
        key is just to survive.  Eventually Tenpenny will kill himself.  But I'll
        leave that for you to find out how.  Once he does - the story is over.
        Hopefully, you have 100%.  If not, you'll have to go back to figure out
        what you missed.  One thing that I forgot - check the trainers in the gym.
        It's not listed anywhere if you've taken the lessons yet, and I had somehow
        not taken the lessons at the Grove Street Gym at the very beginning of the
        game.  Check to make sure you have times for both the BMX and NRG-500
        challange.  Head to Mt. Chilliad to see if there's any indication you
        forgot to complete one of the three challanges.  Look closely at the map
        to make sure you have all the save houses bought.
    X.  Conclusion
    1.  What now?
        So, what can you do now that you've completed 100% of the game?  Well,
        if you haven't already, there are still gang territories left to take over.
        You can go for gold in all schools if you don't have them already, since
        gold isn't required for 100%.  There's two triathalon races you can try - 
        one in Los Santos, and one in Las Venturas.  Other than that, save that
        100% save somewhere, and start again - see what you missed the first time
        around, from conversations to easter eggs to whatever.  I've been through
        the game twice now, and at over 200 hours total, I think I've got my moneys
        worth.  And I know I'll probably end up playing it at least one more time
        even before the game comes out on PC.
    2.  PC Version
        I've mentioned the PC version a few times.  Other than they expect to
        release it in the summer of 2005, I have no information at this point.  But
        it's already a must have, regardless of how many time I play the PS/2
        version.  The graphics will be better, ie, of higher resolution.  Custom
        radio stations (you can set up a directory of your own MP3 files.  No
        voiceovers, but something to change to when you're sick of the in-game
        radio stations).  And mouse-look for the first person segments of the game.
        It's also possible to use mouse-look for the entire game.  This could
        actually make the game more challanging in spots.  Mouse look takes away
        auto-aim, which means those guys you never really see but get to target
        anyway?  Not anymore.  I do hope I get to switch back and forth - I do
        prefer the gamepad for driving.  I'll just have to wait until next summer
        to see how it pans out.
    3.  Fixes I'd like to see
        This was an outstanding game.  In my top five all time.  But there are
        still some things I'd like to see changed in the game when it's released
        on the PC.  I don't expect any of them, but it'd be nice.
        - Not having to take all four challanges again in the Ammunation shooting
        - Quicker fade-in on distant - and not so distant - scenery, especially
          when racing
        - Less tractors on the highways (these just annoy me)
        - More predictable behavior from traffic.  Left turns from right lanes and
          right turns from left lanes would be fine, if it were consistant.  I
          know this is a game and all, but geez
        - More information when the girl you are dating is not home
        - Seeing luck actually affect gambling - I have yet to see it
        - Slightly higher frequence of opposing gang members when cruising their
          territory - I shouldn't have to cruise for an entire game-day to find
          them (See FAQ section for update on this one)
        - Better camera angles, or better yet, the ability to customize your own.
          I would *love* to have a camera angle set a little higher than the
          default one (w/o having to always use the right analog to move it that
          way), with it fixed behind the car instead of the camera taking it's time
          to catch up on turns.
        - Bob Ward sent in this great idea, that ticks me off only because I didn't
          think of it first:  "When you get 100%, open up all the missions so that
          you can replay the ones you like.  Because at 100% there isn't much of a
          reason to keep playing.  There are a lot of missions that I would play
          over and over again in all 3 games if given the chance.  It would be nice
          to play some missions with weapons and stuff that wasn't available at
          that point of the game.  I think this would be the ultimate reward."
          As do I, Bob.  As to I.
        Others to be added by me, or those who send me ideas.
        I hope this guide was helpful.
    4.  Special Thanks
        To my wife, Michelle, for not leaving me while I was obsessed with this
    XI.  Checklist With Percentages
    [ ] In The Beginning/Big Smoke/Sweet and Kendel (0.53%)
    [ ] Los Santos Courier (1.07%)
    [ ] Ryder (1.60%)
    [ ] Tagging Up Turf (2.14%)
    [ ] Gang Tags (2.67%)
        [x] 1		[ ] 26			[ ] 51			[ ] 76
        [x] 2		[ ] 27			[ ] 52			[ ] 77
        [x] 3		[ ] 28			[ ] 53			[ ] 78
        [x] 4		[ ] 29			[ ] 54			[ ] 79
        [x] 5		[ ] 30			[ ] 55			[ ] 80
        [ ] 6		[ ] 31			[ ] 56			[ ] 81
        [ ] 7		[ ] 32			[ ] 57			[ ] 82
        [ ] 8		[ ] 33			[ ] 58			[ ] 83
        [ ] 9		[ ] 34			[ ] 59			[ ] 84
        [ ] 10		[ ] 35			[ ] 60			[ ] 85
        [ ] 11		[ ] 36			[ ] 61			[ ] 86
        [ ] 12		[ ] 37			[ ] 62			[ ] 87
        [ ] 13		[ ] 38			[ ] 63			[ ] 88
        [ ] 14		[ ] 39			[ ] 64			[ ] 89
        [ ] 15		[ ] 40			[ ] 65			[ ] 90
        [ ] 16		[ ] 41			[ ] 66			[ ] 91
        [ ] 17		[ ] 42			[ ] 67			[ ] 92
        [ ] 18		[ ] 43			[ ] 68			[ ] 93
        [ ] 19		[ ] 44			[ ] 69			[ ] 94
        [x] 20		[ ] 45			[ ] 70			[ ] 95
        [ ] 21		[ ] 46			[ ] 71			[ ] 96
        [ ] 22		[ ] 47			[ ] 72			[ ] 97
        [ ] 23		[ ] 48			[ ] 73			[ ] 98
        [ ] 24		[ ] 49			[ ] 74			[ ] 99
        [ ] 25		[ ] 50			[ ] 75			[ ] 100
    [ ] BMX Challenge (3.21%)
    [ ] Taxi Driver (3.74%)
    [ ] Unique Jumps (3.74%)
        [ ] 1			[ ] 10			[ ] 17			[ ] 24
        [ ] 2			[ ] 11			[ ] 18			[ ] 25
        [ ] 3			[ ] 12			[ ] 19			[ ] 26
        [ ] 4			[ ] 13			[ ] 20			[ ] 27
        [ ] 5			[ ] 14			[ ] 21			[ ] 28
        [ ] 6			[ ] 15			[ ] 22
        [ ] 7			[ ] 16			[ ] 23
    [ ] Cleaning The Hood (4.28%)
    [ ] Firefighter (4.81%)
    [ ] Pimping (5.35%)
    [ ] Paramedic (5.88%)
    [ ] 8-Track (6.42%)
    [ ] Off Track Betting (6.42%)
    [ ] Buying Properties (9.63%)
        [ ] Willowfield (6.95%)
        [ ] El Corona/Verdant Bluffs (7.49%)
        [ ] Jefferson (8.02%)
        [ ] Marina/Verona Beach (8.56%)
        [ ] Santa Maria Beach (9.09%)
        [ ] Mulholland (9.63%)
    [ ] Drive Through (10.16%)
    [ ] Gym (Learn Moves) (10.70%)
    [ ] Nines and AKs (11.23%)
    [ ] Drive-By (11.76%)
    [ ] Sweet's Girl (12.30%)
    [ ] Cesar Vialpando (12.83%)
    [ ] High Stakes, Low Rider (13.37%)
    [ ] Lowrider Challange (13.37%)
    [ ] Home Invasion (13.90%)
    [ ] Burglar (13.90%)
    [ ] Catalyst (14.44%)
    [ ] Robbing Uncle Sam (14.97)
    [ ] OG Loc (15.51%)
    [ ] Running Dog (16.04%)
    [ ] Wrong Side Of The Tracks (16.58%)
    [ ] Just Business (17.11%)
    [ ] Life's A Beach (17.65%)
    [ ] Madd Dogg's Rhymes (18.18%)
    [ ] Management Issues (18.72%)
    [ ] House Party (19.25%)
    [ ] Burning Desire (19.79%)
    [ ] Dating Denise (19.79%)
    [ ] Gray Imports (20.32%)
    [ ] Doberman (20.86%)
    [ ] Gang Wars (20.86%)
    [ ] Ammunation Shooting Range Part 1 (21.39%,21.93%)
    [ ] Vigilante (22.46%)
    [ ] Los Sepulcros (22.99%)
    [ ] Reuniting The Families (23.53%)
    [ ] Green Sabre (24.06)
    [ ] Buying Properties (26.74%)
        [ ] Palomino Creek (24.60%)
        [ ] Dillimore (25.13%)
        [ ] Blueberry (25.67%)
        [ ] Whetstone (26.20%)
        [ ] Angel Pine (26.74%)
    [ ] Badlands (27.27%)
    [ ] Chiliad Challange (27.81%)
        [ ] Scotch Bonnet Yellow Route
        [ ] Birdseye Winder Yellow Route
        [ ] Cobra Run
    [ ] Ammunation Shooting Range, Part 2 (28.34%)
    [ ] Unique Jumps (28.34%)
        [x] 1/51			[ ] 4/29			[ ] 7/32
        [ ] 2/52			[ ] 5/30			[ ] 8/33
        [ ] 3/53			[ ] 6/31			[ ] 9/34
    [ ] Oysters (28.34%)
        Los Santos
        [ ] 1				[ ] 6				[ ] 11
        [ ] 2				[ ] 7				[ ] 12
        [ ] 3				[ ] 8				[ ] 13
        [ ] 4				[ ] 9				[ ] 14
        [ ] 5				[ ] 10			[ ] 15
        [ ] 1/25			[ ] 5/29			[ ] 8/32
        [ ] 2/28			[ ] 6/30			[ ] 9/33
        [ ] 3/26			[ ] 7/31			[ ] 10/34
        [ ] 4/27
    [ ] First Date (28.34%)
    [ ] Tanker Commander (28.88%)
    [ ] Trucking Missions (28.88%)
        [ ] Mission 1
        [ ] Mission 2
        [ } Mission 3
        [ ] Mission 4
    [ ] Body Harvest (29.41%)
    [ ] King In Exile (29.41%)
    [ ] First Base (29.41%)
    [ ] Against All Odds (29.95%)
    [ ] Gone Courting (29.95)
    [ ] Local Liquor Store (30.48%)
    [ ] Made In Heaven (30.48%)
    [ ] Small Town Bank (31.02%)
    [ ] Wu Zi Mu (31.55%)
    [ ] Farewell, My Love... (32.09%)
    [ ] Are You Going To San Fiero? (32.62%)
    [ ] Big Smoke's Cash (32.62%)
    [ ] Yay Courier (32.62%)
    [ ] NRG-500 Challange (33.16%)
    [ ] Buying Properties (36.36%)
        [ ] Doherty (33.69%)
        [ ] Hashburry (34.22%) 
        [ ] Queens (34.76%)
        [ ] Chinatown (35.29%)
        [ ] Calton Heights (35.83%)
        [ ] Paradiso (36.36%)
    [ ] Wear Flowers In Your Hair (36.90%)
    [ ] Dating Katie (36.90%)
    [ ] San Fiero Courier (37.43%)
    [ ] Photo Ops (37.97%)
        [ ] 1/38		[ ] 14/6		[ ] 27/12		[ ] 40/2
        [ ] 2/45		[ ] 15/5		[ ] 28/31		[ ] 41/3
        [ ] 3/13		[ ] 16/18		[ ] 29/34		[ ] 42/35
        [ ] 4/7			[ ] 17/27		[ ] 30/47		[ ] 43/39
        [ ] 5/4			[ ] 18/26		[ ] 31/50		[ ] 44/41
        [ ] 6/9			[ ] 19/21		[ ] 32/25		[ ] 45/42
        [ ] 7/15		[ ] 20/19		[ ] 33/20		[ ] 46/40
        [ ] 8/46		[ ] 21/22		[ ] 34/1		[ ] 47/8
        [ ] 9/49		[ ] 22/32		[ ] 35/10		[ ] 48/29
        [ ] 10/48		[ ] 23/23		[ ] 36/24		[ ] 49/30
        [ ] 11/43		[ ] 24/11		[ ] 37/33		[ ] 50/44
        [ ] 12/37		[ ] 25/17		[ ] 38/28
        [ ] 13/16		[ ] 26/14		[ ] 39/36
    [ ] Unique Jumps (37.97%)
        [ ] 1/35		[ ] 6/40		[ ] 9/43		[ ] 12/46
        [ ] 2/36		[ ] 7/41		[ ] 10/44		[ ] 15/49
        [ ] 3/37		[ ] 8/42		[ ] 11/45		[ ] 16/50
        [ ] 4/38
    [ ] Oysters (37.97%)
        [ ] 1/16		[ ] 4/19		[ ] 7/22
        [ ] 2/17		[ ] 5/20		[ ] 8/23
        [ ] 3/18		[ ] 6/21		[ ] 9/24
    [ ] San Fiero Gym (38.50%)
    [ ] Blood Bowl (39.04%)
    [ ] 555 We Tip (39.57%)
    [ ] Valet Parking (40.11%)
    [ ] Deconstruction (40.64%)
    [ ] Photo Opportunity (41.18%)
    [ ] Jizzy (41.71%)
    [ ] T-Bone Mendez (42.25%)
    [ ] Mike Toreno (42.78%)
    [ ] Outrider (43.32%)
    [ ] Snail Trail (43.85%)
    [ ] Ice Cold Killa (44.39%)
    [ ] Pier 69 (44.92%)
    [ ] Toreno's Last Flight (45.45%)
    [ ] Buying Zero's Shop (45.99%)
    [ ] Air Raid (46.52%)
    [ ] Supply Lines (47.06%)
    [ ] New Model Army (47.59%)
    [ ] Beefy Baron (47.59%)
    [ ] Mountain Cloud Boys (48.13%)
    [ ] Ran Fa Li (48.65%)
    [ ] Lure (49.20%)
    [ ] Amphibious Assault (49.73%)
    [ ] The Da Nang Thang (50.27%)
    [ ] Yay Ka-Boom-Boom (50.80%)
    [ ] Back To School - Driving School (51.34%)
    [ ] Buying Properties (52.94%)
        [ ] Fort Carson (51.87%)
        [ ] Tierra Robada (52.41%)
        [ ] El Quebrados (52.94%)
    [ ] Boat School (53.48%)
    [ ] Bike School (54.01%)
    [ ] Oysters (54.01%)
        [ ] 1/35		[ ] 4/38		[ ] 7/41
        [ ] 2/36		[ ] 5/39		[ ] 8/42
        [ ] 3/27		[ ] 6/40		[ ] 9/43
    [ ] Unique Jumps (54.01%)
        [ ] 1/54		[ ] 3/56		[ ] 5/58
        [ ] 2/55		[ ] 4/57
    [ ] Dating Barbara (54.01%)
    [ ] Ammunation Shooting Range, Part 3 (54.55%)
    [ ] Monster (55.08%)
    [ ] Highjack (55.61%)
    [ ] Interdiction (56.15%)
    [ ] Verdant Meadows (57.22%)
    [ ] Learning To Fly (57.75%)
    [ ] N.O.E. (58.29%)
    [ ] Stowaway (58.82%)
    [ ] Black Project (59.36%)
    [ ] Green Goo (59.89%)
    [ ] Buying Wang Cars (60.43%)
    [ ] Zeroing In (60.96%)
    [ ] Test Drive (61.50%)
    [ ] Customs Fast Track (62.03%)
    [ ] Puncture Wounds (62.57%)
    [ ] Buying Properties (67.38%)
        [ ] Rockshore West (63.10%)
        [ ] The Camel's Toe (63.64%)
        [ ] Pirates in Men's Pants (64.17%)
        [ ] The Clown's Pocket (64.71%)
        [ ] Old Venturas Strip (65.24%)
        [ ] Creek (65.78%)
        [ ] Prickle Pine (66.31%)
        [ ] Whitewood Estates (66.84%)
        [ ] Redsands West (67.38%)
    [ ] Oysters (67.91%)
        [ ] 1/44		[ ] 4/47		[ ] 6/49
        [ ] 2/45		[ ] 5/48		[ ] 7/50
        [ ] 3/46
    [ ] Horseshoes (68.45%)
        [ ] 1		[ ] 14		[ ] 27		[ ] 40
        [ ] 2		[ ] 15		[ ] 28		[ ] 41
        [ ] 3		[ ] 16		[ ] 29		[ ] 42
        [ ] 4		[ ] 17		[ ] 30		[ ] 43
        [ ] 5		[ ] 18		[ ] 31		[ ] 44
        [ ] 6		[ ] 19		[ ] 32		[ ] 45
        [ ] 7		[ ] 20		[ ] 33		[ ] 46
        [ ] 8		[ ] 21		[ ] 34		[ ] 47
        [ ] 9		[ ] 22		[ ] 35		[ ] 48
        [ ] 10		[ ] 23		[ ] 36		[ ] 49
        [ ] 11		[ ] 24		[ ] 37		[ ] 50
        [ ] 12		[ ] 25		[ ] 38
        [ ] 13		[ ] 26		[ ] 39
    [ ] Unique Jumps (68.45%)
        [ ] 8/8 (Los Santos)		[ ] 5/63
        [ ] 9/9 (Los Santos)		[ ] 6/64
        [ ] 5/39 (San Fiero)		[ ] 7/65
        [ ] 13/47 (San Fiero)		[ ] 8/66
        [ ] 14/48 (San Fiero)		[ ] 9/67
        [ ] 1/59				[ ] 10/68
        [ ] 2/60				[ ] 11/69
        [ ] 3/61				[ ] 12/70
        [ ] 4/62
    [ ] Las Venturas Gym (68.98%)
    [ ] Exports & Imports (70.59%)
        [ ] List 1 (69.52%)
            [ ] Patriot
            [ ] Sanchez
            [ ] Stretch
            [ ] Feltzer
            [ ] Remington
            [ ] Buffalo
            [ ] Sentinel
            [ ] Infernus
            [ ] Camper
            [ ] Admiral
        [ ] List 2 (70.05%)
            [ ] Slamvan
            [ ] Blista Compact
            [ ] Stafford
            [ ] Sabre
            [ ] FCR-900
            [ ] Cheetah
            [ ] Rancher
            [ ] Stallion
            [ ] Tanker
            [ ] Comet
        [ ] List 3 (70.59%)
            [ ] Blade
            [ ] Freeway
            [ ] Mesa
            [ ] ZR-350
            [ ] Euros
            [ ] Banshee
            [ ] Super GT
            [ ] Journey
            [ ] Huntley
            [ ] BF Injection
    [ ] Freight Train (71.12%)
    [ ] Las Venturas Courier (71.66%)
    [ ] Kickstart (72.19%)
    [ ] Dirt Track (72.73%)
    [ ] Trucking, Part 2 (73.26%)
        [ ] Mission 5
        [ ] Mission 6
        [ ] Mission 7
        [ ] Mission 8
    [ ] Race Tournaments
        [ ] Los Santos (76.47%)
            [x] Lowrider Race (73.26%)
            [ ] Little Loop (73.80%)
            [ ] Backroad Wanderer (74.33%)
            [ ] City Circuit (74.87)
            [ ] Vinewood (75.40%)
            [ ] Freeway (75.94%)
            [ ] Into The Country (76.47%)
            [x] Badlands A (76.47%)
            [x] Badlands B (76.47%)
        [ ] San Fierro (79.68%)
            [ ] Dirtbike Banger (77.01%)
            [ ] Bandito Country (77.54%)
            [ ] Go-Go Carting (78.07%)
            [ ] San Fierro Fastlane (78.61%)
            [ ] San Fierro Hills (79.14%)
            [ ] Country Endurance (79.68%)
        [ ] Las Venturas Airport Freight (81.82%)
            [ ] San Fierro to Las Venturas (80.21%)
            [ ] Dam Rider (80.75%)
            [ ] Desert Tracks (81.28%)
            [ ] Las Venturas Ringroad (81.82%)
        [ ] Las Venturas Airport (85.03%)
            [ ] World War Aces (82.35%)
            [ ] Barnstorming (82.89%)
            [ ] Military Service (83.42%)
            [ ] Chopper Checkpoint (83.96%)
            [ ] Whirly Bird Checkpoint (84.49%)
            [ ] Heli Hell (85.03%)
    [ ] Fender Ketchup (85.55%)
    [ ] Explosive Situation (86.10%)
    [ ] Quarry (86.63%)
        [ ] Mission 1
        [ ] Mission 2
        [ ] Mission 3
        [ ] Mission 4
        [ ] Mission 5
        [ ] Mission 6
        [ ] Mission 7
    [ ] You've Had Your Chips (87.17%)
    [ ] Don Peyote (87.70%)
    [ ] Intensive Care (88.24%)
    [ ] Misappropriation (88.77%)
    [ ] The Meat Business (89.30%)
    [ ] Fish In A Barrel (89.84%)
    [ ] Madd Dogg (90.37%)
    [ ] Freefall (90.91%)
    [ ] High Noon (91.44%)
    [ ] Saint Mark's Bistro (91.98%)
    [ ] Architectural Espionage (92.51%)
    [ ] Key To Her Heart (93.05%)
    [ ] Dating Millie (93.05%)
    [ ] Dam And Blast (93.58%)
    [ ] Cop Wheels (94.12%)
    [ ] Up, Up, And Away! (94.65%)
    [ ] Breaking The Bank At Caligula's (95.19%)
    [ ] A Home In The Hills (95.72%)
    [ ] Vertical Bird (96.26%)
    [ ] Home Coming (96.79%)
    [ ] Cut Throat Business (97.33%)
    [ ] Beat Down On B-Dup (97.86%)
    [ ] Grove 4 Life (98.40%)
    [ ] Gang Wars - Control 35% of Territories (98.40%)
    [ ] Riot (98.93%)
    [ ] Los Desperados (99.47%)
    [ ] End Of The Line (100.00%)

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