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Relive Metal Gear Solid and the Cold War 12/08/04 El Greco
The predictable movements of Snake... 11/27/04 James Riot
Hideo Kojima was right. He really should have retired after Metal Gear Solid 2. 12/06/05 SSJAniFan
Are you solid enough for Snake Eater? 02/10/05 Alucard517
Possibly the best game ever made 01/03/05 amekage19
The best game of 2004. 03/14/05 amlabella
Exclamation mark...! 01/19/05 Auron255
The Art of Snake Eating 11/27/04 B.lu4R
Snake here...Snake in the jungle...Snake gon git you. 12/10/04 BeefieCheesie
The Game That Defined an Entire Genre is Back Again... 03/31/05 bloopo
Kojima does it again, 60s style! 01/18/05 coldpunk13
Great story, great gameplay, great graphics, great music and decent length...could you ask for more? 07/03/08 Computerbug8
Snake returns to form 12/22/04 DaGr1nCh
Absolute bliss for MGS fans 12/07/04 Dante Leonhart
Back to the Origins. 12/13/04 dargonnetlr
Once you get past the venom, snakes don't taste too bad! 04/18/05 Def Freak7
Back in the summer of '69... 08/29/05 discoinferno84
Hunting for the right words: MGS 3 is as close to perfection as any game I've played 12/22/04 Fooling_Loki
Metal Gear on a whole new level 01/03/05 FrZnChAoS
Yet another Masterpiece from Kojima... 03/13/06 gigahurtzhutman
Snake Eater is one of the greatest games ever, and it ends off year 2004 with style. 11/30/04 HYD
Beautifully done in just about every aspect. 04/20/05 Jon Talbain
Sure the headline is cliched, but what else could be said except that it's an excellent game! 03/28/06 linkofhyrule523
You'll Eat It Up 01/13/05 Lionheart Wave
A game like watching a movie without having to play Final Fantasy 11/27/06 MajinZidane
Game Of The Year For 2004 01/23/05 MetalGearREXLiquid
This was the best Metal Gear out yet! 11/07/05 MGS_MadDuck22
What is this? 05/04/05 Mykas0
I'm still in a dream... 01/23/14 nastynate3118
Don't You Like Snakes? 12/28/04 NeoTS
One huge step forward 05/05/05 OmegaOpt5
Game of the Year 2004 10/17/05 PrimeZero
MGS3 is probably one of the best PS2 games ever made 04/11/05 ProjectRx8
Just stunning MGS3 sets the bar impossibly high 10/20/08 Proudnerd
One Of The Greatest Games Ever Created 11/27/06 sarevokmb
When it comes to perfection, you can't get much closer than this fantastic addition to the MGS series 07/20/11 SeahorseCpt89
Kojima-san has yet to disappoint me. 03/07/05 Shep085
Good action game 02/10/05 Showtime1080
By far the greatest and most immersive game in an already brilliant series 03/06/06 SolidSnake35
Old Metal Gear 01/14/05 Sonic The Hotdog
Tells the past of MGS in one Amazing Story 07/27/07 spiritbombgt
Mmm...delicious! 12/08/04 Sylvanyze
Snake Eater Deserves Nothing Less Than A Perfect 10. 12/14/04 Tarrun
Crab Battle! 03/12/08 TheLastAvatar05
My Vote for Best Game of 2004 03/14/05 thesickness03
Hideo Kojima has clearly ingested one too many Russian Glowcaps. 10/29/10 UltimaterializerX
Some day you feed on a tree frog 12/28/04 Vesperas
Metal Gear Solid gets a facelift as Snake gets some new moves to survive in the jungle 04/16/07 World3Level2
If feeding on a tree frog produces a game like this, Kojima and his team definitely shouldn't stop. 01/07/05 yoblazer33
Welcome to the Jungle.... 09/07/07 Zylo the wolf

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Review Title Posted Author Rating
How does it taste? ...Well, not to bad at all 09/14/09 Arcreium
The Third Coming of Snake 11/22/04 BalloonFighta
Fans of the series will not be disappointed..... 11/19/04 bluehawk102
The most anticipated Metal Gear Solid game finally arrives! And it's GREAT!! 11/29/04 bReAkBoY
Does Metal Gear Solid Live Up To The Hype? You're Damn Right It Does! 11/22/04 fedor
"There is Only Room for One Boss and One Snake" 11/29/04 Fusion Dragon
Very good but not metal gear like. 08/17/09 Jack_369
Metal Gear Solid 3 Transcends the Gaming world.... 11/19/04 jisduthye
The best game I've ever played... 12/26/08 kevin_rhoads
"We are approaching the launch site Get a Move on" Buy MGS3 NOW 11/19/04 Kuja9998
Hours of bliss ruined by ten minutes of idiocy 03/28/13 mark24173
Hungry for some Snake? This game has exactly what you need! 11/29/04 MetalGearTX55
Spoiler-Free Review 11/19/04 mikeburnfire
After 3 years since MGS2, MGS3 finally arrives! *contains some spoilers* 11/18/04 Ockman
I take back my score of 2/10 01/15/10 peterenshaw
Eat Snakes Indeed 11/27/04 rageshadow
"There's only room for one Boss..." 11/19/04 Snake11759
Metal Gear Solid 3 : Hideo's Greatest Masterpiece 11/22/04 SolidLogan
The Metal Gear you always wanted... 11/22/04 Spark0
Gaming Bliss 11/19/04 Spirit of the3rdkey
If You Are A Fan, A Must Buy. If Not, It Won't Make You One! 12/02/04 Spudwiser
Of all the MGS games... 08/26/08 starfox6492
Hideo Kojima's Latest Masterpiece 11/29/04 Video Gamer Z
Metal Gear Solid 3: The greatest Metal Gear Solid yet? 11/19/04 Zydicore

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