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    Vehicle Export/Import List by Nega Elemental

    Version: 1.3 | Updated: 11/26/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

             ~~FAQ is Copyright Nega Elemental. All rights reserved.~~
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     \    \_\  \  | \// __ \|   |  \/ /_/ |    |    |   |   Y  \  ___/|  |   |  |  
      \______  /__|  (____  /___|  /\____ |    |____|   |___|  /\___  >__|   |__|  
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                \____|__  /____/ |__|  \____/  /_______  (____  /___|  /
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                   _____              .___                             
                  /  _  \   ____    __| _/______   ____ _____    ______
                 /  /_\  \ /    \  / __ |\_  __ \_/ __ \\__  \  /  ___/
                /    |    \   |  \/ /_/ | |  | \/\  ___/ / __ \_\___ \ 
                \____|__  /___|  /\____ | |__|    \___  >____  /____  >
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    Game: Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
    Faq: San Fierro Car Import/Export guide
    Platform: Playstation 2
    Author: Nega Elemental
    Created in: Notepad
    Version: 1.0
    Latest Update: 11/22/04
    Contact: GtaList@Gmail.com
    Author's Note: I am going to be using the 'Quickfind' feature in this guide.
                   Press ctrl+f, then type in the given code to the section you
                   would like to skip to, then hit find, and you will be taken
    Version Updates     -~-    [VSI1]
    Introduction        -~-    [INT1]
    Legal               -~-    [LGA1]
    How to..            -~-    [HWT1]
    Customs Fast Track  -~-    [CFT1]
    Export List         -~-    [EXP1]
    Import List         -~-    [IML1]
    Car Locations       -~-    [CRL1]
    Car Descriptions    -~-    [CDS1]
    Vehicle checklist   -~-    [VHK1]
    Tips                -~-    [TPS1]
    Contact             -~-    [CNC1]
    Credits             -~-    [CRD1]
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    |V|e|r|s|i|o|n| |U|p|d|a|t|e|s|  - [VSI1]
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    Latest Update: [11/26/04] ~ Version 1.3
    -Just a small update today, answered some emails, added a tip, and a bit of
     info on the Huntley.
    Latest Update: [11/25/04] ~ Version 1.2
    -BIG update this time. Answered 40+ emails, had many submissions from people,
     thank you all very much. Changed the MESA location. Added an Faq, some tips,
     and a lot more. I'm getting a lot of emails about where to find Sentinels,
     so i've made that one into a list.
    Latest Update: [11/23/04] ~ Version 1.1
    -Added a few corrections, some spawning locations, a tips section, and a
     few bits here and there.
    Latest Update: [11/22/04] ~ Version 1.0
    -Submitted the Guide, thinking of what more to add to make it bigger.
    |I|n|t|r|o|d|u|c|t|i|o|n|  - [INT1]
    Hey, and welcome to my third FAQ for Gamefaqs! This time, it's for, possibly
    one of the biggest games to hit the gaming generation, Grand Theft Auto: San
    Andreas. This guide is for Importing, and Exporting cars at the Easter Basin
    docks after finishing all of your Garage missions in San Fierro. It will
    include the Basic Exporting and Importing lists, where to find the cars,
    how to export & import and much more. You will need to finish the mission
    'Customs Fast Track' to open Importing and Exporting, so I have included
    a small walkthrough of that mission. Good luck, and have fun!
    |L|e|g|a|l|  - [LGA1]
    This Faq be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, 
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed 
    publicly without advance written permission from the Author. Use of this 
    guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly
    prohibited, and a violation of copyright.
    So basically, DO NOT STEAL! Yes, Dave from cheatcc.com, this includes you
    too. If any websites wish to use this guide on their Website, please, please
    email me first. All it takes is to open a basic email program, type my mail
    address in, type your message, and hit send. That has to be easier than
    going through the hassle of legal action.
    The following websites have my written permission to use this guide:
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    |H|o|w| |t|o|  - [HWT1]
    +-+-+-+ +-+-+
    Q: How do I unlock Importing and Exporting?
    A: You must finish Driving school. Jethro gives you a call about Wang Cars
       coming up for sale. Purchase it for $50,000. You will now do some more
       missions for the garage, that includes stealing cars. Finish the mission:
       Customs fast track, and you will unlock Exporting & Importing.
    Q: What do I get from Exporting?
    A: Money. Lots of money. If you find an Infernus, it sells for $95,000. Plus,
       you can Import rare cars, such as the Monster truck, Banditos, Turismos, 
    Q: How do I know if I can Export a certain car?
    A: If you can Export the car, when you enter it, you get a message saying
       'This car can be Exported over at the Easter Basin docks.'
    Q: How do I use the Crane?
    A: Go into the Red Marker and press Triangle. Square raises the Magnet, X
       lowers it. Circle releases the car. The left analog stick moves the Crane.
    Q: How do I Import?
    A: Go to the Chalk board, and press Triangle. Go to the day that you are on,
       and press X. It will then show a list of cars available for Importing on
       that day. 
    Q: How do I claim my rewards?
    A: As soon as you put the car in the red marker, they will give you the money.
    Q: I can't use this darn crane! Can I move cars another way?
    A: Sure. You can drive up and down the ramp that is on the ship, but be
       careful, the ramp can sometimes be hard to get about on.
    Q: Where is ---- car?
    A: Check the Vehicle location section. It has the locations for 95% of the
       cars you need. (I'm still looking for a couple).
    Q: Is Importing & Exporting required for 100%?
    A: Yep. You need to finish all 3 lists to get a shot at 100%.
    Q: Do I need to complete Exporting and Importing mission strand to finish the
    A: Nope, you can still complete the story without it, but you do get a nice
       amount of cash to help you along in the later parts of the game.
    Q: Where is the chalk board that has the cars for Exporting and Importing?
    A: It's by the crane, close to the water. Can't miss it.
    +-+-+-+-+-+-+-+ +-+-+-+-+ +-+-+-+-+-+
    |C|u|s|t|o|m|s| |F|a|s|t| |T|r|a|c|k|  - [CFT1]
    +-+-+-+-+-+-+-+ +-+-+-+-+ +-+-+-+-+-+
    You'll need to complete this mission to unlock Importing & Exporting, so here
    is a small guide on how to get through this mission.
    Carl and Kendl talk about Sweet's situation, while Cesar gets a hint about
    a car at the docks that is in a crate. The annonymous man says that he has
    marked the crate with some paint. 
    When you're in Cesar's lowrider, they discuss on who's doing what. Cesar is
    afraid of heights, so you'll have to operate the Crane, while he checks the
    Crates for the Car. When you reach the yellow blip on your map(Go down the
    train tracks), enter the Crane. 
    You find out that there is no marked crate, so you decide to search them all.
    Use the Square button to raise the magnet, and X to lower it, and the left
    analog stick to move the Crane about. Once you have a crate, move it off
    the ship, and put it on the floor. Don't just drop it from high up though,
    as it will explode, thus causing the mission failed. Once you find the
    right crate, Cesar gets in the car, but some men drive up and ambush you.
    Exit the Crane, and fill the three men with bullets. A few more guys arive
    at the scene, destroy these fools aswell. Now another 2 guys run up, kill
    them, and you're done. Drive back to the garage, and voila! Collect your
    $10,000 and start exporting some cars!
    +-+-+-+-+-+-+ +-+-+-+-+
    |E|x|p|o|r|t| |L|i|s|t|  - [EXP1]
    +-+-+-+-+-+-+ +-+-+-+-+
    Ok, here is the Basic Export lists for all you readers out there. I have also
    included the rewards that you get for Exporting the cars.
    ------First List------
    CAR NAME       MONEY
    Patriot        $40,000
    Sanchez        $8,000
    Stretch        $40,000
    Feltzer        $35,000
    Remington      $30,000
    Buffalo        $35,000
    Sentinel       $35,000
    Infernus       $95,000
    Camper         $26,000
    Admiral        $35,000
    ------Second List------
    CAR NAME       MONEY
    Slamvan        $19,000
    Blista Compact $35,000
    Stafford       $35,000
    Sabre          $19,000
    FCR 900        $10,000
    Cheetah        $105,000
    Rancher        $40,000
    Stallion       $19,000
    Tanker         $35,000
    Comet          $35,000
    ------Third List------
    CAR NAME        MONEY
    Blade          $19,000
    Freeway        $10,000
    Mesa           $25,000
    ZR 350         $45,000
    Euros          $35,000
    Banshee        $45,000
    Super GT       $105,000
    Journey        $22,000
    Huntley        $40,000
    BF Injection   $15,000
    You get less money the more damaged the car is, so drive to the Crane
    carefully! You also get to Import the car you export. So say you export
    a Patriot, you'll be able to Import them.
    +-+-+-+-+-+-+ +-+-+-+-+
    |I|m|p|o|r|t| |L|i|s|t|  - [IML1]
    +-+-+-+-+-+-+ +-+-+-+-+
    When you reach a certain number of cars that you have Exported, you are able
    to Import cars for a price, of course. Here is a list of the cars to Import.
              ------First List------
    | CARS OBTAINED  |    CAR NAME    |   COST   |
    |                |                |          |
    |       5        |     Monster    | $32,000  |
    |      10        |     Windsor    | $28,000  |
              ------Second List------
    | CARS OBTAINED  |    CAR NAME    |   COST   |
    |                |                |          |
    |       5        |     Bandito    | $12,000  |
    |      10        |     Turismo    | $76,000  |
              ------Third List------
    | CARS OBTAINED  |    CAR NAME    |   COST   |
    |                |                |          |
    |       5        |     Vortex     | $20,800  |
    |      10        |     Bullet     | $84,000  |
    Here is a few descriptions of the cars you can Import:
    Monster - Huge 4 wheel off-road truck. Durable and can bowl over most cars.
              My personal favourite car.
    Windsor - Fast Sports car, but handles like a brick. Feels heavy when driving,
              and has bad handling. Not recommended.
    Bandito - Off-road Dune buggy. Fast, and handles pretty well. Can't endure
              much damage though. Fun car to drive.
    Turismo - One of the, if not the fastest car in the game. Has a big spoiler
              on the back, and has a long front. 2 doors.
    Vortex - Our good old Hovercraft. Drives on land, flows through sea, and
             flies through the air. Has a big fan on the back.
    Bullet - Most likely the fastest car in the game. Has a huge stripe down
             its front that runs down to the back. Has a very low ground
             clearance, so it doesn't tip over easily. Very fast.
    +-+-+-+ +-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+
    |C|a|r| |L|o|c|a|t|i|o|n|s|  - [CRL1]
    +-+-+-+ +-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+
    Now onto where to find the cars! Most of these cars spawn in places, all around
    the State of San Andreas, here is a list of the Locations of the cars you'll
    need to Export.
    List 1
    Patriot - Usually spawns at the Easter bay chemicals parking lot in San
              Fierro. Also in Area 69, watch for the instant 5 star wanted level,
              though. Easier if you have the Airstrip to park it in the garage
              and save.
    Sanchez - On the farm, a little West of Leafy Hollow, also can be acquired
              in the mission 'Explosive situation' for the casino. The Sanchez
              is always parked at the Quarry after that mission, too.
    Stretch - A lot are seen driving around Hashbury, can also be found behind
              Wang Cars in Doherty.
    Feltzer - Start a Valet mission, most of the cars are Feltzers, also can
              be acquired in the mission 'Fender Ketchup' for the Casino, kill
              the guy on the hood to get Mission failed, then take the car.
    Remington - By Unity station, in Los Santos.
    Buffalo - Fern ridge, next to Catalina's cabin.
    Sentinel(Listed) - 
    1. Movie studio parking lot in Vinewood, Los Santos. Doors can be locked
       sometimes, so blow it up, go around the block, and it should be 
    2. Can also be seen driving around the studio aswell, if you can't find
       the parked one. 
    3. May also be found at Jizzy's Pleasure Domes club, in San Fierro.
    4. Usually spawns around Roca Escalante in Las Venturas by the VRock hotel.
    5. Can be found in the Underground Car Park, in Financial in San Fierro,
       where you do the Valet missions.
    6. Seen driving around in Commerce in Los Santos, no matter what car you drive.
    Infernus - Paradisio, West of the Northern Pay n' spray in San Fierro.
    Camper - A little North of Katie Zhan's house, parked by the Diner.
    Admiral - Parked in Conference, in Los Santos.
    List 2
    Slamvan - In El Corona, Los Santos. 
    Blista Compact - Found driving around the San Fierro airport a lot, and
                     also found cruising around in Cranberry Station, Doherty.
                     Spawns at Wang Cars after the mssion 'Zeroing in'.
    Stafford - In Queens, parked by the $50,000
    Sabre - These are everywhere. Wait on the roads, just outside of the Exporting
            place. You will find one easily.
    FCR 900 - Just above Greenglass college in Las Venturas, Parked with another
              lot of vehicles. Also spawns by the driving school if you get at
              least all silvers at the Bike school.
    Cheetah - Leftmost of Prickle Pine, by a House.
    Rancher - Usually parked by the Lil' Probe inn, just North of Fort Carson.
    Stallion - Juniper Hill, North of where you find the Stafford.
    Tanker - These are all over the countryside & the desert. Just cruise 
             around, and you'll find one.
    Comet - West of the Avispa country club. There is a window shaped, yellow
            building on your map. It should be around there.
    List 3
    Blade - Same as the Sabre. They're found all around San Fierro.
    Freeway - Hashbury, parked by the curvey road.
    Mesa - At the Base of Mount Chiliad, if you finish the 'Chiliad Challenge' on
           the Mountain Bike at the top of the Mountain, the Mesa is next to the
           finish point.
    ZR 350 - Parked a little North of Caligula's Casino in Las Venturas.
    Euros - Under the Sphinx's head at the Camel's toe in Las Venturas.
    Banshee - Parked right next to the Dojo's gym .
    Super GT - Get at least all Bronze in the Driving school, and it will be parked
               outside. You will need to get at least all Bronze to unlock
               Inporting and Exporting anyway. Can also be found if you hop
               the fence into an airport, and drive the baggage truck, the
               Super GT may appear.
    Journey - On the top of Mount Chiliad. Also in the movie studio in Vinewood,
              LS. Not closer, but probably easier to get if you hate Mt. Chiliad.
    Huntley - Appears at the driving school sometimes instead of the Hotknife if
              you get Gold in all driving school tests. Can sometimes spawn
              there if you get all Silver, and if you complete the first Export
              list. Also seen driving around in Prickle Pine.
    BF Injection - On the Beach, near the Avispa Country Club. Also in the eastern
                   corner of Santa Maria Beach in Los Santos, by the gym equipment.
                   If it does not appear, just circle the block until it does.
    As you can see, it takes quite a trip to get all of the cars, but it is worth
    it. You get a $215,000 bonus for completing the lists!
    +-+-+-+ +-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+
    |C|a|r| |D|e|s|c|r|i|p|t|i|o|n|s|  - [CRL1]
    +-+-+-+ +-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+
    Want to know what the cars you're looking for look like? Look no futher! Here,
    I will describe what the cars that you are supposed to find look like.
    Patriot - A Pale green, very durable vehicle. It has four doors, and is a
              little raised off the ground. Same as a Humvee In real life.
    Sanchez - A Dirtbike, has to front window. Meant for offroad.
    Stretch - A long, white Limo. Can't miss it.
    Feltzer - 2 door convertable, looks sort of like a lowrider.
    Remington - 2 door, has a long front, and a roof, you compete against this
                this car in the Lowrider challenges.
    Buffalo - 2 door car, has hood-scoops.
    Sentinel - 4 door car, has a stripe on it's side, can be confused easily with
               the Primo.
    Infernus - Low car, with a massive dip in it's hood.
    Camper - Looks like a hippy van. Has 2 different colours.
    Admiral - Higher than the Sentinel, but looks near the same. Has a stripe
              down it's side, and has 4 doors.
    Slamvan - Higher than most lowriders, has very small windows, and has a 
              Tanker-like back.
    Blista Compact - Small, 2 door car. The bottom half of it is a different colour
                     than the top half.
    Stafford - Looks old-fashioned. Has a Chrome bumper, and also has 4 doors.
    Sabre - 2 doors, has a long front, and no boot.
    FCR 900 - Looks exactly like the PCJ-600. Window on the front, seat is at the
              far back.
    Cheetah - Low, small car. Has a scoop on the hood, has side skirts and 2 
    Rancher - 2 door SUV. Has a big stripe on it's side, and is high off the 
    Stallion - 2 door convertable, has a stripe down it's side, and 2 hood scoops.
    Tanker - A huge, powerful truck. You can back this vehicle into a storage
             tanker, and it will hook on. 2 doors.
    Comet - 2 door sports car. The lights are deeper than other cars. Has a raised
            back, but has no roof.
    Blade - Standard lowrider. Has 2 doors, and no roof. Looks exactly like the
            Savannah, except for the minus 2 doors.
    Freeway - Looks like a Biker gang's bike. The handlebars are higher than the
              Bike itself.
    Mesa - 2 door off-road vehicle. Most of it's front is silver metal, also has
           a large bumper.
    ZR 350 - Has a rounded front. It's lights are very close to the floor. Some
             come with a spoiler at the back, some don't. Lights also raise out
             of the hood at night.
    Euros - 2 door sports car. Is curved at the front, like the ZR 350, too.
    Banshee - 2 door sports car, has a stripe of a different colour down it's
              front and back. Low ground clearance, also has no roof.
    Super GT - Has a spoiler on it's back. The lights are on it's hood, laying
    Journey - Looks like a trailer on wheels. Has ladders going up it's side.
    Huntley - 4 door SUV. Has a dip in it's hood too.
    BF Injection - Looks like a big quadbike, but has a roof. It also has 2
                   stripes on it's hood that are a different colour than the
                   car itself.
    +-+-+-+-+-+-+-+ +-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+
    |V|e|h|i|c|l|e| |C|h|e|c|k|l|i|s|t|  - [VHK1]
    +-+-+-+-+-+-+-+ +-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+
    Here is a small checklist you can use when printing to record your progress.
    |   List #1    |      List #2      |     List #3      |
    | [] Patriot   | [] Slamvan        | [] Blade         |
    | [] Sanchez   | [] Blista Compact | [] Freeway       |
    | [] Stretch   | [] Stafford       | [] Mesa          |
    | [] Feltzer   | [] Sabre          | [] ZR 350        |
    | [] Remington | [] FCR 900        | [] Euros         |
    | [] Buffalo   | [] Cheetah        | [] Banshee       |
    | [] Sentinel  | [] Rancher        | [] Super GT      |
    | [] Infernus  | [] Stallion       | [] Journey       |
    | [] Camper    | [] Tanker         | [] Huntley       |
    | [] Admiral   | [] Comet          | [] BF Injection  |
    | {} Done!     | {} Done!          | {} Done!         |
    |T|i|p|s|  - [TPS1]
    Here is a small tips section to help you get the most out of Exporting your
    (Thanks to Stuart for the following 4 tips:)
    -If you're moving cars a long distance, it's worth driving them on the train
     tracks. The tracks lead straight to the docks, there's rarely a train on
     them, so you stand far more chance of getting the car there damage free.
    -If your car is damaged by the time you get to the docks, stick it in one of
     your garages, or get it to a Pay n' spray. The car will be as good as new,
     and you will get the right amount of money.
    -If you ever find a car while playing the game that's on a future list(list 3
     while you're only doing list 1) stick it in a garage for later. It could
     save you loads of time and money.
    -There are 16 different classes of vehicle in the game, including aircrafts,
     bikes, and boats. If you're driving a vehicle from one class, it increases
     the chance of other vehicles in that class spawning. You'll notice that if
     you drive a 'rare' car all the way from Los Santos to the docks, you'll
     see 3 of them lined up at a traffic light in Doherty. So, if you're after a
     Tanker, drive anything like a tanker, such as a Linerunner, or if you want
     a Huntley, try driving a Rancher or Landstalker. The spawning of cars is
     also area based. You'refar more likely to see an expensive sports car driving
     through Rodeo than Ganton.
    (Thanks to Pogo for the following 2 tips:)
    -Tankers, Freeways, Journeys, Sanchez, and Ranchers can all be found cruising
     around the Countryside.
    -Stallions, Feltzers, Remingtons, Sabres, and Stretchs can mostly be found
     driving around the Easter Basin in Doherty, San Fierro.
    -Some Garages eat cars, especially the San Fierro garage that you start San
     Fierro with. Try not to stuff garages full with cars (4 or more) or you
     run a high risk of one of them dissappearing. There have also been reports
     of custom paintjobs being deleted, and replaced by plain white paint. I
     can confirm this through my Stratum's paintjob being deleted(Grr). If
     this is about to happen, your garage may lock, and will not let you in
     for a while. Try not to put 2 or more cars with custom paintjobs in the
     same garage to prevent this.
    |C|o|n|t|a|c|t|  - [CNC1]
    You can contact me at GtaList@gmail.com but please remember that I don't
    stay on the computer 24/7, so be patient when waiting for a reply.
    Here is some stuff I'd like people to send in:
    Submissions for the guide
    Car spawning locations closer to or in San Fierro if there is any more
    Tips on how to make the guide better
    Here is what I DON'T want:
    Any illegal stuff
    Any other crap like that.
    If you're sending me a mail, Include a subject such as 'GTA:SA Import/export
    list faq'. I will delete any mail with a (no subject) or with attachments.
    I have received many viruses through email attachments, and it takes ages
    to clear them, so please keep viruses/trojans/Spyware or whatever to
    |C|r|e|d|i|t|s|  - [CRD1]
    Me - For typing up FAQ.
    Rockstar - For the amazing Grand Theft Auto Series.
    CJayC - For Gamefaqs.com.
    Eric - For telling me about the Huntley's spawning location.
    Stuart - For giving me some car spawning locations, some corrections, and tips.
    Saggij - For giving me 6 car locations.
    Rollot88, Chet, Josh & Dan - For pointing me to another Stretch location.
    Christian - For also telling me where a Sentinel spawns.
    Dwayne - For telling me that the Huntley can spawn without all Golds at the 
             Driving school.
    Pogo -  For giving me lots of car locations, 2 tips, and some Car descriptions.
    Kelly - For telling me that the Blista compact spawns at Wang Cars after the
            mission 'Zeroing in'.
    Scott - For also giving some info on the Huntley's spawning location
    Rick -  For telling me that the Sentinel sometimes spawns at Jizzy's club.
    Ssbandlofus - For telling me some info on the Super GT.
    Yamer - For telling me a tip about the Sentinel.
    Muhd - For telling me about another Sentinel spawning location.
    Andrew - For telling me about the Mesa's other spawning location.
    Eric B - For another Sentinel spawn location.
    Carl - For another Sentinel spawn location.
    Staticline01 - For telling me that the Huntley is seen driving in Prickle Pine.
    Alex - For reminding me that you get the FCR900 at the Driving school.
    Gaston - For the suggestion on the tip about storing more cars
    Thanks to all the above!

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