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Congratulations spidey, on a game well done 07/03/04 blackcloud025
Ridiculously Good. 06/30/04 brainfreeze1989
If only this game where out when I was 12 07/04/04 Brandogrey
The sky is no longer the limit 07/19/04 bReAkBoY
Great while it lasts, which is unfortunetly not long at all 07/06/04 Dark Emperor
All in all, a decent Spider-Man game. 11/16/09 DeadRingerSpy
Do yourself a favor... 07/06/04 delateur
Oldie but Goodie, Required Spider Buying 08/13/14 Detha
Take a spin around the city with Spider Man 2 :D 10/07/04 EmPlaya34388
I'm surprised not more people have wrote a review for this game 07/08/04 EyeWontBeFooled
Finally! Webslinging is given justice. 07/01/04 Law883
Another Cash-in for the Summer flick 07/01/04 MB16
NOT reccomend for those who are not obsessed with Spider-Man 07/02/04 Naraku
Total freedom? This is Spider-Man at his best. 07/01/04 Perfect Light
Not as fun as advertised, but a hoot anyway. 07/02/04 Pippin Rules
Most Entertaining Game Since GTA:VC 07/02/04 PorscheKat
Spidey really swings onto PS2 07/06/04 RevolutionSk8r
Spider-Man swinging onto the Ps2 07/01/04 Shansy 75
Good game - but could have been better. 08/03/04 socialoutkast
The Best Super Hero Game Ever!!! 07/01/04 Spidey3032
Who would've thought super hero Grand Theft Auto was this fun? 07/22/04 SplinterSpider
Freedom...Not quite 07/03/04 squall714881
Spidey, Back In Action! 07/03/04 TDK 001X
A Leap in the Right Direction 07/01/04 Tyrael Odium
Great sequel with much more to do than original 07/24/04 zen disciple

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