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FAQ/Walkthrough by Gabe_Logan2

Version: 1.00 | Updated: 08/20/07

Complete walkthrough for
Syphon Filter: The Omega Strain

The fallowing document is a complete guide for the PS2 game Syphon 
Filter: The Omega Strain. If you are not interested in everything being 
releaved to you, do not carry on with your reading. This guide is a 
translation of a guide I have written in French, so be aware that it 
may contain mistakes since English is not my first language. 
Besides, although I tried to minimize their number, this FAQ may still
contain several “spoilers”.
I hope this guide will be of any help to some of you and I’ll be glad 
if I can improve your gaming experience with The Omega Strain.

v0.05 Introduction and Table Of Content completed (2007-07-31)
v0.10 Sections B, D, E and G completed (2007-08-03)
v0.30 section H, levels 1 and 2, completed (2007-08-05)
v0.45 section H, up to level 5, completed (2007-08-06)
v0.65 section H, up to level 10, completed (2007-08-09)
v0.80 section H, up to level 14, completed (2007-08-16)
v1.00 section H completed (2007-08-20)

To facilitate navigation through this FAQ, use the “Find” fonction of 
your navigator (Ctrl+F) and copy/paste the letters below including 

A. Introduction To The Game     <ITG>

B. Starting The Game            <STG>
   1. Off-line
   2. On-line

C. Controls                     <CTR>

D. I. In-game Screen            <EDJ>
   II. 3D Map                   <3DM>
E. Start Menu                   <MEN>

F. Characters                   <CHA>

G. Equipment                    <EQP>
   I. Using Your Weapons        <UDM>
   II. Description              <DPT>
       i. Back                  <AR1>
       ii. Sidearm              <AR2>
       iii. Auxiliary           <AR3>
       iv. Grenade              <AR4>
       v. Melee                 <AR5>
       vi. Autres               <AR6>

H. Missions                                                       <MSS>
   I. IPCA European Command: Training Center                      <L01>
   II. Carthage, Michigan: Quarantine Zone                        <L02>
   III. Carthage, Michigan: Warehouse District                    <L03>
   IV. Carthage, Michigan: Carthage Mall                          <L04>
   V. Pescara, Italy: St. Cetteo Square (Bonus)                   <L05>
   VI. Mazyr, Belarus: Krivorozhstal Mill                         <L06>
   VII. Mazyr, Belarus: Belaya Vezha                              <L07>
   VIII. Tash Kumyr, Kyrgystan: Saydahmat's Village (Bonus)       <L08>
   IX. Sana'a, Yemen: Arms Bazar                                  <L09>
   X. Sana'a, Yemen: Taherir Palace                               <L10>
   XI. Minsk, Belarus: International University                   <L12>
   XII. Samaschki, Chechnya: Ivankov's Home (Bonus)               <L12>
   XIII. North Atlantic: Lorelei Salavage Rig                     <L13>
   XIV. Tokyo, Japon: Murakawa Tower                              <L14>
   XV. Taguang, Myanmar: Irawaddy Basin                           <L15>
   XVI. Zurich, Switzerland: Niculescu Funds Tower                <L16>
   XVII. Budva, Montenegro: Niculescu's Villa Estate (Bonus)      <L17>
   XVIII. Kiev, Ukraine: Chechen Terrorist Base                   <L18>

Not yet completed:
I. Awards                                      <AWD>
   I. Ranks                                    <GRD>
   II. Ratings                                 <CLS>
   III. Special Ratings                        <CLX>
   IV. Commendations                           <CTN>
   V. Medals                                   <MDL>
   VI. Omega Strain                            <OMS>
   VII. Other awards                           <OAW>

J. Hints                                       <TSC>

K. FAQ (Frenquently Asked Questions)           <FQS>

L. Miscellaneous                                      <DVR>

M. Conclusion                                  <CCL>

N. Credits & thanks                            <C&R>

A. Introduction to the game     <ITG>
Syphon Filter: The Omega Strain puts you in the skin of a recruit in 
the new Angency set up by Grabriel Logan, with the help of his long 
time partners. During that time, a new strain of the virus has spread 
in the hands of several terrorist organizations throughout the world.

While Gabe and his partners tries to discover whose the man behind the 
conspiracy, you are given the task to counter the attacks of these 
organisations in the field.

B.Starting the game     <STG>
As you start, three options will be available to you. NEW GAME will 
allow you to get to the character creation menu and to begin a new 
game. LOAD GAME will let you load an already existing agent (obvious, 
now is it...). Note : You’ll need a Memory Card connected to your 
console in order to do so. Finally, OPTIONS lets you customize the game 

1. Off-line
After you’ve created or loaded your agent, choose PLAY OFF-LINE and 
you’ll access to the COMMAND CENTER. From there, you can access 
missions and see your statistics from the PERSONNEL file.

2. On-line
After you’ve created or loaded your agent, choose PLAY ON-LINE. To be 
able to do so, you’ll need a PS2 Network Adaptor connected in the back 
of your console and a broadband Internet connection.

You will then ben brought to the configuration selection screen. If 
you’ve already configured your Internet connection, pick the one the 
corresponds best in the list. Otherwise, press Circle in order to start 
the Net Guide Application which will let you set the correct parameters 
for your Internet connection.

Once you get to the identification screen, pick a nickname and a 
password, then select REGISTER. If your nickname is already used by 
another player, you will be asked to create a new one. Once your 
nickname has been successfully registered, choose LOGIN and you will 
access to the COMMAND CENTER. This time, along with the PERSONNEL file 
and the missions, you will be able to access the ON-LINE file from 
which you can see your contacts and cell information.

To begin a mission on-line, you have two possibilities. You can either 
create a game (i.e. host it) or join a game hosted by someone else. 
Choose among the games listed the one you want to join.

C. Controls     <CTR>
Coming soon...

D. In-game Screen     <IGS>
The setting of the in-game screen is really simple and effective. Your 
agent will always remain at the very center of the screen. In the lower 
left corner is your radar. Your character is in the middle, the blue 
arrow points North, the ennemies are represented by yellow triangles 
and ally personnel by green triangles. Objective locations are 
indicated by white or red squares (see section D-2 for more details). 
When an enemy has you in his target, a red gauge will appear right to 
the radar. When it is full and flashes, it means you can be hit by 
enemy fire. At that time, the triangles representing the enemy or 
enemies that can hit you will flash too. When you get close to fire, 
the gauge will be orange. In the lower right corner, you will first 
find the weapon you have equiped and just below are your ARMOR and 
HEALTH gauges and finally, a symbol showing either a flashlight or a 
nightvision goggle.

When you get in auto-aim (press R1), a color circle will draw around 
the enemy you are targeting. This circle will go from red to green. 
When it is read, it means you have no shot angle on the target, whereas 
when it gets green, it means you have excellent chances of hitting the 
enemy. However, it is not because the circle is green that you will 
always get a hit.

2. 3D Map     <3DM)
During a mission, press Left to show the 3D Map. On this map, your 
character is represented by a blue triangle and the peak shows the 
direction you are facing. Use the left joystick to rotate the map 
around the “You” triangle and the right joystick to zoom in and out. 
Like on the radar, enemies are shown as yellow triangles and allies as 
green ones. Also, some objectives will be pinpointed as squares. Notice 
that one is blue, whereas the others are white. It is this one that 
will be colored red on your radar. Press the L1 or R1 button to go from 
one objective to the other. Finally, press Select to set back to map to 
its original position.

Note : Beware that when you bring up the 3D Map, the game does not 
pause. The enemies will therefore continue to fire at you and you won’t 
be able to return fire until you leave the map screen.

E. Start Menu     <MNU>
Press Start during a game to show this menu and pause the game (but 
only in single player).

OBJECTIVES: Press the X button to show the display objectives and 
            parameters of the current mission.
RADIO LOG: Press the X button to show a list of radio communications 
           that you can listen to (when a new sequence becomes 
           available, it will be written “PDA Update” at to bottom of 
           your screen).
BRIEFING: Press the X button to read to mission briefing.
EQUIPMENT: Press X to see a description of all items in your equipment 
           (weapons and others). Navigate from one item to the other 
           with R2 and L2.
OPTIONS: Press X to see the game options. You can change controls, set 
         to invert aim on or off and adjust sound volume and the screen 

F. Characters     <CHA>
Coming soon...

G. Equipement     <EQP>

I. Using Your Weapons
No matter the weapon, you fire with the Square button. However, certain 
weapons have specific fonctions.

- Sniper rifles
  These rifles are equiped with a scope that enables you to zoom on 
  your target. When you get to manual aiming (R1 button), you will see 
  through the scope. Then press Triangle to zoom in or Circle to zoom 

- Grenades
  To throw a grenade, first press on the L1 button. A target will then 
  appear on your screen, which you can move. Press and hold Square to 
  see an arc being drawn between your character and the target. The 
  longer you hold down Square, the highest the trajectory will be. 
  Release Square to throw the grenade.

- Knives
  Knives have two attack modes. Press Square for you character to 
  launch a single blow forward. However, if you happen to be behind an 
  enemy standing still, pressing square will instead trigger an 
  animation in which your agent will slit the enemy’s throat (cheerful, 
  isn’t it?). Note : Depending on the model of knife you are using, a 
  single blow (without the animation) might not be enough to kill an 
  enemy. However, the animation will take care of it each time.

- Neck Snap
  This is the only barehanded attack you can use in the game, however 
  you won’t get it from the beginning. You’ll need to unlock the first 
  bonus mission (Italy) in order to get it. Put away any weapon and 
  position your agent behind a still enemy. Press Square and, as for 
  the knige, an animation will fallow in which your character breaks 
  the enemy’s neck.

II. Description     <DPT>
Weapons are grouped into categories. During a mission, you can only 
carry one weapon of each category at the time.

Firerate and dammage are marked from 1 to 5, 5 being the best. Please 
note however that two weapons presenting the same rating for one or the 
other may actually differ a little. That means that for two weapons 
rated 5 for the dammage, one may actually be stronger than the other.

Each weapon also has a specific amunition type. Obviously, two weapons 
using the same ammo type may share it between them. This can (and 
should) be of concern when picking your weapons. The type of amunition 
will be written down beside the weapon name.

Besides, some important factors are not evaluated in the game 
descriptions, such as stability. Thus it is an element which you should 
truly consider when selecting your weapons, as it bears not only of the 
target behaviour when manually aiming (L1), but also on the percentage 
of shot that will hit the enemy. Also, the speed at which the target 
will become green (in auto-aiming) may be influenced by the stability 
of the weapon.

Note: I did not loose my time in copying the weapon descriptions found 
in the game, since you can refer to it from your game and anyways... 
nobody really cares. However, I will tell you my personnal appreciation 
of each weapon.

Note(2): The total number of ammunition (Capacity) takes into account 
the “Extra ammo” bonus (see section I for more details).

Note(3): The order I used for these lists is the order you’ll find in 
your inventory.

i. Back     <AR1>
M16 A1 - 5.56 NATO
Fire Rate    III
Dammage      V
Clip Size    30
Capacity     120
->Obtain O2 rank 
A useful weapon at the time you’ll get it. The semi-automatic setting 
certainly reduces the power of the M16 A1, but it grants it more 
My rating: ***

M4 – 5.56 NATO
Fire Rate    V
Dammage      V
Clip         30
Capacity     120
->Obtain C5 grade
The M4 is one of the best assault rifle of the game: excellent fire 
rate, great stability and considerable power. Moreover, although we 
don’t see it on screen, the M4 comes with a scope.
My rating: *****

C8 Rifle – 7.62 NATO
Fire Rate    III
Dammage      V
Clip         50
Capacity     200
->Obtain ECS2 rating
This is probably the deadliest and most efficient weapon of the entire 
game. The C8 uses powerful 7.62 mm bullets (one bullet is normally 
enough to kill an enemy) and it has great range. The infrared scope 
(although the infrared aspect isn’t really useful) allows you to snipe 
and you’ve got enough ammo to not think about it. It’s one of the 
weapons you will likely use the most once you get it.

M1 Super 90 – 12 gauge
Fire Rate    II
Dammage      IV
Clip         7
Capacity     26
->Obtain ITXS rating
Slightly more efficient than the Combat Shotgun, this one still drags 
along the same disadvantages than all shotguns in general: short range, 
limited amunition, etc.
My rating: **

M-249 SAW – 5.56 NATO
Fire Rate    V
Dammage      III
Clip         200
Capacity     400
->Obtain the “Agency Medal of Valor”
More stable the the M60, it however carries less power. Yet with the 
amount of ammu you’ve got, it is not really a problem. As the M60, 
however, it takes an eternity for a target to lock on in auto-aiming.

M4 Carbine – 5.56 NATO
Fire Rate    IV
Dammage      V
Clip         24
Capacity     96
->Obtain C2 rank 
The fire rate may be a little lower than the M4, but the power is 
similar. This version also has less amunition and does not come with a 
My rating: ****

MGL – 40mm
Fire Rate    II
Dammage      V
Clip         5
Capacity     60
->Obtain SAMTE special rating
The achievements of the MGL is similar to those of the M-79, except for 
its fire rate which is clearly higher. However, its range is rather 
limited, since the grenades have a low-arched trajectory. Besides, like 
any explosive weapons, you should must be cautious when using it, 
especially in missions where collateral dammage is a factor.
My rating: ***

ShotHammer – 12 gage Shot
Fire Rate    II
Dammage      III
Clip         10
Capacity     40
->Obtain C4 rank
You have probably fumed more than once in Tokyo seeing how fast enemies 
could tear you down with this weapon. It is indeed a very powerful 
automatic shotgun (despite the low fire rate rating above), but it 
comes with limited ammo, which should incite you to use almost only it 
in Tokyo where you can get some back easily. Besides, the short range 
of shotguns does not suit all types of missions.
My rating: ***

SSG 550 – 5.56 NATO
Fire Rate    V
Dammage      IV
Clip         24
Capacity     96
->Obtain O8 rank
I just love it’s firing sound! Apart of that, it’s a very average 
rifle, equal to its ratings.
My rating: ***

ACR – 5.56 Flechette
Fire Rate    II
Dammage      V
Clip         15
Capacity     75
->Obtain ECSS rating
There is one of the best sniper of the entire game. Powerful and 
accurate, the scope makes it even better with it’s three zoom level 
allowing you to zoom in in a split second.
My rating: *****

M82 BFG - .50 Browning
Fire Rate    I
Dammage      V
Clip         8
Capacity     40
->Obtain ECSS2 rating
This weapon is huge! I even wonder how the character can carry it 
around and roll with it on its back... The .50 bullets are the most 
powerful you’ll find out there and one is enough to kill almost any 
enemy. Actually, the M82 is undisputably the most powerful non-
explosive weapon of the game. The limited amount of ammunition and its 
slow fire rate however restrain its range of use.
My rating: ****

Combat Shotgun – 12 gauge
Fire Rate    II
Dammage      II
Clip         5
Capacity     30
->Obtain R3 rank
As it is the first shotgun that you get, you don’t except it to be too 
good. The very short range and limited ammunition make it unappealing 
for the later missions.
My rating: *

China tyoe 56 – 7.62 Soviet Rifle
Fire Rate    V
Dammage      IV
Clip         30
Capacity     120
->Obtain the “Republic of Korea Service Award”
This is some sort of a Chinese version of the AK-47, including its 
legendary lack of stability that renders it not very accurate. Since it 
is not the most powerful weapon either, you will probably make little 
use of it. Besides you will likely have many better rifles once you 
earn this one.
My rating: **

Dargunov – 7.62 Soviet Rifle
Fire Rate    II
Dammage      V
Clip         6
Capacity     30
->Obtain ICSS rating
It is likely the first sniper you will have in your arsenal. Powerful, 
the Dragunov can really do the job until you get better. Also watch for 
the ammunition which you have not a lot of.
My rating: ***

FA-MAS – 5.56 NATO
Fire Rate    V
Dammage      IV
Clip         25
Capacity     100
->Obtain ACS rating
The ratings tell the most of it. The FA-MAS is one of the average rifle 
that you will probably use sometimes only.
My rating: ***

FAL – 7.62 NATO
Fire Rate    V
Dammage      V
Clip         24
Capacity     168
->Obtain ECS rating
Large capacity and impressive statistics. Without being the best weapon 
of all, it will still be useful to you for quite a long time. It looses 
accuracy when fired repeatedly, but if you fire one or two shots at the 
time, you should do fine.
My rating: ****

Galil SG-1 – 5.56 NATO
Fire Rate    III
Dammage      V
Clip         8
Capacity     40
->Obtain the “Mossad Friend to Peace” medal
Like the ACR, the Galil SG-1 uses a three-level scope which allows you 
to zoom in or out very quickly. However its small clips limits its use 
to sniping. Keep in mind though that, despite its low capacity, it uses 
5.56 NATO bullets that are easy to find in almost any level.

G 33E – 5.56 NATO
Fire Rate    IV
Dammage      IV
Clip         24
Capacity     96
->Obtain ICS rating
A modest weapon comparable to other similar models.
My rating: ***

M-16k - .45G
Fire Rate    IV
Dammage      V
Clip         30
Capacity     120
->Obtain ETXS rating
The M-16k combines power and accuracy in addition to a good fire rate. 
Nothing exceptional, but strong points overall. Take note that it is 
compatible with ordinary .45 bullets.
My rating: ****

FAL SG-1 – 7.62 NATO
Fire Rate    V
Dammage      V
Clip         30
Capacity     120
->Obtain the “Homeland Security Service Citation” medal
The FAL SG-1 is a semi-automatic version of the FAL designed for 
sniping. I know, they gave it a V in fire rate, but this weapon is NOT 
automatic. And although it uses the same ammo type as the C8, the FAL 
has less power than the later. Nevertheless, you have there an 
efficient weapon that can serve you in both long range firing and 
intense firefights.

GAWS 12 ga. – 12 gauge
Fire Rate    II
Dammage      IV
Clip         10
Capacity     30
->Obtain T3 rank
In the shotgun category, the GAWS certainly is one step further. Its 
range is relatively good and its fire rate is above the average. What 
makes it odd though is it comes with a non-adjustable scope, which is 
rather ironic knowing it’s a shotgun! Its capacity is limited and you 
can not tranfer normal 12 gauge shells from other shotguns.
My rating: ***

DSC-1 – 7.62 NATO
Fire Rate    II
Dammage      V
Clip         8
Capacity     32
->Obtain the “President’s Official Liberty Award” medal
Excellent sniper, the DSC-1 is also equiped with a silencer. It has 
however a large recoil, even compared to other sniper rifles.
My rating: ***

C11 – 4.7 Caseless
Fire Rate    V
Dammage      IV
Clip         50
Capacity     150
->Find the cure to Omega Strain
The C11 has outstanding stability which makes it extremely efficient 
despite its high fire rate. It shots 3-round bursts and you will 
quickly see how little it takes to empty a clip. And since the C11 does 
not use a commun ammunition type, you may fall short a couple of times.
My rating: ****

VSS-Special – 9x39 special
Fire Rate    III
Dammage      V
Clip         24
Capacity     72
->Obtain SASOE special rating
The VSS is silencer-equiped and posesses a fire rate superior to other 
snipers in general. However the lock-on time in auto-aiming is very 
slow which makes it an uneffective weapon in firefights.
My rating: ***

Shot Defender
Fire Rate    I
Dammage      III
Clip         5
Capacity     25
->Obtain ATXE special rating
One step above the Combat Shotgun, it still holds on to those aspects 
that renders this type of weapon useless in some situation (low ammo, 
short range, ...) Furthermore, this one is incredibly slow between 
My rating: **

SR-15 – 5.56 NATO
Fire Rate    II
Dammage      V
Clip         1
Capacity     1
->Obtain Gary Stoneman’s commendation
At first sight, we tend to think that this is a totally useless, as it 
carries only 2 (or 1 if you haven’t got the extra ammo). Yet when you 
look closer, you will notice that it uses 5.56 NATO which are very 
common. You could simply take with you the G53 and you would enjoy 120 
rounds to use with the SR-15. And since it has very cool scope vision, 
you can have a lot of fun with it.
My rating: ***

AU300 Mod-R – 9mm
Fire Rate    V
Dammage      IV
Clip         30
Capacity     120
->Obtain ACSS rating
This version of the AU300 is mostly unique because of its thermal-
vision scope. This makes it a deadly weapon in areas where the vision 
is limited. The scope is however unadjustable.
My rating: ***

M16 A2 – 5.56 NATO
Fire Rate    V
Dammage      V
Clip         30
Capacity     120
->Obtain C3 rank
This M16 model is set to automatic fire. The 3-round bursts makes up 
for the lack of power of this weapon.
My rating: ***

M79 – 40mm Grenade Cartridge
Fire Rate    n/a
Dammage      V
Clip         1
Capacity     14
->Obtain ETES2 rating
Those who were loving the M79 in previous Syphon Filter games might be 
disappointed with this one, as it is not as efficient. Clearly its 
power is unquestionable but it takes a while to reload which can be a 
pain in the neck when coming under heavy fire. I personnaly have never 
been a fan of such weapons, as it involves almost as much danger to the 
enemies than to its user. And that goes without speaking of 
My rating: **

Riot Shotgun – 12 gauge Bean Bag
Fire Rate    II
Dammage      Incap
Clip         5
Capacity     25
->Obtain Mujari’s commendation
Actually this weapon will likely be of any use to you. There are really 
no missions where you must fight a bunch of enemies considered as 
collateral targets.
My rating: **

TH3 Blaster – Termite Balls
Fire Rate    n/a
Dammage      V
Clip         20
Capacity     40
->Obtain “The Golden Cross of Russia” medal
As opposed to grenades, the “termite balls” do not kill enemies by 
exploding but rather by burning them. That means that its shock wave is 
a lot smaller than that of a grenade. In counterpart, it has better 
range and a bigger capacity. The TH3 also shows some imprecision and if 
you do not hit directly your target, there will be no effect at all.
My rating: **

Slug Defender – 12 gauge slug
Fire Rate    I
Dammage      V
Clip         5
Capacity     25
->Obtain O7 rank
The main difference between “slugs” and “shots” is that “slugs” won’t 
explode into particules like ordinary shotgun shells. For this obvious 
reason, the Slug Defender has a range far greater. And for this same 
reason, “slugs” are not compatible with normal 12 gauge.

AU300 Mod-SMG – 9mm
Fire Rate    IV
Dammage      IV
Clip         30
Capacity     120
->Obtain O1 rank
Forget about Syphon Filter 3 in which this baby could shoot through 
walls. Instead, we’re talking here about a sniper (with a non-
adjustable scope) of average power and with a good stability, which 
you’ll want to use mainly in the first levels until you get better.
My rating: ***

AU300 H-Bar – 5.56 NATO
Fire Rate    V
Dammage      IV
Clip         42
Capacity     168
->Obtain T2 rank
It’s basically the Mod-R without the thermal scope and with slightly 
more power. In short, un weapon best suited for missions in general. 
This one also has more ammo than other AU300 models.
My rating: ****

SPA-15 Shotgun – MIL
Fire Rate    III
Dammage      III
Clip         8
Capacity     32
->Obtain “Stone’s Medal of Courage”
This is one of the great shotguns in the game. Because of its high fire 
rate, it can take down an enemy in a few seconds. Just watch over your 
My rating: ***

SPA-12 Shotgun – 12 gauge frangible slug
Fire Rate    II
Dammage      III
Clip         10
Capacity     40
->Obtain “Kinshi Kunsho: Order of the Golden Dragon” medal
It may have a lower fire rate than the SPA-15, but in revanche it has 
better accuracy and a significantly better range than average shotguns. 
You can also use normal 12 gauge shells with this one.
My rating: ***

SlugHammer – 12 gauge slug
Fire Rate    II
Dammage      V
Clip         10
Capacity     40
->Obtain T1 rank
The difference between SlugHammer and ShotHammer is again the same as 
between the Slug Defender and the Shot Defender (see above), that is 
increased range, better accuracy, etc.
My rating: ***

Sweeper 12 gauge – 12 gauge
Fire Rate    II
Dammage      II
Clip         8
Capacity     40
->Obtain the “South African Freedom Medal”
To make it short, the Sweeper as nothing good to offer: modest power, 
average fire rate and awful range. The only positive point I could find 
is that it carries more ammunition than the average shotgun, but yet it 
is not the only one to do so. Besides, it takes a while to earn this 
weapon, which means you will certainly have a lot better by then.
My rating: *

VSS-DU – 9x39 DU
Fire Rate    III
Dammage      V
Clip         24
Capacity     72
->Obtain SASOE special rating
The VSS-DU is the only weapon in the game that is equiped with a 
nightvision scope. Otherwise, it is in all aspects similar to the VSS-
My rating: ***

STAVA M70 B1 – 7.62 Soviet Rifle
Fire Rate    V
Dammage      IV
Clip         30
Capacity     120
->Obtain C6 rank
Another one of those AK-47 copies. For a mysterious reason, you can not 
transfert AK ammo into this one, although they are the same.

ii. Sidearm     <AR2>
Desert Express .50 - .50
Fire Rate    II
Dammage      V
Clip         7
Capacity     35
->Obtain Gabe Logan’s commendation
It has the same looks as the Desert Eliminator, but don’t be confounded 
between the two. The .50 bullets of this one makes it the most powerful 
handgun of the game. Make good use of it since you do not have a lot of 
My rating: *****

Jerico-41 - .41
Fire Rate    II
Dammage      V
Clip         12
Capacity     144
->Obtain O4 rank
The Jerico packs a lot of punch and has enough ammunition to be used as 
your main weapon. It’s one of the most powerful pistols, just behind 
the Desert Express obviously.
My rating: ****

Mark 23 - .45
Fire Rate    II
Dammage      V
Clip         12
Capacity     144
->Obtain C1 rank
Although they present very similar statistics, the Mark 23 is just one 
step back of the Jerico in terms of firepower. However, it seems it has 
a better range.
My rating: ****

93R – 9mm
Fire Rate    IV
Dammage      III
Clip         13
Capacity     156
->Obtain Imani Gray’s commendation
This modified version of the 92F is a little superior than this last 
one thanks to its fire rate. Although it can not fire in full auto, its 
3-round bursts makes it better than your basic pistols. One think I 
just can’t get though... since it fires in 3-round bursts, why the hell 
give it a 13 bullet clip?!
My rating: ***

M1911 A1 - .45 ACP
Fire Rate    II
Dammage      V
Clip         8
Capacity     40
->Obtain 03 rank
Everyone knows the famous M1911, the oldest pistol still in use. Its 
ratings are interesting, but you have limited ammo.
My rating: ***

CZ Mach-9 – 9mm
Fire Rate    V
Dammage      II
Clip         32
Capacity     288
->Obtain Maggie Powers’ commendation
This automated pistol makes up for its lack of power with its high fire 
rate. Stable and accurante, it can complement a sniper as your main 
My rating: ****

Desert Eliminator .357 - .357
Fire Rate    II
Dammage      V
Clip         12
Capacity     144
->Obtain the “Karkadann, Alima’s Unicorn Charm” medal
An excellent weapon, but which could use a little more firepower. To be 
put in the same class as the Mark 23 and Jerico-41.
My rating: ****

G-17 – 9mm
Fire Rate    III
Dammage      III
Clip         12
Capacity     144
->Obtain R2 rank
Nothing more than the 92F. It may be a little more stable than the 
My rating: **

PPK - .32
Fire Rate    III
Dammage      III
Clip         12
Capacity     48
->Complete Yemen 1 and 2
This little pistol is only appreciable for its silencer. Otherwise, it 
is similar to your basic pistols (92F and G-17).
My rating: **

Desert Sniper .44 - .44
Fire Rate    II
Dammage      V
Clip         10
Capacity     50
->Obtain Ehud Ben Zohar’s commendation
Equiped with a scope, this pistol has very long range and dreaded power 
(just a little below the Jerico-41). Ammunition is rare, so use it with 
My rating: *****

92F – 9mm
Fire Rate    III
Dammage      III
Clip         12
Capacity     144
->You have it from the beginning
This is your first pistol, so obviously we don’t except it to be too 
good. Fortunately, you’ve got enough ammo to compensate a little.
My rating: **

Mark 23 SD - .45
Fire Rate    II
Dammage      V
Clip         12
Capacity     144
->Obtain T4 rank
Combine the performances of the original Mark 23 and the usefulness of 
the PPK and what you get is a powerful silenced handgun. The Mark 23 SD 
can be used in all missions and allows you not to be handicapped 
anymore by a lack of power even when you need to be stealthty.
My rating: *****

SP-57 – 5.7mm
Fire Rate    II
Dammage      V
Clip         20
Capacity     80
->Obtain O9 rank
Strong and accurate, the SP-57 regrettably won’t serve you a lot, as 
you will certainly have better (in terms of ammo especially) when you 
get it.
My rating: ****

iii. Auxiliary     <AR3>
Tec 45 - .45
Fire Rate    V
Dammage      IV
Clip         62
Capacity     96
->Obtain “Ellison Warner Award”
Decent stability and power make the Tec 45 an efficient auxiliary 
weapon. But what is noticeable above all is its very fast lock-in time 
in auto-aim mode.
My rating: ****

G 53 – 5.56 NATO
Fire Rate    V
Dammage      V
Clip         30
Capacity     120
->Obtain Teresa Lipan’s commendation
The G 53 is undisputably the most powerful auxiliary weapon. It is also 
the only one to use 5.56 NATO rounds. Although it may not be the most 
stable, it has enough firepower to make you forget about it. And the 
lock-on time remains fast.
My rating: *****

MAK-10 10mm – 10mm Super Auto round
Fire Rate    V
Dammage      III
Clip         32
Capacity     160
->Obtain O5 rank
Nothing outstanding: average stability and power. Moreover it uses a 
unique type of ammo.
My rating: **

Air Pistol – Dart Gun
Fire Rate    I
Dammage      Incap
Clip         1
Capacity     9
->Obtain ENLFS rating
It is the only auxiliary weapon that comes with a scope (with a limited 
zoom however). The Air Pistol is silenced and non-lethal, which makes 
it one of the best for stealth missions. Yet it does not have a large 
capacity so you won’t be able to rely on it has your main non-lethal 
weapon. It is better to use it in completion with the Stun Jack.
My rating: **

Biz-9 – 9mm
Fire Rate    V
Dammage      III
Clip         32
Capacity     160
->Complete the three Carthage levels
What makes it better than the Scorpion is that is uses a more common 
ammo type. Otherwise, both are pretty similar.
My rating: ***

China Tyoe 67 – Type 64 rimeless
Fire Rate    IV
Dammage      III
Clip         12
Capacity     48
->Obtain Lian Xing’s commendation
Wlthough it says IV in fire rate, this weapon is semi-automatic. 
Combined with poor firepower and its limited ammunition, you get a 
rather mediocre weapon.
My rating: *

SSP 90 – 5.57 P90
Fire Rate    V
Dammage      IV
Clip         50
Capacity     200
->Obtain the SAECE special rating
This is on of the most efficient auxiliary weapon. It combines power, 
incredible fire rate and exceptionnal stability (same class as the 
C11). Its large clip will allow you to shot for a long time before 
having to constantly reload and you’ve got enough ammo for the need of 
a mission.
My rating: *****

Scorpion - .32
Fire Rate    V
Dammage      III
Clip         32
Capacity     160
->Complete the bonus objective “Shoot all targets in under 45 seconds” 
  in training mission.
It is most likely the first auxiliary weapon you’ll use. It has average 
stability and firepower, but unfortunately it uses a rare type of ammo.
My rating: ***

Spectre – 9mm
Fire Rate    V
Dammage      III
Clip         32
Capacity     160
->Obtain “Carthage Exemplary Service Tribute” medal
Its ratings are similar to those of the Biz-9 and Scorpion, but it does 
not have the same stability as those two. It also fires burst of 3 
My rating: **

UNP 45 - .45
Fire Rate    V
Dammage      III
Clip         32
Capacity     288
->Obtain SACIE special rating
It uses .45 bullet which gives it some more firepower than other models 
with similar ratings. It also has a lot of ammo in reserve.
My rating: ****

MDS-7 – 4.6mm Penetrator
Fire Rate    V
Dammage      II
Clip         40
Capacity     160
->Obtain O6 rank
The MDS-7 has excellent stability and over the average fire rate. It 
fires so fast that you should keep an eye your ammo when using it.
My rating: ****

MDS A3 – 9mm
Fire Rate    IV
Dammage      IV
Clip         30
Capacity     720
->Obtain ETXS rating
The MDS A3 isn’t as stable as the MDS-7, but it has more firepower and 
virtualy limitless ammo. Its fire rate is however a little low for an 
My rating: ****

MDS-k POW – 9mm
Fire Rate    V
Dammage      III
Clip         30
Capacity     720
->Obtain “Great Lakes Service Medal”
Are you the kind of player who wastes a lot of bullets? Well this is a 
weapon made for you! Outside of that, it lacks firepower and has so-so 
My rating: ***

iv. Grenade     <AR4>
DormaGen Gas
Fire Rate    n/a
Dammage      Incap
Clip         1
Capacity     9
->Obtain ANLFS rating
These grenades may really come in handy when you have to take care of 
several collateral targets at once. Ironically, the majority of enemies 
who would fall in such category will wear gas masks (in such levels as 
Lorelei, for instance). The gas cloud is of average side and will 
dissipate quickly.
My rating: **

Saring Nerve Agent
Fire Rate    n/a
Dammage      V
Clip         1
Capacity     9
->Obtain ETES rating
The neurotoxic gas is very large and takes a while before it clears 
away. Any enemy coming into contact with it will be killed 
instantaneously. Watch out so you don’t kill yourself too. Make sure 
the gas cloud is completely dissipated before you come closer. These 
grenades are especially efficient against large number of enemies who 
tries to ambush you.
My rating: *****

Smoke Grenade
Fire Rate    n/a
Dammage      n/a
Clip         1
Capacity     12
->Complete training level
Most of the players underestimate there utility, but they help you a 
lot more than you think. Put your agent in a cloud of smoke and enemies 
won’t be able to shoot you, while you can get them with manual aiming.
My rating: **

M61 frag grenade
Fire Rate    n/a
Dammage      V
Clip         1
Capacity     10
->Obtain ITES rating
The explosion is powerful enough to kill any enemy in a significant 
range. It takes a while to get them, but they certainly worth it.
My rating: ****

Incendiary grenade
Fire Rate    n/a
Dammage      IV
Clip         1
Capacity     6
->Obtain ATES rating
These grenades won’t explode on impact and won’t kill enemies on the 
spot, as opposed to M61. The circle of fire created by the detonation 
of this grenade is large enough to block an average-size corridor, but 
it does not stay active for very long.
My rating: ***

v. Melee     <AR5>
Fire Rate    IV
Dammage      V
Clip         n/a
Capacity     n/a
->Complete training level
This is your basic knife, the one you will use in your first stealth 
missions. Quiet, you must be sure of your shot, because it is not very 
My rating: **

Fire Rate    IV
Dammage      III
Clip         n/a
Capacity     n/a
->Obtain INLFS rating
The E.D.T. is useful in somes infiltration missions (like Chechnya), 
mais be sure to know how to use it. Tase the enemy for a time too long, 
and he’ll catch fire. Don’t do it for long enough, and you won’t knock 
out your target. Also take note that it does not go through flak 

Fire Rate    IV
Dammage      III
Clip         n/a
Capacity     n/a
->Obtain ENLFS2 rating
This long-range version of the Taser can catch its target almost every 
time, as long as there are no obstacles between you. For the rest, it 
works like the E.D.T.
My rating: ****

Fire Rate    II
Dammage      V
Clip         1
Capacity     12
->Obtain ICKS rating
These little throwing stars may seem attractive when you first use them 
in the Kyrgysztan mission where they one-shot kill any enemy. But 
you’ll come back to Earth as you use them in any other level where 
you’ll need at least two hits to take down an enemy. Moreover, it has 
short range and there slow speed makes it difficult to hit a moving 
My rating: *

Stun Jack
Fire Rate    II
Dammage      Incap
Clip         n/a
Capacity     n/a
->You have it from the beginning
Quiet and non-lethal, this is the perfect weapon when stealth is at 
stakes and when collateral targets are in the way. It has short range, 
but on the other hand you don’t have any ammo to care about.
My rating: *****

Fire Rate    IV
Dammage      V
Clip         n/a
Capacity     n/a
->Obtain ACKS rating
The Stiletto is slightly more powerful than the K-Bar, but it may still 
make a difference against some enemies. Still, it is always better to 
get your target from behind to get the animation kill.
My rating: ***

IPCA Commando
Fire Rate    IV
Dammage      V
Clip         n/a
Capacity     n/a
->Obtain ECKS rating
Finally a knife that can kill almost any enemy with one blow. The only 
problem is that you don’t really need it anymore when you get it.
My rating: ****

Fire Rate    IV
Dammage      V
Clip         n/a
Capacity     n/a
->Obtain ECKS2 rating
This knife can kill virtually any enemy. But it takes an eternity to 
earn it, so you probably won’t use it a lot.
My rating: *****

vi. Others     <AR6>
The fallowing weapons do not appear in your inventory, but you can get 
them in certain levels.

AK-47 – 7.62 Soviet Rifle
Fire Rate    V
Dammage      V
Clip         30
Capacity     120
->Belarus 1 and 2, Ukraine
The AK-47 is said to be the most widely used weapon in the world... and 
in video games too I’d say. It’s ridiculous stabitily is compensated by 
unquestionable firepower. But unless you have no better rifle, I don’t 
suggest you use it.
My rating: ***

Galil AR – 5.56 NATO
Fire Rate    V
Dammage      V
Clip         24
Capacity     168
->Yemen 1
The Galil AR is a modified version of the AK that uses the more 
frequent 5.56 NATO rounds. It is also a lot more stable and still has 
decent power.
My rating: ****

SKS – 7.62 Soviet Rifle
Fire Rate    V
Dammage      IV
Clip         50
Capacity     150
->Belarus 2
This is a weapon you will rarely find during the game, even in the 
Belarus 2 mission. The SKS is more stable than the AK, but it gives up 
some firepower. Its large clip is also a plus point.
My rating: ***

DSC-1 Thermal – 7.62 NATO
Fire Rate    II
Dammage      V
Clip         8
Capacity     32
As opposed to the DSC-1 you have in your inventory, this version is 
equiped with a thermal-vision scope (its for a matter of fact one of 
the only two weapons to have that device, with the AU300 Mod-R).
My rating: ****

SG-36 - 5.56 NATO
Fire Rate    III
Dammage      V
Clip         24
Capacity     96
->Carthage 2, Myanmar
The SG-36 is a great sniper rifle, equiped with the strongest scope 
(long zoom, but very slow), and it can also be used during firefights, 
due to its decent fire rate and stability.
My rating: ****

SG-8 – 7.62 NATO
Fire Rate    II
Dammage      V
Clip         24
Capacity     72
This weapon is a copy of the C8 Rifle, except it carries less ammo and 
has a lower fire rate.
My rating: ****

Vek R4 – 5.56 Incendiary
Fire Rate    V
Dammage      III
Clip         30
Capacity     120
Glaring lack of firepower and average stability. Besides, it takes a 
long while for it to lock-on a target. Keep in mind that it can use 
ordinary 5.56 NATO rounds.
My rating: **

CZ 75 – 9mm
Fire Rate    III
Dammage      III
Clip         15
Capacity     180
The CZ 75 could be described as a semi-automatic version of the CZ 
Mach-9. It has a little more power, the that’s nothing exceptionnal and 
otherwise it is similar to your basic pistols (92F and G-17).
My rating: **

Jerico-9 – 9mm
Fire Rate    II
Dammage      III
Clip         16
Capacity     96
->Yemen 1
The Jerico-9 is basically a previous version of the Jerico-41, this ons 
using the less powerfull 9mm bullets. The result is a pistol with an 
ordinary fire rate, but without the firepower that usally makes up for 
it with the Jerico-41. Unless you can have dual wield, this weapon is 
to avoid.
My rating: **

D229 - .40 S&W
Fire Rate    II
Dammage      V
Clip         13
Capacity     78
Put it in the same category as the Jerico-41 and the Mark 23, but with 
less ammo.
My rating: ***

Makarov Pistol – 9mm Soviet Pistol
Fire Rate    II
Dammage      V
Clip         12
Capacity     n/a
->Yemen 1 and Ukraine
Excellent pistol, but unfortunately we can’t really use it since you 
won’t find any ammo.
My rating: ****

PSM – 5.45 Soviet Pistol
Fire Rate    III
Dammage      IV
Clip         12
Capacity     144
->Lorelei and Zurich
A reliable pistol that makes a balance between firepower and fire rate. 
If it can compete with the Mark 23 or Jerico-41 in terms of power, it 
is still efficient, especially when wielding two at the time.
My rating: ****

Riot Pistol – 9mm Rubber Bullet
Fire Rate    II
Dammage      III
Clip         12
Capacity     120(+?)
You probably won’t use it much, but it is a weapon that can be 
efficient when fighting several collateral targets. Otherwise, it is 
not a reliable weapon when stealth is at stakes, since it is not 
My rating: ***

MDS A4- 9mm
Fire Rate    V
Dammage      III
Clip         30
Capacity     150
->Carthage 1 and 3
Slightly less powerful than the Scorpion and the Biz-9, you’ll probably 
loose more time and health trying to get it in Charthage 1 than what it 
actually worth.
My rating: ***

Tec 9 – 9mm
Fire Rate    V
Dammage      III
Clip         32
Capacity     384
Nice auxiliary weapon that offers an excellent stability with large 
reserve stock of ammo to make up for the lack of firepower.
My rating: ***

Helico 960 – 9mm
Fire Rate    IV
Dammage      IV
Clip         50
Capacity     200
The Helico 960 offers enough firepower and ammunition to be used as 
your main weapon (if you don’t have a better one). There is only its 
fire rate that is a little below the average, but on the other hand it 
has decent stability and a long range.
My rating: ****

Uzi – 9mm
Fire Rate    V
Dammage      III
Clip         32
Capacity     192
->Yemen 1 and 2
It is regrettable that you can’t use the Uzi in other missions. It’s 
certainly not the most powerful weapon, but its stability is well over 
the average. The lock-on time is also remarkable.
My rating: ****

ABRAM 2000 – 9mm
Fire Rate    V
Dammage      III
Clip         16
Capacity     80
Very unstable and with small clips that prevent you from using it in 
long firefights. Hopefully you don’t use it much when you get it.

Marz FMG – 9mm
Fire Rate    V
Dammage      IV
Clip         40
Capacity     80
This weapon also made a brief appearance in Syphon Filter 3 (it was 
nammed Mars). Apart is typical look, the Marz is an average auxiliary 
weapoon. It does not carry a lot of ammo, but it uses 9mm bullets that 
are easy to gather.
My rating: ***

Stava M85 – 5.56 NATO
Fire Rate    V
Dammage      III
Clip         30
Capacity     150
The only auxiliary weapon with the G 53 to use 5.56 NATO rounds, it has 
however nothing in common with the later one, especially in terms of 
firepower. The Stava M85 fires 3-round bursts and is rather unstable. 
The lock-on time is also a little slow.
My rating: **

XM-84D Flashbang Grenade
Fire Rate    n/a
Dammage      n/a
Clip         1
Capacity     10
->Carthage 1
The usefulness of these grenades is questionable. When it explodes near 
enemy, it will incapacitate them for a short while. The problem is that 
you can be affected too if you look at the flash. If you are using 
nightvision goggles at the same time, the blindness will last even 
My rating: *

M67 Delayed Frad Grenade
Fire Rate    n/a
Dammage      V
Clip         1
Capacity     24
->Carthage 3, Ukraine
Most likely you won’t get a lot of opportunities to use these grenades 
since they are hard to find. The main difference with the M61 is that 
the M67 won’t explode on impact, but rather after a 3 second delay. 
This can be both an advantage and an inconvenient, depending on how you 
use them.
My rating: ***

Anti-Armor Frag
Fire Rate    n/a
Dammage      V
Clip         1
Capacity     12
->Belarus 2
This type of grenade is the only weapon that will work against the tank 
in Belarus 2. Otherwise, the effects are similar to those of the M61 
My rating: ****

H. Missions     <MSS>
There is the core of the guide. This section will tell you in detail 
how to complete each of the 19 missions of the game. Keep in mind 
however that the suggested itineraries are not the only way to get to 
end of the level. However, these are the routes I used to complete all 
objectives and parameters in addition to beating the time limits. If 
you fallow closely these instructions and that you do them quickly, you 
should also be able to beat those times. There are certainly other 
ways, and sureley some will be faster, but mines are rather easy to 
fallow, yet efficient.

At the beginning of each level, I will write down the objectives and 
paramaters. Most of the times these objective won’t be listed in your 
PDS as you start the mission, but they will be added as you proceed. 
Take note that it is possible the complete an objectif even though you 
may not have officialy received it yet. It will sometimes be essential 
to do so in order to beat par-times. As opposed to previous Syphon 
Filter games, failing a mission objective does not bring the mission to 
an end. Obviously this will bring about some consequences, but it will 
still be possible to complete the mission and jump to the next one. For 
that matter, don’t go crazy trying to complete everyont on your first 
try. Give yourself some time to learn mission terrains.

To beat those par-times, since we talked about them, you must complete 
all mission objectives and parameter. The clock never stops, even if 
you die and respawn at your last checkpoint, with the exception of the 
bonus missions.

You will come across several “Strategy” headings as you read this 
guide. They will give you indications and tips for certain battles or 
on ways to save some more time. But keep in mind that the itineraries 
given already allows you do beat the par-times, as long as you move 

Some objectives will be tagged “Team only”. As you may have guessed, 
these can only be achieved with the help of one or more teamates. When 
trying to beat a solo par-time, you do not need to complete those 

You will find team strategies at the end of each mission below. I used 
the codenames given in the game (Cobra, Python, Viper and Dragon) only 
so that you fallow more easily. Of course, any player may actually do 
the job I’ve assigned to any of them. Since I will only specify things 
that are different from the off-line mission, pleaser refer to the main 
section of the mission for more details.

Bonus missions
To unlock these mission (there are 4 of them), you need to beat the 
par-times of the previous missions. These missions fallow a more 
traditionnal patern, similar to those of the previous SF games. That 
means that all objectives must be done (except for hidden ones) to 
complete the mission. Failing one objective will have you fail the 
entire mission. These bonus missions by the way do not have any 
checkpoints, yet they are generally quite short.

I. IPCA European Command: Training Center     <L01>
Enter training course
Go to the target range and equip a gun
Pick up the body
Hide the body in a discreet area
Exit the training course
Bonus - shoot all the targets in under 45 seconds
No collateral damage

Par-time: -:--

This is not really your first mission. It’s rather a training level 
that allows beginners and even more experienced players to familiarize 
with the controls and the new fonctions. Believe me, even if you think 
you know how the handle a SF game, this training won’t hurt you at all. 
Anyways you don’t really have a choice but to go through it if you want 
to get all weapons.

I don’t think I need to tell you how to complete this level. Fallow the 
instructions given and pay attention to the pannels scattered all over 
the place.

There is only one place that may be of some challenge (still...), it is 
when you get to the shooting range. If you can hit all targets in under 
45 seconds, you will be rewarded with a Scorpion. You get a DSC-1 to do 
it. Just watch out for the target located on the highest building, 
about half-way to the end. It is not as easy to spot as the other. The 
rest is a piece of cake.

Completing the mission will earn you, in addition to the Scorpion, K-
Bar and smoke grenades.

II. Carthage, Michigan: Quarantine Zone     <L02>
Replace bio-data gear
Collect 5 water samples
Perform field autopsy
Scan tissue sample
Eliminate Proust
Protect CHA officers
No collateral damage
Retrieve Broussard's laptop (Team)

Solo par-time : 11:00
Team par-time : 7:00

This is your true first mission. As you start, get to the street where 
you’ll meet a first CHA officer. Help him get rid of the terrorists 
that are attacking, but don’t get to close of the CHA or he’ll fire at 
you too. Once it’s done, go towards the parking garage and turn left. 
You’ll see a container on which you can climb to reach a ladder. This 
ladder will get you to the building in which you’ll find a door with an 
access pannel to its right. There is also a CHA officer at the end of 
this corridor. There are two ways to proceed. You can either shoot the 
access pannel or sneak behind the officer and stun him with your Stun 
Jack. This one takes a few more seconds, but if you choose to shoot the 
lock the officer will hear the gun firing sound and come at you, so 
you’ll need to be quick. Whatever you did, you’ll find in the room 
behind that door your bio-data gear. Take it and leave the building the 
way you came.

Once your down the ladder, get the first water sample in the corner to 
your left where there is also a valve. Go back to the street and turn 
right to get to the shopping mall. Shoot the glass and take the stairs 
down. Eliminate the enemies down there, but watch out for the “C4 
Trigger man”. Down go passed the first corridor to your right, or he’ll 
detonate his charge located of the left wall. The Trigger man hides 
behind some obstacles ahead, which makes him difficult to target. 
Instead of loosing a great deal of time, you can simply go in that 
corridor to the right that I’ve just mentionned before. Collect the 
second sample at the fontain and keep going until you get back to the 
main hall (the Trigger man we’ll be visibile to your left).

Turn right and keep going until you meet a second C4 Trigger Man. This 
one will hide behind the next corner as you get closer. The C4 charge 
is located on the wall opposite to him (to your right). If you can’t 
kill him from a distance before he turns the corner, stick to the left 
wall and keep walking until the charge is detonated. Kill the remaining 
enemies in the area and take the nearest stairs up to the surface.

Before you is a large fountain in which you’ll find the third water 
sample. But first, you must eliminate the terrorists threatening two 
CHA officers in the building in front of you. Get back outside, take 
the sample and then turn left and kneel inside the pipe. Grab the CHA 
HAZMAT suit and go back outside once again to where you were. Cross the 
place and go in the CHA tent. Take the tissue sample from the corpse 
right as you enter and get back outside to the place where you took the 

+ Strategy +
This is the “normal” way to do this part, in terms of storyline. But 
there are two things you can do in order to save valuable seconds (if 
not minutes). First, as you get the the fountain area, eliminate only 
the two first enemies that are outside the building with the CHA 
officers. They will take care of the other terrorists, you can rest 
easy about it. Second, it is easily possible to do the autopsy without 
having put on the CHA suit first. To do so, you must remember to bring 
with you a non-lethal weapon, preferably the Stun Jack, plus at best 
some smoke grenades. Once you are in the decontamination room, throw a 
smoke grenade at your feet. The smoke, although it won’t seem to go 
inside the tent, will still affect the first CHA patroling near the 
corpse. If you are fast enough, he won’t be able to shoot back at you 
before you knock him down. In the case you don’t have smoke grenades, 
you can still stun him before he inflicts you too much dammage.

Back to the guide
This time you’re in the tent where there was the CHA suit, get out by 
the other ventilation pipe. Once on the street, you will have to 
protect another CHA. Beware of the C4 Trigger Man and the terrorists on 
the roofs. Once you’re cleared, go to the end of that street and into 
the pipe you’ll see there. It will get you in a new tent in which 
you’ll find a scanning station. But before, you must switch on the 
power supply which it outside, left to where the scanner is. Then, go 
back inside and have the tissue sample scanned. The process will one 
minute and terrorists will attack the generator during that time. Stop 
them as they do until the count-down reaches zero.

Near the scanning station, you’ll see another ventilation pipe (don’t 
worry, that’s the last one...) leading outside the tent, where you’ll 
need to protect one last CHA officer. Just watch out for the car which 
is likely to explode. Take the fourth water sample near the fire 
hydrant, then climb on the wall left to the gate (a tag will appear 
when you’re at the right place). Climb down the stairs and climb in the 
ventilation shaft. When you get out, kill the terrorists and take the 
last water sample from the drinking fountain.

Get down to the subway level while getting rid of the enemies on the 
way. As you get there, you’ll witness a spectacular train crash. Don’t 
cross the rails or you’ll get fried. Instead, take the tunnel right 
that goes under the rails and once on the other side, find the door 
that will lead you upstairs to where a power switch for the rail system 
is located. Turn it off.

+ Stratégie +
You can save another 20-30 seconds here. Before you actually get in the 
subway terminal, see a dark passage to your left. In there, you’ll see 
some stairs and up there, you’ll be able to reach a poll crossing the 
whole place. First get rid of the enemy on the other side and then 
shimmy across the where the power switch is.

Back to the guide
Go back down and take the subway tunnel opposite to there the subway 
car crashed (you can’t go in the other direction anyways). Eliminate 
the enemies and the way (some will throw flashbang grenades that may 
confuse you for a while). Once you get to the next station, climb the 
stairs up to where is Proust. He will stand behind a counter and is 
heavily armed. Take him down to end the mission.

+ Strategy : Proust +
Actually it a rather easy fight. Of course, since Proust stands behind 
a counter that covers him up to waist, auto-aim will not bet as 
efficient. If you got them, throw a smoke grenade before the counter 
and hide in the gas cloud. Turn-on your nightvision goggles (you should 
have found some on the way) and you should see Proust despite the 
smoke, whereas he won’t be able to spot you at all. Otherwise, a 
headshot is your best shot, but it can be tough to get as Proust will 
start running as soon as he sees you.

* On-line strategies *
The team par-time is not difficult to get, even with only one or two 

One objective adds up to the others, that is getting Broussard’s laptop 
which is located in the bank (the building on fire right to where you 
start). You must be coordinated with one teammate, as one will have to 
open the fire valve (near the first water sample) while the other get 
the laptop inside before the water ruins it.
Finally, in order to eliminate Proust, one will have to get to where he 
is by the subway entrance located in that same area. There is however a 
gate blocking the way. You must destroy it with a C4 charge that will 
find by climbing with the help of a teammate onto the trailer (the C4 
is in a building to the left of it that you reach by jumping).

Cobra: As the mission starts, Cobra go get a bio-data gear. He will be 
        in charge of collecting the water samples. When he gets to the 
        third sample (near the fountain), he will also go perform the 
        autopsy (it is best for him to bring smoke grenades and the 
        Stun Jack to save some time here). Once he arrives a the 
        scanning station, he will put the tissu in the scanner and let 
        Dragon defend the generator. Cobra should instead focus on the 
        last two water samples.

Python: First, he helps the first CHA officer. Then, in cooperation 
        with Viper, he turn the fire suppressor valve on. After, he 
        goes to the trailer, climbs on it and get a C4 charge. He 
        blows the gate blocking the subway entrance and sneaks into 
        the terminal to where Proust is. Python will have to take care 
        of him.

Viper: After having secured the bank area, he gets Broussard’s laptog 
       when the fire suppressor system is turned on byt Python. He can 
       then go assist his teammates, especially Dragon near the 
       scanning station.

Dragon: He is mainly in charge of providing cover fire. He should 
        Protects the CHA officers and when it’s done, get to the 
        scanning station. He turns on the power generator and defends 
        it while the tissue sample is being scanned.

Near the first water sample is a valve that you can turn on. Don’t 
worry about it if your playing off-line, since it’s only purpose is to 
complete the team objective. It is absolutely impossible to complete 
this objective when playing solo (unless you use the roll/jump trick; 
see section L for more details), since you be able to get to the laptop 
before it is dammaged by the water.

In the first section of the level, you’ll find a ventilation pipe. 
It’ll lead you inside a tent where a CHA officer stands. Near him is a 
box containing a MDS A4. You can always take it, but the CHA won’t give 
it so easily...

When playing on-line, it may be useful to note to existence of a second 
power switch for the subway rail system. It is located in the second 
station (the one where Proust is). Once you’ve killed him, go down to 
the rail level and you’ll see a door in both corners of that station. 
They are linked to each other by a corridor crossing under the rail and 
half-way in it, you’ll see the said switch.

III. Carthage, Michigan: Warehouse District     <L03>
Stop 3 ALA from contaminating water
Collect 3 viral containers from the ALA
Eliminate all 4 ALA death squad assassins
Eliminate unidentified female ALAAssist Imani by distracting Fournier
Eliminate Fournier
Provide Imani covering fire
Protect CHA officer
No collateral damage
Hidden objective: Obtain Mujrai's recorder

Solo par-time : 8:00
Team par-time : 5:00

This second mission might get you desoriented the first few times. The 
best way not to get lost without having the memorize the entire level 
is to find a route and always use it afterwards (this works well 
especially when trying to beat the par-time). Eventually, you’ll happen 
to know all possible itineraries and you’ll be able to choose whitch 
one works best for you.

Your first concern as you start this level is to find the three ALA 
that are threatening to contaminate the water system, since you’ve only 
got 5 minutes to do so (which happens to be well long enough). First, 
fallow the rails to the right and cross the the other rails as soon as 
you can. Take the first passage left. 

Take the stairs down and when you get to a dead end, take your right 
(ignore the ladder to the left). At the next crossing, go left and 
you’ll eventually get to a large room, refered to as the pumping room. 
You are currently on the lower level and the first ALA is located on a 
platform higher to your left. Normally, he should not have heard you 
yet and he is having a conversation with another terrorist. You of 
course have to kill him, however you must to it in a way that his body 
will fall off the platform. One efficient way to do it is to first get 
his attention. Either shoot a shot in the air or hit him to the body 
(avoid headshot or using a powerful weapon). Once he is alerted, he 
will turn to face you. Get him at this moment and he should fall. Climb 
the stairs while dealing with the other terrorists spawning in the 
giant pipes around the room and collect the first viral container on 
the ALA body.

+ Alternate strategy +
If by some bad luck the ALA doesn’t fall to your level, there is still 
a way to get the viral container, but the process will take longer and 
be more dangerous. Par-time is still possible under those 
circumstances, but you must really fly to get the other objectives 
done. On the other side of the room, opposite to the platform with the 
ALA guy is another similar platform, yet a little lower. This will let 
you reach it if you stand near one of its edge and press Triangle. 
You’ll then be able to grab a small pipe to the ceiling that goes 
across the room up to the platform with the ALA. However, enemies will 
shoot you from the pipes on each side and there they’ll respawn 
endlessly. In order to have a better change of survival while crossing 
the room, get wo the machinery room (accessible from the sewers) and 
shut down the generators. This will result in every issues to the 
pumping room being shut, including the pipes were the enemies are. They 
only way to get in or out of it now is from the lower entrance. By the 
same token, this will also prevent you from reaching the exit I will 
indicate next.

Back to the guide
Left to the platform where the ALA was standing is a ladder leading to 
the sewers. Turn right as you get in them and the second ALA will stand 
just before you. Kill him and take the second container. Keep going 
while take care of the enemies falling from above. When you reach the 
end, turn right into a second sewer. The last ALA is at the end of this 
one. Eliminate him and the countdown will stop. Take the last viral 
container from his body.

About half-way into this sewer, you’ll see an exit to you right. Take 
it and go up to a furnace room. Kill the terrorist waiting for you 
there and climb the ladder to the surface. 

The next part may proove a little more difficult. As soone as you get 
out to the surface, the four ALA death squad assassins will start 
running from the area you arrived in. They are all heavily armed and 
equiped with flak jackets. Try to kill them as quickly as possible, 
otherwise you’ll have to chase them as they try to run away. If you’re 
not fast enough, they might just succeed, so try to get them before 
they can even leave this area.

Once you’re done with them, you’ll have to eliminate a women ALA. She 
will also hangs out around the basketball court. She does wear an 
armor, but she’s still armed with an M-16k. You can also get one from a 
box inside the house from where she got out. Kill her without waiting.

When you’re done, get inside the appartment building at the other end 
of the street. Keep fallowing the same corridor until you get to the 
exist (to your left). You’ll end up near the theater where Fournier is. 
Make a few steps right and you’ll see him on the roof of the theater. 
Eliminate him with a headshot and get back in the alley up the the rear 
of theater. A door you let you in. Eliminate the four enemies and climb 
up to the second floor. Open the second door to get into the stage. 
From the balcony, take out the two terrorists holding up the CHA 
hostage. You must act quick before the kill him. Go down to the first 
floor and the CHA will open a door as he escapes. Get inside and grab 
Mujari’s recorder on the stage. Leave the theater.

Come back to where you killed Fournir and turn right. And the end of 
the street, you’ll see terrorists preventing Imani from getting in the 
wharehouse. Don’t bother with them. Instead, find the alley to the 
right of that building. After you’ve turned the corner, you’ll see an 
emergency ladder being lowered. Killed the terrorist above and climb 
this ladder. Inside you’ll meet three terrorists wearing flak jackets. 
Kill them to end the mission.

* On-line strategies *
Again a rather easy level on-line. Two players may easily beat this 
time limit. There are no additionnal objective, so nothing really 
changes from the solo mode.

Cobra: He is in charge of getting the three viral containers, starting 
       by the one in the pumping room. He of course must make sure the 
       ALA will fall off its platform using the method suggested 
       earlier. Is he fails, he must hurry to shut down the power 
       generators, yet making sure his teammates are all on the surface 
       so they won’t block their way doing so.

Python: He fallows Cobra at the beginning, but ignores the ALA. Once he 
        in the pumping room, he climbs the ladder to the far left of 
        and get to the surface by the nearest exit (to his left as het 
        get in the sewer). He should end up near Fournier. He takes 
        care of him as soon as he appears and then saves the CHA inside 
        the theater and get Mujari’s recorder. He goes to the 
        wharehouse and eliminates the three terrorists inside.

Viper: As the mission starts, he turns right on the rail and goes up to 
       the station. He takes the corridor to the left and gets to the 
       furnace room. He exits to the surface and deals with the ALA 
       squad and the female ALA.

Dragon: Dragon almost gets the day off for this one. He may help Viper 
        getting rid of the ALA squad and then assists Python at the 

There are three exits to the surface from the sewers. The 4 ALA 
assassins will start running as soon as you get out, whatever the exit 
you used.

When Imani tells you to distract Fournir to she can enter the 
wharehouse, you’re theorically not supposed to kill him yet. At least, 
that’s not what the developpers intended as the normal scenario. You 
are rather supose to distract Fournir so he stops shooting at Imani. 
There are two ways this can be done.
First, you can simply show yourself open so to draw his fire to you (a 
rather arguable strategy). Otherwise, you’ll see some building with 
black windows that seem to be 3D. Throw a M61 grenade inside on of 
these and the building with catch on fire. There are windows of this 
kind around the theater. This may also works as a distraction. 
Furthermore, Fournier might jump off the theater roof to a building 
next to it and try to escape your grenades (refer to a Zeus file 
concerning this).

While playing on-line, it is possible to climb with the help of a 
teammate on the subway car near the beginning of the level (on which a 
terrorist is standing). You’ll then be able to grab a C4 charge and 
then use it in the furnace room. This will cause the building above to 
be partly destroyed by the explosion, there killing off the ALA squad. 
However, the debries will also block this exit, forcing you to make a 
slight detour. Finally, again with the help of your teammate, you can 
climb inside that same building by a whole in its left wall. Inside 
you’ll find a box with some items, including a MGL.

IV. Carhage, Michigan: Carthage Mall     <L04>
Lock down mall entrances
Disarm both viral explosives
Complete DPE order on Masson
No collateral damage
Rescue injured SWAT officers (Team)

Solo par-time : 5:00
Team par-time : 3:00

This is probably the shortest and smallest missions of the game. Don’t 
take it easy though, because the smoke filling up the entire space will 
make seem bigger than it is. Use your map if needed. I also strongly 
suggest that you take smoke grenades with you, especially if you are 
trying to get par or 0 deaths.

As you start, go right to the first doors to lock. When you get close 
to it, a few terrorists will attack you. Either eliminate them or throw 
a smoke grenade near the door which will cover you up as you lock it.

When you’re done, turn around and go to the right of the stairs where 
you’ll see the first of two bombs. Here it’s almost vital to use a 
smoke grenade as you disarm it, because in addition to terrosit 
attacks, one of them will throw grenades at you from way above. Disarm 
the bomb and leave the place ASAP.

Get to the second bomb which in a similar spot in the other half of the 
mall. Watch out for the passageway above which will collapse as you 
cross under it. Use the same strategy with the second bomb.

The second entrance is located the left of the stairs in front of you. 
Lock it and climb to the second floor. The last two entrances are on 
this level. Terrorists will keep attacking you as you get close to 
them. Once there both locked, prepare for your first real boss fight.

Masson will be firing from the third floor, which you can’t climb to. 
He is heavily armed and wears a flak-jacket. Additionnaly, you’ll have 
to deal with Snipers, armed with AU300 Mod-R. Consider kiling a few of 
them to get there weapon if you don’t have better against Masson.

+ Strategy : Masson +
See the two passageways on third level crossing the mall East to West? 
Masson will tend to stand on one of these. Use the many obstacles 
(columns, information panels, etc.). It is best to use a weapon equiped 
with a scope (the AU300 for instance) which will facilitate a headshot 
in this fog. Again, smoke grenades might come in handy, especially used 
in combination with the AU300 Mod-R and its thermal scope.

* On-line strategies *
This level requires a lot of coordination between players. Even though 
it’s small, you need to act rapidly and with precision in order to beat 
the par-time. All players should brind smoke grenades along, because 
there is no time for a teammate providing covering fire.

Cobra: He gets to the nearest stairs and saves the first SWAT. On the 
       way, it would be good to disarm the bomb on the passageway, 
       which will make it easier for Python later. He takes care 
       of the second SWAT, located on the first floor.

Python: He locks the first door, then climbs to the second floor and 
        locks the second door, the one on the same side as the SWAT. He        
        gets ready for the fight against Masson.

Viper: He fallows Cobra, but does not cross the passageway. He instead 
       goes to the door ahead and locks it. Then, go gain some time, he 
       should break up the glass on the edge and lower himself to get 
       on the first floor (he won’t loose any health if he first 
       suspends him to the edge). He then locks the last door.

Dragon: He takes care of the two viral bombs. Before he crosses under 
        the passageway, he must make sure that Cobra has disarmed the 
        bomb. Once he has disarmed the second bomb, he can get to the 
        second floor and gets ready to fight Masson.

Enemies on this level are a lot stronger than in the two previous 
levels. Not only are they better armed (with G 53s), but they alos aim 
better and faster. Fortunately, there are many boxes with flak jackets 
around the place. Don’t be afraid to get them if needed.

It is possible to rescue the two injured SWAT officers and complete the 
objective even when playing off-line. You must however be extremely 
fast and fallow a specific course of action. You’ll need smoke grenades 
and the Stun Jack.
1) Start off by locking the nearest door.
2) Get to the second bloor and cross the passageway without disarming 
   the bomb.
3) Take the first SWAT officer and carry him to the safe zone.
4) Do the same with the second officer.
5) Lock the door near where the second SWAT was.
6) Take the nearest stairs to the second floor and turn right to get to 
   the third door. Lock it.
7) Finally, cross once again the passageway to get to the last door and 
   wait a few seconds. A third SWAT will enter by this door. As soon as 
   you can, knock him using the Stun Jack. Lock the last door and the 
   objective will be completed.

You may have been frustrated by these grenades falling from the sky as 
you were disarming the viral bombs. These grenades (M67 Delayed frag) 
are actually thrown by a terrorist on the third floor. You can spot him 
if you pay attention. What is really odd about him is that he has 
phenomenal strenght. For obscur reasons, he is almost invincible and 
you’ll need a lot more ammo than for a normal enemy without a flak 
jacket. Still, a headshot will work as usual. If you can kill him early 
in the mission, you won’t be bothered by grenades after that.

V. Pescara, Italy: St. Cetteo Square (Bonus) <L05>
Set decoy explosives
Assassinate Dimitri by the bell tower at 3:00 PM
Move to extraction point
Maintain stealth

Solo par-time : 7:00

This is the first bonus mission. You’ll be playing as Stone and you 
can’t pick up your equipment. You will be armed with his precious SP-15 
(charged with only one bullet) and you won’t be able to pick up enemies 
weapons.  However, you can (and will have to) use the Neck Snap 
ability. Get behind an enemy and press Triangle or Square when 
barehanded to break his neck. If you fail any objective or parameter, 
you will have to start over from the beginning, like in old Syphon 
Filter games. There are also no checkpoints during the entire mission, 
which in revanche isn’t very long. Actually, if you complete this level 
you are almost certain to beat the time limit too.

You have five minutes to get to the church tower from where you’ll take 
your shot, which is way enough. Even if you rush there, you can’t take 
out Dimitri before exactly 3:00. When the mission starts, go in the 
tunnel, but don’t turn the corner. Wait for the two guards to finish 
there conversation and for one of them to leave. Then, get behind the 
remaining guard and neck snap him. Bring his body further inside the 

Wait there for the second guard to complete his round and leave again 
before getting out of the tunnel. Go a little bit right and you’ll see 
some barrils, behind which there is a ladder that will brind you down 
in a sewer. Fallow the pipe until you get back outside. Before you is a 
small bridge. As you get closer to it, two guards will appear on your 
radar. The first one is standing to your left and the second is foind 
back and forth on the bridge. Stay low and get near to the bridge (as 
long as you kneel, no one will spot you). When the patroling guard 
turns away, leave your spot and go right.

To your left you’ll see an alley. Just after that, there is a small 
alcove. Go hide there and what for a guard to stop in front of you. 
Kill him and move his body in the alley (don’t worry about the guard on 
the bridge, he won’t see you). Set the C4 in the corner and get back on 
the main street. Turn left and keep going until you the next enemies. 
One is standing on a terrace to your right, a second one is also 
standing further ahead and a third one is patroling yet further in the 
street. First get closer to the guard on the terrace and climb the wall 
near the bicycle. Eliminate him and hide his body behind the wall so 
that the third guard won’t notice it. Also remember this place as it 
will be involved later on.

Climb down the stairs a go behind the second guard. Kill him and wait 
for the third guard to approach. When he turns around, fallow him 
silently. You’ll eventually cross under a large passageway on which 
another guard is standing. To your left are some more alcoves in which 
you must hide while the patrolling guard passes in front of you. You 
can fallow him again and eliminate him when he stops, but that’s 
unecessary. As for the guard on the passageway above, wait for him to 
come to the bottom of the stairs and to climb up again before you go 
any further.

The church tower is just in front of you. Climb to the top and wait for 
the bells to ring 3 o’clock. Dimitri will be just on the pavement of 
the church, talking with his bodyguards. On the third bell ring, kill 

Stone will then detonate the decoy C4 and you’ll only have to come back 
to where you started. Climb down to the street level and fallow the 
same path you came in by. The guard that was on the passageway should 
attack you and he is very heavily armed. Roll to avoid taking dammage 
and keep on running. When you get to the terrace where you took out a 
guard earlier (I told you to remember this place), climb on the wall 
behind the table and you’ll end up near the gutter near the sewer pipe.
Find your way to the extraction zone (you should be clear of guards).

The par-time is 7 minutes, and you need inetitably need 5 to kill 
Dimitri. This leaves you with 2 minutes to get to the extraction zone. 
Unless you do it on purpose, it is almost impossible not to beat the 
time limit, as I said earlier. Why don’t you take advantage of this 
small gift...

VI. Mazyr, Belarus: Krivorozhstal Mill     <L06>
Shut off overloading machinesDisarm stacks explosives
Escort some workers to safety
Save Dobranski
Tale mill documents from safe
Eliminate CDP soldiers
Eliminate Zhidkov
Escort all workers to safety (Team)

Solo par-time : 18:00
Team par-time : 13:00

As opposed to the last level, this one is huge and you may easily get 
lost. Take your time. The itinerary I’ll suggest down here is not the 
one I would recommand to use your first time through. You should 
instead use it when you’re ready to try to get par.

The cow carcasse will disapear after a little while, so that’s the 
first objective you’ll have to deal with. Jump the wall in front as you 
start the mission and turn left on the other side. Roll under the fence 
(there’s a big hole you can’t miss). Keep going straight and eliminate 
the soldiers chasing the workers. But don’t waste your time trying to 
save them because they’ll get kill each time no matter what you do. 
You’ll quickly get to a train with a few soldiers around. Eliminate 
those in your way and turn left as you get to the level of the train. 
Open the door that you’ll see in front of you to get inside the slag 
pit building. You’ll find the carcasse in there and a few enemies. 
Eliminate them and take the sample.

Climb the stairs to your left which will lead you to the first worker. 
Just beside him is also the first machine you’ll need to shut. Do it 
and take the worker with you to the elevator just below. Getting to the 
worker will trigger a few enemies to attack you. Stay near the worker 
and kill them as quick as possible. Leave the worker at the elevator 
(the area is now safe). Take the stairs in front of it and fallow this 
passageway out of the room. You’re now in a dark stair case. Go down 
and open the door in front of you (you’ll se a soldier standing to your 
right, but don’t go in that direction).

+ Strategy : Protecting a worker + 
It’s vital you know how to protect the workers you’ll need to escort 
down to the elevator, because almost all of them will trigger enemies 
that will try to stop you. Eventually, you’ll end up knowing enemy’s 
locations and you’ll be able to anticipate their attacks. Most of all, 
don’t ever let a worker leave your sight. At best, you should always 
keep them in radar range. On the other hand, don’t sticked on them 
either, because wild enemy shots my just hit him. The ideal is to place 
yourself half-way between the soldiers attacking and the worker. You 
must above all draw enemy attention and fire to you. Even though they 
are not very smart, the enemies will first answer to the biggest threat 
to them. 

Back to the guide
You are now in the melt foundry and you’ll find the second machine 
there. Shut it down, then climb the stairs and fallow the corridor 
until you get outside. Watch out because there is one sniper on each of 
the two towers. Eliminate them and climb the ladder. Go disarm the two 
explosive charges and climb down to the ground. 

Get passed the second machine you shut down earlier and take the door 
to the right. In the next room, go under the big industrial machines 
(you can’t go anywhere else) and use the door to your left to get 
inside the coil room. The third machines is just in front of you. As 
you enter, beware of the soldiers located on the passageway above 
because one will throw grenades at you (he’s the one without a flak 
jacket). Kill them quickly and shut the third machine.

Go to the far left of the building and go outside where there are big 
coils. You’ll find a second worker there. Escort him the elevator. On 
the way, you’ll also come across another worker (in the statue 
courtyard) and he will be attacked by two soldiers as soon as you get 
in the area. You can simply ignore him. If he survives, you can come 
back and escort him in case you failed with another one. Leave the 
worker you are escorting at the elevator with the first one (watch out 
for that dark staircase where enemies can spawn right in front of you 
without further notice).

Leave the slag pit building by the door to the left (by which you first 
came in) and fallow the train track to the right. When you get to where 
it meets another railway, go place a C4 charges there (you took them on 
the towers). If for some reason you didn’t get them, there are other C4 
charges inside the wagon you just passed by.

Fallow this new railway right until you get near those towers on which 
on disarm the explovises. Under them, you’ll find your third worker 
(use your map if you need it). He will trigger a few enemies, but that 
should be no big deal. Escort him to the elevator, but this time, take 
them three down to their shelter. Once they’re off the elevator 
platform, go back up.

Get back outside and fallow the same path you did to find the last 
worker. This time however, keep fallowing the track and you’ll 
eventually get to a large tunnel. Two soldiers will attack you there 
and of them usually has some nightvision goggles on him. Kill them and 
take pair with you. Half-way in the tunnel, you’ll see an entrance to 
your left (it may be difficult to spot with the nightvision). Fallow 
this passage and climb the ladder at the end. You’ll get to a room 
where Dobranski is hold up by two soldiers. First kill the one that is 
directly in front of you and then the one to your left. Wait a little 
and a third one will rush in by the left door. Kill him and go untie 
Dobranski. He will then open the safe door so you can take the 
documents inside. If Dobranksi ever get killed before he can do so, use 
the other C4 charge you got from the tower to blow the safe (leave the 
room until the explosion).

Ignore Dobranski even though Stone will tell you to escort him to 
safety. You’ll also learn the Zhidkov is trying to escape by train. 
Actually, you have nothing more to do. Zhidkov’s train will go through 
the tunnel and to the jonction where you put a C4 charge. This will be 
enough to blow him apart. Enjoy the show!

* On-line strategies *
This is one of the thoughest team mission, truly. Each team member will 
have to execute his task without a mistake, otherwise one worker may 
get killed (they die a lot more easily then when you play alone). Also, 
do not trigger a worker if you’re low on health. If you die escorting 
him, you can bet he’ll almost certainly get killed shortly after. 

It is possible to beat the par-time with three players, but I strongly 
recommand that you try with a four-player team.

Cobra: He first gets to the tunnel (East entrance) and saves Dobranski. 
       He then escorts him to the elevator (after he took the papers 
       from the safe). On his way, he shuts the machine in the coil 
       room. When Dobranski is safe, he comes back to that room and 
       escort the worker near the coils. When this one is safe too, 
       Cobra shut the last machine, the one in the slag pit (the 
       elevator room) while Viper should be escorting the last workers 
       down to the shelter.

Python: He goes to the worker under the two towers and escorts him to 
        safety. He then disarms to bombs on these same towers. When he 
        is back down, he goes to open the large door near the East 
        entrance of the tunnel and escorts the worker whose hidding 
        nearby. Finally, he sets one of his C4 charges in the rail 

Viper: He quickly gets to the slag pit building and takes the sample. 
       He then goes to the first machine but he DOES NOT shut it right 
       away. For now, he just takes the worker to the elevator and 
       makes sure this area is secured. He will then be in charge of 
       taking the workers that the other players brought down to the 
       shelter. He should wait for three or four workers to be on the 
       elevator before he takes them down, otherwise he’ll loose too 
       much time. 

Dragon: He fallows Viper to the train but does not go inside the 
        building. Instead, he keeps fallowing the tracks until he gets 
        to the West entrance of the tunnel. He’ll find one worker there 
        and must escort him to the elevator. He then goes to the statue 
        courtyard, shut the second machine (the one in the melt 
        foundry) and escorts to worker there, making sure he doesn’t 
        get killed by the two soldiers if Cobra has not eliminate them 

There is a total of six workers, plus Dobranski (which makes seven, for 
those with math problems). When playing solo, you can use your map to 
locate any of them if one you tried to escort died on the way. The 
“Escort some worker to safety” only requires you to save three of them.

Never try to escort two workers at the same time. If you let one go out 
of your sight before he gets to the elevator, he may die even if there 
seems to be no soldiers around.

The workers won’t move when soldiers are firing near them, so you must 
eleminate every enemy in his way.

Even though it is fairly easy to save all workers and Dobranski when 
playing off-line. However, it won’t earn you the team objective “Escort 
all workers to safety”.

When playing on-line, it may be hazardous to wait for all workers to 
get on the elevator before taking them down. Because of frequent bugs, 
especially in that level, it may happen that one of the dies without 
reasons. This is way I suggest in my team strategy that one player 
stays in the elevator room and takes a few down at the time. Still, you 
probably won’t get any problems most of the time.

VII. Mazyr, Belarus: Belaya Vezha     <L07>
Retrieve equipment from crash site
Destroy power substation
Destroy communications truckDisable AA tower
Shut down gas main
Destroy Scud missile
Eliminate Pulikovsky
Rescue Stone
Destroy tank
Obtain sewage sample
Retrieve Ivankov's papers
Destroy bridge to stop tank (Team)

Solo par-time : 15:00
Team par-time : 7:00

You may think at first that the 15 minute par-time is impossible to get 
the first time you try this mission. Indeed, the level is huge and 
objectives require a lot of travelling. Obviously, the less you die, 
the better it will be. Yet, some players consider this a good way to 
get back quickly to a checkpoint area you need to get to. However, 
that’s not necessary at all.

You’ll start only with your pistol(s) and melee weapon. Still, don’t 
jump the weapon choosing part because you’ll find them back latter. 
When the level starts, move forward until you get to the road. In front 
of you should be a first enemy soldier. Kill him and take his clothes 
if you want (however, the next enemy who’ll see you will recognize you 
and the disguise will be obsolete for the rest of the level). Still, 
try to kill him without alerting him of your presence and you’ll have 
one less sniper to deal with. Fallow the road until you reach the C4 
location. One soldier stands near it and is wearing a flak jacket. Kill 
him and a second one will come at you from a power station ahead. Kill 
him too, take a C4 charge and set it in that power station. Go take 
another C4 after that.

Fallow the electric lines up to the crash sites (some snipers will 
attack you from the cliffs above). Also for now ignore the “climb down” 
tag you may see on your way. On the crash site you’ll meet four more 
enemies, all equiped with flak jackets. Eliminate them and go to the 
left of the chopper to get your gear from two boxes you’ll find there 
(one contains equipment and the other your weapons).

Fallow the river to the other side of the cave and turn left under the 
arch. You’ll see the AA tower ahead. Two guards are at the top of it 
and one of them will fire at you with a SMAW rocket launcher. Keep 
moving and try to get rid of the as fast as possible. Other enemies 
will also attack on the ground, but don’t waste too much time with 
them. Climb to the top of the AA tower, destroy the computer and get 
back down.

Fallow the cave ahead to the Comm Truck. Eliminate the enemies around 
(they wear flak jackets) and place your C4 charge to blow the truck. 
Fallow the road to the left and go back to the power station area to 
pick another C4. Fallow again the electric lines, but this time climb 
down the cliff where it says so. Keep fallowing this crevasse up to the 
sewage sample. Then come back up to the Comm Truck area.

Go passed the truck and fallow the road up to a checkpoint where some 
soldiers will be standing. Eliminate only the more threatening ones and 
turn right in direction of the tunnel. Once you’re on the other side, 
quickly turn around and eliminate the sniper on the edge above you. 
Then find the valve to your right (if you’re facing the tunnel) and 
turn it off.

Further ahead is a tank, just before a bridge. Run passed it (stay 
close to it and it won’t be able to shoot you) and cross the bridge. 
Two enemies will then try to ambush you. Kill them and quickly take 
cover, for the tank will probably try to shoot you now. Keep going and 
place your C4 under the Scud missile you’ll come across. Then come back 
towards de bridge and climb on the low wall to its left. Climb down on 
the three branch and then down to the ground. Cross under the bridge 
and you’ll see an enemy ahead. Kill him and climb to where he stood 
before. Enter the building in front. You’ll see a door to the right 
that leads to the castle courtyard (if your low on armor, you can get a 
new one by getting in a duct opposite to that door). 

Once you’re in the courtyard, find your way the the castle entrance. 
Two guards are watching over it, but more will come when they spot you. 
Eliminate them and get inside the castle. Other guards will be in that 
living room. Kill them too and go through the door in front of you.

Fallow this hall up to its end and turn right (you don’t have a choice 
anyways). You’ll see a room with piano ahead and just before, to your 
left, is a another small room. Is you see two guards in it, it means 
that one is carrying Ivankov’s papers. It it is indeed the case, take 
them and come back in the corridor. If the papers are not there, you’ll 
find them later.

Go towards the piano and turn left. Jump over all the obstacles and 
keep going until you get to a large hall with scaffolds all over. Take 
the large stairs to your left and fallow the balcony until you find a 
wood plank that allows you to get on the scaffolds. Make your way up to 
the highest point (there is an item box over there containing an AK-47 
and a flak jacket). At the right end, you’ll be able to climb up in the 
attic. If you see two soldiers up there, again it means that one will 
be carrying Ivankov’s papers. If not, the attic will be empty. Go 
forward and turn right. You’ll find the entrance of a ventilation 
shaft. Press Triangle to kneel and get in it.

Inside the shaft, you’ll get to an intersection : keep going straight. 
You’ll eventually get to a large room where you can see Stone and 
Pulikovsky. From the duct where you are, you should have a clear view 
on him. Headshot him. If if spots you, he’ll be a fiery adverseray to 
take down. When he’s dead, climb down the scaffholds and go free Stone.

If you still haven’t found Ivankov’s papers, you must climb up the 
other scaffolds on the other end of the room. You’ll find a similar air 
duct that’ll lead you inside a second attic. You’ll find the soldier 
carrying the papers there. Take them and get back to Stone.

In the same box Stone his SMAW from, you’ll find Anti-armor frags. 
You’ll need that against the tank. Fallow Stone to the courtyard. Stone 
will stop and fire from that position to serve as a distraction. Go to 
the left end of the balcony and hide behind the low wall. The tank 
rockets will hit the wall and shouldn’t hurt you. If you walk back a 
few steps from the wall, you should have enough space to throw a 
grenade and still be protected from the rockets. Otherwise, you can 
stay hidden until Stone fires up and draw that tank’s attention to him. 
Use that time to get up and throw a few anti-armor grenades on the 
tank. You must hit the top section of it, so try to aim just above the 
tracks. You’ll need around 5 hits.

* On-line strategies *
Like when you play solo, the key in this level is to make to most out 
of one trip. I strongly recommand that you be four players to beat the 
time limit. It is possible to do it with three players, but it’s a 
great challenge. One objective adds up, which asks you to destroy the 
bridge before the tank crosses it. Remember that you’ll need TWO C4, 
meaning that two players must get to the bridge foot and climb to the 
platform. Moreover, from the moment you get near the bridge, you’ll get 
a 2-minute count-down before the tank crosses the bridge.

Some players won’t have the luxury of getting the equipment back from 
the chopper crash site, so they’ll need to play it smart. Finally, it 
is important that all players show good timing so that Stone isn’t 
freed before you get Ivankov’s papers. Stone won’t talk as long on-line 
if you’ve stopped the tank, so keep that in mind too.

Cobra: He goes get a C4 and destroy the power station. Het gets a 
       second charge and goes to the AA tower (without going by the 
       crash site: there is another passage that goes directly from the 
       power station area to the AA tower). After he destroys it, he 
       meets Python in the bridge canyon and togher the climb to the 
       platform under the bridge and place their charge. He then 
       infiltrates the castle by the canyon entrance and goes looking 
       in the South attic for Ivankov’s paper.

Python: Python need to take grenades with him, as he’ll need some for 
        the Scud missile. As the mission starts, he also fallows Cobra 
        and take a C4, then goes to the crash site to get his equipment 
        back. He fallows the river through the cave and up to the 
        bridge canyon and waits for Cobra (he is careful not to trigger 
        the tank countdown if Cobra is taking a little while to meet
        him). He and Cobra then goes to the bridge foot and they set 
        their C4. He climbs to the bridge level and rushes to the 
        castle through the main entrance. On the way, he throws a 
        grenade at the Scud. Once inside, he kills Pulikovsky Stone 
        after having made sure Ivankov’s paper have been found.
Viper: He gets a C4 and come back to the Comm Truck to blow it. He 
       keeps fallowing the road up to the gas main and shuts it down. 
       Then he must cross the bridge before it is blown up (he should 
       have plenty of time). He then gets inside the castle by the main 
       entrance and goes loking for the Ivankov’s papers with Cobra (he 
       should not have entered inside the castle by the room where 
       Stone is).

Dragon: He fallows the other players but does not take a C4 charge. He 
        goes with Python to the crash site and takes his equipment 
        back. He comes back in his footsteps to where he can climb down 
        in the crevasse and goes for the sewage sample. He then goes to 
        the castle (preferably through the canyon entrance and looks 
        for Ivankov’s papers around the piano room and the first 

As it’s been discussed in the team strategy, you can also enter the 
castle by its front gate, located passed the bridge and the Scud 
missile. However, it is safer, especially in single player, to use the 
canyon entrance, although it may take you a little longer afterwards to 
get to Stone. The par-time is still easy to get this way.

Stone talks a lot after you’ve freed him. Count at least one minute 
(which you can use to go look in the second attic if you have not got 
the papers yet). Whatsoever, you must untie him around 13:00 if you’re 
hoping to get par.

VIII. Tash, Kumyr, Kyrgystan: Saydahmat's Village (Bonus)     <L08>
Locate arms deal
When Samaev has the container, eleminate him
Obtain container from Dosbol Samaev
Change into a concubine outfit to fool Yang
Give the bio-weapon containeur to Sok-ju Yang
Eliminate Yang
Get the container from Sok-ju Yang
Locate a more revealing outfit
Poison Saydahmat's water chalice
Locate sherpa outfit
Rendezvous at the extraction zone
Maintain stealthHidden objective: Locate Yushchenko's papersHidden 
objective: Eliminate Zayed Al Dhahiri

Solo par-time : 13:00

This is your second bonus mission and this time you’ll be playing as 
Lian. This one is a little more complex than your first one: there are 
more objectives, more enemies to deal with and you must be really 
careful not to leave their bodies where they can be spotted. Lian wears 
a sherpa disguise which allows her to remain incognito if you stay at 
some distance of the guards. Your only weapons are 10 shurijens that 
you must use wisely. Like in Italy, you can’t take enemy weapons.

You’ve got 2 minutes to locate the arms deal, which is more than you 
need. Fallow the path until you see the first guard patrolling. Beyond 
him is a second one, standing still on the porch of a house. When you 
get there, he should be talking with Samaev. Ahead and left of you is a 
tree which is a “Descreet Area”. These are areas outside of guard’s 
sight. You can hide bodies or yourself in those spots. Go hide under 
that tree and wait for the patrolling guard to pass in front of you. As 
soon as he is gone, leave your hideout and throw a shuriken at the 
standing guard. Go take his body and hide it under that same tree.

Fallow Samaev to the village square. While the deal is in process, 
slowly move to the left and take the stairs up. You’ll come across 
another guard patrolling around a building in the middle of this area. 
Another one is standing a beyond him, and a third one is even farther 
to your left, patrolling in front of a large open door. Wait for the 
first guard to go away and eliminate the one standing. To your left 
will be an alcove with piles of boxes, forming a discreet area. Hide 
the body there.

Hurry through the large door. If you’re fast enough, the guard should 
be at the back of this area. Get behind him and eliminate him. He 
carries the Yushenko’s papers. Get them and hide the body in a corner 
near to door.

Come back to the discreet area with boxes and wait there for the 
patrolling guard you haven’t eliminated yet to stop in front of you. 
Kill him, leave his body and get back to the village square. There are 
two guards there, plus Yang who is waiting for Samaev to come back and 
in a corner ahead, you’ll find Zayed. Of the two guards, one is 
patrolling and the other is standing. You must get to him and eliminate 
him without attracting too much attention. 

+ Strategy: Eliminating Zayed +
The best place from which to kill Zayed is in the entrance of the 
village square by which you came the first time. From there, you’ll 
have a clear view of the two guards and Yang, and slightly to your 
right will be Zayed. Use manual aiming and aim just above Zayed’s head, 
who is kneeling. With its arched trajectory, this is how you can reach 
your target. Generally, unless you’ve got real bad luck, if you go away 
right after you’ve killed Zayed, nobody should notice his body and 
you’ll be on your way.

To save more time, you can also eliminate Zayed as soon as you get to 
the square the first time. While Samaev and Zang meet, stand at the 
same place and throw one star at Zayed. Then, keep going as you would 
for the rest of the mission.

Back to the guide
Meanwhile, you should get a note saying Samaev as got the viral 
container. Go back and up the stairs and wait in a corner. Get behind 
Samaev, kill him and get his container. You can leave his body there, 
since there are no more guards around.

You then have 3 minutes before Yang leaves the village. Go to the 
discreet area with the boxes and climb of those to reach the roof. Keep 
climbing until you reach a balcony. One guard will be walking showing 
you his back. Kill him before he gets inside the house and leave his 
body on the balcony.

Infiltrate the house and go up to the folding screen. Press triangle to 
switch clothing and get back outside. While you wear this concubine 
outfit, no guard will blow your cover up. Go the the village square and 
give Yang the container. Fallow him and as soon as he gets out of the 
guards sight, kill him. Take back the viral container.

Go back inside the house using the same path and fallow the halls all 
the way downstairs until you find another folding screen. Change 
outfits again and go back up to Saydahmat’s room (two guards a standing 
at the entrance). When they see you, they’ll move away and let you in. 
Go pour the poison in Saydahmat’s chalice, to the left of its bed.

All you need to do now is get back your sherpa disguise (from the first 
folding screen) and get all the way back to the place where you began 
the level. You’ll only have to eliminate the very first guard you meet, 
who should now be standing still. 

Don’t leave the house with the provocative outfit or you’ll fail the 

The only tougher part in the mission is when you have to eliminate 
Zayed. You must act quickly to avoid being detected, but at the same 
time you must be careful not to make to much noise. The rest is rather 

You may have noticed you can take the torches hanging on the walls. 
It’s a rather ineffective weapon as you need to be very close to your 
target. What’s more, you’ll need to throw down your shuriken since they 
both count as a melee weapon.

IX. Sana'a, Yemen: Arms Bazaar     <L09>
Eliminate VIP to obtain credentials
Enter the arms market with credentials
Destroy communications equipment
Eliminate Khorsh's thugs
Eliminate Khorsh
Obtain Zohar's explosives
Deliver explosives to Zohar
Eliminate Yushchenko's bodyguards
Eliminate Yushchenko
Obtain video tape evidence
Maintain stealth
Hidden objective: Photograph Fadhil's files
Hidden objective: Obtain Thae-bok Jon's credentials

Solo par-time : 18:00

This may be your first true challenge. Not the the mission itself is so 
difficult to go through, but you’ll need to master every aspect of it 
if you hope to complete all objectives and parameters (especially 
maintaining stealth and obtaining the cassette).

First, take note that you CAN carry weapons as long as you don’t equip 
any in front of a guard. You start this mission near a bus and the 
V.I.P. is walking in your direction. He’ll soon take the stairs to the 
ruin to your right. After about 2 minutes of wandering, he’ll go down 
of a slope in a Discreet Area. Kill him when he stops there, either 
using the knife you started the mission with or the Neck Snap ability 
if you got it. Don’t worry about all that time it took: it is taken 
into account in that 18 minute time limit. Take his credentials and 
leave the body there.

Still in those ruins is an unstable piller (it is sustained by wooden 
beams). Kick these down to destroy the pillar (press Triangle) and an 
enemy who was guarding a tunnel entrance at the end of the ruins will 
be leaving his position to come see what happened. Use this distraction 
to get inside the said tunnel. Just as you enter, you’ll see a box 
containing two precious items: nightvision goggles and a VSS-Special. 
Turn on your goggles and fallow the undergrounds. There is only one 
open path, leading toe Fadhil’s office, so you can’t really get lost. 
You’ll also meet two guards in the tunnels, that you can easily kill 
with one VSS shot (you don’t even need a headshot). Notice that the 
hole tunnel system is a discreet area, so you can just leave the bodies 
as they are. Keep going until you get to a gate. Open it and eliminate 
the only guard in Fadhil’s office (you can also leave his body there). 
Then go take a photograph of Fadhil’s files and come back outside using 
the same path.

+ Strategy: Saving a lot of time +
It is possible to rush these steps in order to gain precious minutes. 
First, you can kill the V.I.P. a lot earlier. Wait for him to get near 
the tunnel entrance (he does so before he goes in the discreet area 
where this guide suggests to get him) and go near the unstable pillar 
meanwhile. Use your radar and when he gets a few meters before the 
entrance, destroy the pillar. The tunnel guard will then leave his 
position and, providing you had good timing, you should be able to 
catch up the V.I.P. just as he stops in front of the entrance. Kill him 
and hide his body inside the tunnel. 

Back to the guide
When you’re back near the bus, take the street to the right and use 
your map to get to the market entrance (you should go through the 
graveyard, it’s the fastest route). Show your papers to the soldier 
there and you’ll be granted access to the bazaar. You’ll come across 
four individuals there: two guards patrolling, Korsh and a merchant. 
The last will keep shadowing you as long as you stay in the market 
area. You’ll see in front a pile of boxes and behind is a discreet 
area. Go there and wait for the merchant to fallow you. Kill him and 
leave his body. Than take out your VSS and, from that same place, shoot 
down the antenna on top of the mosque.

+ Strategy: Saving yet more time +
Here again you’ll have a chance to save some more time. First, as I 
suggested, you should have come across a cemetery on your way to the 
mosque. One corner in that cemetery is a discreet area. Find it and 
from there, you can see the top of the antenna. You can destroy it 
right now with your VSS and now guard will see or hear you.

Then, when you get to the market, you can kill Korsh immediately 
instead of waiting near the end of the level, like I tell you to in 
this guide. As you enter the marketplace, turn right and go right in 
the corner near the tank. Korsh patrol route should bring him there 
soon. As soon as he stops, get behind him and kill him. If you leave 
his body there, no one should see it.

NOTE: If you destroyed the antenna from the cemetery, you won’t have to 
eliminate the merchant, which will save you a couple more seconds.

Back to the guide
Leace the bazaar through the path to your righ (if you are facing the 
mosque). When you get to the other side of the tunnel, you’ll come 
across Thae-bok Jon. There are two spots where you can kill him without 
attracting suspicion. Either you wait that he get inside the tunnel you 
just came from (it is a discreet area), or you fallow him inside the 
building where he should stop in front of a locked door. Take his 
papers when he’s down. That door has a padlock you can shoot to open 
it. Inside you’ll find your gear in several boxes. I strongly suggest 
that you keep the VSS though. 

Keep fallowing the path you were on until you get to a house where the 
first radio is. One guard is patroling in and out of the house. Wait 
for him to come outside and then get in the house. Climb the stairs and 
turn in the room to the right, where the radio is. Destroy it and then 
go hide in the room on the opposite side. The guard should be back 
inside the house. Kill him because he can not see you here. Exit the 
house through the window.

From this point, you must avoid being seen by any enemy at all. A first 
one is to your left below. Climb down the roof and fallow him until he 
gets inside a dark ruin. Kill him and leave his body. There are three 
more guards you need to take out now. The first one is patroling the 
area on the other site of the ruins in the center. Also on the other 
side is a house where the second radio his (use your map to locate it). 
The two remaining guards are in there. Wait for the first one to get as 
far as possible from that house (he should stop around a corner 
somewhen) and kill him. As for the two guards inside the house, one is 
on the first floor and the second one is on the second floor. You can 
easily get to them. Once the house is clear, take the video cassette in 
the camera on the second floor. In the next room, you’ll find the 
second radio to destroy. Also don’t forget to take the keys on the 
table. Besides, there is a Desert Sniper in a cabinet if you want it.

You don’t have to worry about stealth anymore. Exit the house and start 
taking out the thugs. There are at least five in that area you’re in. 
The others are around the marketplace. Use your map to pinpoint them.

Now here is a little hint if you haven’t killed Korsh yet. When you 
eliminate the last of the thugs, Korsh will try to escape towards the 
beginning of the level. If he does so, it’ll cost some a lot of time to 
chase him. The trick then is to leave at least one thug alive and take 
out Korsh before. Then you can eliminate the last thugs.

Zohar will then ask you to get him the explosives. From the 
marketplace, use the left exit (when facing the mosque) and fallow this 
path until you come across some stairs to your right. You’ll find the 
explosives in a box downstairs. Get back to Zohar who’s waiting in the 

While Zohar sets up the explosives, stack up with ammunition. When he’s 
done, get yourself in position so you have a good view at the upcoming 
enemies. I’d suggest using M61 grenades (if you don’t already have 
them, you can find some around the market). As a car comes breaking the 
gate, start tossing grenades at the enemies. This way, you’ll likely be 
able to get Yushenko even before he can do anything. You’ll probably 
take out most of his bodyguards too. Don’t worry about Zohar, even if 
he gets in your line of fire: he won’t take any dammage from you or 
your grenades. If Yushenko is still alive, you’ll have to chasse him up 
to where you began the level. Once he and all his bodyguards are down, 
the mission will be over.

At the beginning of the level, you can climb some stairs in front of 
you. To your left will be a shop in which you’ll meet Dr. Fadhil. This 
will also reveal the hidden objective. You don’t have to do this 
however, but it may fill your time as you wait for the V.I.P. is taking 
a walk.

Killing the merchant that fallows you in the bazaar can be quite tricky 
if you only have the knife. When you lure him in the discreet area 
behind the boxes, you must kill him before he blows your cover up. With 
the knife, it is not always easy, because you have no room for errors. 
After you’ve taken out your knife, you must kill him in the second. 
Fortunately, it seems one hit (even with the K-Bar) is enough in his 
case. With the Neck Snap, it is obviously a lot easier. All you have to 
do is get behind him and kill him before he can turn around.

If you ever get spotted before you’ve destroyed all communication 
equipment, you’ll get a five-minute countdown to complete that 
objective. Otherwise, there are no time limits.

Picture the level as being made up of two distinct sections. The first 
one is the one you have access to with the V.I.P.’s credentials and the 
second is the restricted area (the one you access through the window of 
the building with the first radio). These two sections are somehow 
independent one of the other. I’ll explain. If you get spotted in the 
first section, the guards in the second section won’t be alerted. That 
means you can still get the video cassette. You must be very careful 
not to be spotted by the guards in the second section though. Keep in 
mind that the house with the first radio counts as part of the second 
section too. This is why you can’t be seen in there even without a 
weapon in your hands.

If one of the two last guards does spot you, you can still try to kill 
the one upstairs before he destroys the cassette (you have a few 
seconds only).

X. Sana'a, Yemen: Taherir Palace     <L10>
Eliminate security room guards within 5 minutes
Retrieve weapons from security cage
Provide cover fire for Zohar
Jump to extraction chopper
Do not sound alarm before al-Hassan is dead
No collateral damage
Destroy Scud firing mechanism (Team)

Solo par-time : 17:00
Team par-time : 15:00

This rather particular level will most certainly remember you some 
arcade games. And because the action is mostly straightfoward, the par-
time is easily reachable, providing you are not too bad of a sniper. It 
is also one very small level which doesn’t have too great difficulties 
to offer.

The first part of the mission will have you take out the guards in 
under 5 minutes. There are four of them. Your first target will be the 
one guard patroling outside the cage. Fallow him up to the stairs and 
when he stops, kill him. Leave the body where it is.

Climb the stairs up to the balcony. Before you will be a guard walking 
in your direction. He will stop at a door to the right. Catch him at 
this moment and kill him as he is still. Get inside the building and 
eliminate the guard patroling on the inside balcony (he will make long 
pauses by the railing).

Climb on the railing and get down on the top of the cage (try making as 
less noise as possible). Climb down the ladder and get behind the last 
guard to eliminate him. The countdown will then stop and you’ll be able 
to take your equipment from the item boxes. Unlock the cage door and 
find your way back to the balcony.

You won’t be covering Zohar from this balcony. You’ll first need to 
open an large wooden door inside the building, on the second floor. 
You’ll access a new balcony from where the action will start.

You must provide Zohard with cover fire while he moves from on section 
of the palace to the other. A tag over him will tell you how much 
energy he has left. Each hit taken makes him loose 10%. Watch for 
snipers on the roof, as they may also fire at you. Zohar will be more 
endangered by the enemies on the ground than by snipers. Also beware of 
enemies who might climb ladders to get to the balcony where you’re 
standing. When looking into a sniper scope, you might have a tendency 
to forget about them.

Finally, when Zohar is finished searching the palace, he’ll meet you on 
the balcony. You must then eliminate new ennemies that will try to take 
over your position. Stone’s chopper will arrive shortly after and you 
must jump in it after he has blown out a part of the railing. Take a 
good run-up and make sure you aim correctly (your agent will jump of 
its own).

* On-line strategies *
Even for two players, this level is a piece of cake. One the stealth 
part is over, the rest is nothing to worry about. Try not to implicate 
more than two players in this first part, because too many people tend 
to mess things up.

Cobra: As soon as the mission begins, he climbs to the balcony and 
       deals with the two guards there. He makes sure he waits the 
       right moment to proceed (e.i. when the guard outside reaches the 
       end of the balcony). He then gets inside the cage and eliminates 
       the last guard. He quickly opens the door for his teammates 
       (BEFORE he takes back his equipment) and climbs to the balcony 
       to cover Zohar.

Python: He waits for the guard on the lower level to reach the stairs 
        and eliminates him when he stops. He waits for Cobra to open 
        the cage door, get his weapons back and climbs to the balcony 
        to cover Zohar.

Viper: He waits the cage door is opened, then get his equipment back. 
       He fallows his teammates to the balcony and helps Dragon to 
       climb up to the Scud missile.

Dragon: Same as Viper. He disarm the Scud after he’s been lifted up by 

When Zohar is inside a building, he can not be reached by enemy fire. 
Use this time to eliminate as many enemies as possible (especially 
snipers). You’ll know that Zohar is inside when he tells you he is 
searching an area.

When you have to jump in the chopper at the end, it is possible to 
complete the objective even if you miss the hold. It happened to me a 
couple of times. Even though I barely missed the hold, I still got 
credited for the objective (you must be just slightly off target).

Zohar is heavily armer and can defend itself a little, when you take 
too much time taking out an enemy in his way for instance. However, try 
to avoid that, as you can waste a lot of time when Zohar has to stop 
and fight a bunch of enemies. This is why you need to act fast, 
obviously, but most of all learn which enemies to eliminate in 

When Zohar meet you back on the balcony near the end of the mission, he 
warns you not to let enemies reach the balcony. This is not an official 
objective and you won’t get any penalty for letting one or two enemies 
to reach you. If you success in preventing any to climb up to you, 
you’ll get Zohar’s congratulations, but nothing more.

Saving Zohar will earn you the Dual Wield ability, which lets you use 
two handguns at the time.

XI. Minsk, Belarus: International University     <L11>
Retrieve mission gear from safehouse
Deploy viral sniffers ar marked locationsDownload MetaGlobal's records
Deploy a beacon inside the refrigerated truck
Bogue all MetaGlobal containers
Use elevator to enter the labs
Plant Agency surveillance gear
Acquire Omega Strain serum
Use emergency gas shutoff valve
Fall back to the streets for extractionMaintain stealth
No collateral damage

Solo par-time : 20:00

This mission may cause you a lot of frustration and it is fundamental 
that you take your time your first times through so that you get to 
eventually know the terrain by heart. This is personnaly one of my 
fabourite missions, as it combines all aspects of the gameplay: 
stealth, collateral dammage and fierce firefights against powerful 
enemies. Not the mention speed required to beat the par-time! You’ll 
need a non-lethal weapon, preferably the Stun Jack.

You begin in the streets of Minsk, where your transport left you. 
You’ll see as you start one of Jandran’s bodyguard walking to your 
left. Pass by him and go plant the first viral sniffer on the wall at 
the top of the slope. Turn around and fallow that same guard until he 
stops. Wait for him to turn away and go set the second viral sniffer in 
the alley to your right (NOTE: If you don’t wait for the guard to go 
away and go to the end of the alley, he’ll keep watching you and 
eventually unmask you for having being seen in a suspicious place).

Get back to the street and go straight along the fence. You’ll get by 
the thirt viral sniffer location, but don’t plant it just yet, because 
there talking towards a building door nearby. Quietly sneak behind him 
and stay close to him as he tries to remember the access code. Once 
you’ve learned it, fallow him inside before the door shuts and 
eliminate him. You can destroy the camera, but it’s been deactivated as 
the guard entered the access code. Go in the next room and download the 
MetaGlobal files from the terminal. Exit to the streets by the side 
door (which is NOT the one door you came in by).

To your left is another one of Jandran’s bodyguard. Kill him and hide 
is body inside the garage beside. In that same place, you’ll find a 
large thin box containing a DSC-1 Thermal. Take it and position 
yourself equal to the garage door. From there, you should be able to 
shoot down the sniper above the third viral sniffer location. When it’s 
done, don’t forget to put the DSC-1 back in its box, then go place the 
third sniffer.

Get back in front of the garage and go right. To your left, you’ll see 
a crawlspace you can climb to. When you get to the other side, keep 
going straight until you pass before the University entrance (the 
fourth viral sniffer location is over there). The entrance is however 
protected by two guards considered as collateral targets, so just 
ignore them for now. A little ahead, you’ll see a Jandran’s bodyguard. 
Fallow him into the alley and eliminate him when you get out ot sights. 
You should be near a ladder. Climb to the roof and find another DSC-1 
in a box. Your target is just in front of you, but you must be careful 
that he does not see you with a sniper rifle. Wait for him to look 
away, then take out your rifle and shoot him down. Put away your sniper 
and get back down.

Now from the two unversity guards who were watching over the entrance, 
one will start patrolling the street. Fallow him and knock him down and 
hide his body in a corner of the street to make sure no one sees it. 
Meanwhile, the second university guard will move under the arche. Sneak 
behind him and stun him. You can now safely go place the last viral 

Come back to the street and turn right. At the end will be the 
safehouse in which you’ll find your equipment. Take your weapons and 
equipment and leave the building. Now that you carry visible weapons, 
you must use the same path in order to avoid any remaining guards (e.i. 
through the crawlspace). 

+ Strategy +
There is another method for setting the four sniffers that can easily 
save you a couple minutes, yet it is highly risky. It could also put 
you at disadvantage later in the mission, since it implies you won’t 
get your weapons back from the safehouse. 

At the beginning, go place the first viral sniffer as usual. Than, 
instead of turning around, keep fallowing this street up to the 
safehouse. Take only the equipment Maggie left you and get back 
outside. Even if there are still guards around, it is possible to reach 
the fourth viral sniffer location. To do so, cross under the arche and 
stick to the wall to the right (crouch at all times). The guard 
standing by the front door won’t see you. Set the sniffer and go back 
the same way. It is possible that you hear one guard shout something to 
you, but ignore him and keep going your way.

Now go back to the starting point and proceed the same way (set the 
alley viral sniffer, learn the access code, download the MetaGlobal 
files, place the last viral sniffer, kill the guard in front of the 
warehouse and the foreman). Finally, in order to save yet more time, it 
is possible to shoot the lock to the warehouse gate without having to 
go up to the second floor of the MetaGlobal building. Place yourself at 
a certain angle and try shooting at the approximate location of the 
lock with a silenced pistol (PPK or Mark 23 SD). Even though you can’t 
actually see the lock from that position, you’ll eventually destroy it.

Back to the guide
Get near the third viral sniffer location and take out the DSC-1 from 
the box there. Move out to have a clear view over the fence and the 
warehouse and shoot the guard there as he stops in front of the gate. 
Foreman Jones will then come out of the warehouse through a door to the 
left. Come near the fence and aim at the door. As soon as it opens up, 
you’ll have a few seconds during which Foreman Jones will be standing 
still. Use that time to shoot him down. If if comes out and finds the 
body lying near the gate, your cover will blow away.

Now go back inside the MetaGlobal building (where you downloaded the 
files) and climb to the second floor. Take the DSC-1 (this one is non-
thermal) and shoot the gate lock from the window. Come back outside and 
go open it. Make your way to Jones’ body and take his keys. 

Once inside the warehouse, there are two bodyguards going in and out of 
a refregerated truck. They are easy to take out, besides they need to 
go up to an alarm switch if ever they spot you, leaving you with plenty 
of time. When you’re done, go inside that truck to place a bug. If the 
truck door happened to be closed, use the foreman’s keys to open it.

You must now find MetaGlobal containers and bug them. There are two 
randomly placed among five or six possible location (all off them 
inside the warehouse except for one in the undergrounds, near a pile of 
other boxes). Use your map if needed. 

Before you carry on, find a stair going down (in the main hangar). To 
the left will be lockers, one of which contains a disguise which will 
simplify things a lot for the next part to come. Now take these stairs 
down to the underground complex.

You don’t have to worry about stealth for the next part of the level. 
Fallow the tunnels until you get to some kind of engine room. In a 
corner, you’ll find a valve you’ll later have to shut, so do it now.

Keep going until you get to the surface. You’ll then be notify that 
your disguise no longer works, so be careful again.

As you get out, you’ll see two university guards. One is standing and 
turning his back to you, while the other is patroling in the courtyard. 
Just wait a little for the second one to look away (stay hidden behind 
the corner) and then knock them both. Enter the university through the 

You only have two more guards to deal with. The first one will come 
walking in the hall just in front of you. Wait for him to go check a 
door in front and knock him down. Stay hidden near this door, because 
the second guard is patroling farther in the same hall. When he goes in 
the room next to him, get closer and wait for him to get back in the 
hall, then stun him.

Enter in the room to your left but don’t go too gar, as there is a 
camera on the left wall. Destroy it and take the elevator down to the 

You now have a few minutes to do your jobs before some armored guys 
break in. Don’t waste any time and go place your cameras (don’t forget 
the one as you enter the lab as well as the one in the storeroom to the 
right). When you’re finished placing them and when you have taken the 
serum, fall back to the elevator.

The best way to get to the extraction point is to take the same path 
you used to came in. If you’re fast enough, you shouldn’t meet more 
than one or two armored soldiers. The first one will be waiting soon 
after you’ve exited the elevator. Fortunately, he should be busy with 
Jandran’s bodyguards. You can either shoot the fuel tank in their back 
or throw an M61 grenade if you have one. For the otherones you’ll come 
across, I suggest you simply get around them and roll to avoid taking 
too much dammage.

When you’re back in the underground complex, you’ll see a room with a 
short stair leading to a security room. It was closed when you first 
came in, but noe it is opened. Kill the guard inside and destroy the 
control pannel on the wall. This will prevent Jandran’s bodyguard to 
shut any gates that could block your way.

Make your way to the extraction point (which is where you’ve started 
the mission) and try fighting as less enemies as possible.

In the underground complex, there are many pipes from which steam comes 
out. Shot on one cap will cause a small explosion that can work great 
against some annoying enemies.

Near the garage, there is a sewer that allows you to “cut power to 
front office”. This is useful only if you’ve been spotted before you 
could get the security code. Normally, you couldn’t access the computer 
inside the MetaGlobal building. However, by cutting the power and than 
restore it back, you’ll restart the computer. This process takes a few 
minutes, during which you could be ambushed by some enemies. At least, 
you’ll still be able to get this objective done.

It seems that if you’ve been spotted in your way to the labs, you’ll 
have less time to complete your objectives there. However, if you’re 
fast enough you, that shouldn’t be too much of a problem whatsoever.

Learning the security code at the beginning does not only grant you 
access to the MetaGlobal office, it can also be useful to stop the 
alarm if ever it is set off.

There is a quite irritating glitch that may occur sometimes. You may 
have experienced it already: you complete the level without a itch, but 
get the bad surprise so see that you failed the collateral dammage 
parameter, although you have no collateral dammage in your level 
statistics. I’ve looked for the reason why this glitch happens for a 
long time. The fallowing explanation have been proposed on GameFAQs 
boards: it seems that there are “beta” enemies still in the level, e.i. 
whose programming hasn’t been completed. I’m not sure yet whether there 
are only one or more enemies of this type throughout the level, but 
killing one will have you fail the collateral parameter although it 
won’t tell you on the moment. These enemies might by distinguished by 
looking closely at them: they are, it seems, cover in black pixels. 
These details still need to be confirmed.

Coming soon...

XII. Samaschki, Chechnya: Ivankov's Home (Bonus)     <L12>
Photograph the 3 mass graves
Photograph the bombed school
Photograph the bombed hospital
Photograph the bombed church
Photograph Uri Gregorav
Rescue the CDP hostage
Free Chechen prisoners
Obtain the code from Ivankov's house
Collect tissue sample from a villager's body
Get to the extraction point
Maintain stealth
Do not use lethal force

Solo par-time : 12:00

This mission can get close to a nightmare! There are tons of ennemies 
in it and, besides having to remain stealthy, you can not use lethal 
force. And since, once again, there are no checkpoints at all during 
the entire level, you have to go through it in one shot! So be prepared 
to start over many times... And make sure you know how to properly use 
the Taser (E.D.T.), because you’ll have to rely on it more than once. 
Although I don’t tend to use visuals here in this guide, it may become 
hard to find your way around, so here’s a map to help you with the 

           .|__G ___  __  |
           .|     |     | |
          . |  D  |  D  | |
         .  |Z____|_____| |__            X = you start here
        .                    |           G = enemy guard
       .       G           G |           M = first mass grave
      .     _____         ___|           D = (« Discreet area »)
     . ____|     |       |               E = you will have to exit 
     .|          |       |                   through this window 
MMM  .       |   |       |               Z = you need to get here later  
MMM   |______|_D_|       |                   on in order to reach 
__G______________        |                   Ivankov’s papers
                 |       |                   
                 |       |
                 |       |
                 |   X   |

As you start the mission, go forward until you can turn left. Before 
you will be an enemy soldier digging a grave. Use the Taser on him and 
hide is body in the house just beside which is a Discreet Area. Stay 
hidden there yourself until a second soldier sopts in front of the 
grave. Tase him and move his body inside. Then take a photograph of the 

Turn to the right and cross the street (fallow the dotted line on the 
above map). A garde will be patrolling inside the building to your 
right. There is a hole in the wall just above that you can reach by 
jumping. Wait first for the soldier to stop and to turn around, than 
climb up there and knock him out. Move his body in any of the two rooms 
to your right (both are discreet areas). Also remember these two rooms, 
as you’ll have to come back later. Also, looking ahead to end of the 
mission, you’ll have to take out the two guards in the street you’ve 
just crossed. Advance to the end of the corridor and climb down the 
stairs to the right. On guard will be standing and the other is walking 
around the building near the first mass grave. Wait for them to geat 
near each other and throw a DormaGen to put them both to sleep.

Get back inside and look for the two windows opposie to the two rooms. 
There is also a large hole in the wall. Exit the building through the 
window to the left and once you’ve fallen to the ground, go right. In 
front will be a soldier going towards a the school, and a second one is 
patrolling to the left. As soon as this last one turns away, get behind 
the first and fallow him to the school yard, then tase him. Take a 
picture of the school.

Turn around and sneak behind the second guard mentionned above and 
enter the first building to the right. Fallow the stairs up to a room 
containing a box Air pistol ammo. Don’t take it right away though. 
Instead, cross over the wooden plank to get inside the next house and 
take a picture of Uri Gregorav. Then, climb on that wooden plank again 
and knock the soldier you’ll see down to your left (use your Air 
Pistol). Fall back to the entrance of the building and the guard you 
previously fallowed should be walking just before you. Get behind him 
and knock him down.

Next, get up to the room where you took a picture of Gregorav and take 
out your Air Pistol. This is the key moment of this mission, where you 
must save the Chechen prisonner before he is executed. In theory, there 
are three guards around. Two will be to the left of the chopper and 
another is patroling around all this area. Of the first two, one is 
standing whereas the second one will reach to him after Uri has boarded 
his chopper. It is this one you will kill the hostage afterwards. 
Timing is crucial here. With some luck, the guard to the right will be 
in range when Uri leaves the place. If that’s indeed the case, first 
fire a shot at hiom, then knock the moving guard to the left and 
finally the standing one. 

+ Strategy +
What happens most of the time is that the soldier to the right will be 
out of reach. In that case, take down the two guards on the left in the 
same order and quickly get out to the streets and get near the two 
enemy bodies. The third guard shoud be closing in : fire as soon as you 
see him and hope that he doesn’t see the bodies first.

Back to the guide
Whatever happened with the third soldier, a fourth one will come in 
this area from an alley to the right (there is a baril with fire near 
it). And it is most likely he will spot the bodies. To avoid being 
detected, through a grenade at the end of the alley, so that he will be 
put to sleep before he can do anything. 

You can now relax a bit, the worst part is behind you. Before you carry 
on, go to the second mass grave, knock the guard who’s digging and take 
a photograph. Come back towards the hostage, but DO NOT untie him just 
yet. Find instead the bodies of villagers lying nearby and take a tissu 
sample. Once you’re done, get in the alley by which the fourth enemy 
was coming and fallow it to the cell where two prisonners are beind 

You will see a soldier in front of the cell, but don’t attack him 
already, as a second soldier will come before you. Hide in a corner and 
knock him out. Do the same with the other enemy, but again don’t free 
the prisonners for now. 

Instead, advance to the third mass grave, which should be under watched 
over by three soldiers. Throw one DormaGen to take them all out and 
take the picture afterwards.

Get back on your steps and find a passage to the right, leading towards 
the church. Two soldiers will be near it: one patroling and the other 
standing in front of it. Knock them out and take the picture.

Go near the third grave and keep going. You’ll soon see a lean-to roof 
that you can reach. Climb in the building and then down through the 
hole in the floor. You’re now near the hospital. Throw one or two 
DormaGen to knock them all of and take your picture.

Now all you have to do is come back and free the two prisonners as well 
as the Chechen hostage. Start off by the cell prisonners, than fallow 
them and when you get by the hostage, untie him too. Go with them to 
the beginning of the level. On the way, get inside the building with 
the two rooms I told you earlier to keep in mind (see the “Z” on the 
map above). From that spot, you can jump to a wire and shimmy across 
the street to the second floor of the building ahead. You’ll find there 
Ivankov’s papers lying in a corner. Than get back down and go to the 
extraction point.

When you free the prisonners and the hostage, you should always stay 
close to them, otherwise they could die (even though there are no 
soliders in their way).

There is a glitch that occurs sometimes when you go in the small alley 
near the chopper. Your screen will flash black a couple of times before 
it makes you start over the mission, without any further notice telling 
you you’ve failed the mission. I don’t have a clue as what might cause 
that and various solutions have been brought to it. Some will say that, 
if it happens, you should start over the mission and chance your 
itinerary (eliminate the enemies in a different order for instance). As 
for me, I’ve found out that if you [crawl], you may avoid the glitch. 
When I tried holding X down when I went through that passage, the 
glitch never occurred again.

Is it just me or Uri changed his last name? In TOS it is clearly 
spelled GregorAv, where as in the previous SF is was writing GregorOv.

XIII. North Atlantic: Lorelei Salvage Rig     <L13>
Locate salvage personnel uniform on level 2
Obtain access codes on level 5
Infiltrate lower levels
Plant four nukes on the lower levels
Infiltrate restricted level 13
Eliminate threat on level 13
Adminsiter medication to Dr. Jandran
Collect original virus sample
Locate launch override switch on level 13
Activate emergency pump system within 3 minutes
Open level 2 security door for Mujari
Provide covering fire for Mujari
Rendezvous at level 13 mini-sub docking bay
Maintain stealth until meeting with Mujari
No collateral damage

Solo par-time : 28:00

Don’t be mislead by the high par-time, because this level is huge and 
your moving-around will be slow since you spend a lot of time in the 
elevator. Yet, it is certainly not the hardest level in terms of par-
time, but not the easiest either. Also be careful not to get lost, as 
the level is immense and made up of countless corridors. Don’t forget 
to put the Stun Jack in your inventory.

You start near the chopper that dropped you. On the root with you are 
two guards. The first one is patroling in front of the elevator door 
and the second is standing still far to the left. Eliminate them both 
(you don’t even have to bother about beind silenced). Then take the 
elevator down to level 6.

Take out your Stun Jack as you wait on the elevator platform. Two 
techniciens will be in the room you’re getting to. After their little 
talk, one will walk in front of the elevator and the other will climb 
some stairs. First knock down the one closest to you, then rush to the 
stairs and to the same to the other one. Under those stairs, you’ll 
find a ladder that will take you down. Fallow this duct to the next 
ladder and don’t forget to take the nightvision goggles from the box on 
your way.

+ Strategy: Saving some time +
Knowing that only one technician on floor 6 will run towards the alarm 
if they see you, you can use that to your advantage. The other will 
simply escape through a door and you won’t see him again. With this in 
mind, simply rush out the elevator as soon as its door opens and stun 
the one running to the alarm switch.

Back to the guide
Climb up this ladder and fallow the technicien running ahead of you. 
He’ll soon leave the area, so you don’t have to worry about him. Go 
around the corridor until you get to two long ladders. Climb up to 
level 5 and kill the guard standing in front of the console. Then take 
the first code from that same console.

Next turn to your right and use the ladders in front. When you’re down, 
stay hidden while a technician walks in front of you. Sneak behind him 
and stun him. Keep fallowing that same direction and enter the duck in 
front. You’ll get out of it behind another technician. Close up on him 
and knock him down. To your left you’ll see some ladders, but ignore 
them. Instead advance to the next set of ladders and climb up. Kill the 
guard patroling in front of the console and take the second access 
code. Before you do anything else, find the elavator on this floor and 
open up the blast door. This will spare you a lot of trouble later on.

Get back to the console room and take the ladder up to floor 4. When 
you get there, go to your left up to the end of this corridor. Find the 
vent and crawl into it to get to the other section of that floor. You 
are now in a cafeteria in which there is only one technician. Deal with 
him and open the elevator door (again to help you out for later), than 
find the ladder to 3rd floor. 

There are two technicians on this floor. Move near them and after 
they’re done talking, knock the one who stays first and then the other 
one. This time you don’t have to open the elevator door as you won’t 
have to come back to this floor. There are four boxes near the bay 
window if you need weapons or ammunition. When you’re done, go to the 
other end and use the ladder to get to floor 2.

+ Strategy +
Notice that there are no alarm swithes on 3rd floor, so you actually 
don’t need to worry about the two technicians at all as they can do 
nothing more than running around! You can simply go around the other 
side of the elevator to gain some time.

Back to the guide
When you get to floor 2, you’ll hear two technicians talking. Hide 
behind the boxes to the left and wait until one of them walks in front 
of you. Knock him down and than catch up with the other who went in the 
opposite direction. However, watch out you don’t take the next corner 
yet, as a third technician will come towards you. This one will 
eventually stops near you, and when he turns around, fallow behind him. 
You’ll come across a room to the right where you’ll find the technician 
uniform. Put it on and you won’t have to worry anymore about stealth.

In that same room, you’ll find the elevator door. Open the blast door 
and call for the elevator. While the platform gets to your level, go in 
the right corner where you’ll find a small switch on the wall. It will 
reveail a hidden section with a ladder. Climb it to get to a small 
laboratory and take the virus sample. Come back to the elevator and 
climb down to level 12.

As you get off the elevator and make a few steps, there will be an 
explosion that will set an emergency alarm. Turn around and get back in 
the elevator to get to level 4. You’ve got 3 minutes to activate the 
pomp system found in that floor. You’ll find the door to a small room 
on this floor (use your map if needed).

Your next objective is to save four technician from drowning. Go back 
to the elevator and go to level 5. You’ll find in the corridor two 
large door, one on each side of the level, that you can now open. 
Inside will be two technicians. The countdown will stop when you open 
the second door. Move them to the safe zone (near the console) and come 
back to the elevator when you’re done.

Climb up to level 2 and open up the security door for Mujari. Take him 
down to level 12 and than fallow him to level 13. Cover him as he hacks 
the security door and when you get in the docking bay, hurry to the 
console and stop the submarine. Eliminate with Mujari all the enemies 
in the area.

+ Strategy +
After you’ve cleared the docking bay from all enemies, Mujari will go 
stop the submarine himself if you don’t do it. Knowing that, you can 
save some more seconds.

Back to the guide
Find the stairs to the left (right if you’re at the console) and fallow 
this corridor to Dr. Jandran. Give him the vaccine and come back to the 
docking bay. Get to the other side of the room and take down the ladder 
to level 14. Eliminate the enemies in your way and take the two 
corridors on each side to the nuke locations. Plant and defend them. 
Get down to level 15 and repeat.

When this is done, come back to level 13 and help Lawrence getting rid 
of new enemies attacking the bay to end the mission.

If one technician spots you, don’t panic already, as it takes him some 
time to get to an alarm switch. This gives you some time to knock him 
before he does. With the guards, it’s a little harder as the seem to be 
faster... and armed obviously.

This level has the highest par-time (28 minutes), but it is not that 
much time. Indeed, you’ll spend a lot of time in the elevator between 
floors and stealth will also burns up a lot.

XIV. Tokyo, Japon: Murakawa Tower     <L14>
Defend chopper while Gina repairs damage
Eliminate Yakuza officers
Eliminate HNT leader Matsua
Infiltrate Murakawa Tower
Eliminate head of security: Ryusaki
Search building for surveillance tape
Breach security without triggering alarm
Upload computer data
Plant C-4 charges on lab floor
Obtain sample
Secure rooftop LZ
Meet Lian on the helipad

Solo par-time: 15:00
Team par-time: 9:00

This level will feature enemies that are one step stronger than what 
you’ve met up to now. Some are armed heavily enough to tear you down in 
a few seconds. It is also one of the thoughest mission in which to 
achieve par, as you’ll need to move very fast, even more than in 
previous missions.

At the beginning of the mission, stay around the chopper and eliminate 
as many enemies approaching while Gina is making the repairs. When she 
takes off, fallow the street. Beware of snipers on some building roofs.

You’ll come across the first Yakuza officer. Eliminate him and keep 
going. You will hear an explosion and a van will crash near you. The 
second officer will come out from the back of the pick-up. Eliminate 
him as well.

+ Strategy: Yakuza Officers +
The Yakuza officers carry heavy firepower, wear flak jackets, move 
around more and are more aggressive than usual enemies. If you’re not 
watchful, you’ll get killed before you know it. Avoid staying in the 
light or standing still. Aim for a headshot or use a powerful weapon (a 
good shotgun, such as the ShotHammer you can easily get in this level, 
is a good bet).

Back to the guide
The next officer will be standing on a passageway in front of you. Kill 
him (preferably with a headshot from a distance) and keep going. Right 
after you’ve crossed under this passageway, you’ll see the entrance to 
the parking garage. Watch for the snipers on the roofs to your right as 
you try to reach it. Open the gate and go down in the garage.

Immediately you’ll run in Matsua who is standing near a car. Eliminate 
him (he’s rather easy to headshot before he starts running) and refill 
with armor if you need it. Fallow the path to the left to the next 
parking section and kill the enemies there. Find the double-doors to 
the right, but you can’t open it yourself. Actually, as you get close 
to it, one enemy will open it from the other side. Kill him and take 
the stairs up.

Climb up two stairs and you’ll get to the lobby, on the same level than 

+ Strategy: Ryusaki +
The easiest way requires you to bring M61 grenades with you and to 
throw one on Ryusaki’s path. Take note that he will always move in the 
direction opposite to which you’re going. If you don’t have grenades 
with you, you must kill him by shooting, which can be long and painful 
if you don’t have a powerful weapon (headshots doesn’t seem to work at 
all on him). Beside, you’ll need to stay covered at all time and take a 
few shots at the time. You must avoid being hit as one bullet of 
Ryusaki’s gatling gun is enough to kill you instantaneously.

Another solution (not to consider if you’re aiming for par) is to first 
hack the elevators (see the NOTES at the end of this level), than climb 
to the first floor. There is nothing on this floor except an enemy 
armed with a ShotHammer. However, he also carries M61 frags (this is 
the only place you can get some during the entire mission). You can 
come back and kill Ryusaki then. 

Back to the guide
Take the elevator control that Ryusaki was carrying, then take the 
stairs to the lobby first floor and advance towards the doors. The one 
to the left isn’t fully shut and you can roll under it. Take one of the 
two elevators to your right and climb to the second floor.

This floor is almost enterely pitched black and is filled with bad 
guys. You can either turn your flashlight on or use manuel aiming (L1) 
to spot the enemies. There is a Yakuza officer on this floor too. After 
you’ve taken him down, go check if the video tape isn’t in the drawer 
in the back of the room (where you probably saw the Yakuza for the 
first time): it’s one of its three possible locations. The officer also 
carries nightvision goggles that you can take with you. Come back to 
the elevator and go up to floor 3.

On this rather small floor is another Yakuza standing in the men’s 
bathroom. Kill him and take the elevator to floor 4.

This floor is designed similarly to the second floor you visited 
earlier, except that the lights are working. You’ll meet 2 Yakuza 
officers here. Eliminate them and go check if the tape isn’t on the 
shelf of an office on the North wall side. Get back to the elevator and 
proceed to floor 5.

There are two guards on this floor that you must take out before you 
reach the secutiry post in the center. The first one will be on your 
side, whereas the second is behind the middle wall. When the elevator 
doors will open, they’ll both initiate their patrol route which are 
symetrical. Get behind the guard on your side of the wall and quietly 
take him out. Get to the security post and eliminate the second guard 
(you don’t have to be stealthy now as no one else can turn on the 
alarm). When it’s done, go to the console and activate the elevators 
for the upper floors. Next go up to floor 6.

Once again you’re in with two enemies that must not be aware of your 
presence before you’ve completed your objective. The first one will be 
walking in front of you and a second one is to the left. Quickly sneak 
behind the first guard and silently eliminate him (if you’re using a 
knife, you must keep in mind that he will never stops walking, so you 
can not get the animation to slit his throat). Turn around and fire on 
the second guard. You can now download the data from the terminal to 
the right end of the room.

Climb afterwards to the eighth floor and eliminate the two enemies 
waiting there for you. Get behind the desk and unlock the door to 
Murakawa’s office. Get inside and go behind his desk where you’ll find 
the switch to a secret foor. When you open it, a guard will come out; 
eliminate him. Before you leave the office, check the bookcase to the 
left to see if the tape isn’t hidden there. Use the secret door and 
take the stairs to the roof.

You will now have to face a great number of powerful enemies. I suggest 
you climb on the landing platform, from where you can see enemies 
coming more easily, whereas they will have fewer ways to get to you. 
When the roof is cleared, use the freight-elevator to get on floor 7.

First place a C4 charge on the barils in front of you. Then put on the 
HAZMAT suit and enter the decontamination chamber. When the process is 
completed, crouch-walk (hold X) towards the small room where a 
technician is working. Eliminate him and collect the virus sample. Then 
go set the two remaining C4s and watch for two enemies you will break 
in the lab. Get back to the roof afterwards.

When Lian’s chopper lands, some more guards will launch an attack. Help 
Lian get rid of the enemies and the mission will be completed.

* On-line strategies *
You’ve already tasted the level of difficulty in this level and the 
team strategy requires good coordination, especially for using the 
elevators efficiently. The rest isn’t too complex, as long as all 
players have some skills and do not get shot down every two steps. It 
is possible to beat the par-time with thress players without too much 
trouble, and even with only two players. In this case however, one will 
have to be extremely fast and effective.

It is better that the game host takes care of floors 5 and 6, since it 
seems less probable that any glitches occur with him getting there 
first (see NOTES below). Therefor he should also be the most 
experimented and skilled player, because he has the toughest part. 

Cobra: From the beginning of the level, he goes towards the parking 
       garage and eliminates, with Python’s help, the three first 
       Yakuza officers as well as Matsua. He keeps going until he gets 
       inside the tower and goes for the elevators. He uses the right 
       one to get directly to floor 5. He activates the private  
       elevators without setting off the alarm and downloads the data 
       on floor 6. He then keeps going to floor 8, check the bookcase 
       in Murakawa’s office for the tape, then goes to the roof. He 
       quickly uses the freight-elevator to get down to the labs. After 
       he sets the explosives and get the virus sample, he comes back 
       to the roof and helps his teammates finish the job.

Python: He fallows Cobra and assists him with the Yakuza officers and 
        Matsua. After he infiltrated the tour, he takes the stairs down 
        and hacks the elevators. He then goes to the second floor of 
        the lobby and kills Ryusaki. He then takes the elevator left by 
        Cobra and goes to floor 2. After, he’s done with the Yakuza 
        there, he climbs to floor 4 using the staircase and kills the 
        two officers. On his way, he must not forget to check both 
        possible tape locations on floors 2 and 4. From the fourth 
        floor, he uses the vent to get to floor 5. If he meets with 
        Viper and Dragon at this point, he goes with them to the roof. 
        If he is late, he uses the elevator that they’ve called back 
        for him. And if he is early, he should call back the elevator 
        used by Cobra for his teammates, and use the other one to get 
        to floor 8.

Viper: He stays to defend the helicopter, than goes for Murakawa tower. 
       Once he’s at the elevators, he calls back the one used by Python 
       (logically, the left one) and climbs to the 3rd floor. After he 
       has taken out the last Yakuza officer, he goes to floor 5. If he 
       meets with Python, they and Dragon goes togheter to the roof. He 
       he is early, he makes sure to call back the other elevator for 
       Python. Once on the roof, he secures the landing platform.

Dragon: He defends the helicopter and fallow Viper to the 3rd floor, 
        and to the roof.

Hacking the elevator pannel may also be useful in single player, 
especially if you’re a beginner and don’t want to fight Ryusaki right 

If you get spotted on floor 5, two bullet-proof glass pannels will keep 
you from crossing to the other side, where the elevators are. If it 
happens to you, there is a vent accessible from floor 4 (in a small 
room in the back) which will lead you to the other side of the wall. If 
you’re playing on-line, you can climb over the wall with a teammate.

On floor 6, if one guard sees you, the one to the left will trigger an 
alarm which initiates the destruction of the data you came for. Hurry 
to the terminal and download what you can (between 5% and 95%) and 
you’ll still be credited for this objective.

When you get to the labs on floor 7, it is possible that the 
technicians inside hear something and locks himself up. There is a 
switch on the opposite side of the room that opens the door, but the 
technician will close it back each time you come any closer. If you 
have a grenade, you can kill him before he shuts the door. Just press 
the swtich and and immediately throw a grenade near the entrance and 
the blast should kill the technician.

There is a glitch happening on-line that can be quite annoying, 
although some might consider it as a normal part of the game being 
extremely sensitive. When you get to floors 5 or 6, it is possible the 
the enemies hear gunfires from your partners, even if they are on a 
lower floor. Why I think it is a glitch rather than a programmed 
feature is that it does occur all the time. You can be sure however 
that if you can hear gunfires, so will your enemies. You can adjust 
your strategy in consequence.

XV. Taguang, Myanmar: Irawaddy Basin     <L15>
Plant four claymores along the path
Plant C-4 charges on foot bridge
Plant C-4 charges on log bridges
Find Imany Gray's remains at crash site
Retrieve tracking device from Agent Gray
Eliminate Than Muang
Eliminate MetaGlobal terrorist
Take documents from terrorist
Recover viral container
Find Yong-jun KimFing Yong-jun Kim's briefcase
Destroy radar tracking unit
Rendezvous at river boat with Agent Gray's body
Recover flight recorder (Team)

Solo par-time : 20:00
Team par-time : 8:00

This is probably the mission with the hugest environment, so be real 
careful not to get lost, which would consume a lot of precious time. 
Maximise the use of your map and rader in order to find the straightest 
way. In the same way as in mission 7 (Belarus 2), the key is the make 
the most out of your trips, reducing them to a minimum.

You begin the level near the boat already carrying 2 C4 charges and 2 
Claymores (you can’t carry more at the same time). Fallow the track and 
put the first two claymores (watch out for snipers in the trees). Keep 
going until you get to a suspended bridge. Set your two C4s (one on 
each end of the bridge) while being careful with the sniper posted on 
the other shore. Then get back to the boat and take some more 
explosives. Go set the remaining two claymores near the track.

You still have three C4 charges to place, on three log bridges. If we 
situate them from the suspended bridge, there is one on the left and 
two on the right. Go first towards the log bridge on the left. Place 
your charge and then cross to the other shore. Turn right and make your 
way to the crash site.

Near the plane tail is a small hill on top of which is a tent.

+ Strategy: Than Muang +
Than Muan is armed with a M-79 and wears a 250-point flak jacket. 
Slowly move closer and stop as soon as you see the top of his head. You 
can than shoot him whereas he can not see you. Another way is to have 
him fire a shot (move and roll as he shoots so you don’t get kill by 
the explosion) and kill him while he is reloading.

Back to the guide
Destroy the radar and take the documents in the briefcase nearby. 
Before you leave this location, take one C4 (there are 2 to the left of 
the radar).

Next find your way up to the plane nose, but ignore Imani’s body for 
the time being. When you’re there, go around the structure and climb on 
it. Climb down (where it tells you) inside the plance to find Yong-jun 
Kim’s body. Climb down to the ground after that.

Go to the middle of the crash site, where Imani’s body is. Take back 
the tracker she was carrying on her. You’ll then trigger the enemy 
carrying the viral container and he should appear on your map/radar. 
Hurry up to catch with him. If you’re quick enough, you can get to him 
before he crosses over the suspended bridge. Shoot him down and take 
the viral container. Before you come back to the crash site, fallow the 
river up to the two ramaining log bridges. Set your C4s and fall back 
to the crash site.

You’re now left with the thoughest part of the mission, e.i. brining 
back Imani’s body to your boat. Prepare for a lot of ambushes and to 
face a ton of enemies! Yet, the key is to loose as less time as 
possible. You can use any of the bridges, but beware of the explosives 
that will detonate soon after you’ve crossed.

For the rest, I suggest you go in straight line to the boat. But before 
you’re done, you still have one objective to go. If you look at your 
map, you’ll see a kind of pyramid to the left side of your boat (say 
you’re facing it). When you get to the level of that pyramid, leave 
Imagni’s body and go to this location. You’ll have to face a few 
snipers and the MetaGlobal terrorist. Take him down and take the letter 
he was carrying, then come back to Imani’s body and return to the boat.

+ Strategy: Bringing Imani’s body back +
Bringing Imani’s body back is the main challenge in the level. Indeed, 
when you carry the body, you can’t use any weapon. You must put it down 
is you have to defend yourself. Yet you must stop a little as possible, 
even if many enemies are attacking you. Actually, you should only drop 
the body if you have no choice, if your own survival is at stake. For 
instance, if you’re surrounder by enemis or if one spawn just in front 
of you (which may happen). Otherwise, if your attacked from the same 
side, keep going and do a small detour in the worst case to get around 
the enemies. They don’t tend do chase you by the way. You can also 
choose to walk along the track where you planted the claymores. Still, 
be careful, because you might just get killed if an enemy walks on one 
while you’re near it too.

* On-line strategies *
This mission requires solid team work, otherwise you’ll soon have waste 
too much time. Three players can beat par, but they must be skilled and 
execute their tasks very quicklyu and without a hitch.

Cobra: He plants two Claymores and his two C4s on the suspended bridge. 
       He then goes to the crash site, finds Imani’s body and take the 
       tracking device. He eliminates the viral carrier (before he 
       crosses over the bridge), then comes back and takes Imani’s body 
       to the boat.

Python: He fallows Cobra and plants his two Claymores too. When he gets 
        to the river, and turns left and plant a C4 on the log bridge 
        to the far left. He then goes to the crash site. He eliminate 
        Than Muang, take the briefcase documents and destroys the radar 
        dish. He then meets with Cobra and provides him cover fire.

Viper: He goes with Dragon directly to the pyramid. He kills the 
       MetaGlobal terrorist and takes Mara’s letter before helping 
       Dragon climinb on top of the pyramid. Afterwards he meets with 
       Cobra and assists him.

Dragon: He goes with Viper to the pyramid and climbs with his help on 
        top of it. He takes the black box and gets to the two log 
        bridges on the right of the suspended bridge to set his C4s. He 
        keeps going up to the right side of the crash site and finds 
        Yong-jun Kim’s body. He then catch up with Cobra and the other 

Count at least 8 minutes (when playing off-line) to bring back Imani’s 
body to the boat, including the detour to the pyramid. Otherwise, if 
you want to get a chance to beat par, you should take the body at no 
more than 12 minutes.

The mines you planted on side of the track might help you getting rid 
of some enemies chasing you. But from my point of view, they’re rather 
awkward as they’ve killed me more often than my enemies!

If you keep fallowing the track after you’ve crossed over the suspended 
bridge on your way to the crash site, you’ll meet a group of enemies 
heavily armed and all wearing flak jackets. Try avoiding this path and 
instead do a hook to the right.

XVI. Zurich, Switzerland: Niculescu Funds Tower     <L16>
Bypass red laser alarm system
Plant camera transeivers
Insert data transmitters
Access the main frame computer
Power up emergency elevators
Obtain security chief's handprint and bypass security system
Search vauls on 3rd floor
Search the vault on 4th floor
Rendezvous at the last vault on level 4
Maintain stealth
No collateral damage
Hidden objective: Obtain Birchmin files
Hidden objective: Obtain ALA financial records

Solo par-time: 18:00

We’re completly changing style here. Forget about the tons of enemies, 
because this level only has 13 (unless you set off the alarm). They are 
also thirteen collateral targets, so forget also about the hevy 
artillery. Actually, you can easily beat this mission with only the 
Stun Jack. If you want an insurance policy, you can still bring other 
non-lethal weapons, such as the Air Pistol or the Riot Shotgun. You 
should also bring any lethal weapon (the PPK would do just fine) to 
shoot a grid inside an air duck. 

When the mission starts, immediately climb the ladder in front of you 
up to the top. You’ll see a guard in front: knock him off and leave his 
body there. To your left is a door which is close for now. Hide to its 
right and wait for a second guard to open it from the other side. Sneak 
behind him and knock him as quickly as possible.

A third guard is patroling in a corridor to then right of the control 
room from where the previous guard came out. Stun him and place the a 
camera transceiver on the console. And if you don’t have one already, 
there is an Air pistol in a box nearby (very useful if you’re aiming 
for par).

In the corridor where the third guard was, you’ll find an crawlspace to 
your left which will bring you to another section of the building. 
There are three enemies guarding this section. The first one is on the 
ground level, the second is on the second floor but will come down 
briefly. Knock both of them (preferably before the second one climbs 
back on the upper floor). You can use your Air Pistol for easy shots. 
Take the ramp to the second floor and fallow the corridor. The third 
enemy is the chief of security and will be in the office at the end. 
Put him to sleep and take his handprint. Before you leave the room, 
make sure you shut off the laser system (it’s a switch on a pannel on 
the right wall). Now come back all the way up to the vent and to the 
previous section.

Make your way to the elevator and climb on its roof. Fallow the vent up 
until you see a grid on your left. Use the lethal weapon you brought 
with you to shoot it down and to reveal a new duct. Fallow it and take 
the ALA financial records at the end. Get back inside the vent and 
fallow it to its other end. You’ll end up near the power generator. 
Turn it on and go back to the elevator. You can now ride it to the 
lower floor.

There are two guards on this floor. Hurry up to eliminate the first one 
patroling around the elevator. Then wait for the second one to get in 
the room you’re in and knock him. Before you go in the control room 
from where he came, locate a vent on a wall to the right (between two 
computer stations) and crawl into it. Turn right at the crossing and 
once you come out, place the second camera transceiver.

Come back near the elevator and place the four transmitters on eache of 
the computers in this room. Then go in the control room and open the 
large security door to the left. Once you get in the main frame 
computer, a coundown will initiate (giving you more time than is 
needed). Climb down the ladder to the lowest floor. There is a box 
there containing a Riot Pistol if you want it. Find the keyboard and 
download the data. This will shut of the inferior and superior doors, 
so you must climb to the middle floor by a hatch above you and activate 
the keybord on the left which will unlock the doors. Climb down to 
where you were, take the ladder up and leave this place.

Come back to the elevator room and go towards the other one (Gabe has 
unlocked it for you). Take it down to the vault level. Four guards will 
be patroling on this floor. First, go place the third camera 
transceiver on the security console right in front of you. Behind it is 
a box containing a Riot Shotgun. There are four guards, as I said, and 
four vault. Take them out one by one and search each vault. Watch out 
for the green lasers that will toast you if you touch them. When you 
get half-way in the corridor, you’ll need to use the handprint you got 
earlier to access the secured elevator. Once you’re done with the 
vault, Gabe will unlock this one for you so you can get to the last 

This floor is more about lasers than guard, as there is only one. He 
will be walking in front of you when the elevator doors open. Knock him 
down and place the last camera transceiver on the console. Take the 
left corridor up to the first of the two vaults in this floor. In it 
you’ll find a vent that will take you to the Birchmin’s files. Take 
them and get out. Go to the last vault to end the mission.

You’re biggest concern if you ever set off the alarm will be that all 
enemies attacking you are collateral targets. The other non-lethal 
weapons you find in this level should only be used in this eventuality.

Again, like in Lorelei, the guards must reach an alarm switch if they 
spot you, giving you some time to react and KO them before they do.

Actually, this is one of the easiest levels in the game. The only 
challenge would be the first vault level with the four guards.

XVII. Budva, Montenegro: Niculescu's Villa Estate (Bonus)      <L17>
Find key to Niculescu's bedroom
Find evidence linking Niculescu to Syphon Filter
Stop Mara Aramov's execution
Maintain stealth
Hidden objective: Find Zeus Files on Mara Aramov

Solo par-time: 10:00

In this last secret mission, you’ll be playing as non other than Gabe! 
Among the bonus missions, this is the only one in which you’re allowed 
to fail a parameter, that is “Maintain stealth”, without ending the 
mission. The rest is exactly as in previous missions of this kind, 
without any checkpoints.

As sono as the mission stars, move silently (hold X) towards the stairs 
to your right. Climb on the first plateau and wait there (don’t climb 
the remaining steps). Take out your VSS and aim the top of the stairs. 
As soon as you see a guard’s head showing up, shoot it. Move to the 
right and aim the other set of stairs, opposite to where you are. 
You’ll see a guard stopping in front. Take him down. You can now climb 
the stairs up to the top.

The situation is as fallow: there are three enemies patroling in the 
courtyard. One is close to you, a second is near the villa and a third 
is on a balcony above. To avoid being spotted, hide behind one of the 
pillars and when you’ll need to shoot, use the manuel aim (L1) and 
press R2 to briefly come out. Your first target is the guard near the 
villa (not the one of the balcony). The best moment to shoot is when he 
stops at the far right end. At this moment, the guard closest to you 
should also be away on the right so he won’t see you. You only have a 
second, as the villa guard only stops for a very short time.

When he is down, stay hidden and wait for the guard near you to 
complete his round and go towards the right again. Take your time then 
to eliminate the guard on the balcony. When it’s done too, you can 
easily take the last one.

Get to the left of the villa and find the fountain switch. Turn it off 
and come back to the fountain. Take the ladder down. Once in the 
tunnel, go to your left (if you’re facing the ladder) and turn of your 
flashlight as soon as you see light ahead. Move near the wine cave and 
eliminate the guard that is there (do it from the tunnel). 

Take the stairs up to the kitchen, but don’t go in just yet. Wait for 
the guard inside to turn around. Take him down and hide is body in the 
stairs. Move closer to the opposite door and hide. When you’re close 
enough, the two guards in the art room to the left will start moving. 
Position yourself in front of the door and wait for one to stop in 
front of you. Headshot him as soon as he stops. Quickly get in the 
corridor and eliminate the second guard who stayed in the exhibition 
room. Get in there and find the safe behind a painting to the right as 
you enter and get the Zeus files on Mara.

Come back in the corridor and go pass the kitchen. Move silently (hold 
X) and will come across double doors behind which is the Captain. As 
soon as he shows up on your radar, come back quickly but quietly inside 
the kitchen. The captain will burst in from a door to the left he will 
open. Take him down and get his keys.

Once again go back in the corridor, go by the double doors and keep 
going until two more enemies appear on your radar. They will be walking 
in your direction. As soon as you see them on your radar, fall back 
into the previous room. The two guards will walk up to the end of the 
corridor, then will turn around and move away. At this point, sneak 
behind them ant use your VSS to make a double headshot (you must make 
sure you have a correct alignment).

Next, keep going in this corridor up to a large staircase. Two enemies 
are at the top of it. Normally, if you get there without making a 
sound, both should stay where they are and thus make two easy targets 
(they will be looking away). However, what happens most often is that 
one will have heard a sound and will walk down the stairs. If that’s 
your case, wait in a corner of the stairs until he gest down and shoot 
him as soon as you have a clear shot. Climb the stairs very carefully  
and stop as soon as you see the second enemy’s head (who will now be 
facing your direction). Kill him before he sees you (it shouldn’t be a 

All you have to do now is get inside Niculescu’s bedroom and save Mara. 
As soon as you’ll unlock the doors, using the Captain’s keys, the two 
guards inside will attack either you or Mara. The one to the left has a 
greater tendency to shoot Mara first, so make him your priority. When 
they’re both down, the mission will end.

When you start the mission, I suggest you get killed one (yes you read 
correctly!). All enemies wear flak jackets, however if you get killed 
and start the mission over, they won’t anymore (I don’t have a clue 
why...). Keep in mind that the taser won’t work agains armoder enemies 
unless you aim for their head.

If you make noise when passing in front of the double doors of the 
dinning room where the Captain is, he will kick open these doors 
instead of going through the kitchen. This is more likely to blow up 
your stealth.

At the end of the level, when you’re about to enter the bedroom where 
Mara is, wait for the guards to finish their conversation before you 
open the door. It seems they will react more slowly then and will take 
more time before they shoot Mara.

At the beginning of the level, Gabe mentions that he does want to use 
lethal force against the guards. However it is not an objective and you 
will get no penatly for not doing it. For a matter of fact, I hardly 
see how the mission could be done otherwise.

XVIII. Kiev, Ukrain: Chechen Terrorist Base     <L18>
Eliminate Invakov's top four lieutenants
Disable helicopter flight controls
Provide cover fire for Stone
Bring Alima Haddad to safety
Find Omega Strain DNA code
Provide covering fire for Gabe in the silo
Stop missile from launching (Team)

Solo par-time : 25:00
Team par-time : 15:00

Welcome in Hell! Forget all you’ve seen up to now: this mission IS 
difficult. You’ll face a ton of enemies, all heavily armed and capable 
of killing you in a split second. Do not worry if you happen to die 10, 
20 or even 30 times the first time you try it. Ironically, the par-time 
is pretty easy to get once you know how to complete all objectives. It 
is easily conceivable to beat this level in under twenty minutes. Also, 
keep in mind that it is possible to beat the level completing none of 
the objectives!

When the mission starts, the first lieutenant (Salvin) will come in the 
area you’re in. Simply wait where you are and kill him when he shows 
up. Try to take him down in one shot, before he notices you. Otherwise, 
he’ll proove to be a worthy adversery. If you haven’t brought Sarin 
Nerve Gas, I strongly suggest that you take those that Salvin was 

There are two doors you can use to exit this area. When you face them 
(they’re both on the same side), take the one that’s to the left and 
fallow the corridor to the opposite side of that building. Open the 
door and you’ll see Petrenko on the roof of a small construction. Throw 
a couple of Sarin on that roof, and that should take care of him. If 
not, you must get inside the building to the right of where Petrenko is 
and climb to the second floor. You’ll see a door leading to the roof.

Come back to the start area and take the other door (it’s actually the 
one from which Salvin came earlier). In this new building, climb the 
stairs, open the door and you’ll meet Ushakov: he’s in the tank. 
Immediately throw a Sarin on the top of the tank for an easy kill (any 
explosive weapon might also do the trick). The tank will stop when 
Ushakov is dead.

Next, you must go to the right of the tank. Pass through the large door 
and fallow that tunnel up the the hangar where Stone is. Do not get too 
close of that hangar. Stone is invincible and is capable of dealing 
with the enemis inside. Why you don’t want get to close is that snipers 
will soon appear on the roof. Use the columns on the wall on your left 
to hide and help Stone to take them out. When he’s out of danger, Stone 
will tall you to sabotage the chopper. 

Stone will again require your assistance in saving Alima. If you want 
to gain some time however, I suggest that you ignore him and carry on 
with your objectives. Even without your support, Stone will always free 
Alima without a hitch. Instead, find a small elevator to the right of 
the hangar. Open the gate by shooting the lock and climb down to the 
undergrounds. Eliminate the few enemies coming at you and cross the 
room you got in. Take right at the first crossing you see.

Slowly walk down the slope and you’ll see Leonov standing with two 
other soldiers. When he sees you (he will even if you didn’t make any 
noise), he’ll try to escape. 

+ Strategy: Leonov +
There are several ways to eliminate Leonov. Basically, it’s your timing 
and skills that will determinate which one is more appropriate.
1) When you see Leonov for the first time, quickly take out his two 
   buddies and rush on him. Try to take him down with a headshot, 
   because he’s equiped with a 250-point flak jacket. The strategy 
   works better if you do have the auto headshot-lock. Still, it’s the 
   riskiest alternative.
   Yet, make sure you don’t venture too deep in the room in which 
   Leonov running away. If you go too far, you’ll be ambushed by two 
   C11 soldiers that are very difficult to eliminate in such a closed 

2) If you’d rather play it cool, don’t run after Leonov. Instead, fall 
   back to the elevator you used before and go back to the surface. 
   Leonov will use a larger freight-elevator and will try to escape in 
   his chopper. Position yourself near the horizontal doors (but don’t 
   stand too close) and as soon as they open, throw a few Sarin and the 
   freight-elevator. It should take care of Leonov and his two guards.

3) If you take some time getting back to the surface (let’s say you’ve 
   been killed and you respawned somewhere that makes it longer the 
   reach the chopper), Leonov will have his men repair the engine. 
   There will be a one-minute countdown before he succeeds. But if you 
   get in that area before it reaches zero, Leonov will still try to 
   fly his chopper... and will crash it on the nearby hill! An easy 

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Go on the freight-elevator. This one can stop on three floors. The 
first one is the surface, the second is where the undeground complex is 
and a third floor is a small room underneath (you’ll need to go there). 
However, you’ll have to deal with two body-armored enemies, one of 
which is armed with an M-79.

+ Strategy +
First you need to be aware of the room design. If you’re facing the 
elevator control panel, the M-79 guy will be in your back and the 
second enemy (he’s armed with a C11) will then be on your right. Turn 
around to you’ll face the M-79 soldier. There are a few boxes behind 
which you can take cover on your right. But don’t wait for the freight-
elevator. But do not wait for the platform the reach the floor. As soon 
as you see an opening, roll off the platform and get behind those 
boxes. This way you should be shielded from both enemies. You can 
eliminate the closest enemy (the one with the M-79) by throwing a 
grenade (M61 or Sarin) on the wall behind him (just make sure you don’t 
get hit too). Once this one is down, the other one should be easier. 
You should go for a headshot, using the many obstacles to your 

Back to the guide
When both enemies down there are dead, you’ll find an air duct (on 
floor level) that will lead you to a secret room with a computer from 
which you’ll be able to download the virus DNA sequence. When you’re 
done, go back to the second floor.

Get back in the tunnel in which you ran into Leonov and turn right at 
the first crossing. You’ll find Gabe at the other end. From that point, 
you’ll have a five-minute countdown to the missile launch (needless to 
say you must be done by then). Actually, there are not much else to do. 
Fallow Gabe and fire with him to eliminate the enemies in your way as 
fast as possible. Generally the five minutes are easily enough to allow 
Gabe to reach the missile navigation panel and sabotage it. The enemies 
you’ll meet down there are the thougest of the game and they carry 
tremendous firepower (some with C11s, others with TH3 Blasters or 
flamme-throwers). When Gabe has finished sabotaging the missile, stay 
low and wait.

When the count-down reaches zero and the missile takes off, you’ll have 
completed this mission... and the game!

* On-line strategies *
Because of the high level of difficulty of this level, it is advisable 
that all four players have enough experience to know their way in this 
environment and not get killed every two seconds. It is also better to 
do this mission with four players, not really because of the par-time, 
but rather because three-player teams often have a hard time stopping 
the mission. It is almost unthinkable to do it with two players only, 
as a third one is needed to boost his two teammates up to the missile 
gate control panel.

This level doesn’t ask the team to show outstanding coordination, but 
each player will need to be efficient and skilled in doing their tasks. 
Take note that the two missile switches must be activated in a time 
lapse of about 30 seconds, otherwise the first one will disengage.

Cobra: He takes out Salvin, then goes towards Ushakov’s tank. After he 
       took him out too, he meets Stone and sabotage the chopper. He 
       leaves Stone’s covering to Python and uses instead the small 
       elevator to get down in the undergrounds. He then meets up with 
       Gabe and climbs to one silo switch with Python’s help.

Python: He assists Cobra with the first two lieutenants. When he gets 
        to the hangar, he lets Cobra go and stays with Stone. He comes 
        back with him to Alima’s detention location, but keeps going 
        passed the tank up to the doors leading to the silo. He uses 
        the elevator near the silo to and meets up with Gabe and Cobra.

Viper: He goes for Petrenko. After he’s eliminated, he takes the 
nearest access to the undergrounds. He then gest near the freigh-
elevator and goes with Dragon to the third level to help him with the 
two enemies down there. He comes back up after Dragon got the DNA and 
both go to the left control panel in the silo.

Dragon: He goes directly to the underground access located in the 
        starting area. He fallows the tunnels up to Leonov and tries to 
        take him out BEFORE he reaches the freigh-elevator. If he fails 
        to do so, he should get back to the surface and throw some 
        Sarin Nerve Gas at the freight-elevator as it gets there too. 
        Whatsoever, he then uses the freight-elevator with Dragon down 
        to the third level and gets the DNA. Then he meets up with the 
        other players in the silo and goes with Viper to the left 
        control panel.

The order in which to kill the four lieutenants may change. The way I 
describe above is most certainly the fastest. It is mostly the access 
point to the undergrounds that will either make you win or loose some 

There are a total of 4 access points to the undergrounds, plus on that 
leads in the silo directly (see below). The first one is in the area 
where you start. The second is near Petrenko. The third is also in that 
area, only it is in the building to the right from which you can access 
the roof where the lieutenant is. The fourth one is close to the 
hangar. This is the one I stronly recommand that you use. As I said 
above, not only is this the fastest route to the silo, but it is also 
the less dangerous (less enemies in the end).

The freigt-elevator becomes available after Leonov is dead, even though 
he did not use it.

Fallowing my strategy, you may face the fallowing situation: you come 
down to the thrid floor to get the DNA, but you get killed. Therefore, 
You respawn in the hangar near the chopper (the location of your last 
checkpoint) and *dammit!* you realise that both elevators are still 
down (there are no way to call them back to the surface). There is how 
to avoid this unfortunate situation that would have you go over half 
the base to find another access point to the undegrounds. When you get 
down the first time with the small elevator, stay on the platform and 
activate it again. As it go up, quickly roll off it and let it continue 
alone. This way, if you ever respawn near the hangar, there will always 
be an elevator ready to take you down.

The countdown to the missile launch initiates when you get to the silo 
itself. There are two ways to get there. The first is near where you 
saw Leonov. Most of the time, this is the way you’ll use, but it first 
must be unlocked by Gabe (he’ll do it after you’ve ran across the four 
lieutenants, even if you haven’t killed them yet). The second access 
point is to the left of the tank area. Behind the silo doors is an 
elevator that will take you down to some stairs. They will lead you the 
the upper floor of the silo, where Gabe is normally waiting for you 
when the time comes. However, the difference with this one is that it 
is accessible at all times. Even if you haven’t meet all the 
lieutenants, you can still get inside the silo by this route. Be 
informed that the countdown will initiate as soon as you get in the 
silo, whatever access point you used. It is still a good thing to know 
about those two ways in, especially for on-line play.

When you get with either Stone or Gabe, let them take the lead and draw 
enemy fire. Since the are invicible, they risk nothing and you’ll avoid 
taking too much dammage.

It is possible to reach one of the two control panels in the silo 
without the help of a teammate. Notice the elevator that Gabe uses to 
reach the missile navigation panel. If you’re fast enough, you can beat 
him there (but you can’t use it, only Gabe can so you need to wait for 
him). When you’re up, the panel should be just a little below you, but 
it is easy to get there by rolling. It is not really useful when 
playing alone, but it may be a worthy strategy if you’re playing a 3-
man game on-line.

It is possible to delay the alarm by remaining stealthy (besides it is 
suggested by Gabe in one of the PDA conversation). This will reduce the 
number of guard you’ll have to face. It may therefore be a reliable 
strategy when trying to beat the level with 0 deaths. 

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