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    FAQ/Walkthrough by LightScribe

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                       _/\_    /   \   Grand Theft Auto - San Andreas
                      /    \  |     |     FAQ / Walkthrough
                    | |   _|__|     |       Version 1.31
                   _| |  /    |     |__      By Michael Sarich
                   | \| |     |    /   \_     michaelsarich@hotmail.com
                   |  \ |     |    |     \_   Released Tuesday 9th November 2004
                ___|   \|     |    |       \  Copyright(C) 2004 Michael Sarich
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      Table Of Contents
    Part I: Welcome
            [1]: About The Author
            [2]: Document Licence Agreement
            [3]: Site Licence Agreement
            [4]: Contact Me
            [5]: Disclaimer
    Part II: About This FAQ
            [1]: FAQ Statistics
            [2]: Version History
            [3]: Other Guides By The Author
    Part III: The Walkthrough
        Chapter I: Game Basics
            [1]: Characters
            [2]: Moving Through San Andreas
                 a. On Foot
                 b. In The Water
                 c. In A Vehicle
                 d. On A Motorbike
                 e. In A Boat [NOT COMPLETED]
                 f. On A Bicycle [NOT COMPLETED]
                 g. In A Helicopter [NOT COMPLETED]
                 h. In A Plane [NOT COMPLETED]
            [3]: Game Concepts
                 a. Wanted Level
                 b. Busted
                 c. Wasted
                 d. Eating
                 e. Excercising
                 f. Clothes
                 g. Tatoos
                 h. Hair Cuts
                 i. Dating
                 j. Prostitutes
            [4]: Statistics [NOT COMPLETED]
                 a. Fat
                 b. Stamina
                 c. Respect
                 d. Lung Capacity
                 e. Sex Appeal
                 f. Muscle
                 g. Driving Skill
                 h. Flying Skill
                 i. Bike Skill
                 j. Cycling Skill
                 k. Weapon Skill
        Chapter II: Los Santos Missions.
            [1]: Ryder
                 a. Ryder
            [2]: Sweet
                 a. Tagging Up Turf
                 b. Cleaning The Hood
                 c. Drive Thru
                 d. Nines And AK's
                 e. Drive-by
                 f. Sweet's Girl
                 g. Cesar Vialpando
            [3]: Ryder 2
                 a. Home Invasion
                 b. Catalyst
                 c. Robbing Uncle Sam
            [4]: Big Smoke
                 a. OG Loc
                 b. Running Dog
                 c. Wrong Side Of The Tracks
                 d. Just Business
            [5]: Cesar
                 a. High Stakes, Low-Rider
            [6]: OG Loc
                 a. Life's A Beach
                 b. Madd Dogg's Rhymes
                 c. Management Issues
                 d. House Party
            [7]: Officer Tenpenny
                 a. Burning Desires
                 b. Gray Imports
            [8]: Sweet 2
                 a. Doberman
                 b. Los Sepulcros
                 c. Reuniting The Families
                 d. Green Sabre
        Chapter III: Badlands Missions
            [1]: Officer Tenpenny
                 a. Badlands
            [2]: Catalina
                 a. First Date
                 b. Tanker Commander
            [3]: The Truth
                 a. Body Harvest
            [4]: Cesar
                 a. King In Exile
            [5]: Catalina 2
                 a. First Base
                 b. Local Liquor Store
                 c. Gone Courting
                 d. Against All Odds
                 e. Made In Heaven
                 f. Small Town Bank
            [6]: Cesar 2
                 a. Wu-Zi-Mu
                 b. Farewell, My Love...
            [7]: The Truth 2
                 a. Are You Going To San Fierro
        Chapter IV: San Fierro Missions
            [1]: Carl Johnson
                 a. Wear Flowers In Your Hair
                 b. 555 We Tip
                 c. Deconstruction
                 d. Photo Opportunity
                 e. Jizzy
                 f. Outrider
                 g. Snail Trail
                 h. Ice Cold Killa
                 i. Pier 69
                 j. Toreno's Last Flight
            [2]: Jizzy
                 a. T-Bone Mendez
                 b. Mike Toreno
            [3]: Woozie
                 a. Mountain Cloud Boys
                 b. Run Fa Li
                 c. Lure
                 d. Amphibious Assault
                 e. The Da Nang Thang
            [4]: Zero's RC
                 a. Air Raid
                 b. Supply Lines
                 c. --
            [5]: Triads
                 a. Yay Ka-Boom-Boom
        Chapter V: Desert Missions
            [1]: Mike Toreno
                 a. Monster
                 b. Highjack
                 c. Interdiction
                 d. Verdant Meadows
            [2]: Air Field
                 a. Flight School
                 b. N.O.E
                 c. Stowaway
            [3]: The Truth
                 a. Black Project
                 b. Green Goo
        Chapter VI: Las Venturas Missions
            [1]: Woozie
                 a. Fender Ketchup
                 b. Explosive Situation
                 c. You've Had Your Chips
            [2]: The Truth
                 a. Don Peyote
            [3]: Ken Rosenburg
                 a. Intensive Care
                 b. The Meat Business
            [4]: 4 Dragons Casino - Robbery
                 a. Architectural Espionage
                 b. Key To Her Heart
            [5]: Madd Dogg
                 a. Madd Dogg
            [6]: Woozie 2
                 a. Fish In A Barrel
            [7]: Officer Tenpenny
                 a. Misapropriation
            [8]: Ken Rosenburg 2
                 a. Freefall
            [9]: Officer Tenpenny 2
                 b. High Noon - TBC
                 f. Dam & Blast - TBC
                 g. Cop Wheels - TBC
                 h. Up, Up And Away! - TBC
            [8]: Ken Rosenburg 3
                 a. Saint Marks Bistro - TBC
                 b. Breaking the Bank at Caligulas - TBC
            [9]: Woozie 3
                 a. A Home In The Hills - TBC
        Chapter VII: The Final Missions
            [1]: Carl Johnson
                 a. Vertical Bird - TBC
                 b. Homecoming - TBC
            [2]: Sweet
                 a. Beat Down On B-Dup - TBC
                 b. Grove 4 Life - TBC
            [3]: Carl Johnson 2
                 a. Cut Throat Business - TBC
                 b. Riot - TBC
            [4]: Sweet 2
                 a. Los Desperados - TBC
                 b. End Of The Line - TBC
        Chapter VIII: Non-Storyline Missions
            [1]: RS Haul
                 a. RS Haul Mission 1
                 b. RS Haul Mission 2
                 c. RS Haul Mission 3
                 d. RS Haul Mission 4
        Chapter IX: R3 Missions
            [1]: Vigilante
            [2]: Paramedic
            [3]: Firefighter
            [4]: Taxi Driver
            [5]: Burglaries
            [6]: Pimpin'
        Chapter X: Collectables
                 a. Tags - Los Santos
                 b. Snapshots - San Fierro
                 c. Horseshoes - Las Venturas
                 d. Oysters - Underwater
        Chapter XI: Vehicle Database
        Chapter XII: Real Estate
        Chapter XIII: Game Script
             [1]: Mission Scripts
             [2]: Radio Station Scripts
                                    Part I: Welcome
    Welcome to my Grand Theft Auto - San Andreas FAQ. Thank you for choosing this
    guide, and I hope it contains the answer to your question. If not, send an
    E-Mail to michaelsarich@hotmail.com. Please read the E-Mail policy first.
                                 [1]: About The Author
    My name is Michael Sarich. I am 16 years old, and have been gaming since I was
    7. I own a PC, PS, PS2, GB, GBC, GBA, PC, and a NES. I have several guides on
    the go at the moment. I welcome all questions from readers, as well as
    submissions such as alternate strategies, information and tips. 
    I can always be contacted at michaelsarich@hotmail.com. However, I would
    appreciate it if you went to the Contact Me section. This section shows you how
    to subject your message so that my filters can redirect it to the approprtiate
    folder. This makes everything easier for me, you and other people.
                            [2]: The Story Behind This Guide
    I had always planned to write an FAQ for San Andreas when it first came out.
    At first, I was a bit slow, and it got rejected because there were a heap more.
    However, you are reading it now, it has been accepted.
                             [3]: Document License Agreement
    [Last Updated Tuesday 2nd of November 2004]
    If you wish to read this document, you must agree to the terms and conditions
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    3. The site must not edit the document, even spelling errors. Instead, e-mail  
       me, so I can change my master copy.
    4. The site must update the guide withing a week (7 days) of release. If not,
       I will e-mail the owner, giving him/her a further 2 days. If the guide has
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    5. If the site fails to meet these conditions, it will be asked to remove 
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                                    [5]: Contact Me
    If you wish to contact me, please send mail to michaelsarich@hotmail.com
    If you are asking a question, please include "San Andreas" and "Question" in
    the subject.
    If you are going to contribute something, please put "San Andreas" and
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    5. DON'T get frustrated if I don't reply that night. I will reply
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                                    [6]: Disclaimer
    [Last Updated Sunday 15th of February 2004]
    By reading this guide, you automatically agree to these terms.
    1. All material in this guide is copyright(c) 2004 Michael Sarich. Any
       material found used without my permission is plagiarism, and I won't
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    2. If you wish to use all or any part or section of this guide, ask me, and I
       will almost always let you, provided you give me credit.
    3. THIS GUIDE WILL CONTAIN SPOILERS. If you read this guide, and it ruins the
       game for you, you have been warned.
    4. All trademarks are the property of their respective owners. I am not
       affiliated with any of the companies associated with this game, or any other
       related indicia.
                                Part II: About This FAQ
    You are reading Version 1.1 of Michael Sarich's Grand Theft Auto - San Andreas
                                  [1]: FAQ Statistics
      Title:                Grand Theft Auto - San Andreas - FAQ/Walkthrough
      Author:               Michael Sarich (michaelsarich@hotmail.com)
      Website:              www.freewebs.com/michaelsarichfaq
      Version:              1.31
      Game:                 Grand Theft Auto - San Andreas
      Platform:             PlayStation 2
      Release Date:         26th October 2004
      Date Created:         Sunday 31st October 2004
      Update Date:          Sunday 14th November 2004
                                  [2]: Version History
       v0.5a: (Sunday 31st of October 2004).
          Got the game and know it well enough to help others, so I started the
          walkthrough. Many other sections still incomplete
       v0.5b: (Thursday 4th of November 2004).
          My guide got knocked back, and I re-submitted. Don't yet know if it got
          acepted. I have added a whole lot of stuff, and am now well into San
          Fierro. I don't think it will get knocked back this time. Then I can
          really start working my butt off.
       v0.5c: (Monday 8th of November 2004)
          Knocked back again. I was really pissed off.
       v1.0: (Tuesday 9th November 2004)
          Got all the missions. Some incomplete, but can answer e-mail questions
          from my notes.
       v1.1: (Wednesday 10th November 2004)
          Yes! It was accepted. Lucky I have another huge update. However, I start
          at a job tomorrow, so I will be a little slower - may have to stay up
          later. I estimate 2 days until full status.
       v1.2: (Saturday 13th November 2004)
          What a poor estimate. I've been busy, but still trying to work my ass off
          on this guide. Supercheats.com and san-andreas.us may now post my guide.
          v1.3 will be a better update, I promise.
       v1.3: (Sunday 14th November 2004)
          I have been asked to be part of a Grand Theft Auto site, so I was unable
          to do all that much. Still, I added about 5 missions. Be easy on me, I was
          busy all afternoon.
       v1.31: (Sunday 5th December 2004)
          My PS2 is getting Disc Read Errors, so please don't think I've forgot
          about you. I will type what I can from my notes soon.
                             [3]: Other Works By The Author
    To view all of my guides, go to www.freewebs.com/michaelsarichfaq, and click on
    the FAQ's link.
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     Grand Theft Auto - San Andreas: FAQ/Walkthrough (v1.31) - You Are Reading It!
                                   Part III: The FAQ
    By reading further, you automatically agree to the Document License Agreement,
    and the Disclaimer.
                                 Chapter I: Game Basics
                                    [1]: Characters
    Carl Johnson: 
        The main character in the game. Carl lived in Liberty city for 5 years, and
        returns home to bury his dead mother. Carl decides to stay, and help the 
        Grove Street Families get back to the top.
    Sean (Sweet) Johnson: 
        Is Carl's brother. He blames Carl for their younger brother Brian's death.
        He wants to get the drugs off the streets of Los Santos, and create peace
        between many of the gangs.
    Kendl Johnson:
        Carl's sister. Her and Sweet always argue about her boyfriend, Cesar
    Lance (Ryder) Wilson:
        Ryder is the loud mouth of the Grove Street Families who always has
        something to say.
    Melvin (Big Smoke) Harris:
        Another meber of the Grove Street Families. Eats more than the average
        person, hence the physique.
    Cesar Vialpando:
        Kandl's boyfriend who owns a low-rider. He first introduces you to street
    Jeffery (OG Loc):
        After being locked up, Jeffery emerged all muscled up and gangster with a
        new name - OG Loc. He believes he can rap, although others find it shocking,
        and is trying to make a career out of it.
    Denise Robinson:
        After rescuing her from a fire, Densie askss you to take her out. Bring her
        flowers or a dildo as a present, and take her out.
                            [2]: Moving Through San Andreas
    In comparison to Vice City, San Andreas has a wide range of ways to move around.
    There are now even more ways to travel around the map.
                                     [2]a. On Foot
    Just like in any Gran Theft Auto game to date, CJ can move around on foot. In
    fact, this will probably be the second most common method of transport you use
    in your travels around the state of San Andreas.
    Use the Left Analog Stick to move around. Hold X down to sprint for a limited
    amount of time. After a while, CJ will begin to get tired - according to the
    amount of stamina you have, and start to slow down. Tapping X rapidly will make
    CJ run even faster, but he will tire quicker.
    Carl can jump over an object while pressing Square while moving towards it. Carl
    can also grab onto something and pull himself up - a fence, wall etc. Press
    Square while standing in front of it, and CJ will grab onto it. Press square
    again and Carl will climb up.
                                   [2]b. In The Water
    Unlike the other Grand Theft Auto titles, you don't drown when you go into
    water. In Vice City, the main character - Tommy - died if he was in water
    deeper than a few feet.
    Carl can slowly swim along the top of the water using the Left Analog Stick. He
    can swim faster by holding X, and even faster by tapping X repeatedly, similar
    to walking. Carl's stamina will curb the amount of time this can be done for.
    Carl can dive underwater by pressing O. Carl moves around exactly the same
    underwater (speeding up with X) as he does above. However, Carl can only hold
    his breath for so long. Once the Breath Bar empties, he will start to lose his
    life, and then drown.
    To provent this, swim to the surface, and allow Carl to catch his breath.
                                   [2]c. In A Vehicle
    CJ can jack a car by pressing Triangle. When you jack a car, watch out for
    police, and make sure the driver isnt going to rip you back out and attack you.
    Accelerate by pressing X, and brake by pressing Square. Pressing L1 will apply
    the handbrakes. Steering is controlled by moving the Left Analog stick left or
    right. Moving the Right Analog Stick will move the camera around the car.
    Pressing Select will gain you acess to the different views. If you press L2, the
    camera will change to look to the left of the car, as R2 will show you the 
    scenery to the right. Pressing both of them simultaneously will show you the
    If you hit the L3 button, the horn - or siren on certain vehicles - will sound.
    Certain vehicles will trigger certain missions upon the press of the R3 button.
    If at any time, you wish to exit the vehicle, press Triangle when it is stopped.
    Pressing and holding Triangle while the vehicle is in motion, will cause Carl to
    bail out.
    To do a drive-by from a car, look either left or right, and press O - only if
    you have an SMG equipped.
    Some cars are special low-rider cars that have hydraulics equipped. Pressing L3
    will make the car rise or lower, and the Right Analog Stick will tilt the car.
                                  [2]d. On A Motorbike
    Driving a motorbike is the same as a car, but you can shift your weight to do
    wheelies and stoppies using the Left Analog Stick. Also, motorbikes cannot have
    hydraulics fitted.
                                   [3]: Game Concepts
    This section introduces you to many game concepts in Grand Theft Auto - San
                                   [3]a. Wanted Level
    If you commit a crime in San Andreas, the local police force will come at you
    with different degrees of force.
     * -      The police will chase you in their cars, and shoot at you. Nothing
              too serious. Drive around abiding the law to lose the heat.
     ** -     Now it is a bit worse. More cars, more police with guns. Pick up a 
              police bribe to return to * or go to a Pay'n'Spray.
     *** -    A helicopter will join the chase, and shoot at you.
     **** -   SWAT police with Machine Guns come to you.
     ***** -  FBI chase after you, your dead as soon as you step out of a vehicle
              because of their machine guns and your vehicle will blow up as they
              continue to ram it.
     ****** - Army come for you. Tanks fire at you, your as good as dead now.
    Thanks to Thom,- GTA-Addicted Admin for helping my lazy ass with the final 3
    wanted levels.
                                      [3]b. Busted
    When you get arrested by a cop, they will take all your weapons and some cash
    for a bribe. You will regain control of CJ at the nearest police station. You
    can get arrested by the cops opening your door, and arresting you.
    They can also knock you to the ground, and arrest you.
                                      [3]c. Wasted
    When you get killed, you are Wasted. You can get killed by being shot, killed in
    a gang fight or run over. When you are wasted, the hospital staff take your
    weapons, and some money to cover doctor's fees.
    You can avoid getting wasted by not allowing your health get too low, and
    using Armor.
                                      [3]d. Eating
    Carl must eat often to maintain his health. If he goes too long without eating,
    Carl will lose energy, fat, and eventually muscle.
    There are three fast food restaraunts that you can eat at; Cluckin Bell, Well
    Stacked Pizza Co and Burger Shot. Usually, you must eat at least once a week
    (game time).
                                   [3]e. Excercising
    Carl must also work out at the local gym. He can boost his stamina and muscle by
    working out on the machines. You can use a machine by using Triangle. There are
    also people who can teach you new moves.
                                     [3]f. Clothes
    Carl can purchase new outfits at Binco's and change your look. Certain clothes
    gain you more respect and boost your sex appeal. Any clothes you buy will be
    available in your wardrobes.
                                     [3]g. Tatoos
    Carl can also get tatoos, which will boost sex appeal and respect. They are done
    at a tatoo parlor.
                                     [3]h. Hair Cuts
    Hair cuts also boost sex appeal and respect - of course depending on the style.
                                     [3]i. Dating
    Through the game, you get different girlfriends. Bring them flowers or a dildo
    as a present, take her out, and see if she wants to go home for sex. Press L1 to
    kiss - only at certain times.
                                   [3]j. Prostitutes
    Carl can pick up prostitutes around San Andreas. Drive up to them while in a
    decent car at night, and when they ask if you want a good time, reply
    positively. She will get in.
    Go to a dark, isolated place, and park. The car will rock, and the controller
    will vibrate. She will take some money from you, but when she gets out, just
    get out and shoot her to reclaim your cash.
                            Chapter II: Los Santos Missions
       Script Code: SAsc001
    The year is 1992. Carl "CJ" Johnson is returning to his home town of Los
    Santos, San Andreas after spending 5 years in the east coast city of Liberty.
    Upon arriving at Los Santos International Airport, Carl's brother Sweet calls 
    and informs Carl that his mom is dead.
    As Carl leaves the airport in a taxi, three policemen stop them and confiscate
    Carl's money, and drive off without retriving his bag. The trio of officers - 
    one of them being a corrupt member of the gang war prevention squad, Frank
    Tenpenny try to frame CJ for the murder of a police officer. Carl denys the
    accusation, and the cops agree to let Carl go - in Ballas Turf. 
    Although Carl hasn't represented the Grove Street Families for five years, the 
    Ballas are sure to not care.
    This is where you gain control of your character. Head towards the CJ icon on
    the Mini-Map. When you get there, get off the bike, and walk into the red
    circle. CJ will walk inside, and Big Smoke will appear, and tell you to bounce
    with him to the cemetary in his nice black station wagon.
    In the next cut scene, you will meet Sweet and Kendl, CJ's siblings. You will
    find out that things havn't gone too smooth for the Grove Street Families. As
    you go to leave, a group of Ballas will drive-by Big Smokes wagon, and reduce
    it to a pile of ashes. So now you must follow the others on a bike (I hope you
    got some practice).
    Jump on the bike and pedal. Watch out for poles, Ballas, cars and Police.
    just follow the others. When you get back, Sweet will call, and open as your
    first boss.
                                       [1]: Ryder
    Ryder is located in the house on the other side of the alleyway adjacent to 
    CJ's house.
                                      [1]a. Ryder
       Difficulty: *
       Script Code: SAsc002
    This mission is basically designed to accustom you with two of the new concepts
    in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas; haircuts and eating. Jump into Ryder's car
    and head over to the barber's and get a cut. I reccomend getting a cheap cut,
    because you only have $350. Then head back out, and go into the pizza shop and
    buy a meal. As you are eating, Ryder busts in and attemps a raid. The pizza
    boy pulls a shotgun and starts shooting. Run to Ryders car, jump in and floor
    it back to Grove Street.
       Reward: Respect +
                                       [2]: Sweet
    Sweet is also located in the Grove Street cul-de-sac, and is to the other side
    of CJ's house.
                                 [2]a. Tagging Up Turf
       Difficulty: *
       Script Code: SAsc003
    Sweet will ask you to help him spray over tags around Los Santos. He gives you
    a spray can, and you must drive him to the first tag. He will show you how to
    tag over the top of it. Spray over the other two tags in this area, then get
    back in sweets car and go hit up in some Ballas turf. To get the last tag you
    will need to do some climbing. After that, head back to Grove Street.
       Reward: $200 & Respect + & Spawning Spray Can at CJ's mom's house.
                                 [2]b. Cleaning The Hood
       Difficulty: **
       Script Code: SAsc004
    For ease, just grab Sweet's car, and take Ryder to meet B'Dup and Big Bear.
    Then, track down the dealer, kill him and take his bat. Now head over to the
    crack den with Ryder, and beat the Ballas dead. A good idea would be to kill
    the guy with the bat first. Now head back to Sweet's, and claim your reward.
    After this mission, Officer Hernandez will call and tell you the Police are
    watching you, and not to leave town.
       Reward: Respect +
                                    [2]c. Drive Thru
       Difficulty: **
       Script Code: SAsc005
    The boys are hungry, and want to go out for chicken. Drive your crew to 
    Cluckin' Bell, and wait at the drive-thru. Some Ballas come past and start to
    shoot at you. Keep up with the car so your homies can shoot it. Try to ram it
    into a corner, and trap it with your car. Kill any Ballas that escape once the
    car catched fire, and head back to the Grove. Big Smoke asks you to drive him
    home, which is not too far away.
    After you complete this mission, Sweet will call and tell you that you should
    go and work out at the gym.
       Reward: $200, Respect +
                                  [2]d. Nines And AK's
       Difficulty: *
    Just head over to Emmet's crib and learn how to shoot a gun. In San Andreas, a
    vehicle will automatically explode if you shoot the gas tank. Go to Binco and
    buy something cheap. Then head back home.
       Reward: Respect +
                                     [2]e. Drive-By
       Difficulty: ***
    All you have to do is cruise around to the different locations so your homies
    can kill some Ballas. Afterwards, you will obtain a ** Wanted Level. Head over
    to Pay'n'Spray for a complementary respray, and then cruise back to Sweet's
       Reward: $500, Respect +, Ryder and Big Smoke open as bosses.
                                  [2]f. Sweet's Girl
       Difficulty: ***
    If you need a piece, head over to Emmets, but be quick. Make a few passes
    running over any enemies you can. Take the last few out using a gun. Once you
    have killed them all - watch out for the one on the stairs, Sweet will call and
    tell you to get a car so they can escape. You need a four-door, so just grab the
    one parked by the curb.
    Once Sweet and his girl are in the car, make your way back to the Grove, 
    watching out for the cars chasing you.
       Reward: Respect +
                                  [2]g. Cesar Vialpando
       Difficulty: ****
    Drive to the mod garage, and pick up the lowrider that Sweet organised for you.
    You have to look at the available upgrades, but I don't reccomend purchasing
    any. Drive to the lowrider competition, and accept the challenge. Bet $1,000,
    and if you lose, load and try again. Once you win, you will meet Kendal's
    boyfriend, Cesar.
    After you complete the mission, Cesar will call, and tell you to meet him for
    a street race. He opens up as a contact point, but we will see him later.
    Next, head over to Ryder's again.
       Reward: Lowrider Competition Earnings, Cesar opens as a boss
                                      [3]: Ryder 2
    Ryder is located in the house on the other side of the alleyway adjacent to 
    CJ's house.
                                   [3]a. Home Invasion
       Difficulty: **
    Ryder wants you to help him steal some guns from a house. You need at least
    three crates, but get as many of the six as possible. The locations are:
       1. Behind the artillery in the front room.
       2. In the room to the right of the first.
       3. At the top of the stairs.
       4. At the end of the hallway.
       5. In the man's bedroom.
       6. Alongside the man's bed.
    If you want to do the bare minimum, you need not go past the stairs.
    Once you have at least three. jump in the van, deliver the goods to the lock-up,
    and make your way back home.
       Reward: Respect +
                                     [3]b. Catalyst
       Difficulty: ***
    Jump in Ryder's truck and drive to the area, only to find Vargos are already
    there. Go up onto the embankment to cap them, then stand behind the crates to
    kill the Ballas who come. Next, check out the train, and it will start moving.
    Throw the crates to Ryder in the back of his truck by using L1 to power up
    your throw. Once you have thrown 10 to him, get in the truck, and to the
    Pay'n'Spray to shake your three star wanted level. Next, head back home.
       Reward: Respect +
                                 [3]c. Robbing Uncle Sam
       Difficulty: ****
    Climb over the fence and shoot the guy standing behind it. Also kill the other
    two in this area. Manually aim at the switch, and blow it off the wall, so Ryder
    can drive the truck through. Shoot the switch to the warehouse, and shoot the
    two men inside. Jump in the forklift and start loading the boxes onto the truck.
    If Ryder ever appears to be in trouble, jump out of the forklift and kill some
    men for him. Once you have the four crates in the warehouse. Start looking
    outside for two more. Then jump in the truck, and avoid the soldiers. Head
    to the lockup - hey it's Emmet's place - and drop the truck off.
       Reward: Respect +
                                     [4]: Big Smoke
    Big Smoke lives outside the grove, though not too far away. He can be found at
    the BS blip on the radar.
                                      [4]a. OG Loc
       Difficulty: ***
    Go to the prison to pick up you boy Jeffery - I mean OG Loc - and take him to
    kill Freddy. After some teasing aimed at OG, Freddy will take off on a PCJ, so
    you need to grab the other one and take Loc to kill Freddy. You can't kill
    Freddy until after you go along the train tracks. He rendevous with some of
    his boys, so kill them all. Then take Jeff to his new job at Burger Shot in
    Verona Beach.
       Reward: Respect +, OG Loc opens as a boss.
                                   [4]b. Running Dog
       Difficulty: **
    Big Smoke tells you he is going to get his cousin Mary - yeah, Mary Jane. When
    the Vagos refuse to hand over the weed, Big Smoke kills one with a bat. You
    must chase the other down. Be on the look out for other Vagos and even Ballas.
    A few shots with a Pistol should do it. Now, head back to the Grove.
       Reward: Respect +
                             [4]c. Wrong Side Of The Tracks
       Difficulty: ****
    Take Big Smoke to Unity Station, where you see 4 Vagos train surfing. Grab the
    sanchez, and ride along next to the train so Big Smoke can get a clear shot. As
    you approach the tunnel, watch out for an oncoming train.
       Reward: Respect +
                                   [4]d. Just Business
       Difficulty: *****
    Drive over to Downtown, and go inside the building. You walk straight into an
    ambush. Remain behind the wall, and shoot any Russians with your SMG. A
    shotgun is also quite effective. Dont forget to get the armor behind another
    wall, then walk outside when all is clear. Also pick up any paper and weaponry
    the Russians drop.
    Head outside, and kill the Russians, before getting on the bike with Big
    Smoke. You are the turret. Try to eliminate as many vehicles as possible, aiming
    preferably at tires and drivers.
    Once you get into the sewer, use the explosive drums to your advantage. Not
    long after, you have lost the Russians.
       Reward: Respect +
                                       [5]: Cesar
    Cesar is Kendl's boyfriend, and can be found at the C blip on the radar.
                              [5]a. High Stakes, Low-Rider
       Difficulty: **
    Cruise over to Cesar's crib in a lowrider - the Savannah from before will do - 
    and follow him to the meeting spot. Each checkpoint has an arrow, which marks
    the direction in which you need to turn next.
    Sacrificing a little speed on the turns is better than crashing into a car,
    pole, or even worse, a cop.
       Reward: $,1000
                                      [6]: OG Loc
    OG Loc can be located at the Burger Shot in Verona Beach
                                  [6]a. Life's A Beach
       Difficulty: **
    OG is planning a party, and need you to steal a sound van he saw earlier. Head
    down to the beach, and answer positively twice to the DJ to start dancing. Get
    a score of 4000+ (Not too hard I got like 5200) by pressing the right button as
    it enters the circle.
    Then, jack the sound van and avoid the cars chasing you. Secure the van in the
    lock-up and claim your reward.
       Reward: Respect +
                                [6]b. Madd Dogg's Rhymes
       Difficulty: **** (* For Manhunt Owners)
    Stealth kill the first guard, then continue. The second guard walks 
    anti-clockwise around the pool, so follow him around and through the door,
    don't try to be a hero and kill him. Now just do as the hints tell you until
    after the bar part. Head into the shadowy room, and cut through, or else you
    will come face to face with a guard.
    Grab the rhymes, and shoot your way out, hiding in shadows to avoid enemy fire.
    Next, return back to Loc. I do not reccomend getting the silenced pistol, as
    you will lose all accumulated ammo you have for your current pistol.
    Not long after completion, Officer Tenpenny calls and opens for business.
       Reward: Respect +, Officer Tenpenny opes as a boss.
                                [6]c. Management Issues
       Difficulty: **
    Drive to the car, and force the driver out. You will probably need a respray,
    so go to the Pay'n'Spray to do so. Then park in the same direction as the other
    cars, and drive with them to the award ceremony.
    When the people get in, drive to the pier, and bail before the car dives off
    the edge.
       Reward: Respect +
                                    [6]d. House Party
       Difficulty: ****
    The prompt tells you to get a cut and some new threads, but you need not do
    either. Go to the barbers across the street from the Burger Shot, and sit
    down, pressing Triangle. As you leave, OG will call, and tell you to get
    to his place on Grove Street.
    Next, a Grove boy will come and inform you that some Ballas are on their way.
    For the first lot, try to stay crouched near a car. Use first-person aim for
    the four on the bridge. When the next lot come, kill the ones in Ryders front
    yard. Jump on top of the wall, and shoot the ones in the alley. Then jump down,
    and kill anything else that moves and is not green.
       Reward: Respect +
                                 [7]: Officer Tenpenny
    Officer Tenpenny can be found at Jim's Sticky Ring in Market.
                                 [7]a. Burning Desires
       Difficulty: ****
    Officer Tenpenny wants you to goand burn down a Vagos gang house. So go to the
    Molotovs, go to the building and get ready. When walking to a different window -
    you have to throw Molotovs through 5 - switch to a gun, and kill any Vagos
    trying to shoot you.
    Once the house is ablaze, a girl appears at an upstairs window and is trapped by
    the flames. Go inside, and make your way through to the kitchen. Grab the
    Fire Extinguisher to make your way up, and then down with the girl. Aim the Fire
    Extinguisher at the base of a fire to put it out.
    Drive the girl - Denise - home, and she will become your girlfriend. Take her on
    dates to keep her happy.
    Sweet calls, but leave him until later.
       Reward: None
                                   [7]b. Gray Imports
       Difficulty: ****
    Officer Tenpenny makes you aware of a deal going down between the Ballas and the
    Russians at the Docks. Drive down to the red circle. Make a few passes taking
    out men, and Forklifts (shoot the explosive barrels on the front of them) by
    either drive-by or hit and run. Proceed through the warehouse, collecting any
    armor as you go.
    When you find the main russian, chase him, and shoot. If he gets into his car,
    chase him on the nearby PCJ.
       Reward: None
                                      [8]: Sweet 2
    Sweet can be found at his house again, but for the first mission, you need to go
    to Ammunation in Market
                                     [8]a. Doberman
        Difficulty ****
    This mission is the introduction to gang warfare. Drive to Glen Park and take it
    over. Take out a group of Ballas while of foot to start a gang war. Then kill
    each wave as it comes. Pick up Health and Armor as you require.
    Once you take the hood, your gang members will be found in it. Now kill the
    Ballas fool
       Reward: Respect +
    Mini-Guide To Gang Wars
    Sorry to say it, but real gang wars aren't as easy as the one you just
    encountered. There are more enemies which are harder to kill. You will need
    to recruit a few gang members, and be tactical.
    Kill three or more enemy gang members. Survive three waves, and the hood is
    yours. Also, territories come under attack, so you will need to defend them
    when they flash red.
                                   [8]b. Los Sepulcos
       Difficulty: ***
    Sweet wants sweet revenge on the Ballas, so he decides that one of the most
    powerful Ballas, Kane should die. Drive to the funeral, and climb over the
    fence to meet your gang. Head towards the red blip, killing any Ballas that get
    in your way. chase after Kane with an SMG and keep shooting.
    Eventually, he will be needing a funeral at this place. Kill the rest of the
    Ballas, jump in the Admiral with Sweet, and drive back to Grove Street.
                             [8]c. Reuiniting The Families
       Difficulty: ******
    First, drive your crew over to the meet point. As you arrive, SWAT will appear
    in a hellicopter. You decide to go in and help Sweet get out. I recommend
    killing all the SWAT out the front of the building, as they drop money and
    ammunition. Go inside, and note that you can replenish your health via the
    vending machine.
    Work your way through killing SWAT and picking up ammunition. When you get to
    the room where the SWAT decend from the roof, go up the stairs to find a suit of
    Armor. Keep going through until you find Sweet.
    When you get onto the roof, shoot the four SWAT on the helicopter, then use
    manual aim to make the helicopter lose control. Follow Sweet down the stairs,
    and get in the car with Big Smoke and Ryder.
    Now, you are the turret, and you have to protect the car. Shoot, shoot, and dont
    stop shooting, until the AK jams. Then, you and your boys fake your deaths, and
    you can go home. Note: You lose your AK and any ammunition after this mission.
       Reward: Respect +
                                   [8]d. Green Sabre
       Difficulty: *****
    Sweet wants to roll on the Ballas. Before you get a chance to go, Cesar calls
    you, and pleads with you to see something. Go and see him, and you will see
    Ryder, Big Smoke and Officer Tenpenny show their respect for the grove. You now
    have little time to get to Sweet. If you don't know your way around very well
    yet, check your in-box or in-game map. Get there as quiick as possible.
    When you get there, use an SMG - your AK is gone now - hopefully you have at
    least Gaangster level. Blow Ballas away. When the car comes and starts doing
    drive-by's just jump in a car yourself, so you dont get killed.
    This is the last mission in Los Santos, and when you kill all the Ballas, the
    screen will go black, and you will find yourself in the back of Officer
    Tenpennny's car.
       Reward: Respect +
                             Chapter III: Badlands Missions
                                 [1]: Officer Tenpenny
    Officer Tenpenny can be found in a trailer park in Angel Pines.
                                     [1]a. Badlands
       Difficulty: **
    Officer Tenpenny gives you a camera and tells you to go and kill a witness who
    lives up Mt. Chiliad. You will need at least a pistol from Ammuntion, which is
    conveniently located around the corner. Whe you get near the cabin, shoot the
    FBI with your pistol, and take their guns. Hop on the sanchez and chase the
    witness, shooting until his car catches fire.
    When he runs off, shoot him, and take a photo, then head back to the trailer
    When you complete this mission, Cesar will call and tell you to meet his cousin
    in the diner in Dillimore.
       Reward: Catalina opens as a boss.
                                     [2]: Catalina
    Catalina can be found in Dillimore, which is quite a drive from Angel Pines. Use
    the map that came with the game, or the pause screen map to find it.
                                    [2]a. First Date
    This is just a mission based on a cutscene of you meeting Catalina while she is
    robbing the diner. She tells you that together you will rob four places: the
    Liquor Store in Blueberry, the Bank in Palomino Creek, the Betting Store in
    Montgomery and the Gas Station in Dilimore. I am assuming that since we are
    already in Dilimore, no-one will complain if I cover this one first.
                                 [2]b. Tanker Commander
       Difficulty: ***
    Your efforts to rob the Gas Station fail, so instead Catalina decides that you
    will steal the tanker and delier it to her friend at RS Haul. Back the cab up to
    the trailer, and start to drive. The two attendantas will drive at you in their
    car. You can either drive-by them, or just ignore them. They shouldnt be able to
    blow you up.
    Be careful not to jacknife the rig assembly, as you will fail the mission. Plan
    you route, and when you arrive, watch the attendants plow into the gas
    After the mission, The Truth calls, and opens for business
       Reward: $5,000 - Truck Driver Missions available at RS Haul, The Truth opens
               as a boss.
                                     [3]: The Truth
    The truth is located in the motel in Angel Pines.
                                   [3]a. Body Harvest
       Difficulty: ***
    This mission has a really cool cutscene - Tenpenny wasted out of his brain. The
    Truth asks you to go and steal a Combine Harvester from a farm of Fascists and
    deliver it to his farm. Go through the front gate, killing any yokels,
    collecting their rifles. Jack the Harvester, and take off.
    Try to go slowly, because the Harvester is front wheel drive, just like the
    Forklift from Robbing Uncle Sam. It is quite hard to handle. Plow over the
    bodies, and see the guts come out the chute. Park it in the garage.
    Cesar calls, and you arrange to meet him in the trailer park in Angel Pines.
    There is a BF Injection parked away from the barn as a courtesy vehicle for you.
    Thank god, because you get no money.
       Reward: Respect +
                                       [4]: Cesar
    Cesar can be located at the trailer park in Angel Pines, where you went for
    Officer Tenpenny's mission.
                                   [4]a. King In Exile
    Too bad this is only a cut scene. The name sounded really cool. It is just a
    recap of what has happened and reinforces that Big Smoke deals cocaine.
    Catalina calls, so you need to go to her cabin in Fern Ridge. You might as well
    do the first RS Haul mission on the way.
                                    [5]: Catalina 2
    This time, Catalina can be found in her cabin in Fern Ridge.
                                    [5]a. First Base
    This is the cut scene for your second meeting with Catalina. Remember, you can
    do these robberies in any order, I am just writing in the order I did them.
                                 [5]b. Local Liquor Store
       Difficulty: ****
    Drive to the Liquor Store and park in the red marker. Watch the group of
    quadbiking hicks make off with the money. Catalina shoots one off his bike, and
    the two of you jump on. The quadbike has not got the best handling, so slow down
    around corners.
    When catalina kills a rider, leave the briefcase, and come back for them all at
    the end.
    Cesar calls and opens for street racing
       Reward: $1,000, Cesar opens for business.
                                  [5]c. Gone Courting
    The is the third cutscene for Catalina.
                                [5]d. Against All Odds
       Difficulty: ***
    Drive over to the Betting Store, and when the alarm goes off you get a **
    wanted level. Instead of throwing the Satchel Bomb, walk up to the door, and
    place it - don't forget to walk away before detonating.
    Repeat for the safe, and you will have a **** wanted level, so head over to the
    Pay'n'Spray in Dillimore to lose it before taking Catalina home.
      Reward: $2,000
                                  [5]e. Made In Heaven
    This is the last cut scene for Catalina.
                                  [5]f. Small Town Bank
       Difficulty: ****
    This mission takes place in Palomino Creek. Eventually, one set of hands will go
    down, so don't fuss about it too much. You will obtain a *** wanted level. Open
    the ATM machines and grab and paper that falls out.
    When you leave the building, shoot all the police. They are behind crates, on
    rooves and in plain sight. When the two SAPD Motorbikes come, kill the riders,
    and take one. If you fall behind, don't worry, because Catalina will eventually
    get trapped, wanting you to save her. Stop the bike near her, let her get on,
    then ride off, and back to the hideout.
       Reward: $10,000
                                      [6]: Cesar 2
    Ceasr can be loacted not far from Catalina's hideout.
                                     [6]a. Wu-Zi-Mu
       Difficulty: *
    This race is dead easy. Take the Buffalo from Catalina's hideout, and take it to
    the starting grid. Cut the first corner, and you are first. Now, as long as you
    don't stuff up. You can't lose. However, try to memorise some landmarks from the
    When you win, Wu-Zi-Mu will ask you to drop if you are ever in San Fierro.
       Reward: $5,000
                               [6]b. Farewell, My Love...
       Difficulty: ****
    This is a little harder. Catalina appears with a new man - hmm where have I seen
    him before? If you just race without smashing too much, you will win.
    One tip, smash the rear quarterpanel of a car, and it will spin out. The Truth
    will call again and tell you he has the weed.
       Reward: Garage In San Fierro, The Truth opens for business
                                    [7]: The Truth 2
    This time, the truth can be found at his farm.
                           [7]a. Are You Going To San Fierro?
       Difficulty: **
    The Truth has a van - The Mothership - filled with 3 tons of weed. Just as you
    are about to leave, the cops spot the fields. The Truth hands you a
    Flamethrower, and you need to torch the fields.
    Once you have done this, you get a Rocket Launcher to shoot down the helicopter.
    You keep any excess ammo, so don't waste it. Then get in the Mothership, and
    drive to San Fierro.
       Reward: Respect +, Missions at Gas Station Available
                            Chapter IV: San Fierro Missions
                                         [1] CJ
    CJ's missions are triggered from the garage.
                             [1]a. Wear Flowers In Your Hair
       Difficulty: *
    Drive to the gas station to meet Jethro, the Hospital to see a van, the Station
    to meet Dwaine, the Police Station to see the same van and to Zero's to meet
    him. Then drive back to the garage. Take it slow and steady.
    After this mission, Zero will call, and say he is selling the store. It costs
       Reward: Can Purchase Zero RC Shop
                                    [1]b. 555 We Tip
       Difficulty: **
    Drive to the hotel, and follow the valet in his car. When he gets out,
    shoot him, and take his uniform. Go back to the front of the hotel, and stand
    wait for the DA to arrive. Get to the garage and back without scratching the
    car and before the time limit expires to frame the DA with 2 tons of weed.
    Leave the garage and call the cops.
       Reward: Valet missions unlocked outside the Vank Hoff Hotel
                                  [1]c. Deconstruction
       Difficulty: ***
    Grab a Dozer - preferably the one being driven so it doesn't ram you - and smash
    the portables, watching for explosive barrels. Then push the foreman's toilet
    into the hole, and jump in a Cement Truck. Back straight into the marker, and
    watch the cutscene.
    Jethro will call and open up driving school.
       Reward: None
                                [1]d. Photo Opportunity
       Difficulty: ***
    Cesar calls, and tells you that he knows something about the drug smuggling
    syndicate. He wants you to meet him. I am under the impression that this mission
    would get real annoying if you failed a few times, due to the excessive amounts
    of driving involved.
    Drive to Cesar's car and hop in. Drive to Angel Pines, climb on the roof and
    stand in the red marker. When each person gets out of their car, take a photo
    of their face. You will know if you have taken an acceptable photo because CJ
    and Cesar will talk about the person.
       Reward: Respect +
                                       [1]e. Jizzy
       Difficulty: ****
    You walk into the workshop to see Woozie. However, he is able to help put names
    on some of the players in the drug syndicate. He identifies one as Jizzy, the
    biggest pimp in town. Head to Jizzy's club under the bridge, and after a cut
    scene, he will give you a few jobs.
      1. Take the ho to the hotel. I recomend travelling safe and keeping your car
         in good condition - you will need it later. Drop her off in the red
         marker to continue.
      2. Go over to Hashbury - LOL - in 2 minutes and waste the pimp. Still, be safe
         and don't over-rush as two minutes in ample. You can either do this the
         traditional way, and shoot him, or just ram him in the Pimpmobile - just
         watch out for the ho.
      3. Go and rescue the ho from under the overpass. Drive there taking care of
         your car, and take out the gunner near the tailgate of the van. Walk around
         the van, and kill the other guy, allowing the girl to get up. Jump in your
         car, and get ready to see why I told you to look after your car.
      4. The ho you dropped off earlier has been pulled out of the business by a
         preacher, and Jizzy wants them both dead. They leave in a Stretch Limo
         and are protected by a black Huntley - the SUV - filled with armed guards.
         They will not start speeding until you hit or shoot either car. So go
         alongside the limo, and give it as many rounds as you can. Try to focus on
         the limo first, but if you get a chance to hit the Huntley, don't leave it.
    When the job is done, Jizzy will call and tell you to either keep or destroy
    the Pimpmobile. I kept it so I can easily access the Pimping R3 missions.
    After this mission, Woozie will call, and open for business.
       Reward: $3,000, Respect +, Woozie and Jizzy both open as bosses.
                                     [1]f. Outrider
       Difficulty: ****
    Jizzy calls, and tells you to meet T-Bone at the docks in Easter Basin. Drive to
    the car, which is at the gas station, and watch the cut scene. Then drive your
    trio to the van.
    When you get to the location, you will learn your task - to escort a van. Grab
    the Rocket Launcher and Sniper Rifle, jump on the sanchez, and go to the first
    roadblock. Stand back, and snipe any people with guns, then use the Rocket
    Launcher to destroy the cars.
    The second roadblock is a little harder. there are people in the building to the
    south of the roadblock. You will need to snipe them. Blow up the cars so the van
    can continue.
    At the third roadblock, there are some cars, some gunmen on the ground, and some
    in the abandoned building. Continue to the final raodblock.
    The final roadblock is a simple Rocket Launcher job, much like the first. Then,
    just follow the van around the corner, and split.
    At the end of this mission you will get a *** wanted level. Head over to the
    garage and save to lose the stars.
       Reward: $9,000 & Respect +
                                   [1]g. Snail Trail
       Difficulty: ***
    Tenpenny wants you to take care of a reporter. Go to the construction site to
    recover Tenpenny's Sniper Rifle, which is hidden in a pipe. The reporter boards
    a train at Cranberry Station that is headed for Market Station in Los Santos.
    Grab a decent car - not a Tractor, and speed of after the train along the
    tracks. When the train pulls into Market Station, watch the reporter get out.
    Now a Spook-O-Meter will appear. You have to follow the reporter, but not get
    too close. Eventuallt, he will get in a taxi, and you must follow him, but still
    keep a fair distance. This was made a bit harder for me, because a cop saw me
    jack my ride, so I followed him with a * wanted level.
    When he gets to the meet, use the Sniper Rifle to waste one of them. The other
    one will run, so just waste him with an auto-targeting gun from up-close.
       Reward: None
                                  [1]h. Ice Cold Killa
       Difficulty: ****
    Cesar will give you a silenced pistol, and then you need to go meet Jizzy at the
    Pleasure Dome. When you arrive, Jizzy's guards refuse to let you in, so you
    must enter through the skylight.
    If you look around the carpark, you will see some wood scaffolding. Walk up it
    until you are above the roof, and then jump off on to the roof, and walk into
    the yellow marker.
    Sneak down to aJizzy, and watch him run away from Carl. Chase him outside,
    killing anything with a trigger finger. You do not have to use the silenced
    pistol, and I dont recomend you do.
    He will jump in his Pimpmobile - yes he has a new one - and take off. Grab a
    car - theres a Stretch nearby - and chase him down, drive-bying his car. When
    he is dead, grab his cell phone, and get radey to kill the loco syndicate.
       Reward: $12,000 & Respect +
                                     [1]i. Pier 69
       Difficulty: ****
    Run around the back of the building and up the stairs to meet Cesar. Snipe the
    six gunmen on the rooves, and watch a cutscene. Then run down and shoot your
    way through the pier. Crouch behind anything you can. Kill Mendez through the
    plant he his hiding behind. Now here comes the tough part. You have to chase
    Ryder on a boat, and kill him by means of drive-by.
    Swim to the boat, jump in and press Triangle to man the controls. Chase after
       Reward: $15,000 & Respect
    [1]j. Toreno's Last Flight
    Difficulty: ****
    Woozie calls, and tells you to go to a helipad Downtown. When you get there,
    shoot your way to the helipad, and grab the rocket launcher. Run out to the road
    and grab the bike that was left there.
    The trick to this is to get ahead of the helicopter, and shoot where it is going
    to be.             _________
                  /|   |             /
          +      /_|   |  x         /
    + Where you should shoot
    x Where not to shoot
    Don't forget the helicopter is moving, and if you shoot at point x, the shell
    will most probably miss the helicopter. If you shoot at point +, the helicopter
    will move into the path of the shell.
    Reward: $18,000 & Respect +
                                       [2]: Jizzy
    Jizzy can be found under the bridge, in the same spot as in the mission "Jizzy"
                                   [2]a. T-Bone Mendez
       Difficulty: ***
    Somebody has jacked a van full of goods. Head over to the blip ander the
    overpass, and watch four bikes drive off, each with a package. Jump on the
    remaining bike, and chase down the thieves one by one. When you get close to the
    rear of a bike, press L1 to snatch the package.
    When you have all four packages, drive to the Pleasure Dome - where you meet
    Jizzy - and avoid the gun fire.
       Reward: $5,000, Respect +
                                   [2]b. Mike Toreno
       Difficulty: ****
    Now, an entire van has been stolen, and the ringleader Mike Toreno is in the
    back. Luckily, Mike has a cell phone, but with only five and a half minutes
    battery left.
    Mike can hear seaguls and machinery, so go check out the construction site in
    Doherty, just behind your garage.
    Now Mike can hear trucks, so check out the docks in Easter Basin, and then
    finally the Airport.
    Now a signal bar appears, and will fill as you get closer. When you find the
    van, try to ram the gunmen off the bikes, when the goons all get out, break out
    a shotgun, and blast them away. Watch teh cut scene, then destroy the van.
    Get in the car, and head to the Pay'n'Spray to lose your *** wanted level. Now
    drive back to the Pleasure Dome.
       Reward: $7,000, Respect +
                                       [3]: Woozie
                                [3]a. Mountain Cloud Boys
       Difficulty: ***
    Drive Woozie around the block to the Tong Meeting. Keep walking to find out that
    he is blind. Walk back past the gate, and kill the car full of Da Nang Boys.
    When they are dead, continue down the alley, and kill the Da Nang Boys on the
    When you round the corner, aim, shoot, aim, shoot untill all the Vietnemese are
    dead. Kill the sniper on the roof using manual aim. Race to the car, and get in.
    Woozie wants to shoot the other cars full of Da Nang Boys, but you can help him
    out to speed up the process. Then head back to his place.
    Reward: $5,000, Respect +
                                     [3]b. Run Fa Li
       Difficulty: ***
    The Triad leader is in town, and wants you to go and pick a package up from the
    airport carpark. Drive to the red marker, and continue into the carpark. Near
    the end, the Manana is parked. When you get in, the Da Nang Boys will blobk the
    You get a damage meter, and must try to avoid getting shot. Blast throught the
    roadblocks by hitting the rear of the truck, thus spinning it around, and
    allowing you through with minimal damage. When you get close to the overpass,
    gons on motorbikes will start chasing you. Just ignore them, drive-bying them if
    the chance arises, as they pose no real threat.
    When you get closer to your goal, cars will start joining the chase, but just
    weave in and out of traffic to stop them. Park the car in the red marker outside
    the shed.
       Reward: $6,000, Respect +
                                       [3]c. Lure
       Difficulty: ***
    You must lure the Da Nang Boys, and pretend Mr. Ran Fa Li is with you. Drive out
    to the countryside A.K.A Angel Pines. When you get there, lead the two men on 
    the Dirtbikes through the checkpoints. Don't let the doors get too damaged,
    otherwise the Da Nang Boys will be able to see inside the car.
    When you get to the 24-7 in Whetstone, you will learn that Mr. Ran Fa Li got
    away safely.
       Reward: $8,000, Respect +
                                [3]d. Amphibious Assault
       Difficulty: ****
    We hear two confessions; Woozie is blind, and Carl once got a comdom stuck to
    his face while swimming at the beach when he was a kid.
    Drive to the marker, and swim through the checkpoints. When you get through the
    checkpoints, you must swim to the tanker. Swim underwater until your breath is
    low, then surface, but dont move or else the guards will see you. When your
    breath is full, dive back down and head closer to the tanker. If a patrol boat
    spots you, dive under to lose their attention.
    When you get on, use a Silenced Pistol - if you have one - or the knife to get
    through the boat and plant the bug. Then get off the tanker, and swim to one of
    the patrol boats. Jump on, and with a SMG shoot all the guards. Grab the boat,
    and you can get back to shore faster.
       Reward: $11,000 & Respect +
                                 [3]e. The Da Nang Thang 
       Difficulty: *****
    You go along with Woozie's boys, and do some fly-bys on the container ship. A
    Da Nag Boy shoots the chopper down with an RPG, and you lose all your weapons,
    except your knife. Swim over to the ship, and make your way to the hull
    Stealth kill the guy in front of you, and grab his gun. Climb up the containers,
    and stealth kill the guys until you get a Tec 9. Stay crouched at all times.
    When you have the Tec 9, advance through the ship shooting.
    Get into the hold, and set the refugees free before continuing to kill the big
    snake. You have to fight him with a Katana, but just press R1 and keep
    atttacking. Meet up with the refugees. Drive the raft back ashore.
       Reward: $15,000 & Respect + & Triads Open For Business
                                     [4]: Zero's RC
                                     [4]a. Air Raid
       Difficulty: *****
    Zero wants you to help him defend his transmitters against Berkley's RC planes.
    You need to use the minigun to shoot the planes out of the sky. The planes are
    shown as red blips on the radar.
    It is easiest to shoot the planes when they are far away, because due to the
    realistic vision in the game, the planes appear to move slower than when they
    are up close - if you have knowledge of physics you'll know what im on about.
    If a plane has already bombed, don't bother shooting it, because they don't turn
    around and come back.
       Reward: $3,000
                                   [4]b. Supply Lines
    Difficulty: *******
    Before doing this mission, complete flight school, as it makes flying this dog
    of a plane easier. Well, it's not really a plane, it's an RC Baron. Zero wants
    you to shut down Berley's Mail Order Division for good, so you need to kill his
    Start by shooting the van ahead. Line up with the driver's door, so when he gets
    out and starts shooting at you, you will immediately shoot him. Turn around, and
    head for the guy on the bicycle. Line up behind him, so when he gets off, he 
    will be in the path of your bullets.
    Next, head east towards the van. This van has a passenger, who will shoot at you
    once you have fired the first bullet. Get in front of the van, and shoot until
    it catches fire. Then fly off to get the two in the north.
    The Sanchez also has a passenger, so blow it up as quick as possible. The van
    will keep driving, as if ignoring your fire, hence it is the easiest target.
    Fly back, and land on Zero's roof to complete the mission.
    Reward: $5,000
                                  [4]c. New Model Army
    Difficulty: ****
    You and Berkley are waging war against each other, RC war. You are in control of
    an RC Goblin (Helicopter) and Zero is in control of an RC Bandit. You must
    complete three tasks in a time limit.
        1. Move barrels so Zero can pass by (why can't he have an RC SUV?)
        2. Place 2 planks over rivers as bridges
        3. Destroy 3 Tanks
    This is my strategy. Ignore Zero, as he will stop in a safe place. Grab the
    bomb and blow up the closest tank - for reference, an RC Tiger. Repeat for the
    other two tanks. This way, the RC Bandit will not take any damage.
    Next, grab a plank, and place it as a bridge over the first river, and repeat
    for the second. Now you are clear to hover over the Bandit, removing any barrels
    as you go. Just pick up a barrel, and drop it behind the RC Bandit after it
    drives under you.
    Reward: $7,000 & Zero's RC Becomes an asset earning $5,000 a day.
                                      [5]: Triads
                                 [5]a. Yay Ka-Boom-Boom
       Difficulty: ***
    Go and collect the car with the bomb installed. Drive to the crack warehouse and
    run the two guards over. The gate will open, and you need to make your way
    through the warehouse, killing as many goons as you can. Park the car in the red
    marker and press O to activate the bomb. Run out of the warehouse, and to the
    Two goons will come in in a Voodoo, and shut the gate. Shoot them, take the car,
    and backtrack so you can use the ramp to jump the fence. Head back to the
    After you complete the mission, a mystery caller will call, and you have to go
    see him.
       Reward: $25,000 & Respect +
                               Chapter V: Desert Missions
                                      [1]: Toreno
                                     [1]a. Monster
       Difficulty: **
    You have to drive a monster truck through 35 checkpoints in a time less than
    6:30. The Monster Truck has 4 wheel steering that can be activated by holding
    the R1 Button. Just drive through each checkpoint.
    After this mission, the mystery caller will call again.
       Reward: $3,000
                                     [1]b. Highjack
       Difficulty: ***
    What The Fuck. Toreno is alive, and a member of a government agency. You and
    Cesar have to jack a truck on the freeway that is headed for San Fierro. Drive
    the bike up alongside the eft of the truck and hold a position so that Cesar can
    jump on to it and kill the driver. Stop, and jump in the truck. Drive it back to
    your garage in Doherty.
       Reward: $7,000
                                   [1]c. Interdiction
       Difficulty: *****
    Grab the BF Injection, and head to the red marker. Grab the Rocket Launcher, and
    select a vehicle. When you get to the top of the mountain, the helicopter
    reports trouble, so you must shoot doen 4 other helicopters. The helicopter then
    drops the contraband a fair distance away. Drive over to it, pick it up, then
    drive back to the drop off point.
       Reward: $1,000
                                  [1]d. Verdant Meadows
       Difficulty: *
    Just drive to the abandoned airfield, and purchase it. It will set you back
       Reward: None
                                   [1]e. Pilot School
    Difficulty; *****
    Detailed Info Soon
    Woozie will call, and Las Venturas will open, bur resist temptation, and finish
    out here first.
       Reward: Respect +
                                     [2]: Airfield
                                      [2]a. N.O.E
       Difficulty: ***
    You have to fly a plane from the Airstrip, to Angel Pines, and back. You have a
    visibility meter, and when it is full, you will be shot at.
    The best way to get to Angel Pines is to go around the west coast of San Fierro,
    and Along the western border of San Andreas. If you fly over the water, there
    are minimal obstacles.
    Fly throught the corona to trigger the drop, then turn around, anf head back up
    the west coast. Land anywhere on the landinng strip - don't forget to put the
    landing gear down - to finish the job.
       Reward: $15,000
                                     [2]b. Stowaway
       Difficulty: ***
    You must drive the PCJ-600 up the ramp at the back of the plane before it takes
    off. But, you must also dodge gun fire, and boxes falling out of the hatch. When
    you get on the plane, ditch the bike, and switch to either your fists, or a
    melee weapon.
    Using a gun is very risky on a plane full of explosives. Kill the goons in
    black, and grab the Parachute one of them is carrying. Use a satchel chatge on
    the plane, and jump out before it detonates.
    The mission is now complete, but you still need to get down alive. Parachute
    down, and look at the in-game map.
       Reward: $20,000 & In-Game Map Fully Reveiled.
                                     [3]: The Truth
                                   [3]a. Black Project
       Difficulty: *****
    Follow the yellow blip, and then follow it again. Shoot through the vent to get
    in. Walk through and shoot the vent at the other end. Walk into the area, kill
    all the personell, and go to the room to the right to get the Armor and Minigun
    if you want it. Head south, and cross the room, exiting at the southern door,
    then following the passages to the room where you can disable the SAM site.
    Head back to the previous room, picking up the Armor on the way, and go
    downstairs, heading through the eastern doorway, and up the stair to the left.
    Get to the yellow blip, where the scientist gives you his keycard. However, I
    made sure he will never become part of an evil scheme again.
    Now head down the stairs, killing goons as you go, to find the Black Project, a
    Jet Pack. Deliver this cool contraption to the drop point, and thats it.
       Reward: None
                                    [3]b. Green Goo
       Difficulty: ***
    The Truth is pleased with the aquisition of the new Jet Pack. However, he
    believes that a train leaving Las Venturas with a protective detail must
    contain something.
    Fly over to the train, and shoot anything with a gun. Work from the back to the
    front and shoot each green box until you find a container filled with green goo.
    You will probably have at least a ** wanted level, but high tail it back to the
    Hand the green goo to The Truth.
       Reward: $20,000 & Airfield Becomes An Asset Generating $10,000 A Day
                                      [1]: Woozie
                                  [1]a. Fender Ketchup
       Difficulty: ***
    Woozie has attempted to open a casino, but some of the Mafia families have been
    putting the pressure on him. Woozie asks you if you would like to be a partner
    in the casino, which means two things. Money in the long run, but work now.
    One of the Mafia has been captured, but will not say a word, so you offer to
    scare it out of him. He is tied to the front of a Feltzer. Doing the following
    things will add points to the Scare-O-Meter:
     * Driving fast
     * Driving on the wrong side of the road
     * Handbrake turns
     * Insane Stunts
    It is simple just to drive up the Strip, handbrake around the median strip,
    speed back down, and so on. When you scare him enough, he will tell you that he
    is a member of the Sindacco Family.
    Deliver the car back to the casino to complete the mission.
       Reward: $5,000 & Respect +
                                [1]b. Explosive Situation
       Difficulty: ***
    Now that you know the target, you need some explosives. Head to the quarry, and
    park in the red circle. dive down to the Dumper, and crush all four boxes - the
    grren blips - before getting out and collecting the dynamite - red blips - on
    When you collect the forth stick, security will roll up, and you will have to
    find another way out. Jump on the Sanchez and follow the checkpoints. If you
    have played Vice City, this is similar to the mission G-Spotlight.
    After you have escaped, go to the drop point, and hand over the dynamite.
       Reward: $7,000 & Respect + & Quarry Sub Missions Available
                              [1]c. You've Had Your Chips
       Difficulty: ****
    Someone has been introducing counterfeit chips into the casino. Woozie suspects
    the mob, because they have a plastic manufacturing factory on then outskirts of
    town. Frive over to the factory, and enter at the east side. When you approach
    the blue Admiral, the guys will become aware of you.
    Stand behind the trunk of the Admiral, and fire a round into the warehouse to
    alert the goons. Whip out your AK/M4 and kill the guys that come at you. Then
    proceed inside the warehouse, killing any other men. Next, target each white
    Injection Moulding Machines.
    When you destroy the last one, a few more guys will come. Kill them and take
    their car back to the casino and park in the red marker.
       Reward: $10,000 & Respect +
                                     [2]: The Truth
                                    [2]a. Don Peyote
       Difficulty: *
    The Truth calls, and tells you he left a couple of English tourists out in the
    desert. Grab a four door car, and head over to the blip on the map to find them.
    When they get in, listen to their dialogue, and pull over when asked for Kent
    Paul - Yes from Vice City - to throw up. Then drive to the Snake Farm.
    When you arrive, shoot the hicks, then get back in the car to drive to the
    Mafia casino, and meet Ken Rosenburg.
    After the mission, Kent Paul will call, and the Mafia casino will open for
       Reward: Respect + & Ken Rosenburg Opens As A Boss
                                   [3]: Ken Rosenburg
                                  [3]a. Intensive Care
       Difficulty: ***
    You need to go and pick up a mob boss, Johnny, and take him to a meat factory.
    Drive over to the hospital in a car that can take some damage - I was lucky and
    picked up a Huntley outside the casino - and drive to the hospital and park in
    the red marker.
    It turns out that an Ambulance took him, and the Ambulance was driven by
    mobsters. There are three Ambulances, and you have to ram them to see if they
    contain Johnny. When you find the right Ambulance, ram and shoot it until the
    goons get out. 
    Shoot them, and get in the Ambulance. Drive over to the meat factory to deliver
    the patient.
       Reward: $5,000 & Respect +
                                 [3]b. The Meat Business
       Difficulty: ***
    Resenburg needs to go and show he is the boss. Now go and check on Johnny and
    watch him die. You need to kill all witnesses.
    While Rosenvurg is extinguishing the fire, kill any thugs that you can. If you
    have an AK on Hitman, this will be piss. Work through the next two rooms killing
    all dumb muscle you encounter. Head into the third room, making sure to shoot
    the men on top of the crates. Leave the building, and drive back to the casino.
       Reward: $8,000 & Respect + & Woozie opens as a boss & Madd Dogg opens as a
                           [4]: Four Dragons Casino - Robbery
                             [4]a. Architectural Espionage
       Difficulty: *****
    Now its time to get a floorplan of the Mafia casino. Go over to the tourists and
    shoot the one with the camera. Grab the camera, and drive over to the Department
    Of Planning.
    You will have to put your weapons away when you get inside, otherwise the guard
    will shoot you. Tslk to the receptionist. Then go to the top floor. Damn, there
    are guards. Go down one level, and punch the vent until it catches fire - it
    helps to lock on - and then head back upstairs.
    Once you have your photo, go down the stairs shooting cops as you go. As a 
    guide, you should press R1 around each corner to check for a guard. When you get
    to the lobby, blast your way out, and shoot through the cops outside.
    Jump in a car and get back to the casino with a *** or **** wanted level.
       Reward: Respect +
                                 [4]b. Key To Her Heart
       Difficulty: ****
    You are going to need a Key Card to infiltrate the casino. Head to the casino,
    following the woman, making sure not to fill the Spook-O-Meter. Follow her to
    the Sex Shop, and put on the Gimp outfit. Then follow her home. Kill the real
    gimp, then ring the doorbell.
    After a cutscene, drive home. You must now date the croupier and get her
    progress up to [|||       ] or 30%
       Reward: Respect +
                                     [5]: Madd Dogg
                                    [5]a. Madd Dogg
       Difficulty: *
    Madd Dogg is threatening to commit suicide due to his dying career. You want to
    stop him, so go around the corner, and grab the truck. Par in the circle, and
    drive back and forward to keep in line with Madd Dogg.
    When he is in the back of the pickup, drive to the hospital avoiding crashing.
    Each crash will reduce his chances of survival.
       Reward: Respect +
                                      [6]: Woozie 2
                                 [6]a. Fish In A Barrel
    This is just a cut scene of you and Mr. Run-Fa-Li becoming partners in the Four
    Dragons Casino.
    After the cutscene, Ken Rosenburg will call, and open up as a contact point.
                                  [7]: Officer Tenpenny
                                 [7]a. Misappropriation
       Difficulty: ***
    Officer Tenpenny wants you to take out an Agent, and take his evidence dossier,
    which contains evidence of Tenpenny's malpractise. The agent intends to give the
    evidence to the FBI.
    Drive up to the mountain, and park a fair distance away. The agent will run once
    you fire the first shot, so make it count. Shoot a Rocket at one of the cars,
    eliminating a few of his protective detail. Blast the rest with an AK or M4
    the cars. The agent will jump in a chopper, so grab the remaining one, and
    follow him.
    Be careful not to fly over the restricted area - where you stole the Jet Pack
    from. follow him, and get out when he does. Chase him and shoot him with an SMG.
    Once he is dead, grab his briefcase to end the mission.
    Reward: None
                                  [8]: Ken Rosenburg 2
                                     [8]a. Freefall
       Difficulty: ***
    Grab the motorbike parked outside the casino, and make your way over to the
    Airport. Go to the hangar, but grab the Armor in the South-East corner. Get in
    the plane, and fly out to the blip. You will shoot past the other plane, so
    turn around. Fly into the corona behind the plane, and watch Carl switch planes.
    If you have the Armor I said to grab, this is easy. Shoot each guy, duck for
    cover, and rinse, lather repeat. Once you have knocked out the four in the
    seating area, the captain will approach you. Fire a few rounds without aiming
    (the crosshair is on his chest already) and take his controls.
    Fly back to Las Venturas, and land to claim your reward. After this mission,
    Tenpenny will call, and reopen for business
       Reward: $15,000 & Respect + & Tenpenny as boss
                                [9]: Officer Tenpenny 2
                                    [9]a. High Noon
       Difficulty: ***
    Tenpenny wishes to meet with you to exchange the dossier. But in the process, he
    bashes Hernandez over the head with a Shovel. Tenpenny leaves Pulasky to force
    you to dig a grave for Hernandez, and yourself. Before Pulasky can shoot you,
    Hernandez regains conciousness and jumps Pulasky, unfortunately killing himself
    as he does so.
    Pulasky jumps into a car, and you are left with a buggy. You cannot hurt Pulasky
    until the conversation between the two of you has finished, and the conversation
    cannot continue unless the two of you are close. You do the math.
    When he has shut up, shoot his car until it explodes, then hun him down. Watch
    a cutscene of Pulasky propped against his mint condition - I thought I blew it
    up - Buffalo, and Carl stomp him out. Grab the Buffalo and drive back to Las
       Reward: None
                                 [10]: Salvatore Leone
                               [10]a. Saint Marks Bistro
       Difficulty: ***
    Leone wants you to go over to Liberty City, and do a hit for him. Drive to the
    Airport, and steal the jet. Fly to the blip, and watch a cut scene. If you have
    played the Mission "Mike Lips Last Lunch" from Grand Theft Auto III, this place
    will be familiar.
    Break out a shotgun, and deal with the guys in the first room. Continue down the
    stairs, killing the two men behind the bar. Continue down, killing until you
    reach the red blip. Act fast, and kill anything with a pulse.
    Fly the plane to Las Venturas, and land flight CJ-101 on the runway. After this
    mission, Woozie will call, and open for business.
       Reward: 20,000 & Respect & Woozie as boss
                           [11]: Four Dragons Casino - Robbery
                                   [11]a. Dam & Blast
       Difficulty: **
    For the heist to succeed the power has to be cut. Drive to the airport, and get
    in the plane. Fly to the jump zone, and look for the corona. If you cannot see
    the corona, gain some more altitude, and keep looking.
    Parachute down to the red circle, and collect the knife. Kill the two guards,
    and walk into the facility. You can go stealthy, or just run up and plant the
    charges. The guards are only armed with melee weapons, so they pose no real
    threat. Plant the charges, and head to the exit.
    You realise you are trapped, so watch CJ jump off. The mission is complete. If
    you swim around the resivour, you will find a Sea Sparrow. Grab it, and fly out
    of there.
       Reward: Respect +
                                   [11]b. Cop Wheels
    Basically, you have to grab a police motorcycle from one of the areas marked by
    a grren blip on the radar, and drive it up the ramp of a moving Packer. Then
    rinse, lather and repeat.
    Always go for the bik closest to you, and try to complete each bike in a quarter
    of the time, 3 minutes.
       Reward: Respect +
    Freight Train
    Drive the train from sation to station stopping at each station. One complete
    trip around San Andreas is a level. If you go at a speed above 50, you will
    de-rail, so I like to keep the train at about 46. For long trips when you reach
    46, start braking with a distance of about 300 to go, and about 225 for a short
    trip, where your train will only reach speeds of 30.
    Freight Train Level 1: $150 per station
    Freight Train Level 2: $300 per station.
    Requirements For Completion: Complete Freight Train Level 2
    Reward For Completion:       $50,000, Can ride on Brown Streak trains for free
    Non-Storyline Missions
    [1]: RS Haul - Trucking Missions.
    [1]a. RS Haul Mission 1
    Difficulty: **
    You have two minutes to deliver this truck. Plan your route by using the map in
    the start menu. Drive carefuly, and avoid overtaking cars unless it is safe.
    You should easily get to the destination in two minutes. You will lose money if
    you are late.
    Reward: $1,000
    [1]b. RS Haul Mission 2
    This time, you have to deliver the truck without getting damaged. Each smash
    takes money away, and if you get too damaged you will fail. Drive at a quite
    slow speed - about the same as the rest of the traffic - as there is no time
    limit. Plan your route before you start
    Reward: $1,500
    [1]c. RS Haul Mission 3
    These goods are illegal, and you will have to go all the way with a *** wanted
    level. Plan your route before you start, and avoid stopping, because the truck
    will not accelerate quick enough to lose any cops trying to grab you out.
    Reward: $2,000
    [1]d. RS Haul Mission 4
    Deliver in 5 minutes. Quite easy if you use the highways. Stay off dirt roads as
    it is easy to get lost. Plan your route before you start driving.
    Reward: $3,000
    [1]e. RS Haul Mission 5
    You must deliver the truck with out damage to recieve the full $4,000. This time
    you have to go further and the goods are even more fragile.
    Stay away from highways, because there is a high chance a car will hit you, and
    drive at the same speed as the rest of the traffic.
    Reward: $4,000
    [2]: Valet Missions
    The Vank Hoff Hotel is located opposite the Well Stacked Pizza Co. shop in
    Financial. You need to be wearing the Valet uniform to do Valet Missions. It is
    in your wardrobe after you complete the mission "555 We Tip".
    TIPS: * Dont damage the car, because you get less bonus time
          * Park as straight as possible to maximize your parking bonus
          * You should aim for your parking bonus + damage bonus to be more than
            the time it took you to park the car.
          * Sprint back to the valet area - it is essential to have high stamina.
          * Don't follow the route of the other valets. Cut through the two brick
            walls (the cuved one and the straight one). It will shave at least 10
            seconds off your time.
    Valet Mission Level 1: Park 3 Cars In 2 Minutes - Reward: $100
    Valet Mission Level 2: Park 4 Cars In 2 Minutes - Reward: $200
    Valet Mission Level 3: Park 5 Cars In 2 Minutes - Reward: $300
    Valet Mission Level 4: Park 6 Cars In 2 Minutes - Reward: $400
    Valet Mission Level 5: Park 7 Cars In 2 Minutes
    When you complete Valet Mission Level 5, Vank Hoff Hotel will generate a maximum
    of $2,000 as an asset.
    [3]: Quarry Missions
    [3]a. Quarry Mission 1
    A delivery truck is coming, but there are seven rocks that will block the path.
    Use the bulldozer to push them all over the edge and into the markers. Work your
    way systematically around, and take 30 seconds maximum to attend to each rock.
    Reward: $500
    [3]b. Quarry Mission 2
    The stats of each property are listed below. Each property is listed as follows:
    Price:      How much the property costs.
    City:       The city the property is situated in. Will be - if the property is
                in the country.
    District:   The area in which the property is.
    Features:   Any features - garages, save points, spawning vehicles and weaponry.
    Directions: For all the tourists out there. Directions to the asset from a
                landmark. Made by using in-game map. Directions marked with a *
                are yet to be checked by me (The main guide etc is more important).
    Missions:   Any missions from the property (assets etc).
    Johnson House
    Price:      Free
    City:       Los Santos
    District:   Ganton
    Features:   2 Car Garage
                Save Point
    Directions: From the Willowfield Cluckin' Bell - Left at T-Junction, 1st left,
                1st right. *
    Missions:   None
    Safe House: Verdant Bluffs
    Price:      $10,000
    City:       Los Santos
    District:   Verdant Bluffs
    Features:   4 Car Garage
                Save point
    Directions: From the Idlewood Pay'n'Spray - Follow the road south and around the
                bend. 1st right, left at T-Intersection, 1st right. *
    Missions:   None
    Safe House: Palomino Creek
    Price:      $35,000
    City:       -
    District:   Palomino Creek
    Features:   4 Car Garage
                Save Point
    Directions: From the Palomino Creek Ammunation - Head north and turn at the
                first left, followed by the first right. After the road turns west,
                look to your right. It is the last house before the road turns
    Missions:   None
    Safe House - Blueberry
    Price:      $10,000
    City:       -
    District:   Blueberry
    Features:   Save Point
    Directions: Head north from the Blueberry Ammunation, and the apartment block is
                on the left. You will have to go into the block to acess the door.
    Missions:   None
    Safe House - Dillimore
    Price:      $40,000
    City:       -
    District:   Dillimore
    Features    4 Car Garage
                Save Point
    Directions: Drive south from the Dillimore Pay'n'Spray, and turn at the first
                left. You will notice a T-Junction to the right not far down the
                street. To your left is the safe house.
    Missions:   None
    Safe House - Mullholland
    Price:      $120,000
    City:       -
    District:   Mulholland
    Features:   4 Car Garage
                Save Point
    Directions: After driving east from the Temple Burget Shot, turn at the first
                left. Then turn right at the Y-Intersection, following this road
                until you see the driveway on the left.
    Missions:   None
    Safe House - Whetstone
    Price:      $100,000
    City:       -
    District:   Whetstone
    Features:   Save Point
                Spawning Tractor
                Spawning Walton
                Spawning Sanchez
    Directions: Head south from the Gym in Garcia, San Fierro, and follow the road.
                Turn at the third left after the railway tracks, and follow the road
                as it curves around. Eventually, you will see the farm ahead of you.
                Turn down the dirt road, and then right to enter the fenced area.
    Missions:   None
    Safe House - Whetstone
    Price:      $100,000
    City:       -
    District:   Whetstone
    Features:   Save Point
                Spawning Tractor
                Spawning Walton
                Spawning Sanchez
    Directions: Head south from the Gym in Garcia, San Fierro, and follow the road.
                Turn at the third left after the railway tracks, and follow the road
                as it curves around. Eventually, you will see the farm ahead of you.
                Turn down the dirt road, and then right to enter the fenced area.
    Missions:   None
    Safe House - Santa Maria Beach
    Price:      $30,000
    City:       Los Santos
    District:   Santa Maria Beach
    Features:   Save Point
                4 Car Garage
    Directions: Head west from the Santa Maria Beach Pay'n'Spray. Turn at the first
                left, although you will have to drive over the median strip to do
                so. After you go under the bridge, keep driving west after the road
                bends, and the house is on your right.
    Missions:   None
    Safe House - Verona Beach
    Price:      $10,000
    City:       Los Santos
    District:   Verona Beach
    Features:   Save Point
    Directions: Drive north-east from the Verona Beach Burger shot, and turn right
                at the crossroads. Turn right into the carpark.
    Missions:   None
    Safe House - Willowfield
    Price:      $10,000
    City:       Los Santos
    District:   Willowfield
    Features:   Save Point
    Directions: Head south from the Willowfield Cluckin' Bell, and turn at the
                second left. Look to your left when you are partway down the road.
    Missions:   None
    Safe House - Jefferson
    Price:      $10,000
    City:       Los Santos
    District:   Jefferson
    Features:   Save Point
    Directions: Drive east from the Jefferson Sub Urban, and turn at the first right
                followed by the first right again. The house is on the right.
    Missions:   None
    Safe House - Chinatown
    Price:      $10,000
    City:       San Fierro
    District:   Chinatown
    Features:   Save Point
    Directions: Head south from the Burger Shot in Downtown, and take the first
                right. Go straight through three sets of lights and look to your
    Missions:   None
    Safe House - Rockshore West
    Price:      $20,000
    City:       Las Venturas
    District:   Rockshore West
    Features:   2 Car Garage
                Save Point
    Directions: Drive south from the Four Dragons Casino and turn left at the
                freeway. Get off at the first off-ramp and turn right. Turn at the
                first left, and then the first right. The house it to your left.

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