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FAQ/Walkthrough by SHamman

Version: 5.61 | Updated: 04/29/09

Syphon Filter Omega Strain Walkthrough by: Shaun Hamman v5.61
Questions or Comments? E-Mail me at shaun.hamman@gmail.com
 ____              _                   _____ _ _ _            
/ ___| _   _ _ __ | |__   ___  _ __   |  ___(_) | |_ ___ _ __ 
\___ \| | | | '_ \| '_ \ / _ \| '_ \  | |_  | | | __/ _ \ '__|
 ___) | |_| | |_) | | | | (_) | | | | |  _| | | | ||  __/ |   
|____/ \__, | .__/|_| |_|\___/|_| |_| |_|   |_|_|\__\___|_|   
  ___                               ____  _             _       
 / _ \ _ __ ___   ___  __ _  __ _  / ___|| |_ _ __ __ _(_)_ __  
| | | | '_ ` _ \ / _ \/ _` |/ _` | \___ \| __| '__/ _` | | '_ \ 
| |_| | | | | | |  __/ (_| | (_| |  ___) | |_| | | (_| | | | | |
 \___/|_| |_| |_|\___|\__, |\__,_| |____/ \__|_|  \__,_|_|_| |_|
I. Copyright Stuff

Copyright 2009 Shaun Hamman. All Rights Reserved. Syphon Filter and all related
criteria except this document itself is Copyright 2004 SCEA. This FAQ may not
be reproduced for profit or non-profit reasons except for your own personal use
unless explicit permission is given by the author. You may not post this FAQ on
any site without prior written permission from the author.

II. Version History

v5.61 Username change, contact information update, fixed a few typos. I haven't
      played this game in a while, but I intend on going back through sometime
      soon. The guides for each level will be refined and rewritten as I go
      through them. As a result, the user submissions will either be integrated
      directly into the guide or removed. However, credit will still be given
      in the Special Thanks section.
v5.6  Inverted Version History, changed username, added Anti-Permissions list,
      removed afterword, rewrote introduction.
v5.5  Updated some best times. Added responses to user input. Updated copyright
      information. Fixed many grammer and spelling errors throughout the guide.
      Changed Introduction slightly. Added Afterword section. Added Bruce 
      Bristol and Cin to Special Thanks.
v5.4  Modified my Carthage Two and Belarus Two walkthroughs with a much easier
      method of getting par. Fixed numerous typos throughout the guide. Updated
      my best times for some of the missions. There was a segment in the Minsk
      walkthrough that only worked occasionally, this segment has been replaced
      with one that works all the time. Fixed ranking list.
v5.3  Updated Carthage Three with alternate method and added Chechnya
v5.2  Added some more questions and reworked some of my Minsk walkthrough.
v5.1  Added a single question.
v5.0  Added a whole crapload of weapon details and a FAQ. Also added many other
v4.5  Added the Montenegro walkthrough and the long awaited Yemen One
      walkthrough! Yay!
v4.0  Added Minsk, Lorelei, Tokyo, Myanmar, Zurich, and Ukraine walkthroughs.
      Also fixed a bunch of typos.
v3.2  Added Ratings section. Updated Belarus Two walkthrough. Updated some of
      my record times and fixed a small problem in the Italy walkthrough.
V3.1  Gave some sites permission to post this FAQ.
V3.0  Added Yemen Two and added a bunch more weapons. Also fixed a few typos.
V2.0  Added Belarus One through Kyrgyzstan and added a couple new weapons.
V1.0  Created the guide. Everything new.

III. Introduction

Hello all and welcome to another one of my walkthroughs. Syphon Filter is one
of my favorite series of games so I have strived to make sure this guide is as
detailed and accurate as possible. Instead of wasting your time and mine
talking about a plot that you probably already know, let's just jump right into
it shall we?

IV. Permissions

Here is a list of all the sites that currently have permission to put this FAQ
on their site. If you have asked for permission and your name is not on the
list, chances are it's because I haven't created a new version. When I create a
new version of the document I will be sure to include the URL of your site.
Please don't e-mail me saying you got permission but it's not on here. I ask
this to prevent people from lying and getting permission without asking. Think
about it. In that e-mail that you sent saying your site isn't on here you could
have asked me and gotten permission. You just wasted an e-mail. Besides I keep
a close record of who has asked and who hasn't. Actually, unless your site has
a reputation of ripping off people's walkthroughs then I really have no reason
to deny permission. But please, just ask.

Note that the latest version of this and all my other guides will always be
available on GameFAQs.


V. Anti-Permissions

This is a list of sites that I never have and never will give permission to,
no matter how nicely they ask. These sites have a strong reputation of stealing
guides from other authors and even going so far as to modify them to add
themselves to permissions lists or remove themselves from anti-permissions
lists. If you are reading this guide on one of the sites listed below know that
you are reading an unauthorized and illegally obtained copy, and that any
information in that copy may be out of date or entirely incorrect. Please visit
one of the sites in the list above for authorized and legal copies of this


VI. Contents

I.    Copyright Stuff
II.   Version History
III.  Introduction
IV.   Permissions
V.    Anti-Permissions
VI.   Contents
VIII. Weapons
IX.   Characters
X.    Walkthrough
  - Training Mission / Training Center
  - Carthage One     / Quarantine Zone
  - Carthage Two     / Warehouse District
  - Carthage Three   / Carthage Mall
    - Italy          / St. Cetteo Square
  - Belarus One      / Krivorozhstal Mill
  - Belarus Two      / Belaya Vezha
    - Kyrgyzstan     / Saydahmat's Village
  - Yemen One        / Arms Bazaar
  - Yemen Two        / Taherir Palace
  - Minsk            / International University
    - Chechnya       / Ivankov's Home
  - Lorelei          / North Atlantic Salvage Rig
  - Tokyo            / Murakawa Tower
  - Myanmar          / Irawaddy Basin
  - Zurich           / Niculescu Funds Tower
    - Montenegro     / Niculescu's Villa Estate
  - Ukraine          / Chechen Terrorist Base
XI.   Rank
XII.  Ratings
XIII. Special Ratings
XIV.  Commendations
XV.   Medals
XVI.  Omega Strain
XVII. Special Thanks


Ever since I posted the first version of this guide, the amount of e-mails I
have been receiving has doubled. I love it. A few questions kept recurring
though so I thought I'd outline those questions here so I don't have to keep
going over them.

Q: How does the headshot lock work?

A: This is very simple. You begin by using autolock like you normally would.
   Now, while still holding down the autolock button, hit the manual aim
   button and hold that in at the same time. If you are close enough to the
   enemy, your targeting reticle will change from a circle around the guy to
   a triangle around the guy's head. Now if you hit him, it is a guarenteed
   headshot. Even if you shoot and hit him in the chest, as long as you're
   locked onto his head, it will count as a headshot.

Q: How do I get the headshot lock?

A: Complete the "Elite Discreet Personnel Elimination Expert" special rating.

Q: How do I get the neck snap?

A: Simply beat all three Carthage missions under par.

Q: What equipment do you use?

A: For the most part I use the following but there are some missions I don't:
   C8 rifle or M4 carbine
   Jerico-41 x2
   MDS A3
   DormaGen gas

VIII. Weapons

All of the weapons that I get will be posted here along with my personalized
comments about each. If a weapon is not on here, don't tell me. I haven't
gotten all of the weapons yet and therefore won't have all the weapons on here.
I will put them up only after I have gotten them and will comment on them after
fully testing each weapon. Unless I request missing weapons (which I'm not yet)
I don't want any help in getting them. Remember too that these are my personal
opinions of each weapon. I've heard people having great times and bad times with
most of the weapons so if I give a bad review to a gun that's working great for
you, it just means that I didn't have much luck with it. If it works for you,
great, use it.


M16 A1 - Fire Rate - III
       - Damage - V
       - Clip Size - 24
       - Capacity - 72

+ One word: sucks. This gun only shoots as fast as your thumb can nail the
+ square button and has terrible accuracy to boot. If (in the rare event that)
+ your bullet actually hits someone, you can almost guarantee it's a one hit
+ kill (unless of course they're wearing flak jackets, in which case your

M4 - Fire Rate - V
   - Damage - V
   - Clip Size - 30
   - Capacity - 90

+ I really can't tell much of a difference between this and the M4 carbine
+ except that the carbine seems to acquire a lock a bit quicker.

C8 rifle - Fire Rate - III
         - Damage - V
         - Clip Size - 50
         - Capacity - 150

+ A great weapon. Has a nice scope complete with infrared vision. Powerful
+ enough to take out most guys in the first couple levels in one hit and still
+ fast enough to be used in normal combat. One of my favorites.

M1 Super 90 - Fire Rate - II
            - Damage - IV
            - Clip Size - 7
            - Capacity - 21

+ A better shotgun than the Combat shotgun, this one definitely has better
+ accuracy and range. Plus, you gotta love it when the guy goes flying four
+ feet through the air after taking a shot to the chest!

M4 carbine - Fire Rate - IV
           - Damage - V
           - Clip Size - 24
           - Capacity - 72

+ Now this is an incredible gun. It's full auto... Now hold on a minute. I know
+ that your thinking that means it's accuracy sucks, but it doesn't. It stays
+ perfectly accurate even while firing! That's right, while your shooting, the
+ reticle stays green! In addition to that, it has enough power to take out
+ unarmored guys in just a few hits. A great gun to carry along wherever you
+ go.

MGL - Fire Rate - II
    - Damage - V
    - Clip Size - 5
    - Capacity - 50

+ Now this is a gun. Not recommended for team play as you will often be blowing
+ up your teammates but in solo this thing is great. Who can't love a gun that
+ shoots "explode-on-contact" grenades as it's ammo?

ShotHammer - Fire Rate - II
           - Damage - III
           - Clip Size - 10
           - Capacity - 30

+ You remember those psycho-killers on the rooftop in Tokyo? The ones that
+ could take you out in just a few hits? Well, this is their baby. This thing
+ holds the power to knock a guy back a clear two or three feet through the
+ air. It sucks as a long-range weapon but is perfect when up close and

SSG 550 - Fire Rate - V
        - Damage - IV
        - Clip Size - 24
        - Capacity - 72

+ One of the best machine guns in the game. It has superior accuracy and lock
+ hold compared to the others and it's Fire Rate and Damage is nothing to scoff
+ at either.

ACR - Fire Rate - II
    - Damage - V
    - Clip Size - 15
    - Capacity - 60

+ A beautiful sniper rifle. Has an auto-zoom scope and can take out unarmored
+ guys in one hit. Has great range and great accuracy even when using auto-aim.
+ The only thing that keeps this a step lower than some of the other rifles is
+ the smaller clip size and the lower capacity. Otherwise it's a great gun.

M82 BFG - Fire Rate - II
        - Damage - V
        - Clip Size - 15
        - Capacity - 60

+ Now this is a sniper rifle. Great scope, deadly accurate, and the best part,
+ one hit kills. That's right. Unarmored guys fall in one hit no matter where
+ they get shot. The gun even recoils against you (shown best in manual aiming
+ mode) to show it's sheer power!!!

Combat shotgun - Fire Rate - II
               - Damage - II
               - Clip Size - 5
               - Capacity - 25

+ An okay gun. Nothing compared to the other guns you can unlock fairly early.
+ Doesn't have the speed or power to be used for too long. Only use it until you
+ get something else.

China type 56 - Fire Rate - V
              - Damage - IV
              - Clip Size - 30
              - Capacity - 90

+ I'm not sure if it's the power or the accuracy that sucks horribly. You can
+ walk up to a guy and dig the barrel into his chest and still miss. There are
+ much better full auto rifles available when you get this one. Use them
+ instead.

Dragunov - Fire Rate - II
         - Damage - V
         - Clip Size - 6
         - Capacity - 24

+ A sniper rifle through and through. Not good for anything else. One of the
+ strongest weapons you will get but not nearly fast enough to hold it's own.
+ The scope on some of the other weapons is better too. Don't bother taking it.
+ There are many other better choices.

FA-MAS - Fire Rate - V
       - Damage - IV
       - Clip Size - 25
       - Capacity - 75

+ Don't bother with this full-auto gun. The accuracy is terrible if your
+ opponent is moving. Unless your sneaking in on someone and need to pump 'em
+ full of lead real fast, this gun is just about worthless.

FAL - Fire Rate - V
    - Damage - V
    - Clip Size - 24
    - Capacity - 144

+ Has high marks in both Fire Rate and Damage as well as having a fairly large
+ clip for a fully automatic gun. Has great accuracy and range as well. If you
+ don't need a sniper rifle, by all means, take this beauty here.

Galil SG-1 - Fire Rate - III
           - Damage - V
           - Clip Size - 8
           - Capacity - 32

+ Now this is something new, the Galil SG-1 is a sniper rifle that actually has
+ a good auto-lock. It can take down most unarmored enemies in one to two hits.
+ Not bad at all.

G 33E - Fire Rate - IV
      - Damage - IV
      - Clip Size - 24
      - Capacity - 72

+ It's damage is sure high enough but it has a terrible time attacking a moving
+ opponent unless that opponent is in a roll. This gun seems to work very well
+ on rolls. Other than that, stick with something else.

M-16k - Fire Rate - IV
      - Damage - V
      - Clip Size - 30
      - Capacity - 90

+ A great sniper rifle or rapid-fire weapon, this gun not only has a high fire
+ rate and insanely damaging shots, but it also has one of the greatest ranges
+ I've ever seen without using the scope. Definately a high holder of honor.

FAL SG-1 - Fire Rate - V
         - Damage - V
         - Clip Size - 30
         - Capacity - 90

+ It's auto aim will almost always miss unless the enemy is not moving but
+ otherwise this is a very powerful sniper rifle.

GAWS 12 gauge - Fire Rate - II
              - Damage - IV
              - Clip Size - 10
              - Capacity - 20

+ One of the better shotguns in the game. This weapon, being a shotgun, doesn't
+ have great range but this is the first shotgun which doesn't have bad range
+ either. It'll knock enemies back like you would expect and will kill a guy
+ with a flak jacket in two to three hits.

DSC-1 - Fire Rate - II
      - Damage - V
      - Clip Size - 8
      - Capacity - 24

+ The accuracy on this sucker is incredible. It can also take down most
+ unarmored guys in one hit. Basically, this is the Jerico-41 of sniper rifles.

C11 - Fire Rate - V
    - Damage - IV
    - Clip Size - 50
    - Capacity - 100

+ Dead fast fire rate plus hawk eye accuracy and rocket launcher range, this
+ thing is a pacifist's nightmare. The only downside is that its clip size and
+ capacity are not large enough to accommodate the extremely fast fire rate.
+ Still, it's a beautiful weapon while it lasts.

VSS-Special - Fire Rate - III
            - Damage - V
            - Clip Size - 24
            - Capacity - 48

+ This is the same sniper rifle that Gabe uses in the Montenegro mission. Very
+ accurate, fairly fast, and silent. The perfect sniper rifle w/o a special
+ scope.

Shot Defender - Fire Rate - I
              - Damage - III
              - Clip Size - 5
              - Capacity - 20

+ Bad fire rate, fairly good damage, and crappy clip size? Sounds like a
+ typical shotgun to me. Well guess what, it is a typical shotgun. Perhaps
+ slightly better than the Combat Shotgun but not by much.

SR-15 - Fire Rate - II
      - Damage - V
      - Clip Size - 1
      - Capacity - ***

+ This is the same sniper rifle that is used in the Italy mission. Complete
+ with cracks on the scope to show age. Deadly accurate and all-powerful. Can
+ only hold one shot though and no refill ammo can be found anywhere.

AU300 Mod-R - Fire Rate - V
            - Damage - IV
            - Clip Size - 30
            - Capacity - 90

+ The ultimate in sniper rifle technology. Complete with rapid fire shooting,
+ thermal vision scope, and auto zoom. Fast, accurate, deadly. Who can't love
+ that combination.

M16 A2 - Fire Rate - V
       - Damage - V
       - Clip Size - 30
       - Capacity - 90

+ One of the best fully automatic rifles in the game, this gun is extremely
+ accurate. It doesn't keep it's accuracy as it fires like the M4 carbine does,
+ but its power can take out unarmored men in two to three hits. Not the
+ greatest to take along but definitely not a bad gun.

M79 - Fire Rate - ***
    - Damage - V
    - Clip Size - 1
    - Capacity - 12

+ Ahhh... the original Syphon Filter grenade launcher. Anyone who has played
+ Syphon Filter 3 dreads this weapon when it is in enemy hands but knows that
+ he or she is a god when it is in their hands. A lower clip and capacity than
+ the MGL but it's accurate and it's range is HUGE!!! It has to reload after
+ each shot but the reload time is very short. This weapon attains green
+ auto-lock status almost immediately. Definitely a personal favorite.

Riot shotgun - Fire Rate - II
             - Damage - Incapacitate
             - Clip Size - 5
             - Capacity - 20

+ It's an unsilenced Air Pistol. Nothing more.

TH3 Blaster - Fire Rate - ***
            - Damage - V
            - Clip Size - 20
            - Capacity - 20

+ You remember those guys in Ukraine? The ones that would show up out of
+ nowhere while you're providing cover fire for Gabe and hit you with
+ flamethrowers? Well now you have your very own flamethrower. More like a
+ rocket laucher than a flame thrower, this very nice gun has the best range of
+ all the weapons in the game and will kill anyone it hits. It can be tough to
+ hit a moving target sometimes, but otherwise this weapon makes you a god
+ among men!

Slug Defender - Fire Rate - I
              - Damage - V
              - Clip Size - 5
              - Capacity - 20

+ Bad fire rate, fairly good damage, and crappy clip size? Sounds like a
+ typical shotgun to me. Well guess what, it's not a typical shotgun. Has much
+ higher accuracy and it's power is great enough to take out most unarmored
+ guards in one or two hits. This shotgun is actually worth using.

AU300 Mod-SMG - Fire Rate - IV
              - Damage - IV
              - Clip Size - 30
              - Capacity - 90

+ A beautiful weapon. Should definitely be used until you get something better
+ and that could take a while. Has a nice scope, good speed and damage, and a
+ bigger clip than the other early unlock weapons. A very nice gun to have on
+ hand.

AU300 H-BAR - Fire Rate - V
            - Damage - IV
            - Clip Size - 42
            - Capacity - 126

+ Strong, fast, and has awesome range even for a sniper rifle! The only
+ downside is that the zoom range on the scope can't be changed. It only has
+ one setting. Otherwise, this could be argued to be the best in the AU300
+ sniper series.

SPA-15 shotgun - Fire Rate - III
               - Damage - III
               - Clip Size - 8
               - Capacity - 24

+ This is definitely the most accurate shotgun while still being powerful. The
+ only problem is that it cannot seem to hit a moving target. Oh well...

SPA-12 shotgun - Fire Rate - II
               - Damage - III
               - Clip Size - 10
               - Capacity - 30

+ Not much better than the Combat shotgun, this thing only has slightly better
+ accuracy. Don't even bother with it.

SlugHammer - Fire Rate - Iv
           - Damage - IV
           - Clip Size - 30
           - Capacity - 90

+ Hmm... I'm not sure what to rate this one. It's a guaranteed kill on
+ unarmored guys but it's range doesn't seem to be that great. It all depends
+ on what level your going into and how you pick your fights I guess.

Sweeper 12 gauge - Fire Rate - II
                 - Damage - II
                 - Clip Size - 8
                 - Capacity - 32

+ This is the second best shotgun in the game. It's range isn't that great but
+ it's not bad either. The big problem with this shotgun is that unless the
+ targeting reticle is green, you will miss the shot no matter how close you
+ are to the enemy.

VSS-DU - Fire Rate - III
       - Damage - V
       - Clip Size - 24
       - Capacity - 48

+ An upgraded version of the sniper rifle used by Gabe in the Montenegro
+ mission. The only difference I can tell between this and the VSS-Special is
+ that this has a night vision scope on it.

Stava M70 B1 - Fire Rate - V
             - Damage - IV
             - Clip Size - 32
             - Capacity - 96

+ This gun has only one downside, it loses it's accuracy way too fast while
+ shooting. Otherwise it places very high on all other marks. If you don't mind
+ firing in short bursts, this is the perfect gun for you.


Desert Express .50 - Fire Rate - II
                   - Damage - V
                   - Clip Size - 7
                   - Capacity - 28

+ The official gun of Gabe Logan himself, this is one beautiful masterpiece. It
+ has great accuracy and range as well as power. The enemies get hit backward as
+ though you hit them with a shotgun to the chest. The only downside of this
+ weapon is its low amount of ammo. Of course, by the time you get this you
+ should already have the Jerico-41 so take either this or that on every
+ mission.

Jerico-41 - Fire Rate - II
          - Damage - V
          - Clip Size - 12
          - Capacity - 120

+ A large clip and a huge damage rating in one, this is perhaps the best pistol
+ you can get. Kills most regular guards in one hit and armored guards in no
+ more than three. Never leave home without it.

Mark 23 - Fire Rate - II
        - Damage - V
        - Clip Size - 12
        - Capacity - 120

+ This gun is identical to the Jerico-41 in all but one way, it's range isn't
+ half as good. Other than that one slight mishap, this gun is the second best
+ sidearm in the game.

93R - Fire Rate - IV
    - Damage - III
    - Clip Size - 13
    - Capacity - 130

+ A fairly good gun. Doesn't quite match the strength of the others but makes
+ up for that with its semi-automatic fire. Has a slightly larger clip to
+ accommodate the firing mode and isn't half bad on accuracy either.

M1911 A1 - Fire Rate - II
         - Damage - V
         - Clip Size - 8
         - Capacity - 32

+ Not a bad gun. I got it before the Jerico but still preferred the G-17 over
+ this. Smaller clip but still a great damage rating. If you don't have a Jerico
+ then here's your handgun.

CZ Mach-9 - Fire Rate - V
          - Damage - II
          - Clip Size - 32
          - Capacity - 256

+ Now this is something special. It's a rapid fire handgun that has great aim
+ and accuracy. It also takes out most guys in one hit despite the damage
+ rating. It should be fired in short bursts though because its lock-on is lost
+ after using rapid fire for a long period of time. It's huge clip also backs
+ up its rapid fire ability. It's definately one of the top five handguns in
+ the game.

Desert Eliminator .357 - Fire Rate - II
                       - Damage - V
                       - Clip Size - 12
                       - Capacity - 120

+ Now this is a beautiful handgun. I can't seem to find a difference between
+ this and the Jerico-41.

G-17 - Fire Rate - III
     - Damage - III
     - Clip Size - 12
     - Capacity - 120

+ A great handgun. Even with the M1911 I still chose this before I got the
+ Jerico. An early handgun that for some reason seems better than the 92F. Don't
+ know why, maybe it's accuracy. The stats are the same but it has a sleeker
+ look to it.

PPK - Fire Rate - III
    - Damage - III
    - Clip Size - 12
    - Capacity - 36

+ Don't bother with this gun. Not even half as strong as the Jerico and the
+ noise is makes when it fires can get annoying quickly. The only advantage
+ this gun has over the other Sidearms is that it is silenced.

Desert Sniper .44 - Fire Rate - II
                  - Damage - V
                  - Clip Size - 10
                  - Capacity - 40

+ Now I like this weapon. It seems to be identical to the Desert Express .50
+ with two exceptions. First, it has a scope and second, it has more ammo.
+ Perhaps, Gabe should consider changing his load out?

92F - Fire Rate - III
    - Damage - III
    - Clip Size - 12
    - Capacity - 120

+ Standard Issue handgun. Work with it until you unlock something else.
+ Everything else is better.

SP-57 - Fire Rate - II
      - Damage - V
      - Clip Size - 20
      - Capacity - 60

+ Basically a modified Jerico-41, this gun is nothing special. It has almost
+ double the clip size but it halves the capacity. Also, the accuracy of this
+ is far worse than the Jerico's.


Tec 45 - Fire Rate - V
       - Damage - IV
       - Clip Size - 32
       - Capacity - 64

+ Has great accuracy for a fully automatic weapon. It can also take out most
+ unarmored enemies in seconds flat. The only downside is that it's clip is
+ fairly small so there are other guns that could do the same job better.

G 53 - Fire Rate - V
     - Damage - V
     - Clip Size - 30
     - Capacity - 90

+ The only problem with this gun is that it loses it's accuracy very fast while
+ shooting and only a few bullets will hit the target. However, this is easily
+ countered due to the fact that those few bullets have the power of stampeding
+ elephants in them. That's right. Just a few shots (about the same amount that
+ will actually hit your target) are all that is required to take down
+ unarmored guys. I wouldn't recommend this over the MDS A3 but it is a very,
+ VERY close second.

MAK-10 10mm - Fire Rate - V
            - Damage - III
            - Clip Size - 32
            - Capacity - 128

+ This gun is the fastest in two things. It's the fastest in firing and fastest
+ in losing its lock on a target. The damage it causes isn't great enough to
+ counter its terrible targeting skills so this is one gun that its only
+ purpose is to gather dust.

Air Pistol - Fire Rate - I
           - Damage - Incapacitate
           - Clip Size - 1
           - Capacity - 8

+ A low clip and bad fire rate. Only useful in place of the Stun Jack if you
+ don't want to use a taser to knock out guys for fear you might set them
+ aflame.

Biz-9 - Fire Rate - V
      - Damage - III
      - Clip Size - 32
      - Capacity - 128

+ Doesn't really have great accuracy. Better than other fully automatic
+ auxiliary? Sure. But not as useful as some of the others. Had potential, but
+ just didn't make the cut.

China type 67 - Fire Rate - IV
              - Damage - III
              - Clip Size - 12
              - Capacity - 36

+ OMG does this thing suck!!! Single bullet firing, no scope, only accurate in
+ manual aim, and the worst of all, it's weak. It takes four shots to the chest
+ to take out an unarmored guy. Never use it.

SSP 90 - Fire Rate - V
       - Damage - IV
       - Clip Size - 50
       - Capacity - 150

+ This awesome weapon should have a fire rate of VIII! It slaughters any ammo
+ you might have thought you had. By the time you realize your shooting, you've
+ already used half of your ammo at least! Hits always kill (guys with flak
+ jackets and bosses are once again the exception that proves the rule) and the
+ range on this thing is just unbelievable for an auxiliary weapon. Not a bad
+ choice if you don't mind having no ammo.

Scorpion - Fire Rate - V
         - Damage - III
         - Clip Size - 32
         - Capacity - 128

+ A loyal weapon. Fast as all heck and deadly accurate. Fairly large clip size
+ balances out its slightly lower damage rating. A gun you get very early in
+ the game and should use throughout most of it. A fine addition to any armory.

Spectre - Fire Rate - V
        - Damage - III
        - Clip Size - 32
        - Capacity - 128

+ Accuracy isn't the greatest but this gun can hold a lock for a long time
+ unlike most other automatic weapons. Not one of the best, but much better
+ than all of the worst.

UNP 45 - Fire Rate - V
       - Damage - III
       - Clip Size - 32
       - Capacity - 256

+ It's an average machine gun. The auto-aim is slightly better than that on
+ other models but it's still just not quite accurate enough. Its range and
+ damage are very nice though.

MDS-7 - Fire Rate - V
      - Damage - II
      - Clip Size - 40
      - Capacity - 120

+ The Damage rating isn't as high on this gun as it is on the other Auxiliary
+ guns but the clip size is slightly higher and it is much more accurate. It
+ may even be more accurate than the Scorpion!

MDS A3 - Fire Rate - IV
       - Damage - IV
       - Clip Size - 30
       - Capacity - 600

+ This semi-automatic gun is very accurate and shreds Flak Jackets on contact.
+ Definitely a better choice than its brother, the MDS-7.

MDS-k PDW - Fire Rate - V
          - Damage - III
          - Clip Size - 30
          - Capacity - 600

+ Now this gun is definitely the worst of the MDS series. Its power isn't that
+ great and its range sucks horribly. The accuracy is incredible hitting even
+ when the reticule is red but without that range, that's a useless quality. I
+ guess it's great for up-close firefights but that's about all.


DormaGen gas - Fire Rate - ***
             - Damage - Incapacitate
             - Clip Size - 1
             - Capacity - 8

+ Great for clearing out rooms of guys. This stuff is non-lethal, and therefore
+ can be used to make non-lethal kills. Even though it is a grenade, it's not
+ explosive and therefore cannot be used for that award. A nice thing to carry
+ around and can seriously save your butt sometimes.

Sarin nerve agent - Fire Rate - ***
                  - Damage - V
                  - Clip Size - 1
                  - Capacity - 8

+ Think of this stuff as lethal DormaGen gas because that's exactly what it is.
+ It seems as though that this gas does expand a bit more than the DormaGen and
+ it definitely hangs around longer but overall this isn't bad stuff. I've
+ personally always preferred DormaGen gas over other grenades but didn't like
+ the fact that I couldn't use them to up my grenade rating. Well, now I can.

Smoke grenade - Fire Rate - ***
              - Damage - ***
              - Clip Size - 1
              - Capacity - 10

+ These grenades have a couple uses but you have to be fairly skilled to use
+ them correctly. You can hide from enemies while picking them off from inside
+ the smoke cloud and you can use it to run through a room full of enemies
+ somewhat undetected (you will fail any stealth objectives currently active
+ though).

M61 frag grenade - Fire Rate - ***
                 - Damage - V
                 - Clip Size - 1
                 - Capacity - 9

+ Your basic, everyday grenade. Chuck it and run. Explodes on contact which is
+ always a good thing. Never leave home without one.

Incendiary grenade - Fire Rate - ***
                   - Damage - IV
                   - Clip Size - 1
                   - Capacity - 5

+ The Hades bomb of grenades, this thing creates a wall of intense flames at
+ the detonation site. Unfortunately, it is a delayed explosion instead of an
+ impact explosion so it's kinda tough to aim it correctly. But you can't argue
+ that the firewall is just plain out SWEET!!!


K-BAR - Fire Rate - IV
      - Damage - V
      - Clip Size - ***
      - Capacity - ***

+ I can't stand this knife. Slaughter guys with this and upgrade ASAP. It takes
+ two perfectly aimed hits to kill a guy with no armor and three to four hits
+ for a guy with armor. Get it upgraded for the sole purpose of getting the
+ Vibroblade.

E.D.T. - Fire Rate - IV
       - Damage - III
       - Clip Size - ***
       - Capacity - ***

+ Ahh, the trademark Syphon Filter Air Taser. Who can't love this thing. One
+ hit has the potential to send a body flaming to the ground. Hold for three to
+ four seconds to non-lethally kill (anyone else find that funny?) your enemy
+ and hold it for five seconds or more to make them BURN!!!

E.P.D.D. - Fire Rate - IV
         - Damage - III
         - Clip Size - ***
         - Capacity - ***

+ Basically the same as the E.D.T., this is the Air Taser that Gabe uses. The
+ only difference that I can tell is that this taser has near infinite range
+ where as the other one is obviously too short.

Shuriken - Fire Rate - II
         - Damage - V
         - Clip Size - 1
         - Capacity - 10

+ First time you see this you'll be shouting, "OH YEAH! NINJA STARS!!!". I know
+ I did. But the truth is... these things suck unless you have some seriously
+ mad sick manual aiming skills. They almost always miss and you can't use them
+ like normal knives. Also, once your out, your out. There is no ammo for them
+ anywhere. It really sucks. But luckily, in the few levels you do need them,
+ ten is usually more than enough.

Stun Jack - Fire Rate - II
          - Damage - Incapacitate
          - Clip Size - ***
          - Capacity - ***

+ God could this thing be more useless? Use it in the first mission if your
+ getting the Key Code but otherwise totally useless. Use it alot to unlock the
+ tasers though. Then forget all about this "weapon".

Stiletto - Fire Rate - IV
         - Damage - V
         - Clip Size - ***
         - Capacity - ***

+ Just another knife. Brings unarmored guys down in one hit and armored down in
+ two. Again, just use it to get the Vibroblade. Don't switch to using the
+ Shurikens after you unlock them though. Keep using this. It's much better.

IPCA Commando - Fire Rate - IV
              - Damage - V
              - Clip Size - ***
              - Capacity - ***

+ Much stronger than the Stiletto knife, this knife can take out all of the
+ enemies in Carthage One in one hit with the exception of flak jackets.
+ Definitely better than the K-Bar, Stiletto, and Shuriken.

VibroBlade - Fire Rate - IV
           - Damage - V
           - Clip Size - ***
           - Capacity - ***

+ THE BLADE OF THE GODS!!!! This monster is capable of slashing a guard with a
+ flak jacket into teeny little pieces in one to two stabs. You should never
+ use the other knives again. Unfortunately, by the time you get this knife,
+ you probably won't need it anymore.

IX. Characters

Gina Hunter
A chopper pilot that flies all of Lian's missions. She's a kind soul who
believes there is good in everyone, if only they could find it.

William Crusher
A chopper pilot whose talent and good looks go unrivaled. Flying missions for
Stone when Alima is not around, he is a quiet fellow who always does his job
and does it right.

Alima Haddad
A skilled chopper pilot who has flown missions with Stone many times. Not being
much of a fighter, Stone looks after her as best he can but sometimes it's just
not enough.

Elsa Weissenger
The doctor who created the original Syphon Filter virus. She also manufactured
the Omega Strain with the wishes to use it for good. After things went horribly
wrong, she joined the IPCA in order to repair the chaos she had caused.

Imani Gray
A strong woman and a born leader. She may be bossy, but gaining her respect is
something that isn't easy and when it does happen it should be considered an
honor. Although she tries to keep a hard, tough look about her, once in a while
her more passionate side will show though. Unfortunately, this usually only
occurs when she attempts to help another with their loss.

Gary Stoneman
A strong military man through and through. Never leaves a job half finished and
always goes out with a bang. A natural sharpshooter who hates knives and will
go up against entire armies if they should decide to cross him.

Lawrence Mujari
Although he is a pacifist, this african american is also a realist. He believes
in finding a peaceful solution to every problem but realizes that something
violence is the only answer. However, he would not sooner take a life than
simply stun one.

Teresa Lipan
The greatest information specialist who ever lived. She always has all the
stats on everything and can tell everything about a person with a single

Lian Xing
Commander Xing has been at Logan's right hand since his first encounter with
the elusive Syphon Filter virus. Sticking around through thick and thin, this
strong woman has managed to squeeze out of situations no matter how dismal the
outcome may have looked.

Gabe Logan
The leader of the IPCA, this guy has been fighting the Syphon Filter virus from
the beginning. Each time he comes so close to catching it, and each time it
flutters just out of reach. He always has an answer on what to do next, and is
always ready to lead his followers to their next victory.

X. Walkthrough

Instead of providing two separate walkthroughs for each mission, I will just
post the method I used to get under par with all objectives complete. Note that
at this time, all these walkthroughs are for Solo play and therefore will not
reflect Team objectives or Par times.

Training Mission
Par Time: --:--
My Record: 02:59
Required: None

Alright, your first mission. It's a pretty basic mission (that's why it's
called training). Don't bother reading the plaques. You'll just get Imani mad
at you for taking a long time.

First thing, go to the right and through the door. Go straight and jump over
the barrier. Slush through the water and crawl through the pipe. Roll under the
spiked structure and then roll into the hole in the wall. Climb the ladder to
your right and then jump up and shimmy across the bar. Spin around and take the
elevator to the lower floor. Go through the door at the end of the hall and
make a right. Go through the first door on your right.

Dodge around the flames to avoid getting barbequed. If you do get set ablaze,
just roll around for a little while. Walk over to the body and pick it up. Take
it into the next room and drop it behind the barrier. Go out to the right and
through the door at the end of the hall. Grab the night vision goggles if you
want to but they're not really needed. Go through the next three doors into the
shooting range.

Get a gun from one of the boxes just to complete the objective and then either
do some target practice or go to the right. Go all the way down the hall and
kill the guy at the end in any fashion you see fit. Backtrack a bit and head
down the hallway that was on your left before you got to the guy. Grab the
sniper rifle from the box and head out into the shooting arena.

Hit all of the targets within 45 seconds to get the Scorpion (a gun you could
really use for the first couple missions). Don't miss the one at the top of the
middle-left building. It's on the left side so you'll probably have to zoom in
to get it. When your done, go back to where you killed the guy and go through
the door there.

Kill the guy to the right with a headshot and follow the path, killing
two more guys in the process. When you get to the next room, kill the guy
behind the barrier but not the guy in front of it. Then just walk into the next
room. If you completed all the objectives (or in other words, followed this
guide exactly) then you will get the Scorpion Auxiliary weapon and the K-BAR
Melee patrol knife.

Carthage One
Par Time: 11:00
My Record: 09:20
Required: None

Prepare to run. You need to be moving top speed to get this one done in time.
Also, make sure to roll to dodge bullets when you're ignoring enemies. Only
roll if your danger meter gets near full.

First thing, take out all the guards in the area to save the CHA agent. Go up
the ladder in the alley opposite the bank and shoot out the Key Pad in the
hallway. Move fast though, a CHA agent will start shooting at you. Grab the
Bio-Data Gear and go back down the ladder. Grab the water sample in the puddle
by the water main. Head for the glass building on the other side of the truck
ignoring all enemies. Shoot the glass while your running (to save time) and
ignore the guy that runs up the steps.

Go down the stairs and make a left. Go into the first hallway on the right and
kill any guards there. Get the water sample from the drinking fountain and keep
moving. Stay against the left wall in the next hallway to keep from getting
blown up and go up the stairs to your right.

Kill the guards there and go into the law firm. Ignore the CHA agents if
they're shooting at you and kill the guards in there too. Head back out and
grab the water sample from the fountain. Go into the medical tent and, using
the Stun Jack or a taser, knock out (don't kill) the CHA agent to your right.
Perform the field autopsy then leave the tent. Dive into the tube at the other
side of the area and go straight through, diving into the tube at the end as

Kill all of the guards in the next area to save the CHA agent and then go into
the tube opposite the area you showed up in. Make a right and then a left. Head
outside through the door to the left and turn on the machine. Run back inside
and hang a left. There's a flak jacket in the box straight ahead if you need
it, but hurry. Go to the end and use the Tissue Scanner. Go back to the power
machine and there will be guards appearing there. Keep killing guards until the
timer reaches about five seconds remaining. Kill any guards that are still
shooting then head inside and through the tube on the left.

From inside the pipe, shoot the car after the two guards get close to it to
save the last CHA agent. Grab the water sample at the fire hydrant then jump
over the wall to drop into the subway. Go through the vent and kill all the
guards here. Get the last water sample from the water fountain and then go down
the stairs.

Ignoring all guards again, go through the room and down the stairs in the
middle. Kill the guard at the bottom of the stairs (if he's there) and hang a
right at the end of the hall. Make a left and then go down the stairs to your
right with your flashlight on. Kill the guard in this tunnel and go through to
the other side. Kill any guards at the top of the next staircase and grab the
night vision goggles from the box inside the door to the right if you haven't
gotten any already. Go through this hall until you get to the stairs. Kill the
guard here and hit the power supply to his right. Run back through the hall you
just came from and drop onto the tracks.

Switch to your night vision goggles and run down the subway, ignoring all
guards in your path. When you get to the other side, go up the stairs to your
left. Kill the guard here and keep going up. To your left in the next room,
behind the snack counter, is Proust. He is easier to kill if you have a taser
but if you don't, line up a headshot. Once he's dead, just run around the area
to keep from being shot until the mission ends.

Carthage Two
Par Time: 08:00
My Record: 06:39
Required: DormaGen gas or Sarin Nerve Agent or strong rifle

It's time to really test your skills. This level isn't as straight forward as
the first one and the enemies are much stronger. Also, you will meet the ALA
Death Squad here. Make sure to bring some DormaGen gas Grenades to take them

Begin by running forward and taking a right. Hang a left at the red doorway and
then a right on the next set of tracks. Go into the big room on the end and
climb up the platform on your left. Take out the guard here and then the one on
the stairs. Go up the stairs and into the door on the left. Go up two flights
of stairs and then hang a right in the next room. Go all the way down and make
a left. Run into the sewer pipe and take out the two guards to your right. Grab
the viral container from the far one and then turn around and go all the way
down the pipe.

Make a left at the far end and take out any guards here as well as the guard
with the viral container. Grab the container from his wrinkled body and head
through the first passage on the left. Carefully peek around the corner to the
left at the far end. See that guy on the platform? Headshot him, unless he
sees you as well. If that's the case, he'll move furthur back onto the
platform. Wait until he's very close to the edge, THEN headshot him. He should
fall off the platform. Climb down the ladder and take out any guys on the same
floor as you that are nearby (ignore the guys in the pipes above). Grab the
viral container, and climb back up the ladder you just came down.

Make a right and head up the ladder at the end of the pipe. Whip out your
DormaGen. Turn left and start to head down the alley. Just inside the alley
entrance, to your left, is an open doorway. Head in here and go right then make
the first left. Without moving, turn right and aim a DormaGen at the
intersection at the end of the hallway. When the death squad gets close (right
about when you see their indicator on screen, not on radar) chuck a DormaGen.
It should hit and take out all four ALA. If it doesn't, switch to a rifle or
(preferably) a taser and take out anyone you missed. If you use the rifle, go
for headshots as the Death Squad has layers upon layers of flak jackets.

After the gas clears, go down to that intersection and take a left. Head down
the hallway and up the stairs. Keep going until you get outside. Hopefully you
have a taser to use against the female ALA. If you don't, take her out with a
headshot. Go back into the building you came out of and return to the ladder
where you climbed out of the sewers.

Take out Fournier from on top of the theater with a taser or a headshot. Then
go all the way down the alley you came out of and hang a right. Go into the
theater and up the ramp. Go all the way down and open the door at the end of
the hall. Kill the guard with the rifle (at the CHA officers head) before he
kills the CHA officer. Then kill the other guard. Go back down the ramp and
into the room where the CHA officer was being held. Grab the recorder off the
stage and return to where you killed Fournier.

Head down the street to the corner and you will see a bunch of guys shooting
from a doorway on a catwalk above you. Kill these guys until no more come. Then
go down the street (to the right) and run into the alley on your left. Go all
the way down and kill the guard on the ledge. Go up the ladder he dropped and
be extremely careful. Take out the three guards in the room with headshots or
your taser as they are the second ALA Death Squad. Once they are dead you will
beat the mission.

Carthage Three
Par Time: 05:00
My Record: 03:55
Required: sniper rifle

I would highly recommend completing the online mission here first as after you
do this you will never want to step into a mall again. If you die before Masson
shows up, restart the level. Just keep your foot on the gas pedal and here we

Start by flooring it to the right, lock down the first door praying that you
don't get hit. When you're done, spin around and take out the two guys shooting
at you. When you finish with them, head to the right and disarm the first viral
explosive. Once again, pray you don't get hit. This time you'll have a guy
chucking grenades at you so hurry.

Head to the second viral explosive but keep against the left wall, the walkway
in the middle explodes when you get near it. Get the second explosive like you
did the first one then deadline to the escalator nearby. There's a door right
next to it that you need to lock down. Take out any guys nearby that are
attacking you and then proceed to lock down the door.

When your done, head up the escalator and to the right, grabbing a flak jacket
from the box if you need it. You will shortly run into another mall entrance.
Lock it down and watch in amazement as a guy or two shoot at you from point
blank range and miss with 98% of their bullets. Kill them when you're done and
leave the alcove heading left. Following the path, you'll run across another
flak jacket box if you need it and then hit the last mall entrance which should
be done in the same fashion as the last one.

After you lock down this door, pause the game. Leave, go eat a sandwich, watch
some TV, pray to God that you won't smash your PS2 into little tiny bits. Only
after you have done all this do I give you permission to continue this level.

You should have about two minutes left at this point. Masson will show up in
all his smug gittiness and will proceed to dominate you in every form just
short of forcing you to lick his shoes clean. You should have both a taser and
a sniper rifle of some sort at this point. If you don't, your screwed. You can
taser him, but this doesn't always seem to work. The other option is to
headshot him (he wears more armor than the ALA Death Squad) but he moves fast
so this can be tough.

I just barely got him. I fired a shot and then he killed me. I hit start to
restart the mission for the billionth time and noticed just before I hit quit
that he was standing in a rather strange position. I unpaused and watched him
fall to the ground due to a very VERY lucky headshot. When the game faded back
in (remember he killed me), I had about thirty seconds left! By the time the
radio transmission ended I had only eighteen seconds left but it was enough.
Kinda funny considering I had two full minutes to kill him.

Bruce Bristol has this to say:
i was using your FAQ for Syphon filter and found that on the level Carthage 3
if you throw smoke grenades at the doors and bombs then you don't have to worry
about being shot plus when mussard comes out if you throw a smoke grenade on
the escalators and stand in the middle and use a sniper rifle you can get a
head shot easily my time using the grenades on two doors and the escalator was
4:21 and i died twice so think how fast it would be on two bombs four doors and
once on the escalator.

My response to Bruce Bristol:
This is extremely good advice. While it can be difficult to time the grenades
accurately on the viral bombs, it works wonders when locking down the mall
entrances. I've also found that when taking on Masson, the AU300 Mod-SMG is
one of the best weapons you can use, and you get it early on! It has a fairly
good zoom, but the feature that makes it a perfect choice is that it is a
automatic sniper rifle, and it's pretty accurate. Just aim in the general
direction of Masson's head and spray the whole area with hot lead.

Par Time: 07:00
My Record: 06:18
Required: None

This is quite possibly the easiest mission in the game. You can't choose your
weapons and there are no checkpoints but the level is so short, if you know
what your doing then that won't matter at all. Of course, if your reading this
than you probably don't know what your doing. Oh well, it's still really easy.
Here we go.

Start by heading down the tunnel. When you see two guys appear on your radar,
slow down (by crouching) and move up to the end of the bench on the left wall.
When one of the guys starts to leave (you will hear him say "creo" just as he
turns) go out and snap the neck of the other guy. Pick up his body and carry it
over to the barrels across the street. Drop the body in the corner and go down
the ladder.

Go through the pipe and make a left. When you come out, crouch-walk up to the
wall on your left. climb the wall and drop down on the other side. Snap the
neck of the guy here and jump over the wall into the street behind the stairs.
Crouch-walk a little ways until your out of earshot of the guard to your right
(you can tell because his cursor on the radar will dim) then run to the opening
in the right-hand wall where the red dot is. Follow the guard here until he
stops then break this dudes neck too. Go back to where the red dot was and
place the C4.

Go back out into the street and back to the stairs you jumped off of. Stay to
the opposite side of the street though. When you see a guy appear on the radar
in front of you, crouch-walk behind him and take him in the same way as all the
rest. Continue down the street and jump into the doorway on the right hand
side. No, not the little red doorway, the big gray doorway to the left of that
one. Get into the back corner and wait for the guy to come down the street.
When he does, sneak behind him and take him out. Continue down the street until
you get to the overhead bridge.

Now things get a bit tricky. Crawl into the alcove to the right (just right of
the staircase) and wait for the guy to come to the top of the stairs. When he
turns around, crawl up the stairs and follow him until he stops. Then it's a
snap, literally. Bad pun I know just ignore it and keep following my

Anywho, go back down the stairs and go to the right. Go up the stairs when you
get to the grate and go to the second window at the top. Wait until there is
only one minute left and you will see a guy come out of the church. This is
your target. Zoom in with your sniper rifle and get a good look at his scalp.

When the timer runs out, follow Stone's advice. What's that? You say you
weren't listening to him. Well that's pretty rude. He said that on the first
bell you take aim (if you followed this guide you already did that, just hold
that sight.), on the second bell you breathe, and on the third bell you pull
the trigger.

Once the guy is laying in a pile of his own blood, hightail it down the stairs
and back up the street you came on. Go past the spot where you hid from the guy
coming up the street and go up the stairs where you snapped the guys neck at
the top. Jump back over the wall (you might get hurt alot but at this point it
doesn't matter) and run back through the pipe and up the ladder. Head back
across the street and into the alcove where you started the mission.

Once you get here, Stone will say something about how great adrenaline feels or
something and then it seems like you still haven't finished the mission. Just
sit still and wait. This mission takes extra long to exit. You should have
gotten to the alcove with just over a minute remaining. If so, you did just
fine. Just wait and gain par time. Note that it is impossible to die on this
mission. If you get killed it starts the mission over and therefore you are
guaranteed to get zero deaths for this mission. Congrats.

Belarus One
Par Time: 18:00
My Record: 13:36
Required: sniper rifle

Make sure you know this level perfectly. Otherwise you will too lost to be able
to complete the mission unless your really lucky. Make sure you have a sniper
rifle of some kind. If you have some extra time on your hands (if your bored,
not after you complete the objectives) then there is a grenade box on the
second floor in the room with the second computer for you to mess around with.
This guide will allow you to complete this mission in just under two minutes
remaining assuming you died once (like I did when I completed this level under

Start off by leaping over the wall in front of you and heading to the left.
Roll under the fence and make a right. Around the train, take out the two
guards and continue in the direction that they came from. Kill the two guards
here and enter the room to the left. Once inside, kill any guards you see then
grab the cow tissue.

Leave the room the same way you came in and grab the C4 out of the train after
killing the dude there. Jump out of the train and head left, making for the
gate on the left side of the area ahead. Set the C4 on the track here then do a
U-turn and follow the tracks until you get to the double water towers. Look to
the right and you will see the stacks. be careful because there are snipers up
there. Take out your Sniper Rifle and shoot them down before they kill you. If
they do get you, you will start behind the wall at the beginning of the level.
Just return here and take them out.

After you kill them, climb the hill and head to back of this area to find a
worker. Follow him back to the room with the cow in it and protect him from all
CDP soldiers. Once he gets into the room, take out any guards that appeared in
the room after you left, and head up the stairs to the right of the cow. Turn
off the machine here and then follow the worker to the elevator. Once the
second worker is on the elevator, take it down. As soon as they get off, bring
the elevator back up. No guards can get down there so you can be sure that they
are safe.

When you get back to the top, leave the room and head to the left, following
the train tracks. Kill any guards you see to make your life easier in just a
few moments. When you get to the tunnel, kill the two guards here and bring the
worker to your right back to the elevator, killing any guards you meet along
the way. Bring the elevator down to complete the "Escort some workers to
safety" objective.

When you get back to the top, deadline for the tunnel where you saved the last
worker. Grab a pair of NV Goggles by running over one of the packs lying on the
ground (You will pick up the goggles automatically, just keep moving). Go down
the tunnel until you see a lit-up doorway on the right hand side. Be careful
not to miss it. Climb the ladder in there and kill the two guards at the top.
Run into the hallway and kill the third guard to save Dobranski.

Get the documents from his safe then forget all about the guy. He is now
considered a worker and since you already saved enough workers, he is useless.
Head to the left in the hallway where you killed the third guard to go into the
nastiest locker room on Earth. There is one locker on the row right in front of
you that has a flak jacket if you need it. Go into the shower room on the right
and leap out of the window.

Go through the door in front of you and hang a left. Turn off the machine in
the corner and then do a 180 and go back past the door you came out of.
Dobranski should be sitting there but just ignore him. Go around the conveyor
belt and into the door on the other side. Kill all the guards here then go down
the ramp to your right. Once your at the bottom, go through the door in the far
left corner of the area. Shut off the third machine and then hurry up the
stairs nearby. Go through the doorway at the top and down the hall to reach the
top of the stacks. You already killed the snipers here so you shouldn't have
any guards to worry about. Climb the ladder and grab the two C4's at the top.

Now you may be saying, "Oh crap. What about Zhidkov?!" Well, do you remember
the C4 you planted on the train tracks at the beginning of the level? Ahhh, now
that makes sense. Just sit up here on the stacks and watch the beautiful night
sky until the level ends.

Belarus Two
Par Time: 15:00
My Record: 12:46
Required: sniper rifle

The biggest problem in this mission is that you must be moving 95% of the time.
If you are not, you won't make par. Make sure to bring a sniper rifle with you
and something fast but accurate. Double Jerico-41's work very nicely. The final
thing you must do before you begin is pray that all the luck in the world is
with you. Here we go.

Start by running up the hill in front of you, killing the guard here, and
taking his clothes. This will allow you to not have to worry about sniper fire
for a whole two seconds. Shoot down the sniper standing on the cliff ahead of
you then hug the left wall and keep running. After a little while, another
sniper will appear on your rader. Take him down (now your cover is blown).
Follow the road, killing any guards you see, and you should come to a bunch of
boxes with C4 on top of them. Grab a C4 and head into the Power Substation. Set
the C4 then run back and grab another one.

Now head to the comm truck by leaving this area the way you came in and then
hugging the right wall to the next area. The truck is in the middle of the
area. There should be three guards here. Kill them and then place the C4 on the
truck. After you place it, run for the cave nearby. Head through the cave and,
on the other side, climb the AA tower. Duck down and keep your gun aimed at the
door. When you see the guy with the SMAW walk past, take him out then do a
U-turn and take out the other guy. Shoot the AA computer and grab a flak jacket
from the box here if you need it, then slide down the ladder and run in the
opposite direction from the cave.

Head to the right up here to go through another cave. When you come out, kill
the guard on the ledge to your right and then climb up the ledge to your left.
Kill the other three guards here and then grab the equipment from one box and
your weapons from the other. After getting your things, you need to get on top
of the cliff on the other side of the canyon. There is a spot almost directly
across from the point you climbed up that you can run up the side of the cliff.
With a little manuvering, you can get on top of the cliff. Once there, run to
the left and head into the cave just past a tower, ignoring the guard on the
cliff above.

Keep running more or less straight, not going across the bridge to your right
when you come to it, and eventually, you should pass by a spot on your left
that says "Climb Down". Head down there and follow the path to the right. At
the end of the path, collect the sewage sample.

After you getting the sewage sample, go back to the spot you climbed down. Head
to the left and you should find that the Power Substation is just to your
right. Grab a C4 from the stack and go back to the comm truck. From here, Keep
following the road straight instead of heading toward the cave. Kill all the
guards that come up the path and go through the tunnel. On the other side, to
the right, is the Gas main. Turn that off then continue down the street. When
you get to the tank, it will start to swing its barrel at you. Roll under it
and continue. Kill the two guards here and keep moving. Place the C4 on the
SCUD missile in the road and keep following the path.

A little further down you will come to the chateau. Kill the two guards out
front then carefully roll under the gate and through the doors. Kill the guards
here and then go through the path on the right. When you come out of the path,
make a hard right and kill the guard at the top of the steps. Climb through the
window into the kitchen and run down the furniture to the left to reach the
floor safely. Follow the rooms until you get to one that has giant platforms in
it. Climb these platforms and enter the vent. Go all the way up ignoring the
path to the left.

This is where you will find out if your prayers for luck actually worked. When
you climb out of the vent, there will be a guard above you on the ledge. This
is a flak jacket guard. If your lucky, there will be a second guard up there.
Now your saying, "Why is more enemies lucky?" Well, that second guard holds
Ivankov's papers, a hidden objective. This guard has three places throughout
the level that he randomly spawns at.

If he didn't spawn in the attic just continue on skipping to the bottom of this
paragraph. If he is there, kill the two guards and grab the papers from the one
guards body. There is a box here with a flak jacket if you need it, then climb
back down into the vent you came out of. On your way back through, crawl down
the path to the right that we ignored earlier. Don't go all the way out though.
Just enough to see what's going on in the room below.

Well, well, well, what have we here. Looks like Pulikovski is having a little
fun with Stone. Well we'll just have to put a stop to that won't we? Whip out
your sniper rifle and headshot Pulikovski from the vent. Once he's dead, climb
down (carefully) and, when you reach the floor, kill any guards in the room
then untie Stone. Grab the anti-armor grenades from the box behind him then,
if you didn't get the papers before, climb the scaffolding right here and
follow it straight to a second attic. There should be a guard up here with the
papers. If he still isn't here then it's going to take a bit of luck to get the
last one. If you've got the papers now, go back to where you left Stone and
skip to the bottom of the next paragraph. Otherwise, drop through the hole in
the floor down the alcove to your left in the attic. Make your way to the floor
then face the stairs and go through the door to your left. Work your way
through this confusing mess and eventually you'll come to a circular room with
a piano. Head to the right and go through the first door on your right. The
guard straight ahead of you is the third and final guard that could possibly
have the papers.

After getting them, go back the way you came, into the big room with all the
scaffolding. Once there, make your way to the far right side of the room.
Against the left wall is an open passage, head through there and follow the
path around until you get to a door with a window in it. This leads back to
Pulikovsky's room. Once here, head through the other door and go back to the
kitchen. Head outside and go down the steps but don't enter the courtyard.

Now comes the tricky part. Remember that tank you rolled under earlier? Well,
it's back and it's pretty dang mad. You have to throw the grenades so that the
explosion is on the tank, even if your crosshair is on the tank, the explosion
may occur behind it. After about five or six grenades you get to see a very
satisfying explosion.

Par Time: 13:00
My Record: 10:30
Required: None

Another bonus mission so, just like the first one, it is real easy to get par.
The only thing you have to be careful of in this mission is where you leave the
dead bodies and how accurate you throw the stars. If you miss, even once, you
need to restart. Your going to need every last one of your shurikens for this

Begin by running down the alley into the first open area. You will need to do
alot of crawling and crouch rolling in this one. Move behind the guard as he is
turning at the end of the area your in. Don't follow him though. Just stay in
that corner and watch him. You should see Sok-Ju Yang talking to another guard
ahead of you. When Yang turns, take out the guard in the doorway by aiming for
the head. Then quickly take out the guard that is walking toward you. Move
forward but stay behind the boxes and watch Yang just stare at the dead bodies.

Once Yang begins to move again, follow him. When he enters the bazaar, just
move into the entrance, don't actually go into the bazaar. Carefully, look
around the corner to your right. You see that guard all the way at the end that
is crouching down? He is a terrorist. Take him out by aiming one or two inches
above his head and letting another star fly.

After he's been taken out, carefully crouch-roll into the alleyway between the
two torches on your left after the guard passes, moving left. Once your in
there, run all the way up the stairs and start crawling again when you reach
the top. Now comes the tricky part. There are four guards in this area. You
have to take them all out before Samaev gets up here but you can't let one
guard see another guards body. Sound easy? It's not. Here we go.

Begin by following the guard right in front of you to the left. When he stops
and turns right, take out the guard behind the boxes in front of you. Then turn
and take out the guard you were following. Right about now the guard on the
other side of the door should have stopped moving. Take him out and do a
U-turn. Now the last guard should have started moving toward you. You will also
notice that Samaev is coming as well. The trick here is to kill the guard
before he gets close enough to you that he sees the dead bodies behind you but
also kill him after he leaves Samaev's field of view. If you did everything
correctly, you should be able to take him out when he's halfway down the aisle.

Grab Yushchenko's papers from the dead body inside the door then go follow
Samaev until he passes through a doorway at the side of the area. When he
passes through the doorway, Move into the corner with the tree and just wait
for him to come back. When he does, move in behind him and take him out with a
star. You should have two stars left after taking him out.

Get the bio-container from him and then go over to the doorway where you got
the papers. Near the doorway are some boxes. Climb the boxes and go across the
roof. Climb the next roof and take out the guard here. Go into the corner and
change into the concubine outfit. Then head all the way back to where Yang is
waiting. You can run through the areas in this outfit due to all of the guards
going brain-dead with you wearing the new outfit.

Give the bio-container to Yang and then follow him. When he is out of sight of
the guards, take him out as well. Now you should be out of throwing stars. Get
the bio-container from his body and go all the way back to where you got the
outfit. Go down the hall here and make a right. Head all the way to the end
where you will find the HOTTEST outfit in the game. Nothing more than
underwear. Go back to where you made the right and head into the room with two
guards blocking it. They will move out of the way for you.

Now you are in Saydahmat's bedroom. Just go up to the water chalice and poison
it. Then go back to where you got the concubine outfit, not where you left it
but where you first got it. Change back into the old woman disguise and sneak
back to the beginning of the level.

Yemen One
Par Time: 18:00
My Record: 15:24
Required: Neck Snap

Use the radar and common sense along with this guide and if you are even a
little bit of a gamer you should be fine. I prefer to have the neck snap
ability but the knife can be used to slit their throats as well. You will also
need the headshot lock.

Begin by running down the steps ahead and to the right, knocking over the
pillar down there. Go over to the corner on the other side of the wall from the
tunnel opening to the left and wait for the guard to come running to the
pillar. When he gets there, jump over the wall and get the Sniper Rifle
and the Night Vision Goggles out of the box. Head down the path and wait for
the guard to pass, hiding behind the wall so he can't see you. Head down to the
end of the tunnel and wait for the guard to come back. When he stops, sneak
behind him and snap his neck. Follow the other guard and when he goes down the
path get behind him and headshot him with the sniper rifle. Head down that path
and open the door at the end on the left. Get to the left side of the room and
roll around behind the single guard. Snap his neck when he stops moving and
photograph the files in the filing cabinet.

Go back outside making sure to keep the sniper rifle on your back. For some
reason if your not actually holding the rifle in your hands, the guards can't
see it. Stay to the right wall as your coming out (take out the guy and drag
him into the shadows if he's there) then watch over the wall and when the VIP
goes past you, climb over the wall and drop down behind him. Follow him and
when he stops snap his neck. Carry his body into the shadows and take his
credentials. Head back up the steps you came down in the beginning of the level
and down the path directly across from it. Head to the left at the end and
follow the path to a large room with three paths, with a guard blocking the
left one. Go up to him and show him your credentials.

Head to the boxes in the back of the area and wait for a guard to show up. Roll
behind him and snap his neck, then carefully pull out your sniper rifle and
shoot out the satellite dish atop the far building. Head down the path to the
right after coming out from behind the boxes and run up the stairs opposite the
exit of the path. Follow the hallways to find Thae-bok Jon heading for a door.
Run behind him and snap his neck immediately after finding him. Grab his

Head down the stairs behind Thae-bok Jon's rotting corpse and head to the path
across the street to the left. Head up the stairs and go to the corner across
from the top. Wait for the guard to pass, then head up the stairs to the right
that he came down. Head into the room on the right at the top of the stairs and
using your sniper rifle, shoot out the radio on the desk. Head into the room
across from the one your in and head out the left-hand window. Crawl across the
roof and climb down the opposite side of the building.

Hide behind the wall to your left until the guard starts moving toward the
broken wall. Follow him inside then snap his neck when he stops moving. Head up
the stairs across from the gate ahead of you and wait in the corner to the
right of the doorway until a guard goes from the right to the left. Follow him
and snap his neck when he stops. Watch the guard that pokes his head out of the
doorway to the right of the spot you were hiding in and when he goes inside,
run over there and snipe him as soon as you can. Head up the stairs and into
the room on the right. Headshot lock the guard and take him down ASAP. Head
into the room and grab the tape out of the video recorder.

Head into the next room and shoot the radio. This will also complete the
maintain stealth mission so now you can pull out guns in public. Yay. Make sure
you grab the gate key off the table and the Desert Snipers from the cabinet
before you leave. Take out all of Khorsh's thugs on your way to the gate to the
right of the building you climbed down earlier. Head back to the stairs where
you took out Thae-bok Jon and take out all the rest of the thugs on the way.
Head around the area and back up the stairs toward where you took out the
satellite. Follow and kill Korsh. From the arms market, head down the path
opposite the one leading to Thae-bok Jon. Make a left and head down the path
going through the first door on the right. Grab the explosives from the box at
the bottom of the stairs. Head back to the arms market and give the explosives
to Zohar.

After Zohar plants the explosives, Yushchenko and a bunch of body guards will
come out of the destroyed car. Eliminate Yushchenko before he runs away. After
taking him down, kill off all of his bodyguards. Mission Complete. It's
actually not that hard if you know exactly what to do, it's just finding out
what to do that's hard.

Yemen Two
Par Time: 17:00
My Record: 14:16
Required: sniper rifle, Neck Snap or Shurikens or Knife

As long as you don't screw up, this mission is easy to get par on. The hardest
part being the cage in the beginning. A sniper rifle helps here but any really
accurate gun will do. Also, if you haven't gotten the neck snap yet, go get
that first. You will also need the shurikens. If you haven't gotten them yet,
go back to Carthage and do some knife kills until you get it.

Begin by just sitting there. That's right, you heard me. Just sit there and do
nothing until the guard starts to walk over to where you are. When he comes
close follow him and when he stops, snap his neck. Run up the stairs and take
out the guard on the balcony when he stops. Finally, run inside and kill the
guard on the indoor balcony when he stops.

Now comes the tricky part. You have snapped all of the guards necks thus far,
I think it's time for a little change in strategy. Take out your shurikens and
then go over to the cables hanging down past the balcony. Climb up onto the
balcony and then hold X to crawl down the other side. From here on out, until
the guard is dead, you cannot stand up. Keep that X button held down. Now you
should be on top of the cage. When the guard stops, quickly headshot him with
a shuriken.

Now you can stand up. Slide down the ladder and get your weapons from the
boxes. After that, hit the door lock switch in the corner then kick open the
doors. Run back up to the balcony on the second floor. Go inside and through
the second floor door.

Out here you must provide cover fire for Zohar. Use your very accurate weapon
to take out any guys you see. This part is pretty much scripted out so the only
thing you can do to help your par time is to take out guys as quickly as you
can. If you miss a guy, he will climb up one of the many ladders onto the
balcony and start shooting at you from the balcony that you are on. Just take
them out like any other enemy.

After a long while of this, a huge explosion will destroy part of the palace (I
think you will be shooting at the part at the time of the explosion). This will
signal the end of the level. Shortly afterwards, an explosion will hit the
balcony, destroying the railing at one part. A chopper, flown by Gary Stoneman,
will fly down. Just hit action while standing at the destroyed part of the
balcony to do a flying leap for the chopper. If all went well, you should have
completed the mission in par time with all objectives complete.

Par Time: 20:00
My Record: 19:34
Required: Air Pistol, Neck Snap or Knife

This level is very tough to get par on due to the extremely small error margin.
You are required to have the Air Pistol and the neck snap ability (although I
guess a knife could work too). You must be moving at all times unless otherwise
told to or you risk either getting discovered before the stealth objective is
complete or running out of time. Here we go.

Begin by running straight ahead and planting the first viral sniffer in the
alley to your right. Then pull a major U-turn and plant the sniffer right
behind the starting point. Now head over to the university. Duck into the
alleyway on your left just past the university entrance and climb the ladder
back there. Pull out the sniper rifle at the top and take out the sniper
directly across from you with a headshot when he stops moving. Then do a U-Turn
and get as close to the ladder as you can (careful not to fall). Somewhere
below you and to the right should be a guard coming near you. Zoom in as close
as you can on his head. However, your shot is blocked by the building. Just
keep him in your sights then when the guns zooms in really close instamatically
and "Headshot" appears... well, you know.Then put the sniper rifle back in the
box and slide down the ladder.

Head for the safe house. Grab the satellite trackers and your Air Pistol from
here then go back in front of the university. Go past the entrance and duck to
the left as soon as you can. You should see a guard standing in the street
ahead of you in the fog. He will run toward you and a university guard will
come from the side. Let the university guard pass (the other guard will
disappear) and watch him. Once he stops moving, take him out with the Air
Pistol (no headshots). Go grab his body and hide it where you were standing. Go
stand in front of the university entrance and, very quickly, bring out your Air
Pistol and take down the guard (again, no headshots). Go into the university
and plant the third viral sniffer.

Run down to the docking yard and go to the street corner nearest to where the
guy is going to open the door. Stay on the street and keep moving (side to side
or in a circle, doesn't matter) to avoid being suspicious. As if a guy spinning
in circles isn't suspicious? Anyway, once the door opens, roll through it
preferably before it closes but you can re-open it if you need to. Follow the
guy and when he stops, take him out with a neck snap. Go get the information
off the computer and then head out the door that you did not come through
(there is only one door that opens that you haven't used yet). Neck snap the
guy nearby and stash his body behind the dumpster there. Grab the sniper rifle
from inside the garage and, without leaving the garage, take out the sniper
directly across from you.

Once he goes down, put the sniper rifle back in the box and go put the fourth
viral sniffer on the wall. Now stand a ways away from the gate leading into the
docking yard (I usually stand against the wall with the door a little ways
toward the garage). When the guard stops in front of the gate, take him out
with a headshot from the air pistol. Move to the right so that you are almost,
but not quite, straight across from the gate then take out Foreman Jones when
he stops to check out the body. Once he's down, go back into the room with the
computer and go upstairs. Grab the sniper rifle out of the box and shoot out
the lock. Put the sniper rifle back in the box and head through the gate.

Grab the key from Foreman Jones' body and drop the GAWS 6-guage you pick up
from him. Go into the door on the left side of the area. Get a glimpse of the
guys walking in and out of the freezer, then leave and go in the other door.
The guys should now be walking between the two doors. Climb upstairs when they
are away from you and, using your Air Pistol, take them out on their next pass
away from you. Make sure you take out the one in the back first. Then head
downstairs, plant a transmitter on the MetaGlobal container (if it's there),
plant a transmitter on the back-left beef in the freezer that the guys were
walking in, and head over to the security desk. Go behind the desk and grab the
clothes out of the locker.

Go back into the last room you were in and take the path across from the bottom
of the stairs. A ways down, you should come to an open door on your left. Past
that door is another door on your left. Go in there and plant a transmitter on
the MetaGlobal container there. Then head into the basement behind the boxes
against the far side of the room. Just follow the path straight, passing the
turn on your right and go down the path on your left with the open gate on it.

Head down here and turn right into the hallway with two guards. Go straight
through the next room and stay on the bottom floor, there is a path directly
across from the hallway your in. Head in there and make a left. Make the next
right and follow the path until you end up in a room where your on the top
floor. Go through the door on the other side to get to the bottom floor and,
when coming out of the stairwell, make a hard left and hit the gas main against
the far wall.

Head through the other path you didn't come out of and make a right at the next
room (the guard your following will go up the stairs instead). Just follow the
path until it says your in a restricted area. Carefully sneak around the next
corner to see a guard standing in the doorway ahead. You should have three
shots left in your Air Pistol. Wait until you see the other guard pass then
shoot out this guy (again, no headshots). Follow the other guard (don't shoot
him) until he passes an open window. Go into the window and watch the hallway.
A guard will show up. Take him out and run down the long hallway until you see
another guard coming toward you on your radar. Wait until he stops then shoot
him out and go into the door he came from. Hit the security control switch on
the left wall and head to the elevator in the back-left corner of the room.
Take it down to the labs.

Now your "maintain stealth" objective is complete. Follow the path until you
come to what looks like a shelf with shoes or something on it and under it.
Place a surveillance camera here and continue. Place two of the other cameras
around the room then hit all four consoles in the center to get the omega
strain sample. Finish planting the cameras then run like hell back to the
elevator. This whole place is about to explode. Keep running down the nice
wooden hallway you came to and keep moving. Be careful though, some guys will
show up with full body armor and rocket launchers. Not much you can do about
them. Use the auto-targeter to see who your allowed to shoot. If you kill a
university guard you will fail the parameter but your auto-targeter doesn't
lock onto them so only shoot at what your targeter locks onto and only shoot at
it if it's in your way. On your way out you may come to a locked gate. The
controls are in plain sight to the right side in the hallway.

Keep moving and run all the way back to the starting point. You will probably
die once or twice due to the university guards shooting at you and the rocket
launcher guys but if the checkpoints like you today then you should be fine.
Keep running and you'll make it. This one may take a few tries but it's like
they say, "If at first you don't succeed, try, try again."

Par Time: 12:00
My Record: --:--
Required: None

Many people have been asking me for a Chechnya walkthrough. Can't say I'm
surprised, this level is evil. I haven't written one yet simply because I
haven't been able to beat it under par. That and that fact that I don't play
Omega Strain as much as I used to. But, in an effort to help people through
this until I write a walkthrough of my own, a guy called Cin sent me a
walkthrough he wrote to help me through this one. I'll post his guide. He also
sent me a homemade map but it's an image so I can't stick it in here.

Cin has this to say:
Hey again Drakmyth!

I noticed u had nothing on chechnya, in that walkthrough . I was playing around
with the game the other day and I think I might have a plan for you. if your
intressted , im posting what i figured hear together with a map i drew out :)
you could try playing the mission and see if you like this way?

Chechnya ├Źdeas on the speedy completion:

Chechnya: Ivankovs Home

Green! is the code here, you cant afford to waste to much amo, so dont get
triggerhappy thats realy all u need to worry about. That and your timing.

Objective 1: grave

Start off quickly as your timing is right just as the mission begins! Equip
your airgun and head left just behind the first building. You will find a
gravedigger and the radar will tell you soon a patroling guard will come to
Excecution: Shoot gravedigger, take photo, hide grave diggers body inside
the house, avoid being seen in the window, await the patroleman to show up
outside the door, shoot him hide his body same place , and finally get ready to
jump out the window....

Objective 2: scrap of paper

After you took out that last patroleman, your radar will alert you of another
one coming from the far left (asuming you are facing the window), and you have
likely noticed a still one on your right and another one patroling up some
slope.  There is no time to be wasted here because you have to beat the slope
and upstairs patroler to the other side of the street and you have to take out
anotther guard that will show up there before he gets close enought to see you.
When he does you should be waiting for him with a airgun pellet/dart or
whatever Murjari is shooting. Then the road is smooth to the papers, just a
little climb.

Excecution: Jump the widow , dash across the street and through the yard break
just after you pass an opening to the upper floor on your right, where you have
a small outing to crouchby in the wall. Shoot the newly appearing patroleman
infront of you but let him take one or two steps or he might get spotted from
the street, turn to the upper floor opening on your right and take mr Slope out
when he appears. Climb up to him, and turn right to find the ramp for the rope.
Hide untill the street patroler passes under the rope and have his back on you,
step up on the ramp, take aim and wait for a good moment too ice thoose two
(the last should not see the first) . Here is the climb and your home free....

Objective 3: school

Here you have you have only one guard to worry about so no fuzz!!Find the
nearest way to the school on the map and take him out on  the way. Be alerted
though, when you get this far the timer for the shopper to leave starts so you
cant dragg your leggs to much, meaning youll have to be ready to get in
position for your preascious snapshot....

Objective 4: Sample

This is realy where you do all the work for the hostage resque but in the end
of it all, the sample is realy all you get at this moment. It is allso, a bit
tricky if you ask me. You will have to reach the spot where you can take your
photo of the beating this poor hostage is taking unseen, wich is childs play so
i wont guide you.Just make sure to find the amobox for the airgun on the way.
it will be right in front of you.
So you are now looking at the shopper and the hostage from that little opening
and you take your photo. Here you will have to be efficient! Lock your outo aim
on the guard that is nearest and wait for the shopper to leave. Take note of
the standing guard far and a bit to  your left, and another one patroling a
rectangular pattern. They are your worrys and another one that isnt here yet.
Execution: Drop the guy you have locked just when he returns to execute the
hostage so that he falls very close to him, jump/climb down and pick up the
body of your victim (DO NOT!!! untie the prisoner), and carry him quickly to an
opening in the wall you just came down and hide there untill the square pattern
patroler comes around, take him out and imediatly drop the guard who is
standing still afterwards, and hitail it up the street and intercept the newly
appearing patroleman coming from an entrance in the right wall. Go clear the
street leading back to the first grave,(shoot the one standing when the other
is walking from him, and then the other)

The streets are now clear, and any hostages and prisoners can walk freely ...
(Later!!!), And there is the sample .....

Objective 5: grave

Just hurry along and off the gravedigger and off we go.......

Objective 6: church 

We are now heading in the entrance leading north , at where you intercepted a
guard earlier. Your radar will first alert you of only two guards, one standing
guard at the prison, and another patroling your nearest street. There will be
two other patrolemen to be wary of as you proceed in and mostly their changing
rout. One is coming up and down the little road from the church and the other
is walking about the square on you far right. Eventually he too will come
sculking around here.

Excecution: Hurry all the way to the first fence, (it will say discreet area)
it will shield you from the street, and wait for the patrole coming from the
right, as he pass your fence, round it and shoot the prisonguard, and then him.
Go right and break at the corner where the path to the church come down, sees
your chance when the your target comes round the corner, but this one you have
to hide. Behind, the fence, where the prison guard lay or anywhere away from
this street, (change of routs and all that). Go take the churchguard out, i
recomend gas even if you have pellets left, be to slow and he spots you, but
your choice. Any way you do it .. There is your picture.....

Objective 7: grave

Its gas time! You could wait anywhere close enough where you cant be seen, maby
the left rockside of the path, but your objective is simple! Get the patroleman
that is left and the two gravediggers when they are all together. You might
need more than one gas, if you have em. Beats risking a bad aim and restart the
mission.. because you are drawing nearer the finale' here, (feel the pressure).
You will like to have gas for the next objective. My personal recomendation,
bomb all you have and save 3. (u have 5, use 2 etc) All is well in sleepy
land?...snapshot ....

Objective 8: hospital

Your radar all appear clear now , and for practical reason the coast is clear,
there is a patroleman showing up far down past the square in the direction of
the school if you go that way ,but you should just stick to the left side if
you have your 3 gas, and move to the easside square, dot worry its empty.
Incase you realy think you want amo for the airgun you can find it down the
alley to the right, but you will face another patroleman. Your only obstacle
are three guards, after you have climbed up and down to the hospital area on
the north east. You will come down in a shady shack , and from there it is all

Excecution: Wait in the left side of the shack, notice the asymetric patrole
pattern as the two has slightly different phase , but eventually they will
simultaneously group up with the stationary one. this is your que! gas em to
neverland with all you got!! Camera action! lets not leave em hanging shall we

Objective 9: prisoners

You allready did the work , open the gate and stick with them. Dont fall behind

Objective 10: hostage

Lets hope you can keep a herd, on your way you will have to untie the patiently
waiting hostage and tell him to join the race. So long as you are all keeping
up with eachother.. HURRAY...

if you made it remember Cin :)

My response to Cin:
I haven't had a chance to try out this strategy yet but it seems like it holds
up fairly well. When I finally manage to get par on this level (I'm not taking
no for an answer) I'll graft this into my guide and stick a nice special thanks
in this section instead of the whole guide. Thanks for the contribution Cin!

Par Time: 28:00
My Record: 24:52
Required: Air Pistol

Actually, as long as you know where your going, this level is extremely easy to
get par on. You need your Air Pistol to take out workers and preferably a
handgun of some kind but any gun should do. No explosives though.

Begin by running around the box in front of you and killing the two guards in
the area. Head down the elevator to floor six and pull out your Air Pistol.
Wait until the worker passes you and the other worker isn't looking, then shoot
him in the back and do the same to the other one before he gets up the stairs.
Beneath the stairs is a ladder leading down into a little crevice. Head down
there and grab the night-vision goggles from the box.

Head up the ladder at the other side and take out the worker walking by. Run
around the hall in the direction he was going until you come to some boxes you
have to roll under. Wait until the worker disappears to the left then roll
under the boxes and continue until you come to some ladders on your left. Take
out your handgun then climb a ladder and kill the guard at the top. Get the
access code from the computer then head to the left. When you get out into the
hall there should be a ladder going down right in front of you. Head down there
and take out the worker there. Follow the path all the way around and through
an enlarged vent. Take out the worker on the other side of the vent then go up
the ladder to the left of the machine directly ahead of you.

Whip out your handgun and kill the guard down the hall then get the access code
from the computer he was at. Head back toward the ladder you came up and make a
left in the hallway. After a little while you should come to a security door on
your left with a control panel. Hit the control panel to unlock the elevator on
this floor (which will be extremely helpful later) and go back to the computer.

Go up the ladder behind the computer and head to the left. When no one is
looking, roll into the vent across the path. Use the night-vision goggles to
see where you are going. When you come out, spin around the wall to your right
and look for a doorway on the right-hand wall. Go down there and hit the switch
on the wall to open the elevator for level four. Go up the stairs directly
across from where you are and follow the path to the left. Go up one of the
ladders on your left when you come to them.

Go down the hallway and Air Pistol the two workers standing to the left in the
room ahead, starting with the one further away from you. Hit the control panel
on the elevator shaft to activate the elevator for floor three and continue
down the hallway, going up the ladder at the end. Wait until the worker passes
you then use your last Air Pistol shot to take him down. Follow the path to the
right until you come to a room on the left. Carefully circle the elevator shaft
in the middle of the room, always keeping it between you and the worker. Grab
the uniform off the shelf then head to the opposite corner of the room and hit
the door switch on the wall.

Go through the newly opened door to your left and climb the ladders. Grab the
virus sample from the console to the left at the top of the second ladder then
climb back down and use the elevator to go to floor twelve. When you get there
a big explosion will occur. Instead of getting off at floor twelve, take the
elevator back up to floor four. Get off the elevator, go up the stairs and head
to the right. At the end of the path there should be a room to the right. Hit
the console in there to turn on the water pump.

Get back in the elevator and go to floor five. There are two security doors on
this floor, one on either end of the area. Open one and carry the two workers
inside to the safe zone. Note that you only have to drop them right inside the
doorway to the safe zone you do not have to carry them to the middle. Once one
door is cleared, run to the other door and clear it out then head back to the
elevator and go up to floor two.

Go through the doorway opposite the one in front of the elevator and head to
the right. Open the door for Mujari then go back to the elevator. Once Mujari
is on the elevator, go to floor tweleve again. Once there, head to the right
and hit the switch to unlock floor thirteen. Go through the doorway and down
the ladder. When Mujari shows up he will run over to the security door. All you
have to do is kill any guards that show up. Once the door opens run through and
take out all the guards in the next room. Go over to the console opposite the
door you came in from and hit the launch override switch.

Head up the stairs to your right and follow the path to a room at the end. To
the left you will see Dr. Jandran sitting there. Inject him with the viral
antidote and run back to where Mujari is waiting. On the exact opposite side of
the room is a ladder going down. Take it down to floor fifteen and follow the
path to the left. Once there you can either go left or right. Take one path and
plant the nuke. Take out all the guards that show up until the door opens then
go do the other side in the same fashion.

Once done with that side, there is a ladder in between the two sides exactly
opposite from the door you first entered the room from. Go up here to find two
more hallways. Plant nukes to the left and right then head down the hallway
opposite the ladder. Go up the stairs and unlock the security door. Go up the
ladder on the other side and you'll find yourself back in the room with Mujari.
Help him kill all the guards that show up. Once every last guard is dead you
will complete the mission. See, that really wasn't too tough. It's a long level
but it's easy enough if you know what your doing.

Par Time: 15:00
My Record: 12:16
Required: Headshot Lock

This mission can be difficult to get par on only because of where the
checkpoints are placed if you should die. Make sure you have the headshot lock
before you go for par though. Begin by running forward and taking out the guy
above the chopper. When he goes down, quickly move to the left and shoot the
guy hiding there. Then move back into the position you took the first guy from
and shoot everyone that appears until the chopper takes off.

Then, run along the street. When you get to the second turn, Murakawa's first
officer will come at you. Take him down (careful, he's about as strong as an
ALA death squad member) and continue down the street until a van crashes into a
building to your left. A second officer will jump out of the van. Take him down
and continue. Not long after this, you'll come to a bridge. There is another
officer on top that you should be able to shoot from the street.

Follow the road until you see Matsua run down the street ahead of you. Stick to
the right wall to avoid being headshoted and follow him. Hit the panel on the
right wall to open the gate and as soon as you see the white car to the right,
shoot it until it explodes, taking Matsua with it. Follow the path to the left
and take the right side of the path. Take out the two guys shooting at each
other and go near the door. The door will burst open and you should take out
the guy that shows up.

Go up the stairs, passing the first open door on the right and entering the
second open door. Through here, make a right and take the path around to the
right. Go down to the end of the path but stay hidden behind the wall at the
end to avoid being turned into swiss cheese by Ryusaki. Wait until he backs up
until right after his feet enter the light then make a Bobby Boucher tackle at

Wait behind the wall at the end until he stops shooting then whip around the
corner and headshot that sucker with your headshot lock. When the mighty giant
falls take his FREAKIN' AWESOME GUN!!!! No, unfortunately you can't. Take his
control device and head for the stairs. Work your way down to the doors across
from the stairs on the bottom floor and roll under the left one. Head for the
left elevator to your right and go to floor two.

Take out the guards and the officer here and take the night vision goggles.
Turn them on and check the filing cabinet right next to where the officer was
standing. If you can't, then oh well. If you can, then you'll get the tape.
Head to floor three and take out the officer in the bathroom to your left. Go
up to floor four.

Take out the guard that karate kicks the door in and then take out the guards
and the second officer to the left. Head for the open door on the wall opposite
the elevator and go to the shelves against the wall on the right. The tape
might be here. After that, leave the small room and head into the room against
the far right wall. Go through the vent here. When you get near the exit, make
sure you hold the crouch button the whole time. Hide behind the pillar in front
of you until the guard gets close then take him out. Go through the security
wall and take out the guard to the right.

Head back to the security wall and hit the elevator switch inside. Head to the
elevators nearest the first guard. Go up to the sixth floor and crouch down.
When you reach the floor, slowly follow behind the guard until he gets near the
mainframe computer. When he starts to turn around, quickly take him out and hit
computer before the alarm goes off. Then head back to the elevator and take it
up to floor eight.

Take out all the guards here and hit the button behind the desk to unlock the
door. Just before you open the door, you'll hear Murakawa doing your job. Break
into the room and run over to the dresser to the right side of the late
Murakawa. If you haven't gotten the tape yet, it will be here. Go over to "dead
man's desk" and hit the roof access switch which will open a secret door. Kill
the guard that runs out and head through there, taking out the guard to the
left inside.

Take the stairs to the roof and carefully take out the guy just around the
corner to the right. Run straight from the door you came out of and take a
right, killing any guards you see. Get to the building on the far end of the
roof and hit the switch on the right side. Go in the door, hit the control
panel on the right side, and go to floor two. Kill two guards if they're here
(it seems to be random) and plant a C4 on the barrels.

Go into the room on the right and grab a HAZMAT suit off the wall. Crawl into
the decontamination room and activate the spray. When the door opens, crawl to
the right of the room and enter the secured area with the virus sample. Take
out the guy here before he notices you and grab the sample. If he does notice
you, hit the panel on the right wall to open the door if he manages to close
it. Head out into the main room and kill the two guards coming in to get you.
Go to the back of the room and plant one explosive on each of the two tables
then head back to the roof.

Keep killing guards until the rooftop LZ has been cleared (it will say on the
bottom) then head up to the helipad and wait for the chopper to land. Don't
stand under it or you will get squashed. Help Lian kill all the guards
appearing on the roof and when they're all dead get back on the helipad if you
got off. Now just wait until the mission ends.

Par Time: 20:00
My Record: 17:23
Required: None

This mission seems to be 90% luck. Basically, if a guy appears just behind you
every time, your screwed. But it can be done so just keep trying. You need a
strong gun and lots of ammo. You should use your map alot on this mission. This
mission is nowhere near as easy as this guide makes it sound. You will be under
constant fire for the second part of the mission. Use trees to your advantage
to block enemies shots and if the ambush they throw at you can't be avoided,
set Imani down and kill most if not all of them before picking Imani up and
continuing. This mission requires insane amounts of patience to beat under par
but keep trying and you will get it.

Begin by U-turning and heading into the forest. Plant the first two claymores
then hang a left and follow the wall to the left. After a while you should come
to a campfire. Kill the two guys then plant a C4 on the log here. Go around the
mountain wall next to the log and head over to the bridge which shouldn't be
that far ahead of you. Plant a C4 on the bridge then head back to the boat and
re-stock your explosives.

Plant the last two claymores then head to the bridge. Crossing it, watch out
for the sniper on the other side. Plant the C4 on the other side of the bridge
and head under the raised root to your right. Make a sharp left after the root
and go straight (more or less) to get to an encampment atop a hill. Here lies
Than Muang. Watch out 'cause he's got an M79! Take him down and swipe the
laptop on the desk nearby. Take one of the C4's on the barrel and shoot the
radar dish not too far away.

Head to the crash site and take the viral tracker from Imani. Head around the
tail of the plane to the left and climb the wall here. Get on top of the plane
and drop down inside to find the body of Yong-jun Kim, the bastard from
Kyrgyzstan. Drop back down and carry Imani's body over to the two logs without
C4 on them. Once there, drop her body and plant the C4's, then carry her

Now things get fun. The entire army of the world suddenly drops in on you and
will make your life a living hell until you get Imani to the boat. Carry her
body until the path splits in two with the viral container to the left and the
boat to the right (check your map for the location). Leave Imani here and head
over to the viral container. Kill the guy holding it and kill the MetaGlobal
terrorist. Take the viral container from the guard and Mara's letter from the
terrorist then head back to Imani's body and carry her to the boat. Make sure
you get her all the way up next to Lian otherwise the mission may not end.

Par Time: 18:00
My Record: 13:54
Required: Air Pistol or Riot Shotgun

This level is definitely the easiest level in the game to get par on, simply
because they give you such a huge error margin. The only problem is to keep
from failing the parameters which can be tricky sometimes. make sure you bring
a non-lethal gun, that means either the Air Pistol or the Riot Shotgun. The Air
Pistol is the better choice though because it's silenced.

Begin by switching to your non-lethal gun and climbing the ladder. Don't go all
the way up though, go up just enough so that your not quite on the top. When
you don't think the guy will see you (check your radar) climb up and move
behind the guard. When he stops moving take him out. Make sure you don't hit
him in the head though because that will kill him.

After he's down, run to the door on your left and get between the door and the
stairs. When the guard comes out, take him out and go through the door he came
out of. Run to the hallway on the right and take out the guard there too. Now
you can take it easy for a while. Go back into the room you just took out the
third guy from and go against the wall with the computer on it. Hit the button
here to disable all first floor cameras. Do a U-turn and grab some Air Pistol
ammo from the box on the counter.

Head down the path toward the body of the third guard. On your left just before
you pass through the glass doors is a vent near the floor. Go through it. When
you come out there are two guards here. Take out the one on the floor just like
you normally would. Then hide behind a pillar and wait for the second guard to
finish going up the stairs.

Once he's up there, run up the stairs and take him out. Follow the hallway he
was going down and take out the guy in the room at the end. Walk over to the
guy's dead corpse to get his handprint. No, you don't rip his hand off :) Move
over to the black plate nearby on the wall and disable the lasers. Now go all
the way back to where the third guard was.

Once there, you should see a thing that looks like a big vault door. Go through
there and into the elevator on the other side. Climb up through the ceiling and
go in the vent up there. Did you know that Niculescu is a science fiction fan?
No? Well he must be because he had a secret passage installed. Going through
the vent you will come to an area with a fan on the right and a closed vent on
the left. You can actually shoot out the vent and go down there. Once through
this new passage, grab the ALA files off the shelf on the right and go back to
the fan that you passed. Make a left and continue to daylight.

When you come out, immediately to the right of the exit is the power switch for
the elevator. Hit it, then go down through the gate and back to the elevator.
(Or you could go back through the vent but that takes longer.) Take the
elevator down to the Computer Lab. After the door opens, exit the elevator and 
swing around to the left of it to take out the guard there. Then go back around
the other way and take out the other guard. Now run around the outside of the
room activating all the consoles without chairs by them. After four consoles,
go through the vent in the floor (it's 1/4 way around the room to the right
from the second guard you killed.

Make a right in this shaft and hit the camera controls for the second floor. Go
back through the vent, make a left (there is nothing but a weak gun down the
other path) and go down the path where you killed the second guard. Make a left
in this room and hit the door lock on the right wall in the next hallway. Go
through the security door that opened to your right and go right through the

Now this is where a timer starts. Make a left when you enter the room and slide
down the ladder. When you get to the bottom, exit the ladder shaft and run to
the opposite side of the room. Mess with the mainframe and then find the hole
in the ceiling. When you find it, jump up and look at the hole. Go in the
direction that the lid is on. Hit the first computer you come to. Drop back
down the hole, climb up the ladder to the top, and go back to the elevator. If
you look from the elevator you should see another hallway you haven't been down
with a big gray door in it. Go in that gray door by hitting the button to the
right. Take this second elevator to the Bank Vaults.

Here's where things may get tricky. First thing to do is wait until no one is
looking into the room your in then get behind the control desk in front of you.
Grab the riot shotgun out of the box and hit the third floor camera controls on
the desk. now pick a direction (left or right) and take that hallway. Using the
Riot Shotgun, take out anyone you see (still not shooting them in the head).
After taking out two guards, go back to the main room and go the other way
taking out two more guards.

Now, there are two long hallways on the left side of each of the two main
hallways. Go into each of the four hallways and search the vaults ignoring the
vent on the wall in one of them. After searching the four vaults, Gabe will
unlock the elevator. If you go down either hallway to the back of the room, you
will come to an area blocked off by green lasers. Hit the blue control panel
nearby to shut off the lasers and make your way to the elevator inside.

Take this elevator up to the Secure Vaults, the last floor in this level. Wait
until the lone guard enters the room your in and then take him out in the
fashion of all the rest of 'em. Now hit the camera controls for the fourth
floor on the desk and head down the path with no lasers. Dodge all the lasers
until you come to a long hallway on your right. Head down there into the last
vault. This vault, however, is different. All you have to do is go into the
middle of it. Before you leave though, head into the vent at the back of the

Through the vent you should notice another vault cart against the wall. Hit the
button against it to get the Birchim files. Then leave the vent and go back to
the hallway. Work your way past the lasers to the right until you come to
another long hallway on the right. Get to the end of this hallway to come to a
door that you cannot open. Just stand here until the mission ends. You should
have beaten this with at least three minutes remaining, especially if you knew
where to go.

Par Time: 10:00
My Record: 07:38
Required: None

This mission really isn't that tough, you just have to know exactly what to do.
Just follow this guide like your life depends on it and you'll be fine.

Begin by moving forward slightly and rolling to the right, just to get the guys
talking. Then roll around to the other side and wait against the wall to the
left of where you started. Don't run just yet or you'll be discovered. When the
guy coming down the left stops moving, taser him and knock him out. Don't kill
him or you'll set off the alarm. Quickly move out and snipe the guy leaving to
the right. If you miss him that's okay because you can get him again later.
Wait on the side at the bottom of the stairs to the left and when you see the
guy with the MGL, taser him and knock him out. Climb the first set of stairs
but stay beneath the second one. When the guy above turns around, carefully
move up the stairs and snipe his hair off. Then head around to the other side
by going down the stairs and around.

Get in the left corner of the stairs on the other side so that you can see the
entire left side of the balcony above. Sniper the dude that walks up there when
he stops, then move into the area across from the balcony and carefully look
around to watch the guy moving around on the stairs. Wait until he's heading
right and when he stops to the right of the right-hand staircase, take him
down. Then head up to the house and to the left will be a gate. Through here
are the fountain controls. Hit them, then go back into the last area sticking
to the right wall. You will come to a drained fountain with a ladder inside it.
You really shouldn't need me to tell you what to do.

Once at the bottom, ignore the door and head down the path using your
flashlight if necessary. Head to the right at the intersection and snipe the
guy at the end when he stops moving. Run up the stairs and snipe the guy here
too. Go to the end of the room to make a guard come into the hallway. Take him
down then carefully enter the room to the left when the guard isn't looking.
Taser him, then head to the painting far to the right of the door. Big painting
in big house... Surely you know what's here.

Head back out into the hallway and follow it until you see a guy appear in the
room to the right. Go back to the first guard you took out to see a guy come
out of a door to the left. Snipe him before he heads down the stairs. Grab the
key off his rotting body and head through the house.

Go back down the hallway past the door the captain appeared in and head through
the halls until you come to a spot with two guards. Quickly run back to the
previous room and wait for the guards to approach. When they come to the door,
they will turn around and, what's this? They are one behind the other! Tell me
you know what to do! After eliminating the problems of the day, go through the
hall toward the stairs. Go up to the second floor and carefully snipe the guy
directly across from you on the ledge above. Use the radar for the exact
location. Keep going up and headshot the other guy from the floor below him.
Now comes the tricky part. You should have collected some ABRAM 2000 ammo by
now. If not, pick some up from the two guys you just killed. Break into the
room and take out the guy on the LEFT first. That is very important. The left
guy will run behind you and shoot at Mara while the guy on the right will run
behind you and shoot at you. Take out the left guy with a headshot with the
ABRAM then follow suit with the right guy. Careful though, the ABRAM is
extremely inaccurate but is much better than the sniper rifle at close range.
With a little luck you should pull this one off with no problems at all.

Par Time: 25:00
My Record: 19:57
Required: None

As long as you know where you're going this level isn't too tough, especially
because of the HUGE error margin. You can die over eleven times and still make
par! All you need is a really strong gun that can chew through body armor.

Begin by running forward to the wall past the house and turning right. Make sure
that Vladik Savin has a fatal "accident" when he passes by. Head into the room
he came out of and go up the stairs, watching out for the guy that comes
running down them. Open the door on the opposite side of the room then
carefully step out and take out Rodion Ushakov quickly. You may need multiple
tries at this because he has a tendency to blow you away (quite literally).

Head through the open door to the right of the area and disable the chopper
when you come to it. Then head inside the shed to help Stone. Then go back to
the beginning area and through the door to the left of where you started this
mission. Stone can take care of Alima himself. If you don't trust me though you
can follow him and still make par.

When you get there, head around the room and take out the guys at the top of
the stairs. Open the door and do everything you can to take out Oleg Petrenko
before he blows your brains out with a headshot. This guy can be tough because
he is wearing an insane amount of body armor but he'll fall just like everyone
else. Once he's down, head down the stairs to the left and go down the

Once at the bottom, make the first right then take the far left door in the
next room. Take out all the guards in the hallway and head to the left,
completely ignoring the room on the right. When you reach the intersection,
take the left path and take out the guys at the bottom of the ramp. Instead of
killing Yegor Leonov here, let him get away from you. He will run to the
chopper. Pull a U-turn and go back up the ramp, heading left when you hit the
intersection again. Be careful because Leonov and three guards are going to
come up the giant elevator in front of you and you don't want to die just yet.

Once the elevator stops moving (you can hear it) hit the button to bring the
elevator back down. Take it up to force Leonov into the busted chopper,
effectively having him commit suicide. Take out the guards (let them come to
you) then head back down the elevator to the very bottom. Be careful though
because there is a guy with an M79 down here. As soon as possible, roll off the
elevator to the right (from facing opposite the controls) and get behind the
boxes there.

Once there, it shouldn't be too difficult to peek around the corner and take
out the guard without getting shot. Once the major threat is gone, take out the
other guard and climb into the vent behind you. Go all the way through, making
the left turn when you get to it, and access the computer to get the Omega
Strain DNA. Return to the elevator and take it to level two.

Head out the door (there's only one door, don't use the other elevator) and
hang a right. While going down the ramp you can make another right. I can tell
you right now that if you have at least five and a half minutes remaining on
your par time, you WILL get par. Just follow Gabe and take out any enemies you
see. When you get to the actual missile silo, all you have to do is take out
any guys you see. When Gabe is done hacking the controls and the missile launch
timer runs out, you will get par. That wasn't too hard was it?

XI. Rank

The layout for the following section is as follows:

Rank Number - Rank Name - Reward

To increase your rank, just complete the objectives and pars. The closer you
get to beating the game 100%, the closer you'll get to becoming a T4 ranked

R1 - Field Agent ------------------------ ***
R2 - Investigative Agent ---------------- G-17
R3 - Intelligence Agent ----------------- Combat shotgun
O1 - Field Officer ---------------------- AU300 Mod-SMG
O2 - Investigative Officer -------------- M16 A1
O3 - Intellignece Officer --------------- M1911 A1
O4 - Field Research Specialist ---------- Jerico-41
O5 - Investigative Research Specialist -- MAK-10 10mm
O6 - Intelligence Research Specialist --- MDS-7
O7 - Field Analyst Specialist ----------- Slug Defender
O8 - Investigative Analyst Specialist --- SSG 550
O9 - Intelligence Analyst Specialist ---- SP-57
C1 - Field Supervisor ------------------- Mark 23
C2 - Investigative Supervisor ----------- M4 carbine
C3 - Intelligence Supervisor ------------ M16 A2
C4 - Field Operations Commander --------- ShotHammer
C5 - Investigative Operations Commander - M4
C6 - Intelligence Operations Commander -- Stava M70 B1
T1 - Assistant Chief of Operations ------ SlugHammar
T2 - Deputy Chief of Operations --------- AU300 H-BAR
T3 - Chief of Operations ---------------- GAWS 12 gauge
T4 - Commander in Chief ----------------- Mark 23 SD

XII. Ratings

These ratings are cumulative meaning that if the Intermediate level says 50
and the Advanced level says 100, you only have to get 50 because you already
had 50 from the Intermediate level.

Combat Specialist - Intermediate -  300 Kills - G 33E
                  - Advanced     -  600 Kills - FA-MAS
                  - Expert       -  900 Kills - FAL
                  - Elite        - 1300 Kills - C8 rifle

Combat Knife Specialist - Intermediate -  50 Knife Kills - Stiletto
                        - Advanced     - 100 Knife Kills - Shuriken
                        - Expert       - 250 Knife Kills - IPCA Commando
                        - Elite        - 450 Knife Kills - VibroBlade

Combat Sharp Shooter - Intermediate -  200 Headshots - Dragunov
                     - Advanced     -  450 Headshots - AU300 Mod-R
                     - Expert       -  750 Headshots - ACR
                     - Elite        - 1100 Headshots - M82 BFG

Non-Lethal Force Specialist - Intermediate -  50 Knock Outs - E.D.T.
                            - Advanced     - 100 Knock Outs - DormaGen gas
                            - Expert       - 200 Knock Outs - Air pistol
                            - Elite        - 350 Knock Outs - E.P.D.D.

Tactical Explosives Specialist - Intermediate - 100 Explosive Kills - M61 frag
                               - Advanced     - 200 Explosive Kills -
                                                            Incendiary grenade
                               - Expert       - 350 Explosive Kills - Sarin
                                                                   nerve agent
                               - Elite        - 500 Explosive Kills - M79

Team Efficiency Specialist - Intermediate - 2 Team Pars - M1 Super 90
                           - Advanced     - 4 Team Pars - Shot Defender
                           - Expert       - 6 Team Pars - MDS A3
                           - Elite        - 9 Team Pars - M-16k

XIII. Special Ratings

These are the special ratings and the rewards you get for completing them. The
objectives required to complete these ratings can be viewed by hitting X after
highlighting a rating on the "Special Ratings" screen.

Bio-data Retrieval Expert ------------------- Increased Jacket
Computer Information Expert ----------------- UNP 45
Elite Discrete Personnel Elimination Expert - Head Shot Lock
Stealth Operations Expert ------------------- VSS-DU
Military Tactics Expert --------------------- MGL
Elite Combat Expert ------------------------- SSP 90
Field Efficiency Expert --------------------- Increased Ammo
Survival Tactics Expert --------------------- Increased Health

XIV. Commendations

After completing all the objectives in a certain set of levels, you will
recieve a commendation from the leader of that set of levels. In addition to a
commendation, you will also recieve a weapon that the leader uses. Like the
special ratings, the levels required to beat can be viewed by hitting X after
highlighting a commendation.

Gray, Imani ------ 93R
Stoneman, Gary --- SR-15
Ehud Ben Zohar --- Desert Sniper .44
Powers, Maggie --- CZ Mach-9
Mujari, Lawrence - Riot Shotgun
Lipan, Teresa ---- G 53
Xing, Lian ------- China type 67
Logan, Gabe ------ Desert Express .50

XV. Medals

By completing certain objectives in certain levels, you will earn medals. These
medals can be shown on your character if you wish. You will also recieve a
weapon along with each medal. In the fashion of the special ratings and
commendations, hitting X after highlighting a medal will show you the levels
and objectives necessary to acquire it.

Medal of Distinction ---------------------- US M60 E3
Agency Medal of Valor --------------------- M-249 SAW
Stone's Medal of Courage ------------------ SPA-15 shotgun
Carthage Exemplary Service Tribute -------- Spectre
Homeland Security Citation ---------------- FAL SG-1
Ellison Warner Award ---------------------- Tec 45
Karkadann, Alima's Unicorn Charm ---------- Desert Eliminator .357
Republic of Korea Service Award ----------- China type 56
South African Freedom Medal --------------- Sweeper 12 gauge
President's Official Liberty Award -------- DSC-1
Great Lakes Service Medal ----------------- MDS-k PDW
Kinshi Kunsho: Order of the Golden Dragon - SPA-12 shotgun
The Golden Cross of Russia ---------------- TH3 Blaster
Mossad Friend to Peace Medal -------------- Galil SG-1
United Nations Peace Award ---------------- C11

XVI. Omega Strain

By completing a very certain set of objectives, you will find a cure for the
Omega Strain. While you do get a medal for actually curing it, this section
only exists because it was a section in the Personnel folder. Anywho, here are
the levels and objectives necessary to cure the Omega Strain.

Carthage 1: Scan tissue sample
Carthage 2: Obtain Mujari's recorder
Belarus 1: Take tissue sample from cow carcass
Belarus 1: Take mill documents from safe
Belarus 2: Obtain sewage sample
Yemen 2: Obtain Yushchenko's viral container
Minsk: Acquire Omega Strain serum
Lorelei: Collect original virus sample
Yokto: Obtain sample
Ukraine: Find Omega Strain DNA code

After completing all these objectives, a final entry will appear on the list...

Syphon Filter: The Omega Strain cured

XVII. Special Thanks

SCEA for creating such a great game.
Members on the GameFAQs message boards complaining about the lack of guides.
GameFAQs for being the first site to host this FAQ.
John Cowan for creating FIGlet to make ASCII title art.
Richard P. Salazar for telling me where the second attic in Belarus Two was.
Bruce Bristol for information about Smoke Grenades in Carthage 3.
Cin for writing up a method to get par on Chechnya.

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