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Downloadable Camouflage Guide by Carter12

Version: 1.2 | Updated: 05/18/05

Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater
Downloadable Camos FAQ
FAQ Version 1.2
Created 4//4/2005
BY Carter12 (carter12.faqs@gmail.com)
Copyright (c)2005 Thomas Carter. All rights reserved. 

The only sites that can use this FAQ without asking are...



If you do allow this work to be posted on your site, than please respect it
and do not attempt to change it in any shape or form.



                            -TABLE OF CONTENTS-


1. Introduction
2. Copyright
3. Version History
4. How do I access and download the camos?
5. What are the downloadable camos and how do I use them?
6. Special Camos from the CD Soundtrack
7. Thanks and Credits




Hello and welcome to this short guide explaining what the downloadable camos 
are, how to get them and what you need to get them. 

As changing your camouflage is so important in MGS3, some of the camos that 
are available to download can be quite useful. 

This is the first Metal Gear game with Net Features, and is definantly a 
worthy add-on for the series. Some of the camos available to download are 
serious ones, that can be used in the environments presented in Snake Eater, 
but some of them are more, comical, for example seeing Snake fight a Boss 
Battles in a Santa's outfit is quite amusing to say the least. 

Coupled with the camos already available in game, and the ones your can find 
along the way, the downloadable camos just build on the collections of camos. 

If you see any mistakes or would like to add something to this FAQ, then feel 
free to email me at (carter12.faqs@gmail.com), with "Camos FAQ" or similar 
wording in the subject. 

Right thats done, on we proceed...




This FAQ is Copyright 2005 Thomas Carter. All rights resevred.

This document is protected by the International Copyright Law, and may not be
re-transmitted in any form, in part or in whole at any time. This FAQ is for
private use only and may not be used other wise, and by no means may it be 
sold for profit.At this time, the only legal host for this FAQ is 
www.GameFAQs.com. Any other form of media, including but not 
limited to websites, magazines, and periodicals are strictly forbidden from 
hosting this FAQ in any form without prior written approval from me. Any and 
all attempts at altering or stealing from this guide are blatant violations of 
the copyright. All violators can be prosecuted. If you know of any form of 
media who is hosting this guide illegally, please contact me with the 
information. Note that all credits to the creation of the guide can be 
found at the end of this FAQ, Section XII. This FAQ is sole property of me, 
Thomas Carter, and is all my intellectual property unless otherwise noted.


                             -3.VERSION HISTORY-


Version 1.0 - 4/4/2005 - 

The first version of the FAQ, with all main sections completed. 

Version 1.1 - 14/4/2005 - 

Second version, added more info for the Mummy Camo and updated Credits and 
Thanks section. 

Version 1.2 - 18/5/2005 - 

Third version. Inlcuded section on the camos from the Special Key Disc (from 
the soundtrack CD-ROM. 




Well I thought I would start the ball rolling, firstly by telling you how to 
access the downloadable camos. 

The first thing you need is an Internet Connection, as the camos come from the 
magic world of the interweb. Once you have that, connect up with a Network 
Adaptor to your PS2, (or if your flash and have a new slimline model like me, 
just whack the cable in the back). 

Once that is all done, you are ready to download some camos!

Right to actually get to the area where the camos are kept, you need to select 
the "SPECIAL" icon from the Main Menu. This will take you into another menu, 
where you should see a icon that says "CAMOUFLAGE DOWNLOAD", this believe it 
or not is where you need to go. 

After selecting this you will be presented with a Disclaimer, about Terms and 
Conditions for the use of the download service (which I can say is totally and 
utterly free). Hit the "ACCEPT" button, and you will be taken to another 

This screen informs you that the camouflage download will take up 850KB of 
space on your Memory Card. If you do not have the space, then go and clear 
some space for the download. If you have the space, then proceed by using the 
"YES" button. Next select the Meoery Card you want to save the camos onto. 

Once you have done this, your Network Configuration name(s) will be displayed. 
Once this is displayed, select the relevant name, and the game will connect to 
the Internet and gather the camouflage data. 

The camouflage list is then displayed on screen. 

To view a camo, or to download a camo, select the one you would like using the 
D-Pad, and then use Circle to view the camo. A preview of the camo and its 
name will be displayed on screen, also with an option to download the camo 
onto your Memory Card. 

If you select "NO", then you will be taken back to the Camo list, where you 
are free to view the other camos. If you select "YES", then the game will 
begin to download the camo to your Memory Card. A bar will show the saving 
progress, and then if the download has been succesful, the message "Camouflage 
download successful". You will be prompted to chose which Memory Card you want 
to save to. Once you select which card the camo is going on you will be 
prompted to create a new save file for the camo. The game will always ask you 
to do this for each camo, so don't dispear!

Once you have downloaded the camos you want, they are on the Memory Card for 
you to use any time in the game. 




At present there are 9 camos available to download. This might not sound like 
a lot but they are definatly worth downloading, mainly because some are 
hilarious, but some actually work in the environmemts. 

Firstly I will go through the 9 camos available, explaining the pattern and 
its use in the game. 

Camouflage List

01 - MUMMY:

This camouflage is exactly what the name suggests, a load of bandages. Once 
the camo is selected, Snake will be completed covered in banadages, apart from 
his harness and pistol holster, which are exposed. The mummy camo will also 
make Snake immune from gunshot wounds and other injuries such as broken bones.

(Mummy Camo Immunity submitted by Kraiden (Matthew Gray) Cheers!)


This camouflage covers Snake in grenades, and actually gives you infinite 
grenades, be it Stun Grenades or normal Grenades. Other then that, this camo 
is not very useful, be it can be quite fun throwing infinte grenades at the 
bodies of the guards and can also be useful in Boss Battles.

03 - SANTA:

Perhaps the most comical, and least serious of the camos available, this camo 
sees Snake taking the role of St Nicholas. This camo only covers Snkaes legs 
and torso, camo does not come complete with hat!!

04 - St.V (St Valentine):

This camo dedicates its self to the man of love. The rather fetching pattern 
comprises of roses and hearts, which looks rather funny when worn. 

05 - EGERMNY (East Germany):

This is where the normal and useful camos come in. This is the camouflage that 
was worn by the East German soldiers during the division of Germany. The camo 
is similar to a desert camouflage with orange specs on a baige background.

06 - WGERMNY (West Germany):

This camouflage is what was worn by the West German soldiers during the 
divide. The camo is grey with a badge of the German flag on it. Can be used 
for urban areas. 

07 - S.WOOD (Soviet Woodland):

The camo that the soviets use during woodland situations, this camo has no 
green in it, just a brown pattern material that displays a disruptive pattern. 

08 - U.TIGER (Urban Tiger):

This camo is similar to South African patterns, but uses baige and grey 
patterns on a slightly darker grey colour, which is useful for, as the name 
suggests, urban areas. 

09 - KLMK:

This pattern is simliar to what parachutes use, but it is also good for leafy 
areas, and also woodland. The pattern comprises of two colours, a green 
background, with a light green pattern acting as the disruptor. 

Well that is the list of the downloadable camos. I will now tell you how to 
access them whilst in the game. It is very similar to the way you normally 
change camos. 

Once in the game, Pause it and select the "CAMOUFLAGE" options from the list. 
Then select "UNIFORM". Now this will be familiar to you, the list of camos 
currently available to you in game, and the ones you may have found. 

In this menu, hit the right button on the D-Pad, and the game will check for 
camos that are present on either of the two Memory Cards (press Right again 
for the second Card). Then the camos that are on the card will be displayed. 
Just simply select which one you want, and the game will load it up, and dress 
Snake in it.

In game, in thr top right corner where your current camo combination is 
diaplayed, the downloaded camo will appear as "DOWNLOAD"...quite clever 




Konami released a CD Soundtrack for the MGS3 game, and on the CDs are special 
bonus camos. In this section I will tell you how to access them and what they 

Firstly you will need to go to the Main Menu of the game. Then go into the 
section marked 'Bonus'. The screen will go blank for a few seconds, and then it 
will ask you to open the disc tray and insert the Special Key disc. Insert the 
disc marked 'Disc 001' from the CD soundtrack, and the game will check the disc 
(DO NOT INSERT ANY OTHER CD / DVD). Once the game has found the camo, it will 
download it to the game. It will then ask you to replace the disc in the tray 
with the game (MGS3), and then you can continue with play. 

The camo that is downloaded is called AUSCAM DESERT CAMO, which is used by the 
Austrailians. The camo is very effective against white backgrounds, or 
mountainous areas. 


                           -7.THANKS AND CREDITS-


Well that is the end of guide, and I hope that it has told you everything you 
need to know about how to access the camos, where to download them and how to 
use them. 

Thank you for reading..and goodnight.


CJayC     - For execpting this guide and making GameFAQs such a great place. 

Konami    - For creating yet another massively playable, dynamically 
            brilliant, graphically outstanding Metal Gear..keep it going!!

Crazyreyn - For been a game mate and providing me with support on my FAQs.

Kraiden (Matthew Gray) - For adding info on the Mummy Camo. 


By Carter12 (carter12.faqs@gmail.com)
Copyright (c)2005 Thomas Carter. All rights reserved. 


This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, 
private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed 
publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other 
web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a 
violation of copyright.

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their 
respective trademark and copyright holders.


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