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Stealth Missions/Par Times FAQ by VaporFox

Version: .7 | Updated: 06/08/04

| Syphon Filter: The Omega Strain - Stealth Missions Walkthrough |
|    Version .7 - Copyright 2004 Paul Gilbert - AKA: VaporFox    |

This FAQ may be not be reproduced under any circumstances, except for personal
or private use.  It may not be listed on any web site, or otherwise distributed
publicly without an advanced request for written permission.  Use of this guide
on any other site, or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited,
and a violation of copyright.  Requests may be submitted via the email below:

FAQ Purpose:
This FAQ is a full walkthrough for every one of the stealth-oriented missions
in SF: The Omega Strain (8 missions total).  Not only will I explain the best
way to complete these levels with every (solo) objective completed, but I'll
also list the methods to give you the best chance of beating the par time for
these missions, as well as tips on finishing them with 0 deaths.

Version History:
Version .3 - Table of Contents, Tips, Minsk and Zurich sections done.
Version .5 - Yemen and Ivankov's Home sections done.
Version .6 - Italy section done.
Version .7 - Niculescu's Villa Estate section done.

Note: For faster FAQ navigation, use your browser's "find" function by simply
typing the keywords listed below (Ex: nemeY) to skip to the desired section.
| Table of Contents:                                                          |
| I. General Stealth / Par Time / 0 Deaths Tips           Keyword: spiT       |
| II. A) Sana'a, Yemen - Arms Bazaar                      Keyword: nemeY      |
|     B) Belarus, Minsk - International University        Keyword: ksniM      |
|     C) North Atlantic - Lorelei Salvage Rig             Keyword: giR        |
|     D) Zurich, Switzerland - Niculescu Funds Tower      Keyword: rewoT      |
|     E) Pescara, Italy - St. Cetteo Square               Keyword: ylatI      |
|     F) Tash, Kumyr, Kyrgystan - Saydahmat's Village     Keyword: hsaT       |
|     G) Samashki, Chechnya - Ivankov's Home              Keyword: emoH       |
|     H) Budva, Montenegro - Niculescu's Villa Estate     Keyword: alliV      |

| General Stealth / Par time / 0 Death Tips     ( spiT ) |
1) Stealth - The sneak (X) and roll (Circle) buttons are your friends.  Enemies
cannot hear your approach when you sneak or roll toward them.  Also, you should
always use rolling to gain ground more quickly on enemies who're farther away.

2) Stealth - Enemies have bad peripheral vision.  In fact, it seems that they
all have tunnel vision; meaning they can only see directly ahead of themselves
most of the time.  Use this to your advantage when sneaking up on anyone.

3) Stealth/Par - Hide bodies only when you NEED to.  If you kill/incapacitate
enemies in ideal locations (IE: places where other guards don't tend to patrol)
you'll find that you RARELY need to hide bodies in this game, which saves time.

4) Par - LEARN the level layouts by heart.  If you waste time getting lost or
aimlessly wandering around levels while completing your objectives, you're NOT
going to beat the strict par times set on each mission; it's that simple.

5) Par - Avoid/run by enemies whenever possible.  It's almost humorous how many
times you can actually just hustle past the majority of enemy encounters in the
game.  The only time you must focus on killing enemies is for objectives which
require you to save/protect collateral targets (CHA officers, for example) or
on objectives where you have to assassinate certain targets.

6) 0 Deaths - Simple: ROLL!  Anytime you see your danger meter getting up into
the redder area, rolling is your dearest friend.  Your agent is invulnerable
during the roll animation, and if you time rolling properly you can totally
avoid an enemy's gunfire, depending on the fire rate of their weapon.

7) 0 Deaths - Use head-shots on flak-jacketed enemies whenever possible.  Not
only will it kill them instantly and conserve ammo, but you'll also get their
undamaged flak jackets for your own use, which is priceless in some situations.

8) 0 Deaths - Some people might call this cheap; others may just think it's
brilliant.  Anytime you feel like you're in danger of dying, if you have some
DormaGen Gas Grenades with you, using one on yourself will "knock you out" but
does NOT count as a death.  So your agent will start with a fresh health/armor
bar at your last checkpoint without having actually died.

9) All - Bring the RIGHT weapons.  Naturally, you won't always have the "best"
weapons to choose from for a particular mission your FIRST time through it.  So
sometimes it's best to come back to a mission later when you've gone up in rank
or ratings, thus having some better gear to get the job done with.  Also, keep
in mind what the focal point of a mission is while picking weapons (stealth,
lots of potential collateral targets, TONS of enemies, etc).

10) All - Always look for an easier/faster/safer way of doing things.  Many of
the objectives can be completed in a number of ways.  Some are faster but more
dangerous; others take more time but lessen your chances of blowing stealth or
dying in the field.  Don't get discouraged if you don't come anywhere near a
mission par time your first couple of times thru.  Just keep asking yourself,
"What can I do to shave some seconds (minutes?) off my time?"

| Sana'a, Yemen - Arms Bazaar     ( nemeY ) |
| Recommended Weapons Load-out |
Note: This is one of several missions where you CANNOT pick which weapons you
bring along with you; even though it lets you "select" things from the weapons
load-out screen, nothing you pick will be in your inventory. When Yemen begins
you'll have only your K-BAR knife to work with; so any other weapons will have
to be acquired/stolen during the level.
| Ideal Objectives Order |
1) Eliminate the VIP to obtain Credentials
2) Photograph Fadhil's Files
3) Enter the arms bazaar with Credentials
4) Destroy Communications Equipment (Satellite Dish - Part 1 of 3)
5) Kill Thae-bok Jon and obtains his Credentials
6) Destroy Communications Equipment (Radio - Part 2 of 3)
7) Obtain Videotape Evidence
8) Destroy Communications Equipment (Radio - Part 3 of 3)
9) Eliminate Khorsh
10) Exterminate Khorsh's Thugs
11) Obtain Zohar's Explosives
12) Deliver Explosives to Zohar
13) Eliminate Yushchenko
14) Kill Yushchenko's Bodyguards
Mission Parameters: Maintain Stealth
Mission Par Time: 18 Minutes
| Walkthrough |
From your starting position, you will see your first objective (the VIP who you
need to kill) walking your way.  Of course, you CANNOT kill him just yet, since
numerous officers whom roam around will no doubt see you and/or find the body.
Instead, simply walk off the short ledge in front of and slightly to the right
of your starting point.  Notice the massive pillar here?  Stand in front of it
until the "interact" icon (Triangle button) shows up on the screen. DO NOT push
the button yet though.  Just wait here and keep an eye on the VIP as he wanders
around the ruins, looking for the best opportunity to strike.

Now, there's at least two "ideal" spots where the VIP will wander to before you
can kill him without being seen doing the dirty deed.  If you wait long enough
for him to wander ALL the way to the right side of the ruins, there's a little
pit/depression he'll eventually go down into which obscures the guards' view of
the VIP.  You can then sneak/roll up behind him and slit his throat or stab him
without worrying about concealing the corpse since that pit is a discreet area.
However, if you're trying to beat the mission par time, look below.

Alternate Solution:
From your "spying" point behind the pillar, wait for the VIP to start heading
around the corner that leads to that underground area (which is currently being
guarded by one armed soldier).  The INSTANT you see him start to vanish around
that corner, press "Triangle" to kick out the support beam to that pillar now.
This sends the pillar crumbling (make sure not to stand TOO close to it as it
falls; it CAN kill you) over, and distracts ALL the guards in the area, even
the one formerly guarding the underground entrance.

Now, quickly run back to where the VIP is heading, equipping your K-BAR when no
other guards are back where with you two.  If you time it JUST right, you can
catch the VIP while he's not moving for the throat-slit animation.  He's only
stopped for a heartbeat though; so you'll probably have to just stab him in the
back conventionally.  Either way, make sure he's dead, then search the body to
claim his Credentials and complete your first objective.
(Eliminate the VIP to obtain Credentials - Complete!)

Naturally, you can't just leave the VIP's corpse here.  So after taking his
Credentials, pick up his body and just walk into the now-unguarded tunnel,
dropping him just off to the side of the entrance.  (I've noticed the guard
doesn't return to his post here for some reason if you work fast enough.) See
the equipment crate here?  Claim the Nightvision Goggles and VSS Special
sniper rifle found inside and immediately equip them both.

Head deeper into the tunnel (with Nightvision on), and roll/sneak over to the
first "doorway" you encounter on your left.  If you got here quickly enough,
(and without making noise) the first of two guards you'll see down here will
be walking past you to the right.  With your VSS Special in hand, snipe him in
first person view (it doesn't need to be a head-shot) to take him down.  If you
don't get him on his first pass, you'll just need to wait for him to pass by
again (be careful; he "pauses" and looks toward your doorway the first time he
comes back through) and roll into the hall to shoot him from behind.

Once he's down, head in the direction where the second guard is showing up on
the map/radar.  Just don't enter his line of view, of course, and wait for him
to have his back turned for another easy snipe opportunity.  (Note: No need to
hide any bodies down here, since it's one giant discreet area.)

Now run all the way down to the end of the tunnel the second guard was lurking.
You'll eventually come to a gate-closed doorway; but don't enter it just yet.
Instead, wait in a crouch beside the door and watch your radar. A final guard
here will wander into the room on the other side of the gate.  Just wait for
him to "look" at the door you're standing beside, and the moment he starts to
walk away, open the door (holding "X" to SNEAK), and move in to take him out
with a quick shot.  Now put your weapon away and go to the filing cabinet in
this room to take some pictures of Fadhil's Secret Files.
(Photograph Fadhil's Files - Complete!)

Return back through the tunnels and out the way you entered through the ruins.
(Note: Though your VSS Special shows on your back visibly, guards won't regard
it as long as you don't have it EQUIPPED; keep this in mind for the rest of the
level.)  From the ruins, run down narrow alley nearest that bus you began the
mission next to.  The path to the next objective is pretty linear.  Just follow
the alley past a graveyard (and three graves) into another hallway, eventually
leading you to a circular room that serves as the entrance to the arms bazaar.
Show the guard here your stolen Credentials and he'll let you into the bazaar.
(Enter the Arms Bazaar with Credentials - Complete!)

You'll no doubt notice an assortment of weapons crates scattered around the
bazaar when you enter; however, if any guards (or the arms merchant) see you
taking any of said weapons, it causes an alert and ruins your stealth; so make
sure if you take anything here you only do so when the coast is clear.

Upon entrance, run all the way to the opposite end of the bazaar and look for a
collection of crates against the back wall.  Duck behind said crates and wait a
couple moments.  The arms merchant -- whom will follow you all around the area
-- will wander back to your location behind the crates and stare you down.

This is the only discreet area in the bazaar.  So once you've lured him behind
these crates, kill him FAST with the K-BAR.  (Note: Make sure he's standing in
a position that won't leave him in view of lurking guards or your stealth will
be compromised when you kill him.)  With the merchant out of the way, look far
across the bazaar at the building which you entered it.  See the Communications
Dish on top of the building?  Crouch behind the crates here in a position which
allows you to shoot the Dish without being seen by any guards.  Put your weapon
away once it's destroyed quickly as possible, just to be safe.
(Destroy Communications Equipment - 1 of 3)

Now exit the bazaar through the archway/tunnel nearest to your position (it's
on the left, if you refer to your map).  As you head through this tunnel, take
note of how it tells you this is a discreet area; because you'll be returning
here VERY shortly for your next (hidden) objective.  After emerging from this
tunnel, head up partially into the little stairwell to your left; turn around
180 degrees and just WAIT here.  Thae-bok Jon will eventually stroll by and
head into that discreet area tunnel I just mentioned.  DO NOT bring out your
K-BAR until AFTER you have snuck/rolled into the tunnel with him completely or
a guard WILL see you with your weapon out and blow your stealth.  Slit Jon's
throat when he stops moving, then take his Credentials and leave his corpse.
(Kill Thae-bok Jon and obtains his Credentials - Complete!)

After un-equipping your knife, return to the bazaar area again; this time going
out the exit found on the East (right) side.  Follow the linear tunnels/halls
until you get to an archway on your right side you can go through down a short
set of stairs.  This will take you by an equipment crate that WILL have Zohar's
Explosives in later, but not now.  Refer to your map is needed; you're heading
for the building nearby which has the second piece of Communications Equipment
inside it.  There's a lone guard who wanders in and out of the structure.  Wait
for him to exit the building, then immediately run upstairs and enter the right
room.  Bring out your VSS Special and shoot the radio here (anything else will
cause an alert), then take the extra VSS ammo in a crate here if desired.
(Destroy Communications Equipment - 2 of 3)

Instead of leaving the building, head into the other room that's found upstairs
here.  The guard will return upstairs on his patrol at some point.  Either use
the K-BAR to stick him from behind or snipe him with the VSS Special, leaving
the body without consequence.  Now, climb out of the window upstairs here onto
a roof with the VSS ready.  Stay crouched, but in a position that allow you to
view a little doorway off in the distance slightly to the left of your agent.
Eventually, a single guard will wander under that doorway.  Snipe him once he
steps into it (so you won't need to hide his corpse) then safely drop from the
roof to ground level.  Make certain to use sneaking/rolling to move about now;
because the most critical part of maintaining your stealth is about to happen.

After dropping from the roof, sneak over to a narrow doorway a short distance
off to your right.  Stay out of sight, however; there's two guards who patrol
this area.  One lurks in front of the building which holds a couple mission
objectives (Radio, Videotape).  Another lurks inside the building; but his
pattern eventually leads him to stand right outside of the building doorway
at some point.  Anyhow, the moment you see the first guard outside, he should
be heading toward you.  He'll veer off to the right, vanishing behind a wall.
This is the point where you want to roll through your spying spot and go get
into a position to take him out quickly with your VSS.

Assuming you killed him without raising an alert, just go over and lurk nearby
the building entrance I mentioned.  The second guard will eventually head out
the door, giving you a perfect chance to be waiting with your scope aimed and
take him out before he knows what hit him.  Immediately move into the building,
staying alert.  A final guard is upstairs.  His patrol pattern has him stop at
the very top of the stairs before he'll turn around and head back into the root
which he came.  Just crouch beside the stairwell out of sight, watching the map
for him to leave the top of the stairs.  Then sneak/roll up the stairs to snuff
him with the VSS when the chance comes.  (Note: If you alert him, you can STILL
shoot/kill him before he has a chance to destroy the Videotape found nearby.)

Take the Videotape Evidence found in the camera here.  In the next room is the
final Radio.  Shoot it with any weapon, then take the Gate Key found on a table
in this same room.  There's also a Desert Sniper .44 handgun found in a cabinet
here, which I would advise taking also; you'll need its heavy firepower.
(Obtain Videotape Evidence - Complete!)
(Destroy Communications Equipment - 3 of 3 - Complete!)
(Parameter: Maintain Stealth - Complete!)

Now that stealth is no longer an issue, Zohar will communicate with you, saying
Khorsh's Thugs need to be taken out, or all hell is going to break loose later.
I THINK there are 7 Thugs total; but I may be wrong.  Either way, you can keep
track of each Thug's position with your map/radar; they register as white marks
instead of the normal enemy icons.  (Note: Kill all but ONE of the Thugs for
now; you'll find out why in a moment.)

Make your way back to the arms bazaar, dispatching all but one of the Thugs on
your way there.  The reason you should keep one alive is simple: We're going to
eliminate Khorsh, who lurks at the entrance of the bazaar.  If you kill ALL of
the Thugs before reaching him, he starts fleeing the scene towards the starting
point of the mission; meaning you'll have to fight through countless enemies as
well as Korsh while trying to catch up with him.  This not only wastes time,
but it's obviously more dangerous too, if you're aiming for the 0 deaths goal.
I've noticed Khorsh DOES NOT take off when at least one Thug is left alive once
you reach him, making the task of killing him tons easier.  So: do so now.
(Eliminate Khorsh - Complete!)

Once Khorsh is pushing up daisies, exit the bazaar via the Eastern path again,
returning to that equipment crate I mentioned earlier in the FAQ with Zohar's
Explosives inside it, which are now there.  Of course, while you're back here
you should finish picking off any of Khorsh's Thugs you may have left alive,
killing two birds with one stone, as they say.  Once both objectives are under
your belt, return yet again to the bazaar; Zohar is now waiting for you here.
(Exterminate Khorsh's Thugs - Complete!)

Shut Zohar's yap by giving him his precious Explosives; but make sure you pick
off any enemies in the area before handing them over.  While Zohar is planting
the Explosives, go grab the M1 Frag Grenades located in a crate near where you
met Zohar; these babies make the final task a cakewalk.  Whip out the grenades
and prime your aiming cursor on the area where Zohar is planting things.  In a
moment, Yushchenko and his goons will be driving through the gate.  The SECOND
this happens and the "fireworks" go off, begin hurling grenades to the right of
the cars like there's no tomorrow.  If you timed things well, you should take
out Yushchenko before he has a chance to even cry foul.
(Deliver Explosives to Zohar - Complete! )
(Eliminate Yushchenko - Complete!)

Don't stop there, however; keep chunking grenades to take out his little squad
of bodyguards with well-timed throws as they emerge from the smoking cars.
Once they're all kaput, give yourself a pat on the back: Mission over!
(Kill Yushchenko's Bodyguards - Complete!)
(Mission - Complete!)

| Belarus, Minsk - International University     ( ksniM ) |
| Recommended Weapons Load-out |
Sidearm: PPK
This pistol is really a MUST for this level because of its silenced status.

Back: C8 Rifle, FAL, or nothing at all
Since you are going to be maintaining stealth for over 3/4 of Minsk, (hence not
being fired at) heavy weaponry really isn't even needed.  There are both normal
and thermal DSC-1 sniper rifles found throughout the mission, which prove to be
just as (if not more) effective than any weapon you could bring along.

Auxiliary: Air Pistol or Scorpion
You're probably not going to have the Air Pistol for your first Minsk outing,
but it's truly the weapon of choice.  Taking out some of the stealth-critical
guards is TONS easier with the Air Pistol.  Otherwise, if you only have lethal
weapons, bring the Scorpion, due to the fact you'll find more ammo for it.

Grenades: M61 Frag Grenades, or DormaGen Gas Grenades
Chances are, you should at least have the Frags by the time you reach Minsk for
your first trek.  You'll find out why they are useful later in the walkthrough.
The DormaGen Grenades are helpful for taking out university guards (or even as
an alternative to sniping the foreman); but the only drawback to those is they
don't seem to have an effect on the "flame troopers" you encounter late in the
level.  The Frag Grenades, however, DO, which is why I often choose them.

Melee: Stun Jack
Though you may have a tazer by this point, the Stun Jack is much safer to bring
for Minsk, since many guards wear flak jackets, which means the tazer line will
just bounce off (and alert) guards if you don't aim it manually.  Plus the stun
jack works faster and is easier to handle.  Since all the university guards are
collateral targets, you MUST bring a non-lethal weapon.
| Ideal Objectives Order |
1) Deploy Viral Sniffers (4 total) at marked locations
2) Download MetaGlobal's records
3) Retrieve Mission Gear from the safehouse
4) Deploy a Beacon inside the refrigerated truck
5) Bug all MetaGlobal Containers (2 total)
6) Use Emergency Gas Shutoff Valve
7) Activate Elevator to enter the labs
8) Plant Agency Surveillance Gear (5 total)
9) Acquire Omega Strain Serum (4 total)
10) Fall back to Extraction Point
Mission Parameters: Maintain Stealth, No Collateral Damage
Mission Par Time: 20 Minutes
| Walkthrough |
The moment the mission begins, one of Jandran's body guards will walk by your
position.  Wait for him to pass by and run up the street to the left to reach
the first Viral Sniffer marker.  Plant it, then return to your starting point,
hugging the wall on your right.
(1 of 4 Viral Sniffers planted.)

Wait at this spot for that same guard whom passed you once to return.  Once he
moves in front of you again, take off down the street in the direction he came
from.  You're now heading for the second Viral Sniffer marker, which is at the
end of a small alley/alcove on your right (check your map if needed).
(2 of 4 Viral Sniffers planted.)

After Sniffer two is planted, turn around 180 degrees (tap "down" on the analog
stick) and run a bee-line down the street you're now facing, making sure to hug
close to the fence which is on your right side.  You need not worry about being
"spotted" by the guard behind the gate, nor the sniper who's perched nearby; so
you can just run all the way towards Viral Sniffer location number three.

DO NOT attempt to plant the Sniffer here yet, however.  Instead, take note of
the guard who is approaching the (locked) entrance of the MetaGlobal office in
front of you.  You need to sneak up and stand as close behind him as possible.
You'll hear him start mumbling a security code, which you will "learn" once he
says it all (it notifies you when it's learned at the bottom of the screen).

Once he opens the door follow him inside (while still sneaking), and wait for
him to get at least a few steps into the building before equipping your Stun
Jack and taking him out.  Don't worry about hiding the body; no one will find
him.  Quickly equip your PPK, then target the security camera you see against
the wall.  Shoot it before it comes back online, or your stealth is gone.  In
the next room, download the MetaGlobal records from the computer console.
(Download MetaGlobal's records - Complete!)

Instead of leaving the building, head upstairs.  There is a DSC-1 sniper rifle
here in one crate and some armor and a Scorpion in the other.  Take the DSC-1
while you're here (the Scorpion is optional), then sneak/roll over to the far
left window with the PPK armed.  You can discreetly kill the sniper who guards
the third Viral Sniffer marker here with a head-shot without raising alarm.

Now head back downstairs.  Instead of exiting thru the entrance you originally
came in from, there's a side door to the right you want to take.  Go ahead and
equip your Stun Jack again on your way.  As you exit the door, take note of the
stationary guard on the left.  You can easily sneak/roll over and stun him with
the Jack.  Again, don't worry about hiding the body.  Now you can finally go to
that third Viral Sniffer marker and plant it; however be wary of the guard whom
patrols behind that gate.  You have a visible weapon on your back now; so don't
let him spot you while you're heading to or from the Sniffer marker.
(3 of 4 Viral Sniffers planted.)

One more Viral Sniffer to place, and it's a doozy.  Return to that garage where
the stationary guard you stunned earlier was at.  You can either keep the DSC-1
rifle you have, or take the thermal DSC-1 located in the garage.  To the right
of said garage, look for a small crawl-space you can climb up to and crawl in.
Equip your sniper rifle now.  Once through the tunnel, STAY CROUCHED behind the
bench you'll emerge behind.  There's one guard roaming the streets and a sniper
perched on a structure to the left.  Wait for the guard on the street to head
off on his patrol route (if he hasn't already), then snipe the sniper with a
head-shot from your safe point behind the bench.

If you refer to your map, you'll notice the man who patrols the street does a
wide "circle" that takes him thru an alley.  You should run under the archway
the sniper was guarding into that back-alley.  If you killed said sniper fast
enough, you should have enough time to zoom back there before that guard can
return through there.  You will know you're in the right place when you see a
ladder against the building in front of you.  Notice the dark recessed doorway
beside the ladder?  Hide yourself in there with your back to the wall, waiting
for that guard to stroll by again.  Use the Stun Jack or Gas Grenade on him.

Now, equip your sniper rifle again and climb that ladder I mentioned.  Hold "X"
to stay crouched once you reach the top.  Kill that patrolling sniper on top of
the building directly in your sights with a head-shot.  Once dead, slide/climb
down the ladder and continue through that alley.  Take note of your map again.
There are two university guards who're lurking near the final Sniffer location
-- one in the street and another who hangs by the marker.  Remember: you CAN'T
kill these guards (collateral targets); so you need your Stun Jack, Air Pistol
or Dormagen Gas Grenades to handle them.

If you haven't learned the pattern the first guard patrols, just watch the map
and wait for an opening to run from the alley and across the street directly in
front of you.  What you want to do is just hide under that pillared structure,
and wait for the wandering guard to return your way.  You'll be given a perfect
chance to sneak up and stun him.  The INSTANT he's down quickly pick him up and
return to your hiding spot, dropping him there; because his "buddy" will notice
he's missing and come looking for him.  Just hold your position, and eventually
this guard will wander over and stop in the same spot you dropped the first.
When that happens, stun him quick and leave him there.  Now you can run into
the courtyard and plant the last Viral Sniffer.  Finally!
(4 of 4 Viral Sniffers planted - Complete!)

Now, exit the courtyard and take an immediate right towards the building where
your next objective is.  Open the door and run upstairs.  Your equipment is in
there in some crates/tables.  Take what you want (all you REALLY "need" is the
equipment on the table) and exit.  Once on the street again, just return into
that crawl-space behind the bench you came from, and head toward the area where
you planted Viral Sniffer number 3.
(Retrieve Mission Gear from the safehouse - Complete!)

Okay, this next task can be the most frustrating one in the mission as far as
maintaining stealth is concerned.  There are a couple ways it can be handled,
depending on which weapons you brought.  We're going to be taking out the guy
who patrols behind that locked fence now.  Just use the DSC-1 from a distance
to snipe him in the head without being spotted.  It's best to take him down
when he's standing as close to the locked gate as he comes.

Now, IF you have the air pistol, what comes next is simple.  After he's dead,
run RIGHT NEXT TO the gate.  Have your air pistol equipped, and set your sights
on the slim door you'll see past the gate on the left.  The warehouse foreman
will come out that door shortly, and you MUST kill him before he discovers the
other guard's body.  With the air pistol, you can easily take him down with one
shot once he emerges from the doorway; it doesn't NEED to be a head-shot, but
ONLY if you're using the air pistol.  Or, you can just hurl a Gas Grenade over
the fence at the door when he pops out as an alternative.

Alternative Solution:
If you DON'T have the air pistol for the mission, this part takes a bit more
finesse.  Use your DSC-1 rifle (or another scoped weapon if you brought one).
After you've killed the gate guard, instead of running next to the gate, stay
far across the street, yet in a position that allows you to view the door that
the foreman comes through (otherwise he'll probably see you before you can get
a good head-shot chance).  Zoom in and use those sniper "skillz" to take the
foreman out with a head-shot (he's wearing a flak jacket).  If you miss, you
might as well kiss your stealth good-bye.  USUALLY he will "stop" running for a
split-second when he spots the body, giving you a good chance for a head-shot.

In either case, once the foreman is on ice, bring out your PPK again. The gate
is locked, but if you aim at the lock between the bars in first person aiming
view, you can shoot it open from there, instead of wasting time by doing it
from the window in the MetaGlobal office.  I've noticed that sometimes a guard
in the area will "see" the corpse of the gate guard if you leave him there.

Enter the gate now.  If you learned the security code (and I hope you did! =P)
you want to enter the building through the door which the foreman came from.
Once inside, there's a pair of guards unloading the refrigerated truck across
the room.  Don't worry about them just yet.  Instead, sneak or roll your way
behind the crates on the left to avoid being spotted.  Through another doorway
to the left you'll find a locker with an enemy uniform in it.  Put it on!  Now
you can wander thru most of the mission without needing to be sneaky.  Return
to the refrigerated truck and plant the beacon on a carcass inside it.
(Deploy a Beacon inside the refrigerated truck - Complete!)

For the next objective (Bug all MetaGlobal Containers) you'll need to refer to
your map again; because each time you do this level the two brown crates are in
random locations.  They're easy to find; but knowing every spot they show up at
before starting the mission helps.  So go plant them to finish the objective.
(Bug all MetaGlobal Containers - Complete!)

After the bugs are planted, head down some stairs that're next to those lockers
where you got your disguise.  Since time is of the essence, DO NOT toy with all
the guards you'll be passing soon.  As I said, you can just run through the
halls freely without raising their suspicion if you leave them be.

From the stairs I mentioned, take a right and follow the hall far as it goes,
taking the first left.  Follow the tunnel here, then take the first door/turn
to your right that you reach.  This next area leads into that chamber where a
master security override switch is upstairs; but ignore it.  Just continue
straight through the chamber, taking a left once at the end.

Though it doesn't show up as an objective on your map yet, we're heading to the
Gas Main Valve that's nearby.  Follow the tunnels; you'll take a right, then a
left, and then a final left into the big rectangular room where the Gas Valve
is.  It's on the lower floor, but you can just roll/fall off of the tier and
run over to the Gas Valve to turn it.
(Use Emergency Gas Shutoff Valve - Complete!)

From that room, take the doorway closest to the Gas Valve.  Follow the series
of rooms it leads you thru, ignoring the university guards you'll see on the
way.  Once at the top, you'll receive a message saying, "your disguise is no
longer useful."  So be VERY careful about preserving your stealth again.

Once you've reached the exit of the underground area (you'll know you're there;
a university guard is standing at the doorway with his back to you).  There are
only two guards out here to handle; so equip the Stun Jack or Air Pistol.  The
guard with his back turned never moves as long as you don't alert him; but the
security guard outside patrols the area in a wide circular path.  So check your
map/radar to make sure he's not walking your way while you dispatch the guard
who's standing in the door.  After you've taken them both out, directly across
the doorway you emerged from is an open window leading into the university.

Keep non-lethal weapons equipped.  Two more guards are inside who need to be
taken down before you can reach the elevator.  The INSTANT you enter university
through the window, run forward to use the wall in front of you for cover.  You
will see the first guard approaching in the hallway to your right.  He'll walk
towards a door and check to see if it's locked, which leaves his back turned to
you.  If you have the air pistol, you can drop him from the safety of that room
you're in.  If not you'll need to QUICKLY roll/sneak behind him while he checks
the door lock and stun him before he turns around.

One guard left!  If you entered the long hallway to Stun Jack the first guard,
make sure to stay out of sight behind one of those pillar-like protrusions in
the wall; because the final guard patrols the opposite end of that hallway.  He
wanders into and out of the room.  So you need to advance down the hall when he
is out of the room, using those wall-protrusions on the left for cover.  When
you have the chance, either Air Pistol, Stun Jack, or Gas Grenade him.

BE CAREFUL!  There's ONE final thing that can blow your cover before you reach
the elevator.  As you enter the chamber where the final guard was pacing into,
equip your PPK again and check your left.  There's a security cam on the wall.
It can be tough to see, but it's definitely there. Once it's destroyed, you can
enter the elevator, and FINALLY stop sweating about stealth.  Whew!
(Activate Elevator to enter the labs - Complete!)
(Parameter: Maintain Stealth - Complete!)

Speed is VERY critical now.  Once you ride the elevator down to the lab and the
doors open, work quickly as possible to finish the next two objectives.  Zoom
through the halls to the spots where you'll be planting surveillance equipment.
Swiftly plant all 5 in there proper places, then focus on getting the Omega
Strain Serum from the 4 consoles.  Almost done!
(Plant Agency Surveillance Gear - Complete!)
(Acquire Omega Strain Serum - Complete!)

I've discovered that if you wish to get through the rest of Minsk as fast as
possible with the best chance of NOT getting killed, you should just RUN back
through the level the EXACT path you came right after you finish planting the
gear/serum.  Those troopers with the flame-guns and fire/bulletproof suits who
start breaking into the lab won't have a chance to make your life miserable if
you hurry back to your extraction point ASAP.

There's "technically" only ONE fire trooper you'll have to deal with or avoid.
After riding the elevator back up from the lab, it's time to equip those Frag
Grenades.  Once back in that long hallway where you knocked out the final two
university guards, STAY there and press L1 to start aiming the grenade cursor,
aiming it at the opposite end of the hallway.  That one fire trooper mentioned
will be running through there any second.  If you don't trust your timing with
grenades, just start chucking them repeatedly at the far doorway the moment you
see him on the radar.  (You can also HEAR him coming by the sound of hid damned
flame-gun firing.)  Once he's blown to bits, put grenades away and hightail out
of there.  If you hang out too long, that guard will just re-spawn endlessly.

If you're going to equip ANY weapon for the rest of the level, equip non-lethal
weapons; because you'll be running into at least 2 or 3 collateral targets your
way back through those tunnels.  Honestly, I found it just as easy to run past
them, rolling to avoid damage as needed.  But if you're low on health/armor and
trying to go for that 0 deaths stat, it might be safer to take them out.

Anyhow, after hauling butt through the underground tunnels which lead you back
into the warehouse, you are almost in the clear.  If you really book it, you
won't see ANY more of those flame troopers.  And the guards who you encounter
in the warehouse often times seem to ignore you (a uniform glitch, maybe?).

Once back upstairs and in the room where you got the disguise, head outside
through the door you first entered the warehouse with.  There are a LOT of
enemies waiting for you outside.  But, if you just run through guns blazing
you can usually make it through pretty much unscathed.  You're heading back
to the exact spot where you begin the mission to your Extraction Point.  So
the instant you reach it the mission is over.  Every time I completed Minsk
in the method I described, I beat the par time by at least 2 minutes; so as
long as you didn't dally around dispatching the guards and snipers during
the Viral Sniffer portion of the mission, you should beat par easily.
(Fall back to Extraction Point - Complete!)
(Mission Parameter: No Collateral Damage - Complete!)
(Mission - Complete!)

| North Atlantic - Lorelei Salvage Rig     ( giR ) |

| Zurich, Switzerland - Niculescu Funds Tower    ( rewoT ) |
| Recommended Weapons Load-out |
Sidearm: PPK
You're only going to need this to shoot out a grate in a vent.

Back: Riot Shotgun
Only non-lethal back weapon.  'Nough said.

Auxiliary: Air Pistol
Only non-lethal auxiliary weapon.  Deja vu?

Grenades: DormaGen Gas Grenades
You guessed it: Only non-lethal grenades.

Melee: Stun Baton, E.D.T., or E.P.D.D
Whatever you pick for a melee weapon should be based solely on personal prefs.
I personally find the stun jack more trustworthy than the tazers, since you
often have to aim it manually to avoid having them bounce off flak jackets.
| Ideal Objectives Order |
1) Plant Camera Transceivers (4 total)
2) Obtain ALA Financial Records
3) Power up Emergency Elevators
4) Insert Data Transmitters (4 total)
5) Obtain Security Chief's handprint and bypass security
6) Bypass Red Laser Alarm System
7) Access the Mainframe Computer
8) Search Vaults on 3rd floor
9) Search Vaults on 4th floor
10) Obtain Birchim Files
11) Rendezvous at final level 4 vault
Mission Parameters: Maintain Stealth, No Collateral Damage 
Mission Par Time: 18 Minutes
| Walkthrough |
EVERY guard you encounter in Zurich is a collateral target, which is why you
should only bring as many non-lethal weapons as possible at the weapon select
screen.  Also, DO NOT shoot guards in the head.  Even non-lethal weapons are
fatal when used improperly (target shot at the neck or higher).

First, all three guards on the floor you begin the mission on need to be taken
out.  Climb the ladder directly in front of you, and PAUSE at the top rung of
it (without actually climbing off).  Wait for the first guard to walk all the
way into a tunnel (the one with the gate that is locked from one side) to your
right.  Then you can finish climbing the ladder and follow him.  Stun him when
he walks around the corner (so you won't need to hide his body).  After several
moments, a second guard will emerge through some doors at the other end of the
room and come looking for the first guard.  Just hug the wall and wait for him
to take off down the other tunnel before following him and dispatching him with
either the Stun Jack or Air Pistol.  The final guard is easy; simply watch his
pattern and cap him with any weapon.  Now you can go plant the first Camera
Transceiver in the room where the second guard emerged from.
(1 of 4 Camera Transceivers planted.)

Check your map if needed to find the elevator nearby.  Instead of using it, you
can jump/climb up through an open panel in the top of the elevator, which leads
to the vent that's above it.  Once in the vent, shoot out the grate you'll come
up on the left with the PPK (non-lethal weapons don't affect it), then crawl in
to the newly opened passage.  In this new room, snag the ALA Financial Papers.
(Obtain ALA Financial Records - Complete!)

Return to the vent; but this time take a left in the tunnel to end up in a room
with the Elevator Power Switch.  Turn it on, then instead of going back through
the vent, you can open the gate I mentioned earlier.
(Power up Emergency Elevators - Complete!)

Return to the now-powered elevator and take it down to the computer lab.  There
are only two guards on this floor.  You can take them both out quickly with the
Air Pistol if you immediately roll/sneak out of the elevator to the LEFT when
the doors open.  You'll come up behind the first guard for an easy shot, then
keep heading around until the second guard is in your sights way off in the
distance.  (Do NOT follow the second guard into the room which leads to the
computer mainframe, however; or a security camera will spot you.)  Once the
guards are neutralized you can plant all 4 Data Transmitters at each console.
(4 of 4 Data Transmitters inserted - Complete!)

Next, locate and crawl into a vent found here.  There's two ways you can go in
the vent.  To the left is a room with a Riot Pistol (non-lethal) you can claim
if you wish.  To the right is a room with the second Camera Transceiver.
(2 of 4 Camera Transceivers planted.)

Once it's planted, return through the vent to the main room once again.  DO NOT
head into the room which leads to the Mainframe Computer just yet.  Instead, go
down to the Bank Vaults level (using the other elevator on this floor).  You're
only going to be on this floor long enough to plant Camera Transceiver 3 (which
can be found on the desk right in front of you as you get off the elevator) for
now.  Then return to the elevator and the 2nd floor.  Gabe say that you need to
get Security Chief's handprint, who's all the way back on the main lobby floor
which you began the mission on; so take the elevators back up.
(3 of 4 Camera Transceivers planted.)

As you exit the elevator, head straight until you hit a wall, then veer left.
Look for another vent on the lower wall on your right side as you go; it leads
to the area sealed off areas where the Security Chief is.  Before you can reach
him, however, two more security guards will need to be dealt with.  If you roll
or sneak forward the instant you emerge from the vent, you can catch one guard
who's on the ground floor with his back turned for an easy Air Pistol shot.
The second guard is upstairs; he too can be swiftly taken down with a shot if
you hurry up the stairs (by sneak/rolling) and take quick aim.  Otherwise, if
you wish to play it more safely, just wait underneath the stairs.  Eventually
he wanders down them for an easy shot opportunity.

Assuming you took out the guards without raising an alarm, you can sneak up on
the Security Chief upstairs in his room and knock him out however you choose
(Riot Shotgun is fine, since no one else is around to be alerted by the noise).
You'll need to "pick up his body" once to obtain the Security Chief's Handprint
from him (you don't need his body after that).  Before you leave, bypass the
Red Laser Alarm System by using the console that's in the Chief's room.  This
turns off all the red lasers in the Mainframe Computer area.
(Obtain Security Chief's handprint - Complete!)
(Bypass Red Laser Alarm System - Complete!)

Take an elevator ride back to the Computer Lab level (2nd floor).  You can now
open the security door leading to the Computer Mainframe Core and head inside
without having to worry about dodging red lasers.  Slide down the ladder here
and access the mainframe core via the console nearby.  After you access it, the
door to the ladder you came down from will be sealed.  No worries; just jump up
the opening nearby to the next level.  There's two consoles up here.  You need
to operate the LEFT console to open the doors back up.  (You'll know if you hit
the correct console when it gives you a message that says "Bottom and top doors
open, middle door sealed.")  Head out of the core the way you came now.
(Access the Mainframe Computers - Complete!)

Once you exit the Mainframe Computer Core, take yet another elevator ride down
to the Safe Vaults floor (3rd level) again.  There's only four guards down here
you need to worry about, but it's best if you DO take them all out.  From the
elevator, I always head right first.  Two guards patrol a distinct pattern over
on this side.  If you hurry this way the moment you exit the elevator, you can
dispatch them both quick if you're a good shot with the Air Pistol.  Wait until
the nearest guard starts turning down towards one of the Vaults, then take aim
and shoot the other guard who's heading further down the hall FIRST.  You MUST
take him down before he reaches the end of the hall; otherwise a guard who's on
the far side of the floor will see his body and sound an alarm.  Anyhow, once
the first guard is dropped, you can simply close in on the second one while
he's still snooping around with his back turned by the nearest Vault.

After this half of the halls are clear of guards, you can begin searching the 4
vaults on this level.  Each vault has its own pattern of green laser grids you
need to avoid (one touch = death).  Search the two vaults on this side.
(2 of 4 Vaults on 3rd floor searched.)

On the opposite side of the floor you'll need to deal with the remaining two
security personnel.  Just watch their patrol patterns, and they should be easy
prey.  Finish searching the two Vaults on this side once they are on ice, then
you need to venture to the handprint ID scanner (it's listed as an objective on
your map) to deactivate the laser barrier; so you can take the elevator there
down to the lowest and final level: the Secure Vaults floor.
(4 of 4 Vaults on 3rd floor searched - Complete!)
(Use Security Chief's handprint to bypass security - Complete!)

As the elevator doors open, DON'T LEAVE.  Stay there and wait for the ONE guard
who's on this floor to walk by and dispatch him.  Once he's counting sheep, you
can plant the final Camera Tranceiver at the console here.
(4 of 4 Camera Transceivers planted - Complete!)

After which, make a LEFT and follow the hallway (you'll need to avoid lots of
green laser grids on the way) to the "final" Vault.  After you've searched it,
notice the vent in this vault?  Crawl through it and get your final objective:
Collecting the hidden Birchim Files.
(Obtain Birchim Files - Complete!)

Gabe will now tell you to search one final Vault (but you'll just need to REACH
it, since it's locked).  So make your way around the halls, avoiding the green
lasers of death, and your mission will be complete once you reach the vault.
(Search Vaults on 4th floor - Complete!)
(Mission Parameters: Maintain Stealth, No Collateral Damage - Complete!)
(Mission - Complete!)

(Special Note: Thanks and credit go out to SyPh2001 for help on Italy; I used
his walkthrough and much of his own wording as an outline for my own.)
|Pescara, Italy - St. Cetteo Square     ( ylatI ) |
| Recommended Weapons Load-out |
You play through the eyes of agent Stone for this level, recalling his accounts
of an operation in Pescara, Italy.  He has only one weapon: the SR-15 5.56 NATO
sniper rifle; and get this: he has only a SINGLE bullet for the entire mission,
which is to be used on your target.  (And people wonder why Marines are often
called "professional bullet-catchers".  Har.)  Fortunately, Stone can also use
his bare hands as a weapon to snap the necks of anyone he can sneak up on.
| Ideal Objectives Order |
1) Eliminate interfering Bodyguards (Static objective)
2) Set Decoy Explosives
3) Assassinate Dimitri Alexopoulos by 3:00 PM
4) Return to your Extraction Point
Mission Parameters: Maintain Stealth
Mission Par Time: 7 Minutes
| Walkthrough |
When the mission starts, sneak/roll into the tunnel in front of you, (else you
will be heard by two bodyguards at the end of it).  When you hear them talking,
wait for the goon on the left to turn and walk away.  Immediately creep behind
the remaining guard and snap his neck.  (Note: Stone can only perform his neck
break maneuver on STATIONARY targets; so DO NOT attempt it on anyone who's not
at a total halt.)  Quickly pick up his body and carry it on your way across the
street towards a grouping of barrels, which hide a ladder leading into a sewer.
Drop the body somewhere near the ladder before descending so no one finds him.

Alternate Solution:
You CAN leave this bodyguard alive and just sneak/roll past him to the ladder
I mentioned; but the time it saves is only minimal and can be more risky.

Once down the ladder, climb on top of the box and trek through the sewer to the
left at its only intersection.  At the end, run toward the bridge ahead of you.
Watch your radar CAREFULLY as you approach the bridge; some guards will appear
at some point.  When this happens, slow down to avoid alarming them by sneaking
or rolling to the bridge's right side.  Wait 'til the guard on the bridge turns
back around and heads off in the opposite direction.  (Note: You can also sneak
up on him and snap his neck when he stops at the foot of the bridge; but this
takes some finesse and speed.)

Continue forward in the direction the guard was heading before he turned around
(assuming you chose not to snap his neck).  You will see a stationary guard in
a cafe/patio area.  Climb up over a wall to get behind him and break his neck.
(Note: Remember this spot for later; you'll be using it for your escape route.)

Refer to your map now if needed; we're going to head over to the location where
Stone needs to plant the C-4 (Decoy Explosives).  There is only a single guard
patrolling this area; but if you worked fast enough in avoiding the bridge guy
and the one whom you just neck-snapped, you can easily just run into that alley
and plant the Decoy Explosives before this remaining guard can spot you.  After
they're planted, quickly run out the same way you came, in any case.
(Set Decoy Explosives - Complete!)

From the point where you exited the C-4 alley, head left while staying on the
left side of the street.  Once you get to where said street starts to "curve"
you should stop running and use sneaking/rolling to move now.  Soon, you will
see another stationary guard hanging out under a pillared structure.  He stares
out aimlessly at the street; so you can easily sneak/roll up behind him for an
easy neck-snap and leave his corpse where it rests.

Now, there's "technically" only one more bodyguard standing between you and the
place where Stone needs to go to snipe his target.  Depending on how long it's
taken you to get this far, the guard I mentioned will either be approaching the
location you're at, or walking off in the opposite direction down the street.

Either way, you want to wait until he starts heading off and follow him closely
without alerting him.  There IS a second guard who patrols around a building up
at the top of a stairwell; but he's not much of a concern.  It's the guy on the
street you need to focus on.  He has a simple "back and forth" pattern he walks
along the street.  The reason you shouldn't follow him TOO close is because the
other guard I mentioned MAY see you if he's at the stop of the stairs when you
walk by his LC.  So look to your left; there's a recessed doorway here you can
use as a hiding spot for cover as the street guard paces back and forth. (Note:
This guard ALWAYS turns around to the RIGHT when he turns; so he won't spot you
if you're on the left.)  Anyhow, just wait for the right opportunity; snap his
neck, and make a run for the building marked as Stone's sniping point.

Once upstairs in the building and you've got yourself situated in a good point
to view your target, you get to play the waiting game.  (Note: Depending on how
much time is left on your timer on the left when you arrive, Dimitri may or may
not be visible outside the building yet; so don't fret if you can't find him at
first.)  Once the timer gets down to around 30 seconds, you should seriously
consider getting Dimitri lined up in your sights for a head-shot.  Remember:
once the timer hits "0" and the clock tower bells start to chime, you MUST kill
Dimitri DURING one of the three bell tolls.  Despite what Stone tells you, it
does NOT "need" to be the third chime.  Whatever the case, once Dimitri is shot
your Decoy Explosives detonate automatically; so now it's time to escape.
(Assassinate Dimitri Alexopoulos by 3:00 PM - Complete!)

If you took out the majority of bodyguards you encountered on the way into your
sniping point, the rest of this mission is a total cakewalk, since more of the
remaining guards are running to the location of the Decoy Explosives now.  The
smartest (and fastest) thing you can do is simply head back to the Extraction
Point the SAME path you took to where you are now.  On your way back, remember
that spot I told you to take note of with the stationary guard?  Head here and
climb back over the wall, returning down that ladder into the sewer.  Once top-
side again, there shouldn't be a soul in sight; so just make a direct beeline
to the Extraction Point to bring the mission to its conclusion.
(Return to your Extraction Point - Complete!)
(Eliminate interfering Bodyguards - Complete!)
(Mission Parameter: Maintain Stealth - Complete!)
(Mission - Complete!)

| Tash, Kumyr, Kyrgystan - Saydahmat's Village     ( hsaT ) |

| Samashki, Chechnya - Ivankov's Home     ( emoH ) |
| Recommended Weapons Load-out |
As it is for all bonus missions, you don't get to select your weapons at all.
Ghandi -- I mean -- Mujari starts the Chechnya mission equipped with nothing
but non-lethal weapons: the DormaGen Gas Grenades, E.P.D.D. and Air Pistol.
No fatalities will be tolerated for this mission; so make sure to never take
aim for a target's head or overdo it with the tazer (hence frying them).
| Ideal Objectives Order |
1) Photo Mass Grave Sites (1 of 3)
2) Obtain the Code Papers from Ivankov's House
3) Photo the bombed School
4) Photo Uri Gregorav
5) Rescue CDP Hostage (But DO NOT release yet!)
6) Collect Tissue Sample from villager's body
7) Photo Mass Grave Sites (2 of 3)
8) Photo Mass Grave Sites (3 of 3)
9) Photo bombed Church
10) Photo bombed Hospital
11) Free Chechen Prisoners (Including CDP Hostage)
12) Get to Extraction Point
Mission Parameters: Do not use Lethal Force, Maintain Stealth
Mission Par Time: 12 Minutes
| Walkthrough |
As things begin, run to the building on your immediate left, standing/crouching
between it and the metal pole (as a reference point) that's beside it.  Looking
off in the distance, you will see a pair of black-garbed soldiers converging to
talk; and eventually a third guard will come down the stairwell in the building
behind him.  With the DormaGen Grenades in hand, aim and throw a grenade at the
third (stairs) guard.  As the grenade is in the air, quickly throw a second one
at the first pair of guards.  Even if your aim was a little off, the gas miasma
should easily take all three of them down without consequence.

With them out of the picture, face left from your current position and spot the
soldier who's shoveling the first Mass Grave Site.  Bring out your E.P.D.D. and
shock him 'til he's out (No more than 4 seconds, or you risk killing him).  Run
over to the Grave Site and snap your first of many photographs.
(Photo Mass Grave Sites - 1 of 3)

Still facing the Grave, equip your Air Pistol and run forward to the destroyed
building in your line of view (it's technically just one "wall" left standing,
with a window/doorway in said wall).  Crouch in that little window/doorway you
find.  There are three more soldiers here.  One stays stationary; but the other
two start to patrol in opposite directions.  Target and shoot the "stationary"
guard first, then quickly auto-target and shoot the other two before they turn
around on their patrols to see the first one's body (you have plenty of time).
It's easy to take them all out using only three Air Pistol shots for this task.

Now that you don't need to worry about them anymore, return to that building
with the stairwell where you took out the first three guards with DormaGens and
head up those stairs.  Equip your E.P.D.D. on the way to the top of the stairs;
turn left and quickly drop/roll off the "ledge" you reach at the end.  Once you
touch ground, get ready to auto-target and fire your tazer at a guard who'll be
walking by your right side.  The instant he's dropped, turn around 180 degrees
and climb up the drop-off you just came from.  Quickly bring up the Air Pistol
again and run to the little "window" you'll see on the left, taking aim on the
area below you.  A second guard will be walking by here any second; and if you
act swiftly enough, you can drop him his first pass from here.

Instead of dropping down there just yet, search the floor for a "support beam"
that you need to shimmy across on; it takes you to Ivankov's House (the one you
began the mission by).  Once there, look around on the floor for a small piece
of paper, which is one of the hidden objectives for the level.
(Obtain the Code Papers from Ivankov's House - Complete!)

Though you can shimmy back across to the other building on the beam again, it's
faster to just roll off from ledge under the beam and return up the stairs once
again.  When at the top of the stairs this time, "climb" and roll through the
window and head right in the direction of the bombed School.  Upon reaching the
proper snapshot point, take a picture and turn around.
(Photo the bombed School - Complete!)

As you start back through the ruined building where you dropped the most recent
guard, look for a small doorway on the right, ascending the stairs found beyond
it.  An equipment crate with Air Pistol ammo inside is up here.  Replenish your
supply, then head around a wall up here to the South.  A narrow plank connected
to another building is where you should be going.  Once across, look for a huge
"hole" in the wall to your left.  There is the spot where you can snap a photo
of Uri Gregorov; do so now just to get the task out of the way.
(Photo Uri Gregorav - Complete!)

Take note of this position; because this is the "sniping point" where you are
going to begin making a bold rescue of the CDP Hostage seen below.  But first,
as Gregorov is busy running his mouth taunting the Hostage, you have plenty of
time to turn around and go snipe another guard who's down below at the opposite
side of the building you're in.  You will know which one I'm talking about when 
you see him; he's patrolling back and forth that narrow grassy alley below next
to a (strange) fire.  Once he's been dropped with the Air Pistol (or DormaGen),
quickly return to the spot where you snapped a photo of Uri.

Ready the Air Pistol again and go into sniper-scope view to better watch things
going on.  At some point, Gregarov will leave in his helicopter (killing him is
NOT an option!); so don't worry about him.  Instead, focus on the soldier who's
making his way toward the Hostage.  Take the soldier down before he can reach
him, or it's mission failed (Remember: NO head-shots).  There is a stationary
guard also nearby who needs to be shot quickly too.  The instant he's down just
drop out of the building (hold "X" and walk forward to lower yourself) and look
far off in the distance past the Hostage.  Use auto-target to lock onto a third
soldier who's heading your way fast.  Air Pistol him before he gets too close,
then run a short distance past the Hostage and WAIT.  A fourth guard zooms over
from a building on the right.  Some people may prefer to use the E.P.D.D. here,
but if you miss your first tazer shot attempt chances are you won't get another
shot before he causes an alert and blows the mission; so just Air Pistol him.

The Hostage is technically "saved" now; but DO NOT go untie him, yet.  Instead,
go to the two bodies close by him and collect the Tissue Sample from the proper
corpse.  Afterwards, go in the direction where the third guard was coming from,
heading towards the second (and nearest) Mass Grave Site.  Again, there's only
a shoveling soldier "guarding" it.  So just peek around the corner and use the
E.P.D.D. to shock him before snapping your picture of the Mass Grave Site.
(Collect Tissue Sample from villager's body - Complete!)
(Photo Mass Grave Sites - 2 of 3)

Trek back to the building you dropped out of near the Hostage and climb back up
inside. (Note: If you're running low on Air Pistol ammo, you can return to the
crate nearby again to stock up.)  Now drop down to that grassy alley where you
took out the guard whom patrolled that strange fire earlier.  Head EAST (LEFT
from the building you dropped from) and crouch by a nearby lamppost.  Soon, a
soldier will appear and begin heading in your direction; don't dispatch him yet 
though.  Instead, just wait for him to turn around a corner and follow him.  He
goes over to where the final Mass Grave Site is, along with two other soldiers.
After the guard you followed gets close to the other two and begins talking to
them, equip and carefully aim a DormaGen Gas Grenade.  One good throw will take
all three guards out in one blow.  Now run over to photo the Graves.
(Photo Mass Grave Sites - 3 of 3 - Complete!)

From the Grave Site, head back into the grassy alley; but take a left this time
and pause/crouch near the building wall.  Another soldier is on the way; so use
the Air Pistol to drop him ASAP.  Immediately switch to your E.P.D.D. and creep
forward until you see yet another guard starting to approach from the alley to
the right of the guard you just dropped.  After giving him the tazer treatment,
SNEAK into that alley he was coming from.  There is a stationary guard standing
in front of the bombed Church whom you need to take out here before he can spot
you.  After doing so, go snap yet another photo.
(Photo bombed Church - Complete!)

Return to the grassy alley yet again; this time taking a left and heading back
near the beginning of the alley, until you see ANOTHER alley on your left side.
Follow it into a playground-like area, looking for a little roof-like overhang
that you can pull yourself up onto.  Keep climbing to the top of the roof and
head across the building, climbing over a broken wall as you go.  Look for a
hole in the floor near here, which you need to lower yourself into.  Have the
DormaGen Grenades ready; because there's a trio of guards here.  Once you've
lowered yourself to the ground, you can watch said guards from the safety of
the dark building you're in without being spotted.  Watch their pattern; one
guard stays stationary, while the other two pace back and forth.  If you time
it right, you can incapacitate at least two (sometimes even all three) of the
soldiers with a well-timed DormaGen throw.  I like to throw one grenade, then
quickly switch to the Air Pistol and pick off any soldiers the gas might have
spared.  Whatever the case, once they're down, go photo the bombed Hospital.
(Photo bombed Hospital - Complete!)

After all the Hospital business is done, return yet AGAIN (Deja vu, anyone?) to
the grassy alley area, heading in the direction (North, I think) of the bombed
Church you took photos of earlier.  SNEAK PAST the alley that led to the Church
this time, however.  There's ONE more soldier nearby who's guarding the pair of
Chechen Prisoners.  He's stationary; so assuming you still have some Air Pistol
ammo left, drop him with a long range shot, and it's all gravy from here.

Go open the cell door the Chechen Prisoners are behind.  They'll start blabbing
some gibberish, then begin running toward the Extraction Point.  (Note: If you
ever let yourself get too far away from a Prisoner on the way back, he'll stop
where he is until you get close enough to him again.  Try not to let them get
separated on the way back, even though there's no more enemies to encounter.)
On the way to the Extraction Point, you can finally run over to the Hostage you
saved earlier and untie him.  He'll start running for the Extraction Point with
the other two Prisoners.  Once you reach the Point, congrats: it's all over!
(Rescue CDP Hostage - Complete!)
(Free Chechen Prisoners - Complete!)
(Parameters: Maintain Stealth, Do not use Lethal Force - Complete!)
(Mission - Complete!)

| Budva, Montenegro - Niculescu's Villa Estate     ( alliV ) |
| Recommended Weapons Load-out |
It's kind of the pity we only get to play as the "legendary" Gabe Logan for one
mission in the entire game; but at least it is a memorable mission (if not just
because of how infuriatingly frustrating it can be).  Gabe comes minimally, yet
adequately equipped with the VSS Special sniper rifle and the E.P.D.D. for any
not-so-close encounters.  They prove to be more than enough in skilled hands.
| Ideal Objectives Order |
1) Locate Niculescu's hidden Mara Aramov Files
2) Find the key to Niculescu's bedroom
3) Prevent Mara Aramov's execution
4) Find Evidence linking Niculescu to Syphon Filter
Mission Parameters: Maintain Stealth
Mission Par Time: 10 Minutes
| Walkthrough |
If at any time your cover is blown during this mission, a 3-minute countdown
starts at the left of your screen.  When the timer reaches zero, Mara is killed
and you fail the mission. If you're trying to beat the par time you should just
let Gabe get killed anytime your stealth is ruined and start over again, since
you have to complete all objectives/parameters for a par time record to count.

Once the mission begins, instantly roll/sneak to the right (from the direction
you're facing at the beginning) over to a tiny set of stairs.  Camp out at the
top of this first set of stairs in a crouch.  You should hear a pair of guards
talking about Mara's impending execution.  Equip the E.P.D.D., and make sure
you're facing East.  Aim at the wall directly in front of you with first person
view (I usually aim slightly at the next set of stairs to be safe.), then fire
at the guard in white the instant he appears.  (The reason I aim low is because
he wears a flak jacket.)  The very MOMENT this enemy is dropped, hold down your
auto-aim (R1) button, and it'll target his buddy who's all the way on the other
side of the area (don't worry; the tazer WILL reach him).  If you worked fast,
you should easily hit/shock him before he could spot you.

With the first two guards down, descend back down the stairs and run across to
where you dropped the second enemy.  If you timed things right in running past
the dock, you should see a message above your head from a third guard, saying
something like "I hear someone down there!"  Eventually, he's going to run to
your position where the second guard was dropped.  So back off at the foot of
the stairs and auto-aim/tazer him the second you see him. (Note: If you DON'T
see this enemy's "I hear someone message" the first time you run under the dock
just keep running back and forth down there until you do.)

Now there's only two thugs left outside; but they can blow your stealth easily
if you don't handle them carefully.  Finish climbing the stairs to that lengthy
pillared walkway the original two guards were talking at before.  You MUST stay
crouched and/or roll to get around while you're up here or you will probably be
spotted.  The easier of the two guards is on that high balcony across the yard
from your position.  He ducks in and out of the house on a patrol pattern; but
when he's outside, he'll "stop" for a second or two at each end of the balcony.
Take him down quickly with a head-shot from the VSS when he's stopped.

The final outdoor guard patrols in a similar pattern below the balcony guard.
He's the one you really have to be careful of.  Whenever he comes to a stop at
each end of the walkway across the courtyard, that's your best opportunity to
take him down with a head-shot.  The problem is you need to work VERY quickly
to line up and take the shot; because he "keeps his head on a swivel" while he
is stopped.  So if he turns his head in your direction while you're drawing a
bead on him, he usually spots you, hence blowing your stealth.

Once he's on ice, run across the courtyard and look for a gate-door on the left
side of the mansion.  Just past this gate is a switch you need to throw, which
causes water to stop flowing in a fountain outside (you probably saw/passed it
on the left as you were heading toward the mansion).  After throwing the switch
make a beeline for the fountain and climb down a now-accessible ladder inside.

At the bottom of the ladder, follow the dark tunnel around (using your light if
needed) until you near a cellar.  Watch the radar carefully; because there is a
lone thug down here.  Give him the tazer treatment ASAP, then run up the stairs
leading out of the cellar.  If you're fast (and a bit bold) you can hurry up to
the doorway to the kitchen and target the single guard in here with a swiftly
aimed head-shot while his back is turned at the opposite end of the kitchen.
Otherwise, just wait for a safer opportunity to drop him with the E.P.D.D.

Now, this next part is probably the toughest challenge you'll face for the rest
of the mission, far as maintaining stealth is concerned.  Upon reaching the end
of the kitchen, another duo of bodyguards will start talking in a nearby room.
Stay in the kitchen beside its doorway for safety and watch your radar or map
attentively.  Once the guards stop talking, one of them will begin a patrol in
the hallway in front of you while his buddy lurks in the adjacent room.  What
you need to do is wait for an opportunity to sneak into the hallway and drop
the hallway guard with a quick head-shot while his back is to you.  BUT you can
only do this when his buddy isn't looking his way, which can be a bit trickier
than it sounds.  If you think you're only going to have enough time to take out
the hallway guard before his friend makes a return on his patrol, you can use
the doorway to the adjacent room (the one the second guard is in) for cover if
needed before heading into the painting gallery room and dispatching him with
another good head-shot from the VSS Special.

With these two guys out of the way, search the paintings in the gallery until
you find a moveable one with a safe behind it.  (I believe it's the landscape
painting with the purplish horizon on it.)  Inside it are the Mara Files. 
(Locate Niculescu's hidden Mara Aramov Files - Complete!)

Once the Files are in hand, return to the hallway and begin heading down it at
a careful pace.  (Note: I like to walk down this hallway backwards so I won't
need to turn around; you'll find out why next.)  Once you near the closed set
of double-doors on your right, the "Captain" of the guards will appear on radar
and be heading right for those doors.  QUICKLY run back to the kitchen and wait
there quietly just inside of the doorway.  Take note of the other doors that're
next to the cellar entrance on the left; the Captain will be coming thru this
door in a moment.  When he does, be waiting with your VSS out and take him out
with yet another head-shot.  (Note: If you can't line yourself up for a clear
shot from your current position, wait for him to start walking down the stairs
to the cellar and creep up for a better opportunity.)

When the Captain is a corpse, search him for the key to Niculescu's bedroom.
(Find the key to Niculescu's bedroom - Complete!)

It's now safe to return to the hallway and follow it all the way to its end.
Take a left turn here and pass through an open doorway which leads to another
long, narrow hallway.  (Note: Once again, I like to walk/run down this hallway
backwards for a specific reason.)  Once you near the end of the hallway, a pair
of blips (guards) appear on your radar.  The INSTANT they appear, you need to
book it back the way you came, ducking back into that open doorway I mentioned
a second ago, then WAIT here beside said doorway.  Those two guards will stroll
down the hallway while yakking at each other, stopping once they reach the end,
then finally turn around and start heading back again.  When this happens, you
should roll/sneak quickly into the hall with your VSS ready.  If you line up
behind these two guards just right while they're walking off, you can take them
both down with a single head-shot from behind (they're lined up perfectly).

Now you can safely trek to the other end of this hallway and into the next room
until you hear yet another (and final) pair of guards talking.  Don't freak out
despite how close they may seem on your radar.  They're both at the very top of
the winding staircase in this room.  Cautiously creep/roll your way up these
stairs with your VSS handy.  Once you climb the stairs high enough, you'll see
the first guard at the top.  Carefully sneak yourself into a good position to
drop him with a head-shot, then sneak the rest of the way up the stairs and
shoot his buddy (who has his back to you) in a similar fashion.

Before you bust into the bedroom doorway up here, make sure you have a gun in
hand (you might want to use one of the guns you picked up from slain guards on
the way if you don't trust the VSS's auto-aiming).  The moment you bust into
the bedroom, target the guard on the LEFT and bring him down ASAP; because he
tries to kill Mara the second you enter.  There's only one man left to kill;
so bring him down with auto-aim in timely fashion.  If Mara survived, then just
sit back, relax, and enjoy knowing the fact you finished the mission.
(Prevent Mara Aramov's execution - Complete!)
(Find Evidence linking Niculescu to Syphon Filter - Complete!)
(Mission Parameter: Maintain Stealth - Complete!)
(Mission - Complete!)

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