• Name Entry Cheats

    You may only use these cheats with a memory card that has no previous Spider-Man 2 gamesaves on it. If you enter the code more than once in a row you will have 200000 more hero points than if you entered it once. So twice gives you 4000000, 3 times gives you 6000000, etc.

    You will have more than 40%, 21,000 Hero points with swing speed and Win Zip upgrades, and Big Game Hunter, Alien Buster, Shock Absorber.HCRAYERT

    Contributed By: Dark Wolf90.

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  • Taken for a Ride

    Perform the web tie-up move (Square, square, triangle, X) and allow yourself to be hit from behind after you have attatched the webline to the thug's leg. If done correctly, the move is interrupted and the thug remains attatched to your arm, no matter what you do. You can now take him/her for a tour of NY, spidey style.

    (Effects are removed if a cutscene or challenge is activated)

    Contributed By: Da_Mainman_3.

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  • Spiderman 2 Unlockables

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Endurance Rounds in Fight ArenaBeat Timed Round 3
    Fight ArenaBeat the Final Doc Ock Battle
    Movie TheatreBeat the Final Doc Ock Battle
    Wallsprint Upgrade 2Collect all 150 Secret Skyscraper Tokens

    Contributed By: Wes and Xtreme1.

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  • Unlockable Awards

    You can find these in your awards screen in the pause menu. There is a total of 40 awards.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Alien BusterDefeat Mysterio
    Anger ManagerStop 25 road rages
    Automobile AvengerStop 25 car jackings
    Bane of Petty ThievesStop 25 purse snatchers
    Big Game HunterDefeat Rhino
    ChampDefeat 200 enemies
    Crime StopperStop 250 petty crimes
    Drenched ExplorerCollect all 130 Bouy Tokens
    Employee of the MonthComplete all Pizza Missions (20)
    Friend to ChildrenReturn 25 balloons to children
    Game MasterComplete Everything in the game (100%)
    Gold MedalistBeat all challenges' mega times
    Good samaritanHelp 250 citizens in distress
    hardcore gamerComplete all arcade games, with top scores
    HeroAccumulate 45K hero points
    Hero in TrainingAccumulate 15K hero points
    Honorary DeputyAssisted 25 officiers
    Human AmbulanceResolve 25 medical emergencies
    Knowledge SeekerCollect all 213 Hint Markers
    Lifer PreserverResolve 25 sinking boat crisises
    Lifter of SpiritsRescue 25 hanging citizens
    Lover not a FighterComplete all Mary Jane Missions (10)
    Master ExplorerAll exploration tokens found
    Mega ChampDefeat 500 enemies
    Mega HeroAccumulate 200K hero points
    PartycrasherStop 25 battle royals
    Peace makerPrevent 25 gang wars
    Shock AbsorberDefeat Shocker
    ShutterbugComplete all Daily Bugle Missions (6)
    Silver MedalistBeat all challenges
    Speed FreakGet max swing speed
    Stick Up ArtistFoil 25 robberies
    SuckerFoil 25 ambushes
    SuperheroAccumulate 100K hero points
    Tentacle WranglerDefeat Doc Ock
    Thug MuggerPrevent 25 muggings
    Towering ExplorerAll skyscraper tokens found
    Vigilant ExplorerAll hideout tokens found
    Watch DogFoil 25 break-ins
    Watchful ExplorerAll secret tokens found

    Contributed By: Wes, The Mad Gamer, Spenze, Shadow1432, and Shadowman12.

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Easter Eggs

  • Army of Darkness/Evil Dead tribute

    When fighting Mysterio and his flyign henchman in the theatre, save all 6 reporters before destroying all of his minions.

    If you are sucessful, while you are fighting his villains, Mysterio will start to recite lines from Army of Darkness and Evil Dead, films also done by Spider-Man 2 director Sam Raimi.

    Also, in Mysterio's funhouse, if you use the body of a twisted-Spiderman to break a mirror, the twisted hero will spout lines from Army, also. (Fromt eh scene where Ash fights Evil Ash, pre-mutation.)

    Contributed By: holydiver.

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  • Shocker 1 boss fight

    When fighting shocker for the first time, dont run into the room immediately. Instead climb on the wall of the second entryway (after the door that lets you in) and climb to the ceiling of the next room. Drop onto the catwalk and then run until you see the shocker. Jump down and start beating on him and he wont fight back. Don't kill him completely because the game will not let you go on. When you have whittled his health, walk back to the entryway to trigger the cutscene you missed.

    Contributed By: mastercracker24.

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