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No-Microphone Online Play Guide by FighterX0

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 06/24/05

Syphon Filter:The Omega Strain
Level Guide for Players Without Headsets

Version 1.0, Release Date 6/24/05
Copyright 2005 by: Fighter-X a.k.a.(FWG) Steve 
E-mail comments,questions,etc to fighter-x0@lycos.com
(the 0 is a zero in the e-mail)


1 - About This Guide
2 - Frequently Asked Questions 
3 - Tips for Playing Online With No Headset
4 - Level Specific Strategies
     4.1 Carthage, Michigan: Quarantine Zone          (C1)
     4.2 Carthage, Michigan: Warehouse District       (C2)
     4.3 Carthage, Michigan: Carthage Mall	      (C3)
     4.4 Mazyr, Belarus: Krivorozhstal Mill	      (B1)
     4.5 Mazyr, Belarus: Belaya Vezha		      (B2)
     4.6 Sana’s Yemen: Taherir Palace		      (YM)
     4.7 Tokyo, Japan: Murakawa Tower		      (TK)
     4.8 Taguang, Myanmar: Irawaddy Basin	      (MY)
     4.9 Kiev, Ukraine: Chechen Terrorist Base	      (UK)
5 - Version History
6 - About Me
7 - Credits


I decided to create this guide in order to help players who do not have
headsets with online missions.  I have helped many people without headsets
through the game and have found that most of them are just as good as anyone
else.  For some reason a lot of people simply kick them out of games or won’t
help them because they can’t communicate or wont take the time to do it in the
chats.  I’ve known some who have left online or quit the game in frustration
because they felt no one would play with them.  It is even more cruel when
experienced T4 players start a game with them and then blast them with

The basic idea behind this guide is fairly simple.  Instead of trying to plan
the entire mission out ahead of time in the cumbersome chat rooms, the host
can refer non-headset players to this guide.  The host can assign objectives
to each player w/o a headset in advance.  This way the other players will know
what the non-headset player will do when they join. 

This guide is set up with the idea that a player is familiar with the levels
and objectives.  There are a lot of better guides out there for helping
someone learn the levels and objectives.  It definitely helps to know the
levels well when playing online.

If you do not know the levels but still want to try, you can always message
someone in the chat and ask them if they’ll help you with a walkthrough for
one of the assignments listed in this guide.   The SF online community is, for
the most part, newbie friendly and there are a lot of people who will help
out.  Just make an effort to ask.

This guide can be used as a multiplayer guide for all players if you like.

The sections in the guide that are enclosed in parenthesis ( ) can be used
with the find option (CTRL+F) on your keyboard for quick reference.  


The following are some questions I’ve been asked when I posted my intent to do
this guide and sent some copies to players for evaluation:

Q - Why not just host a game with 3 other people with headsets and complete
the missions, hoping that the player without a mic won’t mess up any

A - I do not think it is very fun for someone if they just end up running
around not knowing what to do and feel that this will simply turn people off
from playing online.  While all missions can be done with 3 players, the
purpose of this guide is so non-headset players can participate in a mission
and come away with a fun experience.  The goal is to get more players involved
in the game, not to turn them off.  

Q - Why doesn’t everyone just get a headset, they’re not that expensive?

A - There can be a lot of reasons why someone doesn’t have one.  The best
reason I have ever heard of is that someone was deaf.  Anyway, rather than
analyze why people don’t have a headset I think it is better to just not worry
about it.  If you don’t want to play with someone without a headset that’s
your call.  

Q - Why did you use player 1, player 2, etc..  instead of Cobra, Python,
Viper, and Dragon when listing the objectives?

A - To eliminate confusion.  Example - I tell someone outside a game to jump
on and do the objectives for Viper.  When they join the game they end up being
Dragon.  Some people may get confused and wonder what to do.  

Q - I know much quicker ways to do the levels.   Why not use these instead of
what you have listed?

A - I’ve tried to divide things in the way I feel is easiest to obtain par,
not the fastest.  There are a variety of players out there at different skill
levels.  If I just used speed par methods, some people may not be able to keep
up and could get frustrated and leave.  I will probably work on an add-on in
the future to handle speed pars and other such things but it is not my
priority right now.

Q - What if I am assigned an objective and someone else does it for me?

A - Stick to your assigned objectives and just bypass the objective they
completed.  Chances are they’ve done their part and are helping you out.  If
they aren’t following their other assigned tasks then you may not get par and
will have to make sure the next time they understand what to do.

Q - What if there are fewer than 4 players in a game? 

A - I’m working on a 3 player and eventually a 2 player add-on to this FAQ.
I need to keep working on 3 man par games.  

Q - What if I am playing with an old version of the FAQ and you release a new
strategy?  I may go on and try my usual objectives only to find they may have

A - When you’re discussing the responsibilities by referring to the guide,
just refer to the version in the chat room.  Also, I may change some of the
nicknames in the responsibilities listing as an additional tip off.  

Q - Will these strategies really work?  

A - I’ve done each of these numerous times in 4 player games, some of which
were with 3 new players and have been able to achieve par with time to spare.
Sometimes you may have to redo a mission if someone messes up but that is
normal for playing this game.  Again the strategies are set so you should be
able to achieve par with time remaining if you do them right.

Q - I don’t have a headset.  Can I host a game using this guide?

A - As long as you communicate in advance to all the players what to do, I
don’t see why you couldn’t host a game.  The guide is set up so that 4 people
without headsets can all play along, provided the responsibilities are
assigned prior to creating the game.  

Q - We have 3 people with headsets and 1 non-headset player.  We’ve assigned a
role to the non-headset player.  Will it work if we divide the other jobs up

A - This could be a problem if the non-headset player is assigned a role that
requires interaction with another player (waiting for someone, etc.)  Other
than that there is no right or wrong way to play the game.   If you can divide
things differently without affecting the non-headset player, I don’t see it
being a big issue.  

Q - I’d rather just communicate in the chat screen than worry about everyone
coming to the guide.  Why shouldn’t I just plan things out in the chat rooms?

A - You can.  It just seems to take longer to type everything in with a PS2
controller after each mission.  That’s why I created this so it would cut down
on the time required for assigning objectives through the chat.  


If you're playing with no headset, keep the following in mind:

*Some players will kick you from a game because you do not have a headset.
 Don’t let it bother you.  

*Usually when someone is helping you get par and an objective fails, the host
will quit and host again. If the host doesn’t assign you anything different
prior to rehosting then it usually means you’ll be assigned the same tasks.

*Joining games using the contacts list (whenever possible) seems to work
better, at least for me.  

*Be careful if you’re carrying around an MGL, M79 or any grenades.  If you
kill a player accidentally you don’t have a good way in game to tell them it
was a mistake.  Most players will assume it is one, but I have played with
some who have immediately kicked someone for this.

*Always set your status to ready in the equip screen so the host can know
when to start the game.

*Don’t keep changing the status in the equip screen back and forth from Equip
to Ready when you want a game to start.  This is a good way to annoy a lot of
people.  Have some patience and allow the host time to tell everyone else what
to do.  If they’re taking time out to host a game to help you then you can
wait a little to get started.

*As of the release of this FAQ, there is a cell that I am a member of called
the FWG.  This cell consists of players who are online solely for the purpose
of helping others.  If you’re having trouble finding some help, find one of
the FWG members and ask for some help.  They’re easy to find because they all
have (FWG) in front of their character names.

*Strange things happen in this game online that do not happen normally
offline.  There are a lot of weird glitches that I have seen since I started
playing.  I’ve heard different reasons for the cause of this but the most
common one I hear seems to be due to people using cheat devices.  I can not
confirm that this is the case though.  The single biggest aggravation to me is
when the game states that a worker has died in the mill level even though
everyone’s assigned worker is still alive.



4.1 - Carthage, Michigan: Quarantine Zone             (C1)

Player 1 (C1P1) 
·(A) Boost player 4 on truck
·(B) Head to bank, wait for player 2 to turn on water main (if player 2 has no
     headset, use your flashlight to signal)
·(C) Grab laptop
·(D) Get bio-data gear
·(E) Collect tissue sample
·(F) Power scanning station
·(G) Upload sample and defend scanning station power supply.

Player 2 (C1P2)
·(A) Wait for signal from player 1 (if no headset, watch them and wait for
     flashlight signal)
·(B) Turn on water main after signal is given
·(C) Get bio-data gear
·(D) Collect water samples.

Player 3 (C1P3)
·(A) Save all CHA officers.

Player 4 (The Eliminator)
·(A) Get boosted onto truck by player 1
·(B) Grab C4
·(C) Eliminate Proust
·(D) Meet up with player 1 at the scanning station power supply and defend.


4.2 - Carthage, Michigan: Warehouse District       	(C2)

Player 1 (C2P1)
·(A) Run to pump room, shoot guy under the platform first
·(B) Headshot the ALA terrorist on the platform when he shoots at you to get
     him to fall forward
·(C) Climb ladder near platform and go through tunnel.
·(D) Shoot second ALA terrorist
·(E) Grab viral container and go up ladder nearby (behind you)
·(F) Rescue CHA inside theater
·(G) Get Mujari recorder
·(H) Eliminate Fournier (if Player 2 has not done so yet)
·(I) Head to warehouse to clear ALA for Imani.

Player 2 (C2P2)
·(A) Wait for player 1 to shoot 2 guys.  
·(B) If guy on platform falls backwards and remains on platform, then do the
       1.Go up ladder on right side tunnel (not the one near the platform)
       2.Head left and then right to the next room.  
       3.Go upstairs and in the door
       4.Turn off power to doors
       5.Return to the pump room
       6.Climb up and shimmy to the platform
       7.Grab viral container.
·(C) If guy falls forward, grab his viral container
·(D) Go up the ladder near the platform
·(E) Go to the left in the next tunnel and up the ladder
·(F) Eliminate Fournier
·(G) Head to warehouse to clear ALA for Imani

Player 3 & Player 4 (C2P3, C2P4)
·(A) Run to the pump room
·(B) Go up the right side ladder (not the one near the platform)
·(C) Eliminate third ALA terrorist
·(D) Grab viral container
·(E) Go through right tunnel and up ladder
·(F) Eliminate ALA death squad 
·(G) Eliminate unidentified female ALA
·(H) Head to warehouse to clear ALA for Imani


4.3 - Carthage, Michigan: Carthage Mall		(C3)

Player 1 (C3P1)
·(A) Head to SWAT guy on first floor, letting the bridge blow up
·(B) Carry SWAT guy on first floor to safe zone
·(C) Lock the door on the first floor near where the SWAT guy was
·(D) Eliminate Masson.

Player 2 (C3P2)
·(A) Follow player 1 past the second viral bomb
·(B) Go upstairs
·(C) Grab second SWAT guy
·(D) Fall off the top ledge where the bridge blew up (the place to safely fall
     is where the floor converges in a point like an arrow).
·(E) Carry SWAT guy to safe zone
·(F) Eliminate Masson.

Player 3 (C3P3)
·(A) Lock door on first floor near start
·(B) Disarm first viral bomb
·(C) Disarm second viral bomb
·(D) Eliminate Masson.

Player 4 (C3P4)
·(A) Lock first door upstairs
·(B) Lock second door upstairs
·(C) Eliminate Masson.

Chances are player 4 will still be working on the upstairs locks when everyone
else finishes.  This is because he has to travel a long way because the bridge
is blown.  If someone wants to help him out it should be OK.  Just make sure
you have at least 2 people waiting for Masson as soon as he spawns.  


4.4 - Mazyr, Belarus: Krivorozhstal Mill		(B1)

Player 1 (B1P1)
·(A) Head left at the beginning
·(B) Rescue worker near garage door
·(C) Lead him until he is safely near player 2
·(D) Head through tunnel to Dobranski
·(E) Rescue Dobranski but do not grab documents yet
·(F) Go outside Dobranski’s office
·(G) Turn off the third machine
·(H) Clear out the enemies
·(I) Go back to Dobranski
·(J) Grab documents in safe
·(K) Escort Dobranski.

Player 2 (B1P2)
·(A) Head left at the beginning
·(B) Kill 2 snipers on stacks
·(C) Rescue worker under stacks
·(D) Escort stacks worker and the worker from player 1 to the elevator room
·(E) Go past the train and clear water tower area
·(F) Go upstairs and through the door to the next area
·(G) Go right and down the stairs to the room with the third machine
·(H) Run around the middle part and through the door on the opposite side of
     Dobranski's office
·(I) Kill the enemy running at statue worker first
·(J) Rescue statue worker
·(K) Escort statue worker

Player 3 (B1P3)
·(A) Head past the train to the worker near the pipes and kill 2 enemies
·(B) Rescue worker
·(C) Escort worker near pipes to elevator room
·(D) Go inside mill and turn off second machine
·(E) Head to coil room worker
·(F) Rescue coil room worker
·(G) Escort coil room worker
·(H) Help player 1 and player 2 with enemies.
·(I) Take all 7 workers down in elevator by yourself.  No one else should get
     on the elevator with you.  (The key to this is to face the elevator 
     controls at all times.  Do not move your character or the workers will 
     glitch and get killed.)

Player 4 (B1P4)
·(A) Head inside elevator room but do not take cow tissue sample yet
·(B) Clear out enemies
·(C) Rescue worker near 1st machine but do not turn off first machine yet
·(D) When worker from first machine reaches elevator, stand on the staircase
     between him and the enemies that respawn
·(E) Kill 4 respawns that appear
·(F) Head to stacks and disarm stacks
·(G) Go to staircase room near elevator and help clear out the enemies there
     while others are escorting workers.  Cover the bottom floor of the
     staircase room and use smoke grenades if you like. 
·(H) Follow the last worker inside the elevator room (usually statue room
·(I) Once the last worker is in the room, run ahead of him and turn off the
     first machine
·(J) Grab tissue sample
·(K) Plant C4 on tracks


4.5 - Mazyr, Belarus: Belaya Vezha			(B2)

Player 1 (B2P1)
·(A) Grab C4 and head to truck
·(B) Eliminate guy on truck
·(C) Grab grenades from box near truck
·(D) Blow up truck
·(E) Head to gas main
·(F) Turn off gas main
·(G) Cross the bridge and kill 2 enemies
·(H) Use grenades on scud
·(I) Go inside chateau and to the left side platforms near the open window
·(J) Climb the platforms and follow inside the chateau to the room near the
·(K) Check for Ivankov’s papers in the room near the piano (lower level)
·(L) Get Ivankov’s papers (if they are there)
·(M) Head to Stone.

Player 2 (B2P2)
·(A) Grab C4 and blow power substation
·(B) Collect gear
·(C) Collect sewage sample
·(D) Head to Stone

Player 3 (B2P3)
·(A) Grab C4 and go with player 4 near the AA tower
·(B) Disable AA tower (try to get the SMAW guy to do it for you)
·(C) Blow up bridge with player 4
·(D) Climb up and go inside chateau
·(E) Check first attic (near the kitchen) for Ivankov’s papers
·(F) Get Ivankov’s papers (if they are there)
·(G) Head to Stone.

Player 4 (B2P4)
·(A) Grab C4 and follow player 3 to the AA tower and bridge
·(B) Help player 3 blow bridge
·(C) Climb up and go inside chateau
·(D) Go in the front doors
·(E) Kill Pulikovsky
·(F) Head up the platforms behind Stone to the attic there and check for
     Ivankov’s papers
·(G) Get Ivankov’s papers (if they are there)
·(H) Head to Stone.

Whenever the objective for the papers appears on the screen, whoever is
closest to Stone should rescue him.  He talks for about 40 seconds or so after
he is rescued.  Allowing for this time is really the key to obtaining par.  


4.6 - Sana’s Yemen: Taherir Palace			(YM)

Player 1 (YMP1)
·(A) Go upstairs with player 2 and wait by the first opening
·(B) Wait for player 2's guard (first one you see when you enter) to go outside
     of the room and your guard to turn his back to you
·(C) Eliminate the guard and head to the opposite side of the room
·(D) Wait until the other 3 guards have been eliminated
·(E) Climb up the railing and climb down the other side
·(F) Drop on cage and wait until the guy in cage goes to look at the monitors
·(G) Sneak across cage and drop down
·(H) Eliminate the guard in the cage
·(I) Activate door switch
·(J) Open the cage doors
·(K) Get gear 
·(L) Head up to get Zohar moving
·(M) Cover Zohar.

Player 2 (YMP2)
·(A) Go upstairs with player 1 and in the first opening
·(B) Follow the guard you see there as he walks down the hall and outside
·(C) When the guard is stopped outside with his back to you, eliminate him
·(D) Head downstairs and wait for player 1 to open cage door
·(E) Get gear
·(F) Head upstairs with player 3
·(G) Boost player 3 to scud
·(H) Cover Zohar.

Player 3 (YMP3)
·(A) Wait in staircase near beginning for guard to come in
·(B) Eliminate the guard when he stops with his back to you at the foot of the
     second set of the stairs
·(C) Wait for player 1 to open cage door
·(D) Get gear
·(E) Follow player 2 to scud, 
·(F) Get boosted to scud and disable scud
·(G) Cover Zohar.

Player 4 (YMP4)
·(A) Wait by cage for player 1 to open cage door
·(B) Get gear
·(C) Go upstairs
·(D) Cover Zohar
·(E) Jump to chopper.

Only 1 person should do the jump to the chopper and anyone can do it.  I
assigned it to player 4 since he doesn’t get to do any of the stealth stuff.
The reason only 1 person should jump is that anyone who jumps after someone
has made it will fail the objective and wont get par.  Not sure why this is
but it does happen.


4.7 -  Tokyo, Japan: Murakawa Tower		(TK)

Player 1  (TKP1) 
·(A) Run past the chopper
·(B) Ignore the officers in the street
·(C) Enter the parking area of the tower
·(D) Eliminate Matsua
·(E) Infiltrate tower 
·(F) Go down to the basement level and hack elevators
·(G) Go to the left elevator (as viewed with the button facing you) on floor 1
·(H) Go to floor 5
·(I) Sneak out of the elevator and headshot the first guard with a silenced
·(J) Keep sneaking straight ahead to the wall in the middle
·(K) Sneak to the middle area then rush the guard
·(L) Activate elevator switch
·(M) Press both elevator buttons
·(N) Take one to floor 6
·(O) Upload data
·(P) Turn off alarm on floor 6 if the guy activates it
·(Q) Take elevator to floor 8
·(R) Check for tape near Murakawa’s cabinet
·(S) Activate door switch behind desk
·(T) Head around the rooftop to the elevator to the lab
·(U) Go down to the lab
·(V) Plant 1 C4 outside lab
·(X) Put on Hazmat suit
·(Y) Sneak into the decontamination room 
·(Z) Continue sneaking into the lab and into the room with the sample
·(AA) Kill the guard inside and grab the sample
·(AB) Plant 2 C4 in the labs
·(AC) Take elevator back to rooftop
·(AD) Help clear the rooftop.

Player 2 (TKP2)
·(A) Provide cover fire for the chopper
·(B) Eliminate officers in the street
·(C) Head into the tower 
·(D) Eliminate Ryusaki
·(E) Wait by the open elevator (do not go inside it) with players 3 and 4
·(F) When player 1 completes floor 5, get on elevator with players 3 and 4
·(G) Take the elevator to floor 4
·(H) Clear out the officers on 4 with player 3 
·(I) Check for the tape in the room on floor 4
·(J) Take the vent in the break room to floor 5
·(K) Wait for player 3 by the elevator
·(L) Take elevator with player 3 to floor 8
·(M) Head to rooftop and clear out enemies on rooftop.

Player 3 (TKP3)
·(A) Provide cover fire for the chopper
·(B) Eliminate officers in the street
·(C) Head into the tower
·(D) Eliminate Ryusaki
·(E) Wait by the open elevator (do not go inside it) with players 2 and 4
·(F) When player 1 completes floor 5, get on elevator with players 2 and 4
·(G) Ride the elevator to floor 4
·(H) Clear out the officers on 4 with player 2
·(I) Take the vent in the break room to floor 5
·(J) Wait for player 2 by the elevator
·(K) Ride the elevator to floor 8
·(L) Head to rooftop and clear out enemies on rooftop.

Player 4 (TKP4)
·(A) Provide cover fire for the chopper
·(B) Eliminate officers in the street
·(C) Head into the tower 
·(D) Eliminate Ryusaki
·(E) Wait by the open elevator (do not go inside it) with players 2 and 3
·(F) When player 1 completes floor 5, get on elevator with players 2 and 3
·(G) Ride the elevator to floor 4
·(H) After players 2 and 3 leave the elevator, take it down to floor 3
·(I) Clear the lone officer on floor 3
·(J) Take the elevator down to floor 2
·(K) Clear the officers on floor 2 and check for the tape by the filing
·(L) Take the elevator to floor 5
·(M) Take the elevator on 5 to floor 8
·(N) Go to the rooftop and help clear out enemies on the rooftop.

The reason for waiting for player 1 to complete the stealth is that the game
will often bug on floor 5 if other players are in the elevator or on lower
levels.  When it does this the enemies will hear the player before he even
gets off of the elevator and will usually sound the alarm and blow par.   This
is also why I recommend that 3 people stay behind to defend the chopper and
mess with Ryusaki since it gives player 1 a head start.

To avoid confusion when players 2,3, and 4 are all in one elevator, let player
2 press the buttons and select the levels.  


4.8 - Taguang, Myanmar: Irawaddy Basin		(MY)

Player 1 (MYP1)
·(A) Plant C4 on the two log bridges to the right of the foot bridge.
·(B) Go to Imani's remains
·(C) Grab the tracker
·(D) Go past Imani and on top of the plane
·(E) Climb down and verify Yong Jun Kim
·(F) Climb down and head back to Imani
·(G) Pick up Imani
·(H) Carry Imani back to the boat.

Player 2 (MYP2)
·(A) Plant C4 on both sides of foot bridge to get checkpoint
·(B) Head to encampment
·(C) Eliminate Than Muang (Aren’t you glad the checkpoint is at the foot
·(D) Disable radar dish
·(E) Grab briefcase from camp
·(F) Grab C4 from camp
·(G) Plant C4 on single log bridge
·(H) Eliminate the guy with the viral container (if he is close by).
·(I) Grab the viral container (if the guy is close to you)
·(J) Head to player 1
·(K) Cover player 1 on the way to the boat.

Player 3 (MYP3)
·(A) Plant first 2 claymores on path
·(B) Head to the temple area
·(C) Eliminate the terrorist
·(D) Grab Mara’s letter
·(E) Wait for player 4 to arrive
·(F) Boost player 4 to the recorder
·(G) Eliminate the guy with the viral container (if player 2 does not get him)
·(H) Grab the viral container (if player 2 does not get it)
·(I) Head to player 1
·(J) Cover player 1 on the way to the boat.

Player 4 (MYP4)
·(A) Plant second 2 claymores on path
·(B) Go to temple area
·(C) Get boosted by player 3
·(D) Recover flight recorder
·(E) Head to player 1
·(F) Cover player 1 on the way to the boat.

At the start, you already have 2 claymores and 2 C4 in your inventory.  You do
not have to run forward and grab explosives from the box.

I’ve found that one good way to get Than Muang is to run to the crash site
(tail end of the plane) and make a left towards the camp.  You should sneak up
the hill a little where you can see the radar dish.  Toss a gas grenade at the
radar dish and then shoot at it.  Than will investigate and get killed.  This
way you can also avoid all the guys hiding in the bushes.


4.9 - Kiev, Ukraine: Chechen Terrorist Base		(UK)

This mission can be done in par by having everyone do all the objectives
together.  This can be helpful for someone who is fairly new to the level or
is still learning it.  In that case, do things in the following order (all

Roll Together Method  (UKALL)
·(A) Eliminate Petrenko
·(B) Eliminate Savin
·(C) Eliminate Ushakov
·(D) Head to chopper
·(E) Disable flight controls
·(F) Cover Stone
·(G) Take the small elevator down making sure someone sends it back up (host
     should make sure this is done).
·(H) Have 3 players wait near the opening to the hallway near the big elevator
·(I) One player can trigger Leonov but let him escape
·(J) One player can wait until Leonov is on his way up trying to escape and
     toss a sarin at the big elevator.
·(K) Leonov will die and you should get a checkpoint on floor 2
·(L) Take the big elevator down to floor 3
·(M) Have 1 player get the DNA while the others wait (some will most likely be
     killed by the grenade guy but you should respawn on floor 2)
·(N) Ride the big elevator back up to floor 2
·(O) Let everyone regroup at the big elevator.
·(P) Head to the silo. 
·(Q) Wait in the room with the train until all enemies are cleared and all
     players are together.
·(R) Everyone head inside the silo together.
·(S) 2 players head to the second platform (farthest away)
·(T) 2 players wait by first platform
·(U) Each group boosts 1 person up
·(V) Disable the missile
·(W) Cover Gabe

If you want to divide the tasks and try for a better par time, then I would
suggest the following:

Player 1  (UKP1)
·(A) Eliminate Petrenko
·(B) Meet players 2 and 3 by the chopper and help Stone
·(C) Ride down the small elevator with players 2 and 3
·(D) Wait for them to get off the small elevator
·(E) Send the small elevator back up and roll off of it
·(F) Head to Gabe with player 2 
·(G) Boost player 2 to the first launch platform
·(H) Go to the second platform and get boosted by player 3
·(I) Press switch to disable launch
·(J) Cover Gabe after missile has been disabled.

Player 2 (UKP2)
·(A) Eliminate Savin
·(B) Eliminate Ushakov
·(C) Go to the chopper
·(D) Cover Stone
·(E) Wait by small elevator for players 1 and 3
·(F) Ride down the small elevator
·(G) Head to Gabe with player 1  
·(H) Get boosted to first launch platform by player 1
·(I) Press switch to disable launch
·(J) Cover Gabe after the missile has been disabled.

Player 3 (UKP3)
·(A) Help player 2 with Savin and Ushakov
·(B) Go to chopper
·(C) Disable flight controls
·(D) Cover Stone
·(E) Wait by small elevator for players 1 and 2
·(F) Ride down the small elevator
·(G) Eliminate Leonov if he escapes player 4  (toss a sarin at the big elevator
     when the doors open up)
·(H) Head to Gabe and meet with players 1 and 2
·(I) Follow Gabe to the second launch platform
·(J) Wait for player 1 and boost him up to the platform
·(K) Cover Gabe.

Player 4 (UKP4)
·(A) Go down the steps in the first area
·(B) Follow tunnels to Leonov
·(C) Eliminate Leonov
·(D) Take big elevator down to floor 3 being cautious of the enemy with the
     grenade launcher.
·(E) Eliminate the grenade enemy at all costs first (even if you both die).
·(F) Curse the game for putting this enemy there.
·(G) Curse the game once more and eliminate the enemy with the C11.
·(H) Crawl through the vent and get the DNA code
·(I) Take elevator to floor 2
·(J) Head into Silo and cover Gabe.

If you die and respawn at the chopper, take the small elevator back down to
meet with the others.  If you do this though, ALWAYS send the small elevator
back to the top by pressing the button and then rolling off the side of the
small elevator.  



Version 1.0 - Initial Release of this Guide


·*Believe it or not this is the first Syphon Filter game I’ve ever played.  

·*I’m currently a member of the cell called the FWG, whose members are
  dedicated to helping others.  My handle in the game is (FWG) Steve

·*Yes that’s my name in real life.

·*Yes aStROcReEp 2k is my brother.

·*I will almost always accept all contact list invites I receive and I try to
  help whenever I am online.  Keep in mind there are times when I’m helping
  many players at once, so I can’t always respond right away.  Its like 
  customer service centers, I help people in the order I receive requests. 

·*If I can’t help you and someone else I know is online who can, I’ll do what
  I can to refer them to you.   I wont send someone to help you unless I know
  for sure that they are capable and willing.

·*I do not use a cheat device.  I do not own a cheat device.  Every game I
  have ever beaten I have done so without a cheat device.

·*I don’t mind if someone else uses cheat devices as long as it doesn’t affect
  the game play when I am helping people.

·*My other character is Steve, though I haven’t used him in a while now.  


I’d like to thank the following for helping me with the game and/or with this
guide.  The list is in no particular order:

*SCEA / Sony Bend for making such a great game

*Gamefaqs web site for being the best site for when it comes to help with
 video games.

*Drakmyth Master, SFFan, and Vaporfox for your FAQs.  They were invaluable to
 me and I learned a lot from each of your guides.  

*Crazy 8 / Crazy Girl / (FWG) Crazy - If it wasn’t for you helping me and my
 brother that one night I probably wouldn’t be online today.  Thanks again for
 helping us with getting par from Belarus 1 through Ukraine.  I really owe you
 one for all you did.

*aStROcReEp 2K / (FWG)aStROcReEp - What can I say bro except thanks for
 getting me hooked on Syphon Filter and suffering with me through all the
 online stuff that we did 2 players.  I can always count on you whenever we
 play any game online.

*Von / (FWG) Von - For creating the FWG cell and always keeping it real in a
 level.  The one thing I always know when you join a game is that I ain’t gotta
 worry about you getting things done.  I can assign you anything and you’ll
 always come through.

*SEABEE / (FWG) SEABEE - For all the great advice, tips, strategies and
 gameplay help as well as helping nominate me for the FWG along with Von.  Like
 Von I know I can always count on you getting your objectives done no matter
 what it is.  Also thanks for all the help you’ve given to all the players out
 there and helping to build the reputation of our cell.  I won’t forget the 28+
 hours straight that you played this game that one weekend.  

*Sheba / (FWG) Sheba - For always being around everytime I am online and
 always being willing to help me help someone else.  Also, thanks for your
 invaluable tips for all the levels, especially the mill.  Like Von and SEABEE,
 I know you’ll always get things done and I always have a great time whenever
 we do a mission together.  (Live long and prosper)

*Metalhead / (FWG) Metalhead - For all the fun missions we’ve had along with
 my brother and for your modification to my Myanmar strategy.  

*All other FWG members I haven’t listed (I don’t have the complete listing
 but I didn’t want to leave anyone out).  I think I’ve played at least one
 mission with every one of you and I have to say that you really are the best.
 As long as we keep helping out others this cell will really be great.  Its
 players like you who are helping others that keeps the online part of this
 game going, especially for new players. 

*Ares God of War - For some of the neat tricks and strategies you’ve shown me
 and your help with teaching me some of the fastest ways of completing a level.
*misfits25 - For inspiring me (along with Jabroni) to create a guide for people
 who don’t have headsets and for really challenging me with our 2 player par 
 games.  If you can ever get your connection to allow more than 2 people to 
 play sometime you’ll be a T4 in no time.  You’re one of the better non-headset
 players I’ve done missions with.

*Jabroni (and your friends) - For helping me come up with the idea to do this.
 Playing a game with your 2 non-headset friends really was enjoyable and I 
 think my thumb is still sore from all that typing.  

*For all the other elite/great players who have jumped in games with me while
 I’ve been helping others.  I can’t remember everyone but most of you are also
 members of the us.playstation.com message boards for this game.  I just want
 to let you know that anytime you join a game and help me help someone I do
 appreciate it.

*The people who did the voice and wrote the lines for the character Stone - 
 For making me laugh at some of his more classic lines.  

*The programmer who put the grenade guy on floor 3 in Ukraine and gave almost
 all of the enemies the C11 rifles or flamethrowers -  For always making sure
 someone is gonna die on that level.  (Lemme guess, it was also your idea to
 give most of the enemies on Tokyo the ShotHammer.)

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