How do I stop the missile from launching in Ukraine(solo play)?

  1. I know that there is a way to do it that has been discussed before, but I need a more detailed description of what to do. I heard that you have to follow Gabe on the elevator, but I always get killed by the TH3 Blaster guys before I get a chance to find out where Gabe goes after he climbs down to the bottom level of the missile silo.

    User Info: BlueFlamez47

    BlueFlamez47 - 9 years ago

Top Voted Answer

  1. Almost impossible to do solo. You should first fallow Gabe on the elevator and roll down to the first switch. The elavator is close to the missile. Once Gabe takes it up, it won't come back down. After you've pressed the first switch, go ASAP to the other side of the silo, under where the second switch is, and use the jump glitch to get to it.

    Not many people have been able to achieve this so don't put to much hope in it.

    User Info: Gabe_Logan2

    Gabe_Logan2 (FAQ Author) - 9 years ago 2   0

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