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    FAQ/Walkthrough by SamuraiRAS

    Version: 1.0a | Updated: 11/09/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                                                      | __ |
                    ______________  ______________  __||  ||
                   / _____  _____ \/______  __  __\/___|  ||
                  | /     ||      \/      \|  |'  \/      ||
                  | |  |  ||  ||  ||__/|  ||  ,,  ||  ||  ||
                  | |  |  ||     _//      ||  ||  ||  ||  ||
                  | |  |  ||      \|  ||  ||  ||  ||  ||  ||
                  | |     ||  ||  |\______||__||__|\______||
                  | '---  ||__||  |__  ____________________|
                  | |____/  __  \_   ||__  ______  ______________
                  |_____  ---____ |  |___\/______\/_____  ---____\
                        ||   ____||      \/      \/     ||   ____||
                        ||_  |___ |  ||  ||  ||  ||  --- |_  |___ |
                         ||  ||  ||  ||  ||   ___||   __| |  ||  ||
                         ||      ||  ||  ||  |---,|  | __ |      ||
                         | \____/ |__||__|\______/|__||__\ \____/ |
                        /______  __  __  ---____  ______ \\______/
                       |/      \|  ||  ||   ____|/      \|
                       ||__/|  ||  ||  ||_  |___ |  ||  ||
                       |/      ||  ||  | |  ||  ||  ||  ||
                       ||  ||  ||  |_---_| ^    |||\||  ||
                       |\______|\__/  __ `/|___/ \_\\___/|
                        \_________/  /_//| |________\\__/
               _               _  | | // | | /\/ \  _\\   __
              / '-__-  ___  /\/ \ | \//__| | | /|| /-_,\/`_ \  _
             | |`-_ / `-__'-| /||  \ ____  | || ||||  |||| \//` \ ___      _
            / _`-_//   |__|||| ||  //____| |,|| ||||  ||||   ||\/`-__'-  __\\
           |  \\_   \ /.--,||| || /.--__-,__/\/ \/|'__|||`-  | -' |__|| /-_ /
            \__`//\ | |\_- |\/ \/ \|               -__- \_/  ||  /.--,|||_//
             __//\/ /  \_-\\                                 \_-'|\_- | \ _ \
            / _ `` /                                              \_-\\ //_||
           | |//-,/                                                    /,-_/
    Thanks to Mushroom_Man for the excellent ASCII art.
    Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas FAQ/WALKTHROUGH v1.0a - Begun 10/25/04
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    Written and maintained by samurairas
    E-mail: samurairas@gmail.com
    I Introduction
    A. Versions
    II. FAQ
       1.  How do I break into houses and commit burglaries?
       2.  How do I get access to the other cities?
       3.  How do I recruit people in my gang?
       4.  I completed the mission where I have to kill the Balla's boss, but
           now I can't get any more missions! HELP!
       5.  How do I play a 2 player game?
       6.  How do I stop an opposing gang from attacking my territory?
       7.  Where's the best place to drive on the "Wrong Side of the Tracks"
       8.  Where are the various schools?
       9.  Why can't I buy some of the houses out in the country?
       10. I thought I was all crafty and swam to one of the other cities...
           but I got jumped by an army of cops, and a 4 star rating for my 
           trouble! What gives?
       11. What's the reward for getting all 100 of the tags sprayed?
       12. How do I tow a car?
       13. Can I extend those ramps on the car transport trucks?
       14. How can I kiss my girlfriend and give her flowers?
       15. How do I raise my sex appeal?
       16. How can I get into the airports without a license?
    III. Main Storyline Missions
    A. Sean Johnson a.k.a "Sweet" (S)
       1. Ryder
       2. Tagging Up Turf
       3. Cleaning the Hood
       4. Drive Through
       5. Nines and AKs
       6. Drive By
       7. Sweet's Girl
       8. Cesar Vialpando
    B. Lance Wilson a.k.a "Ryder" (R)
       1. Home Invasion
       2. Catalyst
       3. Robbing Uncle Sam
    C. Melvin Harris a.k.a "Big Smoke" (BS)
       1. OG Loc
       2. Running Dog
       3. Wrong Side of the Tracks
       4. Just Business
    D. D. Jeffrey Martin a.k.a "OG Loc" (OG)
       1. Life's a Beach
       2. Madd Dogg's Rhymes
       3. Management Issues
       4. House Party
       1. High Stakes, Low-Rider
    F. Officer Frank Tenpenny (G)
       1. Burning Desires
       2. Gray Imports
    G. Sean Johnson a.k.a "Sweet" (S), Continued
       1. Doberman
       2. Los Sepulcos
       3. Reuniting the Families
       4. The Green Sabre (STORYLINE SPOILERS)
    H. Officer Frank Tenpenny (G), Continued
       1. Badlands
    I. Catalina (C)
       1. Tanker Commander
       2. Local Liquor Store
       3. Against All Odds
       4. Small Town Bank
    J. The Truth (TT)
       1. Body Harvest
    K. Cesar Vialpando (C), Continued
       1. Wu Zu Mi
       2. Farewell, My Love...
    L. The Truth (TT), Continued
       1. Are You Going To San Fierro?
    M. Carl Johnson (CJ)
       1. Wear Flowers In Your Hair
       2. 555 We Tip
       3. Deconstruction
       4. Photo Opportunity
       5. Jizzy
    N. Zero (Z)
       1. Air Raid
       2. Supply Lines
    O. Jizzy (Blue Dot)
       1. T-Bone Mendez
       2. Mike Toreno
    P. Woozie (W)
       1. Mountain Cloud Boys
       2. Ran Fa Li
       3. Lure
       4. Amphibious Assault
       5. The Da Nang Thang
    Q. Carl Johnson (CJ), Continued
       1. Outrider
    R. Officer Frank Tenpenny (G), Continued
       1. Snail Trail
    S. Carl Johnson (CJ), Continued
       1. Ice Cold Killa
       2. Pier 69
       3. Toreno's Last Flight
       4. Yay Ka-Boom-Boom
    T. Mysterious (?)
       1. Monster
    U. Toreno (T)
       1. Highjack
       2. Interdiction
       3. Verdant Meadows
       4. Flight School
       5. N.O.E.
       6. Stowaway
    V. The Truth, Continued
       1. Black Project
       2. Green Goo
    W. Woozie (Yellow Triad Logo), Continued
       1. Fender Ketchup
       2. Explosive Situation
       3. Architectural Espionage
       4. You've Had Your Chips
       5. Key To Her Heart
       6. Dam & Blast
       7. Cop Wheels
       8. Up, up and Away!
    X. The Truth, Continued
       1. Don Peyote
    Y. Ken Rosenberg (Square)
       1. Intensive Care
       2. The Meat Business
    Z. Madd Dogg (D)
       1. Madd Dogg
    AA. Woozie (Yellow Triad Logo)
        1. Fish in a Barrel
    BB. Ken Rosenberg (Square), Continued
        1. Freefall
    CC. Officer Tenpenny (G)
        1. Misappropriation
        2. High Noon
    DD. Ken Rosenberg (Square), Continued
        1. Saint Marks Bistro
        2. Breaking the Bank at Caligula’s
    EE. Woozie (Yellow Triad Logo), Continued
        1. A Home In The Hills
    DD. Carl Johnson(CJ)
        1. Vertical Bird
        2. Home Coming
    EE. Sean Johnson a.k.a. "Sweet", Continued
        1. Beat Down On B Dup
        2. Grove 4 Life
    FF. Carl Johnson (CJ)
        1. Cut Throat Business
        2. Riot
    GG. Sean Johnson a.k.a. "Sweet", Continued
        1. Los Desperados
        2. End Of The Line
    III. Sideline/Optional Missions
       A. Girlfriends
       B. Valet Parking
       C. Quarry Missions
       D. Taxi Driver
       E. Firefighter
       F. Vigilante
       G. Ambulance
    IV. Real Estate and Assets
       1. Los Santos 
       2. Red County
       3. Whetstone 
       4. San Fierro
       5. Bone County
       6. Las Venturas
    V. Secrets
       A. Spray-paint/Tags
       B. Horseshoes
       C. Oysters
    VII. Contact Info
    I. Introduction
    Hey, my name is Sam Shahrani (SamuraiRAS) and this will be my first real 
    walkthrough for a game. I made an FAQ for Vice City, but wound up just
    dispensing info to other FAQ writers that had gaps in their stuff. 
    On a personal note, do me a favor and don't steal my stuff. If there's
    something in here you like, a turn of phrase, information, just ask and
    there's a good chance I'll give you permission. If you just copy it,
    and don't give credit, you're being a tool. Don't be a tool.
    A. Version History
    1.0a Fixed some typos. Added walkthrough for "Just Business" (I left it
         out accidentally). Fixed some grammatical mistakes.
    1.0  Corrected price of Airfield.
          Added missions "Architectural Espionage", "You've Had Your Chips", 
         "Key To Her Heart", "Dam & Blast", "Cop Wheels","Up, Up and Away!", 
         "Don Peyote", "Intensive Care", "The Meat Business", "Madd Dogg", 
         "Fish In a Barrel", "Freefall", "Misappropriation", "High Noon", 
         "Saint Marks Bistro", "Breaking the Bank at Caligulas", 
         "A Home in the Hills", "Vertical Bird", "Home Coming", "Beat Down at
         B Dups", "Grove 4 Life", "Cut Throat Business", "Riot", "Los Desperados",
         and "End of the Line". 
         This completes the required missions walkthrough.
         Added Hotel, 24/7 and Joey's Mart to the assets list.
    0.6  Added more authorized sites to host this. I'm glad people seem to
         enjoy the FAQ!
         Added missions "Flight School", "N.O.E.", "Stowaway", "Black Project",
         "Green Goo" and "Explosive Situation". Expanded the skeleton of the
         Sideline missions section. Added the airfield to the Assets in Bone
         County. Added skeleton for Oysters and Horseshoes.
    0.5  Added "Drive Through", "Nines and AKs", "Drive-By", "Sweets Girl",
         "Cesar Vialpando", "Home Invasion", "Catalyst", "Robbing Uncle Sam",
         "OG Loc", "Running Dog", "Wrong Side of the Tracks", and "Doberman". 
    0.4  Fixed typos. Added some minor explanations, added FAQ regarding adding
         people to your gang/posse. Added missions "Highjack", "Interdiction",
         "Verdant Meadows" and "Fender Ketchup". 
         Added Bone County and Las Venturas to the property list. (11/3/04)
    0.3  Fixed typo regarding location of Flight Training. Completed addition
         of "Ran Fa Li", "Lure" and "Amphibious assault. Added "The Da Nang
         Thang", "Outrider", "Snail Trail", "Ice Cold Killa", "Pier 69",
         "Toreno's Last Flight", "Yay ka-boom-boom", and "Monster".
    0.2  Added "Air Raid", "Supply Lines", "T-Bone Mendez", "Mike Toreno",
         "Mountain Cloud Boys", "Ran Fa Li", "Lure", and "Amphibious Assault"
    0.1c Added the missions "Deconstruction", "Photo Opportunity", "Jizzy"
    0.1b Corrected the name for The Truth, and his symbol. Added Catalina’s 
         four initial missions. Added the following missions: "Against All
         Odds", "Local Liquor Store", "Tanker Commander", "Wu Zi Mu",
         "Farewell, My Love", "Are You Going To San Fierro?", "Wear Flowers
         in Your Hair", "555 We Tip", changed the number of spray tags to 100.
         Added information on giving the dildo to your Denise to the "Denise"
         Added the skeleton of the Real Estate and Assets section. (10/31/04)
    0.1  First version. I cover some of the initial missions, sideline
         missions, some FAQs that have come up. (10/25/04)
    II. FAQ
        1.  Q: How do I break into houses and commit burglaries?
            A: You need to complete Ryder's "Home Invasion" mission. After
               that, there should be a black truck located in the apartments
               across from the Gym. It may only appear after it gets dark, but
               once you see it, get in it and you'll be able to burglarize 
               certain houses.
        2.  Q: How do I get access to the other cities?
            A: You need to complete Cesar's mission. This will allow you to 
               continue getting missions from Sweet. The last mission  from 
               Sweet is called "The Green Saber", and completing it allows you
               to access San Fierro. Completing CJ's "Yay Ka-Boom-Boom" 
               mission in San Fierro allows you to access Las Venturas. 
        3.  Q: How do I recruit people in my gang?
            A: Target the member of your gang you want to recruit and press up
               on the directional pad (D-Pad). This will get them to follow
               you around and attack your targets. Depending on your level of
               respect, you can have up to 7 members in your personal gang
        4.  Q: I completed the mission where I have to kill the Balla's boss, 
               but now I can't get any more missions! HELP!
            A: You need to complete Cesar's "High Stakes, Low-Rider" mission.
        5.  Q: How do I play a 2 player game?
            A: Scattered throughout San Andreas are red two-player icons. 
               If you can find them and have a second controller, you can
               do certain missions with another player. I don't have a list on
               exactly where they are, but if you do, e-mail me.
        6.  Q: How do I stop an opposing gang from attacking my territory?
            A: You have a couple of options. One, you can save your game, which 
               will stop the attack. In fact, the game will just wipe it all 
               away. Pretty sweet. Alternately, you can completely destroy the 
               opposing gang. Finally, you can seize any enemy controlled areas 
               that are next to the area being invaded (after you've repelled 
               the invasion) This won't stop the raids, but it WILL stop that 
               particular area being raided.
        7.  Q: Where's the best place to drive on the "Wrong Side of the Tracks"
            A: Personally, I've found the driving ahead of the train and to the 
               right is the best place. That is, at about a 45 degree angle from 
               the front right side of the train. When you're told to take the high
               road, do so, and then return to your original position when you can. 
        8.  Q: Where are the driving school and flight school?
            A: Some are located in other cities, so you'll need to unlock them.
               Driving school is in Doherty, San Fierro.           
               Pilot school is in Verdant Meadow Aircraft Graveyard, Las Venturas.
               Bike school is in Blackfield, Las Venturas
               Boat school is in the Bayside Marina of Bayside, north of San Fierro.
        9.  Q: Why can't I buy up some of the houses in the countryside?
            A: You haven't completed enough missions yet. Until you complete "The 
               Green Saber", you won't be able to access certain areas or purchase 
               certain things. Later in the game, there are more properties that
               will be unavailable until certain missions are completed.
        10. Q: I thought I was all crafty and swam to one of the other cities...
               but I got jumped by an army of cops, and a 4 star rating for my 
               trouble! What gives?
            A: Since you can swim, Rockstar North had to come up with some new
               trespassing penalties. In previous games, simply sealing the 
               bridge was usually enough to keep people off of the "locked" areas, 
               but in San Andreas they had to up the stakes somewhat. Until these 
               areas are unlocked, you'll be quickly killed by law enforcement.
        11. Q: What's the reward for getting all 100 of the tags sprayed?
            A: Increased respect, and weaponry. Specifically, an AK-47, Tec-9, 
               Sawed-off shotgun and Molotov cocktails appear inside The Johnson 
        12. Q: How do I tow a car?
            A: Get in a tow truck vehicle and use the Right Analog stick to 
               manipulate the connection.
        13. Q: Can I extend the ramps on the Car transport trucks?
            A: Yes, by using the Right Analog Stick.
        14. Q: Can I kiss my girlfriend?
            A: Yes, by pressing the L1 button.
        15. Q: How do I raise my sex appeal?
            A: Buy nicer clothes, drive a nicer car, work out, gain more respect,
               get a better haircut, find more Oysters.
        16. How can I get into the airports without a license?
            From Eric Hass:
            "Get a car and park it in front of the security both. Jump up on the
            car, then onto the roof of the booth and over the fence"
        17. Q: Are you a dork?
            A: Why, for putting in this much time on an FAQ? Yeah...yeah I'm
               a dork.
    III. Main Storyline Missions
       1. Ryder
          Drive to the barber shop (located on the map) and get a haircut.  Head
          over to the Well-Stacked Pizza Company and buy some food (I recommend
          a salad, but whatever floats your boat).  After you order, Ryder will
          attempt a robbery, but manage to completely screw it up. You'll both 
          be chased out by a shotgun wielding register jockey, so jump in the car
          and head back to Grove Street.
          REWARD: Respect Earned
       2. Tagging Up Turf
          Time to learn how to tag your turf. 7 Locations are marked on your map.
          Go to each one, equip your can of spray pain, and press the "O" key to
          paint over the opposing gang tags. This can take several seconds, so
          be patient.
          REWARD: Respect Earned
       3. Cleaning the Hood
          Time for the D.A.R.E. portion of San Andreas. Drive Ryder over to
          B-Dups apartment. Once there, you'll see the results of crack 
          addiction. In order to get some justice, it's time to kick the crap out
          of a crack dealer and clean up the hood. Follow the tag on the radar to
          find the dealer. Beat him to death, grab his weapon, then go give the
          crack house gang members a good beating as well. After that, return to
          the Grove.
          REWARD: Respect Earned
       4. Drive Through
          Smoke is hungry, and the game needs to teach you about eating, so
          it's time to head over to the nearest Cluckin' Bell. 
          In the middle of getting some food (and, in Smoke's case, a hell of
          a lot of food), a Balla's ride shows up and tries to start some shit.
          Chase them down and let your boys blow the vehicle to hell. There's
          no trick to this, though if you have a weapon you can help with the 
          drive by.
          REWARD: $500, respect earned, Ganton Gym available.
       5. Nines and AKs
          Have you noticed that you don't really have access to a ready supply
          of firearms? Isn't this America?! Where the damn guns?
          Fortunately, the local supplier of cheap, near useless firearms is
          here to help. Go meet Emmet to get a handgun. You'll also get a
          brief tutorial on aiming, rolling, and other weapons skills.
          Pay attention, because this will come in very useful later.
          Binco, the clothes shop, also becomes available. You'll need some
          gang colors, so buy something green.
          REWARD: Respect earned
       6. Drive-By
          It's time to reassert the authority of Grove Street. Drive the car
          into Balla territory and let your carmates do drive-bys on the
          gang bangers sitting out on the corner. Avoid getting too close
          to the cars, since the blasts will likely do significant, if not
          fatal, damage to you. 
          After you drive by the four groups, you'll earn a two-star wanted
          level, so drive quickly to the Pay N' Spray for a free paint job.
          With the car sprayed and the cops off your tail, return to Sweets
          house on Grove Street.    
          REWARD: $500, respect earned, Ryder available to give missions, 
                  Big Smoke available to give missions.
       7. Sweet's Girl
          Sweet calls to tell you that he and his woman are pinned down by
          Ballas at an apartment complex. Get a set of wheels and drive over
          there. If you're strapped, jump out and pop off a few rounds into
          the Ballas, paying particular attention to the guy blocking the stairs.
          Head upstairs and meet Sweet, then get down to the car and back to
          Grove Street.
          REWARD: Respect earned
       8. Cesar Vialpando
          According to Sweet, your sister is making out with some guy named Cesar.
          He's big into mods and street racing, so head over to a  house and get a
          decent ride, as well as the opportunity to mod the car. This is, for the
          most part, pointless, since all these cars get beaten to hell when you
          use them...or maybe I'm a terrible driver. I prefer motorcycles anyway.
          Head over to the train station and meet Cesar. He'll challenge you to
          a hydraulics competition. All you need to do is match your movements
          to the prompts on the screen. Get used to doing stuff like this, as
          it's relatively common in the game. It shouldn't be too hard to do.
          REWARD: Respect earned, double whatever you bet.
       1. Home Invasion
          Ryder has a real obsession with firepower, so it's time to rip off
          some right-wing nut job. Get in the van and drive to the location
          on the map. Once there, you'll need to head into the house to 
          steal the stuff.
          This entire mission is just training for the secondary mission of
          performing burglaries, so pay attention. Remember to move slowly
          and avoid running into objects, doorframes, banisters, and walls.
          Doing so creates a lot of noise and will just cause problems.
          There are five crates in the house, and you only need three. One is
          located where you start, against a wall.  Two more are located in
          the upstairs hallway, and the last two are physically in the
          room where the nut job is sleeping. You've got plenty of time, so
          just move carefully and you'll be fine. After you grab each box 
          head outside and put them in the truck. 
          Once you're done, drive over to the lockup and you're good to go.
          REWARD: Respect earned
       2. Catalyst
          Officer Tenpenny shows up with information on a shipment of weapons
          that are coming in by train. If you haven't already, get a decent 
          gun and, if you can, body armor.
          Once you reach the train, you'll run into a gang war. I parked
          the car and shot everyone, but running them over is a viable option
          as well. A second group of thugs will come up in a car; kill them 
          too, then climb into the train. 
          The train is going to start going, so you'll need to toss the crates
          of weapons out to Ryder in the car. This can be a bit tough, so 
          don't be surprised if it takes a couple of tries. Get as many crates
          out as early as possible.
          Once that's done, evade the cops and head back to Ryder's house.
          REWARD: Respect earned
       3. Robbing Uncle Sam
          Ryder, in a brainstorm, realizes that the Army has more guns than
          anyone else. Clever, isn't he?
          Anyway, he decides to rip off the Military Depot down at the docks.
          Drive over there and jump the fence, then kill the guard. However,
          DO NOT shoot the gate open. Instead, head towards the supply building
          and kill the guards nearby. Shoot the lock to open the building, then
          kill the guards inside. Use the forklift to move the four boxes into
          a line in front of the door, then head outside and move two of the
          boxes out there into the line as well.
          Now that you're ready, it's time to let Ryder in. Go shoot the lock
          to the gate and let him in, then head back to the forklift and start
          loading boxes. You may have to get out and help Ryder every now and
          again, but with the boxes this close you should be able to work pretty
          Once all six boxes crates are in the back, drive to the safe house. You
          can drop the boxes out of the back to try and blow up the Hummers that
          will pursue you, but they're not that big a challenge.
          REWARD: Respect earned
       1. OG Loc
          One of your boys is getting out of jail, so go pick him up. Loc
          wants to go and settle a score with some punk from prison, so head
          over into Balla territory and visit the house.
          After some allusions to guy-on-guy prison action, Freddy, the guy
          Loc wants to deal with , takes off on a bike. There's a similar
          one nearby for you to use, so go after him. I was never able to
          kill him while he was on the bike, but maybe I just suck.
          Anyway, if you chase him long enough, he'll eventually stop by
          some basketball courts. When he does so, gun his ass down, as
          well as any gang members that might be nearby and try to help him.
          After Freddy is taking a dirt nap, drive Loc to his probation job
          at a local Burger Shot restaurant.
          REWARD: Respect earned, OG Loc available to give missions.
       2. Running Dog
          Smoke has a "cousin" from "Mexico" named "Marijuana" coming into
          town. Drive him to the meeting. Once you get there, the Vagos will
          be relatively unreceptive to the idea of giving you and Smoke the 
          dope, so kill them for being dicks. Get the cash.
          REWARD: Respect earned
       3. Wrong Side of the Tracks
          This is tough, but not impossible. Drive Smoke to the meet, then 
          get on the bike provided and chase down the train. Staying just to 
          the right of the first car puts you in a good firing position,
          especially if you alternate it with  moving up so you're at a 45
          degree angle to the front right side of the train engine. 
          By the time you reach the tunnel, only two of the guys should be
          alive, so when Smoke says to "take the high road", go to the right.
          You just need to keep up with the train, though you may be able to
          get close enough for Smoke to take some shots. Once you're back at
          the same level as the train, pull up to the right side again and
          let him hose the train with gunfire. with all of them dead, drive
          Smoke back home.
          REWARD: Respect earned
       4. Just Business
          REWARD: Respect earned
       1. Life's a Beach
          OG is pissed about his crappy job, so he wants you to help him jump-
          start his rap career.  Get down to a beach party and see if you can 
          get your hands on the DJ Van.
          When the DJ talks to you, you'll need to press right on the D-pad to
          answer positively, and the next phase of the mission will begin.
          Oh, it's Dance-Dance Revolution time. There's no special trick to 
          this, just memorize what buttons are where and hit them in time. It's
          similar to the Low-Rider contest, but with different buttons.  Once
          you've suitably impressed the female DJ, she'll invite you into her
          van, and then you can kick her ass to the curb and take the truck to
          the lockup.
          Reward: Respect earned
       2. Madd Doggs Rhymes
          He's got the sound system, but his rhymes are more painful that a 
          kick in the crotch. Time to get some better ones.
          Proceed to the house, and follow the instructions to sneak in. 
          Refrain from killing unless absolutely necessary on the way in. 
          You'll probably have to ice the guard in the studio. Once you've 
          done that, just fight your way out. There's body armor near the 
          studio if you need it.
          Once you have the book of quality lyrics, head back to Burger Shot 
          and talk to OG.
          REWARD: Respect Earned, Detective Frank Tenpenny becomes available 
                  for missions.
       3. Management Issues
          Easily my favorite mission of the game so far. OG is having some 
          issues with some music mogul, so it's time to take him out of the 
          Intercept one of the bodyguards and kill him, then steal the car. 
          If you damage the car, visit the Pay N' Spray to get it repaired. 
          Follow the dot and meet up with the other 2 guards, and carefully 
          parallel park between them. The other guards will come out, and then
          drive to a meeting. Stay in the middle of the convoy, and the music
          mogul and his girlfriend will get in the car. The guards, alerted to
          your kidnap attempt, will try to ram you, but just evade them and
          head for the pier. Drive as fast as possible down the pier and bail
          out just before you hit the edge.
          Return to the Burger Shot.
          REWARD: Respect earned
       4. House Party
          OG is ready for a party. The game will tell you to get a haircut and 
          some new clothes, but save your money. Head back to the Grove and enter
          the party house.
          Unfortunately, the Ballas have decided a gathering of the entire Grove
          Street Families gang makes a tempting target, and they're coming to
          kill you all. Head outside and grab a Tec-9, if you don't already have
          The first wave will come from the west down the street. Kill them, then
          prepare for the second wave who will attack from the bridge overpass
          above you. The final wave will attack from the south and west, so be
          ready to get shot in the back.
          REWARD: Respect earned, gang turf missions available.
       1. High Stakes, Low-Rider
          I suggest you use a Voodoo for this mission; do not use the low
          rider that you used in Sweets "Cesar Vialpando" mission, as it
          fishtails far too easily in turns.
          Follow Cesar to the start of the line, the just start racing. Get 
          ahead of your opponents as early as possible and don't look back. 
          If you need to, consider having Nitrous Oxide installed in your 
          car for an extra speed boost.
          REWARD: $1000, Sweet becomes available to give missions again.
       1. Burning Desires
          Seems that another gang banger like yourself has managed to piss off
          Officer Tenpenny. He wants you to grab some Molotov cocktails and
          firebomb the bangers house.  Drive downtown and grab the Molotovs,
          then drive to the house. Kill any gang members near the house, then
          shoot out the windows. From as far away as possible, throw one (1)
          Molotov through each of the five windows. The building will begin to
          burn. Unfortunately, there's a girl trapped inside, so you'll need 
          to rescue her. Head inside and upstairs. The door to her room is 
          blocked so you'll need to go downstairs to the kitchen and get the 
          fire extinguisher. Do so, then return to the upstairs and put out 
          the fire.
          The building will begin to collapse, so use the fire extinguisher to
          clear a path back downstairs and out the door. 
          It turns out the girl, Denise, is from just outside Grove Street, so 
          follow the dot and return her home. Your chivalrous actions have 
          convinced Denise to become your girlfriend, so treat her nice.
          REWARD: Denise available to date
       2. Gray Imports
          Looks like the Ballas are making a deal with the Russians for some
          weaponry. Since Tenpenny isn't a fan of one gang getting too strong,
          he suggests you head down to the docks (follow the dot) and crash 
          the meeting. 
          Once you arrive at the docks, quickly kill the guard and shoot the
          control panel.
          REWARD: Ammu-Nation opens
       1. Doberman
          Time to learn how to get into Turf Wars. Get some armor and a
          decent weapon, then head to the Balla's territory, specifically
          over to Glen Park. Find a group of three to four Balla's and kill
          them. You should get a message that "You have initiated a gang war".
          You'll have to kill three waves of gang members, with time 
          between each wave to grab a health and/or armor power up that should 
          appear. Track down the last guy on your map and kill him. 
       2. Los Sepulcos
          Time to throw the Ballas leader a beating...by which I mean shoot 
          him dead. Walk over to the two GSF members, target them and press 
          up on the D-pad. This will recruit them. Once you've done this to 
          both of them, they'll hop in the car with you. Be aware that while 
          driving, if you pass any enemy gang members, they'll automatically 
          drive-by them, and this can cause problems. So, be careful.
          You'll have 4 minutes to drive to the rear of the Cemetery, so take 
          your time. Once there, equip an automatic weapon (UZI, MP5, AK-47) 
          and jump the fence. Watch the cut scene, then cut down the Ballas. 
          The gang boss will have a red arrow over his head, and he's wearing 
          body armor, so you'll have to shoot him more than normal. It's a 
          waste of time to attack him with a pistol, so don't bother. Use an 
          automatic weapon and he'll be dead in 5 seconds. 
          Once you've killed him, your wanted level will be two stars, so hop
          in the car Sweet has stolen and take off. You can wait for the 2 
          recruited gang members, but it's not vital. Head north, then 
          immediately east and look for the Pay N' Spray right next to the Mod 
          Shop. Get sprayed, lose the cops, and head back to the grove.
          REWARD: Respect earned
      3.  Reuniting the Families
          Sweet thinks it's time for a big meeting of the families, so you need
          to drive him over to the Motel where the meet is taking place.
          Unfortunately, just after he goes in, SWAT vans and helicopters show
          up to raid the party. Your homies bitch out on you and skip, so you're
          going in alone to rescue your brother. It's actually not that hard,
          just be careful near corners. Once you rescue him, you'll need to 
          fight off a SWAT helicopter; be sure to kill the 4 SWAT members that
          are on the outside of the helicopter, then shoot down the chopper.
          Thankfully, Smoke and Ryder aren't complete bitches, and come back to
          pick the two of you up. As you make your getaway, you're going to
          have to fight off a number of police cars, as well as some motorcycle
          cops that will actually jump onto the rear and hood of your car,
          T-1000 style. Kill the cops ASAP, then get ready for  a final
          helicopter showdown cut scene.
          REWARD: Respect earned
      4.  The Green Sabre (STORYLINE SPOILERS)
          Sweet has a plan to take back the hood, once and for all, and he tells
          the gang members to get strapped and then meet him under the Mulholland
          Intersection overpass. Before you can do that, you get an urgent call
          from Cesar, who has something vital to show you. Drive to the meet and
          get in the car.
          It turns out that Smoke and Ryder are double-crossing the family, selling
          them out to the LSPD CRASH team. With Sweet walking into a trap, it's
          up to you to save him. get a fast vehicle and head over to the Mulholland
          Bridge Intersection as fast as possible. Once there, kill the Ballas and
          then meet up with your brother. You'll talk briefly, then get jumped by 
          more Ballas on foot and in their vehicles. Target them quickly and kill
          them, then use a high powered weapon like an AK-47 to take out the car
          doing drive bys on your men. With the vehicle destroyed, the cops show 
          up, and we fade to black with CJ raising his hands in surrender, and 
          Sweet bleeding profusely on the ground.
          REWARD: None
      1. Badlands
         Well, that could have turned out better, huh? Smoke's double cross
         has left your brother riddled with bullet holes in a prison hospital,
         and you in the custody of the corrupt Officer Tenpenny, and without 
         any of your weapons.
         Having you driven you out to the ass end of nowhere, Tenpenny has a
         little assignment for you: kill a witness against him. However, 
         Tenpenny wants proof that the witness is dealt with, so he gives you
         a camera; use it to photograph the witness' corpse.
         You'll want to grab some weapons and armor from the nearby Ammu-
         Nation. Jack the nearby dirt bike, since this guy is being stashed up 
         on top of a hill, then follow the dot. The area can be a bit hazardous, 
         so drive carefully to avoid driving off the edge of the hill. 
         Fortunately, you can survive a fall from a pretty major height if you're
         on a bike.
         Anyway, the witness is out in a cabin, protected by 4 FBI agents. Cap
         them and the witness jumps in a car and takes off, so you'll need to
         chase him down and kill him. Having a Tec-9 is very handy. Once you badly
         damage the car, he'll hop out and you can kill him and take a photo.
         Return the photo to the marked spot in the trailer park.
         REWARD: None, but Cesar calls and tells you to meet his cousin at the
                 diner in Red County.
        1) Get yourself a silenced gun from Ammu-nation
        2) Proceed to the cabin, but park your vehicle a little bit before you
           reach it
        3) Use stealth mode and hide behind the trees so that the FBI doesn't see
           you.  Don't kill them unless they see you, because that will mean a 
           wanted level, and your target will flee.
        4) Sneak into the cabin, kill the witness and take the photo.
        With any luck, you won't be heard, so then run like hell to the nearest
        car/bike (There should be one on the opposite side of the cabin's front
        door) and go deposit the film.  Did this without getting a single wanted
        Thanks, Ben!
         *SPECIAL NOTE* 
         The first time you meet Catalina, Cesar's cousin, you will be able to 
         only do one of the missions. You can pick any one of the four, but then
         Catalina will be unavailable until you complete the "Body Harvest" 
         mission for The Truth. After you've done that, Catalina will become 
         available for the remaining 3 missions.
         Also, Catalina is a returning character from Grand Theft Auto III, and
         you'll learn more about her as the game progresses.
      1. Tanker Commander
         Head down to the town and pull into the gas station. Catalina will try
         to rob the joint, but the store has bullet proof glass and the guys 
         inside just laugh at her.
         The main plain foiled, you'll need to jack the nearby Semi-Truck cab
         and slowly back in on the nearby gasoline trailer. Once you do this,
         the guys inside the gas station will chase you in a car and try to
         destroy you.
         The easiest thing to do is to get out of the cab and shoot the pursuing
         car until it explodes. With luck, it will kill the two people inside, 
         and you'll be free to deliver the truck to the drop zone. If they
         don't die in the explosion, the two people inside have a very high 
         damage setting, and take many, many shots to bring down. Body armor
         is advised.
         Once you've evaded or killed your pursuers, deliver the trailer to 
         Mr. Whitaker.
         REWARD: $5,000 and the ability to take trucker missions.
      2. Local Liquor Store
         Time to live out the criminal cliché and rob a liquor store...too bad
         four hillbilly bandits on 4-wheelers got the idea ahead of you. 
         As they make their escape, Catalina will kill one of the bandits,
         providing you with a 4-wheeler. You need to drive as close as 
         possible to the bandits so that Catalina can kill them.
         Each one will drop a briefcase, but the easiest thing to do is chase
         down all three, then pick up the briefcases after they're all dead.
         Once you've gotten the briefcases, return to Catalina's mountain
         REWARD: $1,000
      3. Against All Odds
         Catalina wants to knock over a betting parlor, and she's brought the
         firepower to do it. She hands you a set of satchel charges (military
         demolitions explosives) and orders you into the betting parlor.
         Head through the door and watch the cut scene, which reinforces that
         Catalina is one stone cold crazy bitch. Anyway, walk to the right and
         stand about 5 feet back from the door and throw a satchel charge. 
         If you've done it right, you should see a satchel charge appear on the
         door. Stand back as far as possible, then switch to the Detonator 
         weapon and blow the door. You may also have to set another charge on 
         the safe. Once it's open, you can grab the cash and head outside. 
         You'll have a four-star rating, so drive as quickly as possible to the
         nearest Pay N' Spray (Dillimore) and get the car painted. Once that's
         done, return to your hideout.
         REWARD: $2,000
      4. Small Town Bank
         Nothing like a good, old-fashioned stick up. Catalina will take control
         and start cracking the safe, all you need to do is keep rotating your
         targeting over the people outside. You'll probably screw up, and when
         you do, the alarm will go off. You can kill the hostages, then blow
         open the ATMs and take the cash. Catalina will lead the way out the
         back, where you'll have to fight cops on the roof and at ground level.
         Once you work your way down the alley, kill the two motorcycle cops
         that appear and take their bikes. Two more cops will appear to chase
         you, so follow Catalina as closely as possible. Over the course of the
         chase, the two cops will die (one will fall into the river, the other
         will wreck) so just stay alive and the situation will solve itself.
         Catalina, of course, gets cornered and caught, so you'll need to kill
         the cops around her, then get her on your bike and take off to her
         hide out. Once there, you mission is complete.
         REWARD: $10,000
      1. Body Harvest
         You're just meeting all sorts of interesting people through Tenpenny.
         Pick up weapons and body armor, then head over the bridge and the
         mountain to the Survivalist camp. It's easiest to move around the far
         west side of the camp all the way back to the combine. This way you'll
         only have to kill the survivalists that are out in the field, instead
         of all of them. Once you've killed them, jack the combine. You'll be
         attacked by a swarm of survivalists, but you can just run most of them
         over and watch their shredded body spit out the back. The exit path is
         towards the south, so head that way and crush any that get in your way.
         At the exit, you'll be attacked by a guy with a rifle in a pickup. I
         just got out and shot him dead, and then jacked and killed the pickup
         driver, but you can do whatever you like.
         All you have to do now is drive the combine to The Truth's barn at the
         bottom of the mountain and you're done.
         REWARD: Respect earned.
      1. Wu Zi Mu
         Cesar has found out about an illegal underground street race that takes
         place out here in the boonies. Find yourself a good, fast car (I used
         and Infernus with NOS, but it's not necessary to have NOS) and head
         over to meet him. In the background, you'll notice someone who should
         be very familiar to all those that played Grand Theft Auto III.
         Anyway, all you need to do here is win the race. If you have a car that
         corners well and is relatively heavy, this should be a breeze. Just try
         to minimize the damage to your car, and be very careful during the first
         half since the destruction of your car (like dropping it in a river)
         will result in instant mission failure.
         REWARD: $5,000 and introduction to Wu Zi Mu
      2. Farewell, My Love...
         Catalina has found a new lover...and it's the guy from GTA III. Anyone
         who played GTA III knows how this is going to end (she winds up shooting
         him  during a bank robbery, and you spend all of GTA III working towards
         vengeance), but in a final act of anger, she challenges you to a race.
         You don't have a choice of vehicles for this race, and the one you're
         given, quite frankly, sucks. You'll need to really press your advantage
         during straight-aways, and try to take as many shortcuts as possible. Also,
         avoid hitting fences, as you'll usually spin out. I should note that for 
         both of these racing missions, I had very low driving skills due to the
         fact I normally ride a motorcycle or run, so that may have hurt me
         REWARD: Deed to a garage in San Fierro
      1. Are You Going To San Fierro?
         The Truth finally has the drugs that Tenpenny wants to use to frame the
         troublesome individual. Unfortunately, the cops decide to raid Truth's
         You'll have 5 minutes to use a flamethrower to torch all of The Truth's 
         marijuana growing operation. Be sure to completely destroy all of the 
         growing areas; you'll know it's destroyed when you hear a beep, and one
         of the red dots will disappear from the map. 5 minutes is plenty of time,
         so work quickly and efficiently, and try not to set yourself on fire.
         Once you've eliminated the crop, rejoin The Truth in his psychedelic
         van. You need to make a getaway, but the police helicopter makes that 
         impossible; fortunately, Truth just happens to have a Rocket-Propelled
         Grenade (RPG) launcher in the back of the van. Surprisingly heavy 
         firepower for a hippie. Anyway, target the helicopter and blow it out
         of the sky. Once that's done, just calmly drive to San Fierro and check
         out the new garage.
      1. Wear Flowers in Your Hair
         Well, this garage was a hell of a scam; it's old and busted. Fortunately,
         your sister has some ideas on how to turn the place into an asset, and
         with her help, along with that of Cesar and Truth, you may have something.
         Truth happens to know a couple of guys that can help, real motor experts.
         They used to live down in Vice City, until the mob moved in and took over
         their boat repair business. Fans of Vice City will remember them: Jethro
         and Dwayne, the drug shipping guys that used to own the marina area. Truth
         wants to look at the hospital, so go take a look there as well. After that,
         go pick up Jethro from the garage he works at, then head over and talk to
         Dwayne; he'll meet you back at the Garage. Now Truth wants to look at the
         police station downtown so do that and then go pick up Zero, a computer
         genius that Truth knows.
         Now just head back to the shop.
         REWARD: None
      2. 555 We Tip
         Time to frame up the DA that's giving Tenpenny such problems. Drive over
         to the hotel and kill a valet down in the parking area. Take his uniform
         and money, then head upstairs and wait for the DA to arrive. His car will
         be the third one. You'll have 2 minutes to drive the car back to the
         garage, put the drugs in it, and drive it back. The easiest way to do this
         is to make an immediate right out of the half-circle in front of the hotel,
         drive up three blocks so that you're even with the yellow dot representing
         the garage, then turn left and go straight. You should be able to make it
         to your garage with at least a minute to spare. Pull in and the drugs will
         be dropped in.
         Now, VERY CAREFULLY drive back the way you came and pull into the parking
         garage. ANY damage to the vehicle will mean you have to go back to the
         garage and get it fixed, which will basically mean you fail the mission.
         Park the car in the marked spot, then go out front of the hotel and call
         the cops. They'll arrive, the DA will be imprisoned, and the mission is
         REWARD: None, but Valet missions are now available from the hotel, and a
                 valet uniform is delivered to your wardrobe.
      3. Deconstruction
         Those of you that work construction, please remember not to whistle at 
         gang bangers sisters and girlfriends, because it'll get you killed. FYI.
         Anyway, the workers at the construction site behind the building have 
         offended you, your sister and Cesar by ogling your sister. Time to kick
         their asses. Jack one of their bulldozers and flatten the 6 rectangular
         temporary buildings. They're shown on the map in green, and you need to
         hit them at a pretty good speed to destroy them. Watch out for any
         barrels, as they are explosive. During your attempts to destroy these 
         buildings, you'll be attacked by workers on foot and one in a bulldozer.
         The simplest way to deal with them is to get out of your bulldozer and
         shoot them, then jack the opposing bulldozer and kill the driver.
         Problem solved.
         After all 6 buildings are destroyed, the idiot foreman will stick his
         head out and see the destruction. Too bad for him, he just became a 
         witness. Knock the Porta-Potty he's in into the hole near the pipes,
         then grab a cement truck. Back the truck up to the highlighted spot
         and bury the Porta-Potty and the piece of shit in it.
         REWARD: None, but the driving school opens up.
      4. Photo Opportunity
         Cesar has been trailing some of the players in the drug smuggling 
         operation, and he wants you to meet him. Drive out to his location, then
         head to Angel Pines to do some reconnaissance. Once you get there, get up
         on the roof of the building you park in front of, and get ready to take
         some pictures. Be sure to zoom in fully and take a photo of each of the 
         four main players. One you'll definitely recognize, while the identities
         of the other three are something of a mystery. If you've taken a good
         zoomed photo, Cesar and CJ will talk about the person. Once you have
         all four people photographed, your mission is complete.
         REWARD: Respect earned
      5. Jizzy
         After meeting with Woozie, you know have some information on one of the
         guys working in the drug ring, a major pimp known as "Jizzy". Head over
         to Jizzy's establishment underneath the bridge and meet him. After some
         conversation, he'll give you a few "dumb muscle" jobs. First, go outside
         and get in the pimpmobile. Drive the ho in it to a john at a hotel
         downtown. Once that's complete, Jizzy wants you to execute a rival pimp,
         and you only have 2 minutes to reach him in Hashbury. The rival pimp is
         armed only with a pistol, so you can make quick work of him.
         Next, you'll need to save one of Jizzy's women from a pair of guys that 
         are assaulting her under a bridge overpass. Again, only one of the two is
         armed, and that's only with a pistol. Cap their asses, and then get the
         pimpmobile to a Pay N' Spray to repair any damage.
         You're now ready for the fourth part of this mission, the ordered murder
         of the ho you earlier dropped off at the hotel. It seems her john, an
         evangelical preacher, wants to take her away from the job, and Jizzy
         isn't having any of that. The preacher is in a stretch limo, escorted by
         a black SUV with armed guards. 
         The trick here is to concentrate on the limo first. I used an MP5 and 
         just pulled up alongside them, but if you've been to driving school you
         could try using the P.I.T. maneuver too. Once the escaping duo have
         been eliminated, finish off the guards. Jizzy will tell you to keep the
         pimpmobile or destroy it; I put it in my garage back at The Garage.
         REWARD: $3,000 and respect earned
    N. ZERO (Z)
       1. Air Raid
          This mission is a bit tricky, but not too bad. The secret is to keep an 
          eye on your radar, and to destroy the enemy planes as far out as 
          The easiest way to do this is to aim just ahead of the planes so that 
          they fly right into your weapons fire.  Other than making sure to watch 
          your back for incoming, there's really no secret to this mission.
          REWARD: $3,000
       2. Supply Lines
          I hate this mission with a bloody red passion. I can't even fully 
          express how much I want to stomp Rockstar in the groin for including
          this mission, and I thank God that it's not required to advance or I'd
          return this game in a heartbeat.
          Okay, now that that's out of the way, here's what to do:
          Basically, you need to take the three closest vehicles as fast as you
          possibly can, because not only do you need to destroy all three, but
          you have to return the freaking RC plane to that whiny bastard Zero.
          Okay, sorry, getting a little worked up. 
          Anyway, destroy the first three in under 30 seconds if you can, 
          because the other two targets are clear across the map.  Go after
          the closest of the two red dots, which should be a punk on a 
          dirt bike. Finally, go after the remaining vehicle, a van. Once you
          destroy him, you'll need at least 1/3 of a tank of gas left, 
          preferably more.
          "A way to make Supply lines easier is to hit the two farthest vehicles 
           first, because they start fairly close  to one another. Remember to 
           spend as little time on the closest of the two as possible to make it
           easier for you to catch the farthest.  
           Once that is accomplished you should have 2/3rds of your fuel left and 
           that is enough (for me) to get the other 3 and return with still 1/5th 
        3. A New Model Army
           This is one of the more inventive missions, and is currently a personal 
           favorite. Basically, you're controlling a radio helicopter with a giant
           magnet on it, and Zero is controlling a little car.
           First off, magnetically grab the bomb next to you and bomb the nearest
           tank. Do this to the other two tanks. You'll have to listen to Zero
           bitch and moan, but whatever. Anyway, once those are destroyed, help
           Zero by moving the barrel in his way. This should be a cakewalk from 
           now on; you'll need to move two planks to make a bridge, and move a
           few more barrels, but you should easily complete this with time to
           REWARD:$7,000 and asset acquired. RC's Shop generates $5,000 every 24 
                  minutes (24 in game hours)
    O. JIZZY (Blue Dot)
       1. T-Bone Mendez
          Looks like someone is jacking the drugs shipments. You need to track
          down the hijacked shipment and rescue the material.
          Get in a vehicle and head over to the spot under the overpass; too
          bad for you, but the thieves have already grabbed some of the blow and 
          are making a run for it. Get on the bike and chase them down, then
          machine gun them for being punks. Of course, the irony here is that
          you've been doing the same thing (ripping off these shipments), but
          that doesn't matter now. Kill all four people and pick up the packages,
          then return the material to the pleasure dome. The chases and killings
          are pretty straightforward, but having a decent bike skill level helps.
          REWARD: $5,000 and respect earned
       2. Mike Toreno
          Great, now these assholes are stealing entire trucks! This time, though,
          one of Jizzy and T-bone's accomplices, Mike Toreno, is trapped in the
          back of the truck. Fortunately, he has a cell phone, but the battery
          only has five minutes of time left, so you need to track him quickly.
          The first place to head is the building site in Doherty, just behind
          your garage.
          Next, head just east to the docks in Easter Basin, then over to the
          airport. Once at the airport, you'll have to use a signal meter to
          track down Mike's exactly location. If the bar increases, you're
          heading in the right direction, if not, you're going the wrong way.
          Once you track down the van, machine gun the bikes escorting it and
          any goons that get out of the van. Get out of the car, and a cut scene
          will play. Destroy the truck any way you can, then get Toreno and
          T-bone out of the airport. Unfortunately, the cops have gotten wise
          to what's going on, and you'll need to get to the nearest Pay N' Spray
          and lose your three-star wanted level. The closest one is due north,
          near your Garage. Once you've gotten a new paint job, head back to 
          the pleasure dome.
          REWARD: $7,000 and respect earned
    P. WOOZIE (W)
       1. Mountain Cloud Boys
          Woozie wants to check out a Triad gang that missed a payment, so drive
          him around the corner (literally) and check things out. You'll want to
          have a semi-automatic weapon for this mission, and you'll want at least
          a gangster rating. I'm just saying.
          Anyway, it turns out that A) Woozie is blind as hell and B) everyone in
          the building is as dead as Courtney Love's sex appeal. As the true
          magnitude of how potentially screwed you are sinks in, the Da Nang Boys
          burst in and corner you. Kill them, then head down the alley where 
          a group of DNBs on dir bikes will arrive, kill them, then wait at the
          corner. There's an enemy sniper, so stay low and kill the nearby
          enemies, then spring up and pop the sniper in the noggin.
          Get into the car in the alley, and head out. The blind Woozie will then
          attack (I swear to God) the enemies with a machine gun, and do a pretty
          not bad job of killing them. Help him out if you want, then drive back
          around to Woozie's place and drop him off.
          REWARD: $5,000 and respect earned
       2. Ran Fa Li
          Looks like the big Triad boss is in town, and he's concerned about the 
          Da Nang Boys issue. He has a vehicle that has a valuable package in it
          stored down at the airport. Head down there and retrieve it.
          Getting there, like most missions, is the easy part. The second you
          touch the car, the Da Nang boys show up. Kill the guy that comes after
          you, then head for the nearest unblocked exit. Trucks will pull in front
          of certain paths, so go a different way; the car can't take ramming them.
          Once you're outside, pick a direction in the circle and go with it, but
          stay to the right or left so you can go around the trucks blocking the 
          way. Now, head for the docks. You'll have to fight off a couple of 
          dirt bikes, but a little drive by will settle that nicely.
          REWARD: $6,000 and respect earned
       3. Lure
          Ran Fa Li is a prisoner in Woozie's building, so you'll need to lure
          away the Da Nang boys waiting outside.  Get in the vehicle and drive
          carefully to the countryside. You won't be attacked until you reach
          Angel Point, so just prevent damage to the car. Once at Angel Point,
          drive through the checkpoints. The easiest thing to do is stop after
          every checkpoint and machine gun the two dirt bikes that will appear
          after each one. This will reduce the damage to your vehicle, and 
          make the country drive more enjoyable. Remember to not get out of the
          car, and to keep the Da Nang boys away from you if the doors are
          destroyed. Head out to the gas station and put in a call to Woozie,
          you're done.
          REWARD: $8,000 and respect earned
       4. Amphibious Assault
          If you keep getting a message about needing more lung capacity, find
          some water and swim in it, but do so underwater (press O to dive). 
          Make sure you watch your amount of air as you do this, and after
          five or six dives you should have enough lung capacity. The more
          you have, the better off you'll be for this mission.
          Anyway, get down to the docks any way you feel like. Once there, hop
          into the water and swim out to the container ship. Make sure to stay
          underwater as much as possible, and if you have to come up for air 
          do not swim. Simply float as your air capacity increases. Otherwise,
          the patrol boats will come for you. Also, avoid the spotlights, since 
          that will also cause you to be shot at from the boats.
          Once at the tanker, swim to the far side and climb aboard. You're
          provided with a knife, but it's easier to just gun everyone down.
          Head to the control tower, plant the bug, then head back up top. 
          Shoot out all of the search lights, then hop into the water and swim
          to the designated spot.
          REWARD: $11,000 and respect earned
       5. The Da Nang Thang
          You thought the Da Nang Boys were a pain in the ass before? well, now
          there's a container ship full to the brim with them. Time to even the
          You'll head out by helicopter to the ship, and be manning a mini-gun.
          Kill as many of the Da Nang Boys as possible, and make guys with RPG's
          your primary target. Me, I got blown out of the sky and wound up with 
          only a knife. 
          Swim to the ship, then knife the nearest Da Nang Boy. Remember, stealth
          kill by targeting the subject, then waiting for CJ to raise his arm, the 
          hit attack. Quick and bubbly.  
          Grab the dropped weapon and start working your way to the back of the 
          ship. These jerks tend to hide, so work quickly. You'll get a health 
          refill near the middle of the ship. Once to the hold, you'll need to kill 
          the guards, then shoot off the padlock on the container. Be aware that at 
          least one of the guards is equipped with grenades, so when you see someone
          draw back, rush them ASAP.
          Once the padlock is blown off, head back up top and go for the control
          tower. There'll be one man outside, then two at the middle landing of
          the stairs. Once you reach the top, it'll be a swordfight with Snakehead,
          but he's a feeble old man. Hit him three times quickly and it's lights 
          Head back out to the refugees and hook up with them for a dinghy and a
          quick escape.
          REWARD: $15,000 and respect earned
       1. Outrider
          Head over and meet T-Bone at the gas station near the docks. After a 
          heartwarming conversation, Toreno tells you that it's your job to protect
          one of the new drug shipments. 
          Drive up the street and get out. Next to the van is a sniper rifle, RPG 
          and a dirt bike. Grab them, then head to the first indicated roadblock.
          There will be four to deal with, so conserve your ammo. Stop close enough
          to each roadblock that you can see it and aim easily, but far enough away
          that they don't start shooting at you. RPG each car, then kill any 
          survivors with sniper fire or a auto target weapon. I used a TEC-9, but
          use whatever makes you feel like a bad mother.  The guys up in the windows
          will be the biggest problem, but you should easily be able to stay ahead 
          of the van. Once everyone is dead, just escort the van to the drop point.
          REWARD: $9,000 and respect earned
       1. Snail Trail
          This guy is like a bad penny; he just keeps turning up. The upside is 
          that there's a 90% chance you get to kill his ass by the end of the 
          game. This is the thought that keeps me going. Also, killing Zero. But I 
          It seems some reporter is doing some damage to Tenpenny's rep, and they
          need to die. Fortunately, they're having a meeting with a source over in
          Los Santos today, and it's the perfect opportunity for a hit.
          Grab the sniper rifle Tenpenny has hidden in one of the pipes in the 
          construction area, then head to the train station across from The Garage.
          The train will leave, and you should follow it. A fast car or a decent
          dirt bike will do. The best practice is to get ahead of the train, then 
          get out of the station in advance to wait for the reporter. Once they 
          show, wait for them to get in a taxi, then follow them from about 6 to 
          10 car lengths away. They're going to head for the Santa Maria pier, so 
          if you lose them, just head that way. 
          Once they're at the pier, wait for them to get out and meet, then (from
          a good distance away), blow both their heads off. 
          REWARD: None
       1. Ice Cold Killa
          That annoying pimp Jizzy has outlived his usefulness. Kill him and get 
          his cell phone.
          Head down to the club and talk to the bouncers. Then, head over to the 
          scaffolding and use it to access the roof. Head downstairs, then over
          towards Jizzy. CJ will confront him, but the hit is botched. 
          Kill everyone who gets near you, then chase Jizzy out the door. Hop in
          one of the limos outside and chase Jizzy, drive-bying him as much as
          possible. He'll eventually catch fire and either explode or hop out.
          If he hops out, chase him down and kill him, then collect the phone.
          Cesar will call and tell you to meet him at Pier 69.
          REWARD: $12,000 and respect earned
          "Shoot up the Pimpmobile before you enter the club; he'll then run 
           away on a pizza scooter, and you can just run him over."
       2. Pier 69
          Time to get rid of the rest of the drug running crew. Meet Cesar down
          at Pier 69 and climb up on the roof with him. Some of Woozies boys will
          show up, but get ambushed trying to move across the roof. Kill all of 
          the enemies on the roof, then head down to the meeting location and 
          kill any enemies you find. Be sure to watch the roof and the balconies.
          Finally, you'll run into T-Bone; pop a cap in his ass and watch as Cesar
          joins in. Unfortunately, Ryder jumps into the ocean before you can put
          his ass on blast, so jump in and swim after him. He'll swipe a speedboat,
          so grab the second boat and chase him down. Ramming is stupid, so drive
          by him until the boat catches fire and he becomes a crispy critter. Make
          sure you're far enough away from Ryder’s boat when it explodes, because 
          I wasn't.
          REWARD: $15,000
       3. Toreno's Last Flight
          Toreno survived the attack at Pier 69, but this time he's the sole focus.
          He's reportedly downtown at the helipad, so head down there and try to
          stop him before he gets airborne. 
          Once you arrive at the helipad, kill everyone in your way and get up to
          the pad on the roof.
          Toreno will take off, and if you're quick enough you may be able to get
          an RPG round off after him. Most likely, though, you won't. Make
          sure you grab the RPG before you leave. Head down the staircase and jump
          the barrier and get onto the motorcycle. Head for the freeway, as Toreno’s
          helicopter is following it.
          Once on the freeway, head south as fast as possible and get considerably
          ahead of the helicopter. Be careful, as it will shoot at you as you
          get near it. Set up ahead of it with your RPG, and just wait for it to
          fly into your crosshairs. Two rounds should do it. Watch as Toreno
          becomes a burning smear on the highway. 
          REWARD: $18,000 and respect earned
       4. Yay Ka-Boom-Boom
          Time to eliminate the final part of the drug production system and kick
          Big Smoke hard in his Small Nuts.
          Woozie has a friend that has a knack for MacGuyvering some explosives
          into vehicles. Go over and pick up the car bomb near Chinatown, then
          drive VERY CAREFULLY over to the drug factory.
          Kill the guards outside, then any reinforcements that show up. It's
          easiest to just get out of the vehicle and kill them all. When you're
          done, head towards the southwest corner of the complex, follow the 
          ramp into the building, drive past, run over, or gun down anyone
          in the area, and park the car bomb next to the containers full
          of chemicals used in the Crack manufacturing process.
          Activate the car bomb by pressing O, then get the hell out of the
          building before the 40 second timer hits zero.
          Once outside, fight your way out to the gates...only to have them close
          in your face. Kill anyone near the car, then hop in; it's time to make
          like Steve McQueen and jump the fence. Run over anyone that gets in your
          way, then get to the far southeast corner of the facility and gun the
          engine; the ramp is in a building on what will be your far left side.
          You can hit is straight on or aim more for the left side and jump the
          closer wall, whatever you prefer. If the car gets destroyed, don't
          worry, another one will spawn.
          REWARD: $25,000 and respect earned. You'll also receive a mysterious
                  call, and Las Venturas will become accessible. Head out to the
                  question mark.
       1. Monster
          The mysterious caller wants you to complete a race using a monster truck.
          You'll have to hit 35 checkpoints in the desert in under 6 minutes and
          30 seconds.  If you do it, you'll reportedly learn more about the status
          of Sweet.
          The monster truck is impressive, and has one notable feature, the lack of
          a handbrake. In its place is 4 wheel steering, activated by pressing the
          normal handbrake button of R1. 
          This race is pretty straightforward, and you should be able to do it in
          5 minutes or less, much lower than the allotted 6 minutes and 30 seconds.
          Significant stumbling blocks include the 5th checkpoint up the hill,
          which requires you to use the R1 4-wheel drive in order to get up the
          hill easily. Otherwise, just be careful about flipping over or driving
          over cliffs.
          REWARD: $4,000
    U. TORENO (T)
       1. Highjack
          Not only is Toreno not dead, he apparently works for a government 
          agency. Personally, I think he's full of shit, but that's just my
          feeling. He's too slick.
          A rival organization has a shipment that Toreno needs. Cesar will help
          you out on this mission, so get on the motorcycle and head across the
          Gant Bridge (it looks like the Golden Gate bridge). Once on the other
          side, track down the big rig and pull up alongside the cab. Don't get
          right next to it, but stay even with the cab door about 3 or four feet
          away. Hold  this position for a few seconds and Cesar will jump off the 
          bike and  onto the rig. Once there, he'll break in and begin jacking 
          the rig.
          Stay back as much as possible, as the truck will swerve wildly during
          the hijacking, and wait for Cesar to complete his mission.
          Once the rig is jacked, carefully drive it back to The Garage in San
          REWARD: $7,0000
       2. Interdiction
          Toreno needs you to help mark a drop, so take the dune buggy (though
          you can use any vehicle) and head out to the ghost town. Once there, grab
          the RPG and pick an alternate vehicle, if you want one. Drive up to the
          mountain top and get to the marked spot. Once there, you'll set a flare
          for the arriving drop.
          In a shocking twist, something goes wrong and a set of helicopters
          attacks the transport. Use the RPG to bring down the enemy helicopters
          quickly; one RPG round per chopper will do it. In addition to the first
          2 helicopters, there will be three more, so destroy them all.
          Once the helicopters are down, head over to the drop zone and pick up the
          package, then return to the ghost town once again and deliver the package.
          REWARD: $10,000
       3. Verdant Meadows
          Toreno tells you to offer the owners a dollar, but clearly he's just
          talking  game; the facility will cost you a hefty $80,000, but it lets you
          get a pilot license and valuable flight experience.
          Anyway, there's no big secret to this mission, just drive out and buy the
          You'll need to at least earn your pilots license to continue doing 
          missions for Toreno, so be sure to do the flying missions until you get
          the note that you've earned your pilots license.
          REWARD: None, but you can take flying lessons now.
       4. Flight School
          To complete the rest of Toreno's missions, as well as gain access to
          Woozie's next missions, you need to complete all 10 lessons in 
          flight school with a score of 70% or better. I don't really have any
          tips, except to try to use the L2 and R2 buttons to do most of the
          turning when flying through the rings. It helps prevent overcorrecting.
          REWARD: Access to further Toreno missions, access to further Woozie 
                  missions, access to Truths missions that get you a Jet Pack
                  and turn the airfield into an asset worth $10,000 a day.
       5. N.O.E.
          For those of you wondering, that stands for Nap Of the Earth, which is
          military jargon for how we're going to fly this mission: low to the 
          Toreno has some men at Angel Point that need to be re-supplied, and
          you're the poor bastard that's been nominated. You've got a time
          limit, but you should be able to complete this mission with at least
          four minutes to spare, so don't sweat it.
          Get in the plane and take off. You'll notice a "Radar Visibility" 
          indicator, and that means that you need to stay, literally, at treetop 
          height to avoid getting shot down. The best route to take is to head 
          west/south west towards the Gant Bridge, fly under the bridge and then
          fly along the west coast of San Fierro down to Angel Point, fly through
          the target, then turn around and retrace your steps. It's not the most
          direct route, but it's the route with the least amount of obstacles to
          slam into and the clearest area to fly low on.
          Once you've completed the drop, simply land the aircraft and you've
          completed the mission.
          REWARD: $15,000
       6. Stowaway
          Looks like someone is using your airfield without permission. Toreno
          shows up as you're eyeballing the men in black and their giant transport
          and tells you that they're "rebel" agents that you've been authorized to
          take out. This man is so full of crap he sneezes brown.
          Anyway, get on the bike provided and race at top speed towards the plane
          as it takes off. Ignore the guys that shoot at you and avoid any
          barrels falling out of the plane as you head straight up the ramp.
          Once aboard and airborne, you'll lose your bike to a barrel; now you're
          trapped on a plane loaded with explosives. Huzzah!
          Don't use any guns or you'll make a big bang. Instead work your way to
          the head of the plane, beating the crap out of the very polite agents.
          One of these agents has a parachute, so kill him and take it. Before you
          leave, toss a satchel charge (which you'll magically have in your 
          inventory) onto a wall of the plane. Now make like Wesley Snipes in Drop 
          Zone and toss your ass out of the plane. No need to detonate the bomb; 
          it'll go off by itself. Mission accomplished! Now all you have to do is 
          land without leaving a crater.
          REWARD: $20,000
       1. Black Project
          Oh, that wacky The Truth! Our resident Jerry Garcia fan has something he
          wants to show you; a secret government facility out in the desert! There's
          an item in there known as "Black Project", and Truth wants you to get it
          for him. Because, you know, gang bangers, they're totally the people you
          pick to raid a secure government facility. I mean, yeah, they'd get in,
          but then they'd spend all their time driving up and down the tarmac in 
          Hummers with the radio blasting. But I digress.
          The best plan is to try and sneak into the control tower, then activate
          the controls to the door and sneak into the facility. I, however, screwed
          the pooch and wound up getting into a shootout. If that happens, your
          cover is blown, so shoot out the spotlights and kill anyone who gets 
          near you. Find the air grate, then shoot it to destroy it. Hop down and
          into the air vent, then destroy the grate at the other end.
          From here on in, it's smooth sailing. Make sure you grab the armor and
          the minigun located in the next room over (turn right as you go through
          the door) and then kill everyone in your way. Collect their M4 rifles,
          since they're hella sweet, and make your way towards the yellow dot.
          By the way, there'll be an option at some point to deactivate the 
          external defenses (the Surface to Air Missile sites). Do so!
          Anyway, once you're at the dot, take the keycard and, if you're hardcore, 
          pop the scientist for thinking too much. Head into the restricted area 
          and down the stairs. Kill the guards, then scope out the secret Black
          Project: a sweet as hell Jet Pack! Strap that bad boy on, then shoot
          straight up and out of the facility. All you have to do now is deliver
          it to Truth at the airfield.
          REWARD: None
       2. Green Goo
          Before you do this mission, make sure you have Body Armor and a 
          weapon like an Uzi, TEC-9 or MP5 that you could do a drive by with.     
          Anyway, Truth is clearly pleased with his new Jet Pack, but he's 
          especially interested in the contents of a train that's leaving with 
          a full military escort.  He insists that it's packed with something cool.
          Head out to the train station via your Jet Pack. You'll want to use 
          R1 to target the soldiers and L1 to fire at them while you fly.
          Start at the back of the train and work you way forward, destroying
          each of the three boxes until you find the green goo. You'll 
          probably work up a wanted level of 2 or 3, but don't worry.
          Once you have the goo, simply return it to Truth back at the airfield.
          REWARD: $20,000, Airfield becomes an asset generating $10,000 every
                  24 game hours (24 real minutes), Jet Pack available at the 
       1. Fender Ketchup
          This is a quick and easy mission; some of the Mafia families have
          been leaning on Woozie and causing trouble at the Four Dragons Casino.
          Woozie, impressed by your skills and abilities, offers to make you a
          partner in the Casino. This means easy money for you, but first you need
          to help deal with the Mafia threat.
          As fortune would have it, one of the Mafia knee breakers has been
          captured, and you offer to scare some info out of him.
          Head out to the strip, but be careful to avoid going on a highway, as
          that's police attention you don't need. 
          To scare your victim, try racing up and down the strip at high speed,
          hand-brake turns, and doing insane stunts, if available.  About two or
          three minutes of high speed driving and stunts, and this guy will give
          up the information. Head back to the casino and you're done.
          REWARD: $5,000 and respect earned
       2. Explosive Situation
          So now you know which Mafia family has been coming after the Four
          Dragons casino. It's time to repay the favor, but first you need the
          right tools for the job.
          Head west of town to the Quarry and obtain some dynamite. Once you get
          out to the Quarry, jack a mega-size dump truck and run over all four
          strongboxes containing the dynamite. Once that's done, scoop up the 
          explosives. Kill any guards that get up in your grill.
          Security shows up and blocks the exit, so get on the dirt bike and
          follow the 5 or 6 checkpoints to work your way out of the mine pit
          the hard way. Once you're clear of the facility, head east on the
          highway and deliver your cargo to one of Woozie's henchmen.
          REWARD: $7,000 and respect earned. Additionally, you can now access
                  the Quarry sub-missions.
       3. Architectural Espionage
          Bit of a tricky mission. First, get some body armor and a decent 
          gun. Then go up the street and beat the shit out of the guy with the
          camera. There will be arrows over 5 or 6 people, but just jump the one
          taking the pictures.
          Once you have the camera, put away any weapons you might have and then
          head over to the planning department. Talk to the woman (say whatever
          you want) and then head upstairs. To cut out some of the back and forth,
          on the first floor you come to you can find and destroy some ventilator
          fans. This cuts out some stupid back and forth. Once the fire starts,
          head up to the top floor and get a good photo of the plans; the game
          will let you know when you've gotten an acceptable shot.
          Draw your weapon and head back downstairs. Kill all the cops you come
          across and head outside. Hit the Pay N' Spray if you want (to lose your
          2-3 wanted stars), then head back to the Four Dragons.
          REWARD: Respect earned
       4. You've Had Your Chips
          First rule of interacting with the visually impaired is not to make 
          blind jokes...they never see them coming.
          It seems that the Mob has been circulating some bogus Four Dragons
          chips in the facility that are almost identical to the real chips.
          The key difference is that the dragon on the fakes has dark glasses
          and a white cane. BURN!
          Woozie, understandably, is pissed, so it's up to you to destroy the
          plastics manufacturing facility on the outskirts of town. Drive out
          there and head to the north side of the facility. Jump on the
          low wall to the east, then up onto the higher wall and over.
          Sneak around the back of the facility and into the main gate. Kill
          all of the people inside (watch for people up on the catwalk and
          hiding behind support pillars), then destroy all of the injection
          molding systems. After you destroy each one, you'll get attacked by
          reinforcements from the Mafia, so pause after you destroy each
          machine and kill any new attackers.
          Once that's done, just head back to the Casino.
          REWARD: $10,000 and respect earned.
       5. Key To Her Heart
          You're going to need keycard access to Caligulas, so it's time to
          wine and dine a female croupier. Head over to Caligulas and follow
          the woman out to the sex shop off of the strip, near Red Sands East.
          Stay at least 2 car lengths behind her.
          Follow her into the shop and, once she leaves, get the Gimp Suit
          from the dressing room she was in. Head back outside and follow her
          home, again staying at least 2 car lengths behind her. Park outside 
          her place, and then wait for the other gimp to arrive. He will not
          be wearing a gimp suit, so keep an eye out for the guy that heads
          to her house. Kill the real gimp, then ring the doorbell and enjoy
          the show.
          REWARD: Respect earned, new girlfriend. NOTE: You must get her to 
                  30% to be able to complete the robbery missions.
       6. Dam & Blast
          If the heist is going to work, the power to the city needs to be cut.
          Head out to the airport and get in the waiting plane. Take off, then
          head to the drop zone. The corona is fairly high up, so if you don't
          see it, gain altitude and keep looking.
          Once you hit the corona, bail out and dive towards the landing zone.
          Remember to deploy your parachute. It's not the fall that kills, it's
          the landing.
          Silently kill or evade the two guards, then break into the facility.
          You can go all stealth ninja and set the charges on each of the 
          generators and avoid the guards, but that's for sissies. Instead,
          go in guns blazing. Once the guards are dead, place the charges and
          head for the exit. Once on the roof, it's time for a GoldenEye
          REWARD: Respect earned
       7. Cop Wheels
          Oh sure, the heist is shaping up, but it's missing a couple of small
          things, like a viable getaway plan. These next two missions settle
          You'll need to snag four bikes; I suggest you work in clockwise order.
          Track down each of the bikes and steal them. If you can, avoid killing
          the cops, since it just gets you too much heat.  After you steal each
          one, track down the transport and drive onto the back.
          You may wind up having to kill at least two of the officers, or just 
          ram the officers so hard they go flying.
          REWARD: Respect earned
       8. Up, up and Away!
          Time to steal an armored car.
          Head out to the fuel depot and go straight through the door as the
          hummer comes out. Kill all of the guards and head towards the 
          dot. Once you get on the roof, get to the minigun and use it to 
          shoot down the attacking gun ships. Once they're down and burning
          (make sure they don't crash into you), head up to the chopper.
          You may be tempted to pick up other cars, but resist, because you'll
          have a hell of a time lifting them for some reason. Head over to the
          truck depot and grab the Armored Car, then fly out to the Abandoned
          Carefully place the truck in the target, then land the helicopter.
          REWARD: Respect earned, helicopter now always available at Airfield.
       1. Don Peyote
          Truth left a couple of Brits out in the desert. What if they got a 
          sunburn?! They're not used to the desert!
          Head out to the last place that Truth remembers leaving them. It's
          out in the desert, near a small town you've been to before. Take
          a four-door car. Once you locate Kent Paul and Maccer, take them 
          down to the snake farm. Hilarious hijinks ensue, and you're forced
          to kill people. Sadly, not Maccer. What a yob.
          Once that's settled, drive to the Casino.
          REWARD: Respect earned
       1. Intensive Care
          Rosenberg, you whiny bastard! I should've killed you in Vice City.
          Ah well, c'est la vie.  Rosenberg is in a bit of a bind, so you'll
          need to get Johnny, a mob boss (remember him?) and drive him over
          to a meat factory. Sadly, this will in fact save him...I thought
          I'd get to make him into ground beef. CRUEL FATE!
          Johnny is in one of three Ambulances. He was in the "middle" one
          for me, but it may be random. Once you've found the proper ambulance,
          ram it or shoot it until the thugs inside get out. Kill them, then take
          the Ambulance and drive to the meat factory.
          REWARD: $5,000 and respect earned
       2. The Meat Business
          Rosenberg needs to assert some authority, and he takes you as back up.
          Drive him over to the Abattoir (Oooh! French! It means
          "slaughterhouse". Thanks, Mr. Ritz!) Enter the building,
          then watch Johnny die of natural causes. Seriously.
          Kill everyone that saw him die, and protect Rosenberg. If you have
          the M4 assault rifle, this should be cake. Watch for guys hiding on
          boxes above you. Once you've killed all the witnesses, drive calmly back
          to Caligula's Casino.
          REWARD: $8,000 and respect earned
    Z. MADD DOGG (D)
       1. Madd Dogg
          Madd Dogg is a bit upset that his career is an utter disaster, but since
          you know he's actually gangster (and an opportunity to get rid of the 
          back-stabbing OG Loc) you feel like you should save him.
          Use the nearby pickup truck loaded with boxes to save Madd Dogg. All
          you need to do is just go forward or reverse to stay next to him. 
          DO NOT turn the car or you'll probably miss him. Once you've saved
          Madd Dogg, drive him to the hospital...he needs rehab, not to mention
          some X-rays after that fall. Oh, drive REALLY carefully, or you'll
          kill him from the shock.
          REWARD: Respect earned
       1. Fish in a Barrel
          You get made a partner in the Casino. Not much more to it than that.
       1. Freefall
          Oooh! Vengeance!  Mob hits! It's party time!
          Head out to the airport and get the corporate jet. Fly towards the
          incoming aircraft. You'll overshoot it, so whip around quickly and 
          then fly into the corona behind it. Say goodbye to your plane!
          Now that you're aboard the target, kill the four hit men and the
          pilot. If you've got armor, this should be cake. With that done, 
          simply fly back to Las Venturas and land.
          REWARD: $15,000 and respect earned
       1. Misappropriation
          No matter what you do, you just can't get this guy out of your hair.
          It seems that he can't keep his activities secret, and now a DEA agent
          has a dossier on Tenpenny that is going to be given to the FBI. You have
          to kill them and get the dossier.
          The easiest way I've found to complete this mission is to get a sniper 
          rifle and some armor (if you don't already have them already) and then
          head out to the Abandoned Airstrip. Grab the Jet Pack, and fly to the 
          target area. Land on the hill and get a proper angle on the Agent, then
          turn his brain into a pink mist. Switch to an assault rifle and charge
          the location. If anyone else picks up the bag, KILL THEM. DO NOT let them
          get airborne. I don't know what happens, but I imagine it's a long and
          annoying chase.
          Once everyone is dead, grab the case.
          REWARD: None
       2. High Noon
          Tenpenny wants to set up a meet to exchange the dossier. Get some armor,
          and head out to the meet.
          Oh, here's a surprise, it's a double cross! Tenpenny and Pulaski kill
          Officer Hernandez, then Tenpenny leaves Pulaski to deal with you.
          Fortunately, Hernandez jumps Pulaski before he can kill you, but dies in
          the process. Chase Pulaski down and kill him!
          As far as I can tell, until the conversation (from moving cars) between
          you and Pulaski is over, you can't kill him or even hurt him. So, wait
          for the talking to stop (and stay close so you can keep talking) and then
          run him off the road, shoot him, whatever.
          REWARD: None
       1. Saint Marks Bistro
          Now it's time for a long-distance hit. 
          Head out to the airport and take the plane. Fly towards the dot that
          is Liberty City. If you over fly it and nothing happens, turn around
          and lose some altitude.
          Once you're inside the Bistro, kill everyone. Watch for guys with
          shotguns behind the bar, and stay low.  
          With everyone dead, simply land the plane back in Las Venturas.
          REWARD: $20,000 and respect earned.
       2. Breaking the Bank at Caligulas
          Time to complete the hit on Caligulas. Get some body armor, this is
          going to be rough.
          Head over to Caligulas, and then go right, towards the employee door.
          You'll have four minutes to get your team into the building, so don't
          panic, just work efficiently.
          Swipe your card and head inside. Head to the room with the ventilation
          ducts and toss in a gas grenade. With the power out, use your night 
          vision goggles and head downstairs to the back door. Use the forklift 
          which is down the hall to the right to open the door (drive to the door 
          and press up on the right Analog Stick).
          You'll now have 7 minutes to get to the money and back. Use the supplied
          satchel charges to permanently disable the generators and keep Berkley
          from interfering.  Protect your team on the way to the vault, and while
          they're stealing the cash. Then escort them back to the to the 
          Armored Car and motorcycles. Once they're clear, it's time for the
          last phase of the operation.
          Head to the elevator and get to the roof, killing anyone in the way.
          Once you're on the roof, shoot down the police helicopter and grab 
          the parachute at the far end of the roof. Jump off and immediately 
          deploy your parachute and head for the helicopter. I missed it and 
          landed on the ground, but regardless you're supposed to head out to the
          Abandoned Airfield. You may have to hit a Pay N' Spray if you're
          REWARD: $100,000 and respect earned
       1. A Home In The Hills
          This is a bit tricky, so gear up and make sure that your driving 
          skills are up to snuff. Seriously.
          It's time to move back to Los Santos, but Madd Dogg gave his multi-
          million dollar mansion to some low-level pusher named Big Poppa. Time 
          to kill his ass and take back the house.
          After you jump out of the plane, dive forward towards the house for 2 
          seconds, then deploy your chute. You may need to lift your legs to 
          get to the roof, but you'll likely land before the Triads which will 
          help you save their lives. Kill everyone until the second wave of 
          reinforcements arrives; there's Body Armor to your right, behind the 
          air conditioners.
          Lead your team to the door to the mansion and go in; watch as a Triad
          takes one in the noggin, then kill the guys nearby. Work your way down
          the hallway, watching each entrance for the two guys hiding inside.
          You'll also be attacked from both ends of the hall, including behind 
          you so stay alert. There should be body armor in one of the rooms.
          Head to the stairs and kill the guys waiting, then move into the 
          kitchen. If you have a grenade, toss it over the kitchen counter to 
          kill the guy lurking there, then pick up the health. As you come out 
          of the kitchen, watch out for two guys that may still be alive to your 
          left in the lounge there.
          Turn right and head towards the hallway, where you'll see Big Poppa, 
          the low-level thug, and also be jumped by some of his guys. Kill the
          guys and chase Big Poppa; you won't be able to catch him, so don't
          stress too much. Follow Poppa out of the house and watch as he gets
          in his car. Follow him in a pathetic little pink sports car that
          doesn't corner worth a damn...I mean, uh, the car waiting in the 
          The best strategy I found was to follow him until he goes out into
          the country, then run him off the road and machine gun him to death.
          REWARD: Respect earned
       1. Vertical Bird
          One last job for Toreno...and it's a doozy. 
          Get in the boat after the drive, and head out to where the 
          amphibious assault ship is moored. Get out of the boat and swim in.
          Again, you  can play this the stealthy way, or my way, which involved
          shooting everyone. I like my way.
          Deactivate the SAM sites, then head to the flight deck and kill the
          guards. Pick a plane, then take off. To fly normally, pull back on
          the right Analog Stick for a second to shift into straight-flight 
          mode; the camera angle will change slightly. To shift into take 
          off/land mode, press forward on the right analog stick.
          Fly towards the spy ships and be ready to get attacked by three 
          fighter jets (probably the ones left behind on the ship). Follow 
          the in-game instructions on how to target them and fire missiles. 
          In my game all three of them blew up, I think after hitting the 
          bridge. Way to fly, Maverick.
          With the enemy planes decorating the bottom of the plane, fly out to
          the spy ships, switch to hover/landing mode and blow them out of the
          water with guided missiles.
          Toreno doesn't want the plane, so do yourself a favor and fly to the
          Abandoned Airfield and add the plane to your collection by landing
          and then parking it in a hangar. Mmmm...free plane!
          REWARD: $50,000 and Hydra Jump Jet available at Abandoned Airfield.
       2. Home Coming
          Toreno comes through and secures the release of Sweet. I guess he
          wasn't a lying, double-crossing backstabbing SOB anyway. I take
          back all I said.
          Drive down to the police station and pick up Sweet, then drive him
          to Grove Street. Things have taken a turn for the worse, so kill the
          crack dealers to get some cash and control the drug problem, then
          kill off any Balla's to start a gang war to retake Grove Street.
          Once you've killed off the Balla's, Grove Street is yours, and 
          further turf wars become available.
          REWARD: Respect earned
       1. Beat Down On B Dup
          B-Dup is the local crack dealer magnate...figures, after what we
          saw in the opening of the game. Feels like ages ago...well, 168 in
          game days for me. Anyway.
          Drive over to B-Dups house in Glen Park. You'll have to start a
          gang war by killing some Ballas, then winning and retaking the 
          area for Grove Street. Once you have the area, clear out the 
          outside of B-Dups house, then pay him a visit.
          REWARD: Respect earned
       2. Grove 4 Life
          Sweet thinks it's time to expand your territory. Head over to 
          Idlewood and take over at least two of the highlighted Balla zones.
          If you want to, you can take over all of them, but it's not
          necessary. The fights will go down just like normal gang wars.
          Once you have at least two territories, return Sweet to the Grove.
          REWARD: $10,000 and respect earned
       1. Cut Throat Business
          Man, Madd Dogg is pissed at OG Loc. Time to settle this beef.
          Go to OG-Loc's interview location out in the boondocks. Loc, like
          the busta he is, will make a break for it on a hovercraft. You 
          can't catch him or kill him, so just follow him. After the chase
          is over, he'll switch to Go-Karts on the pier. Again, enjoy the
          homage to Mario Kart and simply follow him; you'll never be able
          to catch up.
          Once the go cart pursuit is over, you've completed the mission 
          and get to watch OG Loc get his just desserts.
          REWARD: Respect earned
       2. Riot
          That slimy worm Tenpenny managed to get the charges against him
          dropped, and it's triggered a massive riot in Los Santos. You
          Need to get Sweet safely back to the Grove so he can help
          protect the hood.
          Just drive Sweet there and don't blow up. It's fun and easy!
          REWARD: None
       1. Los Desperados
          Well, Sweet managed to keep the Grove fairly safe, but Cesar needs
          to retake his old territory and save it from the riots.
          Recruit two Grove Street members, then get in the car with Cesar 
          and drive to meet three of his Homies over at Unity Station 
          (where you did the low-rider competition).
          Once there, all  you have to do is follow them and kill all the
          enemy gang members you run into as you work towards Cesar’s house.
          You'll wind up in an alley and be attacked from both sides, so 
          stay cool and check your front and back as you work. Then head 
          out towards Cesar's house; you'll have to deal with a guy with 
          a flamethrower and, more importantly, a guy with an RPG that's 
          firing at you from the roof of a house. Kill him first, then 
          everyone else. With that done, you've secured the block for 
          Cesar and his boys.
       2. End Of The Line 
          This is it. The final main storyline mission. Brace yourselves,
          stock up on guns if necessary and get some body armor, it's time.
          Drive out to the Crack Fortress that Smoke has built. It's 
          heavily guarded and protected by an unbreakable steel door.
          Kill the two guards outside, then head down the hill to the
          location where SWAT and the Ballas are having a shoot-out.
          Kill the SWAT officer closest to the truck, then drive it 
          down the street and turn left towards the crack house.
          Hit the area of the door at maximum speed and then run
          over any Ballas you find inside. Drive the truck to 
          the door to the main complex then get out and kill
          anyone still alive. Head through the door.
          You'll start on the first floor of a 4 story complex, with
          Body armor located at the top of the stairs at the start of
          each floor.
          There's really no secret to these fights, just use cover when
          crouched and kill everyone.
          Work your way up to the 4th floor, where you'll confront a
          heavily body armored Smoke. As a side note, I wish the body
          armor he was wearing really could stop about 100 rounds of
          5.56mm FMJ ammo from an M4, because man, that bad boy would
          sell like wildfire. 
          So, killing Smoke isn't that bad, particularly if you have
          a bunch of M4 ammo. About 2 to three clips should do it.
          Once Smoke is dead, Tenpenny makes his appearance to rip off
          Sweets drug money. What a dick. 
          Anyway, Tenpenny sets off a nice fire to keep you occupied.
          Grab the body armor, weapon and night vision goggles, and 
          head for the exit. 
          The whole building is on fire, so your path will be blocked
          by fire. First, kill all the guys downstairs shooting at you,
          then put out the fire and head down a floor. 
          Once through the doors, keep heading in the direction you 
          came from, putting out the fires and making your escape.
          In some cases, you can just run around the fire, particularly
          when it's in a wide open space. The body armor will have
          re-spawned at the top of each set of stairs, so don't forget
          to grab it.
          Once you're out of the building (again, it's standard
          gun fighting, nothing special) you'll need to chase down
          Tenpenny's fire truck and, by extension, Sweet.
          At this point, you just need to stay near the truck;
          don't ram it, don't shoot it, don't screw with it. Just
          follow it.
          After a minute or two, a cop will come out and try to stomp
          sweets hands. Get as close to the truck as you can so you 
          can catch Sweet, then get ready for a gunfight. Sweet will
          take the wheel, while you handle the shooting. Again, you've
          done this before, so just kill all the cops and cars that
          come after you. You should be able to do this with no 
          problems; kill the drivers of any motorcycles, and aim for
          the drivers of cars, and their wheels and engines. Once you
          take out all the vehicles, Tenpenny will crash...and you can
          find out the rest.
    III. Sideline/Optional Missions
       A. Girlfriends
          Take girlfriends out as often as possible. Then, when
          instructed, drive her around for fun. Sometimes she'll want to 
          dance, so take her to a club.
          If you find the flowers down by the beach, equip them and press L1.
          GIRLFRIEND WITH A BOUQUET! This will negatively impact your 
          You can also find a dildo in the shower of the police station in Los
          Santos, and give this as a gift the same way you do with the flowers.
          I'd suggest you wait until the relationship meter is at 1/3 to 1/2.
          You can also simply kiss a girlfriend by tapping L1, though if your
          relationship isn't very far along, this may not go well.
       B. Valet Parking
       C. Quarry Missions
       D. Taxi Driver
       E. Firefighter
       F. Vigilante
       G. Ambulance
    IV. Real Estate and Assets
     1. Los Santos 
        A. The Johnson House (Ganton)
           Cost: FREE (Owned by your deceased mother)
           Income: None from the house, but this is where you pick up gang
                   territory generated income.
        B. Joey's Commerce Mart (Commerce)
           Cost: Free (Complete Joey's Mart Missions)
           Income: $2,000 every 24 game hours (24 real minutes)
        C. 24/7 (2 Blocks south of Los Santos Ammunation)
           Cost: Free (Complete all 4 levels of the BMX missions)
           Income: $10,000 every 24 game hours (24 real minutes)
     2. Red County
     3. Whetstone 
     4. San Fierro
        A. The Garage (Garcia)
           Cost: Free (You win the deed in the "Farewell, My Love" Catalina 
        B. Zero's RC Shop
           Cost: $30,000
           Income: $5,000 every 24 game hours (24 real minutes)
        C. Hotel (Thanks to Michael Jones)
           Cost: Free (Complete Valet Missions)
           Income: $2,000 every 24 game hours (24 real minutes)
     5. Bone County
        A. Verdant Meadows Airfield
           Cost: $80,000
           Income: $10,000 every 24 game hours, access to Jet Pack.
     6. Las Venturas
    V. Secrets
       1. Spray-paint/Tags
          There are 100 spray-paint tags located in Los Santos; if you find 
          them all, you will be rewarded with an AK-47, Tec-9, Sawed-off 
          shotgun and Molotov cocktails that appear inside The Johnson House.
       2. Horseshoes
          There are 50 Horseshoes located in Las Venturas. Finding them all will
          increase your luck in the casinos. Additionally, a set of powerful
          weapons will be delivered to the Four Dragons Casino.
       3. Oysters
          Finding all the Oysters will raise your sex appeal. Additionally, 
          the efforts to find them all will have raised your lung capacity.
    VII. Contact Information
         Contact me via e-mail at samurairas@gmail.com 
         Any tips will be edited for grammar and spelling.
         DO SPELL CHECK.

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