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FAQ/Walkthrough by kiopa

Version: 2.0 | Updated: 01/25/04

                         ####   ###+                              #####
                #####   ###+##,##-           #### #+              ####
########;      #### ###   +#####.          ######+       #####   ###
######## #### =### ##X            =#####  ######  .    +##,     ###
  ###### ###X ###  ## =-    ###x ##= #### ####= ###### ####     ###-
   =############# ########  ###  ##=+### ####     -###    ###  ######+
    ############# #### ### ####. ###=,   ###  ##+####  #   ##  ##   ##
    #####= -   ;# =### =## #;    ###     ##   ##x#### ######  ##   ####
                                =####            x###       +##

            (You can read that, can't you? It says Whiplash.)

                By Kiopa the weird tanuki/weasel.. thing.

This very very funny game. I could try to bribe you into renting/buying 
it by saying there's nudity (ahemofweaselsandrabbitscough), but if you're 
reading this, you've probably already rented/bought it. In fact, if you've 
come here, you're probably so frustrated that you've broken your TV. One
person told me they ripped their hair out. I think Eidos owes them a wig. 


Copyright Issues:

This FAQ may not be reproduced, sold, or copied, under copyright 
conditions. Whiplash, Redmond, Spanx, robo-weasels, etc. are property of 
Eidos and Crystal Dynamics. If you wish to use information in this FAQ
on another site, e-mail Kiopa (kiyo@nuwisha.zzn.com), but you may not
plagiarize the characters or events of this game without the consent of
Eidos Incorporated. I am in no way affiliated with Eidos Incorporated.

        (Thanks to Pokomoonshine for reminding me of Enos' name!)


To use this FAQ effectively, use ctrl + f to use your browser's 'find'
        option, then type in the keyword of what you need!


01/25/04 Updates:

             -Like most quitters, I stopped answering email.
              Sorry! A big thankyou to those who thanked me :>

             -Before reading the FAQ, scroll down a little to the
              decontamination question.. 

             -Realized that Whiplash is one of the cruddiest-
              programmed games in history. Did anybody even beta
              test this thing past the 30% completion...?



1:1: Questions and Answers
1:2: Controls & Meters
1:3: Stuff You Need
     1:3-1: Boons & Combos 
     1:3-2: Powerups
     1:3-3: Items 
1:4: Breaking for Bankruptcy
1:5: Enemies
1:6: Allies & Rescues
1:7: Glitches to Avoid


  2:0   Player Icons
  2:1:  Showcase Dept.
  2:2   Main Hub
  2:3:  Endurance Dept.
  2:4:  Robotics Dept.
  2:5:  Power Dept.
  2:6:  Ventilation Hub  
  2:7:  Security Hub
  2:8:  Genetics Dept.
  2:9:  Shipping Dept.
  2:10: Waste Dept.
  2:11: Medical Dept.
  2:12: Security Key Cards
        2:12:1: Shipping
        2:12:2: Robotics
        2:12:3: Endurance
        2:12:4: Power
        2:12:5: Genetics
        2:12:1: Waste
  2:13: Executive Dept.


                       !!!!BEFORE EMAILING ME!!!!

The BIGGEST question of all:


        How to get into it????

        My automated e-mail response:

        In the main hub, use the vent to float up to the second
        floor (?) where the fusion/toxic tank is. Use the toxic
        charge and go the door next to it (the one with the green
        light). In order to get it to open, you have to move
        around under the light while pushing A (or X) over and over, 
        because the programmers did a really bad job with it. 
        Eventually you'll hit the right spot where it will trigger
        the door to open.

        Hope this helps.




                              +++ FAQ +++


  *What's this game like? Should I rent it or buy it? What's it like 
   compared to (insert game here)?

   This is a platformer. You know, hop around, solve puzzley things?
   Whiplash is a pretty original piece of work, so it really can't
   be compared to any other platform game. The controls are a lot more
   wily than Crash or Jak, the two characters level up and learn new
   abilities, and there's a lot of weasel jokes. If you're not sure
   if you'll like it or not, rent it first.

  *What in the world is this game about?

   You control a twitchy long-tailed weasel named Spanx who has gone
   through many electro-shock sessions at a lab called Genron. He
   is chained to a rabbit named Redmond who has endured so many 
   hairspray tests that he has permenant armor, and together they are 
   sent off to the new toy of Genron, a Genetic Recombinator. Now you
   must escape using Redmond as a "Swiss army bunny"... sweep and throw
   him like a morning star, stick him into gears, blow him up like a
   balloon, or just take out all your hate on the chatty rabbit. You're
   also encouraged to break everything you can to cost the company lots
   of money, and save other animals while doing so.

  *What's the good and the bad about Whiplash?

   Too many people are distracted by the newness of the game, but I
   found it very fun and refreshing to play, and I love being able to
   skitter around on rails and in ventilation ducts. The graphics are
   crisp and simple, and the animals various expressions and movements
   are smooth. 

   Sadly, this game is lacking in many many ways. The music, for one,
   you don't notice it is there and when you do, it sounds like an old
   keyboard riff. Sometimes it's reminescent of the old Ren & Stimpy 
   games, but there is one little beat that reminds me slightly of Brave
   Fencer Musashi's temple theme. The worst part of this game is that 
   they seem to have forgotten to ask their beta testers to go more than
   30% through the game. IT IS GLITCHY! I will warn you of these
   glitches when the time comes. Also, you will grow tired of Redmond's
   continuous babble and the scientists' "Slow down! You move too swift
   for my legs!" The camera angle can be distracting, too.


Button-mashing is fine at the beginning, but it will only get you so far.
Try to get your combos down, and use the smash button a lot.

- To move around, use the left thumbstick. 

- Jump with A. Double-jump by pushing A twice.

- Swing Redmond around using X. You can do a hard hit with B.

- To use elevators, lifts, or to stuff Redmond into an object, use Y.
  Hint: When stuffing Redmond into gears, just pull back on the 
  thumbstick. You can wiggle it around to move it faster, but this
  can be difficult and you'll have to start all over again if you fail.

- Weasel-scurry to move faster or cling to rails with the left trigger.

- When you catch a robomouse, use the left trigger to bend down and let
  the mouse go with Y.

- You can latch onto blue orbs (or overhead ziplines) with X. Push the
  left trigger back and forth to get Spanx to swing the direction you
  want, then let go with X when you are swinging toward your goal.
  Hint: When grabbing onto ziplines, you can let go of X. You'll need
  your fingers to be free when you hit the end of the line so that you
  can jump if needed. Then quickly push X again to latch onto the next orb. 
  If Spanx is swinging too eratically, let go of the trigger and let him 
  slowly stop, or push against the direction that he is swinging.

- Start toggles a handy-dandy menu that gives you map, stat, & mission

- The back button shows the map. The map is weird.

- The black button toggles the camera angle. The camera angle is weird.

- The white button will display/undisplay your meters. Meters are good.

Speaking of Meters...

-In the top left corner you will find Spanx's meter. The weasel has a
 health meter - be sure to watch it during battles - and a meter that
 measures his endurance. When you skitter with the left trigger, Spanx
 can only go for so long (unless he is on a rail, then it is indefinite)
 so when he tires out, he will zigzag warily. Stop pressing the trigger
 a moment and give the weasel a short break. As you level up, health
 and endurance goes up for Spanx.

-In the top right corner you will see Redmond's meter. Redmond is one
 immortal rabbit. When you whack somebody with the bunny, you will
 see his meter jump.. after enduring so much pain, the rabbit will go
 into Hyper Bunny mode, smashing things at a powerful and fast rate.
 When you stuff Redmond into a Fusion Barrel (electric, etc), a meter
 will pop up showing how long he will continue to be charged up.

-For each mission, a counter will pop up in the central left of the 
 screen. The symbol in the box will remind you what type of mission
 you are on (a paw for freeing animals, a smashed bottle for breaking
 stuff, and so on). 

-The bottom left displays how many robomice and keys you have. Keys
 are useful because they let you restart at a checkpoint instead of
 a save point.

-A large box with a number, like $4,566,308 will appear at the bottom
 of the screen. This is how much the company is still worth. When you
 break stuff, this figure drops (the cost of what you have broken
 will pop up right above this box).

-In the bottom right you will see a combo counter and a released 
 animals counter.

1:3-1: COMBOS:

A cyborg owl, Lincoln, grants boons every few stages or so, offering
three things: a new combo, a hypersnacks level, and map downloads.
I recommend getting your combos first.

  Air Smash           - While in air, hold B and then release on target
  Chain Combo Charge  - X, X, X
  Charged Smash       - Hold B and then release on target
  Continuous Sweep    - hold down B + L
  Glide               - A, A (hold down)
  Hyper Dash          - With Hyper Bunny, push B
  Juggle Combo        - X, X, X, A
  Smash Combo         - X, X, X, B
  Sweep Combo         - B + L

1:3-2: POWERUPS:

Powerups are slowly unlocked as you pass through stages. Sometimes its
not really obvious what these things are for:

  Fire                - Good for setting enemies on fire, but not that
                        useful. In one boss battle, you will need it.

  Electric            - Needed for charging up the blue orbs that aren't
                        lit up. Shocks some enemies into submission.

  Helium              - Blows up the bunny (no, not really, but you wish)
                        with helium so that you can float. Use the right
                        trigger to slow your descent, or use your tail
                        as a rudder with X.

  Ice                 - Freeze enemies. If you keep hitting them while
                        frozen, they will break and disappear (see Glitch
                        section, though).

  Toxic               - This is is how you're SUPPOSED to get into
                        decontamination, but...

1:3-3: ITEMS:

  Bandages            - Look for medkits (same as any game) hanging on the
                        walls. They're almost guaranteed in most main offices
                        and in bathrooms. You will find red bandages just
                        lying around. They don't heal you as much, but they

  Hypersnacks         - Basically experience. Collect them to level up.
                        In your menu, the option to distribute exp.
                        between Redmond & Spanx is checked, but you can
                        select the option to distribute yourself. Leveling
                        up Spanx gives you more health and leveling up
                        Redmond gives you a higher attack. 

  Keys                - Resume the game from the last checkpoint instead of
                        your saved game. Keys usually aren't used if you
                        die at a dire point, like jumping on high rotating
                        platforms (since you'll probably die a lot).

  Key Cards           - They don't even come into play until later.

  Robomice            - Bombchus that can't climb. They're cute, though. Use
                        the left or right trigger and push Y to release one.


This is going to be a biiiig list... when I get around to it, I'll add more.

  Beaker Set                --  $2000
  Binoculenses Model        --  $2000
  Box                       --  $1000
  Cafeteria Buffet          --  $1200
  Cafeteria Sign            --  $2000
  C.E.0 Statue              --  $50200
  Clipboard                 --  $5
  Coffee Pot                --  $100
  Computer Panel            --  $5000
  Control Panel             --  $5000
  Cup                       --  $5
  Fan                       --  $400
  Fatress300 Model          --  $2000
  Fern                      --  $200
  Fire Extinguisher         --  $900
  Glass Pane                --  $300
  Glass Panel (Railed)      --  $200
  Lighted Ad Panels         --  $300
  Locker Door               --  $100
  Machine with Crank        --  $5000
  Monitor                   --  $100
  Museum Display Signs      --  $2000
  PC                        --  $100
  PC Monitor                --  $500
  Phone                     --  $100
  Picture (Burt Boon)       --  $100
  Picture (Dr. Stickler)    --  $100
  Picture (F.D. Mann)       --  $100
  Picture (Sophia Brooks)   --  $100
  Picture (Tom Shoenhair)   --  $100
  Picture (Wendy Wachowski) --  $100
  Plaque (Burt Boon)        --  $100
  Plaque (Dr. Stickler)     --  $100
  Plaque (F.D. Mann)        --  $100
  Plaque (Sophia Brooks)    --  $100
  Plaque (Tom Shoenhair)    --  $100
  Plaque (Wendy Wachowski)  --  $100
  Red Beaker                --  $10
  Robo Weasel Model         --  $2000
  Security Computer         --  $400
  Security Monitor          --  $200
  Self of 2000 Model        --  $2000
  Spring Things             --  $2000
  Tall Tropical Plant       --  $50
  Trash Can                 --  $100
  Vent                      --  $100
  Ventilation System (Sm)   --  $5000
  Wall Security Panel       --  $100
  Yellow Beaker             --  $10

1:5: ENEMIES (aka, the Strategy Section)

A hint for human enemies: there are two stages of unconsciousness. First
they will be dazed (stars around the head). Keep whacking them or jump on
their bellies to put them down for even longer (ZZZ's around the head).

Beaker Scientist      - Knock them out before jumping on platforms. The
                        beakers they throw will knock you down from places.
                        And tell you to stay in school.

Cafeteria Machine     - Scurry up to the top of the rail, glide over to 
                        the machine. Your goal is to break the four goo
                        containers. Its fairly simple, but you'll probably
                        fall a lot. Don't get discouraged.

Cafeteria Lady        - Scurry up to her, glide and whack her with the bunny.

Danger Room Spider    - Ugh... listen closely. During the first round, the
                        robot spider will clamber around and shoot electric
                        at you. There are three spiraled electric generators;
                        hide behind them one-at-a-time. When his electric
                        shot hits each one, they charge up. They will time
                        out. When they're all charged up, scurry to the
                        ballistic chicken launcher (heehee) and zap at him.
                        You can hold down X, but I found it easier to tap it.
                        The higher you juggle the spider, the more damage.
                        During the next few rounds, the spider won't throw
                        electric at you if you're hiding anymore - you'll have
                        to dash around until he starts shooting the bolts and
                        then hope that he'll hit the spiral. Don't get 
                        frustrated - this boss can be a pain.

Hazmat                - Be careful with the people in the suits. They will
                        try to grab Redmond from you. Their electric and
                        toxic guns can be annoying, but they can be
                        difficult to knock out. Don't bother sweeping - 
                        just smash, smash, smash!

Jack                  - Weird bulky guy, actually pretty tough. I do a lot of
                        button-mashing with this character and it gets me through
                        his barrage of punting fairly well. He will grab your bunny
                        if you use too much X-whacking.             

Janitor               - They make more messes than they clean. Do a lot of
                        air attacks to avoid the toxic, electric, or firy
                        crud they plop on the floor.

Lasers                - When blue, they won't hurt. Trigger them, they turn
                        red and hurt you. Be careful, enemies can trigger
                        the alarms, too. When the alarms go off, more
                        enemies arrive.

Mutants/Tentacles     - Mmm, mmm, mutants. Can't be beat, so don't bother. Just
                        avoid them.

Ninja Women/Nurses    - So annoying! They will jump-kick you down from high
                        places. Take care of them before following through
                        with platformy stuff. They will try blocking a lot,
                        so try to get charged or fusion attacks on them.

Rabid Redmonds        - Cute, but full of sharp teeth. To get away from these
                        slavering hoppers, run behind the wires. This 'boss'
                        stage is pretty simple, though - just break the glass
                        tube containers as they pop up from the floor.

Robo Weasel           - Air smashes are great for destroying the mechanical
                        mustelids. They will evade a lot, so be persistant.

Robot Spider          - Sweeping them bounces them around. When you get
                        your air smash, you can kill them instantly.

Scientist             - Big pushovers. Just whack 'em.

Security Guards       - They will block a lot, but they are really terrible
                        at throwing punches. Don't bother sweeping, just
                        let 'em have it with continuous whacks from the X
                        or B button.

Toxic Muck Monster    - Around the room, there are fusion tanks with fire. 
                        Start at any one. As you charge up, a pilot flame
                        flares up between you and the monster. Run up beside
                        the flame. As the monster tries to smash you, he hits
                        the flame instead and shakes his hand. Then as he bends
                        his face forward to blow out the flame, pelt him with
                        your flaming bunny. It helps to double-jump and hit X
                        instead of smashing. If you fall, there is a rail along
                        the wall to scurry up. Repeat this pattern over and over.
                        Of course, the monster will try to make it more
                        difficult for you, but he's relatively easy to beat. You
                        only have five minutes, though.

Venus Flytraps        - Don't hit them lightly - they will grab your bunny,
                        unless he's on fire... otherwise, smash them.


Carol Ann             - Undercover nurse helping you to free animals.

Lincoln the Owl       - Friendly robotic owl who "prattles on about boons."

The Master            - Teeny little pile of poo. Really.

Enos                  - I can't remember his name right now.. but he's the
                        "voice of God" that you sometimes hear on the intercom.
                        Seems to have some gross interspecies thing going on
                        with Carol Ann. Integral part of the story. 

The Freaks            - A gorilla with palm leaves growing out of his fur, a
                        chimp with distorted limbs - yeah. These guys are there
                        to help you.

Alligators            - Usually kept too far from enemies to help. Free by
                        doing missions.

Beaver                - Free him from the ice by pushing the ice cubed critter
                        up the ramp to the conveyor belt and he will help you
                        beat up on the scientists.

Chihuahua             - Free him from the ice by pushing the ice cubed critter
                        up the ramp to the conveyor belt and he will help you
                        beat up on the scientists.

Chimps                - Will mutiny scientists for you. Free by breaking
                        surrounding machinery or through missions.

Frogs                 - Will jump around on enemies with radioactive goo.
                        Free these guys by breaking metal barrels.

Hamsters              - Cute, but of no help. Free through missions.

Platypus              - Don't seem to do anything. Break glass to free.

Raccoon               - Free him from the ice by pushing the ice cubed critter
                        up the ramp to the conveyor belt and he will help you
                        beat up on the scientists.

Skunks                - Will help you out by spraying enemies. Break
                        glass to free.


   * As tempting as it is, breaking frozen enemies is too glitchy.
     For example, if you break a frozen security guard, when the timer
     is up that he would usually become conscious again, his flashlight
     will start floating around and you'll hear his, uh, ghost talking.
     You'll see this will scientists that hold clipboards, too. So far,
     I haven't seen a downside to it, except that in elevators there is
     sometimes a floating flashlight.

   * In the ventilation hub, do not glide off to the side of the room;
     there is a ventilation duct that is actually a box. If you fall into
     it, there is no escape and you will have to load your last save.

   * Be extra careful when jumping on the boxes in shipping. Usually
     you're able to scurry out of the tight spaces between them, but
     there's always the chance you'll become stuck.

   * When men in suits shoot electric at you, it sometimes goes through
     floors and platforms. If it hits the fusion tank in the main hub,
     it will become too electrified to use. Leave the room and come back.

   * In the main hub by the fusion tank, sometimes the screen will black
     out and you can see all placed objects in the entire hub. You can 
     also walk into the wall if you enter the corner of the doorway at
     the door with the green spotlight.

   * In the security hub, be careful not to get caught half-on the grated
     platform as it moves up and down. The same goes for the small platform
     in the ventilation hub.

   * In one cut scene in the shipping section, the widescreen panels don't
     turn off, so you can't see your meters very well. Just ignore it the
     best you can; they'll go away shortly when you leave the area and 
     encounter another short cut scene.


                            +++ WALKTHROUGH +++


To begin a new game, go to login and click on an empty slot. Here are the 
player icons from top left-to-right, then bottom left-to-right (they're 
sorta hard to make out, so that's why I added this section):

Mascot Thingy   
Hazmat Guy   
Bunny Logo
Beaker Scientist


First, a cinema scene. Yes, the C.E.O has a gilded weasel skull on his 
cane... icky.

At the beginning, there is a computer that you'll push Y at to see a 
short cinema clip. Then proceed down a long hallway. To avoid the red
security light, you can cling onto the chainlink at the sides of the
hall. The door won't open for you, so turn to the right, break the
vent and the fan, and go on your merry little way. Don't run into steam,
it hurts. 

Appliance Testing Room:

Beat up the scientist, then break stuff. Go up the stairs in the corner 
to get a  robomouse. To rescue the chimp, jump across the water, jump 
and grab the  blue orb with X, and swing. Let go with A. Beat up the 
scientists, go overboard on him to get your first hypersnacks. Dodge the 
security light and head into another fan duct. Scurry and grapple along. 
Set your bunny on fire in the next room to trigger the emergency door. 
Proceed to the room with velcro hamsters!

Adhesives Testing Room/Gauntlet Room:

Run to the end of the room and short the fusebox with Y to free the 
hammies. Double back and go through the room where you saw the scientists.
Go up the stairs, trigger the switch, then return to the testing site. The
door will open and alarms will go off. Scurry onward to the Gauntlet
Hallway. To avoid being detected by the red beams, hide under the computer
tables. You'll meet your first security guard. Beat him up, break the
locker doors to get a key. Trigger a switch to raise the security 
computers and open a door right around the corner from the room you're in.
Stuff the bunny in the gadget near the door with Y.

Museum Hallway:

When you see a flying contraption, jump up at its side or back and whack
it. Jump through the glass of the Fatress display and go wild. Go over
the security lasers and jump through the Binoculenses display. Go down
to the next set of lasers and jump over them. Proceed down hall, through
Self of 2000 display, down past more lasers... as you come to the Robo
Weasel display, a Robo Weasel will jump through the glass and attack.
Jump smash him and then whack him. Jump through the Robo Weasel display.
Down the hall and to the right you will find a security room - break all
of the cameras, etc. Proceed to the gears at the end of the hall, throw
Redmond in with Y, and proceed to...

Showcase Room:

Explore the room. You'll find a robomouse roaming the floor, a save
point, and a map download computer. Then locate the floating blue orbs.
Double jump, latch on, swing, go on up to the platform. Break the vent
grate and skitter through the ducts. You'll have circled upward to the 
top of the room. Look to the left. There will be platforms dangling 
there; these can be tricky later on in the game. Stand on the opposite
end of the platform that you'll be jumping from, because you'll weigh
down one end and give yourself more height to jump from. Jump from
platform to platform until you come to a glass pane at the edge of the
last platform. Use X to break the window with Redmond, or just jump
through it. Reak havoc on the control panels, pushing a button that 
pops out more platforms spiraling up the center to the globe. Jump up
and push X to grab onto the zipline above you (or somewhere nearby) to
return to the platform where you can doublejump to the stairs without
dealing with security guards.  

At the top of the spiraling staircase leading to the globe, there are
floating orbs. When it is closest to you, latch on. Jump off at the 
next platform. Jump up to the bottom of the globe and scurry up the rail.
Above the globe, latch onto orbs as they come close and do your platformer
stuff, jumping from globe to platforms and onto the bridges. At the end of
bridges, whack the tethers attached to the globe. Keep track of which 
tethers you have broken. After you've snapped three, a helium fusion tank
is uncovered. Get past the Hazmat guys, blow up your bunny, and aim for
the target at the top of the room. If you're not confident in your helium
skills, then use the right trigger to slow your descent. Once Redmond pops
and you land on the bridge, run to the end and snap the last tether. 


Proceed through a long hallway with lots of lasers and spiders. If you
get too low on health, just outrun the spiders.


Take a good look - you'll be spending a lot of your game in this room.
Explore the floor, break some stuff... then locate the exit elevator.
Here you will meet Lincoln for the first time and you'll get a boon to
learn the ability to glide! Now run over to the ventilation shaft near
the entrance to the cafeteria (the one that is blowing up steam). A hint
for this part - don't be too hasty. Double jump while hitting the steam,
stay in the updraft for a few moments until you float above the platform
across from you. Then push toward the platform and drop in.

There will be a lightbulb-like fixture with 'powerflies' in them. Break
it and follow the little zappers. Keep a close eye on them - every time
you touch them, they fly to a new spot. Keep chasing them to the orbs
and quickly latch onto them as the bugs light them up. At the end of the
chase, they will thank you and give you hypersnacks. Continue on to 
another bulb full of powerflies. Pursue them back to the ground floor, 
around the rail, and to the cafeteria door. Be careful not to fatigue
Spanx by scurrying too much!


The door will now open. Head to the elevator and push Y. The lunch lady
(with a nasty manly voice!) will now shoot chili dogs at you from inside
of a security console thing. Your goal is to break the four radioactive-
looking containers at the machine's midsection. Climb the rails toward the
elevator, then glide to the machine. Jump and glide down to break the
containers. More strategy tips in the enemy section (section 1:5) above.
When the machine is broken, the lunch lady will have at you. You have to
jump up and glide (swinging Redmond around) to hurt her. She's pretty
easy to beat, just avoid her spatula swatting.

After you beat the lunch lady, run to the chocolate goo spout and douse
your bunny. Then return to the main hub and get spotted by guard by going
toward the elevator. Hop on the elevator and access the bridge opened by
the guard. Head to the guard's quarters, ruin his things, and push a button
to give you access to another bridge leading to Endurance (an area covered
by the demo of the game).


To be continued... until I get around to writing more for this section,
here's some...


  *If it doesn't seem like you're doing the right thing, you're probably
   not. Don't waste your time jumping over and over and over and over to
   a wire or a rail that just doesn't seem like it's in range. Look for
   rising platforms, buttons to raise platforms, or an overhead zipline
   (I once spent a few minutes trying to continuously scurry on a line
   that was actually a zipline).

  *If you're lost, open your menu and access the map. Study the global
   map that lists various locations and then browse through the missions
   for each map. Sometimes these will give a clue on where you should be.

  *Cruising through the ducts in the shipping department, your poor li'l
   finger might get tired from walking against the conveyor belt while
   waiting for the lasers to disappear again. Just hop into the corner
   (usually above a blue light) to rest until the lasers go away.

  *When scurrying through the electrical areas in the power department,
   you may accidentally fall off from the mid-rail and be shocked while
   trying to recover. If this happens, you can usually hug the wall and
   scurry until you can get to the platform at the end of the hall.

  *Ignore the yellow orbs until later in the game, when Redmond is
   (ahem) upgraded with a chip that allows him to conduct the right kind
   of energy to the yellow ones.


A Happy Li'l Fact:

Neither weasels nor rabbits are rodents; weasels are in the mustelid 
family, which are carnivorous animals related to badgers and bears. 
Rabbits are in the lagomorph family, which consists of short-tailed 
hopping herbivores like hares and pikas. Both families have their
domesticated versions (ferrets are weasels, and house rabbits are...
well, rabbits) that make great pets for responsible people. 


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