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FAQ/Walkthrough by SFfan

Version: 1.7 | Updated: 10/25/04

Syphon Filter: The Omega Strain
Developer: SONY Bend (Formerly Eidetic)
Publisher: SCEA

Ctrl + F is your friend - It activates the "find" function.
Type in the <Keyword> to jump down to a section.

I. Basics               <BSS>
 1. Controls            <BSC>
 2. Characters          <BSH>
 3. Weapons Overview    <BSW>
 4. Tips on Gameplay    <BST>

II. Weapons             <WPN>
 1. Back                <WPB>
 2. Sidearm             <WPS>
 3. Auxiliary           <WPA>
 4. Grenade             <WPG>
 5. Melee               <WPM>
 6. Non-Inventory       <WPI>

III. Levels
 0. IPCA European Command: Training Center         <LV0>
 1. Carthage, Michigan: Quarantine Zone            <LV1>
 2. Carthage, Michigan: Warehouse District         <LV2>
 3. Carthage, Michigan: Carthage Mall              <LV3>
 4. Pescara, Italy: St. Cetteo Sqaure              <LV4>
 5. Mazyr, Belarus: Krivorozhstal Mill             <LV5>
 6. Mazyr, Belarus: Belaya Vezha                   <LV6>
 7. Tash, Kumyr, Kyrgyzstan: Saydahmat's Village   <LV7>
 8. Sana'a, Yemen: Arms Bazaar                     <LV8>
 9. Sana'a, Yemen: Taherir Palace                  <LV9>
 10. Minsk, Belarus: International University      <LVA>
 11. Samaschki, Chechnya: Ivankov's Home           <LVB>
 12. North Atlantic: Lorelei Salvage Rig           <LVC>
 13. Tokyo, Japan: Murakawa Tower                  <LVD>
 14. Taguang, Myanmar: Irawaddy Basin              <LVE>
 15. Zurich, Switzerland: Niculescu Funds Tower    <LVF>
 16. Budva, Montenegro: Niculescu's Villa Estate   <LVG>
 17. Kiev, Ukraine: Chechen Terrorist Base         <LVH>

IV. Bonus             <BNN>
 1. Ranks             <BNR>
 2. Ratings           <BNT>
 3. Special Ratings   <BNS>
 4. Commendations     <BNC>
 5. Medals            <BNM>
 6. Omega Strain      <BNO>

V. Blah, blah...                  <BBB>
 1. Me, Myself, and I... and Moi  <BBM>
 2. Cheapness                     <BBC>
 3. FYI                           <BBF>
 4. FAQ                           <BBQ>
 5. Version                       <BBV>
 6. Cred                          <BBD>


I. Basics     <BSS>

This section covers the basics of the game.  
Section 1 is for beginners.
Section 2 is boring, so skip it.
Section 3 is also boring.
Section 4 is something you should take a look at.


1. Controls     <BSC>

This section is for all you irresponsible people who lost your manual.
And, for all you cheap people who got a used copy w/o a manual.
And, for all you lazy people who didn't feel like reading the manual.

Triangle - Interacts with environment (climb ladder, activate switch, etc.)
Square - Attack with your weapon
X - Crouch
Circle - Roll (as in evade)
L1 - Switch to manual aim
R1 - Fixed lock-on to a target (must hold down, press again to cycle)
L2 - Strafe to the left
R2 - Strafe to the right
Left analog - Moves character
Right analog - Moves camera
R3 - Reload weapon
D-Pad Up - Used to talk on microphone (hold)
D-Pad Right - Turn on/off 
D-Pad Left - Bring Up Map
D-Pad Down - Option to drop current weapon.
Start - Goes to menu screen (only pauses offline)
Select - Switches weapon (Hold it down and press L2 or R2 to manual select)

Enemies will not hear you if you move while holding down X.

When holding down R1, you'll see a target around an enemy; its color will go 
from red to green.  Note that green doesn't guarantee a hit, but a high
probability of a hit.  Holding down X while targeting makes it green faster.

If you hold X while on a ladder, you'll slide down.

Hold UP on the D-Pad to activate your microphone (online only).  It'll take
a second (you'll hear static and see the mic icon change color)
and it only stays activate while you hold UP.  
Releasing UP deactivates the mic.

Tapping UP brings up a communications menu (Preset commands).

Hold RIGHT on the D-Pad to toggle between your flashlight and night vision
goggles (if you have one).

Pressing RIGHT turns either device on or off.

Remember, the R3 button is on the right analog stick.


2. Characters     <BSH>

Hunter, Gina
Rank: Investigative Officer
Duty: Pilot
Comments: Youngest member of IPCA
A newcomer to the team, Gina will be your pilot for Tokyo and beyond.

Crusher, William
Rank: Intelligence Officer
Duty: Pilot
Comments: Another pilot... 
He'll be your pilot from Belarus 2 to the North Atlantic 

Haddad, Alima
Rank: Field Research Specialist
Duty: Pilot
Comments: Alima is from Kuwait.  She carries a good luck charm with her, a
unicorn given to her by her mother; most of her family were killed during
the Gulf War.  She'll be your pilot at the start.

Weissenger, Elsa
Rank: Intelligence Supervisor
Duty: Researcher/Scientist
Comments: She once tried to kill Logan, and used Lian as a guinea pig...
Only in America.  Anyways, she's the scientist of the team, and you'll get
to read her depositions in the conspiracy files.

Gray, Imani
Rank: Investigative Operations Commander
Duty: Boss you around for the first 4 missions.
Comments: Ms. Attitude.  
She'll guide you from the training mission to Carthage 3.  You'll
see little of her afterwards.

Stoneman, Gary
Rank: Intelligence Operations Commander
Duty: All-Around Bad-Ass
Comments: The veteran of the agency; he has even saved Logan's butt.
He's featured in the first bonus stage (Italy), and will be your
commander during the Belarus missions.

Mujari, Lawrence
Rank: Assistant Chief of Operations
Duty: Researcher/Scientist
Comments: He'd be the white mage if this was a RPG.
Another familiar face from the previous games, you'll have to save
him early on in the game, and will see him in a couple of missions
later on in the game.

Lipan, Teresa
Rank: Deputy Chief of Operations
Duty: Intelligence/Communications
Comments: Has more lives than a cat
Apparently, after her last field run in New York with Gabe, Teresa
has given up the dangerous stuff for command station duties.  
She'll handle most of the communications from HQ.

Xing, Lian
Rank: Chief of Operations
Duty: Femme Fatale
Comments: Really, there's nothing going on between Logan and her.
A veteran of the series, Lian will be your commander for Tokyo and
Myanmar, and is featured in the second bonus stage, Kyrgyzstan.

Logan, Gabe
Rank: Commander in Chief
Duty: Gives out orders
Comments: The star of the previous three games.
You'll start hearing from the big chief from Switzerland and beyond.

Powers, Maggie
Group: British MI6
Duty: Spy stuff
Comments: She talks a lot...
Playing a small role in the third Syphon Filter game, Maggie makes
an appearance for the Minsk stage.

Gregorav, Uri
Group: Russia
Duty: Bosses Russians around
Comments: I hated chasing this guy through the park.
He's not an important player this time around...  Hard to tell
which side he is on, though (other than Russia's).

Zohar, Ehud Ben
Group: Mossad
Duty: Killing and betraying people
Comments: Double Eagle!
He's the anti-hero in the game.  Still, it's nice to see someone
from the Middle East not being portrayed as a terrorist in a game.

Pierce, Warren H.
Group: U.S.A.
Duty: President
Comments: A politician
Answer to the question: What if Clinton and Bush had a child?

Aramov, Mara
Group: ---
Duty: International Assassin
Comments: More lives than Teresa
Good Night, Sweetheart.

Niculescu, Mihai
Group: Niculescu Funds Ltd.
Duty: Art Collector...
Comments: He's always ready
The guy behind the Syphon Filter conspiracy.

Mikhas, Ivankov
Group: CDP
Duty: Bosses CDP members
Comments:  Into old-school WMD
He's the main bad guy at the start.

Jandran, Nikolai
Group: ---
Duty: Evil Scientist
Comments: aka Lukas Kaufmann, father of the Syphon Filter

Birchim, Alex
Group: U.S.A
Duty: Director, WHIA
Comments: Doesn't like Logan
It's like every Syphon Filter game must have a
corrupt government official.

Broussard, Richard
Group: CHA
Duty: Accepting bribes and taking part in conspiracies
Comments: Most annoying voice in the game

Proust, Andre
Group: ALA
Duty: Taking bullets to the head
Comments: First bosses are always easy

Fournier, Jean
Group: ALA
Duty: Catching grenades
Comments: Second bosses are also easy

Masson, Soren
Group: ALA
Duty: Full-time terrorist, part-time sniper
Comments: Third bosses are a tad hard

Alexopoulos, Dimitri
Group: Cosa Potenza
Duty: Godfather
Comments: A sitting duck
You'll carry out a DPE order on him when you play as Stone.

Dobranski, Tekla
Group: ---
Duty: Mill foreman
Comments: If you don't already, you'll learn to hate this guy.
He's on the CDP's payroll, but is more like a criminal.

Zhidkov, Vladimir
Group: CDP
Duty: CDP Officer
Comments: He really likes trains
He's close to Ivankov and a real bad guy.  It's a shame
that you don't get to kill him with a head shot.

Pulikovsky, Mikhail
Group: CDP
Duty: Torturing Stone
Comments: Likes messy rooms
Now, this guy, you get to take down with a head shot.

Saydahmat, Askar
Group: ---
Duty: Yak Herder
Comments: He's also a pervert
An arms dealer operating out of a small village, you
don't get to kill him directly when playing as Lian.

Samaev, Dosbol
Group: With Saydahmat
Duty: Henchman
Comments: Walks slowly
If Saydahmat is the kingpin, Samaev is the dealer.

Al Dhahiri, Zayed
Group: YLA
Duty: Victim of a random act of violence
Comments: Likes to sit by himself
There isn't much to this guy.  He's just sitting
around in Lian's stage waiting to be killed.

Yang, Sok-Ju
Group: DPRK
Duty: The Bad Cop
Comments: Trusts concubines
With North Korea; he was sent to buy the Omega Strain
from Samaev.

Fadhil, Ahmed Salim
Group: ---
Duty: Cosmetic surgeon to terrorists
Comments: Keeps good files
You'll see this guy in Yemen; too bad there's no
DPE order out on him.

Khorsh, Wallid Abdul
Group: YLA
Duty: Likes to talk and issue commands
Comments: Has a weak neck
Al-Hassan's right hand man.  Easy to kill
in stealth.

Jon, Thae-Bok
Group: DPRK
Duty: Paperboy
Comments: Also has a weak neck
Another North Korean agent.  You'll find 
him wandering the streets of Yemen.

Group: CDP
Duty: Delivery boy
Comments: Has car insurance
He's the main guy in the CDP that goes around
making deals for the Omega Strain.

Al-Hassan, Fatha
Group: YLA
Duty: Being assassinated
Comments: Mean guy, though I've never seen him
Zohar will take this guy down.

Matsua, Korin
Group: HNT
Duty: Criminal
Comments: At last, a regular criminal!
Head of the Yakuza's rivals.

Tamura, Akio
Group: Yakuza
Duty: Criminal
Comments: Another one!

Satou, Hideki
Group: Yakuza
Duty: Criminal
Comments: A third?

Kmura, Ichiyo
Group: Yakuza
Duty: Criminal
Comments: Number Four?

Isikawa, Makoto
Group: Yakuza
Duty: Criminal
Comments: Wait...

Tanaka, Yataro
Group: Yakuza
Duty: Criminal
Comments: How many more?

Ryusaki, Iwao
Group: Yakuza
Duty: Criminal
Comments: Make it stop!
This guy carries a really big gun.

Mori, Takeshi
Group: Yakuza
Duty: Criminal
Comments: ...

Eto, Hitoshi
Group: Yakuza
Duty: Criminal
Comments: ......

Murakawa, Sanzo
Group: Yakuza
Duty: Criminal
Comments: Tokyo isn't a safe place
Head of the Yakuza.

Kim, Yong-jun
Group: DPRK
Duty: Spy + Criminal
Comments: Seatbelts didn't help
He's a North Korean double agent.

Leonov, Yegor
Group: CDP
Duty: Officer
Comments: Likes helicopters

Petrenko, Oleg
Group: CDP
Duty: Officer
Comments: Likes rooftops

Savin, Vladin
Group: CDP
Duty: Officer
Comments: Likes to walk slowly

Ushakov, Rodion
Group: CDP
Duty: Officer
Comments: Likes big vehicles


3. Weapons Overview     <BSW>

The games lists weapon stats such as fire rate and damage.  However, it does
not list stats such as range and how fast it locks on to a target when 
using R1 targeting.  You should keep these things in mind when you're using
a certain weapon.

Know that not all weapon ratings are equal.  While both weapon x and y may
have a V rating for damage, weapon x may be more powerful than weapon y.
In other words, the basic stats don't tell the whole story.  So, make sure 
you play around with every new weapon you get.

You may carry up to five weapons at a time.  Even if you only use one weapon,
carry another if you can match the ammo.  For example, if you're using an
auxiliary weapon that uses 9mm bullets and you run out, you can transfer
bullets from your sidearm, provided that it also uses 9mm bullets.

There is a difference between the Soviet Rifle and NATO rounds.  Even though
they may both be 7.62mm, they're not the same.
Certain enemies have an inordinate amounts of health.  For example, 
Masson, a "boss" character, can take multiple shots from a BFG.
In general, head shots and explosives (and gases) are best against "bosses."

Generally, they're not that great.  They hold little ammo and have a very
short range.  You really have to get up close to enemies in order to use
them effectively.  Their power ratings are a bit deceptive.  A lot of the
basic shotguns have a II power rating, but since it fires multiple shots,
you can take down a enemy with a single shot if you're close enough.
Slugs have better range, but only hits a single target at a time.
Shots are weaker, but have a wide range.  Between the two, I favor the
shotguns that use shots; after all, isn't the whole point of using a
shotgun to have a weapon with a wide range?  In terms of picking up ammo,
you can use regular shot ammo with a weapon that uses slugs.  Simply put,
shots have more power, but are only effective at close range - Slugs have
more range, but have less power.

Assault Rifles:
This is the meat of your arsenal.  You're really going to have to use these
weapons for par times.  Generally, they have the best lock-on times.

Sniper Rifles:
Good for sniping, of course.
While accurate and powerful, they don't come with much ammo.

Slow, but pack a punch.  You only get 3 in your inventory, and
they generally have limited uses.

You should avoid using pistols early on.  The ones you get early on in the
game just don't cut it.  However, once you get the dual wield and better
pistols, they can replace the assault rifles as your main weapon.  
If you're accurate, you really can't top the dual Desert pistols.

Most auxiliary weapons are submachine guns.  Until you get a good assault
rifle, you'll be relying on these a lot.  In general, those with a high
firing rate and stability are the best ones.

They're annoying to get, but are worth your time.  You'll rely on the 
smoke, sarin, and frag grenades later on in the game.

In general, they're useless.  The one weapon you'll be using a lot later
on in the games (for the stealth missions) is the stun jack.  So, if 
you're not shooting for a high rating, don't bother with the knives or
non-lethal counts, as the stun jack is all you need.

Neck Snap:
This is the award you get for completing the 3 Carthage missions in solo
par times.  Breaking necks is the only no-weapon attack you can have.
To use it, the enemy must be standing still, and not facing you.  Just
get in close range and press the attack button.

Dual Wield:
You earn this ability if Zohar survives the 2nd Yemen mission.  There's
not much reason to go back to single wield.  But, if you want to, you can
drop your weapon once the game starts, and only pick up one handgun.

Head-Shot Lock:
This is the award for obtaining the EDPEE special rating.
It has a short range - Think ranges at which shotguns are effective.
To use it, hold down R1 to lock-on to a target.  Then, hold down L1.
The targeting cursor should change to a triangle and lock-on to the head
of the enemy.


4. Tips on Gameplay     <BST>

Know when to use R1 and L1 targeting.  In most situations, it pays to use
a combination.  Target an enemy with R1, then quickly switch over to L1.
This way, you don't have to rely on the R1 target to turn green, as the
crosshair for L1 will be right over the enemy.  This ensures a quick kill
if the target is stationary or slow; although, it does leave you
somewhat more vulnerable since you'll be stationary for a split second.

It's best to use a rifle and R1 targeting for moving targets that strafe.
A second option would be to use L1 and a weapon with a high firing rate.

It's very important to note that after you fire a weapon using R1 
targeting, its recoil will cause the green target cursor to go back to
red.  So, when using a weapon with a high firing rate, use L1 targeting.
Of course, there are exceptions to this (SSP 90 being one of them).

When using R1 targeting, you increase your chance of hitting the enemy
if you are squatting, stationary, and facing the enemy.  If you're not
facing the enemy, your first shot will usually miss, but the second one
is likely to connect.  (by facing, I mean having your entire body towards
the enemy)

The high end weapons can take out most enemies with a single shot.  Even
early in the game, you'll only need three shots to take out most enemies.
Make sure you have a good idea of how much it takes to kill an enemy, so 
you don't waste ammo.

It's hard for you to hit a strafing enemy or ones that are rolling.  The
opposite is true.  So, if you're being targeted, strafe and/or roll.

Know the enemy AI.  Most aggressive enemies will seek cover if you keep
firing at them.  If there are multiple enemies on the screen, they tend to
move into formation, which is ideal if you have a grenade.  Enemies have 
to reload like you do.  And they usually do it in the same pattern.  So,
time your attacks for those reload times.

If you're low on armor & health, it may payoff to kill yourself.  
Sometimes you just need to be at your best, or it may be faster to die and
respawn, rather than run.

Some enemies respawn, some enemies do not respawn, and some enemies
trigger reinforcements.  The last one can get you in trouble.  So, in 
certain situations, it's best to just run past the enemies.


II. Weapons     <WPN>

The basic setup is:

Name of Weapon
Fire Rate: How fast it can shoot 
Damage:    How much damage the weapon does 
Clip Size: How much a single clip can hold; when it reaches 0, you reload.
Capacity:  Maximum amount of ammo you can carry for that weapon.
Ammo:      The type of ammo the weapon uses
Game Description: The description of the weapon in the game.
Obtained:  This is how you get the weapon.
C8std:     This is how much damage does when compared to the C8 rifle.
           For inventory and non-shotguns only.
Overall Rating: My personal view of the weapon (***** is the max/best)
Primary Rating: How the weapon is as your primary weapon
Class Rating:   Rating based on location (back, sidearm, etc.)
Family Rating:  Rating based on family (shotgun, ar, etc.)

The first five sections list the weapons you can equip at the start
screen.  Weapons that are not available in that screen, but can be picked
up in stages are listed in the sixth section, "Non-Inventory."

Note that for the capacity, I used the amount of ammo you get after you
obtain the ammo bonus.


1. Back     <WPB>

Slug Defender
Fire Rate: I
Damage:    V
Clip Size: 5
Capacity:  25
Ammo:      12 gauge slug
Game Description:
The Slug Defender is a
durable pump-action shotgun that has a breech partially
locked by recoil.  Although the user must pump this weapon
to reload the ammo, the locked breech gives the weapon fast
and easy operation and long range accuracy.
Obtained: Earn O7 Rank 
Overall Rating: *
  Welcome to Sucksville.  Like I said, shotguns aren't very
  good, and they don't get much worse than this.
Primary Rating: *
  The capacity just doesn't cut it.
Back Rating: *
  There aren't many situations where it benefits you to use up
  your Back space for a shotgun.
Shotgun Rating: *
  I prefer shotguns that fires shots, not slugs.

Shot Defender
Fire Rate: I
Damage:    III
Clip Size: 5
Capacity:  25
Ammo:      12 gauge
Game Description:
This shotgun is designed for
a personal defense role and fires 12 gauge shot through a
narrow choke.  The narrow choke prevents the shot from
spreading out to far so most of the shot will hit a single
victim out to the weapons effective range.  The advantage
to this is instant incapacitation due to the powerful force
transferred from a close group of projectiles.  The victim is
usually thrown back quite a distance, which is very
intimidating to any other enemies in the area.
Obtained: Earn ATES Rating
Overall Rating: *
  Shotgun for hitting one enemy at a time...  Only use if you
  have no other back weapon...  Even then you should go with
  your auxiliary weapon, if you have one.
Primary Rating: *
  Again, it has too little ammo.
Back Rating: *
  In general, shotguns go on the back if you've nothing else.
Shotgun Rating: **
  Since it fires shots, it's a step above the slug defender.

Combat shotgun
Fire Rate: II
Damage:    II
Clip Size: 5
Capacity:  30
Ammo:      12 gauge
Game Description:
This semi-automatic shotgun is
designed for close range combat situations and is recoil
operated.  It has a magazine capacity of five shells and is
equipped with a wide choke that causes the shot pellets to
spread out and hit multiple targets with a single shot.
Obtained: Earn R3 Rank
Overall Rating: *
  It's better than having no back weapon; replace it
  once you come across a rifle.
Primary Rating:*
  Too little ammo; yes, this is a theme with shotguns.
Back Rating: *
  Probably the first back weapon you'll get.
Shotgun Rating: **
  The faster firing rate and higher capacity is nice.

Riot shotgun
Fire Rate: II
Damage:    Incap
Clip Size: 5
Capacity:  25
Ammo:      12 gauge Bean Bag
Game Description: 
This is a modified combat
shotgun that fires bean bags instead of standard shot.  The
bean bags inflict a non-lethal, though extremely painful,
shot.  Users of this weapon are cautioned against head and
neck shots because they will cause severe brain trauma
and, in many cases, death to the victim.
Obtained: Earn Mujari's Commendation
Overall Rating: **
  It fires bean bags...  Only use to have fun or raise your 
  non-lethal rating.
Primary Rating: **
  Since it's non-lethal, it can be useful for some stages.
Back Rating: **
  A reliable weapon to have, since it incapacitates; meaning
  a one-hit KO, as long as the target isn't wearing a
  flak jacket.
Shotgun Rating: ***
  It's good that it'll 1 hit KO enemies w/o flak jackets.
  With KO weapons, you may want to destroy the target's 
  flak jacket with a letah weapon, then switch and go
  for the quick KO.

M1 Super 90
Fire Rate: II
Damage:    IV
Clip Size: 7
Capacity:  28
Ammo:      12 gauge
Game Description:
This is a high and semi-automatic
combat shotgun constructed of stronger materials.  It is
easy to load the 7 shells into the weapon and the action is
very fast, but the recoil is rather extreme making this
weapon difficult to control in rapid fire situations.
Obtained: Earn ITES Rating
Overall Rating: **
  Good for short range combat and not much else.  The extra
  ammo you can carry makes it a tad better than the others.
  This shotgun also makes a louder sound than the other
  shotguns; it's pretty cool...
Primary Rating: *
  Back to the low ammo thing...
Back Rating: *
  Again, it's nice, but not something you want to depend on.
Shotgun Rating: ***
  The extra power it has over the basic models is a plus.

Sweeper 12 gauge
Fire Rate: II
Damage:    II
Clip Size: 8
Capacity:  40
Ammo:      12 gauge
Game Description:
The Sweeper is a lethal riot control
device designed to take out a crowd of hostile individuals 
very quickly.  It has an 8-round cartridge that is easy and
quick to replace.  All the user has to do to take out a rioting
crowd is hold the trigger and sweep across the crowd.
After a few seconds most individuals will flee the scene or
be incapacitated.  Due to its lethality and changing times,
this weapon is no longer considered for riot control and is
likely to turn up in the hands of any organized criminals or
Obtained: Earn South American Freedom Medal
Overall Rating: **
  It has a bigger clip that the regular shotguns, but not much else.
  You'll have much better weapons by the time you earn this.
Primary Rating: **
  The higher capacity helps, so, it's not a bad choice for Carthage
  1 or 2 and Tokyo, since enemies there drop ammo for you.
Back Rating: *
  You get it late into the game when you'll have better weapons.
Shotgun Rating: ***
  The big boost in clip and capacity makes it nice.

SPA-15 shotgun
Fire Rate: III
Damage:    III
Clip Size: 8
Capacity:  32
Ammo:      MIL
Game Description:
This is one of the most powerful shotguns
available.  It fires special MIL rounds that are so powerful
they would rip apart any other shotgun.  The MIL slug
contains a center core composed of a Steel/Tungsten alloy.
Unfortunately, due to the power of the round, this weapon
is quite difficult to handle in rapid fire situations.
Obtained: Earn Stone's Medal of Courage
Overall Rating: **
  Looks like a rifle.  Nice firing rate, but the unique
  ammo limits the weapon's use. 
Primary Rating: *
  Yep...  The ammo...
Back Rating: **
  As long as you don't waste ammo, it's pretty good.
Shotgun Rating: **
  Unique rounds are its downfall.

GAWS 12 ga.
Fire Rate: II
Damage:    IV
Clip Size: 10
Capacity:  30
Ammo:      12 gauge
Game Description:
This is a close combat weapon that uses
specially developed ammunition.  The shells are loaded with
eight tungsten-steel alloy pellets, which penetrate 20mm of
pine of 1.5mm of steel plate at its effective range.  The
great advantage of this weapon is fast fire rate.
Obtained: Earn T3 Rank
Overall Rating: ***
  Pretty much the same as the ShotHammer, cept with more power
  and less ammo; bad news is that you cannot use the regular
  12 gauge ammo with this weapon.  Strangely enough, 
  manual aiming brings up a scope view, but there's no zoom.
  It's nice that it's good against armor, but most enemies
  that wear armor have weapons that can mow you down before 
  you get close enough to use a shotgun.
  It should be CAWS (Close Assault Weapon System)
Primary Rating: *
  That ammo thing again...
Back Rating: **
  It's still a shotgun.
Shotugn Rating: ***
  Powerful shots with a good firing rate.

Fire Rate: II
Damage:    V
Clip Size: 10
Capacity:  40
Ammo:      12 gauge Slug
Game Description:
The SlugHammer uses the same
design as the ShotHammer, except it fires heavy sabot
slugs instead of a shot.  The slugs can cover a greater
distance and are incredibly powerful.  However, the slugs
lose accuracy over long distances at an exponential rate.
Obtained: Earn T1 Rank
Overall Rating: ***
  Nice to play with, but once again, go with a rifle.
Primary Rating: **
  Again, only for stages where you can find ammo.
Back Rating: **
  The extra ammo helps, but not by much.
Shotgun Rating: ***
  Think of it as a slight upgrade to the GAWS.

SPA-12 shotgun
Fire Rate: II
Damage:    III
Clip Size: 10
Capacity:  40
Ammo:      12 gauge frangible slug
Game Description:
This is a dangerous
weapon for both enemy and user.  The SPA-12 fires a
specially designed frangible slug.
Obtained: Earn Kinshi Kunsho: Order of the Golden Dragon
Overall Rating: ***
  You can use regular 12 guage ammo with this weapon.
  Not sure why it says that it can be dangerous to the
  user.  Frangibles are "soft" rounds that are designed to
  break up into smaller pieces when they hit a hard 
  surface, resulting in less harmful projectiles and
  minimizes ricochets.
Primary Rating: **
  Stage dependent.
Back Rating: **
  You know the deal.
Shotgun Rating: ***
  Very close to the ShotHammer, cept it's a bit slower

Fire Rate: II
Damage:    III
Clip Size: 10
Capacity:  40
Ammo:      12 gauge Shot
Game Description:
The ShotHammer is a 
semi-automatic gas-operated shotgun that works similar to
a revolver.  Ten rounds come pre-loaded into disposable
ammunition cylinders and this makes reloading very quick
and easy.  This model uses '000' shot, which contains a
greater quantity of shot pellets.  This allows the firer to
take down several unarmored targets in close proximity
instantly with a single shot.  This firearm uses the bull pup
design and has a recoil dampening mechanism, which makes
the ShotHammer a relatively easy weapon to control.
Obtained: Earn C4 Rank
Overall Rating: ****
  As you'll probably find out in Tokyo, this weapon can 
  take down a target pretty fast.
Primary Rating: **
  It's a good shotgun, but the ammo still limits it as a
  primary weapon.
Back Rating: ***
  The shot ammo and higher damage makes it useful.
Shotgun Rating: ****
  The auto-fire makes this gun a monster.
  There's only one that's better.

Fire Rate: V
Damage:    IV
Clip Size: 25
Capacity:  100
Ammo:      5.56 NATO
Game Description:
The FA-MAS is the standard French
Army infantry rifle and employs the very efficient bull pup
design with the magazine inserted into the stock.  This
greatly improves accuracy for semi auto fire.  The FA-MAS 
loses this improved accuracy during sustained full auto 
Obtained: Earn ACS Rating
C8std:    44%
Overall Rating: **
  Most likely the first assault rifle you'll come across.  It's 
  reliable, but nothing special.
Primary Rating: ***
  Pretty good for the early stages (Carthage)
Back Rating: **
  AR weapons are your main back weapon, so they get good marks.
AR Rating: *
  While better than a shotgun, there are better AR.

SSG 550
Fire Rate: V
Damage:    IV
Clip Size: 24
Capacity:  96
Ammo:      5.56 NATO
The 550 is the official Swiss Army
rifle and comes equipped with a folding stock, additional
storage space for extra clips, and is set to automatic fire.
Obtained: Earn O8 Rank
C8std:    44%
Overall Rating: **
  Nothing special about this rifle.  Most of the ** assault
  rifles are about the same.
Primary Rating: ***
  Same as the FA-MAS, really
Back Rating: **
  See Above
AR Rating: *

G 33E
Fire Rate: IV
Damage:    IV
Clip Size: 24
Capacity:  96
Ammo:      5.56 NATO
Game Description:
The 33E is a full auto version of the G3 
rifle chambered for the 5.56 NATO round.  It has less recoil
and is slightly more accurate than the G3, but less deadly
due to the smaller cartridge size.
Obtained: Earn ICS Rating
C8std:    36%
Overall Rating: **
  Another one of those mid-range rifles.
Primary Rating: **
  Slower firing rate with same power than the FA-MAS.
Back Rating: **
  Nothing special
AR Rating: *
  You should fire these basic AR weapons using L1 targeting.

Stava M70 B1
Fire Rate: V
Damage:    IV
Clip Size: 32
Capacity:  128
Ammo:      7.62 Soviet Rifle
Game Description:
Further proof that the 
powerful and deadly AK-47 has earned the reputation
of the most manufactured and widely distributed rifle in
history, the M70 is more or less a direct imitation of the
classic AK.  Manufactured throughout the Balkans, the M70
has only a few subtle differences that set it apart, such as
a slightly lower firing rate and a rise compensator to help
control the muzzle climb.
Obtained: Earn C6 Rank
C8std:    38%
Overall Rating: **
  Yep, another basic rifle.
Primary Rating: **
  Fires fast, but the ammo isn't common.
Back Rating: **
  The ammo limits its use somewhat (outside of Belarus)
AR Rating: ***
  The extra ammo and more kick to the rounds bump it up.

AU300 Mod-SMG
Fire Rate: IV
Damage:    IV
Clip Size: 30
Capacity:  120
Ammo:      9mm
Game Description:
This weapon uses the very efficient
bull pup design which places the magazine in the stock of
the rifle.  This allows for a longer barrel to be placed into a
shorter weapon.  It has an integral optical sight and a
forward grip, which both aid in aiming and accuracy.  The
long barrel and bull pup design makes this weapon easy to
control and endures a high hit probability.
Obtained: Earn O1 Rank
C8std:    32%
Overall Rating: **
  The most basic AU300 model.  Nothing special.
  The small zoom on the rifle makes it more useful than the
  other ** rifles, but it has too much recoil for it to be
  effective during continuous fire.  Since it uses the common
  9mm ammo, you may want to use this to get your head shot 
  count up.
Primary Rating: ****
  As long as the enemies aren't wearing flak jackets, it's good.
Back Rating: ***
  Honestly, anything with a scope gets a high rating.
AR Rating: **
  It's a versatile weapon, but lacks power.

China type 56
Fire Rate: V
Damage:    IV
Clip Size: 30
Capacity:  120
Ammo:      7.62 Soviet Rifle
Game Description:
This is another obvious 
clone of the AK-47 with the main difference being a reduced
rate of fire.  This quality makes this rifle easier to control
in full auto fire situations and also increases the damage
dealt at close ranges.  Most other AK models will blow
through a close-range target, and while it causes a great 
deal of trauma, most of the bullet's energy is never
delivered to the victim.  The slower rate of fire gives the 
China 56 a higher close range incapacitation rate than its
Obtained: Earn Republic of Korea Service Award
C8std:    41%
Overall Rating: **
  Just like the AK-47, this rifle tends to jump and lacks accuracy.
  You'll have much better weapons by the time you earn this.
Primary Rating: **
  Same as the Stava
Back Rating: **
AR Rating: ***

M16 A1
Fire Rate: III
Damage:    V
Clip Size: 24
Capacity:  96
Ammo:      5.56 NATO
Game Description:
This is a greatly improved model over
its predecessor, although it still has a high failure rate when
used in extreme environmental conditions.  It is controllable
and accurate during semi auto fire and has been the main
infantry weapon of the US and other countries for several
decades.  Comparisons are often made between the M16 and
the Russian AK-47.  While the AK has better stopping
power and functions reliably in extreme environments, it
cannot stand up to the M16's precision accuracy at long
Obtained: Earn O2 Rank
C8std:    72%
Overall Rating: ***
  Easy to control with both good range and lock-on times.  But, it 
  has an average clip and the 5.56 rounds are relatively weak 
  compared to the other rounds featured in the game.
  What's nice about the M16 and M4 guns are that they have little
  recoil, meaning you'll stay with a green lock-on even after
  you've fired a shot.
  Don't let the sound of the M16 models fool you - They are not
Primary Rating: ***
  This is the one of the best weapon you'll get early on.
  The problem is the somewhat low ammo capacity.  If you're in a
  stage where you can't find 5.56 NATO rounds, go with another
Back Rating: ***
  A step up from before, but there are still better.
AR Rating: ****
  ARs are about powerful and stable shots, and this has both.
  Among the M4 and M16 models, this is the most powerful.  It also
  has max range (meaning, if you can see it, you can hit it).

Fire Rate: V
Damage:    IV
Clip Size: 42
Capacity:  168
Ammo:      5.56 NATO
Game Description:
This is another modification of 
the AU300 rifles that has a heavier barrel for the light
machine gun role.  It has a flash suppressor that reduces
recoil and rise during sustained firing and it has an
attachment for a night vision scope.  The AUG/HB fires
from a closed bolt position making single shots extremely
Obtained: Earn T2 Rank
C8std:    32%
Overall Rating: ***
  Not a bad weapon, but the weak rounds just don't cut it.
  Despite the description, it is not outfitted with a night
  vision scope, but rather the standard, single, preset scope.
Primary Rating: ****
  Same deal as the Mod-SMG
Back Rating: ***
  Think of it as the Mod-SMG for later stages.
AR Rating: ***
  It an upgrade of the Mod-SMG, but still lacks power.

AU300 Mod-R
Fire Rate: V
Damage:    IV
Clip Size: 30
Capacity:  120
Ammo:      5.56 NATO
Game Description:
The benefit of the AU300 family
is interchangeability.  This rifle is basically an AU300
Mod-SMG with a longer barrel made to fit the standard 5.56
NATO round.  This version is a standard infantry rifle of
several international armies and fires in full auto.
Obtained: Earn ACSS Rating
C8std:    40%
Overall Rating: ***
  All of the AU300 rifles come with a single, preset zoom 
  setting.  What makes this one special is that switching to
  manual aim will give you thermal vision.  This is the only
  weapon in your inventory that has thermal vision.  (A DSC-1
  you find in a box also has thermal vision)  Thermal vision
  is both a blessing and a curse.  It allows you to see in the
  dark and through walls...  But if you're not careful, you'll
  end up shooting at a wall.
Primary Rating: ****
  It'll serve you well for most stages.  Note that's it's the
  most powerful AU300 model.
Back Rating: ****
  Combine it with smoke grenades and it'll get a perfect rating.
AR Rating: ***
  If it was a sniper and not an AR, it'd probably get a perfect
  rating.  But, as is, it's still somewhat weak, with so-so
  R1 targeting.

Fire Rate: V
Damage:    V
Clip Size: 24
Capacity:  168
Ammo:      7.62 NATO
Game Description:
This heavy hitting weapon is one of the
most recognizable rifles in the world.  Second only to the
AK-47 in terms of units produced, this firearm has been
adopted by over 70 armies and can easily be modified to 
user specifications.  The FAL is a light weapon and
therefore difficult to control in full auto firing mode.  Most
users fire single shots, which greatly improves accuracy.
This version is set to fire full auto, but sustained fire is not
Obtained: Earn ECS Rating
C8std:    45%
Overall Rating: ***
  Like the description says, don't fire on full auto, as the hits 
  to misses ratio doesn't work out for you.  In the same league 
  as the AK-47.
Primary Rating: ****
  Overall, it's a reliable weapon with lots of ammo.
Back Rating: ***
  Solid, but not spectacular.
AR Rating: ***
  I really want to give it four stars, but the stability just 
  isn't there.

M16 A2
Fire Rate: V
Damage:    V
Clip Size: 30
Capacity:  120
Ammo:      5.56 NATO
Game Description:
This is an improved M16 A1 with a
heavier barrel, built in flash suppressor, and is set to fire
full auto and in 3-round bursts.  The A2 is the current
service model of the US military and it gave soldiers
fighting in the second Gulf War the advantage over the
AK-46 because they could dig in outside the effective range
of the enemy and pick them off with little fear of being hit 
by the inaccurate Iraqi weapons.
Obtained: Earn C3 Rank
C8std:    47%
Overall Rating: ***
  An all-around good weapon.  Lacks power, but the three-round
  bursts are pretty stable.  
Primary Rating: ***
  It goes through ammo a tad fast with its bursts, but it's 
  still a solid weapon to use.
Back Rating: ****
  There aren't many back weapons better than this.
AR Rating: ****
  Excellen fire rate, damage, and R1 stability; it's everything
  that a good AR should be.

M4 carbine
Fire Rate: IV
Damage:    V
Clip Size: 24
Capacity:  96
Ammo:      5.56 NATO
Game Description:
The M4 is a carbine version of the 
M-16A2.  The M4 is better suited to close quarters and urban
combat than the M16 due to its shorter size.  It is easier to
maneuver through tight spaces and is easier to acquire
close range targets.  This particular model has the stock
fully collapsed and can fire full auto.
Obtained: Earn C2 Rank
C8std:    51%
Overall Rating: ***
  Unlike the M4, this doesn't have a sniper scope.
Primary Rating: ***
  The low ammo hurts it; otherwise, a good choice.
Back Rating: ***
  A solid back weapon, but nothing special.
AR Rating: ****
  Again, a solid choice.  But, I'd rather go with the M16 A1,
  since it has more power.  In its defense, the carbine does
  seem to have better R1 targeting than the A1.

Fire Rate: IV
Damage:    V
Clip Size: 30
Capacity:  120
Ammo:      .45G
Game Description:
This submachine gun is a modified M16 that
fires .45 caliber pistol rounds from a closed bolt, improving
its semi-auto accuracy.  Specific ammunition, called Glazer
Rounds, are used in this weapon.  The interior of a Glazer
bullet is filled with buckshot sealed by a breakaway plastic
cap.  This cap bursts upon impact causing the buckshot to
tear apart unarmored flesh.
Obtained: Earn ETES2 Rating
C8std:    47%
Overall Rating: ***
  More stable than the average rifle, and the scope is a plus.
  However, its rounds are relatively weak (compared to 7.62)
  The thing that prevents this weapon from having **** is its
  range.  Among all the scoped weapons in the game, this weapon
  has the shortest range - Even some auxiliary weapons, such
  as the Tec, have greater range.
  You can load this with regular .45 ammo (eg// from Mark 23)
Primary Rating: ***
  The scope is nice, but the limited range and rare ammo
  doesn't help its case.
Back Rating: ****
  Just make sure you don't waste ammo.  Or, just carry the
  Mark 23 with you.
AR Rating: ****
  Again, it has stability and power.  Keep in mind that among
  the M16 and M4 models, this has the shortest range.

Fire Rate: V
Damage:    V
Clip Size: 30
Capacity:  120
Ammo:      5.56 NATO
Game Description:
This is a shorter barreled version of the
M16 A2 and is fit with a sliding stock.  This particular model
has the stock fully extended and is set to full auto.
Unfortunately, due to the shorter size of the weapon, the 
flash suppressor has been replaced with a rise compensator
to handle the extra recoil of a lighter weapon.
Obtained: Earn C5 Rank
C8std:    47%
Overall Rating: ****
  Even though it's not shown on the model, this gun has a sniper 
  scope, which makes it very versatile and effective.
Primary Rating: ****
  Excellent weapon to use for an entire stage.
  Couple it with the G 53, so you have more ammo.
Back Rating: *****
  You really can't top an AR with a scope.
AR Rating: *****
  Even with its speed, it maintains good R1 stability.

Fire Rate: V
Damage:    V
Clip Size: 30
Capacity:  120
Ammo:      7.62 NATO
Game Description:
This is a modified FAL assault rifle
with a heavier barrel for extra stability in a sniping role.
It's set to single fire only, but can fire several rounds a
second.  It's only limited by how fast the firer can pull the
trigger.  The FAL SG has quite an intimidating sound when
fired and is also very effective in an assault rifle role.
Obtained: Earn Homeland Security Citation
C8std:    47%
Overall Rating: ****
  Even though they both use the same ammo (7.62), the FAL is
  weaker than the C8.  If they had the same power, the FAL's
  faster firing rate would've made it a superior weapon.
Primary Rating: ****
  There's a chance you may run low on ammo...
  Not a great weapon for Yemen 2, where you'll need a ton
  of ammo.
Back Rating: *****
  Again, that whole AR with a scope thing...
AR Rating: ****
  The R1 targeting isn't as good as some of the other AR.
  In addition, the somewhat rare ammo hurts it.

C8 Rifle
Fire Rate: III
Damage:    V
Clip Size: 50
Capacity:  200
Ammo:      7.62 NATO
Game Description:
This is one of the most versatile
weapons ever made.  It has a heavy barrel so it can be used
for assault or double as a sniper rifle.  It can fire semi-auto
or 1-round burst and can accept a drum magazine.  The
heavy hitting 7.62mm caliber and reliable accuracy makes
this weapon a formidable foe to any on the other side of its 
Obtained: Earn ECS2 Rating
C8std:    100%
Overall Rating: *****
  Has power, can snipe, and comes with a lot of ammo.  This is the
  weapon to use for most of the stages in the game.  The scope has
  an infrared view, which just makes everything red.
Primary Rating: *****
  Honestly, this is probably the best primary weapon in the game.
Back Rating: *****
  Doesn't get any better than this baby.  Although, the infared
  scope may be a (slight) minus.
AR Rating: *****
  Lacks firing rate, but that doesn't matter much when 1 shot kills
  most enemies and when it has a very fast R1 lock-on.
  The weapon does lack stability, so make sure you wait a while
  in between firing shots if you're using R1 targeting.

Fire Rate: V
Damage:    IV
Clip Size: 50
Capacity:  150
Ammo:      4.7 Caseless
This weapon is a product of decades of
research and is one of the most advanced weapons ever
made.  The main demand behind its development was the
need for a rifle with high hit rate.  The C11 uses specially
designed caseless ammo that consists of a ball round
imbedded into a solid propellant.  Because of this the C11
can fire a 3-round burst before the rifle has a chance to
recoil.  This ensures that the entire burst will hit their mark
exactly where the user intended.  The IPCA version of the
C11 comes preset to 3-round burst, has an integral scope
and has a 50-round magazine capacity.
Obtained: Earn United Nations Peace Award
C8std:    32%
Overall Rating: *****
  Here it is, the fastest, most stable weapon in the game.  The 
  rifle comes with a scope similar to the ACR's, but only has two
  zoom settings, as opposed to the ACR's three.  On the negative,
  L1 targeting isn't effective with this weapon, so rely on
  R1 targeting instead.
  Note that it should be G11; and yes, this bad-boy does exist.
Primary Rating: ****
  This weapon wins the award for "Most likely to run out of ammo."
Back Rating: ****
  The scope is nice, but since L1 targeting isn't that good, it
  really doesn't help.
AR Rating: *****
  This may be the perfect AR.  It has stable R1 firing and can 
  fire faster than any other AR.  Whatever you do, do not hold
  down the firing button.  You'll chew through too much ammo, and
  the weapon will become unstable.  Just keep tapping the attack
  button instead.

US M60 E3
Fire Rate: V
Damage:    IV
Clip Size: 200
Capacity:  400
Ammo:      7.62 NATO
Game Description:
This is an improved M60 that has a
forward grip that helps stabilize the weapon during
sustained firing.  This weapon has been the US Army's
general-purpose machine gun since the early 60's and it
uses the same feed system as the German WWII MG42.  The
M60 maintains its accuracy during sustained fire due to
better barrel design that vents the heat away more
efficiently.  This model comes fit with a 200-round belt that
is stored in an ammo box attached to the feed system.
Obtained: Earn Medal of Distinction
C8std:    40%
Overall Rating: *****
  It's all about the ammo.  I actually prefer this gun over the
  M-249 SAW, as it uses more powerful rounds.  Forget about 
  using R1 targeting with this or the SAW, as it takes forever
  to lock-on to a target.  It's also quite jumpy (AK-47), so
  it's best for mid-range targets.  Works best against groups.
Primary Rating: ****
  Lacks range and stability, but...  Look at the ammo.
Back Rating: ****
  It's a monster, for sure, but lacks stability and power.
AR Rating: *****
  If you can spray your target(s) with ammo, stability doesn't
  matter that much, now does it?

M-249 SAW
Fire Rate: V
Damage:    III
Clip Size: 200
Capacity:  400
Ammo:      5.56 NATO
Game Description:
This machinegun was adopted by
the US military in the early 1990s and comes equipped with 
a 200-round box.  The most significant difference between
this and the M60 is the ammo size.  It may pack less of a
punch, but has greater accuracy and distance over the M60.
Obtained: Earn Agency Medal of Valor
C8std:    28%
Overall Rating: *****
  The seemingly infinite ammo on this monster is nice, but it
  takes a long time for it to auto-lock.  But when you have 
  that much ammo, who cares?  It's probably a bad idea to
  use the Squad Automatic Weapon against distant targets
  and snipers; although, you can, since it has great range.
Primary Rating: *****
  Since it has rifle range, it's better suited than the M60
  as a primary weapon.
Back Rating: ****
  But, at the end of the day, I'd rather have the C8.
AR Rating: *****
  It's rounds are weak (as in 9mm weak), but, the amount...

Fire Rate: II
Damage:    V
Clip Size: 6
Capacity:  30
Ammo:      7.62 Soviet Rifle
Game Description:
This rifle is based on the 
Kalashnikov and is chambered for the 7.62mm Russian
cartridge.  The western world first learned of this weapon
in Vietnam when Russian Spetznan ran several covert
operations in the region.  This is one of the most accurate
and reliable sniper rifles in the world.  It usually comes
equipped with the PSO-1 scope, but can accept other
Russian optics as well.
Obtained: Earn ICSS Rating
C8std:    150%
Overall Rating: **
  Probably the first sniper rifle you'll get, the Dragunov
  is a nice weapon for taking out those distant enemies, but
  its recoil makes it an undesirable weapon if you have to take
  out multiple enemies in a short amount of time.
Primary Rating: *
  Sniper rifles do not (for the most part) make good primary
Back Rating: **
  Mostly situational (distant targets and head shots)
  Then again, it's not too bad for when you face CDP soldiers,
  since you can get more ammo.
Sniper Rating: **
  Not bad, but not great.
  You can also think of this as something like the Desert 
  Express .50, since it has the same power, range, and low

Fire Rate: I
Damage:    V
Clip Size: 8
Capacity:  40
Ammo:      .50 Browning
Also known as the 'Light Fifty',
this weapon is semi-automatic equipped with a muzzle brake
that reduces recoil by 65%.  The .50 caliber bullet is close
to 3 inches long as is one of the most powerful rounds
Obtained: Earn ECSS2 Rating
C8std:    600%
Overall Rating: ***
  This the most powerful, non-explosive, weapon in the game; overall,
  a single shot from this weapon is more powerful than a shot from
  a dual wield Desert Express .50 - Bullet for bullet, this weapon
  is about 3x more efficient as it seems to completely ignore
  flak jackets (You won't get the "flak jacket" icon).
  While one shot kills are almost a sure thing with this weapon, its
  low ammo and slow firing rate only makes it useful for limited
Primary Rating: **
  Look at the firing rate...
Back Rating: ****
  Its incredible power makes it very useful at times (Ukraine).
Sniper Rating: ***
  Not much better than the Dragunov, but has a function outside
  of being a sniper, as in the "I laugh at your armor" weapon.

Fire Rate: II
Damage:    V
Clip Size: 1
Capacity:  1
Ammo:      5.56 NATO
Game Description:
This rifle belongs to IPCA IOC Stoneman
and is the earliest model of an M16-type weapon produced.
Stone cracked the scope 15 years back and never bothered 
to repair it; he feels it gives the rifle character.  Upon
handing his rifle over to a new Field Agent, he removed the
clip and gave the rookie a single bullet, saying: 'A
professional needs one bullet to do a job.  You need two?
Get a new line of work.'
Obtained: Earn Stone's Commendation
Author's Rating: ***
  Headshot or bust!
  On the surface, this weapon sucks.  But, remember that
  you can take matching ammo from another weapon.  In other
  words, if you have the G 53 with you, you'll have a total
  of 152 shots available to you.  Considering that the scope
  on the gun is nice (and unique), this makes for a very
  nice and fashionable gun to use.  Course, no doubt Stone
  would slap you silly if he found out what you were doing.
Primary Rating: *
  You have to ask?
Back Rating: *
  I suppose it's conditional (do you have the G 53?)
Sniper Rating: ****
  The only thing this is good for.

Fire Rate: II
Damage:    V
Clip Size: 8
Capacity:  32
Ammo:      7.62 NATO
Game Description:
This is considered one of hte best long
range rifles.  The DSC-1 uses the same roller-locked delayed
blowback system as most other rifles from this marker, but
the components are of much better quality.  It has a heavy
and long barrel and uses a four-groove polygon system
which reduces bullet friction.  This, combined with the long
and heavy barrel, allows the bullet to reach higher velocities
and have a much better effective range.  It has a very
comfortable pistol grip, adjustable cheek rest and a hair
Obtained: Earn President's Official Liberty Award
C8std:    120%
Overall Rating: ****
  This is a silenced sniper rifle.  It has a relatively large
  recoil compared to other sniper rifles.
Primary Rating: *
  Well, unless you're in a stealth stage...
Back Rating: **
  Again, a mostly situational weapon.
Sniper Rating: ***
  It gets a bonus for being a silent weapon.

Fire Rate: III
Damage:    V
Clip Size: 24
Capacity:  72
Ammo:      9x39 special
Game Description:
The western world first heard of this
weapon in 1994 and is in line to replace the Dragunov as the
standard sniping rifle of the Russian Federation.  The VSS
fires a special Russian made 9mm Rifle bullet and the entire
barrel of the weapon serves as a silencer.  Equipped with a
high power scope, this rifle is highly suited for sniping.
Obtained: Complete Montenegro
C8std:    78%
Overall Rating: ****
  Comes with a silencer and a standard sniper scope.
  On the negative, it has a slow auto-lock.
Primary Rating: ****
  It's powerful and has a nice ammo supply.
  Just make sure you use L1 targeting.
Back Rating: ****
  Not many better than this.
Sniper Rating: ****
  It's good that it can penetrate targets.  And, even if
  you miss the head, odds are it'll still kill the target.

Galil SG-1
Fire Rate: III
Damage:    V
Clip Size: 8
Capacity:  40
Ammo:      5.56 NATO
Game Description:
The barrel of this weapon is heavier 
than most and has a strong bipod to support it.  The Galil is
so accurate that it can put all of its shots into a 4-inch
circle at 300 meters.  It has a muzzle brake to reduce recoil
and the brake can be removed to equip a silencer in its
place.  Its trigger system can be adjusted for various
pull-off pressures and the stock has a shoulder pad cheek
rest for greater accuracy.
Obtained: Earn Mossad Friend to Peace Medal
C8std:    60%
Overall Rating:****
  The scope on this rifle is the same as the ACR's.  But, this 
  weapon also has a slower auto-lock and less ammo.
Primary Rating: **
  You can get away with it as your primary if you can find
  extra ammo.
Back Rating: **
  Has potential, but not much.
Sniper Rating: *****
  The scope makes it great.

Fire Rate: III
Damage:    V
Clip Size: 24
Capacity:  72
Ammo:      9x39 DU
Game Description:
The VSS fires a very heavy 9mm bullet
infused with depleted uranium.  This model is equipped with
an integral silencer that has the additional ability to hide the
muzzle flash.  It's also equipped with a 3rd generation NV
scope making this rifle the best firearm suited to a covert 
sniping role.
Obtained: Earn SASOE Rating
C8std:    78%
Overall Rating: *****
  In addition to the ridiculous rounds (uranium?!), this is the only
  gun in your inventory that comes with a night vision scope.
  The VSS models and the SR-15 seem to be the only rifles 
  capable of a double head shot...
  Keep in mind that these weapons are also effective against those 
  with flak jackets, as a single bullet will effect both the armor 
  and health of the target.
  On a strange note, you can use 7.62 Soviet Rifle rounds 
  with the VSS rifles.
  If you're wondering, VSS = Vinovka Snaiperskaja Spetsialnaya.
Primary Rating: ****
  Same as the VSS-Special
Back Rating: ****
Sniper Rating: *****
  Sniper ratings really come down to the scope the weapon uses.
  And, the night vision scope is a good thing.

Fire Rate: II
Damage:    V
Clip Size: 15
Capacity:  75
Ammo:      5.56 Flechette
Game Description:
The Advanced Combat Rifle looks
similar to the AU300 series and serves in an anti-material
role.  It fires a small fin-stabilized Steel-Tungsten alloy
flechette at an extreme velocity with a relatively flat
trajectory, making this the most accurate and destructive
light firearm in the world.
Obtained: Earn ECSS Rating
C8std:    150%
Overall Rating: *****
  This is probably the best sniper rifle in the game.  Its scope
  has three preset zoom levels, allowing you to zoom in on a target
  faster than other scoped rifles.
Primary Rating: ****
  In the same boat as the VSS, but the noise it makes, and the
  lower firing rate hurts it.  It also has so-so R1 targeting.
  Then again, it's powerful.
Back Rating: ***
  It is more powerful than your average back weapon.  But, keep in
  mind of the unique ammo.
Sniper Rating: *****
  This is where this weapon shines.

Fire Rate: ---
Damage:    V
Clip Size: 1
Capacity:  14
Ammo:      40mm Grenade Cartridge
Game Description:
weapon fires a variety of 40mm grenade cartridges, but the
most commonly used one is the M79 Fragmentation Grenade
Cartridge.  This grenade is filled with Composition-B and
has a kill radius of 5 meters, but can substantially wound
and incapacitate out to 15 meters.  The M-79 is a break-open
weapon that fires from the shoulder and requires reloading
after each round fired.
Obtained: Earn ETXS2 Rating
Overall Rating: *
  Not a huge advantage over the frag grenades; you can 
  fire it at a lower angle for the same distance, but you had
  better hit your target with your first shot, as it takes
  seemingly forever to reload.
Primary Rating: *
  Only because I won't give 0 or negative stars.
Back Rating: *
  There not much reason to carry this, other than needing the
  grenade slot for something else.  The only stage I think
  it's of any use is for Minsk.
Launcher Rating: *
  Takes way too long between shots.

Fire Rate: II
Damage:    V
Clip Size: 5
Capacity:  60
Ammo:      40mm
Game Description:
This weapon is a revolver system that accepts
the same 40mm explosive grenade cartridges as the M-70.
The cylinder can hold 5 cartridges and it cycles the next
round after the current one is fired.
Obtained: Earn SAMTE Rating
Overall Rating: ***
  It's fun to play with, but has a small range.
  It has a very low trajectory with low velocity, so, often
  the grenade will land in front of the target.  When it 
  comes to distant targets, use L1 targeting.
Primary Rating: **
  There are too many situations where the enemies get
  close to you for this to be a good primary weapon.
Back Rating: ****
  When you need to take something out quick, there's not
  much that's better than this.
Launcher Rating: ****
  Takes a while to get used to it, but it's a good weapon,
  as long as you learn how to use it (Few people actually
  know how to properly use the weapon).

TH3 Blaster
Fire Rate: ---
Damage:    V
Clip Size: 20
Capacity:  40
Ammo:      Thermite Ball
Game Description:
This is an experimental Chechen firearm that
operates similarly to common paint ball guns.  It has an air
compressor that launches a thermite ball at a velocity of 
300 feet a second.  Upon contact with air the thermite is
converted to molten iron and burns at over 4000 degrees 
Fahrenheit.  If the projectile travels about 100 feet or
impacts with a hard surface, then it bursts and ignites
everything within an 8 foot radius.
Obtained: Earn The Golden Cross of Russia
Overall Rating: ***
  This is an interesting weapon.  If you can actually hit
  your intended target, they're as good as dead.  But, since
  it's slow, you'll have trouble hitting moving targets. 
Primary Rating: *
  Fire rate sucks beyond belief.
Back Rating: *
  Did I mention it has bad range?
Launcher Rating: ***
  It's good in that the target burns (potential for fire kills).


Sidearm     <WPS>

Fire Rate: III
Damage:    III
Clip Size: 12
Capacity:  144
Ammo:      9mm
Game Description:
In the 1980's this pistol was chosen to replace
the US Army's M1911 pistol.  It has a reversed trigger guard
suited for two-handed grip and it has improved grip plates.
The interior of the barrel is chromed for greatly improved
accuracy.  During the first Gulf War in 1991 US Army
soldiers complained this pistol didn't have the stopping
power of their old .45 Pistol and requested to be reissued
the M1911's.  The 92F's tenure as the US Army's standard
issue pistol was short lived as it was later replaced by the
more powerful US Mark 23 SOCOM Pistol.
Obtained: You start with this weapon
C8std:    24%
Overall Rating: *
  Of course the default weapon isn't going to be good.
  It'll take 3 shots to kill the enemies in Carthage 1
  with this weapon.
Primary Rating: **
  Seeing as how it uses common ammo, it's not that bad for
  the Carthage stages.
Handgun Rating: *
  It's bad.

Fire Rate: III
Damage:    III
Clip Size: 12
Capacity:  144
Ammo:      9mm
Game Description:
This is a very efficient design made of
synthetic materials and metal.  This weapon has the largest
magazine capacity of any conventional pistol made and is
currently in service by various armies and law enforcement
agencies.  Because of its light weight, there is a substantial
amount of recoil from this weapon.  This can affect
accuracy, which can be compensated for through practice.
Obtained: Earn R2 Rank
C8std:    28%
Overall Rating: *
  Same as the basic handgun (92F)
Primary Rating: **
  Like I said...
Handgun Rating: *
  Yep, again...

Fire Rate: IV
Damage:    III
Clip Size: 13
Capacity:  156
Ammo:      9mm
Game Description:
Because machine pistols are difficult to control
during full auto firing, the manufacturer opted to drop the
full auto and go to a three round burst.  Each trigger pull
fires a burst of three rounds at a rate of 1100 rnds/sec.
This weapon has a 13-round box magazine and a forward
grip the user can hold with their left hand.  Hooking their
thumb through the trigger guard will greatly increase
Obtained: Earn Imani's Commendation
C8std:    20%
Overall Rating: **
  Not very accurate.  Only a step above the basic models.
  Arguably the 3-round bursts makes it an inferior weapon, as
  your efficiency will probably be lower than it would be if
  you use the other basic handguns.
Primary Rating: **
  Not bad for close range, horrible for long range.  Unless
  you're close to point-blank range, only a single shot of
  the 3-round burst will hit the enemy.
Handgun Rating: *
  Really, the only reason to carry this is to have extra 9mm
  ammo for another weapon.

Fire Rate: III
Damage:    III
Clip Size: 12
Capacity:  48
Ammo:      .32
Game Description:
This is a very small, concealable pocket pistol
equipped with a silencer.  It is reliable and inexpensive, but
doesn't deliver a great deal of stopping power.  It is most
effective when used in stealth scenarios, but may perform
inadequately during protracted shootouts.
Obtained: Complete Yemen 2
C8std:    20%
Author's Rating: ***
  Doesn't have great stats, but considering it's silenced...
  Just make sure you line up a head shot.
Primary Rating: *
  No, no, and no.
Handgun Rating: **
  A situational weapon.

M1911 A1
Fire Rate: II
Damage:    V
Clip Size: 8
Capacity:  40
Ammo:      .45 ACP
Game Description:
This was the US Army's standard
service pistol from 1911 to 1985 and is now the oldest pistol
design still in service.  It is very reliable and accurate in the
hands of an experienced user, and has enough stopping
power to take down most targets with a single shot.
Obtained: Earn O3 Rank
C8std:    69%
Overall Rating: ***
  Not too shabby, but where's the ammo?
Primary Rating: *
  No ammo = No primary
Handgun Rating: **
  No bad, not good.

Mark 23
Fire Rate: II
Damage:    V
Clip Size: 12
Capacity:  144
Ammo:      .45
Game Description:
This is the cadillac of .45 caliber pistols.  It's
very similar to other modern .45's but has a reversed curve
trigger guard to help increase stability and accuracy during
Obtained: Earn C1 Rank
C8std:    72%
Overall Rating: ***
  Even though it uses a higher caliber round, this weapons is
  weaker than the Jerico.
Primary Rating: ***
  Nice, as long as you use it with the dual wield.
Handgun Rating: ***
  Nice ammo capacity.

Desert Eliminator .357
Fire Rate: II
Damage:    V
Clip Size: 12
Capacity:  144
Ammo:      .357
Game Description:
The .357 round makes this a 
powerful defense weapon and its size and weight makes it
easy to control.  The power of this round is strong enough
to stop most close range enemies with a single shot, but it
is less effective against body armor when compared to
other desert models.
Obtained: Earn Karkadan, Alima's Unicorn Charm
C8std:    62%
Overall Rating: ***
  Has the most ammo out of the Desert models. 
  Unlike the other two Desert pistols, this weapon will not
  send your targets flying.  In addition, it's not in the
  same league as the other Desert pistols in terms of actual
  performance.  Its rounds are pitifully weak.
Primary Rating: ***
  Again, dual wield is a must.
Handgun Rating: ***
  Nice capacity, but it's still weak.

Fire Rate: II
Damage:    V
Clip Size: 20
Capacity:  80
Ammo:      5.7mm
Game Description:
The 57 uses the same ammo as the SSP90 and
is destined to become a major service pistol throughout the 
world.  The firing mechanisms are designed to balance the
recoil with the forward friction and torque of the bullet.
This creates a very unusual reloading cycle with very little
recoil.  The bullet cartridge is longer than most other pistol
cartridges and the bullet is very thin, being only 5.7mm in
Obtained: Earn O9 Rank
C8std:    100%
Overall Rating: ***
  Not too bad when you first get it, but not something you'll 
  continue to use.  You may want to carry it with you if you use 
  the SSP 90 a lot, so you'll have extra ammo.
Primary Rating: ****
  This thing is more powerful than the previous handguns.
Handgun Rating: ****
  Good amount of ammo and power.

Fire Rate: II
Damage:    V
Clip Size: 12
Capacity:  144
Ammo:      .41
Game Description:
The Jerico-9 can be easily converted from a
9mm barrel to a .41 barrel for firing the .41 AE.  Because of
its low weight, the Jerico-41 has a large amount of recoil
making it hard to control while firing.  It should be reserved
for those experienced and trained in its use.
Obtained: Earn O4 Rank
C8std:    100%
Overall Rating: ****
  A nice handgun that'll you'll use often, but there are better.
  This is probably the first handgun that you can rely on to use
  as your primary weapon, as it'll take out a lot of enemies
  with a single shot and comes with plenty of ammo.  This and
  the SP-57 has the same power as the C8 Rifle, and is actually
  25% more powerful than the Desert Sniper .44.
Primary Rating: *****
  Doesn't have great range, but anything that is within range is
  as good as dead.
Handgun Rating: ****
  It's an excellent gun, dual wield or not.

Mark 23 SD
Fire Rate: II
Damage:    V
Clip Size: 12
Capacity:  144
Ammo:      .45
Game Description:
A silencer can be threaded into the muzzle
of the Mark 23 that reduces noise by 25 db.  Also, this
firearm has a slide lock that eliminates unwanted mechanical
noise in stealth scenarios.  The heavy .45 bullet combined
with precision accuracy makes this weapon an ideal choice
for the silent soldier.
Obtained: Earn T4 Rank
C8std:    62%
Overall Rating: ****
  This is probably more of a nostalgia weapon than anything
  else.  Effective when stealth is needed.
Primary Rating: ****
  Really in the same league as the regular Mark 23, but the
  silenced aspect bumps it up.
Handgun Rating: ****
  Hey, it's silenced, and that's a very good thing.

CZ Mach-9
Fire Rate: V
Damage:    II
Clip Size: 32
Capacity:  288
Ammo:      9mm
Game Description:
This is a converted CZ75 with a built-in
muzzle compensator to reduce recoil.  The addition of the
compensator allows the user to accurately fire at full auto.
This makes it easier to control than the G-18 but it has a
much reduced rate of fire.  It is best suited for defensive
situations and close range combat.
Obtained: Earn Maggie's Commendation
C8std:    18%
Overall Rating: ****
  This weapon is closer to a sub-machine gun than a handgun.
  It has a high firing rate, is rather stable and can be 
  fired in single round bursts.
Primary Rating: ***
  Has better range than the other hanguns previous listed.
  As a primary, it's in the same league as the Biz-9 and co.
Handgun Rating: ****
  It's fun to shred enemies.

Desert Sniper .44
Fire Rate: II
Damage:    V
Clip Size: 10
Capacity:  50
Ammo:      .44
Game Description:
The Desert Sniper is a long range high
powered sniping pistol with a 10 inch barrel extension and
mounted scope.  The .44 Magnum round makes this weapon
difficult to handle for novice users, but with practice, the
user can hit long range targets with deadly accuracy.
Obtained: Earn Zohar's Commendation
C8std:    90%
Overall Rating: *****
  The scope isn't that good (minimal zoom), but it's better
  than nothing.  Like the Desert Express .50, this weapon sends
  enemies flying.  The best part about this weapon is that it 
  has rifle range.  The bad part?  It's not all that powerful;
  it's actually weaker than the Jerico-41.  Then again, it also
  has the best R1 targeting among sidearms.
Primary Rating: ***
  The limited ammo and power hurts.
Handgun Rating: *****
  Since it has decent power with excellent range, it's best used
  with a back weapon that doesn't have great range.

Desert Express .50
Fire Rate: II
Damage:    V
Clip Size: 7
Capacity:  35
Ammo:      .50
Game Description: 
The Desert Pistols are the only
gas-operated pistols in service and the .50 caliber is the
most powerful.  The Desert Express is often referred to as
a hand cannon due to its size and the power of the round.
Only users experienced with great recoil forces will be able
to handle this weapon effectively.  Anyone hit within its
effective range will be knocked to the ground instantly even
if they are wearing heavy armor.
Obtained: Earn Gabe's Commendation
C8std:    150%
Overall Rating: *****
  Not including gas and explosive weapons, this gun is only 
  second to the BFG in terms of power.  Even so, a single shot
  from this weapon is enough to take out the majority of enemies
  in this game, flak jacket or not.  It has the same great range
  that the Desert Sniper .44.
Primary Rating: ***
  On the one hand, it has sucky ammo.  On the other, one shot
  is all you'll need in most situations.
Handgun Rating: *****
  Take away two stars if you're not very accurate.


Auxiliary     <WPA>

China type 67
Fire Rate: IV
Damage:    III
Clip Size: 12
Capacity:  48
Ammo:      Type 64 rimless
Game Description:
This is an improved 
version of the Type 64.  It fires a special subsonic 7.62mm
round called the Type 64.
Obtained: Earn Lian's Commendation
Overall Rating: *
  Little ammo, not full auto, and weak.  It's weird, but you
  can use 5.45 Soviet rounds with this weapon.
  That leads me to conclude that this weapon sucks because
  it doesn't actually use the Type 64 ammo.  Well, that and
  the fact that the real thing is silenced, but not in the game.
Primary Rating: *
  I'd rather be using the 92f.
SMG Rating: *
  I'm not sure if this thing even qualifies as a SMG.

MAK-10 10mm
Fire Rate: V
Damage:    III
Clip Size: 32
Capacity:  160
Ammo:      10mm
Game Description:
This is the same weapon as the MAK-32
except it is chambered for the 10mm Super Auto round.
Obtained: Earn O5 Rank
C8std:    24%
Overall Rating: **
  It fires in 3-round bursts, but is very unstable.
  Stick with the Biz.
Primary Rating: *
  You can argue that the 92f is better...
SMG Rating: *
  You'll miss more than you hit.  This is arguably the most
  unstable weapon in the game.

Fire Rate: V
Damage:    III
Clip Size: 32
Capacity:  160
Ammo:      9mm
The Spectre uses a four column magazine
design which allows for 50 cartridges to fit in the length of
a normal 30 round clip.  It comes equipped with a folding
stock and a forward grip to increase accuracy.  It is very
popular among European Police and Security forces.
Obtained: Earn Carthage Exemplary Service Tribute
C8std:    24%
Overall Rating: **
  Fires in three round bursts, with so-so stability.
Primary Rating: **
  Again, better than the worst of the worst.
SMG Rating: **
  It's not terrible...

Fire Rate: V
Damage:    III
Clip Size: 32
Capacity:  160
Ammo:      .32
The Scorpion is a very popular terrorist
weapon with a high rate of fire.  One design flaw is its low
32 caliber round, which is a rather weak round.  This makes
the Scorpion a more effective defensive than offensive
Obtained: Complete target course in the training center
C8std:    23%
Overall Rating: **
  Not too shabby and easy to earn.  Use until you get the Biz.
Primary Rating: **
  It's actually pretty good, but has rare ammo.
SMG Rating: ***
  Good stats and stability.

Fire Rate: V
Damage:    III
Clip Size: 32
Capacity:  160
Ammo:      9mm
Game Description:
The Bizon is an SMG with a large tubular
magazine that runs parallel underneath the barrel of the
weapon.  It is easy to control when firing full auto and
maintains a high degree of hit probability at very high firing
Obtained: Complete Carthage
C8std:    28%
Overall Rating: ***
  You'll earn this weapon early, and will be using it for a long
  time.  It's the most stable auxilary weapon you get early on,
  and uses common ammo (unlike the Scorpion).
Primary Rating: ***
  A good all-around weapon.  Same league as the FA-MAS.
SMG Rating: ***
  Stick to this until you get the MDS models.

Air pistol
Fire Rate: I
Damage:    Incap
Clip Size: 1
Capacity:  9
Ammo:      Flechettes
This IPCA weapon is designed to shoot
very narrow steel flechettes, which are specially engineered
for high accuracy.  Agents are issued flechettes containing
a non-lethal tranquilizer which instantly incapacitates most
targets.  While this device is intended to be non-lethal,
Agents are cautioned to aim below the neck to prevent
unwanted fatalities.
Obtained: Earn ENLFS Rating
Overall Rating: ***
  Comes with a (limited) scope, making it a nice weapon to use for 
  stealth missions.
Primary Rating: *
  Even if you have the ACR with you for ammo, it's just too slow
  for it to be a good primary weapon; well, except for some stealth
Auxiliary Rating: ****
  Hey, it's not a SMG, so I'm giving it special treatment.
  As long as you have a good primary weapon, this will serve you 
  well as a secondary, since it has great range, a scope, is 
  silenced, and can KO non (or low) armored targets with
  a single shot.

Tec 45
Fire Rate: V
Damage:    IV
Clip Size: 32
Capacity:  96
Ammo:      .45
Game Description:
This is a modified version of the Tec 9
chambered for the .45 caliber round.  It has a forward grip
and an extended barrel that serves as one large 
compensator.  These two traits allow this weapon to be
equally accurate to the less powerful 9mm version.
Obtained: Earn Ellison Warner Award
C8std:    35%
Overall Rating: ***
  Fast lock-on time, and nice .45 rounds.
Primary Weapon: ***
  Good, but nothing special.
SMG Rating: ***

UNP 45
Fire Rate: V
Damage:    III
Clip Size: 32
Capacity:  288
Ammo:      .45
The UNP is an extremely reliable and
lightweight weapon that has precision accuracy and low
recoil making it relatively easy to handle, even for
lesser-experienced users.  Like the MDS family, the UNP also
fires from a closed bolt position and comes set to full 
automatic.  The large caliber and small size of this weapon
makes it a very deadly and effective weapon that can be
used in many different hostile situations.
Obtained: Earn SACIE Rating
C8std:    27%
Overall Rating: ***
  More powerful than the lower end models, and a good sized
  magazine.  But odds are you'll have better guns by the time
  you earn this.
Primary Rating: **
  The ammo type is a minus.
SMG Ratign: ****
  This is one of the few SMGs with stable firing.

Fire Rate: IV
Damage:    IV
Clip Size: 30
Capacity:  720
Ammo:      9mm
Game Description:
This is similar to the MDS A5 version except
that it has a sliding butt and is set to fire single shot or full
Obtained: Earn ETES Rating
C8std:    32%
Overall Rating: ****
  It doesn't have the stability or the firing rate of the MDS-7, 
  but the extra ammo makes up for that.
Primary Rating: ***
  Yes, it's the ammo.
SMG Rating: ***
  Ammo will only get you so far... 

Fire Rate: V
Damage:    III
Clip Size: 30
Capacity:  720
Ammo:      9mm
Game Description:
Just over 12 inches in length, this is the
most compact version of the MDS.  It has a forward grip for
added stability and can be easily concealed.  The size of the
weapon increases its rate of fire, making it best suited for
close quarters.
Obtained: Earn Great Lakes Service Medal
C8std:    24%
Overall Rating: ***
  This is what you get when you take the MDS A3 and make it more
  stable and faster.  But, you sacrifice range and power.
Primary Rating: ***
  As you may have noticed by now, most auxiliary weapons don't 
  make for good primary weapons.
SMG Rating: ****
  Firing rate is a key for the SMG rating.

G 53
Fire Rate: V
Damage:    V
Clip Size: 30
Capacity:  120
Ammo:      5.56 NATO
Game Description:
This is an extremely small and compact
rifle.  It is often considered a submachine gun but it packs
the punch of an assault rifle because it's chambered for the
5.56 NATO standard rifle round.  Often mistaken for a 
submachine gun due to its short length, this weapon can be
stored in the thigh holster to make room on the back for
additional rifles or gear.
Obtained: Earn Teresa's Commendation
C8std:    51%
Overall Rating: *****
  A compact rifle...  You can't go wrong with this baby.  Best
  used with an explosive or sniper back weapon.
Primary Rating: ***
  This weapon cheats, cause it's not really a SMG.  Then again,
  it doesn't have great stability or R1 firing.
SMG Rating: ****
  Hey, it's powerful.  Just remember to use L1 targeting and
  fire in short bursts.

Fire Rate: V
Damage:    II
Clip Size: 40
Capacity:  160
Ammo:      4.6 Penetrator
The MDS-7 blurs the line between 
pistol and submachine gun.  It is pistol sized and shaped and
can be holstered like a standard pistol, but fires full auto
with the accuracy and stability of the MDS series of SMGs.
This weapon was originally designed for a personal defense
role, but due to its remarkable performance it is also used
effectively in offensive roles.
Obtained: Earn O6 Rank
C8std:    16%
Overall Rating: *****
  This weapon has great range and as the name implies, 
  the ammo can hit multiple targets with a single shot.  
  The firing rate and stability is equivalent 
  to that of the SSP 90's.  Bad news is that it lacks its R1 
  targeting/firing stability.
Primary Rating: ***
  It's a fancy auxiliary weapon, but its unique ammo hurts it.
SMG Rating: *****
  The weapon's firing rate is a beautiful thing.  This is one
  of the few weapons in the game that you can go full-auto
  with good results.

SSP 90
Fire Rate: V
Damage:    IV
Clip Size: 50
Capacity:  200
Ammo:      5.57mm P90
Game Description:
A unique appearing weapon, the SSP90
has a 50 round clear magazine loaded into the top of the
weapon.  Its ballistic performance is vastly superior to the
9mm round.  This weapon fires from a closed bolt which
allows for perfect accuracy while firing semi auto.  Its
ergonomic design makes it easy and comfortable to fire and 
helps add to its deadly accuracy.
Obtained: Earn SAECE Rating
C8std:    32%
Overall Rating: *****
  In my opinion, the best auxiliary weapon in the game.  Its
  stability and firing rate is in the same league as that
  of the C11's.  If those aren't enough, it also has rifle 
  range and stable R1 firing.
Primary Rating: ****
  If you carry the SP-90 with you, it gets a perfect rating.
  On a geeky note, the military forces in the Sci-Fi channel's
  Stargate SG-1/Atlantis series use this.
SMG Rating: *****
  Not many ways you can improve this beauty.  It'll take a few
  shots to kill enemies, so make sure you don't waste ammo.


Grenade     <WPG>

Incendiary grenade
Fire Rate: ---
Damage:    IV
Clip Size: 1
Capacity:  6
Game Description:
This canister is filled with White
Phosphorous, which burns around 5000 degrees Fahrenheit.
The canister has a bursting radius of 15 feet and it
produces intense heat and flame that cannot be
extinguished, even if submerged in water.  This is a dual
purpose weapon that serves to provide cover or to 
incinerate enemy personnel or assets.
Obtained: Earn ATXS Rating
Overall Rating: *
  It doesn't explode on impact, the flames don't kill instantly,
  doesn't last as long as the sarin, and you don't get many.
  And, to top it off, it really doesn't help you up your grenade
Grenade Rating: *
  Only good if for some reason you don't have a taser to burn 

Smoke grenade
Fire Rate: ---
Damage:    ---
Clip Size: 1
Capacity:  12
Game Description:
This canister emits a dense
cloud of white smoke for 20 seconds.  This cloud is useful
for providing temporary obstruction of enemy vision.
Obtained: Complete the training center
Overall Rating: ***
  Very underrated and underused weapon.  The delay in smoke emittance
  is a minus, but the fact that you cannot be targeted by a gun while 
  in the smoke more than makes up.
Grenade Rating: ****
  Gets a perfect rating if you combine it with the AU300 Mod-R.

DormaGen gas
Fire Rate: ---
Damage:    Incap
Clip Size: 1
Capacity:  9
Game Description:
This is an Agency designed device that
releases the DormaGen gas, which is a combination of 
powerful and fast-acting anesthetic compounds.  It is stored 
in a canister similar to a Tear Gas canister and spreads the
incapacitating cloud quickly over a radius of 15 feet.
Victims will fall unconscious within a half second of 
exposure to DormaGen and will remain out for several hours.
Obtained: Earn ANLFS Rating
Overall Rating: ****
  This will serve you well when trying to avoid collateral damage.
  Also nice as a "suicide" weapon, since it doesn't count as a 
  death.  Has a small radius and fast dissipation time.
Grenade Rating: ***
  I really want to like this weapon, but the fast dissipation time
  just hurts it too much.

M61 frag grenade
Fire Rate: ---
Damage:    V
Clip Size: 1
Capacity:  10
Game Description:
This pineapple shaped grenade is filled
with Composition-B and has a kill radius of 15 feet, but can
substantially wound and incapacitate out to 25 feet.  To
arm the grenade, the thrower pulls the pin, squeezes the
lever and throws the device toward the intended target.
The frag detonates upon impact with any hard surface.
Obtained: Earn ITXS Rating
Overall Rating: ****
  Good weapon for taking out crowds (ALA Death Squad) and bosses.
Grenade Rating: *****
  It kills everything in one hit; you can't ask for any more.

Sarin nerve agent
Fire Rate: ---
Damage:    V
Clip Size: 1
Capacity:  9
Game Description:
Sarin, Isoproposymethylphosphonyl
fluoride, is a colorless, odorless gas intended for chemical
warfare.  It is 26 times more powerful than cyanide and has
a lethal does of only 0.5 milligrams.  It is absorbed into the
body via the lungs or through the skin and attaches
Acethlcholine Receptors, which are responsible for 
stimulating muscle contractions and respiration.  first the
victim experiences tightness in the cheat, followed by
bronchospasm, convulsions, and eventually respiratory
failure that causes death.  It is commonly known that
Saddam Hussein produced mass quantities of Sarin Gas and
used it on his own people in the 1980's.  The US Government
classified Sarin as a Weapon of Mass Destruction and used
the claim that Iraq still has large quantities as part of their
justification for invading Iraq in 2003.
Obtained: Earn ETXS2 Rating
Overall Rating: *****
  Arguably the best weapon for many of the bosses in the game.
  Has a large radius and slow dissipation time.
Grenade Rating: *****
  Yes, certain enemies aren't affected by the gas, but that's
  a small minus compared to the huge pluses it has.



Fire Rate: IV
Damage:    V
Clip Size: ---
Capacity:  ---
Game Description:
This is the standard issue combat knife of the US
military.  It has a 7-inch high carbon chromium stainless
steel blade with a serrated edge and a non-slip gripping
handle.  This knife can withstand extreme impacts and is
capable of quickly slicing through bare flesh and heavy
military fatigues.
Obtained: Complete the training center
Overall Rating: *
  Only use it when forced to.
Melee Rating: *
  Use it if you want to die a lot.

Fire Rate: IV
Damage:    V
Clip Size: ---
Capacity:  ---
Game Description:
The Stiletto has a narrow blade made of
Tungsten-Steel alloy coated with Teflon to help penetrate
through light body armor.  The blade is 9 inches long so it
has a farther reach then most other combat blades.  The
grip is rather thin in diameter and therefore difficult to
penetrate its target deeply.  Several thrusts may be
necessary to eliminate an aggressive enemy.
Obtained: Earn ICKS Rating
Overall Rating: *
  The difference between this and the K-BAR is mostly superficial.
Melee Rating: *
  Extra range doesn't help if it's measured in inches and your 
  enemies have guns.

Fire Rate: II
Damage:    V
Clip Size: 1
Capacity:  12
Game Description:
These are very accurate throwing stars made
from an armor piercing Tungsten/Steel alloy.
Obtained: Earn ACKS Rating
Overall Rating: **
  Looks nice, but performs poorly.
  It's weak, slow, and has limited range.
Melee Rating: *
  Now, if we got to use the ones that Lian has...

IPCA Commando
Fire Rate: IV
Damage:    V
Clip Size: ---
Capacity:  ---
Game Description:
This blade is an extremely rugged weapon
that can easily break through ribs and sternum with a
simple forward thrust.  The blade is laser sharpened and
can slice through an enemy's throat like butter.  The
Comblade can penetrate through light body armor in most
cases, but has difficulty penetrating heavy armor due to 
the wide blade.
Obtained: Earn ECKS Rating
Overall Rating: **
  Finally, something that can one hit kill most enemies.
Melee Rating: ***
  Decent, for a melee weapon.

Fire Rate: IV
Damage:    V
Clip Size: ---
Capacity:  ---
Game Description:
This amazing piece of Agency technology
employs the latest discoveries in the field of theoretical
Physics.  The blade is made of a new type of alloy that is
created by a process called amorphous steel.  Unique
elements are added during the smelting process which
prevent the steel from forming into standard crystalline
structures on a molecular level.  The resulting alloy is up to
100 times stronger than titanium and has the look and feel
of polished glass.  A razor blade made from amorphous steel
never needs to be sharpened and can cut rough hard
surfaces, such as body armor and flak jackets, easily.
Obtained: Earn ECKS2 Rating
Overall Rating: ***
  Sure, it can one-hit kill just about anything, but it's still
  a knife.  Ignore the fire rate stat for knives.
Melee Rating: ****
  Knife or not, it's a good melee weapon to have.  Note that 
  knife kills are considered to be silent.

Fire Rate: IV
Damage:    III
Clip Size: ---
Capacity:  ---
Game Description:
This weapon delivers a powerful 625K-volt charge
that instantly incapacitates the target with the same
Electro-muscular Disruption technology as the EPDD.  It is
completely non-lethal and is small enough to fit into a
holster.  The only disadvantage of this weapon is that it
requires the user to be in close proximity to the enemy due
to the 25 foot maximum range.
Obtained: Earn INLFS Rating
Overall Rating: ****
  The time it takes to knock someone out (or burn someone) is
  annoying, but the 100% accuracy makes up for that.
Primary Rating: **
  As long as the area isn't packed with enemies and they're
  not wearing flak jackets, you'll be okay.
Melee Rating: ****
  If you don't have to get close to a target, that's good.

Fire Rate: IV
Damage:    III
Clip Size: ---
Capacity:  ---
Game Description:
This amazing piece of technology is capable of 
shooting two darts attached to a long wire with amazing
accuracy.  This taser uses a special recoiling device that 
quickly rewinds the wire for a second shot.  The E.P.D.D.
has increased stopping power due to advanced
Electro-muscular Disruption Technology (EDT).  This weapon
has a higher instant incapacitation rate than most 9mm
pistols and injury will occur if the individual is over
stunned.  Caution must be observed with this weapon, it is
known to set assailants on fire during sustained stunning.
Obtained: Earn ENLFS2 Rating
Overall Rating: *****
  Has the range of a rifle, but otherwise, same as the E.D.T.
Primary Rating: ***
  Range is good.  Ignore the fire rate for the tasers.
  Note that the taser will hit its target every time, even
  if the cursor is red.  But, make sure there isn't any 
  object between you and the target.
Melee Rating: *****
  If you can stay out of the target's range, that's very good.
  Note that tasers are quasi-silent.  As long as the target
  is alone, it's okay (except for the cage guard in Yemen 2).

Stun Jack
Fire Rate: II
Damage:    Incap
Clip Size: ---
Capacity:  ---
Game Description:
This is an 18-inch long baton that has 300K-volt
charge running up and down the shaft.  This baton allows
you to hit the enemy from any angle and drop them instantly.
Obtained: You start with the weapon
Overall Rating: *****
  When stealth is necessary, this is the best non-lethal weapon 
  at your disposal, as it ignores all armor and doesn't make a sound.
Melee Rating: ****
  This weapon can take out any target with a single hit... Cept Ryusaki.


6. Non-Inventory     <WPI>

Fire Rate: III
Damage:    V
Clip Size: 28
Capacity:  ?
Ammo:      12 gauge
Game Description:
This is a gas operated fully automatic 
shotgun designed for military use.  It has a 28-round drum
and can be set to single shots if desired.  It has relatively
low recoil and a blazing fast fire rate.  Due to the fast
action of this firearm, the slugs do not gain enough energy
to penetrate medium or heavy armor.  But, multiple hits can
be used to drive back heavy armored personnel, as Director
Logan so appropriately demonstrated by driving the
super-armored Jason Chance into spinning chopper blades.
Obtained: Montenegro
Overall Rating: *****
  Those that have played Syphon Filter 2 should have fond memories
  of this weapon.  It's really the best shotgun in the game, but
  odds are you won't even use it when you get it, since the VSS
  is more suited for the level.
Shotgun Rating: *****
  I'm not a big fan of slugs, but given it's power and firing rate...

Fire Rate: V
Damage:    V
Clip Size: 30
Capacity:  120
Ammo:      7.62 Soviet Rifle
Game Description:
The AK is simply built with few
moving parts and is considered reliably indestructible.  It is
said that one can bury the AK in sand or submerge it in 
water, pull it out a few days later, clear out the chamber
and fire it like new.  Any other weapon would require
complete disassembly and cleaning to regain functionality.
During the second Gulf War, several US soldiers opted to
use enemy AK-47's instead of their M-16s because the ammo
was in greater supply, it didn't jam from sand like the M16,
and the Iraqi opposition were greatly intimidated having
their own weapons fired upon them.
Obtained: CDP Soldiers
Overall Rating: ***
  Jumps likes crazy, but the stats and rounds don't lie.
Primary Rating: **
  Not effective against distant targets, and it's R1 targeting
  isn't very good, but ammo is plentiful.
Back Rating: ***
  Only useful when facing one enemy at a time.
AR Rating: **
  Lacks stability for it to get a good rating.

Fire Rate: V
Damage:    III
Clip Size: 64
Capacity:  320
Ammo:      7.62 Soviet Rifle
This machinegun was developed as a 
light support weapon, and is basically an AK-47 assault
rifle with sturdier receiver, heavier and longer barrel, and
re-contoured wooden buttstock.  The RPK is a fast firing
but inaccurate weapon.  Its greatest asset is the intimidating
sound of it firing full auto.
Obtained: CDP Soldiers
Overall Rating: ***
  Arguably the only AK copy that's good.
Primary Rating: ***
  The healthy clip size and somewhat stable L1 targeting will
  serve you well.
Back Rating: **
  The L1 is so-so, but the R1 isn't that good.
AR Rating: ***
  Overall, it's pretty good.  The clip size really makes up
  for the low damage.

Fire Rate: V
Damage:    IV
Clip Size: 50
Capacity:  150
Ammo:      7.62 Soviet Rifle
Game Description:
This is a very popular rifle that has
been widely copied and distributed throughout the world.
Developed in Russia during WW II, the SKS was the first
rifle to fire 7.62 Soviet Rifle round.  Though there are
still many in use around the world, it was shortly replaced
as the main infantry rifle of the Soviet Army by the AK-47.
Obtained: CDP Soldiers
Overall Rating: ***
  Well, at least this didn't copy the AK-47.
Primary Rating: ***
  Even though it's weaker, I give an edge over the AK because
  of its larger clip size w/o sacrificing too much power.
Back Rating: **
  It's still unstable when firing.
AR Rating: **

Galil AR
Fire Rate: V
Damage:    V
Clip Size: 24
Capacity:  168
Ammo:      5.56 NATO
Game Description:
Developed by the Israeli Defense
Force, this weapon is heavily based on the AK-47.  The Galil
is much more accurate than the AK-47 and has an improved 
fire selector allowing this rifle to fire in 3-round bursts.
Obtained: YLA Soldiers
Overall Rating: ***
  A great weapon.  It's leagues superior (more stable) than 
  the AK-47 and its copies.
Primary Rating: ***
  The problem with this weapon is that you probably won't 
  use it in the stage you get it in.
Back Rating: *
  You need a silent weapon for the stage, so, it gets a minus.
AR Rating: ***
  Overall, it's a solid AR to use.

Vek R4
Fire Rate: V
Damage:    III
Clip Size: 30
Capacity:  120
Ammo:      5.56 Incendiary
Game Description:
This weapon is a modified Galil
assault rifle with the majority of its parts made out of
synthetic materials in order to better resist overheating in
extreme environments.
Obtained: Myanmar
Overall Rating: ***
  Although it says 5.56 Incendiary, this weapon can also take
  5.56 NATO rounds.
Primary Rating: ***
  Only thing good is that you'll have a lot of ammo for the
Back Rating: **
  Too weak.
AR Rating: **
  Weak, and w/o stability.

Fire Rate: II
Damage:    V
Clip Size: 24
Capacity:  72
Ammo:      7.62 NATO
Game Description:
This all-purpose weapon is a selective
fire rifle with a heavy barrel for sniping.  Due to its
accuracy the SG-8 is set to 1-round bursts, to increase the
incapacitation rate at long ranges, and it also has a forward
grip to aid in stabilizing the weapon.
Obtained: Tokyo
Overall Rating: ****
  This is literally the C8 Rifle with less ammo.
Primary Rating: *
  It gets a minus, because ammo is rare in the stage.
Back Rating: ****
  But, if you can get ammo, it's great.
AR Rating: *****
  Just like the C8, it's one of the best.

Flame Thrower
Fire Rate: V
Damage:    V
Clip Size: 100
Capacity:  150+
Ammo:      ---
Game Description:
Obtained: Ukraine
Overall Rating: ***
  A fun weapon that you can have fun with for the 4 or so
  minutes you get to have it for.  You can keep the flame
  on for as long as the ammo exists, but the rate of fire
  if you hold down the attack button is equivalent to 
  that of the SSP 90's (really fast).
Primary Rating: *
  Like I said, it's only for fun...
Back Rating: *
  Not that great, since it gives the enemies too much time
  to fire back at you.
Launcher Rating: ****
  A steady fire stream of death; gotta love it.

Fire Rate: ---
Damage:    V
Clip Size: 5
Capacity:  10
Ammo:      HEDP Rocket
Game Description:
The shoulder launched Multi-purpose Assault Weapon fires
an HEDP fin-stabilized high explosive rocket that is
effective against bunkers, masonry, concrete walls, and
light armored vehicles.  Agents are cautioned to be a safe
distance away fro the target to avoid becoming collateral
Obtained: Belarus 2
Overall Rating: ****
  The ultimate explosives weapon.  Note that it's ineffective
  against the tank.
Primary Rating: *
  It has no ammo, and is slow.
Back Rating: *
  It also has a small blast radius.
Launcher Rating: *****
  It's damn fun to use.

Fire Rate: III
Damage:    V
Clip Size: 24
Capacity:  96
Ammo:      5.56 NATO
Game Description:
This is a modified C-36 rifle with a
longer barrel and superior optics for sniping.  This model is
also equipped with a flash suppressor and is set to
semi-auto.  Like the AR version of the C-36, this sniping
version has a folding stock.
Obtained: Carthage 2/Myanmar
Overall Rating: ****
  This is quite possibly the loudest gun in the game.  Comes with
  the best scope in the game (huge zoom).
Primary Rating: ****
Back Rating: *****
  Not many can match its versatility and common ammo factor.
  One of the few weapons that can function as both an AR and Sniper.
Sniper Rating: *****
  Hey, it has a killer scope.

DSC-1 Thermal
Fire Rate: II
Damage:    V
Clip Size: 8
Capacity:  32
Ammo:      7.62 NATO
Game Description:
This rifle is identical in every
way to the DSC-1 except that that model is equipped with a
thermal scope that can detect heat signatures.  It's very
useful in thick fog or heavy smoke allowing the sniper to
see concealed targets clearly.
Obtained: Minsk
Overall Rating: *****
  Such a shame you only get it for a single stage.  One of
  only two weapons that comes with a thermal scope, this weapon
  will serve you well in Minsk.
Primary Rating: ****
  Hey, for the stage, it's damn good.
Back Rating: *
  Also, for the stage, it's good not to have a back weapon.
Sniper Rating: *****
  Thermal + Silenced = Awesome.

Riot Pistol
Fire Rate: II
Damage:    III
Clip Size: 12
Capacity:  120+
Ammo:      9mm Rubber Bullet
Game Description:
This is a modified version of
the D229 that fires rubber bullets instead of standard
ammo.  The Riot Pistol serves as a non-lethal means to
incapacitate by pain and shock trauma.  Users are cautioned
against head shots as they tend to cause severe skull
fractures and fatalities.
Obtained: Switzerland
Overall Rating: **
  Okay, okay, it's not like I can get the stats for all the 
  weapons.  The maximum number of ammo you can find in the
  stage is 120.  This isn't much of a gun, and you don't even
  need to use anything beyond the Stun Jack for the level.
Primary Rating: **
  Not too shabby for the stage.
Sidearm Rating: ***
  Again, it's so-so for the stage.

Fire Rate: II
Damage:    III
Clip Size: 16
Capacity:  96
Ammo:      9mm
Game Description:
This is essentially a CZ75 pistol reshaped to
look like a Desert Eliminator.  A redesigned slide offers
better support and increased accuracy by reducing recoil.
While the Desert Eliminator is designed for target shooting
and sport, the Jerico-9 is geared towards military and
security markets.  The 9mm round makes this weapon easy
to control and provides substantial stopping power, able to
take down a hostile target with a few shots.
Obtained: Yemen 1
Overall Rating: **
  Despite its description, this weapon is not compatible with
  9mm rounds.  Instead, it uses .375 rounds, like the Desert
  Eliminator.  Since you can find the Desert Sniper .44 in
  the stage, there's not much reason to use this.
Primary Rating: *
  You've gotta be kidding...
Sidearm Rating: *
  With a stage that has the Desert Sniper .44...

Fire Rate: III
Damage:    III
Clip Size: 15
Capacity:  180
Ammo:      9mm
Game Description:
This pistol came into service in 1975 and
brrows several of its components from successful designs
of other pistols.  It is well built with strong materials and is
known for its accuracy and reliability.  This makes the CZ75
very popular among those in Law Enforcement and Security
Obtained: Minsk
Overall Rating: **
  Take out the full auto fire of the CZ Mach-9 and you get this 
Primary Rating: *
  Horrible for the stage.
Sidearm Rating: *
  The stats don't lie.

Fire Rate: II
Damage:    V
Clip Size: 13
Capacity:  78
Ammo:      .40 S&W
This is a very compact handgun with a
large magazine capacity compared with other service pistols
of this caliber.  It was designed for police and security
forces and is the preferred pistol of the FBI, replacing the
difficult to load revolvers as the standard sidearm.  It is
easy to conceal, quick to draw, and very accurate.  Due to
its small size and weight, it has a bit more recoil, but that 
can be compensated for with practice.
Obtained: Tokyo
Overall Rating: ***
  It's one of those mid-range pistols.
Primary Rating: ***
  Not bad, but not great either.
Sidearm Rating: ***
  Maybe a step below the Desert Eliminator .357 and Co.

Fire Rate: III
Damage:    IV
Clip Size: 12
Capacity:  144
Ammo:      5.45 Soviet Pistol
Game Description:
This is a very slim and concealable
weapon that fires a unique round at an incredibly high
velocity.  It has very little recoil and can penetrate light
armor.  The PSM may be a rare weapon with rare
ammunition, but it's deadly in the hands of even the most
inexperienced user.
Obtained: Lorelei/Zurich
Overall Rating: ***
  It's no Desert model, but not bad for the stage.
Primary: ***
  Good for the stage, as long as you have dual wield.
Sidearm Rating: ***
  A mid-range pistol.

Makarov Pistol
Fire Rate: II
Damage:    V
Clip Size: 12
Capacity:  ?
Ammo:      9mm Soviet Pistol
Game Description:
This weapon design feels and
behaves like many other handguns of its generation.  Its
stopping power is similar to the 92f.
Obtained: Yemen 1/Ukraine
Overall Rating: ***
  Contrary to its description, it really packs a punch,
  and is on par with the mid-range pistols in the game.
Primary Weapon: *
  This thing can have 9,999 Capacity for all I care.
  It's too damn weak/slow to be of much use for the stages.
Sidearm Rating: ***
  Another mid-range pistol.

ABRAM 2000
Fire Rate: V
Damage:    III
Clip Size: 16
Capacity:  80
Ammo:      9mm
Game Description:
This exotic weapon is Croatian made 
and constructed with metal stampings and plastic moldings.
It has an ergonomic left hand forward grip to aid in
stabilization, but due to the absence of a stock, the
stabilization is minimal.
Obtained: Montenegro
Overall Rating: ***
  It has average stats with below average ammo capacity.  And,
  you won't even use it when you get it.
Primary Rating: *
  Not when you have the VSS.
SMG Rating: **
  Below the Biz-9.

Tek 9
Fire Rate: V
Damage:    III
Clip Size: 32
Capacity:  384
Ammo:      9mm
Game Description:
This is a very dangerous weapon that has a
nasty reputation on the streets.  Gangs and drug dealers
favor it because of its high cyclic rate, large magazine
capacity and accuracy.  The entire front end of the weapon
is a compensator making the weapon easy to control while
firing full auto and one handed.
Obtained: Tokyo
Overall Rating: ***
  Not too shabby, but nothing to set it apart from the
  rest of the mid-range submachine guns.
Primary Rating: **
  Not really the best choice for the stage...
SMG Rating: **
  A mid-range SMG.

Helico 960
Fire Rate: IV
Damage:    IV
Clip Size: 50
Capacity:  200
Ammo:      9mm
This is a slightly larger version of the
M950.  It has a sliding stock and a forward grip to aid in
controlling the weapon.  It has a muzzle compensator to
control rise and it can accept the same round helical drums
as the M950.
Obtained: Tokyo
Overall Rating: ***
  The stability and power is good, but it's incredibly slow
  when compared to other auxiliary weapons.
Primary Rating: **
  Again, not really the best choice for the stage.
SMG Rating: ****
  I suppose it's nice, but again, the firing rate hurts.

AK-74 SU
Fire Rate: V
Damage:    IV
Clip Size: 32
Capacity:  192
Ammo:      5.45 Soviet Rifle
Game Description:
This is a much shorter version
of the AK-74 assault rifle and is designed for higher
accuracy at close ranges.  The benefit of the 74SU is its
size and power.  It has the power of a rifle but is short
enough to fit in the thigh holster allowing the soldier to 
carry additional assault weapons or gear on their back.
Unfortunately, due to its short size and the fact that it
fires rifle rounds, this weapon is difficult to stabilize and
loses accuracy at long ranges.
Obtained: CDP Soldiers
Overall Rating: ***
  It's like a miniature AK-47, complete with rabbit-like jumping.
Primary Rating: **
  Pretty much in the league with the AK.
SMG Rating: ****
  I suppose it's just below the G 53.

Stava M86
Fire Rate: V
Damage:    III
Clip Size: 30
Capacity:  150
Ammo:      5.56 NATO
Game Description:
This is an exact copy of the Soviet
AK-74 SU except that it is chambered for the western 5.56
NATO round.  This makes the M85 more desirable to the 
western world because it has the reliability expected from
the AK family and uses ammo that is easy to find
Obtained: Lorelei
Overall Rating: ***
  Most of the enemies in the stage uses this, so ammo is
  plentiful.  But, not much of a weapon otherwise.
Primary Rating: **
SMG Rating: ***
  Yep, another mid-range SMG.

Marz FMG
Fire Rate: V
Damage:    IV
Clip Size: 40
Capacity:  160
Ammo:      9mm
Game Description:
This is a unique SMG that can be folded
up into a compact box for easy concealment.  It can be
quickly unfolded and ready to fire instantly, although its
rather inaccurate due to its shape and the fact that it has
no sights.
Obtained: Lorelei
Overall Rating: ***
  Looking more like a melee weapon, there's not much to the
  Folding Machine Gun than its unique look.
Primary Rating: **
  See Above.
SMG Rating: ***
  Funny how this, with its 9mm rounds, is more powerful than
  the previous weapon, with its 5.56 NATO rounds.

Fire Rate: V
Damage:    III
Clip Size: 32
Capacity:  192
Ammo:      9mm
Game Description
This impressive weapon still remains in
production after 50 years and has been adopted by many
international armies.  It has a central pistol grip, which
doubles as a magazine housing and it employs a telescopic
bolt to reduce recoil.
Obtained: YLA Soldiers
Overall Rating: ***
  The designers made this weapon too good.  Yes, it has weak
  rounds and regular ammo capacity, but it's one of the more
  stable submachine gun you'll get to use.
Primary Rating: ***
  Pretty good for Yemen.
SMG Rating: ***
  Stable, with plenty of ammo to find.

Fire Rate: V
Damage:    III
Clip Size: 30
Capacity:  150
Ammo:      9mm
Game Description:
The MDS family is the most successful
submachine gun design in the world.  This weapon has an 
added advantage over others in its class in that it fires
from a closed bolt position, which allows the first shot to
exit the barrel and hit exactly where the user aimed.
Weapons that fire from an open bolt tend to throw the
weapon off aim and affect the bullet's trajectory when the
bolt fires forward to close the breech.  The A5 version has
a fixed plastic butt and is set to fire 3-round bursts.
Obtained: Carthage 1
Overall Rating: ****
  This weapon is like a distant cousin of the SSP 90.  It's 
  very stable, has range, uses common ammo, and has stable
  R1 firing.  It's not as fast as the MDS-7, but you can't
  have everything.
Primary Rating: ****
  Yes, it's that good.
SMG Rating: *****
  The SSP 90 is the only other SMG with stable R1 firing.

XM-84D Flashbang Grenade
Fire Rate: ---
Damage:    ---
Clip Size: 1
Capacity:  10
Game Description:
This grenade is a non-lethal
non-fragmentary device that incapacitates and disorientates
enemies by creating a bright disorientating flash and a loud
Obtained: Carthage 1
Overall Rating: *
  The effect lasts for only a couple of seconds, and if you look at
  the bang, you'll also be blinded.
Grenade Rating: *
  Maybe good...  If you've nothing else.

Anti-Armor Frag
Fire Rate: ---
Damage:    V
Clip Size: 1
Capacity:  10
Game Description:
This grenade is filled with a highly
explosive material that creates a greater shockwave and
over-pressure than grenades filled with Comp-B.  The shell
of the grenade is designed to produce hundreds of
fragments upon detonation and is made of a Tungsten-Steel
alloy that can tear through heavy vehicle armor.
Obtained: Belarus 2
Overall Rating: ****
  It's strange, but this seems to be the only weapon in the game that
  works vs. the tank.  (The SMAW isn't effective)  
Grenade Rating: *****
  Just like the regular frags, it kills all with one hit.

M67 Delayed Frag Grenade
Fire Rate: ---
Damage:    V
Clip Size: 1
Capacity:  24
Game Description:
This spherical shaped grenade
is lighter and easier to throw than the M61 and it has the
same deadly effects.  The shape allows for longer and more 
accurate throwing and it has a timing fuse that detonates
the grenade 3 seconds after its thrown.
Obtained: Carthage 3/Belarus 2/Ukraine
Overall Rating: *****
  Nice grenade, but the 3 secs. delay is really a double-edged sword.
  But, you get to carry lots of them.
Grenade rating: ****
  I tend to think of the delay as a minus...


III. Levels     <LVS>

Here it is, the meat of the guide.
The steps listed are mainly for par runs.
I only "drew" maps for stages when I felt it was necessary.
On the maps, I only notes what I felt were places of interest.
[Comments in brackets are details of the previous step]

If the stage can be played online, I'll list the online strategy after 
the solo strategy.  I just call the team by their code names and randomly
assign duties.  In general, I go by the KISS rule.

After the general online strategy, I'll list the speed run strategy.
Hey, if you've played this game long enough, you start looking for more
(S) = Just a sign that this means a speed run.
* = Limit factor.  Player(s) determine completion time.
1,2,3,4 = Difficulty of role, stages are independent.
          1 = Most difficult role

If you're playing online and a portion of the stage involves stealth, it's
best that the host of the game does the stealth part; otherwise, you may
encounter a bug where the enemies spot you w/o even seeing you.

This is just my personal approach to the stages.  No doubt there are
other, better, approaches.


0. IPCA European Command: Training Center     <LV0>

This "mission" gets you the K-BAR, Smoke Grenade, and Scorpion.
The only tricky part is earning the Scorpion, which requires you to
hit targets in a limited amount of time.  One of the targets is somewhat
hard to see, as it's not directly facing you.  It's located on the top
floor of the first tall structure from your left.  Make sure you can see
the target before you fire your first shot.  The Smoke Grenades and 
Scorpion will be useful early on, so you should play this mission in
order to obtain them.


1. Carthage, Michigan: Quarantine Zone     <LV1>

Replace bio-data gear
Collect 5 water samples
Perform field autopsy
Scan tissue sample
Eliminate Proust
Protect CHA officers
No collateral damage
Retrieve Broussard's laptop (Team)

Solo Par: 11:00
Team Par: 7:00

Bio-Data gear is in the 2nd floor in the first area.
5 Water samples are scatter throughout the level - Need gear to collect.
Autopsy takes place in the CHA tent, near the water fountain - Need gear.
Scanning the tissue in the last CHA tent, takes 1 minute; guard it.
Proust is in the subway.
5 CHA officers must be protected.
Total of 9 CHA officers in the level; don't kill any of them.
Laptop is in the bank (on fire); use water valve in the alley.

The maps are drawn in the direction you're facing when the level starts.

It's possible to obtain par for this stage with just the Scorpion and
Stun Jack.  It mostly comes down to how fast you can kill.

For you beginners, know that you can roll into crawlspaces, instead of 
standing next to them and pressing triangle.

Recommended Weapons Setup:
Likely:            Moderate:          Best:
---                AU300 Mod-SMG*     C8 Rifle*
92f                PPK                Mark 23 SD
Scorpion*          Biz-9              SSP 90
Smoke grenade      Smoke grenade      Smoke grenade
Stun Jack          Stun Jack          Stun Jack

* = Primary weapon for the stage
Silenced weapons help for shooting the key pad.
Stun Jack is needed to KO CHA Officers

                  _______     Map 1.1 - The Stage Overview
                 | M 1.6 |    This is just a general overview of the
                 | _____ |    stage.  There are more detailed maps
      _______    ||     ||    of each area below.  This is to give
     |       |___||     ||    you an idea of the entire stage, of
     | M 1.5  ____|     ||    how the areas are connected.
   __|       |          ||
  | _  ______|          ||
  || ||                 ||
  || ||_____            ||
  || |      |           ||
  || | M 1.4|           ||
 _||_|      |           ||
|  _________|           ||
| |   ___________       ||
| |  |           |      ||
| |__|  Map 1.2  |      ||
|_______________ |      ||
                | Proust |

           ________              ___       Map 1.2 - Starting Area
          |X       |     _______|  W|      S = Starting Point
          |________|    | __ _K_|  V|      V = Water Valve/Main
          |        |    ||  |  B|   |      B = Bio-data Gear
     _____|        |____||__|___|   |      K = Key Pad
    |                               |      X = MDS A4     
(Map 1.3 )                          |      L = Laptop (Team)
    |        T                      |      C = C4
    |______C___    __  _______      |_     G = Gate
               |  |           |       |    N = Night Vision
               |S |           |___ G__|    T = Truck
               |__|L _____________||_      W = Water Sample
                  |_|             |  |________
                                            | |
                                          Leads to Proust

a) First step is to protect the CHA officer.  
   Just kill all the enemies that appear, really fast.

   [If you accidently shoot the CHA officer, he will fire back.
   He'll automically die if you leave the area where he is 
   fighting w/o first saving him.]

b) Climb up the ladder (near W & V).
   There's a Key Pad here.  
   You can either shoot the keypad or get the key card from the 
   CHA officer down the hall.  Shooting it will alert the CHA
   officer, so you had better move quick.  If you're solo, shoot
   it.  When on a team, stun the CHA officer and take his card.
   If you shoot it with a silenced weapon, the CHA officer will
   not notice you.

   [Taking the bio-data gear will spawn more enemies on the
   streets.  When you go back down there, just run past them.
   You may have noticed the "teammate needed" message appear
   when you're near the truck.  That's for online play.  The
   adjacent building has C4 you can use the blow up the gate
   that leads to the subway.]

c) Go to Map 1.3 afterwards

   [If you're not going for par, and have both smoke grenades
   and a Stun Jack, you mind as well try to get the MDS A4.
   It's in the CHA tent, but there's a CHA officer inside.
   He'll be hostile, so throw a smoke grenade before
   you exit the vent hose so you can use the Stun Jack w/o
   getting harmed.]

Map 1.5___ C|                  Map 1.3 - Underground
          | |                  S = Shotgun
          | |                  C = C4 trigger man
          | |                  W = Water sample
       ___| |___
      |         |
      |         |
      |___   ___|
          | |      ____
          | |     |    |___
          | |_____|     ___Map 1.4
          |_______   __|
                  | |
      |C ____  _____|
      | |____||
      |  _W___|
      | |__
 _____|    |__
|  ___      __S 
| |   |____|
| |_____
|_______Map 1.2 

d) Take out the two guys near the shotgun box, then get the weapon.

   [Since the enemies here drop shotguns, you don't have to get it
   from the box.  But, the ammo in the box really helps.]

e) Grab the water sample

   [Sample is from the drinking fountain]

   [There are two C4 trigger men near this point.  You can avoid 
   the first one by just going for the water sample and taking
   that route to the next area.  You'll see the other one
   after you grab the sample.  The store that he is going away
   from will be the one that explodes.  Either try to kill him 
   quickly or hug the corner when you're making the turn to avoid
   the C4 explosion.]

f) Go to map 1.4

M 1.5____  S|              Map 1.4 - Fountain Area
 ________||____            W = Water Sample
|              |_          T = Tissue Sample
|          W    _M 1.3     S = CHA HAZMAT Suit
|_________   __|
      | T | |___
      |_______  |
       _______| |

g) Two guys will see you and start shooting.  Eliminate them

h) There are two more guy inside the building.  Eliminate them

i) Grab the Water sample
   [Sample is from the water fountain]

j) Get your Stun Jack out and go inside the CHA tent.
   Stun the Officer inside, and get the tissue sample

   [It helps to throw the smoke grenade both before you enter
   the tent and while you're going through the decontamination
   process at the tent's entrance.  This will prevent the CHA
   officer from firing at you.]

k) Go to map 1.5; note that there is a bio-suit on the way.
   Technically, you're supposed to wear it and then get the 
   tissue sample, but you really don't have time for that.

   [The CHA HAZMAT suit will protect you from both DormaGen and

                     | M 1.6        Map 1.5 - Streets and scanning station
                    _| |_           P = Power Generator
                ___| C   |          S = Scanning Station
        _______|  S|     |          W = Water Sample
  _____|   |  P|   |   W |          C = Climb this wall
 |    _    |_ _|   |     |
 |   | |___________|_____|
 |   |
 |   |
M 1.3|
 |   |
 |   |
 |   |__
 |______M 1.4

l) A CHA Officer will be in combat.  Again, kill and defend.

m) Turn the generator on.

n) Scan the tissue sample at the scanning station, then return
   immediately to the generator and protect it.

   [Two enemies will enter the area via the entrance you took,
   so be read to turn around and kill them.  The others will
   will come from the building roofs in front and back of 
   your position.]

o) Protect the CHA Officer in the next area

   [Make sure you don't get too close to the car, as it'll
   probably explode from being shot]

p) Get the water sample

   [Sample is from the fire hydrant]

q) Climb over the wall and enter the vent to map 1.6

                    ____|  P|_______         Map 1.6 - Train Station
                   | __S        _   |        W = Water Sample
                 __||__|       |  __|        P = Power Switch
      ________  |  ___|        | |___        T = Train Tracks
 ____|     |  |_| |_|          |___  |       L = Low Route
|  __  W       __F             |___| |       S = Shimmy Route
| |  |_____|__|   |__ L __T__   _N___|       F = Fork in the Road
M 1.5                | |     | |             N = Night Vision
                     | |_____| |

r) Take out the enemies and grab the final water sample.  One of the
   enemies will drop a NVG.

   [If you didn't get the NVG here, you can get it from a box later
   on - point N on the map]

s) Turning left at point F leads to the shimmy route.  You'll have to go
   up the stairs, take out the guard and shimmy over the tracks to the
   power switch (ignore the other enemies shooting at you).  After you
   get the power, just roll on to the train and then the tracks.

t) If you go forward at point F, you'll have to take the stairs that 
   go beneath the tracks, and then work your way up to the power switch.

u) Either way, follow the tracks afterwards (run past the enemies).  When
   you arrive at the train stop, follow the stairs up to Proust and 
   take him out.  Sneak and try to head shot him from an angle.

Cobra:  Get laptop, go after the Proust
Python: Turn on water, help get C4
Viper:  Collects samples
Dragon: Protects CHA Officers

Cobra:  Responsible for protecting the first CHA officer with
        Python.  After the officer is saved, get the C4 with
        help from Python.  Python should lift you up.  After
        obtaining the C4, go wait by the bank entrance so you
        can grab the laptop when Python turns the water on.
        After getting the laptop, go after Proust.

Python: Responsible for protecting the first CHA officer with
        Cobra.  After the officer is saved, help Cobra get the
        C4.  After lifting up Cobra, run over to the water
        valve.  Wait for Cobra's signal (or check the map)
        then turn the water on.

Viper:  At the start, go directly for the Bio-Data gear.  Grab
        it and start collecting the water samples; also get the
        tissue sample on the way.  Scan the tissue sample; Dragon
        should be there to protect the power generator, so move
        on and collect the last 2 water samples.

Dragon: At the start, head left (underground) and go for the CHA
        officers at the water fountain; protect them.  Go through
        the CHA tent and protect the next CHA officer.  Turn the 
        power generator on and defend it when Viper scans the
        tissue sample.

Team (Speed):
Cobra* (S-1): Tissue Sample, Last 2 Water Samples
Python (S-2): Protect CHA, Power Generator
Viper  (S-3): 1st CHA, Water Valve, 1st 3 Water Samples
Dragon (S-4): 1st CHA, C4, Laptop, Proust

Cobra* (S-1): Role seems simple enough, but you're the limiting
              factor; this means that you don't get to stop and 
              kill anyone.  At the start, go directly for the 
              Bio-Data Gear (of course you blow up the keypad).
              After that, you have to kill yourself.  Why? 
              Because you'll respawn at the beginning, saving 
              you a lot of time.  After you are resurrected, run
              (no stopping to fight) directly for the CHA tent
              so you can perform the autopsy.  While you are
              undergoing the decontamination process, start
              throwing around smoke grenades.  Once the door
              opens, run for the cadaver, and throw a smoke
              grenade on your way there; you cannot waste time
              (yes, that 1 second) to KO the CHA officer.  Hustle
              to the tissue scanner and scan the sample.  Leave
              the scanner, save the 1 CHA officer, and grab the
              last two water samples - You should be able to grab
              them before the 1 minute scanning time is up.

Python (S-2): At the start, break to the left and head to the
              underground mall and make your way to the water
              fountain.  At the water fountain, kill the 1st two
              ALA terrorists there, but before you go into the
              building, open the door to the CHA tent - This will
              save Cobra a couple of seconds.  Save the CHA guys
              inside the building, and then save the other CHA
              guy (hurry!).  Turn on the power generator and
              defend it after Cobra initiates the scan.

Viper  (S-3): Start by defending the 1st CHA officer; this is 
              priority 1.  After he is safe, go lift Dragon up
              at the van so he can get the C4.  After that, run
              over to the water valve, and turn it on when Dragon
              gives you the signal.  Grab the Bio-Data Gear and 
              collect the first 3 water sample - The one by the
              valve, the one at the drinking fountain, and the
              one at the water fountain.

Dragon (S-4): Again, protecting the CHA officer is priority 1.
              After he is safe, have Viper lift you up for the 
              C4.  Grab the explosive, then position yourself in
              front of the bank so you can run in and grab the
              laptop when Viper turns the water off.  Once you
              grab the laptop, carry out the DPE order on Proust.

It's possible for 2 people to complete this stage within par time.
In other words, you shouldn't have problems with the stage.

Par for the stage all comes down to how fast you can get and scan
the tissue sample, so make that priority one.

The MDS A4 will really help you out in this stage if you're lacking 
weapons, but it takes time to get it.
It's guarded by 2 CHA officers, so you'll probably take a beating.
So, make sure you pick up the flak jacket afterwards, which is in
the same room as the bio-data gear.

The CHA officers are using Scorpions, so, if you're using one, make
sure to run over their bodies to get more ammo.

Toss a smoke grenade in the decontamination area of the CHA tent
when getting the tissue sample.  Even though the CHA Officer is in the
next area, he won't shoot you immediately as you exit the entrance if you
threw the smoke grenade.


2. Carthage, Michigan: Warehouse District     <LV2>

Stop 3 ALA from contaminating water
Collect 3 viral containers from the ALA
Eliminate all 4 ALA death squad assassins
Eliminate unidentified female ALA
Assist Imani by distracting Fournier
Eliminate Fournier
Provide Imani covering fire
Protect CHA officer
No collateral damage
Hidden objective: Obtain Mujari's recorder

Solo Par: 8:00
Team Par: 5:00

1 ALA is in the pump room, 2 in the adjacent sewers.
3 ALA have viral containers (check body).
Death Squad appears once you reach the streets.
Female ALA is near the Basketball court.
Fournier is on the roof of the theater.
Distract or kill Fournier.
1 CHA officer in the theater.
Do not harm the 1 CHA officer.
Muajri's recorder is in the theater.

The maps are drawn in the direction you're facing when the level starts.

This stage is tough if you don't have the right weapons.  It's fairly
difficult to kill all 4 ALA members w/o a grenade, so, you may want to 
skip the par attempt your first time through.

For teamplay, it's debatable whether or not it's faster to use the 
C4 on the ALA or just go after them.  Honestly, the time difference
is pretty small.  Well, unless your team is well-armed, in which case
going directly for the ALA is faster.

Recommended Weapons Setup:
Likely:            Moderate:          Best:
Combat Shotgun     AU300 Mod-SMG      MGL*
G-17               Jerico-41*         CZ Mach-9
Scorpion*          Biz-9              Air pistol
Smoke grenade      M61 frag grenade   Sarin nerve agent
Stun Jack          E.D.T              E.P.D.D.

* = Primary weapon for the stage
The Jerico can take down most enemies in this stage with one shot.
Air pistol adds a scoped weapon to your arsenal.

 |    P    |     Map 2.1 - Underground
 |         |     S = Starting Point
E2         |     V = Viral Container x3
 |         |     C = C4
 |         |     F = Furnace
 |         |     P = Power Switch
 |         |     E1 = Exit 1
 |         |     E2 = Exit 2
 |___   ___|     E3 = Exit 3
   __| |______________________________
  |  _______   _____________V____   __|
  | |  _____| |___               | |
  | | |           |        ______| |
  | | |V          |       |  ____  |
  | | |           |       | |    | |
  | | |           |       | |    | |___
  |V|_|           |       | |    |E1 F |
  |  ________   __|       | |    |_____|
  | |        | |          | |
  | |   _____| |          | |
  | |  |  _____|          | |
  | |  | |                | |
  | |  | |  ______________| |
  E3   | | |          ______|
_______| |_|         |___
___   _________   _______|
___| |_________| |_C_____
   ________           ___|
|S|        |         |__

a) From the starting point, take the first left (somewhat dark), followed
   by a right, left, right, and left.  In general, you want to make your 
   way to the pump room.

  [You can go the other way, but there isn't much reason to.  It does 
  lead to the surface faster, and you can get the C4 online.]

b) If you look up in the pump room, two men will be talking.  One of them
   has the viral container.  Fire a shot (If you don't know which one has
   the container, just fire a shot into the air.  You want to get the 
   attention of the guy with the viral container.  Once he notices and
   starts shooting at you, take him down (use a regular ammo weapon).  
   Climb the stairs, and take the viral container from his body.  He also
   has a NVG.

   [It's best to take the guy with the viral container down with a 
   head-shot.  This way, you guarantee that the first shot will kill him
   and he won't retreat to the rear of the platform.]

c) Climb the ladder into the pipes.  Another guy with a viral container 
   will be just to your right.  Take him down and follow the pipes.  Note
   the ladder behind you, labeled E3 on the map.

   [There are two ladder in the pump room.  The one mentioned in the 
   step is the one closer to the viral container.  Enemies will be 
   shooting at your while you're doing all this, but keep moving, and
   most likely, you won't get hit.]

d) If you keep following the pipes, you'll reach the 3rd viral container.
   Take it, then double back all the way to E3 and climb up.

   [If you're well-armed (grenade), just use E1 - You're closer to it, 
   and will meet the ALA squad faster.]

e) Once you make it to the surface, you'll trigger the ALA Death Squad.  

|_E2_______L__  |         Map 2.2 - Streets
|____         | |         F = Fournier
|    |        | |         E1 = Exit 1
| Y  |________| |_        E2 = Exit 2
|_E3   _____   ___|       E3 = Exit 3
|  F| |     | |           T = Theater
|   | |___  | |           A = ALA Starting Point
|_ _|  _  |_| |           X = Death Squad Point
|_T_  | |  _  |           Y = Defend Point
    |_| | |_| |_________  U = Unidentified female ALA
        |____X________  | L = Ladder
                      | |
                     _| |______________
                    |  A               |
                    |                U |
                    |                  |
		    |         E1       |

f) Make you way to the X on the map - This is where you'll make your
   stand vs. the squad.  A single grenade will take them out.  If you
   don't have one, start tossing a lot of smoke grenades and try to  
   take 'em out.  If you have a good sniper rifle, just defend
   position Y instead.  That way you'll only face 2 assassins at a time,
   instead of all 4.  At position X, the four will split into pairs.
   If you turn your flashlight on here the squad will actually notice
   you and slow down (make sure you turn it off afterwards).

   [X is inside a building.  It's the area right below the stairs in
   the building.  Start out with the Scorpion and try to gun 'em down
   before they get close.  If they do get close to you, switch weapons
   to the Stun Jack and try to hit them.  If you die here, you'll respawn
   near the sewer exit and will get another shot and stopping them.]

g) Go to position U and eliminate the female ALA.
   [The female ALA is inside a room (initially closed).  A few seconds
   after you kill the ALA Death Squad, she'll exit.  She's armed with
   a M16-k, and is more skilled than the grunts in the stage.  If 
   you're feeling a bit out-gunned, you can make your way into the
   room she exited from, which has a box with a M-16k.  You can also
   camp out in an area and peek once in a while.  Just long enough
   for you to see where she is, and for her to see you.  She'll
   eventually try to take her you by herself, and will walk right
   into your ambush.]

h) Go to position T.  Once inside the theater, go to the second floor.
   Kick open the door and quickly eliminate the 2 terrorists.
   Go back outside and pick up some frag grenades in the box outside
   the hallway on the 2nd floor of the theater
   Once they're dead, the CHA officer will open the door in the
   lower level.  Go down to the stage and get Mujari's recorder.

   [Position T is the backdoor to the theater.  You'll have to kill
   one enemy in the alley and another one in the theater.  When you
   kick open the door on the 2nd floor, you must take out the
   terrorist to (your) right first, as he's the one that's closer
   to the CHA officer.  Both enemies will be out of shotgun range,
   so don't bother with that weapon.]

   [Note that after you save the officer, instead of taking the
   stairs down to the lower level, you can jump climb over the safety
   barrier and lower yourself.  Yeah, it looks like a long fall, but
   you won't take any damage from the drop.]

i) Throw some grenades at Fournier.

   [Course, you don't have to use grenades, but it's just faster.
   He does stand around for quite a while, so you should be able to
   line up a head shot pretty easily.]

j) Make your way to L.  Eliminate the guard and climb up.  Try to make 
   your way into the room quickly, and fight the guards inside.

   [The enemies inside the machine room are wearing flak jackets.  
   Instead of trying to take 'em down while at the doorway, go inside
   the room.  They'll hold their position and be less aggressive that
   way.  Once inside, you should have a better shot at 'em and have
   a good view to throw grenades.]

Cobra:  Collects the Viral Containers
Python: Rescues CHA Officer in Theater
Viper:  Eliminate Fournier, Machine room ALA Squad
Dragon: Kills ALA Death Squad, female ALA

Cobra:  Just grab the 3 viral containers.  The others should have 
        everything else taken care of.  Viper can help out by getting
        the viral container closest to the sewer exit.

Python: Head directly for the theater and rescue the CHA officer; get
        Mujari's recorder afterwards.

Viper:  Grab 1 viral container, if you want (just make sure you tell
        Cobra if you are).  Wait for Fournier to appear on top of the
        theater and eliminate him.  Take out the ALA in the machine
        room once you're done.

Dragon: Exit the sewers via the furnace room (the others will go
        going the other way, to the pump room).  Eliminate the ALA
        death squad, then go into the adjacent building to take out
        the female ALA member.  Head for the machine room to help
        Viper eliminate the rest of the ALA.

Team (Speed):
Cobra* (S-2): Rescues CHA Officer (Option)
Python (S-4): Kills Fournier, Gets Recorder (Option)
Viper  (S-3): Collects Viral Container
Dragon (S-1): Kills ALA Death Squad x2, Female ALA

Cobra* (S-2): While this is arguably the most boring job, it is the
              limiting factor.  This stage comes down to how fast
              you can get the recorder, and that comes down to how
              fast you can save the CHA officer.  So, your job is to
              reach the theater as fast as you can and take out the 
              two terrorists guarding the CHA officer quickly.  If
              you can't get there fast and take out the 2 terrorists
              quickly with 2 shots, then your run is a loss.
              As for the option, you can try to make your way to the 
              door the CHA officer comes through by dropping down
              from the barrier.  But, having Python is a split second
              faster - The option depends on Dragon.

Python (S-4): A mostly easy assignment.  But, can be more difficult
              with some options.  The first option is to grab the 1
              viral container that's closest to the sewer exit.  The
              second option is to instead of going for the recorder,
              allow Cobra to get the recorder and assist Dragon in
              taking out the ALA.  Note that you cannot grab the 
              recorder at the last second.  You need a couple of 
              seconds before the stage ends to grab the recorder.

Viper  (S-3): Pretty simple here.  Just get the viral containers.

Dragon (S-1): Here's the tough one.  Go after the ALA Death Squad 
              and the female ALA.  You should be able to kill the
              female ALA within about 45 seconds.  After she's down,
              go after the ALA in the machine room.  Now, the trick
              is to take the 3 ALA members inside the room using
              grenades.  Dragon should be able to do all this within
              90 seconds (and under).

It is possible (not too difficult) for one person to do everything in
this stage in under 4:00.  So, you shouldn't have any difficulties 
getting par online.

The SG-36 can be accessed via the pump room.  There is a pool of water
at the lowest level.  Jump in and look for a pipe you can crawl through.
It will lead to a small area with 3 boxes - One of them has the weapon.

In the pump room, you want the guy with the viral container to shoot
at you because if you take him down when he doesn't notice you, his body
will remain on the platform he is standing on.  It's time consuming to 
obtain the container if it's high up there.  If you kill him after he
starts shooting at you, his death animation will knock him off of the
platform; try to go for a head shot, so he doesn't retreat.
Alternatively, you can use an explosive weapon to kill him,
but that's somewhat risky, as it may send him flying in the wrong way.
You can also run from the adjacent pipe you reach after climbing the 
ladder, towards the platform while pressing triangle.  If you're lucky, 
you'll grab the platform; if not, you'll fall and die.

The final way to access the platform (probably what the game designers
intended) is to make you way to the power room and shut off the power
switch.  This will close the doors and stop those respawning enemies
from gunning you down while you climb the opposite platform and shimmy
your way across the room.

It is possible to kill the last batch of ALA members w/o climb inside the
building.  Once they appear on your map, you can toss grenades from
outside (from the streets) to kill them - It is a bit tricky.

You may have noticed that if you toss grenades at darkened windows of
some buildings, the building will catch on fire.  The purpose of this
is mainly for battling Fournier, as he sometimes tends to jump into a 
window - Check the Zeus files for more info.

If you use the C4 to in the furnace room, a portion of the above building
that was housing the Death Squad will be blown up.  Use the buddy climb
to access it and get the items inside (one of which is the MGL).

With all the respawning enemies this has, this is probably the best stage
to rake in headshots, grenade kills, and knife kills.


3. Carthage, Michigan: Carthage Mall     <LV3>

Lock down mall entrances
Disarm both viral explosives
Complete DPE order on Masson
No collateral damage
Rescue injured SWAT officers (Team)

Solo Par: 5:00
Team Par: 3:00

2 doors upstairs, 2 doors downstairs.
2 bombs downstairs.
Masson shows up on the 3rd level of the mall.
Do not kill SWAT officer in or entering the mall.
Carry 2 SWAT inside to safe zone, lock all doors (possible offline).

Not too much to say about this stage.  Lock 4 doors, disarm 2 bombs
(well, maybe 3), and kill Masson.  Smoke grenades are almost a must 
in this stage for par.  Note that although you can, you do not have 
to save the SWAT team members for offline par.

Recommended Weapons Setup:
Likely:            Moderate:          Best:
Combat Shotgun     AU300 Mod-R*       AU300 Mod-R*
G-17               Jerico-41          Desert Express .50
Scorpion*          Biz-9              SSP 90
Smoke grenade      Smoke grenade      Smoke grenade
Stun Jack          E.D.T              E.P.D.D.

* = Primary weapon for the stage
You shouldn't have to kill more than 2 enemies for this stage (grenade
throwing terrorist and Masson).  The Mod-R is the best weapon for this,
since you'll be able to see 'em better.  If you're on a team, you 
should have the members not locking down doors or disabling bombs 
carry either Sarin or frag grenades for Masson.

a) There is an escalator in front of you.  To the right of it is the
   first door.  Throw a smoke grenade at it and lock it down.  Ignore the
   enemies, both during and after locking the door down.
b) Still on the 1st floor, there's a bomb close to you (hang a right after
   you lock the doors).  Again, throw a smoke grenade and proceed to 
   deactivate the bomb.  As soon as you're finished, move fast, because 
   you may get a frag grenade thrown your way.

c) Double back and take the escalator you saw earlier to the 2nd floor.

d) Turn right at the top and go forward.  You'll eventually see a bomb
   in the middle of a walkway.  Deactivate it.  Also, note the SWAT team
   member nearby.  Ignore him and head for the 2nd floor entrance that's
   directly above the 1st floor entrance you locked down.  You know
   what to do.  After that, lock down the other door on the 2nd floor.

   [You don't have to disarm the bomb...  Sometimes, it may benefit you
   not to...]

e) Lock down the final door.  It'll be right in front of you as you
   go down the escalator.

f) Disarm the final bomb.

g) Head back towards the bomb you deactivated on the 2nd floor and duke it
   out with the boss.

   [At this point, you'll also fight snipers.  They drop AU300 Mod-R, 
   which is a weapon with thermal vision.  You may want to use it if 
   you're having trouble dealing with the boss.]

Cobra:  Save the SWAT team members
Python: Lock down 2 doors upstairs
Viper:  Lock down 2 doors downstairs, diable 2 bombs downstairs
Dragon: Go wild...  And kill Masson.

Cobra:  At the start, just blow up the overpass and use the far
        escalator to reach the SWAT guy upstairs.  Lift him up, and
        walk off of the sharp edge of the blown up overpass - You'll
        land on the debris; if you fail to land on it, you'll die.
        Carry the guy to safety and then carry the SWAT guy downstairs
        to safety.  Note that it's best to carry the guy upstairs to
        safety first, since carrying the guy downstairs will trigger
        enemies to spawn.

Python: Lock down the 2 doors upstairs.  Make sure you use the
        escalators to reach the doors; for the door on the left, you
        can also climb up from the blown up overpass.  Running around
        the entire mall takes more time (waste of time).  Also, make
        sure you have smoke grenades.

Viper:  Surprsingly, you don't need smoke grenades, since the enemies
        tend to keep their distance from you (still, can't hurt).
        Make sure that you get out of the way fast after you disable
        the viral bombs - Enemies will be throwing grenades your way,
        and smoke grenades don't seem to help in such a situation.

Dragon: If you want, you can hang with Viper for a while.  Just make
        sure you position yourself for Masson before the last door
        (or viral bomb) gets locked down (or disarmed).  He'll appear
        in the area between the far escalator and the walkway to the
        right of it.  Just flood the 3rd level between the two points
        with sarin gas.

Team (Speed):
Cobra* (S-1): Door (right) Upstairs, SWAT (upstairs)
Python (S-2): 1st Bomb, Door (left) Downstairs, SWAT (downstairs)
Viper  (S-3): 2nd Bomb, Masson
Dragon (S-3): Door (right) Downstairs, Door (left) Upstairs

Cobra* (S-1): How the run will go can be determined within the first
              few seconds.  As the limiting factor, you must get off
              to a good start at the beginning.  The idea here is to
              go up the escalator and cross the overpass quickly, 
              so your teammates can blow it up quickly.  Taking too
              long will shorten the time you have to get the SWAT
              guy to safety, as well as give Python less time to 
              get the other SWAT guy to safety.  Anyway...  cross it
              as fast as you can, and lock down the door.  After you
              lock it down, grab the SWAT guy, drop down, and carry
              him to safety.  You do not have to take the SWAT officers
              all the way into the safe zone; as long as their entire
              body is at least inbetween the store window, you're good.
              The bad news is that like the recorder in Carthage 2, the
              SWAT officers cannot be a last second event.

Python (S-2): Unlike Cobra, you do not have to get off to a good start.
              There's plenty of time after diarming the first viral bomb
              to allowing Cobra to cross the overpass.  Just make sure
              you don't get nailed by a grenade while waiting.  You
              should be able to get your SWAT guy to safety before Cobra
              reaches the safe zone.  Because of that, you need to go
              slightly more into the safe zone so you won't be an
              obstruction to Cobra.

Viper  (S-3): A fairly short assignment here.  Just wait until Cobra is
              safely across the overpass, blow it, disarm the viral bomb
              and kill Masson.  What makes this job slightly difficult
              is that Masson must be killed as soon as he appears.  He
              should be killed so fast that the music shouldn't even
              change.  So, make sure you get a good feel for what area
              to target with sarin.

Dragon (S-4): This is the easiest job for this stage, but also one that
              requires focus by the player.  The second door that Dragon
              locks down is what will trigger Masson to appear.  So, as
              long as Viper eliminates Masson as soon as he appears,
              the team can control when the stage ends.  From the start
              of the door lock down to the end of the stage, there is a
              passage of 22 seconds.  In other words, if Dragon starts
              locking down the door at 48 seconds, and Viper manages to
              kill Masson right after the spawn, the stage will end
              at a time of 1:10.

If you walk under the walkway (which is in the middle of the mall) w/o
disabling the bomb, the bomb will go off.  While it's not too much of a 
big deal (assuming you were running along the walls) it will add on some
time.  If you're trying to do this stage fast online, it does help to
blow it up...

Other than just completing the objective, you do not get anything special
for saving the SWAT team offline.  But, if you still want to, do the 
following, in order:
1. Carry SWAT team member upstairs to safety (Must blow up overpass).
2. Carry SWAT team member downstairs to safety
3. Lock down the 1st floor door closest to the safe zone
4. Lock down the 2nd floor door that was closest to the 1st SWAT officer.
5. From that door, turn around and shoot the glass barricade; climb down
   to the 1st floor.
6. Lock down the 1st floor door.
7. Lock down the final door.

This stage is home to the "toughest" enemy in the game.  If you go to the
2nd floor of the mall, a terrorist will spawn near the walkway, on the
3rd floor.  He's armed with an AU300 and delayed frags, so you should
try to eliminate him early on.  If you don't take him down using a
grenade or head-shot, he can take some serious abuse.


4. Pescara, Italy: St. Cetteo Sqaure     <LV4>

Set decoy explosives
Assassinate Dimitri by the bell tower at 3:00 PM
Move to extraction point
Maintain stealth

Solo Par: 7:00

Set C4 in the alley.
Head shot the guy as the bell rings.
Run to starting point.
Don't get spotted.

Stone has virtually no armor/health, and cannot pick up weapons.
Well, he does have normal armor/health, but the enemies here can kill
you in two shots with their uber-weapons.
Special stages work like the old Syphon Filter games - You must complete
the stage within all the mission parameters.  Luckily, there is no reload
time when restarting the stage.

You get one weapon with one bullet for this mission.  Fortunately, Stone
can break necks (Sneak up behind and press square)

a) Near the beginning of the level you'll see/hear two guys talking.
   Wait for one guy to walk away and kill the one that stays behind.
   Move the body further back into the tunnel you just came out of.

   [You don't have to kill this guy...  Technically, you only have
   to kill 3 guys in this stage.]

b) From where the dead guy was formerly standing, you'll see a bunch
   of baskets in front of you.  Head to that area.  There, you'll see 
   a ladder leading down.  Take it and follow the pipes.

   [A guard will be moving up the street towards you, but you'll be
   out of his visual range.]

c) It'll lead outside and you'll see a bridge ahead of you, run to it.
   As you get close and see enemies on the radar, start sneaking.
   Normally, there's one guy on the left side of the bridge, standing.
   Another guy will be crossing the bridge (Sometimes, he's not there).
   Sneak, and move to the left side of the bridge (where the standing guy
   is).  Don't worry - As long as you're close to the bridge he won't 
   see you.  The guy crossing the bridge will stop once he crosses.  Snap   
   his neck and leave his body.

   [Instead of going for the bridge, you may just want to climb the
   wall.  Check the comments section for more info.]

d) Keep following the street, and take the first left you see.  In the
   alley you have to plant a C4 (location is close to the street itself).  
   There's also a guard patrolling the alley, but you should have plenty
   of time to plant the C4 and leave.

e) Once you're back on the street keep going forward (move in stealth).
   You'll see two guys up ahead.  One will be on top of a small set of 
   stairs (he'll be closer to you).  Move close to him, climb up to his
   level, and snap his neck.  Afterwards, climb down a wait for a few
   seconds.  The guy that was patrolling the alley will now be on the
   street, and looking towards you.  Give him time to go back into the 
   alley, and then go after the second guy.  Also, make note of this
   area - Mainly, note that over the wall in this area is where you
   came out of the pipes.

f) The second guy will also be standing still, looking at the street.
   It's pretty easy to kill him.  Once you're done with him, wait a bit.
   Another guard will be patrolling the street, and he'll probably be
   looking towards you right about now.  Once he turns around, follow him.

   [You must kill the 2 stationary guards]

g) He'll come to a stop at the end of the street.  There's are a couple of
   doorways on the left side of the street.  Hide in one of those and wait
   for him to pass by you.  Once he does, make your way toward the
   building you see ahead of you (The one to the right of the church).
   Be careful not to make noise, as another guard will be in the area to
   your right (and above you).  You want to avoid the large set of stairs
   you see to your right (that's where the guard was), but keep going ahead,
   for the other set of stairs.  See map 4.1 for more info.

The map is drawn from the player's perspective

C   g|   | |  _. .       Map 4.1 - Setting up for the Snipe
g____|   |X| |.|  .      G = Guards (moving)
         | |_|.|  .      g = guards (stationary)
         |_____|  .      X = Sniping position
            . . . .      C = Church Area
          .     ____     To be blunt: Follow the dots to the X.
___      .     |
   |    .      |___G
  _|   .     _______
 |_   .     |            
  _| .      |
 |_ .       |
   |   G    |
   |        |
   |        |

h) Wait until the countdown, and kill Dimitri with the sound of the 
   3rd bell.  Afterwards, Stone will set off the C4 and most of the guards
   will head for the area where you set the C4.
i) Remember the area mentioned in step e?  Run to it, climb over the wall, 
   and head for the area where you started the stage.

You know the wall you climbed over when making your escape?  You can also
climb this wall from the other side.  (First wall to your right as you
exit the pipes)  It shaves some time off, but doesn't make much of a
difference in the end, since you still have to wait until 3:00.

You'll have around 2 minutes remaining when you reach the sniping area.
So, instead of waiting around, you may just want to kill the 2 guys
in the vicinity.


5. Mazyr, Belarus: Krivorozhstal Mill     <LV5>

Shut off overloading mill machines
Disarm stacks explosives
Escort some workers to safety
Save Dobranski
Take mill documents from safe
Eliminate CDP soldiers
Eliminate Zhidkov
Take tissue sample from cow carcass
No collateral damage
Escort all workers to safety (Team)

Solo Par: 18:00
Team Par: 13:00

3 Machines, located in Slag Pit, Coil Room, and Melt Foundry.
2 C4 explosives; access 'em via the Melt Foundry.
3 Workers must be taken down the elevator.
Kill 3 soldiers that are in Dobranski's office (1 will enter).
Either have Dobranski open the safe or use C4.
Automatic once the mission is complete.
Set C4 on the tracks.
Reach cow in the Slag Pit before time limit.
9 workers in the stage; don't kill them.
7 workers must take the  elevator down (Dobranski counts).

The map is drawn in the direction you're facing when the level starts.

This stage is much larger than any of the previous maps, and is also the
one that most people have trouble getting par times online.  But,
in theory, it's not all that difficult.  Solo, it's not that hard.
Most enemies in this stage use weapons with high firing rates, but low
accuracy.  So, pack something that has good range.

You have to save workers.  They will kneel and not move when soldiers
are close by; so, take out enemies fast.  Also, they lead the way.
Except for 2 workers (W6 and Dobranski) they all take the most direct
route to the elevator.

Recommended Weapons Setup:
Likely:            Moderate:          Best:
AU300 Mod-SMG      C8 Rifle*          C8 Rifle
Jerico-41*         Jerico-41          Mark 23 SD*
Biz-9              Biz-9              SSP 90
Smoke grenade      DormaGen gas       Sarin nerve agent
Stun Jack          E.D.T              E.P.D.D.

* = Primary weapon for the stage
The Jerico is more powerful than the AU300.
The Mark 23 SD is great for the stage, since silent kills means less
enemy spawns (lots of enemies in this stage react/spawn due to gun
sounds).  Switch over to your auxiliary weapon when in small places,
such as the dark staircase area.

                            _|     |    Map 5.1 - Stage Overview
                   ________|   X   |    S = Starting Point
         _________|                S    W = Worker x6
        |                ______    |    D = Dobranski
       _|               |      |   |    T = Water Tower
      |    ______ ______|______|   |    C = Coil Room
      |   |______|      |          |    P = Slag Pit
      |          |O     |          |    M = Mill Machine x3
     _|         _|M  P  |          |    U = Courtyard
    |     ___  | |E     E W4       |    O = Cow Carcass
    |    |   | | |W1||  |          |    E = Explosives x2
    |    |   | |_|  ||  |          |    X = Plant C4 here
    |    |   |   |__||| |         |     A = Melt Foundry
    |    |___|        |_|______   _ |   B = Machine Room
   _|      |            |  A__ | | |
 _|       _|    T      _|  |  || | |
|        |            |_  M|  ||W| |
|  ___ __|___ __________|_ |  |_3| |_
|W|   |      | W6         |     |_  |
|2|   |      |            |       | |
| |   |  B   |    U       |       | |
| |   |      |         ___|       | |
| |   |______|________|___        | |
| |_  |                   |      _| |
|_  |_|_M____   ___    C  |     |  _|
  |__ |______| |___|___W5_|_____| |

a) The Cow Carcass disappears after a set time, so you need to hurry.
   (If you look up as you're approaching the slag pit and train, you'll
   see a big 'ol bucket of molten steel moving from the building across
   the tracks to the slap pit.  If the red-hot liquid reaches the slag
   pit before you see the cow carcass, then the cow disappears - In 
   other words, the hot metal burned up the carcass.  You only have to
   see the cow on your radar, which can be done by approaching it from
   the outer walls to prevent it from going bye-bye.  You have just
   over a minute to get the cow on your radar; about 1:08).
   Climb the wall, go forward.  Roll through the fence and eliminate
   the 2 soldiers.  Keep going straight (the direction where they all
   came from), and you'll come across a train.  Eliminate the 2 soldiers
   there (ignore the rest), and kick open the door to the building.

   [One of the train cars has C4 and a crate with a weapon/armor. 
   Unless you need the armor, just ignore the car.]

b) This is the slag pit.  Upon entering, you'll be greeted by 3 enemies.
   Take 'em out.  To your right is the cow carcass - Get a sample.
   You'll see two stairs: One to your left, and another to your right
   (There is a third in the back but ignore that one).  Take the right one
   and you'll meet one of the workers and see one of the mill machines.
   Ignore the machine for now and escort the worker to the elevator
   (elevator is directly below the worker).  4 soldiers will charge into
   the room - Take 'em out.  (Note that their appearance is trigger by
   time, so they might not show up right away)  Leave the worker at 
   the elevator and take the other (left) stairs.  
   That leads into an office, then to a dark area with more stairs.

   [The slag pit is commonly called the elevator room.  The mill
   machine in this room is ALWAYS the last one that gets turned off.  
   (unless the team says otherwise, but that's rare)  Keep that in 
   mind when going for a par time online.]

c) At the end of the dark area, there's a door in front of you and an
   open corridor with a guard to your right.  Kick open the door.
   [The corridor leads to the water tower, while the door leads to the
   Melt Foundry.] 

d) This is room A on the map.  As you enter you'll see stairs in front of
   you.  Take the stairs up, and take the corridor you see.  This will
   lead you to the stacks, where there are 2 soldiers and 2 C4 explosives.
   Take out the guards and take the C4.  Go back to room A.

   [The Melt Foundry has several vats of molten metal; after all, it's a 
   foundry.  There are 5 exits to this area.  
   1. The first is the entrance you took.  
   2. The second is up the stairs, which lead to the stack explosives.
   3. The third is via the loading dock, which leads outside.
   4. The fourth is via a corner door that's surrounded by sheet metal.
      This leads to the courtyard with the big statue.
   5. The fifth is via a corner door (no enclosure).
      This door leads to the machine room.]

e) As you go down the stairs, you'll see an adjacent room with (big) coils.
   Go into that room and you'll eventually reach a gate - Open it.
   You'll see two soldiers appear on your map.  Take 'em out.  Go back to
   the worker (W 2 on the map) and escort him back to the elevator.  Leave
   him in the elevator.

f) Go back to room A.  There's a mill machine here, so turn it off.  There
   are two more exits in this room.  One of them is close to the mill 
   machine, and the other one is opposite from that exit.  Take the one
   that's closer to the mill machine.

g) This is the Courtyard (U on the map).  You'll see two soldiers.
   They've spotted a worker and are moving in for the kill.  Kill them
   before they can do their work.  But, don't go near the worker.  Take
   the door that's close to the statue.

h) This is the coil room.  There's a mill machine in here, so shut it off.
   One of the two guards you'll initially see has frag grenades, so make
   sure you take him out.  There's a door opposite the one you entered
   this room from.  Go inside, but sneak when you're inside.
   Note that initially, there will be two soldiers in the coil room.  One
   of them will actively patrol the area (he'll run around).  If you can
   take both out w/o being seen, you won't face any more soldiers in the
   room; not easy, since they're wearing flak jackets.

i) As you enter, look up at the wall.  There is a window.  Go through it.
   You'll exit in the shower room.  Keep sneaking forward and you'll see
   two soldier and Dobranski on the map.  You'll be able to see one of the
   soldiers (the one beating Dobranksi), but the other is behind a wall.
   Take out the one you can see, and then quickly take out the one behind
   the wall.  Go back out into the hallway, because a third soldier will
   show up.  If you do not kill the second soldier fast enough, he will
   kill Dobranski.  

   [If you have a silent weapon, you can kill the one in the hallway first,
   the one behind the wall second, and then the one hitting Dobranski.
   If you use a silent weapon to take out the last guard, there's a bit of
   a glitch, and Dobranksi will sneak-walk and talk all the way back to
   the elevator.]

j) After you've saved Dobranski, he'll open up the safe.  Take the
   documents in the safe, and go back to the coil room.  Dobranski will
   also leave the room, but the hell with him.  Check your map, and you'll
   see that a worker (W5 on map) is hiding in the coil room.  Escort this
   guy back to the elevator.

k) Once the three workers are in the elevator, bring the elevator down.
   After they get off, go back up and turn off the last machine.  It's the
   one in the slag pit (same room as elevator) that you ignored before.

l) After the last mill machine is off, go to the X on the map (it's near
   the area where those two soldiers gunned down the two workers when
   you first rolled under the fence at the beginning of the level).
   Plant the C4 on the tracks (where they intersect - It'll be clearly
   indicated by the game) and wait for the train to come.

   [Yes, it is possible to turn the machine off, then take the workers 
   down; but, you'll only have a few seconds to set the C4.  In other
   words, unless you know the exact spot, don't do it.]

Cobra:  Goes after Dobranski, Coil Room Machine
Python: Goes after W6, Slag Pit Machine
Viper:  Goes after W3, W4, C4
Dragon: Goes after W1, W2, W5, Cow Carcass, Melt Foundry Machine

Cobra:  Turn left after you roll under the fence and head for the 
        tunnel - Make sure you kill the two soldiers at the
        entrance so you can pick up their NVG.  Around the middle
        of the tunnel, you'll see a light - Go into the passage
        and climb up the ladder to reach Dobranski's office.
        Kill the soldiers (ill-advised to use a shotgun, explosive,
        gas, or duel wield, since you may also hit Dobranski).
        After he is saved, exit the office via the door to the coil
        room and kill the enemies there and turn off the mill 
        machine.  Once that's done, go back into the office and wait
        for Python signal to take the paper.  After you take them,
        stay with Dobranski.

Python: Turn right after you roll under the fence and head for the
        train.  Once at the train, keep following the tracks, past
        the entrance to the slag pit; try to hug the walls.  You'll
        eventually reach the water tower.  Kill the soldiers there,
        go up the stairs and use the door to enter the machine room.
        Keep moving and killing and go down the stairs in the
        machine room, and take the door directly in front; this will
        lead you into the coil room.  Kill all the enemies (Cobra
        should be here, helping you out) and then take the far door
        in this area (door opposite to Dobranski's office) to the 
        Courtyard.  Kill the soliders there and head for the worker.
        Once the worker is near the door, signal Cobra to grab the
        paper in Dobranski's office.  Once both workers reach the
        slag pit, wait by the mill machine and turn it off at the 
        appropriate time.

Viper:  Turn right after you roll under the fence and head for the
        train.  Once at the train, take the door into the slag pit.
        Don't bother doing anything there - Just take the stairs 
        to your left up to the office and then exit via the door,
        into the dark stairway and then exit that area via the door
        into the melt foundry.  Once at the melt foundry, take the
        stairs up, then go into the passage, to the stacks.
        Disarm the stack explosives and stick around to kill the
        soldiers that will spawn below you.  Now, go all the way
        back outside to the fence area, and head for the tunnel.
        Just make sure you set the C4 on the tracks on the way.
        Instead of going into the tunnel, head for the loading
        dock and for the worker hiding behind the barrels.
        Start escorting him back.  Once you kill the all the 
        soldiers that spawn, head for the worker hiding under the
        stacks.  Odds are there will be some distance between the
        two workers - Stay between them so they both move; you
        shouldn't face any resistance on the way back.

Dragon: Turn right after you roll under the fence and head for the
        train.  Once at the train, take the door into the slag pit.
        At the slag pit, kill the soldiers in the room, and head
        for the worker near the mill machine.  Escort him down to
        the elevator; make sure you grab a sample from the cow 
        carcass on the way down.  Stay in the room to kill the 4
        soldiers that respawn in the room.  After that, exit the
        slag pit via the dark stairway area, go to the melt
        foundry, to the courtyard, and finally the coil room.
        Head for the giant coils, and escort the worker hiding
        behind them.  Once he reaches the elevator, go back
        outside, follow the tracks to the tunnel, and escort the 
        worker hiding by the pipes, at the tunnel entrance. 
Team (Speed):
Cobra* (S-1): Triggers/Zone W5, W6, Dobranski, Coil Room Machine
Python (S-1): W3, W4, Covers W5, W6, Dobranski
Viper  (S-1): W1, Cow, Machine 2x, C4, Covers W5, W6, Dobranski
Dragon (S-4): Papers, Escorts W2, Track C4

Cobra* (S-1): Confused?  Well, you should be.  The idea for this
              stage is to zone escort both Dobranksi and the 
              statue worker (W6).  You'll be responsible for this.
              Your job starts with getting to W6 as fast as you
              can.  You should head to the Slag Pit, then to the
              Melt Foundry, and finally the courtyard.  Before you
              reach the courtyard, you should've killed only a 
              single soldier - The one in the Slag Pit, on top
              of the stairs; he's the only one that'll be in your
              way.  Now, trigger the worker and get him safely
              into the coil room.  After that, go for the coil
              room worker (W5), and make your way back to the 
              courtyard with the worker.  From here on your job
              is to stay near the statue.  This will keep both
              Dobranski (whom Dragon triggered) and W6 moving;
              they will be safe because enemies will not have
              spawned near them.  At the same time W5 will also
              be in the courtyard with you; he'll be in the area
              with the coils, near the door to the Melt Foundry.
              Once the workers are near the door to the water
              tower, you can make a break for the coil room 
              machine.  How fast you can break for it depends
              Python.  If you want to time the stage end, use
              the door that leads to Dobranski's office as a
              tool.  It takes 7 seconds from that spot to reach
              the coil room machine.  And, it takes 1:55 from
              the final machine going off to the stage ending.
              In other words, if you leave the door at 5:00 and
              head directly for the machine, the stage will end
              at 7:02.  So, you'll be really busy during the 
              first couple of minutes, have a minute or so of
              break time, then have to hustle again.

Python (S-1): Python's role is also a roller coaster ride.
              Start by double escorting W3 and W4 (Head for W3
              first, kill the 4 soldiers that'll spawn, then
              grab W4 and kill the soldiers that spawn).
              Stay with them all the way to the Slag Pit.
              Once you reach the Slag Pit, head up the stairs 
              and to the dark staircase area (you know, leads 
              to Melt Foundry and Water Tower) and stay on the
              lower floor of that area (kill soliders that 
              appear).  Here, you'll be on the receiving end
              of the zone.  Dobranski and W6 will soon reach
              you and you'll be responsible for escorting them
              back to safety.  Don't worry, Viper will be 
              backing you up; although, W5 will also be with
              Viper, meaning that you two will be responsible
              for a total of 3 workers in a very small area 
              that tends to have a lot of cheap enemy spawn

Viper  (S-1): Viper's role isn't a roller coater ride; instead,
              it's hard from start to fin.  You need to kill and
              move fast.  Start by killing the 2 soldiers that
              are gunning down two workers when you first roll
              under the fence.  After they fall (and they should
              fall quickly), eliminate the 2 soldiers that are
              by the train.  When they go bye-bye, kill the one
              soldier that's in the train car.  So, in total, 
              you should've killed a total of 5 soldiers so far.
              Now, go inside the Slag Pit and eliminate the 
              soldiers there (There should be 2; odds are, Cobra
              killed 1).  Immediately afterwards (or even during
              the "kill soldiers" step), head for W1, the worker
              in the Slag Pit that's right by the mill machine.
              Turn off that mill machine, and then race down and
              grab the cow carcass; during this time the worker
              should be making his way to the elevator.  Make
              sure you kill the respawning soldiers in this room.
              (Make sure you kill them fast!)
              Sarin gas really saves time for the 2 soldiers that
              appear via the 2 doors.  After you've killed the
              4 respawn soldiers, make your way to the stack
              explosives; you are not allowed to stop and fight;
              head directly for the stack explosives.  After you
              disarm the C4s, turn off the mill machine in the 
              Melt Foundry.  Once there, you should see a worker
              very close to you.  This is W5, the Coil Room
              worker.  Escort him back, but not all the way.
              You are to stop at the stairway to help Python 
              cover Dobranski and W6.  Ideally, you want to have
              one player cover the upstairs area and the other
              cover the downstairs area.  You two are also 
              responsible for taking the 7 workers down to the
              bomb shelter.  Note that if you did not move fast
              enough, W5 will be the trailing worker.  If you did
              move fast enough W6 will be the last worker on the

Dragon (S-4): Dragon's role is easier than the others, but it's 
              still difficult overall.  Head straight for
              Dobranski's office once the level starts via the
              tunnel.  Save him...  And now comes the complicated
              part.  Here's the thing: Dobranski and W6 take the
              same path to the Slag Pit.  Dobranski has a head
              start since he doesn't have to go through the 
              courtyard.  Now, since none of the players will be
              with either Dobranski or W6, they have to open the
              door by themselves, and that wastes time.  So, the 
              idea is to take advantage of the head start that 
              Dobranski has and use him to open the door for W6.
              The problem is that the door only remains open for 5
              seconds.  Since there are 2 doors that he has to open
              for W6, you need to give him about a 4 second lead.
              It takes approximately 23 second from the time you
              grab the paper to when Dobranski is running in the
              Coil Room.  So, you need to cooridnate this with
              Cobra.  Now, if Cobra executes his job correctly, 
              W6 should reach Dobranski's office door at around
              2:11.  This means that for a 4 second lead, you
              should grab the papers at around 1:48; to play it 
              safe, you may want to subtract a second.  Also, 
              there's no way Cobra can execute his run the same
              every single time, so it'll be +/- 1 for that 2:11.
              Anyway...  After you're done grabbing the papers, 
              go back down into the tunnel and keep going in the
              direction you were, before you made the Dobranski
              pit stop.  Save W2 from the soldiers and escort
              him back.  You won't be escorting him all the way
              back to the elevator.  When the worker is near the
              train, grab the C4 from the train car and go plant
              it.  You have plenty of time (you're really the only
              one that does), so you can wait until W2 reaches the
              door to the slag pit, and then go plant the C4 on
              the tracks.

If a worker you're escorting is out of radar range, he'll stop.
However, it's a bad idea to leave a worker alone, because he'll 
be at risk for a phantom kill - He'll mysterious die, even though 
there are no enemies near him.  If you can somehow keep the worker 
in your radar (so he moves), but stay far enough so he's barely in 
range, it's possible to "escort" him to the elevator w/o actually 
being there.  The trick here being that certain enemies will only 
spawn if you're near the point where they spawn.  This is playing

Some people like to use flashlights and smoke grenades for this stage.
The idea behind this is to get the enemies to shoot at you (light) and
blind them (smoke).  I hate both ideas.  Smoke grenades aren't that
effective online (not sure why), and enemies have a tendency to spot
the workers, even if the area is filled with smoke.  
Enemies will target those that are the biggest threat to them - Since
you're the one attacking them, that's you.  Turning your light on
only acts as a flare to your enemies.  Those that are far away, and
who won't see you if your light is off, will notice you if your light
is on - That's a very bad thing.  In the end, it only results in you 
having to fight more enemies.  So, don't rely on tricks.

The key for team par is saving Dobranski and W6.
Clearing a path up to the water tower before you start escorting 
them will make the job much, much easier, as you'll face less than
half a dozen soldiers on the way to the Slag Pit.

It is somewhat risky to take down all the workers at once, so you may want
to take 'em down once you have a few on the elevator.

Although the par time for this level is 13 minutes, the deadline for
turning off the last elevator is about 11:05.  The train sequence takes a
while, and Stone talks a lot.

Going near a worker and escorting him will almost certainly trigger 
enemies to appear, but they're not much of a problem.  The big problem is
the dark room with the stairs.  Sometimes a soldier may spawn on the 2nd
level.  Kill him, and it'll almost certainly trigger a soldier on the 
bottom level.  If you're really unlucky, you may end up in a
situation where a soldier spawns really close to a worker, leaving the
worker between you and the soldier - The worker is pretty much dead in
such a situation.

Before you go to get a worker, check your armor/health.  If you're low, 
kill yourself so you're back to 100%.

Near W3 is a place where you can lift a teammate up.  There's a vent 
nearby.  If you follow it, it leads to a platform with items - Nothing
special there.

Yes, it is possible to save all the workers when going solo.  Remember 
that Dobranski counts as a worker.  But, know that your only reward
for saving them is pride.

If Dobranski gets killed before he opens up the safe, you'll have to use
C4 to blow it open.  In addition to the C4 at the stacks, there's C4 in
the train car that's near the entrance to the slag pit.  The C4 explosion
is large, so leave the room after setting it up.

Dobranski and W6 take the same path
W3 (if gate closed) and W4 take the same path
W3 (if gate open) and W5 take the same path

In general, the 3 outside workers are the easiest to escort to safety.

W1, the worker in the Slag Pit, doesn't trigger soldiers, but watch out
for the soldiers 4 soldiers that will appear in the room...  Actually,
the 4 soldiers appearing is a good thing, as you'll get them out of
the way.

W2, the worker hiding outside, behind pipes, will initially be attacked
by 2 soliders.  Other than those 2, he will not trigger any soldiers.

W3, the worker hiding outside, behind the barrels, will initially be
attacked by 2 soldiers (also from the tunnel).  Grabbing him will trigger
a total of 4 soldiers.  The first one will be near the close wall of
the stacks area.  The second one will be near the stacks.  The third one
will appear near the tunnel once you kill the first one.  And, the last 
one will appear where the 2nd soldier was.

W4, the worker hiding outside, under the stacks, may trigger up to 6
soldiers.  You trigger none if you already grabbed the C4 explosives.
If you didn't, the first 2 (or 3) will appear in the general area where
the worker was hiding.  So, just stay close to him and shoot them down.
The 3rd (or 4th) will appear near the tracks.  # 4/5 will
appear near where the 2nd triggered soldier for W3 appeared, and the
last one will appear near the tunnels.

W5, the worker in the coil room, will not trigger any soldiers.

W6 is a headache.  The first soldier will enter from the door to the coil
room.  Numbers 2 will spawn near the stairs, and 3 will enter from the
other door.  Kill them (best to throw sarin at the stairs) and number
4 (usually) appear from the coil room door.  A couple of more soldiers
will appear via the other door, but you should be out of the courtyard
by that time.


6. Mazyr, Belarus: Belaya Vezha     <LV6>

Retrieve equipment from crash site
Destroy power substation
Destroy communications truck
Disable AA tower
Shut down gas main
Destroy Scud missile
Eliminate Pulikovsky
Rescue Stone
Destroy tank
Obtain sewage sample
Retrieve Ivankov's papers
Destroy bridge to stop tank (Team)

Solo Par: 15:00
Team Par: 7:00

Get equipment (not your weapons) from the crate near crash site.
Set C4 inside the substation (C4 is near the substation).
Set C4 by truck (opposite of road).
Destroy the computer in the tower.
Turn the valve.
Use either C4 or an explosive weapon to destroy the missile.
Take out fatboy with a head-shot.
Untie Stone (in right side of chateau, as you enter).
Must use anti-armor frags to destroy tank (found in Stone's room).
Located at the end of a valley, between the crash site and substation.
Papers are in 3 random locations (soldiers carries it).
Need 2 people and 2 C4 to climb up the bridge and set the C4.

The maps are drawn in the direction you're facing when the level starts.

You start the mission with only your sidearm and melee weapon.

This stage is a little tricky for par time, since the location of 
Ivankov's papers is random.

You can steal the clothing from the early enemies you face, which shouldn't
get you all excited unless you're a little kid, as it doesn't serve any
function.  Well, it does provided limited stealth (basically, you get to
complete 1 objective before getting spotted), but the heck with it.

Recommended Weapons Setup:
Likely:            Moderate:          Best:
AU300 Mod-SMG      FAL                SR-15
Jerico-41*         Jerico-41*         Desert Express .50*
Biz-9              Biz-9              G 53
Smoke grenade      M61 frag grenade   M61 frag grenade
Stun Jack          E.D.T              E.P.D.D.

* = Primary weapon for the stage
Hey, when you have a shining opportunity to use the SR-15, you take it!
Frag grenades are helpful for taking out the radio in the AA tower and
the Scud.  Other than that, you really shouldn't need anything beyond
your handgun.

                          |W___________________  _|__
                          |  _________   ______C___  |_______
                          | |_________| |        __|  _P___  |    
                        H |  ___________|      _|   _|     | |_____
                          | |                 |    |       |_____  |  
                          | |      ___________|    |             | |
                          | |_____|                 |        ____| | 
                          |  ___________      A     |      /_______|
                          | |           |___        |__   ||         S
 ___________              | |               |________  |__| \  
|           |             | |                        |__     |
|           |            L| |                           |  _ |
|           |_____________| |__________G______________  | |T||
| Chateau    _____________ B _______________________  | |_   |
|           |      M      | |                       | |___| |
|           |            _| |                       |  _____|
|___________|           |  _|                       |_|
             ________ __| |

Map 6.1 - Stage Overview
S = Starting Point
P = Power Substation
A = AA Tower
T = Communications Truck
G = Gas Main
M = Scud Missile
W = Sewage Sample
B = Bridge
H = Helicopter Crash Site
C = Climb down here to reach the Sewage Sample
L = Climb up here to get to the Chateau
E = Alternate Entrance to Chateau (If gates closed)

a) Head directly for the Power Substation.  Once there, pick up the C4
   and blow it up.  Pick up another C4 afterwards, and follow the power
   lines to the crash site.  Note that early in the path you'll see an 
   icon to climb down.  Ignore it for now.

   [The area with the C4 has 3 exits.  The one you entered from, the
   path you take by following the power lines, and one on the other
   side of that exit, which first leads to another enclosed area and
   eventually the AA tower.

b) Once at the crash site, get your weapons from one box, and equipment
   from the other.  Afterwards, head back the way you came from.
   Go back to the place where you saw the "climb down" icon, and, well,
   climb down (actually, you don't have to climb down as it's a short
   fall).  Follow the valley to the Sewage Sample.  Note that you must
   have the equipment from the crash site (you get the sample kit there)
   in order to collect the sewage sample.  Double back to the C4 area.

c) As you enter the area with the C4, make a right, and go past the
   destroyed power substation.  Eventually, you'll reach the AA tower.
   When you see the tower, run directly underneath it, and toss a 
   frag grenade up there.  You'll destroy the computer; if you don't 
   have a frag grenade, you'll have to climb up and shoot it.  There's
   also a chance that a soldier up there will destroy it for you, by 
   killing himself with the SMAW (Rocket launcher).

d) After destroying the computer, go into the caves near the tower.
   At the other exit is the Comm Truck.  Eliminate the soldier on top
   of it, and plant the C4.

   [Near the Comm Truck, on the side of the road, is a crate with a
   flak jacket and delay frag grenades.  If you don't have the regular
   ones, make sure you pick 'em up.]

e) Follow the road to the roadblock; try to ignore the half dozen or so
   soldier that'll be shooting at you.  Go through the tunnel.  To your
   right is the gas main - turn it off.  Head towards the bridge and 
   you'll see the tank.  Run past it.  There are two soldiers on the 
   other side of the bridge; it's probably a good idea to kill them.
   There's a Scud Missile up ahead; use a grenade to make it go "boom." 

   [The timer for the tank triggers via 2 ways.  The first is to go past
   the gas valve on the road, and the second is to go past the point where
   the stream and the entrance to the AA tower intersects (sniper there).

   Sometimes a grenade will not destroy the scud; hopefully, you'll have
   the C4 with you...  And, hopefully, you can set it.] 

f) Once you're in the chateau courtyard, make a right and take out the lone
   guard.  Climb through the window into the kitchen.

g) Follow the hallways, and you'll reach a room with supports and a vent
   on top.  The next room also has the same setup, but with 2 guards.
   Follow the vent (first room, not the second).

h) You can make a turn while in the vents, which will lead to the room
   with Stone.  For now, keep going straight.  You'll end up in one of
   the attics.  If there are two guards here, one of them will have
   Ivankov's papers.  If there's only one, the paper isn't here.  Double
   back and head to the room with Stone.

   [You can also reach this attic by climbing up the ladder in the
   fireplace of the kitchen.  I prefer the vents...  Mainly because if
   you use the ladder, you'll end up on the roof, and the possibility of
   falling from the high place and dying makes me a tad nervous.  That,
   and sometimes, the fire will be on.]

i) You should be able to snipe Pulikovsky and the guard while in the vent.
   Free Stone afterwards.  If the paper wasn't in the first attic, climb up
   and take the other vent in the room where you found Stone.  This vent
   leads to the second attic.  If there's a guard here, he has the papers.
   Else, the attic will be empty.  Double back to the room with Stone and 
   grab the anti-armor grenades.

j) If you do not have the paper yet, that means it's in the last possible
   location, which is in the room adjacent to the room with the piano.
   That's located on the other side of the chateau.  Follow Stone outside,
   but instead of throwing the grenades at the tank, go to the left side
   of the chateau, and enter the building.  You'll face a lot of guards
   on the way.  But you should have enough to time kill the guard with
   the paper.  The guard with the papers will have a flak jacket on, and
   you'll get the objective of retrieving the papers added after you
   kill him.

   [You can also reach the third area (which is a room with some crates
   and painting on the wall) via the 2nd attic.  One of the exits from
   the 2nd attic is by climbing down.  You'll end up in an area with
   a lot of scaffolding.  If you make your way to the lower level, you
   can go through the house to reach the room with the paper.  You can
   also reach the scaffolding room via Stone's room.]

k) Toss your grenades at the tank.  Note that if you kneel while you're
   close to it, it won't be able to hit you.  It'll take several grenades
   to blow up the tank (around 7 - Double that if you're online).

   [Best spot to throw it from if you're offline is by exiting the 
   chateau via the courtyard door (same one Stone uses) and throwing it
   from the far corner.  The tank will hit the wall of the chateau, while
   you have just enough of an angle to hit its body.  Online, throw it
   while near the wall closest to the kitchen window.]

Cobra:  Comm Truck, Shuts off gas, Scud, Paper
Python: Sewage Sample
Viper:  Blows up Bridge, Power Substation, Pulikovsky/Stone
Dragon: Blows up Bridge, AA Tower, Pulikovsky/Stone

Cobra:  Head for the power substation; grab a C4.  Follow the road back
        from where you came from.  Once you reach the comm truck, set
        the C4 and grab a delay frag from the crate by the road.  
        Continue following the road, go through the tunnel, and turn
        the gas valve on the other side.  Cross the bridge, and use
        the delay frag to blow up the scud.  Start searching for
        the papers once you enter the chateau.

Python: Head for the power substation, then for the crash site.  Grab
        the sample kit from the crash site, and then collect the
        sewage sample.

Viper:  Head for the power substation; grab a C4.  Use the C4 to blow
        up the power substation, then grab another C4, and head for
        the bridge.  Climb the bridge with Dragon and blow it up.
        Head for the chateau afterwards.

Dragon: Head for the power substation; grab a C4.  Go ahead to the 
        AA tower and destroy the computer up there.  Afterwards, go
        for the bridge and blow it up with Viper.  Head for the 
        chateau afterwards.

 ________________   P
G                |_||          ___ ____
A2,P   S          _ |         |   |    |
|_  __________  _| ||         |        |____
  ||         _||_  ||     __  | K |         |     Map 6.2 - Chateau
            |  . |__A_||_|  |_|   |___      |     E = Entrance
            |  .  ________________| _ |___  |     K = Kitchen
            |_. _| . ________._____| |    | |     A = Attic (Vent)1
              ||.  .|                |    | |__   A2 = Attic (Vent) 2
              |_____|_       .       |_   |  __E  S = Stone
                      \                \_/ .|     R = Piano Room
                ______/       .             |     P = Paper x3    
               |                           .|     G = Grenades
               |                .           |     C = Climb to Piano
               |                           .|
               |                   .        |
               |______                .    .|
                      \                 _   |
         _____  ______/     ___________/ \ .|
       _/     \_     |C   _|             _| |
     _/         \   |____| _____________|  .|
     _     R     |        | .  .   .   .  __|
      \_       _/         |   |__________|
        \_   _/           | . |
   _______| |             |  _|
  |      _  |           ___||___
 _|  P  | | |          |   .    |
 _______|_| |__ _______| .      |_
       |_______|_______.         _
                       |        |

Team (Speed):
Cobra* (S-2): Power Substation, Bridge, Comm Truck
Python (S-2): Weapons, Bridge, AA Tower
Viper  (S-1): Gas, Scud, Pulikovsky, Stone, Papers (A2 only)
Dragon (S-4): Sewage Sample

Cobra* (S-2): Remember Carthage 1 when Cobra had to commit suicide
              after getting the Bio-Data Gear?  Well, it's suicide time
              again.  You are not allowed to kill anyone in this stage.
              You shouldn't have to, and it's a waste of time.  Start
              by heading directly for the C4.  Use it to blow up the
              Power Substation; afterwards, grab another C4.  Why do 
              you have to blow it up?  Because you need the checkpoint.
              Once you have another C4, hustle to the brige and blow
              that sucker up.  Then it's time to take a leap of faith.
              Walk off of the C4 platform and kill yourself.  You 
              will respawn near the Power Substation.  Grab yourself
              another C4 and run over to the Comm Truck and blowit up.
              How fast you can blow up all this stuff determines how
              fast you can complete the stage.

Python (S-2): Like Cobra, you do not get to kill anyone in this stage.
              At the start, grab a C4, then run directly for the Crash
              Site.  Why the Crash Site?  Because you need a frag
              grenade (M79 or MGL will also do) to take out the AA
              Tower quickly later on.  After you grab your explosive
              weapon, get to the bridge (quickly); remember, how fast
              Cobra sets the C4 on the bridge determines how fast the
              team can finish the stage.  Make sure you're the one that
              lifts Cobra up to the bridge.  Once you set the C4, it's
              time for you too, to take a leap of faith..  Well, death.
              Once you respawn, go to the AA Tower and blow up the 
              computer with your explosive.

Viper  (S-1): The good news is that Viper gets to kill soldiers.  The
              bad news is that Viper will also have to face the most
              enemies.  At the start, go right for the crate by the
              Comm Truck so you can get the delay frags.  Once you
              have those head for the Gas Main.  Shut it off, cross the
              bridge, blow up the scud and enter the chateau.  Once at
              the chateau, go directly for Pulikovsky and Stone.  Kill
              Pulikovsky, and take the time to grab a flak jacket.
              Now, it gets tricky and dangerous.  Remember, after you
              untie Stone, the stage ends in 43 seconds.  You have to
              give Cobra enough time to do blow up the Comm Truck.  So,
              what's a good time to untie Stone?  A good time to start 
              with is when Cobra is near the sniper's ledge (You know,
              the place where the 2nd soldier in the stage is situated),
              on the way to the Comm Truck.  So, depend on Cobra to 
              give you the signal.  Now, after you untie Stone is when
              you find out whether or not everything the team has done
              will result in anything.  Really, the only location of
              the paper that you can reach in time after you untie 
              Stone is when it is located in Attic 2, the attic that
              is above middle of the chateau.  Unfortunately, you can't
              take the vents there - It takes too long.  The only way
              you'll get there in time is to actually make your way
              to the area with all the scaffolding, and climb up to
              the attic.  The really bad news is that you'll face about
              9 soldiers that'll try to stop you...  And, you don't 
              have time to stop and fire - It's strictly a run & gun
              thing.  If you make it there without dying, and if the
              soldier with the papers is actually there, you should be
              able to grab the papers a second or two before the stage
              ends.  Good-luck, agent.

Dragon (S-4): Cobra and Python aren't allowed to kill because it wastes
              time.  This means that it's up to you to cover them.  
              It's up to you to make sure that the first four soldiers
              are dead, and that Python makes it to the Crash Site
              alive.  That being the case, it's best to go with the
              duel-wield Desert Sniper .44.  Once you complete your
              covering duty, go get the Sewage Sample.

The par is 7 minutes, but, again, Stone talks a lot, so the deadline for
untying Stone is 6:17.

Cobra, Viper, and Dragon do not get to pick up their weapons, so they 
should use a Desert model sidearm or have dual wield.

At the main entrance of the chateau there are two guards.  Try not to 
kill these guards.  If you do, a whole lotta backup will come after you.
Even if you're going solo and have all your gear, you're going to have 
problems handling all of them.

Location C on map 6.2 also leads to the piano room.  It takes longer,
but you'll face fewer enemies along the way (the recommend path is 
faster, but that's assuming you can take out the 5 guards quickly).

If the guard with the paper is in the first attic, you'll see him appear
on your radar before you enter the attic (just before exiting the vent).
If the guard with the paper is in the second attic, you'll only see him
appear after you enter the second attic.
If the guard with the paper is in the third possible location, then
you'll see two guards in that room.

Stone is invincible, so don't worry about friendly fire.


7. Tash, Kumyr, Kyrgyzstan: Saydahmat's Village     <LV7>

Locate arms deal
When Samaev has the container, eliminate him
Obtain container from Dosbol Samaev
Change into a concubine outfit to fool Yang
Give the bio-weapon container to Sok-ju Yang
Eliminate Yang
Get the container from Sok-ju Yang
Locate a more revealing outfit
Poison Saydahmat's water chalice
Locate sherpa outfit
Rendezvous at the extraction zone
Maintain stealth
Hidden objective: Locate Yushchenko's papers
Hidden objective: Eliminate Zayed Al Dhahiri

Solo Par: 13:00

In the central area outside.
He'll get the container inside a building.
Check his dead body for the container.
Outfit located inside house - Climb up to roof.
While in outfit, hand over the container you got from Samaev.
Toss a shuriken at Yang once he's alone.
Check Yang's body after he's dead.
Outfit located in 1st floor of house.
Chalice in bedroom, 2nd floor of house, must have revealing outfit.
Sherpa outfit in room where concubine outfit was.
Go back to the starting point.
Don't get seen (you or body).
Guard outside, near laser gate has papers.
Sitting in arms deal area, disappears once you get container.

The map is drawn in the direction you're facing when the level starts.
                                        _ _______| |________
                                       | |___  __   ______  |
                                       | |  __|  |_|      | |
                                  _____| | |            __| |____
                                 |V___   | |     ____  |         |
                    _____________||_  |  | |    |    | |   _     |
                   |                | |__| |____|Z  _| |__| |__  |
                   |                |    |         |           | |
                   |                |    |         |   _____   | |
                   |                |    |  L      |__|     |  | |       
           ________|       C        |    |         E__ Y    |  | |______
          |        |                |    |         |  |___  |  |        S
          |  G,P                    |    |         |      | |__|        |
   ____   |________|G               |  __|         |      |G            |
  |   R|  ______ |  |_____________  | |_____   ____|      |____     ____|
  | ___| |_O_  _||G_|_____________| |       | |                |__A|
 _||   ______||                   | |_______| |
| _|  | ______|                   |     B     |
||   _||   ___                    |___________|
||__|   |_|  W|
|___     _    |
    |___| |___|         Map 7.1 - Stage Overview
                        S = Starting Point
                        L = Location of Arms Deal
                        G = Guards You Should Eliminate
                        P = Yushchenko's Papers
                        Z = Zayed Al Dhahiri
                        V = Kill Samaev Here
                        Y = Kill Yang Here
                        O = Concubine Outfit
                        R = Revealing Outfit
                        A = Need Letter for Location
                        B = Need Letter for Location II
                        C = Need Letter for Location III
                        E = Expert's Location

a) From the starting point, make you way to location A.
   A guard will be patrolling the area.
   Yang will be talking to a stationary guard.
b) Stay in A (which is near a torch and a discreet are) until the
   patrolling guard passes you.  Kill the stationary guard and
   then kill the patrolling guard.

c) Make your way to location L.
   As you as you enter L, start making your way over to B.
   Once you're far enough from the bad guys, run over to area C.

   [Check the comments section - You may want to kill Zayed Al Dhahiri
   before you move on.]

d) In area C, you'll see a patrolling guard.  Follow him.
   He'll eventually stop near a stationary, guard.
   Kill the stationary guard, and hide his body in the nearby discreet
   area.  (Located just to the right, in the direction where the guard
   was facing)  Note that there are boxes in this area.

e) Go into area P.  Kill the guard there.  He has the papers, so check
   his body afterwards.  Also, hide his body in a corner of the area he
   was patrolling.  There's also a laser gate security here - Ignore it.

f) By this time, Samaev should be just entering area C.  Double back to 
   area L.  Keep your distance from the guards (they'll see you) and move
   slowly towards area Z.  Kill the guy.  Since he's all by himself, as 
   long as you keep your distance from everyone, no one will notice the

   [You can ignore this step if you've already killed him.]

g) Run back to area C.  While you're on your way, you'll get a message 
   that Samaev has the container.  There's a set of stairs off of area C.
   Stay in those stairs (you won't have to wait long) and wait for Samaev
   to appear.  Kill him, and get the viral container; leave his body.

   [Samaev will be VERY close to you, since he's coming up the short
   set of stairs.  You have, at the most, a 2 second window to take 
   him out.  It's not too hard, so stay relaxed.]

h) Go to the discreet area mentioned in step d.  Remember those boxes?
   Climb up to the roof using them.  There's another set of boxes.
   Climb up those as well.  Keep climbing and you'll see a guard.  Take
   him out before he manages to go inside the building.  
   [If he makes it into the building you'll have to move his body into
   a corner or back outside, so the nearby guard won't see him later on.
   The stationary guard will only notice you if you get really close to
   him (and you will, later on), so he won't see you carrying the body.]

i) Inside is the concubine outfit.  Switch clothes (You'll have to be
   behind the changing area) and run back to Yang; you don't have to worry
   about stealth while wearing this outfit.

j) After you hand the container over the Yang, follow him.  Kill him once
   he's in area Y.  Area Y is right by a discreet area, so stash his body.
   (Note that Yang is the only one stupid enough in the entire game to
   use the China Type 67)

   [The discreet area is a dark corner with a basket.]

k) Go back to the building where you got the outfit from, and make your
   way downstairs.  In the room with the laser security is the more
   revealing outfit.  You'll need to make a right as you enter the room 
   (it's really dark) to get behind the pillar so you can access the right
   side of the changing area.

l) Go back upstairs and poison the chalice.  Switch back to the sherpa
   outfit (same place where the concubine outfit was) and make your way
   back to the starting area.  Note that some of the guards may now be
   standing still...

If you couldn't make it in time to kill Samaev in area V, wait for him to
reach area B, and then kill him.  If you couldn't kill Yang in area Y, 
wait for him to make his way to the starting point and kill him.

You can kill Zayed Al Dhahiri when you first enter the location of the
arms deal.  Position yourself at location E on the map.  Now, the
Shurikens' have an arc trajectory when you throw 'em.  So,
switch to L1 targeting, and aim it above Zayed Al Dhahiri's head.
The targeting cursor should not be green - If it is, the shurikens
will hit the ground.  It should be above the target and be red; try to 
imagine the guy standing.  If your aim is true, you'll hit and kill
the guy.  This way is more efficient than the one described in the steps,
but is obviously harder to do, since you'll have to be good with the
Shurikens.  If you miss, you won't get caught, but make sure you only
use a few Shurikens trying to take him out.

You can grab the torches that's along the walls outdoors, but they're a
melee weapon, so you'll have to drop your Shurikens.  So, don't do it.
They are a one-hit kill weapon, so you may want to fool around once you've
obtained par time for this stage.

It's strange, but while you won't break stealth wearing the concubine 
outfit, if you go outdoors wearing the revealing outfit, stealth will be


8. Sana'a, Yemen: Arms Bazaar     <LV8>

Eliminate the VIP to obtain credentials
Enter the arms market with credentials
Destroy communications equipment
Eliminate Khorsh's thugs
Eliminate Khorsh
Obtain Zohar's explosives
Deliver explosives to Zohar
Eliminate Yushchenko's bodyguards
Eliminate Yushchenko
Obtain video tape evidence
Maintain stealth
Hidden objective: Photograph Fadhil's files
Hidden objective: Obtain Thae-bok Jon's credentials

Solo Par: 18:00

VIP is the guy slowly walking around - "Interesting."
Give VIP's credentials to guard at entrance.
Destroy dish and 2 radios.
Eliminate elite guards (time limit if stealth is lost).
Silently kill Khorsh.
Explosives in a crate (why?) in residential area.
Hand over explosives to Zohar (do last in mission).
Appear from the car.
Appears from the car.
Tape is in security building, near a radio.
Don't get seen with weapon armed or while in secure area.
Use underground passage to enter Fadhil's pad.
Kill Jon (in building with agency gear).

The maps are drawn with the compass to the north.

There's a lot of running around in this map.  Keep your
weapons tucked away, as you'll lose stealth if you are
spotted with one out.  The K-BAR will not kill the VIP
in one hit (unless it's a stealth kill), so be careful.

Recommended Weapons Setup:
Likely:            Moderate:          Best:
(VSS Special)*     C8 Rifle*          M82 BFG*
(Desert Sniper .44)(Desert Sniper .44)Desert Express .50
Biz-9              Air pistol         Air pistol
Smoke grenade      Sarin nerve agent  Sarin nerve agent
Stun Jack          Stun Jack          VibroBlade

* = Primary weapon for the stage
You need the Air pistol as a silent weapon.  If you don't have it, then
you have to stick with the VSS Special, which you find in this stage.

|          |          |   Map 8.1 - Ruins Area
|  |       |_____     |   E = Entrance
|  |             |    |   P = Unstable Pillar
|  |             |    |   T = Tunnel
|  |             |    |
|  |        _____|    |
|  |         P        |
|  |                  |

a) This area is right next to where you start the stage.
   Go to the pillar and kick it over; immediately run to the tunnel.
   Pick up the NVG and VSS-Special inside the box and go into the
   tunnel; if you don't do this fast enough, the guard, who ran
   over to the pillar, will return and spot you.

b) Inside tunnels, you'll run into a couple of guards - Take 'em 
   down with the VSS.  Keep exploring the tunnels and
   you'll eventually come to a gate you can open.  There's
   a single guard here.  Take him out and photograph Fadhil's files.
   Exit the tunnel afterwards.

c) Once you exit the tunnel, stay around the tunnel area for a while.
   The VIP will head towards you.  He'll eventually stop in front 
   of the tunnel.  Snap his neck, take his credentials, and hide his
   body inside the tunnel.  You have to do this fast, as a guard
   is coming your way.  Head to the VIP area afterwards.

   [If you're taking the graveyard path to the arms market, you may
   want to take a chance to take out the communications dish while
   you're there.  If you're quick, you'll have 2 seconds to take
   it out by getting it as close you can w/o being seen by the guard
   closest to you.  After you're in the right position, you have
   about 2 seconds to shoot before a patrolling guard spots you.
   This is the quickest way to take out the dish.  Course, if you
   want to play it safe, you can wait until the patrolling guard
   turns around, kill him (try to time it so he's near a grave),
   kill the stationary guard, and then shoot the dish.]

  B   ___________
 | |_|           |   Map 8.2 - VIP Entrance
 |__G            |   B = This Leads to the First Area
     |           |   C = This Also Leads to the First Area,
     |           |       Via the Cemetery
     |           |   K = Kill Khorsh Here
     |           |   G = Kill Guards Here x4
 ____|           |
|  __ G          | 
| |  |___________|
| |  
| |    ______
| |   /      \
| |__|        |_____
|____    G     _____ C
     |        |
      \__K __/

d) After you hand over the VIP papers, you'll get a shot of the
   communications dish (right above you).
   Stay around the entrance of the VIP area.  Khorsh will come
   towards you.  He'll stop in front of the VIP area. 
   Snap his neck, and leave his body.

   [As an alternative, you can move the bodies out of view of
   the market and use the discreet area in the far side of the
   market (behind some crates) to shoot the dish.]

e) Sneak up on the guard in front, and snap his neck too.  Leave
   his body.

f) Turn to your left and follow that corridor.  It'll lead to
   a courtyard.  A guard will stop at the entrance of the corridor,
   the proceed to go inside.  Kill him while he's inside.  You
   have to kill him before he stops; otherwise, he'll see the dead
   bodies you left behind.  Leave his dead body.

g) Double back to the courtyard.  By this time, the second guard 
   there will make his way to the corridor.  Once he stops, snap
   his neck.  Carry his body a bit into the corridor.

h) Run to the other entrance to the courtyard.  You'll see a third
   guard.  He'll stop at the entrance to the courtyard.  You don't
   have to kill him, but what the hell, twist that sucker.

i) Once the coast is clear, take out that VSS-Special and shoot the
   communications dish.  Now, make you way to the black arms market.
   From the map's perspective, you want to take the lower right exit.
   From your perspective, you want to take the exit that's to your
   far left.  Ignore the boxes in the market.

                        |L|                 |R|
                        | |         ________|.|___
                        | |        |      ___. . _|
              ________  | |    ____|     |    |.|
             |        |_| |   |          |____|.|
             |         _  |   |         |  ___|.|
             |E. _____| | |   |       __|___ . .|
             |__|.   |  | |   |      |      |.|
           _____|.   |  | |   |      |______|.|_
          |. ________|  | |   |      .___C___.JA|
          |.|           | |   |    . |
          |.|__         | |   |   .  |
 ___      |.   |        | |   |  .   |
|   |__   |.   |   _____|_|___| .    | Map 8.3 - Town Area
|D     |  |.   |  |. ___._.___ .     | R = To Market, Right Exit
|_   __|  |X . |__|.|   | |   |______| L = To Market, Left Exit
  | |_______| . ____|   | |            J = Thae-bok Jon
  |__________  |        | |            E = Explosives
             | |________| |            D = Radio
             |________  __|            C = Climbing Place
                      ||               X = Kill Position
                                       A = Agency Gear

j) Taking the right exit (map's perspective) will lead you into the
   right section of the town.  Take the stairs up (it'll be dark)
   and you'll come across Thae-bok Jon.  He'll stand briefly in front
   of a door - Snappy, snappy.  Make sure you search his body for his
   credentials.  Shoot open the lock to the door and get your agency
   weapons.  Make note of this dark building, and go down to the 
   streets - Follow the dots on the map.

k) Get the explosives from the box.  Then, double back to the X on the
   map.  By the time you get here, a guard will be exiting from the
   nearby building (which has a radio).  Setup at position X, and shoot
   him once he's in your sights.  Leave his body.  Go into the building
   where he came from.

l) Destroy the radio inside (pick up some VSS ammo) and exit via the
   window.  Note that you can do this part of the level in the opposite.
   Get the explosives first, kill the guard, destroy the radio, then
   kill Thae-bok Jon (You'll have to take the left exit from the market).
   The difference between the two paths is where you start on the next
   map.  You can climb up the box and then jump up.  There's a box 
   with a VSS-Special if you need more ammo.

||_                      C           Map 8.4 - Final Area
|  |____|g|________    __||_______   C = Start Here if You Climbed Up
|__|              G|__|           |      in the Previous Area
  |__          ___                |  W = Start Here if You Exited the
     |__  __  |   |        _ _    |      Previous Area via the Window
        |     |   |_______|   |   |  G = Kill Guards Here x2
       _| _ __|___________|   | K |  X = Hiding Position
 _____|                   |X _|   |  g = Do Not Kill This Guard
|   __K                           |  K = Kill Guard, Either Position
|__|  |_________G_________________|

m) If you exited via the window, you'll notice a guard to your left as
   you exit.  Take him down ASAP.  If you don't kill him right away,
   it's best to wait until he moves further away from you, next to the
   small indoor strucutre (position G).  Otherwise, you'll end up 
   killing him right behind guard g.  Guard g won't see him, but 
   guard K probably will, so you'll have to move the body.

n) Go to position X, and kill patrolling guard, K.  You can kill him at
   either one of the positions.  One of the K positions will mean a 
   faster kill, but the target will be further from you, and vice versa.

   [If you move fast enough, you can actually kill guard K by going 
   directly for him and not for position X]

o) After killing the patrolling guard, hug the walls of the main building.
   A guard will eventually step out of the building.  Shoot him.

   [Yes, you can try to kill him while he's inside of the building]

p) Go inside the building.  There's a guard patrolling the upstairs area.
   He'll check the stairs, then go back to the room.  Position yourself
   near the stairs (but out of sight).  Wait until he checks the stairs
   then turns around - Sneak after him and shoot him in the back.

q) The last radio and the video tape will be in the upstairs room (as is
   the gate key).  If you check the cabinet in the corner of the room with
   the radio, you'll find a Desert Sniper (which is also in one of the 
   boxes in the market).

r) At this point, stealth has been accomplished.  All that remains is to
   take out the elite guards, deliver the explosives, and then kill 
   Yushchenko and his bodyguards.  The guards are shown on the map, so
   hunt them down.  If you take the path previous outlined (the dotted)
   back to the market, you'll encounter all of them.

   [The elite guards are heavily armored.  Unless you have the M82 with
   you, you can all but forget about body shots.  Even a shot from a
   dual wield DE .50 will not take 'em out with a single attack.  They're
   armed with the DS .44, and they'll lock on to you pretty fast.]

s) Once you're back in the market, clear out the place of any guards you
   see.  Afterwards, hand over the explosives to Zohar, and then get your
   Sarin gas out - Keep tossing 'em at the car and you'll kill everyone 
   within 10 seconds.  Zohar is invincible so the gas won't harm him.


9. Sana'a, Yemen: Taherir Palace     <LV9>

Eliminate security room guards within 5 minutes
Retrieve weapons from security cage
Provide cover fire for Zohar
Jump to extraction chopper
Do not sound alarm before al-Hassan is dead
No collateral damage
Destroy Scud firing mechanism (Team)

Solo Par: 17:00
Team Par: 15:00

Don't get seen with a weapon out - 4 guards to kill.
Just check crates in the cage.
Make sure Zohar is still alive at the end of the stage.
Get a good running start and run to it.
Kill 4 guards in stealth.
Don't kill Zohar.
Climb wall in area after opening the door.

The map is drawn in the direction you're facing when the level starts.

This is the easiest stage to get par times, both on and offline.  Well,
offline for sure.  Online, I've had something like a 20% success rate
because I always run into some idiot(s) who "claim to know" how to do
the first portion of the level.  Luckily, after reading this, you won't
be one of them, and that makes be very happy :)

You only start the level with your melee weapon.
Use a knife or the stun jack.

The second half of the level is almost like a light gun game.
(Time Crisis is an example).  You'll be running around in a very
small area, and need to provide cover fire for Zohar.  The enemies can
reach you if they climb up the stairs (Late in the level, they'll spawn
in the building).

Recommended Weapons Setup:
Likely:            Moderate:          Best:
AU300 Mod-SMG*     C8 Rifle*          C8 Rifle*
G-17               Jerico-41          Desert Express .50 
Biz-9              MDS-7              SSP 90
Smoke grenade      Sarin nerve agent  Sarin nerve agent
Stun Jack          Stun Jack          E.P.D.D.

* = Primary weapon for the stage
For the first setup, the only reason you have the G-17 is so you can
take ammo from it (same with the Biz-9).

|  _______________D_|    Map 9.1 - Cage Area
|    _____________  |    S = Starting Point
| | |             | |    T = Stairs
| | |             | |    G = Kill Guards Here
| | |       ______| |    O = Opening in the Cage
| | |      |    G | |    C = Climb Down Here
| | |      | O    | |    D = Door
| | |      |      |C|
|G| |      |      | |
| | |      |______| |
|  G|             | |
| | |_____  S  ___| |          
| | |               |
| |/ G              |

a) Just stand around at the beginning of the stage.  On your level,
   there's a guard inside a cage and another patrolling the area.

b) After about 30 seconds, the patrolling guard will move towards you 
   (make sure you're out of the way) and go to the stairs.  He'll stop in
   front of the stairs - Snap his neck.

c) Take the stairs up.  Once you reach the 2nd level, you'll see that one
   of the guards is standing, and looking at the cage.  The other guard is
   approaching you.  Snap the guard that's standing.  

d) Seconds after you do that, the other guard will stop just short of 
   seeing the guard you just killed and look at the buildings outdoors.  
   Snap him.  (See how easy that was?)

e) Run over to area C on the map, and climb down (Climb down by pressing X,
   do not jump down by just going forward) to the cage.  Sneak over to the
   opening in the cage.  

f) At this point, the guard will probably be facing left
   (map's perspective), the direction where the two guars were upstairs.
   Wait a few seconds and he'll walk over to another spot (he'll be
   looking at the security monitors)  Even though there's a ladder in
   the cage opening, don't bother with it.  Just drop down and break the
   guy's neck.  The first part of the mission is complete.

g) Grab your gear in the cage and open the door (switch nearby).  Go back
   upstairs and go through the door.  From here on, just protect Zohar.

h) After a long battle, the helicopter will drop down.  You need to jump
   to it.  Make sure you get a good running start and are running
   straight when you make the jump.  Not enough starting room or turns
   will prevent you from jumping.

Cobra:  Does the stealth kills
Python: Disables Scud Missile
Viper:  Disables Scud Missile
Dragon: Gets a vacation

Cobra:  Kill
Python: Kill
Viper:  Kill
Dragon: Kill

Team (Speed):
Cobra* (S-1): Kill
Python (S-2): Kill
Viper  (S-2): Kill
Dragon (S-2): Kill

Cobra* (S-1): Well, okay, I guess it's a tad more complicated than just
              "kill."  But, not by much.  As Cobra, you'll once again
              have the annoying job.  This time, you'll need the 
              Shurikens.  At the start, head directly for the enemy
              in the lower level and snap his neck.  The guy in the 
              cage won't notice you, yet, and the guys upstairs won't
              see the body.  Now, you need to wait.  Once your 
              teammates have killed the 2 soldiers upstairs, you need
              to get head shot the guy inside the cage with the
              Shurikens.  It's not too hard; just go close to the cage
              and aim the cursor at the head.  As for the main weapon,
              I'd recommend the MGL.

Python (S-2): Python will be responsible for killing one of the guys
              upstairs.  I'm talking about the guy that eventually 
              moves to the balcony outside.  His starting position
              will be right above the guy that Cobra just killed.
              You have to kill him as he is moving, but only after
              Viper kills his guy.  After you kill him, pick up his 
              Uzi and get ready to kick open the door and save Zohar.
              Stay with Zohar until your teammates arrive.  Once they
              do, go get your weapons from the cage.
              For the main weapon, I'd recommend the C8 Rifle.

Viper  (S-2): Viper will get the guy upstairs that circles that cage.
              As soon as Python's guy turns left and walks away, take
              out your guy.  For the main weapon, I'd go with the C8

Dragon (S-2): Dragon will be the one that goes into the stage.  Don't
              climb down to it until Viper's guy is dead.  Once that's
              done, go down and enter the cage.  If you're fast enough
              you may be able to kill the guy inside the cage before
              Cobra can.  Make sure the first thing you do once inside
              the cage is to open the doors, so Python can protect
              Zohar right away.  For the main weapon, I'd complement
              the other selections with the M4.

There are times when Zohar is inside a building.  You can tell this is
the case whenever he tells you he's searching an area and/or when he is
no longer in range of your radar (and was a second ago).  You don't have
to fire at the enemies at this point.  You may want to take a breather
and/or get more ammo (Uzi/DSC) from the weapon crate during this time.

Late in the level Zohar mentions something about preventing a bunch of
soldiers from reaching the building.  This is not an objective in the 
mission.  And, contrary to what he says, you can easily stop them if
they happen to reach you.  This is also the time when soldiers dressed
in white happen to spawn somewhere in the building (either on the roof
above you or from the door)

It's strange, but when you obtain par time for this stage, it'll say
6/7 objectives completed.  Hmm...  Possible that you can disarm the
missile offline?  Doubtful, but it makes me wonder...


10. Minsk, Belarus: International University     <LVA>

Retrieve mission gear from safehouse
Deploy viral sniffers at marked locations
Download MetaGlobal's records
Deploy a beacon inside the refrigerated truck
Bug all MetaGlobal containers
Use elevator to enter the labs
Plant Agency surveillance gear
Acquire Omega Strain serum
Use emergency gas shutoff valve
Fall back to the streets for extraction
Maintain stealth
No collateral damage

Solo Par: 20:00

Tracking devices from Maggie's pad.
4 sniffers need to be placed.
Records are in computer inside building.
Truck accessed via warehouse.
2 containers inside warehouse must be bugged (random locations).
Elevator is in Jandran's office.
5 Surveillance gear; place in lab.
4 access panels must be operated to get serum.
Turn valve, located underground.
Go back to starting point.
Don't get seen w/ weapon.
Don't kill university security.

The maps are drawn in the direction you're facing when the level starts.

This is probably the most difficult stage in the game to obtain par time.
You've got to maintain stealth, worry about collateral damage, and those
armored freaks that'll come after you later on in the level.

On the streets, you cannot carry around any back weapons around the 
guards, as you'll lose stealth (other weapons are okay).

I've broken this stage down into two parts, the streets and underground.
There's also a third (mansion/lab) but there isn't much to do there.

Recommended Weapons Setup:
Likely:            Moderate:          Best:
(DSC-1)            M-79               MGL
PPK                PPK                Mark 23 SD
MDS-7              Air pistol         Air pistol
Smoke grenade      Sarin nerve agent  Sarin nerve agent
Stun Jack*         Stun Jack*         Stun Jack*

* = Primary weapon for the stage
Since the Stun Jack is at center stage, the only time you have to 
worry about other weapons is for the armored freaks and the foreman.
Use smoke grenades or M-79 or MGL for the armored guys and
DSC-1 or sarin for the foreman.

                    |     L   |         |    Map 10.1 - Streets
                    |   ______|         |    S = Starting Point
                    |  |    __          |    V = Viral Sniffer x4
                    |  |   |  |         |    M = Maggie's Safe House
                    |  |   |  |         |    C = Computer
                    |  |_D_|  |_________|    L = Lockers
                    |                        D = Door
         ___________|_                       G = Gate
        |           |V|                      P = Crawlspace
        |         R_|4|_____G____________    R = Rifle
        |         |                   _V2|   A = Map Position
        |         |                  |       B = Map Position
        |        C|     A_______     |
        |     __ _|    |_      /     |
        |    |_  ____   _|   /       |
        |      ||    |R|   /         |
        |______||________/         S |
        |     P                V1____|
        |                      / 
        |    ______    ______/
 _____  |   |      |  |
| V3  |_|   |   ___|  |
|      _    | R|   ___|
|_____| |   |  |  |
      __|   |__|  |
     | B        __|
     |         |
     |__   ____|
a) From the starting position, turn around and plant the first viral
   sniffer on the wall.  When you're done, run to position A.

b) Once you're there, you'll see a guard by the door, talking aloud about
   the security code.  Wait until the opens the door, then charge in. 
   You should be able to enter before the door closes (if it does close, 
   you can just open it, but this saves time).  Follow the guard inside
   until he stops, then kill him.

c) Download the data from the computer and take the back door exit.
   A guard will be to your left, and the crawlspace in front.  Sneak up
   to the guard and break his neck.  Right behind him in the garage is
   a rifle.  Pick it up.

d) Take out the guard on the roof, directly in front of you.
   Now, position yourself so you can see the gate.
   Wait for the patrolling guard to stop in front of the gate and snipe.
   Now, move closer to the gate, so you have a clear view of the door.

e) In a few moments the foreman will come rushing out of the door.  If
   you have Sarin or DormaGen gas, throw it at the door to take him out.
   If not, you'll have to wait until he opens the door and snipe him.

   [You can actually tag him before he opens the door...]

f) Drop your rifle and go back into the building. 
   On the second floor is another rifle (w/o thermal). 
   Use the rifle to shoot the lock off of the gate.

g) Drop your rifle and run over to V2 on the map.  If you did the last
   step fast enough, Jandran's bodyguard will be over there.  By the
   time you get to him, he'll be facing the wall.
   Snap him and plant the second viral sniffer.

   [You don't have to kill the bodyguard; if you do, another guard will
   just spawn and take the same route anyway.  In fact, if you really
   want to be careful, avoid killing him.  Don't even run towards his
   position - Sneak instead.  This guarantees that he won't look towards
   your position and won't see a dead body.]

h) Run over to position B on the map.  A guard will walk in front of you
   and head into the alley directly across.  Follow him, and when he's
   around the corner of the alley, hit him with the Stun Jack (or whatever
   you got that can take him out quietly).  Climb the ladder at the corner
   of the alley.  There's another rifle there, and your target is directly
   across from you.

i) Climb down and head back to position B.  A campus security guard will
   soon make his way towards you.  He'll stop right in front of you. 
   Knock him out with the Stun Jack, and carry his body to the corner of
   the alley.

j) Head back to position B again.  By the time you've returned from hiding
   the body, the second campus security guard should be moving towards 
   you.  He'll also stop in front of you.  Stun him - You can leave his
   body there.

k) Go into the safe house and gear all of your gear.

l) Plant the third viral sniffer.

m) Go to the other street, but make sure you take the crawlspace instead
   of the streets (since your weapons are visible).  Plant the last
   viral sniffer, open the gate, and enter the building.

   [Note that even if you got discovered on the streets, the activites
   in the warehouse and underground will always be the same, regardless.
   So, you can divide the stealth part into two segments - One for
   outside and one for underground, with the warehouse separating them.]

n) You can make noise now, so shoot the two workers by the truck.
   Plant a beacon inside the truck.
   There are 2 containers you have to plant bugs on.  Their locations are
   random.  Use the map.  In 2 of the 3 possible locations, they're all
   in the main building (no enemies, and close by).

o) Go into the office of the building.  There are lockers along the wall.
   Open up one of them and change outfits.  Go down the stairs nearby. 

                                      |                   |
                                      |                   |    S
                                      |_                  |___| |_____| |
                                        |____________   ______________ A
                                                     | |              |_|
                                                     | |
                                                     / /
                                                    / / A
                                                   | |
                                    _    ______    | |
                                   | |__| A    |___| |
                                   |  __ C      ___  |
                                   | |  |_A____|   | |
                           _   _   | |            _| |
                          | |_| |__| |_           T__|
                          |  __________|
                          | |
      ____________________| |
     |___ _________   ______|    Map 10.2 - Underground
      | |          | |           S = Starting Point
      | |V         | |           A = Alternate Path
      |_|_  ___  __| |           T = Tunnel
 ______   ||   |||  _|           C = Main Security Control
|  __  |  ||__ |___|             V = Gas Valve
| |  | |  |__ |                  E = Exit
| |_ | |     ||
|   || |_____||_
|_  ||_____     | 
  | |___   |____|

p) As you go down the stairs, you'll see a guard walking towards you, 
   three guard in the large, adjacent room, and one guard approaching
   the large room from the other side.  You don't have to, but try to
   take out all the guards you can (do it quietly).  This will make
   your escape much easier.  The approaching guard has NVG on him.
   So, make sure you pick it up (if you're going to use the
   catacombs to exit the lab later on).

   [If you're wearing the worker outfit, you will not be spotted, as
   long as you:
   1. Do not use a loud weapon
   2. Do not kill/KO an enemy within view of another enemy
   In other words, just go running around hitting everyone with the
   Stun Jack.]

q) The large room is one of the possible locations for a container.
   There's a fork in the path you take from the large room.  (two
   guards will be heading for the fork)  If you make a right, you'll
   be in the control room.  Keep going forward, and you'll arrive in
   what seems like a dead end.  Check your map and you can see another
   path connected.  This is an alternate path to the labs.  For now,
   ignore it (you could bust it open by firing at it, if you want).

   [You can also open up the passage by shooting the nearby cover for
   the pressure pipe.  Well, that's really your only option if you
   don't have explosives.  Note that all of the covers/seals/caps in
   this area can be shot off.]

r) Keep following the path make you way to E, on the path.  Make
   sure you turn the gas off on the way.  Once you reach point E, your
   uniform will no longer be effective in maintaining stealth.  Not to
   worry, as there are only four guards ahead.

s) There are two guards in the yard.  They're easy to take out.  One of 
   them has his back turned towards you and the other is slowly patrolling
   the yard.

   [Wait for the moving guard to go past the stationary one.  KO the
   stationary guard, then go after the moving one.]

t) Enter the house via the window.  Keep moving (quietly) forward.  You'll
   see a guard on the radar, but he won't see you.  He'll head toward the 
   door ahead of you - You can stun him while he is checking the door.

u) Hug the walls and move slowly forward.  The one remaining guard will 
   walk out, then turn back.  Move towards him, wait for him to walk out
   again, and stun him.  Shoot the camera and use the elevator.
   Getting to the lab satisfies the stealth parameter.

   [You can just stun the guard when he walks out the first time.
   You also do not have to shoot the camera; you can disable it by using
   the nearby security panel, which is in the corner of the camera room.
   This is probably a better/faster way, since it also automatically
   brings up the elevator.]

v) Before you plant all the cameras in the lab, get the sample.
   After you plant all the cameras, two enemies will appear on radar and
   bust through to the lab (via the adjacent storage room).  So, you
   want to get the sample before they crash the party.  If you have
   a M79 or anything else that goes boom, set yourself up in front of
   the storage room and blow 'em up.

   [If no boom, try the MDS-7 or smoke grenades.  If neither, then
   I hope you like running and/or don't mind dying.]

w) The two enemies will have made a hole in the storage room.
   Go through it, and you'll be in the well.  Now, you can climb the
   ladder back up, or jump up to the platforms.  Climbing up the ladder
   means you'll have to double back the way you came from.  Jumping up
   leads to the catacombs, which also leads back outside (ever
   so slightly faster).

The armored freaks carry heavy firepower and can take a lot of punishment.
Easiest way to take 'em out is to use explosives.  You can also hit their
backpacks, which will explode (No doubt a reminder of Syphon Filter's
first boss, Anton Girdeaux).  You can also use the Stun Jack (love this).
If you like bullets, the penetrating rounds of the MDS-7 will do.

The A's on the map are a set of underground (well, even further) paths
that are all connected to each other.  You really don't have to worry
about them, unless you get caught.  If you alert security, some of the
gates will close, and you'll have to take this alternate path.

The main security control doesn't seem to be accessible on your way to
the lab.  The windows to the room do open up after hell breaks loose.

The armored enemies will fight the other guards.

If you did not turn off the gas earlier on, flames will start shooting
out of the pipes.  (Well, you have to also avoid killing the armored 
enemies as they start the fire)  It's really cool trying to get out of
that mess, so you should try it out once.

Yes, it is more than possible to do all this w/o changing clothes.  And,
quite honestly, I prefer to do it that way, since it forces you to take
out all the guards and adds a bit of tension.


11. Samaschki, Chechnya: Ivankov's Home     <LVB>

Photograph the 3 mass graves
Photograph the bombed school
Photograph the bombed hospital
Photograph the bombed church
Photograph Uri Gregorav
Rescue the CDP hostage
Free Chechen prisoners
Obtain the code from Ivakov's house
Collect tissue sample from a villager's body
Get to the extraction point
Maintain stealth
Do not use lethal force

Solo Par: 12:00

Photograph a bunch of things.
1 hostage, near Gregorov; free with prisoners.
2 prisoners, unlock door and they move.
Located on 2nd floor (shimmy across from other street).
Body located near CDP hostage.
Return to starting point.
Don't get seen.
Don't use head-shots, don't burn enemies with air taser.

The map is drawn in the direction you're facing when the level starts.

If you haven't used the taser much, you may want to practice.
             \ \             ____  _
             /  \           /H   \/ |   Map 11.1 - Stage Overview
            |C   \          \_______|   S = Starting Point
       _    |___  \             |_|     G = Mass Grave x3
      | |____ O | |             | |     H = Hospital
      |      |__|F|___      ____|_|_    C = Church
      |__  __ _____ _ \____/  ___   |   E = School
         |  A|     |_|       / _/   |   O = Prisoners
         |   |     |    __   \_\    |   D = CDP Hostage
         |  _|     | G |  |     ____|   P = Photograph Spot
    _____| |_______|_ _|__|    /        B = Villager's Body
   |             B   |    |  ||         I = Ivankov's Home
   |    ____       D |P __|__||         A = Map Location
   | __|    |    |_  | |                F = Map Location
 __||      _|      |   |___
|_G_|     | |     _| |____ |__
         _| |    |___.|__.|_. |____
        |   |        . _   | .    E|
        |__ |___    __| |  |_______|
           |    | G|___I|  |
           |____|_______   |
                        |  |
                        |  |

a) From the starting point, make a left.  Use your air pistol to take out
   the soldier at the grave.  Take the photo, and carry his body inside
   Ivankov's house - There's a discreet area in the corner.

b) Wait inside the house (by the windows).  A soldier will walk by you.
   Follow him, stun him, and hide his body in the discreet area.

c) Go up (follow dots) from the window of the house.  There will be a
   soldier patrolling inside the house.  Kneel, as he'll be standing right
   over you.  After he turns around, climb up into the house and stun him.
   Both of the rooms in the house are discreet areas, so move him into
   one of them.  Make note of this house and rooms.

   [If you move close to the point where you can climb up, another
   soldier will appear on your radar.  He'll move into the area where
   you're in, and walk away from you, giving you a golden opportunity
   to take him down.  If you shoot him now, you won't have to worry 
   about him when you're climbing down the window of the house in
   next step.  However, you'll have to wait for the soldier in the
   house to make his rounds again.  Speed wise, it doesn't make much
   of a difference.]

d) Check the far window of this house.  You'll see that there are two 
   soldiers below you.  One of them is walking towards the school.  The
   other one patrols this general area.  Lower yourself outside (time it
   carefully so the patrolling soldier doesn't spot you).  The patrolling
   soldier will stop for a moment, then turn around.  The moment he turns
   around, move towards the soldier at the school.  You should have just
   enough time to KO him.  Take the photo of the school afterwards.

e) You want to make you way to where the patrolling guard was standing, 
   and then from that room, go one room forward.  An entrance to a house
   will be to your right, and an opening in the walls will be in front.
   The patrolling soldier will eventually walk past this opening.  Hit
   him with the air pistol when he's in target.

   [You can ignore this step if you took out the soldier in step c.]

f) Go inside the house and take the stairs up.  Directly in front is
   ammo for the air pistol.  Ignore it for now.  Instead, hang a right 
   and make your way over to the next house.  Take the picture, then
   double back to the entrance of the house.

g) Head towards Ivankov's house using the path the patrolling soldier was
   on.  You'll probably see a soldier making his way across the house as
   you approach it.  Go inside, and wait by the doorway.  The patrolling
   soldier you saw before will walk across the doorway - Take him down.
   Now, double back to the spot where you took the picture.  On the way, 
   take down the soldier to your far right and get more air pistol ammo.
   (The soldier to the far right is the one near the starting point for
   this stage.  You want to KO him now so you won't have to deal with
   him when you're escorting the prisoners back.)

h) From the photograph spot, you'll probably see (If only two, that means
   that the third is in the vicinity) three soldiers and Gregorav.
   From your perspective, the one on the far left is stationary.  
   The other soldier on the left will be talking to 
   Gregorav (he'll eventually be stationary).  The final soldier will be
   walking.  As soon as Gregorav leaves, shoot the patrolling soldier,
   the one who was talking to Gregorav, and the one on the far left, in
   that order.

i) Run out of the photo area on to the streets (You may take a bit of 
   damage).  Get your taser out and run up the street.  A soldier will
   be approaching you, so put him to sleep.  Get a sample from the
   villager's body afterwards.

j) Run up the street to the second mass grave.  A soldier there is
   alone, and won't see you, so use the taser on him.

   [As you appproach area A, you may encounter a glitch where the stage
   just resets.  If it happens, change the your route for the stage a
   bit.  For example, instead of going back to KO the 2 soldiers after
   you see Gregarov, KO them before moving for the chopper.]

k) Move to location A on the map.  You'll see a soldier and prisoners.
   Don't take out the soldier yet.  Another soldier is approaching you.
   Let him walk past you and wait for him to stop.  Use the air pistol on
   him then.  As long as you're at it, take out the soldier in front.

l) Move on to the streets, and get your taser out.  A soldier will move
   from the church area to location B on the map.  Shock him.  Go to the
   church, shock the soldier there, and take the picture.  You may want
   to move the first soldier's body further back into the area.

m) Go back to area B, and wait there for a while.  Another soldier is
   patrolling the area.  If you take him out in the wrong location, the
   nearby guards will notice.  Stay at the far wall of location B and wait
   for the patrolling guard to come towards you.  When he comes to a stop,
   take him out with the air pistol.

n) Sneak forward.  There are two guard to your right, but they won't
   notice you if you keep quiet.  Throw a couple of the DormaGen gas at
   them, and take the photo of the last grave.

o) Head for the hospital  (You'll have climb a bit).  Once you lower 
   yourself into a house, you'll see three guards.  Toss some DormaGen
   at 'em and take a photo afterwards.

p) Double back to the prisoners and let 'em out; they'll only move if
   you're close by.  They'll run towards the starting point.  On the way
   there, free the CDP hostage.  (Don't worry, the remaining guards won't
   notice them)  Run with them, but stop once you reach the house 
   mentioned in step c.  In the first room of the house (being the first
   one to your right as you climb up into the hallway) is a small ledge.
   Go on it and shimmy across the street to the second floor of Ivankov's
   house.  The code is within the papers you'll find there.  Go back to
   the starting area.

The only tricky parts to this level are when you have to lower yourself
from the window (get the soldier by the school) and when you have to KO
the soldiers after Gregorav leaves.

There is more air pistol ammo around, but they're really out of the way.
You should be fine with the one ammo crate.

If you don't stay with any of the three people you freed, they may die, 
even if the path is cleared.

This stage is prone to a glitch where all of a sudden the screen flashes
and you have to restart...  If this happens, switch your tactics/timing
for the next run (or just reset your PS2).


12. North Atlantic: Lorelei Salvage Rig     <LVC>

Locate salvage personnel uniform on level 2
Obtain access codes on level 5
Rescue level 5 salvage personnel
Infiltrate lower levels
Plant four nukes on the lower levels
Infiltrate restricted level 13
Eliminate threat on level 13
Administer medication to Dr. Jandran
Collect original virus sample
Locate launch override switch on level 13
Activate emergency pump system within 3 minutes
Open level 2 security door for Mujari
Provide covering fire for Mujari
Rendezvous at the level 13 mini-sub docking bay
Maintain stealth until meeting Mujari
No collateral damage

Solo Par: 28:00

Go from level 6 to 2, maintain stealth.
2 computers on level 5.
4 personnel, in pairs, carry to safe zone.
Automatic, with other objectives.
Plant, and make sure soldiers don't destroy.
Automatic, with other objectives.
Automatic, with other objectives.
Go near Jandran on level 13 and press triangle.
Sample located on level 2.
Turn switch off before sub goes underwater.
Pump control is on level 4.
Just open the door for Mujari.
Kill soldiers while Mujari hacks door.
Return to level 13 after setting nukes.
Get uniform, and don't use weapons.
Don't kill salvage personnel.

Don't let the lengthy par time fool you, as this really isn't a big stage.
A lot of time is spent sneaking around, on ladders, and elevators.  The
stage is broken down into several small sections.

The Stun Jack is your best weapon for this level.

Note that you won't lose stealth if a worker/guard sees you.  You only
lose it if someone activates the alarms.  Even if they reach one, it may
take them a while to activate it, so don't lose hope if you get spotted.

Recommended Weapons Setup:
Likely:            Moderate:          Best:
AU300 Mod-SMG*     C8 Rifle*          C8 Rifle*
Jerico-41          Jerico-41          Desert Express .50
MDS-7              Air pistol         Air pistol
Smoke grenade      DormaGen gas       DormaGen gas
Stun Jack          Stun Jack          Stun Jack

* = Primary weapon for the stage
Since half the level is stealth, it's debatble which is the primary

a) You start on the deck.  There will be one patrolling guard and one
   stationary guard.  You can kill 'em or let them be and take the 
   elevator down to level 6.

b) Two workers will be chatting to your left.  Throw a DormaGen at 'em.
   In the corner is a ladder going down.  Take it, and pick up the NVG
   in the box.  You'll see two workers on your radar in the next area.
   You can only get at one of them, but even he disappears after a while.
   Follow the passage to the ladder.  (Well, you can get the other one 
   with the Air Pistol, but there's not much point.)

c) This is level 5.  A guard has his back to you.  Hit him with the stun
   jack and get the access code from the computer.  (Or, you can just
   take out a lethal weapon and gun him down)  Now, while facing the
   computer, turn left and take the ladder at the end down.
   There are two workers here.  After you take out the first one, just run
   after the second one, as the alarm switch will be behind you.
   After the second worker you'll move on to the second section of
   level 5 (You had to take the lower level way because the upper level
   is sealed).

d) In this section, you'll see a worker in front - Stun him.  Do
   not take the first ladder you see.  Take the second ladder you see up
   to the main level (There's another worker down here, but you can 
   ignore him).  Once you get off of the ladder, make a right and hug
   the walls.  Stop short of the area where the guard is.  Once he stops
   and turns around, hit him with the stun jack.  (Again, you can just
   gun him down with a lethal weapon)

e) Instead of going directly for the computer, search this area a bit.
   Find the elevator (security) door and open it.  Then get the other 
   half of the level 13 access code.  Take the ladder up afterwards.

f) Once you get off of the ladder, you have two choices.  You can make
   a left and follow the path to an open vent, or you can hide behind the
   boxes to your right and stun the worker that's coming your way.  Either
   way is fine.  

g) On the other side of the vent is another worker.  Just sneak after him
   and stun him.  In the large room where you exited from the vent is
   another elevator.  Open the security door.  After that, take the ladder
   up to level 3.

h) This level is different from the rest.  It just consists of two long
   passages with a small central area.  Head towards the central area and
   you see/hear two workers talking.  After a while, one of them will
   leave.  Stun the stationary worker, then go after the one in motion.
   Take the ladder up to level 2.

   [Even though Mujari warns you, using explosives or high impact rounds
   while on this level will not do anything (much to my disappointment).
   Also, there doesn't seem to be an alarm for this level, so...]

i) As you enter level 2 you'll see/hear two guys talking (yes, again).
   Hide behind the boxes as one of them will come towards you after their
   conversation about the cold ends.  There is one more worker on this
   level.  You can stun the remaining workers, or leave both alone.
   It's your call.  The worker clothing is in the middle area of this

j) Close to the clothing is the level 2 elevator.  Open the security door
   and then call the elevator.  Instead of waiting, check the corner of
   this room.  There's a panel near one of them.  Activate it and a new
   section is revealed.  Take the ladders up and get the original virus
   sample in the lab.  Go back down - The elevator should be there by now.

k) Go down to level 12.  As soon and make your way right, an accident will
   be triggered.  Take the elevator up to level 4 (Yes, this is why you 
   opened those security doors earlier on).  The room with the emergency
   pump switch is close to the elevator.  Turn the pumps on and head for
   level 5.  There are four workers here, paired in twos, and in two 
   different rooms, across from each other.  Open up the doors and move 
   them into the safe zone.  Note that you only have to get them into 
   the edge of the safe zone, and not the middle.  When you're done, go
   back to level 2 and meet up with Mujari.  Then it's back to level 12.

l) Open up the door and head down the ladder.  You'll have to defend
   Mujari for a while (BTW, why is Mr. Non-Lethal using an ACR?).
   Once he opens the door, go to the left half of the docking bay and use
   the computer there to stop the sub from launching.  

m) There are stairs near the computer.  Take it up and find Jandran.
   Administer the faux-Vaccine to him, then double back to the docking
   bay.  The ladder to level 14 and 15 are in the other half (right side)
   of the bay.

n) Take the ladder to level 14.  Get off, open the door, kill the guards,
   then follow the path.  The middle of the next area has a ladder and
   two doors (left and right).  Open up the doors and plant the nukes.
   You'll have to defend the nukes from some enemies after they're planted.
   It's easy, as the guards will be using low accuracy weapons.

o) Once you've planted the nukes in level 14, take the ladder in the
   middle area of level 14 down to level 15.  Plant more nukes there.
   After that, climb the ladder back up to level 14, and take the main
   ladder back up level 13.  The layout for both levels are the same.
   You could take the main ladder on level 15, but why bother when you've
   already opened the door and kill the guards on level 14?

p) Once you're back in the docking bay you'll have to fend off some 
   guards.  No problem.

Crush dies in this level; he dies fending off a couple of attack 
helicopters.  Pause the game and check the radio logs after you trigger
the accident by going to level 12.  There are 3 radio logs related to


13. Tokyo, Japan: Murakawa Tower     <LVD>

Defend chopper while Gina repairs damage
Eliminate Yakuza officers
Eliminate HNT leader Matsua
Infiltrate Murakawa Tower
Eliminate head of security: Ryusaki
Search building for surveillance tape
Breach security without triggering alarm
Upload computer data
Plant C-4 charges on lab floor
Obtain sample
Secure rooftop LZ
Meet Lian on the helipad

Solo Par: 15:00
Team Par: 9:00

Kill enough enemies near the chopper.
3 officers on the streets, 5 inside building.
Matsua starts out near the tower entrance.
Just enter the tower via the stairs.
Kill Ryusaki.
Tape is in random locations (3).
Do not activate alarm on floor 5.
Upload part of the data on floor 6.
Plant 3 C4 explosives.
Inside lab, kill worker first.
Kill guards on the rooftop.
Just go to the chopper at the end.

This is a really fast-paced stage, and my personal favorite.
Make sure you have a frag grenade and a stun jack or a vibroblade.
Like the Lorelei, this stage is broken down into several levels.

The location of the surveillance tape is random.  There are three
possible locations: The 2nd, 4th and 8th floors.

The map is drawn in the direction you're facing when the level starts.

Recommended Weapons Setup:
Likely:            Moderate:          Best:
AU300 Mod-R        C8 Rifle*          M82 BFG
Jerico-41*         Jerico-41          Mark 23 SD*
MDS-7              MDS-7              SSP 90
Smoke grenade      M61 frag grenade   M61 frag grenade
Stun Jack          Stun Jack          VibroBlade

* = Primary weapon for the stage
The MGL has great potential for this stage, but seeing as how it's
a building...  Small places with lots of enemies and explosives
is good in one way, and bad in another.

|         |__              Map 13.1 - Streets
|          __|             S = Starting Point
|  ____   |____            E = Building Entrance
| |    |_ E  __|           X = Yakuza Officers
| |      |  | 
| |______|  |___               
| |             |
| |__________ X |
|___         |  |
    |        |X | 
    |        |  |____
    |________|       |
    |___   X_________|
        |  |
        |  |
 _______|  |

a) Defend the Helicopter.  Once you kill enough enemies, you move on.

b) Make your way to the building entrance.  Kill three Yakuza officers
   on the way.

c) Follow the path and you'll eventually reach the stairs.  Go down the
   stairs.  Two guys will be trying to hack the elevators.  Kill them and
   finish the job.  Go back up the stairs.  Note that if you hacked the
   elevators, you do not have to pick up the control device from Ryusaki,
   which controls the elevators in the building.
   And, if you pick up the control device from Ryusaki, you do not have
   to hack the elevators - Your call on what to do.

d) From the garage level where you entered the building, you want to go
   two floors up (the first is the lobby level and beyond the second you
   need a teammate since the stairs have been destroyed).  This will put
   you on the same level as Ryusaki.  The guy's carrying a minigun, so
   it's a bad idea to attack directly.  Best way to take him out is with
   a frag grenade.

   The map is drawn from the players' perspective.
      _   ____     ____   ___
   | | |_|    |___|    |_|   |    Map 13.2 - Taking down Ryusaki
   |                        _|    R = Ryusaki
   |                       |_ R   X = Grenade Position
   |    _      ___      _    |
   | |_| |____| X |____| |___|

   As you enter the floor, Ryusaki will be directly across from you.
   Make your way to one of the balcony-like places on the floor.
   If you can get to position X fast enough, you'll have couple of 
   seconds to throw a frag grenade at where Ryusaki is and kill him.
   Sarin gas doesn't work against him.
   If you're late, don't worry; just approach it with the same concept.
   Position yourself and toss a grenade in front of Ryusaki's path.
   If you don't have a grenade, hide and shoot.
   Pick up the elevator controls from his body.
   Go downstairs and take the elevator to your left.

e) Ignore the first floor of the elevator.  Go to the second.  It's dark
   here.  Your aim will be hindered, so either go to L1 targeting or
   use your flashlight.  One of the officers will be in the opposite side
   of the office area you enter.  Take him down and go pick up his NVG.
   Also, check the file cabinets near the area where the officer came 
   from.  They may contain the tape.

   The map is drawn from the player's perspective.
   |_ B Y  _ _   __F_   |  Map 13.3 - Second Floor
   |R|_|C |_|_| |    |  |  E = Elevator
   |      |_|_| |__ _|  |  S = Stairs
   |    __   __   ___   |  R = Storage Room
   |S__|__|R|__|R|___|_E|  B = Break Room
                           F = Fire Room
                           Y = Yakuza Officer
                           C = File Cabinet

f) Go to floor three.  There is one officer here, and he's busy in the
   bathroom.  Sneak and kill him.

g) Floor four is next.  There are two officers here; take 'em down.
   Also, check the office that's in the middle of this area (far wall)
   It's the room directly across from the conference room.  The tape
   may be inside.
   There is a vent in the storage room (near the stairs).

   The map is drawn from the player's perspective.
   |  V|   _ _   ____   |  Map 13.4 - Fourth Floor
   | __|  |_|_|Y|    |  |  E = Elevator
   |      |_|_| |__ _|  |  S = Stairs
   |    _   _ _ _      Y|  C = Conference Room
   |S__|R|_|___C_|_____E|  R = Storage Room
                           Y = Yakuza Officer x2
                           T = Office w/ Tape
                           V = Vent to 5th Floor

   Floor five can be a little tricky.

   The map is drawn from the player's perspective.
  V        __   G    |    Map 13.5 - The Security Floor
  |______|    |______|    V = Vent Entrance
  |______||A ||______|    S = Stair Entrance
  |      ||__||      |    E = Elevator Entrance
  |_____________G____|    G = Guard x2
    S             E       A = Alarm

   You can enter this level from three ways.  First, is via the elevator.
   Second is via the vent on the fourth floor.  Third is via the stairs,
   online, with a teammate.
   No matter which way you take, the guards will start out in the
   positions shown and will patrol the area.  If either one of the guards
   spot you, they'll head for the alarm, which will close off the two
   halves of the room.  If you're solo, the only thing you can do is to
   take the vent way, which allows access to the controls.  If you're on
   a team, you can boost each other over the walls.  But, the idea is to
   not give 'em a chance to set the alarm off.
   The elevator is really the best way to get to the fifth floor.  One of
   the guards will be close by, so you can hit 'em with a silent weapon
   quickly and then go after the second guard.  It's probably best
   to take the left elevator (your perspective as you call them), so
   you'll be behind the guards once the door opens.
   If you took the vent, you'll have to wait inside the vent (don't make
   that right turn or the guard will see you) until the guard walking
   towards you turns around.  Same deal with the stairs; wait until the
   guard isn't looking your way, then get him.
   You need to activate the elevator - It's right next to the alarm
   controls.  Go for the sixth floor.

   [Instead of taking the left elevator and using stealth, you may want
   to take the right one and just rush the 2nd guard after you exit
   the elevator.  You'll have just enough time to kill him before he 
   hits the alarm.]

h) Six floor has two guards.  The stationary one is the computer guy and
   the patrolling one is just your average guard.  If either one spots
   you, the computer guy will try to delete the data.  So, the idea is to
   not get noticed; although, you can still get the data after being
   spotted - It just won't be 100%.

   The map is drawn from the player's perspective.
   |  C   G. . . . |    Map 13.6 - Getting the Data
   |       |   | . |    C = Computer Guy
   |  _____|   | . |    G = Guard
   |_|_________|_D_|    D = Data
            E           E = Elevator
   As you enter the floor, the guard will starting moving (he follows the
   dots).  Remember that since he isn't facing you, he won't be able to 
   see you moving out of the elevator.  So, just sneak behind him and 
   take him out.  Get the data afterwards.  You mind as well get the
   computer guy afterwards.  Note that there is a vent on this floor
   (to the left as you exit the elevator) that you can use to sneak to
   the data, but that takes longer.  You could just ignore the stealth
   aspect all together and just run for the data.  On to the last floor.
   Note that if you computer guy turned the alarm on, you should turn
   it off; otherwise, you'll face more enemies on the 8th floor.

   [If you don't feel like stealth, you can just run to the data point
   and still get the data (at least partial) in time.  Or, you can
   just toss a frag grenade at the computer guy after you exit the

i) There are two guards here.  Eliminate them and open the doors using
   the controls on the reception desk.  Inside the office, activate the
   hidden door (leads to rooftop), then search the drawers next to the 
   desk, if you can, as it may contain the tape.  Take the stairs up
   to the roof (watch out for the guard waiting to ambush you in the

j) On the roof, move to the helipad.  It's much easier to defend this area  
   from the guards instead of trying to take 'em out on the roof level.
   After that, take the service elevator down.

k) The map is drawn from the player's perspective.
   |L    X    X    |    Map 13.7 - The Lab
   |     ___       |    S = Service Elevator
   |__ _/   \D__   |    E = Elevator
   |__|   W     |  |    H = HAZMAT Suit
   |  |_________|  |    L = Security Override
   | H|         |__|    D = Door
   |               |    W = Worker
   |_X___S_____E___|    X = C4 Locations

   As you exit the service elevator, look around the area.  You'll notice
   two elevators.  Call 'em up, then get the suit.
   Go to the decontamination area (next door) and keep low.  Once you exit,
   sneak towards the open door.  Eliminate the worker inside and get the
   virus sample.  By this time, two guards will be trying to get in the
   room, so take 'em out, then plant the C4 explosives.  You can change
   out of the HAZMAT suit when you exit.

l) Go back to the helipad and defend the helicopter.

Cobra:  Yakuza/Matsua, Floors 5, 6 and 8, Lab
Python: Yakuza/Matsua, Hack, Ryusaki, Floors 2, 3, and 4
Viper:  Chopper, Helipad
Dragon: Chopper, Helipad

Cobra:  At the start, go after the Yakuza officers on the street and
        Matsua.  Once inside the building, head directly for the 
        elevators.  Open both doors, and take one up to floor 5.  Take 
        out the security on floor 5 and activate the elevators.  Again,
        open both elevator doors, but only take one up to floor 6.
        Download the data on floor 6, then go up to floor 8.  Check for
        the tape on 8, open the hidden door, go up to the helipad, and
        take the freight elevator down to the lab.  Plant the C4 and
        grab the sample.

Python: At the start, go after the Yakuza officers on the street and
        Matsua.  Once inside the building, hack the elevator for Cobra.
        Once you hack them, go after Ryusaki - He'll probably be focused
        on Cobra, giving you a few free shots.  After the big guy falls,
        go to the elevator, but don't use them.  Instead, use the 
        ladder in the elevator shaft to reach floors 2, 3, and 4.
        Remember, there is 1 officer on the second floor, 1 on the third
        floor, and 2 on the fourth floor.  Don't forget about the tapes
        either - Check the locations on the second and fourth floors.

Viper:  At the start, stay at the chopper and defend it.  After that's
        done, just head up to floor 5, then to the helipad.

Dragon: At the start, stay at the chopper and defend it.  After that's
        done, just head up to floor 5, then to the helipad.

Team (Speed):
Cobra* (S-1): Matsua, 5th, 8th floor, Lab
Python (S-1): Yakuza Officers, Hack, Ryusaki, 2nd, 3rd, 4th
Viper  (S-1): Chopper, Helipad
Dragon (S-4): Chopper, 6th, Helipad

Cobra* (S-1): Right off the bat, go after Matsua; no stopping to fight.
              Once he's down, make your way to the elevator.  For 
              simplicity's sake, take the right one both times.  Take
              the first one up to floor 5, do the stealth thing, then
              take the next one up to floor 8.  Head directly for the
              Lab afterwards.  Planting the C4s in the lab is priority 1!

Python (S-1): Kill the Yazuka officers on the street, but, if you can,
              try to gun down some of the enemies in the first area, 
              since you'll have a good view of them.  Once all the
              officers are down, hack the elevators - They should be
              active before Cobra reaches them.  Go kill the big man,
              then take care of the lower floors using the elevator

Viper  (S-1): Stay and defend the chopper.  Both you and Dragon should
              know where all the nearby spawn point are so you can do
              this quickly.  You should've killed the 8 enemies required
              for objective completion around the time Cobra has killed
              Matsua.  If not, you guys were too slow and need to start
              over.  After the Chopper is repaired, head for the building
              and use the left elevator to reach floor 5.  From there,
              go to floor 6.  Drop off Dragon there; getting the data is
              Dragon's responsibility, not yours.  Once Dragon is off of
              the elevator, go up to floor 8 and the Helipad.  You and
              Dragon should be able to clear the Helipad before Cobra is
              finished planting all the C4s in the lab.

Dragon (S-4): Stay and defend the Chopper.  Again, you should know all
              of the enemy spawn points near the chopper.  Make sure
              you don't fall behind Viper when going for the elevator.
              Both of you should enter the elevator within a couple of
              seconds; otherwise, one of you was too slow.  Allow Viper
              to drop you off at floor 6 so you can get the data.
              Once it is obtained, call the elevators so you can go up
              to the Helipad.  Like the spawn points near the chopper,
              you should be familiar with the enemy spawn points on the
              Helipad.  One of you should cover the spawn points near
              the stairs, while the other covers the points near the

The worker in the lab has the ability to close the door.  If he does that,
you can open the door again using the override; however, he'll just
close the door on you as you approach it.  In single player, open the door
and wait until the worker moves close to it, then throw a grenade at it.
The explosion will kill the worker; Sarin gas is ineffective.
In a team, one person can stand by the door while the other opens it.

When on a team, make sure you don't use an elevator that another player 
is already using.  To be safe, if you're the first person there, call
both elevators so the others take the one that they see is empty.

This stage is very buggy online.  The strategy used for offline may not
work online.  The most annoying aspect of this is that the enemies
on floors 5 and 6 may detect your presence even if they haven't seen
you.  So, you may want to forget about the stealth approach and just
rush them.  The problem is that the enemies on the upper floors may
hear your teammate's gunshots in the lower floors.  If you can't hear
any weapons firing, you're set.  If you can, then, well...

If you want to prove yourself as a bad-ass, take down Ryusaki with a knife.
It takes two stabs with the VibroBlade - Think you got what it takes?


14. Taguang, Myanmar: Irawaddy Basin     <LVE>

Plant four claymores along path
Plant C-4 on foot bridge
Plant C-4 on each log bridge
Find Imani Gray's remains at crash site
Retrieve tracking device from Agent Gray
Eliminate Than Muang
Eliminate MetaGlobal terrorist
Take documents from terrorist
Recover viral container
Find Yong-jun Kim
Find Yong-jun Kim's briefcase
Destroy radar tracking unit
Rendezvous at river boat with Agent Gray's body
Recover flight recorder (Team)

Solo Par: 20:00
Team Par: 8:00

Double back to Lian for more claymores.
2 C4 needed for foot bridge.
3 log bridges.
Imani is near middle of crash site.
Check the body.
Muang is at the camp.
Terrorist is near the old temple, once tracking device is obtained.
Check terrorist's body.
Intercept soldier near foot bridge or at temple; check body.
Climb down at the nose of the plane, into the fuselage.
Briefcase is at camp site.
Radar is at camp site.
Carry Imani back.
Black box is on top of the temple.

The map is drawn in the direction you're facing when the level starts.

This is a huge stage, but probably the easiest to navigate around.

Recommended Weapons Setup:
Likely:            Moderate:          Best:
M16 A1             C8 Rifle*          C8 Rifle*
Jerico-41*         Jerico-41          Desert Express .50
MDS-7              MDS-7              SSP 90
Smoke grenade      DormaGen gas       DormaGen gas
Stun Jack          E.D.T.             E.P.D.D.

* = Primary weapon for the stage
With the Jerico, I'm assuming that you have the dual-wield by now.

  S          __
  ||        /__\M                         Map 14.1 - Jungle
  ||M______//  \\       |___|V            S = Starting Point
  |________/   |        P___              C = Camp Site
          M    ||\______|   |             F = Flight Data Recorder
              M||           |             I = Imani
               ||___________|__  _____    K = Yong-jun Kim
              / ____P_______P__\/_____\   V = Viral Container
             / /  | |          \/     \\  P = Plant C4 x5
            | |   |  \         ||  C  ||  M = Plant Claymore Mines x4
            | |    \  \        ||_____//
            | |     |  |     __| _____/
      _____/  |     |  |____/
     /        |     |  P ___       I
    |         |     |   |___| 
    |       F |     |  P____       K
    |________/      |__|    \___________

a) Just follow the path and plant two land mines.  Plant two C4 explosives
   on the two log bridges to the right of the main bridge.  
   After that, kill yourself (recommend you use DormaGen).

   [The first three claymore locations are watched over by snipers.
   They hurt...  a lot.  They're also wearing flak jackets, but do take
   the time to eliminate all of them.]

b) You'll respawn at the starting point.  Get more explosives from 
   the box.  Plant the two mines.  Plant the two C4 on the main bridge.
   Proceed forward to the camp.

c) You'll get ambushed by a few soldiers with NVG and flak jackets.
   Take 'em out.  Now, move quietly towards the camp.  Hopefully, you
   won't get spotted by Muang, as he has a M79.  Snipe him.  At the 
   camp site, destroy the radar, pick up C4, and get the briefcase.
   Go to the crash site.

d) Go to the far end (nose end of the plane) of the crash site.
   You'll need to go up the hills where the nose is buried and then
   lower yourself to find Kim's body.  Now, go to Imani.

e) Pick up the tracking device, and then run towards the main bridge.
   The soldier with the viral container will be heading for the bridge,
   but you'll be able to cut him off.  Get the viral container from his

f) Head towards the direction the soldier (with the container) came
   from.  You'll reach the last log bridge.  Cross it, plant the
   C4, then go back to Imani.  Pick her up and make your way back to Lian.

g) After you cross the bridge, check your map.  You'll notice another 
   area, diverging from the main path; at the end is a structure.
   Drop Imani and make your way towards the structure.  On the way there
   you'll run into the terrorist.  Kill him and take the documents. 
   Sometimes you'll find the terrorist at the temple area, near the fire

h) Get Imani's body back to the boat, and you're done.

Cobra:  2 Right Log Bridge, Kim, Imani
Python: Foot Bridge, Muang, Briefcase, Radar, Cover Fire
Viper:  First 2 Mines, Left Log Bridge, Black Box
Dragon: Last 2 Mines, MetaGlobal Terrorist, Letter, Viral Container

Cobra:  Head directly for the 2 log bridges to the right of the 
        foot bridge.  Set the C4, then head for the crash site.
        Once at the crash site, grab the tracking device off of 
        Imani (this will trigger the terrorist and viral container
        soldier), and find Kim's body.  Once that's done, grab
        Imani's body and start carrying her back to the boat.

Python: Head directly for the foot bridge and plant the 2 C4s.
        After that, head for the campsite and eliminate Muang.
        Grab the briefcase and destroy the radar.  Once you're
        done head for Cobra and provide cover fire.

Viper:  Plant the first two claymores.  You should plant the
        first two, since it'll be faster to access the left log
        bridge after diverging from the main path.  Go for the left
        log bridge and plant a C4.  Head for the temple afterwards.
        Dragon should be there already - Go up and grab the black

Dragon: Plant the last two claymores.  You should plant the last 
        two, since it makes Viper's life a bit easier.  Once they're
        set, go for the temple.  You should see the MetaGlobal 
        terrorist there - If not, he'll appear.  Take him out and 
        grab Mara's letter and wait for Viper so you can lift him up
        to the temple.  Once he's up, go hunt down the soldier with
        the Viral Container, and grab it off of his body.

Team (Speed):
Cobra* (S-1): Gets Tracking Device and Imani
Python (S-4): Foot Bridge, Cover Fire
Viper  (S-2): Claymores, 2 Right Logs, Kim, Terrorist, Letter
Dragon (S-3): Claymores, Left Log, Container, Base Camp, Black Box

Cobra* (S-1): Just head directly for Imani.  The quickest route is
              to take the right log bridge.

Python (S-4): Plant 2 C4s on the Foot Bridge and then go provide
              cover fire for Cobra.

Viper  (S-2): Plant the last 2 claymores and C4s on the 2 log bridges
              to the right.  Once you're done, find Kim's body and
              then head for the Temple.  You should get there before
              Dragon, so kill the MetaGlobal Terrorist and grab
              Mara's letter.

Dragon (S-3): Plant the first 2 claymores and a C4 on the left log
              bridge.  By the time you've completed this, you should
              see the soldier with the Viral Container on your radar.
              Take him out and grab the Container.  Go to the enemy
              base camp, eliminate Muang, destroy the radar, and get
              Kim's briefcase.  Once that's done, go to the temple
              and help Viper get the Black Box.

The "Teammate needed" icon will not appear offline when you're 
by the temple.  

If you have really bad luck, the terrorist will run into the fireplace
and will catch on flames...  Wait for him to cool off.  The MetaGlobal
terrorist will appear after you pick up the tracking device from Imani.

There's no right route when taking Imani to the boat, as all the paths
you can take will result in a lot of ambushes along the way.  But, if
you're a big wuss and want the path of least resistance...  First, make
your way to the 2 log bridges.  Don't cross them (crossing any bridge
will trigger Lian to blow 'em up, as well as spawn more soldiers).
Instead, go into the icky water and make your way up to the foot bridge.
Once you're past the foot bridge, make your way to land, and then go 
straight for the boat.  You'll definitely get shot at a few times along
the way, and may or may not get hit.  But, if you do it correctly, you
won't have to stop to defend yourself.


15. Zurich, Switzerland: Niculescu Funds Tower     <LVF>

Bypass red laser alarm system
Plant camera transceivers
Insert data transmitters
Access the main frame computer
Power up emergency elevators
Obtain security chief's handprint and bypass security system
Search vaults on 3rd floor
Search the valut on 4th floor
Rendezvous at the last vault on level 4
Maintain stealth
No collateral damage
Hidden objective: Obtain Birchim files
Hidden objective: Obtain ALA financial records

Solo Par: 18:00

Turn off system on first level, near security chief.
4 transceivers, one for each level.
Place all transmitters on 2nd level computers.
Place transceiver on 2nd level, then head for the computer.
Use vents to reach power, on the first level.
KO chief and go near body.
4 vaults on level 3.
1 valut on level 4.
Reach vault entrance on level 4.
Don't get seen.
Don't kill guards.
Check vent in the level 4 vault.
Destroy vent cover in the vents on the 1st level.

You can (and should) finish this mission using only the Stun Jack. 
Well...  That and a shot from a gun as non-lethal weapons will not
destroy obstacles.

This stage has 13 guards...  Talk about a huge change of pace from the
last mission.

Recommended Weapons Setup:
Likely:            Moderate:          Best:
Combat Shotgun     Combat Shotgun     Riot shotgun
(Riot Pistol)      (Riot Pistol)      (Riot Pistol)
MDS-7              Air pistol         China Type 67
Smoke grenade      DormaGen gas       DormaGen gas
Stun Jack*         Stun Jack*         Stun Jack*

* = Primary weapon for the stage
This is quite possibly the only stage where a single shot from the
China Type 67 will do you a lot of good.  So, don't pass up the
opportunity!  Other than the single shot needed from a 
lethal weapon in this stage, I have never used anything beyond the
Stun Jack.

a) Climb up the ladder in front, but don't climb all the way up.  Once
   the guard closest to you makes a turn, climb up and stun him.
   Hide his body in the left doorway.  Another guard will arrive and
   he'll stop and look at the right doorway.  Stun him - You can leave
   his body.  Go down the corridor to the elevator and make a left.
   The third guard will be patrolling this area.  Stun him, and leave him.

b) Plant the first camera transceiver (room to the left when you first
   climbed up the ladder). In the hallway connected to that room is a 
   vent.  Go in and exit.

c) In the next area you'll see two guards on your radar.  Make your way 
   towards them.  One of the guards will be walking away from you, while
   another is walking up the stairs.  The guard in front will eventually
   stop.  Stun him and go up the stairs.  Hide out in a doorway.  When the
   guard passes, stun him.  Near you will be the chief of security.
   Sneak and stun him.  Get his handprint and disable the red lasers.

d) Go back to the first area via the vent.  Go into the elevator and 
   jump up; climb into the vents afterwards.  Around the middle of the
   vent shaft you'll see a vent cover - Shoot it (with a lethal weapon)
   and follow the newly opened path.  It'll lead to the ALA financial
   records.  Go back into the vents and continue on the original vent
   shaft.  You'll emerge in the room with the elevator power.  Turn it on,
   open the gate, and then go back to the elevator and down to the 
   computer room.

e) There are two guards.  One will circle the elevator while the other 
   will inspect the computer room.  Stun the circling guard and hide his
   body so the other guard won't see it when he returns.  When the other
   guard enters the elevator area, he'll make a (his) left and stop for 
   a moment.  Sneak and stun.

f) Run around the room and plant the data transmitters.  There's also a 
   vent in the same room (low on the ground).  Enter it.  You'll reach
   a fork - Make a right.  This is the security room.  Plant the
   transceiver and go back to the elevator area.  Enter the computer room
   and make your way to the main frame computer (You'll need to open a
   vault door).

g) When you enter you'll trigger a timer (don't worry, plenty of time).
   The area is circular with a glass core that has a ladder.  Go all
   the way down the ladder.  Access the computer there.  This will cause
   the ladder door to close.  Look around.  There's a place where you can
   jump up.  On the second level there are two computers.  One will open
   the first and third level doors and shut the second level door,
   and the other will close the first and third level doors and open the
   second level door.  You want to open the first and third level doors
   and close the second.  So, if you picked the wrong computer, just try
   the other.  Go back down to the lower level.  The door to the ladder
   will be open.  Climb up and exit.

h) Take the elevator (not the one you came down in) down to the vaults.
   The security console is directly in front of you as you exit the 
   elevator.  Plant the third transmitter.

i) Make you way down the left hallway (perspective when you exited the
   elevator) and hide in the far doorway.  A guard will comes towards you.
   Stun him and explore the nearby vault.  The green lasers here will fry
   you if you touch them.  It's the same deal for the other 3 vaults.
   Stun guard, then explore vault.  Once you check all 4 vaults, go down
   to the secure vault level.

j) Exit the elevator and hide along the walls.  Once the guard passes you,
   put him to sleep.  Plant the final transmitter.
   Again, make a left (this way tends to be easier).  In the vault room
   follow the vent in the room.  It'll lead to Birchim's files.  
   Double back and go to final vault, and you're done.


16. Budva, Montenegro: Niculescu's Villa Estate     <LVG>

Find the key to Niculescu's bedroom
Find evidence linking Niculescu to Syphon Filter
Stop Mara Aramov's execution
Maintain stealth
Hidden objective: Find Zeus files on Mara Aramov

Solo Par: 10:00

Check the body of the captain of the guards.
Automatic, complete stage.
Kill 2 guards guarding Mara.
Don't get seen.
Check safe behind painting.

The maps are drawn in the direction you're facing when the level starts.

Welcome to your nightmare.  Stages with stealth emphasize patience; this
stage forces you to be patient, but strike quickly.

Right off the bat, you may just want to get killed.  Dunno why, but the
game will indicate that the guards are wearing flak jackets the first
time through, but after you die, they don't seem to be wearing any.
It doesn't make much of a difference, but if you're better with the taser
than a headshot, it'll certainly make you feel more at home.  But, keep 
in mind that if you try to taser a guard with a flak jacket, you'll see
the flak jacket icon the first time, but if you hit 'em again, you can
zap 'em.

You'll only lose stealth if a guard fires his weapon.  So, if one of 
them sees you, keep firing at him.  Odds are you'll kill him before he
has the chance to return fire.

 _________       S  _______
|Z__________   ___________ |    Map 16.1 - Outdoors
|__________     ___X_____L_|    S = Starting Point
   ___|            |__          L = Electrocute Me Guard
  |     _||____||_  F \         Z = Zap Me Guard
  |    M_||____||_  __/         E = Eagle Eyes Guard
  |___   ||    ||  |            R = Really Far Guard
      |  ||    ||  |            M = M79 Guard
      |  ||    ||  |            F = Fountain
 _____|  ||    ||  |            C = Fountain Control
|        ||    ||  |__          X = Xtreme Shooting Position
|       ___________   |
|______|E          |  |___
     __|___________|____  |

a) Move quietly towards position L on the map.
   Guards Z and E will be talking to each other at the start.
   Once they finish, they'll part and move towards the pier.
   You want to position yourself so you're between the stairs
   that lead to the pier and to the entrance.  
   Once the guard reaches position L (which means he has just reached
   the stairs) step in front of him and take him out.  He'll see you,
   but you can kill him before he alerts anyone.

b) The other guard will be close to position Z by now.  He'll stop for
   a moment.  Take that opportunity to eliminate him.

c) Once you've taken care of the first two guards, move up the stairs.
   Make your way over to position X on the map.  This is right behind
   the first pillar.  Guard E is the one you want to watch out for as
   he has the best view of the yard.  He makes three stops on his 
   route.  One at two ends of the area he's patrolling, and once
   in-between.  The only times he will not see you is when he stops at
   the far ends of his route (Position E on the map).  Do not peek
   out of your position unless he has his back towards your position.
   Once he does, switch to L1 targeting and wait for him to stop.
   (In other words, once you see his back, hold L1 and R2 and zoom in)
   You have about two seconds to aim, fire, then hide behind the pillar
   again before guard M looks your way.  Hopefully, you'll succeed.

d) Guard M will stop in front of you then turn back.  As soon as he 
   makes his rounds again, take aim at guard R.  Once you take him
   out, sneak towards the courtyard entrance.

e) Guard M will stop briefly in the middle of his patrol, then
   continue.  He'll make another stop at the end.  Shoot him in the 
   head once he stops (or zappy, zappy).

f) Run to the fountain control (will need to open a door).
   You'll drain the water from the fountain.
   Climb down the ladder.
   Once you're there, follow the path (turn flashlight off once you
   see the light from the wine cellar)

                                         | |     Map 16.2 - In the House
                                         | |     S = Starting Point
                                         | |     W = Wine Cellar Guard
                                        _| |     K = Kitchen Guard
                                       |   |__   M = Moving Guard
          ___________________          |      |  A = Art Guard
 ____    |    ______________ |__       |      |  P = Painting
|    |___| D |           |X     |      | W    |  C = Captain
| T  |       |           |____  |      |__   _|  D = Double Guard
|____|_______|                | |         | |    T = Stairs
                              | |_______  | |
                              | | C     | | |
                              | |______ | | |
                              |M     K  |_| |
                     _________| |______|____|
                    |  P  A     |
                    |           |

g) There's a single guard in the wine cellar.  He makes a couple of stops
   in his route.  So you shouldn't have trouble taking him out.

h) Go up the stairs afterwards.  There's a guard in the kitchen.  He 
   makes two stops in his route, once close to your position, and once
   close to the exit.  You want to kill him when he's walking away
   from you.

i) Walk toward the hallway and you'll hear/see two guards talking.
   One of them will patrol the hallway, but stop in front of the kitchen
   entrance.  Now, check your radar; look to see where the guard in the 
   art room is.  If he's close to the art room exit, leave guard M alone.
   But, most of the time, he'll be far enough for you to take out guard
   M without him noticing.  Once you drop guard M, go after guard A.
   If guard A is close to the entrance of the art room, then wait a bit.
   Since guard M will patrol all the way down the hallway, you'll have
   enough time to wait for guard A to go away and sneak and snipe guard

j) In the room are several paintings.  You want to check the painting on 
   the right wall as you enter (P on the map).  Behind it is a safe.  
   Open it and take the files on Mara.

k) Sneak down the hallway and you'll see the captain appear on the radar.
   He'll be heading towards the wine cellar.  You can probably get a good
   shot off when he's going down the stairs.  Search his body for a key.

l) Make your way to position X.  Now, be careful.  When you go down the 
   adjacent hallway, two guards (D on map) will appear on your radar.
   As soon as they appear, run back to position X.  They'll walk towards
   you, stop, and walk back.  While they're walking back, shoot 'em in
   the head.  If you time it right, you can kill them with a double head

m) Go and sneak up the stairs.  There are two guards, but they're both
   stationary, making them easy head shots.  
n) The door leads to Mara and two guards.  Enter the room, and try to 
   kill the guard to your left first (he'll shoot at her, while the other
   one will shoot at you first).  Once he falls, end the stage by taking
   out the other guard.

Yes, you have to take out all the guards in this mission.  And yes, you
did hear Gabe say that he won't use lethal force until he finds evidence.
And no, I do not know if you get anything for having 0 kills for this 

As you approach Mara's room you'll hear/see her and the two guards
talking.  If you rush in, the guard on the left has a tendency to rush
Mara and shoot her.  If you wait until they finish their little exchange,
the left guard seems to be more docile and will stay in place.  I guess
he doesn't like having his conversations interrupted.


17. Kiev, Ukraine: Chechen Terrorist Base     <LVH>

Eliminate Ivankov's top four lieutenants
Disable helicopter flight controls
Provide cover fire for Stone
Bring Alima Haddad to safety
Find Omega Strain DNA code
Provide covering fire for Gabe in the silo
Stop missile from launching (Team)

Solo Par: 25:00
Team Par: 15:00

3 lieutenants are above ground, 1 under.
Chopper located near hangar/Stone.
Kill soldiers that spawn around Stone (almost automatic).
Automatic, Stone doesn't need help.
Take freight elevator down to level 3, look for a vent down there.
Make sure Gabe finishes hacking the guidance system (kill fast).
Activate both computers within 20 seconds of each other; 3 players needed.

The maps are drawn in the direction you're facing when the level starts.

This is probably only stage in the game where you'll feel like you're
outgunned.  A good number of enemies here use the C11 and can mow
you down in less than a second.

Setting off the alarm will mean more enemies to deal with, but, 
it's not a huge difference; it doesn't matter much.  Also, it seems
impossible to kill Ushakov w/o setting the alarm off.

Recommended Weapons Setup:
Likely:            Moderate:          Best:
AU300 Mod-R        C8 Rifle*          MGL
Jerico-41*         Jerico-41          Desert Express .50*
MDS-7              MDS-7              SSP 90
Smoke grenade      Sarin nerve agent  Smoke grenade
Stun Jack          E.D.T.             E.P.D.D.

* = Primary weapon for the stage
The MGL is a replacement for the sarin.  Smoke grenades will
be of great help when hiding behind the computer for the launch

           |       |
           |       | 
      _____|   U   |______________            
      _____                       |            ________________
           |                      |________   |       G        |
           |                       ___  ___|  |                |
           |                      |   ||      |        B     E |
           |                 _____|   ||      |                |
           |___  ___________|         ||      |                |
            ___||                     ||      |           H    |
           |    |                     ||      |                |
           |  __|||                   ||      |                |
           | |___||                   ||      |   _____________|
 ___       |_____ |________           ||      |  |
|   |            ||        |     _____||______|  |
|   |           _|| S   _  |    |________________|
|P _|     _____|  _     _| |
|_|      |  _  | |_|   __  |    Map 17.1 - Outdoors
         | | | |      |  | |    X = Starting Point
           | |    _   |  | |    S = Savin
         | |_| |X| |  |  | |    P = Petrenko
         |_____| |_|  |__| |    U = Ushakov
               |           |    G = Stone
               |___________|    H = Helicopter
                                E = Elevator
                                B = Big Elevator

a) Savin will walk into the area you start in.  Take him out.
b) There's a big door to the left of where you started.  Go through.
   On the other side of the building is Petrenko (On a roof top).
   Toss a Sarin at him.

c) Double back to the starting area.  Now, take the door that Savin
   came out of.  On the other side of this door is Ushakov, who
   happens to be in a tank.  Toss a Sarin at the tank.

d) There will be several enemies in the area with Ushakov.  Ignore
   them all.  Just turn right and make a break for the big doors,
   towards the area where Stone is.
   Note that if you take the big doors on the left, you'll eventually
   arrive at an elevator that'll lead you to the missile silo.  It's
   just one of the many ways to get to Gabe later on.

e) When you reach the area where Stone is, don't approach him.
   There's a whole lotta soldiers in the area, and Stone's invincible.
   Stay on the entrance to the area, and take out the soldiers that
   spawn on the rooftops.  Disable the helicopter afterwards.

f) Stone will ask for your help in getting Alima.  Far as I know, his
   success rate at saving her is 100%.  So, let him take care of it.

g) Shoot the lock off the gate to access the elevator, and go down.

 __     | |                                   Map 17.2 - Underground
|  |____| |_________                          L = Leonov
|   _____L________  |          ____________   E = Elevator
|__|              | |         |            |  B = Big Elevator
               ___| |_________|            |  S = Soldier
               ___ S _________      B    E |  G = Leads to Gabe
                  | |         |            |

h) On the lower level, there will be a soldier (heavily armored) 
   right in front of you.  Snipe him.  Wait a bit and a second soldier
   will run towards you, so take him out.  Now, go to the intersection
   where the first soldier was.  To your right is Leonov.  He has
   a couple of guards with him.  Do not make yourself visible (risk 
   getting gunned down), but toss a Sarin at the crowd.  If you're
   lucky, you'll actually get Leonov.  If not, don't worry.

i) If you didn't get Leonov, go back to the area with the elevator.
   Leonov ran off, and will make his way to the lowest level of the 
   big elevator.  Check your radar; Leonov and his guards will appear
   over the elevator.  Then, check you map.  As soon as they start to
   move up, start tossing Sarin at the doors of the big elevator.
   Eventually, the doors will open up and Leonov will be carried up
   to a big cloud of Sarin gas.

j) After the Sarin clears, go to the small elevator.  Take the elevator 
   up, but roll off of it so only the elevator goes up while you remain
   in the lower level.  Now, call the big elevator down.

k) You want to take the big elevator down to the lowest level (level 3).
   Problem is that there are two armored guard down there; one with a
   M79 and the other with a C11 (yes, you have to go down there).
   If you die, you'll probably respawn in the area where you first saw
   Stone.  Since you sent the small elevator up before, just take it
   down again and keep trying.

   |   V            |       Map 17.3 - Hell     
   |      _____     |       E = Elevator Control
   |     |     |    |       C = C11 Guard
   |     |     |    |       M = M79 Guard
   |M    |     |    |       V = Vent
   |     |     |    |       H = Heaven's Crates   
   |     |____E|    |       P = Purgatory's Crates
   |             _  |
   |       C    |H| |
   |      _____     |
   |     |__P__|    |

l) There are three ways you can handle level 3 of the elevator.
     1 - The Suicide Way
     2 - The Soldier's Way
     3 - The (Smart) Chicken's Way

   The Suicide Way is arming yourself with a frag grenade.
   As you go down the elevator, you have just enough time to aim
   and throw the grenade at guard M.  As you throw your grenade,
   he'll fire his M79, and you'll both go down.

   The Soldier's Way involves using a very stable weapon.
   Recommended are the dual CZ Mach-9 and the MDS-7.
   As you go down the elevator, you have enough time to take out
   guard M with a head shot using a very fast, very stable weapon.
   Alternatively, you can just go for the body if you're packing
   the Desert Express .50, but odds are you won't have that yet.
   Even if you don't get a head shot right away, keep firing, as
   the guard will hesitate a bit under fire, giving you one more
   precious second - And, there's a good chance you can kill him
   with just body shots from a fast weapon.

   The Chicken's Way is all about hiding and running.
   There are a few crates scatter around in level 3.  Located close
   to the elevator control is a stack of crates (H).
   You can roll before the elevator reaches the very bottom and get
   to those crates and hide before the M79 fires.  Stay there and 
   eventually, both guards will approach you, one at a time (and 
   very slowly).  You can also just run for (not behind) the area
   with crates P.  The bad news is that the C11 soldier is there.
   The good news is that now there's an obstacle between you and
   the M79 soldier.  So, the M79 soldier may kill himself.

m) Along with the two soldiers from hell, there is a vent down there.
   Take it, as it'll lead to a computer with the Omega Strain DNA.
   Once you get it, go back up to level 2 and go meet Gabe.  A timer
   will countdown once you reach Gabe's area (just over 5 minutes)
   Not much to do afterwards.  Just follow Gabe and shoot.

   [There is a bit of a glitch where Gabe just doesn't move...
   Restart if it happens.]

Cobra:  Petrenko, DNA, D
Python: Savin, Ushakov, Stone, Helicopter, DNA, D/T
Viper:  Leonov, DNA, 
Dragon: Leonov, DNA, B

Cobra:  At the start, go through the big doors to your left.  On
        the other side of the building is Petrenko - Eliminate him.
        Once you're done, head back to the first area and take the
        elevator down.  Head for the large elevator there; Viper 
        and Dragon should be there.  Go down and get the DNA with
        them and head for the missile silo afterwards.  Have Python
        lift you up at poistion D so you can deactivate the missile.

Python: At the start, go straight for the door where Savin appears
        and take him down.  Go through the building and take out
        Ushakov.  Ignore the enemies and run to the helipad and
        rescue Stone; disable the helicopter afterwards.  Wait for 
        the cargo elevator to reach you and take it down to level 2.
        Pick up your teammates then go down to level 3 and get the
        DNA.  At the missile silo, lift up Cobra at position D, and
        see if you can make it to the elevator before Gabe takes it
        up.  If you make it, stay with Gabe and defend him.  If not,
        stay down there and take out the enemies.

Viper:  At the start, take the elevator down with Dragon and head
        for Leonov.  Reach Leonov, but try not to kill him.  Let him
        escape so he uses the elevator.  You want to kill him at the
        elevator so you get the checkpoint there.  Wait for Python
        to bring the elevator down, get DNA, then go to the missile  
        silo.  Once there, stay with Gabe and ride up the elevator
        with Gabe.  On the first stop, run over to position T so
        you can activate the launch override.

Dragon: At the start, take the elevator down with Viper and head
        for Leonov.  Reach Leonov, but try not to kill him.  Let him
        escape so he uses the elevator.  You want to kill him at the
        elevator so you get the checkpoint there.  Wait for Python
        to bring the elevator down, get DNA, then go to the missile
        silo.  Once there, stay with Gabe and ride up the elevator
        with Gabe.  Try to stay with him all the way, until he's 
        done hacking the missile guidance system.

   _____      _____
  / ____| C  |____ \      Map 17.4 - The Missile Silo
 / /    ______    \ \     S = Starting Area
| |   _/      \_   | |    D = Disable Missile 1
| |  /          \  | |    T = Disable Missile 2
| |T|            | | |    E = Elevator
| | |E           | | |    
| | |            |D| |
| |  \_        _/  | |
| |    \_    _/    | |
| |      |  |      | |
| |___   |  |   ___| |
|___ .|| |  | ||. ___| 
    | .|.| .|.| .|
    |  | |  | |  |
    |  | |  | |  |
    |  | |  | |  |
    |  | |  | |  |  
 ___|  | |  | |  |___
|  ___|| |  | ||___  |
| |      |  |      | |
|S|      |  |      | |

Team (Speed):
Cobra* (S-2): Gabe, D/T
Python (S-2): Leonov, D
Viper  (S-4): Petrenko, T
Dragon (S-1): Savin, Ushakov, Stone, Helicopter, DNA, Cover Fire

Cobra* (S-2): From the first area, take the elevator down with Python
              and then race to Gabe.  It's easier said then done,
              since you'll be facing heavy resistance.  You should 
              just worry about the soldiers in front of you, and rely
              on Python to cover your back.  Once you reach the
              missile silo, lift Python up to the launch override
              switch, then try to reach the elevator before Gabe goes
              up.  If you do reach it, stay with Gabe all the way.

Python (S-2): Go down the elevator with Cobra and cover his back...
              Just make sure you watch your own as well.  Kill Leonov
              (do not allow him to escape) and go help Cobra.

Viper  (S-4): Make a left at the start and take out Petrenko.  Call
              up the elevator that Cobra & Python used, and catch up
              to them.  Go up the elevator with Gabe and and active
              the other launch override.

Dragon (S-1): Kill Savin and Ushakov.  Head for the helipad to help
              out Stone and disable the helicopter.  Once you're
              done with that, go down and get the DNA.  If that
              wasn't enough, it's up to you to cover Gabe and your
              teammates by eliminating the soldiers that appear on
              the top level of the silo.

You can go from one side of the missile silo to the other by following
the dots or going over at position C (Climb down and up again or shimmy
across).  You can also go directly from T to D, but not D to T.

It's actually possible to activate the left computer from the area
where you first meet Gabe.  From Gabe's platform, just run to the
metal platform closest to you (small gap).  From there, go down
to the next metal platform - You'll need maximum life in order to
survive, and this is with the life bonus.  You'll be just above
the computer, and can run and grab on to the ledge with the computer.
You can also reach this computer by going on the elevator that Gabe
uses (in the missile silo) to hack the guidance system.

The big elevator will remain locked until you either kill Leonov or he
uses it.  When Leonov runs away, he'll head towards the launch control
room.  It's probably a good idea not to chase him, since a whole lotta
C11 guards will ambush you.

Other than the launch countdown, time isn't a factor, as you should
have plenty of it.


IV. Bonus     <BNN>

This section lists the various titles and awards you can get in the game.


1. Ranks     <BNR>

Ranks are determined mainly by completed objectives and ratings.  The more
you obtain, the higher your rank becomes.  The order of the ranks are:

  R1 - Field Agent
  R2 - Investigative Agent [G-17]
  R3 - Intelligence Agent [Combat shotgun]
  O1 - Field Officer [AU300 Mod-SMG]
  O2 - Investigative Officer [M16 A1]
  O3 - Intelligence Officer [M1911 A1]
  O4 - Field Research Specialist [Jerico-41]
  O5 - Investigative Research Specialist [MAK-10 10mm]
  O6 - Intelligence Research Specialist [MDS-7]
  O7 - Field Analyst Specialist [Slug Defender]
  O8 - Investigative Analyst Specialist [SSG 550]
  O9 - Intelligence Analyst Specialist [SP-57]
  C1 - Field Supervisor [Mark 23]
  C2 - Investigative Supervisor [M4 carbine]
  C3 - Intelligence Supervisor [M16 A2]
  C4 - Field Operations Commander [ShotHammer]
  C5 - Investigative Operations Commander [M4]
  C6 - Intelligence Operations Commander [Stava M70 B1]
Top Brass
  T1 - Assistant Chief of Operations [SlugHammer]
  T2 - Deputy Chief of Operations [AU300 H-BAR]
  T3 - Chief of Operations [GAWS 12 ga.]
  T4 - Commander in Chief [Mark 23 SD]


2. Ratings     <BNT>

Ratings have 4 levels: Intermediate, Advanced, Expert, and Expert 2.
Each rating has a predetermined number you much reach in order to earn
the rating.

Combat Specialist (Number of Total Kills)
ICS    300 [G 33E]
ACS    600 [FA-MAS]
ECS    900 [FAL]
ECS2   1300 [C8 rifle]

Combat Knife Specialist (Number of Knife Kills)
ICKS   50 [Stiletto]
ACKS   100 [Shuriken]
ECKS   250 [IPCA Commando]
ECKS2  450 [VibroBlade]

Combat Sharp Shooter (Number of Headshot Kills)
ICSS   200 [Dragunov]
ACSS   450 [AU300 Mod-R]
ECSS   750 [ACR]
ECSS2  1100 [M82 BFG]

Non-Lethal Force Specialist (Number of Non-lethal KO's)
INLFS  50 [E.D.T.]
ANLFS  100 [DormaGen gas]
ENLFS  200 [Air pistol]
ENLFS2 350 [E.P.D.D.]

Tactical Explosives Specialist (Number of Explosives Kills)
ITXS   100 [M61 frag grenade]
ATXS   200 [Incendiary grenade]
ETXS   350 [Sarin nerve agent]
ETXS2  500 [M79]

Team Efficiency Specialist (Number of Online/Team Par Times You Have)
ITES   2 [M1 Super 90]
ATES   4 [Shot Defender]
ETES   6 [MDS A3]
ETES2  9 [M-16k]


3. Special Ratings     <BNS>

Bio-data Retrieval Expert  [Increased Jacket - 50% more armor]
  Carthage 1: Collect 5 water samples
  Carthage 1: Perform field autopsy
  Belarus 1: Take tissue sample from cow carcass
  Belarus 2: Obtain sewage sample
  Minsk: Deploy viral sniffers at marked locations
  Chechnya: Collect tissue sample from a villager's body

Computer Information Expert [UNP 45]
  Carthage 1: Retrieve Broussard's laptop (Team)
  Minks: Download MetaGlobal's records
  Tokyo: Upload computer data
  Zurich: Access the main frame computer
  Ukraine: Find Omega Strain DNA code

Elite Discrete Personnel Elimination Expert [Head Shot Lock]
  Kyrgyzstan: Poison Saydahmat's water chalice
  Yemen 1: Eliminate Yushchenko
  Tokyo: Eliminate HNT leader Matsua
  Myanmar: Eliminate Than Muang

Stealth Operations Expert [VSS-DU]
  Italy: Maintain stealth
  Kyrgyzstan: Maintain stealth
  Yemen 1: Maintain stealth
  Minsk: Maintain stealth
  Chechnya: Maintain stealth
  Lorelei: Maintain stealth until meeting Mujari
  Tokyo: Breach security without triggering alarm
  Zurich: Maintain stealth
  Montenegro: Maintain stealth

Military Tactics Expert [MGL]
  Belarus 1: Eliminate Zhidkov
  Belarus 2: Destroy communications truck
  Belarus 2: Destroy power substation
  Belarus 2: Shut down gas main
  Belarus 2: Destroy bridge to stop tank (Team)
  Yemen 1: Destroy communications equipment
  Yemen 2: Destroy Scud firing mechanism (Team)
  Lorelei: Plant four nukes on the lower levels
  Tokyo: Plant C-4 charges on lab floor
  Myanmar: Plant four claymores along path
  Myanmar: Plant C-4 on each log bridge
  Myanmar: Plant C-4 on foot bridge
  Ukraine: Complete all objectives

Elite Combat Expert [SSP 90]
  Earn Elite Combat Specialist (ECS2)
  Earn Elite Combat Knife Specialist (ECKS2)
  Earn Elite Combat Sharp Shooter (ECSS2)
  Earn Elite Non-Lethal Force Specialist (ENLFS2)
  Earn Elite Tactical Explosives Specialist (ETXS2)
  Earn Elite Team Efficiency Specialist (ETES2)
  Earn Elite Discrete Pers. Elimi. Expert (SAEDPEE)

Field Efficiency Expert [Increased Ammo - # of bonus clips vary by weapon]
  All missions: Beat single player mission deadlines

Survival Tactics Expert [Increased Health - I'd guess 50% more]
  All missions: No player deaths


4. Commendations     <BNC>

Gray, Imani [93R]
  Carthage 1: Complete all objectives
  Carthage 2: Complete all objectives
  Carthage 3: Complete all objectives

Stoneman, Gary [SR-15]
  Italy: Complete all objectives
  Belarus 1: Complete all objectives
  Belarus 2: Complete all objectives  

Ehud Ben Zohar [Desert Sniper .44]
  Yemen 1: Complete all objectives
  Yemen 2: Complete all objectives

Powers, Maggie [CZ Mach-9]
  Minsk: Complete all objectives

Mujari, Lawrence [Riot shotgun]
  Chechnya: Complete all objectives
  Lorelei: Complete all objectives

Lipan, Teresa [G 53]
  Zurich: Complete all objectives

Xing, Lian [China type 67]
  Kyrgyzstan: Complete all objectives
  Tokyo: Complete all objectives
  Myanmar: Complete all objectives

Logan, Gabe [Desert Express .50]
  Montenegro: Complete all objectives
  Ukraine: Complete all objectives


5. Medals     <BNM>

Medal of Distinction [US M60 E3]
  All missions: Beat single player mission deadlines

Agency Medal of Valor [M-249 SAW]
  Earn all Agency ratings 
  Earn all special Agency ratings
  Earn all commendations
  Earn all other medals
  Earn highest rank

Stone's Medal of Courage [SPA-15 shotgun]
  Belarus 2: Rescue Stone
  Ukraine: Provide cover fire for Stone

Carthage Exemplary Service Tribute [Spectre]
  Carthage 1: Protect CHA officers
  Carthage 2: Protect CHA officer
  Carthage 2: Eliminate all 4 ALA death squad assassins
  Carthage 3: Rescue injured SWAT officers (Team)

Homeland Security Citation [FAL SG-1]
  Earn Carthage Exemplary Service Tribute
  Earn the President's Official Liberty Award
  Zurich: Obtain Birchim files

Ellison Warner Award [Tec 45]
  Belarus 2: Destroy Scud missile
  Yemen 2: Destroy Scud firing mechanism (Team)
  Myanmar: Recover flight recorder (Team)

Karkadann, Alima's Unicorn Charm [Desert Eliminator .357]
  Yemen 1: Complete all objectives
  Yemen 2: Complete all objectives
  Ukraine: Bring Alima Haddad to safety

Republic of Korea Service Award [China type 56]
  Kyrgyzstan: Locate Yushchenko's papers
  Yemen 1: Obtain Thae-bok Jon's credentials
  Tokyo: Upload computer data
  Myanmar: Find Yong-jun Kim's briefcase

South African Freedom Medal [Sweeper 12 gauge]
  All missions: No collateral damage
  Earn Stone's Medal of Courage
  Earn Carthage Exemplary Service Tribute
  Belarus 1: Escort all workers to safety (Team)
  Lorelei: Rescue level 5 salvage personnel

President's Official Liberty Award [DSC-1]
  Carthage 3: Complete DPE order on Masson
  Italy: Assassinate Dimitri by the bell tower at 3:00 PM
  Belarus 1: Eliminate Zhidkov
  Kyrgyzstan: Poison Saydahmat's water chalice
  Myanmar: Eliminate Than Muang

Great Lakes Service Medal [MDS-k PDW]
  Carthage 1: Complete all objectives
  Carthage 2: Complete all objectives
  Carthage 3: Complete all objectives
  Yemen 1: Photograph Fadhil's files
  Zurich: Obtain ALA financial records

Kinshi Kunsho: Order of the Golden Dragon [SPA-12 shotgun]
  Earn Republic of Korea Service Award
  Kyrgyzstan: Complete all objectives
  Tokyo: Complete all objectives
  Myanmar: Complete all objectives

The Golden Cross of Russia [TH3 Blaster]
  Belarus 1: The Golden Cross of Russia
  Belarus 2: The Golden Cross of Russia
  Kyrgyzstan: Complete all objectives
  Yemen 1: Photograph Fadhil's files
  Minsk: Complete all objectives
  Montenegro: Find evidence linking Niculescu to Syphon Filter
  Ukraine: Complete all objectives

Mossad Friend to Peace Medal [Galil SG-1]
  Earn Karkadann, Alima's Unicorn Charm
  Kyrgyzstan: Eliminate Zayed Al Dhahiri

United Nations Peace Award [C11]
  Cure the Omega Strain


6. Omega Strain     <BNO>

Carthage 1: Scan tissue sample
Carthage 2: Obtain Mujari's recorder
Belarus 1: Take tissue sample from cow carcass
Belarus 1: Take mill documents from safe
Belarus 2: Obtain sewage sample
Yemen 2: Obtain Yushchenko's viral container
Minsk: Acquire Omega Strain serum
Lorelei: Collect original virus sample
Tokyo: Obtain sample
Ukraine: Find Omega Strain DNA code


V. Blah, blah...     <BBB>

This is where I just talk on and on about stuff; some topics are related
to the game, others are not.


1. Me, Myself, and I... and Moi     <BBM>

I made this FAQ on a request.   Well, sorta.  Someone asked me whether
or not I was going to write one, to which I said no.  Then, I realized that
there wasn't a source where players can get info on the game; so, motivated
by all those times during the game that drove me crazy, I decided to write
this thing.

If you're wondering, the most annoying part of making this thing was
getting all the damn info for the weapons.

I have eight characters: four male, four female, all named Cole.
Why?  Because that's my name, and I like having the same contact list.

As for contacts...  I have none.  Well, okay, here's one:
Feel free to contact me with requests ("I think your guide would be
better if...") and stuff like that.


2. Cheapness     <BBC>

Gas Multiplier
If you join a game online, there's a bit of a glitch that results in the
number of kill or KOs you get via gas weapons getting a boost.
If you know that an enemy will spawn in an area, throw a grenade at the
area where he'll show up.  It may be due to lag or whatever, but you'll
get more credit than you deserve for the kill/KO.
For example, when you scan the tissue sample in Carthage 1, you have to
defend the power generator.  Now, just above the small area with the 
generator is a building where the enemies will spawn (and attack).  
You'll only see a handful of enemies from that location; however, if 
you go online and toss a gas grenade up there, you'll end up raking
in dozens of credits.  If you can keep the rooftop filled with sarin
gas for the 1 minute the tissue sample scanner needs (meaning you'll
need someone else to defend the area from the other enemies while
you keep tossing the gas up there when necessary) you can rake in
100+ grenade kills.
1) Only works with either DormaGen or Sarin
2) Only works online
3) You must have another player in the area with you
4) You must kill/KO the enemies as they are spawning.
Works best in Carthage 1, Carthage 2, and Yemen 2.

Raking In Head Shots
Check out map 2.1.  Between the third viral container and the power room
is an entrance to the large, pump room.  From that point you can view of
two pipes , both of which have respawing enemies.  Meaning you can get
a dozen+ easy head shots.  Simply exit to the sewers and then back to
the pump room entrance to repeat.
There also a (funny) spot in Carthage 1 where you can do this.  Online,
grab a C4 and head for Proust, but don't kill him.  Instead, head for
the door that leads to the stand where he's camping.  Now, turn around
and look at the vent you used to enter this place.  An enemy will
spawn.  Kill him and then turn around (face away from the vent), and
look back at the vent.  The enemy will perpetually respawn.  Just
make sure your teammates don't complete any of the objectives.

Raking In Knife Kills 
Map 2.1 again.  The pipe that has the guy with the 3rd viral container 
is connected to the guy that had the 2nd viral container.  Every time
you go from the 3rd container pipe to the 2nd (you'll have to climb)
a guy with a shotgun will drop down.  The maximum number of rounds he
can fire before having to reload is 5 (he usually reloads sooner).
Time your knife attack for the reload time.  After he falls, go to
the area where he first dropped down.  Two more guys will follow him,
making for very easy and fast kills (unless they have the long
death animation).
If you don't feel like Carthage 2, try online Carthage 1.  At the start,
get the C4 and go for the subway, and make sure that the other players
are on the streets.  Just keep running back and forward on the rails,
stabbing the enemies on your way.  It's strange, but the IQ level of
the enemies take a sharp drop while you're doing this, as they won't
fire at you right away (or ever, sometimes), making them easy prey.

Smoke Grenade + AU300 Mod-R = God
Simply put, you can see them, but they can't see you.
This combo is effective against every enemy in the game, except against
tanks.  It also doesn't work when on an elevator (Ukraine, level 3)
since the smoke doesn't move with the elevator.  But, everyone else
(which includes Ryusaki and those armored freaks) is vulnerable.


3. FYI     <BBF>

The highest rank you can obtain playing only offline is C6.

The highest rank you can obtain playing only online is C1.

If you're hosting the game, you can kick out other players by going to
the options menu.

If you complete a stage offline, you can access the next stage online,
and vice versa.  The only exceptions to this are the bonus stages which
you unlock by obtaining par times before the stage, and the Lorelei,
which you unlock by completing Minsk.

A triple-headshot is possible.  Anything beyond that is possible, in
theory, but good luck trying to get the enemies to not kill each other.

If you found the Carthage stages a bit out of place, that's because it
was originally supposed to be set in Toronto.  Canada officials weren't
too happy with that idea, so it was switched to Michigan.  Thing is,
the city doesn't exist.  There is a Carthage in the nearby state of
Illinois, but not in Michigan.

Omega Strain is the last game in the Syphon Filter series.  But, no doubt
Gabe and the rest of the agency will make a return for another series.

The founder of Sony Bend is Mark Blank - He is the genius behind the
classic text adventure, "Zork."


4. FAQ     <BBQ>

A) Should I get this game?
If you like 3D action games, then yes.
If you don't like 3D action games, then no.

There are numerous game magazines out there (such as Game Informer).
If you want to know whether or not you should get this or any other game;
you should really read their reviews instead of asking someone who has 
nothing on the line when giving out opinions.

B) What's the best weapon?

Depends on scenario, but, overall, I'd have to say the C8 Rifle.

C) How is rank determined?

Think points.  Think of completed objectives, commendations, ratings,
special ratings, and awards as having a set amount of points.  Now, think
of each rank having a predetermined amount of points.  In order to reach
a rank of x, the sum of your points must at least be y.

D) Are there cheats for the game?

Yes, there are.  I abhor cheating, so you're on your own to find them.
Some people have said that cheating prevents some par times from being
achieved, so, if you're stuck online, try to obtain the rank of C6 
before you use cheats.  As for cheating online, you have no right to
alter the game experience of other players, so the "My game, my cheat
device, I can do whatever I want" BS excuse doesn't work here.  Offline,
you're only affecting yourself, but you don't have the right to affect
others online, especially when SCEA itself doesn't tolerate online cheats.

E) May I send you an invite for my contact/cell?

Sure, you're free to send an invite...  But, I guarantee you that I'll
reject it.  I have this thing about only accepting it from people I've
played with and like...


5. Version     <BBV>

Version 1.0 of the guide.  (6/6/04)

Version 1.1 (6/12/04) - Corrected errors, added missing weapons.

Version 1.2 (6/24/04) - Corrected errors, added more comments/strategy

Version 1.3 (7/2/04) - Re-evaluated strategy/ratings, added more content

Version 1.4 (7/19/04) - Same editing as above

Version 1.5 (8/16/04) - More stuff, and...  page numbers!

Version 1.6 (9/27/04) - Search terms, overhaul of weapons section.
                      Additional [detailed] comments on walkthrough.
                      FAQ section added.

Version 1.7 (10/25/04) - Overhaul of team sections; speed run added


6. Cred     <BBD>

This guide could not have been possible w/o the good people at SCEA and
SONY Bend...  Let's all hope that they give me more reasons to thank them
by providing some (free) downloadable content.

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