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    FAQ/Walkthrough by jmucchiello

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    The Sims: Busting Out for GameCube
    FAQ/Walkthru version 0.6
    Copyright 2004 Joe Mucchiello
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    1    Create A Sim
    2    Bustin' Out Walkthrough
    In most of the following sections, the following format is used:
    2.x.y Name of Location (Abbrev), where x is the stage, and y is the number of
      the location under that stage. The abbreviation applies to this document
    Residents: Who lives there besides you.
    Career Tracks: What careers can advance here.
    Initial Value: This contains two values: How much the place is worth before and
      after Malcolm takes back some of the stuff he gave to the place. When you
      leave a location, its value must exceed the after value of the property or
      you will owe the owners the difference.
    Approximate Bills: Bills are always about 2% of the property value. This value
      is here to give you an idea of what you need it take in to keep afloat.
    Malcolm Steals: This lists what items are taken by Malcolm at the moment you
      first arrive. You should return these items to the location, if possible, if
      you intend to play more than one career path eventually.
    Move In: Any events (aside from Malcolm stealing stuff) that occur upon your
      first move in occur here.
    Location Action: Some locations have a special action that is only available
      when you live on that lot. It is described here.
    Promotions: This list has two columns: the Career/Title of the career you can
      attain here and what is unlocked when you attain that level. Notes about
      getting promoted are listed here and in the Career Path section below.
      Technically, these are also rewards since you do not get promotions just for
      having the requisite skills and friends. You also have to have a good mood to
      get rewarded the promotion. Since they are similar to rewards, they follow
      the reward format.
    Tasks: Any other tasks that you can perform here are listed along with the
      rewards for accomplishing the task and a walkthrough of one or more ways to
      complete the task. Some strategy hints are found in this section as well.
      Tasks that are common to the stage are listed in the stage's introduction. In
      each stage, any common tasks to the stage are listed before the location
      listings. Each task has a 4 character designation: Txyz where x and y
      indicate the location and z numbers the tasks at that location.
    Rewards: Rewards generally unlock game features. Some are cash rewards. Many of
      the features are found in Buy mode, some are Social interactions, some are
      Phone interactions. Below is a list of Reward types. All unlock rewards are
      listed in the form type/reward, where type is one of the types listed below
      and reward is the specific item unlocked. Monetary rewards are noted with the
      dollar sign to indicate Simoleans.
       Buy/Item           The most common Reward, this unlocks an item for
                           purchase in Buy mode.
       Build/Item         Unlocks an item for purchase in Build mode.
       Social/Action      Unlocks a social interaction you may perform with other
       Phone/Service      Unlocks the ability to call the listed Service. Maid
                           and Repairman service are locked until you unlock them
                           at Mom's, T123, and Mimi's, T226, respectively.
       Ride/Vehicle       Unlocks a new form of transportation.
       Visit/Location     Allows you to select the location when you want to go
                           out on the town.
       Move/Location      Allows you to move into the location when you need to
                           get that next promotion. Also allow you to visit the
       Create-A-Sim/Item  This reward is granted when two Sims meet for the first
                           time while one of them is under your control. The item
                           unlocked is not described but can be found under Create-
                           A-Sim. When flipping through the various outfits, some
                           of them have a little lock symbol on them.
       Career/Title       As described under Promotions above, these rewards also
                           unlock other rewards.
       Friend/Sim         Technically, this is not a reward but a trigger for an
                           award. When you become friends with the named Sim for
                           the first time, you unlock a Social action. These are
                           listed in Section 4: Social Actions below. (It is
                           included here because it looks like the other rewards.)
    Method: Under each task, a method to accomplish is listed. This section will
      also contain alternative methods as well as ways to plan ahead for the task.
    Notes: Any additional hints and tips to play at the location will be listed in
      bullet points under this section.
    Strategy: Some sections have this section to indicate why you should visit (or
      even move to) this location from other locations.
    2.1  Stage 1
    In stage 1, you only apply for your first job. You won't actually go to work
      until Stage 2.
    Common Tasks
    Stage 1 is basically the tutorial. You get use to the controls and what it is
      like to handle your Sim in Stage 1.
    2.1.1     Introduction
    After you create your sim, another Sim asks for a smooch at Club Rubb. While
      making out with the Sim your mother interrupts your sleep. She appears in
      your dream telling you Malcolm is stealing your Scooter.
    2.1.2     Mom's Place (Mom)
    Residents: Mom
    Career Tracks: None
    Initial Value: $45,551
    Approximate Bills: None
    Malcolm Steals: Your Scooter
    You cannot go to work at Mom's. You cannot get promoted at Mom's. You also
      cannot get demoted at Mom's. This makes Mom's a great place to visit between
      major moves.
    ** Press the R button to speed up time (T121)
    Reward: $50
    Method: Press the R button. You will find this button and the pause button (L)
      very useful in the game.
    ** Eat enough to fill your stomach (T122)
    Reward: $50
    Method: Wait for Mom to food. Eat it. You should be studying Cooking so you
      don't make fires when you cook.
    ** Use the toilet (T123)
    Reward: Phone/Maid
    Method: After you eat, your Bladder need will be more red than green, go use
      the toilet. Do NOT skip this task unless you want to make the game very
      difficult. Keeping your residences clean without the daily maid service will
      increase the level of tedium playing the game to unbearable levels.
    ** Have some Fun (T124)
    Reward: $50
    Method: Read a book from the bookcase, or dance to the music on the stereo, or
      watch the television.
    ** Use the newspaper to get a job (T125)
    Reward: Ride/Scooter, Visit/Mimi's Place or Visit/Dudley's Trailer
    Method: The newspaper is sitting on the lawn, choose the "Find a Job" choice to
      select one of the seven career paths.
    * Mom nags you to get a job every two hours during your first stay here. If you
      move back in, she doesn't nag.
    * You get tired very slowly while at Mom's House so buy a weightlifting machine
      and get some body while its easy.
    * Depending on which job you choose, determines whether Mimi's or Dudley's
      Places is Unlocked.
    * Become friends with mom, she visits you at every place you go to and having
      friends is necessary in most of the career tracks early on.
    * Try to leave Mom's around 7am. Your first job starts at 10am. Arriving at
      Dudley's or Mimi's around 7am gives you time to call the maid and get close
      to (or succeed at) making friends with him or her. Before you leave, get a
      point of Cooking skill for a quick reward when you arrive. Raising most of
      your skills to 2 will make your first two promotions come fast.
    Need some killer amount of friends or skills. Move in with Mom for a while. You
      don't have to go to work (no chance of demotion or skill lose) and you don't
      have to pay bills while under her roof. Spiff the place up a bit and it can
      save you a lot of running around in some missions.
    2.2  Stage 2
    In stage 2, you can only gain level 2 and 3 in any career path.
    Common Tasks
    ** Interact with another Sim
    Reward: $50
    Method: Talking to your roommate fulfills both this and the next task.
    ** Get to know your roommate (Dudley or Mimi) better
    Reward: See individual house entry
    Method: You have to raise your roommate up to about 25 or 30 relationship for
      this event to trigger. You should also become friends with your roommate
      since you will need friends. Doing so also unlocks the roommate's social
      action as described in section 2.9 Making Friends.
    ** Have one point of cooking skill
    Reward: $50
    Method: Use the bookshelf to Study Cooking. You get this reward at both
      Dudley's Trailer and at Mimi's Place no matter when you gained that 1st point
      of Cooking. Best strategy for this is to study cooking at Mom's House. You
      should gain 3 or more points of Cooking skill to avoid starting fires during
      the game.
    ** Invite Mom over
    Reward: See individual house entry
    Method: Use the phone to invite Mom over. You don't actually have to talk to
      her -- just calling her up is enough to get this reward. It is triggered when
      she arrives on the property. This is also a good time to reinforce your
      relationship with Mom.
    * The first time you arrive in Stage 2, all of your needs are greened up. So
      take advantage of this by either arriving before 10am (really 9am) so you can
      just go to work and get promoted fast, or arrive a little later and get the
      other goals down before going to work the next day.
    2.2.1     Dudley's Trailer (Dud)
    Residents: Dudley Landgrab
    Career Tracks: Gangster, Jock, Mad Scientist, Paramilitary
    Initial Value: $38,136
    Approximate Bills: $600
    Malcolm Steals: Air Hockey Table, Game Station
    Move In: Unlocks Mimi's Place as a place to visit or move to. Also, the first
      time you move in, all of your needs are mostly green no matter what level
      they were when you left Mom's Place.
    Promotions                          Rewards
    Gangster/Shoplifter                 Build/Secret Door, Visit/Club Rubb
    Gangster/Burgler                    Social/Serenade, Move/Toane's Gym
    Jock/Ball Collector                 Buy/Air Hockey Table, Visit/Toane's Gym
    Jock/Rookie                         Buy/Flamingo Lamp, Move/Toane's Gym
    Mad Scientist/Potion Tester         Buy/Torchemuda Wall Torch, Visit/Shiny
                                        Things Lab
    Mad Scientist/Pyro                  Buy/Experimental Lamp, Move/Goth Manor
    Paramilitary/Boot Polisher          Buy/Game System, Visit/The Octogon
    Paramilitary/Drill Instructor       Buy/The Up-Light, Move/Toane's Gym
    When you get your first promotion, you will receive a new Ride: Dude Buggy.
      Upgrade the Scooter to the Dude Buggy ASAP since the Scooter is so lame.
    Skill Building Objects: Bookcase (Cooking, Mechanical), Chessboard (Logic),
      Workout Bench (Body), Bathroom Mirror (Charisma)
    ** Interact with another Sim (See common tasks above) (T211)
    ** Get to know Dudley better (See common tasks above) (T212)
    Reward: Social/Pull My Finger
    ** Have one point of cooking skill (See common tasks above) (T213)
    ** Invite Mom over (See common tasks above) (T214)
    Reward: Social/Nag About House
    ** Visit Mimi's Place and get her to Pull My Finger (T215)
    Reward: Buy/Mouth Chair
    Method: First, you have to get to know Dudley better so you can use the Pull My
      Finger action. Next, you have to hop on your scooter and go to Mimi's Place.
      Once there, you have to chat her up until Pull My Finger becomes an option.
      She'll love it, so don't worry about her relationship score going down when
      you do it.
    ** Clean up mess (T216)
    Reward: Buy/Disposal Drum
    Method: The hard way to do this is to click on all of the garbage and fly-
      circled plates and wash/throw them out. The easy way to do this is to use the
      phone to Hire the Maid under the Services menu. She'll do all the hard work,
      you'll get the reward. This will also give you more time to get to know
      Dudley better. Make the phone call your first priority when you arrive here.
    * If you arrive before 9am, when the bus arrives, you can go to work the day
      you arrive. Be sure to Hire the Maid before you go to work and you can
      accomplish the Clean up Mess task, T216, without even being there.
    2.2.2     Mimi's Place (Mimi)
    Residents: Mimi Landgrab
    Career Tracks: Counter Culture, Fashion Victim, Movie Star
    Initial Value:
    Approximate Bills: $600
    Malcolm Steals: Drinks Bar, Gourmet Stove
    Move In: Unlocks Dudley's Place as a place to visit.
    Promotions                         Rewards
    Counter Culture/Leaflet Distibutor Buy/Gourmet Stove, Visit/Pixel Acres
    Counter Culture/Basket Weaver      Buy/Confucius Wall Lamp, Move/Studio 8
    Fashion Victim/Lingerie Model      Buy/Drink Bar
    Fashion Victim/Body Waxer          Buy/VenuSpice Dresser, Move/Studio 8
    Movie Star/Kiddie Show Sidekick    Social/Gossip, Visit/Tinsel Bluffs
    Movie Star/Stunt Double            Buy/Exoticalistism Lamp, Move/Goth Manor
    ** Interact with another Sim (See common tasks above) (T221)
    ** Get to know Mimi better (See common tasks above) (T222)
    Reward: Social/Sign Language
    ** Have one point of cooking skill (See common tasks above) (T223)
    ** Invite Mom over (See common tasks above) (T224)
    Reward: Social/Give Money
    ** Visit Dudley's Trailer and use Sign Language on him (T225)
    Reward: Buy/Skull Shrub
    Method: You have to Get to Know Mimi Better, T222, first. Once you have the
      Sign Language social ability, go to Dudley's Trailer and talk with Dudley.
      Use Sign Language on him. If you get him up to friend level, you may not get
      the option use Sign Language on him. (Sign Language is giving him the middle
    ** Fix all of the broken things (T226)
    Reward: Phone/Repairman
    Method: Get a few points in Mechanical skill if you can first.
    * If you plan to have more than one career, start at Mimi's Place and get
      access to the Repairman.
    2.3  Stage 3
    In stage 3, you can only attain levels 4 and 5 of your chosen careers.
    Common Tasks
    ** Make Friends with one of your roommates
    Reward: A Social skill
    Method: See the Making Friends section for hints and tips on befriending
      individual Sims.
    Strategy: The roommates are not in love (or even friends) with one another.
      Make friends with the roommate you wouldn't mind sharing a bed with. Get
      heart between your Sim and this roommate and you'll be able to share the good
      bed with him or her. Buy a cheaper bed for the odd Sim out. This is
      especially useful at the Goth Manor where the master bedroom comes with a
      good bed.
    ** Control another Sim by using the Z button
    Reward: A Social skill
    Method: When you hit the Z button, you will switch from your Sim, to the
      roommate who has the same gender as your Sim. Thus, if you are playing a male
      Sim at the Goth Manor, you can control your Sim and Mortimer Goth.
    Strategy: Use the other Sim to help make your main Sim's life easier. This Sim
    ** Buy $1,000 worth of improvements for the location
    Reward: See individual location entry
    Method: Go into Buy mode and spend some money. Most locations at this stage
      lack an extra Bed for you. You should also replace the cheap toilets with the
      Force Flush Toilet (unlocked at Toane's Gym) to save time in the bathroom.
      Finally, put in burglar alarms. Most locations have them inside the building.
      Move them outside so they detect the burglar before he's inside. And don't
      leave any doors uncovered unless you know another detector will spot the
      burglar first. See the notes sections of each location below for specific
      buying tips at that location.
    2.3.1     Goth Manor (Goth)
    Residents: Mortimer and Bella Goth
    Career Tracks: Mad Scientist, Movie Star
    Initial Value:
    Approximate Bills: $1,000
    Malcolm Steals: Seance Table, Skeleton Display
    Promotions                         Rewards
    Mad Scientist/Virus Breeder        Buy/The Incubator
    Mad Scientist/Chemist              Buy/The Commode, Move/Shiny Things Labs
    Movie Star/Horror Movie Extra      Buy/The Synthesizer
    Movie Star/Soap Opera Extra        Social/Do Magic Trick, Move/Club Rubb
    ** Make Friends with Mortimer or Bella (See common tasks above) (T311)
    Reward: Social/Nag About Friends
    ** Control another Sim by using the Z Button (See common tasks above) (T312)
    Reward: Social/Tell Story
    ** Find the fern that was stolen from the Goths (T313)
    Reward: Ride/RGB Flashback
    Method: Go to Dudley's Trailer. Dudley will deny any knowledge of the fern.
      Walk around back of the trailer, click on the fern and select Steal Fern.
    ** Buy $1,000 worth of improvements for the manor (See common tasks
    Reward: Buy/Seance Table
    Method: Put a refrigerator and stove in the Kitchen. A dishwasher is also
    ** Exorcise the ghosts by having a s‚ance (T315)
    Reward: Buy/Skeleton Display
    Method: You should have unlocked the s‚ance table doing the Buy task (T314).
      Between Midnight and 4am, use the s‚ance table to Exorcise Ghosts. You have
      to do it twice.
    2.3.2     Studio 8 (S8)
    Residents: Artie Fischl and Charity Grant
    Career Tracks: Counter Culture, Fashion Victim
    Initial Value:
    Approximate Bills: $1,000
    Malcolm Steals: Artist's Block, Pottery Wheel
    Promotions                         Rewards
    Counter Culture/Flower Child       Buy/Artist's Block
    Counter Culture/Massage Therapist  Buy/The Love Lamp, Move/Casa Caliente
    Fashion Victim/Fingernail Painter  Buy/Laser Lightshow
    Fashion Victim/Wig Designer        Social/Air Kiss, Move/Club Rubb
    ** Make Friends with Artie or Charity (See common tasks above) (T321)
    Reward: Social/Tell Lies
    ** Control another Sim by using the Z Button (See common tasks above) (T322)
    Reward: Social/Sissy Fight
    ** Buy $1,000 worth of improvements for Studio 8 (See common tasks above)(T323)
    Reward: Buy/Electric Guitar
    ** Have a great art opening by rearranging the art (T324)
    Reward: Buy/Pottery Wheel
    Method: Basically, you need to get 5 Sims into a room with 90% (or better) Room
      value. You should not have to move the artwork, the existing room has the
      right Room value. The trick is getting the party goers into the room. One way
      to do this is to make food and put it in the display room. This will bring
      the party into the room. With a bit of clicking, getting 5 of them to be in
      the room at once (if you put the food at the far end of the room) should be
      no difficulty. Another method involves removing the doorways out of the foyer
      except for the one into the display room. Food in the kitchen can only be
      reached by travelling through the display room. The fastest method is to
      start the party and then in build mode remove a section of wall between the
      display room and the main corridor. This makes the display room, corridor and
      kitchen area one big room, and as long as there aren't any flies buzzing, it
      will have enough Room value.
    ** Visit Mimi's Place and make sure she is okay (T325)
    Reward: Ride/Cruisette Leviathan
    Method: Do not visit Mimi's unless you have near full Energy and Comfort. You
      have to clean up a big mess here and if you leave without finishing and come
      back, the mess gets even bigger. Otherwise, this is just an endurance test.
      Click on and clean up all the messy piles.
    2.3.3     Toane's Gym (Gym)
    Residents: Max and Goldie Toane
    Career Tracks: Gangster, Jock, Paramilitary
    Initial Value: $51,457
    Approximate Bills: $1,000
    Malcolm Steals: Rock Climbing Wall, Tread Mill
    Promotions                         Rewards
    Gangster/Car Thief                 Buy/High Dive
    Gangster/Mugger                    Buy/Sonic Shower, Move/Casa Caliente
    Jock/Starter                       Buy/Climbing Wall
    Jock/All-Star                      Buy/Aroma Machine
    Paramilitary/Paratrooper           Social/Show Off Muscles
    Paramilitary/Chopper Pilot         Buy/Miss Memo Sleeper
    ** Make Friends with Max or Goldie (See common tasks above) (T331)
    Reward: Social/Give Noogie
    ** Control another Sim by using the Z Button (See common tasks above) (T332)
    Reward: Social/Towel Snap
    ** Go to Dudley's Trailer and PARTY! (T333)
    Reward: Ride/Tsunami X-TEQ
    Method: PARTY apparently means chatting up 5 different fellow partiers enough
      that your relationship with each of them improves by 5 points. Take great
      advantage of Dudley's hot tub. You can get 1-2 points in 3 people at once
    ** Buy $1,000 worth of improvements for the gym (See common tasks above) (T334)
    Reward: Buy/Force Flush Toilet
    Method: Buy a good double bed and a single bed. Sell the toaster oven and
      replace it with a good stove.
    ** Get 4 Sims to join Toane's Gym as members (T335)
    Reward: Buy/DJ Booth
    Method: Only your friends will join the Gym. So first you have to smooze them
      up. They will only join the Gym if a party is going on. And, they will not
      join the gym if there are obvious problems with the Gym: dead plants, broken
      lightbulbs. Call the repairman (if you can) before starting the party to
      ensure that the Gym is in top condition before asking people to join. Like
      any party, you should make sure there is food available or the other Sims
      will not stay very long. (Max and Goldie are already members, so even though
      you can ask, don't waste your time.)
    2.4  Stage 4
    In stage 4, you can only attain levels 6 and 7 of your chosen careers.
    Common Tasks
    ** Invite your lover over (T411) (T421) (T431)
    Reward: See individual location entry
    Method: A Sim with a heart for you has to appear on the property to get this
      reward. If you do the "fall in love with a roommate" trick, that will
      complete this goal too. Otherwise, use the phone and call an existing lover
    ** Get Married (T400)
    Reward: Ride/Spritzen Funken
    Method: Don't do it yet! Getting married this early in the game makes game play
      difficult because you have take your wife with you everywhere. When you do
      wish to get married, see the strategy in Stage 6 on how to accomplish it the
      best way. One thing you can do to prepare for this task is to get hearts with
      a resident of Free Street. You cannot marry any of the characters that are
      part of Bustin' Out mode. You can only marry a character from Free mode, and
      they live on Free Street. So you can pick a mate, by moving someone into 3
      Free Street, or you can choose one of the Tutti's or Frutti's.
    If you do get married, your spouse will travel around with you as you move from
      lot to lot. This means you have 4 Sims to control. If your spouse has no job,
      this is a simple way to save money on maid and gardener, but it does mean you
      will rarely have those times when the game moves at triple speed while all
      the Sims are at work.
    ** Buy $1,500 worth of improvements for the location
    Reward: See individual location entry
    Method: Go into Buy mode and spend some money. At this stage, extra beds are
      not the problem. Here you should upgrade existing appliances if you can. You
      should also replace the cheap toilets with the Force Flush Toilet (unlocked
      at Toane's Gym) to save time in the bathroom. Finally, put in burglar alarms.
      Most locations have them inside the building. Move them outside so they
      detect the burglar before he's inside. And don't leave any doors uncovered
      unless you know another detector will spot the burglar first. See the notes
      sections of each location below for specific buying tips at that location.
    Notes: You control all of the locations Sims at this stage.
    2.4.1     Casa Caliente (CC)
    Residents: Randy Hart and Paisley Rainbow
    Career Tracks: Counter Culture, Gangster
    Initial Value: $50,422 ($37,932)
    Approximate Bills: $700
    Malcolm Steals: Heart Bed, Heart Tub
    Move In: Unlocks the ability to Visit 1 Free Street, 2 Free Street and 3 Free
    Location Action: Try and Make Out -- Use this only during parties with Sims who
      really like you.
    Promotions                         Rewards
    Counter Culture/Yoga Instructor    Buy/The Vibrating Bed
    Counter Culture/Transcendentalist  Buy/Sili-Camp Tent
    Gangster/Body Guard                Social/Force to Slap Self
    Gangster/Arsonist                  Buy/Love Tub, Move/Pixel Acres
    ** Invite your lover over (See common tasks above) (T411)
    Reward: Buy/Tiki Torch
    ** Get Married (See common tasks above) T400
    ** Go to Studio 8 and help with the "art" (T412)
    Rewards: Buy/That 70's Window, Visit/Goth Manor
    Method: At Studio 8, Charity will wonder why Heart has left the painting world.
      Since hearts are everywhere at Casa Caliente, all you have to do is start
      painting on the easel in the kitchen. You don't have to finish the painting.
      Just starting it and stopping completes this goal.
    ** Find a neighbor that knows about candelabra (T413)
    Reward: Buy/Candelabra
    Method: Not as simple as it sounds. You have to Score with Two Sims at the Same
      Party, T415, first (and you may not be able to get to Goth Manor without
      finishing T412 first). Mortimer and Bella will not talk about candelabra
      until you use the Kiss Romantically social action on one of them. Once you
      do, this task completes.
    ** Buy $1,500 worth of improvement to the house (See common tasks above) (T414)
    Reward: Buy/Polar Bear Rug
    Method: Obviously you need new beds. Since parties will take place here, it is
      helpful to split the bathroom into two bathrooms with their own toilets so
      there doesn't end up being a bunch of people trying to use the one toilet at
      the same time.
    ** Score with two Sims at the same Party (T415)
    Reward: Social/Kiss Romantically
    Method: Since you should already have at least two lovers, this should be easy.
      Invite one of them over and take them into the bedroom. Have one of the other
      Sims start the party, while the other Sim makes food for the party. Chat up
      your lover to get its relationship up. Once the party starts Make Out and
      immediately tell the Sim to leave. Now all you have to do is lure another
      lover into the bedroom, social up and attempt to make out. You will probably
      fail the first time you attempt this. It is difficult to do, even if you
      start out fully green in all your motives. You'll really only want to do this
      before you get married.
    2.4.2     Club Rubb (Rubb)
    Residents: Mona Lott and Bing Bling
    Career Tracks: Fashion Victim, Jock, Movie Star
    Initial Value:
    Approximate Bills: $700
    Malcolm Steals: Dance Floor, Slushie Bar
    Promotions                         Rewards
    Fashion Victim/Hair Stylist        Social/Admire Body
    Fashion Victim/Make-Up Artist      Social/Slow Dance, Move/Tinsel Bluffs
    Jock/MVP                           Social/Tell Dirty Joke
    Jock/Superstar                     Social/Wolf Whistle
    Movie Star/Game Show Host          Social/Booty Tease
    Movie Star/Sitcom Star             Social/Moon Walk
    ** Invite your lover over (See common tasks above) (T421)
    Reward: Buy/"More-Saic" Tub
    ** Get Married (See common tasks above) (T400)
    ** Show off some of your Club Rubb moves at Studio 8 (T422)
    Reward: Buy/The Neon Sign
    Method: You must make friends with Bing Bling to do this task. Go to Studio 8
      and use the Break Dance action with Charity or Artie depending on which one
      asks you about having a performance art piece at the studio. You may have to
      complete the Toane's Gym task (below) to get access to Studio 8 depending on
      what career track(s) you are working on.
    ** Find out what's going on at Toane's Gym (T423)
    Reward: Buy/Outdoor Shower, Visit Studio 8
    Method: Max will comment that no one can do 3 Triple Back Flips in a row. Prove
      him wrong. This works best if there aren't too many people around so since
      they are about to start a party, do the flips as soon as you arrive. Your
      Body skill determines how likely you are to succeed with these flips.
    ** Buy $1,500 worth of improvement to the club (See common tasks above) (T424)
    Method: Club Rubb needs a lot of work. You need to add a Kitchen and bedroom.
      Sell everything in the back room and put a few beds in there. Buy kitchen
      appliances and put them behind the bar. Use the spool table to put a couple
      of small seating locations in the main room with the kitchen.
    ** Throw the ultimate DJ Dance Party (T425)
    Reward: Buy/Q3 Recliner
    Method: You have to get 5 people dancing on the dance floor at once while
      someone is spinning on the DJ Booth. With the kitchen and tables behind the
      bar (see improvement hints above), throw a party and serve food. Have a Sim
      dancing on the floor. As the partiers head for the bathroom, click on them
      and choose Join Dancing. Once you get 5 folks to fall for this, the task will
      complete. Now, stop dancing so they can finish their rush to the bathrooms.
    2.4.3     Shiny Things Lab (STL)
    Residents: Makino Nada, Vaughn Braun
    Career Tracks: Mad Scientist, Paramilitary
    Initial Value:
    Approximate Bills:
    Malcolm Steals: Telescope, Tesla Coil
    Promotions                         Rewards
    Mad Scientist/Vivisectionist       Buy/Tesla Coil
    Mad Scientist/Gene Splicer         Buy/Supluminoltetra Lamp
    Paramilitary/Covert Ops            Buy/Telescope
    Paramilitary/Secret Agent          Buy/Radar Dish, Move/The Octogon
    ** Invite your lover over (See common tasks above) (T431)
    Reward: Buy/KlassiKlean "More-Saic" Tub
    ** Get Married (See common tasks above) (T400)
    ** Go to Studio 8 and Change their Minds about Scientists (T432)
    Reward: Build/Pathmatic Door
    Method: You have to show off the Rocket Gnomes, T435, before doing this task.
      (If you can't visit Studio 8 you'll also have to do the spores task, T433.)
      At Studio 8, converse with Charity (who will say some bad things about
      scientists). Use the Social/Hypnotize action on her and this task will
    ** Find out where the contaminating spores are coming from (T433)
    Rewards: Build/Giant Fern, Visit/Studio 8
    Method: You have to steal one of the Goth's ferns. All of the large ferns at
      Goth Manor has a "Steal Fern" option on them.
    ** Buy $1,500 worth of improvement to the house (See common tasks above) (T434)
    Reward: Buy/Invention Workshop
    Method: Replace the so-called Kitchen with real appliances.
    ** Show off "Rocket Gnomes" at a launch party (T435)
    Reward: Social/Hypnotize
    Method: You must have a Mechanical skill of 8 to finish this task. Use the
      Invention Workshop to build 5 rocket gnomes. (If you have fewer than 8
      Mechanical, the Invention Workshop will build normal gnomes or pink
      flamingoes instead of rocket gnomes.) Once you have 5 of them, set the up on
      the sandy area behind the building and start a party (do not serve food!).
      Have all three Sims standing near the gnomes. When the party starts, have the
      Sims choose Launch on the gnomes. Zoom way out so you can enjoy the light
      show yourself.
    2.5  Stage 5
    In stage 5, you can only attain levels 8 and 9 of your chosen careers.
    Common Tasks
    ** Get Married (T400)
    Method: See Stage 4 for why you should not attempt this now and Stage 6 for how
      to accomplish this task if you ignore my prior advice.
    ** Raise a Baby up to a Child (T500)
    Reward: Ride/
    Method: Like getting married, travelling from house to house with a spouse and
      a child is hard work. Wait until Stage 6 to do this task.
    ** Spend $2000 in improvement to location
    Reward: See individual location entry
    Method: Advice from the prior stages still applies.
    ** Cause Malcolm Landgrab to give you money
    Reward: $5,000
    Method: This varies greatly from place to place but they all have the same
    2.5.1     Pixel Acres (Pix)
    Residents: Ying Yangst, Chase
    Career Tracks: Counter Culture, Gangster
    Initial Value: $28,120 ($21,970)
    Approximate Bills: $250
    Malcolm Steals: Tether Ball, Ping Pong Table, Hot Spring
    Location Action: Ask to Go "Free" -- Causes an open Sim to take off their
      clothes and show off their Pixels.
    Promotions                          Rewards
    Counter Culture/Love Guru           Buy/Tetherball
    Counter Culture/Psychic Activist    Social/Barnyard Taunt, Move/Malcolm's
    Gangster/Extortionist               Buy/Ping Pong Table
    Gangster/Hit Man                    Buy/BroilBastard Grill, Move/Malcolm's
    ** Get Married (See common tasks above) (T400)
    ** Raise a Baby up to a Child (See common tasks above) (T500)
    ** Seduce someone at Casa Caliente (T511)
    Reward: Buy/Euro Fireplace
    Method: Since you probably have a lover there, this is not too difficult. Just
      relax on the bearskin rug, have your lover join you, and get him or her to
      make out with you.
    ** Find someone interested in Chase's secret formula (T512)
    Reward: Buy/Redwood Table
    Method: Use the Tell Secrets social action at Shiny Things Labs.
    ** Find out what ghost problems the Goths are having (T513)
    Rewards: Buy/Stump Chair, Synthesizer/Play Pixel Booty
    Method: You must have Creativity 10 to complete this goal. Play the Goth's
      synthesizer. This will drive out the ghosts and teach you the Pixel Booty
      song. (Pixel Booty is a condition in which a Sim's body is replaced with
      pixelization effects, i.e. nekkid.)
    ** Spend $2000 in improvement to Pixel Acres (T514)
    Rewards: Buy/Hot Spring
    Method: Buy the normal hot tub if you can immediately. Put a comfortable chair
      in the reading room. Create a bedroom with real beds somewhere so the phone
      doesn't wake everyone up every night. Create a kitchen and dining room so
      that dirty dishes don't degrade the room value of the outdoors.
    ** FRAME Malcolm and get him busted for indecent exposure (T515)
    Reward: $5,000
    Method: You have to get Malcolm to take his cloths off. If you know the Pixel
      Booty song, you can buy a synthesizer, invite him over, and play the song to
      get him naked. This is a sure method to do it.
    * If you put the Hot Spring back in place. Be careful using it. It erupts every
      now and then. (It is a real hot spring.) While it's funny to see the Sims
      thrown into the air, it does degrade their comfort and energy being thrown
      around like that.
    2.5.2     The Octogon (Oct)
    Residents: General Payne, Maxine Powers
    Career Tracks: Mad Scientist, Paramilitary
    Initial Value: $48,634 ($38,289)
    Approximate Bills: $1,200
    Malcolm Steals: Miss Gyrotic, Motion Detector
    Promotions                         Rewards
    Mad Scientist/Robotician           Buy/Miss Gyrotic
    Mad Scientist/Space Time Tinker    Social/Flip, Move/Malcolm's Mansion
    Paramilitary/Code Breaker          Buy/Rite Lite
    Paramilitary/Intelligence Director Buy/Motion Detector, Move/Malcolm's Mansion
    ** Get Married (See common tasks above) (T400)
    ** Raise a Baby up to a Child (See common tasks above) (T500)
    ** Mission: Info Gathering - Find and shut down the hackers (T521)
    Rewards: Buy/Spartan Special Lamp, Visit/Club Rubb
    Method: Go to Shiny Things Labs and steal one of their computers.
    ** Mission: Find and Supress anti-war protesters (T522)
    Reward: Buy/Toy Parrot
    Method: Go to Club Rubb and Attack Bing Bling. If you do not have access to
      Club Rubb you will have to Shut Down the Hackers (above) first.
    ** Buy $2000 in improvements to The Octogon (See common tasks above) (T523)
    Reward: Build/Atlantean Column
    Method: Upgrade the beds, the kitchen, and the TV. Add a door between the
      central room and the bedroom to ease movement through the complex.
    ** Mission: Classified - Eliminate Senator Landgrab (T524)
    Reward: $5,000
    Method: You must have sufficient Logic skill to program the robot (Miss
      Gyrotic) "for Defense". Call and invite Malcolm over. Use the Program for
      Defense option on the robot. The robot will go to the front door and zap
      Malcolm until he gives up his money if you'll only call off the robot.
    2.5.3     Tinsel Bluffs (Tin)
    Residents: Fanny Ador‚, Humphrey Hawks
    Career Tracks: Fashion Victim, Jock, Movie Star
    Initial Value: $105,074 ($94,475)
    Approximate Bills: $2,400
    Malcolm Steals: Microphone, Information Overload TV
    Promotions                  Rewards
    Fashion Victim/Runway Model Buy/Garden Flood Lamp
    Fashion Victim/Centerfold   Buy/Fontis Publicus Sink, Move/Malcolm's Mansion
    Jock/Head Coach             Buy/Information Overload TV
    Jock/Hall of Famer          Buy/Wicker Sofa, Move/Malcolm's Mansion
    Movie Star/Sex Symbol       Buy/Microphone
    Movie Star/Director         Buy/Maxilla 1000 Aquarium, Move/Malcolm's Mansion
    ** Get Married (See common tasks above) (T400)
    ** Raise a Baby up to a Child (See common tasks above) (T500)
    ** Muscle the Muscle at the Gym (T531)
    Reward: Buy/Colossicus Pool
    Method: Go to Toane's Gym. Max is making fun of Movie-types. Attack him to
      complete the goal.
    ** Find a good scifi movie script (T532)
    Reward: Build/Cypress Tree
    Method: Go to Shiny Things Lab. The Sims there will wonder "what does the brain
      think about?" They are referring to the think tank in the central laboratory.
      Click on it and steal its movie script. If you do not have access to Shiny
      Things Labs you will have to do the Red Pool Table task first.
    ** Buy $2,000 in improvements to Tinsel Bluffs (T533)
    Method: Tinsel Bluffs doesn't need much. Until you replace the Information
      Overlord TV, put a Game Station or other high fun object in its place.
    ** Find out where to get a red pool table (T534)
    Reward: Buy/Overlord Pool Table, Visit/Shiny Things Labs
    Method: Go to Club Rubb and play pool with Bing Bling. When the game ends, he
      gives you the pool table.
    ** Get Malcolm to put you in his big movie (T535)
    Reward: $5,000
    Method: This is a straightforward party and smooze task. Have a party, invite
      Malcolm specifically. Get him happy, fed, and un-bladdered, then choose "Ask
      About Movie". If he likes you a lot, he'll say "yes".
    2.6  Stage 6
    In stage 6, you can only attain level 10 of your chosen careers.
    Common Tasks
    ** Get Married (T400)
    Reward: Ride/Spritzen Funken
    Method: Again, you should wait until you are finished with your career goals to
      do this. In order to successfully propose, your intended must have all of his
      or her needs more green than red. This means you have to invite him or her
      over. Make a meal, allow your guest to use the bathroom, do something fun and
      comfortable (TV, Game Station) and then (and only then) pop the question.
      Meanwhile, you must have at least 20% energy or Propose may not be an
      available choice for you to use. On the day you are going to attempt this,
      skip work, make sure you are fresh from the toilet and shower before you call
      to invite him or her over. Prepare a meal while waiting for his or her to
      arrive but make sure you greet him or her before your Sim sits down to eat.
      After the meal, clean up the plates and the food platter while your fiance'
      goes to the bathroom. Go to the playroom or TV room, sit down and invite him
      or her to join you. When your Sim stands up with full fun, talk to your
      intended. Do a little kissing and then propose. If it doesn't work, send your
      intended home and depending on why he or she said know, work on making sure
      that error won't happen the next time you propose.
    ** Raise a Baby up to a Child (T500)
    Reward: Ride/Schnell Meister
    Method: There are three steps here. First, prepare an area for baby-rearing.
      Second, make out with your spouse to have a baby. Third, rear the baby. You
      have to choose who is going to rear the child. Your spouse makes the most
      sense since he or she does not have a job.
    1) The area you are going to rear the child should have a sofa with a high
      Energy rating, a chair with a high Comfort rating, and an object with a high
      Fun rating, preferably one that you can gain comfort from as well. TVs work
      best here. And it should not be far from a bathroom.
    2) Whoever is going to rear the baby should have his or her needs in high
      greens when your Sims kiss each other a few times in a row. Do this in the
      room with the baby-rearing equipment setup. Eventually you will get a "Do you
      want to have a baby?" dialog to come up. Say yes and a bassinet appears. You
      get to name the baby at this point. Have a name ready or the game will
      eventually default the name to Baby. The baby arrives asleep and should sleep
      for 4-6 hours before waking. Finish greening up the baby-rearing Sim and have
      him or her NAP on the couch. Do not put this Sim in a bed until the baby is a
      child. The couch and the bassinet must be in the same room.
    3) Every 6 hours (or so) the baby will wake up crying. The baby-rearer, who is
      probably napping on the couch nearby will be woken up. He or she should go to
      the bassinet and choose "Feed", "Play", "Sing" in that order. If the baby
      continues to cry after you sing, do all three actions again in that order.
      Once the baby stops crying. That Sim can use the bathroom and eat before
      napping again. Your other Sim should be preparing any meal the baby-rearing
      Sim eats to save that Sim time. At no time should both Sims be asleep outside
      of the room the bassinet is in.
    After three days, the bassinet turns into a child (with fully green needs).
    2.6.1     Malcolm's Mansion (Mal)
    Residents: None
      Career Tracks: All
    Initial Value: $114,505
    Approximate Bills: $6,000
    Malcolm Steals: Nothing (Mom boots him out of the house)
    Promotions                         Rewards
    Counter Culture/Full Time Freak    Temple/Counter Culture Temple Gnome
    Gangster/Mob Boss                  Temple/Gangster Temple Gnome
    Fashion Victim/Super Model         Temple/Fashion Victim Temple Gnome
    Jock/Living Legend                 Temple/Jock Temple Gnome
    Movie Star/Movie Mogul             Temple/Movie Star Temple Gnome
    Mad Scientist/Death Ray Inventor   Temple/Mad Scientist Temple Gnome
    Paramilitary/War Minister          Temple/Paramilitary Temple Gnome
    ** Show off your Fortune: Upgrade your Mansion (T611)
    Reward: Ride/Limo Ultimo
    Method: The mansion layout is very poor. It makes sense in the Real World but
      since you have no staff you should make a few changes. Swap the sitting area
      next to the kitchen and dining room. Add a fun item to the sitting area (pool
      table, game station, something). Move the phone into the foyer. Add a doorway
      between the new dining area and the bathroom. Buy a bookshelf from which your
      child can study.
    ** Finish all 7 Careers to see you dreams come true (T612)
    Reward: Buy/Simolean Temple
    Method: If you want to finish this, you can either work toward keeping all
      careers level from stage to stage, or run through one career and then go
      back. Personally, going from the Mansion back to Dudley's Trailer is a bit
      daft so work on all careers. It gets you access to all the cool items faster
      and you get a lot of money from all of those promotions.
    ** Send you child to prep school with Straight A's (T613)
    Reward: Ride/Sataniti GT 1000 (This displays as "Diavolo GT 1000" in the
      "Congratulations! You unlocked..." screen, but when you attempt to change
      your ride, it has the Sataniti name.)
    Method: Be strict with your child and have him Study with a bookshelf everyday
      after going to school. Eventually, he will get into the prep school. One the
      morning he wakes up with an A+ grade level, he is whisked off to The Mount
      Weevil School for Gifted Children, leaving your household for good.
    * As you only make about $1,000 a day, and the bills are $6,000 every 3 days,
      you cannot live here forever. On the other hand, if you have play your spouse
      Sim in Free Mode before marrying, get that Sim to level 10 of a career and
      his or her income together with your own will be able to support the house.
      Just don't let your spouse lose his or her job as he or she will not be able
      to get it back in Busting Out mode.
    * Rewards for promotion to level 10 in a career provides access to a dancing
      gnome on the Simolean Temple, the big fountain in front of Malcolm's Mansion.
      It is indicated above as Temple/Career Path Temple Gnome. You also get a
      movie showing Malcolm getting humiliated in a manner appropriate to the
      career path. When you unlock the 7th career, you get to view all 7 movies.
      Also, you can then activate the Simolean Temple to watch all the gnomes dance
      on their columns.
    2.7  Other Locations
    2.7.1     1 Free Street
    Residents: Candy, Debbie, Ginger, Pamela Frutti
    * If you intend to play the Fruttis and give them careers and such, you must
      move a family of four into 3 Free Street or else these Sims will never be
      able to get enough friends (up to 8) to advance fully in their careers.
    * Giving the Fruttis careers will mean there are times when you want to call
      them up and they will be at work. By default, they have no careers and will
      answer the phone any time between 7am and 1am.
    * You can get them one friend by having your Bustin' Out Sim get one of them as
      a friend. But they cannot call your Bustin' Out Sim on the phone. A mild
    2.7.2     2 Free Street
    Residents: Ziggy, Woody, Rod and Pete Tutti
    * Same as 1 Free Street above.
    2.7.3     3 Free Street
    Residents: None
    * If you are planning to create an intended spouse and move him or her in here
      but don't intend to play this Sim except after the marriage, what follows is
      the minimum you must do to move him or her in:
      1) In build mode, put a single wall on the lawn.
      2) In buy mode, put a phone on this wall.
      3) Have your Sim visit this Sim and greet him or her. (You could do more
           about your friendship now, but greeting him or her is the minimum
         4) Leave. Don't load 3 Free Street again. Having met him or her, you can
         now call and invite him or her over anytime.
    2.8  Career Tracks
    Each chart below has the following columns:
    Level: The first column indicates what level you have achieved in the career.
      Accepting a job from the newspaper for the first time grants you level 1.
    Pay: How much you get paid each day that you go to work. When you are promoted
      you take home your new level's pay plus twice your new level's pay as a
      bonus. In other words, you get three times your new base pay on the day you
      get the promotion.
    Hours: What times you have to be at work. A bus arrives every day to take you
      to work an hour before the listed start time. If you fail to step on the bus
      before the listed start time, the bus pulls away without you.
    Title: The job title for this level of achievement in the career track.
    Loc: The location at which you must be living in order to get promoted to that
      level. Even if you have all the friends and skills needed to get a promotion,
      if you are not living at the right location, you will not get promoted.
    Friends: This and the next 6 columns indicate the number of friends (and skill
      points) needed to advance beyond the listed career level. Thus, level 10 of
      each career path has no values in these columns because you cannot advance
      past level 10. Level 1 also has no values because no career path has any
      friend or skill requirements for the first promotion.
    BD: Body, CH: Charisma, CK: Cooking, CR: Creative, LO: Logic, ME: Mechanical.
    2.8.1     Counter Culture
         Pay    Hours    Title                   Loc    Friends  BD CH CK CR LO ME
     1  $110  10am- 2pm  Pan Handler             Any       -      -  -  -  -  -  -
     2  $120  10am- 2pm  Leaflet Distributor     Mimi      2      ?  ?  1  ?  ?  ?
     3  $150  10am- 3pm  Basket Weaver           Mimi      3      ?  ?  3  ?  ?  ?
     4  $200  Noon- 5pm  Flower Child            S8        4      ?  ?  5  ?  ?  ?
     5  $220  11am- 4pm  Massage Therapist       S8        6      ?  ?  6  ?  ?  ?
     6  $300  10am- 5pm  Yoga Instructor         Casa      6      ?  ?  7  ?  ?  ?
     7  $350  12pm- 5pm  Transcendentalist       Casa      7      ?  ?  8  ?  ?  ?
     8  $450  12pm- 5pm  Love Guru               Pix       8      ?  ?  9  ?  ?  ?
     9  $550   2pm- 7pm  Psychic Activist        Pix       8      ?  8 10  ?  ?  ?
    10 $1000  10pm- 2am  Full Time Freak         Mal       -      -  -  -  -  -  -
    2.8.2     Fashion Victim
         Pay    Hours    Title                   Loc    Friends  BD CH CK CR LO ME
     1  $200  10am- 2pm  Hand Model              Any       -      -  -  -  -  -  -
     2  $225  10am- 2pm  Lingerie Model          Mimi      -      ?  ?  ?  2  ?  ?
     3  $275  10am- 3pm  Body Waxer              Mimi      1      ?  ?  ?  4  ?  ?
     4  $315  10am- 3pm  Fingernail Painter      S8        2      ?  ?  ?  5  ?  ?
     5  $400  11am- 5pm  Wig Designer            S8        3      ?  ?  ?  6  ?  ?
     6  $550  10am- 6pm  Hair Stylist            Rubb      4      ?  ?  ?  7  ?  ?
     7  $650  Noon- 6pm  Make-Up Artist          Rubb      5      ?  4  ?  8  ?  ?
     8  $900   6pm- 1am  Runway Model            Tin       7      ?  ?  ?  9  ?  ?
     9 $1100   2pm- 9pm  Centerfold              Tin       9      ?  ?  ? 10  ?  ?
    10 $1400  10am- 4pm  Super Model             Mal       -      -  -  -  -  -  -
    2.8.3     Gangster
         Pay    Hours    Title                   Loc    Friends  BD CH CK CR LO ME
     1  $125  10am- 2pm  Vandal                  Any       -      -  -  -  -  -  -
     2  $200   9am- 1pm  Shoplifter              Dud       -      -  -  -  2  -  -
     3  $275  11pm- 5am  Burglar                 Dud       2      -  -  -  4  -  1
     4  $350   9am- 3pm  Car Thief               Gym       3      -  -  -  5  -  2
     5  $425   5pm- 1am  Mugger                  Gym       4      1  1  -  6  -  3
     6  $530   3pm-11pm  Body Guard              Casa      6      3  1  -  7  -  4
     7  $640   9pm- 3am  Arsonist                Casa      8      3  2  -  8  -  5
     8  $760   9am- 3pm  Extortionist            Pix       8      5  3  -  9  -  5
     9  $900   9am- 3pm  Hit Man                 Pix       8      ?  ?  ? 10  ?  ?
    10 $1100   6pm-MidN  Mob Boss                Mal       -      -  -  -  -  -  -
    2.8.4     Jock
         Pay    Hours    Title                   Loc    Friends  BD CH CK CR LO ME
     1  $130  10am- 2pm  Mascot                  Any       -      -  -  -  -  -  -
     2  $170   9am- 1pm  Ball Collector          Dud       -      2  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?
     3  $230  10am- 3pm  Rookie                  Dud       -      4  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?
     4  $300  10am- 3pm  Starter                 Gym       -      6  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?
     5  $385   9am- 3pm  All-Star                Gym       1      7  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?
     6  $510   9am- 3pm  MVP                     Rubb      2      8  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?
     7  $680   9am- 4pm  Superstar               Rubb      3      9  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?
     8  $850   8am- 2pm  Head Coach              Tin       4      ?  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?
     9 $1000   9am- 3pm  Hall of Famer           Tin       6      ?  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?
    10 $1200   9am- 3pm  Living Legend           Mal       -      -  -  -  -  -  -
    2.8.5     Mad Scientist
         Pay    Hours    Title                   Loc    Friends  BD CH CK CR LO ME
     1  $155  10am- 2pm  Lab Cleaner             Any       -      -  -  -  -  -  -
     2  $230  11pm- 3am  Potion Tester           Dud       1      ?  ?  ?  ?  2  ?
     3  $325   2pm-10pm  Pyro                    Dud       2      ?  ?  ?  2  ?  ?
     4  $375  11am- 4pm  Virus Breeder           Goth      ?      ?  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?
     5  $450  10am- 5pm  Chemist                 Goth      ?      ?  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?
     6  $540  10am- 7pm  Vivisectionist          STL       ?      ?  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?
     7  $640  11am- 3pm  Gene Splicer            STL       4      ?  ?  ?  ?  ?  6
     8  $740  Noon- 8pm  Robotifician            Oct       5      ?  ?  ?  ?  ?  8
     9  $870  10am- 4pm  Space Time Tinker       Oct       ?      ?  ?  ?  ?  ? 10
    10 $1000  10am- 2pm  Death Ray Inventor      Mal       -      -  -  -  -  -  -
    2.8.6     Movie Star
         Pay    Hours    Title                   Loc    Friends  BD CH CK CR LO ME
     1  $100  10am- 2pm  Mall Clown              Any       -      -  -  -  -  -  -
     2  $150   9am- 1pm  Kiddie Show Sidekick    Mimi      -      ?  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?
     3  $200   9am- 3pm  Stunt Double            Mimi      2      ?  2  ?  ?  ?  ?
     4  $275   7am- 3pm  Horror Movie Extra      Goth      3      ?  3  ?  ?  ?  ?
     5  $375   7am- 4pm  Soap Opera Extra        Goth      4      ?  4  ?  ?  ?  ?
     6  $500  10am- 6pm  Game Show Host          Rubb      6      ?  6  ?  ?  ?  ?
     7  $650  10am- 6pm  Sitcom Star             Rubb      6      ?  7  ?  ?  ?  ?
     8  $900   5pm- 1am  Sex Symbol              Tin       8      ?  8  ?  ?  ?  ?
     9 $1100  10am- 5pm  Director                Tin       10     ? 10  ?  ?  ?  ?
    10 $1400  10am- 3pm  Movie Mogul             Mal       -      -  -  -  -  -  -
    2.8.7     Paramilitary
         Pay    Hours    Title                   Loc    Friends  BD CH CK CR LO ME
     1  $250  10am- 2pm  Latrine Cleaner         Any       -      -  -  -  -  -  -
     2  $325   8am-Noon  Boat Polisher           Dud       -      ?  ?  ?  ?  2  ?
     3  $400   9am- 2pm  Drill Instructor        Dud       -      ?  ?  ?  ?  4  ?
     4  $450   6am-Noon  Paratrooper             Gym       -      ?  ?  ?  ?  5  ?
     5  $500   6am-Noon  Chopper Pilot           Gym       1      ?  ?  ?  ?  6  ?
     6  $550   9am- 4pm  Covert Ops              STL       2      ?  ?  ?  ?  7  ?
     7  $580   7am- 3pm  Secret Agent            STL       4      ?  ?  ?  ?  8  ?
     8  $600   9am- 3pm  Code Breaker            Oct       6      ?  ?  ?  ?  9  ?
     9  $700   9am- 3pm  Intelligence Director   Oct       6     10  ?  ?  ? 10  ?
    10 $1000   9am- 3pm  War Minister            Mal       -      -  -  -  -  -  -
    2.9  Making Friends
                          Outgoing   Playful                  Social action when
    Name                Neat    Active     Nice     Sign      Relationship >= 50
    ----------------     --  --   --   --   --    ---------   --------------------
    Mortimer Goth                                             Kiss Hand
    Bella Goth                                                Nag About Friends
    Max Toane             4   8    8    5    0    Gemini      
    Goldie Toane                                              
    Artie Fischl                                              
    Charity Grant                                             
    Paisley Rainbow       0   5    0   10   10    Libra       Booty Spank
    Randy Hart            0   5    0   10   10    Libra       French Kiss
    Mona Lot                                                  Dirty Dance
    Bing Bling                                                Break Dance
    Makino Nada                                               Whine and Complain
    Vaughn Braun                                              Coo Coo
    Chase Skurtz          0  10    0   10    5    Libra       Tell Secret
    Ying Yangst           1   8    0    8    8    Libra       
    General Payne        10  10    0    0    0    Aquarius    Snap Out of It!
    Maxine Powers        10  10    5    0    0    Cancer      Karate Chop
    Fanny Adore'         10   0    0    0    0    Ares        
    Humphrey Hawks        0   5    3   10    0    Cancer      Intimidate
    Mom - None
    Dudley Landgrab - Burp In Face
    Mimi Landgrab - Brag About Money
    Malcolm Landgrab - None
    Ziggy Tutti (         ), Woody Tutti (          ), Rod Tutti (          ),
      Peter Tutti (         )
    Pamela Frutti (        ), Ginger Frutti (          ), Candy Frutti (
      ), Debbie Frutti (         )
    3    Free Play
    Differences between Bustin' Out Mode and Free Play Mode
    * When you switch careers and switch back, you start over at level 1 in the
    * You cannot call the Sims from Bustin' Out Mode. (In Bustin' Out Mode you can
      call the residents of Free Street.
    * When you arrive home from work, there is no pop-up telling you how much money
      you made.
    3.1  Career Tracks
    3.1.1     Artist
        Pay     Hours    Title                        Friends   BD  CH CK CR LO ME
     1  $100   3pm- 8pm  Artist's Model                  -       -   -  -  -  -  -
     2  $120   9am- 4pm  House Painter                   -       -   -  -  2  -  -
     3  $190   9am- 3pm  Studio Assistant                1       -   -  -  5  -  -
     4  $250   8am- 4pm  Museum Guard                    2       -   -  -  6  -  2
     5  $325   7am- 2pm  Studio Artist                   3       -   -  -  7  -  5
    10 $1400  10am- 3pm  Museum Director                 -       -   -  -  -  -  -
    3.1.2     Computer Geek
        Pay     Hours    Title                        Friends   BD  CH CK CR LO ME
     1  $120   9am- 5pm  Cable Grunt                     -       -   -  -  -  -  -
     2  $150   6pm- 2am  Video Game Tester               -       -   -  -  1  1  2
     3  $200   8am- 4pm  Tech Support                    1       -   -  -  1  2  3
     4  $240  Noon- 8pm  Virus Writer                    2       -   -  -  2  2  4
    10                                                   -       -   -  -  -  -  -
    3.1.3     Rock Star
        Pay     Hours    Title                        Friends   BD  CH CK CR LO ME
     1  $100  10am- 4pm  Groupie                         -       -   -  -  -  -  -
     2  $120   9am- 4pm  Roadie                          -       -   -  -  2  -  -
     3  $190   9am- 3pm  Record Store Clerk              2       -   -  -  5  -  -
     4  $250   8pm- 4am  Elevator Music Composer         2       -   -  -  6  -  2
     5  $325   7am- 2pm  Jingle Writer                   3       -   4  -  7  -  5
     6  $400  11am- 8pm  Wedding Singer                  4       4   4  -  8  -  5
     7  $550  Noon- 9pm  Bar Band Singer                 4       5   4  -  9  -  5
     8  $700  11am- 6pm  Rock Star                       6       7   7  - 10  -  5
     9 $1100   5pm- 2am  Solo Artist                     8       7  10  - 10  4  5
    10 $1400  10am- 3pm  Record Producer                 -       -   -  -  -  -  -
    3.1.4     Slacker
        Pay     Hours    Title                        Friends   BD  CH CK CR LO ME
     1  $100   5pm-10pm  Janitor                         -       -   -  -  -  -  -
     2  $120   9pm- 4am  Convenience Store Clerk         -       -   -  -  -  -  2
     3  $190   9am- 3am  Gas Station Attendent           2       3   -  -  -  -  2
     4  $250   8pm- 4am  Taxi Driver                     2       3   -  -  2  -  3
     5  $325   7am- 2pm  Tow Truck Driver                4       3   3  -  3  -  3
    10                                                   -       -   -  -  -  -  -
    3.1.5     Swindler
        Pay     Hours    Title                        Friends   BD  CH CK CR LO ME
     1  $120  10am- 3pm  Traveling Salesman              -       -   -  -  -  -  -
     2  $180   9am- 4pm  Used Car Salesman               -       -   2  -  -  -  1
     3     ?   9am- 4pm  Telemarketer                    2       -   2  -  -  -  2
     4  $320   9am- 4pm  Con Artist                      3       -   2  -  -  2  2
     5  $400   9am- 4pm  Fad Starter                     4       -   3  -  2  3  2
    10                                                   -       -   -  -  -  -  -
    4    Social Actions
    Give Back Rub
    - Friend/Max Toane
    - Friend/Goldie Toane
    - Friend/Artie Fischl
    - Friend/Charity Grant
    - Friend/Ying Yangst
    - Friend/Fanny Ador‚
    Admire Body - Fashion Victim/Hair Stylist (Club Rubb)
    Air Kiss - Fashion Victim/Fingernail Painter (Studio 8)
    Barnyard Taunt - Counter Culture/Psychic Activist (Pixel Acres)
    Booty Spank - Friend/Paisley Rainbow
    Booty Tease - Movie Star/Game Show Host (Club Rubb)
    Break Dance - Friend/Bing Bling
    Burp In Face - Friend/Dudley Landgrab
    Coo Coo - Friend/Vaughn Braun
    Dirty Dance - Friend/Mona Lot
    Do Magic Trick - Movie Star/Get Soap Opera (Goth Manor)
    Flip - Mad Scientist/Space Time Tinker
    Force to Slap Self - Gangster/Body Guard (Casa Caliente)
    French Kiss - Friend/Randy Hart
    Give Money - T224: Mimi's Place/Invite Mom Over
    Give Noogie - T331: Toane's Gym/Make Friends with Max or Goldie
    Gossip - Movie Star/Get to Kiddie Show Sidekick (Mimi's Place)
    Hypnotize - T435: Shiny Things Lab/Show off "Rocket Gnomes" at a launch party
    Intimidate - Friend/Humphrey Hawks
    Karate Chop - Friend/Maxine Powers
    Kiss Hand - Friend/Mortimer Goth
    Kiss Romantically - T415: Casa Caliente/Score with two Sims at the same party
    Moon Walk - Movie Star/Sitcom Star (Club Rubb)
    Nag About Friends - T311: Goth Manor/Make Friends with Mortimer or Bella
    Nag About House - T214: Dudley's Trailer/Invite Mom Over
    Pull My Finger - T212: Dudley's Trailer/Get to know Dudley better
    Serenade - Gangster/Burgler (Dudley's Trailer)
    Show Off Muscles - Paramilitary/Paratrooper    (Toane's Gym)
    Sign Language - T222: Mimi's Place/Get to know Mimi better
    Sissy Fight - T322: Studio 8/Control another Sim by using the Z Button
    Slow Dance - Fashion Victim/Make-Up Artist (Club Rubb)
    Snap Out of It! - Friend/General Payne
    Tell Dirty Joke - Jock/MVP (Club Rubb)
    Tell Lies - T321: Studio 8/Make Friends with Artie or Charity
    Tell Secret - Friend/Chase Skurtz
    Tell Story - T312: Goth Manor/Control another Sim by using the Z Button
    Towel Snap - T332: Toane's Gym/Control another Sim by using the Z Button
    Whine and Complain - Friend/Makino Nada
    Wolf Whistle - Jock/Superstar (Club Rubb)
    Call Over
    Ask to Go "Free"
    Try and Make Out
    5    Stuff
    Needs: The number after the letter indicates how strongly the need is fulfilled
      by the object. Higher number indicate the need will green up faster than
      lower numbers.
    B#: Bladder, C#: Comfort, E#: Energy, F#: Fun,
    R#: Room, U#: Hunger, Y#: Hygiene
    BD: Body, CH: Charisma, CK: Cooking, CR: Creativity, LO: Logic, ME: Mechanical
    S/G: A group item that when used with more than one Sim allows each Sim's
      Social need to green up (usually because the Sims are talking while using the
    Kid: Only kids can use this item.
    Locations: Mimi = Mimi's Place, Dud = Dudley's Trailer
    Goth = Goth Manor, S8 = Studio 8, Gym = Toane's Gym
    Casa = Casa Caliente, Rubb = Club Rubb, STL = Shiny Things Labs
    Pix = Pixel Acres, Oct = The Octogon, Tin = Tinsel Bluffs
    MM = Malcolm's Mansion
    Careers: CC = Counter Culture, FV = Fashion Victim, Gang = Gangster,
    Jock = Jock, Mad = Mad Scientist, Star = Movie Star, Para = Paramilitary
    5.1  Buy Mode
    5.1.1     Seating/Beds
      79 Recalled Folding Chair                  C2
      80 Wekbunnst All Purpose Chair             C2
     100 "Posture Plus" Office Chair             C3
     110 Rusty Redneck Stump Chair               C2        T513 Pix/Goth Ghost
     140 Jock Bench                              C2
     149 Recycled Couch                          C3 E4
     150 Desk Chair by Survivall                 C3
     150 Contempo Loveseat                       C3 E4
     155 Satinistics Reproduction Armchair       C3
     165 Stool Sample                            C3
     180 MC2 Examination Stool                   C3
     199 Worn Leather Chair                      C4
     225 Love Your Behind Dining Chair           C3 R1
     245 CamoComfort Easy Killin' Chair          C4
     250 Country Class Armchair                  C4
     250 "Back Slack" Recliner                   C6 E3
     300 Spartan Special (Bed)                   C6 E7
     340 Country Class Loveseat                  C5 E4
     385 Peacock Wicker Chair                    C4
     390 Big Mouth Chair                         C6 R1     T215 Dud/Visit Mimi
     399 Futon Bed                               C7 E7
     410 Wicked Breeze Rattan Chair              C5 R1
     415 Sili-Camp Tent                          C6 E7     CC/Transcendentalist
     445 C-SX247 "Couch Potato" Stealth Sofa     C4 E4
     449 "Moldy Oldy" (Recliner)                 C7 E3
     450 Country Class Sofa                      C5 E5
     450 Club Chair by Saarbach                  C5 R1
     450 Tyke Nyte Bed                           C7 E7
     450 Cheap Eazzzzze Double Sleeper           C7 E8
     475 The Love Seat                           C5 E4
     500 "The Saarbach" by Werkbunnst (Chair)    C6
         Wicker Sofa                                       Jock/Hall of Famer
     600 Empress Dining Room Chair               C4 R2
     700 "Sofesque" by Wutami Godat              C4 E3 R5
     825 Q3 Recliner                             C9 E3     T425 Rubb/DJ Party
     850 "Von Braun" Recliner                    C9 E3
     875 Luxuriare Loveseat                      C8 E4 R2
     900 Baby Doll Canopy Bed by Poly Vinyl      C7 E8 R1
    1000 Napolean Sleigh Bed                     C8 E9
    1100 "The Deitier" by Werkbunnst (sofa)      C8 E5 R3
    1290 Miss Memo Sleeper                       C7 E11    FV/Superstar
    3000 Modern Mission Bed                      C9 E10 R3
    3200 Princess Luxury Bed                     C10 E9 R2
    4500 The Vibromatic Heart Bed                C10 E8 R2 CC
    5.1.2     Surfaces (Tables/Desks)
      35 Empty Supply Crate
      40 Pinegulcher End Table
      55 Found Art Spool Table
      55 Wicked Breeze End Table
      75 KinderStuff Nightstand
      80 Mesquite Desk
      85 Covert Table
      95 NuMica Folding Card Table
      99 Le Maussade Glass Dining Table
     119 SlushRush Bar Counter
     120 "Anywhere" End Table
     145 GeneriCounter
     150 Count Blanc Bathroom Counter
     150 SirPlus! Metal Desk
     199 Gallery Display Stand                   R1
     200 Backwoods Table by Survivall
     200 The Smart Counter
     220 London "Cupertino" Collection Desk
     250 Boomtowne Redwood Table
     250 Tiled Counter
     250 Modern Mission End Table                R1
     300 NuMica Kitchen Counter
     320 Used Autopsy Table
     450 London "Mesa" Dining Design             R2
     500 Isinglass Tableau                       R2
     500 Butch Butch Butch Kitchen Counter       R1
     600 Constructed Table                       R2
     800 The "Redmond" Table                     R2
    5.1.3     Decorative
      12 Pink Flamingo                           R2
      30 African Violet                          R1
      35 Spider Plant                            R1
      35 Stepping Stone
      45 "Roxana" Geranium                       R1
      65 Metull Skull Poster                     R1
      75 Watercolor by J.M.E.                    R1
      80 Tragic Clown Painting                   R1
      85 Ventillation Duct                       R1
      85 Chou-Kawaii "Cute Cute" Poster          R1
      85 The Magic Unicorn by Rane Bowie         R1
      89 (W-22) Warning Sign                     R1
      89 Biohazard Sign                          R1
      99 Queen Vivanco Roses                     R1
     119 Lairtsudni Reciprocal Column            R1
     120 Atlantean Column                        R1
     120 Rubber Plant                            R2
     150 Echinopsis Maximus Cactus               R2
     160 Jade Plant                              R2
     165 Rosie's Palm                            R2
     165 "Big Brother Is Shopping" Poster        R1
     199 Situation Station by Warkraft           R2
     200 Poseidon's Adventure Aquarium           R2 F1
     210 Puff Power Rug                          R2
     210 Old Movie Prop                          R2
     240 "Bi-Polar" by Connor I.N.               R2
     249 "Love In Baghdad" Movie Poster          R2
     300 Toy Parrot by FauxFriend                R2
     325 "Despondent Correspondent"              R2
     360 "Delusion de Grandeur"                  R2
     450 Beaver Pelt Moosehead                   R2
     460 Floor Rug by Leopard Life               R2
     550 Anatomical Skeleton Display             R3        T315 Goth/Exorcise
     700 "Fountain of Tranquility"               R2 F1
     777 SimBad's Stuffed Marlin                 R3
     900 WarKraft Radar Dish                     R3
     950 "Hazard The Guess" by Connor Tiist      R3
     999 "Edith On My Mind" by Omar Kittup       R3
    1020 "Blind Date" by I. Roney                R3
    1200 Gold Record                             R3
    1299 Neo-Prime "Sun God" Calendar            R4
    1450 "Scylla and Charybdis"                  R4
    1475 Think Tank                              R4
    1500 "Proof Positive" by Hugh Kid            R4
    1525 Debauchium Mosaic                       R4
    1800 Highbrau Coat of Arms                   R4
    2140 Snails With Icicles in Nose             R5
    3200 Portrait Grid by Payne A. Pitcher       R8
    3500 Grand Father Clock                      R7
    3650 Sham-Shag Polar Bear Rug                R6 S/G
    3800 Untitled 1973. By Costa D. Moenet       R6
    3900 Radiant Doomed Child by Don T. Ripitof  R6
    4260 Blue China Vase                         R7
    4300 Faux Bearskin Rug                       R7
    4800 White Rhino Re-enactment                R7
    5000 I Love Queens by Painter X              R8
    7800 "Still Life, Drapery and Crumbs"        R9
    8100 "Eruption of Decadence" Trapestry       R9
    8200 Antique Persian Rug                     R9
    5.1.4     Electronics
      50 FireBrand Smoke Detector
    5.1.5     Appliances
    5.1.6     Plumbing
    5.1.7     Lighting
    5.1.8     Miscellaneous
    5.1.9     Skill Building
    5.2  Build Mode
    5.2.1     Walls
    5.2.2     Floors
    5.2.3     Wallpaper
    5.2.4     Doors
       Secret Door                                         Gang/Shoplifter (Dud)
    5.2.5     Windows
    5.2.6     Fireplaces
    5.2.7     Plants
    5.2.8     Water
    6    Linking To a GameBoy Advanced
     (The game booklet is very complete about this. Discussion of the Game Cabinet
      will go here when I get around to writing it.)
    7    FAQs
    Q: Why do the lights keep breaking?
    A: To make the game very annoying. Always visit Mimi's Place and get the Call
      Repairman phone ability, T226, when playing. Having to go around and replace
      the lightbulbs in the house everyday can be tedious.
    Q: Why are the plants dead?
    A: Hire a gardener.
    Q: I hired a gardener and the plants still died.
    A: One likely possibility is that you were not home when the gardener was
      supposed to arrive and she skipped a visit. This means that instead of 3 days
      between visits, 6 days passed between visits. Plants die after about 4 days
      without water. The best thing you can do is direct one of the other
      characters to water the plants when you cannot figure out what to do with
      that character.
    8    Credits
    This FAQ was created by Joe Mucchiello and last edited on 2004-01-04.
    Infinite credit goes to my wife for putting up with me scribbling stuff down as
      she played, watching me restart over and over, and general wifey stuff.
    9    Revision History
    2004-01-10     0.6  First public release. Walkthrough complete.

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